0253338697: Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture : Putting Pragmatism to Work
0253338700: Modernization without Revolution: Lebanon's Experience
0253338727: Pennsylvania Railroad at Bay
0253338743: Montage Eisenstein (Theories of Representation and Difference)
0253338751: The moral decision: Right and wrong in the light of American law (Midland Books
0253338778: The Most splendid failure : Faulkner's The Sound and the fury.
0253338786: Dilemmas in Modern Jewish Thought : The Dialectics of Revelation and History
0253338794: Mother Tongue, Father Time: A Decade of Linguistic Revolt
0253338808: Pastiche
0253338816: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature: A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Mediaeval Romances, Exempla, Fabliaux, j (Volume 1 of 6)
0253338824: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature
0253338832: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature: Volume Three; F-H; A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folk Tales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Mediaeval Romances, E
0253338840: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature
0253338859: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature
0253338867: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature: A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Mediaeval Romances, Exempla, Faeliaux (Volume 6)
0253338883: Movement and Meaning
0253338891: Feminism, Socialism, and French Romanticism (A Midland Book, Mb 818)
0253338905: The Black Experience in the 20th Century: An Autobiography and Meditation
0253338913: Scholem, Arendt, Klemperer : Intimate Chronicles in Turbulent Times
0253338921: The Birds of Kentucky
0253338948: Migrants No More : Settlement and Survival in Mambwe Villages, Zambia
0253338956: North Webster: A Photographic History of a Black Community
0253338964: Women and Change in the Caribbean
0253338972: Women & Change in the Caribbean a Pan Ca
0253338980: Idea of Africa
0253338999: Claiming Sacred Ground : Pilgrims and Politics at Glastonbury and Sedona
0253339006: Tradition(s) Ii : Hermeneutics, Ethics, and the Dispensation of the Good
0253339014: Traps
0253339022: Adam's Contract with Satan : The Legend of the Cheirograph of Adam
0253339049: Happiness Is Not My Companion : The Life of General G. K. Warren
0253339057: Murder and Difference : Gender, Genre and Scholarship on Sisera's Death
0253339065: Valie Export - Fragments of the Imagination
0253339073: Mesozoic Vertebrate Life
0253339081: Maya Apocalypse : Seventeen Years with the Women of a Yucatan Village
0253339103: Our Common Country : Family Farming, Culture and Community in the Nineteenth-Century Midwest
0253339111: Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points of California and the Great Basin
0253339138: Women and Slavery in the French Antilles, 1635-184
0253339146: Australia's Lost World
0253339154: Killing for Conservation : Wildlife Policy in Zimbabwe
0253339162: Gender and Boyle's Law of Gases
0253339170: Controlling Knowledge : Religion, Power and Schooling in a West African Muslim Society
0253339189: Women, Philanthropy, and Civil Society
0253339197: Osun Across the Waters : A Yoruba Goddess in Africa and the Americas
0253339219: Tchaikovsky Handbook
0253339235: Race, War, and Surveillance
0253339243: Question of Manhood
0253339251: Levinas and the Philosophy of Religion
0253339278: Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway
0253339286: Life Through the Ages : Commemorative Edition
0253339294: Legend and Belief : Dialectics of a Folklore Genre
0253339316: Field Guide to Projectile Points of the Midwest
0253339324: Mules and Men
0253339332: Sociology of Science : A Sociological Pilgrimage
0253339340: Moses Hess and Modern Jewish Identity
0253339359: Depression and the Urban West Coast, 1929-1933
0253339375: Drawing Out Leviathan : Dinosaurs and the Science Wars
0253339383: Municipal water systems: The challenge for urban resource management by
0253339391: Angola
0253339405: Mural Painting in Ancient Peru
0253339413: American Midwest : Essays in Regional History
0253339421: Forked Tongues : Speech, Writing and Representation in North American Indian Texts
0253339448: Petrarch: The Canzoniere, Or, Rerum Vulgarium Fragmenta
0253339456: The Muses' Concord
0253339472: Tchaikovsky Handbook Vol. 2 : Catalogue of Letters, Bibliography
0253339480: African Words, African Voices : Critical Practices in Oral History
0253339499: History of the J. G. Brill Company
0253339502: Ahead of the Curve? : U. N. Ideas and Global Challenges
0253339510: Music and poetry in a Colombian village : a tri-cultural heritage.
0253339529: Music for More Than One Piano : An Annotated Guide
0253339537: Music for Piano and Orchestra : An Annotated Guide
0253339545: Introduction to Documentary
0253339553: Music for the Voice: A Descriptive List of Concert and Teaching Material
0253339561: Music and Musical Life in Soviet Russia: Enlarged Edition, 1917-1981
0253339588: Muslims of the Soviet Empire: A Guide by Bennigsen, Alexandre; Wimbush, S...
0253339596: African Theatre : Playwrights and Politics
0253339618: Trees, Shrubs, and Roses for Midwest Gardens
0253339626: Western Warfare, 1775-1882
0253339634: Extraordinary Circumstances : The Seven Days Battles
0253339642: Armored Dinosaurs
0253339650: Myth and Literature in the American Renaissance
0253339669: Myths of Coeducation: Selected Essays 1964-1983
0253339685: Modernity and Mass Culture
0253339693: Napoleons Great Adversaries: Archduke Charles & the Austrian Army 1792-1814.
