0208016058: A Different Kind of Gentleman: Parish Clergy as Professional Men in Early and Mid-Victorian England (Studies in British History & Culture, Volume 5)
0208016074: Reference Readiness
0208016082: William Beebe: An Annotated Bibliography
0208016090: Guide to Political Platforms
0208016104: Giordano Bruno : The Ash Wednesday Supper (La Cena de le Ceneri)
0208016112: Poetry and Drama in the York Corpus Christi Play
0208016139: John Skelton's Poetry
0208016147: Hsiang-Ya journal
0208016198: Titles of English Books. (And of Foreign Books Printed in England). An Alphabetical Finding-List by Title of Books Published under the Author's Name, Pseudonym or Initials. Volume 1: 1475-1640
0208016260: Hong Kong Region, 1850 to 1911
0208016279: The Making of Lloyd George
0208016287: Schoolmasters of the Tenth Century
0208016295: Thomas Jefferson and His Library : A Study of His Literary Interests and of the Religious Attitudes Revealed by Relevant Titles in His Library
0208016309: Views of the Irish Peasantry, 1800-1916
0208016325: Beerbohm's Literary Caricatures
0208016333: The Rape of the Lock.
0208016341: Langston Hughes in the Hispanic World and Haiti
0208016368: THE ELIZABETHAN THEATRE VI: Papers Given at the Sixth International Conference on Elizabethan Theatre held at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, in July 1975
0208016376: Slim, the Standardbearer
0208016392: The Women of England: From Anglo-Saxon Times to the Present : Interpretive Bibliographical Essays
0208016414: Essays in labour history, 1918-1939. Volume 3
0208016457: Let Them Speak for Themselves: Women in the American West, 1849-1900
0208016465: A Window in the Bosom: The Letters of Alexander Pope
0208016473: W. H. Hudson, A Bibliography
0208016481: The Story of Hamden : Land of the Sleeping Giant
0208016511: The Life and Art of Andrew Ducrow and the Romantic Age of the English Circus
0208016546: Mirrors of the New World
0208016562: British Coalmining Industry, 1870-1946
0208016570: Threats of Revolution in Britain, 1789-1848
0208016597: Victims of Convention
0208016619: History of the Principles of Librarianship
0208016627: Dictionary of Literary Pseudonyms : A Selection of Popular Modern Writers in English
0208016635: Outreach: Library Services for the Institutionalized, the Elderly and the Physically Handicapped
0208016643: User education in libraries
0208016724: Archaeology : A Reference Handbook
0208016759: Periodicals administration in libraries: A collection of essays
0208016775: Wagner a Biography
0208016783: Organising Music in Libraries Vol. 2 : Cataloguing
0208016805: Steady-State, Zero Growth, and the Academic Library: a Collection of Essays.
0208016813: Public Library Purpose
0208016848: Aacr 2: An Introduction to the Second Edition of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules
0208016902: Golden Age of Black Nationalism, 1850-1925
0208016910: International Sourcebook of Paper History
0208016929: The Secret War in the Sudan, Nineteen Fifty-Five to Nineteen Seventy-Two
0208016937: H. L. Mencken : Critic of American Life
0208016945: Patterns of Time in Vergil
0208016953: Fulfilment of a Mission: The Spears Mission to Syria and Lebanon, 1941-1944
0208016988: Common Field and Enclosure in England, 1450-1850
0208016996: On Another Day: Tales Told Among the Nkundo of Za-Ire
0208017003: George Gissing
0208017038: Plots and Characters in Classic French Fiction (Plots and Characters Series)
0208017062: An Economic History of Modern Scotland, 1660-1976
0208017097: English Novel Explication: Supplement I
0208017100: Hawthorne's Mad Scientists: Pseudoscience and Social Science in Nineteenth-Century Life and Letters
0208017127: Donald Barthelme: A Comprehensive Bibliography and Annotated Secondary Checklist
0208017135: American Drama Criticism: Interpretations 1890-1977
0208017178: Learning to be Japanese : selected readings on Japanese society and education
0208017186: Gulliver's Progress
0208017194: Florida Wars
0208017208: Zoological Illustration. An Essay towards a History of Printed Zoological Pictures.
0208017232: A Bibliography of George Crabbe
0208017283: Planning the Past: Historical Landscape Resources and Recreation
0208017305: Nineteenth-Century Britain 1815-1914 (Critical Bibliographies in Modern History series)
0208017402: Socialist Labor and Politics in Weimar Germany
0208017410: PRIERES EN ANCIEN FRANCAIS. Nouvelles refs., renseignements complementaires, ind. bibliogr, corr. ....
0208017445: Victorian Life and Victorian Fiction: A Companion for the American Reader
0208017453: The picture file: A manual and a curriculum-related subject heading list
0208017461: ELISEE RECLUS: Historian of Nature
0208017488: Gavin
0208017496: Allegories of History: Allegories of Love
0208017534: Systems analysis in libraries: A question and answer approach
0208017542: Learning Resources and the Instructional Program in Community Colleges
0208017550: A Bibliography of the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers
0208017577: British Whaling Trade
0208017585: Notes from the Caroline Underground: Alexander Leighton, the Puritan Triumvirate, and the Laudian Reaction to Nonconformity
0208017607: The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb : Some of My Life Experiences
0208017615: Art of the Limerick
0208017658: Boswell's Paoli
0208017666: A seat at the circus (An Archon book on popular entertainments)
0208017674: Nay-Saying in Concord: Emerson, Alcott, and Thoreau
0208017682: The London Pleasure Gardens of the Eighteenth Century
0208017690: Pope Recent Essays By Several Hands
0208017712: Gray Steel and Blue Water Navy
0208017739: Clocks and the Cosmos: Time in Western Life and Thought
0208017747: The Gilgit Game: The Explorers of the Western Himalayas, 1865-95
0208017755: The Archetypes of Carlos Fuentes: From Witch to Androgyne
0208017763: Bethune
0208017771: The International Sherlock Holmes. A Companion Volume to The World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
0208017798: Soviet Military Power and Performance
0208017828: The maps of Canada: A guide to official Canadian maps, charts, atlases, and gazetteers
0208017852: Seventeenth century Britain, 1603-1714 (Critical bibliographies in modern history)
0208017909: British Natural History Books. 1495-1900. A Handlist.
