0253217784: Geomodernisms : Race, Modernism, Modernity
0253217806: Sourcebook for Research in Music
0253217814: Manly Traditions : The Folk Roots of American Masculinities
0253217822: Modern Algeria : The Origins and Development of a Nation
0253217830: Dirt, Undress, and Difference
0253217849: Berber Culture on the World Stage : From Village to Video
0253217857: Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana
0253217865: Making Men in Ghana
0253217873: Imagination in Kant's Critique of Practical Reason
0253217881: Un Voices: The Struggle For Development and Social Justice
0253217903: Painting Indiana: Portraits Of Indiana's 92 Counties
0253217911: Charles Johnson's Novels : Writing the American Palimpsest
0253217946: Journey of Song : Public Life and Morality in Cameroon
0253217954: Cinephilia and History, or the Wind in the Trees
0253217962: Religion and the Self in Antiquity
0253217970: Religion, Media, and the Public Sphere
0253217989: Memory and Violence in the Middle East and North Africa
0253217997: History of King Richard the Third : A Reading Edition
0253218004: Kant and the New Philosophy of Religion
0253218012: Solovyovo : The Story of Memory in a Russian Village
0253218020: American Sweethearts : Teenage Girls in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture
0253218055: Borders and Healers : Brokering Therapeutic Resources in Southeast Africa
0253218063: Tongnaab : The History of a West African God
0253218071: Habit of Art : Best Stories from the Indiana University Fiction Workshop
0253218098: Globalizing Tobacco Control
0253218128: Terror, Culture, Politics : 9/11 Reconsidered
0253218152: Thinking as You Play : Teaching Piano in Individual and Group Lessons
0253218160: Descent of Socrates : Cryptic Nature and Self-Knowledge in the Platonic Dialogues
0253218187: Golden Age of Indiana High School Basketball
0253218195: Women, Development, and the UN: A Sixty-Year Quest for Equality and Justice
0253218209: Village Mothers : Three Generations of Change in Russia and Tataria
0253218217: Other Routes : African and Asian Travel Writings from Before 1900
0253218233: Shostakovich Casebook
0253218268: American Independent Cinema
0253218314: Performing Folklore : Ranchos Folcloricos from Lisbon to Newark
0253218349: Muslim Girls And the Other France: Race, Identity Politics, And Social Exclusion
0253218365: Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema
0253218381: Yuri Norstein and Tale of Tales : An Animator's Journey
0253221110: Frontiers of the Roman Empire
0253227003: The Champs '81
0253227755: Inquisition and Society in Spain in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0253231000: Feminism and Science Fiction
0253231019: Young Rebecca: Writings of Rebecca West, 1911-17
0253236002: The Maimie Papers
0253236452: Military Government and the Movement Toward Democracy in South America
0253250005: The Art of the Pacific Islands
0253254507: GEORGE ELIOT.
0253254515: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0253254523: Colette
0253254531: Elizabeth Gaskell
0253254558: Charlotte Bronte
0253254566: Dorothy Richardson
0253280206: America Begins : Early American Writings
0253280923: Egypt: Burdens of the Past, Options for the Future
0253281059: The Far North: 2000 Years of American Eskimo and Indian Art
0253281202: First Feminists : British Women Writers, 1578-1799
0253281504: Frontier Regulars
0253281903: Feminism and Philosophy: Perspectives on Difference and Equality
0253281911: Indiana History : A Book of Readings
0253281970: Political Investments in Food Production
0253283051: Indiana : A History
0253283205: Indiana Book of Records, Firsts, and Fascinating Facts
0253283248: Indian a Factbook, 1994-95
0253283256: The Indiana Home
0253283353: Indiana Outdoors Guide to Fishing and Hunting
0253284007: An Introduction to Nigerian Government and Politics
0253285143: Islam in Tropical Africa
0253285151: The John Ford Movie Mystery
0253285348: Birds of Indianapolis : A Guide to the Region
0253285356: Beyond the Brink with Indiana
0253285364: Painting A Place In America: Jewish Artists in New York 1900-1945
0253285909: Magic Middletown
0253285917: History of the Anc South Africa Belongs to Us
0253286018: North Webster : A Photographic History of a Black Community
0253286034: Politics and society in Eastern Europe
0253286107: Masterpieces of Wedgwood in the British Museum
0253286255: People from our side: An Eskimo life story in words and photographs : an Inuit record of Seekooseelak, the land of the people of Cape Dorset, Baffin Island
0253286409: Not Either an Experimental Doll : The Separate World of Three South African Women
0253287049: Sisters of the Spirit : Three Black Women's Autobiographies of the Nineteenth Century
0253287898: Looking at History : Indiana's Hoosier National Forest Region, 1600 to 1950
0253287901: Soviet Sisterhood
0253287952: Soviet youth culture by
0253287979: Mothers of the Revolution: War Experiences of Thirty Zimbabwian Women
0253288002: Sword of the Republic
0253288509: Teaching the Old Testament in English classes
0253288541: Three Swahili Women : Life Histories from Mombasa, Kenya
0253288614: U. S. 40 A Roadscape Of The American Experience
0253288800: Renamo : Terrorism in Mozambique
0253288819: On Playing Oboe, Recorder, and Flageolet
0253288835: Catalonia, a Self Portrait
0253288851: Working Miracles : Women of the English-Speaking Caribbean
0253289106: War of American Independence: Military Attitudes, Policies & Practice 1763 - 1789.
0253289157: We Can Speak for Ourselves: Self-Advocacy by Mentally Handicapped People
0253289165: Government and Politics in Africa
0253289262: Women in England, 1870-1950
0253293146: Filmguide to Henry V
0253299020: Gypsy Ballads of Garcia Lorca
0253299292: Anthology of Mexican Poetry
0253299306: Poems From Black Africa
0253299349: New and Selected Poems. by Wagoner, David.