0253339707: Narrative Situations in the Novel
0253339715: Child labor and the Industrial Revolution.
0253339723: Nationalism and Federalism in Yugoslavia, 1963-1983.
0253339758: Natural man: The life of William Beebe
0253339766: Native American Women: A Contextual Bibliography
0253339774: Assisted Suicide : Finding Common Ground
0253339782: Mozambique and the Great Flood of 2000
0253339790: When the Steam Railroads Electrified
0253339804: Nature and Necessity
0253339812: Questioning God
0253339820: Toward Cinema and Its Double : Cross-Cultural Mimesis
0253339847: Tennessee Place Names
0253339855: Tennessee Frontiers : Three Regions in Transition
0253339863: The Navajos: a Critical Bibliography
0253339898: Russia's Steppe Frontier : The Making of a Colonial Empire, 1500-1800
0253339901: Religion and Personal Law in Secular India
0253339928: Political Legitimacy in Middle Africa : Father, Family, Food
0253339936: Phenomenological Interpretations of Aristotle : Initiation into Phenomenological Research
0253339944: Oscar Micheaux & His Circle
0253339952: Of Myth, Life, and War in Plato's Republic
0253339960: Modern Construction of Myth
0253339979: Narrative Semiotics in the Epic Tradition: The Simile
0253339987: God Who May Be : A Hermeneutics of Religion
0253339995: Anthropologizing Sri Lanka
0253340012: Negro in the United States a Research Guide
0253340020: Multiculturalism : Roots and Realities
0253340039: Long Time Passing : Vietnam and the Haunted Generation
0253340047: Indiana Winter
0253340055: The New Deal and the West (The West in the twentieth century)
0253340063: History of Mozambique
0253340071: A History of Mozambique.
0253340098: Investigate Everything : Federal Efforts to Compel Black Loyalty During World War I
0253340101: Everyday Life in the Muslim Middle East
0253340128: Collected Letters of Charlotte Smith
0253340136: Christian Millenarianism: From the Early Church to Waco
0253340144: Decolonial Voices : Chicana and Chicano Cultural Studies in the 21st Century
0253340152: New Light on Joyce From the Dublin Symposium.
0253340160: Case for Auschwitz : Evidence from the Irving Trial
0253340179: Ball State University : An Interpretive History
0253340187: Appositions of Jacques Derrida and Emmanuel Levinas
0253340195: Florida's Frontiers
0253340209: New Movements in the Study and Teaching of History
0253340217: Grand Scribe's Records, Vol. 1: Basic Annals of Pre-Han China
0253340225: Grand Scribe's Records
0253340276: Grand Scribe's Records : The Basic Annals of Pre-Han China
0253340314: Children of the Depression
0253340322: November
0253340330: First Amendment and Civil Liability
0253340349: The Lost World of the Moa: Prehistoric Life of New Zealand
0253340357: Animation in Asia and the Pacific
0253340365: Indiana Wine : A History
0253340373: Skeptical Environmentalism : The Limits of Philosophy and Science
0253340381: The Monuments of Ancient Egypt:
0253340411: Tchaikovsky's Complete Songs : A Companion with Texts and Translations
0253340438: European Film Theory and Cinema
0253340446: Sex and Humor
0253340454: Reviewing Fascism
0253340462: Hindu Wife, Hindu Nation
0253340470: Women in African Colonial Histories : An Introduction
0253340489: Painted in Words
0253340497: Derrida and Husserl : The Basic Problem of Phenomenology
0253340500: Warfare in the Western World, 1882-1975
0253340519: Readings in African Popular Fiction
0253340527: New Worlds for Old
0253340535: Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought
0253340543: Gaining Ground : The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods
0253340551: Virgin Conceived : Mary and Classical Representations of Virginity
0253340578: Reinventing the Male Homosexual : The Rhetoric and Power of the Gay Gene
0253340586: Guitar Towns : A Journey to the Crossroads of Rock 'n' Roll
0253340594: Nicholas I, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias
0253340616: Nietzsche : The Last Antipolitical German
0253340624: Nietzsche's Existential Imperative
0253340632: Nietzschean Narratives
0253340659: The Nightingale's Burden: Women Poets and American Culture Before 1900
0253340675: Social Change and Sustainable Transport
0253340683: Lives of Things
0253340691: Social Epistemology
0253340713: Voice of Harriet Taylor Mill
0253340721: Genre, Myth, and Convention in the French Cinema, 1929-1939
0253340748: Together and Apart in Brzezany : Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians, 1919-1945
0253340756: Nineteeth-century French Song: Faure, Chausson, Dupare and Debussy
0253340764: Fictions of U. S. History : A Theory and Four Illustrations
0253340772: Slaving Voyage to Africa and Jamaica
0253340780: Native Pragmatism
0253340799: Fortress Conservation : The Preservation of the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania
