0252020375: The Millenarian World of Early Mormonism
0252020383: Tragedies of Our Own Making : How Private Choices Have Created Public Bankruptcy
0252020391: One Way: Bernard Dadie Observes America, Trans. Patterson, Jo
0252020405: An African in Paris - Hardcover
0252020413: Milton Brown and the Founding of Western Swing
0252020421: Carl Ruggles : Composer, Painter, and Storyteller
0252020448: Mother-Work: Women, Child Welfare, and the State, 1890-1930 (Women in American History)
0252020456: The Great Gatsby and Modern Times
0252020472: Big-Time Football at Harvard, 1905
0252020502: The Sanctified South: John Lakin Brasher and the Holiness Movement
0252020510: Mandy Oxendine
0252020529: Paleolithic of Siberia
0252020537: The American Founding Experience: Political Community and Republican Government
0252020553: Land Without Evil : Tupi-Guarani Prophetism
0252020588: Narrative Con/Texts in Dubliners
0252020596: Australian Cultural Studies
0252020618: Death and Dying in Central Appalachia: Changing Attitudes and Practices
0252020626: Studs Lonigan: A Trilogy Comprising Young Lonigan, the Young Manhood of Studs...
0252020634: Transformations of Circe: The History of an Enchantress
0252020650: Illinois Women Novelists in the Nineteenth Century: An Analysis and Annotated Bibliography
0252020669: Black Paris : The African Writers' Landscape
0252020677: Icariens : The Utopian Dream in Europe and America
0252020685: Leftist Theories of Sport A Critique and Reconstruction
0252020693: Differing Visions : Dissenters in Mormon History
0252020707: Southwest Virginia's Railroad : Modernization and the Sectional Crisis
0252020715: Angel and the Beehive : The Mormon Struggle with Assimilation
0252020723: Human Nature Mythology
0252020758: Making of Western Labor Radicalism : Denver's Organized Workers, 1878-1905
0252020766: Contemporary Mormonism
0252020774: In Search of the Working Class
0252020782: Politics and Scholarship: Feminist Academic Journals and the Production of Knowledge
0252020790: Ritualization of Mormon History and Other Essays
0252020812: Never Without a Song : the Years and Songs of Jennie Devlin, 1865-1952
0252020839: Santiago De Murcia's Codice Saldivar No. 4
0252020847: New Perspectives on the Early Republic
0252020855: Lean But Not Mean : Studies in Organization Structure
0252020863: Inner World of Abraham Lincoln
0252020898: Hank Snow Story
0252020901: Nietzsche's Revaluation of Values: A Study in Strategies
0252020928: Santiago de Murcia's Codice Saldivar No. 4 Vol. 2 : A Treasury of Secular Guitar Music from Baroque Mexico
0252020944: Rainbow at Midnight : Labor and Culture in the 1940s
0252020952: Future of Alienation
0252020960: Sacred Image East and West
0252020979: Labor and Community: Mexican Citrus Worker Villages in a Southern California County, 1900 - 1950 Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Centennial Series
0252020987: The Writing on the Wall: Women's Autobiography and the Asylum
0252020995: Science and Politics of Racial Research : Race, Science, and Politics
0252021002: Sustainable Agriculture in the American Midwest
0252021010: Urban Land Use Planning
0252021029: Local People : The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi
0252021037: Preface to Modernism
0252021045: Zworykin : Pioneer of Television
0252021061: Indians at Hampton Institute, 1877-1923
0252021096: Double Consciousness/Double Bind
0252021118: Out of the Wilderness: The Life of Abraham Lincoln
0252021126: Playing the Changes : From Afro-Modernism to the Jazz Impulse
0252021134: Sui Sin Far - Edith Maude Eaton : A Literary Biography
0252021142: The Sanctified South: John Lakin Brasher and the Holiness Movement - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0252021150: Carl Sandburg : A Biography
0252021177: RUNS, HITS, AND AN ERA: THE PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE, 1903-58 (softcover)
0252021185: Selling Free Enterprise:The Business Assault on Labor, HC, 1995
0252021193: General Knowledge and Arts Education
0252021215: My Life in Germany Before and After 1933: A Report
0252021223: For a Living : The Poetry of Work
0252021231: Sound of the Dove : Singing in Appalachian Primitive Baptist Churches
0252021266: The Lynching of Language: Gender, Politics, and Power in the Hill-Thomas Hearings
0252021282: Stagg's University: The Rise, Decline, and Fall of Big-Time Football at Chicago (Sport and Society)
0252021290: Appalachian Mountain Religion: A History
0252021304: The Unknown Constellations
0252021320: Provoking Agents: Gender and Agency in Theory and Practice
0252021347: Morning Dew and Roses : Nuance, Metaphor and Meaning in Folksongs
0252021363: Becoming Canonical in American Poetry
0252021398: Writing Out My Heart : Selections from the Journal of Frances E. Willard, 1855-96
0252021401: History of Illinois : From Its Commencement As a State in 1818 to 1847
0252021428: Points of Departure : Poems
0252021436: Honorable Amendments : Poems
0252021444: Songlines in Michaeltree : New and Collected Poems
0252021479: Chicago's War on Syphilis, 1937-40 : The Times, the Trib and the Clap Doctor
0252021487: Our National Park System: Caring for America's Greatest Natural and Historic Treasures
0252021495: Making Waves : Engineering, Politics and the Social Management of Technology
0252021517: For Freedom's Sake : The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer
0252021525: Of Good Laws and Good Men
0252021541: Active Voices : Women in Jewish Culture
0252021568: Mind of David Hume : A Companion Book to Book 1 of a Treatise of Human Nature
0252021592: Graying of America : An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind and Behavior
0252021606: Submarine Admiral : From Battlewagons to Ballistic Missiles
0252021614: Red Diapers : Growing up in the Communist Left
0252021622: Passion Made Public: Elizabethan Lyric, Gender, and Performance
0252021630: Lost Legacy : The Mormon Office of Presiding Patriarch
0252021649: Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment
0252021657: Mark As Recovery Story: Alcoholism and the Rhetoric of Gospel Mystery...
