0198267797: Human Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities : Different but Equal
0198267800: Expert Evidence and Criminal Justice
0198267819: Regulating the Changing Media : A Comparative Study
0198267835: Law of Charities
0198267851: Fairness in International Law and Institutions
0198267886: International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights : A Perspective on Its Development
0198267894: Human Rights Approaches to Environmental Protection
0198267908: Autonomy of Law : Essays on Legal Positivism
0198267932: Corporations and Criminal Responsibility
0198267940: Law and Science
0198267959: After Homicide : Practical and Political Responses to Bereavement
0198267975: Tort Liability under Uncertainty
0198267983: Riddle of All Constitutions : International Law, Democracy, and a Critique of Ideology
0198267991: Yearbook of International Environmental Law
0198268092: Oratio ad Graecos and Fragments
0198268149: Extant Works
0198268181: Care or Custody? : Mentally Disordered Offenders in the Criminal Justice System
0198268203: Cross Currents : Family Law Policy in the United States and England
0198268211: Human Rights Standards and the Free Movement of People Within States
0198268238: Financial Advice and Financial Products : Law and Liability
0198268246: Regulating Workplace Safety : System and Sanctions
0198268254: Random Justice : On Lotteries and Legal Decision-Making
0198268262: Human Dignity in Bioethics and Biolaw
0198268270: Jewish Biomedical Law : Legal and Extra-Legal Dimensions
0198268289: E. U. Structural Funds
0198268300: Freedom of Speech and Employment
0198268327: Directives in European Community Law
0198268343: Practical Reason and Norms
0198268378: Reality of International Law : Essays in Honour of Ian Brownlie
0198268386: Crime and Markets : Essays in Anti-Criminology
0198268394: Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information : Essays in Honour of Sir David Williams
0198268408: Vagueness in Law
0198268416: Just Lawyers : Regulation and Access to Justice
0198268505: Law of Professional-Client Confidentiality : Regulating the Disclosure of Confidential Personal Information
0198268513: International Law and Infectious Diseases
0198268521: Governmental Illegitimacy in International Law
0198268564: War Crimes Law Comes of Age : Essays
0198268572: Smart Regulation
0198268580: Oxford Essays in Jurisprudence : Fourth Series
0198268599: Introduction to Comparative Law
0198268653: Marshalling of Securities
0198268688: Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law in the EU, UK and USA
0198268718: Law, Law Reform and the Family
0198268726: Electronic Publishing Agreements
0198268742: Competition Act 1998 : Law and Practice
0198268769: Questioning Sovereignty : Law, State, and Nation in the European Commonwealth
0198268785: Rhetoric and the Rule of Law: A Theory of Legal Reasoning
0198268793: Educating Oneself in Public : Critical Essays in Jurisprudence
0198268807: Law of Contribution and Reimbursement
0198268815: Regulation and Deregulation : Policy and Practice in the Utilities and Financial Services Industries
0198268823: EC Agricultural Law
0198268831: Yearbook of European Law 1997 Vol. 17
0198268874: Role of Law in International Politics
0198268882: Comparative Corporate Governance : The State of the Art and Emerging Research
0198268904: Ecclesiastical Law
0198268912: EC Securities Regulation
0198268939: Sovereignty of Parliament : History and Philosophy
0198268947: Handbook of the Law of Visiting Forces
0198268955: Constitution of Independence : The Development of Constitutional Theory in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand
0198268963: Claims for Contribution and Reimbursement in an International Context : Conflict-of-Laws Dimensions of Third Party Procedure
0198268971: Positive Law and Objective Values
0198268998: Family Law in the Twentieth Century : A History
0198269005: British Year Book of International Law 1998 : Sixty-Ninth Year of Issue
0198269021: Early Reformation on the Continent
0198269056: Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France : The Clerical Establishment and Its Social Ramification
0198269064: Frankish Church
0198269072: Papal Monarchy : The Western Church from 1050 to 1250
0198269102: History of the Churches in the United States and Canada
0198269188: Religion in England, 1688-1791
0198269196: Popes and European Revolution
0198269226: History of the Popes, 1830-1914
0198269242: Reformation in Britain and Ireland
0198269250: Papal Monarchy : The Western Church from 1050 to 1250
0198269277: Archetypal Heresy : Arianism Through the Centuries
0198269285: Sepulchre of Christ and the Medieval West : From the Beginning to 1600
0198269293: Nineteenth-Century Anglican Theological Training : The Redbrick Challenge
0198269323: Rudolf Otto and the Concept of Holiness
0198269358: Wadi Daliyeh I : The Wadi Daliyeh Seal Impressions
0198269366: Qumran Cave 4 Pt. 3 : Parabiblical Texts
0198269382: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XV, Pt. 1 : The Sapiential Texts
0198269390: Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology : From the Fathers to Feminism
0198269404: Kierkegaard's Vision of the Incarnation
0198269420: Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century England
0198269439: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XVI : Psalms to Chronicles
0198269447: Grottes de Murabba'at (Textes)
0198269455: Grottes de Murabbat (Planches)
0198269463: Petites Grottes de Qumran (Textes)
0198269471: 'Petites Grottes' de Qumran (Planches)
0198269498: Sermons of Charles Wesley : A Critical Edition with Introduction and Notes
0198269528: Environmental Ethics and Process Thinking
0198269536: Word Order and Time in Biblical Hebrew Narrative
0198269544: Canon of the New Testament : Its Origin, Development, and Significance
0198269552: Ecclesiology of Karl Rahner
0198269560: Karl Barth's Critically Realistic Dialectical Theology : Its Genesis and Development, 1909-1936
0198269579: Moral Gap : Kantian Ethics, Human Limits, and God's Assistance
0198269587: Pentateuch in the Twentieth Century : The Legacy of Julius Wellhausen
0198269595: Qumran Cave 11 : 11q2-18, 11q20-31
0198269609: Fundamentalism and Evangelicals
0198269617: Religion and Human Nature
0198269641: Methodism and Education 1849-1902 : J. H. Rigg, Romanism, and Wesleyan Schools
0198269676: Aquinas's Theory of Natural Law : An Analytic Reconstruction
0198269684: Stephen Langton
0198269692: Peter Martyr Vermigli and Predestination
0198269706: John of Scythopolis and the Dionysian Corpus
0198269714: Does God's Existence Need Proof?