0253299373: New Negro Poets U. S. A. by
0253300029: Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies
0253300118: Victorian Sexualities: A Special Issue (Victorian Studies, Vol 36, No 3)
0253300134: Hypatia: Special Issue Ecological Feminism, Vol. 6, No. 1
0253300177: Pix 1 (Pix) - Paperback
0253300223: Women's Studies on the Edge
0253300258: Differences
0253300266: Passing into History : Nazism and the Holocaust Beyond Memory
0253300274: Prooftexts A Journal of Jewish Literary History (The Cinema of Jewish Experience)
0253301009: George Eliot (Key women writers)
0253301017: Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Key Women Writers Series) by Leighton, Angela
0253301025: Colette
0253301033: Elizabeth Gaskell (Key Women Writers) - Hardcover
0253301041: Iris Murdoch Key Women Writers Series
0253301068: Christina Stead
0253301076: Charlotte Brontk (Key Women Writers)
0253301084: Dorothy Richardson
0253301203: Free Women of Spain : Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women
0253301300: The advantage of lyric: Essays on feeling in poetry
0253301319: Patterns of War Through the Eighteenth Century
0253301327: The Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century
0253301408: Advent at the gates: Dante's Comedy
0253301653: Art & Error Modern Textual Editing
0253301823: American farmers: The new minority (Minorities in modern America)
0253302102: African Art
0253302110: Africa
0253302501: African Folklore
0253302528: The African Frontier: The Reproduction of Traditional African Societies
0253302552: African Independence: The First Twenty-Five Years
0253302625: African Music and Oral Data
0253302692: African Odyssey : An Anthropological Adventure
0253302706: African Philosophy: Myth and Reality
0253302714: African Philosophy in Search of Identity
0253302757: African Politics : Crises and Challenges
0253302803: An African World : The Basongye Village of Lupupa Ngye
0253302846: THE ACOUSTIC MIRROR: The Female Voice In Psychoanalysis And Cinema.
0253303001: Memory and Desire: Aging-Literature-Psychoanalysis (Theories of Contemporary Culture)
0253303680: Balkan Economic History, 1550-1950
0253303761: Screening the holocaust : cinema's images of the unimaginable.
0253303850: Native Americans of the Northwest Coast: A Critical Bibliography
0253303877: Mammals of Indiana.
0253303974: Mbari
0253304016: Bloody Hoax : Jewish Literature and Culture
0253304024: Alice of Old Vincennes (Library of Indiana Classics)
0253304059: Adam, New Born and Perfect, hc, 1987
0253304083: The Amazon and the Page: Natalie Clifford Barney and Renee Vivien
0253304156: American Refugee Policy and European Jewry, 1933-1945
0253304164: The Cheyennes, Ma?heo?o's People : A Critical Bibliography
0253304342: African Art from the Rita and John Grunwald Collection
0253304423: African, Pacific, and Pre-Columbian Art in the Indiana University Art Museum
0253304431: Inca Architecture
0253304466: After the Black Death: a social history of early modern Europe.
0253304504: After the Revolution: Studies in the Contemporary Jewish American Imagination
0253304601: Affinities and Medieval Transposition
0253304628: Anthology of Somali Poetry
0253304636: Anthology of Somali Poetry
0253304679: Alice Doesn't
0253304709: All Silver and No Brass An Irish Christmas Mumming
0253304725: Semiotic Theory of Language
0253304733: Hebrew and Modernity.
0253304741: Art of the Surimono
0253304830: Joyce Carol Oates, Artist in Residence
0253305063: Alternatives to Anarchy: American Supernationalism Since World War II
0253305128: Black Sister : Poetry by Black American Women, 1746-1980
0253305209: An Alternative Vision
0253305462: American Civil War and the Origins of Modern Warfare
0253305489: Subject of Violence
0253305500: Altrurian Romance
0253305608: The Ambiguous Image: Narrative Style in Modern European Cinema
0253305748: America and the World Political Economy Atlantic Dreams and National Realities
0253305896: American Costume, 1915-1970: a Source Book for the Stage Costumer
0253306027: The American Journalist: A Portrait of U.S. News People and Their Work
0253306086: American Assimilation or Jewish Revival?
0253306450: AMERICAN LITERATURE AND SOCIAL CHANGE: William Dean Howells to Arthur Miller
0253306493: American West Transformed: The Impact of the Second World War
0253306515: AMERICA'S LOST PLAYS: Volume III Glaucus, Volume IV Davy Crockett
0253306604: Satiric Comedies: America's Lost Plays, Vol. 21
0253306612: America's Lost Plays (1963). Indiana U. reprint. Complete set. (Vols. 1-21 bound in 11 vols)
0253306620: The Seminole and Miccosukee tribes : a critical bibliography
0253306752: On Aging : Revolt and Resignation
0253306760: Children of Bethany : The Story of a Palestinian Family
0253306833: Italian Violin Music of the Seventeenth Century
0253307007: Angel Site: An Archaeological, Historical, and Ethnological Study
0253307066: De Musica Mensurata : The Anonymous of St. Emmeram: Complete Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary
0253307104: Ancient Tales in Modern Japan An Anthology of Japanese Folk Tales
0253307457: The Annals of Labour, Autobiographies of British Working Class People, 1820 - 1920
0253307465: Anonymity: A Study in the Philosophy of Alfred Schutz.
0253307511: Anthony Wayne: Soldier of the Early Republic.