0252021665: U.S. Women in Struggle: A Feminist Studies Anthology (Women in American History)
0252021673: Lenin, Hegel, and Western Marxism : A Critical Study
0252021711: Bearing Meaning : The Language of Birth
0252021738: The Sound of the Dove
0252021754: Protecting Women
0252021762: Postmodern Representations: Truth, Power, and Mimesis in the Human Sciences and Public Culture
0252021770: Replications : A Robotic History of the Science Fiction Film
0252021797: Love, War, and the 96th Engineers (Colored) : The World War II New Guinea Diaries of Captain Hyman Samuelson
0252021819: Democracy By Other Means the Politics Of
0252021835: Every Tub Must Sit on Its Own Bottom : The Philosophy and Politics of Zora Neale Hurston
0252021851: Jews of Chicago : From Shtetl to Suburb
0252021886: Muhammad Ali : The People's Champ
0252021894: Joyce, Decadence, and Emancipation
0252021908: We Cannot Escape History : Lincoln and the Last Best Hope of Earth
0252021916: WHO CAN SPEAK (HB)
0252021924: Talking Union
0252021932: Walter Burley Griffin in America
0252021940: The Primitive Church in the Modern World
0252021959: Dutch Farmer in the Missouri Valley : The Life and Letters of Ulbe Eringa, 1866-1950 (Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Centennial Ser.)
0252021967: South Asian English: Structure, Use, and Users (English in the Global Context)
0252021975: Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited
0252021991: The Left in Search of a Center
0252022009: If You've Seen One, You've Seen the Mall : Europeans and American Mass Culture
0252022017: When Truth Was Treason: German Youth Against Hitler : The Story of the Helmuth Hubener Group
0252022025: Male Matters : Masculinity, Anxiety and the Male Body on the Line
0252022033: Blue Rhythms : Six Lives in Rhythm and Blues
0252022041: We Will Not Be Strangers : Korean War Letters Between a M. A. S. H. Surgeon and His Wife
0252022076: Go Cat Go! : Rockabilly Music and Its Makers
0252022084: Doowop
0252022092: Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece
0252022106: MY ALEXANDRIA
0252022114: Steppin' on the Blues: The Visible Rhythms of African American Dance
0252022130: Green Nature - Human Nature : The Meaning of Plants in Our Lives
0252022149: Shoshone Ghost Dance Religion : Poetry Songs and Great Basin Context
0252022157: Disease: In Search of Remedy
0252022165: Last Cavalier: The Life and Times of John A. Lomax 1867-1948
0252022181: Northern Gold Fleet : Twentieth-Century Gold Dredging in Alaska
0252022203: Entangling Net : Alaska's Commercial Fishing Women Tell Their Lives
0252022246: Wanted Dead or Alive : The American West in Popular Culture
0252022254: Good-Bye, Piccadilly : British War Brides in America
0252022262: Ground Rules: Baseball & Myth
0252022270: The Holocaust & the Jews of Marseille: The Enforcement of Anti-Semitic Policies in Vichy France
0252022289: From Grunts to Gigabytes: Communications and Society
0252022300: The Unruly Voice: Rediscovering Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins - Hardcover
0252022319: Legal Reelism: Movies As Legal Texts - Hardcover
0252022327: All at Sea : Coming of Age in World War II
0252022343: In a Generous Spirit: A First-Person Biography of Myra Page
0252022386: Affirmative Action & the Stalled Quest for Black Progress
0252022408: Choosing Who's to Live : Ethics & Aging
0252022424: Civilization of Crime : Violence in Town and Country since the Middle Ages
0252022432: We Are All Leaders: The Alternative Unionism of the Early 1930s (Working Class in American History) - Hardcover
0252022440: A Socialist Utopia in the New South
0252022459: Voice of Thunder : The Civil War Letters of George E. Stephens
0252022467: Twas Only an Irishman's Dream: The Image of Ireland and the Irish in American Popular Song Lyrics, 1800 - 1920 Series: Music in American Life
0252022475: PEOPLE OF PROWESS, Sport, Leisure and Labor in Early Anglo-America
0252022483: Calf's Head & Union Tale
0252022521: Writing Mothers, Writing Daughters
0252022548: Occupation of Alcatraz Island : Indian Self-Determination and the Rise of Indian Activism
0252022556: E.W. Scripps and the Business of Newspapers
0252022580: Joyce's Grand Operoar : Opera in Finnegans Wake
0252022599: A Hard Fight for We: Women's Transition from Slavery to Freedom in South Carolina Series: Women in American History
0252022637: Betrayal of the Spirit : My Life Behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement
0252022653: Boiler Room and Other Telephone Sales Scams
0252022661: Beyond Left and Right : Insurgency and the Establishment
0252022688: Peckinpah : The Western Films: A Reconsideration
0252022726: Democracy at the Opera : Music, Theater, and Culture in New York City, 1815-60
0252022734: Civil War in Books : An Analytical Bibliography
0252022769: Woody, Cisco, and Me : Seamen Three in the Merchant Marine
0252022777: We called each other comrade.' Charles H. Kerr & Company, radical publishers.
0252022785: What Is a Person? : Brain Function and Moral Status
0252022793: Joyce, Chaos, and Complexity CB
0252022807: Breaking Crystal
0252022815: Gendered Justice in the American West : Women Prisoners in Men's Penitentiaries
0252022823: Saintly Scoundrel : The Life and Times of Dr. John Cook Bennett
0252022831: Woman Between Two Worlds: Portrait of an Ethiopian Rural Leader
0252022858: American Fuehrer : George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party
0252022874: WCFL, Chicago's Voice of Labor, 1926-78 (History of Communication Ser.)
