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0197262678: Bayes's Theorem
0197262686: History and Historians in the Twentieth Century
0197262694: Mapping Lives : The Uses of Biography
0197262708: Classics in Progress : Essays on Ancient Greece and Rome
0197262724: Political Economy of British Historical Experience, 1688-1914
0197262732: Huju : Traditional Opera in Modern Shanghai
0197262740: In Physicam Aristotelis
0197262759: Matthew and George Culley : Travel Journals and Letters, 1765-1798
0197262767: Representations of Empire : Rome and the Mediterranean World
0197262775: Interpreters of Early Medieval Britain
0197262783: Proceedings of the British Academy : Biographical Memoirs of Fellows, I
0197262791: Proceedings of the British Academy : 2001 Lectures
0197262805: Idols of the People : Miniature Images of Clay in the Ancient Near East
0197262813: English Episcopal Acta Vol. XXVI : London 1189-1228
0197262821: Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow : Roman Provincial Coins: Spain - Kingdoms of Asia Minor
0197262848: Loyola's Bees
0197262856: Indo-Iranian Languages and Peoples
0197262864: Century of British Geography
0197262872: State of the Political : Conceptions of Politics and the State in the Thought of Max Weber, Carl Schmitt, and Franz Neumann
0197262880: Fragments and Meaning in Traditional Song : From the Blues to the Baltic
0197262899: Voicing the Soviet Experience : The Poetry of Ol'Ga Berggol'ts
0197262902: Roman Sculpture from the North West Midlands : Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire
0197262910: Studies in the Philosophy of Logic and Knowledge
0197262929: Fifty Years of Prosopography : The Later Roman Empire, Byzantium and Beyond
0197262937: English Episcopal Acta Vol. XXVII : York 1189-1212
0197262945: British Study of Politics in the Twentieth Century
0197262953: Germany, Europe, and the Politics of Constraint
0197262961: Images And Artefacts Of The Ancient World
0197262988: Popular Piety and Political Identity in Mexico's Cristero Rebellion : Michoacan, 1927-29
0197262996: Charters of St Paul's, London
0197263003: Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources
0197263011: English Episcopal Acta Vol. XXVIII : Canterbury 1070-1136
0197263038: Proceedings of the British Academy
0197263054: Century of Theological and Religious Studies in Britain
0197263062: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum
0197263070: English Episcopal Acta 29, Durham 1241-1283
0197263100: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Vol. XII : The Collection of the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle upon Tyne
0197263127: Promotion of Knowledge Lectures to Mark Centenary 1902-2002;hc;2004
0197263135: Trust and Democratic Transition in Post-Communist Europe
0197263143: Understanding Social Change
0197263186: Mapping Lives : The Uses of Biography
0197263208: Proceedings Of The British Academy (Proceedings of the British Academy)
0197263216: England's Revelry : A History of Popular Sports and Pastimes, 1660-1830
0197263224: Keynes and His Critics : Treasury Responses to the Keynesian Revolution, 1925-1946
0197263240: Proceedings Of The British Academy (Proceedings of the British Academy)
0197263259: Mediterranean Urbanization 800-600 BC
0197263267: Organisation Of Knowledge In Victorian Britain
0197263291: Hutton and Butler : Lifting the Lid on the Workings of Power
0197263305: Anglo-Scottish Relations, from 1603 to 1900
0197263313: Anglo-Scottish Relations, from 1900 to Devolution and Beyond
0197263321: Aspects of the Language of Latin Prose
0197263356: English Episcopal Acta
0197263364: The Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379, and 1381: Part 3: Wiltshire-Yorkshire
0197263402: Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources : Fascicule Ix: Pa-Pen
0197263429: British Sociology Seen from Without and Within
0197263518: Proceedings of the British Academy: Volume 131, 2004 Lectures
0197270026: Studies on Roman and Islamic Amman Vol. 1 : The Excavations of Mrs. C-M Bennett and Other Investigations: History, Site and Architecture
0197270034: Excavations at Carthage Vol. II, Pt. 1 : The British Mission: The Circular Harbour, North Side: The Site and Finds Other Than Pottery
0197270042: Excavations at Carthage Vol. II, Pt. 2 : The British Mission: The Circular Harbour, North Side: The Pottery
