0252010337: Philosophic Thought of Ayn Rand
0252010345: Duel for the Dunes: Land Use Conflict on the Shores of Lake Michigan
0252010361: Social Order of a Frontier Community : Jacksonville, Illinois, 1825-70
0252010388: Shakespeare and Sixteenth Century Study of Language
0252010396: Study of Ethnomusicology : Twenty-Nine Issues and Concepts
0252010418: The Hoosier Politician: Officeholding and Political Culture in Indiana, 1896-1920
0252010426: American Poetry Observed: Poets on Their Work
0252010434: Studies of the Book of Mormon
0252010450: Women and American Socialism, 1870-1920
0252010469: The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies
0252010477: Dust Tracks on a Road: An Autobiography
0252010485: Politics of Bureaucratic Reform: The Case of the California State Employment Service
0252010493: Mythologies Of Nothing: Mystical Death In American Poetry, 1940-70
0252010507: JOHN L. LEWIS. A Biography.
0252010515: Shaping an American Institution: Robert E. Wood and Sears, Roebuck
0252010523: Leadership and Organizational Culture
0252010531: Public Schools in Renaissance France
0252010558: Drink and Disorder
0252010566: Speaking of Abraham Lincoln
0252010582: Down By The Riverside : A South Carolina Slave Community
0252010590: The Visual Text of William Carlos Williams
0252010620: Samantha Rastles the Woman Question (Cassette)
0252010639: Lives of Their Own : Blacks, Italians, and Poles in Pittsburgh, 1900-1960
0252010655: Missouri Pacific Number 2 (11-S-46) Site : A Late Archaic Occupation
0252010663: Turner (11-S-50) and DeMange (11-S-447) Sites : A Mississippian Occupation
0252010671: Mund (11-S-435) Site : Early, Middle, and Late Woodland Occupations
0252010698: Fish Lake (11-MO-608) Site : A Late Woodland Occupation
0252010701: Julien (11-S-63) Site : A Mississippian Occupation
0252010728: Robinson's Lake (11-Ms-582) Site : Emergent Mississippian Occupation
0252010736: Carbon Dioxide (11-MO-594) and the Robert Schneider (11-MS-1177) Sites : Late Woodland, Emergent Mississippian, and Mississippian Occupations
0252010744: Dohack Site/11-S-642
0252010752: Selected Sites in the Hill Lake Locality
0252010760: The McLean Site
0252010787: Range Site : Archaic through Late Woodland Occupations
0252010795: Emergent Mississippian and Early Mississippian Homesteads at the Marcus Site
0252010809: Late Woodland Sites in the American Bottom Uplands
0252010841: Race and Kinship in a Midwestern Town: The Black Experience in Monroe, Michigan, 1900-1915
0252010868: TVA: Fifty Years of Grass-Roots Bureaucracy
0252010876: Evolution of Management Education
0252010884: The Mechanics of Baltimore. Workers and Politics in The Age of Revolution, 1763-1812.
0252010892: Ever the Winds of Chance
0252010914: BYONETS OF THE REPUBLIC Motivation and Tactics in the Army of Revolutionary Frence, 1791-94
0252010922: Polish Peasant in Europe and America
0252010930: Practice of Solidarity
0252010949: Splendid Failure
0252010957: Development of Samuel Beckett's Fiction
0252010965: One Third of a Nation : Lorena Hickok Reports on the Great Depression
0252010973: Bodies of the Rich (Illinois short fiction)
0252010981: The River Painter
0252011007: Dirksen of Illinois: Senatorial Statesman
0252011015: The Imagination As Glory: The Poetry of James Dickey
0252011023: Burns and Tradition
0252011031: Samantha Rastles the Woman Question
0252011066: Missionaries and Muckrakers: The First Hundred Years of Knox College
0252011074: Lorado in Paris: The Letters of Lorado Taft, 1880-1885
0252011082: Marxism & the Interpretation of Culture
0252011090: Some of the Things I Did Not Do: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252011104: Making the Invisible Woman Visible
0252011112: American Bottom Archaeology : A Summary of the FAI-270 Project Contribution to the Culture History of the Mississippi River Valley
0252011147: The Metropolitan Midwest: Policy Problems and Prospects for Change
0252011155: Fetching the Dead (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252011163: Shakespeare's Art of Orchestration
0252011198: Religion and Sexuality
0252011201: The Korean Road to Modernization and Development
0252011228: Moses: Man of the Mountain
0252011236: Making the Invisible Woman Visible
0252011244: Black Milwaukee: The Making of an Industrial Proletariat, 1915-45
0252011252: Booker T. Washington Papers Vol. 13 : 1914-1915
0252011260: From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf: An Astounding and Wholly Unauthorized History of English Literature
0252011287: Healing Song For The Inner Ear : Poems
0252011295: Music Lesson: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252011309: Passion of the Right-Angled Man
0252011333: Directions in Cognitive Anthropology
0252011341: Local Assays on Contemporary American Poetry
0252011376: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 1 : The Making of a Union Leader, 1850-86
0252011384: The Samuel Gompers Papers 4 Volumes
0252011392: Daughters Of Joy Sisters Of Misery
0252011406: Our Last First Poets: Vision and History in Contemporary American Poetry (Illini Book)
0252011414: Political Integration of Women : Roles, Socialization, and Politics
0252011422: Religious Philanthropy and Colonial Slavery
0252011430: Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism
0252011449: The Venetian Patriciate
0252011457: Long Steel Rail: The Railroad in American Folksong
0252011465: South Wales and the Rising of 1839
0252011473: Breaking the land: The transformation of cotton, tobacco, and rice cultures since 1880
0252011481: Eugene V. Debs
0252011503: From Beowulf to Virginia Woolf: An Astounding and Wholly Unauthorized History of English Literature/91298
0252011538: Keats and the Silent Work of Imagination
0252011546: Dreams of Darkness: Fantasy and the Films of Val Lewton
0252011554: Faulkner and the Novelistic Imagination
0252011570: The Missing Dimens
0252011589: Three Decades of the French New Novel
0252011597: Mormonism: The Story of a New Religious Tradition
0252011619: As Rare as Rain: Federal Relief in the Great Southern Drought of 1930-31.
