0198570996: Revolutionaries of the Cosmos : The Astro-Physicists
0198571070: The Life of Mammals
0198571135: A manual of practical vertebrate Morphology - Fourth Edition
0198571143: Manual of Practical Vertebrate Morphology
0198571208: Structure of Human Populations
0198571216: Biology and the Human Sciences. (The Herbert Spencer Lectures 1970)
0198571240: Early Human Development
0198571267: Memory and Nerve Cell Connections
0198571291: Memory AND Nerve Cell Connections
0198571402: Man in Urban Environments
0198571542: The initiation of the heartbeat
0198571569: Life of Mammals : Their Anatomy and Physiology
0198571658: Human Biology
0198571720: Life of Vertebrates
0198571739: Life of Vertebrates
0198571747: Evolution of Human Consciousness
0198571755: Fundamentals of Enzymology
0198571763: Fundamentals of Enzymology
0198571836: Metamorphosis
0198571852: The Pheasants of the World
0198571933: Quails, Partridges, and Francolins of the World
0198571992: Butterflies of the West Indies and South Florida
0198572042: Traumatic Amnesias
0198572069: Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map
0198572123: Functions of the Brain
0198572166: Fast and Slow Chemical Signalling in the Nervous System (Oxford Medical Publications)
0198572204: Folk Physics for Apes : The Chimpanzee's Theory of How the World Works
0198572212: One Thousand Exercises in Probability
0198572220: Probability and Random Processes
0198572247: Teaching Statistics : A Bag of Tricks
0198572263: Statistical Inference
0198573332: A Model of the Brain.
0198573367: The Memory System of the Brain.
0198573375: Tracks
0198573464: The Physiology of Bone
0198573472: The Biology of Twinning in Man
0198573529: Assessment of Population Affinities in Man
0198573545: Behavioral And Ecological Genetics
0198573553: Reflex Activity of the Spinal Cord
0198573561: Marine Fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe Vol. 1 : Introduction and Protozoans to Arthropods
0198573588: Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palearctic: Ostrich to Ducks
0198573642: Essays on the nervous system;: A festschrift for Professor J. Z. Young
0198573650: Electric Current Flow in Excitable Cells
0198573677: Deviant sexual behaviour: Modification and assessment
0198573715: Eye-Movements and Visual Perception
0198573812: Biology of Tribolium
0198573820: Function & Evolution in Behaviour
0198573847: Our Future Inheritance: Choice or Chance? : A Study
0198573855: The Physiology of Bone
0198573928: Fossil Hominids and an Introduction to Their Context, 1968-1974
0198573936: Visual Evoked Potentials in Man : New Developments
0198573952: Hyaena
0198574002: Sleep and Brain Plasticity
0198575068: Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palaearctic: Waders to Gulls
0198575076: Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palaearctic: Terns to Woodpeckers
0198575084: Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palaearctic: Tyrant Flycatchers to Thrushes
0198575106: Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa : The Birds of the Western Palaearctic: Old World Flycatchers to Shrikes
0198575149: Human Biology in Papua New Guinea : The Small Cosmos
0198575157: Marine Fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe Vol. 2 : Mollusks to Chordates
0198575173: Human Growth and Development
0198575181: Wolfson College Lectures 1976 Human Growth And Development
0198575262: Auditory Investigation : The Scientific and Technological Basis
0198575270: Electric Current Flow in Excitable Cells
0198575378: Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology
0198575394: Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology
0198575408: Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology
0198575416: Peoples of Southern Africa and Their Affinities
0198575459: Programs of the Brain
0198575483: Human Body Dynamics : Impact, Occupational, and Athletic Aspects
0198575491: The State of the universe (Wolfson College lectures ; 1979)
0198575572: Soil and Permafrost Surveys in the Arctic
0198575580: The Biology of Epithelial Cell Populations
0198575645: Animal Eyes
0198575688: Thermodynamics of Soil Solutions
0198575696: Veterinary Genetics
0198575726: Mosiac Evolution of Subterrean Mammals
0198575742: Electron Microscopy of Soils and Sediment : Techniques
0198575769: Rabies and Wildlife : A Biologist's Perspective
