0195114663: Contemporary Jewish Theology : A Reader
0195114671: Contemporary Jewish Theology : A Reader
0195114698: Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character
0195114701: Derivatives : Valuation and Risk Management
0195114736: Film Composers in America : A Filmography, 1911-1970
0195114744: Moral Appraisability : Puzzles, Proposals, and Perplexities
0195114752: When Aseneth Met Joseph : A Late Antique Tale of the Biblical Patriarch and His Egyptian Wife, Reconsidered
0195114760: Pasteboard Bandit
0195114779: An Introduction to the Physics of Semiconductor Devices (Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
0195114809: Shame : Interpersonal Behavior, Psychopathology, and Culture
0195114817: MMPI-2 : Assessing Personality and Psychopathology
0195114825: New World Economies : The Growth of the Thirteen Colonies and Early Canada
0195114833: From Out of the Shadows : Mexican Women in 20th Century America
0195114868: Grassland Dynamics : Long-Term Ecological Research in Tallgrass Prairie
0195114876: Book of Man : The Human Genome Project and the Quest to Discover Our Genetic Heritage
0195114884: What Women Want-What Men Want
0195114892: Addictions : A Comprehensive Guidebook
0195114906: How Long? How Long? : African American Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights
0195114914: How Long? How Long? : African-American Women in the Struggle for Civil Rights
0195114922: Jewish Messiahs : From the Galilee to Crown Heights
0195114930: Being There : Culture and Formation in Two Theological Schools
0195114949: Devil's Mousetrap : Redemption and Colonial American Literature
0195114957: Country, Park and City : The Architecture and Life of Calvert Vaux
0195114965: Nicotine Safety and Toxicity
0195114981: Statistics in Public Health : Quantitative Approaches to Public Health Problems
0195115015: Becoming Attached : First Relationships and How They Shape Our Capacity to Love
0195115023: Magic Lantern : Having a Ball and Christmas Eve
0195115031: Magic Lantern : Having a Ball and Christmas Eve
0195115058: Priori Justification
0195115066: Susan Glaspell : Her Life and Times
0195115074: Scleroderma Book : A Guide for Patients and Families
0195115082: Enigma of the Oceanic Feeling : Revisioning the Psychoanalytic Theory of Mysticism
0195115090: Intimate Strategies of the Civil War : Military Commanders and Their Wives
0195115112: Reimagining the Bible : The Storytelling of the Rabbis
0195115120: Wall Street : A History
0195115147: Appearance and Reality : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics
0195115155: Appearance and Reality : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics
0195115171: Textbook of Family Medicine
0195115228: Codes and Consequences : Choosing Linguistic Varieties
0195115236: Codes and Consequences : Choosing Linguistic Varieties
0195115244: Talk Is Cheap : Sarcasm, Alienation, and the Evolution of Language
0195115252: Talk Is Cheap : Sarcasm, Alienation, and the Evolution of Language
0195115279: Adverbs and Functional Heads : A Cross-Linguistic Perspective
0195115287: Liberalism and Affirmative Obligation
0195115295: Human Freedom, Christian Righteousness : Philip Melanchthon's Exegetical Dispute with Erasmus of Rotterdam
0195115309: Politics, Punishment and Populism
0195115317: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany : Dignity and Despair
0195115325: Rethinking the New Deal Court : The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution
0195115333: Inheritance and Innateness of Grammars
0195115341: Inheritance and Innateness of Grammars
0195115368: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Philosophical Dilemmas : Building a World View
0195115384: Geostatistics for Natural Resources Evaluation
0195115392: Music Theory Resource Book
0195115406: When Women Lead
0195115414: When Women Lead
0195115422: Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student
0195115430: Style and Statement
0195115449: Heralds of Revolution : Russian Students and the Mythologies of Radicalism
0195115465: Gerontology : An Interdisciplinary Perspective
0195115473: Iracema
0195115481: Iracema
0195115503: Memoirs of a Militia Sergeant
0195115511: Religion and Science
0195115538: Memory for Action
0195115546: Memory for Action
0195115554: Reaction Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Systems
0195115562: Singers and the Song II
0195115570: Evangelicals and Science in Historical Perspective
0195115589: Civil War : A History in Documents
0195115597: Civil War and Reconstruction : A Student Companion
0195115619: Century of Sonnets : The Romantic-Era Revival 1750-1850
0195115627: Century of Sonnets : The Romantic-Era Revival, 1750-1850
0195115651: Plain English Approach to Business Writing
0195115678: Preface to Mark
0195115686: At War Within
0195115694: Between God and Gangsta Rap : Bearing Witness to Black Culture
0195115708: IRA Gershwin : The Art of the Lyricist
0195115716: Peshat and Derash : Plain and Applied Meaning in Rabbinic Exegesis
0195115724: Beyond the Double Bind : Women and Leadership
0195115732: American Street Gang
0195115740: Leader of the Band : The Life of Woody Herman
0195115759: Psychological Development of Deaf Children
0195115767: Ambassadors and America's Soviet Policy
0195115775: Software Goes to School : Teaching for Understanding with New Technology
0195115783: Brooklyn's Dodgers : The Bums, the Borough, and the Best of Baseball, 1947-1957
0195115791: Fetish : Fashion, Sex and Power
0195115805: Book of Revelation
0195115813: Ken Burns's The Civil War : Historians Respond
0195115821: Nonlinear Pricing : Published in Association with the Electric Power Research Institute
0195115848: Or Does It Explode? : Black Harlem in the Great Depression
0195115872: Storytracking : Texts, Stories, and Histories in Central Australia