0252011643: Vance Randolph, An Ozark Life
0252011651: The Movement of Thought: An Essay on Intellect in 17th Century France
0252011678: Ministers of Reform : The Progressives' Achievement in American Civilization, 1889-1920
0252011686: Divided We Stand: Working-Class Stratification in America
0252011708: Anthropology of Curing in Multiethnic Thailand.
0252011716: Sociobiology and the Law: The Biology of Altrusium in the Courtroom of the Future
0252011724: Reading Stanley Elkin
0252011732: Lincoln and Black Freedom: A Study in Presidential Leadership (Blacks in the New World)
0252011740: Half Humankind : Contexts and Texts of the Controversy about Women in England, 1540-1640
0252011767: European Security and France
0252011775: Imagining the Earth : Poetry and the Vision of Nature
0252011783: For Alma Mater: Theory and Practice in Feminist Scholarship
0252011813: Seeing American Foreign Policy Whole
0252011821: Scientists of the Mind: Intellectual Founders of Modern Psychology
0252011848: Jacques Lacan and the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
0252011856: Mormonism in Transition a History of The
0252011864: Sickle Cell Disease : Psychological and Psychosocial Issues
0252011872: POWERS THAT MAKE US HUMAN The Foundations of Medical Ethics
0252011880: Learning Disabilities And Prenatal Risk
0252011899: Divisions of Labour: Skilled Workers and Technological Change in Nineteenth Century England
0252011910: All Day, Every Day
0252011929: All Day, Every Day
0252011937: Dear John, Dear Coltrane : Poems
0252011945: Directions in Cognitive Anthropology
0252011953: Getting to Know the Weather
0252011961: The Krater and the Grail: Hermetic Sources of the Parzival (Illinois Studies in Language and Literature, Vol 56)
0252011988: Labor History Reader
0252011996: Many and the Few : A Chronicle of the Dynamic Auto Workers
0252012003: CELESTINA Tragicomedia De Calisto Y Melibea
0252012011: Celestina: Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea.
0252012038: Tentacles of Unreason: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252012046: Women making music; the western art tradition 1150-1950.
0252012054: Honeymoon: Stories (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252012062: Christmas Wife, The
0252012070: Modernism: Challenges and Perspectives
0252012089: The Living and the Undead: From Stoker's Dracula to Romero's Dawn of the Dead
0252012097: Growing Up In America: Children In Historical Perspective
0252012100: Protestant Missionaries in the Philippines, 1898-1916: An Inquiry into the American Colonial Mentality
0252012119: RACE CLASS AND POLITICS Essays on American Colonial and Revolutionary Society
0252012135: Red River Blues: The Blues Tradition in the Southeast
0252012143: Anti-Semitism in American History
0252012151: THE RISE AND FALL OF DETENTE Relaxation of Tensions in US-Soviet Relations, 1953-84
0252012178: The Collected Essays of Asa Briggs - Volume Two - Images, Problems, standpoints, Forecasts
0252012186: Growing up in America : Children in Historical Perspective
0252012194: Ancient Art of Northern Asia
0252012208: Working for Democracy: American Workers from the Revolution to the Present
0252012216: Working for Democracy : American Workers from the Revolution to the Present
0252012224: To Tell a Free Story: The First Century of Afro-American Autobiography, 1760-1865
0252012240: Boccaccio and Fiammetta: The Narrator As Lover
0252012259: Solidarity and Fragmentation
0252012291: TRIUMPH OF THE SPARROW Zen Poems
0252012305: Eroding Witness: Poems (National Poetry Series)
0252012348: Joyce's Anatomy of Culture
0252012356: In It (Poetry from Illinois)
0252012372: Jacksonian America : Society, Personality, and Politics
0252012380: Syndicalist Legacy: Trade Unions and Politics in Two French Cities in the Era of World War I (Working Class in European History)
0252012399: Political Deliverance the Mormon Quest
0252012402: The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation.
0252012410: REGIONS OF MEMORY Uncollected Prose 1949-82
0252012437: Poems from the Sangamon
0252012445: Educational Wastelands: The Retreat from Learning in Our Public Schools by.
0252012453: Take Up the Bodies: Theater at the Vanishing Point.
0252012461: Fiddlin' Georgia Crazy : Fiddlin' John Carson, His Real World, and the World of His Songs
0252012488: Self, Sex, and Gender in Cross-Cultural Fieldwork
0252012496: Anthropology of Experience
0252012518: Good Friends and Bad Enemies : Robert Winslow Gordon and the Study of American Folksong
0252012526: Counter Cultures
0252012542: Showdown : Confronting Modern America in the Western Film
0252012550: Chicago Sculpture.
0252012569: Workingmen's Democracy : The Knights of Labor and American Politics
0252012577: Urban Land Use Planning
0252012593: Devil Makes Work
0252012607: The Soviet Union: The Incomplete Superpower
0252012615: Immigrants on the Hill Italian-Americans in St. Louis 1882-1982
0252012623: Wayward Skeptic: The Theories of R.P. Blackmur
0252012631: WE ARE YOUR SONS
0252012658: Theory in the Classroom
0252012666: Chicago's Pride
0252012674: Persona: The transcendent image
0252012704: Marianne Moore: The Poetry of Engagement
0252012739: Chemical Warfare
0252012747: Black History and the Historical Profession, 1915-1980
0252012755: The Coccidian Parasites (Illinois Biological Monographs)
0252012763: SOUTHIE WON'T GO: A Teacher's Diary of Desegregation of South Boston High School
0252012771: W.S. Merwin: Essays on the Poetry
0252012801: Palladium : Poems
0252012828: Knights in Fiction : Two Labor Novels of the 1880s
0252012836: Chesterton : A Seer of Science
0252012844: Enigma of Loch Ness
0252012852: Native Americans in the Twentieth Century
0252012860: Native Americans in the Twentieth Century
0252012879: John L. Lewis : A Biography
0252012887: Peasants Against the State: The Politics of Market Control in Bugisu, Uganda, 1900-1983
0252012895: Robert Hayden : A Critical Analysis of His Poetry
0252012917: James Joyce
0252012925: The Ghosts of Who We Were
0252012933: English Laundresses : A Social History, 1850-1930 (The Working Class in European History Ser.)
