0198249462: Philosophy of Science and Historical Enquiry
0198249497: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Vol. IV : A Festschrift for J. L. Ackrill, 1986
0198249500: Guide to the Political Classics : Plato to Rousseau
0198249551: Real People : Personal Identity Without Thought Experiments
0198249578: Reality of Numbers : A Physicalist's Philosophy of Mathematics
0198249608: Beauty Restored : An Essay in Aesthetic Theory
0198249616: Freedom and Morality and Other Essays
0198249624: Causation : A Realist Approach
0198249632: Essays on Davidson : Actions and Events
0198249659: Metaphysics of Mind
0198249667: Studies in the Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment
0198249683: God of the Philosophers
0198249691: Self and World in Schopenhauer's Philosophy
0198249713: Metaphysics of Quantum Theory
0198249748: Conditions of Identity : A Study in Identity and Survival
0198249764: Description of Nature : Niels Bohr and the Philosophy of Quantum Physics
0198249802: Physicalism
0198249810: Blindspots
0198249829: Metaphor and Religious Language
0198249837: Thought and Reference
0198249861: New Perspectives on Old-Time Religion
0198249888: Chance and Structure : An Essay on the Logical Foundations of Probability
0198249918: Introduction to the Lectures on the History of Philosophy
0198249926: Morals by Agreement
0198249942: Essays on Political Morality
0198249950: Essays on Political Morality
0198249969: Essays on Religion and Education
0198249977: Essays on Religion and Education
0198250002: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 1995
0198250010: Evidential Force of Religious Experience
0198250029: Rationality in Greek Thought
0198250037: Self and World in Schopenhauer's Philosophy
0198250045: Beyond Evolution : Human Nature and the Limits of Evolutionary Explanation
0198250053: Emotion and Peace of Mind
0198250096: Kant's Metaphysics of Morals : Interpretative Essays
0198250118: Mind and Morality : An Examination of Hume's Moral Psychology
0198250126: Subject with No Object : Strategies for Nominalistic Interpretation of Mathematics
0198250134: Passion and Action
0198250142: Mathematics As a Science of Patterns
0198250169: Some Thoughts Concerning Education
0198250185: Free Will and Illusion
0198250193: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 1999
0198250215: Ideal of a Rational Morality : Philosophical Compositions
0198250223: Essays on Ethics and Method
0198250231: Essays on Ethics and Method
0198250274: Diachronic Syntax : Models and Mechanisms
0198250282: God and Goodness
0198250290: Foundations Without Foundationalism : A Case for Second-Order Logic
0198250312: History of Philosophy in America, 1720-2000
0198250320: Sorting Out Ethics
0198250339: Understanding Human Knowledge : Philosophical Essays
0198250347: Meaning, Understanding, and Practice : Philosophical Essays
0198250355: Time and Memory
0198250363: Time and Memory
0198250398: The Scenes of Inquiry: On the Reality of Questions in the Sciences
0198250401: Moral Status
0198250428: Causing Actions
0198250436: Knowledge and Its Limits
0198250444: Indeterminate Identity : Metaphysics and Semantics
0198250452: Can God Be Free?
0198250487: Introduction to a Philosophy of Music
0198250517: Philosophy of Mental Representation
0198250525: Philosophy of Mental Representation
0198250533: Transcendental Arguments and Scepticism : Answering the Question of Justification
0198250568: Morality, Reflection, and Ideology
0198250576: Views into the Chinese Room : New Essays on Searle and Artificial Intelligence
0198250584: Objectivity and Insight
0198250592: Individual and Conflict in Greek Ethics
0198250606: Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
0198250614: From Metaphysics to Ethics : A Defence of Conceptual Analysis
0198250630: Nietzsche and Metaphysics
0198250649: Ontology of Mind : Events, Processes, and States
0198250657: Pyrrho, His Antecedents, and His Legacy
0198250681: Essays on the Aristotelian Tradition
0198250703: Aristotle on Meaning and Essence
0198250746: Time, Tense, and Causation
0198250754: Naturalism in Mathematics
0198250762: Future of Human Reproduction : Ethics, Choice, and Regulation
0198250797: Essential Turing : Seminal Writings in Computing, Logic, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, and Artficial Life, Plus, the Secrets of Enigma
0198250800: Essential Turing : Classic Writings on Minds and Computers
0198250819: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
0198250827: Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy
0198250835: New Essays on Musical Understanding
0198250851: Nature and Understanding : The Metaphysics and Methods of Science
0198250886: Hume's Enlightenment Tract : The Unity and Purpose of an Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding
0198250894: Conceivability and Possibility
0198250908: Conceivability and Possibility
0198250924: Learning from Six Philosophers
0198250932: Demands of Consequentialism
0198250940: Inference from Signs : Ancient Debates about the Nature of Evidence
0198250967: English Philosophy in the Age of Locke
0198250975: Sextus Empiricus : (Adversus Mathematicos XI)
0198250983: Ethical Intuitionism : Re-Evaluations
0198250991: Ethical Intuitionism : Re-Evaluations
0198251408: The High Court of Chivalry A Study in the Civil Law in England
0198251505: An Introduction to the History of the Land Law
0198251580: International Law and the Use of Force by the States
0198251610: An Introduction to Islamic Law
0198251866: Judicial control of administrative action in India and Pakistan: A comparative study of principles and remedies
0198251874: Double Jeopardy
0198251882: Yugoslav Civil Law: History, Family, Property
0198251890: The Concept of a Legal System. An Introduction to the Theory of Legal System.