0195115880: Storytracking : Texts, Stories, and Histories in Central Australia
0195115899: Leading Issues in Economic Development
0195115902: Competitive Communication : A Rhetoric for Modern Business
0195115910: Computer-Aided Project Management
0195115929: States of Desire : Wilde, Yeats, Joyce, and the Irish Experiment
0195115937: Blood Thirst : 100 Years of Vampire Fiction
0195115945: Comparative Methods Approach to the Study of Oocytes and Embryos
0195115953: Linear System Theory and Design 2e Intl Student Edition
0195115988: Tropical Soils : Properties and Management for Sustainable Agriculture
0195115996: Suffering and Moral Responsibility
0195116003: Road To Martyrs' Square
0195116011: First Commentary on Mark : An Annotated Translation
0195116038: Friendly Fire
0195116046: Making Love Modern : The Intimate Public Worlds of New York's Literary Women
0195116054: Making Love Modern : The Intimate Public Worlds of New York's Literary Women
0195116062: Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings : A Casebook
0195116070: Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings : A Casebook
0195116100: Worship with One Accord : Where Liturgy and Ecumenism Embrace
0195116119: Making Sense of Fibromyalgia
0195116127: Beyond the Bottom Line
0195116143: Abolish the FCC : Common Law Telecosm
0195116178: Unfinished Journey : America since World Ward II
0195116186: Unfinished Journey : America since World Ward II
0195116194: History of Our Time : Readings on Postwar America
0195116208: Stories in Scripture and Inscriptions : Comparative Studies on Narratives in Northwest Semitic Inscriptions and the Hebrew Bible
0195116224: Liberal Islam : A Sourcebook
0195116232: Fantasy Pieces : Metrical Dissonance in the Music of Robert Schumann
0195116240: Heart Fitness for Life : From Diet to Medication, Everything You Need to Know about Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease
0195116259: Anxiety Disorders in Adults : An Evidence-Based Approach to Psychological Treatment
0195116267: Adaptive Evolution of Genes and Genomes
0195116275: Thomas Paine : Firebrand of the Revolution
0195116291: Doing Documentary Work
0195116305: Robot
0195116313: Making Sense of the Molly Maguires
0195116321: Against Relativism : Cultural Diversity and the Search for Ethical Universals in Medicine
0195116348: Gotham : A History of New York City to 1898
0195116364: Idea of Human Rights : Four Inquiries
0195116372: Opera : A History in Documents
0195116380: Opera : A History in Documents
0195116402: World Beyond the Firm : Competition and Governance in the Global Economy
0195116410: International Environment of Business : Competition and Governance in the Global Economy
0195116429: MOSFET Theory and Design
0195116437: Last Passage : Recovering a Death of Our Own
0195116445: CMOS Analog Circuit Design
0195116453: Classics of Philosophy : Ancient and Medieval
0195116461: Classics of Philosophy : Modern and Contemporary
0195116518: Age of Mass Migration : Causes and Economic Impact
0195116526: Squid Giant Synapse
0195116542: Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior : A Casebook
0195116550: Maxine Hong Kingston's the Woman Warrior
0195116569: Corporation on a Hill : Harnessing the Genius of American Workers
0195116585: Figures of Play : Greek Drama and Metafictional Poetics
0195116607: Thinking Orientals : Migration, Contact, and Exoticism in Modern America
0195116615: Improving Care for the End of Life
0195116623: Handbook for Mortals
0195116631: Microelectronic Circuits (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
0195116658: Redefining Equality
0195116666: J. S. Bach's Great Eighteen Organ Chorales
0195116674: Oliver Wendell Holmes : Sage of the Supreme Court
0195116682: Politics of Child Abuse in America
0195116690: Boisterous Sea of Liberty : A Docummentary History of America from Discovery Through the Civil War
0195116704: Boisterous Sea of Liberty : A Documentary History of America from Discovery through the Civil War
0195116712: Encyclopedia of Country Music : The Ultimate Guide to the Music
0195116720: Four Parts, No Waiting
0195116739: Darwinian Psychiatry
0195116755: Prolegomena to the Qur'an
0195116771: Lord's Song in a Strange Land : Music and Identity in Contemporary Jewish Worship
0195116798: Margaret Mead : Coming of Age in America
0195116801: Johannes Kepler : And the New Astronomy
0195116828: Solace of Fierce Landscapes : Exploring Desert and Mountain Spirituality
0195116836: Russell's Hidden Substitutional Theory
0195116844: Socrates Dissatisfied : An Analysis of Plato's Crito
0195116852: Literary Memoirs
0195116860: Literary Memoirs
0195116879: Free Pages and Hard Times
0195116887: Free Pages and Hard Times : Anarchist Musings
0195116895: Best of Shakespeare : Retellings of 10 Classic Plays
0195116909: Microelectronic Circuits
0195116917: Great Population Spike and After
0195116925: Paradoxes of the American Presidency
0195116933: Paradoxes of the American Presidency
0195116941: Planetary Scientist's Companion
0195116968: Angels in the Machinery : Gender in American Party Politics from the Civil War to the Progressive Era
0195116976: Innate Capacity : Mysticism, Psychology, and Philosophy
0195116984: Lamson of the Gettysburg : The Civil War Letters of Lieutenant Roswell H. Lamson, U. S. Navy
0195116992: Ascent of Science
0195117018: Elements of Power Electronics
0195117026: Biochemical Adaptation : Mechanism and Process in Physiological Evolution
0195117034: Biochemical Adaptation : Mechanism and Process in Physiological Evolution
0195117050: Management Innovators : The People and Ideas That Have Shaped Modern Business
0195117077: American Mobbing, 1828-1861 : Toward Civil War
0195117093: Kidnapped : Child Abduction in America
0195117107: Coming Up Roses
0195117115: Street Foods : Urban Food and Employment in Developing Countries
