0195059220: Dodgers Move West
0195059239: Harm to Self
0195059247: Jazz : Myth and Religion
0195059255: Just a Housewife
0195059263: Domestic Tyranny : The Making of American Social Policy Against Family Violence from Colonial Times to the Present
0195059271: Philosophers : Their Lives and the Nature of Their Thought
0195059298: Lasers and Mass Spectrometry
0195059301: Panama Canal : The Crisis in Historical Perspective
0195059336: Bible As Literature
0195059344: Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
0195059360: Empirical Labor Economics : The Search Approach
0195059379: Conscripts and Deserters : The Army and French Society During the Revolution and Empire
0195059395: Foundations of American Constitutionalism
0195059409: Politics of Survival : Artisans in Twentieth-Century France
0195059417: Awareness of Deficit After Brain Injury
0195059425: Implicit Learning and Tacit Knowledge : An Essay on the Cognitive Unconscious
0195059433: Computer Engineering : Circuits, Programs, and Data
0195059441: Liar : An Essay on Truth and Circularity
0195059468: Philosophy of Leibniz : Metaphysics and Language
0195059476: Toleration and the Constitution
0195059484: Philosophy, the Federalist, and the Constitution
0195059514: John Calvin : A Sixteenth-Century Portrait
0195059530: Clinical Management of Anxiety Disorders
0195059557: Ethics of Human Gene Therapy
0195059573: Holocaust Reader
0195059581: Holocaust Reader
0195059603: Index to English
0195059611: Marcel Proust Selected Letters
0195059646: Literary Journalism In The Twentieth Century
0195059654: Literary Journalism in the 20th Century
0195059662: Reason for Hope : The Systematic Theology of Wolfhart Pannenberg
0195059670: Kant's Transcendental Psychology
0195059689: Oxford History of the American West
0195059697: When Harlem Was in Vogue
0195059700: Racial and Ethnic Differences in Disease
0195059719: Supporting Yourself As an Artist : a Practical Guide
0195059727: Supporting Yourself as an Artist : A Practical Guide
0195059735: Apprenticeship in Thinking
0195059751: Philosophy of the Visual Arts
0195059786: Buck Clayton's Jazz World
0195059794: Church and State in Early Modern England, 1509-1640
0195059808: Problem of Pure Consciousness : Mysticism and Philosophy
0195059832: Drug Etiology of Agranulocytosis and Aplactic Anemia
0195059840: Biological Markers in Epidemiology
0195059948: Asian Art : Volume 2: No. 4
0195060008: Caves of God : Cappadocia and Its Churches
0195060016: Myth of America's Decline : Leading the World Economy into the 1990s
0195060024: Miocene Paleosols and Ape Habitats in Pakistan and Kenya
0195060059: Ethics in Obstetrics and Gynecology
0195060067: Handbook of Physiology Section 8 : Renal Physiology
0195060075: War of Another Kind : A Southern Community in the Great Rebellion
0195060083: Relations of Rescue : The Search for Female Moral Authority in the American West, 1874-1939
0195060091: Home and Work : Housework, Wages, and the Ideology of Labor in the Early Republic
0195060113: Estimation and Inference in Econometrics
0195060121: Theoretical Evolution of International Political Economy : A Reader
0195060164: Designing Intelligence : A Framework for Smart Systems
0195060172: Essence of Creativity : A Guide to Tackling Difficult Problems
0195060199: Respiratory Physiology of Animals
0195060202: Understanding Behavior : What Primate Studies Tell Us about Human Behavior
0195060210: Greater Syria : The History of an Ambition
0195060229: Greater Syria : The History of an Ambition
0195060237: Adapted Mind : Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
0195060245: Introduction to Optical Mineralogy
0195060253: Elements of Literature : Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Film
0195060296: Color Line and the Quality of Life in America
0195060318: Unruly Corporatism : Associational Life in Twentieth-Century Egypt
0195060326: Cardiovascular Diseases : Genetics, Epidemiology and Prevention
0195060334: Dictionary of Endocrinology and Related Biomedical Sciences
0195060369: Biological Basis of Early Human Reproductive Failure : Applications to Medically-Assisted Conception
0195060377: Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Canon of Greek Authors and Works
0195060385: Governing the Five Trillion Economy : A Twentieth Century Fund Essay
0195060407: Vital Machine : A Study of Technology and Organic Life
0195060423: Saxon Savior
0195060466: Making and Effacing Art : Modern American Art in a Culture of Museums
0195060474: In Joy and in Sorrow : Women, Family, and Marriage in the Victorian South, 1830-1900
0195060482: In Joy and in Sorrow : Women, Family, and Marriage in the Victorian South, 1830-1900
0195060504: What Is Justice?
0195060547: Classifying the Universe : The Ancient Indian Varna System and the Origins of Caste
0195060555: China Without Mao : The Search for a New Order
0195060563: China Without Mao : The Search for a New Order
0195060571: Cellular and Molecular Biology of Pattern Formation
0195060598: American Vistas Vol. I : 1607-1877
0195060601: American Vistas : 1877 to the Present
0195060636: Pundits, Poets and Wits : An Omnibus of American Newspaper Columns
0195060644: Liberation Theology at the Crossroads : Democracy or Revolution?