0253307643: Apaches: a critical bibliography
0253307708: April Hopes
0253308313: Chiefship and Cosmology: An Historical Study of Political Competition (African systems of thought)
0253308437: Prophets of Prosperity: America's First Political Economists
0253308577: Archetype, Architecture, and the Writer
0253308585: Archipenko: Sculpture, Drawings, And Prints 1908-1963.
0253308607: Are Quanta real? A Galilean Dialogue
0253308623: Are Quanta Real? : A Galilean Dialogue
0253308763: Edmund Ruffin - a Biography
0253308909: Aristotle: A Contemporary Appreciation
0253309212: Aristotle's Metaphysics
0253309271: Arp Schnitger, Organ Builder
0253310067: Bartok for Piano : A Survey of His Solo Literature
0253310156: Sex and Death in Victorian Literature
0253310512: Art and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Russia
0253310555: Art of Byzantium and the Medieval West
0253310660: Fine Arts in Cleveland : An Illustrated History
0253310741: The New Soviet Man and Woman: Sex-Role Socialization in the USSR
0253310768: The Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon
0253310776: Artists in Revolution: Portraits of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1905-1925
0253310784: Resisting Reader: A Feminist Approach to American Fiction (Midland Books: No. 247)
0253310792: The Authority of Experts: Studies in History and Theory
0253310806: Authors on film
0253310814: Audubon Reader: The Best Writings of John James Audubon
0253310822: Towns, Villages, and Countryside of Celtic Europe
0253310857: Rabbis and Lawyers: The Journey from Torah to Constitution
0253311187: Civility and Society in Western Europe, 1300-1600
0253311209: A Baudouin De Courtenay Anthology: The Beginnings of Structural Linguistics
0253311217: Opening the Gates : A Century of Arab Feminist Writing
0253311225: Shakespeare's Christian Dimension : An Anthology of Commentary
0253311233: Science and Russian Culture in an Age of Revolutions
0253311241: Nonfiction Film: A Critical History
0253311268: Gender & Genius, Towards a Feminist Aesthetics,
0253311276: Folk Culture in a World of Technology
0253311292: Emergence of Civil Society in the Eighteenth Century : A Privileged Moment in the History of England, Scotland, and France
0253311306: The bedbug a play and selected poetry
0253311314: Resistance and Reform in Tibet
0253311322: The Snowflake on the Belfry: Dogma and Disquietude in the Critical Arena
0253311330: Back Home Again : Indiana in the Farm Security Administration Photographs, 1935-1943
0253311357: Behavior of the Lower Organisms
0253311365: Behavior of the Lower Organisms
0253311373: New Religions and the Theological Imagination in America
0253311381: Displacements : Cultural Identities in Question
0253311578: Belle Gunness
0253311586: Mimekor Yisrael : Classical Jewish Folktales
0253311594: A Ben Jonson Companion
0253311608: Life Histories of North American Woodpeckers : Deluxe Edition
0253311616: Puskin Today
0253311624: Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in a Modern Muslim Society
0253311632: Flora Tristan Utopian Feminist : Her Travel Diaries and Personal Crusade
0253311640: Art of Music and Other Essays : (A Travers Chants)
0253311659: Being and Race: Black Writing Since 1970
0253311667: Reading, Writing, and Rewriting the Prostitute Body
0253311705: Beowulf
0253311721: Under Northern Eyes : Latin American Studies and U. S. Hegemony in the Americas, 1898-1990
0253311764: Biblical Poetry Through Medieval Jewish Eyes
0253311772: Snowbelt Cities : Metropolitan Politics in the Northeast and Midwest since World War II
0253311780: Global Warming Unchecked : Signs to Watch For
0253311799: Re-Reading Levinas
0253311802: Rhetorical Traditions and British Romantic Literature
0253311810: Southern Africa
0253311829: Justice as Sanctuary : Toward a New System of Crime Control
0253311896: Program Notes for the Solo Tuba
0253311918: Blacks in the Dutch World : The Evolution of Racial Imagery in a Modern Society
0253311926: Torchbearers : Women and Their Amateur Arts Associations in America, 1890-1930
0253311934: Bfi-Broadcasting Debate Mngph Set
0253311942: The African Quest for Freedom and Identity
0253311950: Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism (Drama and Performance Studies)
0253311969: The Birth of Stalinism: The USSR on the Eve of the Second Revolution
0253311977: Beyond the Enlightenment;: Historians and folklore in nineteenth century France (Indiana University publications. Folklore Institute monograph series).
0253311985: Biblical Influences in Shakespeare's Great Tragedies
0253311993: Beyond the Text: A Holistic Approach to Liturgy
0253312000: The Ink of Melancholy: Faulkner's Novels from the Sound and the Fury to Light in August
0253312019: Birds of the Indiana Dunes
0253312027: Blooming and Contending: Chinese Literature in the Post-Mao Era (Studies in Chinese literature and society)
0253312035: Billy Mitchell
0253312043: Black Gods and Kings: Yoruba Art at UCLA
0253312078: Blake in His Time
0253312094: Bolshevik Feminist: The Life of Aleksandra Kollantai
0253312124: Class, Race, and the Civil Rights Movement: The Changing Political Economy of Southern Racism
0253312132: From Sin to Salvation
0253312140: Political Leadership in the Soviet Union
0253312205: Books in World History
0253312213: Black-Woman-Jew
0253312221: Encyclopedia of Indianapolis
0253312302: Boris Godunov: Transpositions of a Russian Theme.
0253312353: Christian Nationalism and the Rise of the Afrikaner Broederbond in South Africa, 1918-48
0253312507: Mass Media in Sub-Saharan Africa
0253312515: Intertextuality and the Reading of Midrash (Indiana Studies in Biblical Literature)
0253312523: Polish Jews in Paris
0253312531: Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East
0253312574: Santeria from Africa to the New World The Dead Sell Memories
0253312590: Slavery and Rebellion in the Roman World, 140 B.C.-70 B.C.