0198251971: Israel's Parliament: The Law of the Knesset
0198252161: Roman Law of Trusts
0198252250: Cyprus Question and the Turkish Position in International Law
0198252277: Common Heritage or Common Burden? : The United States Position on the Development of a Regime for Deep Sea-Bed Mining in the Law of the Sea Convention
0198252366: Tort Law and Economic Interests
0198252463: Concept of Socialist Law
0198252552: Women in Control?
0198252587: Open Justice : A Critique of the Public Trial
0198252617: Anson's Law of Contract
0198252633: Yearbook of European Law, 1988
0198252722: Death Penalty : A World-Wide Perspective
0198252730: Expert Systems in Law : A Jurisprudential Inquiry
0198252838: Tort Law Statutes
0198252854: The German Law of Torts.
0198252870: Land-Locked and Geographically Disadvantaged States in the International Law of the Sea
0198252897: Jurisprudence : Cambridge Essays
0198252935: Common Law and English Jurisprudence, 1760-1850
0198252943: Law of Money and Financial Services in the European Community
0198252978: International Law and the Administration of Occupied Territories
0198253036: Theft in Early Jewish Law
0198253044: The British ombudsman
0198253087: The public international law of money,
0198253141: A Textbook of Jurisprudence
0198253176: Introduction to Roman Legal and Constitutional History
0198253206: Cuban Missile Crisis
0198253214: Cyprus, 1958-1967
0198253230: The United Nations Operation in the Congo, 1960-1964 (International Crisis and the Role of Law)
0198253249: Points of Choice
0198253257: Progress in Penal Reform
0198253303: Anson's Law of Contract
0198253362: Principles of Scottish private law
0198253427: Rise and Fall of Freedom of Contract
0198253486: Essays on Bentham : Jurisprudence and Political Theory
0198253656: Law, Ethics and Medicine : Studies in Medical Law
0198253680: Discovery
0198253737: The Judge, Discretion, and the Criminal Trial
0198253818: Freedom of Speech
0198253885: Essays in Jurisprudence and Philosophy
0198253923: Courts and Free Markets : Perspectives from the United States and Europe Volume 2
0198253982: Outer Space : New Challenges to Law and Policy
0198253990: Concise Dictionary of Law
0198254059: English Criminal Appeals 1844-1994
0198254075: Case-Law of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal : An Analytical Digest
0198254083: British Year Book of International Law 1988 : Fifty-Ninth Year of Issue
0198254113: Surrender, Occupation, and Private Property in International Law : An Evaluation of U. S. Practice in Japan
0198254148: Freedom under Thatcher : Civil Liberties in Modern Britain
0198254164: Responses to Crime Vol. 2 : Penal Policy in the Making
0198254245: Making Men Moral : Civil Liberties and Public Morality
0198254253: Use and Abuse of Unjust Enrichment : Essays on the Law of Restitution
0198254261: International Human Rights in Context : Law, Politics, Morals
0198254296: Specialized Justice : Courts, Administrative Tribunals, and a Cross-National Theory of Specialization
0198254326: Judicial Remedies in International Law
0198254393: Right to Strike
0198254407: International Trade and Competition Law in Japan
0198254466: British Year Book of International Law 1992
0198254474: British Year Book of International Law 1993
0198254482: Pensions, Employment, and the Law
0198254490: State of Our Prisons
0198254520: System of the Law of Nations Pt. 1 : State Responsibility
0198254679: Making Law Bind
0198254687: Essays on Bentham : Jurisprudence and Political Philosophy
0198254733: Introduction to Islamic Law
0198254741: Causation in the Law
0198254792: Promises, Morals, and Law
0198254857: Introduction to Administrative Law
0198254903: Yearbook of European Law, 1982
0198254911: British Year Book of International Law 1982
0198254938: Authority of Law
0198254954: History of International Law in Russia 1647-1917
0198255128: Politics of Mental Health Legislation
0198255160: World of Science and the Rule of Law : A Study of the Observance and Violations of the Human Rights of Scientists in the Participating States of the Helsinki Accords
0198255187: Refugee in International Law
0198255217: Yearbook of European Law 1984
0198255233: View from the Shadows
0198255276: Rise and Fall of Freedom of Contract
0198255284: British Yearbook of International Law 1981 Vol. 52
0198255292: Maintenance after divorce (Oxford socio-legal studies)
0198255314: Comparative Introduction to the German Law of Tort
0198255381: War, Law, and Labour : The Munitions Acts, State Regulation, and the Unions, 1915-1921
0198255403: Human Rights in International Law : Legal and Policy Issues
0198255438: Nuclear War, Nuclear Proliferation, and Their Consequences
0198255489: European Union Treaty
0198255527: Disease and the Compensation Debate
0198255551: Essays on Contract
0198255586: Treat Me Right : Essays in Medical Law and Ethics
0198255594: Treat Me Right : Essays on Medical Law and Ethics
0198255608: Law of the International Civil Service : As Applied by International Administrative Tribunals
0198255632: Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law
0198255659: Legal Aspects of Agriculture in the European Community
0198255675: Judicial Discretion and Criminal Litigation
0198255683: Introduction to the Problems of Legal Theory : A Translation of the First Edition to the Reine Rechtslehre or Pure Theory Law
0198255772: Form and Substance in Anglo-American Law
0198255780: Reasonable Care : Legal Perspectives on the Doctor-Patient Relationship
0198255829: Expert Systems in Law : A Jurisprudential Inquiry
0198255918: Shatt-al-Arab Boundary Question : A Legal Reappraisal
0198255950: Liber Amicorum for the Rt. Hon. Lord Wilberforce, PC, CMG, OBE, QC
0198255969: Constitutional Practice
0198255985: Doing the Business : Entrepreneurship, the Working Class, and Detectives in the East End of London
0198255993: Eunomia : A New Order for a New World
0198256000: Oxford Encyclopaedia of European Community Law
0198256019: Consular Law and Practice
0198256035: Freedom of Speech
0198256043: British Year Book of International Law 1986
0198256078: Public Duties and Public Law
0198256124: Partisans and Mediators : The Resolution of Divorce Disputes
0198256132: Liability for Products : English Law, French Law and European Harmonization
0198256183: China's Practice in the Law of the Sea
0198256213: Crime and the Computer
0198256221: Chief Constables : Bobbies, Bosses, or Bureaucrats?
