0250405563: solar power applications alcohols
0250405571: Indirect Solar Wind Geothermal : Alternative Energy Sources IV : Volume 4
0250405628: Introduction to Wind Turbine Engineering
0250405644: Chemical Engineering at Supercritical Fluid Conditions
0250405660: Meteorological Aspects of Acid Rain
0250405679: Chemistry of Particles, Fogs and Rains
0250405687: Acid Precipitation: SO2, NO and NO2 Oxidation Mechanisms - Atmospheric Considerations v. 3
0250405695: Deposition. Both Wet and Dry. Acid Precipitation Series. Vol. 4
0250405709: Direct and Indirect Effects of Acidic Deposition on Vegetation. Acid Preci pitation Series Volume 5
0250405717: Early Biotic Responses to Advancing Lake Acidification
0250405725: Geological Aspects of Acid Deposition
0250405733: Economic Perspectives on Acid Deposition Control
0250405741: Modelling of Total Acid Precipitation Impacts. Acid Precipitation Series. Vol. 9
0250405768: Methods and Issues in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology
0250405814: Water Chlorination: Environmental Impact & Health Effects (Water Chlorination)
0250405830: Environment and Solid Wastes, Characterization, Treatment, and Disposal
0250405849: Physical Behavior of PCBs in the Great Lakes
0250405857: Industrial Applications of Electroorganic Synthesis
0250405873: Industrial Respiratory Protection
0250405911: Guide to Managing Industrial Hazardous Waste
0250405938: Design And Installation Of Solar Heating And Hot Water Systems
0250405946: Aquatic Resources Management of the Colorado River Ecosystem
0250405989: PCBs, Human and Environmental Hazards
0250405997: Contaminants in the Upper Mississippi River
0250406004: Liquid Filtration
0250406012: Passive Solar Heating
0250406039: Techniques for Managing Technological Innovation
0250406047: Chlorinated Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in the Total Environment
0250406098: Automation Impacts on Industry
0250406128: Dynamics of Lotic Ecosystems
0250406144: Marine Tailings Disposal
0250406160: Salinity in Watercourses and Reservoirs; Proceedings of the 1983 International Symposium on State-of-the-Art Control of Salinity
0250406195: Environmental Pollution and Control
0250406209: Role of the Unsaturated Zone in Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Disposal
0250406241: Synthetic Fossil Fuel Technologies. Results of Health and Environmental Studies
0250406276: Water law
0250406306: Procedures and Practices in Activated Sludge Process Control
0250406314: Natural Gas Hydrates: Properties, Occurrence, and Recovery
0250406330: Toxic and Hazardous Waste : Proceedings
0250406373: The Emerging Marine Economy Of The Pacific
0250406381: Scale-Up of Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
0250406403: Purdue 39th Industrial Waste Conference
0250406438: Lake and Reservoir Restoration
0250406446: Treatment Efficiency and Energy Use in Activated Sludge Process Control (Volume 4 of the Activated Sludge Process Control Series)
0250406462: Chlorinated Dioxins and Dibenzofurans in the Total Environment
0250406470: Analytical Chemistry of PCBs,
0250407345: Maritime Litigation (Ringbound)
0250421518: Energy and the oceans
0250461609: Salinity in Watercourses & Reservoirs
0250472163: California Paralegal's Guide: Formerly California Paralegal's Handbook
0250472309: California paralegal's checklist guide
0250472414: Documenting employee discipline
0250472457: Henke's California Law Guide
0250864193: Thermodynamic constants of inorganic and organic compounds
0250975017: Ion exchangers; properties and applications.
0250975033: Instrumental analysis for water pollution control
0250975041: Atlas of electronic spectra of 5-nitrofuran compounds
0250975068: Controlled Test Atmospheres
0250975114: Detection and Determination of Trace Elements.
0250975130: Environmental Mercury Contamination
0250975149: Emissions from Combustion Engines and Their Control
0250975165: Disposal of Sewage and other Water-Borne Wastes
0250975173: Sewage treatment; basic principles and trends
0250975238: Ozone in Water and Wastewater Treatment
0250975246: Certainty and Uncertainty in Biochemical Techniques
0251150186: A Pipe Smoker's Guide
0251150674: Enjoy life longer: A guide to sixty of the leading spas of Europe,
0251405826: Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning Parts I and II David Zarefsky Teaching Company Great Courses
0251570118: Evolution of Man
0252000005: Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1969
0252000013: Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1969
0252000021: Prairie Farmer and WLS
0252000072: The development and psychometric characteristics of the revised Illinois test...
0252000099: Teaching and learning
0252000110: Theory of Knowledge and Problems of Education
0252000129: Supranationalism and International Adjudication
0252000137: The Development of Chinese Agriculture, 1950-1959
0252000145: Art of William Carlos Williams
0252000161: Comparative Literature Matter And Method
0252000188: Mission Overseas: A Handbook for U.S. Families in Developing Countries
0252000196: The Hamlet of Edwin Booth
0252000226: Religion of Art in Proust
0252000234: Essays on Cellular Automata
0252000242: Interaction of Science and Technology
0252000250: The Structure of Awareness: Introduction to a Situational Theory of Truth and Knowledge
0252000269: Challenge of Incompetence and Poverty
0252000277: Challenge of Incompetence and Poverty
0252000307: With all deliberate speed: civil rights theory and reality By
0252000315: Modern Transformations of the Moenkopi Pueblo
0252000323: Pertinent Concepts in Computer Graphics
0252000366: Issues in the economics of advertising
0252000560: Diseases Of Ornamental Plants
0252000595: Examiner's Manual - Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities
0252000692: Urban Transportation Planning
0252000749: Political Socialization and Student Activism in Indonesia (Studies in Social Science, Vol. 57)
0252000757: John Banister and his natural history of Virginia, 1678-1692
0252000765: Idea of Perfect History
0252000773: Public opinion in occupied Germany : the OMGUS surveys 1945- 1949 /
0252000781: The telencephalon of the Western painted turtle (Chrysemys picta belli).
