0198501722: Evolution on Islands
0198501730: Influential Passengers : Inherited Microorganisms and Arthropod Reproduction
0198501765: Quantum Theory of Light
0198501773: Quantum Theory of Light
0198501781: Domain Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations
0198501897: Defect and Microstructure Analysis by Diffraction
0198501900: Wavelets, Multilevel Methods and Elliptic PDE's
0198501927: Wind-over-Wave Couplings : Perspectives and Prospects
0198501943: Introduction to Algebra
0198501978: The Crucible of Creation : The Burgess Shale and the Explosion of Life
0198501986: Planet Quest : The Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems
0198502028: Mathematics in Signal Processing IV
0198502036: Molecular Plant Development : From Gene to Plant
0198502079: Invitation to Discrete Mathematics
0198502087: Invitation to Discrete Mathematics
0198502133: Cuckoos : Cuculidae
0198502168: Basic Mathematics for Biochemists
0198502184: Physics of Block Copolymers
0198502192: Combinatorial Chemistry
0198502222: Biology of Mangroves
0198502273: Quantum Mechanics 2 : The Toolkit
0198502311: Evolutionary Genetics
0198502338: Intelligent Data Analysis in Science
0198502370: Linear Algebra
0198502389: Linear Algebra
0198502400: Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis
0198502419: Radical Reactions in Organic Synthesis
0198502435: Self-Made Tapestry : Pattern Formation in Nature
0198502443: Self-Made Tapestry : Pattern Formation in Nature
0198502451: Functions of Bounded Variation and Free Discontinuity Problems
0198502478: Tyrosine Phosphoprotein Phosphatases
0198502486: Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factors
0198502494: Lysosomal Cysteine Proteases
0198502508: Characters of Finite Coxeter Groups and Iwahori-Hecke Algebras
0198502516: Graph Theory As I Have Known It
0198502524: Weak Hydrogen Bond : Applications to Structural Chemistry and Biology
0198502540: Between Inner Space and Outer Space : Essays on Science Art and Philosophy
0198502567: Crucible of Creation : The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals
0198502575: From Calculus to Chaos : An Introduction to Dynamics
0198502583: Mathematics of Plato's Academy : A New Reconstruction
0198502591: Non-Aqueous Solvents
0198502605: Oligosaccharides : Their Synthesis and Biological Roles
0198502621: Organophosphorus Reagents : A Practical Approach in Chemistry
0198502656: Oligosaccharides: Their Synthesis and Biological Roles
0198502664: Molecules at an Exhibition : Portraits of Intriguing Materials in Everyday Life
0198502680: Matrix Metalloproteinases and TIMPs
0198502699: Geometry of Four-Manifolds
0198502710: Stepping Stones : The Making of Our Home World
0198502745: Human Inheritance : Genes, Languages, and Evolution
0198502753: Protecting Group Chemistry
0198502761: Finite Element Method and Its Reliability
0198502788: Approximating Integrals via Monte Carlo and Deterministic Methods
0198502796: Numerical Analysis : A Mathematical Introduction
0198502834: Aquatic Environmental Chemistry
0198502842: Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves
0198502885: Peptidyl-Prolyl Cis/Trans Isomerases
0198502893: Analytical Chemistry
0198502915: Taking Chances : Winning with Probability
0198502923: Taking Chances : Winning with Probability
0198502958: Projective Geometries over Finite Fields
0198502966: Calorimetry : Energy Measurement in Particle Physics
0198502974: Mystic, Geometer, and Intuitionist : The Life of L. E. J. Brouwer: the Dawning Revolution
0198503040: Evolution of Biological Diversity
0198503059: Evolution of Biological Diversity
0198503067: Change, Choice and Inference : A Study of Belief Revision and Nonmonotonic Reasoning
0198503075: Pericyclic Reactions
0198503091: Polymer Chemistry : A Practical Approach in Chemistry
0198503113: Variety of Life : A Survey and a Celebration of All the Creatures that Have Ever Lived
0198503148: Methods and Algorithms for Radio Channel Assignment
0198503164: Antisense Technology in the Central Nervous System
0198503180: Learning to Cope : Developing As a Person in Complex Societies
0198503202: Through Our Eyes Only? : The Search for Animal Consciousness
0198503229: Bats : Biology and Behaviour
0198503237: Consciousness and Human Identity
0198503245: Evolution of Consciousness
0198503261: Post-Genome Informatics
0198503288: Surface Chemistry
0198503326: Invisible Enemy : A Natural History of Viruses
0198503334: Getting the Message : A History of Communications
0198503350: Foundations of Spectroscopy
0198503369: Narrow Roads of Gene Land Vol. 2 : The Collected Papers of W. D. Hamilton: Evolution of Sex
0198503407: Nature's Building Blocks : An A-Z Guide to the Elements
0198503415: Nature's Building Blocks : An A-Z Guide to the Elements
0198503431: Art of Genes : How Organisms Make Themselves
0198503458: Fossils and Evolution
0198503466: Organic Chemistry
0198503520: Physics of Solids
0198503547: Transcription Regulation in Prokaryotes
0198503563: Domestication of Plants in the Old World : The Origin and Spread of Cultivated Plants in West Asia, Europe, and the Nile Valley
0198503571: Domestication of Plants in the Old World : The Origin and Spread of Cultivated Plants in West Asia, Europe, and the Nile Valley
0198503601: Foundations of Physics for Chemists
0198503628: Harmonic Morphisms Between Riemannian Manifolds
0198503636: Algebraic Projective Geometry