0195117123: Handbook of Slavic Clitics
0195117131: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
0195117158: Logic of Strategy
0195117166: Getting Started in Ballet : A Parent's Guide to Dance Education
0195117174: Getting Started in Ballet : A Parent's Guide to Dance Education
0195117190: Skepticism About the External World
0195117204: Networks, Markets, and the Pacific Rim : Studies in Strategy
0195117212: Moment of Proof
0195117220: Saints' Lives and the Rhetoric of Gender : Male and Female in Merovingian Hagiography
0195117239: Viruses, Plagues and History
0195117247: New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook
0195117255: House Built on Sand : Exposing Postmodernist Myths about Science
0195117263: House Built on Sand : Exposing Postmodernist Myths about Science
0195117271: Can God Be Trusted? : Faith and the Challenge of Evil
0195117298: End of Time : The Next Revolution in Physics
0195117301: New Healers : The Promise and Problems of Molecular Medicine in the Twenty-First Century
0195117336: Rejection of Continental Drift
0195117344: Maids and Mistresses, Cousins and Queens : Women's Alliances in Early Modern England
0195117352: Maids and Mistresses, Cousins and Queens : Women's Alliances in Early Modern England
0195117360: Rethinking Business Ethics : A Pragmatic Approach
0195117379: Dreams and Realities : Selected Fiction of Juana Manuela Gorriti
0195117387: Dreams and Realities: Selected Fictions of Juana Manuela Gorriti (Library of Latin America)
0195117395: Oxford Companion to Politics of the World
0195117409: God and the Land : The Metaphysics of Farming in Hesiod and Vergil
0195117417: Central Nervous System : Structure and Function
0195117441: Crosscurrents : West Indian Immigrants and Race
0195117468: Overgrowth Syndromes
0195117476: Constitution & the Pride of Reason
0195117484: ZEN BUDDHISM
0195117492: Koan : Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism
0195117506: Rhetorical Figures in Science
0195117522: Bloomsbury and France : Art and Friends
0195117530: Mind As Action
0195117557: Biogenesis : Theories of Life's Origin
0195117565: In the Houses of the Holy : Led Zeppelin and the Power of Rock Music
0195117603: Times Gone by
0195117611: Times Gone by
0195117638: Michael Faraday : Physics and Faith
0195117646: Changing the Game
0195117654: Kimono in the Boardroom : The Invisible Evolution of Japanese Women Managers
0195117670: Introduction to C++ and Numerical Methods
0195117700: Microelectronic Circuits 4e Transparency Acetates (Boxed)
0195117719: KC's Problems and Solutions for Microelectronic Circuits
0195117727: Laboratory Explorations for Microelectronic Circuits
0195117743: Invisible City : The Architecture of Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Neapolitan Convents
0195117751: Principles of Stable Isotope Distribution
0195117778: Linear System Theory and Design
0195117808: Surface Chemistry of Natural Particles
0195117816: Beginning Philosophy
0195117824: Continental Shelf Limits : The Scientific and Legal Interface
0195117832: Myth, Legend, and Folktales of America : An Anthology
0195117840: Myths, Legends, and Folktales of America : An Anthology
0195117859: Aural Skills Acquisition : The Development of Listening, Reading, and Performing Skills in College-Level Musicians
0195117875: Tending the Heart of Virtue
0195117883: CHANGING WOMAN A History of Racial Ethinic Women in Modern America
0195117891: Conscious Mind : In Search of a Fundamental Theory
0195117905: New York Public Library's Books of the Century
0195117913: Am I Thin Enough Yet? : The Cult of Thinness and the Commercialization of Identity
0195117921: Oxford Book of American Detective Stories
0195117948: Neither Wolf nor Dog : American Indians, Environment, and Agrarian Change
0195117956: Masters of Small Worlds : Yeoman Households, Gender Relations, and the Political Culture of the Antebellum South Carolina Low Country
0195117964: Drawn With the Sword
0195117972: Grand Expectations : The United States, 1945-1974
0195117980: Time's Arrow and Archimedes' Point : New Directions for the Physics of Time
0195117999: Divorce Lawyers and Their Clients : Power and Meaning in the Legal Process
0195118006: Decision : How the Supreme Court Decides Cases
0195118014: Suicidal Mind
0195118022: Endangered Dreams
0195118030: Life in Black and White
0195118049: Legal Reasoning and Political Conflict
0195118057: Origin of Everyday Moods : Managing Energy, Tension, and Stress
0195118065: Symbiosis : An Introduction to Biological Associations
0195118073: Symbiosis : An Introduction to Biological Associations
0195118111: Gospel According to John : A Literary and Theological Commentary
0195118138: Cross-Cultural Encounters and Conflicts
0195118146: Oxford History of the Prison : The Practice of Punishment in Western Society
0195118154: Remade in America : Transplanting and Transforming Japanese Management Systems
0195118162: New Terrorism : Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass Destruction
0195118170: Cowboy and the Dandy : Crossing over from Romanticism to Rock and Roll
0195118200: Why We Watch : The Attractions of Violent Entertainment
0195118219: Why We Watch : The Attractions of Violent Entertainment
0195118227: Encounters with God : An Approach to the Theology of Jonathan Edwards
0195118235: Synaptic Organization of the Brain
0195118243: Synaptic Organization of the Brain
0195118251: Ecological Approach to Perceptual Learning and Development
0195118278: Skepticism : A Contemporary Reader
0195118286: Touchstone of Life : Molecular Information, Cell Communication, and the Foundations of Life
0195118294: Pragmatism and Classical American Philosophy : Essential Readings and Interpretive Essays
0195118308: Pragmatism and Classical American Philosophy : Essential Readings and Interpretive Essays