0252022912: The Family Track: Keeping Your Faculties While You Mentor, Nurture, Teach, and Serve
0252022920: Historian and the Believer
0252022939: Minority Faiths and the American Protestant Mainstream
0252022947: Making the Team: The Cultural Work of Baseball Fiction Series: Sport and Society
0252022955: Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians
0252022963: Atomic Spaces: Living on the Manhattan Project
0252023005: Nietzsche and the Problem of Sovereignty Series: International Nietzsche Studies
0252023013: Intimate Practices
0252023048: Canaan Bound
0252023056: Early Encounter with Tomorrow : Europeans, Chicago's Loop and the World's Columbian Exposition
0252023080: Accommodating High Churchmen : The Clergy of Sussex, 1700-1745
0252023099: Theological Consensus in the Episcopal Church, 1801-73
0252023102: Peasants Wake for Fellini's Casanova and Other Poems
0252023137: For Women and the Nation
0252023161: Academic Couples : Problems and Promises
0252023196: An Annotated Catalogue of Types of the University of Illinois Mycological Collections (Illinois Biological Monographs)
0252023218: Bolsheviks in Baltimore, 1919-57
0252023226: Mistresses and Slaves: Plantation Women in South Carolina, 1830-80 (Women in American History) - Hardcover
0252023234: Places of Grace : The Natural Landscapes of the American Midwest
0252023242: Body, Space, Memory - Audio CD (Audio Book)
0252023250: Run East : Flight from the Holocaust
0252023277: Western Home : A Literary History of Norwegian American
0252023285: Herndon's Informants : Letters, Interviews and Statements about Abraham Lincoln
0252023307: Purifying America: Women, Cultural Reform, and Pro-Censorship Activism, 1873-1933 (Women in American History)
0252023315: Lincoln Before Washington
0252023323: Tito Puente and the Making of Latin Music (Music in American Life)
0252023331: Dawn of Philanthropy : Orphan Care in Early Modern Amsterdam
0252023366: Spaceflight and the Myth of Presidential Leadership
0252023374: Down on the Killing Floor : Black and White Workers in Chicago's Packinghouses, 1904-1954
0252023382: Ordeal of Robert Frost : The Poet and His Poetics
0252023390: Shadows of Treblinka
0252023412: Argonne National Laboratory, 1946-96
0252023420: Babies and Beasts
0252023439: Intruders in Paradise
0252023447: Two-Spirit People : Perspectives on the Intersection of Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality and Spirituality
0252023471: Right or Wrong, God Judge Me : Writings of John Wilkes Booth
0252023498: Making the American Team: Sport, Culture, and the Olympic Experience Series: Sport and Society
0252023501: Romancing the Goddess: Three Middle English Romances About Women
0252023544: Politics of Hallowed Ground : Wounded Knee and the Struggle for Indian Sovereignty
0252023552: The Use of Social Science Data in Supreme Court Decisions
0252023560: Mormon Passage
0252023617: Other Sisterhoods: Literary Theory and U.S. Women of Color - Hardcover
0252023625: Ways We Touch
0252023633: General John Pope : A Life for the Nation
0252023668: Frank Lloyd Wright and Midway Gardens
0252023692: Dynamics of Enduring Rivalries
0252023706: Labor and the Wartime State: Labor Relations and Law During World War II - Hardcover
0252023714: James Jones : An American Literary Orientalist Master
0252023722: Viva Baseball: Latin Major Leaguers and Their Special Hunger
0252023730: Ecofeminist Literary Criticism
0252023749: Labor and Urban Politics : Class Formation and Liberal Reform in Chicago, 1864-97
0252023757: Media, Market and Democracy in China
0252023765: Creating the New Woman
0252023773: Aura of the Cause
0252023781: Wayward Saints : The Godbeites and Brigham Young
0252023803: Samuel Gompers Papers : The American Federation of Labor under Seige, 1906-09
0252023811: Adventures of a Church Historian
0252023838: Electronic Genie : The Tangled History of Silicon
0252023846: Red Grange and the Rise of Modern Football
0252023862: The Creative Power of Chance
0252023870: Passion and Craft Conversations With Notable Writers
0252023897: Wild Card: Selected Poems, Early and Late
0252023919: All That Glitters : Class, Conflict, and Community in Cripple Creek
0252023927: Waterfront Workers: New Perspectives on Race and Class (The Working Class in American History)
0252023935: Imaginary States : Studies in Cultural Transnationalism
0252023943: Challenging Chicago
0252023951: Bootlegger: A Story Of Small-Town America
0252023978: Tales of Wayward Girls and Immoral Women: Case Records and the Professionalization of Social Work
0252023986: Print Culture in a Diverse America
0252023994: From Mission to Madness : Last Son of the Mormon Prophet
0252024001: The Colony That Rose from the Sea: Norwegian Maritime Migration and Community in Brooklyn, 1850-1910
0252024028: The Urban Sublime in American Literary Naturalism
0252024036: Writing Aloud
0252024044: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
0252024079: Labor Histories: Class, Politics, and the Working-Class Experience Series: The Working Class in American History
0252024087: Grounds of Literary Criticism
0252024095: Jewries at the Frontier
0252024109: I Cease Not to Yowl : Ezra Pound's Letters to Olivia Rossetti Agresti
0252024117: Prairie Passage : The Illinois and Michigan Canal Corridor
0252024125: On the Edge of the Auspicious : Gender and Caste in Nepal
0252024133: Race and Politics : Asian Americans, Latinos, and Whites in a Los Angeles Suburb
0252024141: Education of a Senator
0252024168: History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago
0252024176: Unbought Spirit: A John Jay Chapman Reader
0252024192: Eating for Victory
0252024206: At the Fire's Center : A Story of Love and Holocaust Survival
0252024222: Capitalism, Democracy and Ecology : Departing from Marx
0252024249: Truth Never Stands in the Way of a Good Story
0252024265: Framing Friction: Media and Social Conflict
0252024273: Sixties Rock : Garage, Psychedelic and Other Satisfactions
0252024311: Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands
0252024354: Bottom Rung
0252024370: Sex, Sexuality, and the Anthropologist
0252024389: Shaping Losses
0252024397: Transmen and Ftms
0252024400: Popular Fronts
0252024419: Respecting Patient Autonomy - Hardcover
0252024427: Where Was the Working Class?
