0231033028: The Harried Leisure Class
0231033036: The Czechs under Nazi Rule : the Failure of National Resistance 1939-1942
0231033044: The nonprofessional revolution in mental health
0231033052: Europe's Futures, Europe's Choices: Models of Western Europe in the 1970's
0231033060: Czechoslovakia, 1968: Reform, Repression, and Resistance
0231033079: Ontological Relativity
0231033087: Diplomat in Paris, 1936-1939;: Papers and memoirs of Juliusz ¡ukasiewicz, Ambassador of Poland
0231033095: Communist China & Latin America, 1959-1967
0231033133: Napoleon from Tilsit to Waterloo, 1807-1815
0231033141: The Ruler's Imperative
0231033176: Anarchy and Culture: The Problem of the Contemporary University
0231033206: Iqbal, poet-philosopher of Pakistan (Studies in Oriental culture, No. 7)
0231033214: Records of the Historian : Chapters from the Shih Chi of Ssu-ma Ch'ien
0231033222: Adopting Older Children
0231033230: Change and Continuity in India's Villages.
0231033257: Bankers' Diplomacy: Monetary Stabilization in the Twenties
0231033265: The Commander of the Faithful: The Moroccan Political Elite - a Study in Segmented Politics
0231033273: Hellenistic Ways of Deliverance & the Making of the Christian Synthesis
0231033281: Reinterpretations of Elizabethan drama;: Selected papers from the English Institute
0231033303: Britain in tomorrow's world; principles of foreign policy
0231033354: Beyond the New Deal:Harry S. Truman and American Liberalism
0231033362: Aid to Russia, 1941-1946;: Strategy, Diplomacy, the Origins of the Cold War
0231033389: Jean-Paul Sartre: The Philosopher as a Literary Critic
0231033397: Highway to the sky
0231033486: Aged, the Family, & the Community
0231033494: Brendan Behan (Columbia Essays on Modern Writers Ser., No. 66)
0231033508: The New Nations in the United Nations, 1960-1967 (International Organizatio n Ser.)
0231033524: A History of Social Welfare and Social Work in the United States, 1815-1972
0231033532: African Elite: the Big Men of a Small Town.
0231033540: School, Family, and Neighborhood
0231033559: Ralph Linton.
0231033575: Consumer Demand. A New Approach. Columbia Studies in Economics, Volume 5
0231033583: An Economic History of Argentina
0231033613: John Osborne (Columbia Essays on Modern Writers, No. 67) by Ferrar, Harold
0231033621: Land and the Constitution in India
0231033656: US Congressional Directories : 1789-1840
0231033672: A Union of Individuals
0231033699: Jean Cocteau
0231033702: Vargas Regime (Institute of Latin American Studies)
0231033729: Money & Capacity Growth
0231033737: The engineer in the industrial corporation
0231033745: The Church and the secular order in Reformation thought
0231033753: Robert H. Lowie, (Leaders of modern anthropology series)
0231033761: Taiwan : Studies in Chinese Local History
0231033788: Abortion in a Changing World
0231033796: Madame Roland and the Age of Revolution.
0231033826: Cinch; Amazing Works from the Columbia Review
0231033850: Melville J. Herskovits.
0231033869: Genetic Epistemology
0231033885: The Hard-To-Employ: European Programs
0231033907: Ninety-Sixth Annual Forum
0231033915: The Actors' Analects (Yakusha Rongo)
0231033931: Community organizing (Social work and social issues)
0231033966: Melville J. Herskovits (Leaders of modern anthropology series)
0231033974: Robert H. Lowie, (Leaders of modern anthropology series)
0231033982: Ralph Linton,
0231034024: Perception of Other People
0231034032: Virginia Woolf's Lighthouse
0231034040: The Japanese Oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War
0231034059: The Treasury: The Evolution of a British Institution
0231034067: Marcel Proust
0231034083: VIS AND RAMIN. ISBN: 0-231-03408-3
0231034091: International Law and the Resources of the Sea (International Legal Studies)
0231034105: Security of China. A Chinese Approach to Problems of War and Strategy
0231034121: Ivan Turgenev, (Columbia essays on modern writers)
0231034180: Members of Two Worlds; A Development Study of Three Villages in Western Sicily.
0231034199: The Arachnids.
0231034202: How they fared in adoption: a follow-up study
0231034210: Myoglobin Biochemical Physiological &
0231034229: New York Jews and the Quest for Community
0231034245: Man's Freedom
0231034253: The Sculpture of Life
0231034288: The Invisible Land: a Study of the Artistic Imagination of Iurii Olesha.
0231034318: Of Microbes and Life
0231034334: Peru, 1890-1897
0231034342: Chemical Contraception
0231034350: Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, 1943-1967,
0231034393: Deviance in Soviet society: crime, delinquency, and alcoholism
0231034415: Andre Malraux
0231034423: Poverty and Plenty on the Turkish Farm
0231034431: An Economic History of the Middle East and North Africa
0231034474: Japan's postwar defense policy, 1947-1968 (Studies of the East Asian Institute, Columbia University)
0231034482: Government Enterprise
0231034490: Cold Mountain: 100 Poems By the T'ang Poet Han-shan
0231034504: Cold Mountain : One Hundred Poems by the T'ang Poet Han Shan
0231034512: Phantasies of a Love-Thief : The Caurapancasika Attributed to Bilhana
0231034547: Twenty Plays of the No Theatre (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: European)
0231034555: Twenty Plays of the No Theatre
0231034563: Mental retardation and its social dimensions (Studies of the Child Welfare League of America)
0231034628: The Czechoslovak experiment, 1968-1969
0231034636: Zen Master Hakuin
0231034644: Chinese Lyricism: Shih Poetry from the Second to the Twelfth Century
0231034652: Chinese Lyricism : Shih Poetry from the Second to Twelfth Century
0231034660: Task-Centered Casework
0231034679: Beginning: Berkeley, 1964
0231034687: Appearance and reality in international relations
0231034709: Civil disobedience: conscience, tactics, and the law
0231034717: North
0231034725: North
0231034741: Social Work Practice 1970 Selected Paper
0231034776: Experimental meson spectroscopy
0231034784: Ghazals of Ghalib: Versions from the Urdu
0231034814: Stroke a Slain Warrior
0231034822: Changing Careers After Thirty-Five New Horizons Through Professional and...