0253312604: Crosswinds: An Anthology of Black Dramatists in the Diaspora (Blacks in the Diaspora Ser.)
0253312620: Brazilian Serial Documents
0253312639: Burden of Conscience : French Jewish Leadership during the Holocaust
0253312647: Voice of Jacob on the Composition Genesi
0253312663: Training God's Army: The American Bible School, 1880-1940
0253312671: Charles Sanders Peirce: A Life
0253312698: Muslim Identity and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
0253312701: Busoni the Composer
0253312728: Scripture and Translation
0253312779: BUILDING TROYES CATHEDRAL, The Late Gothic Campaigns
0253312795: Responsibilities of Wealth
0253312825: Explorations in Film Theory: Selected Essays from Cine-Tracts
0253312833: Power of Consciousness and the Force of Circumstances in Sartre's Philosophy
0253312841: Slave Women in Caribbean Society 1650-1838
0253312876: By no extraordinary means: The choice to forgo life-sustaining food and water (Medical ethics series)
0253312884: Barbarians Within the Gates of Rome
0253312922: The Butterflies of Indiana
0253312957: Building the Health Bridge
0253312965: Camel Xiangzi
0253312981: Tony Hinkle : Coach for All Seasons
0253313007: Canadian Indian Policy: a Critical Bibliography
0253313015: The Socialist Economies in Transition: A Primer on Semi-Reformed Systems
0253313031: The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
0253313058: Deathtraps : The Postmodern Comedy Thriller
0253313066: Demythologizing Heidegger
0253313074: If I Were a Rich Man Could I Buy a Pancreas? : And Other Essays on the Ethics of Health Care
0253313082: Adventures in Lesbian Philosophy
0253313090: A Capacity to Punish
0253313112: Failure of Soviet Economic Planning : System, Performance, Reform
0253313120: Menopause : A Midlife Passage
0253313139: Against Ethics : Contributions to a Poetics of Obligation with Constant Reference to Deconstruction (Studies in Continental Thought)
0253313155: Theatre Semiotics
0253313163: Hard Pieces : Dan Carpenter's Indiana
0253313171: Hard Pieces : Dan Carpenter's Indiana
0253313198: Women As Candidates in American Politics
0253313228: The case for the welfare state: From social security to social equality by...
0253313236: Catharsis in Literature
0253313244: The Categorial Structure of the World
0253313252: Causality in Linguistic Theory
0253313279: Cello Technique
0253313287: Women in Culture and Politics: A Century of Change
0253313309: Century of Music-Making: The Lives of Josef & Rosina Lhevinne
0253313317: Getting Back into Place
0253313341: Camera Politica : The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film
0253313368: Chaplinaiana a Commentary on Charlie Chaplin's 81 Movies Volume 1: The Keystone Films
0253313376: Character Dance
0253313384: Making Law : The State, the Law, and Structural Contradictions
0253313406: Chaste Thinking : The Rape of Lucretia and the Birth of Humanism
0253313414: Western Women and Imperialism : Complicity and Resistance
0253313430: That Pale Mother Rising : Sentimental Discourses and the Imitation of Motherhood in Nineteenth-Century America
0253313449: Chicago Politics Ward by Ward
0253313457: Cheerful Nihilism
0253313465: THE CHEROKEES, A Critical Bibliography
0253313473: The Transplanted: A History of Immigrants in Urban America
0253313481: Children's Books for Times of Stress : An Annotated Bibliography
0253313503: Children's Books Too Good to Miss
0253313511: Children's Humor: A Psychological Analysis.
0253313538: China, the Struggle for Power 1917-1972
0253313546: Circus & Culture A Semiotic Approach
0253313554: Citizens and the environment: Case studies in popular action
0253313570: Class Piano
0253313597: The Chinese Experience in America (Minorities in Modern America Ser.)
0253313635: A Catalogue Of 18th-Century Symphonies Volume 1 Thematic Identifier
0253313651: Chosen People in America : A Study in Jewish Religious Ideology
0253313678: Wanton Eyes and Chaste Desires : Female Sexuality in The Faerie Queene
0253313708: City in Late Imperial Russia
0253313716: Pregnant Men : Practice, Theory, and Law
0253313724: Cavalry Maiden : Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars
0253313759: Classical Chinese Tales of the Supernatural and the Fantastic: Selections from the Third to the Tenth Century
0253313767: The Christian Home in Victorian America, 1840-1900 (Religion in North America Series)
0253313775: Children of the Mill
0253313783: Paul Celan
0253313791: Culture and Conflict in Egyptian-Israeli Relations : A Dialogue of the Deaf
0253313805: Communication & Expression in Hoofed Mam
0253313813: Communication in the Chiroptera
0253313821: Communication and Noncommunication by Cephalopods
0253313848: Explorations in Feminist Ethics: Theory and Practice (A Midland Book, Mb 697)
0253313856: Cloud-Walking
0253313864: Colonial Evangelism : A Socio-Historical Study of an East African Mission at the Grassroots
0253313872: The Code of the West
0253313880: Comparative Literature and Literary Theory:Survey and Introduction: Survey and Introduction
0253313899: Communism and Political Change in Spain
0253313902: Competition, ltd: The marketing of gasoline
0253313910: Communism in Eastern Europe
0253313929: Committed Journalism
0253313937: Abortion & Dialogue
0253313945: Competitive Swimming Manual for Coaches and Swimmers
0253313953: Competitive swimming manual for coaches and swimmers by Counsilman, James E
0253313961: Complete Stories of Lu Xun
0253313988: Cynthia Ozick's Comic Art : From Levity to Liturgy
0253313996: Lucan's Civil War
0253314011: Computer literacy: The basic concepts and language
0253314038: Confronting Death
0253314054: Congress against itself
0253314062: Congress and the Budget
0253314070: Conjuring: Black Women, Fiction, and Literary Tradition (Everywoman)
0253314089: Consciousness: A Phenomenological Study of Being Conscious and Becoming Conscious (Studies in phenomenology and existential philosophy)
0253314097: Status and Identity in West Africa : Nyamakalaw of Mande
0253314100: Consensus, Conflict, and American Historians
0253314135: Contexts for early English drama.