0252000803: Gifford Pinchot, Private and Public Forester
0252000838: Dated Greek Manuscripts of the Thirteenth & Fourteenth Centuries in the Libraries of Italy
0252000846: James I and Henri IV : An Essay in English Foreign Policy, 1603-1610
0252000854: The American Idea of Industrial Democracy, 1865-1965
0252000862: Expeditions of John Charles Fremont Travels from 1838 to 1844
0252000889: Travelers on the western frontier
0252000897: Nature, Aims, And Policy
0252000900: One Woman's Situation
0252000919: Reluctant Farmer
0252000927: The Twisted Road to Auschwitz: Nazi Policy Toward German Jews 1933-1939
0252000935: Semantics and the Philosophy of Language
0252000943: Fields of Rich Toil: The Development of the University of Illinois College Agriculture
0252000951: Essays on Bertrand Russell
0252000978: The Pursuit of Form, A Study of Hawthorne and the Romance
0252001001: Nature, Aims, and Policy
0252001028: Dreams, images, and fantasy: A semantic differential casebook
0252001044: Affecting Presence
0252001052: Theories of Value and Problems of Education
0252001060: Theories of Value and Problems in Education
0252001079: Golden Moment:the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald
0252001087: Creating the Human Environment; a Report of the American Institute of Architects.
0252001095: Black Rover, Come Over: The Hypnosymbolic Treatment Oif a Phobia
0252001125: The Interregnum of Despair: Hoover, Congress, and the Depression
0252001133: Language and Psychology in Pepita Jimenez
0252001168: Language Training in Early Childhood Education
0252001184: Henry Cantwell Wallace : As Secretary Of Agriculture, 1921-1924
0252001192: Creating the human environment; a report of the American Institute of Architects
0252001206: Science in the British Colonies of America
0252001214: Social Science and the Idea of Process The Ambiguous Legacy of Arthur F. Bentley
0252001222: The Ibero-American enlightenment
0252001230: Essays on Other Minds
0252001249: The Soviet Rural Community: A Symposium
0252001257: Modern Art and Scientific Thought
0252001265: Media Sociology
0252001273: Islam and Its Cultural Divergence: Studies in Honor of Gustave E. Von Grunebaum,
0252001281: Walter Gropius and the creation of the Bauhaus in Weimar: the ideals and..
0252001303: A study of the logic of teaching
0252001338: Maryland in Africa: The Maryland State Colonization Society 1831-1857
0252001346: A Scrupulous Meanness
0252001354: New perspectives on Black studies,
0252001362: Essays on Wittgenstein
0252001370: National party platforms, 1840-1968
0252001389: The Future of the State University
0252001397: Study in Boss Politics
0252001419: In the Hands of Our Enemies.
0252001427: Psycholinguistic Learning Disabilities
0252001443: History Is Your Own Heartbeat
0252001451: history is your own heartbeat
0252001478: The Passions of the Minde in Generall: A Reprint Based on the 1604 Edition
0252001486: 1969 Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council
0252001516: The ethos of Restoration comedy
0252001524: Gibbon and His Roman Empire
0252001532: Discretionary Justice : A Preliminary Inquiry
0252001540: Mammals of Grand Canyon
0252001559: Mammals of Grand Canyon
0252001575: The Debate Over Slavery: Stanley Elkins and His Critics (Illini Books, Ib- 73)
0252001583: The frontier against slavery: Western anti-Negro prejudice and the slavery extension controversy
0252001591: And If Defeated Allege Fraud : Stories
0252001605: The German rearmament question; American diplomacy and European defense after World War II
0252001613: Smoked Yankees and the Struggle for Empire : Letters from Negro Soldiers, 1898 - 1902
0252001648: OUTCASTS FROM EVOLUTION: Scientific Attitudes of Racial Inferiority 1859-1900
0252001656: Aesthetics and problems of education, (Readings in the philosophy of education)
0252001664: Aesthetics and problems of education, (Readings in the philosophy of education)
0252001672: Essays On Bertrand Russell
0252001680: Aware of Utopia
0252001699: Ernest Hemingway and the Arts
0252001702: Psycholinguistic learning Disabilities
0252001710: Essays on Wittgenstein
0252001729: Biological and Social Factors in Psycholinguistics
0252001737: Ambiguity of Henry James
0252001745: The Hoodwinking of Madeline, and Other Essays on Keats's Poems
0252001753: Fifty-Eight Lonely Men
0252001761: George W. Norris; The Persistence of a Progressive, 1913-1933.
0252001788: Basic books in the mass media;: An annotated selected booklist covering general communications, book publishing, broadcasting, film, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly and professional periodicals
0252001796: Great Day Coming : Folk Music And The American Left
0252001818: Only a Miner : Studies in Recorded Coal-Mining Songs
0252001826: From Riot to Reason
0252001834: Teachers for the Prairie: The University of Illinois and the Schools, 1868-1945
0252001842: Wordsworth and the Poetry of Encounter
0252001850: Scientific methods of urban analysis
0252001877: American Labor Songs of the Nineteenth Century
0252001885: Lincoln's Preparation for Greatness: The Illinois Legislative Years
0252001893: The Anti Man Culture : Bureautechnocracy and the Schools
0252001907: Hell-Bound Train: A Cowboy Songbook (Includes a 331/3 Rpm Record)#(Music in...