0198503644: Isaac Newton : Eighteenth-Century Perspectives
0198503652: Meme Machine
0198503660: Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain
0198503679: Mathematical Theory of Plasticity
0198503687: Theory of Probability
0198503695: Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices
0198503709: Mathematical Theory of Black Holes
0198503725: Process Development : Physicochemical Concepts
0198503733: Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
0198503741: Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism
0198503806: Lucifer's Legacy : The Meaning of Asymmetry
0198503814: Fibring Logics
0198503830: From Bench to Market : The Evolution of Chemical Synthesis
0198503849: From Bench to Market : The Evolution of Chemical Synthesis
0198503873: Touch, Representation, and Blindness
0198503881: Touch, Representation, and Blindness
0198503903: P- and Hp- Finite Element Methods : Theory and Applications to Solid and Fluid Mechanics
0198503911: James Joseph Sylvester : Life and Work in Letters
0198503938: Frogs, Flies, and Dandelions : Speciation--The Evolution of New Species
0198503946: Mathematical Analysis During the 20th Century
0198503954: Analysis of Hamiltonian PDEs
0198503970: Perfect Incompressible Fluids
0198503989: Lattice Boltzmann Equation for Fluid Dynamics and Beyond
0198503997: CP Violation
0198504004: Quantum Dynamical Systems
0198504039: Pills, Potions, And Poisons
0198504071: Microsatellites : Evolution and Applications
0198504098: Emergence: From Chaos to Order
0198504136: Mapping Time : The Calendar and Its History
0198504144: Search for Extraterrestrial Life : Essays on Science and Technology
0198504152: NMR : The Toolkit
0198504160: Modern Electric Vehicle Technology
0198504179: Virus Dynamics : Mathematical Principles of Immunology and Virology
0198504209: Iterative Methods for Toeplitz Systems
0198504217: Integrable Systems : Twistors, Loop Groups and Riemann Surfaces
0198504233: Introduction to Computer Simulation
0198504241: Fossils and Evolution
0198504268: Biology of Soft Shores and Estuaries
0198504276: Biology of Soft Shores and Estuaries
0198504284: Foundations of Science Mathematics
0198504292: Foundations of Science Mathematics : Worked Problems
0198504306: Taking Chances : Winning with Probability
0198504314: France : Travellers' Nature Guide
0198504330: Travellers' Nature Guide Britain
0198504357: Spain
0198504373: Greece : Travellers' Nature Guide
0198504403: Genetical Theory of Natural Selection : A Complete Variorum Edition
0198504438: Food Intolerance : What Causes It and How to Avoid It
0198504446: Nine Numbers of the Cosmos
0198504454: Evolution in Health and Disease
0198504462: Computers in Chemistry
0198504470: Supramolecular Chemistry
0198504500: Symmetric Functions and Hall Polynomials
0198504519: Introduction to Symplectic Topology
0198504527: Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules : Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Condensed Matter Studies
0198504535: Structure and Dynamics of Biomolecules : Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation for Condensed Matter Studies
0198504543: Genetic Destinies
0198504594: Oxford Book of Health Foods
0198504624: Foundations of Physical Chemistry : Worked Examples
0198504632: Actin
0198504640: Plant Life in the World's Mediterranean Climates : California, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and the Mediterranean Basin
0198504659: One-Dimensional Variational Problems Vol. 15 : An Introduction
0198504667: Nature's Robots
0198504675: f Elements
0198504691: Further Inventions of Daedalus : A Compendium of Plausible Schemes
0198504748: Introduction to Protein Architecture
0198504772: Broadening Electrochemical Horizons : Principles and Illustration of Voltammetric and Related Techniques
0198504780: Broadening Electrochemical Horizons : Principles and Illustration of Voltammetric and Related Techniques (Oxford Science Publications)
0198504802: Antiviral Chemotherapy
0198504810: Spin Choreography : Basic Steps in High Resolution NMR
0198504853: Bayesian Statistics 6 : Proceedings of the Sixth Valencia International Meeting
0198504861: Particle Odyssey : A Journey to the Heart of Matter
0198504888: Dendrites
0198504896: From Molecules to Crystallizers
0198504934: Origins of Life : From the Birth of Life to the Origin of Language
0198504985: Mind of Her Own : The Evolutionary Psychology of Women
0198505000: Colour Perception : Mind and the Physical World
0198505019: Amygdala : A Functional Analysis
0198505027: Foundations of Colloid Science
0198505035: Behavioural Ecology of Teleost Fishes
0198505051: Defenders of the Truth : The Battle for Science in the Sociobiology Debate and Beyond
0198505078: Chimpanzees of the Tai Forest : Behavioural Ecology and Evolution
0198505094: Myosins
0198505108: Infinite Cosmos : Questions from the Frontiers of Cosmology
0198505132: Genera Orchidacearum : General Introduction, Apostasioideae, Cypripedioideae
0198505140: ICIAM 99 : Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Edinburgh
0198505159: Limits of Attention : Temporal Constraints on Human Information Processing
0198505167: Limits of Attention : Temporal Constraints in Human Information Processing
0198505191: Inner Vision : An Exploration of Art and the Brain
0198505205: Cardiovascular Flow Modelling and Measurement with Application to Clinical Medicine
0198505213: Wavelets : An Analysis Tool
