0195197283: Birds of the World: Their Life and Habits,
0195197291: Akwe-Shavante society
0195197364: Country and the City, The
0195197372: Some sayings of the Buddha, according to the Pali canon (A Galaxy book)
0195197399: Cuchulain of Muirthemne
0195197429: The shadow of slavery;: Peonage in the South, 1901-1969 (A Galaxy book, GB396)
0195197437: Vital Few : American Economic Progress and Its Protagonists
0195197461: Man in tropical Africa;: The environmental predicament
0195197488: Anglo-American Politics 1660-1775: The Relationship between Parties in England and Colonial America
0195197496: Salt Seller: The Writings of Marcel Duchamp
0195197518: Armies in Revolution
0195197526: The Real Foundations: Literature and Social Change.
0195197542: Speaking Tree : A Study of Indian Culture and Society
0195197569: Honour, Family and Patronage : A Study of Institutions and Moral Values in a Greek Mountain Community
0195197577: British Landscape Painting of the Eighteenth Century
0195197593: Athenian Black Figure Vases.
0195197607: Athenian Black Figure Vases.
0195197674: Big Wall Climbing, Development, Techniques And Aids
0195197682: Seventh Grade: Most Extreme Climbing
0195197720: Freedom and Development, Uhuru Na Maendeleo
0195197739: Early modern sculpture;: Rodin, Degas, Matisse, Brancusi, Picasso, Gonzalez
0195197747: Book of Love Poetry
0195197755: THIEVES OF FIRE.
0195197763: A History of Hong Kong; Second Edition
0195197798: Greece Observed
0195197828: The Sculptures of Houdon
0195197836: Parthenon Frieze
0195197844: Six Days or Forever? : Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes
0195197852: Man and Development
0195197860: Book of Secrets of Albertus Magnus : Of the Virtues of Herbs, Stones, and Certain Beasts
0195197879: Twilight of Imperial Russia
0195197887: Modern Chinese Stories
0195197895: Mont Blanc Massif
0195197917: The Biology of Ageing
0195197968: The Lost Gods of England
0195197984: A Book of English Pastoral Verse
0195198018: James Stirling: Buildings and Projects 1950 - 1974
0195198026: Living Forests
0195198034: Democracy and Disobedience
0195198042: Suez 1956
0195198050: Suez, 1956 (International Crisis and the Role of Law)
0195198093: Moscow and Leningrad Observed
0195198107: The Country and the City
0195198166: Collected Poems
0195198174: Women in the Iberian Expansion Overseas, 1415-1815: Some Facts, Fancies and Personalities
0195198182: Wagner: A Documentary Study
0195198190: The Unwritten War: American Writers and the Civil War
0195198212: Conversations with Ogotemmeli : An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas
0195198220: The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt
0195198239: Insight and Illusion: Wittgenstein on Philosophy and the Metaphysics of Experience
0195198247: Living Principle
0195198255: Eight Contemporary Poets : Charles Tomlinson, Donald Davie, R. S. Thomas, Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Thomas Kinsella, Stevie Smith, W. S. Graham
0195198263: United Nations As a Political Institution
0195198301: Obituaries of Morton M.
0195198360: Changabang by
0195198379: Social Thought in America
0195198395: Amazon Town : A Study of Man in the Tropics
0195198417: Book of Sonnets
0195198468: North
0195198484: Prayer in the Religious Traditions of Africa
0195198492: Collected Poems, 1930-1976
0195198549: Keywords: A vocabulary of culture and society
0195198557: Keywords; A Vocabulary Of Culture And Society.
0195198565: Women and marriage in Victorian fiction
0195198573: Teachings of the Magi
0195198581: Introduction to Asian Religions
0195198778: Mahler: A Documentary Study.
0195198786: Holy Places of Christendom
0195198794: Hegel: A Re-examination
0195198808: Milestones!: 200 Years of American Law : Milestones in Our Legal History
0195198816: Rehearsal for Reconstruction
0195198824: Rehearsal for Reconstruction : The Port Royal Experiment
0195198832: Illustrator and the Book in England, 1790-1914
0195198840: Thought, Words and Creativity: Art and Thought in Lawrence.
0195198859: Photographing Nature
0195198875: Prints of the twentieth century: A history : with ill. from the collection of The Museum of Modern Art
0195198883: Prints of the Twentieth Century
0195198905: Wild Beasts: Fauvism and Its Affinities
0195198948: Sub-Aqua Illustrated Dictionary.
0195198956: Pneumatic Structures: A Handbook of Inflatable Architecture
0195198999: A Charles Dickens Christmas
0195199073: Botticelli
0195199081: Soviet Foreign Policy 1962-1973: The Paradox of Super Power by Edmonds, Robin.
0195199103: WILLIAM MORRIS And The Art Of The Book
0195199138: North
0195199162: Lady's Not for Burning, A Phoenix Too Frequent, and an Essay, An Experience of Critics
0195199170: Greek Art
0195199189: Minoan and Mycenaean Art
0195199197: Art of the Ancient Near East
0195199200: Prehistoric Art
0195199227: Early Medieval Art
0195199243: Gothic Art
0195199251: Art of the Byzantine Era
0195199278: Baroque and Rococo
0195199286: Art of the Renaissance
0195199294: Pre Raphaelites
0195199308: Impressionism.