0195060652: Peshat and Derash : Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis
0195060660: Road Not Taken : Early Arab-Israeli Negotiations
0195060679: Diakonia
0195060687: MMPI-2 : Assessing Personality and Psychopathology
0195060695: Great Design : Particles, Fields, and Creation
0195060709: School of Hawthorne
0195060717: Reconstructing Womanhood : The Emergence of the Afro-American Woman Novelist
0195060725: Poetic Form and British Romanticism
0195060733: No Separate Refuge : Culture, Class, and Gender on an Anglo-Hispanic Frontier in the American Southwest, 1880-1940
0195060741: Figures in Black : Words, Signs, and the Racial Self
0195060768: Morality : A New Justification of the Moral Rules
0195060776: Jonathan Edwards and the American Experience
0195060784: Theatrical Anecdotes
0195060806: Moral Mazes
0195060814: Flesh Made Word
0195060822: Jazz Age
0195060830: Six Women's Slave Narratives
0195060849: Behind the Scenes : Or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House
0195060857: Collected Works of Phillis Wheatley
0195060865: Journals of Charlotte L. Forten Grimke
0195060873: Singer and Song
0195060881: American Musicians : Fifty-Six Portraits in Jazz
0195060903: John Marshall Harlan : Great Dissenter of the Warren Court
0195060911: Boats Against the Current : American Culture Between Revolution and Modernity, 1820-1860
0195060962: Subjectivities : A History of Self-Representation in Britain, 1832-1920
0195060970: Fluid Dynamics for the Study of Transonic Flow
0195060997: When the Old Left Was Young : Student Radicals and America's First Mass Student Movement, 1929-1941
0195061012: Fossil Trail : How We Know What We Think We Know about Human Evolution
0195061020: Republic of Rivers
0195061039: Islamic Reform : Politics and Social Change in Late Ottoman Syria
0195061047: Land and Power : The Zionist Resort to Force, 1881-1948
0195061063: DNA Topoisomerases in Cancer
0195061098: German Army League : Popular Nationalism in Wilhelmine Germany
0195061101: Colonial Latin America
0195061128: Toward Unity Among Environmentalists
0195061136: Lever of Riches : Technological Creativity and Economic Progress
0195061152: Saving Children : A Guide to Injury Prevention
0195061187: Women and Social Protest
0195061195: Letters, Fictions, Lives : Henry James and William Dean Howells
0195061209: Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly
0195061217: Endless Crusade : Women Social Scientists and Progressive Reform
0195061225: Breaking the Barrier : The Rise of Solidarity in Poland
0195061233: Divorce : An American Tradition
0195061241: Barney, Bradley, and Max : Sixteen Portraits in Jazz
0195061292: Currents of Thought in American Social Psychology
0195061306: Algebraic and Diagrammatic Methods in Many-Fermion Theory
0195061314: Philosophical Applications of Free Logic
0195061322: Neuropsychological Treatment of Dyslexia
0195061330: Evolutionary Biology of Aging
0195061357: Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
0195061365: Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
0195061373: Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
0195061381: Principles of Brain Stimulation
0195061403: Patriots and Paupers : Hamburg, 1712-1830
0195061411: Courts, Corrections, and the Constitution : The Impact of Judicial Intervention on Prisons and Jails
0195061438: Trial and Error : The American Controversy over Creation and Evolution
0195061462: Buildings of the District of Columbia
0195061470: Buildings of Rhode Island
0195061489: Buildings of Iowa
0195061497: Buildings of Michigan
0195061500: Delirium : Acute Confusional States
0195061519: Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience
0195061535: Oxford History of the Prison : The Practice of Punishment in Western Society
0195061543: Principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy
0195061551: Reason and Religious Belief : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
0195061578: Analects of Confucius (Lun Yu)
0195061586: Persistent Inequalities : Women and World Development
0195061594: Farce and Fantasy : Popular Entertainment in Eighteenth-Century Paris
0195061608: Desire and Domestic Fiction : A Political History of the Novel
0195061616: Hermeneutics As Politics
0195061624: Catherine the Great : Life and Legend
0195061632: Secret and Sacred : The Diaries of James Henry Hammond, a Southern Slaveholder
0195061640: Am I My Parent's Keeper? : An Essay on Justice Between the Young and the Old
0195061659: Prometheus Bound
0195061667: Alcestis
0195061675: Antigone
0195061683: Threshold of War : Franklin D. Roosevelt and American Entry into World War II
0195061691: Life of Langston Hughes Vol. II : 1914-1967: I Dream a World
0195061705: Oil and Gas Forecasting : Reflections of a Petroleum Geologist
0195061721: Wilhelm II and the Germans : A Study in Leadership
0195061748: Visionaries and Planners : The Garden City Movement and the Modern Community
0195061764: Sportswriter : The Life and Times of Grantland Rice
0195061772: Symphony : A Listener's Guide
0195061780: Power of Legitimacy among Nations
0195061829: From Hegel to Existentialism
0195061837: Wheel Estate : The Rise and Decline of Mobile Homes
0195061845: Rheostasis
0195061853: Writing from the Margins
0195061861: Sea Around Us
0195061888: Studies in Contemporary Jewry : Art and Its Uses: The Visual Image and Modern Jewish Society
0195061896: Shared Territory : Understanding Children's Writing as Works
0195061918: Water Baby : The Story of Alvin
0195061926: Panama Canal : The Crisis in Historical Perspective
0195061934: Menstrual Cycle : Physiology, Reproductive Disorders, and Infertility
0195061942: Injury Fact Book