0198505221: Ecology of Adaptive Radiation
0198505280: Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience
0198505337: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry
0198505353: From Kant to Hilbert (Volume 1)
0198505361: From Kant to Hilbert
0198505388: Antisense Technology in the Central Nervous System
0198505396: Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain
0198505450: Unconventional Collagens
0198505469: Bringing Chemistry to Life : From Matter to Man
0198505493: Physics of Particle Accelerators
0198505507: Physics of Particle Accelerators
0198505523: Basics of Crystallography and Diffraction
0198505531: Basics of Crystallography and Diffraction
0198505558: Computers Ltd : What They Really Can't Do
0198505582: Fortran 90/95 Explained
0198505590: Models for Repeated Measurements
0198505612: Statistical Mechanics of Interacting Wal
0198505620: Methods in Comparative Plant Population Ecology
0198505647: Ecological Methods in Forest Insect Management
0198505655: Millennium Atlas of Butterflies in Britain and Ireland
0198505728: Quantum Chromodynamics : High Energy Experiments and Theory
0198505736: Special Functions : A Unified Theory Based on Singularities
0198505760: Introductory Statistical Mechanics
0198505795: Quantum Processes in Semiconductors
0198505809: Quantum Processes in Semiconductors
0198505825: Neuropsychology of Vision
0198505833: Foundations of Organic Chemistry : Worked Examples
0198505841: Genetic Prehistory in Selective Breeding : A Prelude to Mendel
0198505884: Mathematical and Computational Methods for Compressible Flow
0198505892: Soft Condensed Matter
0198505906: Soft Condensed Matter
0198505914: Magnetism in Condensed Matter
0198505922: Magnetism in Condensed Matter
0198505930: Electrodynamics from Ampere to Einstein
0198505949: Electrodynamics from Ampere to Einstein
0198506015: Compact Manifolds with Special Holonomy
0198506031: Electomagnetic Theory
0198506058: Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals
0198506066: Photographic Guide to Butterflies of Britain and Europe
0198506074: Photographic Guide to Butterflies of Britain and Europe
0198506082: Polychaetes
0198506120: Optical Properties of Solids
0198506139: Optical Properties of Solids
0198506147: Genius of Science
0198506171: Aqueous Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations
0198506198: Ecology of Wildlife Diseases
0198506260: Random Geometric Graphs
0198506287: Similarity and Categorization
0198506309: Out of Mind
0198506333: From DNA Damage and Stress Signalling to Cell Death : Poly ADP-Ribosylation Reactions
0198506341: Principles of Pulse Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
0198506376: Atherosclerosis : Gene Expresion, Cell Interactions, and Oxidation
0198506406: Helium Three
0198506449: Band Theory and Electronic Properties of Solids
0198506457: Band Theory and Electronic Properties of Solids
0198506465: Introduction to Infant Development
0198506481: System Control and Rough Paths
0198506503: Likelihood Methods in Statistics
0198506511: Hilbert Challenge : A Perspective on Twentieth Century Mathematics
0198506546: Numerical Methods for Delay Differential Equations
0198506554: DNA Topology. Second Edition.
0198506562: Flat and Curved Space-Times
0198506570: Flat and Curved Space-Times
0198506589: Climbing the Mountain : The Scientific Biography of Julian Schwinger
0198506597: Dispersal
0198506600: Dispersal
0198506686: Experimental Protocols for Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species
0198506716: Deep Inelastic Scattering
0198506724: Orthogonal Polynomials : Computation and Approximation
0198506732: Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
0198506740: Pandora's Picnic Basket : The Potential and Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods
0198506759: Introduction to Interactive Boundary Layer Theory
0198506775: Structure and Dynamics : An Atomic View of Materials
0198506783: Structure and Dynamics : An Atomic View of Materials
0198506791: Electricity and Magnetism in Biological Systems
0198506805: Electricity and Magnetism in Biological Systems
0198506813: Animal Evolution : Interrelationships of the Living Phyla
0198506821: Animal Evolution : Interrelationships of the Living Phyla
0198506856: Glutamine Repeats and Neurodegenerative Diseases : Molecular Aspects
0198506864: Multidimensional Continued Fractions
0198506872: Quantum Gravity
0198506880: Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Estimating Equations
0198506902: Geometry Civilized
0198506937: Introduction to Numerical Methods in C++
0198506945: Renormalization Methods : A Guide for Beginners
0198506953: Atomic Physics
0198506961: Atomic Physics
0198506988: Green Chemistry : Theory and Practice
0198507003: Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws : The One-Dimensional Cuachy Problem
0198507038: Matrices for Statistics
0198507054: Symbolic Computation for Statistical Inference
0198507062: Strong Imagination : Madness, Creativity and Human Nature
0198507070: Undergrowth of Science : Delusion, Self-Deception and Human Frailty
0198507089: Principles of Multivariate Analysis : A User's Perspective
0198507097: Photographic Guide to Sea and Shore Life of Britain and North-West Europe
0198507100: Genera Orchidacearum
0198507119: Genera Orchidacearum Vol. 3, Pt 2 : Orchidoideae, Vanilloideae
0198507143: Consumer's Guide to GM Food : From Green Genes to Red Herrings