0195199316: William Blake
0195199324: Turner
0195199332: Expressionism
0195199340: Total Art: Environments, Happenings and Performance
0195199359: Picasso
0195199367: EDVARD MUNCH
0195199375: POP ART
0195199383: Late Modern: The Visual Arts Since 1945
0195199391: The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design
0195199405: Concise History of Modern Painting
0195199413: A Concise History of Modern Sculpture
0195199421: A Concise History of Painting from Giotto to Cezanne
0195199448: A Concise History of Indian Art
0195199456: Hieronymous Bosch (World of Art Series)
0195199464: Eroticism in Western Art
0195199472: Symbolist Art (World of Art Ser.)
0195199480: African Art
0195199499: Charles Stewart Parnell
0195199502: Consciousness of Joyce
0195199510: Seeing Through Everything : English Writers, 1918-1940
0195199529: BRUEGEL.
0195199537: Bruegel
0195199545: SEURAT
0195199561: Introduction to Mysticism
0195199588: Ethics and the New Testament
0195199596: Use of Praying
0195199626: Concise History of Irish Art
0195199634: Jesus in the Qu'Ran
0195199650: Search Within : A Course in Mediation
0195199669: Concise History of Irish Art
0195199677: The Way of the Mystics, The Early Christian Mystics and the Rise of the Sufis
0195199685: FRANCE OBSERVED.
0195199693: Intellectual vs. the City : From Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright
0195199707: Writers on the Left
0195199715: Democrats
0195199766: Paris observed
0195199782: Gulliver's travels
0195199790: Edwardian Architecture: A Handbook to Building Design in Britain 1890-1914
0195199804: Futurism
0195199812: Romantic Art
0195199820: Edwardian Architecture : A Handbook
0195199839: Futurism
0195199847: Romantic Art (World of Art Ser.)
0195199863: Westerns
0195199871: Westerns 2/E
0195199901: The High Renaissance and mannerism: Italy, the north, and Spain, 1500-1600 (World of art)
0195199936: Under Siege, Literary Life in London 1939-45
0195199995: A Gathered Church: The Literature of the English Dissenting Interest, 1700-1930
0195200004: Selfish Gene
0195200020: A Concise History of Russian Art
0195200098: Surrealist Art
0195200101: Mysticism and Philosophical Analysis
0195200128: How long will South Africa survive?
0195200136: How Long Will South Africa Survive
0195200144: Face to Face
0195200284: All Their Own : People and the Places They Build
0195200306: Operas of Verdi
0195200322: Comparative monetary economics: capitalist and socialist monetary systems and their interrelations in the changing international scene.
0195200349: Allies of a Kind: The United States, Britain, and the War Against Japan, 1941-1945
0195200357: Delirious New York
0195200365: TROLLOPE'S PALLISER NOVELS Theme and Pattern
0195200373: Alain Resnais
0195200381: Alain Resnais
0195200403: Man and woman: A study of love and the novel, 1740-1940
0195200438: Critical History of British Cinema
0195200446: A Concise History of Avant-Garde Music
0195200454: A Concise History of Avant-Garde Music: From Debussy to Boulez
0195200462: Greek Sculpture: The Archaic Period a Handbook
0195200470: Greek Sculpture
0195200497: Victorian architecture ()
0195200500: Familiar Tree
0195200519: A Concise History of Watercolours (World of art)
0195200527: Karl Marx
0195200535: The Risk of Love
0195200543: Shakespeare: An Illustrated Dictionary
0195200551: The Art of Tantra
0195200586: Atlas of stereochemistry: Absolute configurations of organic molecules
0195200594: Atlas of Stereochemistry: Absolute Configurations of Organic Molecules
0195200608: Dutch painting (The World of art)
0195200616: Dutch Painting (World of Painting Series)
0195200624: Big Walls: History, Routes, Experiences
0195200632: A Dictionary of Geology
0195200640: Philosophy East/Philosophy West : A Critical Comparison of Indian, Chinese, Islamic, and European Philosophy
0195200659: Shakespeare's magnanimity: Four tragic heroes, their friends, and families
0195200675: Lady Gregory's Journals : Books Thirty to Forty-Four, 21 February 1925-9 May 1932
0195200683: Operas of Verdi: from Il Trovatore to La Forza Del Destino
0195200691: Cubism
0195200705: Surrealism (The World of art)
0195200713: Dada: Art and Anti-Art
0195200748: War and Peace in the World's Religions
0195200764: The Study of Liturgy
0195200772: An idea and its servants: UNESCO from within
0195200780: Curious Myths of the Middle Ages
0195200799: The World is a Wedding : Explorations in Christian Spirituality
0195200829: Space, Time and Incarnation
0195200837: Theological Science
0195200853: George Eliot
0195200861: Eliot's Early Years
0195200888: Hisotry of the Bible in English From the Earliest Versions (formerly the English Bible)
0195200896: Theatre and Anti-Theatre: New Movements since Beckett
0195200942: Structural Change AND Development Policy
0195200950: Structural Change and Development Policy
0195200977: Public Expenditure in Malaysia
0195200993: Who Benefits from Government Expenditure? : A Case Study of Colombia
0195201000: Class ideology and ancient political theory: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in social context
0195201035: Man's conquest of the Pacific: The prehistory of Southeast Asia and Oceania
0195201043: A History Of Technology
0195201078: Weasel Words
0195201086: Dictionary of engineering and technology, with extensive treatment of the most modern techniques and processes
0195201094: Dictionary of Engineering & Technology V.2 4/E07 (Dictionary of Engineering & Technology)
0195201108: Endorphins in Mental Health Research
0195201124: Hinduism
0195201132: Francis Bacon
0195201140: Francis Bacon
0195201159: Growth with equity: The Taiwan case (A World Bank research publication)
0195201167: Growth with Equity : The Taiwan Case
0195201191: The Crisis of Imperialism 1865-1915
0195201213: The Nature and Origin of Meteorites
0195201221: Applications of Early Astronomical Records
0195201248: The Justification of Religious Belief
0195201256: Go-Between God
0195201272: Enchanted World Pictures to Grow Up with
0195201302: Enchanted World: Pictures to Grow Up With
0195201310: Concise History of Posters, A (World of Art Ser.)