0231034830: Feasting With Mine Enemy
0231034849: Alfred V. Kidder (Leaders of Modern Anthropology Series) by Woodbury, Richard
0231034857: Alfred V. Kidder
0231034873: Columbia Essays in International Affairs : The Dean's Papers
0231034881: Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin
0231034903: Alfred Kroeber
0231034938: Soviet Nationality Problems
0231034954: Joint International Business Ventures in Developing Countries: Case Studies and Analysis of Recent Trends
0231034962: Ikle: Every War Must End
0231034997: Ramon Del Valle-Inclan
0231035012: Georg Trakl
0231035020: Imperial Restoration in Medieval Japan
0231035039: World Vegetation Types
0231035047: Anatomy of Love
0231035063: The Political System of Brazil: Emergence of a modernizing Authoritarian Regime, 1964-1970
0231035071: Johnson, Grant, and the Politics of Reconstruction
0231035098: A Factious People
0231035101: Money and Monetary Policy in Communist China
0231035128: Election Campaigning : Japanese Style
0231035136: Eugenio Montale.
0231035152: Urban Health Services, the Case of New York.
0231035160: English Writers of the Eighteenth Century
0231035179: Inter-War Economy : Britain 1919-1939
0231035187: Brain in Hominid Evolution, The
0231035195: Ruth Benedict
0231035209: Ruth Benedict (Leaders of Modern Anthropology Series)
0231035233: Rehabilitation Practices With the Physically Disabled.
0231035241: DAVID RICARDO
0231035292: The Law of Global Communication
0231035314: Chushingura : The Treasury of Loyal Retainers
0231035322: Nikos Kazantzakis
0231035330: John Arden (First edition)
0231035357: District Magistrate in Late Imperial China
0231035365: Federal Reserve System
0231035381: Widening Gap:Development in the 1970's
0231035411: Introduction of Socialism into China
0231035438: An Introduction to Brazil
0231035446: Explanation in Archeology; an Explicitly Scientific Approach
0231035470: Twentieth-Century Indonesia
0231035489: Groups in Social Work: Application of Small Group Theory and Research to Social Work Practice
0231035497: Shapes, Space and Symmetry.
0231035500: Columbia Essays in International Affairs. Volume VI: The Dean's Papers, 1970
0231035519: The Life of Sharks
0231035527: Law & Policy in China's Foreign Relations
0231035535: Chinese Rhyme-Prose: Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties.
0231035543: Chinese Rhyme-Prose : Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties Periods
0231035578: The view from space;: Photographic exploration of the planets (A Rand Corporation research study)
0231035594: Australia; history and horizons
0231035608: A Syllabus of Indian Civilization (Companions to Asian Studies Ser.)
0231035616: Controlled Environments for Plant Research.
0231035624: Island biology
0231035632: Environmental control: Priorities, policies, and the law
0231035640: Revolutionary War: Western Response
0231035659: Change and the future international system
0231035691: Medieval Erotic Alba: Structure As Meaning
0231035713: Process of Economic Planning
0231035721: The New Columbia Encyclopedia
0231035748: Playback: A Marriage in Jeopardy Examined,
0231035764: Children in Foster Care: A Longitudinal Investigation
0231035772: Poland in the Twentieth Century
0231035780: Agencies and foster Children
0231035829: W.H.R. RIVERS.
0231035861: Externalities and Welfare
0231035896: Twentieth-Century Chinese Stories (Companions to Asian Studies)
0231035918: The Communist Parties of Eastern Europe Hardcover by Fischer-Galati, Stephen
0231035926: From Peasant to Farmer a Revolutionary Strategy for Development
0231035969: The early Chiang Kai-shek: A study of his personality and politics, 1887-1924 (Occasional papers of the East Asian Institute, Columbia University)
0231035993: Science in Liberal Arts Colleges: A Longitudinal Study of 49 Selective Colleges.
0231036019: Foster care of children;: Nurture and treatment (Studies of the Child Welfare League of America)
0231036043: Educated American women: life styles and self-portraits (A Columbia paperback)
0231036051: Shaping the New Social Work
0231036086: Andre Malraux & the Metamorphosis of Death
0231036094: American Book-Prices Current: 1968, Vol. 74
0231036116: Fundamentals of Social Intervention: Core Concepts and Skills for Social Work Practice
0231036124: Motor Disturbance
0231036132: Motor Disturbance.
0231036140: Psychosocial Aspects of Terminal Care
0231036159: Ego Psychology
0231036175: Necessary Majority Middle America and the Urban Crisis
0231036213: Spinoza'a Theory of Truth
0231036221: Palace and Politics in Prewar Japan
0231036248: The age of mammals
0231036256: Pakistan:Failure in National Integration: Failure in National Integration
0231036272: Kukai Major Works.