0198269722: Ascetic Eucharists : Food and Drink in Early Christian Ritual Meals
0198269730: Annotated Anthology of Hymns
0198269749: Physics of Duns Scotus : The Scientific Context of a Theological Vision
0198269757: Early Development of Canon Law and the Council of Serdica
0198269765: Grammar of the Vulgate: Introduction to the Study of the Latinity of the Vulgate Bible.
0198269773: Radical Churchman : Edward Lee Hicks and the New Liberalism
0198269781: Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages : Essays on the Contribution of Peter Brown
0198269803: Pelagius's Commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans
0198269811: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XIX : Serekh Ha-Yahad and Related Texts
0198269838: Communities of the Blessed : Social Environment and Religious Change in Northern Italy, AD 200-400
0198269854: Resurrection : An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Resurrection of Jesus
0198269862: Apologetics in the Roman Empire : Pagans, Jews, and Christians
0198269870: History and Ideology in the Old Testament : Biblical Studies at the End of a Millennium - The Hensley Henson Lectures for 1997 Delivered to the University of Oxford
0198269889: Old Latin Gospels : A Study of Their Texts and Language
0198269900: International Co-Operation in Civil and Criminal Matters
0198269919: Tradition and Imagination : Revelation and Change
0198269927: Interests in Securities
0198269935: Trinity : An Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Trinity
0198269943: German and Scandinavian Protestantism, 1700-1918
0198269951: Augustine
0198269978: Scottish Puritanism, 1590-1638
0198269986: Zadok's Heirs : The Role and Development of the High Priesthood in Ancient Israel
0198269994: Denying Divinity : Apophasis in the Patristic Christian and Soto Zen Buddhist Traditions
0198270003: Asceticism and Anthropology in Irenaeus and Clement
0198270011: Earliest Latin Commentaries on the Epist
0198270038: Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France : The Clerical Establishment and Its Social Ramification
0198270046: Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France : The Religion of the People and the Politics of Religion
0198270054: Qumran Cave 4 Vol. XX, Pt. 2 : Poetical and Liturgical Texts
0198270062: Qumran Cave 4 XXXV: Halakhic Texts : Halakhic Texts
0198270070: Early Israelite Wisdom
0198270089: Anglican Evangelicals : Protestant Secessions from the Via Media, C. 1800-1850
0198270097: St. Symeon the New Theologian, and Orthodox Tradition
0198270119: English Works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester (1469-1535) : Sermons and Other Writings, 1520-1535
0198270127: Foundations of Language : Brain, Meaning, Grammar, Evolution
0198270135: Buildings, Faith, and Worship : The Liturgical Arrangement of Anglican Churches, 1600-1900
0198270143: Uncertain Belief : Is It Rational to Be a Christian?
0198270151: Walton's Lives : Conformist Commemorations and the Rise of Biography
0198270178: Qumran Cave 4 Volume XXVI: Cryptic Texts & Miscellanea, Part 1 : Miscellaneous Texts from Qumran: Cryptic Texts and Miscellanea
0198270186: Discipleship and Imagination : Christian Tradition and Truth
0198270194: Cult of Saint Thecla : A Tradition of Women's Piety in Late Antiquity
0198270208: Christian Moral Realism
0198270216: Thomas Cranmer's Doctrine of Repentance : Renewing the Power to Love
0198270224: Universal Salvation : Eschatology in the Thought of Gregory of Nyssa and Karl Rahner
0198270259: CONFESSIONS
0198270267: Qumran Grotte 4 Vol. XXII : Textes Arameens, Premiere Partie 4Q529-549
0198270275: Marius Victorinus' Commentary on Galatians
0198270283: Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality
0198270313: Rabbinic Interpretation of Scripture in the Mishnah
0198270321: Trinitarian Theology : West and East
0198270348: Calendar and Community : A History of the Jewish Calendar, 2nd Century BCE to 10th Century CE
0198270356: British Quakerism, 1860-1920 : The Transformation of a Religious Community
0198271484: Hegels Political Writings
0198271603: Constitutionalism and the Separation of Powers
0198271611: Notion of the State an Introduction to Political T
0198271638: Representative Government in Western Europe in the Sixteenth Century: Commentary and Documents for the Study of Comparative Constitutional History
0198271662: The Notion of the State: An Introduction to Political Theory
0198271743: Communism and the British trade unions, 1924-1933: A study of the National Minority Movement
0198271751: Revolutionists in London. A Study of Five Unorthodox Socialists
0198271778: A study of revolution
0198271794: The Gentle Anarchists, a Study of the Leaders of the Sarvodaya Movement for Non-Violent Revolution in India
0198271816: Magna Carta: The Heritage of Liberty
0198271832: Mexican Society during the Revolution
0198271840: Socialism and the Great War: The Collapse of the Second International
0198271891: Democratic Theory : Essays in Retrieval
0198271913: The House of Lords and the Labour Government, 1964-1970,
0198271948: The Origins of Zionism
0198271956: On Human Conduct
0198271972: Second City Politics : Democratic Processes and Decision-Making in Birmingham
0198272065: Lore and Language of School Children
0198272103: Childrens Games in Street AND Playground
0198272138: Scientific Knowledge and Its Social Problems
0198272170: Class and Status in France
0198272200: The Social Gradings of Occupation: A New Approach and Scale
0198272294: Austro-Marxism
0198272308: Austro-Marxism
0198272316: Woman-Work : Women and the Party in Revolutionary China
0198272340: Social and Political Thought of Leon Trotsky
0198272383: Karl Mannheim's Sociology of Knowledge
0198272413: Handbook of Organizational Design
0198272421: Handbook of Organizational Design
0198272448: Mikhail Bakunin : A Study in the Psychology and Politics of Utopianism
0198272472: Social Mobility & Class Structure in Mod
0198272480: Intellectual and Social Organization of the Sciences
0198272553: Bargaining Power