0252001915: The Incarnate Word: Literature as Verbal Space
0252001923: Seth Eastman's Mississippi a Lost Portfolio Recovered
0252001974: The Process and Effects of Mass Communication
0252001982: Henrietta Maria Queen of the Cavaliers
0252001990: The wayfarers
0252002008: Law, Politics, and Birth Control
0252002016: The Emergence of Richard Wright: A Study in Literature and Society. by...
0252002024: From Ottomanism to Arabism: Essays on the Origins of Arab Nationalism
0252002032: Lincoln's Preparation for Greatness
0252002040: Sumerian and Akkadian Cuneiform Texts in the Collection of the World Heritage Museum of the University of Illinois TWO VOLUMES
0252002067: The shadow of slavery: peonage in the South, 1901-1969
0252002075: The Physician and Sexuality in Victorian America: Based on the Semantic Domains
0252002083: Eight Urban Musical Cultures Tradition and Change
0252002091: Communication:Methods for All Media
0252002105: Communication in International Politics
0252002113: Intentionality, Mind, and Language
0252002121: The Age of Bluff Paradox & Ambiguity in Rabelais & Montaigne
0252002148: North American freshwater leeches, exclusive of the Piscicolidae, with a key to all species.
0252002156: Equality and Social Policy
0252002180: Mediums, and Spirit-Rappers, and Roaring Radicals: Spiritualism in American Literature, 1850-1900
0252002199: Ecology of Animals
0252002202: The spearless leader;: Senator Borah and the progressive movement in the 1920's
0252002229: George Sylvester Viereck, German-American propagandist
0252002237: George W. Norris: The Triumph of a Progressive, 1933-1944
0252002245: Women Writers in Russian Modernism : An Anthology
0252002253: Men and Brothers Anglo American Antislavery Cooperation
0252002261: Nightmare Begins Responsibility: Poems
0252002318: The Foreclosure, Poems (Illini Books, Ib-78)
0252002326: Illusions of a Nation
0252002334: The learned doctor William Ames;: Dutch backgrounds of English and American Puritanism
0252002342: Oh, Didn't He Ramble: the Life Story of Lee Collins (Music in American Life Ser. )
0252002350: Supreme Court and Social Science
0252002369: The Injury Industry and the Remedy of No-Fault Insurance
0252002385: Catiline's Dream: An Essay on Ibsen's Plays
0252002415: Enlightened Cherishing
0252002423: Booker T. Washington Papers.
0252002431: Booker T. Washington Papers, Vol. 2 : 1860-1889
0252002458: Blacks on John Brown
0252002466: Issues in Linguistics. Papers in Honor of Henry and Renee Kahane.
0252002482: The Systematization of Russian Government: Social Evolution in the Domestic Administration of Imperial Russia, 1711-1905
0252002490: Expeditions of John Charles Fremont: The Bear Flag Revolt and the Court-Martial
0252002512: Constitution Making in Illinois, 1818-1970
0252002520: Work, technology, and education: Dissenting essays in the intellectual foundations of American education
0252002539: The Politics of Urban Planning
0252002555: Econometric Studies of Japan
0252002563: The garden and the map; schizophrenia in twentieth-century literature and culture.
0252002571: Hart's Bridge
0252002598: Poisonous Plants of the Midwest & Their Effects on Livestock
0252002601: Selected Works of Zinaida Hippius
0252002628: Verbal Behavior and Politics
0252002636: SEARCH FOR A BLACK NATIONALITY, THE: Black Emigration and Colonization, 1787-1863
0252002652: Bluegrass : A History (Music in American Life Ser.)
0252002660: Systematics and Biology of the Woodland Jumping Mouse, N. insignis.
0252002679: The Woman Citizen: Social Feminism in the 1920s
0252002687: I'm Somebody Important; Young Black Voices from Rural Georgia.
0252002695: The Spanish in the Mississippi Valley 1762-1804
0252002709: Which side are you on?: The Harlan County coal miners, 1931-39
0252002717: Recovery with Aphasia. The Aftermath of my Stroke.
0252002725: Baegu: Social and Ecological Organization in Malaita, Solomon Islands
0252002733: Bargaining: Formal Theories of Negotiation
0252002741: For the first hours of tomorrow : the new Illinois Bill of rights.
0252002776: The Home; Its Work and Influence
0252002792: Before the Ghetto : Black Detroit in the Nineteenth Century (Blacks in the New World Ser.)
0252002806: Fettered Freedom: Civil Liberties & the Slavery Controversy, 1830-1860 (Illini Book)
0252002814: The Shores of America, Thoreau's Inward Exploration
0252002822: Three African Tribes in Transition: Volume 1 of Contemporary Change in Traditional Societies
0252002849: Sinners and Heretics: The Politics of Military Intervention in Latin America
0252002857: Black Business in the New South, a Social History of the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company
0252002865: White-Collar Workers and the Uaw.
0252002873: Women in Tolstoy : The Ideal and the Erotic
0252002881: The English Novel in the Nineteenth Century: Essays on the Literary Mediation of Human Values.
0252002903: Early Downhome Blues, A Musical and Cultural Analysis
0252002938: Latin American Modernization Problems: Case Studies in the Crises of Change
0252002946: Feminine Character: History of an Ideology
0252002954: Theory of Culture Change : The Methodology of Multilinear Evolution
0252002962: Marcel Proust a Critical Panorama
0252002970: John Philip Sousa: A Descriptive Catalog of His Works
0252002989: Feminine Character : History of an Ideology
0252002997: Women in Perspective: A Guide for Cross-Cultural Studies
0252003047: The International Labor Movement in Transition. Essays on Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America
0252003055: Freedmen, Philanthropy and Fraud: A History of the Freedman's Savings Bank
0252003063: BLACK GEORGIA In the Progressive Era 1900-1930
0252003071: Between Paris and St. Petersburg. Diaries of Hippius
0252003098: Murphy Stories
0252003101: The News People: A Sociological Portrait of American Journalists and Their Work
0252003128: Emergence of the Presidential Nominating Convention 1789-1832.