0195118316: Handbook of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
0195118324: Some Choice : Law, Medicine, and the Market
0195118332: Tramps Like Us : Music and Meaning among Springsteen Fans
0195118340: Judaism, Human Rights, and Human Values
0195118359: Ways of Religion : An Introduction to the Major Traditions
0195118367: Essays in Context
0195118375: Time to Heal : American Medical Education from the Turn of the Century to the Era of Managed Care
0195118383: Checking Theory and Grammatical Functions in Universal Grammar
0195118391: Checking Theory and Grammatical Functions in Universal Grammar
0195118405: Early American Writings
0195118413: Early American Writings
0195118464: Management : Ideas and Actions
0195118472: Management : Ideas and Actions
0195118480: Information Synthesis for Mineral Exploration
0195118499: Reading the Zohar : The Sacred Text of the Kabbalah
0195118502: Structural Biology of Viruses
0195118510: Cigarette Wars : The Triumph of the Little White Slaver
0195118529: That the People Might Live : Native American Literatures and Native American Community
0195118537: Fat : Fighting the Obesity Epidemic
0195118545: Lost World of Classical Legal Thought
0195118596: Evolution of the Book
0195118618: Syndromes of the Head and Neck
0195118634: Burden of Modernity : The Rhetoric of Cultural Discourse in Spanish America
0195118642: Virginia's Private War : Feeding Body and Soul in the Confederacy, 1861-1865
0195118650: Studies in Scientific Realism
0195118669: Handbook of Religion and Health
0195118677: DNA Fingerprinting : An Introduction
0195118715: Technology, Growth, and Development : An Induced Innovation Perspective
0195118731: Heart of Grief : Death and the Search for Lasting Love
0195118758: Romans : From Village to Empire
0195118766: Romans : From Village to Empire
0195118774: Design of Analog Filters
0195118782: Germans on Welfare : From Weimar to Hitler
0195118790: Fall of Che Guevara
0195118804: Structure of Tone
0195118812: Benthic Boundary Layer : Transport Processes and Biogeochemistry
0195118820: Dispossessing the Wilderness : Indian Removal and the Making of the National Parks
0195118839: Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions
0195118855: Diccionario Oxford Compacto : Espanol-Ingles, Ingles-Espanol
0195118871: Extreme Fear, Shyness, and Social Phobia
0195119002: Ph.D. Process
0195119010: Managing Through Incentives : How to Develop a More Collaborative, Productive, and Profitable Organization
0195119029: Craft of Inquiry : Theories, Methods, Evidence
0195119037: Craft of Inquiry : Theories, Methods, Evidence
0195119045: Singing Schumann : An Interpretive Guide for Performers
0195119053: Hitchcock's America
0195119061: Hitchcock's America
0195119088: Human Use of Animals : Case Studies in Ethical Choice
0195119096: Family Man
0195119118: Morality, Mortality : Death and Whom to Save from It
0195119126: War Before Civilization
0195119134: Pigskin : The Early Years of Pro Football
0195119142: America's Competitive Secret : Women Managers
0195119150: Just Ruler (Al-Sultan Al-Adil) in Shi'Ite Islam
0195119169: Ethic for Enemies : Forgiveness in Politics
0195119177: World of the Autistic Child
0195119185: Brain Repair
0195119193: Impact! : The Threat of Comets and Asteroids
0195119207: Ride of the Second Horseman : The Birth and Death of War
0195119215: Open Sore of a Continent : A Personal Narrative of the Nigerian Crisis
0195119223: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults
0195119258: Japanese Multinationals Abroad : Individual and Organizational Learning
0195119266: Low-Cost Approach to Pcr
0195119274: Television : The Critical View
0195119282: Self We Live by
0195119290: Self We Live by
0195119304: Introduction to Critical Phenomena in Fluids
0195119312: Studies in Contemporary Jewry Vol. XIII : The Fate of European Jews, 1939-1945
0195119320: Understanding Style : Practical Ways to Improve Your Writing
0195119339: Book of Heaven : An Anthology of Writings from Ancient to Modern Times
0195119347: Coping : The Psychology of What Works
0195119355: While America Watches : Televising the Holocaust
0195119363: Prognosis of Neurological Disorders
0195119401: Pattern Discovery in Biomolecular Data : Tools, Techniques, and Applications
0195119428: Sexual Orientation and Human Rights in American Religious Discourse
0195119436: Other Side of Joy : Religious Melancholy among the Bruderhof
0195119444: World Christianity and Marxism
0195119452: Seven Deadly Sins
0195119460: Archaeologists : Explorers of the Human Past
0195119479: Athabaskan Languages : Perspectives on a Native American Language Family
0195119487: Interpreting As a Discourse Process
0195119495: Birth of Empire : DeWitt Clinton and the American Experience, 1769-1828
0195119509: No One Was Turned Away : The Role of Public Hospitals in New York City Since 1900
0195119517: Firms, Markets and Hierarchies : The Transaction Cost Economics Perspective
0195119525: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities and Youth : Psychological Perspectives
0195119533: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Identities and Youth : Psychological Perspectives
0195119541: Environmental Economics
0195119568: Electroshock : Restoring the Mind
0195119576: Mythology : The Voyage of the Hero
0195119584: Louis Armstrong, in His Own Words
0195119614: Text of Genesis 1-11 : Textual Studies and Critical Edition
0195119622: Crown for the King
0195119657: Statistical Mechanics of Solids
0195119665: Avant-Garde in Interwar England : Medieval Modernism and the London Underground
0195119673: Alfred Hitchcock : Filming Our Fears
0195119681: Mary Wollstonecraft : Mother of Women's Rights
0195119703: Early Poems
0195119754: Introduction to the Philosophy of Law : Readings and Cases
0195119762: Scientific Inquiry : Readings in the Philosophy of Science