0253340802: Everyday Life in South Asia
0253340810: Somebody's Darling : Essays on the Civil War
0253340829: Becoming John Dewey : Dilemmas of a Philosopher and Naturalist
0253340837: Monon : The Hoosier Line
0253340845: Russian Women, 1698-1917 : Experience and Expression: An Anthology of Sources
0253340853: Rise of an African Middle Class
0253340861: Uncle Sam's Locomotives : The USRA and the Nation's Railroads
0253340888: Pink Houses and Family Taverns
0253340896: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature; Volume 6.1 Index (A-K): A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Mediaeval Romance
0253340918: Motif-Index of Folk-Literature: L-Z a Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables, Medieval Romances, Exemp
0253340926: That Time Cannot Be Forgotten : A Correspondence on the Holocaust
0253340934: Jonathan Edwards and the Bible
0253340942: Puzzle Instinct : The Meaning of Puzzles in Human Life
0253340950: From Arab Nationalism to OPEC : Eisenhower, King Sa-ud and the Making of U.S.-Saudi Relations
0253340969: Literary Culture in Colonial Ghana
0253340977: Peony Pavilion
0253340985: Pilgrims of Love : Anthropology of a Global Sufi Cult
0253340993: Female, Jewish, and Educated
0253341019: Body Movement and Nonverbal Communication
0253341027: Iron Brigade : A Military History
0253341035: Ernst von Dohnanyi : A Song of Life
0253341043: Haitian Revolutionary Studies
0253341051: Less Than Slaves : Jewish Forced Labor and the Quest for Compensation
0253341078: The Non-Suicidal Society
0253341094: Homeless Imagination in the Fiction of Israel Joshua Singer
0253341108: Nuclear Power Transformation
0253341116: Conversational Joking
0253341124: Russian Piano Concerto Vol. I : The Nineteenth Century
0253341132: Singing, Acting, and Movement in Opera: A Guide to Singer-Getics
0253341140: Subjects to Divorce : Equivocation, Infidelity and Resistance in Early Modern English Literature
0253341159: The Norwegian language in America;: A study in bilingual behavior (Publications
0253341167: Reading Hume's Dialogues: A Veneration for True Religion (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Religion (Hardcover))
0253341175: Gender and Modern Irish Drama
0253341183: Dissent in the Heartland
0253341191: Poetics of Islamic Legitimacy
0253341205: Handbook of Semiotics
0253341213: Bangladesh: Reflections on the Water (The Essential Asia)
0253341221: Petrarch and His World
0253341248: Crime and Policing in Post-Apartheid South Africa: Transforming under Fire
0253341256: Critically Modern: Alternatives, Alterities, Anthropologies
0253341272: Asbestos Blues: Labour, Capital, Physicians and the State in South Africa (African Issues (Hardcover))
0253341280: Red Priests : Renovationism, Russian Orthodoxy, and Revolution, 1905-1946
0253341299: Hero of the Heartland: Billy Sunday and the Transformation of American
0253341329: River of Enterprise: The Commercial Origins of Regional Identity in the Ohio Valley, 1790-1850 (Midwestern History & Culture (Hardcover))
0253341337: For Gold and Glory : Charlie Wiggins and the African-American Racing Car Circuit
0253341361: Imagining the Holy Land
0253341388: Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy
0253341426: With the 41st Division in the Southwest Pacific : A Foot Soldier's Story
0253341434: Bad City in the Good War
0253341442: Broken Hegemonies (Studies in Continental Thought (Hardcover))
0253341450: 99 Historic Homes of Indiana: A Look Inside
0253341469: Ancient Fable : An Introduction
0253341477: Materializing the Nation: Commodities, Consumption, and Media in Papua
0253341485: Transports of Delight
0253341493: Nuremberg in the Sixteenth Century: City Politics and Life between Middle Ages and Modern Times
0253341507: Nuremberg in the Sixteenth Century - City Politics and Life Between Middle Ages and modern Times
0253341515: Rockefeller Foundation and the Development of International Biomedicine after World War I
0253341523: Travel by Train : The American Railroad Poster, 1870-1950
0253341531: Starring T. Rex!: Dinosaur Mythology and Popular Culture
0253341558: Portuguese Style and Luso-African Identity
0253341566: On Translation (Studies in Continental Thought (Hardcover))
0253341574: Nation-Building, Propaganda, and Literature in Fra
0253341582: Myth : A New Symposium
0253341590: Catholic Philanthropic Tradition in America
0253341604: Writing Women's History: International Perspectives
0253341620: Jewish Life After the USSR
0253341639: Invisible Giants: The Empires of Cleveland's Van Sweringen Brothers
0253341647: The Japanese American Experience
0253341655: The Ojibwas: A critical bibliography (The Newberry Library Center for the...