0198575793: Meaning and Purpose in the Intact Brain : A Philosophical, Psychological, and Biological Account of Conscious Processes
0198575874: Biology of Free-Living Nematodes
0198575890: Memory, Thought, and Behavior
0198575947: Science and Sporting Performance
0198575955: Solomon Islands Project : A Long-Term Study of Health, Human Biology, and Culture Change
0198575971: Explanation of Organic Diversity : The Comparative Methods of Adaptations for Mating
0198576005: Human Biology of the English Village
0198576013: Ground and Air Survey for Field Scientists
0198576064: Research on Dolphins
0198576072: Quelea Quelea : Africa's Bird Pest
0198576080: Human Procreation
0198576099: Extended Phenotype : The Gene As the Unit of Selection
0198576110: European Rabbit
0198576153: Biology of Epithelial Cell Populations
0198576307: Cardiogenic Reflexes (Oxford Medical Publications)
0198576323: Anaesthetic and Extracorporeal Gas Transfer
0198576390: Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology
0198576404: Comparative Primate Pathology
0198576447: Birds of Egypt
0198576463: Blood Flow in the Brain
0198576471: Blood Flow in Artificial Organs and Cardiovascular Prostheses
0198576498: Oxford Reviews in Reproductive Biology, 1989
0198576722: Western Civilization in Biological Persp
0198576757: Peripheral Arterial Chemoreceptors and Respiratory-Cardiovascular Integration
0198576943: Brain Opioid Systems in Reproduction
0198576986: Bustards, Hemipodes, and Sandgrouse : Birds of Dry Places
0198576994: Biology of Millipedes
0198577060: Key Works to the Fauna and Flora of the British Isles and Northwestern Europe
0198577079: Prospects in Systematics
0198577095: Biosystematics of Haematophagous Insects
0198577109: Electrophoretic Studies on Agricultural Pests
0198577168: Bryophytes : Their Chemistry and Chemical Taxonomy
0198577249: Biosocial Aspects of Social Class
0198577281: Evolutionary Biology of the Threespine Stickleback
0198577354: Oxford Surveys of Plant Molecular and Cell Biology, 1989
0198577389: Bird-Parasite Interactions : Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
0198577400: Study of Instinct
0198577419: Evolution of Life Histories
0198577427: Western Civilization in Biological Perspective : Patterns in Biohistory
0198577443: Evolution of Sibling Rivalry
0198577494: Intramembrane Charge Movements in Striated Muscle
0198577508: Oxford Surveys of Plant Molecular Biology
0198577567: Multiple Cholecystokinin Receptors in the CNS
0198577605: Designs for a Global Plant Species Information System
0198577613: Oxford Reviews of Reproductive Biology
0198577621: Phytochemistry and Agriculture
0198577648: Biochemical Mechanisms Involved in Plant Growth Regulation
0198577664: Cladistics : A Practical Course in Systematics
0198577672: Cladistics : A Practical Course in Systematics
0198577680: Seed Storage Compounds : Biosynthesis, Interactions and Manipulations
0198577699: Plant Galls : Organisms, Interactions, Populations
0198577761: Plant Membrane Biology
0198577796: Companion to Genes VI
0198577818: Centromere
0198577826: Molecular Biophysics : Structures in Motion
0198577842: Reef Evolution
0198577850: From Living Eyes to Seeing Machines
0198577869: Influential Passengers : Inherited Microorganisms and Arthropod Reproduction
0198577877: Miniature Vertebrates : The Implications of Small Size
0198577907: Phytochemistry of Fruits and Vegetables
0198577958: Laboratory Protocols for Mutation Detection
0198577982: Leucocyte Typing V (CD-ROM)
0198578105: Igneous Petrology
0198578148: Companion to Genes VI
0198578156: Life Course Approach to Chronic Diseases Epidemiology
0198581076: A HISTORY OF TECHNOLOGY From the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution C.1500-1750
0198581084: History of Technology: The Industrial Revolution
0198581092: Late Nineteenth Century, c. 1850 to c. 1900
0198581114: Aristarchus of Samos
0198581165: Medieval Technology and Social Change
0198581246: A History of Machine Tools, 1700-1910
0198581254: Scientific Thought 1900-1960: A Selective Survey
0198581289: Mind, brain and adaptation in the nineteenth century: Cerebral localization and its biological context from Gall to Ferrier
0198581300: Studies in the History of Chemistry
0198581319: The Caloric Theory of Gases. From Lavoisier to Regnault.
0198581327: Megalithic Lunar Observatories
0198581343: Affinity and Matter. Elements of Chemical Philosophy 1800-1865.