0198507151: Origins of Creativity
0198507178: Discrete Mathematics
0198507194: Bose-Einstein Condensation
0198507232: Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics
0198507240: Nuclear Structure from a Simple Perspective
0198507267: Principles of Life
0198507283: Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups
0198507291: Graphic Apology for Symmetry and Implicitness
0198507313: A Passion for DNA: Genes, Genomes and Society
0198507321: Electron-Phonon Interactions in Low-Dimensional Structures
0198507348: Mathematics of Signal Processing V
0198507356: Microscoms Of The Brain
0198507380: Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics
0198507429: Proceedings of the 17th International Seaweed Symposium : Cape Town 2001
0198507437: Applied Shape Optimization for Fluids
0198507445: Murder, Magic, and Medicine
0198507488: Marine Ecosystems and Climate Variation : The North Atlantic
0198507496: Marine Ecosystems and Climate Variation : The North Atlantic - A Comparative Perspective
0198507518: Animal Architecture
0198507526: Animal Architecture (Oxford Animal Biology)
0198507550: Superconductivity, Superfluids, and Condensates
0198507569: Superconductivity, Superfluids, and Condensates
0198507585: Geometry : Ancient and Modern
0198507607: Origin and Evolution of Mammals
0198507615: Origin and Evolution of Mammals
0198507623: Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory
0198507631: Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics
0198507658: In All Likelihood : Statistical Modelling and Inference Using Likelihood
0198507666: Historical Supernovae and Their Remnants
0198507690: Mathematics Galore! : Masterclasses, Workshops, and Team Projects in Mathematics and Its Applications
0198507704: Mathematics Galore! : Masterclasses, Workshops, and Team Projects in Mathematics and Its Applications
0198507712: Naturalized Reptiles and Amphibians of the World
0198507720: Invitations to Geometry and Topology
0198507739: Seeing Reason : Diagrams and Languages in Learning to Think
0198507747: Seeing Reason : Image and Language in Learning to Think
0198507763: Hardness of Metals
0198507771: Friction and Lubrication of Solids
0198507798: Electrons and Phonons : The Theory of Transport Phenomena in Solids
0198507801: Theory of Defects in Solids : Electronic Structure of Defects in Insulators and Semiconductors
0198507828: Universe in a Helium Droplet
0198507836: Advanced Distance Sampling : Estimating Abundance of Biological Populations
0198507844: Gamma-Convergence for Beginners
0198507860: Bird Migration : A General Survey
0198507879: Bird Migration : A General Survey
0198507887: Theory of Nonequilibrium Superconductivity
0198507895: Fluctuations and Scaling in Biology
0198507909: Fluctuations and Scaling in Biology
0198507917: Fred Hoyle's Universe
0198507925: Magic Universe : The Oxford Guide to Modern Science
0198507933: Neurocognition of Language
0198507968: Animal Tracks and Signs
0198507976: Small Woodland Creatures
0198507984: Small Freshwater Creatures
0198508018: Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology
0198508034: Oxygen : The Molecule That Made the World
0198508069: Some Novel Types of Fractal Geometry
0198508085: Introduction to the Theory of Ferromagnetism
0198508093: Introduction to the Theory of Ferromagnetism
0198508107: Avian Incubation : Behaviour, Environment, and Evolution
0198508123: NonLinear Models for Medical Statistics
0198508158: Statistical Mechanics : A Survival Guide
0198508166: Statistical Mechanics : A Survival Guide
0198508174: Living in Groups
0198508182: Living in Groups
0198508204: Biochemistry of Cell Signalling
0198508220: Renal and Adrenal Tumors
0198508239: New Encyclopedia of Mammals
0198508247: Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology
0198508255: Geometry : Ancient and Modern
0198508263: Ovarian Cancer : State of the Art and New Developments
0198508298: Introduction to Particle Accelerators
0198508301: Cognitive Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's Disease
0198508336: Cognitive and Neural Bases of Spatial Neglect
0198508344: Reconstructing Early Intervention after Trauma : Innovations in the Care of Survivors
0198508352: Relativity : Special, General, and Cosmological
0198508360: Relativity : Special, General, and Cosmological
0198508379: Extinct Birds
0198508395: Chaos and Time-Series Analysis
0198508409: Chaos and Time-Series Analysis
0198508417: History of Mathematical Tables
0198508433: Palliative Care in Neurology
0198508441: Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services
0198508468: Generative Processes in Music : The Psychology of Performance, Improvisation, and Composition
0198508484: Biological Chemistry of the Elements
0198508492: Effective Sexual Health Interventions: Issues in Experimental Evaluation
0198508506: Year's Work in English Studies/Years Work in Critical and Cultural Theory: Covering Work Produced in 1999 (Year's Work, 1999)
0198508522: Numerical Analysis : A Mathematical Introduction
0198508549: Tripartite Synapse : Glia in Synaptic Transmission
0198508557: Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers
0198508565: International Smoking Statistics : A Collection of Historical Data from 30 Economically Developed Countries
0198508573: Unity of Consciousness : Binding, Integration, and Dissociation
0198508581: Bowel Book
0198508611: Essentials of Human Nutrition
0198508638: Etc.