0198256264: A Comparative Introduction to the German Law of Torts.
0198256272: Small Claims Courts : A Comparative Study
0198256329: Introduction to the Law of Contract
0198256337: Introduction to the Law of Contract
0198256361: Documents on International Administrative Tribunals
0198256396: Principles of Public International Law
0198256450: Introduction to the Law of Restitution
0198256507: Legal Aspect of Money
0198256566: Issues in Contemporary Legal Philosophy : The Influence of H. L. A. Hart
0198256574: Documents on the Laws of War
0198256582: Documents on the Laws of War
0198256620: International Law and the Use of Force by National Liberation Movements
0198256655: Struggle for Civil Liberties
0198256663: In a Time of Trouble
0198256671: International Economic Law
0198256698: Settlement of Disputes in International Law : Institutions and Procedures
0198256701: Lawyers and the Making of English Land Law 1832-1940
0198256728: Regulating Commercial Gambling
0198256760: Due Process and Fair Procedures : A Study of Administrative Procedures
0198256779: Grendon : A Study of a Therapeutic Prison
0198256787: Product Liability
0198256809: American Tort Process
0198256841: Contempt of Court
0198256868: Basic Japanese Laws
0198256914: Interpretation and Legal Theory
0198256922: Legal System Between Order and Disorder
0198256930: Masculinity and the British Organization Man since 1945
0198256965: Provocation and Responsibility
0198256973: Contempt of Court
0198256981: Law, Politics, and Local Democracy
0198257007: Child Victims : Crime, Impact, and Criminal Justice
0198257023: Solicitors and Divorce
0198257066: Death Penalty : A World-Wide Perspective
0198257090: Normative Approach to War : Peace, War, and Justice in Hugo Grotius
0198257120: Basic Documents on Human Rights
0198257139: Financial Conglomerates and the Chinese Wall
0198257163: Treaties and Indigenous Peoples : The Robb Lectures 1991
0198257201: Judging Social Security : The Adjudication of Claims for Benefit in Britain
0198257228: Current Legal Problems 1992 Vol. 45, Pt. 2 : Collected Papers
0198257236: Lawyers, Legislators and Theorists : Developments in English Criminal Jurisprudence 1800-1957
0198257260: British Year Book of International Law 1990
0198257279: EC Competition Law
0198257287: EC Competition Law
0198257325: Essays in International Litigation and the Conflict of Laws
0198257341: Form and Substance in Anglo-American Law
0198257368: Foundations of Evidence Law
0198257376: Reservation of Title Clauses : Impact and Implications
0198257384: Money, Politics, and Law : A Study of Electoral Campaign Finance Reform in Canada
0198257430: Analysis of the Economic Torts
0198257511: Tarnished Vision : Crime and Conflict in the Inner City
0198257554: Pornography : Women, Violence and Civil Liberties
0198257597: Modern Banking Law
0198257600: Information Management : The Organizational Dimension
0198257643: EC Tax Law
0198257651: Commercial Aspects of Trusts and Fiduciary Obligations
0198257678: International Law and How We Use It
0198257686: Censure and Sanctions
0198257694: Emperors and Lawyers : With a Palingenesia of Third-Century Imperial Rescripts 193-305 AD
0198257708: Competition in Energy Markets : Law and Regulation in the European Union
0198257767: Children, Rights, and the Law
0198257791: Yearbook of European Law 1991
0198257813: Yearbook of European Law, 1993
0198257864: Autonomy of Law : Essays on Legal Positivism
0198257872: Law of International Watercourses
0198257902: Law, Language, and Legal Determinacy
0198257937: Suing Judges : A Study of Judicial Immunity
0198257953: Medical Discipline : The Professional Conduct Jurisdiction of the General Medical Council, 1858-1990
0198257961: Women Drug Users : An Ethnography of a Female Injecting Community
0198257988: Notes and Comments on Cases in International Law, Commercial Law, and Arbitration
0198258003: Free Expression : Essays in Law and Philosophy
0198258011: Abuse of Process and Judicial Stays of Criminal Proceedings
0198258046: Rights of Peoples
0198258054: Jurisprudence of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal : An Analysis of the Decisions of the Tribunal
0198258070: Criminal Justice in Europe : A Comparative Study
0198258089: Principles of Medical Law
0198258097: White Man's Justice
0198258100: Families, Politics and the Law : Perspectives for East and West Europe
0198258119: Henry's Wars and Shakespeare's Laws : Perspectives on the Law of War in the Later Middle Ages
0198258127: Inclusive Legal Positivism
0198258143: Imperfect Justice : An East-West German Diary
0198258178: Oxford History of the Laws of England : 1483-1558
0198258186: Prisons and the Problem of Order
0198258194: Case-Law of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal Vol. 2 : An Analytical Digest
0198258208: European Convention on Human Rights
0198258216: Theory of Constitutional Rights
0198258224: Promoting Human Rights Through Bills of Rights : Comparative Perspectives
0198258259: Institutional Theory of Law : Keeping Law in Its Place
0198258267: Essays in Private International Law
0198258275: Corporate Control and Accountability : Changing Structures and Dynamics of Regulation
0198258283: Gradual Convergence : Foreign Ideas, Foreign Influences, and English Law on the Eve of the 21st Century
0198258291: International Law and the Rights of Minorities
0198258313: Playing by the Rules : A Philosophical Examination of Rule-Based Decision-Making in Law and in Life
0198258321: Doing the Business : Entrepreneurship, the Working Class, and Detectives in the East End of London
0198258348: Wills, Inheritance, and the Family
0198258356: Handbook of Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflicts
0198258410: Interpreting the Field : Accounts of Ethnography
0198258429: Termination and Revision of Treaties in the Light of New Customary International Law
0198258461: Cyprus Question and the Turkish Position in International Law
0198258488: Bad Business : Professional Crime in Modern Britain
0198258534: Public Law in Israel
0198258542: Changing Constitution
0198258593: Contemporary Issues in Corporate Governance
0198258615: History of Private Law in Europe : With Particular Reference to Germany
0198258658: Prisons in Context
0198258674: Personal Information : Privacy and the Law
0198258682: Standing Accused : The Organization and Practices of Criminal Defence Lawyers in Britain