0198581351: Heart and the Vascular System in Ancient Greek Medicine : From Alcmaeon to Galen
0198581394: Richard of Wallingford : An Edition of His Writings with Introduction, English Translation and Commentary
0198581408: Thomas Harriott : Renaissance Scientist
0198581424: Poisonous Cloud : Chemical Warfare in the First World War
0198581440: A revolution in the earth sciences: from continental drift to plate tectonics,
0198581459: Revolution Earth Science
0198581491: Joseph Fourier : The Man and the Physicist
0198581513: History of Technology : The Twentieth Century, C. 1900 to C. 1950
0198581556: History of Technology : The Twentieth Century: c. 1900 - c. 1950
0198581564: Megalithic Remains In Britain And Brittany
0198581599: Short History of Twentieth-Century Technology, C. 1900-C. 1950
0198581610: Howard Florey : The Making of a Great Scientist
0198581629: Science and Future Choice, Volume I: Building on Scientific Achievement
0198581637: Gentleman of Science,
0198581645: Roger Bacon's Philosophy of Nature : A Critical Edition, with English Translation of De Multiplictione Specierum and De Speculis Compurentibus
0198581734: Howard Florey : Penicillin and After
0198581742: Mercury's Perihelion from Le Verrier to Einstein
0198581777: Natural Selection, Heredity and Eugenics
0198581785: Jodrell Bank Telescopes
0198581793: History of the Hope Entomological Collections in the University Museum, Oxford
0198581815: Chinese Mathematics : A Concise History
0198582080: Law and Explanation: An Essay in the Philosophy of Science.
0198582099: Science for Non Scientists
0198582129: Natural Philosophy of Time
0198582145: SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION: Papers Based on Herbert Spencer Lectures Given in the University of Oxford
0198582153: Natural Philosophy of Time
0198582196: Great Geological Controversies
0198583036: Innovations: scientific, technological, and social (Science and engineeringpolicy series)
0198583044: Living with the computer; (Science and engineering policy series)
0198583109: Science and Policy: The International Stimulus.
0198583133: Economic and Social Consequences of Nuclear Energy
0198583141: Scientific Community
0198583168: What Kinds of Graduates Do We Need
0198583192: Organizing for science in Britain: A casestudy (Science and engineering policy series)
0198583214: Medicine and society (Science and engineering policy series)
0198583222: Medicine and society (Science and engineering policy series)
0198583230: Computers, Communications and Society (Science and Engineering Policy Series)
0198583249: Science and the Media
0198583257: Humane Technologist
0198583354: Research and Innovation
0198583370: Nuclear Radiation : Risks and Benefits
0198583435: Space
0198583443: Acid Rain
0198584059: Land Information Management : An Introduction with Special Reference to Cadastral Problems in Third World Countries
0198584067: Mating and Marriage
0198584075: Birdwatcher's Handbook : A Guide to the Natural History of Birds of Britain and Europe
0198584091: Oxford Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
0198584105: Field Guide to the Acacias of Kenya
0198584113: Field Guide to the Acacias of Kenya
0198584121: Monitoring the Environment : The Linacre Lectures, 1990-91
0198584172: Health and the Environment : The Linacre Lectures 1992-3
0198585012: Manual of New Mineral Names, 1892-1978
0198585055: Search for Our Beginning
0198585136: Seals of the World
0198585187: Monograph on the Polyclad Turbellaria
0198585195: Illustrated Catalogue of the Rothschild Collection of Fleas (Siphonaptera) in the British Museum (Natural History) Vol. VII : Malacopsylloidea
0198585209: Revision of the Tribe Antirrhineae, (Scrophulariaceae)
0198585225: Piltdown : A Scientific Forgery
0198585233: Piltdown Papers, 1908-1955 : The Correspondence and Other Documents Relating to the Piltdown Forgery
0198585276: Human Physiology: The Basis of Medicine (Oxford Core Texts)
0198590016: Waste Management : Planning, Evaluation and Technologies
0198590024: Metal Cutting Principles
0198590180: Oxford Surveys in Information Technology: 1986
0198590202: Metal Cutting Principles
0198590210: Principles of Abrasive Processing
0198591101: Production Technology
0198592019: Nucleus and cytoplasm
0198592175: Field Computation by Moment Methods
0198592183: Electromagnetics : History, Theory, and Applications
0198592256: Plane Wave Spectrum Representation of Electromagnetic Fields
0198593066: Introduction to Electricity
0198593120: Electric Power at Low Temperatures
0198593147: Avalanche-Diode Microwave Oscillators
0198593155: Infrared Techniques
0198593236: Metal-Semiconductor Contacts
0198593260: Stepping Motors (Monographs in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
0198593295: Monolithic Integrated Circuits Technique
0198593333: Machinery Noise Measurement
0198593384: Introduction to Power Electronics
0198593392: Stepping Motors and Their Microprocessor Control
0198593473: Problems & Solutions in Logic Design.