0253314151: Continuo Playing on the Lute, Archlute and Theorbo : A Comprehensive Guide for Performers
0253314208: Contemporary American-Jewish literature;: Critical essays
0253314232: Heartland: Comparative Histories of the Midwestern States (Midwestern History and Culture)
0253314399: New German Film : The Displaced Image
0253314410: Ecstatic Naturalism Signs of the World
0253314690: Memoir of a Victorian Woman
0253314704: Count Witte and the Tsarist Government in the 1905 Revolution
0253314712: Theories of Science in Society (Science, Technology, and Society)
0253314720: Creditworthiness & Reform in Poland
0253314739: Expressionism in Twentieth-Century Music.
0253314747: The Play of Nature Experimentation As Performance
0253314763: Sourcebook for Research in Music
0253314836: Cricket in the Thorn Tree
0253314909: Crime Laboratory : Case Studies of Scientific Criminal Investigation
0253314917: The Crime Laboratory: Case Studies of Scientific Criminal Investigation,
0253314941: Crime Victim Stories : New York City's Urban Folklore
0253315026: Pawnees
0253315255: Midwest and the Nation : Rethinking the History of an American Region
0253315263: Culture and Consumption: New Approaches to the Symbolic Character of Consumer Goods and Activities, by McCracken
0253315506: Classic French Cinema, 1930-1960
0253315603: Birds of Illinois
0253315662: Women Like Meat : The Folklore and Foraging Ideology of the Kalahari Ju - 'hoan
0253315689: Critical Path : An Essay on the Social Context of Literary Criticism
0253315751: Cross and Commissar : The Politics of Religion in Eastern Europe and the U. S. S. R.
0253315778: India: Facing the Twenty-First Century
0253315832: Missionaries of Science : The Rockefeller Foundation and Latin America
0253315913: Cultural Revolution in Russia, 1928-1931
0253315980: Current British Foreign Policy Documents
0253315999: Cooking, Eating, Thinking. Transformative Philosophies in Food
0253316065: Dance Rhythms of the French Baroque: A Handbook for Performance
0253316073: Vico, Metaphor, and the Origin of Language
0253316081: Current issues in linguistic theory
0253316103: Curriculum Development in Nongraded Schools
0253316200: Vita nuova;: A translation and an essay,
0253316219: One Hundred Years at Hull-House
0253316375: Gender Blending : Confronting the Limits of Duality
0253316553: ethnic Humor Around the World: A Comparative Analysis.
0253316588: Power
0253316707: Decade of Disillusionment : The Kennedy-Johnson Years
0253316758: A decade of euphoria: Western literature in post-Stalin Russia, 1954-64
0253316766: Basics of Semiotics
0253316774: American Folklore and the Mass Media.
0253316782: The Militarization of South African Politics Hardcover by Grundy, Kenneth W.
0253316790: Folktales and Society : Story-Telling in a Hungarian Peasant Community
0253316804: Delawares: a critical bibliography
0253316812: Practice of Love : Lesbian Sexuality and Perverse Desire
0253316820: Desire to Desire
0253316855: Derrida and the Economy of Differance
0253316863: Semiotics of Performance
0253316936: The Other Heading Reflections on Today's Europe
0253317002: Dialogue of Mercury and Charon
0253317037: Dialectics of Oppression in Zaire
0253317045: African Cinema: Politics and Culture
0253317053: Dickens and Phiz
0253317096: KAFKA and the Contemporary Critical Performance: Centenary Readings
0253317126: Dictations: On Haunted Writing Hardcover by Ronell, Avital
0253317150: A dictionary of British folk-tales in the English language,: Incorporating the F. J. Norton collection
0253317177: A Dictionary of British Folk-Tales, Part B: Folk Legends
0253317436: Contending Rhetorics : Writing in Academic Disciplines
0253317460: Dilemmas of the Desert War : A New Look at the Libyan Campaign, 1940-1942
0253317762: THE CREEKS; A Critical Bibliography
0253317797: Disability, Theatre and Education
0253317800: Disabled We Stand
0253317886: Is This Child Gay? (Discourse 15.1)
0253318033: Displacement: Derrida and After (Theories of Contemporary Culture, V. 5...
0253318041: Colonialism and Nationalism in Asian Cinema
0253318068: Distortions of Agricultural Incentives
0253318076: The Early Film Criticism of Francois Truffaut
0253318084: Djugurba: Tales from the Spirit Time
0253318092: Dickinson and the Strategies of Reticence: The Woman Writer in Nineteenth-Century America
0253318106: Does Deconstruction Make Any Difference? : Poststructuralism and the Defense of Poetry in Modern Criticism
0253318114: Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne Vol. 6 : The Anniversaries and Epicedes and Obserquies
0253318122: Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne Vol. 8 : The Epigrams, Epithalamions, Epitaphs...
0253318149: Arab Comic Strips : Politics of an Emerging Mass Culture
0253318157: Andean Cosmologies Through Time: Persistence and Emergence (Caribbean and Latin American Studies)
0253318165: Diplomacy and the American Democracy
0253318181: Dried Millet Breaking. Time, Words, and Song in the Woi Epic of the Kpelle
0253318203: Doing History
0253318211: The Nazification of an Academic Discipline: Folklore in the Third Reich (Folklore Studies in Translation) - Hardcover
0253318246: Underwater Warfare in the Age of Sail.