0197270050: Excavations in Jerusalem 1961-1967
0197270077: Excavations at Tawilan in Southern Jordan
0197270085: Upper Zohar, an Early Byzantine Fort in Palaestina Tertia : Final Report of Excavations in 1985-1986
0197270107: Qal'at Ja'bar Pottery : A Study of a Syrian Fortified Site of the Late 11th-14th Centuries
0197270115: Gazetteer of Buildings in Muslim Palestine
0197270123: Busayra : Excavations by Crystal-M. Bennett 1971-1980
0197270131: Early Village Life at Beidha, Jordan: Neolithic Spatial Organization and Vernacular Architecture : The Excavations of Mrs Diana Kirkbride-Helbak
0197275001: Arabic Papyri : Selected Material from the Khalili Collection
0197275028: Bactrian Documents from Northern Afghanistan : Legal and Economic Documents
0197275370: Soldato
0197276008: Abbasid Tradition : Qur'ans of the 8th to 10th Centuries
0197276016: Master Scribes
0197276024: After Timur : Qur'ans of the 15th and 16th Centuries
0197276059: Bills, Letters and Deeds : Arabic Papyri of the 7th to 11th Centuries
0197276180: Arts of War Vol. 1 : Arms and Armour of the 7th to 19th Centuries
0197276199: Lacquer of the Islamic Lands
0197276261: Lacquer of the Islamic Lands
0197276296: Paintings from India
0197280056: Pots and Pans : A Colloquium on Precious Metals and Ceramics in the Muslim, Chinese, and Greco-Roman Worlds, Oxford 1985
0197280188: Bayt-al-Maqdis Pt. II : Jerusalem and Early Islam
0197280218: Monumental Manifestation of the Shi'ite Faith in Late Twelfth-Century Iran : The Case of the Gunbad-i 'Alawiyan, Hamadan
0197280226: Court of the Il-Khans, 1290-1340
0197280234: Amiriya in Rada : The History and Restoration of a Sixteenth-Century Madrasa in the Yemen
0197280242: Medieval Islamic City Reconsidered
0197290035: First Part of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle, 1600
0197290086: Malone Society Collections
0197290116: Yorkshire Tragedy, 1608
0197290132: Malone Society Collections : The Dramatic Records in the Declared Accounts of the Office of Works, 1560-1640
0197290248: Lost Lady
0197290256: Malone Society Collections : Jacobean Academic Plays
0197290264: Queen of Corsica
0197290272: Game at Chess
0197290280: Henry IV Pt. 1 : Texts and Contexts
0197290299: Two Moral Interludes
0197290302: Tom a Lincoln
0197290310: Collections
0197290329: Hymen's Triumph
0197290337: Midsummer Night's Dream 1600
0197290345: Dramatic Works by William Cavendish
0197290353: Shepherds' Paradise
0197290361: Taming of a Shrew 1594
0197290388: Country Captain
0197290396: Romeo and Juliet 1597
0197290418: Sapho and Phao
0197290426: Titus Andronicus 1594
0197290434: Hengist, King of Kent, or the Mayor of Queenborough
0197290442: Common Conditions (1576): An Excellent and Pleasant Comedy, Termed After the Name of the Vice, Common Conditions (The Malone Society Reprints, Volume 168)
0197300014: Market for North Sea Crude Oil
0197300065: Soviet Oil Exports : Trade Adjustments, Refining Constraints and Market Behavior
0197300103: Demand, Prices and the Refining Industry : A Case Study of the European Oil Products Market
0197300138: Oil Markets and Prices
0197300154: Ownership and Performance in Electric Utilities
0197300162: Indonesia
0197300197: Economic Appraisal of Natural Gas Projects
0197300200: Energy Demand in Asian Developing Economies
0197300219: Mediterranean Basin in the World Petroleum Market
0197300227: Gas to Europe : The Strategies of Four Major Suppliers
0197300235: Technical Progress and Profits : Process Improvements in Petroleum Refining
0197300243: Fossil Fuels in a Changing Climate : Impacts of the Kyoto Protocol and Developing Country Participation
0197300251: Thatcherism and the Fall of Coal : Politics and Economics of U. K. Coal, 1979-2000
0197300278: Algeria : The Political Economy of Oil and Gas
0197300308: Russian Oil Supply
0197300316: Future of Russian Gas and Gazprom
0197424503: JANES WORLD BOOK 1
0197513700: Feasts & Seasons Working - V. II #4
0198111010: Homilies of Wulfstan
0198111045: Two of the Saxon Chronicles Parallel : With supplementary extracts from the others. A revised text edited with Introduction, Notes, Appendices, and Glossary, 2-volume set (Oxford Scholarly Classic - Hardcover
0198111088: Havelox the Dane 2e Ed Skeat
0198111096: A Shakespeare Glossary
0198111150: Audience of Beowulf.