0198508646: Preparing for Dental Practice
0198508654: Genetics of Mitochondrial Diseases
0198508662: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with Cancer
0198508670: Oncological Emergencies
0198508700: Chemical Bond in Inorganic Chemistry : The Bond Valence Model
0198508727: This Man's Pill : Reflections on the 50th Birthday of the Pill
0198508778: Sundials at Greenwich : A Catalogue of the Sundials, Nocturnals, and Horary Quadrants in the National Maritime Museum
0198508786: Lysosomal Disorders of Brain : Recent Advances in Molecular and Cellular Pathogenesis and Treatment
0198508794: Episodic Memory : New Directions in Research
0198508808: Episodic Memory : New Directions in Research
0198508824: Biomineralization
0198508832: Strategic Survey 2000-2001
0198508840: Sense and Nonsense : Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behaviour
0198508859: Beyond the Learning Curve
0198508883: Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations
0198508913: Diagnosis of Lymphoproliferative Diseases : An Atlas
0198508948: Mental Health in Primary Care
0198508956: Treatment Planning in Dental Primary Care
0198508964: Targeted Therapy for Cancer
0198508972: Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care
0198508980: Multiple Sclerosis : The Facts
0198508999: Risk Communication and Public Health
0198509014: Emerging Pathogens : The Archaeology, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease
0198509138: Kinetic Formulation of Conservation Laws
0198509154: High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
0198509162: Understanding G Protein-coupled Receptors and their Role in the CNS
0198509170: Parahippocampal Region : Organization and Role in Cognitive Functions
0198509189: Jewish Ways of Reading the Bible
0198509219: Ways of Seeing : The Scope and Limits of Visual Cognition
0198509227: Tokamaks (The International Series of Monographs on Physics, 118)
0198509235: Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena
0198509243: Algebraic and Geometric Surgery
0198509251: Savannah Lives : Animal Life and the Human Evolution of Africa
0198509278: Introduction to Distance Sampling : Estimating Abundance of Biological Populations
0198509286: Pickard's Manual of Operative Dentistry
0198509294: Geometric Function Theory and Non-linear Analysis
0198509308: Elements of Synchrotron Light
0198509316: Elements of Synchrotron Light
0198509324: Musical Identities
0198509332: Care for the Dying : A Pathway to Excellence
0198509340: Microstructure of Martensite : Why It Forms and How It Gives Rise to the Shape-Memory Effect
0198509375: Eating Disorders : The Facts
0198509405: Statistical Physics of Spin Glasses and Information Processing : An Introduction
0198509413: Statistical Physics of Spin Glasses and Information Processing : An Introduction
0198509421: Phylogenetics
0198509472: Plantation Forestry in the Tropics : The Role, Silviculture, and Use of Planted Forests for Industrial, Social, Environmental, and Agroforestry Purposes
0198509480: Oxford Textbook of Rheumatology
0198509499: Atomic Physics : An Exploration through Problems and Solutions
0198509502: Atomic Physics : An Exploration through Problems and Solutions
0198509510: Particle Astrophysics
0198509529: Particle Astrophysics
0198509537: Mapping the Spectrum
0198509588: Fundamentals of Crystallography
0198509596: Oxford Textbook of Public Health
0198509669: Was It Something You Ate? : Food Intolerance: What Causes It and How to Avoid It
0198509677: Osteoarthritis
0198509685: Animal Eyes
0198509707: Weak Hydrogen Bond : In Structural Chemistry and Biology
0198509715: Context and Circumstance : The Turkish Military and Politics
0198509723: Thiele
0198509758: In Your Own Time : A Guide for Patients and Their Caregivers Facing Terminal Illness at Home
0198509774: Interatomic Forces in Condensed Matter
0198509782: Universality of the Radon Transform
0198509790: Military Balance 2001-2002
0198509804: Immune and Inflammatory Responses in the Nervous System
0198509812: Divine Therapy : Love, Mysticism and Psychoanalysis
0198509847: Statistical Evaluation of Medical Tests for Classification and Prediction
0198509928: Proceedings of the Royal Insitution of Great Britain
0198509936: Biometrika : One Hundred Years
0198509944: Oxford Dictionary of Statistical Terms
0198509987: Molecular Biology of the Neuron
0198509995: Principles and Practice of Endodontics
0198510004: Surgical Palliative Care
0198510012: Man and the stars
0198510063: Theory of Magnetic Neutron and Photon Scattering
0198510098: Excitations in Liquid and Solid Helium
0198510160: Magnetism in Disorder
0198510489: Orthodontic Patient
0198510497: Britain Votes 2001
0198510519: Outline of Crystallography for Biologists
0198510527: Sight Unseen
0198510535: Henry Oldenburg
0198510551: Highly Structured Stochastic Systems
0198510578: Artificial Ethology
0198510586: Procrustes Problems
0198510594: Tensors and Manifolds : With Applications to Physics
0198510608: Huntington's Disease
0198510616: Graphs, Colourings and the Four-Colour Theorem
0198510624: Graphs, Colourings and the Four-Colour Theorem
0198510632: Medicine and the Internet
0198510640: Studies on Arabia in Honour of G. Rex Smith
0198510659: Exegesis and Grammar in Medieval Karaite Texts
0198510667: Correspondence of John Wallis
0198510675: New Atlas of the British and Irish Flora
0198510683: Clinical Neuroimmunology
0198510691: Common Mechanisms in Perception and Action