0208018123: Glimpses of Real Life As Seen in the Theatrical World and in Bohemia: Being the Confessions of Peter Paterson, a Strolling Comedian (Studies in Historical Geography)
0208018131: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: Supplement I to Third Edition : With Check Lists of Books and Journals Used (Walker, Warren S//Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication Supplement)
0208018158: Elizabethan Theatre Seven (Elizabethan Theatre)
0208018166: The Oldest Library Motto and Other Library Essays
0208018204: Political science statistics
0208018220: Chaucer's Troilus : Essays in Criticism
0208018255: Community college library instruction: Training for self-reliance in basic library use
0208018263: The Prose Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson, A Guide
0208018271: Between Two Revolutions: Islandmagee County Antrim, 1798-1920
0208018298: Dilemma in China: America's Policy Debate, 1945
0208018301: Hardinge of Penshurst: A Study of the Old Diplomacy (Biography series ; new ser., v. 1)
0208018328: Joannes Secundus: The Latin Love Elegy in the Renaissance
0208018336: Hanlin Academy: Training Ground for the Ambitious, 1644-1850
0208018344: Urban Land Economics
0208018352: The Rise and Fall of the Singapore Naval Base, 1919-1942
0208018395: Nigerian Folk Tales
0208018425: The One and the Many in the Canterbury Tales
0208018433: Monographic Searching On The OCLC Terminal : A Programmed Text With Teacher's Guide
0208018441: The Life and Thought of Isaiah Bowman
0208018468: Library Media Programs and the Special Learner
0208018506: Neanderthal Man
0208018522: Library Media Programs and the Special Learner
0208018549: Teacher's Handbook on the School Library Media Center
0208018565: Library Service for Families
0208018573: Index to Illustrations of Living Things Outside North America: Whereto Find Pictures of Flora and Fauna
0208018581: The Zulu War Journal of Henry Harford, C. B.
0208018611: Creative Uses of Children's Literature
0208018670: William Orlando Darby: A Military Biography
0208018689: British historical facts 1760- 1830.
0208018719: Kerouac's Crooked Road: Development of a Fiction
0208018727: Writers in the Public Library
0208018743: Power, politics, and print : the publication of the British Museum catalogue...
0208018778: Dorothy L. Sayers: Nine Literary Studies
0208018794: Diaries of Private Horace Bruckshaw
0208018808: THE CHURCHILL COALITION, 1940-1945.
0208018816: The Origins of Academic Geography in the United States.
0208018824: Walking to Where the River Ends
0208018832: The Investigation of Nazi Crimes 1945-1978: A Documentation
0208018859: Prospects of Soviet Power in the 1980s
0208018867: Frieda Lawrence and Her Circle : Letters from, to, and about Frieda Lawrence
0208018891: The School District Library Media Director's Handbook
0208018905: The School District Library Media Director's Handbook
0208018921: Libraries Designed for Users
0208018972: Continuing Education for the Library Information Professions
0208018999: Misdirection: Opera Production in the Twentieth Century
0208019006: Life and Poems of a Cuban Slave
0208019014: Both Sides of the Ocean: A Biography of Henry Adams, His First Life, 1838-1862 (Biography of Henry Adams)
0208019022: FIFTEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES Recent Essays
0208019030: This Was a Poet: A Critical Biography of Emily Dickinson
0208019049: This Was a Poet: A Critical Biography of Emily Dickinson
0208019073: Museum Librarianship
0208019081: A Common Heritage: Noah Webster's Blue-Back Speller
0208019154: The Yellow Peril : Chinese Americans in American Fiction, 1850-1940
0208019197: The American Small Town: Twentieth Century Place Images
0208019200: Chinese Love Stories from Ch'Ing-Shih
0208019219: Developing Library-Museum Partnerships to Serve Young People
0208019243: Effects and Functions of Television: Children and Adolescents
0208019367: Stimulating Student Search: Library Media Classroom Teacher Techniques
0208019383: Special Libraries at Work
0208019413: Developing Library-Museum Partnerships to Serve Young People
0208019448: Snowballs in the Bookdrop: Talking It over With Your Library's Community
0208019456: Loving With a Vengeance: Mass-Produced Fantasies for Women.
0208019464: Library Services for the Aging
0208019499: Pan-Turkism in Turkey : A Study of Irredentism
0208019502: Human Resource Management in Small Libraries by Rawles, Beverly, Dr.