0231036280: History of West Africa, Vol 1
0231036299: History of West Africa, Volume One
0231036310: Tales of Moonlight and Rain; Japanese Gothic Tales
0231036337: Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations Vol. 2 : Dag Hammarskjold, 1953-1956
0231036345: Information Theory and the Living System
0231036353: Face to Face
0231036388: Theories of Man and Culture
0231036396: Theories of Man and Culture
0231036418: Granger's Index to Poetry, by Granger, 6th Edition
0231036426: Molecular Biology of Plants : A Text Manual
0231036434: Jewish reactions to German anti-Semitism, 1870-1914 (Columbia University studies in Jewish history, culture, and institutions, no. 3)
0231036442: Black Drama Anthology
0231036450: Gerald Manley Hopkins and the Victorian Temper
0231036477: Age of Mammals
0231036485: 20th century China,
0231036493: An Intoduction to Chinese Civilation
0231036507: Probability and Evidence
0231036515: An Introduction to Japanese Civilization
0231036523: Teaching the Mentally Retarded Child.
0231036531: Law in a Changing Society
0231036558: Sean O'Casey
0231036566: The Abortion Controversy
0231036574: Supervision in Social Work
0231036582: Experimental Archeology
0231036590: Wealth of a Nation to Be : The American Colonies on the Eve of the Revolution
0231036604: Uncollected Prose: Reviews, Articles and Other Miscellaneous Prose, 1897-1939 - Volume Two.
0231036612: Archeology and a Science of Man
0231036620: Uses & Abuses of Social Research in Social Work
0231036639: Uses & Abuses of Social Research in Social Work
0231036647: John Foster Dulles: A statesman and his times
0231036655: The Big Foundations
0231036663: Big Foundations
0231036671: Columbia Essays in International Affairs Volume VII: The Dean's Papers, 1971
0231036736: Cosmographia of Bernardus Silvestris
0231036744: Thomas Hardy and rural England by Williams, Merryn
0231036752: Quantification of Concern : 1971 Benjamin F. Fairless Memorial Lectures
0231036779: A Syllabus of Japanese Civilization
0231036795: NEW PERSPECTIVES ON COLERIDGE AND WORDSWORTH: Selected Papers from the English Institute
0231036825: Women Of The Forest
0231036833: Homo Sapiens: From Man to Demigod
0231036841: Political grouping in the Czechoslovak reform movement
0231036876: Golden Tradition
0231036884: Golden Tradition
0231036914: Variorum Edition of Tennyson's Idylls of the King
0231036922: Twentieth-Century Germany: From Bismarck to Brandt
0231036930: Introduction to Managerial Economics
0231036949: Genetics of Flowering Plants
0231036957: English Dialogues of the Dead
0231036965: The disconnected
0231036973: The Politics of Exclusion
0231037015: Guide to European Foundations
0231037058: American Arms and a Changing Europe:Dilemmas of Deterrence and Disarmament
0231037066: American Book Prices Current : 1970
0231037074: Biographical Memoirs Volume 43
0231037104: Human Resources AND Economic Welfare Essays in Honor of Eli Ginzberg
0231037112: Black Short Story Anthology
0231037171: Columbia Dictionary of Modern European Literature
0231037198: Martianus Capella and the Seven Liberal Arts : The Marriage of Philology and Mercury
0231037201: Escape from the Self
0231037244: Twentieth-Century Czechoslovakia: The Meanings of Its History
0231037252: John Cleland: Images of a Life
0231037260: The Lion's Roar of Queen Srimala: A Buddhist Scripture on the Tathagatagarbha Theory
0231037295: Social Groups in Polish Society.
0231037309: Social Service Delivery: A Structural Approach to Social Work Practice
0231037325: Population Growth and Socioeconomic Change in West Africa.
0231037333: Pleistocene Mammals of North America
0231037341: Pearl Harbor as History:Japanese-American Relations, 1931-1941: Japanese- American Relations, 1931-1941
0231037368: The Presidency in Flux (The George B. Pegram lectures)
0231037376: History of West Africa (Volume Two)
0231037384: History of West Africa. Volume 2.
0231037392: An Economic History of West Africa
0231037406: LETTERS OF HART CRANE AND HIS FAMILY. Edited by Thomas S. W. Lewis.
0231037414: FEDERAL JURISDICTION: A General View
0231037430: Domes
0231037449: Domes.
0231037457: Palaeoethnobotany
0231037481: Mixail Soloxov in Yugoslavia: Reception and Literary Impact
0231037503: Sex, Discrimination, and the Division of Labor
0231037511: Sex, Discrimination, and the Division of Labor
0231037538: Bengal: The Nationalist Movement, 1876-1940
0231037546: French Communism, 1920-1972
0231037554: Productivity Improvement
0231037570: Population, Politics and the Future of Southern Asia
0231037589: Causality and Determinism
0231037600: Perception in Criminology
0231037619: Perception in Criminology
0231037627: The Welfare Bind.
0231037635: Bibliography of Plant Viruses
0231037651: Courtier and Commoner in Ancient China Selection from the History of the Former Han
0231037678: Changing Face of Northeast Brazil
0231037686: Modern Trends in Hinduism (Lectures on the History of Religions)
0231037708: Anticipatory Grief
0231037716: The Pulitzer Prizes;: A history of the awards in books, drama, music, and journalism, based on the private files over six decades
0231037732: The Treatment of Market Power. Antitrust, Regulation, and Public Enterprise.