0195201329: Egypt Observed
0195201337: The Grafter's Handbook
0195201345: Christopher Isherwood : A Critical Biography
0195201353: Everest: Expedition to the Ultimate by Messner, Reinhold,
0195201361: Swinburne
0195201388: Philosophy of Religion.
0195201396: The Philosophy of Religion
0195201418: Prayers of the Eucharist: Early and Reformed
0195201434: The Collected Works of Isaac Rosenberg
0195201450: Furniture: A Concise History
0195201469: Furniture a Concise History
0195201477: English architecture: A concise history
0195201485: English Architecture
0195201515: Economic Growth and Employment in China
0195201523: Economic Growth and Employment in China
0195201531: Inequality and Poverty in Malaysia : Measurement and Decomposition
0195201558: Athenian red figure vases: The archaic period : a handbook (The World of art)
0195201566: An Introduction To Karl Marx's Das Kapital: A Study In Formalisation
0195201574: Matisse
0195201582: Matisse
0195201590: Genetics and probability in animal breeding experiments: A primer and reference
0195201604: See How They Grow
0195201639: Michelangelo ()
0195201647: Michelangelo (World of art)
0195201663: A Victorian courtship: The story of Beatrice Potter and Sidney Webb
0195201671: THE TRUMPET IN THE MORNING : Law and Freedom Today in the Light of the Hebraeo-Christian Tradition
0195201698: Spain
0195201701: Israel Observed
0195201736: Allies of a Kind : The United States, Britain, and the War Against Japan, 1941-1945
0195201752: In the stopping train & other poems
0195201779: Policies for Industrial Progress in Developing Countries
0195201787: Modern architecture: A critical history (World of art) by Frampton, Kenneth
0195201795: Modern Architecture: A Critical History
0195201817: Dictionary of British Portraiture Volume 2
0195201825: Dictionary of British Portraiture 3 the Victor
0195201833: Dictionary of British Portraiture 4 the Twenti
0195201876: Migration in West Africa : The Demographic Aspects
0195201884: Preface to Paul
0195201892: Chinese Art
0195201906: Chinese Art
0195201914: Rodin (The World of art)
0195201922: Doxology
0195201949: Three Magic Gifts
0195201965: Solo; Nanga Parbat
0195201981: Modigliani (World of Art Series)
0195202015: Ireland Observed
0195202023: Sex in the World's Religions
0195202031: Class : Images and Reality in Britain, France and the USA Since 1930
0195202058: Creatures of Paradise
0195202082: Geopolitics of Information
0195202104: Robert Louis Stevenson: A Life Study
0195202112: India's Exports (World Bank Publications)
0195202147: The Urban Labor Market and Income Distribution: A Study of Malaysia
0195202155: Native Arts of North America
0195202163: Native Arts of North America
0195202171: Industrial Design
0195202198: Classic Fairy Tales
0195202228: On Difficulty and Other Essays
0195202236: Egyptian Art.
0195202244: Egyptian Art in the Days of the Pharaohs, 3100-320 Bc
0195202252: The Stavelot Triptych : Mosan Art, and the Legend of the True Cross
0195202260: Birth of Greek Art: From the Mycenean Period to the Archaic Period
0195202295: Christian England: Its Story to the Reformation
0195202317: Nightingale and the Rose
0195202376: Words Fail Me
0195202384: In Anger
0195202392: Hogarth
0195202406: Hogarth
0195202422: John Donne, life, mind, and art
0195202457: Egon Schiele (World of Art Ser.)
0195202465: Egon Schiele
0195202473: Lymph-Node Biopsy : A Diagnostic Atlas with 300 Photomicrographs in Full Colour
0195202481: Eucharist and Eschatology
0195202503: Siva : The Erotic Ascetic
0195202511: Richard Strauss : The Staging of His Operas and Ballets
0195202538: K2
0195202546: Operas of Verdi - V3 Don Carlos to Falstaf02
0195202554: Dictionary of Early Music : From the Troubadours to Monteverdi
0195202562: Minoan and Mycenaean Art
0195202570: Minoan and Mycenaean Art
0195202589: European Drawings, 1375-1825: Catalogue
0195202597: China Observed
0195202619: Ireland. An Illustrated History.