0253341663: History of the Harpsichord
0253341698: Vladimir de Pachmann : A Piano Virtuoso's Life and Art
0253341728: Transforming Music Education
0253341736: Reading Kristeva: Unraveling the Double-Bind
0253341744: Surrogates
0253341752: Principles for Oral Narrative Research
0253341760: Poetry after Auschwitz : Remembering What One Never Knew
0253341779: Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith
0253341787: MOTHER / NATURE
0253341795: Metropolitan Railways : Rapid Transit in America
0253341809: Latin American Philosophy
0253341817: Local Women Global Science: Fighting AIDS in Kenya
0253341833: Birds of Ohio
0253341841: Cloister and Community : Life Within a Carmelite Monastery
0253341868: African Higher Education: An International Reference Handbook
0253341876: A History of Postcolonial Lusophone Africa
0253341884: Image and Remembrance : Representation and the Holocaust
0253341892: Albanian Identities: Myth and History
0253341906: Pandita Ramabai's American Encounter
0253341914: Stealing Lives: The Globalization of Baseball and the Tragic Story of Alexis Quiroz
0253341922: No Place Like Home
0253341930: Common Whores, Vertuous Women, and Loveing Wives : Free Will Christian Women in Colonial Maryland
0253341949: African-American Exploration in West Africa : Four Nineteenth-Century Diaries
0253341957: Rising Expectations : Urban Congregations, Welfare Reform, and Civic Life
0253341965: Religion and Hopi Life (Religion in North America) - Hardcover
0253341973: Forging Peace: Intervention, Human Rights and the Management of Media Space - Hardcover
0253341981: Who Knows a Study of Religious Conscio
0253342023: Going Places : Transportation Redefines the American West
0253342031: Beyond Nationalist Frames : Postmodernism, Hindu Fundamentalism, History
0253342058: Blood, Land, and Sex
0253342066: Born in a Mighty Bad Land : The Violent Man in African American Folklore and Fiction
0253342082: Perfectionism and Contemporary Feminist Values
0253342090: Slavery and Identity: Ethnicity, Gender, and Race in Salvador, Brazil, 1808-1888
0253342112: Tank Driver : With the 11th Armored from the Battle of the Bulge to VE Day
0253342120: Liberalization Against Democracy: The Local Politics of Economic Reform in Tunisia (Indiana Series in Middle East Studies)
0253342139: Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars (African Issues)
0253342147: African Dinosaurs Unearthed : The Tendaguru Expeditions
0253342155: Paris Conservatoire and the Contest Solos for Bassoon
0253342163: Limiteds, Locals, and Expresses in Indiana, 1838-1971
0253342171: Understanding Third World Politics: Theories of Political Change and Development, Second Edition
0253342198: Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive
0253342228: Children, Ethics, and Modern Medicine
0253342236: Race and Racism in Continental Philosophy (Studies in Continental Thought (Hardcover))
0253342244: Little Strangers : Portrayals of Adoption and Foster Care in America, 1850-1929
0253342252: Thinking Through French Philosophy: The Being of the Question (Studies in Continental Thought) - Hardcover
0253342260: Religious Experience & the End of Metaph
0253342279: Alice Adams
0253342287: PENROD AND SAM
0253342295: Moving Europeans
0253342309: Thinking With Heidegger Displacements
0253342325: Race for Sanctions
0253342333: John Dewey and Moral Imagination : Pragmatism in Ethics
0253342368: Africans in Colonial Mexico : Absolutism, Christianity, and Afro-Creole Consciousness, 1570-1640
0253342376: The Herron Chronicle
0253342384: The New Husserl
0253342392: Put the Moose on the Table : Lessons in Leadership from a CEO's Journey Through Business and Life
0253342406: On Teaching Speech in Elementary and Junior High Schools
0253342422: IUPUI : The Making of an Urban University
0253342430: Sexual Development in Childhood
0253342449: On the Take: From Petty Crooks to Presidents
0253342457: On the Truth of Being
0253342465: Ontological Reduction
0253342473: One Samuel : A Literary Reading
0253342481: Phenomenology of Religious Life
0253342511: The Year of the Three-Legged Deer
0253342538: Chasing Technoscience: Matrix for Materiality (Indiana Series in the Philosophy of Technology)
0253342546: Optical Signals: Animal Communication and Light
0253342562: Souls of the City : Religion and the Search for Community in Postwar America
0253342570: The Assassination of Herbert Chitepo: Texts and Politics in Zimbabwe
0253342589: Stand of the U. S. Army at Gettysburg
0253342597: Married to the Church
0253342600: Theory of Oral Composition: History and Methodology
0253342619: Orientalism and History
0253342627: On Referring in Literature
0253342643: Musorgsky Remembered (Russian Music Studies)
0253342686: Ice Age Cave Faunas of North America
0253342694: The Other Bolsheviks, Lenin and His Critics 1904-1914
0253342708: Dan Ge Performance: Masks and Music in Contemporary Cote D'Ivoire (African Expressive Culture) - Hardcover
0253342716: Apartheid's Festival
0253342724: Behind the Smile : The Working Lives of Caribbean Tourism
0253342740: Wondergenes : Genetic Enhancement and the Future of Society
0253342759: Dionysus
0253342767: The Ottoman Empire,: The great powers, and the straits question, 1870-1887 by
0253342775: Classical Music Without Fear
0253342783: Coming Out in Christianity: Religion, Identity, and Community - Hardcover