0231037740: Planning and Organizing for Social Change: Action Principles from Social Science Research
0231037759: Redistribution Through Public Choice
0231037775: Two Renaissance Book Hunters : The Letters of Paggius Bracciolini to Nicolaus Deniccolis
0231037783: Social Casework : A Behavioral Approach
0231037805: Langston Hughes: An Introduction to the Poetry
0231037813: Approaches to poetics;: Selected papers from the English Institute
0231037821: The Case of the Black Family: A Sociological Inquiry
0231037864: Introduction to Managerial Economics
0231037872: The Failure of U.S. Energy Policy
0231037910: Toward creative systems design
0231037929: Why Information Systems Fail
0231037945: Madame Vestris and the London stage
0231037953: Feminist Papers
0231038003: Clinical Social Work
0231038062: Hero, Artist, Sage, or Saint?
0231038070: The Optimal Personality. An Empirical and Theoretical Analysis.
0231038089: A design for social work practice
0231038097: Guillame d'Orange : Four Twelfth-Century Epics
0231038100: Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations Vol. 4 : Dag Hammarskjold, 1958-1960
0231038127: Beyond Placement: Mothers View Foster Care (Social Work and Social Issues)
0231038143: THE SOCIAL WELFARE FORUM, 1973- Official Proceedings, 100th Annual Forum National Conference on Social Welfare, Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 27-May 31, 1973
0231038178: Biogenetic Structuralism
0231038186: Issues in Library Administration
0231038194: On the edge of destruction: Jews of Poland between the two World Wars
0231038208: People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution
0231038216: People or penguins;: The case for optimal pollution
0231038224: American Book-Prices Current: 1969, Vol. 75
0231038240: The United Nations in a Changing World.
0231038259: The Mazeppa legend in European romanticism
0231038275: Essay on Pope
0231038283: The Unfolding of Neo-Confucianism This volume is the product of a conference on 17th. Century Chinese thought, held at the Villa Serbelloni in Sept. 1970.
0231038291: The Unfolding of Neo-Confucianism
0231038305: The Altar and the City A Reading of Virgil's Aeneid
0231038313: The Altar And The City - A Reading Of Vergil's Aeneid
0231038321: International Monetary Reform and the Developing Countries: The Rule of Law Problem (International Legal Research Program Ser)
0231038348: Ascap Copyright Law Symposium 21
0231038356: German Politics Under Soviet Occupation.
0231038364: Famine in Russia, Eighteen Ninety-One to Eighteen Ninety-Two : The Imperial Government Responds to a Crisis
0231038372: Deterrence in American Foreign Policy: Theory and Practice
0231038380: Deterrence in American Foreign Policy : Theory and Practice
0231038399: Forcable Rape
0231038410: The origins of the Cultural Revolution (Studies of the East Asian Institute)
0231038429: The Blaze of Noon A Reading of Samson Agonistes
0231038437: In Search of the Silent South: Southern Liberals and the Race Issue
0231038445: Computers in the 1980's
0231038453: Computers in the 1980s
0231038461: Six Modern British Novelists
0231038488: Acting on principle : an essay on Kantian ethics.
0231038496: House United, House Divided : A Chinese Family in Taiwan
0231038518: Jonathan Sewall; Odyssey of an American Loyalist
0231038526: Genius Figure in Antiquity and the Middle Ages
0231038534: The Failure of U. S. Energy Policy
0231038577: The Origin and Early Evolution of Angiosperms
0231038585: Theories of the Fable in the Eighteenth Century
0231038593: Witness and I
0231038607: Economic History of Modern France
0231038623: John F. Kennedy and the second reconstruction (Contemporary American history series)
0231038658: The Abortion Controversy, Second edition
0231038666: Editing the Small Magazine
0231038690: Geography of Modern Africa
0231038704: Ecology of Imagination in Childhood
0231038712: The Abortion Controversy
0231038720: Men Against McCarthy
0231038739: Employment in Developing Nations : Report on a Ford Foundation Study
0231038747: Employment in Developing Nations: Report on a Ford Foundation Study
0231038755: Female of the Species
0231038763: Female of the Species
0231038801: Integrated System of Classification of Flowering Plants
0231038828: The Divine Hierarchy: Popular Hinduism in Central India
0231038844: Urban Renegades: The Cultural Strategy of American Indians
0231038852: Theories for Social Work with Groups
0231038860: The ecology of early deafness: Guides to fashioning environments and...
0231038879: The Pulitzer Prizes: A History of the Awards in Books, Drama, Music, and Journalism, Based on the Private Files over Six Decades
0231038887: Cultures in conflict: The four faces of Indian bureaucracy
0231038895: Dickens and Melville in their time
0231038909: Pearl Harbor as History: Japanese-American Relations 1931 -- 1941
0231038917: A Guide to Oriental Classics
0231038925: A guide to Oriental classics
0231038933: Forster's Women: Eternal Differences
0231038968: Guide to Polish Libraries and Archives (East European Monographs; No. 6)
0231038976: Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations Vol. 5 : Dag Hammarskjold, 1960-1961
0231038984: Attorney for the Situation
0231039026: Ravel: Man and Musician
0231039034: Aristocrat As Art : A Study of the Honnete Homme and the Dandy in 17th and 19th Century Fiction
0231039042: Philosophy and Humanism: Renaissance Essays in Honor of Paul Oskar Kristeller.