0198258704: Current Legal Problems 1993 Vol. 46, Pt. 2 : Collected Papers
0198258712: Sale of Goods
0198258720: Politics of Sentencing Reform
0198258747: International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights : A Perspective on Its Development
0198258763: Housing the Homeless : Administrative Law and the Administrative Process
0198258771: Continental Distinction in the Common Law : An Historical and Comparative Perspective on English Public Law
0198258798: Law of the International Civil Service
0198258801: Law of the International Civil Service
0198258828: British Yearbook of International Law 1995 Vol. 66 : Sixty-Sixth Year of Issue
0198258836: British Year Book of International Law 1996 : Sixty-Seventh Year of Issue
0198258844: Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) : A Guide to the Free Movement of Goods and Competition Rules
0198258860: Structure and Function in Criminal Law
0198258895: Judge Without Jury : Diplock Trials in the Adversary System
0198258917: Hearsay and Confrontation in Criminal Trials
0198258925: Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) : A Guide to the Free Movement of Goods and Competition Rules
0198258941: Human Rights Committee : Its Role in the Development of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
0198258976: Oxford History of the Laws of England : The Canon Law and Ecclesiatical Jurisdiction from 597 to the 1640s
0198258984: European Union and Its Court of Justice
0198258992: Objectivity in Law
0198259018: Fairness in International Law and Institutions
0198259026: Frontiers of Liability
0198259034: European Internal Market and International Trade : A Legal Analysis
0198259042: Current Legal Problems 1994 Vol. 47, Pt. 1 : Annual Review
0198259069: Interpretation and Legal Theory
0198259093: Rules and Government : Non-Statutory Rules and Administrative Law
0198259107: Environmental Regulation and Economic Growth
0198259115: Business Law in the European Economic Area
0198259123: International Law, Human Rights, and Japanese Law : The Impact of International Law on Japanese Law
0198259131: Yearbook of International Environmental Law, 1994
0198259158: Public Prosecutors and Discretion : A Comparative Study
0198259182: Intellectual Property Rights in EU Law : Free Movement and Competition Law
0198259190: Transnational Tort Litigation : Jurisdictional Principles
0198259204: Anti-Dumping and Anti-Trust Issues in Free-Trade Areas
0198259239: Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law
0198259247: Who Should We Treat? : Law, Patients and Resources in the NHS
0198259255: Who Should We Treat? : Law, Patients and Resources in the NHS
0198259271: Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law 1995
0198259301: External Relations of the European Communities : A Manual of Law and Practice
0198259328: Child Soldiers : The Role of Children in Armed Conflict
0198259336: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and United Kingdom Law
0198259387: Law of Subrogation
0198259409: Milk Quotas : European Community and United Kingdom Law
0198259425: Inventions and Official Secrecy : A History of Secret Patents in the United Kingdom
0198259468: Berne Convention and Beyond : International Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Agreements from 1886 to the Present
0198259476: Corporations and Criminal Responsibility
0198259484: French Constitutional Law
0198259492: In the Highest Degree Odious : Detention Without Trial in Wartime Britain
0198259506: Uses of Discretion
0198259514: Frontiers of Liability
0198259522: Introduction to the Law of Contract
0198259530: Introduction to the Law of Contract
0198259565: Punishment, Responsibility, and Justice : A Relational Critique
0198259573: Property and Justice
0198259581: Manual of Nature Conservation Law
0198259603: Prisoners' Handbook
0198259611: Imperfect Justice : An East-West German Diary
0198259654: Policing the European Union
0198259670: European Community Competition Procedure
0198259700: Complementary Medicine and the Law
0198259719: Complementary Medicine and the Law
0198259840: Natural Law, Liberalism, and Morality : Contemporary Essays
0198259875: Argument from Injustice : A Reply to Legal Positivism
0198259883: Ministers of the Crown
0198259891: Corporate Power and Responsibility : Issues in the Theory of Company Law
0198259905: Corporate Control and Accountability : Changing Structures and Dynamics of Regulation
0198259913: Law, Liberty, and Justice : The Legal Foundations of British Constitutionalism
0198259921: Migrant Workers in International Human Rights Law : Their Protection in Countries of Employment
0198259948: International Management of Hazardous Wastes : The Basel Convention and Related Legal Rules
0198259956: Mental Conditions Defences in the Criminal Law
0198259964: Voluntary Euthanasia and the Common Law
0198260008: Current Legal Problems 1994 Vol. 47, Pt. 2 : Collected Papers
0198260075: Future of Law : Facing the Challenges of Information Technology
0198260083: Environmental Law
0198260105: European Community Labour Law : Principles and Perspectives: Liber Amicorum Lord Wedderburn of Charlton
0198260121: General Principles of EC Law
0198260148: Special Relationship? : American Influences on Public Law in the UK
0198260156: Legality and Locality
0198260164: Directives in European Community Law : A Study of Directives and Their Enforcement in National Courts
0198260172: EC Public Procurement Rules : A Critical Analysis
0198260202: Refugee in International Law
0198260210: Broadcasting Law : A Comparative Study
0198260229: Individual Rights and the Law in Britain
0198260245: Making Men Moral : Civil Liberties and Public Morality
0198260253: Understanding and Explaining Adjudication
0198260296: Idea of Property in Law
0198260326: Russian Law
0198260334: English Lawyers Between Market and State : The Politics of Professionalism
0198260342: English Lawyers Between Market and State : The Politics of Professionalism
0198260350: International Regulatory Competition and Coordination : Perspectives on Economic Regulation in Europe and the United States
0198260369: In Pursuit of Good Administration : Ministers, Civil Servants, and Judges
0198260415: Current Legal Problems 1995 Vol. 48, Pt. 1 : Annual Review
0198260423: Pressing Problems in Law : Criminal Justice and Human Rights
0198260431: Women in Control?