0198272618: Proletarian Philosophers : Problems in Socialist Culture in Britain, 1900-1940
0198272626: Technological Change, Collective Bargaining, and Industrial Efficiency
0198272642: Cross-Class Families : A Study of Wives' Occupational Superiority
0198272677: Management Control and Union Power : A Study of Labour Relations in Coal-Mining
0198272685: Social Closure : The Theory of Monopolization and Exclusion
0198272693: Trinidad in Transition : The Years after Slavery
0198272758: Evolution and Its Influence : The Herbert Spencer Lectures, 1986
0198272766: Ageing in Developing Countries
0198272782: Alternative Medicine in Britain
0198272847: English Ethical Socialism : Thomas More to R. H. Tawney
0198272855: Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain
0198272863: Social Mobility and Class Structure in Modern Britain
0198272898: Labour Movements, Employers, and the State
0198272928: Multiparty Government : The Politics of Coalition in Europe (Comparative European Politics)
0198272936: Multiparty Government : The Politics of Coalition in Europe
0198273118: Education in France, 1848-1870
0198273150: Britain and the European Community : The Politics of Semi-Detachment
0198273185: European Political Co-Operation
0198273215: Rousseau on International Relations
0198273223: Failure of Democratic Politics in Fiji
0198273258: Waging War : A Philosophical Introduction
0198273266: Hayek and Modern Liberalism
0198273282: Stanislaw Brzozowski and the Polish Beginnings of Western Marxism
0198273290: Future of Northern Ireland
0198273304: British By-Elections : The Volatile Electorate
0198273312: Tribes, Government, and History in Yemen
0198273339: Breakdown of Democratic Party Organization, 1940-1980
0198273363: Government and Politics in Western Europe : Britain, France, Italy, West Germany
0198273371: Government and Politics in Western Europe : Britain, France, Italy, West Germany
0198273398: Privatizing Public Enterprises : Constitutions, the State, and Regulation in Comparative Perspective
0198273401: Market, State, and Community : Theoretical Foundations of Market Socialism - Hardcover
0198273428: How Voters Change : The 1987 British Election Campaign in Perspective
0198273444: Gorbachev Factor
0198273452: Rethinking the Pacific
0198273479: Electoral Systems and Party Systems : A Study of Twenty-Seven Democracies, 1945-1990
0198273509: Dilemmas of World Politics : International Issues in a Changing World
0198273517: Dilemmas of World Politics : International Issues in a Changing World
0198273541: China at Forty : Mid-Life Crisis?
0198273568: Danish Neutrality : A Study in the Foreign Policy of a Small State
0198273576: Labour's Grassroots : The Politics of Party Membership
0198273584: Labour's Grass Roots : The Politics of Party Membership
0198273592: Strong Arm of the Law : Armed and Public Order Policing
0198273622: China in the Nineties : Crisis Management and Beyond
0198273630: China in the Nineties : Crisis Management and Beyond
0198273649: Class, Community, and Collective Action : Social Change in Two British Coalfields, 1850-1926
0198273665: International Labour and the Origins of the Cold War
0198273703: Nuclear Diplomacy and the Special Relationship : Britain's Deterrent and America, 1957-1962
0198273746: System of Rights
0198273754: Electioneering : A Comparative Study of Continuity and Change
0198273789: Democracy : The Unfinished Journey, 508 BC to AD 1993
0198273797: Rethinking the Pacific
0198273800: Interpreting Northern Ireland
0198273819: Electoral Politics
0198273827: Black and Blue : Policing in South Africa
0198273835: Constant Flux : A Study of Class Mobility in Industrial Societies
0198273843: Reflections on Sociology and Theology
0198273851: Foundations of Liberalism
0198273878: Bentham's Prison : A Study of the Panopticon Penitentiary
0198273886: Organizing Jainism in India and England
0198273894: Wrapping Culture : Politeness, Presentation, and Power in Japan and Other Societies
0198273908: Seeing the Inside : Bark Painting in Western Arnhem Land
0198273924: Refugees in Inter-War Europe : The Emergence of a Regime
0198273932: Gender Segregation and Social Change
0198274017: Weekends with the Kids: Activities, Crafts, Recipes - Hundreds of Ideas for Fun.
0198274033: History of Chess
0198274106: Studies in Politics
0198274114: Role of the Supreme Court in American Government
0198274165: Aristotle's Political Theory : An Introduction for Students of Political Theory
0198274173: Political Paradoxes and Puzzles
0198274181: Conflict and Democracy: Studies in Trade Union Government
0198274211: G. D. H. Cole and Socialist Democracy
0198274238: Frege's Theory of Judgement
0198274262: Politics of Mass Housing in Britain, 1945-1975
0198274297: Introduction to Plato's Republic
0198274394: Origins of Zionism
0198274424: Judicial Discretion in the House of Lords
0198274459: Capitalist Democracy in Britain
0198274475: Social Theory and Political Practice
0198274483: Social Theory and Political Practice
0198274629: How Wars End : The United Nations and the Termination of Armed Conflict, 1946-1964
0198274718: Utilitarian Logic and Politics: James Mill's Essay on Government, MacAulay's Critique and the Ensuing Debate
0198274742: Decline of Class Voting in Britain
0198274750: The Decline of Class Voting in Britain : Changes in the Basis of Electoral Choice, 1964-1983
0198274777: Breakdown of Democratic Party Organizati
0198274785: White House and Capitol Hill
0198274823: Nature of American Politics
0198274866: Ministers and Ministries : A Functional Analysis
0198274874: God Save Ulster : The Religion and Politics of Paisleyism
0198274912: Federalism and International Relations : The Role of Subnational Units
0198274920: Mystery of Crichel Down
0198274971: Self, the Individual, and the Community : Liberalism in the Political Thought F. A. Hayek and Sidney and Beatrice Webb
0198274998: International Labour Affairs : The World Trade Unions and the Multinational Companies
0198275064: Latin American Affairs. St. Antony's Papers. No. 22.