0198111274: The merry wives of Windsor: A concordance to the text of the first folio (Oxford Shakespeare concordances)
0198111622: Hrafns Saga Sveinbjarnarsonar
0198111649: Old English Glosses in the Epinal-Erfurt Glossary.
0198111703: Second Anglo Saxon Reader
0198111711: Chaucer Glossary
0198111770: Old English Exodus
0198111789: Anglo-Saxon Primer
0198111819: Poetic Edda : Mythological Poems
0198111835: Middle English Studies : Presented to Norman Davis in Honour of His Seventieth Birthday
0198111843: Introduction to Old Norse
0198111878: Essays on Medieval Literature
0198111932: Oxford Guides to Chaucer : The Shorter Poems
0198111940: Oxford Guides to Chaucer : Troilus and Criseyde
0198111975: York Mystery Plays
0198112017: Short Oxford History of English Literature
0198112025: Short Oxford History of English Literature
0198112033: English Preaching in the Late Middle Ages
0198112041: Sir Philip Sidney : An Anthology of Modern Criticism
0198112092: Incest and the Medieval Imagination
0198112122: Thomas Carlyle: A Descriptive Bibliography
0198112130: Shakespeare : A Bibliographic Guide
0198112149: Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Thought
0198112157: Remanants of Conquest : The Island Caribs and their Visitors, 1877-1998
0198112165: THE ENEMY'S COUNTRY. Words, Contexture, and other Circumstances of Language
0198112173: Take Ten : Contemporary British Film Directors
0198112203: Godwinian Novel
0198112211: Joycean Labyrinth : Repetition, Time, and Tradition in Ulysses
0198112246: Legitimate Histories
0198112254: Sexual Dissidence : Augustine to Wilde, Freud to Foucault
0198112270: Max Beerbohm and the Act of Writing
0198112289: Journeymen in Murder : The Assassin in English Renaissance Drama
0198112327: Becoming George : The Life of Mrs. W. B. Yeats
0198112335: Making of the National Poet : Shakespeare, Adaptation and Authorship, 1660-1769
0198112343: Collected Writings of T. E. Hulme
0198112351: D. H. Lawrence : Aesthetics and Ideology
0198112378: Alan Paton : A Biography
0198112394: Romantic Poetry by Women : A Bibliography, 1770-1835
0198112416: Censorship and the Permissive Society : British Cinema and Theatre, 1955-1965
0198112424: Socioliterary Practice in Late Medieval England
0198112459: Selected Plays of Louis MacNeice
0198112483: In the Circumstances : About Poems and Poets
0198112491: Vita and Virginia : The Work and Friendship of V. Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf
0198112505: Theatre and Disorder in Late Georgian London
0198112521: Byron's Historical Dramas
0198112548: Bunting : The Shaping of His Verse
0198112572: Oxford History of World Cinema
0198112610: Exploding English : Criticism, Theory, Culture
0198112645: Shakespeare and Classical Tragedy : The Influence of Seneca
0198112653: People in the Playground
0198112661: To Circumjack MacDiarmid : The Poetry and Prose of Hugh MacDiarmid
0198112688: Improprieties : Politics and Sexuality in Northern Irish Poetry
0198112696: Sexual Dissidence : Augustine to Wilde, Freud to Foucault
0198112718: Johnson's Shakespeare
0198112742: Medieval Literary Theory and Criticism, c. 1100-1375 : The Commentary-Tradition
0198112769: Testamentary Acts
0198112777: Paradise Lost and the Romantic Reader
0198112785: Radical Satire and Print Culture, 1790-1822
0198112793: Saints' Lives and Women's Literary Culture, c.1150-1300 : Virginity and Its Authorizations