0208019529: When I Was Comin' Up
0208019545: Projection of Power: Perspectives, Perceptions, and Problems
0208019561: The Lion and the White Falcon, Britain and Iceland in the World War II Era
0208019634: WHEN MEN AND MOUNTAINS MEET - Hardcover
0208019642: With the German Guns: Four Years on the Western Front, 1914-1918
0208019650: Circus Rings Around Russia
0208019677: Women, Education, and Employment: A Bibliography of Periodical Citations, Pamphlets, Newspapers, and Government Documents, 1970-1980
0208019731: Newly Discovered Long Story, and Old Song and a Previously Unpublished Short Story, Edifying Letters of the Rutherford Family
0208019766: International Policy Formation in the USSR: Factional
0208019774: Boulevard Des Miseres: The Story of Transit Camp Westerbork
0208019782: Adcs Supplement I (Through 1982
0208019790: Essential Articles for the Study of Jonathan Swift's Poetry
0208019804: Indians of North America: Methods and Sources for Library Research
0208019812: Popular Culture and Libraries
0208019839: Popular Culture and Libraries
0208019847: us defense mobilization infrastructure
0208019898: Psychological Perspectives On Literature: Freudian Dissidents And Non-freudians
0208019928: The Religious Life of Samuel Johnson
0208019936: Selecting Materials for and About Hispanic and East Asian Children and Young People
0208019960: Eugene Aram : Literary History and Typology of the Scholar-Criminal
0208019995: Aging and Adaptation: Chinese in Hong Kong and the United States
0208020012: Reference Readiness
0208020020: Reference Readiness
0208020039: National Security Policy : The Decision-Making Process
0208020047: Reading and Successful Living: The Family-School Partnership
0208020055: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: Supplement II to Third Edition (3rd Edition, Supplement II)
0208020063: Faint Praise: American Tanks and Tank Destroyers During World War II
0208020071: Critical American: The Politics of Dwight MacDonald
0208020101: Victorian Science & Religion
0208020136: Trials of the Self: Heroic Ordeals in the Epic Tradition
0208020144: Comic Relief: The Life and Laughter of Armetus Ward, 1834-1867
0208020160: Public Library Services for Children (Library Professional Pub)
0208020179: In Defense of My Life of Jesus Against the Hegelians
0208020187: Working With Library Consultants
0208020195: Working With Library Consultants Paperback by Rawles, Beverly A.; Wessells...
0208020209: 1939 : A Retrospect Forty Years After
0208020217: Books That Made a Difference: What People Told Us
0208020225: Books That Made the Difference: What People Told Us
0208020241: Voices of Jacob, Hands of Esau Jews in American Life and Thought
0208020306: American Poetry and Japanese Culture
0208020349: Elizabethan Ireland
0208020365: The Science Fiction of Mark Twain
0208020373: THE TRIPLE NICKLES. America's First All-Black Paratroop Unit.
0208020381: Index to Illustrations of the Natural World: Where to Find Pictures of the Living Things of North Am
0208020411: Better in Darkness: A Biography of Henry Adams : His Second Life, 1862-1891 (Biography of Henry Adams)
0208020438: They All Want to Write: Written English in the Elementary School
0208020446: American Victorians: Explorations in Emotional History
0208020454: Essential Articles for the Study of Henry Vaughan (The Essential Articles Series)
0208020462: Voice and Crisis
0208020489: Library Media Leadership in Academic Secondary Schools
0208020500: Thurber's Anatomy of Confusion
0208020519: The Bishops and Nuclear Weapons: The Catholic Pastoral Letter on War and Peace
0208020543: Reflections on Literature for Children
0208020578: Possum and Ole Ez in the Public Eye
0208020586: Palm at the End of the Mind
0208020594: The Prose Works Of Alexander Pope VOLUME II, the Major Works, 1725 - 1744
0208020616: Ezra Pound, the Prime Minister of Poetry
0208020640: An Annotated Bibliography of Timothy Leary
0208020659: Civil War: Eyewitness Reports
0208020667: October, 1973: the Arab-Israeli War.
0208020675: Politicians, Poets, and Con Men: Emotional History in Late Victorian America
0208020683: Early Childhood Literature-Sharing Programs in Libraries
0208020691: SCAPEGOAT GENERAL: The Story of Major General Benjamin Huger, C.S.A.
0208020705: Library Services for the Woman in the Middle
0208020713: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: A Descriptive Bilbliography and Annotated Secondary Checklist (First Edition)
0208020721: A Guide to the Sources of United States Military History: Supplement II...
0208020748: Early Childhood Literature Sharing Programs In Libraries
0208020756: Reflections on Literature for Children
0208020780: Dr. Johnson's Household
0208020810: Narrative Technique in the English Novel
0208020829: Librarians Guide to Telephone Reference Service
0208020837: Librarians Guide to Telephone Reference Service
0208020845: The Conduct of East-West Relations in the 1980s
0208020888: Before You Go to Great Britain: A Resource Directory and Planning Uide
0208020926: English Novel Explication: Supplement III (English Novel Explication Supplement)
0208020950: Security Commitments and Capabilities: Elements of an American Global Strategy
0208020977: Building Reference Skills in the Elementary School
0208020985: Building Reference Materials In The Elementary School
0208020993: Golden Poppies: California History and Contemporary Life in Books and OtherMedia for Young Readers
0208021000: Values in Selected Children's Books of Fiction and Fantasy
0208021027: The Reading Consultant/Library Media Specialist Team: Building the Reading Habit
0208021078: Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1500
0208021094: Biography of Broken Fortunes Wilkie and Bob Brothers of william, henry, and Alice James
0208021159: Sketches for the North American Review
0208021167: Texas in Children's Books: An Annotated Bibliography
0208021175: Texas in Children's Books : An Annotated Bibliography
0208021205: A Recent Imagining: Interviews With Harold Bloom, Geoffrey Hartman, J. Hillis Miller, and Paul De Man
0208021213: REVOLUTIONARY REXROTH Poet Of East-West Wisdom
0208021221: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: Supplement III to Third Edition, With Checklists of Books and Journals Used (Walker, Warren S//Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication Supplement)
0208021248: Feminists, Pornography, and The Law An Annotated Bibliography of Conflict, 1970-1986,
0208021256: The Middle Generation: The Lives and Poetry of Delmore Schwartz, Randall Jarell, John Berryman and Robert Lowell
0208021264: Mabel Parker
0208021272: Framing the Criminal: Crime, Cultural Work and the Loss of Critical Perspective, 1830-1900
0208021299: The Survivor in Us All: Four Young Sisters in the Holocaust
0208021302: Melville's Confidence Men and American Politics in the 1850s (Transactions Ser., Vol. 49)
0208021329: Finding Information the Library Way: A Guide to Reference Sources
0208021345: Bibliography of Chaucer 1974 1985
0208021396: Golden Poppies: California History and Contemporary Life in Books and Other Media for Young Readers: An Annotated Bibliography
0208021418: Sieg Heil! War Letters of Tank Gunner Karl Fuchs, 1937-1941
0208021434: Disinformation, Misinformation, and the Conspiracy to Kill JFK Exposed
0208021442: Researcher's Guide to Archives and Regional History Sources
0208021469: Marines in China, 1927-1928 : The China Expedition Which Turned Out to Be the China Exhibiton: A Contemporaneous Journal
0208021485: The School Administrator's Guide to Evaluating Library Media Programs by...