0253342791: Heaven's Fractal Net: Retrieving Lost Visions in t
0253342805: Fossil Frogs and Toads of North America
0253342813: Islamic Activism: A Social Movement Theory Approach (Indiana Series in Middle East Studies)
0253342821: Magnificent Mihirungs : The Colossal Flightless Birds of the Australian Dreamtime
0253342848: New Kierkegaard
0253342856: International Politics in Southern Africa
0253342864: Pagan Rome and the Early Christians
0253342872: Darwin in Italy: Science Across Cultural Frontiers
0253342880: Papers of German Lucius Du Clay: Germany, 1945-1949 Vol. 2
0253342899: Indians and the American West in the Twentieth Century
0253342902: Zionism and Technocracy : The Engineering of Jewish Settlement in Palestine, 1870-1918
0253342910: Paradoxes of Power : The Military Establishment in the Eighties
0253342937: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka : The Operation Reinhard Death Camps
0253342945: Nonsuperpowers and South Africa: Implications for U.S. Policy
0253342953: Peirce's Theory of Scientific Discovery: A System of Logic Conceived As Semiotic
0253342961: Parties and elections in an anti-party age: American politics and the crisis of confidence
0253343011: Payofski's Dyscovery
0253343046: Making Jews Modern : The Yiddish and Ladino Press in the Russian and Ottoman Empires
0253343054: The Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century (Midland Bks Series: No. 342)
0253343062: Islam, Charity, and Activism : Middle-Class Networks and Social Welfare in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen (Indiana Series in Middle East Studies)
0253343070: Peace heroes in twentieth-century America
0253343089: Flowering Earth
0253343097: African Divination Systems: Ways of Knowing
0253343100: Staging the War : American Drama and World War II
0253343119: Penrod
0253343135: Philanthropy, Patronage, and Civil Society : Experiences from Germany, Great Britain, and North America
0253343151: Islam
0253343178: Peirce, Semeiotic and Pragamatism : Essays by Max H. Fisch
0253343194: The Age of Chopin: Interdisciplinary Inquiries - Hardcover
0253343208: Thinking in the Spirit
0253343216: Women and Music: A History
0253343224: Iconography
0253343232: Islam in the African-American Experience : Second Edition
0253343240: Salvation and Suicide
0253343259: Kalevala Mythology
0253343267: Masquerade: Queer Poetry in America to the End of World War II
0253343283: Letting Them Die: Why HIV/AIDS Intervention Programmes Fail (African Issues)
0253343291: People or Monsters? : And Other Stories and Reportage from China after Mao (Chinese Literature in Translation Ser.)
0253343305: People and Places in Colonial Venezuela.
0253343321: At Home in Diaspora : South Asian Scholars and the West
0253343348: People from our Side: An Eskimo Life Story in Words and Photographs
0253343356: Unity and Diversity in Development Ideas
0253343364: Son-Jara : The Mande Epic
0253343372: Son-Jara : The Mande Epic: Mandekan/English Edition with Notes and Commentary
0253343380: Dead Will Arise : Nongqawuse and the Great Xhosa Cattle-Killing Movement of 1856-57
0253343402: People vs. government: the responsiveness of American institutions by...
0253343410: People vs. Government : The Responsiveness of American Institutions
0253343429: Food Policy: Frameworks for Analysis and Action
0253343437: The Geometry of Violence and Democracy
0253343445: Peoples Of The Coast
0253343453: The perception of poetry
0253343461: Seeing Through God: A Geophenomenology (Studies in Continental Thought)
0253343488: Optical Poetry: The Life and Work of Oskar Fischinger
0253343496: Africa Shoots Back
0253343518: BEYOND THE LATIN LOVER. Marcello Mastrianni, Masculinity, and Italian Cinema
0253343526: Perfusion of Signs
0253343534: Texture of the Divine
0253343550: The Being of the Phenomenon: Merleau-Ponty's Ontol
0253343569: Peoples of the Soviet Union
0253343585: Black Female Playwrights
0253343593: Readings in African Politics
0253343615: Pragmatism and the Problem of Race
0253343623: Somalia: Economy Without State (African Issues) - Hardcover
0253343631: Four Seminars
0253343658: History of Baroque Music : Music in the Seventeenth and First Half of the Eighteenth Centuries
0253343666: Varanoid Lizards of the World
0253343674: Cruel Delight
0253343682: One More Train to Ride: The Underground world of Modern American Hoboes
0253343690: From Small Town to Downtown: A History of the Jewett Car Company, 1893-1919
0253343704: Hazing Reader
0253343712: Peoples Temple and Black Religion in America
0253343739: Feathered Dragons : Studies on the Transition from Dinosaurs to Birds
0253343747: Dragons in the Dust : The Paleobiology of the Giant Monitor Megalania
0253343798: Battle of the Otranto Straits : Controlling the Gateway to the Adriatic in World War I
0253343801: Asian North American Identities : Beyond the Hyphen
0253343836: Is Music a Language? : Writings on Musical Form and Signification
0253343844: Terrorism and the UN : Before and after September 11
0253343879: Silvae of Statius
0253343887: Focus on African Films
0253343895: White Queen : May French-Sheldon and the Imperial Origins of American Feminist Identity
0253343917: Spectacular Modern Woman : Feminine Visibility in the 1920s
0253343925: Truth and Genesis : Philosophy As Differential Ontology