0198275102: Policing Pollution: A Study of Regulation and Enforcement
0198275129: Policing Pollution : A Study of Regulation and Enforcement
0198275137: Compensation and Support for Illness and Injury
0198275188: Marxism : Essential Writings
0198275196: Discrimination and Public Policy in Northern Ireland
0198275218: Thatcherism and British Politics : The End of Consensus?
0198275226: Thatcherism and British Politics. The End of Consensus?
0198275269: Free and Equal
0198275285: Revolution and World Order : The Revolutionary State in International Society
0198275293: On Toleration
0198275315: Peaceful Air Warfare : The United States, Britain, and the Politics of International Aviation
0198275323: Ideologies and Political Theories : A Conceptual Approach
0198275358: Divided Societies : Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism
0198275374: Against the Bomb : The British Peace Movement 1958-1965
0198275412: British Origins of Nuclear Strategy, 1945-1955
0198275439: Gramsci's Political Thought
0198275455: Consensus in Ireland : Approaches and Recessions
0198275544: Inequality in Northern Ireland
0198275552: Order and Violence : Hedley Bull and International Relations
0198275560: Liberal Virtues : Citizenship, Virtue, and Community in Liberal Constitutionalism
0198275587: National Welfare and Economic Interdependence : The Case of Sweden's Foreign Trade Policy
0198275625: Awkward Partner : Britain in the European Community
0198275641: Refugees and International Relations
0198275676: Government and the Chemical Industry : A Comparative Study of Britain and West Germany
0198275684: Hostile Brothers
0198275722: Irrelevant Elections? : The Quality of Local Democracy in Britain
0198275749: East-West Conflict and European Neutrality
0198275765: Parliament and Pressure Politics
0198275773: Role of the Member of Parliament Since 1868
0198275781: Managing Competition : Meso-Corporatism, Pluralism, and the Negotiated Order in Scotland
0198275803: Ministerial Responsibility
0198275838: West European Party System
0198275897: Explaining and Understanding International Relations
0198275978: Policing the World : Interpol and the Politics of International Police Co-Operation
0198275986: Ontology of Socialism
0198275994: Liberalism Community, and Culture
0198277008: Market Socialism
0198277016: Market Socialism
0198277059: British Parliamentary Parties
0198277121: Arab Minority in Israel, 1967-1991 : Political Aspects
0198277156: Zionism : The Formative Years
0198277164: Central Borneo : Ethnic Identity and Social Life in a Stratified Society
0198277172: Solidarity and Schism
0198277202: Industrial Relations and European State Traditions
0198277210: Secularization, Rationalism, and Sectarianism : Essays in Honour of Bryan R. Wilson
0198277237: Contemporary Political Philosophy : An Introduction
0198277245: Contemporary Political Philosophy : An Introduction
0198277253: Self Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics
0198277261: Self Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics
0198277342: Is America Different? : A New Look at American Exceptionalism
0198277369: Protestant Legacy
0198277377: Tackling the Inner Cities : The 1980s Reviewed, Prospects for the 1990s
0198277466: Thatcher Effect : A Decade of Change
0198277482: Marquesan Societies : Inequality and Political Transformation in Eastern Polynesia
0198277504: East European Alternatives
0198277512: SIPRI Yearbook 1989 : World Armaments and Disarmament
0198277547: Nuclear Weapons and British Strategic Planning, 1955-1958
0198277555: Thatcherism and British Politics : The End of Consensus?
0198277571: British Politics
0198277598: Waging War : A Philosophical Introduction
0198277601: Exchange in Oceania : A Graph Theoretic Analysis
0198277628: House of Lords at Work : A Study Based on the 1988-1989 Session
0198277679: Rights and Deprivation
0198277687: Non-Conventional-Weapons Proliferation in the Middle East : Tackling the Spread of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Capabilities
0198277695: Monarchy and the Constitution
0198277717: Hugo Grotius and International Relations
0198277768: Politics of Spirituality : A Study of a Renewal Process in an English Diocese
0198277784: International Politics of the Environment : Actors, Interests, and Institutions
0198277822: Social Change and the Experience of Unemployment
0198277830: Regime Theory and International Relations
0198277849: Treasury and Whitehall : The Planning and Control of Public Expenditure, 1976-1993
0198277857: True Blues : The Politics of Conservative Party Membership
0198277865: True Blues : The Politics of Conservative Party Membership
0198277873: Pandaemonium : Ethnicity in International Politics
0198277903: Tribes, Government, and History in Yemen
0198278322: Five Women of Sennar : Culture and Change in Central Sudan
0198278357: The New Select Committees: A Study of the 1979 Reforms
0198278365: Europe after American Withdrawal : Economic and Military Issues
0198278373: National Implementation of the Future Chemical Weapons Convention
0198278411: Japan's International Youth : The Emergence of a New Class of Schoolchildren
0198278454: United Nations, Divided World : The UN's Roles in International Relations
0198278470: Kinship and Marriage among the Nuer
0198278489: Interpreting Northern Ireland by Whyte, John Henry
0198278500: Israel's Border Wars, 1949-1956 : Arab Infiltration, Israeli Retaliation, and the Countdown to the Suez War
0198278535: Female Bridegroom : A Comparative Study in Life-Crisis Rituals in South India and Sri Lanka
0198278551: Thinkers of the Twenty Years' Crisis : Inter-War Idealism Reassessed
0198278594: Politics and Policy in the European Community
0198278608: British Politics
0198278624: SIPRI Yearbook, 1990 : World Armaments and Disarmament