0195202627: Hansel and Gretel
0195202635: Linz Cafe (Das Linz Cafe)
0195202651: National Urbanization Policy in Developing Countries
0195202678: Employment Policy in Developing Countries
0195202686: Capital Utilization in Manufacturing : Colombia, Israel, Malaysia and the Philippines
0195202708: Big Wall Climbing
0195202716: Three Victorian Women Who Changed Their World : Josephine Butler, Octavia Hill, Florence Nightingale
0195202724: Christian Theology and Scientific Culture: Comprising the Theological Lectures at the Queen's University, Belfast for 1980
0195202732: Theology and Science in Mutual Modification
0195202740: Geopolitics of Information
0195202759: Multiple Sclerosis: The Facts
0195202767: Sexually Transmsitted Diseases: The Facts
0195202783: Arthritis & Rheumatism: The Facts
0195202791: Kafka - A Biography
0195202813: Mr Gregorys Letterbox 1813 1835
0195202848: A Concise Encyclopaedia of the Italian Renaissance
0195202856: The Thames and Hudson Encyclopaedia of the Italian Renaissance Paperback by
0195203550: Photography. A Concise History
0195203585: Gaia : A New Look at Life on Earth
0195203593: American Art since Nineteen Forty-Five
0195203607: Enchanted Garden by Holme, Bryan
0195203615: Avatar and Incarnation
0195203666: Discovering English Churches : A Beginner's Guide to the Story of the Parish Church From Before the Conquest to the Gothic Revival
0195203674: Disraeli's Grand Tour
0195203690: First Things First : Meeting Basic Human Needs in the Developing Countries
0195203704: Ethology : Its Nature and Relations with Other Sciences
0195203712: Social Anthropology
0195203720: Religion
0195203739: The Seventh Grade
0195203763: An English Temper : Essays on Education, Culture, and Communication
0195203771: Axiomatics and Dogmatics
0195203798: Concise History of Costume
0195203836: Cities in the Developing World : Their Equitable and Efficient Growth
0195203879: John Henry Newman
0195203895: Poverty and Human Development
0195203909: Costume and fashion : a concise history
0195203917: Skin To Skin: Eroticism in Dress
0195203925: Artists' London
0195203968: Gentlemen of Science : Early Years of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
0195204026: Beethoven and the Voice of God
0195204034: Urban Land Policy
0195204085: IDA in Retrospect : The First Two Decades of the International Development Association
0195204093: Physiology of the Nervous System
0195204107: Physiology of the Nervous System
0195204158: Mammalian Neuroendocrinology
0195204166: Mammalian Neuroendocrinology
0195204190: Nuptial Blessing: A Study of Christian Marriage Rites
0195204204: Roland Barthes
0195204212: Roland Barthes
0195204298: Religion, if there is no God--: On God, the Devil, sin, and other worries of the so-called philosophy of religion
0195204301: Ethology: Its Nature and Relations With Other Sciences
0195204328: World Development Report, 1983
0195204336: Doxology : The Praise of God in Worship, Doctrine and Life: A Systematic Theology
0195204344: Brecht: A Biography
0195204352: Search for Our Beginning
0195204360: Great Scientific Experiments
0195204379: Word in Your Ear
0195204387: Subtle Is the Lord : The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein
0195204425: Keynes's Economics and the Theory of Value and Distribution
0195204433: Whatever Happened to Britain? : The Economics of Decline
0195204468: Retired Except on Demand : The Life of Dr. Cicely Williams
0195204492: Operas of Verdi
0195204506: Operas of Verdi Vol. 2 : from IL Trovatore to La Forza Del Destino.
0195204514: The Operas of Verdi, volume 3 from Don Carlos to Falstaff
0195204522: Pioneers in Development
0195204530: Islam in the World
0195204549: Islam in the World
0195204573: Saudis in Transition : The Challenges of a Changing Labor Market
0195204581: George Steiner : A Reader
0195204603: World Development Report, 1984
0195204646: Matisse
0195204654: Putting People First : Sociological Dimensions of Rural Development
0195204662: Families and How to Survive Them
0195204670: The State of the Language: English Observed
0195204689: Winners and Losers in Colombia's Economic Growth of the 1970's
0195204697: Keywords A Vocabulary of Culture and Society
0195204719: French Cinema
0195204727: French Cinema
0195204743: Issue of War : States, Societies and the Far Eastern Conflict of 1941-1945
0195204786: Education for Development : An Analysis of Investment Choices
0195204794: Pioneers in Development
0195204808: The Decline of Power, 1915-1964
0195204816: World Development Report, 1985
0195204824: World Development Report, 1985 : International Capital and Economic Development
0195204840: Population Change and Economic Development
0195204859: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology Vol. II : English-German
0195204883: Country Parson
0195204891: Among the Cities
0195204905: Women : A World Report
0195204921: Bernardo Bertolucci
0195204948: With Louis and the Duke
0195204964: Stagflation, Savings and the State : Perspectives on the Global Economy
0195204999: Collected Poems
0195205006: The Age Of Manufactures 1700-1820
0195205014: War & Society in Revolutionary Europe
0195205022: War and Society in Europe, 1870-1970
0195205030: France, 1815-1914 The Bourgeois Century
0195205049: English Classical Scholarship
0195205057: Challinor's Dictionary of Geology
0195205065: Challinor's Dictionary of Geology
0195205073: Studies in Indian Urban Development
0195205081: Metropolitan Management : The Asian Experience
0195205103: France, 1815-1914: The Bourgeois Century