0252012941: Race and Ethnicity in Chicago Politics: A Reexamination of Pluralist Theory
0252012968: Brigham Young : American Moses
0252012976: Infant Performance and Experience: New Findings with the Ordinal Scales
0252012984: Oedipus Anne
0252013018: The New England Working Class and the New Labor History
0252013026: A generation of Boomers: the pattern of railroad labor conflict in Nineteenth-Century America.
0252013034: Nibelungenlied: History and Interpretation
0252013042: Greek Generals Talk
0252013050: Down by the Riverside : A South Carolina Slave Community
0252013069: Samantha Rastles the Woman Question
0252013077: The Year of the Three Kaisers: Bismarck and the German Succession, 1887-88
0252013085: Tigers in the Wood (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252013093: Individual, Society, and Education : A History of American Educational Ideas
0252013107: Serious Trouble
0252013115: Birds Landing (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252013123: Symbolic Crusade : Status Politics and the American Temperance Movement
0252013131: Race, Class, and Politics: Essays on American Colonial and Revolutionary Society
0252013158: Female Felons: Women and Serious Crime in Colonial Massachusetts
0252013182: Life and Times of Little Turtle, The: First Sagamore of the Wabash
0252013190: Workers, Society and the Soviet State: Labor and Life in Moscow, 1918-29
0252013212: Symbolic Crusade, Status Politics and the American Temperance Movement
0252013220: Sandlot Seasons: Sport in Black Pittsburgh
0252013239: The Transition from Capitalism to Socialism
0252013247: Self, Sex, and Gender in Cross-Cultural Fieldwork
0252013255: Nazi Olympics
0252013271: Labor Leaders in America
0252013298: Suspended Fictions: Reading Novels by Manuel Puig
0252013301: Israel and the American National Interest: A Critical Examination
0252013336: Once a Cigar Maker : Men, Women, and Work Culture in American Cigar Factories, 1900-1919
0252013352: Marguerite Duras : Writing on the Body
0252013360: Goin' to Kansas City
0252013379: THE ILLINOIS COUNTRY 1673-1818
0252013387: Frontier State, 1818-1848
0252013395: The Era of the Civil War, 1848-1870 (Sesquicentennial History of Illinois, Volume 3)
0252013409: Reevaluating Eisenhower: American Foreign Policy in the 1950s
0252013417: God the Artist
0252013425: Platte River Road Narratives : A Descriptive Bibliography of Travel over the Great Central Overland Route to Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Other Western States and Territories, 1812-1866
0252013433: Labor Leaders in America
0252013441: Ethnic Studies at Chicago, 1905-45
0252013468: Educating Men and Women Together: Coeducation in a Changing World
0252013476: Leadership and Organizational Culture
0252013492: John L. Lewis: A Biography ABRIDGED by Dubofsky, Melvyn; Van Tine, Warren
0252013506: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 2 : The Early Years of the American Federation of Labor, 1887-90
0252013530: An Odd Bestiary.
0252013549: Making Their Own Way Southern Black's migration to Pittsburgh, 1916-1930
0252013557: Boundaries of the Self - Gender Culture, Fiction
0252013565: DOING TROPOLOGY: Analysis of Narrative Discourse,
0252013573: Gender at Work : The Dynamics of Job Segregation by Sex During World War Ii
0252013603: The Occult in America: New Historical Perspectives
0252013611: Lincoln Murder Conspiracies
0252013638: Slavery and Freedom in the Age of the American Revolution.
0252013646: Pissing in the Snow and Other Ozark Folktales
0252013670: A Life distilled: Gwendolyn Brooks, her poetry and fiction
0252013689: The Road to Revolution in Spain: The Coal Miners of Asturias, 1860-1934
0252013697: Trials of Discipleship: The Story of William Clayton, a Mormon
0252013719: The Paddy Camps: The Irish of Lowell, 1821-61
0252013727: Fieldwork
0252013735: Labor in Crisis : The Steel Strike of 1919
0252013743: Alfred Hitchcock & the British Cinema
0252013751: Intricate and Simple Things: The Poetry of Galway Kinnell
0252013778: Lincoln's Quest for Union: Public and Private Meanings
0252013786: Work and Community in the Jungle: Chicago's Packing-House Workers, 1894-1922 (Working Class in American History)
0252013794: Women Doctors in Gilded-Age Washington: Race, Gender, and Professionalization (Women in American History)
0252013808: Art of War in the Western World
0252013816: John L. Sullivan and His America
0252013824: The I.W.W. and the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913
0252013832: Tracing Literary Theory
0252013840: Tracing Literary Theory
0252013859: Alive and Writing: Interviews With American Authors of the 1980s Hardcover...
0252013867: The Poet and the Dream Girl: The Love Letters of Lilian Steichen and Carl Sandburg
0252013875: The Fiction of Walker Percy
0252013891: Lower-Class Heresy
0252013905: Women and the English Renaissance: Literature and the Nature of Womankind, 1540 to 1620
0252013913: Breaking the Land : The Transformation of Cotton, Tobacco, and Rice Cultures since 1880
0252013921: Caring by the Hour : Women, Work and Organizing at Duke Medical Center
0252013948: The Security of South Asia: American and Asian Perspectives
0252013956: A New Deal for Workers Education: The Workers Service Program 1933-1942
0252013964: Friends and Sisters: Letters Between Lucy Stone and Antoinette Brown Blackwell, 1846-93
0252013972: Irish in Chicago
0252013980: Raising Less Corn and More Hell : Midwestern Farmers Speak Out
0252013999: Images Of America
0252014006: History Museums in the United States: A Critical Assessment
0252014014: Marxism and the Interpretation of Culture
0252014022: Secular Music in Colonial Annapolis: The Tuesday Club 1745-56 (Music in American Life)
0252014030: Lesbian Psychologies: Explorations and Challenges.