0231039050: Stephen Crane's Artistry
0231039077: Directory of World Museums
0231039085: Race, Science, and Society
0231039093: The Life of Birds
0231039107: Race, Science and Society
0231039123: Salo Wittmayer Baron Jubilee Volume : On the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday (Vol. 2)
0231039158: Computers and the Social Sciences
0231039166: David Ricardo (Columbia essays on the great economists)
0231039182: J. M. Clark (Columbia Essays on the Great Economists)
0231039190: Drama Within Drama
0231039204: Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma : The Lotus Sutra
0231039220: The Protean Self : Dramatic Action in Contemporary Fiction
0231039271: Dictionary of Slavic Word Families
0231039298: Woman as Image in Medieval Literature, from the Twelfth Century to Dante
0231039336: The Committee of One Million: China Lobby Politics, 1953-1971
0231039344: Music Forum
0231039352: Consumer Banking in New York
0231039360: Africans Abroad: A Documentary History of the Black Diaspora in Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean During the Age of Slavery
0231039379: Africans Abroad: A Documentary History of the Black Diaspora in Asia, Latin.
0231039387: To Acquire Wisdom :Wang Yang Ming
0231039395: Khrushchev : The Years in Power
0231039409: Improving Language Arts Instruction in the Elementary School
0231039417: Gods, Priests, and Warriors: the Bhrgus of the Mahabharata.
0231039425: From King's College to Columbia, 1746-1800
0231039433: Strategies for Freedom: The Changing Patterns of Black Protest
0231039441: Research Techniques for Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
0231039476: The Legend of Semimaru: Blind Musician of Japan
0231039492: The Social Welfare Forum, 1975
0231039514: Indicators of Child Health and Welfare
0231039530: Music Makers
0231039557: Childhood Disorder : A Psychosomatic Approach
0231039565: The sapphire planet
0231039573: Modern French poetry : a bilingual anthology.
0231039581: Modern French Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology
0231039603: Germany and the Politics of Nuclear Weapons
0231039611: The Concept of Cultural Systems: A Key to Understanding Tribes and Nations
0231039654: Mei Yao-ch'en and the Development of Early Sung Poetry (Studies in Oriental Culture, No. 13)
0231039662: Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations Vol. 6 : U Thant, 1961-1964
0231039700: Editing the Small Magazine
0231039735: European Historical Statistics 1750-1970
0231039743: Bereavement : Its Psychological Aspects
0231039751: Cytoplasmic Genetics and Evolution
0231039786: Black ballots; voting rights in the South, 1944-1969.
0231039808: Escape from Predicament : Neo-Confucianism and China's Evolving Political Culture.
0231039824: Exploring the City: Inquiries Toward an Urban Anthropology
0231039832: THE PHENOMENON OF SCIENCE A Cybernetic Approach to Human Evolution
0231039840: The Trial of the Poet: An Interpretation of the First Edition of Leaves of Grass
0231039867: Japanese Literature in Chinese : Volume 1 Poetry and Prose in Chinese By Japanese Writers of the Early Period
0231039875: Excursion into Creative Sociology
0231039891: Squeaking by: U.S. Energy Policy Since the Embargo
0231039905: Wallace Stevens an Introduction to the Poetry
0231039913: Inscape and Landscape
0231039921: Inscape and Landscape
0231039948: Women in Television News
0231039956: Japanese-Trained Armies in Southeast Asia, Independence and Volunteer Forces in World War II
0231039964: Flight to Mercury
0231039999: LANGUAGE AND BEING Joseph Conrad and the Literature of Personality
0231040008: Prophecy, Metamorphosis, And Influence
0231040016: The Chain of Becoming.
0231040024: Illustrated History of the Herbals
0231040032: Political Society Macrosociology of Politics
0231040067: The Evil Eye
0231040075: Chinese Stories from Taiwan, 1960-1970
0231040083: Chinese Stories from Taiwan
0231040091: Essentials of Astronomy
0231040105: Statistics in Political and Behavioral Science
0231040113: Class and character in Faulkner's South.
0231040121: Developing the ICBM: A Study in Bureaucratic Politics
0231040148: Skeptical Sociology
0231040156: Public Employee Pension Funds
0231040164: Twentieth-Century Yugoslavia
0231040172: Cave Bear Story
0231040199: A Popular Guide to Government Publications
0231040202: The Nurse As Caregiver for the Terminal Patient and His Family
0231040210: Social Work With the Dying Patient and the Family
0231040229: Modern Hungarian Poetry
0231040245: OMNIVOROUS PRIMATES: Gathering and Hunting in Human Evolution
0231040253: Canada and the United States: Transnational and Transgovernmental Relations
0231040261: Canada and the United States: Transnational and Transgovernmental
0231040288: Love Song of the Dark Lord: Jayadeva's Gitagovinda
0231040296: Love Song of the Dark Lord : Jayadeva's Gitagovinda
0231040326: Symbolic Anthropology: A Reader in the Study of Symbols and Meanings
0231040334: Symbolic Anthropology : a Reader in the Study of Symbols and Meanings
0231040342: Politics and Cinema
0231040369: Sun Yat-Sen, Frustrated Patriot: Frustrated Patriot
0231040385: The Economics of Sex Differentials
0231040393: Economics of Sex Differentials
0231040407: Revolt against chivalry: Jessie Daniel Ames and the women's campaign against lynching
0231040415: Revolt Against Chivalry : Jesse Daniel Ames and the Women's Campaign Against Lynching
0231040423: Small Comforts for Hard Times
0231040466: Iron road to the West: American railroads in the 1850s
0231040547: Six Contemporary British Novelists
0231040563: Jubilee for Our Times: a Practical Program for Income Equality.