0195205111: Life in Jazz
0195205138: France Seventeen Eighty-Nine to Eighteen Fifteen : Revolution and Counterrevolution
0195205146: Information and the Crisis Economy
0195205154: Principles of Medical Pharmacology
0195205162: Basic Family Therapy, 2e
0195205189: World Development Report, 1986
0195205197: Dictionary of Information Technology
0195205200: A Dictionary of Book History
0195205235: Governing the Economy: The Politics of State Intervention in Britain and France
0195205251: Economics of Uncertainty
0195205286: The Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes
0195205294: Reagan, Thatcher, and the Politics of Decline
0195205308: Governing the Economy : The Politics of State Intervention in Britain and France
0195205324: Evolution of Life
0195205340: Capitalism and Antislavery
0195205359: Buck Clayton's Jazz World
0195205383: Too Much : Art and Society in the Sixties, 1960-75
0195205391: Poetry in English : An Anthology
0195205405: Work, Wages and Welfare in a Developing Metropolis : Consequences of Growth in Bogota, Colombia
0195205413: Theory of Taxation for Developing Countries
0195205421: Pioneers in Development: Second Series
0195205448: The Private Provision of Public Services in Developing Countries (World Bank Pub)
0195205456: Listen to the People : Participant-Observer Evaluation of Development Projects
0195205480: Greek Insects
0195205499: Stevie: A Biography of Stevie Smith
0195205502: Assassins : A Radical Sect in Islam
0195205596: Listen to the People : Participant - Observer Evaluation of Development Projects
0195205618: Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics Vol. 1 : Distribution Theory
0195205626: World Development Report, 1987
0195205634: World Development Report, 1987
0195205774: Developments in Characteristic Function Theory
0195205820: Theoretical Exercises in Probability and Statistics
0195205898: Ideas of Sampling
0195205928: China's Industrial Reform
0195205952: Johnny Nut and the Golden Goose
0195205960: Nancy No-Size
0195205979: Merry-Ma-Tanzie : The Playbook Treasury
0195205987: Molly and the Magic Umbrella
0195206037: Open House
0195206045: The Garden of One
0195206053: JOHNNY, JINNY AND MO
0195206061: Puppy's ABC
0195206126: Mitterrand Experiment : Continuity and Change in Modern France
0195206134: Journeys among Women : Feminism in Five Italian Cities
0195206142: Journeys among Women : Feminism in Five Italian Cities
0195206150: Latent Variable Models and Factor Analysis
0195206177: Chronic Disease Modelling : Measurement and Evaluation of the Risks of Chronic Disease Processes
0195206193: Small Manufacturing Enterprises: A Comparative Study of India and Other Economies
0195206207: Great Scientists
0195206215: Environment of Life Vol. 10 : Methods of Analysis and Exposure Measurement
0195206274: Feminization of the Labor Force : Paradoxes and Promises
0195206290: Music Was Not Enough
0195206320: Physical World
0195206339: Comparative Experiments with Field Crops
0195206355: American National Biography
0195206363: Point Process Models of Cavity Radiation and Detection : A Statistical Treatment of Photon Population Point Processes
0195206371: With Louis and the Duke
0195206398: Golden Age of Black Nationalism, 1850-1925
0195206428: The Skylighters
0195206436: Alison and the Prince
0195206444: Wait and See
0195206452: Chaos at Cold Custard Farm
0195206460: Morris, Where Are You
0195206487: Memoirs of the Extraordinary Life, Works and Discoveries of Martinus Scriblerus
0195206509: World Development Report, 1988
0195206568: Open Economy : Tools for Policymakers in Developing Countries
0195206576: Modern Catholicism : Vatican II and After
0195206584: Handbook of Physiology Section 1,Vol. 1.,Set 1, Pts. 1 & 2 : The Nervous System
0195206606: Handbook of Physiology Section 1 : The Nervous System
0195206614: Handbook of Physiology Section 1 : The Nervous System
0195206622: Handbook of Physiology Section 1 : The Nervous System
0195206630: Handbook of Physiology Section 2,Vol. I: The Heart : The Cardiovascular System
0195206649: Handbook of Physiology Section 2 : The Cardiovascular System
0195206665: Handbook of Physiology Section 2,Vol. IV, Pts. 1 & 2: Microcirculation : The Cardiovascular System
0195206681: Handbook of Physiology Section 3 : The Respiratory System
0195206703: Handbook of Physiology Section 3,Vol. IV: Gas Exchange : The Respiratory System
0195206711: Handbook of Physiology : Section 4, Adaptation to the Environment
0195206835: Handbook of Physiology Section 8 : Renal Physiology
0195206843: Handbook of Physiology Section 9 : Reactions to Environmental Agents
0195206851: Handbook of Physiology Section 10 : Skeletal Muscle
0195206908: High Altitude and Man
0195206940: Disturbances in Lipid and Lipoprotein Metabolism
0195206959: Animal Pain : Perception and Alleviation
0195206975: History of the American Physiological Society
0195206983: Physiology in the American Context, 1850-1940
0195206991: Circulation of the Blood : Men and Ideas
0195207033: In Care of the State : Health Care, Education and Welfare in Europe and the U. S. A. in the Modern Era
0195207041: Design and Analysis of Reliability Studies : The Statistical Evaluation of Measurement Errors
0195207068: Time-Series
0195207092: Open Economy : Tools for Policymakers in Developing Countries
0195207106: Cry Wolf and Other Aesop Fables
0195207114: Rodney Peppe: First Nursery Rhymes
0195207130: Jenny and the Tooth Fairy
0195207149: Oracles of God: Perceptions of Ancient Prophecy in Israel after the Exile.