0195061950: Short Fiction by Black Women, 1900-1920
0195061969: Collected Works of Olivia Ward Bush-Banks
0195061977: Collected Works of Effie Waller Smith
0195061985: Hairdresser's Experience in High Life
0195061993: Selected Works of Angelina Weld Grimke
0195062000: Works of Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman
0195062027: Selected Works of Ida B. Wells-Barnett
0195062035: Pen Is Ours : A Listing of Writings by and about African-American Women Before 1910 with Secondary Bibliography to the Present
0195062043: Two Biographies by African-American Women
0195062051: American Style of Foreign Policy : Cultural Politics and Foreign Affairs
0195062078: Empire of Liberty : The Statecraft of Thomas Jefferson
0195062094: Religion and the Individual
0195062167: Japan's Software Factories : A Challenge to U. S. Management
0195062183: Genetic Skin Disorders
0195062191: Beginning to Spell : A Study of First-Grade Children
0195062205: Environment, Cognition, and Action : An Integrated Approach
0195062221: Hebrew in Ashkenaz : A Language in Exile
0195062256: Islam : The Straight Path
0195062272: By the Law of Nature : Form and Value in Nineteenth-Century America
0195062280: World Resources 1990-1991
0195062299: World Resources 1990-1991
0195062302: World Resources 1992-93
0195062310: World Resources, 1992-93 : A Guide to the Global Environment
0195062329: Human Malformations And Related Anomalies
0195062337: Mormons and the Bible : The Place of the Latter-Day Saints in American Religion
0195062345: Religion in Psychodynamic Perspective : The Contributions of Paul W. Pruyser
0195062353: Technology Transfer in International Business
0195062361: Advances in Input-Output Analysis : Technology, Planning, and Development
0195062388: For Party or Country : Nationalism and the Dilemmas of Popular Conservatism in Edwardian England
0195062396: Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows : Their Structure and Measurement
0195062418: Art of War in the Western World
0195062426: Common Women : Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England
0195062434: Perfect Pitch : A Life Story
0195062442: Response and Adaptation to Hypoxia : Organ to Organelle
0195062450: Congenital Malformations of the Brain : Pathological, Embryological, Clinical, Radiological and Genetic Aspects
0195062469: Dominoes and Bandwagons : Strategic Beliefs and Great Power Competition in the Eurasian Rimland
0195062477: Fallen Soldiers : Reshaping the Memory of the World Wars
0195062493: Introduction to Clinical Research
0195062507: Suprachiasmatic Nucleus : The Mind's Clock
0195062515: Psychiatric Mental Status Examination
0195062523: International Research Management : Studies in Interdisciplinary Methods from Business, Government, and Academia
0195062531: Science and Reason
0195062558: Synaptic Organization of the Brain
0195062566: Synaptic Organization of the Brain
0195062574: Group Residences for Older Adults : Physical Features, Policies, and Social Climate
0195062590: Mary Shelley Reader
0195062604: As Moscow Sees Us : American Politics and Society in the Soviet Mindset
0195062620: Women's America : Refocusing the Past
0195062647: Waging Peace : How Eisenhower Shaped an Enduring Cold War Strategy
0195062671: Synoptic-Dynamic Meteorology in Midlatitudes Vol. 1 : Principles of Kinematics and Dynamics
0195062698: Cell and Molecular Biology of the Testis
0195062728: Politics of Interpretation : Ideology, Professionalism, and the Study of Literature
0195062736: Invisible Weapon : Telecommunications and International Politics, 1851-1945
0195062744: Writing about Science
0195062752: Timber Bubble That Burst : Government Policy and the Bailout of 1984
0195062760: Anthologie de la Litterature Francaise : Tome I: Des Origines a la Fin du Dix-Huitieme Siecle
0195062779: Anthologie de la Litterature Francaise : Dix-Neuvieme et Vinqtieme Siecles
0195062795: Holland's Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychology and Literature-and-Psychology
0195062809: Holland's Guide to Psychoanalytic Psychology and Literature-and-Psychology
0195062817: Computers and Human Language
0195062825: Computers and Human Language
0195062833: Race and Slavery in the Middle East : An Historical Enquiry
0195062841: Frontal Lobe Function and Dysfunction
0195062868: Condensed Matter Physics
0195062876: Convergent Issues in Genetics and Demography
0195062884: Biological Roots of Human Nature
0195062892: Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology
0195062906: Mind of the Talmud : An Intellectual History of the Bavli
0195062914: Panarion of St. Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis : Selected Passages
0195062922: Gabriel's Palace
0195062949: Out of Afghanistan : The Inside Story of the Soviet Withdrawal
0195062965: Fleeting Moments : Nature and Culture in American History
0195062973: Neither Wolf nor Dog : American Indians, Environment, and Agrarian Change
0195062981: Becoming a Physician
0195063015: Annotation and Its Texts
0195063031: Mystery of Numbers
0195063066: Guide to Technical Editing : Discussion, Dictionary, and Exercises
0195063074: Romantic Medicine and John Keats
0195063082: Indigestion : Living Better with Upper Intestinal Problems from Heartburn to Ulcers and Gallstones
0195063104: West Coast Jazz
0195063112: Phi Beta Kappa in American Life : The First Two Hundred Years
0195063120: Guns or Butter : Lyndon Johnson's Presidency
0195063139: Margaret Fuller
0195063147: Ecological Relationships of Plants and Animals
0195063155: Women in the World Economy : An INSTRAW Study
0195063163: Politics of Military Rule in Brazil, 1964-1985
0195063171: Eloquence in an Electronic Age : The Transformation of Political Speechmaking