0198278640: Market, State, and Community : Theoretical Foundations of Market Socialism
0198278659: Society and Exchange in Nias
0198278683: Isaiah Berlin's Liberalism
0198278691: Wrapping in Images : Tattooing in Polynesia
0198278713: Liberalism Community, and Culture
0198278756: Failure in British Government : The Politics of the Poll Tax
0198278810: Industrial Power and the Soviet State
0198278829: Interpretation of Caste
0198278837: Social Dimensions of Sectarianism : Sects and New Religious Movements in Contemporary Society
0198278861: Government and Politics in Western Europe : Britain, France, Italy, Germany
0198278918: Economic Democracy : The Politics of Feasible Socialism
0198278926: Ministers and Parliament : Accountability in Theory and Practice
0198278942: Employer Strategy and the Labour Market
0198278950: Preferences, Institutions, and Rational Choice
0198278985: Impossible Peace : Britain, the Division of Germany, and the Origins of the Cold War
0198279000: Knowledge and Secrecy in an Aboriginal Religion
0198279027: People of the Alas Valley : A Study of an Ethic Group of Northern Sumatra
0198279035: Unwrapping Christmas
0198279078: Nuer Prophets : A History of Prophecy from the Upper Nile in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0198279132: Justice As Impartiality
0198279140: Skill and Occupational Change
0198279159: Time to Chant : The Soka Gakkai Buddhists in Britain
0198279183: Parties and Their Members : Organizing for Victory in Britain and Germany
0198279191: Global Migrants, Local Lives : Travel and Transformation in Rural Bangladesh
0198279205: Trade Unionism in Recession
0198279213: Marxism and Democracy
0198279221: Communitarianism and Its Critics
0198279248: Marxism and the City
0198279256: Parties and Democracy : Coalition Formation and Government Functioning in Twenty States
0198279264: United Nations, Divided World
0198279280: Skill and Occupational Change
0198279299: 1948 and After : Israel and the Palestinians
0198279302: Resurgence of Regionalism in World Politics : Regionalism in World Politics
0198279310: Pathways to Social Class : A Qualitative Approach to Social Mobility
0198279345: Democracy : The Unfinished Journey, 508 B. C. to A. D. 1993
0198279426: Politics of Presence : Democracy and Group Representation
0198279450: Anthropology, Art, and Aesthetics
0198279469: Pandaemonium : Ethnicity in International Politics
0198279477: Archetypal Actions of Ritual : A Theory of Ritual Illustrated by the Jain Rite of Worship
0198279523: For Love of Country : An Essay on Patriotism and Nationalism
0198279531: Reappraising Political Theory : Revisionist Studies in the History of Political Thought
0198279558: Citizens and the State
0198279566: Beliefs in Government
0198279582: Public Opinion and Internationalized Governance
0198279590: Really Existing Nationalisms : A Post-Communist View from Marx and Engels
0198279604: Contested Hierarchies : A Collaborative Ethnography of Caste among the Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
0198279612: Age and Generation in Modern Britain
0198279639: Political Theory of Rights
0198279655: Youth and Employment in Modern Britain
0198279671: John Locke and America
0198279698: Politics of Environmental Discourse
0198279728: Industrial Enterprise and European Integration
0198279736: Decline of Donnish Dominion : The British Academic Professions in the Twentieth Century
0198279744: Industrial Relations and European State Traditions
0198279795: Occidentalism : Images of the West
0198279817: Inside the Cult : Religious Innovation and Transmission in Papua New Guinea
0198279825: Art of Being Black : The Creation of Black British Youth Identities
0198279841: Political Culture of Contemporary Britain : People and Politicians, Principles and Practice
0198279906: Care, Gender, and Justice
0198279914: Constitutional Policy and Change in Europe
0198279922: Federalizing Europe? : The Costs, Benefits, and Preconditions of Federal Political Systems
0198279949: Moshe Sharett : Biography of a Political Moderate
0198279957: Reappraising Political Theory : Revisionist Studies in the History of Political Thought
0198279973: Our Global Neighborhood : The Report of the Commission on Global Governance
0198279981: Our Global Neighborhood : The Report of the Commission on Global Governance
0198280017: Handbook of Social Science Research : A Comprehensive and Practical Guide for Students
0198280025: In Pursuit of the Quality of Life
0198280033: NATO and the Nuclear Revolution : A Crisis of Credibility, 1966-1967
0198280041: Britain, Germany, and Western Nuclear Strategy
0198280076: Right of Conquest : The Acquisition of Territory by Force in International Law and Practice
0198280084: Pluralism, Justice, and Equality
0198280092: Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium 1996
0198280106: Anthropology of Landscape : Perspectives on Place and Space
0198280114: Internal Factors in Russian Foreign Policy
0198280122: Ambiguity and Deterrence : British Nuclear Strategy, 1945-1964
0198280149: Art and Agency : An Anthropological Theory
0198280157: New Handbook of Political Science
0198280165: Separate and Unequal : Black Americans and the U. S. Federal Government
0198280181: Syria and Israel : From War to Peacemaking
0198280211: India Redefines Its Roles : Adelphi Papers
0198280238: Crisis of the Iranian State
0198280246: Beyond Indochina
0198280254: Multinational Military Forces : A European Perspective; Adelphi Papers
0198280270: Interpretation of Caste
0198280289: Wrapping Culture : Politeness, Presentation, and Power in Japan and Other Societies
0198280297: Regime Theory and International Relations
0198280319: Riches and Renunciation
0198280327: State Formation, Nation-Building, and Mass Politics in Europe
0198280335: Political Economy of Japanese Society : The State or the Market?