0195119797: Trial and Execution of Socrates
0195119800: Trial and Execution of Socrates
0195119819: Thomas Alva Edison : Inventing the Electric Age
0195119827: Injury Prevention
0195119851: Cognitive Rehabilitation in Old Age
0195119878: Scientific Controversies : Philosophical and Historical Perspectives
0195119908: Cosmology and Creation : The Spiritual Significance of Contemporary Cosmology
0195119916: Pirone's Tree Maintenance
0195119932: Return to Diversity : A Political History of East Central Europe since World War II
0195119940: Feature Structure of Functional Categories : A Comparative Study of Arabic Dialects
0195119959: Feature Structure of Functional Categories : A Comparative Study of Arabic Dialects
0195119975: Human Development Report 1997
0195119983: Religion in Colonial America
0195119991: Organic Chemistry
0195120000: Study Guide and Solutions Manual to Accompany Organic Chemistry
0195120051: After Progress : American Social Reform and European Socialism in the 20th Century
0195120078: Cult of Pure Crystal Mountain : Popular Pilgrimage and Visionary Landscape in Southeast Tibet
0195120086: Democracy, Risk, and Community : Technological Hazards and the Evolution of Liberalism
0195120094: Jonathan Edwards and the Limits of Enlightenment Philosophy
0195120108: Letters of Hildegard of Bingen
0195120116: Marie Curie : And the Science of Radioactivity
0195120132: Unfoldings : Essays in Schenkerian Theory and Analysis
0195120140: Antitrust Revolution
0195120159: Antitrust Revolution : Economics, Competition, and Policy
0195120167: Writing Without Teachers
0195120175: Writing With Power: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process, by Elbow, 2nd Edition
0195120183: Writing with Power : Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process
0195120191: Chile : The Legacy of Hispanic Capitalism
0195120205: Chile : The Legacy of Hispanic Capitalism
0195120213: French Cultural Politics and Music : From the Dreyfus Affair to the First World War
0195120248: Fractals and Chaos Simplified for the Life Sciences
0195120256: Modern Applied Biostatistical Methods : Using S-Plus
0195120264: Cerebral Reorganization of Function after Brain Damage
0195120280: Charles Darwin and the Evolution Revolution
0195120299: Albert Einstein : And the Frontiers of Physics
0195120302: Sweet and Sour Animal Book
0195120329: Memory in Oral Traditions : The Cognitive Psychology of Epic, Ballads, and Counting-Out Rhymes
0195120337: Something Within : Religion in African-American Political Activism
0195120353: Lifelines
0195120361: Design and Analysis of Group-Randomized Trials
0195120388: Handbook of Family Diversity
0195120396: Handbook of Family Diversity
0195120418: Ten Theories of Human Nature
0195120426: Time : A Traveler's Guide
0195120434: Rethinking the New Deal Court : The Structure of a Constitutional Revolution
0195120442: Reflections on Language
0195120469: Beyond Ebonics : Linguistic Pride and Racial Prejudice
0195120485: Portraits of American Women : From Settlement to the Present
0195120493: William Harvey and the Mechanics of the Heart
0195120507: Computer-Aided Design of High-Temperature Materials
0195120515: Thinking Like an Engineer : Studies in the Ethics of a Profession
0195120523: Dictionary of Asian Mythology
0195120531: Dictionary of Asian Mythology
0195120566: Marriage in Men's Lives
0195120574: Engineers and Their Profession
0195120582: Sufi Orders in Islam
0195120612: New Media and American Politics
0195120620: Jefferson Davis's Generals
0195120639: American Indian Ethnic Renewal : Red Power and the Resurgence of Identity and Culture
0195120647: Digital Control Systems
0195120655: Japanese Multinationals in Asia : Regional Operations in Comparative Perspective
0195120663: Psychosocial Genetic Counseling
0195120701: Women of Principle : Female Networking in Contemporary Mormon Polygyny
0195120736: Sentiment and Celebrity: Nathaniel Parker Willis and the Trials of Literary Fame
0195120744: Acts of the Witnesses : The Autobiography of Lodowick Muggleton and Other Early Muggletonian Writings
0195120752: Most Detestable Crime : New Philosophical Essays on Rape
0195120779: Handbook of Diction for Singers : Italian, German, French
0195120795: Ecology
0195120809: Isaac Newton : And the Scientific Revolution
0195120817: Historical Guide to Walt Whitman
0195120825: Historical Guide to Walt Whitman
0195120833: Standard Soil Methods for Long-Term Ecological Research
0195120868: Killing State : Capital Punishment in Law, Politics, and Culture
0195120884: Encyclopedia of the American Left
0195120906: Encyclopedia of Semiotics
0195120914: Historical Guide to World Slavery
0195120930: Historical Guide to Ralph Waldo Emerson
0195120949: Historical Guide to Ralph Waldo Emerson
0195120973: Bach's Works for Solo Violin : Style, Structure, Performance
0195120981: Dictionary of Women in Religious Art
0195121007: Latin Tinge : The Impact of Latin American Music on the United States
0195121015: Latin Tinge : The Impact of Latin American Music on the United States
0195121023: Handbook of Soils for Landscape Architects
0195121058: Investigations
0195121104: Genes, Women, Equality
0195121120: Epidemiologic Methods for the Study of Infectious Diseases
0195121139: Bad Boys, Bad Men : Confronting Antisocial Personality Disorder
0195121147: Making of George Washington's Mount Vernon : Constructing Independence in Revolutionary America
0195121155: Revising Herself : The Story of Women's Identity from College to Midlife
0195121163: American Musicians II
0195121171: Letters of Hildegard of Bingen
0195121198: Sex and the Origins of Death
0195121201: Measuring Stress : A Guide for Health and Social Scientists
0195121228: Lighting Out for the Territory : Reflections on Mark Twain and American Culture
0195121244: Reforming Sex : The German Movement for Birth Control and Abortion Reform, 1920-1950