0195063198: Split Signals : Television and Politics in the Soviet Union
0195063201: Target : Advocacy Groups and the Struggle over Entertainment Television
0195063228: Atlas of Facial Expression
0195063236: Voice from the South
0195063244: Iola Leroy : Or, Shadows Uplifted
0195063252: Magazine Novels of Pauline Hopkins
0195063260: Work of the Afro-American Woman
0195063279: Concise Oxford Companion to American Theatre
0195063287: Imperfect Art : Reflections on Jazz and Modern Culture
0195063295: Jolson : The Legend Comes to Life
0195063309: View from Within : Jazz Writings, 1948-1987
0195063317: Gay, Straight, and In-Between : The Sexology of Erotic Orientation
0195063325: Douglas MacArthur : The Far Eastern General
0195063333: Integrating Design and Manufacturing for Competitive Advantage
0195063341: Popular Musics of the Non-Western World
0195063376: Stalin and the Kirov Murder
0195063384: Unwritten Law : Criminal Justice in Victorian Kent
0195063392: Faces in the Forest : The Endangered Muriqui Monkeys of Brazil
0195063406: Escaping the Holocaust : Illegal Immigration to the Land of Israel, 1939-1944
0195063414: When Old Technologies Were New : Thinking about Electric Communication in the Late Nineteenth Century
0195063422: Response to Modernity : A History of the Reform Movement in Judaism
0195063430: Eliot, Joyce and Company
0195063449: MMPI-2 in Psychological Treatment
0195063457: Pediatric Neuropsychology in the Medical Setting
0195063465: Women and Children in Health Care : An Unequal Majority
0195063473: Memory and Metaphor : The Work of Romare Bearden, 1940-1987
0195063481: Memory and Metaphor : The Work of Romare Bearden, 1940-1987
0195063511: Editing Technical Writing
0195063538: Private Prisons : Cons and Pros
0195063546: Culture of Sentiment : Race, Gender, and Sentimentality in 19th-Century America
0195063554: Game Theory with Applications to Economics
0195063562: Death of the Irreparable Injury Rule
0195063589: Corporation of the 1990s : Information Technology and Organizational Transformation
0195063619: Microevolutionary Patterns in Aboriginal Australia : A Gradient Analysis of Climes
0195063627: Rhetoric and Irony : Western Literacy and Western Lies
0195063635: Introduction to Composition Studies
0195063643: Pathology of Skeletal Muscle
0195063651: Language Variation in South Asia
0195063708: Dictionary of Genetics
0195063716: Dictionary of Genetics
0195063724: Acceptable Evidence : Science and Values in Risk Management
0195063732: Clinical Neuropsychology of Attention
0195063740: Listener's Musical Companion
0195063759: Listener's Musical Companion
0195063767: Rise of Gospel Blues
0195063775: Compleat Conductor
0195063783: Future Jazz
0195063805: In Search of Human Nature : The Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought
0195063813: From Stalinism to Pluralism : A Documentary History of Eastern Europe since 1945
0195063821: From Stalinism to Pluralism : A Documentary History of Eastern Europe since 1945
0195063848: Athenaze
0195063856: Iron Cages : Race and Culture in 19th-Century America
0195063864: Pride, Faith, and Fear : Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa
0195063872: Divorce Lawyers and Their Clients : Power and Meaning in the Legal Process
0195063899: Mind, Brain, and Adaptation in the Nineteenth Century : Cerebral Localization and Its Biological Context from Gall to Ferrier
0195063902: Screening in Chronic Disease
0195063910: Power and Purity : Cathar Heresy in Medieval Italy
0195063937: Seasons of Grace : Colonial New England's Revival Tradition in Its British Context
0195063945: Plant Reproductive Ecology : Patterns and Strategies
0195063953: Marketplace Of Revolution
0195063961: Handbook of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
0195063988: Film Theory and Criticism
0195063996: Lacanian Delusion
0195064003: Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico
0195064011: Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico
0195064046: Talismans and Trojan Horses
0195064054: Striking the Mother Lode in Science : The Importance of Age, Time and Place
0195064070: Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delinquency
0195064089: Poets of Tin Pan Alley
0195064100: Joseph Losey
0195064127: Economics and the Philosophy of Science
0195064186: Buddha in the Crown : Avalokitesvara in the Buddhist Traditions of Sri Lanka
0195064208: Mountains of Debt : Crisis and Change in Renaissance Florence, Victorian Britain, and Postwar America
0195064216: Inequality at Work : Hispanics in the U. S. Labor Force
0195064224: Cognitive Neuropsychology in Clinical Practice
0195064232: Reunion and Reaction : The Compromise of 1877 and the End of Reconstruction
0195064240: Japanese Corporate Philanthropy
0195064267: Richards on Rhetoric : I. A. Richards: Selected Essays (1929-1974)
0195064275: Doing Grammar
0195064283: Teaching Students to Write
0195064291: Genetics and Conservation of Rare Plants
0195064305: Ethics and Excellence
0195064313: Golden Fetters : The Gold Standard and the Great Depression, 1919-1939
0195064321: Mountain Goddess
0195064356: Revolution in the Factory : The Birth of the Soviet Textile Industry, 1917-1920
0195064364: Myth, Ritual, and Kingship in Buganda
0195064372: Violence in America : A Public Health Approach
0195064380: Margins of City Life
0195064410: Nicotine Addiction : Principles and Management
0195064429: Cerebral Dysgenesis : Embryology and Clinical Expression
0195064437: Interviewing and Patient Care
0195064445: Interviewing and Patient Care
0195064453: Plato's Parmenides
0195064461: Analysis to Synthesis : The Development of Complex Verb Morphology in the Dravidian Language