0252024435: Priapus Poems : Erotic Epigrams from Ancient Rome
0252024443: Late, Great Johnny Ace and the Transition from R&B to Rock 'n' Roll
0252024451: Prayers in Stone : Christian Science Architecture in the United States, 1894-1930
0252024486: Rich Media, Poor Democracy : Communication Politics in Dubious Times
0252024494: We Were Innocents
0252024508: Pentecostal Currents in American Protestantism - Hardcover
0252024516: Britain to America: Mid-Nineteenth-Century Immigrants to the United States...
0252024532: Strange Haven : A Jewish Childhood in Wartime Shanghai
0252024559: Sexual Generations: Star Trek, the Next Generation and Gender
0252024567: Politics for People : Finding a Responsible Public Voice
0252024575: Zoo Culture
0252024583: Achieving the Impossible Dream : How Japanese Americans Obtained Redress
0252024605: Practical Politics: Five Principles for a Community That Works - Hardcover
0252024613: Medieval and Renaissance Venice
0252024648: Wild West Shows
0252024664: Passing and Pedagogy
0252024672: Touching Base : Professional Baseball and American Culture in the Progressive Era, Revised
0252024680: History Made, History Imagined
0252024702: Senator T. J. Walsh of Montana : Law and Public Affairs, from Truman to FDR
0252024710: Out of One, Many Africas: Reconstructing the Study and Meaning of Africa
0252024729: Anne Frank : Reflections on Her Life and Legacy
0252024753: Soulstepping : African American Step Shows
0252024761: Time, Conflict and Human Values
0252024818: To Have and to Hit : Cultural Perspectives on Wife Beating
0252024826: Land and Society in the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia
0252024834: Decade of Disaster
0252024842: Collaboration, Reputation, and Ethics in American
0252024850: Lord, Please Don't Take Me in August: African Americans in Newport and Saratoga Springs, 1870-1930 (Blacks in the New World) - Hardcover
0252024869: Sam Peckinpahs Feature Films
0252024877: Juilliard
0252024885: Traveling Light: Collected and New Poems
0252024893: The Gold Coast Church and the Ghetto
0252024907: Imagining Internationalism in American and British Labor, 1939-49
0252024915: Human Cloning : Science, Ethics and Public Policy
0252024923: Transnational Asia Pacific
0252024931: Understanding Charles Seeger, Pioneer in American Musicology
0252024958: Straight With a Twist: Queer Theory and the Subject of Heterosexuality - Hardcover
0252024966: Indian Country, L.A. : Maintaining Ethnic Community in Complex Society
0252024974: Yellow Steel : The Story of the Earthmoving Equipment Industry
0252024982: Pound in Purgatory : From Economic Radicalism to Anti-Semitism
0252024990: Mountains of Music: West Virginia Traditional Music from Goldenseal (Music in American Life) - Hardcover
0252025008: Bill Monroe Reader
0252025024: Cahokia
0252025032: Becoming Citizens: The Emergence and Development of the California Women's Movement, 1880 - 1911 Series: Women in American History
0252025040: Kerner
0252025059: Way We Really Were
0252025075: Book and Verse
0252025091: Alice Tully : An Intimate Portrait
0252025105: Silencing the Opposition
0252025113: Colliers Across the Sea
0252025121: Village Enlightenment in America : Popular Religion and Science in the 19th Century
0252025148: Erich Fromm and Critical Criminology : Beyond the Punitive Society
0252025156: To Save a Life : Stories of Holocaust Rescue
0252025164: Choosing Books for Children : A Commonsense Guide
0252025180: Reading Race in American Poetry
0252025199: Rights, Not Roses : Unions and the Rise of Working-Class Feminism, 1945-80
0252025202: Cowboy Poets and Cowboy Poetry
0252025210: Riders for God : The Story of a Christian Motorcycle Gang
0252025237: Plots and Proposals : American Women's Fiction, 1850-90
0252025245: Chinese American Literature Since the 1850s
0252025261: Blues Life
0252025288: Flannery O'Connor, Hermit Novelist -- Richard Giannone
0252025296: Singing in the Wilderness : Music and Ecology in the Twentieth Century
0252025318: Postcolonial America
0252025326: You're Only Young Twice : Children's Literature and Film
0252025334: My Sense of Silence : Memoirs of a Childhood with Deafness
0252025342: Immigrant Mothers : Narratives of Race and Maternity, 1890-1925
0252025350: Nietzsche's Perspectivism
0252025369: Medieval Lyric : Genres in Historical Context
0252025377: America's First Black Town
0252025385: Our Preposterous Use of Literature : Emerson and the Nature of Reading
0252025393: Jewish Gangsters of Modern Literature
0252025407: Illinois from A to Z
0252025415: Broken Soldiers
0252025431: Coming of Age in Post-Soviet Russia
0252025458: Politics of the Minimum Wage
0252025466: Road-Book America : Contemporary Culture and the New Picaresque
0252025474: Women Coauthors
0252025482: Cervantes and the Material World
0252025490: Visual Color and Color Mixture : The Fundamental Color Space
0252025504: Brief, Liberal, Catholic Defense of Abortion
0252025520: Village Elders
0252025539: Peanuts : The Illustrious History of the Goober Pea
0252025547: Iron City : Poems
0252025555: From Here to Tierra Del Fuego
0252025563: American Dream, American Nightmare : Fiction since 1960
0252025571: Forms of Constraint
0252025598: Pre-Platonic Philosophers
0252025601: Pacific Pioneers
0252025628: Immigrant Minds, American Identities : Making the United States Home, 1870-1930
0252025636: Race, Jobs and the War : The FEPC in the Midwest, 1941-1946
0252025644: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 8 : Progress and Reaction in the Age of Reform, 1909-13
0252025652: Studies in Mormon History, 1830-1997 : An Indexed Bibliography
0252025660: Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln : Complete Documentary
0252025679: Family and Society in American History
0252025687: Scarlett Doesn't Live Here Anymore : Southern Women in the Civil War Era