0253343933: Deep Listeners : Music, Emotion, and Trancing
0253343968: Women and Gender in Jewish Philosophy
0253343976: Quantifying the World : United Nations Ideas and Statistics
0253343984: Ebony Rising : Short Fiction of the Greater Harlem Renaissance Era
0253343992: Persuasions and Performances: The Play of Tropes in Culture
0253344026: Reasonable Radicals and Citizenship in Botswana : The Public Anthropology of Kalanga Elites
0253344034: Islamism and Its Enemies in the Horn of Africa
0253344042: Regional Roots of Developmental Politics in India : A Divided Leviathan
0253344069: New Historical Anthology of Music by Women: Companion Compact Discs 3 CDs ONLY
0253344077: UN Contributions to Development Thinking and Practice
0253344085: Bad Man Ballad
0253344093: The Enigma of Colonialism: British Policy in West Africa
0253344107: Petersburg
0253344115: UN and Global Political Economy : Trade, Finance, and Development
0253344123: Choctaws: a critical bibliography
0253344131: Transcendence and Self-Transcendence
0253344158: Fashioning Africa
0253344166: Execution of Mayor Yin and Other Stories from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
0253344174: Artists of Nathadwara : The Practice of Painting in Rajasthan
0253344182: Inez : The Life and Times of Inez Milholland
0253344190: We Jews and Blacks : Memoir with Poems
0253344204: Economy, Culture, and Civil War in Sri Lanka
0253344212: Reading Hegel's Phenomenology
0253344220: Animal Pragmatism : Rethinking Human-Nonhuman Relationships
0253344239: Voluntarism, Community Life, and the American Ethic
0253344247: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education : Contributions of Research Universities
0253344255: How Congress Works : And Why You Should Care
0253344263: Russian Peasants Go to Court : Legal Culture in the Countryside, 1905-1917
0253344298: Commemorations and the Shaping of Modern Poland
0253344301: Bitburg in Moral and Political Perspective
0253344328: Over the Wall/After the Fall: Post-Communist Cultures Through an East-West Gaze
0253344336: Soldier Talk
0253344344: Handbook for Beginning Choral Educators
0253344360: Jazzwomen: Conversations With Twenty-One Musicians
0253344379: Face to Face with Orchestra and Chorus : A Handbook for Choral Conductors
0253344387: Schelling Now
0253344395: African Drama and Performance
0253344409: Rethinking Nature : Essays in Environmental Philosophy
0253344417: Opening the Gates: An Anthology of Arab Feminist Writing
0253344425: Surmounting the Barricades : Women in the Paris Commune
0253344433: Children's Literature of the Harlem Renaissance
0253344441: Postcolonial Images : Studies in North African Film
0253344468: Angola: Anatomy of an Oil State (African Issues)
0253344476: Types of the Folktale in the Arab World : A Demographically Oriented Tale-Type Index
0253344484: Church Divided : German Protestants Confront the Nazi Past
0253344492: Secret Gardens, Satanic Mills : Placing Girls in European History, 1750-1960
0253344506: Phonological Markedness and Distinctive Features
0253344514: Algeria in France : Transpolitics, Race, and Nation
0253344522: The World of Music According to Starker
0253344530: Eloquent Body : Dance and Humanist Culture in Fifteenth-Century Italy
0253344549: Not My Mother's Sister
0253344557: Inspired to Serve : Today's Faith Activists
0253344565: Musician As Entrepreneur, 1700-1914 : Managers, Charlatans, and Idealists
0253344581: The Yoruba Diaspora in the Atlantic World
0253344603: The Life of a Russian Woman Doctor: A Siberian Memoir, 1869-1954
0253344611: Arrest the Music! : Fela and His Rebel Art and Politics
0253344638: Cinema's Conversion to Sound : Technology and Film Style in France and the U. S.
0253344646: South Africa And The Logic Of Regional Cooperation
0253344654: Ordinary Germans in Extraordinary Times : The Nazi Revolution in Hildesheim
0253344662: Women and Philanthropy in Education
0253344670: New Old Damascus
0253344689: Intertextuality in Western Art Music
0253344697: Theory of the Image : Capitalism, Contemporary Film, and Women
0253344719: Sex and Character : An Investigation of Fundamental Principles
0253344727: Sacred Circles, Public Squares: The Multicentering Of American Religion (Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture)
0253344735: Alabama, British Neutrality, and the American Civil War
0253344743: Ghana's New Christianity: Pentecostalism in a Globalising African Economy
0253344778: Biblical Narrative and the Death of the Rhapsode
0253344786: Raja Nal And The Goddess: The North Indian Epic Dh
0253344808: A Public Charity: Religion And Welfare In Indianapolis, 1929-2002
0253344816: Battle of An Loc
0253344824: A Mosaic of Believers: Diversity and Innovation in a Multiethnic Church
0253344832: Expressive Forms In Brahms's Instrumental Music
0253344840: Cinema of Gosho Heinosuke : Laughter Through Tears
0253344859: Unexpected Indiana
0253344867: Telling Lives in India: Biography, Autobiography, and Life History
0253344875: Temple to Love : Architecture and Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Bengal
0253344883: International Change and the Stability of Multiethnic Societies : Yugoslavia, Lebanon, and Crises of Governance
0253344891: Making Music In The Polish Tatras: Tourists, Ethnographers, And Mountain...