0253318254: Dying for Work: Workers' Safety and Health in Twentieth-Century America (Interdisciplinary Studies in History)
0253318327: Drunken King, or, The Origin of the State
0253318351: DRYDEN'S POETRY.
0253318378: Environmental Policy in China
0253318386: Comrades Against Apartheid : The ANC and the South African Communist Party in Exile, 1966-1990
0253318394: Marguerite Long : A Life in French Music, 1874-1966
0253318408: Early Field Recordings : A Catalogue of Cylinder Collections at the Indiana University Archives of Traditional Music
0253318416: Black Women Novelists and the Nationalist Aesthetic
0253318505: The Dynamics of biblical parallelism.
0253318513: Apocalypse Postponed
0253318521: Limits of Interpretation
0253318998: Ecstasy, Ritual, and Alternate Reality
0253319005: Economic Appraisal of Transport Projects
0253319056: Piano Music for One Hand
0253319064: Ecstasy and holiness;: Counter culture and the open society
0253319099: Edgar Snow : A Biography
0253319102: Edmund Burke; his political philosophy
0253319110: Memoirs of Peasant Tolstoyans in Soviet Russia (Indiana-Michigan Series in Russian and East European Studies)
0253319285: Energy and Entropy : Science and Culture in Victorian Britain
0253319293: Education and Society in Modern Europe
0253319366: Sweet Nothings
0253319374: Russia's Great Reforms, 1855-1881.
0253319382: Educational Manpower
0253319390: Russia's Muslim Frontiers : New Directions in Cross-Cultural Analysis
0253319404: Selected Papers
0253319412: Edwardians
0253319420: Egg at Easter : A Folklore Study
0253319439: Egypt: Burdens of the Past / Options for the Future
0253319447: Electric Music
0253319455: The Emergence of African Fiction
0253319471: EMILY DICKINSON: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Writings, scholarship, criticism, and ana, 1850-1968
0253319498: Verdi Baritone : Studies in the Development of Dramatic Character
0253319501: Empirical studies of Indiana politics;: Studies of legislative behavior
0253319528: Radical Assimilation in English Jewish History, 1656-1945
0253319544: English Medieval Diplomacy
0253319560: Enjoying Indiana birds
0253319579: The Environmental Decade in Court
0253319587: Translating Chinese Literature
0253319609: Essays in economic analysis and policy
0253319617: Eros Plus Massacre: An Introduction to the Japanese New Wave Cinema
0253319633: Jewish State or Israeli Nation?
0253319641: Issues in Feminist Film Criticism
0253319706: Essays on the English Language, Medieval and Modern.
0253319722: Les Industries Lithiques Taillees De Franchthi
0253319730: Les Industries Lithiques Taillees De Franchthi
0253319757: Landscape and People of the Franchthi Region
0253319765: Marine Molluscan Remains from Franchthi Cave : Fascicle 4
0253319773: Franchthi Cave and Paralia
0253319781: Franchthi Paralia Fascicle 6 : The Sediments, Stratigraphy, and Offshore Investigations
0253319803: Franchthi Neolithic Pottery Vol.1 : Classification and Ceramic Phases 1 and 2
0253319900: Essays on the Iliad: Selected Modern Criticism
0253320003: Language Spread: Studies in Diffusion and Social Change
0253320674: Finland : People, Nation State
0253320704: Essays on teaching speech in the high school (English curriculum study series...
0253320720: The Annotated She: A Critical Edition of H. Rider Haggards Victorian Romance With Introduction and Notes by Norman Etherington (Visions (Bloomington, Ind.).)
0253320739: Passionate Reason: Making Sense of Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments
0253320747: The Vision of Robert Flaherty: The Artist As Myth and Filmmaker
0253320801: The Etruscans
0253320836: The European Organ, 1450-1850
0253320844: The European Realist Tradition
0253320860: The Eye That Never Sleeps: A History of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency
0253320879: Faces of Modernity: Avant-Garde, Decadence, Kitsch
0253320909: The Family and the Sexual Revolution: Selected Readings,
0253320933: Economic Challenge of Perestroika
0253320968: The Eye of Prey: Subversions of the Postmodern (Theories of Contemporary Culture)
0253320976: The Jewish Bible After the Holocaust: A Re-reading
0253320992: Fairytale As Art Form and Portrait of Man (Folklore Studies in Translation Series)
0253321018: Fantasy Literature : An Approach to Reality
0253321026: Feeding African Cities
0253321069: The Indiana Home. With pictures by Franklin Booth and Bruce Rogers
0253321107: An Evansville Album: Perspectives on a River City, 1812-1988
0253321131: To Mend the World : Foundations of Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought
0253321204: The Far North: 2000 Years of American Eskimo and Indian Art
0253321212: The Origins and Nature of Language
0253321301: Brass Bibliography : Sources on the History, Literature, Pedagogy, Performance, and Acoustics of Brass Instruments
0253321506: Faulkner's as I Lay Dying (A Midland Book, Mb-159)
0253321530: Faulkner's Light in August (A Midland book, MB-166)
0253321549: Technology and the Politics of Knowledge
0253321557: Democracy Without Women: Feminism and the Rise of Liberal Individualism in France
0253321565: At the Limits of Romanticism : Essays in Cultural, Feminist, and Materialist Criticism
0253321638: Jazz Poetry Anthology (Midland Books)
0253321662: The Female spectator: English women writers before 1800
0253321697: Feminism and Socialism of Lily Braun
0253321700: Feminist Critics Read Emily Dickinson
0253321751: Family Romances
0253321891: Film and Revolution.