0252025695: Polish-American Folklore
0252025717: Pebble : Old and New Poems
0252025725: Juvenile Court and the Progressives
0252025733: Learning to Be an Anthropologist and Remaining Native : Selected Writings
0252025741: Tragedy after Nietzsche : Rapturous Superabundance
0252025768: Flower Gardening in the Hot Midwest : USDA Zone 5 and Lower Zone 4
0252025776: Pursuit of a Wound
0252025784: Cornel West and the Politics of Prophetic Pragmatism
0252025792: University of Illinois, 1894-1904
0252025806: History of Cooks and Cooking
0252025814: Renunciation
0252025822: Theremin : Ether Music and Espionage
0252025830: Class Politics in the Information Age
0252025849: Impressionist Subjects : Gender, Interiority and Modernist Fiction in England
0252025857: The Theodore Psalter: Electronic Facsimile
0252025865: Race, Rock and Elvis
0252025873: Southern Workers and the Search for Community : Spartanburg County, South Carolina
0252025881: Poetry and Violence
0252025903: Sojourner in the Promised Land
0252025911: Music in Lubavitcher Life
0252025938: Midwestern Landscape Architecture
0252025946: False Papers : Deception and Survival in the Holocaust
0252025954: We Shall Be All
0252025962: Zarzuela : Spanish Operetta, American Stage
0252025970: Three Spiritualist Novels
0252025989: Chance Ransom
0252025997: Bop Apocalypse : The Religious Visions of Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs
0252026004: People's War : Responses to World War II in the Soviet Union
0252026012: Science or Pseudoscience : Magnetic Healing, Psychic Phenomena and Other Heterodoxies
0252026020: First Look
0252026039: Reciting America : Culture and Cliche in Contemporary U. S. Fiction
0252026047: Them and Us : Questions of Citizenship in a Globalizing World
0252026055: We Grew up Together : Brothers and Sisters in Nineteenth-Century America
0252026063: Aspects of Old English Poetic Syntax
0252026071: Onoto Watanna : The Story of Winnifred Eaton
0252026098: Mormons and Mormonism : An Introduction to an American World Religion
0252026101: Haunting Violations : Feminist Criticism and the Crisis of the Real
0252026128: Labor's Troubadour
0252026136: Stupidity
0252026144: Of Counselors and Kings : The Three Versions of Pierre Salmon's Dialogues
0252026152: Bluegrass Odyssey
0252026160: Edgar Lee Masters
0252026179: Lessons in Progress : State Universities and Progressivism in the New South, 1880-1920
0252026187: Black Bishop : Edward T. Demby and the Struggle for Racial Equality in the Episcopal Church
0252026195: Mormon History
0252026209: Sounds English : Transnational Popular Music
0252026225: Race, Class, and Power in the Alabama Coalfields, 1908-21
0252026233: American Opera
0252026241: Favorite Dishes : A Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book
0252026268: Palace-Burner : Selected Poetry of Sarah Piatt
0252026276: Masculine Woman in America, 1890-1935
0252026284: Ambition, Rank, and Poetry in 1590s England
0252026306: Correspondence of Ezra Pound and Senator William Borah
0252026314: Holding up More Than Half the Sky : Chinese Women Garment Workers in New York City
0252026322: Southern Debate over Slavery
0252026330: Vagrancy, Homelessness, and English Renaissance Literature
0252026357: Graying of America : An Encyclopedia of Aging, Health, Mind and Behavior
0252026365: Salt Hour : Poems
0252026373: Enemies Within : The Cold War and the AIDS Crisis in Literature, Film and Culture
0252026381: Why Art Cannot Be Taught
0252026403: On Firm Ground : Photographs
0252026411: Designing for Diversity : Gender, Race and Ethnicity in the Architectural Profession
0252026438: Noble Powell and the Episcopal Establishment in the Twentieth Century
0252026446: House of Poured-Out Waters
0252026454: Roast Beef, Medium : The Business Adventures of Emma McChesney
0252026470: Extra Innings : Writing on Baseball
0252026489: Dicta and Contradicta
0252026497: Lincoln's Rail-Splitter : Governor Richard J. Oglesby
0252026500: Cosmopolitan Self : George Herbert Mead and Continental Philosophy
0252026519: Professions : Conversations on the Future of Literary and Cultural Studies
0252026535: Political Repression in Modern America : From 1870 to 1976
0252026543: Global Games
0252026551: Vacation Stories : Five Science Fiction Tales
0252026578: Anaconda : Labor, Community and Culture in Montana's Smelter City
0252026586: Illinois Voices : An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Poetry
0252026608: Duquesne and the Rise of Steel Unionism
0252026616: Experimental Americans : Celo and Utopian Community in the Twentieth Century
0252026624: Anti-Indianism in Modern America : A Voice from Tatekeya's Earth
0252026640: Faulkner's Questioning Narratives : Fiction of His Major Phase, 1929-42
0252026659: Democracy's Constitution : Claiming the Privileges of American Citizenship
0252026667: Self-Taught and Outsider Art : The Anthony Petullo Collection
0252026675: Passing and the Rise of the African American Novel
0252026683: Process
0252026691: Lincoln Image : Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print
0252026705: Free Love in Utopia : John Humphrey Noyes and the Origin of the Oneida Community
0252026713: Communities of Journalism : A History of American Newspapers and Their Readers
0252026721: Choosing Revolution : Chinese Women Soldiers on the Long March
0252026748: Selected Letters of Lucretia Coffin Mott
0252026756: African-American Concert Dance
0252026764: Contemporary Black Men's Fiction and Drama
0252026772: Instruction of a Christen Woman
0252026780: Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
0252026799: Chicago People
0252026802: Rails Across the Mississippi : A History of the St. Louis Bridge
0252026810: More Wives Than One : Transformation of the Mormon Marriage System, 1840-1910
0252026829: Southern Discomfort : Women's Activism in Tampa, Florida, 1870s-1920s