0208021493: Decision Making for Public Libraries
0208021515: Alphabet Books As a Key to Language Patterns: An Annotated Action Bibliography
0208021531: Anti-Rock: The Opposition to Rock 'n' Roll
0208021566: Improving Telephone Information And Reference Service In Public Libraries
0208021574: Improving Telephone Information and Reference Service in Public Libraries
0208021590: Booksharing: 101 Programs to Use With Preschoolers
0208021604: Colonial Burying Grounds of Eastern Connecticut and the Men Who Made Them
0208021612: Nonsense Literature for Children
0208021663: Doctrine, the Alliance and Arms Control
0208021671: Libraries, the Military and Civilian Life
0208021698: Bilibid Diary the Secret Notebooks of Co
0208021701: Quests for Spices and New Worlds
0208021728: Motivation and the School Library Media Teacher
0208021736: Technical Services in the Medium-Sized Library: An Investigation of Current Practices
0208021809: Families in Transition: An Annotated Bibliography
0208021817: The Sense of Style: Reading English Prose
0208021841: American Space, Jewish Time
0208021868: Thor, Last of the Sperm Whales,
0208021884: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: Supplement IV to Third Edition (3rd Edition, Supplement IV)
0208021906: Caves of Mars
0208021914: Wolf Story
0208021922: My Window on the World: The Works of Anne Morrow Lindbergh
0208021930: The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile: Stories and Poems for Reading to Young Children
0208021949: Skipping Around the World : The Ritual Nature of Folk Rhymes
0208021965: Gordon the Goat
0208021973: Homes in the Wilderness: A Pilgrim's Journal of Plymouth Plantation in 1620
0208021981: East Asia, the West, and International Security
0208022015: Major The Story of a Black Bear
0208022023: More Creative Uses of Children's Literature: Introducing Books in All Kinds of Ways (More Creative Uses of Children's Literature)
0208022031: More Creative Uses of Children's Literature: Introducing Books in All Kinds of Ways (More Creative Uses of Children's Literature)
0208022058: Musical Story Hours: Using Music With Storytelling and Puppetry by
0208022066: A Treasury of Turkish Folktales for Children
0208022082: Four-and-Twenty Watchbirds
0208022112: Robert Francis Weatherbee
0208022120: Last Hurdle
0208022139: Animal Tracks
0208022163: Counting Books Are More Than Numbers: An Annotated Action Bibliography
0208022198: Women Of TheEarth Lodges - Tribal Life On The Plains
0208022228: The Adventures of Ulysses
0208022236: Great Gravity the Cat
0208022244: Exploits of Xenophon.
0208022260: Personnel needs and changing reference service
0208022279: Personnel Needs and Changing Reference Service
0208022287: Reference Readiness: A Manual for Librarians, Researchers, and Students
0208022295: Reference Readiness : A Manual for Librarians and Students
0208022309: Do Not Go Gentle: A Memoir of Jewish Resistance in Poland, 1941-1945
0208022317: English Novel Explication: Supplement III
0208022333: Prospects for Security in the Mediterranean (International Institute for Strategic Studies Conference Papers)
0208022341: Before Oz: Juvenile Fantasy Stories from Nineteenth-Century America.
0208022368: Robbut: A Tale of Tails
0208022376: Lenny Bruce: The Making of a Prophet
0208022384: Between the Frames: Thinking About the Movies
0208022392: Casey, the Utterly Impossible Horse
0208022414: Looking for Susie
0208022449: The Story of Simpson and Sampson
0208022457: Joji and the Dragon
0208022465: VISION IN THE SKY
0208022473: The Log of Christopher Columbus' First Voyage to America in the Year 1492
0208022481: Understanding Shakespeares England Compa
0208022503: The Cruikshank Chronicles: Anecdotes, Stories, and Memoirs of a New Deal Liberal
0208022511: The Napoleon House (International Institute for Strategic Studies Conference Pap)
0208022546: Planning School Library Media Facilities
0208022589: The Skit Book: 101 Skits for Kids
0208022600: War Journal of an Innocent Soldier
0208022619: Designing Instruction for Diverse Abilities and the Library Media Teacher's Role: Library Media Teacher's Role
0208022643: Somebody Else's Nut Tree and Other Tales from Children
0208022678: Children's Book Collecting
0208022694: Homes in the Wilderness: A Pilgrim's Journal of Plymouth Plantation in 1620
0208022724: Ham Jones Ante Bellum Southern Humorist
0208022732: They Saw the Elephant: Women in the California Gold Rush
0208022740: SQUATO
0208022767: Who's Upside Down?