0195121252: Arguing the Apocalypse : A Theory of Millennial Rhetoric
0195121260: Broken Mirror : Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder
0195121279: Job the Silent : A Study in Historical Counterpoint
0195121287: Religion and the American Civil War
0195121295: Religion and the American Civil War
0195121309: Goddesses Who Rule
0195121317: Goddesses Who Rule
0195121325: Reflections on Philosophy and Religion
0195121333: Body Broken : The Calvinist Doctrine of the Eucharist and the Symbolization of Power in Sixteenth-Century France
0195121368: Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel : Studies in Science, Explanation, and Rationality
0195121376: Science, Explanation, and Rationality : Aspects of the Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel
0195121384: Horizontal Organization : What the Organization of the Future Actually Looks Like and How It Delivers Value to Customers
0195121392: Educating Deaf Students : From Research to Practice
0195121406: Virtues of Liberalism
0195121422: Presidential Wives
0195121430: Diagnostic Pathology of Parasitic Infections with Clinical Correlations
0195121457: American Youth Violence
0195121465: Dragon Multinational : A New Model for Global Growth
0195121473: John D. Rockefeller
0195121503: Historical Guide to Edgar Allan Poe
0195121511: Historical Guide to Ernest Hemingway
0195121538: Mythology : The Voyage of the Hero
0195121546: Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity
0195121554: Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity
0195121562: Simple Heuristics That Make Us Smart
0195121589: Population Dynamics : A New Economic Approach
0195121597: Information Technology and the Productivity Paradox
0195121600: Setting the Limit : Occupational Health Standards and the Limits of Science
0195121619: Lexical Acculturation in Native American Languages
0195121627: God Forbid : Religion and Sex in American Public Life
0195121635: Changing Shape of English Nonconformity, 1825-1925
0195121643: Smart and Sassy : The Strengths of Inner-City Black Girls
0195121651: Smart and Sassy : The Strengths of Inner-City Black Girls
0195121678: Emotion, Character, and Responsibility
0195121686: Worlds of Medieval Europe
0195121694: Worlds of Medieval Europe
0195121708: Basic Concepts of Criminal Law
0195121716: Basic Concepts of Criminal Law
0195121724: Images and Relics : Theological Perceptions and Visual Images in Sixteenth-Century Europe
0195121732: Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God : A Casebook
0195121740: Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God : A Casebook
0195121759: Associations of Classical Athens
0195121791: History of Russia
0195121813: Women's America : Refocusing the Past
0195121856: George Orwell : Battling Big Brother
0195121864: Slum
0195121872: Slum
0195121880: In the Interests of Justice : Reforming the Legal Profession
0195121899: New Renaissance : Computers and the Next Level of Civilization
0195121902: Words and Stones : The Politics of Language and Identity in Israel
0195121910: Talking about Treatment : Recommendations for Breast Cancer Adjuvant Treatment
0195121929: Adversity, Stress, and Psychopathology
0195121937: Changing Nervous System : Neurobehavioral Consequences of Early Brain Disorders
0195121945: High Life : A History of High-Altitude Physiology and Medicine
0195121961: The Genius of Shakespeare
0195121988: Discrete-Time Dynamic Models
0195121996: Strange and Secret Peoples : Fairies and Victorian Consciousness
0195122003: Encyclopedia of Evolution
0195122011: Asia's Computer Challenge : Threat or Opportunity for the United States and the World?
0195122038: Invitation to Environmental Philosophy
0195122046: Invitation to Environmental Philosophy
0195122054: Burden of Memory, the Muse of Forgiveness
0195122062: Dispatches from the Front : A History of the American War Correspondent, 1776-1991
0195122070: Amazon River Forest : A Natural History of Plants, Animals, and People
0195122089: Singers and the Song II
0195122100: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
0195122119: Inner Kalacakratantra : A Buddhist Tantric View of the Individual
0195122127: Transcendentalism : A Reader
0195122135: Transcendentalism : A Reader
0195122143: Organizational Behavior : Foundations, Theories, and Analyses
0195122151: Minnie Fisher Cunningham : A Suffragist's Life in Politics
0195122178: What Do We Deserve? : A Reader on Justice and Desert
0195122186: What Do We Deserve? : A Reader on Justice and Desert
0195122194: In Search of Madness : Schizophrenia and Neuroscience
0195122208: Writing History
0195122216: Ancient Egyptians : People of the Pyramids
0195122224: Frances Perkins : Champion of the New Deal
0195122232: Jack London : An American Original
0195122267: Gregor Mendel : And the Roots of Genetics
0195122275: Louis Pasteur and the Hidden World of Microbes
0195122283: Global Ethic for Global Politics and Economics
0195122291: Faces of the Feminine in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern India
0195122305: Platonism and Anti-Platonism in Mathematics
0195122313: Introduction to Bach Studies
0195122321: Music of the Baroque
0195122356: Developmental Plasticity and Evolution
0195122364: Neurospora : Contributions of a Model Organism
0195122372: Der Tonwille
0195122380: Heart of Long-Term Care
0195122399: Life of the Law : The People and Cases That Have Shaped Our Society, from King Alfred to Rodney King
0195122402: Oxford American Childrens Encyclopedia Volume 1
0195122410: Oxford American Childrens Encyclopedia Volume 2
0195122437: Oxford American Childrens Encyclopedia Volume 4
0195122461: Oxford American Childrens Encyclopedia Volume 7
0195122542: Art of Performance
0195122550: Morality
0195122569: Morality
0195122593: Burger Court : Counter-Revolution or Confirmation?