0253322006: Oral Poetry
0253322103: A Finnegans Wake Gazetteer
0253322138: First Feminists: British Women Writers 1578-1799
0253322154: The First Offensive 1942: Roosevelt, Marshall and the Making of American Strategy
0253322162: Immanent Art
0253322170: The Garments of Torah: Essays in Biblical Hermeneutics
0253322189: Flying Machine and Modern Literature
0253322197: Journal of Women's History Guide to Periodical Literature
0253322308: Five Plays
0253322332: Feminist Issues in Literary Scholarship
0253322375: Semiotics of Theatre
0253322413: For Righteousness' Sake: Contemporary Moral Philosophies
0253322723: The Soviet Union Since Stalin
0253322731: Sixth Cartesian Meditation : The Idea of a Transcendental Theory of Method
0253322790: The Potential of Modern Discourse: Musil, Peirce, and Perturbation (Advances in Semiotics)
0253323207: FOLKLORE Selected Essays
0253323274: Folklore and nationalism in modern Finland
0253323282: The Folklore Text From Performance to Print
0253323347: James Joyce's Letters to Sylvia Beach, 1921-1940
0253323452: Beyond Methodology : Feminist Scholarship as Lived Research
0253323460: Eurocommunism between East and West
0253323657: For Adult Users Only: The Dilemma of Violent Pornography (Everywoman : Studies in History, Literature and Culture)
0253323789: FORMALIZED MUSIC Thought and Mathematics in Composition
0253323819: Form and Space Vision
0253323827: Forging a Community : The Latino Experience in Northwest Indiana, 1919-1975
0253323967: Divine disenchantment: Deconverting from new religions
0253324009: Foundations of Scientific Method
0253324092: Written by Herself : Literary Production by African American Women, 1746-1892
0253324114: Choreographing History
0253324157: Founding Principles of American Government: Two Hundred Years of
0253324327: Dancing Modernism/Performing Politics
0253324351: Four - Dimensional Space
0253324521: The Drowning of an Old Cat and Other Stories (Chinese Literature in Translation Ser., No. 253)
0253324718: Freckles
0253324734: Unbreakable Thread : Non-Racialism in South Africa
0253324750: Jewish Politics in Vienna 1918-1938
0253324807: FRENCH WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS BEFORE THE REVOLUTION: A Dictionary of Provincial and Local Units.
0253324815: French Women and the Age of Enlightenment
0253324823: Five Days Which Transformed Russia
0253324831: Memory, History, and the Extermination of the Jews of Europe
0253324904: From Crossbow to H-Bomb
0253325056: From Karamzin to Bunin;: An anthology of Russian short stories
0253325064: From Karamzin to Bunin: An Anthology of Russian Short Stories
0253325153: From Verismo to Experimentalism Essays on the Mode
0253325161: Eternal Act of Creation : Essays, 1979-1990
0253325234: Fundamentals of Japanese
0253325307: Future of Eternity
0253325315: Bloc That Failed : Soviet-East European Relations in Transition
0253325331: Gender and Social Structure in Madagascar (African Systems of Thought)
0253325366: Pedagogy
0253325463: Representations in Archaeology
0253325498: Democracy, War and Peace in the Middle East
0253325536: Portia : The World of Abigail Adams
0253325544: The Golden Bowl Be Broken: Peasant Life in Four Cultures
0253325552: Turkish Traditional Art Today
0253325560: Dillinger: The Untold Story
0253325609: The genesis of modernism: Seurat, Gaguin, Van Gogh, & French symbolism in the...
0253325625: Rua-Tv? : Heidegger and the Televisual
0253325692: Gelede: Art and Female Power Among the Yoruba
0253325706: A Geneva School Reader in Linguistics
0253325722: Reflections of a Whale-Watcher
0253325730: Jews in Today's German Culture (The Helen and Martin Schwartz Lectures in Jewish Studies, 1993)
0253325757: German Jews Beyond Judaism
0253325773: German Volkskunde: A Decade of Theoretical Confrontation, Debate, and Reorientation (1967-1977)
0253325811: South of the West : Postcolonialism and the Narrative Construction of Australia
0253325838: Indiana Books by Indiana Authors : A Guide to Children's Literature
0253325854: NAACP Comes of Age : The Defeat of Judge John J. Parker
0253325862: God, Guilt, and Death
0253325889: Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen: Intermission Scripts from the Met Broadcasts
0253325900: GOOD TIDINGS: The Belief in Progress from Darwin to Marcuse.
0253325919: Why You Can Never Get to the End of the Rainbow and Other Moments of Science
0253325927: Mammy and Uncle Mose
0253325994: Black Flag: Guerrilla Warfare on the Western Border, 1861-1865
0253326001: Golden Doves With Silver Dots: Semiotics and Textuality in Rabbinic Tradition Jewish Literature and Culture series
0253326028: The Dynamics of Judaism: A Study in Jewish Law
0253326036: He-Said-She-Said: Talk as Social Organization Among Black Children.
0253326044: Surrogate Motherhood : Politics and Privacy
0253326052: Guardian of the Wild: The Story of the National Wildlife Federation, 1936-1986
0253326060: Changing the Story
0253326079: Under the Kapok Tree: Identity and Difference in Beng Thought
0253326117: Government and Politics in Africa
0253326141: Grandma Never Lived in America: The New Journalism of Abraham Cahan
0253326176: Goodman 2020
0253326192: Search for an AIDS Vaccine : Ethical Issues in the Development and Testing of a Preventive HIV Vaccine
0253326206: Sports in Cleveland : An Illustrated History
0253326214: Gettysburg : A Meditation on War and Values
0253326249: Graphic Representation of Models in Linguistic Theory
0253326273: Philosophers in Exile
0253326281: Language and the feminine in Nietzsche and Heidegger
0253326303: The Great Debates
0253326311: The Great Debates: Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960
0253326354: Greek Myths: A Vase Painter's Notebook
0253326362: Greek myths;: A vase painter's notebook.