0198593481: Problems and Solutions in Logic Design.
0198593589: Telephony and Telegraphy
0198593597: Problems and Solutions in Logic Design, 2nd edition;
0198593600: Electrical Principles for technicians
0198593627: Problems and Solutions in Logic Design. Second Edition
0198593716: Electric Drives and Their Controls
0198593732: Cd-Rom and Optical Disc Recording Systems
0198593740: Semiconductor Devices, Circuits, and Systems
0198593759: Parameter Estimation, Condition Monitoring, and Diagnosis of Electrical Machines
0198593791: Spiral Vector Theory of AC Circuits and Machines
0198593813: Linear Induction Drives
0198593821: Numerical Modelling of Eddy Currents
0198593856: Stepping Motors and Their Microprocessor Controls
0198593880: Nonstationary Flows and Shock Waves
0198593902: Cd-Rom and Optical Disc Recording Systems
0198593910: Reluctance Synchronous Machines and Drives
0198593929: Permanent-Magnet DC Linear Motors
0198594224: Animal Husbandry
0198594232: Agriculture in Uganda. Second Edition
0198594496: Sheep Production in the Tropics
0198594577: Value of Food
0198594623: Agricultural Ecology of Savanna : A Study of West Africa
0198594658: Value of Food
0198594895: Plantation Forestry in the Tropics : Tree Planting for Industrial, Social, Environmental, and Agroforestry Purposes
0198595077: Building Construction in Warm Climates Volume 1
0198595115: Timber, joinery and applied Ironmongery
0198595123: Quantity Surveying A Fully Metricated Text
0198595174: Reinforced Concrete Simply Explained Sixth Edition
0198595182: Building construction in warm climates (Oxford tropical handbooks)
0198596111: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations, with Exercises and Worked Solutions
0198596162: First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics
0198596170: First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics
0198596219: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
0198596227: Graphs and Networks
0198596235: Mathematics for Biological Sciences
0198596316: Finite Element Method : A First Approach
0198596383: Architecture of Digital Computers
0198596421: Pascal Database Book
0198596502: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations : Finite Difference Methods
0198596529: Vector Calculus
0198596537: Introducing Einstein's Relativity
0198596545: Wave Theory and Applications (Oxford Applied Mathematics and Computing Science Ser.)
0198596561: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations
0198596596: Logic with Prolog
0198596634: Abstract Data Types : Their Specification, Representation, and Use
0198596642: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Formal System Specification
0198596677: An Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Formal System Specification
0198596685: Abstract Data Types : Their Specification, Representation, and Use
0198596693: Wave Theory and Applications
0198596707: Parallel Algorithms and Matrix Computation
0198596723: Database Systems Engineering
0198596731: First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics
0198596790: Elementary Fluid Dynamics
0198596804: Matrices : Methods and Applications
0198596820: Optimal Control : An Introduction to the Theory with Applications
0198596839: Lie Groups : An Introduction Through Linear Groups
0198596863: Introducing Einstein's Relativity
0198596871: Theoretical Models in Biology
0198596944: K-Theory and C-Algebras : A Friendly Approach
0198596952: Heun's Differential Equations
0198596987: Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing : Using Software Libraries for Problem Solving
0198596995: Sampling Theory in Fourier and Signal Analysis : Foundations
0198597053: Principles of Physical Chemistry for Biology and Pharmacy
0198599013: Coal Mining Geology.