0195064496: Handbook for Health Directors
0195064518: Old World's New World
0195064526: Moral Framework of Public Life : Gender, Politics, and the State in Rural New York, 1878-1930
0195064534: Chicago Jazz : A Cultural History, 1904-1930
0195064542: News for All : America's Coming-of-Age with the Press
0195064550: Journal of the Plague Year : The Diary of the Barcelona Tanner Miquel Parets (1651)
0195064569: Morality, Politics, and Law
0195064593: From the Ground Up : Art Museum Design and Construction
0195064607: Ride of the Second Horseman : The Birth and Death of War
0195064615: Turbulence in the American Workplace
0195064658: Experts in Uncertainty : Opinion and Subjective Probability in Science
0195064674: Politics of National Security : Congress and U. S. Defense Policy: A Twentieth-Century Fund Book
0195064682: Information Gap : How Computers and Other New Communication Technologies Affect the Social Distribution of Power
0195064690: They Never Said It : A Book of Fake Quotes, Misquotes, and Misleading Attributions
0195064704: Harmless Wrongdoing
0195064712: Inside War : The Guerrilla Conflict in Missouri During the American Civil War
0195064720: Freedom Summer
0195064739: Printers and Press Freedom : The Ideology of Early American Journalism
0195064747: Persons, Rights, and the Moral Community
0195064755: Musical Perceptions
0195064763: Musical Perceptions
0195064771: Principles of Medical Psychiatry
0195064836: Tube of Plenty : The Evolution of American Television
0195064844: Tube of Plenty : The Evolution of American Television
0195064852: Traces and Their Antecedents
0195064852112: Traces and Their Antecedents ISBN:0195064852
0195064860: On Rhetoric : A Theory of Civic Discourse
0195064879: On Rhetoric : A Theory of Civic Discourse
0195064887: Hidden Attraction : The History and Mystery of Magnetism
0195064895: Information Gap : How Computers and Other New Communication Technologies Affect the Social Distribution of Power
0195064909: Plain English Approach to Business Writing
0195064917: Foundations of the Neuron Doctrine
0195064925: Miss Miles : Or, a Tale of Yorkshire Life 60 Years Ago
0195064933: Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
0195064968: Fate of Liberty
0195064976: Non-Reality of Free Will
0195064992: English in Its Social Contexts : Essays in Historical Sociolinguistics
0195065034: Origins of Neuroscience : A History of Explorations into Brain Function
0195065042: Transforming Organizations
0195065050: John Nelson, Merchant Adventurer : A Life Between Empires
0195065069: Into the Quagmire : Lyndon Johnson and the Escalation of the Vietnam War
0195065077: Civil Rights and the Idea of Freedom
0195065085: Devil's Music Master : The Controversial Life and Career of Wilhelm Furtwangler
0195065093: Ruth Crawford Seeger : A Composer's Search for American Music
0195065107: Oxford Companion to African American Literature
0195065115: World's Major Languages
0195065123: Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East
0195065131: Rude Hand of Innovation : Religion and Social Order in Albany, New York, 1652-1836
0195065158: International Productivity and Competitiveness
0195065166: Cajal's Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System
0195065174: Women and Social Protest
0195065344: Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems
0195065352: Introduction to Urban Geographic Information Systems
0195065360: Politics and the Sciences of Culture in Germany, 1840-1920
0195065379: Jews in Christian America : The Pursuit of Religious Equality
0195065387: Stress, Catecholamines, and Cardiovascular Disease
0195065417: Still in Movement : Shakespeare on Screen
0195065425: Shuberts of Broadway : A History Drawn from the Collection of the Shubert Archive
0195065433: The Rise of Modern China
0195065468: Hemingway : Essays of Reassessment
0195065476: Particles and Waves
0195065484: Oxford Companion to American Literature
0195065492: Electronic Hearth : Creating an American Television Culture
0195065506: Radical Expression : Political Language, Ritual, and Symbol in England, 1790-1850
0195065522: Hereditary Hearing Loss and Its Syndromes
0195065530: Increasing Returns and Economic Efficiency
0195065557: Forest Dynamics : An Ecological Model
0195065565: Max Weber's Sociology of Intellectuals
0195065573: Justices and Presidents : A Political History of Appointments to the Supreme Court
0195065581: Dilemma of Freedom and Foreknowledge
0195065603: Political Writings of Samuel Pufendorf
0195065611: Tensors and Manifolds : With Applications to Mechanics and Relativity
0195065662: William Dorsey's Philadelphia and Ours : On the Past and Future of the Black City in America
0195065697: American Salons : Encounters with European Modernism, 1885-1917
0195065700: Lincoln in American Memory
0195065719: Fine Structure of the Nervous System : Neurons and Their Supporting Cells
0195065727: AIDS, Women, and the Next Generation
0195065735: American Singers : Twenty-Seven Portraits in Song
0195065743: Jerome Kern : His Life and Music
0195065751: Return of the Native : American Indian Political Resurgence
0195065778: Wartime : Understanding and Behavior in the Second World War
0195065786: Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage
0195065794: Two Party South
0195065808: Meet Me at Jim and Andy's : Jazz Musicians and Their World
0195065816: Discovering Eve : Ancient Israelite Women in Context
0195065824: Sports and Freedom : The Rise of Big-Time College Athletics
0195065832: Hero's Farewell : What Happens When CEOs Retire
0195065840: Transformation of German Jewry, 1780-1840
0195065859: Unwelcome Strangers
0195065867: Birth of Athenian Democracy : The Assembly in the Fifth Century B.C.