0198112807: Collected Works of Mary Sidney Herbert, Countess of Pembroke Vol. I : Poems, Translations, and Correspondence
0198112815: Poets in Their Time : Essays on English Poetry from Donne to Larkin
0198112831: Background to Dylan Thomas, and Other Explorations
0198112858: De Quincey's Disciplines
0198112874: Letters of Samuel Johnson with Mrs. Thrale's Genuine Letters / 3 vol.
0198112890: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu : Comet of the Enlightenment
0198112920: Imagining the King's Death : Figurative Treason, Fantasies of Regicide, 1793-1796
0198112947: Circle of Our Vision : Dante's Presence in English Romantic Poetry
0198112971: Revolution and the Form of the British Novel, 1790-1825 : Intercepted Letters, Interrupted Seductions
0198112998: Professional Imaginative Writing in England, 1670-1740 : 'Hackney for Bread'
0198113048: THE LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D. 3 vols
0198113110: Religious Lyrics of the XVth Century
0198113579: Works Vol. 6 : Batholomew Fair; the Devil Is an Ass; the Staple of News; the New Inn; the Magnetic Lady
0198113595: Complete Critical Edition : The Poems; The Prose Works
0198113668: Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, in Three Parallel Texts, Together with Richard the Redeless
0198113692: Fable of the Bees 2vol
0198113714: The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
0198113722: Works of Christopher Marlowe
0198113919: Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose: w. Glossary
0198113927: Studies in the History of Old English Literature.
0198113943: Elizabethan Critical Essays: 2 Volume Set
0198114044: A Tale of A Tub
0198114222: Andreas and the Fates of the Apostles
0198114435: Correspondence of Jonathan Swift
0198114524: The Life of Samuel Johnson: 2 Volume Set
0198114648: The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth : Volume I. The Early Years 1787-1805 (Oxford Scholarly Classics) - Hardcover
0198114737: The letters of George Meredith to Alice Meynell with annotations thereto. 1896-1907.
0198114788: Letters of Charles Dickens Vol. 2 : The Pilgrim Edition, 1840-1841
0198114796: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Second Edition
0198114834: The Works of Thomas Otway, consisting of his Plays, Poems, and Letters. With a sketch of his life, enlarged from that written by Dr. Johnson.
0198114869: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
0198114877: The English Religious Lyric in the Middle Ages
0198114885: Selections from John Gower
0198114931: Early Middle English Verse and Prose
0198114958: English Plays of the Nineteenth Century
0198114966: The Queen Declined. An Interpretation of WILLOBIE HIS AVISA with the Text of the Original Edition.
0198115024: Parlement of Foules, An Interpretation
0198115075: Introduction to Stuart Drama.
0198115121: Mediaeval Stage
0198115482: The Life of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
0198115490: History of Fanny Burney
0198115695: Italian Element in Milton's Verse
0198115806: On the Poetry of Pope
0198115857: Marlowe and the Early Shakespeare
0198115881: Arthurian Literature in the Middle Ages: A Collaborative History
0198115954: Scientific & Technical Series
0198116020: The Famous Druids: A Survey of Three Centuries of English Literature
0198116209: THE DICKENS THEATRE: A Reassessment of the Novels.