0195122607: Managing Quality Fads : How American Business Learned to Play the Quality Game
0195122615: American Domesticity : From How-to Manual to Hollywood Melodrama
0195122623: Arthur Conan Doyle : Beyond Baker Street
0195122658: Oxford Handbook of Memory
0195122666: Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology: Methods and Applications (Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution)
0195122674: Dynamic State Variable Models in Ecology : Methods and Applications
0195122682: How the Laser Happened : Adventures of a Scientist
0195122690: Rabbinic Authority
0195122712: Anthology of Modern American Poetry
0195122720: On Writing Short Stories
0195122739: Fundamental Concepts in the Design of Experiments
0195122747: Ostrich Factor : Our Population Myopia
0195122755: Names and Stories : Emilia Dilke and Victorian Culture
0195122763: Amalia
0195122771: Amalia
0195122798: Race on Trial : Law and Justice in American History
0195122801: Race on Trial : Law and Justice in American History
0195122852: Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak : Five Notebooks from the Lodz Ghetto
0195122860: Death Penalty in America : Current Controversies
0195122879: Sex, Preference, and Family : Essays on Law and Nature
0195122887: Shades of Freedom : Racial Politics and Presumptions of the American Legal Process Race
0195122895: Why History Matters : Life and Thought
0195122909: Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship
0195122917: Dialect of Modernism : Race, Language, and Twentieth-Century Literature
0195122925: Forbidden Friendships : Homosexuality and Male Culture in Renaissance Florence
0195122933: Sentencing Matters
0195122941: Greek Nymphs : Myth, Cult, Lore
0195122968: Governments of the World Volume 3
0195122976: Nutritional Epidemiology
0195122984: Grand Canyon Geology
0195122992: Grand Canyon Geology
0195123018: Monopolies in America : The Bigness of Business and the Business of Bigness
0195123026: Fragments : Studies in Ellipsis and Gapping
0195123034: Classical Greek Reader
0195123042: Second Language Attrition in Japanese Contexts
0195123107: International Encyclopedia of Dance: A Project of Dance Perspectives Foundation, Inc
0195123115: Religion : A Cross-Cultural Dictionary
0195123123: Oxford Guide to Library Research
0195123131: Oxford Guide to Library Research
0195123158: Burden of Sympathy
0195123166: Politics of Latin America : The Power Game
0195123174: Politics of Latin America : The Power Game
0195123182: Shakespeare's English Kings : History, Chronicle and Drama
0195123190: Shakespeare's English Kings : History, Chronicle, and Drama
0195123204: Evolution of a Manufacturing Systems at Toyota
0195123212: Alexander Graham Bell : Making Connections
0195123239: Race and the Modern Artist
0195123247: Race and the Modern Artist
0195123263: Making Music at the Piano : Learning Strategies for Adult Students
0195123271: Thermodynamics in Biology
0195123298: Law and the Language of Identity
0195123301: Law and the Language of Identity
0195123328: Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome
0195123336: Relational Autonomy
0195123344: Relational Autonomy : Feminist Perspectives on Autonomy, Agency, and the Social Self
0195123352: Understanding Truth
0195123360: Dream Cultures : Explorations in the Comparative History of Dreaming
0195123379: Tear Is an Intellectual Thing
0195123387: Pathology of Incipient Neoplasia
0195123395: John Hughlings Jackson : Father of English Neurology
0195123409: Bioseparations Science and Engineering
0195123417: Autobiographical Inscriptions : Form, Personhood, and the American Woman Writer of Color
0195123425: Mild Cognitive Impairment : Aging to Alzheimer's Disease
0195123433: Crossing Over : Narratives of Palliative Care
0195123468: William Osler : A Life in Medicine
0195123476: American Theatre
0195123484: Value... and What Follows
0195123492: Cinema of Loneliness : Penn, Stone, Kubrick, Scorsese, Spielberg, Altman
0195123506: Cinema of Loneliness : Penn, Stone, Kubrick, Scorsese, Spielberg, Altman
0195123522: English Syntax : From Word to Discourse
0195123530: English Syntax : From Word to Discourse
0195123549: Probabilistic Methods of Signal and System Analysis
0195123565: Cold War
0195123573: Fiery Cross : The Ku Klux Klan in America
0195123603: Diamond in the Bronx : Yankee Stadium and the Politics of New York
0195123611: Pan-Arabism Before Nasser
0195123638: Developmental Psychopathology of Anxiety
0195123646: What Is Natural? : Coral Reef Crisis
0195123654: Bubber Goes to Heaven
0195123662: A History of the Ancent World
0195123670: Music, Modernity, and the Global Imagination
0195123689: Stored Tissue Issue : Biomedical Research, Ethics, and Law in the Era of Genomic Medicine
0195123697: Cults
0195123700: Cults
0195123719: Dictionary of the Social Sciences
0195123727: Econometric Theory And Methods
0195123735: Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems
0195123743: Poem of Queen Esther
0195123778: Writing Teacher's Sourcebook
0195123786: Ernest Rutherford : And the Explosion of Atoms
0195123816: Weaving the Past : A History of Latin America's Indigenous Women from the Prehispanic Period to the Present
0195123824: Fabulous Kingdom : The Exploration of the Arctic
0195123832: Bloody Constraint : War and Chivalry in Shakespeare
0195123840: What's Within? : Nativism Reconsidered
0195123867: Approaches to Peace : A Reader in Peace Studies
0195123875: Re-Creating the Corporation : A Design of Organizations for the 21st Century
0195123883: America's International Relations Since World War I
0195123891: America's International Relations Since World War I
0195123913: On Moral Considerability : An Essay on Who Morally Matters
0195123921: Shrines of the Slave Trade : Diola Religion and Society in Precolonial Senegambia
0195123948: Geographic Information Systems for Transportation : Principles and Applications
0195123956: Travel by Design
0195123972: Copper as Canvas : Two Centuries of Masterpiece Paintings on Copper, 1525-1775
0195123980: Young Oxford History of Women in the United States