0198260482: Manual of Nature Conservation Law
0198260504: Law, Language, and Legal Determinacy
0198260512: Mergers and Takeovers in the UK and USA : Law and Practice
0198260520: Commentary on the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
0198260555: Mann on the Legal Aspect of Money
0198260563: Common European Law of Torts Vol. 1 : The Core Areas of Tort Law, Its Approximation in Europe, and Its Accommodation in the Legal System
0198260571: Harms and Culpability
0198260598: International Litigation and the Quest for Reasonableness : Essays in Private International Law
0198260628: Legality and Legitimacy : Carl Schmitt, Hans Kelsen and Hermann Heller in Weimar Republic
0198260636: Exploitative Contracts
0198260644: Hague Convention on International Child Abduction
0198260652: Transport and the Environment : The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution Report
0198260679: Human Rights in the United Kingdom
0198260687: Energy Law in Europe : National, EU and International Law and Institutions
0198260695: Ethics in the Public Domain : Essays in the Morality of Law and Politics
0198260709: Law of Tracing
0198260717: Trademark Dilution
0198260768: Jurisprudence of Power : Victorian Empire and the Rule of Law
0198260776: Law in Environmental Decision-Making : National, European, and International Perspectives
0198260784: Law in the Crisis of Empire 379-455 A. D. : The Theodosian Dynasty and Its Quaestors
0198260792: Action and Value in Criminal Law
0198260806: Private Parties in European Community Law : Challenging Community Measures
0198260814: Making Commercial Law : Essays in Honour of Roy Goode
0198260857: Current Legal Problems 1995 Vol. 48, Pt. 2 : Collected Papers
0198260865: British Year Book of International Law 1997 : Sixty-Eighth Year of Issue
0198260873: Southern Cross : Civil Law and Common Law in South Africa
0198260881: Institutional Shareholders and Corporate Governance
0198260938: Reform of Civil Procedure : Essays on Access to Justice
0198260954: Reconstructing a Women's Prison
0198260962: Land and Maritime Zones of Peace in International Law
0198260970: State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law
0198260989: Foreign Affairs and the United States Constitution
0198261012: Laundering and Tracing
0198261527: Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
0198261543: The Second Isaiah : Introduction, translation and Comm. Of Chapters XL-LV
0198261551: Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament
0198261578: An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels and Acts.
0198261586: The text of the New Testament: Its transmission, corruption, and restoration,
0198261608: Companion to the New Testament : The New English Bible
0198261624: The Odes of Solomon,
0198261683: New English Bible Companion to the New Testament : The Gospels
0198261691: Hebrew Text of the Old Testament: The Readings Adopted by the Translators of the New English Bible
0198261705: Early Versions of the New Testament : Their Origin, Transmission, and Limitations
0198261772: Apocryphal Old Testament
0198261780: Stylometric Study of the New Testament
0198261799: Peshitta of the Twelve Prophets
0198261810: The Apocryphal New Testament: A Collection of Apocryphal Christian Literature in an English Translation
0198261829: Apocryphal New Testament : A Collection of Apocryphal Christian Literature in an English Translation
0198261861: Korea : A Religious History
0198261896: Michael Ramsey : A Life
0198261934: Zoroastrians in Britain : The Ratanbai Katrak Lectures, University of Oxford 1985
0198261942: Beliefs, Values and Policies : Conviction Politics in a Secular Age: Hensley Henson Lectures, 1987-88
0198261950: Atonement and Justification : English Evangelical Theology, 1640-1790: An Evaluation
0198261969: Discerning the Mystery : An Essay on the Nature of Theology
0198261977: Buildings, Faith and Worship : The Liturgical Arrangement of Anglican Churches 1600-1900
0198262027: Origins of Christianity : A Historical Introduction to the New Testament
0198262043: Variety and Unity in New Testament Thought
0198262078: Origins of Christianity : A Historical Introduction to the New Testament
0198262086: Origins of Christianity : A Historical Introduction to the New Testament
0198262094: Prophecy and the Biblical Prophets
0198262132: Law and Disagreement
0198262140: Intellectual Property and Private International Law
0198262159: Index to British Year Book of International Law 1961-2001
0198262191: Future for the Global Securities Market : Legal and Regulatory Aspects
0198262205: Legal Framework of the Church of England : A Critical Study in a Comparative Context
0198262213: Broadcasting Law and Fundamental Rights
0198262221: Modern Law of Estoppel
0198262248: EC Sex Equality Law
0198262256: Rights and Constitutionalism : The New South African Legal Order
0198262272: Libel and the Media : The Chilling Effect
0198262280: Law, Society, and Economy : Centenary Essays for the London School of Economics and Political Science 1895-1995
0198262299: Integration of the European Community and Third States in Europe : A Legal Analysis
0198262302: Manual of Environmental Protection Law : The Pollution Control Functions of the Environmental Agency and S. E. P. A.