0198116268: Jacobean and Caroline Stage
0198116306: Reading of Paradise Lost
0198116527: Milton and the Renaissance Hero
0198116551: Chaucer's Book of Fame : An Exposition of the House of Fame
0198116586: The life of Joseph Addison (2 Language: English)
0198116624: Reading of Paradise Lost
0198116667: George Eliot: A biography
0198116756: Early Career of Alexander Pope
0198116772: Shakespearian and other studies,
0198116780: Sir John Berkenhead, 1617-1679: A Royalist career in politics and polemics
0198116829: Energy and the Imagination: A Study of the Development of Blake's Thought
0198116837: William King: Tory and Jacobite
0198116845: John Donne
0198116888: The Narrative Art of Charles Dickens: The Rhetoric of Sympathy and Irony in His Novels
0198116918: The Nascent Mind of Shelley
0198116934: POETIC INDIVIDUALITY IN THE MIDDLE AGES - New Departures in Poetry 1000-1150
0198116942: The World Upside-Down-Comedy From Jonson to Fielding
0198116950: Shakespeare and The New Bibliography.
0198116969: Newman the Contemplation of Mind
0198116977: The Augustan Milieu Essays Presented to Louis A. Landa
0198116993: The Shakespearean Grotesque
0198117124: Jack Upland; Friar Daw's reply; and, Upland's Rejoinder
0198117132: A Glastonbury Miscewllany of the Fifteenth Century
0198117175: Development of Milton's Prose Style
0198117183: The Cave of Making: The Poetry of Louis MacNeice
0198117191: Woman Reader 1837-1914
0198117205: Elements of Life
0198117221: Force of Poetry
0198117264: In Frankenstein's Shadow: Myth, Monstrosity, and Nineteenth-century Writing.
0198117272: Eliot's New Life
0198117280: Courtship of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett
0198117302: The Beauty of Inflections: Literary Investigations in Historical Method and Theory
0198117310: Poetry and the Realm of Politics : Shakespeare to Dryden
0198117329: Cave of Making : The Poetry of Louis MacNeice
0198117337: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms
0198117353: Oxford Companion to Shakespeare
0198117388: Seven Metaphysical Poets
0198117396: Oxford Diaries of Arthur Hugh Clough
0198117418: Openings : Narrative Beginnings from the Epic to the Novel
0198117426: Tremulous Hand of Worcester
0198117442: Form of Sound Words
0198117450: Samuel Beckett's Theatre : Life-Journeys
0198117477: William Shakespeare : The Complete Works
0198117507: Beauty of Inflections : Literary Investigations in Historical Method and Theory
0198117515: Constructive Vision and Visionary Deconstruction : Loss, Eternity and the Productions of Time in the Later Poetry of William Blake
0198117558: Ages of Man : A Study in Medieval Writing and Thought
0198117574: Thomas Hardy's Studies, Specimens and C. Notebook
0198117604: Edwardian Fiction
0198117612: Enter the King : Theatre, Liturgy, and Ritual in the Medieval Civic Triumph
0198117620: Sinful Knights : A Study of Middle English Penitential Romance
0198117647: Jane Austen's Letters
0198117655: Oxford Companion to Chaucer
0198117663: Louis Macneice
0198117698: Eighteenth-Century Women Poets : An Oxford Anthology
0198117701: Motives of Woe : Shakespeare and Female Complaint, a Critical Anthology
0198117744: William Shakespeare
0198117760: From Anglo-Saxon to Early Middle English : Studies Presented to E. G. Stanley
0198117787: Shakespeare Verbatim : The Reproduction of Authenticity and the 1790 Apparatus
0198117795: Hundreth Sundrie Flowres
0198117809: Authors
0198117833: Genesis of a Saga Narrative
0198117868: Ungoverned Imaginings : James Mill's the History of British India and Orientalism
0198117914: In Defence of Rhetoric
0198117922: Shakespeare : A Life
0198117949: Epic Romance : Homer to Milton
0198118015: The Prophetic Writings of William Blake.