0198510705: Central Eurasia -- Prize or Quicksand? : Contending Views of Instability in Karabakh, Ferghana and Afghanistan
0198510713: End of Life in Care Homes : A Palliative Care Approach
0198510721: Teaching Medical Students in Primary and Secondary Care : A Resource Book
0198510748: Keeping in Time With Your Body Clock : A Guide to Maximising Your Mental and Physical Potential
0198510888: Evolutionary Ecology of Birds : Life Histories, Mating Systems, and Extinction
0198510896: Evolutionary Ecology of Birds : Life Histories, Mating Systems, and Extinction
0198510918: Essential Molecular Biology : A Practical Approach
0198510934: Global Approach to Quantum Field Theory
0198510950: Unipolar Depression : A Lifespan Perspective
0198510969: Oxford Handbook of Applied Dental Sciences
0198510977: Physics of Foams
0198510985: Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine
0198511000: Role of the Solvent in Chemical Reactions
0198511035: Elementary Wave Mechanics
0198511051: Physical Properties of Crystals Their Re
0198511159: Elementary Wave Mechanics with Applications to Quantum Chemistry. Second Edition
0198511205: Experimental Crystal Physics.Second Edition 1970
0198511302: The quantum theory of light
0198511361: Mathematical Cosmology: An Introduction
0198511388: Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy
0198511418: Electricity and Magnetism
0198511469: Elementary Atomic Structure
0198511477: Mathematical Cosmology
0198511485: Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy
0198511493: The Quantum Theory of Light
0198511507: Quantum Processes in Semiconductors;
0198511515: Nature of Matter (Wolfson College lectures)
0198511558: Quantum Theory of Light
0198511566: Elementary Atomic Structure
0198511620: Lectures on the Electrical Properties of Materials
0198511655: Physical Properties of Crystals : Their Representation by Tensors and Matrices
0198511698: Flat and Curved Space-Times
0198511736: Electricity and Magnetism
0198511744: Interpolation And Definability
0198511752: Quantum Symmetries on Operator Algebras
0198511760: Analytic K-Homology
0198511868: Categories of Symmetries and Infinite-Dimensional Groups
0198511876: Music and Mathematics : From Pythagoras to Fractals
0198511884: Universe Unfolding
0198511892: Classical Harmonic Analysis and Locally Compact Groups
0198511906: Flow and Dispersion Through Groups of Obstacles
0198511914: Mathematical Education of Engineers
0198511922: Applications of Combinatorial Mathematics
0198511930: Advances in Numerical Analysis Vol. 4 : Theory and Numerics of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
0198511949: Fundamentals of Semigroup Theory
0198511965: Degree Theory in Analysis and Applications
0198511973: Image Processing : Mathematical Methods and Applications
0198511981: Mathematics of Surfaces
0198512082: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
0198512120: The Quantum Theory of Radiation, 3rd ed
0198512368: The Principles of Nulcear Magnetism
0198512430: Theory of Electric and Magnetic Susceptibilities
0198512465: The Theory of Neutron Resonance Reactions
0198512473: Electronic and Ionic Impact Phenomena. Volume I: Collision of Electrons with Atoms. Second Edition
0198512481: Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices
0198512503: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Transition Ions.
0198512546: Theory of thermal neutron scattering: The use of neutrons for the investigation of condensed matter, (The International series of monographs on physics) (Unknown Binding)
0198512554: Interference of Electromagnetic Waves
0198512562: The theory of relativity, (The international series of monographs on physics)
0198512589: Magnetic Resonance in Metals.
0198512627: Solar-terrestrial physics: An account of the wave and particle radiations from the quiet and the active sun, and of the consequent terrestrial phenomena, ... series of monographs on physics)
0198512678: Particle Interaction Physics At High Ene
0198512864: Principles and Applications of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials
0198512880: Electronic Processes in Non-Crystalline Materials. Second Edition
0198512910: Mathematical Theory of Black Holes
0198513240: Detection and Measurement of Infra-red Radiation (Second Edition)
0198513275: Oxide Magnetic Materials
0198513410: Introduction to anisotropic elasticity theory of dislocations.
0198513437: Electrons in Liquid Ammonia
0198513593: Experimental Techniques in Low-Temperature Physics
0198513658: Experimental High-Resolution Electron Microscopy
0198513704: Surface Analytical Techniques
0198513828: Solid Helium Three
0198513879: Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy
0198513895: Quasicrystals : A Primer
0198513933: Theory of Critical Phenomena : An Introduction to the Renormalization Group
0198514115: Theory of Direct Nuclear Reactions
0198514190: Angular Momentum
0198514204: An Introduction to Liquid Helium
0198514239: Interactions in Magnetically Ordered Solids
0198514271: Experimental Techniques in Low-Temperature Physics
0198514301: How to Appeal to a Man's Appetites
0198514514: Gamma Ray Astronomy
0198514522: Theory of Lepton-Hadron Processes at High Energies : Partons, Scale Invariance and Light-Cone Physics
0198514530: Theory of Polarization Phenomena
0198514581: Cosmic Dust. Its Impact on Astronomy
0198514603: NEUTRON STARS
0198514719: An Introduction to Liquid Helium.