0252014049: Lesbian Psychologies : Explorations and Challenges
0252014057: West Ham United: The Making of a Football Club (Sport and Society)
0252014065: Before Freud Neurasthenia and the American Medical Community 1870-1910
0252014073: Philosophic Thought of Ayn Rand
0252014081: We Shall Be All
0252014103: My Bondage and My Freedom
0252014138: Word Cultures
0252014146: Ride Out the Wilderness: Geography and Identity in Afro-American Literature
0252014154: Can These Bones Live: The Art of the American Folk Preacher
0252014162: Can These Bones Live? The Art of the American Folk Preacher
0252014170: Mormonism : The Story of a New Religious Tradition
0252014219: CHALLENGE AND CHANGE. History of the Tobacco Workers International Union.
0252014243: Overland to California with the Pioneer Line : The Gold Rush Diary of Bernard J. Reid
0252014251: Ellington : The Early Years
0252014278: Singing on the Titanic
0252014286: Legacies : Stories
0252014294: Beyond This Bitter Air
0252014308: Scenes from the Homefront
0252014324: True Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
0252014332: Poems: New and Selected
0252014340: Poems: New and Selected
0252014359: Waiting for Prime Time : The Women of Television News
0252014367: Cities in Motion (National Poetry Series)
0252014375: Neighbors in Conflict : The Irish, Germans, Jews and Italians of New York City, 1929-41
0252014383: The Electrical Workers/A History of Labor at General Electric and Westinghouse 1923-1960
0252014391: On Their Own: Widows and Widowhood in the American Southwest, 1848-1939
0252014405: High-Speed Computing. Scientific Applications and Algorithm Design
0252014413: The Academic Tribes
0252014421: The Romance Revolution: Erotic Novels for Women and the Quest for a New Sexual Identity
0252014448: Workers, Managers, and Welfare Capitalism: The Shoeworkers and Tanners of Endicott Johnson, 1890-1950
0252014456: Reform, Labor, and Feminism : Margaret Dreier Robins and the Women's Trade Union League (Women in American History Ser.)
0252014472: American Horrors: Essays on the Modern American Horror Film
0252014480: American Horrors : Essays on the Modern American Horror Film
0252014502: Bibliographical Handbook of American Music (Music in American Life)
0252014510: Palladium: Poems.
0252014537: Sojourners of the Caribbean: Ethnogenesis and Ethnohistory of the Garifuna
0252014553: Historic Sites and Markers Along the Mormon and Other Great Western Trails
0252014561: Historic Sites and Markers Along the Mormon and Other Great Western Trails
0252014588: German Workers in Chicago : A Documentary History of Working-Class Culture from 1850 to World War I
0252014596: In the African-American Grain: The Pursuit of Voice in Twentieth-Century Black Fiction
0252014618: The Social History of American Education,
0252014626: The Social History of American Education
0252014642: Feminist Scholarship : Kindling in the Groves of Academe
0252014650: Jacques Lacan and the Philosophy of Psychoanalysis
0252014669: Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Misery : Prostitutes in the American West, 1865-90
0252014677: Among the Sleeping Giants: Occasional Pieces on Lewis and Clark
0252014685: Pirandello And The Crisis Of Modern Consciousness
0252014707: Women Making Music : The Western Art Tradition, 1150-1950
0252014715: Theory in the Classroom
0252014723: King of Beaver Island: The Life and Assassintion of James Jesse Strang
0252014731: Beyond the Ring: The Role of Boxing in American Society.
0252014758: The Delights Of Terror: An Aesthetics Of The Tale Of Terror
0252014774: Anti-Semitism in American History
0252014782: Democracy on Trial: A Documentary History of American Life, 1845-1877
0252014790: Democracy on Trial: A Documentary History of American Life, 1845-1877 by...
0252014804: Jungle
0252014812: City of Women
0252014820: Prairiescapes
0252014847: Men, Women, and Work: Class, Gender, and Protest in the New England Shoe Industry, 1780-1910
0252014855: Cinema Engage
0252014871: Workers on the Waterfront: Seamen, Longshoremen, and Unionism in the 1930s.
0252014898: Renaissance Rereadings: Intertext and Context
0252014928: Songprints
0252014936: Women With Vision
0252014944: The Jungle: With an Introduction and Notes by James R. Barrett
0252014952: The Culture Facade Art, Science, and Politics in the Work of Oscar Lewis
0252014960: Genoa's Response to Byzantium 1155-1204: Commercial Expansion and Factionalism in a Medieval City
0252014979: Satire on Stone: The Political Cartoons of Joseph Keppler
0252014987: ZION IN THE COURTS A Legal History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1830-1900
0252015010: Public Sculptor: Lorado Taft and the Beautification of Chicago
0252015029: Willa Cather And France: In Search Of The Lost Language
0252015037: BAD GIRL, WITH HAWK
0252015053: The Irony of Victory: World War II and Lowell, Massachusetts
0252015061: Black Leaders of the Nineteenth Century
0252015096: Unbeliever : The Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop
0252015118: George Magoon and the Down East Game War
0252015126: FAMILIAR STRANGERS Gypsy Life in America
0252015134: Fifty Fables of LA Fontaine
0252015169: Television and National Sport: The United States and Britain (Sport and Society)
0252015177: Diversities of Gifts: Field Studies in Southern Religion (Folklore and Society)
0252015185: Her Soul Beneath the Bone : Women's Poetry on Breast Cancer
0252015193: Booker T. Washington Papers : Cumulative Index
0252015223: The Woman Detective: Gender & Genre
0252015231: Happy in the service of the Lord; Afro-American gospel quartets in Memphis,
0252015258: Tumbling (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252015266: Hollywood Speaks
0252015274: Historian's Lincoln
0252015282: Biophysical Studies of Retinal Proteins : Proceedings of a Conference in Memory of Laura Eisenstein Held at Allerton Park Conference Center of the UN
0252015290: Labor in Illinois. The Affluent Years 1945-80
0252015304: Language, History, Style
0252015312: Songprints
0252015339: THE CRISIS OF POLITICAL MODERNISM Criticism and Ideology in Contemporary Film Theory:
0252015347: Women in the First Capitalist Society: Experiences in Seventeenth-Century England.