0198599250: Applied Climatology 2e
0198599269: Elementary thermodynamics for geologists
0198599277: Elementary Thermodynamics for Geologists
0198599307: U. K. Military R and D
0198599315: Guidebook to the Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins
0198599323: Guidebook to the Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins
0198599331: Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Proteins
0198599382: Ockham Algebras
0198599412: Guidebook to the Secretory Pathway
0198599420: Guidebook to the Secretory Pathway
0198599447: Guidebook to the Small GTPases
0198599455: Guidebook to the Small GTPases
0198599471: Guidebook to Cytokines and Their Receptors
0198599501: Guidebook to the Calcium-Binding Proteins
0198599544: Guidebook to Protein Toxins and Their Use in Cell Biology
0198599560: Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins
0198599579: Guidebook to Cytoskeletal and Motor Proteins
0198599587: Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix, Anchor, and Adhesion Proteins
0198599595: Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Proteins
0198599625: Modern Developments in Theoretical Population Genetics : The Legacy of Gustave Malecot
0198599633: Modern Developments in Theoretical Population Genetics : The Legacy of Gustave Malecot
0198599641: Modern Classical Optics
0198600070: Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary
0198600097: Oxford Italian Minidictionary
0198600100: French Correspondence
0198600127: Oxford History of Western Art
0198600178: The Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary
0198600194: The Oxford Color French Dictionary : French-English, English-French; Fran,cais-Anglais, Anglais-Fran,cais
0198600208: The Oxford Color Dictionary
0198600216: The Oxford Color Thesaurus
0198600240: Oxford Companion to Christian Thought
0198600259: Oxford Companion to J. M. W. Turner
0198600267: Oxford Chronology of English Literature
0198600275: Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series
0198600291: Oxford Colour Dictionary and Thesaurus
0198600313: Oxford Dictionary of Allusions
0198600321: Oxford Starter Russian Dictionary
0198600356: Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary
0198600380: Oxford Color Dictionary & Thesaurus
0198600445: Oxford Reference Grammar : Ideal for Students, Packed with Examples of Grammar in Use, Full Glossary of Terms
0198600453: Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English
0198600461: Oxford English Reference Dictionary
0198600496: Plain English Guide
0198600569: Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations
0198600577: Oxford Encyclopedic English Dictionary
0198600585: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
0198600607: Oxford Dictionary of the World
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0198601069: Oxford Dictionary of Dance
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0198601433: Oxford Portuguese Minidictionary : Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese
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0198601603: Oxford Russian Dictionary
0198601638: Oxford Dictionary for International Business
0198601654: Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
0198601727: Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary
0198601735: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
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0198601999: Latin Grammar
0198602014: Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary with Arabic Index
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0198602162: Oxford Companion to Christian Art and Architecture
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0198602898: Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations
0198602944: Take Off in German (With Audio CDs)
0198602952: Oxford Take-Off in German
0198602979: Take Off in Spanish: From Complete Beginner to Intermediate Level in 14 Easy-To-Digest Units
0198602987: Take Off in French (With Audio CDs)
0198602995: Take Off in French (Take Off In...)
0198603002: Take Off in Japanese (With Audio CD)
0198603010: Oxford Take Off in Japanese
0198603029: Take Off in Latin American Spanish (Take Off In...)
0198603037: Take Off in Latin American Spanish (With Audio CDs)
0198603045: Take Off in Latin American Spanish (Take Off In...)
0198603053: Oxford German Cartoon-Strip Vocabulary Builder
0198603088: Oxford Take Off in Italian
0198603096: Oxford Take off in Italian
0198603118: Take Off in Russian: More Audio Than Any Comparable Course : The Easiest Way to Learn Russian (Take Off In...)