0198514735: Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes
0198514778: Set Theory with a Universal Set : Exploring an Untyped Universe
0198514786: Introduction to Computational Geometry for Curves and Surfaces
0198514794: Black Holes : Gravitational Interactions
0198514808: Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics V
0198514816: Atlas of Brauer Characters
0198514824: Homotopy Type and Homology
0198514832: Approximations and Numerical Methods for the Solution of Maxwell's Equations
0198514859: Introduction to Functional Analysis
0198514867: Revolutions in Mathematics
0198514875: Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics Vol. 3 : Incompressible Models
0198514883: Mathematical Topics in Fluid Mechanics : Compressible Models
0198514891: Optimal Control and the Calculus of Variations
0198514905: Knots and Surfaces
0198514921: Riemannian Geometry
0198514948: Mathematics Masterclasses
0198514956: Asymptotic Analysis of Fields in Multi-Structures
0198515103: Heavy Nuclei, Superheavy Nuclei, and Neutron Stars
0198515162: Theory of the Nuclear Shell Model
0198515243: Neurobiology Of Spatial Behaviour
0198515251: Cancer in Context : A Practical Guide to Supportive Care
0198515278: Dealing With the Threat of Cruise Missiles
0198515294: Global Public Health
0198515308: Discussing Chemistry and Steam : The Minutes of a Coffee House Philosophical Society 1780-1787
0198515316: Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
0198515324: Spatial Epidemiology : Methods and Applications
0198515332: Plant Evolution in the Mediterranean
0198515340: Plant Evolution In The Mediterranean
0198515375: Treatment of Obsessions
0198515405: Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care
0198515413: Women, Politics and Change
0198515421: Evolution
0198515456: Chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest : Ecology, Behaviour, and Conservation
0198515464: The Chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest: Ecology, Behaviour, and Conservation
0198515472: History of Dialysis
0198515480: Insect Physiological Ecology : Mechanisms and Patterns
0198515499: Insect Physiological Ecology: Mechanisms And Patterns
0198515502: Syringe Driver : Continuous Subcutaneous Infusions in Palliative Care
0198515510: Practical Psychiatric Epidemiology
0198515529: Fungal Populations and Species
0198515537: Fungal Populations and Species
0198515545: Malingering and Illness Deception
0198515553: Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids
0198515588: Niko's Nature
0198515596: Mathematical Models in Applied Mechanics
0198515618: Neurobiology of Pain
0198515634: Psychiatry in the Elderly
0198515642: German Military Reform and European Security
0198515650: New Trusteeship? : The International Administration of War-Torn Territories
0198515677: Brownian Motion : Fluctuations, Dynamics, and Applications
0198515685: Photographic Guide to Minerals of the World
0198515707: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning : Synthesis and Perspectives
0198515715: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning : Synthesis and Perspectives
0198515723: Feynman Integral and Feynman's Operational Calculus
0198515731: Ethnicity, Health, and Primary Care
0198515766: Introduction to Parallel Computing
0198515774: Introduction to Parallel Computing
0198515812: Patient Participation in Palliative Care : A Voice for the Voiceless
0198515820: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience
0198515839: Fundamentals of Computational Neuroscience
0198515855: Problem-Orientated Clinical Microbiology and Infection
0198515863: Stroke Genetics
0198515898: Reducing the Burden of Headache
0198515901: Evolution of Networks : From Biological Nets to the Internet and WWW
0198515979: Topology : A Geometric Approach
0198515987: Sketches of an Elephant : A Topos Theory Compendium
0198516037: Physics of Clouds
0198516045: Atmosphere-ocean Interaction
0198516053: Atmospheric Energetics
0198516088: Volunteers in Hospice and Palliative Care : A Handbook for Volunteer Service Managers
0198516096: Maudsley Handbook of Practical Psychiatry
0198516126: Biology of Lakes and Ponds
0198516134: Biology of Lakes and Ponds
0198516150: Assertive Outreach in Mental Health : A Manual for Practitioners
0198516169: Supportive Care for the Renal Patient
0198516185: Accessing Health Care : Responding to Diversity
0198516207: Mystic, Geometer, and Intuitionist : The Life of L. E. J. Brouwer
0198516231: 1089 and All That : A Journey into Mathematics
0198516657: Stategic Survey 2001/2002
0198516673: Wither Iran? : Reform, Domestic Politics, and National Security
0198516681: Disintegrating Indonesia? : Implications for Regional Security
0198516703: Somalia : State Collapse and the Threat of Terrorism
0198516711: Globalisation and Insecurity in the Twenty-First Century : NATO and the Management of Risk
0198516738: From Congo to Kosovo : Civilian Police in Peace Operations
0198516746: Security Sector Reform - Issues, Challenges and Prospects
0198516754: Strategic Implications of China's Energy Needs
0198516762: Nato's Balkan Interventions (Adelphi Papers, 347)
0198516770: Saudi Arabia and the Illusion of Security
0198516789: Intervention in Contemporary World Politics
0198517068: Electronics for Nuclear Particle Analysis.