0198262310: Clifford Chance Lectures Vol. 1 : Bridging the Channel
0198262337: Manual of Environmental Protection Law : The Pollution Control Functions of the Environment Agency and SEPA
0198262345: Libel and the Media : The Chilling Effect
0198262361: Implementing the Uruguay Round
0198262388: Law As a Social System
0198262418: Censure and Sanctions
0198262426: European Convention on Human Rights
0198262434: Technology Transfer Agreements and the Ec Competition Rules
0198262450: Animal Welfare Law in Britain : Regulation and Responsibility
0198262469: Trade and Environmental Law in the European Community
0198262477: Human Face of Law
0198262507: Liturgy, Order and the Law
0198262515: Animal Welfare Law in Britain : Regulation and Responsibility
0198262523: Violent Racism : Victimization, Policing and Social Context
0198262531: Local Governance of Crime
0198262558: Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection
0198262566: Fundamentals of Sentencing Theory : Essays in Honour of Andrew Von Hirsch
0198262574: Preventing Torture : A Study of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
0198262582: American Tradition of International Law : Great Expectations 1789-1914
0198262612: Freedom of Commercial Expression
0198262620: Introduction to the History and Sources of Jewish Law
0198262698: Silence, Confessions and Improperly Obtained Evidence
0198262701: Autonomy in International Contracts
0198262736: Nature of the Crown : A Legal and Political Analysis
0198262744: Harm to the Environment
0198262752: Proprietary Interests in Commercial Transactions
0198262779: Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law : 1996
0198262795: Current Legal Problems, 1996 Vol. 49, Pt. 1 : Annual Review
0198262809: Current Legal Problems 1996
0198262817: Death Penalty
0198262841: Advocacy and the Making of the Adversarial Criminal Trial, 1800-1865
0198262868: Trends in Contemporary Trust Law
0198262892: Human Rights and the End of Empire : Britain and the Genesis of the European Convention
0198262914: Constitution after Scott : Government Unwrapped
0198262922: Wrongs and Remedies in the Twenty-First Century
0198262930: Pressing Problems in the Law Vol. 2 : What are Law Schools For?
0198262949: Rules and Regulators
0198262957: EC Competition Law
0198262965: EC Competition Law
0198263015: Qumran Cave 1
0198263155: Tradition and Interpretation : Essays by Members of the Society for Old Testament Study
0198263163: Peoples of Old Testament Times
0198263171: Qumran Grotte 4 Vol. 6, Pt. II : Archeologie: Tefillin, Mezuzot et Targums
0198263236: Holy Scripture - Canon Authority Criticism
0198263244: Holy Scripture : Canon, Authority, Criticism
0198263260: Glory of Christ in the New Testament
0198263287: Qumran Cave 4 : Palaeo-Hebrew and Greek Biblical Manuscripts
0198263309: Mahmud Shaltut and Islamic Modernism
0198263325: Vision Glorious
0198263333: God and History : Aspects of British Theology, 1875-1914
0198263341: De Doctrina Christiana
0198263368: Kierkegaard As Negative Theologian
0198263384: Metaphysical Personalism
0198263392: F. D. Maurice and Unitarianism
0198263414: Muratorian Fragment and the Development of the Canon
0198263422: Beauty and Revelation in the Thought of Saint Augustine
0198263449: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. IV : Miqsat Ma'ase Ha-Torah
0198263457: Desert Fathers on Monastic Community
0198263473: Creative Suffering of God
0198263481: Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology
0198263503: Saint Jerome's Hebrew Questions on Genesis
0198263511: John Mason Neale and the Quest for Sobornost
0198263538: Understanding the Fourth Gospel
0198263546: Augustine's City of God : A Reader's Guide
0198263554: Studying John : Approaches to the Fourth Gospel
0198263562: History of the Churches in Australasia
0198263570: Alexander Forbes of Brechin : The First Tractarian Bishop
0198263600: Book Called Isaiah : Deutero-Isaiah's Role in Composition and Redaction
0198263619: Origen and the Life of the Stars : A History of an Idea
0198263627: School Tradition of the Old Testament : The Bampton Lectures for 1994
0198263635: Zwingli
0198263686: Eusebius of Caesarea's Commentary on Isaiah : Christian Exegesis in the Age of Constantine
0198263694: Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion
0198263708: Early Porcelain Kilns of Japan : Arita in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century
0198263732: Rewriting Caucasian History : The Medieval Armenian Adaptation of the Georgian Chronicles: The Original Georgian Texts and the Armenian Adaptation
0198263740: Christ Without Absolutes : A Study of the Christology of Ernst Troeltsch
0198263759: Religion and Revelation : A Theology of Revelation in the World's Religions
0198263767: Biblical Faith and Natural Theology : The Gifford Lectures for 1991: Delivered in the University of Edinburgh
0198263783: Uncertain Belief : Is It Rational to Be a Christian?