0195123999: Tried and the True Vol. 1 : Native American Women Confronting Colonization
0195124006: Colonial Mosaic Vol. 2 : American Women 1600-1760
0195124022: Breaking New Ground Vol. 4 : American Women 1800-1848
0195124030: Unfinished Battle Vol. 5 : American Women 1848-1865
0195124049: Laborers for Liberty : American Women 1865-1890
0195124057: New Paths to Power : American Women 1890-1920
0195124065: From Ballots to Breadlines : American Women 1920-1940
0195124073: Pushing the Limits Vol. 9 : American Women 1940-1961
0195124081: Road to Equality Vol. 10 : American Women since 1962
0195124103: Environmentalism for a New Millennium : The Challenge of Coevolution
0195124138: Historical Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne
0195124146: Historical Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne
0195124154: Cultural Poetics in Archaic Greece : Cult, Performance, Politics
0195124162: American Family Albums
0195124170: Jewish American Family Album
0195124189: Irish American Family Album
0195124197: African American Family Album
0195124200: Italian American Family Album
0195124219: Chinese American Family Album
0195124227: German American Family Album
0195124235: Japanese American Family Album
0195124243: Scandinavian American Family Album
0195124251: Cuban American Family Album
0195124278: Blueprints for Reform : Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education
0195124286: Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity
0195124294: Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity
0195124308: Querying the Medieval : Texts and the History of Practices in South Asia
0195124316: Medusa : Solving the Mystery of the Gorgon
0195124324: Millennial New World
0195124332: Homemade Esthetics : Observations on Art and Taste
0195124340: Sacred Willow : Four Generations in the Life of a Vietnamese Family
0195124359: Early Upanisads : Annotated Text and Translation
0195124367: Ground of Union
0195124375: Embattled Dreams
0195124383: New Ethics for the Public's Health
0195124391: New Ethics for the Public's Health
0195124405: Multivariate Methods in Epidemiology
0195124421: Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs in America
0195124448: Polymer Chemistry : An Introduction
0195124464: International Social Work : Professional Action in an Interdependent World
0195124472: Schumann's Eichendorff Liederkreis and the Genre of the Romantic Cycle
0195124480: Something to Live For : The Music of Billy Strayhorn
0195124499: Into the Networked Age : How IBM and Other Firms Are Getting There Now
0195124502: Hematopoiesis : A Developmental Approach
0195124529: Psychiatric Care of the Medical Patient
0195124537: Divine Office in the Latin Middle Ages : Methodology and Source Studies, Regional Developments, Hagiography
0195124561: Dictionary of African Mythology : The Mythmaker as Storyteller
0195124596: Human Development Report 1998
0195124618: Literary West : An Anthology of Western American Literature
0195124626: Building Choral Excellence : Teaching Sight-Singing in the Choral Rehearsal
0195124650: In Hope of Liberty : Culture, Community and Protest Among Northern Free Blacks, 1700-1860
0195124669: White Women's Rights : The Racial Origins of Feminism in the United States
0195124677: Strategic Corporate Management for Engineering
0195124693: Software and Hardware Engineering : Motorola M68HC12
0195124707: Grateful Dead Reader
0195124723: Deus Trinitas : The Doctrine of the Triune God
0195124731: Jesus : Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium
0195124758: Three Challenges to Ethics : Environmentalism, Feminism and Multiculturalism
0195124766: Three Challenges to Ethics : Environmentalism, Feminism, and Multiculturalism
0195124766113: Three Challenges to Ethics: Environmentalism, Feminism, and Multiculturalism ISBN:0195124766
0195124790: Mud Family
0195124804: Princess September and the Nightingale
0195124820: Better Angel : Walt Whitman in the Civil War
0195124847: Lanyer
0195124855: Leading Children Forward : Creating Learning Environments at Home and School
0195124863: Women of the Sacred Groves : Divine Priestesses of Okinawa
0195124871: Women of the Sacred Groves : Divine Priestesses of Okinawa
0195124898: Language of Turn and Sequence
0195124928: Solute Movement in the Rhizosphere
0195124936: Oxford Book of the American South : Testimony, Memory, and Fiction
0195124944: Field Guide for Science Writers
0195124952: Doing Documentary Work
0195124960: Viral Sex : The Nature of AIDS
0195124979: Man of the People : A Life of Harry S. Truman
0195124987: Common Women : Prostitution and Sexuality in Medieval England
0195124995: For Cause and Comrades : Why Men Fought in the Civil War
0195125002: Life Itself
0195125010: Time for War : The United States and Vietnam, 1941-1975
0195125029: Book of Legal Lists : The Best and Worst in American Law, with 150 Court and Judge Trivia Questions
0195125037: Rise of Modern China
0195125045: Rise of Modern China
0195125053: Roman Homosexuality : Ideologies of Masculinity in Classical Antiquity
0195125061: Sovereign Grace : The Place and Significance of Christian Freedom in John Calvin's Political Thought
0195125088: Hurricanes of the North Atlantic : Climate and Society
0195125096: American Disease : Origins of Narcotic Control
0195125118: Colonial Lives
0195125126: Colonial Lives
0195125134: Using the MCS-51 Microcontroller
0195125142: Long Time Gone : Sixties America Then and Now
0195125150: Long Time Gone : Sixties America Then and Now
0195125169: Fundamental Problems of Algorithmic Algebra
0195125185: Crimes Most Dishonorable : The Trail and Execution of the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven
0195125193: Precious Heritage
0195125215: Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology
0195125223: Feminist Approaches to Theory and Methodology
0195125231: Handbook of Psychological Services for Children and Adolescents
0195125258: Bernard of Clairvaux
0195125266: Bernard of Clairvaux
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