0253326370: Limits of Power
0253326508: Gregorian Chant
0253326524: Of Gods and Men: Studies in Lithuanian Mythology
0253326532: Funny Woman: The Life and Times of Fanny Brice
0253326540: The Fourth Way: A Theory of Knowledge
0253326567: Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire
0253326583: Indians of the Southwest : a Critical Bibliography
0253326664: The Free University of Berlin: A Political History
0253326702: THE GRIM PHOENIX: Reconstructing Thomas Pynchon
0253326788: Green and the Black : Qadhafi's Policies in Africa
0253326834: Politics and Development in the Caribbean Basin : Central America and the Caribbean in the New World Order
0253326842: Anatomy Of The Auschwitz Death Camp
0253326850: Basic Questions of Philosophy : Selected Problems of Logic
0253326869: Volatile Bodies : Toward a Corporeal Feminism
0253326877: A Banner Year at Indiana
0253326885: The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told: The Milan Miracle, Then and Now
0253326893: Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told : The Milan Miracle, Then and Now
0253326915: Old Age and the Search for Security: An American Social History (Interdisciplinary Studies in History)
0253326923: Logic of Literature
0253326931: The "Racial" Economy of Science: Toward a Democratic Future
0253326966: Mozambique
0253326974: Privatization and Liberalization in the Middle East
0253326982: Invincible Generals: Gustavus Adolphus, Marlborough, Frederick the Great, George Washington, Wellington
0253326990: Old Dreams of New Reich : Volkish Utopias and National Socialism
0253327008: Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire
0253327016: Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire: Supplement
0253327024: H.D.
0253327032: Hammerblows & Other Writings, Trans. Mpondo, Simon & Jones, Frank
0253327040: A Handbook for the Ballet Accompanist
0253327059: Harvest of a quiet eye: The novel of compassion
0253327067: Handbook of American Folklore
0253327075: Harpsichord and Lute Music in Seventeenth Century France (Music Scholarship and Performance)
0253327091: Habermas on historical materialism
0253327105: Harpsichord in America
0253327113: Arafat: A Political Biography (First American Edition)
0253327121: Hearth & Home: A History of Material Culture.
0253327148: Hegel
0253327156: Hegel : The Letters
0253327164: Textual Politics and the Language Poets
0253327180: Guide to Research and Scholarship in Hungary
0253327199: Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics
0253327210: Heidegger on Being and Acting
0253327229: Breaking the Frame. Film Language and the Experience of Limits
0253327237: Approaching Theatre
0253327245: Principle of Reason
0253327253: Educating Competent and Humane Physicians
0253327261: Parmenides
0253327288: American Best Sellers : A Reader's Guide to Popular Fiction
0253327296: Born to Sing: An Interpretation and World Survey of Bird Song
0253327318: Tragic Mountains : The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992
0253327326: Henry James and the Occult
0253327334: Iron, Gender, and Power : Rituals of Transformation in African Societies
0253327342: Class and Gender in Early English Literature
0253327369: Heritage of Russian Verse, by Obolensky
0253327377: Northward Bound: The Mexican Immigrant Experience in Ballad and Song
0253327385: Heroic epic and saga: An introduction to the world's great folk epics
0253327393: Mexican Corrido
0253327407: Historia Destructionis Troiae
0253327415: Historic American Buildings Survey in Indiana
0253327423: Musical Meaning in Beethoven : Markedness, Correlation, and Interpretation
0253327431: Guidelines on the Termination of Life-sustaining Treatment and the Care of the Dying: Report
0253327474: John Dewey's Pragmatic Technology
0253327482: Mother/Daughter Plot: Narrative, Psychoanalysis, Feminism
0253327490: Fundamental Concepts of Metaphysics : World, Finitude, Solitude
0253327520: Word & Spirit a Kierkegaardian Critique
0253327539: Russian Folk Art
0253327547: Culture and African American Politics
0253327555: European Women and Preindustrial Craft
0253327571: Signs in Society : Studies in Semiotic Anthropology
0253327644: Where the Spirits Ride the Wind: Trance Journeys and Other Ecstatic Experiences
0253327660: Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
0253327679: Basic Concepts
0253327741: Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia
0253327768: Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia
0253327954: History of Keyboard Music to 1700
0253328012: Where We Live: Essays about Indiana
0253328020: The Romano-British Villa at Castle Copse, Great Bedwyn
0253328128: THE HISTORY OF MARXISM Marxism in Marx's Day
0253328136: Gardening in the Lower Midwest : A Practical Guide to New Zones 5 and 6
0253328187: A History of Our Own Times
0253328292: Hudnut Years in Indianapolis : 1976-1991
0253328306: History of the Organ in the United States
0253328314: A History of the Ostro-Goths
0253328322: Making the Corn Belt : A Geographical History of Middle-Western Agriculture
0253328330: HITLER'S HOMETOWN LINZ AUSTRIA 1908-1945.
0253328349: History of the Concept of Time.
0253328357: Zeitgeist in Babel : The Postmodernist Controversy
0253328365: Holderlin's Major Poetry: The dialectics of unity
0253328373: Forging Revolution : Metalworkers, Managers and the State in St. Petersburg, 1890-1914
0253328381: African Heritage of American English
0253328403: Holding the Line: The Eisenhower Era, 1952-1961 (America since World War II)
0253328411: Saints, Demons, and Asses : Southern Preacher Anecdotes
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