0252003144: Indians and Bureaucrats
0252003152: The Kikuchi diary;: Chronicle from an American concentration camp; the Tanforan journals of Charles Kikuchi
0252003179: The scrawny sonnets and other narratives;: Poems (An Illini book)
0252003187: The Structure of Scientific Theories
0252003195: The Rich, the Well Born and the Powerful: Elites and Upper Classes in History
0252003209: The Subordinate Sex: A History of Attitudes Toward Women
0252003217: THE PEOPLE
0252003268: Artist in Chrysalis A Biographical Study of Goethe in Italy
0252003276: Git along, Little Dogies : Songs and Songmakers of the American West (Music in American Life Ser.)
0252003306: The scrawny sonnets and other narratives; poems
0252003314: People
0252003322: To Judge with Justice : History and Politics of Illinois Judicial Reform (Studies in Illinois Constitution Making Ser)
0252003330: Manual Communication
0252003349: Manual Communication
0252003357: Quantitative Social Science Research on Latin America
0252003403: Bionomics and Embryology of the Inland Floodwater Mosquito Aedes vexans
0252003411: Black Poets of the United States : From Paul Laurence Dunbar to Langston Hughes
0252003438: long steel rail
0252003454: Women in Perspective; a Guide for Cross-Cultural Studies.
0252003462: Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia
0252003470: Slavery and Jeffersonian Virginia
0252003489: The Meter and Melody of Beowulf
0252003497: Accent; an anthology, 1940-60,
0252003519: New Perspectives on Black Studies
0252003799: Six in the Easy chair
0252003845: The creation frame; (An Illini book)
0252003861: The Trial of Judaism in Contemporary Jewish Writing.
0252003918: Arts, Crafts, and Architecture in Early Illinois
0252003934: Hart Crane: The Patterns of His Poetry
0252003942: The Segregation Struggle in Louisiana, 1862-77
0252003950: The Draft and Its Enemies: A Documentary History
0252003969: The Forgotten Friendship : Israel And the Soviet Bloc 1947-53
0252003977: Passage Through the Garden; Lewis and Clark and the Image of the American Northwest.
0252003985: Down Mailer's way
0252004019: Saul Bellow's Enigmatic Laughter
0252004027: Space adrift: Landmark preservation and the marketplace
0252004043: The creation frame
0252004051: Serta Turyniana
0252004078: The Nature of Causation
0252004094: Women in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1795
0252004108: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 3 : 1889-1895
0252004116: The Peasants of Languedoc
0252004124: Plantation, Town, and County : Essays on the Local History of American Slave Society
0252004132: Rappin' and Stylin' Out : Communication in Urban Black America
0252004140: National party platforms, 1840-1972
0252004159: Mathematical Models of Social and Cognitive Structures:Contributions to the Mathematical Development of Anthropology
0252004191: The Formation of the American Scientific Community: The American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1848-60.
0252004205: Into the twenties; the United States from armistice to normalcy.
0252004221: The Factory Girls: A Collection of Writings on Life and Struggles in the New England Factories of the 1840's
0252004248: The Crumbling Walls Treatment and Counseling of Prisoners
0252004256: Sumerian Economic Texts from the Umma Archive, Volume II only.
0252004264: Cross-Cultural Universals of Affective Meaning
0252004272: William Howard Taft and United States foreign policy: The apprenticeship years, 1900-1908
0252004280: A discourse on statesmanship;: The design and transformation of the American polity
0252004302: The New Fiction: Interviews With Innovative American Writers
0252004310: White-Collar Power:Changing Patterns of Interest Group Behavior...
0252004329: Psychologists in the Criminal Justice System
0252004345: The Contemporary New Communities Movement in the United States
0252004353: Centrally Planned Change: A Reexamination of Theory and Experience
0252004361: Politics of Identity
0252004388: Laws Against Marijuana the Price We Pay
0252004396: To all appearances;: Poems new and selected
0252004418: Liberating Women's History Theoretical & Critical Essays
0252004426: The shadow in the cave;: The broadcaster, his audience, and the state
0252004434: To All Appearances poems New and Selected.
0252004442: Aids and Precautions in Administration of the Illinois Test of Psycho-linguistic Abilities
0252004450: Aids and precautions in administering the Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities
0252004477: The Wichita Poems
0252004485: The American Eve in fact and fiction, 1775-1914
0252004493: How to Do Library Research
0252004515: Ending Insult to Injury: No-Fault Insurance for Products and Services
0252004531: Keeping the Faith: A. Philip Randolph, Milton P. Webster, and the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, 1925-37
0252004558: Politics of the purse;: Revenue and finance in the sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention (Studies in Illinois constitution making)
0252004566: Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture 1974
0252004590: Cry of the Human: Essays on Contemporary American Poetry
0252004604: Territorial Politics and Government in Montana, 1864-89
0252004612: Social Problems in Athletics
0252004620: The History and Philosophy of Technology
0252004639: Feminine Consciousness in the Modern British Novel
0252004647: Peasant Society in a Changing Economy: Comparative Development in Southeast Asia & India
0252004655: Assessment in Infancy
0252004663: Nightmare Begins Responsibility
0252004698: Paracriticisms: Seven Speculations of the Times.
0252004701: San Antonio Rose
0252004728: Crossings. Stories
0252004752: Black Americans & the White Mans Burden
0252004779: Unassigned Frequencies: American Poetry in Review, 1964-77
0252004787: Harriet Monroe and the Poetry Renaissance: The First Ten Years of Poetry, 1912-22
0252004795: The Corbaccio
0252005090: Hired Hands and Plowboys: Farm Labor in the Midwest, 1815-60.