0198280343: Political Economy of Japanese Society : Internationalization and Domestic Issues
0198280351: Elitism, Populism, and European Politics
0198280386: Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America : Uruguay and Chile
0198280394: Welfare Regimes and the Experience of Unemployment in Europe
0198280408: Art of the State : Culture, Rhetoric, and Public Management
0198280424: Riches and Renunciation
0198280432: State of the World's Refugees : The Search for Solutions
0198280440: State of the World's Refugees, 1995
0198280459: Heat of the Hearth : The Process of Kinship in a Malay Fishing Community
0198280467: Heat of the Hearth : The Process of Kinship in a Malay Fishing Community
0198280475: On Nationality
0198280483: Politics of Child Daycare in Britain
0198280505: Sdp : The Birth, Life, and Death of the Social Democratic Party
0198280548: Electoral Systems and Party Systems : A Study of Twenty-Seven Democracies, 1945-1990
0198280556: Military Balance 1995-1996 : Whither un Peacekeeping?
0198280580: Rush to Union : Understanding the European Federal Bargain
0198280602: Participation and Policy-Making in the European Union
0198280610: International Action Against Racial Discrimination
0198280629: Comparative Competition Policy
0198280637: Against the Masses : Varieties of Anti-Democratic Thought since the French Revolution
0198280645: Cohesion Policy and European Integration : Building Multi-Level Governance
0198280653: Religion in Modern Europe : A Memory Mutates
0198280661: Unwrapping Christmas
0198280688: Shamans and Elders : Experience, Knowledge, and Power among the Daur Mongols
0198280696: Towards a New Balance of Power in Asia
0198280734: Procedure of the U. N. Security Council
0198280742: Politics of Telecommunications : National Institutions, Convergences, and Change in Britain and France
0198280750: Corporate Business and Capitalist Classes
0198280769: Corporate Business and Capitalist Classes
0198280785: Britain for and Against Europe : British Politics and the Question of European Integration
0198280793: People Who Run Europe
0198280823: Democracy Between Consolidation and Crisis : Parties, Groups, and Citizens in Southern Europe
0198280831: Regimes, Politics, and Markets : Democratization and Economic Change in Southern and Eastern Europe
0198280858: Conversion Survey, 1996 : Global Disarmament, Demilitarization, and Demobilization
0198280866: Between Equalization and Marginalization
0198280882: Children First
0198280904: Wrapping in Images : Tattooing in Polynesia
0198280912: Strategic Survey, 1995-96
0198280920: Politics of Oil in the Caucasus and Central Asia
0198280939: Humanitarian Action in War : Aid, Protection and Impartiality in a Vacuum
0198280955: End of Class Politics? : Class Voting in Comparative Context
0198280963: Growing Up in Stepfamilies
0198280971: Growing up in Stepfamilies
0198280998: Regulation Inside Government : Waste-Watchers, Quality Police, and Sleaze-Busters
0198281102: A Revision of Demand Theory
0198281196: Critique of Welfare Economics
0198281455: Equilibrium, Stability and Growth : A Multi-Sectoral Analysis
0198281501: Capital and Growth
0198281552: Critical Essays in Monetary Theory
0198281587: The Structure of Earnings
0198281595: The Price Mechanism And The Meaning Of National Income Statistics
0198281609: Land Reform in Principle and Practice
0198281641: Theory of Economic Growth
0198281668: Growth Theory,
0198281684: Productivity and Factor Proportions in Less Developed Countries
0198281692: Theory Of Money
0198281722: Monetary Theory and Monetary Policy in the 1970's
0198281730: The Social Framework, An Introduction to Economics
0198281803: Theory of Demand Real & Monetary
0198281846: Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations
0198281854: The Correspondence Of Adam Smith
0198281862: Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres
0198281870: Essays on Philosophical Subjects, with Dugald Stewart's Account of Adam Smith Vol. 3
0198281889: Lectures on Jurisprudence
0198281897: Theory of Moral Sentiments
0198281935: On Economic Inequality
0198281943: Value and Price in the Labour-Surplus Economy
0198281951: Intercountry Income Distribution and Transnational Enterprises
0198281978: NOISE & PRICES
0198282133: British Economy of the Nineteenth Century
0198282214: The Industrial Revolution in Coventry
0198282265: An Economic History of Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
0198282354: Courtaulds: an Economic and Social History
0198282370: Real Wages in Germany, 1871-1913
0198282427: Labour Disputes in Soviet Russia, 1957-1965
0198282435: The Great Debasement: Currency and the Economy in Mid-Tudor England
0198282443: The Economic Development of Guyana, 1953-1964,
0198282508: Money in Britain, 1959-1969;: The papers of the Radcliffe Report--Ten Years...
0198282516: Prosperity and Depression in Australia 1887-1897.
0198282524: Workers' Union
0198282540: A history of British railways down to the year 1830,
0198282567: Seventeenth Century Economic Documents
0198282621: Regional Wage Variations in Britain 1850-1914
0198282699: Value and Capital
0198282702: British Electrical Industry, 1875-1914
0198282710: Business Imperialism, Eighteen Forty to Nineteen Thirty : An Inquiry Based on British Experience in Latin America
0198282737: Steam power and British industrialization to 1860
0198282745: Economic Policy and Projects : The Development of a Consumer Society in Early Modern England
0198282753: Conservation of Coinage : Monetary Exploitation and Its Restraint in France, Catalonia, and Aragon C.1000-1225 A.D.