0231040598: Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes and Variations
0231040601: Treasures From the Bodleian Library
0231040628: The Poverty Curtain: Choices for the Third World
0231040636: Poverty Curtain : Choices for the Third World
0231040644: Individual and State in Ancient China: Essays on Four Chinese Philosophers
0231040660: Tar Baby Option : American Policy Toward Southern Rhodesia
0231040679: The Tar Baby Option : American Policy Toward Southern Rhodesia
0231040687: Elite Structure and Ideology : a Theory with Applications to Norway
0231040709: Pension Plans and Public Policy
0231040725: Task-Centered Practice
0231040806: Deeds of John and Manuel Comnenus
0231040865: Black Empowerment: Social Work in Oppressed Communities
0231040881: Friend and Foe: Aspects of French-Amerindian Cultural Contact in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0231040903: John Ashbery: An Introduction to the Poetry
0231040989: Public Papers of the Secretaries-General of the United Nations Vol. 7 : U Thant, 1965-1967
0231041039: The History of West Africa Vol 1
0231041071: American political institutions in the 1970s: A Political science quarterly reader
0231041101: Sharing the World's Resources
0231041128: Children of the Revels. The Boy Companies of Shakespeare's Time and Their Plays
0231041144: Philosophy after Darwin : Chapters for the Career of Philosophy and Other Essays
0231041160: The Politics of Attraction: Four Middle Powers and the United States
0231041187: Christopher Isherwood
0231041225: The nature novel from Hardy to Lawrence
0231041241: Consultation in Social Work
0231041268: Truman and the Steel Seizure Case: The Limits of Presidential Power
0231041276: Truman and the Steel Seizure Case; the Limits of Presidential Power
0231041284: Political Economy, Past and Present : A Review of Leading Theories of Economic Policy
0231041306: Japanese International Negotiating Style
0231041322: The Anarchical Society. A Study Of Order In World Politics
0231041330: The Anarchical Society: A Study of Order in World Politics
0231041349: Another Part of the Twenties
0231041357: Another Part of the Twenties
0231041403: English Popular Literature, 1819-1851
0231041438: Making of the Modern Mind : A Survey of the Intellectual Background of the Present Age
0231041446: Literature of Fact : Selected Papers from the English Institute
0231041462: Japanese Literature in Chinese : Poetry and Prose in Chinese by Japanese Writers
0231041489: The Symbol of the Soul Form Holderlin to Yeats: A Study in Metonymy
0231041500: The Novels of Anthony Powell
0231041527: Life Model of Social Work Practice
0231041543: Technology World Politics & American
0231041586: Trees and Man
0231041608: Season on the Earth : Selected Poems of Nirala
0231041616: Season on the Earth : Selected Poems of Nirala
0231041624: History of Portugal
0231041640: The Boom in Spanish American Literature:A Personal History
0231041659: Boom in Spanish-American Literature
0231041667: Women at Work, The Transformation of Work and Community Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860
0231041675: Women at Work : The Transformation of Work and Community in Lowell, Massachusetts, 1826-1860
0231041683: Ojibway Heritage
0231041705: Developments in Tender Offers for Corporate Control
0231041721: Hoover, Roosevelt, and the Brains Trust from Depression to New Deal
0231041764: America and the Survivors of the Holocaust: The Evolution of a United States Displaced Persons Policy, 1945-1950 (Columbia Contemporary American History Series)
0231041802: The Fiesta System and Economic Change
0231041829: Ethno-Archaeology
0231041837: Ethnoarchaeology
0231041861: Surgeon to Washington Dr. John Cochran (1730-1807)
0231041888: Empirical Clinical Practice
0231041942: Frank O'Connor
0231041969: American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949.
0231041985: Sacred Journeys: The Conversion of Young Americans to Division Light Mission
0231042000: Road to Total Freedom
0231042027: Modern Chinese Stories and Novellas, 1919-1949
0231042035: Modern Chinese Stories and Novellas, 1919-1949
0231042086: A history of psychoanalysis
0231042108: The Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction
0231042116: The Creation of Tomorrow : Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction
0231042124: Alternative Social Services for Women
0231042132: Alternative Social Services for Women
0231042140: Sexual Stratification: A Cross-Cultural View
0231042159: Sexual Stratification: A Cross-Cultural Veiw
0231042248: Boccaccio's Two Venuses
0231042264: Amiri Baraka/LeRoi Jones
0231042302: A Salute to courage: The American Revolution as seen through wartime writings of officers of the Continental Army and Navy
0231042345: Working Class Radicalism in Mid-Victorian England
0231042442: Dickens on the Romantic Side of Familiar Things Bleak House and the Novel Tradition
0231042469: Dickens and Reality
0231042485: Granger's Index to poetry, 1970-1977
0231042523: The East European and Soviet Data Handbook: Political, Social and Developmental Indicators, 1945-1978
0231042566: Language of Adam : On the Limits and Systems of Discourse
0231042582: Home Care: Living With Dying
0231042620: George Sand and the Victorians
0231042647: The Crises of Power: An Interpretation of United States Foreign Policy During the Kissinger Years
0231042698: The Social Welfare Forum 1976
0231042701: Middle Classic Mesoamerica, A.D. 400-700
0231042744: Social Thought of Bernard Mandeville : Virtue and Commerce In Early Eighteenth-century England
0231042760: Lotus Boat : The Origins of Chinese Tz'u Poetry in T'ang Popular Culture
0231042787: ASCAP Copyright Law Symposium #22
0231042809: Samuel Pepys Penny Merriments Being a Co
0231042817: Penny Merriment: Being a Collection of Chapbooks...