0198603126: Oxford Take off in Russian
0198603134: Oxford Take Off in Portuguese
0198603142: Oxford Take Off in Portuguese
0198603150: Oxford Take off in Portuguese
0198603169: GREEK
0198603177: Oxford Take Off in Greek with CD (Audio)
0198603185: Oxford Take off in Greek
0198603223: Oxford Albanian-English Dictionary
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0198603282: Oxford Starter French Dictionary : Help every step of the way, Makes French easy to learn
0198603282111: The Oxford Starter French Dictionary ISBN:0198603282
0198603290: Oxford Starter German Dictionary
0198603304: Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary : Help every step of the way, Makes Spanish easy to learn
0198603355: Oxford French Workpack : Essential Vocabulary at Your Fingertips
0198603363: Oxford German Workpack : Essential vocabulary at your fingertips
0198603371: Oxford Spanish Wordpack
0198603398: Oxford German Verbpack : Easy to Use Verb Tables for over 4,000 Verbs
0198603401: Spanish Verbpack
0198603428: German Grammar
0198603436: Spanish Grammar
0198603444: Oxford Paperback Dictionary : Ideal for home and office
0198603452: Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English
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0198603835: Get Ahead in Spelling
0198603843: Publicity, News Letters, and Press Releases
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0198603886: Oxford Spanish Dictionary and Grammar
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0198604068: Literary Lives : Intimate Biographies of the Famous by the Famouse
0198604076: Stage and Screen Lives
0198604122: Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage
0198604130: One Step Ahead : Editing and Revising Text
0198604173: Oxford Dictionary of Plays
0198604203: Oxford Reader's Companion to Trollope
0198604211: Oxford Reader's Companion to Conrad
0198604238: Dictionary Of Christian Art
0198604262: Variety of Life : A Survey and a Celebration of All the Creatures That Have Ever Lived
0198604270: Oxford Dictionary of Art
0198604289: Passion for DNA : Genes, Genomes and Society
0198604297: Homage to Gaia
0198604300: Political Lives
0198604327: New Oxford Book of Romantic Period Verse
0198604351: Undergrowth of Science : Delusion, Self-Deception and Human Frailty
0198604378: Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary
0198604394: Punctuation
0198604408: Oxford Companion to Gardens
0198604424: Computers Ltd.: What They Really Can't Do (Oxford Paperbacks)
0198604432: Voodoo Science : The Road from Foolishness to Fraud
0198604459: The Oxford World English Dictionary Shelf
0198604467: Oxford Companion to World War II
0198604475: Oxford Mini Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Wordpower Guide
0198604483: The Color Oxford Thesaurus
0198604491: Oxford Colour Thesaurus
0198604521: Little Oxford English Dictionary
0198604548: Paperback Oxford English Dictionary
0198604564: Oxford Grammar of Classical Greek
0198604572: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary : Thumb Indexed
0198604602: Mathematics for the Imagination
0198604610: Little Oxford Thesaurus
0198604661: Oxford Spanish Minidictionary
0198604688: Oxford German Minidictionary
0198604734: Dynasties of the World : A Chronological and Genealogical Handbook
0198604750: The Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198604769: Oxford Dictionary of Art
0198604777: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists
0198604815: Oxford Spanish Business Dictionary
0198604831: Oxford French Business Dictionary
0198605005: Strong Imagination : Madness, Creativity and Human Nature
0198605056: Essays and Dissertations
0198605064: Dictionary of Modern English Usage
0198605072: King's English
0198605080: Grammar of the English Language
0198605099: Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales
0198605110: Russia : A History
0198605129: Pocket Oxford Classical Greek Dictionary
0198605137: Dictionary of Astronomy
0198605145: Oxford Companion to British History
0198605153: Oxford Paperback German Dictionary
0198605161: Oxford Paperback French Dictionary
0198605188: Oxford Paperback Spanish Dictionary
0198605218: The Oxford Chronology of English Literature.
0198605226: Dictionary of Weights, Measures, and Units
0198605242: Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs
0198605250: Warden of English : The Life of H. W. Fowler
0198605277: Oxford Illustrated History of the Royal Navy
0198605285: Musical Lives
0198605307: Royal Lives
0198605323: Military Lives
0198605374: Concise Dictionary of World Place-Names
0198605382: Who Wrote What? : A Dictionary of Writers and Their Works
0198605390: Oxford Dictionary of Nicknames
0198605404: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue
0198605412: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue
0198605420: Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue
0198605439: Oxford Russian Mini-Dictionary
0198605447: Oxford Italian Mini-Dictionary
0198605463: Oxford Greek Mini-Dictionary
0198605471: Oxford Portuguese Mini-Dictionary
0198605536: Pocket Oxford English Dictionary: 9th edition.