0195207157: Romantic Spirit
0195207165: Survival AND Change in Third World
0195207173: Survival and Change in the Third World
0195207181: Endocrinology
0195207238: Current Topics in Polymer Science. Volume 2. Rheology and Polymer Processing/Multiphase Systems.
0195207297: Failure of Plastics
0195207300: Chemical Reactions in Plastics Processing
0195207440: How to Make Injection Molds (Hanser Publishers)
0195207475: Polymer Extrusion
0195207505: Decorating Plastics
0195207521: Applications of Computer Aided Engineering in Injection Molding. Computer Aided Engineering for Polymer Processing
0195207556: Designing Machines and dies for Polymer Processing with Computer Programs. Fortran and Basic
0195207599: Rim, Fundamentals of Reaction Injection Molding (Hanser Publications)
0195207602: Plastics Extrusion Technology
0195207610: Blow Molding Handbook : Technology, Performance, Markets, Economics: The Complete Blow Molding Operation (Hanser Publishers)
0195207661: Fundamentals of Computer Modeling for Polymer Processing
0195207734: Membrane Transport : People and Ideas
0195207742: Oil Windfalls : Blessing or Curse?
0195207769: The Experience of World War I
0195207785: Operetta : A Theatrical History
0195207793: Small Manufacturing Enterprises : A Comparative Study of India and Other Economies
0195207807: Clinical Physiology of Sleep
0195207858: Private Provision of Public Services in Developing Countries
0195207866: Location of Jobs in a Developing Metropolis : Patterns of Growth in Bogota and Cali, Colombia
0195207874: World Development Report, 1989
0195207882: World Development Report, 1989
0195207890: Dying We Live
0195207904: Passing Parade: A History of Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century
0195207912: Handbook of Physiology Section 6, Vol. I,Pts. 1 & 2 : Gastrointestinal System: Motility and Circulation, Pts. 1 and 2
0195207920: Experience of World War II
0195207939: Power : A Political History of the Twentieth Century
0195207955: Handbook of Physiology Section 6, Vol. II : The Gastrointestinal System: Neural and Endocrine Biology
0195207971: International Plastics Flammability Handbook : Principles - Regulations - Testing and Approval (Hanser Publishers)
0195208005: Polymer Characterization
0195208048: Education, Productivity and Inequality : The East African Natural Experiment
0195208056: Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries
0195208072: Atlas of Prehistoric Britain
0195208080: Warden
0195208099: Last Chronicle of Barset
0195208102: Small House at Allington
0195208110: Framley Parsonage
0195208129: Doctor Thorne
0195208137: Barchester Towers
0195208145: Barsetshire Novels
0195208153: Great Scientists
0195208161: Handbook of Physiology Section 6, Vol. III : The Gastrointestinal System: Salivary, Gastric, Pancreatic, and Hepatobiliary Secretion
0195208188: Statistical Methods for Medical Investigations
0195208196: Archetypes in Architecture
0195208218: Wealth and Poverty : An Economic History of the Twentieth Century
0195208226: China's Rural Industry
0195208234: Poverty, Equity, and Growth in Malawi and Madagscar
0195208250: Political Economy of Poverty, Equity, and Growth : Egypt and Turkey
0195208277: Putting People First : Sociological Variables in Rural Development
0195208293: Romance Languages
0195208307: The Separation of Commercial and Investment Banking : The Glass-Steagall Act Revisited and Reconsidered
0195208323: Challenging the Political Order : New Social and Political Movements in Western Democracies
0195208331: Challenging the Political Order : New Social and Political Movements in Western Democracies
0195208366: Last Rain Forests : A World Conservation Atlas
0195208382: Health Research : Essential Link to Equity in Development
0195208404: Plants for People
0195208439: Science : A History of Discovery in the Twentieth Century
0195208447: Family : A Social History of the Twentieth Century
0195208463: People Atlas
0195208498: Physical World
0195208501: World Development Report, 1990
0195208528: Arts : A History of Expression in the 20th Century
0195208544: Polymeric Materials Processing: Plastics, Elastomers And Composites (Hanser Publishers Series)
0195208587: Camera Portraits : Photographs from the National Portraits Gallery, London 1839-1989
0195208595: Camera Portraits
0195208609: Earth's Natural Forces
0195208617: World Government
0195208625: Nature's Last Strongholds
0195208633: Plant Life
0195208668: Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art : The Color and Geometry of Very Early Turkish Carpets
0195208684: World Development Report, 1991 : The Challenge of Development
0195208692: World Development Report, 1991 : The Challenge of Development
0195208706: Restructuring Economies in Distress : Policy Reform and the World Bank
0195208714: Best Practices in Trade Policy Reform
0195208722: Improving Primary Education in Developing Countries
0195208749: Political Economy of Poverty, Equity, and Growth : Brazil and Mexico
0195208757: Chinese Industrial Firms under Reform
0195208765: World Development Report, 1992 : Development and the Environment
0195208773: World Development Report, 1992 : Development and the Environment
0195208803: Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth : Five Small Open Economies
0195208811: World Without End : Economics, Environment, and Sustainable Development
0195208838: Political Economy of Poverty, Equity, and Growth : Costa Rica and Uruguay
0195208846: Policymaking in the Open Economy
0195208870: Skills Training for Productivity : Vocational Education and Training in Developing Countries
0195208900: World Development Report 1993 : Investing in Health
0195208919: Boom, Crisis, and Adjustment : The Macroeconomic Experience of Developing Countries
0195208927: Encyclopedia of the Early Church
0195208943: Calcium Homeostasis : Hypercalcemia and Hypocalcemia
0195208951: Can You Forgive Her?