0231042825: Sanskrit Love Poetry
0231042841: Don't Ask Me How the Time Goes by: Poems, 1964-1968
0231042876: Image and Pilgrimage in Christian Culture
0231042884: Chinese Literature: Volume 2 (Nature Poetry)
0231042922: The Media Are American
0231042930: The Media Are American: Anglo-American Media in the World
0231042949: Chase, Chance, and Creativity
0231042957: Chase, Chance, and Creativity
0231042965: Egypt, 1798-1952 Her Advance Towards a Modern Identity
0231042981: A History of Thought on Economic Integration
0231043007: Town in the Ruhr: A Social History of Rochum, 1860-1914
0231043015: Town in the Ruhr - A Social History of Bochum 1860-1914.
0231043023: Images and self-images: Male and female in Morocco
0231043031: Images and Self-Images: Male and Female in Morocco
0231043066: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
0231043074: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying
0231043082: Systems of modern psychology: A critical sketch
0231043090: Systems of Modern Psychology: A Critical Sketch
0231043104: Marxist Models of Literary Realism
0231043147: Human Services Delivery System : Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Social Welfare, Education and Health Services
0231043198: Socialism, Politics and Equality: Hierarchy and Change in Eastern Europe and the USSR
0231043228: Tradition and innovation: General education and the reintegration of the university : a Columbia report
0231043236: Tradition and Innovation
0231043244: Psychoanalysis, Creativity, and Literature: A French-American Inquiry
0231043260: God's Playground: A History of Poland
0231043279: God's Playground : A History of Poland
0231043287: Chesapeake Politics, Seventeen Eighty One to Eighteen Hundred
0231043325: Social Work Practice : People and Environments
0231043333: Social Work Practice
0231043341: Play and Aggression a Study of Rhesus Monkeys
0231043368: Topics in Plant Population Biology
0231043384: Europe 2000
0231043406: Milton and Sex
0231043422: Literature and Negation
0231043430: Literature and Negation
0231043449: Stendhal and the Age of Napoleon
0231043465: The Struggle for equal opportunity: Strategies for social welfare action : proceedings of the XVIIIth International Conference on Social Welfare, San Juan, Puerto Rico, July 18-24, 1976
0231043481: Copyright Law Symposium Number 23
0231043546: Psychosocial Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease: The Life-Threatened Patient, the Family and the Staff.
0231043589: The Physiology of Nematodes
0231043600: Russia's Road to the Cold War Diplomacy, Warfare, and the Politics of Communism, 1941-1945
0231043619: Russia's Road To The Cold War
0231043627: Ecology and Behavior of Nocturnal Primates
0231043686: The New International Monetary System
0231043708: Economics and World Power An Assessment of American Diplomacy Since 1789
0231043724: Writing News for Broadcast
0231043767: Napoleon & the Restoration of the Bourbo
0231043783: China, Oil, & Asia: Conflict Ahead?
0231043791: China, oil, and Asia, conflict ahead?
0231043864: Atoms Within Us
0231043872: Atoms Within Us
0231043902: The Origins of the Cold War in Asia
0231043929: To the Red Planet
0231043945: Child Maltreatment in the United States
0231043961: Unofficial Diplomats
0231043988: Containment: Documents on American policy and strategy, 1945-1950
0231043996: Containment: Documents on American Policy and Strategy, 1945-1950
0231044003: Epic in Africa Toward a Poetics
0231044011: The Epic in Africa: Toward a Poetics of the Oral Performance
0231044038: Now the News : The Story of Broadcast Journalism
0231044046: Calming the Mind and Discerning the Real: Buddhist Meditation and the Middle View From the Lam Rim Chen Mo
0231044143: Ryokan, Zen Monk-Poet of Japan
0231044151: Ryokan : Zen Monk-Poet of Japan
0231044194: Extinction and Survival in Human Populations
0231044208: Television and Human Behavior
0231044216: Television and Human Behavior
0231044224: IDEOLOGY AND IMAGINATION: The Image of Society in Dostoevsky
0231044240: Letters to W. B. Yeats
0231044259: Letters to W B Yeats Volume Only
0231044267: Working For Capitalism
0231044275: Working for Capitalism
0231044283: The Later Ghaznavids: splendour and decay. The Dynasty in Afghanistan and Northern India, 1040-1186.
0231044305: Redeeming the sin: Social science and literature
0231044321: HISTORIC COURTHOUSES OF NEW YORK STATE: 18th and 19th Century Halls of Justice Across the Empire State
0231044348: Implementation
0231044380: Overseas Investment in the Age of High Imperialism: The United Kingdom 1850-1914
0231044399: Overseas Investment in the Age of High Imperialism: The United Kingdom, 1850-1914
0231044429: Victims of Politics
0231044445: The Chinese Connection: Roger S. Greene, Thomas W. Lamont, George E. Sokolsky and American-East Asian Relations
0231044461: Biology of Nectaries
0231044488: Estrangement, Alienation, and Exploitation
0231044526: Ambiguous Partnership: Britain and America, 1944-1947
0231044542: The U. S. Crusade in China, Nineteen Thirty-Eight to Nineteen Forty-Five
0231044550: The U. S. Crusade in China, 1938 - 1945
0231044569: The Formed Trace: The Later Poetry of Ezra Pound
0231044585: Heresies of Modern Art
0231044607: Dear Russell-Dear Jourdain. A commentary on Russell's logic, based on his correspondence with Philip Jourdain
0231044623: Europe 2000
0231044658: Family Policy: Government and Families in Fourteen Countries
0231044666: Applied Anthropology in America.