0198263805: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XI, Pt. 1 : Poetical and Liturgical Texts, Part 1
0198263813: Moral Gap : Kantian Ethics, Human Limits, and God's Assistance
0198263848: Apocryphal Jesus : Legends of the Early Church
0198263856: Apocryphal Jesus : Legends of the Early Church
0198263864: Frederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury : A Life
0198263872: Mission and Conversion : Proselytizing in the Religious History of the Roman Empire
0198263880: New Testament Theology
0198263902: Hastening That Waits : Karl Barth's Ethics
0198263910: Text in Context
0198263929: Wine Song in Classical Arabic Poetry : Abu Nuwas and the Literary Tradition
0198263937: Religion and Creation
0198263945: Religion and Creation
0198263953: Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek Documentary Texts from Nahal Hever and Other Sites No. II : With an Appendix Containing Alleged Qumran Texts: The Seiyal Collection II
0198263961: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XIII : The Damascus Document (4Q266-273)
0198263988: Theory and Theology in George Herbert's Poetry : Divinitie, and Poesie, Met
0198263996: Church in Africa, 1450-1950
0198264011: Patriarch Nicephorus of Constantinople
0198264178: Make A Wish, Molly
0198264259: History of the Franciscan Order from Its Origins to the Year 1517
0198264291: The Cluniacs and the Gregorian reform, by Cowdrey, H. E. J
0198264305: The Pauline Renaissance in England Puritanism and the Bible
0198264356: Church and society in England 1770-1970: A historical study
0198264402: Death and the Enlightenment : Changing Attitudes to Death among Christians and Unbelievers in Eighteenth-Century France
0198264429: A Packet of Letters : A Selection from the Correspondence of John Henry Newman
0198264437: Vision Glorious
0198264453: Hensley Henson : A Study in the Friction Between Church and State
0198264488: A Packet of Letters: A Selection from the Correspondence of John Henry Newman
0198264496: Holy Land Pilgrimage in the Later Roman Empire, Ad 312-460
0198264526: The Making of Moral Theology : A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition (The Martin D'Arcy Memorial Lectures 1981-2) (Martin D'Arcy Memorial Lectures)
0198264542: Church and Politics in a Secular Age
0198264569: Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire
0198264577: Hastening That Waits : Karl Barth's Ethics
0198264585: Thought of Thomas Aquinas
0198264593: Pauline Christianity
0198264623: Origen and the Life of the Stars : A History of an Idea
0198264631: Jewish Religion
0198264658: Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ : The Monasteries of Palestine 314-631
0198264666: Religion and Revelation : A Theology of Revelation in the World's Religions
0198264674: George Berkeley : Idealism and the Man
0198264682: Childbirth and the Law
0198264712: Law and Legal Theory in England and America
0198264720: Rescuing Business : The Making of Corporate Bankruptcy Law in England and the United States
0198264739: Sexually Transmitted Debt : Surety Experience and English Law
0198264747: New Outline of the Roman Civil Trial
0198264755: Compliance : Regulation and Environment
0198264771: Small Claims in the County Courts in England and Wales : The Bargain Basement of Civil Justice?
0198264801: Concept of International Obligations Erga Omnes
0198264828: Excusing Crime
0198264836: Law in Context : Enlarging a Discipline
0198264844: Law of Obligations : Essays in Celebration of John Fleming
0198264852: International Law Concerning Child Civilians in Armed Conflict
0198264860: International Law Concerning Child Civilians in Armed Conflict
0198264879: Law and Interpretation : Essays in Legal Philosophy
0198264887: Sexual Orientation and Human Rights : The United States Constitution, the European Convention, and the Canadian Charter
0198264895: Rules and Government
0198264909: Law's Community : Legal Theory in Sociological Perspective
0198264917: Patterns of American Jurisprudence
0198264933: Competition Law and Industrial Policy in the EU
0198264968: Human Rights and Legal History : Essays in Honour of Brian Simpson
0198264976: Law Making, Law Finding and Law Shaping Vol. 2 : The Diverse Influences. The Clifford Chance Lectures
0198264984: European Contract Law : Formation, Validity, Agency, Third Parties and Assignment
0198265115: Islam in West Africa
0198265123: Muhammad At Mecca
0198265220: Bhagavad-Gita: With a Commentary Based on the Original Sources
0198265239: Love of God According to Saiva Siddhanta : A Study in the Mysticism and Theology of Saivism
0198265247: Sufi Orders in Islam
0198265255: Precept and Practice, Traditional Buddhism in the Rural Highlands of Ceylon
0198265263: Kabir
0198265298: Evolution of the Sikh Community : Five Essays
0198265344: The Dutch Republic and the Hispanic World, 1606-1661
0198265425: Short History of Modern Arabic Literature
0198265468: Approaches to the History of the Interpretation of the Qur'an
0198265476: Bedouin Poetry from Sinai and the Negev
0198265484: Who Is a Sikh? : The Problem of Sikh Identity
0198265492: Boethius : The Consolations of Music, Logic, Theology, and Philosophy
0198265506: Accountability for Human Rights Atrocities in International Law : Beyond the Nuremberg Legacy
0198265522: Inter-American System of Human Rights
0198265573: Freedom's Law: The Moral Reading of the American Constitution
0198265638: Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law
0198265646: Treatment of Prisoners Under International Law
0198265654: Introduction to the Problems of Legal Theory : A Translation of the First Edition of the Reine Rechtslehre or Pure Theory of Law
0198265662: Essays in International Litigation and the Conflict of Laws
0198265670: Law and English Railway Capitalism 1825-1875
0198265697: Private Security and Public Policing
0198265700: Crime in Ireland 1945-95 : 'Here be Dragons'
0198265719: French Lawyers : A Study in Collective Action, 1274-1994
0198265727: Corporate Regulation : Beyond Punish or Persuade
0198265735: Recognition of Governments in International Law
0198265743: Naval Weapons Systems and the Contemporary Law of War
0198265751: Public Services and Citizenship in European Law : Public and Labour Law Perspectives
0198265786: Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law
0198265794: Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law
0198265816: History of Water Rights at Common Law
0198265824: Diplomatic Law : A Commentary on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations
0198265832: Analyzing Law : New Essays in Legal Theory
0198265840: Most Fundamental Legal Right : Habeas Corpus in the Commonwealth
0198265883: Just Wages for Women
0198265891: Transformation of Legal Aid : Comparative and Historical Studies
0198265905: Status of Palestinian Refugees in International Law
0198265921: European Community Law in the English Courts
0198265948: Universities and Intellectual Property : Ownership and Exploitation
0198265956: Application of Ec Law by National Courts
0198265972: Yearbook of Media and Entertainment Law, 1997/98
0198265980: Classification of Obligations
0198265999: Current Legal Problems 1997 : Law and Opinion at the End of the Twentieth Century
0198266162: Saint Patrick His Origins & Career
0198266170: The Septuagint and modern study
0198266189: Comparative Philology and the Text of Th
0198266200: Idea of Perfection in Christian Theology
0198266219: Horae Synopticae : Contributions to the Study of the Synoptic Problem. Second edition revised and supplemented.