0195065875: Mind of Its Own : Tourette's Syndrome: A Story and a Guide
0195065891: Emergent Forms : The Origins and Early Development of Human Action and Perception
0195065913: Linking Arms Together : American Indian Treaty Visions of Law and Peace, 1600-1800
0195065921: Word in Black and White : Reading Race in American Literature, 1638-1867
0195065948: Psychology of Reading : An Introduction
0195065956: Practical Laboratory Andrology
0195065964: Pro-Choice Movement : Organization and Activism in the Abortion Conflict
0195065972: Coherence in Psychotic Discourse
0195065980: Case Studies in Neuropsychological Rehabilitation
0195066006: Course of Mexican History and Writing History
0195066014: Ethics with Aristotle
0195066022: Interlanguage Pragmatics
0195066049: Creation of Feminist Consciousness
0195066073: Comparative Method Reviewed
0195066081: Oxford Companion to Women's Writing in the United States
0195066103: Liberalism, Fascism, or Social Democracy : Social Classes and the Political Origins of Regimes in Interwar Europe
0195066111: Liberalism, Fascism, or Social Democracy : Social Classes and the Political Origins of Regimes in Interwar Europe
0195066138: Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
0195066154: Coherence in Psychotic Discourse
0195066162: History of Our Time : Readings in Postwar America
0195066170: Crimes of Writing : Problems in the Containment of Representation
0195066189: Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction
0195066197: Origin of the Earth
0195066227: Euphemism and Dysphemism : Language Used as Shield and Weapon
0195066235: Takin' It to the Streets : A Sixties Reader
0195066243: Takin' It to the Streets : A Sixties Reader
0195066251: Genetics of Cellular, Individual, Family and Population Variability
0195066278: Unfinished Journey : America since World War II
0195066286: History of the Ancient World
0195066294: History of the Ancient World
0195066308: Atmospheric Convection
0195066332: Second Thoughts : Myths and Morals of U. S. Economic History
0195066340: Decline of the West
0195066375: Writing from the Margins : Power and Pedagogy for Teachers of Composition
0195066383: Narrative of Sojourner Truth : A Bondswoman of Olden Time, with a History of Her Labors and Correspondence Drawn from Her Book of Life
0195066391: Harriet Beecher Stowe : A Life
0195066413: Endothelin
0195066421: Political Economy of the Sherman Act : The First One Hundred Years
0195066448: Walls Came Tumbling Down : The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe
0195066456: Walls Came Tumbling Down : The Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe
0195066464: Enchanted Loom : Chapters in the History of Neuroscience
0195066480: Rise of the Gunbelt : The Military Remapping of Industrial America
0195066499: Civil Rights and the Presidency
0195066529: Landscape of History : How Historians Map the Past
0195066537: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory : A Journey into the Evangelical Subculture in America
0195066545: Predatory Society : Deception in the American Marketplace
0195066553: Beyond Minimalism : Beckett's Late Style in the Theater
0195066561: Slave's Narrative
0195066588: Cults : Faith, Healing and Coercion
0195066596: Mixed Blessings : Intensive Care for Newborns
0195066618: Writing under Pressure : The Quick Writing Process
0195066626: Stone Cottage : Pound, Yeats, and Modernism
0195066634: Rites of Execution : Capital Punishment and the Transformation of American Culture, 1776-1865
0195066642: Manhattan '45 Paperback by Morris, Jan
0195066650: Native American Architecture
0195066669: Mental Representations : A Dual Coding Approach
0195066677: Berkeley at War : The 1960s
0195066685: Founder : Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power
0195066693: Collected Black Women's Narratives
0195066707: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
0195066715: Silvia Dubois : A Biografy of the Slav Who Whipt Her Mistres and Gand Her Fredom
0195066723: Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands
0195066731: Reading Nietzsche
0195066758: Lopsided Ape : Evolution of the Generative Mind
0195066766: Sensory Neurons : Diversity, Development, and Plasticity
0195066774: Islands and the Sea : Five Centuries of Nature Writing from the Caribbean
0195066790: Reinventing Shakespeare : A Cultural History from the Restoration to the Present
0195066804: Virgin or Vamp
0195066812: Barometer of Modern Reason : On the Philosophies of Current Events
0195066839: Politics and Class in Milan
0195066855: Maculate Muse : Obscene Language in Attic Comedy
0195066863: Her Share of the Blessings : Women's Religions among Pagans, Jews, and Christians in the Greco-Roman World
0195066871: Applied Demography for Biologists : With Special Emphasis on Insects
0195066898: Geostatistical Glossary and Multilingual Dictionary
0195066901: Studies in Contemporary Jewry : Jews and Messianism in the Modern Era: Metaphor and Meaning
0195066928: War Stars : The Superweapon and the American Imagination
0195066936: Russian Peasant Women
0195066944: Russian Peasant Women
0195066952: Restless Genius : Robert Hooke and His Earthly Thoughts
0195066987: Phylogenetic Analysis of DNA Sequences
0195066995: Helping Children : A Social History
0195067029: Nature and Context of Minority Discourse
0195067037: Nature and Context of Minority Discourse
0195067045: Entrepreneurs in High Technology : Lessons from MIT and Beyond
0195067061: Vergil's Georgics and the Traditions of Ancient Epic : The Art of Allusion in Literary History
0195067118: Politics of Literary Reputation : The Making and Claiming of St. George Orwell
0195067134: Practical Guide to Behavioral Research : Tools and Techniques
0195067142: With the Old Breed : At Peleliu and Okinawa
0195067150: Contexts for Learning : Sociocultural Dynamics in Children's Development
0195067169: Biology of Insect-Induced Galls
0195067177: London Calling : V. S. Naipaul, Postcolonial Mandarin
0195067185: Words in Action : Perspectives on Athenian Myths and Institutions
0195067193: Athenian Myths and Institutions : Words in Action
0195067207: Pathophysiology of Hypertension in Blacks
0195067215: Origins of the Federal Judiciary : Essays on the Judiciary Act of 1789
0195067231: Pornography and Representation in Greece and Rome
0195067258: Soft Coal, Hard Choices : The Economic Welfare of Bituminous Coal Miners, 1890-1930
0195067266: Lilith's Cave : Jewish Tales of the Supernatural
0195067304: Great Dissent
0195067312: Anolis Lizards of the Caribbean : Ecology, Evolution, and Plate Tectonics
0195067320: Concepts in Biological Oceanography : An Interdisciplinary Primer
0195067339: S and L Debacle : Public Policy Lessons for Bank and Thrift Regulation
0195067347: Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen
0195067355: Cope's Early Diagnosis of the Acute Abdomen
0195067371: Developmental Neuropsychology
0195067398: Anticancer Drugs
0195067401: Conjuring Culture : Biblical Formations of Black America
0195067452: Role of Inflection in Scandinavian Syntax
0195067460: Role of Inflection in Scandinavian Syntax
0195067479: Ethics in Nursing
0195067487: Ethics in Nursing
0195067495: Apartheid State in Crisis
0195067509: Apartheid State in Crisis : Political Transformation of South Africa, 1975-1990
0195067517: Decline of the West
0195067525: Trade Warriors : USTR and the American Crusade for Free Trade
0195067533: Health Care in Nicaragua : Primary Care under Changing Regimes
0195067541: Silverlake Project
0195067576: Essays on the Philosophy of Socrates
0195067584: Prism of Piety : Catholick Congregational Clergy at the Beginning of the Enlightenment
0195067592: Joy of Philosophy
0195067606: Attention and Memory : An Integrated Framework
0195067614: Oxford Book of Children's Verse in America
0195067622: What Does the Lord Require?