0195208978: Eustace Diamonds
0195208986: Phineas Redux
0195208994: Prime Minister
0195209001: Duke's Children
0195209044: Global Ecology
0195209095: Advanced Theory of Statistics : Classical Inference and Relationship
0195209125: Europe : A History
0195209133: Protein Purification: Design and Scale Up of Downstream Processing
0195209168: Animal Life
0195209176: Farming and Food
0195209184: Physics of Plastics : Processing, Properties and Materials Engineering
0195209206: Molded Thermosets: A Handbook for Plastics Engineers, Molders, and Designers
0195209222: Study of Liturgy
0195209230: Events in the Twentieth Century
0195209249: Nations : A Survey of the Twentieth Century
0195209265: Labor Parties in Postindustrial Societies
0195209273: Labor Parties in Postindustrial Societies
0195209281: Peoples and Cultures
0195209311: Biotechnology Focus III: Fundamentals, Applications Information
0195209338: Reaction Polymers : Polyurethanes, Epoxies, Unsaturated Polyesters, Phenolics, Special Monomers, and Additives Chemistry, Technology, Applications, Markets (Hanser Publishers)
0195209346: Plastics Recycling : A Review of Products and Processes
0195209362: Thyroid Disease in Clinical Practice
0195209370: Applied Multivariate Data Analysis
0195209397: Applications of Computer Modeling for Extrusion and Other Continuous Polymer Processes. (Computer Aided Engineering for Polymer Processing, Volume 3)
0195209400: Intelligent Help : Communicating with Knowledge Based Systems
0195209419: Deserts : The Encroaching Wilderness
0195209427: Wetlands In Danger : A World Conservation Atlas
0195209435: Resources and Industry
0195209443: Human Settlement
0195209451: Planet Management
0195209478: Basic Family Therapy
0195209486: Greenfield's Neuropathology
0195209494: Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics
0195209508: Engineering With Rubber
0195209516: Reactive Extrusion: Principles and Practice
0195209575: Relaxation Phenomena in Polymers (Hanser Publishers)
0195209583: Plastics
0195209613: Towards a New Economic Order
0195209621: Towards a New Economic Order
0195209648: Computer Analysis of Structural Fra 2ND Edition
0195209656: Machines in the Home
0195209664: Early Flying Machines
0195209672: Industrial Revolution
0195209680: Timekeeping
0195209699: Machines in the Home
0195209702: Early Flying Machine
0195209710: Industrial Revolution
0195209729: Timekeeping
0195209796: Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia
0195209834: Images of Science : A History of Scientific Illustration
0195209850: Policymaking in the Open Economy
0195209869: Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth : Nigeria and Indonesia
0195209877: Voting for Reform
0195209885: Public Sector Deficits and Macroeconomic Performance A World Bank Publication
0195209907: Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries
0195209915: World Development Report 1994 : Infrastructure for Development
0195209923: World Development Report 1994 : Infrastructure for Development
0195209931: East Asian Miracle : Economic Growth and Public Policy
0195209958: Welfare Consequences of Selling Public Enterprise : An Empirical Analysis
0195209966: Averting the Old Age Crisis : Policies to Protect the Old and Promote Growth
0195209974: Fiscal Incentives for Investment and Innovation
0195209982: Labor Markets and Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe : The Transition and Beyond - Summary
0195210018: Home Entertainment
0195210026: Early Cars (Discoveries and Inventions)
0195210034: Early Railways (Discoveries & Inventions Series)
0195210042: Machines in the Office
0195210050: Home Entertainment
0195210069: Early Cars
0195210077: Early Railways
0195210107: Introduction to Neurobiology
0195210131: End of Communist Power : Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Legitimation Crisis
0195210174: Mary Rose Museum
0195210190: World of the Romans
0195210247: Concise Atlas of the World
0195210263: Metamorphic Petrology
0195210271: Sounds of the Orchestra
0195210298: Who's Who in the Old Testament: Together With the Apocrypha (Who's Who)
0195210301: Who's Who in Classical Mythology
0195210395: Jacques Delors and European Integration
0195210409: Atlas of British History
0195210433: History of the World
0195210441: World Resources 1994-1995
0195210514: German Left
0195210530: German Left : Red, Green and Beyond
0195210581: Oxford First Ancient History
0195210603: Atlas of British History
0195210611: Atlas of Russian History
0195210654: Synaptic Transmission : Cellular and Molecular Basis
0195210670: Handbook Birds Europe, Mid East, N Africa Vols 1-7 Set
0195210719: International Organization and Industrial Change
0195210735: Synaptic Transmission : Cellular and Molecular Basis
0195210751: Atlas of World War I
0195210778: Atlas of World War I
0195210786: Atlas of Classical History
0195210794: Who's Who in Jewish History : After the Period of the Old Testament (Who's Who Series)
0195210808: Who's Who in World War II
0195210816: Who's Who in Shakespeare (Who's Who Series)
0195210832: The Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
0195210840: Animal Life : Form and Function in the Animal Kingdom
0195210859: Matter and Energy : Physics in Action
0195210867: Chemistry in Action