0252015355: Intelligence: Measurement, Theory, and Public Policy Proceedings of a Symposium in Honor of Lloyd G. Humphreys
0252015363: In the Realm of Pleasure
0252015371: Jesse Jackson's 1984 Presidential Campaign
0252015398: On the line; essays in the history of auto work.
0252015401: Water into Wine (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252015428: What I Cannot Say
0252015444: The Loud Silents Origins of the Social Problem Film
0252015460: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 3 : Unrest and Depression, 1891-94
0252015487: Preserving Different Pasts
0252015495: The Brothers Grimm and Folktale
0252015509: John Mercer Langston And The Fight For Black Freedom 1829-65
0252015517: Charles Richard Drew: The Man and the Myth
0252015525: Sexton : Selected Criticism
0252015533: Icons and Aliens : Law, Aesthetics, and Environmental Change
0252015541: Making Better Citizens: Housing Reform and the Community Development Strategy in Cincinnati, 1890-1960 (Greater Cincinnati Bicentennial Hist Series)
0252015568: From Charity to Enterprise
0252015576: Making It and Breaking It: The Fate of Public Interest Commitment During Law School
0252015592: My Song Is My Weapon: People's Songs, American Communism, and the Politics of Culture, 1930-50 (Music in American Life)
0252015606: The Creation of American Team Sports: Baseball and Cricket, 1838-72
0252015614: Spoon River Anthology
0252015622: Discontented Discourses: Feminism, Textual Intervention, Psychoanalysis
0252015630: Paul Hindemith in the United States
0252015649: American-Jewish Filmmakers : Traditions and Trends
0252015657: Chosen Voices: The Story of the American Cantorate
0252015665: Chosen Voices
0252015673: Chosen Voices - The Story of the American Cantorate
0252015681: Dark Journey
0252015711: Ninety-Nine Gnats, Nits, and Nibblers
0252015738: CITY GAMES, The Evolution of American Urban Society and the Rise of Sports
0252015746: Foxfire Reconsidered
0252015762: Diversity, Conflict, and State Politics
0252015770: The Frontier, the Union, and Stephen A. Douglas
0252015789: Fast Capitalism
0252015797: Outsider at the Heart of Things: Essays
0252015800: And the World Stood Silent: Sephardic Poetry of the Holocaust
0252015819: Houses with Names : The Italian Immigrants of Highwood, Illinois
0252015827: The Nature of Power
0252015835: The Whorehouse Bells Were Ringing and Other Songs Cowboys Sing (Music in American Life Ser.)
0252015843: Cast of One: One-Person Shows from the Chautauqua Platform to the Broadway Stage
0252015851: Grace Before Meals: Food Ritual and Body Discipline in Convent Culture
0252015878: Stopping by
0252015886: Religion and American Life: Resources
0252015894: Structuralism and the Logic of Dissent
0252015908: Control : Sociology's Central Notion
0252015916: Miles of Smiles Years of Struggle: Stories of Black Pullman Porters (Publications of the American Folklore Society New Series)
0252015959: Making of an American Pluralism : Buffalo, New York, 1825-60
0252015967: Land Where Two Streams Flow : Music in the German-Jewish Community of Israel
0252015975: Civil wars: Women and the crisis of Southern nationalism (Women in American...
0252015991: Literary Theory's Future
0252016009: Race and the Decline of Class in American Politics
0252016017: Homework
0252016025: Man Without Memory (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252016041: Privacy in America: Is Your Private Life in the Public Eye?
0252016076: The Absent Voice: Narrative Comprehension in the Theater
0252016084: Chaste Liberation : Celibacy and Female Cultural Status
0252016092: Federalist
0252016106: THEODORE THOMAS America's Conductor and Builder of Orchestras, 1835-1905
0252016114: Irving Reiner: Selected Works
0252016122: Reform in Russia and the U.S.S.R.: Past and Prospects
0252016130: The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict
0252016173: Old Village and the Great House : An Archaeological and Historical Examination of Drax Hall Plantation, St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica
0252016203: Invisible Poets
0252016211: Evolutionary Jurisprudence: Prospects and Limitations on the Use of Modern Darwinism Throughout the Legal Process
0252016246: Poletown: Community betrayed
0252016254: SOME OTHER WORLD TO FIND: Quest and Negation in the Works of Herman Melville.
0252016289: Appeal of Civil Law
0252016297: Screens of Power: Ideology, Domination, and Resistance in Informational Society
0252016300: Discovering Ourselves in Whitman-the Contemporary American Long Poem
0252016319: Bodies at Sea (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252016327: I Came a Stranger: The Story of a Hull-House Girl
0252016335: Labor's Flaming Youth: Telephone Operators and Worker Militancy, 1878-1923 (Working Class in American History)
0252016343: Crazeology
0252016351: Chicago and Downstate: Illinois as Seen By the Farm Security Administration Photographers, 1936-1943
0252016378: Art, mind, and education : research from project zero.