0198266243: Concordant Discord
0198266286: Evolution in Religion A Study in Sri Aurobindo and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
0198266294: Donum Gentilicium: New Testament studies in honour of David Daube
0198266308: Divine Substance
0198266324: The sense of God;: Sociological, anthropological, and psychological approaches
0198266383: Hell and the Victorians : A Study of the Nineteenth-Century Theological Controversies Concerning Eternal Punishment and the Future Life
0198266391: Eranistes : Critical Text and Prolegomena
0198266405: The religion of Isaac Newton
0198266448: God As Spirit: The Bampton Lectures 1976 (Oxford Scholarly Classics Series)
0198266464: Religious Imagination and the Sense of God
0198266472: Anselm and Talking About God
0198266499: Karl Barth: Studies of His Theological Method
0198266502: Creation and the World of Science : The Bampton Lecturers 1978
0198266510: Anselm and a New Generation
0198266537: Old Arts and New Theology: The Beginnings of Theology as an Academic Discipline
0198266545: Doubt and Religious Commitment : The Role of the Will in Newman's Thought
0198266553: Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition
0198266561: Religion and Imagination
0198266588: Divine and Contingent Order
0198266596: Divine Inspiration of Holy Scripture
0198266642: Religion in Sociological Perspective
0198266650: Divine Revelation and the Limits of Historical Criticism
0198266677: The Mind of St. Bernard of Clairvaux
0198266685: Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition : From Plato to Denys
0198266715: Form and Vitality in the World and God : A Christian Perspective
0198266723: Joachim of Fiore and the Myth of the Eternal Evangel in the Nineteenth Century
0198266731: Early Christian Thought and the Classical Tradition
0198266758: Rationality of Religious Belief : Essays in Honour of Basil Mitchell
0198266766: Catholicity of the Church and the Structure of Catholicism
0198266782: Begotten or Made?
0198266847: God and His People
0198266898: History of the Church of England 1945-1980
0198266952: Catholicity of the Church
0198266979: Theology of Huldrych Zwingli
0198266987: Form and Vitality in the World and God : A Christian Perspective
0198266995: Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel
0198267088: Ancient Rhetoric and the Art of Tertullian
0198267118: Principle of Reserve in the Writings of John Henry, Cardinal Newman
0198267150: Ontology of Paul Tillich
0198267177: Hamann on Language and Religion
0198267193: Hidden God : The Hiding of the Face of God in the Old Testament
0198267207: Calvin and English Calvinism to 1649
0198267231: Protestant Reformers in Elizabethan Oxford
0198267258: Revelatory Positivism? : Barth's Earliest Theology and the Marburg School
0198267266: Communion of Saints
0198267274: God and His People : Covenant and Theology in the Old Testament
0198267282: On God's Side : A Life of George Tyrrell
0198267290: Verbal Aspect in New Testament Greek
0198267304: Making of Moral Theology : A Study of the Roman Catholic Tradition
0198267312: Right Practical Reason : Aristotle, Action, and Prudence in Aquinas
0198267320: St. Gregory of Nazianzus : Poemeta Arcana
0198267339: Biblical Myth and Rabbinic Mythmaking
0198267347: Beliefs, Values and Policies : Conviction Politics in a Secular Age: Hensley Henson Lectures, 1987-88
0198267355: Probability and Theistic Explanation
0198267363: Working the Earth of the Heart : The Messalian Controversy in History, Texts, and Language to A. D. 431
0198267371: Eucharistic Prayer of Addai and Mari
0198267398: Making and Remaking of Christian Doctrine
0198267401: Joseph Butler's Moral and Religious Thought : Tercentenary Essays
0198267428: Lordship of Christ : Ernst Kasemann's Interpretation of Paul's Theology
0198267436: Spirit and Beauty
0198267444: Church of the East and the Church of England : A History of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Assyrian Mission
0198267479: Does God's Existence Need Proof?
0198267495: Paul
0198267509: Early Israelite Wisdom
0198267517: Fatherhood of God, from Origen to Athanasius
0198267533: Thought of Thomas Aquinas
0198267576: Sufism and Islamic Reform in Egypt
0198267584: Faith and Criticism : The Sarum Lectures 1992
0198267592: Zoroastrians in Britain
0198267630: Gregory of Nyssa's Treatise on the Inscriptions of the Psalms
0198267649: Severus of Minorca : Letter on the Conversion of the Jews
0198267665: Eros Unveiled
0198267711: In Defense of Natural Law
0198267738: Negotiating Domestic Violence : Police, Criminal Justice and Victims
0198267746: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights : Cases, Materials, and Commentary
0198267754: Regulating Procurement
0198267762: Workers, Establishment, and Services in the European Union
0198267770: Mexican Law
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