0252026837: Dissent in Wichita : The Civil Rights Movement in the Midwest, 1954-72
0252026845: Catholics and Jews in Twentieth-Century America
0252026853: Computing in the Social Sciences and Humanities
0252026861: Writing Fiction for Children : Stories Only You Can Tell
0252026888: Women and the Republican Party, 1854-1924
0252026896: Fanny Herself
0252026918: Women and 20th Century Protestantism
0252026926: New Men of Power : America's Labor Leaders
0252026934: I See America Dancing : Selected Readings, 1685-2000
0252026942: American Political Plays : An Anthology
0252026969: Dracula's Crypt : Bram Stoker, Irishness, and the Question of Blood
0252026977: Ritual Medical Lore of Sephardic Women
0252026985: Manderley : Poems
0252026993: American Cultural Studies
0252027000: Jew of Seville
0252027019: Chicana Traditions
0252027027: In Tender Consideration : Women, Families, and the Law in Abraham Lincoln's Illinois
0252027035: Baseball : A History of America's Game
0252027043: On a Wing of the Sun
0252027051: Culture, Environment, and Conservation in the Appalachian South
0252027078: Genealogies of Difference
0252027086: Lincoln's Humor and other Essays
0252027094: Long Road of Woman's Memory
0252027108: Democracy and Social Ethics
0252027116: Very Special Agents : The Inside Story of America's Most Controversial Law Enforcement Agency - The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
0252027124: Sovereignty of Taste
0252027132: Dante and the Orient
0252027140: Heartbeat of the People : Music and Dance of the Northern Pow-Wow
0252027159: Melting Pots and Rainbow Nations : Conversations about Difference in the United States and South Africa
0252027167: They Still Draw Pictures : Children's Art in Wartime from the Spanish Civil War to Kosovo
0252027175: Work of Memory : New Directions in the Study of German Society and Culture
0252027183: Sporting World of the Modern South
0252027191: Fortune-Teller
0252027205: Bush V Gore
0252027213: Edith and Winifred Eaton
0252027221: Democratic Dissent and the Cultural Fictions of Antebellum America
0252027248: Spain in America : The Origins of Hispanism in the United States
0252027256: Olympics : A History of the Modern Games
0252027264: Sullivanesque : Urban Architecture and Ornamentation
0252027272: Black Manhood in James Baldwin, Ernest J. Gaines, and August Wilson
0252027280: All about Thelma and Eve : Sidekicks and Third Wheels
0252027299: Selected Papers of Jane Adams
0252027302: House of Song
0252027310: Dutch Immigrant Women in the United States, 1880-1920
0252027329: Woman in the Red Dress : Gender, Space, and the Traveling Reader
0252027337: Horse Opera : The Strange History of the 1930s Singing Cowboy
0252027345: Guide to the Blue Tongue : Poems
0252027353: Nietzsche and the Transcendental Tradition
0252027361: Being Chinese, Becoming Chinese American
0252027388: Black Moods : Collected Poems
0252027396: Women, Power, and Dissent in the Hills of Carolina
0252027418: Genital Cutting And Transnational Sisterhood
0252027426: Animals
0252027434: Extremities : Trauma, Testimony, and Community
0252027442: Rendezvous with Death : American Poems of the Great War
0252027450: War for American Independence : From 1760 to the Surrender at Yorktown in 1781
0252027477: Wound and the Dream
0252027485: Poems
0252027493: Artaria 195 : Beethoven's Sketchbook for the Missa solemnis and the Piano Sonata in E Major, Opus 109
0252027507: Tin Men
0252027515: Henry Cowell, Bohemian
0252027523: End of Baseball as We Knew It : The Players Union, 1960-81
0252027531: Out in Theory : The Emergence of Lesbian and Gay Anthropology
0252027558: Samuel Gompers Papers Vol. 9 : The American Federation of Labor at the Height of Progressivism, 1913-17
0252027566: Karl Bodmer's Studio Art : The Newberry Library Bodmer Collection
0252027574: Struggle for Control of Global Communication : The Formative Century
0252027582: Comparative Arawakan Histories : Rethinking Language Family and Culture Area in Amazonia
0252027590: Katherine Dunham : Dancing a Life
0252027604: Carl B. Stokes and the Rise of Black Political Power
0252027620: Funding of Scientific Racism
0252027639: Rocky Marciano : The Rock of His Times
0252027647: Moral Property of Women : A History of Birth Control Politics in America
0252027655: Saying It's So : A Cultural History of the Black Sox Scandal
0252027663: Political Use of Racial Narratives : School Desegregation in Mobile, Alabama, 1954-97
0252027671: Writing Out of Place : Regionalism, Women, and American Literary Culture
0252027698: Of Women, Poetry, and Power : Strategies of Address in Dickinson, Miles, Brooks, Lorde, and Angelou
0252027701: How to Read an Oral Poem
0252027728: Indian Metropolis : Native Americans in Chicago, 1945-75
0252027736: Charles Johnson's Fiction
0252027744: To Battle for God and the Right : The Civil War Letterbooks of Emerson Opdycke
0252027752: Chinese Immigrants, African Americans, and Racial Anxiety in the United States, 1848-82
0252027760: Tales and Trails of Illinois
0252027779: Art and Freedom
0252027787: Political Geographies of Pregnancy
0252027795: Theory of Devolution : Poems
0252027809: X=
0252027817: Passing for Spain : Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity
0252027825: Half Caste and Other Writings
0252027833: Peace and Bread in Time of War
0252027841: New Conscience and an Ancient Evil
0252027868: Engaging Humor
0252027876: Fanatics and Fire-Eaters : Newspapers and the Coming of the Civil War
0252027884: Bach Perspectives Vol. 5 : Bach in America
0252027892: Pottery, Politics, Art : George Ohr and the Brothers Kirkpatrick
0252027906: Scenes from the High Desert : Julian Steward's Life and Theory
0252027914: After the Strike : A Century of Labor Struggle at Pullman
0252027922: Virtual Mummy
0252027949: Indispensable Outcasts : Hobo Workers and Community in the American Midwest, 1880-1930