0253344905: Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children: Causes and Treatment
0253344913: Physical and Sexual Abuse of Children: Causes and Treatment
0253344921: Aharon Appelfeld's Fiction : Acknowledging the Holocaust
0253344948: The Pianist's Guide to Pedaling
0253344956: Pidgin and Creole Linguistics
0253344964: Bursting Bonds: The Heir of Slaves : The Autobiography of a New Negro (Blacks in the Diaspora)
0253344972: Religion and Politics in Israel (Jewish Political and Social Studies)
0253344980: Piety of Thinking
0253344999: Pinter at Sixty
0253345006: Feminisms in the Cinema
0253345014: Post-Holocaust : Interpretation, Misinterpretation, And The Claims Of History
0253345022: Jew in Cinema
0253345030: Reshaping Reason
0253345049: Muslim Women Sing : Hausa Popular Song.
0253345057: A Poetics of women's autobiography : marginality and the fictions of self-representation.
0253345065: South Africa's Weapons Of Mass Destruction
0253345073: Augustine and Postmodernism: Confession and Circumfession
0253345081: Locating Bourdieu
0253345103: Plains Woman: The Diary of Martha Farnsworth, 1882-1922
0253345111: Barriers Between Us: Interracial Sex in Nineteenth-Century American Literature(Blacks in the Diaspora Series)
0253345138: Dixie's Forgotten People: The South's Poor Whites
0253345146: Dinosaurs of Italy
0253345154: Steel Trails of Hawkeyeland : Iowa's Railroad Experience
0253345170: Readings In Gender In Africa (Readings in...)
0253345189: Shipshewana : Indiana's Amish Community
0253345197: Selected Poems of Ai Qing
0253345219: Poetics of Biblical Narrative
0253345227: Himalayan People's War : Nepal's Maoist Rebellion
0253345235: Ian Fleming And James Bond: The Cultural Politics Of 007
0253345243: Press and Political Culture in Ghana
0253345278: American Steam on Australian Rails
0253345286: Battle of Leyte Gulf : The Last Fleet Action
0253345294: Polish-U. S. Industrial Cooperation in the 1980's : Findings of a Joint Research Project
0253345308: Sexing The Church: Gender, Power, And Ethics In Contemporary Catholicism
0253345316: Good Intentions : Moral Obstacles and Opportunities
0253345324: McClellan's War : The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union
0253345332: Mariam, The Magdalen, And The Mother
0253345340: War Comes to Plum Street
0253345359: The Political Mobilization of Peasants A Study of an Egyptian Community
0253345367: Tragic Absolute : German Idealism and the Languishing of God
0253345375: Unsettling Scores : German Film, Music, and Ideology
0253345383: An Amish Patchwork: Indiana's Old Orders In The Modern World
0253345391: Carnivorous Dinosaurs
0253345405: Political Science and Area Studies, Rivals or Partners
0253345413: Choro : A Social History of a Brazilian Popular Music
0253345421: Thunder-lizards
0253345456: Our Mothers, Our Powers, Our Texts: Manifestations Of Aje In Africana Literature (Blacks in the Diaspora).
0253345464: Politics and Society in Eastern Europe
0253345472: Oceans of Kansas : A Natural History of the Western Interior Sea
0253345480: The Politics of Agrarian Change in Asia and Latin America
0253345502: Modernity and the Problem of Evil
0253345510: Politics of Revenue Sharing
0253345537: David and the Deuteronomist : A Literary Study of the Deuteronomic History, Pt. 3: 2 Samuel
0253345561: On The Edge Of The Future: Esalen And The Evolution Of American Culture (Religion in North America)
0253345588: Screen Memories : The Hungarian Cinema of Marta Meszaros
0253345596: Post New Wave Cinema in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (Midland Book)
0253345618: A New Treatise on Accompaniment: With the Harpsichord, the Organ, and With Other Instruments
0253345626: Power to the Teacher How America's Educators Became Militant
0253345634: The pragmatics of literature (Advances in semiotics)
0253345642: Charles Johnson's Novels: Writing The American Palimpsest
0253345650: The Dream Of The Perfect Child (Bioethics and the Humanities)
0253345669: Culture And Consumption II: Markets, Meaning, And Brand Management
0253345677: Darkest Dawn
0253345685: Church of Women : Gendered Encounters Between Maasai and Missionaries
0253345693: Creating A Hoosier Self-portrait
0253345707: Introduction to Phenomenological Research
0253345715: From Prairie Farmer To Entrepreneur: The Transformation Of Midwestern...
0253345723: Russian Baptists and Spiritual Revolution, 1905-1929
0253345731: Richard Strauss's Orchestral Music and the German Intellectual Tradition : The Philosophical Roots of Musical Modernism
0253345758: The Fate Of Africa's Democratic Experiments: Elites And Institutions
0253345766: Fierce Gods : Inequality, Ritual, and the Politics of Dignity in a South Indian Village
0253345774: To Export Progress : The Golden Age of University Assistance in the Americas
0253345782: Oxbridge Men : British Masculinity and the Undergraduate Experience, 1850-1920
0253345790: Haunted in the New World : Jewish American Culture from Cahan to the Goldbergs
0253345804: Women's Health in Post-Soviet Russia : The Politics of Intervention
0253345812: Neil Young And The Poetics Of Energy (Musical Meaning and Interpretation; Profiles in Popular Music)
0253345820: Question of Sacrifice
0253345839: Word, Image, And The New Negro
0253345847: Chinese In Action 2 (Chinese in Context Language Learning Series)
0253345863: Dancing with Goddesses : Archetypes, Poetry, and Empowerment
0253345871: Polite Protest the Political Economy Of
0253345898: Governing Soviet Journalism : The Press and the Socialist Person after Stalin
0253345901: Palestinian National Movement : Politics of Contention, 1967-2003
0253345928: Praxis : Marxist Criticism and Dissent in Socialist Yugoslavia
0253345936: Goth's Dark Empire
0253345944: Amish Life : Living Plainly and Serving God
0253345952: Dinosaur Provincial Park : A Spectacular Ancient Ecosystem Revealed
0253345960: Slave's Rebellion : Literature, History, Orature
0253345979: Precision Journalism
0253345987: Who Are the Macedonians?