0252005104: Uncle Sam's Farmers: The New Deal Communities in the Lower Mississippi Valley
0252005155: Variations in Black and White Perceptions of the Social Environment
0252005163: Illinois Classical Studies Volume 1, 1976
0252005198: The Necessary Blankness: Women in Major American Fiction of the Sixties
0252005201: Sinful Tunes and Spirituals Black Folk Music to the Civil War
0252005228: Texas-Mexican Cancionero by
0252005236: The Mythopoeic Reality: The Postwar American Nonfiction Novel
0252005252: Sociology and Jurisprudence of Leon Petrazycki
0252005279: Stars of Country Music : Uncle Dave Macon to Johnny Rodriguez
0252005287: The Black Hawk Songs
0252005309: Crossings; Stories
0252005317: A season for unnatural causes: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252005325: Curving Road: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252005333: Such Waltzing Was Not Easy: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252005341: Black Ohio and the Color Line, 1860-1915 (Blacks in the New World)
0252005368: Hincmar of Laon and Carol
0252005503: Cross-Cultural Universals of Affective Meaning
0252005511: Love in the Winter
0252005538: Sacha Runa: Ethnicity and Adaptation of Ecuadorian Jungle Quichua
0252005546: Carthage conspiracy: The trial of the accused assassins of Joseph Smith by...
0252005554: The New Fiction: Interviews With Innovative American Writers
0252005589: The Politics Of Higher Education : Lawmakers And The Academy In Illinois
0252005597: Landscaping your home
0252005600: Diseases of ornamental plants
0252005619: Nauvoo : Kingdom on the Mississippi
0252005627: Before the Ghetto: Black Detroit in the Nineteenth Century
0252005635: The Woman Citizen
0252005643: Slavery and the numbers game: A critique of Time on the cross (Blacks in the New World)
0252005651: Slavery and the Numbers Game : A Critique of Time on the Cross (Blacks in the New World Ser.)
0252005678: Core: A Study in the Civil Rights Movement, 1942-1968
0252005694: Liberating Women's History : Theoretical and Critical Essays
0252005708: Wichita Poems
0252005724: Insatiability
0252005740: Artists As Professors
0252005759: Democratic Party and the Negro
0252005767: Comic Relief
0252005775: W. B. Yeats: A Classified Bibliography of Criticism Including Additions to Allan Wade's Bibliography of the Writings of W. B. Yeats and a Section on the Irish Literary and Dramatic Revival
0252005783: Love in the Winter: Stories
0252005791: Discretionary justice in Europe and America
0252005805: Urban land use planning
0252005813: Cumberland Station: Poems
0252005821: Cumberland Station: Poems
0252005848: To Byzantium Stories
0252005856: Black Over White: Negro Political Leadership in South Carolina During Reconstruction
0252005864: Therapy in Motion
0252005872: The game of the impossible: A rhetoric of fantasy by Irwin, William Robert
0252005899: American forts--architectural form and function
0252005961: Diseases of Midwest trees
0252005996: Manuscripts Guide to Collections at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
0252006003: The Rural Foundation for Urbanization: Economic and Stylistic Interaction between Rural and Urban Communities in Eighth-Century Peru
0252006011: Abolitionism: The Brazilian Antislavery Struggle
0252006038: TRACKING
0252006046: Poems of the 2 Worlds
0252006054: Poems of the two worlds
0252006062: Images of Kin
0252006070: Images of Kin : New and Selected Poems
0252006089: Henry Ward Beecher Spokesman for a Mid
0252006097: The Emergence of Professional Social Science
0252006100: The Federal Writers' Project A Study in Government Patronage of the Arts
0252006119: Henry Salt, Humanitarian Reformer and Man of Letters
0252006127: Evolution and Ecology : Essays on Social Transformation
0252006135: Rolling all the time: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252006143: Rolling all the time : stories
0252006151: Small Moments
0252006178: Building for the Centuries: Illinois, 1865 to 1898 (The Sesquicentennial history of Illinois)
0252006186: Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark Folktales.
0252006194: An Ives Celebration: Papers and Panels of the Charles Ives Centennial Festival-Conference
0252006208: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
0252006216: The Illinois Legislature Structure and Process
0252006224: The Economics and Politics of Racial Accommodation: The Japanese of Los Angeles, 1900-1942
0252006232: We, The Other People
0252006240: We, the Other People
0252006267: Rulemakers of the House
0252006275: Booker T. Washington Papers, Vol. 5 : 1899-1900
0252006283: Four Men: Living the Revolution an Oral History of Contemporary Cuba
0252006291: Illinois Classical Studies (Vol. II)
0252006305: Of Poetry and Poets
0252006313: Dorothy Richardson: a Biography.