0198282826: History of the British Coal Industry Before 1700 : Towards the Age of Coal
0198282834: History of the British Coal Industry
0198282842: History of the British Coal Industry Vol. 3 : Victorian Pre-Eminence
0198282893: Managed Economy : Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance Since 1929
0198282907: Managed Economy : Essays in British Economic Policy and Performance Since 1929
0198282931: Tanzania : A Political Economy
0198282958: History of the British Coal Industry, 1946-1982 Vol. 5 : The Nationalized Industry
0198282990: Kleinwort Benson : The History of Two Families in Banking
0198283008: Growth Recurring : Economic Change in World History
0198283016: Landowners, Capitalists, and Entrepreneurs : Essays for Sir John Habakkuk
0198283059: History and the Economic Past : An Account of the Rise and Decline of Economic History in Britain
0198283067: Morgan Grenfell, 1838-1988 : The Biography of a Merchant Bank
0198283091: Japanese Financial System
0198283164: Dynamic Econometrics
0198283180: Japanese Enterprise System : Competitive Strategies and Cooperative Structures
0198283199: Critique of Monetary Policy : Theory and British Experience
0198283202: Keynes's Vision : A New Political Economy
0198283229: Providing Health Care : The Economics of Alternative Systems of Finance and Delivery
0198283237: Labour Market Policy and Unemployment Insurance
0198283253: Policy Issues for Interdependent Economics
0198283288: Decline of Mortality in Europe
0198283334: Seven Schools of Macroeconomic Thought : The Arne Ryde Memorial Lectures
0198283342: Inequality Reexamined
0198283369: Public Economics in Action
0198283393: Long-Run Economic Relationships : Readings in Cointegration
0198283474: Imperfect Competition and International Commodity Trade : Theory, Dynamics and Policy Modelling
0198283482: Nicholas Kaldor : The Economics and Politics of Capitalism as a Dynamic System
0198283644: Financial Openness and National Autonomy : Opportunities and Constraints
0198283652: Hunger and Public Action
0198283660: Family Demography
0198283695: Privatization : A Theoretical Treatment
0198283733: Theory of Production : Tasks, Processes, and Technical Practices
0198283768: States or Markets ?
0198283792: Trade, Employment, and Welfare : A Comparative Study of Trade and Labour Market Policies in Sweden and New Zealand, 1880-1980
0198283806: Social Corporatism : A Superior Economic System?
0198283814: Game Theory and Economic Modelling
0198283822: International Handbook of Participation in Organizations : For the Study of Organizational Democracy, Co-Operation, and Self-Management: the Challenge of New Technology and Macro-Political Change
0198283849: Family Systems and Cultural Change
0198283873: Commodities in Crisis
0198283881: Formation of Econometrics : A Historical Perspective
0198283903: Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality
0198283911: Population, Food and Rural Development
0198283954: Quality of Life
0198283962: Nutrition and Poverty
0198283989: Dynamic Forces in Capitalist Development
0198283997: From Marx to the Market : Socialism in Search of an Economic System
0198284012: Trade Policy and Economic Welfare
0198284020: Financing of Economic Development
0198284055: Industrialization of Egypt 1939-1973 : Policy and Performance
0198284136: The Theory of Protection
0198284152: Theory of Income Distribution
0198284160: A Contribution to the Theory of the Trade Cycle
0198284195: Palanpur : The Economy of an Indian Village
0198284209: Slow Growth in Britain: Causes and Consequences
0198284225: System of Social Science : Papers Relating to Adam Smith
0198284233: Critical Essays in Monetary Theory
0198284314: Evolutionary Theory of Economic Growth
0198284349: Unemployment : Macroeconomic Performance and the Labour Market
0198284446: Economic History of Eastern Europe, 1919-1975 : Economic Structure and Performance Between the Two Wars
0198284454: Economic History of Eastern Europe, 1919-75 Vol. 2 : Economic Structure and Performance Between the Two Wars,Interwar Policy,War &Reconstruction
0198284462: Economic History of Eastern Europe, 1919-1975 : Institutional Change Within a Planned Economy
0198284519: Phases of Capitalist Development
0198284535: British Economic Growth 1856-1973: The Post-war Period in Historical Perspective (Studies of Economic Growth in Industrialized Countries)
0198284543: Taxation of Mineral Rents
0198284608: Progress in Natural Resource Economics
0198284632: Poverty and Famines : An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation
0198284659: Reproductive Change in Developing Countries
0198284683: Inflation, Unemployment and the Market
0198284721: Stabilizing Speculative Commodity Markets
0198284764: Consumer Spatial Theory
0198284799: Oil substitution: World outlook to 2020 : New Delhi, 1983 : report
0198284810: Yugoslav Socialism: Theory & Practice
0198284845: Causes of Unemployment
0198284888: Western European Energy Policies : A Comparative Study
0198284977: State of the Worlds Children 1985
0198285035: Models of the Uk Economy: A Review by the Esrc MacRoeconomic Modelling Bureau
0198285051: Labour and Poverty in Kenya, 1900-80
0198285116: International Comparisons of the Distribution of Household Wealth
0198285132: Labour and the Political Economy in Israel
0198285140: Markets & Famines
0198285167: Welfare in Transition : Living Conditions in Sweden, 1968-1981
0198285175: Oil and the International Economy
0198285183: Food Aid : The Challenge and the Opportunity
0198285213: Separability and Aggregation : Collected Works of W. M. Gorman
0198285248: Domesday Economy : A New Approach to Anglo-Norman History
0198285256: World Fertility Survey : An Assessment of Its Contribution
0198285302: Methods of Dynamic Economics
0198285310: Labour and Poverty in Rural Tanzania : Ujamaa and Rural Development
0198285329: Agrarian Impasse in Bengal : Institutional Constraints to Technological Change
0198285469: Debt and Development Crises in Latin America
0198285485: Nature of Unemployment in Britain : Studies of the DHSS Cohort
0198285507: Revision of Demand Theory
0198285531: Capitalism With Morality
0198285558: Development Planning : The Indian Experience
0198285604: Search for Labour Market Flexibility : The European Economies in Transition