0252016386: Free Love and Anarchism : The Biography of Ezra Heywood
0252016394: Standard English and the Politics of Language
0252016408: Alternative Dispute Resolution
0252016416: Changing Chicago a Photodocumentary
0252016459: Falling Free (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252016475: Decoding Abortion Rhetoric: Communicating Social Change
0252016483: Restoring the Faith
0252016491: Beneath an Open Sky : Photographs
0252016513: Seed of Sarah
0252016521: No Better Place to Die : The Battle of Stones River
0252016548: To Desire Differently
0252016564: Winter Friends: Women Growing Old in the New Republic, 1785-1835 (Women in American History)
0252016580: Women in Beckett
0252016599: Protestants and the Mexican Revolution: Missionaries, Ministers, and Social Change
0252016602: Bitter Music : Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions and Librettos
0252016610: Discoursing Sweet Music : Brass Bands and Community Life in Turn-of-the Century Pennsylvania
0252016629: Lake Erie Fisherman : Work, Identity and Tradition
0252016637: The Sanitarians: A History of American Public Health
0252016645: Blessings of Pilgrimage
0252016653: Lincoln and the Tools of War
0252016661: Pioneer Preacher: Incidents of Interest and Experiences in the Author's Life
0252016688: The People Down South (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252016696: Better Than Second Best
0252016718: Another Civil War : Labor, Capital, and the State in Anthracite Regions of Pennsylvania, 1840 to 1868
0252016726: FDR and the News Media
0252016734: The Politics of History
0252016742: ON THE LINE
0252016750: Abandoned by Lincoln: A Military Biography of General John Pope
0252016769: Chicago Soul
0252016785: BLACK PROPERTY OWNERS IN THE SOUTH, 1790-1915.
0252016793: Information and Democratic Processes
0252016807: Germans in the New World: Essays in the History of Immigration (Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Series)
0252016815: Voices of the Jazz Age
0252016831: The Many Faces of Hull-House: The Photographs of Wallace Kirkland
0252016858: Tradition and the Talents of Women
0252016874: Pickin' on Peachtree : A History of Country Music in Atlanta, Georgia
0252016882: Reorientations: Critical Theories and Pedagogies
0252016890: American Immigrants and Their Generations : Studies and Commentaries on the Hansen Thesis after Fifty Years
0252016904: The American Radio Industry and Its Latin American Activities, 1900-1939 (Illinois Studies in Communications)
0252016920: Across the Wounded Galaxies : Interviews with Contemporary American Science Fiction Writers
0252016955: Quote Sleuth : A Manual for the Tracer of Lost Quotations
0252016963: God and Mammon
0252017005: Writing Pynchon : Strategies in Fictional Analysis
0252017013: The Olympics: A History of the Modern Games (Illinois History of Sports)
0252017048: Refiguring America: A Study of William Carlos Williams' In the American Grain
0252017056: Cahokia and the Hinterlands : Middle Mississippian Cultures of the Midwest
0252017064: Mass Media Bibliography: An Annotated Guide to Books and Journals for Research and Reference
0252017080: Creation of Jazz
0252017099: Hollywood and Broadcasting. From Radio to Cable
0252017102: States and Urban-Based Revolutions
0252017110: Bugarstica
0252017129: Great Blue: New and Selected Poems
0252017137: Picture Personalities : The Emergence of the Star System in America
0252017196: Ethnic Music on Records - a Discography of Ethnic Recordings Produced in the United States, 1893-1942 Vol. 1 : Western Europe
0252017269: Dual Destinies: The Jewish Encounter With Protestant America
0252017293: Beatrice : From Buildup Through Breakup
0252017315: Old Maids to Radical Spinsters
0252017323: Brawn Drain Foreign Student-Athletes in American Universities
0252017331: The Burger Court: Political and Judicial Profiles
0252017358: Billy Morrow Jackson : Interpretations of Time and Light
0252017374: Baseball: A History of America's Game (Illinois History of Sports Series)
0252017382: Ethnomusicology and Modern Music History
0252017390: No Crooked Death: Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and the Lynching of Zachariah Walker (Blacks in the New World Series)
0252017412: Fairy Tale Romance
0252017420: Letters of Eugene V. Debs, 1874-1926
0252017447: Points of Resistance: Women, Power & Politics in the New York Avant-Garde Cinema, 1943-71
0252017455: From the Enlightenment to the Police State: The Public Life of Johann Anton Pergen
0252017463: Assassin on Stage
0252017471: For Democracy, Workers and God : American Labor Song-Poems and Labor Protest, 1865-95
0252017498: Hansberry's Drama : Commitment amid Complexity
0252017501: Forging the Military-Industrial Complex: World War II's Battle of the Potomac
0252017528: Aesthetics and Arts Education
0252017536: Hot Man : The Life of Art Hodes
0252017544: D. W. Griffith and the Origins of American Narrative Film. The Early Years at Biograph
0252017552: Financial Failure and Confederate Defeat
0252017560: Fabulists French : Verse Fables of Nine Centuries
0252017587: Indian Country, L. A. , Maintaining Ethnic Community in Complex Society
0252017595: Images of the Other: a Guide to Microform Manuscripts on Indian-White Relations
0252017609: Medicine in Chicago 1850-1950
0252017625: W.B. Yeats
0252017641: Playing With Gender a Renaissance Pursui
0252017668: Contextos Contextos: Literatura Y Sociedad Latinoamericanas Del Siglo XIX
0252017684: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 4 : A National Labor Movement Takes Shape, 1895-98
0252017692: Immigrant Voices : New Lives in America, 1773 to 1986 critical Practical Study ; Review Reference ; Biographical Details ; in Depth research
0252017714: Visible Women New Essays on American A
0252017722: Illinois in the Civil War
0252017730: Narrative in Con/Texts in Ulysses.
0252017749: Re-Viewing Classics of Joyce Criticism
0252017757: Poetry as Labor and Privilege: The Writings of W. S. Merwin.
0252017765: Future South CB: A Historical Perspective for the Twenty-First Century : Papers, 1988 / Ed. by Joe P.Dunn.
0252017773: 60 Minutes and the News
0252017781: Their Eyes Were Watching God
0252017811: Erotic Muse : American Bawdy Songs
0252017838: Sacred Ground
0252017846: Menstrual Health in Women's Lives
0252017854: Lincoln the President
0252017862: Using Lacan, Reading Fiction
0252017889: Proletarian Moment : The Controversy over Leftism in Literature
0252017897: Dickinson and the Boundaries of Feminist Theory
0252017900: Social Work and Social Order: The Settlement Movement in Two Industrial Cities, 1889-1930
0252017927: John Barleycorn Must Pay: Compensating the Victims of Drinking Drivers
0252017935: Babe: The Life and Legend of Babe Didrikson Zaharias (Sport and Society)
0252017943: Edwin Rolfe: A Biographical Essay and Guide to the Rolfe Archive at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
0252017951: Middle Murphy (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252017978: French Colonial Archaeology : The Illinois Country and the Western Great Lakes
0252017986: A Song of Longing: An Ethiopian Journey
0252017994: Lost World of the Craft Printer
0252018001: In the Floating Army : F. C. Mills on Itinerant Life in California, 1914
0252018028: Wartime Washington: The Civil War Letters of Elizabeth Blair Lee
0252018036: We're Worth It!