0208022775: Galloping Bungalows: The Rise and Demise of the American House Trailer
0208022783: Keeping Christmas: The Celebration of an American Holiday
0208022805: Bookplay: 101 Creative Themes to Share With Young Children
0208022848: Story Hours With Puppets and Other Props
0208022872: Genghis Khan
0208022880: Elizabite
0208022902: Reference Services for Children and Young Adults
0208022929: A Moral Tale : Children's Fiction & American Culture, 1820-1860
0208022937: Loren Eiseley, a Modern Ishmael
0208022961: The Art of Writing for Children: Skills and Techniques of the Craft
0208022988: Them Damned Pictures
0208023003: The Design and Evaluation of Public Library Buildings
0208023011: Clare and Her Shadow
0208023054: Wallace Stevens, Harmonium, and the Whole of Harmonium
0208023089: English Novel Explication Supplement V : Through Mid 1993 (English Novel Explication Ser.)
0208023097: Smart Magazines
0208023100: Dragon and the Cross: The Rise and Fall of the Ku Klux Klan in Middle America
0208023119: Let Them Speak for Themselves: Women in the American West, 1849-1900
0208023143: Booksharing: One Hundred One Programs to Use With Preschoolers
0208023186: Beginning With Books: Library Programming for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
0208023194: Written With Lead: Legendary American Gunfights and Gunfighters
0208023216: Of a Place and a Time: Remembering Lancaster
0208023224: Stars and Swastikas
0208023240: Arctic Rovings
0208023267: Black Jack
0208023283: Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About
0208023305: From Stress to Stress: An Autobiography of English Prosody
0208023364: Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches: From a Storyteller's Bag to Tricks (From a Storyteller's Bag of Tricks)
0208023372: Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches : From a Storyteller's Bag of Tricks
0208023399: Chimney Corner Stories - Tales for Little Children
0208023402: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: New Series : 1989-1990 With Checklists of Books and Journals Used (Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication New Series)
0208023410: The Kid's Code and Cipher Book
0208023437: Malinche: Princess of Cortez
0208023445: The Written Wars American War Prose Through the Civil War
0208023453: Petey and Miss Magic
0208023542: The Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne: Patriot and Privateer of the American Revolution
0208023550: Becoming American: Young People in the American Revolution
0208023569: Pretzel
0208023577: King Philip: The Indian Chief
0208023593: Lost Wild America: The Story of Our Extinct and Vanishing Wildlife
0208023615: Fatal Victories
0208023623: Pioneering on the Yukon 1892-1917
0208023658: Animal Folk Songs for Children
0208023682: Captured by Indians: The Life of Mary Jemison
0208023690: Shakespeare Films in the Classroom
0208023704: Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication: New Series : 1991-1992 (Twentieth-Century Short Story Explication New Series)
0208023712: With Womens Eyes Visitors To the New Wor
0208023720: Storytelling With Music, Puppets and Arts for Libraries and Classrooms
0208023801: Theater and the Adolescent Actor: Building a Successful School Program...
0208023828: Writing Lives is the Devil! Essays of a Biographer at Work
0208023836: A Wondrous Menagerie: Animal Fantasy Stories from American Children's Literature
0208023844: In the Shadow of the Dope Fiend: America's War on Drugs
0208023860: Toys With Nine Lives: A Social History of American Toys
0208023909: Max Beerbohm Collected Verse
0208023917: Dark Harvest
0208023933: American Drama Criticism: Supplement IV to the Second Edition (American Drama Criticism Supplement)
0208023984: Learning About. the Holocaust: Literature and Other Resources for Young People
0208024034: The Last Stronghold; A Story of the Modac Indian War 1872-1873
0208024042: Across the Plains in the Donner Party
0208024050: Strange Stuff: True Stories of Odd Places and Things
0208024085: Learning About the Holocaust: Literature and Other Resources for Young People
0208024131: Fragile Success: Nine Autistic Children, Children to Adulthood
0208024204: The New African Americans
0208024212: After the Holocaust: The Long Road to Freedom
0208024239: Well Regulated Militia:The Battle Over Gun Control
0208024247: Apples from Heaven: Multicultural Folktales about Stories and Storytellers
0208024271: Language Arts and Environmental Awareness
0208024298: The Lion's Whiskers and Other Ethiopian Tales: Revised Edition
0208024301: Lewis Hayden and the War Against Slavery
0208024344: Apples from Heaven: Multiculture Folk Tales About Stories and Storytellers
0208024387: The Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition
0208024395: The Amistad Slave Revolt and American Abolition
0208024409: Eugenie Clark: Adventures of a Shark Scientist
0208024425: The Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha
0208024468: Tragic Prelude: Bleeding Kansas
0208024476: Children's Nonfiction for Adult Information Needs : An Annotated Bibliography
0208024492: Learning About-- The Civil War: Literature and Other Resources for Young People
0208024514: Lincoln Murder Plot
0208024522: Last of the Wild: Vanished and Vanishing Giants of the Animal World
0208024530: Pennies to Dollars: The Story of Maggie Lena Walker
0208024573: Even a Little is Something: Stories of Nong
0208024646: Learning About-- The Civil War: Literature and Other Resources for Young People
0208024697: Why Goats Smell Bad
0208024743: The Fish Bride and Other Gypsy Tales
0208024786: Animals Among Us: Living With Suburban Wildlife
0208024794: American Novel Explication Series, 1969-1980
0208024816: American Novel Explication 1991-1995
0208024824: On the Home Front: Growing Up in Wartime England
0208024859: Angelina Grimke: Voice of Abolition
0208024875: Ho Yi the Archer and Other Classic Chinese Tales
0208024883: English Novel Explication: Supplement VII (English Novel Explication. Supplement)
0208024891: Chaucer's England
0208024980: Buttons, Bones, and the Organ Grinder's Monkey: Tales of Historical Archaeology
0208024999: It's Panama's Canal!