0198285612: World Labour Report
0198285663: Index to the Works of Adam Smith
0198285701: Correspondence of Adam Smith
0198285752: Finance Constraints, Expectations and Macroeconomics
0198285760: Portrait of Pay, 1970-82 : An Analysis of the New Earnings Survey
0198285817: Peasants vs. City-Dwellers : Taxation and the Burden of Economic Development
0198285825: Public Policy and Economic Development : Essays in Honor of Ian Little
0198285833: Yugoslav Socialism : Theory and Practice
0198285892: Prices, Quantities, and Expectations : Keynes and Macroeconomics in the Fifty Years since the Publication of the General Theory
0198285906: Adam Smith's Library
0198285922: Information Management : The Strategic Dimension
0198285930: Tax Reform and the Cost of Capital
0198285957: The New Industrial Organization: Market Forces and Strategic Behaviour
0198285965: Japanese Financial System
0198285981: International Money
0198286023: Global Report on Human Settlements, 1986
0198286058: Optimal Income Tax and Redistribution
0198286066: Economic Borders of the State
0198286082: Market for Energy
0198286090: Adjustment with a Human Face : Protecting the Vulnerable and Promoting Growth
0198286112: Adjustment With a Human Face
0198286201: Controlled Open Economies : A Neoclassical Approach to Structuralism
0198286236: Pension Schemes and Pension Funds in the United Kingdom
0198286287: Mechanism of Economic Development : Growth in the Japanese and East Asian Economies
0198286309: Efficiency, Stability, and Equity: A Strategy for the Evolution of the Economic System of the European Community
0198286333: Models of the U. K. Economy : A Fourth Review by the ESRC Macroeconomic Modelling Bureau
0198286341: Hunger and Public Action
0198286368: Political Economy of Hunger
0198286376: Political Economy of Hunger Vol. 3 : Endemic Hunger
0198286384: Varieties of Stabilization Experience: Towards Sensible Macroeconomics in the Third World
0198286414: Keynes's Vision : A New Political Economy
0198286422: Political Macroeconomics
0198286430: Finance and the International Economy: The Amex Bank Review Prize Essays
0198286465: Population, Food and Rural Development (International Studies in Demography)
0198286481: Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality
0198286546: Happiness Quantified
0198286554: Growth Through Competition, Competition Through Growth : A Study of Japanese Management
0198286597: Demographic Transition : Stages, Patterns, and Economic Implications
0198286635: Crisis, Stabilization, and Economic Reform : Therapy by Consensus
0198286651: Collected Works of Michal Kalecki Vol. 3 : Socialism: Functioning and Long-Run Planning
0198286678: Collected Works of Michal Kalecki Vol. 5 : Developing Economies
0198286686: Collected Works of Michal Kalecki Vol. VI : Studies in Applied Economics 1927-1941
0198286708: Trade Unions, Employment, and Unemployment Duration
0198286759: European Payments Union : Financial Diplomacy in the 1950s
0198286805: Illegitimacy, Sex and Society : Northeast Scotland, 1750-1900
0198286864: Logic of the Planned Economy : The Seeds of Collapse
0198286899: Modelling Economic Series
0198286910: Debt and Development Crises in Latin America
0198286937: International Macroeconomics
0198286945: Dominating Knowledge : Development, Culture, and Resistance
0198286996: The Economics of Social Security
0198287127: F. Y. Edgeworth's Mathematical Psychics and Further Papers on Political Economy
0198287135: Cataclysms and Earth History : The Development of Diluvialism
0198287224: International Economics and Financial Markets : The AMEX Bank Review Prize Essays
0198287240: Market Theory of Money
0198287267: Monopolistic Competition and International Trade
0198287275: Markets and Famines
0198287291: Public Economics
0198287305: International Money : Post-War Trends and Theories
0198287313: Varieties of Stabilization Experience : Towards Sensible Macroeconomics in the Third World
0198287364: Modelling Economic Series
0198287380: Event History Analysis in Demography
0198287399: Economics of Order and Disorder : The Market as Organizer and Creator
0198287410: Golden Age of Capitalism : Reinterpreting the Postwar Experience
0198287429: New View of Economic Growth
0198287488: Italy : Structural Problems in the Italian Economy
0198287496: Government and the Enterprise since 1900 : The Changing Problem of Efficiency
0198287534: Economic Trends in Chinese Agriculture
0198287542: Fertility and Household Labour in Tanzania : Demography, Economy, and Society in Rufiji District, C.1870-1986
0198287569: Inquiry into Well-being and Destitution
0198287585: Overcentralization in Economic Administration
0198287607: Price Rigidity
0198287623: Economic Theory of Agrarian Institutions
0198287631: State of Welfare : The Welfare State in Britain since 1974
0198287658: Political Economy of Large Natural Disasters : With Special Reference to Developing Countries
0198287666: Finance and the International Economy No. 5 : The AMEX Bank Review Prize Essays, 1991
0198287674: Environment and Emerging Development Issues
0198287682: Environment and Emerging Development Issues
0198287720: Rationality, Allocation, and Reproduction
0198287747: Public Policy and the Economy since 1900
0198287755: Externality and Institutions
0198287771: Agricultural Instability in China, 1931-1990 : Weather, Technology, and Institutions
0198287828: Macro Markets : Creating Institutions for Managing Society's Largest Economic Risks
0198287836: Controlled Open Economies : A Neoclassical Approach to Structuralism
0198287852: Resources, Deprivation, and Poverty
0198287879: Changing Times : Work and Leisure in Postindustrial Society
0198287887: Capital Markets and Corporate Governance
0198287895: Choice, Welfare, and Development : A Festschrift in Honour of Amartya K. Sen
0198287909: Legacies of Maoist Economic Development in Sichuan
0198287968: Finance and the International Economy Vol. 8 : The AMEX Bank Review Prize Essays
0198287976: Quality of Life
0198287992: Fundamental Determinants of Exchange Rates
0198288026: Technology and Industrial Development in Japan : Building Capabilities by Learning, Innovation and Public Policy
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