0195067630: Fantasy and Reality in History
0195067649: Chemical Change in Deforming Materials
0195067657: American Ideal
0195067665: Statistical Analysis of Epidemiologic Data
0195067681: Unity of Reason : Rereading Kant
0195067703: Science for All Americans
0195067711: Science for All Americans
0195067738: Hyperglycemia, Diabetes, and Vascular Disease
0195067746: Before European Hegemony : The World System A. D. 1250-1350
0195067754: University and the City : From Medieval Origins to the Present
0195067762: Benny Goodman and the Swing Era
0195067770: New Economic Role of American States : Strategies in a Competitive World Economy
0195067789: Conversations with Nietzsche : A Life in the Words of His Contemporaries
0195067797: Religious Convictions and Political Choice
0195067800: Image Ethics : The Moral Rights of Subjects in Photographs, Film, and Television
0195067819: Politics of Individualism
0195067827: Composition as a Human Science : Contributions to the Self-Understanding of a Discipline
0195067835: Culture, Inc. : The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression
0195067843: House of Bondage : Or Charlotte Brooks and Other Slaves
0195067851: Contending Forces : A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South
0195067878: Four Girls at Cottage City
0195067886: Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries : Cosmology and Salvation in the Ancient World
0195067894: Culture and Politics of Literacy
0195067908: In Labor's Cause : Main Themes on the History of the American Worker
0195067916: In Labor's Cause : Main Themes on the History of the American Worker
0195067924: Vietnam at War : The History: 1946-1975
0195067932: Metal Nitrosyls
0195067940: Creative Collaboration
0195067959: Since You Went Away : World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front
0195067975: Theory Change in Science : Strategies from Mendelian Genetics
0195067991: Care and Commitment : Taking the Personal Point of View
0195068009: Theory of Market Strategy
0195068017: Judicial Process : An Introductory Analysis of the Courts of the United States, England, and France
0195068025: Ambassadors and America's Soviet Policy
0195068041: Twentieth-Century World : An International History
0195068068: Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s
0195068076: War and the Ivory Tower : Algeria and Vietnam
0195068084: Work in the Spirit : Toward a Theology of Work
0195068092: Hannah's Heirs : The Quest for the Genetic Origins of Alzheimer's Disease
0195068106: Zen and the Way of the Sword : Arming the Samurai Psyche
0195068114: Miss Miles : Or, a Tale of Yorkshire Life 60 Years Ago
0195068122: Mirror Worlds : Or The Day Software Puts the Universe in a Shoebox... How It Will Happen and What It Will Mean
0195068149: Frederick Billings : A Life
0195068173: New Perspectives on Genetic Markers and Diseases among Jewish People
0195068181: Odyssey of Homer
0195068203: Head-Neck Sensory Motor System
0195068211: Female Piety in Puritan New England : The Emergence of Religious Humanism
0195068238: Echoes of the Call : Identity and Ideology among American Missionaries in Ecuador
0195068246: Developmental Neuropsychiatry Vol. 1 : Fundamentals
0195068254: Iliad of Homer
0195068262: Iliad of Homer
0195068270: Biopsychology of Mood and Arousal
0195068297: Biological Anthropology and Aging
0195068300: Variational Methods in Mechanics
0195068319: Case Studies in Occupational Epidemiology
0195068327: Canons and Contexts
0195068343: Bible-Carrying Christians : Conservative Protestants and Social Power
0195068351: Toward a More Perfect Union : Virtue and the Formation of American Republics
0195068378: Lorenz Hart
0195068386: Beyond 1492 : Encounters in Colonial North America
0195068432: Ocean Optics
0195068467: Suicide : Guidelines for Assessment, Management and Treatment
0195068475: Rural Development and Population : Institutions and Policy - A Supplement to Population and Development Review, Vol. 15, 1989
0195068483: Patterns in Prehistory : Humankind's 1st 3 Million Years
0195068491: Rural Development and Population : Institutions and Policy - A Supplement to Population and Development Review, Vol. 15, 1989
0195068505: Discoveries : Fifty Stories of the Quest
0195068513: In My Father's House : Africa in the Philosophy of Culture
0195068521: In My Father's House : Africa in the Philosophy of Culture
0195068556: Critical Theory of Technology
0195068564: Strange Power of Speech : Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Literary Possession
0195068572: Abyss of Reason : Cultural Movements, Revelations and Betrayals
0195068580: Representing Femininity : Middle-Class Subjectivity in Victorian and Edwardian Women's Autobiographies
0195068599: Old-Age Security in Comparative Perspective
0195068602: Love and Power : The Role of Morality and Religion in American Politics
0195068610: Multiple Authorship and the Myth of Solitary Genius
0195068629: Waking Giants
0195068637: Wallace Stevens : The Plain Sense of Things
0195068645: Children of the Earth : Literature, Politics, and Nationhood
0195068661: Motivation : A Biosocial and Cognitive Integration of Motivation and Emotion
0195068688: Real War Will Never Get in the Books : Selections from Writers During the Civil War
0195068734: Garden of Priapus
0195068742: Hecuba
0195068777: Non-Mendelian Genetics in Humans
0195068785: Pharmacogenetics
0195068793: Hitler's Army : Soldiers, Nazis, and War in the Third Reich
0195068807: Almost a Revolution : Mental Health Law and the Limits of Change
0195068815: Sanctity of Rural Life : Nobility, Protestantism, and Nazism in Weimar Prussia
0195068823: AIDS Prevention Through Education : A World View
0195068866: Rebel Daughters : Women and the French Revolution
0195068874: Indi'n Humor : Bicultural Play in Native America
0195068890: Searching for the Light
0195068904: Age of Federalism
0195068912: Music and the Silent Film : Contexts and Case Studies, 1895-1924
0195068939: Individual Development and Evolution : The Genesis of Novel Behavior