0252018044: Past, Present, and Future : A Philosophical Essay about Time
0252018052: Transformation of Judaism From Philosoph
0252018060: Beyond The Typewriter- Gender, Class, And The Orgins Of Modern American Office Work, 1900-1930
0252018079: Gender on the Line: Women, the Telephone, and Community Life
0252018087: Listening to Old Voices: Folklore, Life Stories, and the Elderly
0252018095: Tuned In : Television in American Life
0252018109: Hummers, Knucklers, and Slow Curves: Contemporary Baseball Poems
0252018117: The Contexture of Feminism: Marie Cardinal and Multicultural Literacy
0252018125: Dishing It Out : Waitresses and Their Unions in the Twentieth Century
0252018141: Fritz Pollard : Pioneer in Racial Advancement
0252018168: Addressing Frank Kermode.Essays in Criticism & Interpretation.
0252018176: Singing for Survival : Songs of the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-45
0252018192: Contexts for Hawthorne: The Marble Faun and the Politics of Openness and Closure in American Literature
0252018206: Writing Baseball
0252018214: Decolonizing Tradition
0252018222: The Carnegie Library in Illinois
0252018230: Pretty Bubbles in the Air : America in 1919
0252018249: Wildlife Research and Management in the National Parks
0252018257: Go Big Red
0252018265: Doomsday Weapons in the Hands of Many: The Arms Control Challenge of the '90s
0252018273: Crimes, Follies, and Misfortunes: The Federal Impeachment Trials
0252018281: A Gust for Paradise: Milton's Eden and the Visual Arts
0252018338: Solemn Covenant : The Mormon Polygamous Passage
0252018362: Working Women of Collar City: Gender, Class, and Community in Troy, New York, 1864-86
0252018370: Violence and Difference
0252018389: Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation, and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution
0252018400: Daughters Wives & Widows Writings By Men
0252018419: Max Weber and the Jewish Question : A Study of the Social Outlook of His Sociology
0252018427: Community Reconstructs
0252018435: Private Fame (Illinois Short Fiction)
0252018443: Voyages of Discovery : The Cinema of Frederick Wiseman
0252018451: Cultural Literacy and Arts Education
0252018478: Partisans and Progressives: Private Interest and Public Policy in Illinois, 1870-1922
0252018486: Spirited Visions: Portraits of Chicago Artists
0252018494: Discrimination By Design a Feminist Critique of the Man-Made Environment
0252018508: Writing Illinois: The Prairie, Lincoln, and Chicago
0252018524: Thomas McGrath: Life and the Poem
0252018567: Scientific Literacy & the Myth of the Scientific Method
0252018575: Klee, Kandinsky, and the Thought of Their Time : A Critical Perspective
0252018583: Between Tedium and Terror: a Soldier's World War II Diary, 1943-45
0252018591: Selected Poems
0252018605: Set No Limits : A Rebuttal to Daniel Callahan's Proposal to Limit Health Care for the Elderly
0252018613: Prisoner for Polygamy : The Memoirs and Letters of Rudger Clawson at the Utah Territorial Penitentiary, 1884-87
0252018621: The Grants World Inside Out
0252018648: Humming Tree: A Study in the History of Mentalities
0252018656: Minor League Baseball and Local Economic Development
0252018664: The Double Reckoning of Christopher Columbus, 3 August-12 October, 1492
0252018680: Letters of Catharine Cottam Romney, Plural Wife
0252018702: The Olympian Dreams and Youthful Rebellion of Rene Descartes
0252018710: Cloak and Gavel : FBI Wiretaps, Bugs, Informers, and the Supreme Court
0252018737: Spirit of 1848 : German Immigrants, Labor Conflict, and the Coming of the Civil War
0252018753: Mormon Odyssey: The Story of Ida Hunt Udall, Plural Wife
0252018788: Marx, Method, and the Division of Labor
0252018826: Women in Power in the Early Modern Drama
0252018834: Ethnic Diversity and Civic Identity Patterns of Conflict and Cohesion in Cincinnati Since 1820
0252018842: Warren Cole, Md, and the Ascent of Scientific Surgery
0252018850: Victims : The LDS Church and the Mark Hofmann Case
0252018869: Urban Intersections: Meetings of Life and Literature in United States Cities
0252018877: Luckiest Orphans : A History of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum of New York
0252018885: With Borges on an Ordinary Evening in Buenos Aires : A Memoir
0252018893: Africa In America: Slave Acculturation And Resistance In The American South And The British Caribbean, 1736-1831
0252018907: A Feminist Dictionary
0252018923: High on the Okaw's Western Bank: Vandalia, Illinois, 1819-39
0252018958: Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology
0252018966: Sport and Exercise Science
0252018974: True Rites and Maimed Rites: Ritual and Anti-Ritual in Shakespeare and His Age
0252018982: Praisesong of Survival Lectures and Essays, 1957-89
0252019008: Birth of the Other
0252019016: Big Top Boss : John Ringling North and the Circus
0252019024: Barrio Rhythm Mexican American Music in Los Angeles
0252019032: Idealists, Scoundrels, and the Lady : An Insider's View of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Project
0252019040: Unsecular Media : Making News of Religion in America
0252019059: Disorderly Conduct
0252019067: Houses of God : Region, Religion, and Architecture in the United States
0252019075: New History in France: The Triumph of the Annales
0252019083: Charles Martin Loeffler
0252019091: Wealth and Rebellion: Elsie Clews Parsons, Anthropologist and Folklorist
0252019105: IT'S ALL POLITICS South Alabama's Seafood Industry
0252019148: Secrets of El Dorado : Colombia
0252019156: Saint Louis: An Informal History of the City and Its People, 1764-1865
0252019164: White on Black: Contemporary Literature About Africa
0252019180: Voting and the Spirit of American Democracy
0252019199: Pynchon's Poetics : Interfacing Theory and Text
0252019202: Producing the sacred : an essay on public religion / Robert Wuthnow.