0198517084: Modern Physical Techniques in Materials Technology
0198517092: Chemical Applications of Thermal Neutron Scattering
0198517114: Logic design algorithms, (Harwell series)
0198517238: Gamma-Ray and Electron Spectroscopy in Nuclear Physics
0198517262: Nucleon Momentum and Density Distributions in Nuclei
0198517270: Interacting Boson Models of Nuclear Structure
0198517289: Modern Theories of Nuclear Moments
0198517300: Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions
0198517319: Nuclear Density Functional Theory
0198517335: Giant Resonances : Fundamental High-Frequency Modes of Nuclear Excitation
0198517351: Fundamental Properties of the Neutron
0198517378: X-Ray Scattering and Absorption by Magnetic Materials
0198517394: Dynamics of the Liquid State
0198517408: Semiconductor Physics and Applications
0198517416: Semiconductor Physics and Applications
0198517424: Group Theory in Subnuclear Physics
0198517432: Quasielastic Neutron Scattering and Solid State Diffusion
0198517440: Newton's Principia for the Common Reader
0198517459: Physical Hydrodynamics
0198517467: Physical Hydrodynamics
0198517475: Basic Thermodynamics
0198517483: Basic Thermodynamics
0198517505: Introduction to the Liquid State
0198517513: Quantum Processes in Semiconductors
0198517548: Electronic Structure of Materials
0198517580: Synchrotron Radiation : Production and Properties
0198517599: Angular Momentum
0198517610: Stellar Magnetism (The International Series of Monographs on Physics, 99)
0198517645: High Field Superconducting Magnets
0198517718: Path Integral Methods
0198517734: Mathematical Theory of Quantum Fields
0198517742: Electromagnetic Response of Atomic Nuclei
0198517750: Nature's Imagination : The Frontiers of Scientific Vision
0198517769: Physics of Ferromagnetism
0198517785: Quasicrystals : A Primer
0198517793: Handbook of Nuclear Properties
0198517807: Low-Dimensional Semiconductors : Materials, Physics, Technology, Devices
0198517815: Low-Dimensional Semiconductors : Materials, Physics, Technology, Devices
0198517831: Light Scattering : Principles and Development
0198517858: Physics of Liquid Crystals
0198517866: Bonding and Structure of Molecules and Solids
0198517882: Theory of Optical Processes in Semiconductors : Bulk and Microstructures
0198517890: Introduction to Polymer Physics
0198517904: Diffuse Neutron Scattering from Crystalline Materials
0198517955: Physical Optics
0198517971: Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Physics
0198518013: Electromagnetism
0198518064: Electromagnetism (Oxford Physics Series)
0198518072: Space Physics
0198518080: DC and AC Circuits
0198518099: Atoms in Contact
0198518145: Radiation & Quantum Physics
0198518234: Special Relativity
0198518250: Mechanics and Motion
0198518331: Solid State
0198518374: Cosmology
0198518382: Cosmology
0198518390: Cosmology
0198518439: Mechanics and Motion. Oxford Physics Series
0198518447: Solid State
0198518455: Solid State
0198518501: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
0198518552: Surface Physics
0198518560: Atomic Nuclei and Their Particles
0198518579: COSMOLOGY
0198518587: Cosmology
0198518609: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
0198518633: Surface Physics
0198518668: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
0198518684: Properties of Nuclei
0198518692: Properties of Nuclei
0198518706: Solid State
0198518714: Solid State 3/E (Oxford Physics Series)
0198518722: Atomic Nuclei and Their Particles
0198518749: Optics
0198518781: Elements of Physics
0198518803: Elements of Mechanics
0198518811: Elements of Mechanics
0198518846: Cosmology
0198518854: Cosmology
0198518870: Beat of a Different Drum : The Life and Science of Richard Feynman
0198518889: Fortran 90/95 Explained
0198518897: Data Analysis : A Bayesian Tutorial
0198518900: Impossibility : The Limits of Science and the Science of Limits
0198518919: Effective Medium Theory : Principles and Applications
0198518927: Effective Medium Theory : Principles and Applications
0198518935: Nonlinear Optics in Metals
0198518943: Physics of Ice
0198518951: Physics of Ice
0198518978: Introductory Nuclear Physics
0198519001: Nucleon-Hadron Many-Body Systems
0198519281: Theory of Elementary Atomic and Molecular Processes in Gases
0198519311: Theory of the Steady State
0198519338: Simple Dielectric Liquids : Mobility, Conduction, and Breakdown
0198519435: Quantum Gravity An Oxford Symposium
0198519443: The Linear Electric Field Effect in Paramagnetic Resonance
0198519494: Anthropic Cosmological Principle
0198519540: Computational Crystalaography
0198519567: Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics
0198519591: Nuclear Power Technology: Volume 3 Nuclear Radiation
0198519613: Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics
0198519648: Reflections of a Physicist
0198519656: Particle Explosion
0198519710: Inward Bound : Of Matter and Forces in the Physical World
0198519729: Quantum Concepts in Space and Time
0198519737: Emperor's New Mind : Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics
0198519796: World Within the World
0198519966: General Relativity
0198519974: Inward Bound : Of Matter and Forces in the Physical World
0198520042: Physics of Liquid Crystals
0198520115: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
0198520190: Undulators and Free-Electron Lasers
0198520204: Charge Exchange and the Theory of Ion-Atom Collisions
0198520212: Molecular Beams
0198520239: Physics of Interacting Electrons in Disordered Systems
0198520247: Physics of Liquid Crystals
0198520255: Electron Scattering Theory for Ordered and Disordered Matter
0198520298: Theory of Neutron Scattering from Condensed Matter
0198520328: Quantum Theory of Radiation
0198520336: Theory of Polymer Dynamics
0198520387: Spacetime and Electromagnetism
0198520417: Plasma Dynamics
0198520468: Nuclear and Particle Physics
0198520476: Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory
0198520484: Niels Bohr's Times : In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity
0198520492: Niels Bohr's Times : In Physics, Philosophy, and Polity
0198520506: Math Theory Hole
0198520530: Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena
0198520549: Introduction to Particle Accelerators
0198520565: Statistical Physics of Fracture and Breakdown in Disordered Systems
0198520638: Theory of Open Quantum Systems
0198520646: Oxford Textbook Of Psychotherapy
0198520662: Controversies in Knee Surgery
0198520670: Borderline Personality Disorder : A Practical Guide to Treatment
0198520727: Oxford Handbook Of Acute Medicine
0198520735: A Modern Introduction To Quantum Field Theory (Oxford Master Series in Statistical, Computational, and Theoretical Physics)
0198520743: Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory
0198520751: Properties of Materials : Anisotropy, Symmetry, Structure
0198520778: Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV and AIDS
0198520808: Mathematical Theory of Minority Games
0198520816: Roman Art
0198520824: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
0198520840: Prenatal Tests
0198520859: Bird Ecology and Conservation
0198520867: Bird Ecology and Conservation
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