0208025014: Beyond the Field Trip: Teaching and Learning in Public Places
0208025049: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Arthurdale Experiment
0208025065: Flying Higher: The Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
0208025103: Theodore Roosevelt: Larger Than Life
0208025138: Daisy Bates: Civil Rights Crusader
0208025189: Four to the Pole
0208025235: Hausaland Tales from the Nigerian Marketplace
0208100008: Time & Again
0208156690: Magic Doors
0208168001: Tonight We Steal the Stars/wagered World
0208215360: Student Ed. Of Minitab
0208314938: Dont Know Much About History Everything
0208684867: When I Think of Jesus
0209037393: Book of J
0209619724: Ivory
0209620536: Home wine-making
0209620544: Collecting Delft (Bks. for Collectors S)
0209623039: Diving
0209623667: The Longcase Clock
0209626305: Theatrical Costume and the Amateur Stage : A Book of Simple Method in the Making and Altering of Theatrical Costumes, Including a Brief Guide to Costumes through the Periods to the Present Day
0209626984: Brasses;
0209880112: Main Travelled Roads
0209975547: Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois
0210000015: Plane And Spherical Trigonometry: Alternate Ed., 43 Copyright (Not A R
0210000058: Hypermyth: An Electronic Textbook Of Classical Mythology, Pb, 96, Long
0210000066: Lord Jim, Trade Book
0210000074: Ziel: Deutsch Konnen Tutorial Workbook-Spiral Bound
0210000112: United States History:1613
0210000120: Human Subject
0210000139: Me Nobody Knows: Children's Voices From The Ghetto, Pb, Reissue
0210000147: Rand Mcnally Goode's World Atlas, 18th Ed., Pb
0210000155: Politics, Planning & Public Interest
0210000163: Up From Slavery , Tradebook, Pb
0210000171: Peasant Livelihood, Trade Book
0210040009: What Biddhists Believe
0210040017: West's Legal Forms Vol 3 Corporations Sec 29.1 to 38
0210040025: How To Clean Practically Anything : Consumer Reports
0210040041: Possess Your Soul in Patience
0210222085: Cooperation and Integration in Agricultural Production: Concepts and Practical Application an International Synopsis
0210222476: Soil erosion in India
0210222514: Western Educated Hindu Woman
0210222549: Letters of a King-Maker of the Eighteenth Century
0210222603: Indian Economic Crisis: A Diagnostic Study
0210222697: Disguised Unemployment in an Underdeveloped Economy: Its Nature and Measurement
0210222700: History and Contemporary India
0210222743: Evolution of India's Northern Borders
0210222891: India's foreign relations during the Nehru era: Some studies by
0210223065: Wage Determination
0210223421: Esays in Indian History in Honour of C C
0210223472: Critics and criticism
0210223529: A critical study of Hinduism
0210223545: Political Participation in a Developing Nation - India
0210223782: Women's education in India, 1813-1966
0210223863: The Role of Universities in the Developing Philippines.
0210223952: God of Buddha
0210225165: Migrants in Greater Bombay
0210225386: Current Trends in Indian Philosophy
0210225424: Mahatma Gandhi
0210226102: Irrigation Planning for Intensive Cultivation
0210226501: Lord Northbrook's Indian Administration 1872-1876
0210226900: The Provincial Government of the Mughals, 1526-1658
0210227117: Principles of Carrier Communication
0210269200: The Scarlet Letter
0210271876: British Power in the Punjab: 1839-1858.
0210271930: Letters from Gandhi, Nehru, Vinoba;
0210312254: SHIPPING BY M. S. RAM
0210312475: Mughal Nobility Under Aurangzeb
0210337095: India's Constitution
0210337761: A Survey of Indian History
0210338121: The Moon in Rahu, an Account of the Bhowal Sannyasi Case
0210338881: Joseph Conrad, His Theme and Treatment of Evil.
0210339640: Indian Writing in English
0210339888: The Mundas and Their Country
0210405058: Mathematical formulation of microeconomics
0210405082: Early American interest in Vedanta;: Pre-Emersonian interest in Vedic literature and Vedantic philosophy
0210405147: An Introduction to Gymnosperms.
0210405511: Islam and the Transformation of Culture.
0210405538: Economic & Employment Potential of Archa
0210405562: Verrier Elwin
0210405589: THE APPRENTICE
0210405643: Dairying in India: A review
0210405708: Indian Foreign Policy: An Analysis
0210405961: The Palestine Arab and Jewish Political Leaderships: A Comparative Study
0210406445: Rammohun Roy
0210981296: International Courts and Contemporary Conflicts
0210981555: Sino-Soviet schism, a bibliography, 1956-1964
0210981636: Tamil Culture and Civilization. Readings: The Classical Period
0210981911: Urban Centres and Industries in Upper India, 1556-1803
0210981970: Animal Gametes (Female): A Morphological and Cytochemical Account of Yolk Formation in Oogenesis
0211260118: Renaissance Italy - Was It the Birthplace of the Modern World?