0198605579: Beethoven's Anvil : Music in Mind and Culture
0198605595: The Concise Oxford Companion to English Literature (Oxford Paperback Reference)
0198605609: Dictionary of Buddhism
0198605617: Oxford Names Companion
0198605641: Oxford Style Manual
0198605692: Colour Oxford English Dictionary
0198605714: Pocket Oxford English Dictionary
0198605757: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
0198606133: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary Version 2.0
0198606141: CVs and Job Applications
0198606168: Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea
0198606192: Rural England : A History of the Landscape
0198606206: Oxford Composer Companions : J. S. Bach
0198606230: Visual English Dictionary
0198606346: Concise Oxford Chronology Of English Literature
0198606362: Concise Oxford English Dictionary : Thumb Edition
0198606370: Secret Lives
0198606397: The Oxford Chronology of English Literature: 001
0198606400: The Oxford Chronology of English Literature
0198606419: Oxford Classical Dictionary
0198606427: Literary Lives
0198606435: Political Lives
0198606443: Stage and Screen Lives
0198606524: Oxford English Reference Dictionary
0198606540: Quick Take Off in German (Take Off in Series)
0198606559: Quick Take Off in German
0198606567: Quick Take Off In Latin American Spanish (Take Off In Series)
0198606583: Quick Take Off In Italian
0198606591: Quick Take Off in Italian
0198606605: Quick Take Off in Spanish
0198606613: Quick Take Off in Spanish
0198606621: Quick Take Off in French (Take Off in Series)
0198606648: Galileo's Finger : The Ten Great Ideas of Science
0198606656: Third Man of the Double Helix
0198606664: Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations
0198606672: Oxford Companion to Local and Family History
0198606680: Oxford Large Print Dictionary
0198606710: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance
0198606729: The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre & Performance
0198606737: Dictionary Of Geography
0198606745: Law in Everyday Life
0198606753: Writing Bids and Funding Applications
0198606788: Dictionary of Architecture And Landscape Architecture (Oxford Paperback Reference S.)
0198606818: One Step Ahead : Giving Presentations
0198606826: Oxford Dictionary of Allusions
0198606834: The Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198606877: Encyclopedia of the Oceans
0198606907: Concise Oxford English Dictionary 10ed
0198606915: Dictionary of Nursing
0198606923: Minidictionary for Nurses
0198606931: Genes, Girls and Gamow : After the Double Helix
0198606958: This Man's Pill : Reflections on the 50th Birthday of the Pill
0198606966: Oxford Companion to Military History
0198606982: Oxford Dictionary of Musical Terms
0198607024: Meaning of Everything
0198607032: Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary with English-Arabic Index
0198607040: Pocket Oxford Hachette French Dictionary
0198607059: Pocket Oxford Duden German Dictionary
0198607067: Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198607075: Little Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Wordpower Guide
0198607083: Color Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus, & Wordpower Guide
0198607091: Little Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wordpower Guide
0198607105: Colour Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus and Wordpower Guide
0198607113: Oxford Mini Thesaurus
0198607121: Oxford English Minidictionary
0198607148: Oxford Starter Italian Dictionary
0198607156: Oxford Starter French Dictionary
0198607164: Oxford Starter Spanish Dictionary
0198607199: Einstein's Luck: The Truth Behind Some of the Greatest Scientific Discoveries...
0198607202: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
0198607229: Presenting Numbers, Tables, and Charts
0198607237: Oxford Spanish Desk Dictionary
0198607253: Arthurian Annals
0198607334: Diccionario Oxford Compact/Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198607342: Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations 2ND Edition
0198607350: Oxford Dictionary Of Catchphrases
0198607393: Quick Spanish - Latin American - take off in.
0198607423: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Mathematics
0198607466: Oxford Thesaurus of Current English
0198607482: Pocket Kenkyusha Japanese Dictionary
0198607490: Dictionary Of Finance And Banking
0198607504: Oxford Dictionary of Quotations by Subject
0198607512: The Oxford Dictionary of Rhyming Slang (Oxford Paperback Reference S.)
0198607520: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
0198607539: Concise Medical Dictionary
0198607547: Concise Colour Medical Dictionary
0198607555: Dictionary of Business
0198607563: A Dictionary of Law (Oxford Paperback Reference S.)
0198607571: Dictionary of Science
0198607598: Dictionary of Physics
0198607601: Dictionary of Earth Sciences
0198607628: Dictionary of Euphemisms : How Not to Say What You Mean
0198607636: Oxford Dictionary of Slang
0198607644: Dictionary of First Names
0198607679: Dictionary of Economics
0198607687: A-Z of Medicinal Drugs
0198607695: Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary
0198607717: Oxford Guide to World English
0198607725: Oxford Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English
0198607733: Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations
0198607784: Explanations : Styles of Explanation in Science
0198607806: Piltdown Forgery
0198607814: What Is Time? : The Classic Account of the Nature of Time
0198607830: Oxygen : The Molecule That Made the World
0198607849: Genetic Destinies (Oxford Paperbacks)
0198607857: Road to Stockholm
0198607865: STORY OF LIFE
0198608594: Basic Japanese-English Dictionary
0198608608: Language Report
0198608624: Oxford Thesaurus of English
0198608632: Pocket Oxford Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Wordpower Guide
0198608640: Concise Oxford English Dictionary
0198608659: Oxford English Minidictionary
0198608667: Pocket Oxford Thesaurus
0198608675: Visual French Dictionary
0198608691: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
0198608705: A-Z of Card Games
0198608721: The Oxford Companion to Britihs History
0198608748: Everyday Grammar (Oxford Paperback Reference S.)