0252027957: Gender and the Social Gospel
0252027965: How to Live/What to Do
0252027973: Book of Mormon
0252027981: Reading Nietzsche
0252028007: Sacred Song in America : Religion, Music, and Public Culture
0252028015: Marian McPartland's Jazz World : All in Good Time
0252028023: Media Power in Central America
0252028031: All Abraham's Children : Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage
0252028058: Brass Check : A Study of American Journalism
0252028066: Eight Words for the Study of Expressive Culture
0252028074: Delia's Doctors : Or, a Glance Behind the Scenes
0252028082: Making Race, Making Power : North Carolina's Road to Disfranchisement
0252028090: Consumer Trap
0252028104: Making Truth : Metaphor in Science
0252028112: Reclaiming Klytemnestra : Revenge or Reconciliation
0252028120: Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth-Century America
0252028139: Nelson Pereira dos Santos
0252028147: Abbas Kiarostami
0252028155: Nazi Olympics : Sport, Politics, and Appeasement in the 1930s
0252028163: Contesting Identities : Sports in American Film
0252028171: Freedom of the Migrant : Objections to Nationalism
0252028198: When Brer Rabbit Meets Coyote
0252028201: Unlevel Playing Field : A Documentary History of the African American Experience in Sport
0252028228: Dynamic Structure of Reality
0252028236: Toni Morrison : Playing with Difference
0252028244: Stewart Headlam's Radical Anglicanism : The Mass, the Masses, and the Music Hall
0252028252: Corruption and Reform in the Teamsters Union
0252028260: Nietzsche's Sister and the Will to Power : A Biography of Elisabeth Forster-nietzsche
0252028279: Long Time, No See
0252028287: Gambling Life : Dealing in Contingency in a Greek City
0252028295: Black Power on Campus : The University of Illinois, 1965-75
0252028309: Powers of Philology : Dynamics of Textual Scholarship
0252028317: Contemporary Spanish Women's Narrative and the Publishing Industry
0252028325: Dance of the Dialectic
0252028333: Arts of a Cold Sun
0252028341: Barter : Poems
0252028368: Couples
0252028376: Rita Dove's Cosmopolitanism
0252028384: Pragmatism and Religion : Classical Sources and Original Essays
0252028392: Women in Iran from the Rise of Islam to 1800
0252028406: Humanism of the Other
0252028414: Women's Utopias of the Eighteenth Century
0252028422: Custome Is an Idiot : Jacobean Pamphlet Literature on Women
0252028430: Half Portions
0252028449: Judge Not
0252028457: Escape to Manila : From Nazi Tyranny to Japanese Terror
0252028465: Spectres of 1919 : Class and Nation in the Making of the New Negro
0252028473: Bound for America : Three British Composers
0252028481: Splendid Drunken Twenties
0252028503: Lost Sounds : Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry, 1890-1919
0252028511: Ethics of Diet : A Catena of Authorities Deprecatory of the Practice of Flesh-eating
0252028538: Transformation of the Mormon Culture Region
0252028546: Naked Barbies, Warrior Joes, and Other Forms of Visible Gender
0252028554: Anthropology and the Dance : Ten Lectures
0252028562: Jew in the New Germany
0252028570: Sports in Zion : Mormon Recreation, 1890-1940
0252028589: Alchemy of Bones : Chicago's Luetgert Murder Case of 1897
0252028597: Collected Poems
0252028600: Myths America Lives By
0252028619: Ark in the Park : The Story of Lincoln Park Zoo
0252028627: Hollow Log Lounge : Poems
0252028635: We, Too, Are Americans : African American Women in Detroit and Richmond, 1940-54
0252028643: Healing Souls : Psychotherapy in the Latter-Day Saint Community
0252028651: Rhythm and Booze : Poems
0252028678: Racing to a Cure : A Cancer Victim Refuses Chemotherapy and Finds Tomorrow's Cures in Today's Scientific Laboratories
0252028686: Power and Gender in Renaissance Spain : Eight Women of the Mendoza Family, 1450-1650
0252028694: Japanese in Latin America
0252028708: Stories of Chicago
0252028716: Speaking in Queer Tongues
0252028724: Real Time : Accelerating Narrative from Balzac to Zola
0252028732: Burn, Baby! Burn! : The Autobiography of Magnificent Montague
0252028740: Afro-Blue : Improvisations in African American Poetry and Culture
0252028759: From Charity to Social Work : Mary E. Richmond and the Creation of an American Profession
0252028767: Creole Echoes : The Francophone Poetry of Nineteenth-Century Louisiana
0252028775: All Things Human : Henry Codman Potter and the Social Gospel in the Episcopal Church
0252028783: Waterfront Revolts : New York and London Dockworkers, 1946-61
0252028791: Battles and Leaders of the Civil War
0252028805: Renaissance Beasts : Of Animals, Humans, and Other Wonderful Creatures
0252028813: Didymus the Blind and His Circle in Late-Antique Alexandria : Virtue and Narrative in Biblical Scholarship
0252028821: Complete Poems
0252028848: Fatherhood Politics in the United States : Masculinity, Sexuality, Race and Marriage
0252028856: Poetry from Sojourner : A Feminist Anthology
0252028864: Deadly Farce : Harvey Matusow and the Informer System in the Mccarthy Era
0252028872: No Lonesome Road : Selected Prose and Poems
0252028880: Women at the Hague : The International Congress of Women and Its Results
0252028899: My Life in San Juan Pueblo
0252028902: Devil's Game : The Civil War Intrigues of Charles A. Dunham
0252028910: On the Wings of Modernism : The United States Air Force Academy
0252028929: African Americans in Cinema (CDPK:w/CD & Gde)
0252028937: Elizabeth I
0252028945: Pots of Promise : Mexicans and Pottery at Hull-House, 1920-40
0252028953: Empty Pastures : Confined Animals and the Transformation of the Rural Landscape
0252028961: African American Miners and Migrants : The Eastern Kentucky Social Club
0252028988: Education of Historians for the Twenty-First Century
0252028996: Captive Beauty : Zoo Portraits
0252029003: My Friend, Julia Lathrop