0211268402: A Dictionary Of Graphical Symbols
0211268445: The Early Printers' Chapel in England
0211790214: Literature Study In The High Schools
0212010042: Understanding Earth 2nd Ed.,pb,98 TEXT ONLY
0212020005: The Valley Between (A Sequel to Beyond the Trail)
0212040006: West's Federal Practice Digest 4th Vol. 87A Social Sec. 8 to 141
0212040014: Yamaha F25C T25C Service Manual
0212040022: Discovery and Exploration Beyond the Horizon Book 2
0212040030: Typee,A Romance of the South Seas
0212200682: Slim and Healthy Italian Cooking
0212244345: Discovering Dinosaurs Hardcover by Glenn O. Blough; Gustav Schortter
0212358030: Aubrey Beardsley
0212358324: Treasury of Wit and Wisdom
0212358650: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
0212358731: The Cock, the Mouse and the Little Red Hen
0212359061: The Wallet of Kai Lung
0212359185: Artifacts
0212359266: John Constable: The man and his work
0212359290: A Primer of Sailing: A Practical Introduction to Small-Boat Sailing
0212359363: Tales of Horror and the Supernatural
0212359649: Lower palaeolithic Archaeology in Britain
0212563009: El Croquis 125 Stephane Beel 1992-2005
0212568000: El Croquis 118 Abalos & Herreros
0212568302: El Croquis 114 2vol Sauerbruch Hutton Ar
0212702572: The Burglar Who Traded Ted Williams
0212963929: Tennis for Life
0212970070: Guide to the British Cathedrals,
0212970089: The dispossessed: An aspect of Victorian social history
0212970127: A Guide to the British Cathederals
0212970135: Collecting English watercolours
0212970143: Industrial Archaeology: A New Introduction
0212970194: Craftsmen at Work
0212970208: A Golden Dolly: The Art, Mystery and History of Corn Dollies
0212970259: Where We Used To Work
0212983598: The Bookman's London
0212983636: The naval side of King William's war, 16th/26th November 1688 - 14th June 1690;
0212983652: A Golden Dolly: The Art, Mystery, and History of Corn Dollies
0212983687: It's Made LIke This: Electricity
0212983741: The Dancing Spaniards.
0212983784: Critics of the 'Nineties
0212983806: The curate's lot;: The story of the unbeneficed English clergy
0212983822: The Picture Book of Brasses in Gilt
0212983830: Man in His World
0212983849: Town Defences in England and Wales: An Architectural and Documentary S
0212983881: The Book Business
0212983938: British Snakes
0212983954: A thousand years of London Bridge,
0212983962: Rainbows, fleas and flowers: A nature anthology;
0212983970: The Windmill: Yesterday and Today
0212983997: The Cooper and His Trade
0212984004: Brick Building in England
0212984136: How We Find Out About Flight
0212984209: Conservation of buildings
0212984217: Russian music and its sources in chant and folk-song
0212998218: The Shell Book of Country Crafts
0212998293: The Urgent West: An Introduction to the Idea of the United States
0212998315: Prehistoric Russia An Outline
0212998323: The hurt runner
0212998382: The twilight of India's wild life
0212998420: John Ireland: Portrait of a friend;
0212998439: The Directing of Archaeological Excavations
0212998447: Palaeopathology : Diseases and Injuries of Prehistoric Man
0212998463: Ancient Britons: How They Lived
0212998498: Round Trip from Poptun; A Journey in search of the Maya
0213000458: Romanesque Architecture: the Romanesque Achievement (the World of Architecture.
0213000504: History of the British Army
0213000539: Yoga: Health and beauty
0213000547: Greek architecture (The World of architecture)
0213001586: Strike from the Sea: A Survey of British Naval Air Operations, 1900-69.
0213001594: The Child Killers
0213001675: Anatomy of a Grand Prix Driver
0213002396: Beyond breaking point
0213002434: Rugby for Coach and Player.
0213002477: Tom Jones : Biography of a Great Star
0213003260: Advanced philatelic research
0213003945: Sea Power in the Mediterranean
0213003953: Collecting Militaria
0213003961: Vintage Edwardian Murder
0213004062: Famous Lifeboat Rescues
0213004348: Hypnotism: its power and practice
0213004356: Strange sects and cults: a study of their origins and influence
0213004860: A history of rugby
0213004968: Hidden Heroes:Historic Achievements of Men of Courage
0213017679: History of Greek Literature by Hadas, Moses
0213065568: Soldier His Daily Life Through the Ages
0213164140: Irish setters (The World of dogs)
0213164159: Shetland sheepdogs (The World of dogs)
0213164183: The Almanac of World Military Power
0213164191: 5000 Miles, 3000 Locks Book ID # 13562
0213164205: Red Rising in Bavaria
0213164221: Stories of famous submarines
0213164272: Stress disease: The growing plague
0213164299: Hitler's Last Days An Eye-Witness Account
0213164310: Collapse of Power: Mutiny in the High Seas Fleet.
0213164345: Stories of Famous Ships
0213164361: Zodiac and Swastika Astrologer to Himmler's Court,
0213164388: Golden Hind
0213164396: When freedom calls;: Great escapes of the Second World War;
0213164485: Champions; Great Racehorses and Show Jumpers of Our Time
0213164515: Hitler's generals
0213164647: The Oshawa project
0213164671: Shock Wave
0213164698: Chase
0213164701: Shattered.