0195210875: Stars and Atoms : From the Big Bang to the Solar System
0195210883: New Politics of Population : Conflict and Consensus in Family Planning
0195210905: Encyclopedia World Atlas
0195210921: Great Bear
0195210964: World Government
0195211022: World Development Report 1995 : Workers in an Integrating World
0195211030: World Development Report 1995 : Workers in an Integrating World
0195211049: Sustainable Settlement in the Brazilian Amazon
0195211057: Crisis and Reform in Latin America : From Despair to Hope
0195211065: Bureaucrats in Business : The Economics and Politics of Government Ownership
0195211073: World Bank Development Report 1996 : Transition
0195211081: World Bank Development Report 1996 : Transition
0195211138: Dynamics of Urban Growth in Three Chinese Cities
0195211146: World Development Report 1997 : The State in a Changing World
0195211154: World Development Report 1997 : The State in a Changing World
0195211162: Private Capital Flows to Developing Countries : The Road to Financial Integration
0195211170: Confronting AIDS : Public Priorities in a Global Epidemic
0195211189: World Development Report 1998-1999 : Knowledge, Information, and Development
0195211197: World Development Report 1998-1999
0195211200: Enterprise Reform in China : Ownership, Transition and Performance
0195211219: Fighting Poverty with Microcredit : Experience in Bangladesh
0195211235: Assessing Aid : What Works, What Doesn't and Why
0195211243: World Development Report 1999/2000 : Entering the 21st Century - Development
0195211251: World Development Report 1999/2000 : Entering the 21st Century - Development
0195211278: Greening Industry : New Roles for Communities, Markets and Governments
0195211286: Trade Blocs
0195211294: World Development Report 2000-2001 : Attacking Poverty
0195211308: World Bank Inspection Panel
0195211375: Genetics and Evolution : The Molecules of Inheritance
0195211383: Earth and Other Planets : Geology and Space Research
0195211391: Computing : The Technology of Information
0195211405: Ecology and Environment
0195211421: The Oxford Children's Science Library : 3-Volume Set
0195211529: Nature in Danger : Threatened Habitats and Species
0195211537: A Reader's Guide to the Twentieth-Century Novel
0195211596: The Illustrated Guide to the Bible
0195211618: World Resources 1996-97
0195211634: The Young Oxford Book of the Prehistoric World (Young Oxford Books)
0195211642: The Oxford Children's Book of Science
0195211650: The Oxford Children's Book of Science
0195211669: Young Oxford Book of Ecology
0195211677: The Young Oxford Book of Ecology (Young Oxford Books)
0195211685: Young Oxford Book of Astronomy
0195211693: Young Oxford Book of Astronomy
0195211707: Encyclopedic World Atlas
0195211715: Concise Atlas of the World
0195211731: Molecular Biology in Cancer Medicine
0195212037: Oxford, Latin Course (part 1)
0195212045: Oxford, Latin Course: Part 1 - Teacher's Manual (Oxford Latin Course)
0195212053: Oxford Latin Course, Part II (2nd edition)
0195212096: Oxford Latin Reader
0195212118: THE EUROPEAN DISCOVERY OF AMERICA: The Southern Voyages 1492-1616; the Northern Voyages, 500-1600 (2 Vols in Slipcase)
0195212150: A Reader's Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers
0195212320: Geography of the Earth
0195212355: Pharaohs of Egypt : Treasures of Egyptian Art from the Louvre
0195212371: Prehistoric Life
0195212398: Egyptians
0195212401: Romans
0195212436: Young Oxford Book of the Movies
0195212444: Young Oxford Book of the Movies
0195212487: The Young Oxford Book of Archaeology
0195212495: The Young Oxford Book of Archaeology
0195212541: Environmental Economics : In Theory and Practice
0195212568: Story of Writing and Printing
0195212584: Story of Numbers and Counting
0195212622: Pocket World Atlas
0195212630: Desk Reference Atlas
0195212649: Encyclopedic World Atlas
0195212657: Concise Atlas of the World
0195212665: Atlas of the World
0195212673: Essential World Atlas
0195212681: Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages
0195212703: Ancient Egypt
0195213033: Buildings of the United States 4-Vol Set - Whitesale Only
0195213122: Short Stories #2 5- Vol Set
0195213149: Oxford World Atlas.
0195213262: Story of Time and Clocks
0195213289: Story of Weights and Measures
0195213351: Historic American Covered Bridges
0195213459: Resources/Benchmarks for Science Literacy 2 Vol Set CD-ROM+Book
0195213491: Global Environment Outlook
0195213513: Global Environment Outlook
0195213521: Oxford Spanish Desk Dictionary
0195213556: The New Oxford Books of Verse Set: Consisting of the New Oxford Book of English Verse and the New Oxford Book of American Verse
0195213602: Religion and the Decline of Magic : Studies in Popular Beliefs in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century England
0195213661: The Illustrated Guide to World Religions
0195213688: Atlas of the World
0195213696: Encyclopedic World Atlas
0195213718: Desk Reference Atlas
0195213726: Pocket World Atlas
0195213734: Oxford First Ancient History
0195213742: The Young Oxford Book of the Human Being
0195213750: The Young Oxford Book of the Human Being
0195213769: Handbook of Social Psychology
0195213920: Rocks and Minerals
0195213939: Vikings
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