0252006348: Structure of Scientific Theories
0252006356: Peasants of Languedoc
0252006364: Along The Color Line: Explorations In The Black Experience 77 Univ O
0252006380: Beekeeping in Midwest
0252006399: Four Women-Living the Revolution: An Oral History of Contemporary Cuba (Living the Revolution, V.2)
0252006410: Neighbors: Living the Revolution : An Oral History of Contemporary Cuba (Living the Revolution)
0252006437: The Life of Fiction
0252006453: Mythopoetic Reality: The Postwar American Nonfiction Novel
0252006488: Montage Satire and Cultism: Germany Between the Wars
0252006496: Work, Technology, and Education: Dissenting Essays in the Intellectual Foundations of American Education
0252006526: Zora Neale Hurston a Literary Biography
0252006534: Medicine and Slavery: The Diseases and Health Care of Blacks in Antebellum Virginia
0252006542: Illinois Classical Studies, Volume 3
0252006577: Socialism and Populism in Chile, 1932-52
0252006607: Remembrances of Concord and the Thoreaus: Letters of Horace Hosmer to Dr. S. A. Jones
0252006615: Morning Chores and Other Times Remembered
0252006623: The Parish Clergy under the Later Stuarts: The Leicestershire Experience
0252006631: On earth as it is: Poems
0252006658: The pleasures of manhood: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252006666: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 7 : 1903-1904
0252006674: Worker City, Company Town: Iron and Cotton-Worker Protest in Troy and Cohoes, New York, 1855-84 (The Working class in American history)
0252006682: The Ecology of Social Boundaries : Agta Foragers of the Philippines
0252006690: The Concise History of Woman Suffrage: Selections from the Classic Work of Stanton, Anthony, Gage, and Harper
0252006704: The Pleasures of Manhood: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252006712: A Horse of Another Color
0252006720: A Horse of Another Color (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252006739: ONE MORE RIVER
0252006763: Madame de Stael Novelist The Emergence of the Artist as Woman
0252006798: King: A biography (Blacks in the New World)
0252006801: King : A Biography
0252006828: Fishes of Illinois
0252006836: Joe Scott, the Woodsman-Songmaker
0252006844: Politics, Economics, and Society in the Two Germanies, 1945-75: A Bibliography of English-Language Works
0252006852: THE SOCIAL ORDER OF A FRONTIER COMMUNITY Jacksonville, Illinois, 1825-70
0252006860: Their Eyes Were Watching God
0252006879: National Party Platforms, 1840-1956
0252006887: National Party Platforms, 1960-1976
0252006895: Alley Life in Washington: Family, Community, Religion, and Folklife in the City, 1950-1970
0252006909: Ghetto Takes Shape : Black Cleveland, 1870-1930
0252006917: The Concise History of Woman Suffrage Selections from the Classic Work of Stanton, Anthony, Gage and Harper
0252006925: National Party Platforms
0252006933: Doctrine for the Lady of the Renaissance
0252006941: Illinois Classical Studies, Volume IV, 1979
0252006968: Environmental Impact Analysis
0252006976: Letters of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, with Related Documents, 1783-1854
0252006984: The Plains Across : The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60
0252006992: Poetry and the Body
0252007018: Family in Imperial Russia: New Lines of Historical Research.
0252007026: Virginia reels: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252007034: Virginia Reels: Stories.
0252007042: Fabulation and Metafiction
0252007069: Novelistic Vision of Doris Lessing
0252007077: The Ecology of North America
0252007085: Rulemakers of the House
0252007093: Evolution and Ecology : Essays on Social Transformation
0252007107: Unassigned Frequencies: American Poetry in Review, 1964-77
0252007115: Chant of Saints: A Gathering of Afro American Literature Art and Scholarship
0252007123: Chant of saints: A gathering of Afro-American literature, art, and scholarship
0252007131: Grenvillites, 1801-29: Party Politics and Fractionalism in the Age of Pitt and Liverpool
0252007158: The Actes and Monuments: Stories
0252007166: The Actes and Monuments: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252007174: Riversongs.
0252007182: Riversongs
0252007190: Up where I used to live: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252007204: Up Where I Used to Live: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252007220: New World : Stories
0252007271: Joe Scott
0252007298: Herders of Cyrenaica
0252007301: Cicero's Elegant Style: An Analysis of the Pro Archia
0252007328: The Chicago Board of Trade, 1859-1905: The Dynamics of Self-Regulation
0252007336: Puritan Influences in American Literature
0252007344: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
0252007352: The Limits of Enlightenment: Joseph II and the Law
0252007360: The Structuring of a State: The History of Illinois, 1899-1928 (The Sesquicentennial history of Illinois)
0252007387: Peckinpah: The Western Films
0252007395: The Politics of Soft Coal: The Bituminous Industry from World War I Through the New Deal
0252007409: City As Context: Urbanism and Behavioral Constraints in Seville
0252007417: Goshawk, Antelope
0252007425: Goshawk, Antelope by
0252007433: The Healers: A History of American Medicine
0252007441: Internal Migration Policy and New Towns: The Mexican Experience.
0252007468: The People of Buena Ventura: Relocation of Slum Dwellers in Postrevolutionary Cuba
0252007476: The Jews Were Expendable: Free World Diplomacy and the Holocaust
0252007484: Regional Economics
0252007506: Jimmie Rodgers: The Life and Times of America's Blue Yodeler
0252007514: THE WOMAN'S PART: Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare
0252007522: From Behind the Veil : A Study of Afro-American Narrative
0252007530: The Right Promethean Fire: Imagination, Science, and Cultural Change.
0252007549: Death mother and other poems
0252007557: Death Mother and Other Poems.
0252007565: Who's He When He's at Home: a James Joyce Directory
0252007573: Who's He When He's at Home : A James Joyce Directory
0252007581: Logic of Solidarity
0252007603: IDA M'TOY
0252007611: Fabulation and Metafiction
0252007638: Local Men
0252007646: Local Men and Domains
0252007654: Government by Pen: Scotland Under James VI and I by Lee, Maurice.
0252007662: THE TRANSFORMING IMAGE: A Study of Shelley's Major Poetry
0252007670: Coming to Terms: Poems
0252007689: Coming to Terms : Poems
0252007697: Showdown, confronting modern America in the Western film
0252007700: The Cubeo Indians of the Northwest Amazon, Second Edition
0252007719: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 9 : 1906-1908
0252007727: Power and Powerlessness: Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley
0252007743: Death and Life of Malcolm X
0252007751: Black over White : Negro Political Leadership in South Carolina During Reconstruction
0252007778: Family in Imperial Russia
0252007786: Early Downhome Blues : A Musical and Cultural Analysis (Music in American Life Ser.)