0213164728: The bedside book of strange stories
0213164736: The Little Brothers
0213164817: The Good Provider: H. J. Heinz and His 57 Varieties
0213164825: General Gordon
0213164884: storm from the Skies: the Strategic Bombing Offensive 1943-1945
0213164892: Battle for Britain
0213164949: Nancy Astor and Her Friends
0213164957: Queen Elizabeth II: The British monarchy today
0213165007: Below the horizon
0213165015: Riddle of the Future: A Modern Study of Precognition
0213165023: Beware, beware the Bight of Benin
0213165031: Barlow comes to judgement
0213165082: The Leavenworth Irregulars, a novel
0213165120: Riddles in History
0213165155: The Ibiza Syndicate
0213165163: Althea's Falcon
0213165171: Kill Petrosino!
0213165198: Famous stories of the Murder Squad
0213165279: Famous characters of the Wild West
0213165317: REGAN.
0213165384: Surrounded
0213165414: Stories of famous survivals
0213165422: Halfhyde's island
0213165457: The Sea Above Them
0213165546: Scobie: Hero of Greece. The British Campaign 1944-45
0213165562: Soldier His Daily Life Through the Ages
0213165570: The Fall of France: May-June 1940
0213165589: The fall of Saxon England.
0213165619: Would You Believe It, Doctor?
0213165643: Kim the Detective
0213165651: Kim and the Buried Treasure
0213165678: Ladies-in-waiting
0213165686: Prince Charles: Monarch in the making
0213165694: Buccaneer: Admiral Sir Henry Morgan
0213165740: Famous Mysteries of Detection
0213165767: Mutiny on the Globe
0213165775: The Bedside Book of Great Detective Stories.
0213165783: Fighter pilots of World War II
0213165791: Strange mysteries of the sea
0213165813: The Empty Palace
0213165848: Captain Bligh
0213165856: A history of West Indies cricket
0213165988: Dunkirk: The British evacuation 1940
0213166011: Alien Seed (Space 1999)
0213166089: Ponycare: Month by month
0213166135: Eventing
0213166208: Prince Philip First Gentleman of the Realm.
0213166216: ACES HIGH.
0213166240: Omen
0213166259: Rational Tarot: How To Use It, Why It Works
0213166291: Happy and Glorious: The Silver Jubilee 1977
0213166348: Strange Stories of UFOs
0213166437: Wimbledon, 1877-1977
0213166445: Great Stories of the Victoria Cross
0213166453: Fighter Pilots of World War I
0213166461: The Comprehensive Guide to Board Wargaming
0213166488: God is my witness: The story of the world-famous healer
0213166496: King Kong
0213166518: Crown Court
0213166542: Haircutting for everyone
0213166585: Dracula country: Travels and folk beliefs in Romania
0213166631: Big Match
0213166658: The New Avengers: The Cybernauts
0213166690: Air Heroes of World War II
0213166720: The Queen's Children.
0213166747: Coronation, June 2, 1953
0213166798: Our Future King
0213166828: Alex Stepney
0213166844: Golf with Tony Jacklin: Step by step, a great professional shows an enthusiastic amateur how to play every stroke of the game
0213166879: Fighting Ships in the Age of Steam
0213166887: Famous Flights
0213166917: ON THE SCENT WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES: Some Old Problems Resolved
0213167018: This one's on me
0213167166: The Everton story
0213167247: The Diary Of A Season : Lawrie McMenemy's Account Of The 1978-9 Season As Manager Of Southampton Football Club
0213167255: Mrs Simpson
0213167301: Banks of England
0213167387: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
0213167395: Two centuries of royal weddings
0213167476: Crazy Horse: Autobiography of Emlyn Hughes
0213167506: Prince Andrew
0213167514: Romantic knitwear
0213167573: Romantic Knitwear
0213167638: Sporting Scenes
0213167662: I did it the hard way
0213167700: The best of board wargaming
0213167786: Jet Age, True Tales of the Air Since 1945
0213167832: Attack from the back
0213167867: Royal Children from 1840 to 1980
0213167875: down Your Way Book
0213167891: Maurice Chevalier
0213168057: Barrymores the Royal Family in Hollywood
0213168065: Backin Touch
0213168154: Racers, The Inside Story of Williams Grand Prix Engineering
0213168243: My Golf 1ST Edition
0213168316: The Weaver and the Abbey: The Quest for a Secret Monastery in the Andes
0213168324: Master Class
0213168340: Kit-Bag
0213168383: Great Country House Disasters
0213168480: E.T. : the extra-terrestrial
0213168545: KOREAN COMBAT Yeoman in Jet Age Warfare.
0213168596: Bob Marley: The Biography
0213168766: Encyclopaedia of Modern Murder, 1962-82
0213168820: The Book of Sports Lists
0213169096: Great Financial Disasters
0213169150: Brabham: Story of a Racing Team
0213169207: Winners and Champions: Story of Manchester United's 1984 Football Association Cup and 1952 Championship Winning Teams
0213169215: Rush
0213169258: Give Me Arthur :SHREWSBURY
0213169266: Great Racing Disasters
0213169274: Great Legal Fiascos
0213169282: Anything but Rover: The Art and Science of Naming Your Dog : A Breed by Breed Guide Including Mongrels: The Art and Science of Naming Your Dog : A Breed by Breed Guide Including Mongrels
0213169304: Man on the Run
0213169312: Dawn Run The Story of a Champion Racehorse and Her Remarkable Owner
0213169398: Great Honeymoon Disasters
0213169495: Excalibat
0213171155: Book of One Thousand and One Nights by Burton, Sir Richard
0213171503: Great Escape Stories
0213172437: Stories of Famous Detectives.
0213173840: JANE AUSTEN
0213176165: Deep oceans;
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