0252029011: Peruvian Street Lives : Culture, Power, and Economy among Market Women of Cuzco
0252029038: Chains of Love : Slave Couples in Antebellum South Carolina
0252029046: Road to Seneca Falls
0252029054: Asian American Poetry : The Next Generation
0252029062: Eve's Daughter/Modern Woman : A Mural by Mary Cassatt
0252029070: Queer Social Philosophy
0252029089: Workers and Warriors : Masculinity and the Struggle for Nation in South Africa
0252029097: Whole Song : Selected Poems
0252029100: Radical Origins : Early Mormon Converts and Their Colonial Ancestors
0252029119: Without a Tear : Our Tragic Relationship with Animals
0252029127: Domestic Tyranny : The Making of Social Policy Against Family Violence from Colonial Times to the Present
0252029135: Traveler at Forty
0252029143: Bluegrass Reader
0252029151: Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture
0252029178: Rough Justice
0252029186: Wicked Times
0252029194: His Brother's Blood : Speeches and Writings, 1838-64
0252029208: Survivors : Cambodian Refugees in the United States
0252029216: In the Black Window : New and Selected Poems
0252029224: Deed to the Light
0252029232: Jane Addams, a Writer's Life
0252029240: Of Chaff and Wheat : Writers, War, and Treason
0252029259: Our Cannibals, Ourselves
0252029267: Pop Trickster Fool : Warhol Performs Naivete
0252029275: Feminism and the Final Foucault
0252029283: Embodied Care : Jane Addams, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Feminist Ethics
0252029291: Baby and Child Heroes in Ancient Greece
0252029305: From Racism to Genocide : Anthropology in the Third Reich
0252029313: Women's History in Global Perspective
0252029321: Beethoven Violin Sonatas : History, Criticism, Performance
0252029348: Journalism in the Movies
0252029356: Fritz Reiner Maestro & Martinet
0252029364: Joel and Ethan Coen
0252029372: Women in Iran from 1800 to the Islamic Republic
0252029380: Cultural Politics and the Mass Media : Alaska Native Voices
0252029399: Beyond Bondage : Free Women of Color in the Americas
0252029402: Intersecting Journeys : The Anthropology of Pilgrimage and Tourism
0252029410: Global Chicago
0252029429: Marketing Nutrition : Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity
0252029437: Theodore Dreiser : Interviews
0252029445: Not Without Our Consent
0252029453: French Gay Modernism
0252029461: Visions of the Press in Britain, 1850-1950
0252029488: Sweet Charlie, Dike, Cazzie, and Bobby Joe : High School Basketball in Illinois
0252029518: Making of a Lynching Culture : Violence and Vigilantism in Central Texas, 1836-1916
0252029526: Black Workers' Struggle for Equality in Birmingham
0252029534: Making Steel: Sparrows Point And The Rise And Ruin Of American Industrial Might
0252029542: That Toddlin' Town : Chicago's White Dance Bands and Orchestras, 1900-1950
0252029550: Sport, Play, and Ethical Reflection
0252029569: Diagnoses in Assyrian and Babylonian Medicine : Ancient Sources, Translations, and Modern Medical Analyses
0252029577: No Boundaries : University of Illinois Vignettes
0252029585: Female Gladiators : Gender, Law, and Contact Sport in America
0252029593: Shiva's Drum
0252029607: Rural Face of White Supremacy : Beyond Jim Crow
0252029615: Feminist Literacies, 1968-75
0252029623: Living Walden Two
0252029631: Other People's Stories
0252029658: Cultural Democracy
0252029666: Dancing Wisdom : Embodied Knowledge in Haitian Vodou, Cuban Yoruba, and Bahian Candomble
0252029674: James and Dewey on Belief and Experience
0252029682: Fragments Of Bone: Neo-african Religions In A New World
0252029690: Recovering Subversion : Feminist Politics Beyond the Law
0252029704: Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body
0252029712: Controlling The Silver
0252029720: Great Basin Kingdom
0252029739: Peking Opera and Politics in Taiwan
0252029747: Self-Help Books : Why Americans Keep Reading Them
0252029755: Democracy, Inc : The Press and Law in the Corporate Rationalization of the Public Sphere
0252029763: Harvest of Dissent : Agrarianism in Nineteenth-Century New York
0252029771: City of Clerks : Office and Sales Workers in Philadelphia, 1870-1920
0252029798: Tribe of Black Ulysses : African American Lumber Workers in the Jim Crow South
0252029801: Young America
0252029828: Philosophical Writings
0252029836: Homer's Text And Language
0252029844: On Monique Wittig : Theoretical, Political, and Literary Essays
0252029852: The Enchantments Of Technology
0252029860: Peter Cartwright, Legendary Frontier Preacher
0252029879: Thinking Through Kierkegaard
0252029887: Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic And Roman Cult
0252029909: Women's History in Global Perspective
0252029917: Claire Denis
0252029925: Wong Kar-wai
0252029933: Edward Yang
0252029941: Body And Soul
0252029968: Caribbean Crusaders And The Harlem Renaissance
0252029976: Women's History in Global Perspective : Volume 2
0252029984: American Ghost Roses
0252029992: Good Morning and Good Night
0252030001: Reinventing Marriage : The Love and Work of Alice Freeman Palmer and George Herbert Palmer
0252030028: Come Hither to Go Yonder : Playing Bluegrass with Bill Monroe
0252030036: Never Seen the Moon : The Trials of Edith Maxwell
0252030044: Labor Embattled : History, Power, Rights
0252030052: Japanese American Midwives: Culture, Community, And Health Politics, 1880-1950
0252030060: Women And Experimental Filmmaking
0252030079: Napo Runa of Amazonian Ecuador
0252030087: Between Science And Literature: An Introduction To Autopoetics
0252030095: In Defense of Asian American Studies : The Politics of Teaching and Program Building
0252030109: Investigated Reporting
0252030117: Southern Single Blessedness Unmarried
0252030133: Women in the South African Parliament : From Resistance to Governance
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