0231044674: Applied Anthropology in America
0231044704: Ego Psychology : Developmental Psychology
0231044720: The National Purpose Reconsidered.
0231044763: Robert Musil, Master of the Hovering Life: A Study of the Major Fiction
0231044801: Foundations of Political Analysis: An Introduction to the Theory of Collective Choice
0231044844: Magic, Science, and Civilization (Bampton Lectures in America)
0231044852: Magic Science and Civilization
0231044860: Business Response To Keynes 1929-1964
0231044887: Eight Chinese Plays from the Thirteenth Century to the Present
0231044909: The Interpretation of Medieval Lyric Poetry
0231044925: Words on words: A dictionary for writers and others who care about words
0231044933: Words on Words : A Dictionary for Writers and Others Who Care about Words
0231045026: Images of the Urban Environment
0231045042: Teleology Revisited and Other Essays in the Philosophy and History of Science.
0231045050: Teleology Revisited
0231045069: From Loyalist to Founding Father
0231045085: E.M. Forster's Passages to India
0231045107: Something to guard: The stormy life of the National guardian, 1948-1967
0231045123: Renaissance Thought And Its Sources
0231045131: Renaissance Thought and Its Sources
0231045166: Mosses of Eastern North America
0231045182: 20th Century China
0231045190: 20th Century China
0231045379: Disputing Process
0231045387: Planning, Politics, and the Public Interest
0231045409: Black Religions in the New World
0231045425: The Broken Fountain
0231045433: The Broken Fountain
0231045441: Ortega As Phenomenologist: The Genesis of Meditations on Quixote
0231045468: Hermeneutics and Social Science
0231045484: Time and Traditions: Essays in Archaeological Interpretation
0231045506: What Is Sociology
0231045514: What Is Sociology?
0231045522: Documentary History of the Supreme Court of the United States, 1789-1800
0231045549: Heidegger and Sartre: An Essay on Being and Place
0231045581: Biographical Dictionary of Republican China Vol. 5 : A Personal Name Index
0231045603: Bargaining in International Conflicts
0231045638: Women's Friendship in Literature
0231045646: Anthology of Armenian Poetry.
0231045727: The Population of Israel
0231045743: Systematics and Biogeography: Cladistics and Vicariance
0231045778: Twentieth Century Russian Drama From Gor
0231045786: A Crisis for the American Press
0231045824: THE HABIMA----ISRAEL'S NATIONAL THEATER, 1917-1977
0231045840: The Melancholy Science: An Introduction to the Thought of Theodor W. Adorno
0231045883: The Natural History of the Whale
0231045891: Natural History: Whale
0231045905: The October Revolution
0231045913: The October Revolution
0231045964: Administrative Secrecy in Developed Countries (Studies in Administrative Procedure)
0231045980: Ukifune: Love in The Tale of Genji
0231046006: William Hazlitt, Critic of Power
0231046022: Lawful Revolution
0231046049: On Knowing Reality: The Tattvartha Chapter of Asanga's Bodhisattvadhumi
0231046065: Soviet Bargaining Behavior: The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
0231046103: Ireland and the Irish: A Short History
0231046111: Ireland and the Irish : A Short History
0231046138: Principle and Practicality : Essays in Neo-Confucianism and Practical Learning
0231046146: Financial Policy & Economic Growth. The Lebanese Experience.
0231046162: Variety Equity & Efficiency
0231046189: Man, mind, and science: A history of anthropology
0231046197: Man Mind & Science a History of An
0231046200: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: A Perspective for Social Work Practice
0231046227: The Inertia of Fear and the Scientific Worldview
0231046243: History, Religion and Spiritual Democracy : Essays in Honor of Joseph L. Blau
0231046278: In Pursuit of Power: Southern Blacks & Electoral Politics, 1965-1982
0231046286: Management of Human Services
0231046308: Analytical Archaeology
0231046316: Analytical Archaeology
0231046324: Culture and Commitment: The New Relationships Between the Generations in the 1970s
0231046375: An Excursion into Creative Sociology
0231046383: Women in the Labor Market
0231046413: Forcible Rape: The Crime, the Victim, and the Offender.
0231046421: Surpassing Wit
0231046456: Hermit and the Love-Thief: Sanskrit Poems of Bhartrihari and Bilhana (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: European)
0231046464: Wordsworth and the Human Heart
0231046480: Shakespeare: The Poet in His World
0231046499: Shakespeare : The Poet in His World
0231046529: Research Techniques for Clinical Social Workers
0231046642: Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters
0231046650: Dangerous Wives and Sacred Sisters: Social and Symbolic Roles of High-Caste Women in Nepal
0231046685: The Making of a Tory Humanist. William Wordsworth and the Idea of Community
0231046707: A Theory of Criminal Justice
0231046723: Robert Lowell: An Introduction to the Poetry
0231046766: Social Science Research and Decision-Making
0231046820: Little America: Town at the End of the World
0231046847: Modern Japanese Drama: An Anthology
0231046855: Modern Japanese Drama : An Anthology
0231046863: Toxic Plants
0231046928: Phylogenetic Analysis and Paleontology: Proceedings of a Symposium Entitled Phylogenetic Model, Convened at the North American Palontological Convention II, Lawrence, Kansas, August 8, 1977
0231046936: Phylogenetic Analysis and Paleontology: Proceedings of a Symposium Entitled Phylogenetic Models, Convened at the North American Paleontological Co
0231046944: Biography of a Small Town.
0231046960: The Personal Notebooks of Thomas Hardy
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