0252019229: Shipwreck of Their Hopes : The Battles for Chattanooga
0252019237: Uncertain Refuge: Italy And The Jews During The Holocaust
0252019245: In the Shadow of the Statue of Liberty: Immigrants, Workers, and Citizens in the American Republic, 1880-1920
0252019253: Thunder Below! : The USS Barb Revolutionizes Submarine Warfare in World War II
0252019261: The Challenge of Feminist Biography: Writing the Lives of Modern American Women
0252019288: Citizens Against the Mx
0252019296: Presbyterian Missions and Cultural Interaction in the Far Southwest, 1850-1950 (Presbyterian Historical Society Publications, No 31)
0252019326: Uncivil Rites : American Fiction, Religion, & the Public Sphere (Public Expressions of Religion in America Ser.)
0252019334: Private Needs, Public Selves : Talk about Religion in America (Public Expressions of Religion in America Ser.)
0252019342: Wau Bun
0252019350: Surrational Images
0252019377: Kenneth and John B. Rayner and the Limits of Southern Dissent
0252019407: The Sense of Sex: Feminist Perspectives on Hardy
0252019415: Innovation in Samuel Beckett's Fiction
0252019423: Letters of Jessie Benton Fremont
0252019431: Portraits from the Age of Exploration : Selections from Andre Thevet's Les Vrais Pourtraits and Vies des Hommes Illustres
0252019458: Grace Paley's Life Stories
0252019466: El Castillo
0252019474: Wildlife and People : The Human Dimensions of Wildlife Ecology
0252019490: The Paternal Romance: Reading God-The-Father in Early Western Culture
0252019504: The Pluralistic Philosophy of Stephen Crane
0252019512: Female Tradition in Southern Literature
0252019520: The Christian Philosopher
0252019547: Club Date Musicians
0252019555: The Black Trans-Atlantic Experience: Street Life and Culture in Ghana, Jamaica, England, and the United States
0252019571: Feminist Messages
0252019601: Diary from the Years of Occupation, 1939-44
0252019628: From Outrage to Action : The Politics of Grass-Roots Dissent
0252019636: Wobblies, Pile Butts, and Other Heroes : Laborlore Explorations
0252019644: Eisenstein, Cinema, and History
0252019652: Historical Criticism and the Challenge of Theory
0252019660: Mormon Lives : A Year in the Elkton Ward
0252019679: Restoring Real Representation
0252019687: On Second Glance : Midwest Photographs by Larry Kanfer
0252019695: George Herbert Mead
0252019717: Women in Law
0252019725: Notes of a Red Guard
0252019733: Come Back to Me My Language : Poetry and the West Indies
0252019741: Opera on the Road : Traveling Opera Troupes in the United States, 1825-60
0252019776: Sorrow Is the Only Faithful One: The Life of Owen Dodson
0252019784: The Stonemans: An Appalachian Family and the Music That Shaped Their Lives
0252019792: Lincoln, Land, and Labor, 1809-60
0252019806: Family, Church, and Market: A Mennonite Community in the Old and the New Worlds, 1850-1930 Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Series
0252019814: Chicago Stories
0252019849: Picking Up Airs
0252019865: Race and the City : Work, Community, and Protest in Cincinnati, 1820-1970
0252019873: Lynching in the New South : Georgia and Virginia, 1880-1930
0252019881: Aesthetics and Education (Disciplines in Art Education)
0252019903: Modern Christian Revivals
0252019911: Illinois: Crossrods of a Continent
0252019938: Life of Henry David Thoreau
0252019954: Melville and the Politics of Identity
0252019962: Crooked Stovepipe
0252019989: To Tell at Last : Survival under False Identity, 1941-45
0252019997: Going to Cincinnati : A History of the Blues in the Queen City
0252020006: Southern Labor and Black Civil Rights
0252020014: The Nation's Great Library Herbert Putnam and the Library of Congresss, 1899--1939
0252020022: Acts of Discovery : Visions of America in the Lewis and Clark Journals
0252020030: The Language of Planning
0252020049: The Changing Fictions of Masculinity
0252020057: PAYING THE PIPER (HB)
0252020065: Harry Hooper : An American Baseball Life
0252020073: Art Making and Education
0252020081: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 5 : An Expanding Movement at the Turn of the Century, 1898-1902
0252020103: New and Selected Poems, 1962-92
0252020111: Shadows Rise : Abraham Lincoln and the Ann Rutledge Legend
0252020154: Service Clubs in American Society : Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions
0252020162: Ninety-Nine More Maggots, Mites, and Munchers
0252020170: Cross-Cultural Performances: Differences in Women's Re-Visions of Shakespeare
0252020189: Gentle Rebel
0252020197: Producers, Proletarians, and Politicians: Workers and Party Politics in Evansville and New Albany, Indiana, 1850-87 (Working Class in American History)
0252020227: Sociology and the Race Problem
0252020243: Traveling the High Way Home
0252020251: Women's Leadership in Marginal Religions : Explorations Outside the Mainstream
0252020286: Truth and Lamentation: Stories and Poems on the Holocaust
0252020294: Cowgirls of the Rodeo
0252020308: Advocate and Activist : Memoirs of an American Communist Lawyer
0252020316: Americanization, Acculturation, and Ethnic Identity : The Nisei Generation in Hawaii
0252020332: Sandow the Magnificent : Eugen Sandow and the Beginnings of Bodybuilding
0252020340: Rethinking the Henrician Era
0252020359: Heroes of Unwritten Story: the Uaw, 1934-39.
0252020367: Cecilia Reclaimed: Feminist Perspectives on Gender and Music
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