0252007794: Charles Olson's Maximus
0252007808: On the Edge of the Desert: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction Series)
0252007816: On the Edge of the Desert
0252007824: The gasoline wars: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252007832: The Gasoline Wars: Stories
0252007840: The Return of Service: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252007859: The return of service : stories
0252007867: Surviving Adverse Seasons Stories
0252007875: Surviving Adverse Seasons: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252007883: The New South and the New Competition
0252007891: Incunabula in the University of Illinois Library at Urbana-Champaign (Robert B. Downs Publication Fund ; No. 5)
0252007905: The Legacy of Malthus. The Social Costs of the New Scientific Racism.
0252007913: Hypothetical City Exercise (Workbook To Accompany 'Urban Land Use Planning', Third Edition
0252007921: Hellenes and Hellions: Modern Greek Characters in American Literature
0252007964: Searching the Drowned Man : Poems
0252007972: Five-Branch Government: The Full Measure of Constitutional Checks and Balances
0252007980: Searching the Drowned Man
0252008006: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 10 : 1909-1911
0252008014: The Exploded Form: The Modernist Novel in America
0252008022: Elliott Coues: Naturalist and Frontier Historian
0252008049: To Feed Their Hopes: A Book of American Women (His the Top of Pisgah; V. 3)
0252008057: Four Women Living Revolution
0252008065: American Medicine in Transition 1840 - 1910
0252008073: Zora Neale Hurston : A Literary Biography
0252008081: Search for Power the Weaker Sex In
0252008103: Literary Disruptions: The Making of a Post-Contemporary American Fiction
0252008111: Race Relations in the Urban South, 1865-1890
0252008138: Black Georgia in the Progressive Era, 1900-1920
0252008146: Basic Books in the Mass Media: An Annotated, Selected Booklist Covering General Communications, Book Publishing, Broadcasting, Editorial Journalism, Film, Magazines, & Advertising.
0252008154: Ozark Folksongs
0252008162: Pynchon: The Voice of Ambiguity
0252008170: Dwarf Shrubs for the Midwest
0252008189: Overshoot : The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change
0252008200: Charter for a New Age: An Inside View of the Sixth Illinois Constitutional Convention
0252008219: The Saints and the Union: Utah Territory During the Civil War
0252008227: THE ORIGINS OF MODERN REFORM IN IRAN 1870-80. ISBN 0-252-00822-7.
0252008235: Thomas Jefferson and the Stony Mountains: Exploring the West from Monticello
0252008243: A Leopardi Reader
0252008251: Competency to Stand Trial
0252008278: The Urban Establishment: Upper Strata in Boston, New York, Charleston, Chicago, and Los Angeles
0252008286: Resources of American Music History; A Directory of Source Materials from Colonial Times to World War II.
0252008294: Adirondack Voices
0252008308: Naming Things
0252008316: Naming Things. Stories (Illinois Short Fiction Ser.)
0252008324: Cultural Transformations and Ethnicity in Modern Ecuador
0252008332: With Akhmatova at the Black Gates : Variations. Poems
0252008359: Only A Miner. Studies In Recorded Coal-mining Songs
0252008367: Sacha Runa: Ethnicity and Adaptation of Ecquadorian Jungle Quichua
0252008375: Desirable aliens: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252008405: Transports and Disgraces: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252008413: Transports and Disgraces. Stories (Illinois Short Fiction Ser.)
0252008421: Calling
0252008448: Sing A Sad Song, The Life of Hank Williams
0252008456: The ABCs Of Soviet Socialism
0252008472: Fables of Fact : The New Journalism As New Fiction
0252008480: Hooded Empire: The Ku Klux Klan in Colorado
0252008499: One Third of a Nation
0252008502: LIFE WORK AND REBELLION IN THE COAL FIELDS The Southern West Virginia Miners 1880-1922
0252008510: The Avant-Garde Today: An International Anthology
0252008529: The Avant-Garde Today
0252008545: Heber C. Kimball, Mormon Patriarch and Pioneer
0252008553: Women in Revolutionary Paris, 1789-1795
0252008588: Sex Roles and Social Change in Native Lower Central American Societies.
0252008618: Sing a Sad Song : The Life of Hank Williams
0252008626: Dream Flights
0252008634: Dream Flights Poems
0252008642: More Trouble With the Obvious: Poems
0252008669: Mississippi Choctaws at Play : The Serious Side of Leisure
0252008677: Playing and Coaching Wheelchair Basketball
0252008685: West and Reconstruction
0252008693: Beyond Equality
0252008707: Black Leaders of the Twentieth Century
0252008715: Deaning, Middle Management in Academe
0252008723: The ABCs of Soviet Socialism
0252008731: Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920
0252008758: Sinful Tunes and Spirituals: Black Folk Music to the Civil War (Music in American Life)
0252008766: Pure Clear Word: Essays on the Poetry of James Wright
0252008774: Alternative Pleasures: Postrealist Fiction And The Tradition
0252008782: Figures of desire : a theory & analysis of surrealist film.