0198608756: A Dictionary of Contemporary World History: From 1900 to the Present Day
0198608764: Dictionary of Plant Sciences
0198608772: Dictionary of Computing
0198608799: Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
0198608810: New Oxford Spelling Dictionary
0198608829: Oxford Dictionary and Thesaurus of Current English
0198608837: Dictionary of Literary Terms
0198608845: Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
0198608853: Dictionary of British History
0198608861: Oxford Large Print Thesaurus
0198608934: The Oxford Dictionary of Word Histories (Oxford Paperback Reference)
0198608942: Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs (Oxford Paperback Reference S.)
0198608950: Oxford A-Z of Spelling
0198608969: Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary
0198608977: Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation
0198608985: Oxford Color French Dictionary Plus 2ND Edition
0198608993: Oxford Color German Dictionary Plus
0198609000: Oxford Colour French Dictionary Plus
0198609019: Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus
0198609027: Oxford Color Spanish Dictionary Plus 2ND Edition
0198609035: Oxford Colour Spanish Dictionary Plus
0198609043: Pop-Up Oxford English Reference Shelf on Cd-Rom Version 1.5
0198609078: Oxford Take Off in French (Take Off In...)
0198609116: Oxford Take Off in Italian
0198609132: Oxford Take Off in Latin American Spanish (Take Off in)
0198609140: Oxford Take Off in Spanish
0198609159: Oxford Take Off in Spanish
0198609175: Dictionary of Biology
0198609191: Oxford Dictionary of Allusions
0198609205: The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, third edition.
0198609396: Fabulous Science : Fact and Fiction in the History of Scientific Discovery
0198609418: Galileo's Finger : The Ten Great Ideas of Science
0198609426: Pills, Potions, And Poisons
0198609434: Particle Odyssey : A Journey to the Heart of the Matter
0198609442: A Dictionary of Ecology (Oxford Paperback Reference)
0198609477: Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage
0198609485: Oxford Dictionary of Nicknames
0198609493: Oxford Dictionary of Saints
0198609507: A Dictionary of Statistics (Oxford Paperback Reference)
0198609515: Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations
0198609523: Oxford Dictionary of Literary Quotations
0198609566: The Kings & Queens of Britain (Oxford Paperback Reference)
0198609574: Dictionary of London Place-Names
0198609582: Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
0198609612: Dictionary of Food and Nutrition
0198609647: Goldenballs and the Iron Lady : A Little Book of Nicknames
0198609663: Dictionary Of Christian Art
0198609671: Dictionary of Celtic Mythology
0198609744: Oxford-Duden German Dictionary
0198609752: Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
0198609760: Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary
0198609779: Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198609817: Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
0198609868: Oxford Dictionary of Sociology
0198609876: Dictionary of Sociology
0198609884: I Wish I'D Said That
0198609973: Historical Atlas of the Islamic World
0198609981: Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
0198610041: Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations
0198610068: Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary
0198610106: Concise Oxford English Dictionary
0198610114: Oxford Guide to Plain English
0198610122: Larpers And Shroomers
0198610130: Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
0198610149: Dictionary of Philosophy
0198610165: OED 2ED CD ROM VERSION 3.1
0198610203: Oxford Dictionary Of Musical Works
0198610211: Fowler's Modern English Usage
0198610246: Oxford Companion to Scottish History
0198610270: El Diccionario Oxford Esencial/The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary
0198610300: Compact Oxford Thesaurus
0198610335: Oxford Dictionary of Political Quotations
0198610343: The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilization
0198610386: The Oxford Compact English Dictionary
0198610408: New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors : The Essential A-Z Guide to the Written Word
0198610416: New Hart's Rules : The Handbook of Style for Writers and Editors
0198610424: Oxford Italian Minidictionary
0198610432: Oxford Spanish Minidictionary
0198610440: Oxford German Minidictionary
0198610459: Oxford French Minidictionary
0198610491: Dictionary of Weather
0198610505: Concise Dictionary of Linguistics
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