0195068947: Remembering the Personal Past : Descriptions of Autobiographical Memory
0195068963: Center Stage : Helen Gahagan Douglas - A Life
0195068971: Handbook of Psychooncology : Psychological Care of the Patient with Cancer
0195068998: Psychological Development of Deaf Children
0195069005: Elementary Dislocation Theory
0195069013: Faces in the Clouds : A New Theory of Religion
0195069021: Urban Development : Theory, Fact, and Illusion
0195069048: Jazz in Its Time
0195069056: Albion's Seed : Four British Folkways in America
0195069064: Censorship : The Knot That Binds Power and Knowledge
0195069072: Baseball : The People's Game
0195069080: Cosmogenesis
0195069099: AIDS and Sex
0195069102: Emerging from the Chrysalis : Rituals of Women's Initiation
0195069110: Towards a Grammar of Biblical Poetics : Tales of the Prophets
0195069129: Sending My Heart Back Across the Years : Tradition and Innovation in Native American Autobiography
0195069137: Chapters into Verse : Poetry in English Inspired by the Bible: Genesis to Malachi
0195069145: Red Vienna : Experiment in Working-Class Culture, 1919-1934
0195069153: Reckoning with Reagan : America and Its President in the 1980s
0195069161: Altered States : The United States and Japan since the Occupation
0195069188: Introduction to Molecular Orbitals
0195069218: Memory : Organization and Locus of Change
0195069226: Schizophrenia : Origins, Processes, Treatment, and Outcome
0195069242: Jewish Social Ethics
0195069269: In Search of an American Catholicism : A History of Religion and Culture in Tension
0195069277: Peru : Society and Nationhood in the Andes
0195069285: Peru : Society and Nationhood in the Andes
0195069315: Removals : Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Politics of Indian Affairs
0195069323: Natural Selection : Domains, Levels, and Challenges
0195069331: Natural Selection : Domains, Levels, and Challenges
0195069358: Nasser's Blessed Movement : Egypt's Free Officers and the July Revolution
0195069366: Introduction to Philosophy : Classical and Contemporary Readings
0195069374: Divine Revelation : Our Moral Relation with God
0195069404: Acoustic Systems in Biology
0195069412: Demand System Specification and Estimation
0195069420: Television in Europe
0195069447: America's Secret Power : The CIA in a Democratic Society
0195069455: Reaction Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Systems
0195069463: Religion and Society in Russia : The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0195069501: Richards on Rhetoric : I. A. Richards: Selected Essays (1929-1974)
0195069528: Historic House Museums
0195069536: Handbook for Scholars
0195069552: The Quest for El Cid
0195069560: Injury Epidemiology
0195069579: Corporate and Governmental Deviance : Problems of Organizational Behavior in Contemporary Society
0195069595: Insuring Medical Malpractice
0195069617: Origins of Southern Radicalism : The South Carolina Upcountry, 1800-1860
0195069625: Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy : Essays in Political Philosophy
0195069633: Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy : Essays in Political Philosophy
0195069641: Ice Sheets
0195069668: Machines That Learn
0195069676: Equality and Partiality
0195069684: Government and Health Services : Government's Role in the Development of U. S. Health Services, 1930-1980
0195069692: Parkinson's Disease : Neurobehavioral Aspects
0195069722: Belonging to the World : Women's Rights and American Constitutional Culture
0195069730: Social Ecology of Religion
0195069749: Social Ecology of Religion
0195069757: Forbidden Friendships
0195069765: Red King's Rebellion : Racial Politics in New England 1675-1678
0195069773: INS Dictionary of Neuropsychology
0195069781: INS Dictionary of Neuropsychology
0195069838: Cities of the Gods : Communist Utopias in Greek Thought
0195069854: Religion and Mental Health
0195069862: Cost of Competence : Why Inequality Causes Depression, Eating Disorders, and Illness in Women
0195069889: From Birdland to Broadway : Scenes from a Jazz Life
0195069897: Dividing Paths : Cherokees and South Carolinians Through the Era of Revolution
0195069900: Becoming Mexican American : Ethnicity, Culture, and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945
0195069919: Pride of Havana : A History of Cuban Baseball
0195069935: Soldiers of Christ : Preaching in Late Medieval and Reformation France
0195069943: Emotion and Adaptation
0195069951: Moral Order of a Suburb
0195069978: Sea Around Us
0195069986: Notes of a Hanging Judge : Essays and Reviews, 1979-1989
0195069994: Irony of Regulatory Reform : The Deregulation of American Telecommunications
0195070003: Electronic Media and the Transformation of Law
0195070011: Response Times : Their Role in Inferring Elementary Mental Organization
0195070038: Apprenticeship in Thinking
0195070046: As We Forgive Our Debtors : Bankruptcy and Consumer Credit in America
0195070062: Marriage of Convenience : Relations Between Mexico and the United States: A Twentieth Century Fund Report
0195070070: Seven Against Thebes
0195070089: Persians
0195070097: Women of Trachis
0195070100: Surviving the Swastika : Scientific Research in Nazi Germany
0195070119: Environmental Chemistry of Soils
0195070135: Beneath the Cross : Catholics and Huguenots in Sixteenth-Century Paris
0195070143: Victory to the Mother : The Hindu Goddess of Northwest India in Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
0195070151: Victory to the Mother : The Hindu Goddess of Northwest India in Myth, Ritual, and Symbol
0195070178: Rhetoric, Comedy, and the Violence of Language in Aristophanes' Clouds
0195070194: Aristocratic Liberalism : The Social and Political Thought of Jacob Burckhardt, John Stuart Mill, and Alexis de Tocqueville
0195070208: Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! : Pagentry and Patriotism in Cold War America
0195070216: Visions of Modernity : American Business and the Modernization of Germany
0195070224: Wallace Stevens : The Plain Sense of Things
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