0252008790: American education and the European immigrant, 1840-1940
0252008804: Lives of Their Own
0252008820: Seven Days a Week : Women and Domestic Service in Industrializing America
0252008839: The All's Well Story from Boccaccio to Shakespeare
0252008847: Plain Folk: The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans
0252008855: Our Last First Poets: Vision and History in Contemporary American Poetry
0252008871: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 11 : 1911-1912
0252008901: Jacques Ellul: Interpretive Essays
0252008928: Leopardi Reader
0252008936: Tenement Songs
0252008944: Texas-Mexican Cancionero: Folksongs of the Lower Border (Music in American Life (Paperback))
0252008952: Life, Work and Rebellion in the Coal Fields : Southern West Virginia Miners, 1880-1922
0252008979: Pawns of Yalta: Soviet Refugees and America's Role in Their Repatriation
0252008987: Breaking and Entering: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252008995: Into the wind: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252009010: Land Use Conflicts
0252009045: Ladies Who Knit For A Living: Stories
0252009061: Plain Folk : The Life Stories of Undistinguished Americans
0252009096: The Structure of Obscurity
0252009118: Rediscoveries, Literature and Place in Illinois
0252009126: Reason's Disciples
0252009134: Battleground: The Autobiography of Margaret A. Haley
0252009142: Diary of a Strike
0252009150: Worker City, Company Town
0252009169: Family and Community : Italian Immigrants in Buffalo, 1880-1930
0252009177: Human Cargoes: The British Slave Trade to Spanish America, 1700-1739 (Blacks in the New World Series)
0252009185: How the North Won: A Military History of the Civil War
0252009207: The Political Integration of Women: Roles, Socialization, and Politics
0252009215: The Workers' Union
0252009223: The Four Corners of the House: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252009231: National Party Platforms of 1980
0252009258: Breaking and Entering: Stories
0252009274: Ladies Who Knit for a Living
0252009282: Educational Policy and the Just Society
0252009290: Southern Black leaders of the Reconstruction era (Blacks in the New World)
0252009312: Paradoxical Resolutions: American Fiction Since James Joyce
0252009320: The Urban Establishment: Upper Strata in Boston, New York, Charleston, Chicago, and Los Angeles
0252009363: After Daley: Chicago Politics in Transition
0252009371: American Book of the Dead
0252009398: Black Leaders of the Twentieth Century
0252009428: Tomorrow's Eve
0252009436: Faulkner's Search for a South
0252009444: Mormon Thunder a documentary history of jedediah morgan grant
0252009452: Take Up the Bodies
0252009460: Medicine in Transition: The Centennial of the University of Illinois College of Medicine
0252009479: Northbook
0252009487: Northbrook : Poems
0252009495: Negro's Civil War (Blacks in the New World)
0252009509: Gay and Gray
0252009525: Ozark Folksongs
0252009533: Working-class America; essays on labor, community and American society.
0252009541: Working Class America : Essays on Labor, Community, and American Society
0252009568: World from Brown's Lounge : An Ethnography of Black Middle-Class Play
0252009576: Feminist Scholarship
0252009584: Urban Life in Mediterranean Europe: Anthropological Perspectives
0252009592: For the Ancestors
0252009606: Tippecanoe and Trinkets Too: The Material Culture of American Presidential Campaigns, 1828-1984
0252009614: Slaves & Missionaries: The Disintegration of Jamaican Slave Society, 1787-1834
0252009630: American Labor and Immigration History, 1877-1920s
0252009649: Russian Literature and Ideology
0252009665: Northeast Asian Security after Vietnam
0252009673: Eugene V. Debs
0252009681: The Plains Across: The Overland Emigrants and the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-60
0252009703: Anything can happen: Interviews with contemporary American novelists
0252009711: Anything Can Happen: Interviews With Contemporary American Novelists
0252009738: Father Divine and the Struggle for Racial Equality
0252009746: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 12 : 1912-14
0252009754: Animals in American Literature
0252009762: The Floating Candles
0252009770: Floating Candles: Poems
0252009789: Ohiyesa
0252009797: Letters to Bab: Sherwood Anderson to Marietta D. Finley, 1916-33
0252009819: Down from Equality: Black Chicagoans and the Public Schools, 1920-41
0252009827: Women and the Ancestors : Black Carib Kinship and Ritual
0252009835: Occult in America Hardcover by Kerr, Howard; Crow, Charles
0252009843: The Damndest Radical: The Life and World of Ben Reitman, Chicago's Celebrated Social Reformer, Hobo King, and Whorehouse Physician
0252009851: Power and Powerlessness : Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley
0252009878: Loren Eiseley: The Development of a Writer.
0252009886: Overshoot : The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change
0252009894: Southwestern Archaeology
0252009908: Urban life in Mediterranean Europe : anthropological perspectives.
0252009916: Home Fires (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252009924: Home Fires
0252009932: Pastorale: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252009940: Pastorale
0252009959: Babaru: Stories (Illinois short fiction)
0252009967: Babaru
0252009975: The Canyons of Grace (Illinois Short Fiction Series)
0252009983: The Canyons of Grace: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252009991: Workingmen's democracy the Knights of Labor and American politics.
0252010000: Daily Bread
0252010035: Alley Life in Washington : Family, Community, Religion, and Folklife in the City, 1850-1970
0252010043: Sisters and Wives : The Past and Future of Sexual Equality
0252010051: One Half the People
0252010078: Logic of Solidarity Artisans & Industria
0252010086: Left of Center : European Labor Since World War II
0252010108: Saloon
0252010124: Law and Disorder : Criminal Justice in America
0252010132: Two Sisters for Social Justice
0252010159: Moving With the Face of the Devil
0252010167: Woman's Part : Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare
0252010175: Collected Poems, 1930-1983
0252010191: To Make Democracy Safe for America : Patricians & Preparedness in the Progressive Era
0252010205: Samantha rastles the woman question
0252010213: Oscar Sonneck and American Music
0252010221: The First Chouteaus: River Barons of Early St. Louis
0252010248: Sweated Industries And Sweated Labor : The London Clothing Trades , 1860 - 1914
0252010256: Ben Tillet Portrait of a Labour Leader
0252010264: Conflicts in Consciousness
0252010299: Theirs Be the Power: The Moguls of Eastern Kentucky
0252010302: Air Power in the Nuclear Age
0252010310: The Electrical Workers : A History of Labor at General Electric and Westinghouse, 1923-60 (The Working Class in American History Ser.)
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