0198118023: Pilgrim's Progress from This World to That Which is to Come
0198118066: Poetical Works
0198118090: The Poems of John Donne
0198118104: Poems of John Dryden
0198118112: Diary of John Evelyn
0198118120: The Works of
0198118139: The Poetical Works of Robert Herrick
0198118198: Poetical Works Vol. 1 : Paradise Lost
0198118201: Poetical Works Vol. 2 : Paradise Regain'd, Samson Agonistes, Poems upon Several Occasions, Both English and Latin
0198118244: The Faerie Queene
0198118252: Centuries, Poems, and Thanksgivings. (TWO VOLUME SET) . Volume I: Introduction and Centuries. Volume II: Poems and Thanksgivings.
0198118309: Poetical Works of William Wordsworth
0198118333: Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
0198118341: Poems of Sir Philip Sidney
0198118368: Divine Poems
0198118384: The Works of Sir Thomas Malory (Oxford English Texts)
0198118406: Apologia Pro Vita Sua
0198118430: The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns
0198118449: HUDIBRAS
0198118503: The works of Sir John Suckling (Oxford English texts)
0198118538: The Poems & Letters of Andrew Marvell. Edited by H. M. Margoliouth. Vol 2: Letters
0198118546: The Complete Poetical Works
0198118619: Plays Of William Wycherley
0198118635: Letters and Prose Writings of William Cowper : Adelphi and Letters 1750-1781
0198118643: Origins of Ancrene Wisse
0198118759: Poems of William Cowper, 1748-1782 Vol. I
0198118783: Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe : Translations: All Ovids Elegies, Lucans First Booke, Dido Queene of Carthage and Hero and Leander
0198118856: William Blake's Writings
0198118880: Poems of William Dunbar
0198118902: Complete Poetical Works
0198118937: Poetical Works of Robert Browning Vol. 1 : Pauline and Paracelsus
0198118988: Poems of Arthur Hugh Clough
0198119011: Old English Grammar
0198119224: Grammar of the Gothic Language
0198119313: English Pronunciation, Fifteen Hundred to Seventeen Hundred
0198119321: Sets and Relations in Phonology. An Axiomatic Approach to the Description of Speech.
0198119356: Old English Syntax : Concord, the Parts of Speech, and the Sentence
0198119380: Documentation in the O. E. D. : Shakespeare and Nashe As Test Cases
0198119429: Old English Grammar
0198119437: Old English Grammar
0198119453: Studies in Lexicography
0198119496: The Letters of Samuel Johnson. Vol. III. 1777-1781, ed. by Bruce Redford.
0198119542: Narrativity : Theory and Practice
0198119550: Devolving English Literature
0198119607: Complete Works of Oscar Wilde Vol. 1 : Poems and Poems in Prose
0198119623: Complete Works of Oscar Wilde : De Profundis; Epistola: In Carcere et Vinculis
0198119658: Wordsworth and the Victorians
0198119666: Shakespeare at Work
0198119674: Mock Kings in Medieval Society and Renaissance Drama
0198119690: Wordsworth and Coleridge : The Radical Years
0198119704: Middle English Literature
0198119739: English Women's Poetry, 1649-1714
0198119747: English Drama, 1660-1700
0198119755: Far-Fetched Facts
0198119763: Strange Things
0198119798: Elements of Life : Biography and Portrait-Painting in Stuart and Georgian England
0198119801: Learning to Be Modern : Pound, Eliot and the American University
0198119828: Store of Common Sense : Gnomic Theme and Style in Old Icelandic and Old English Wisdom Poetry
0198119852: Henry James : History, Narrative, Fiction
0198119879: Shakespeare's Early History Plays : From Chronicle to Stage
0198119887: Mary Leapor : A Study in Eighteenth-Century Women's Poetry
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