0253345995: Elusive Covenant
0253346037: Primitive Government
0253346045: Primitive Government
0253346061: Private Lives of Public Servants
0253346118: Sourcebook For Research In Music.
0253346126: Dew of Death
0253346142: Spiritual Spectacles : Vision and Image in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Shakerism
0253346150: Braided Relations, Entwined Lives : The Women of Charleston's Urban Slave Society
0253346169: Native Insurgencies and the Genocidal Impulse in the Americas
0253346177: A proof of eminence;: The life of Sir John Hawkins
0253346185: The Prophetic Minority: American Jewish Immigrant Radicals, 1880-1920
0253346193: Food Policy: Frameworks for Analysis and Action
0253346215: Property and industrial organization in communist and capitalist nations (Studies in development)
0253346223: Prospero's Staff:
0253346231: Russian Folk Lyrics
0253346258: Psyche & symbol in Shakespeare
0253346266: Louis Johnson and the Arming of America : The Roosevelt and Truman Years
0253346274: Polish Renaissance in Its European Context
0253346282: Dirt, Undress, And Difference: Critical Perspectives On The Body's Surface - Hardcover
0253346290: Berber Culture on the World Stage : From Village to Video
0253346304: Ladino Rabbinic Literature and Ottoman Sephardic Culture
0253346312: Performing Folklore: Ranchos Folcloricos from Lisbon to Newark
0253346339: Bringing the World to Our Neighborhood : The Lotus World Music and Arts Festival
0253346347: Still Standing : A Century of Urban Train Station Design
0253346355: Is There an Ethicist in the House
0253346363: Making Men in Ghana
0253346371: Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana : Disability, Chronic Illness, and Aging
0253346401: Psycholinguistics: A Survey of Theory and Research Problems
0253346428: Voices : The Struggle for Development and Social Justice
0253346436: Protestant Pluralism and the New York Experience : A Study of Eighteenth-Century Religious Diversity
0253346452: Appeal and Attitude : Prospects for Ultimate Meaning
0253346479: Cross on the Star of David : The Christian World in Israel's Foreign Policy, 1948-1967
0253346487: Cinephilia and History, or the Wind in the Trees
0253346509: Psychological Approach to Fiction
0253346517: War in the Empty Air : Victims, Perpetrators, and Postwar Germans
0253346576: The History of King Richard the Third: A Reading Edition
0253346592: American Sweethearts : Teenage Girls in Twentieth-Century Popular Culture
0253346606: Moriz Rosenthal in Word and Music: A Legacy of the Nineteenth Century
0253346614: Farmers and the State in Colonial Kano : Land Tenure and the Legal Imagination
0253346649: Indiana Cooks!
0253346665: The Habit of Art: Best Stories from the Indiana University Fiction Workshop
0253346703: Public Diplomacy and the Behavioral Sciences
0253346738: Rolling Away the Stone : Mary Baker Eddy's Challenge to Materialism
0253346754: Public Sector Management, Systems, and Ethics
0253346762: Thinking as You Play: Teaching Piano in Individual and Group Lessons
0253346770: Descent of Socrates : Self-Knowledge and Cryptic Nature in the Platonic Dialogues
0253346789: Public Sorrows and Private Pleasures (Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy)
0253346827: Public Transportation and Land Use Policy
0253346916: American Confluence : The Missouri Frontier from Borderland to Border State
0253346924: Indiana Rail Road Company : America's New Regional Railroad
0253346940: Gurney, Ireland, Quilter and Warlock
0253346959: Campion, Dowland and the Lutenist Songwriters; English Solo Song Guides to the Repertoire.
0253346975: Women, Development, and the UN : A Sixty-Year Quest for Equality and Justice
0253346983: Chuck Taylor, All Star: The True Story of the Man Behind the Most Famous Athletic Shoe in History
0253347009: Judaism's Encounter with American Sports
0253347017: Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne : The Holy Sonnets
0253347025: American Independent Cinema
0253347084: Ruairm S Bradaigh: The Life and Politics of an Irish Revolutionary
0253347092: Excavations at Ancient Halieis : The Houses: The Organization and Use of Domestic Space
0253347106: Excavations at Ancient Halieis : The Fortifications and Adjacent Structures
0253347130: Erotic Thriller in Contemporary Cinema
0253347157: Where Rivers And Mountains Sing : Sound, Music, And Nomadism in Tuva And Beyond
0253347203: Puritans and Pragmatists
0253347238: Butler University: A Sesquicentennial History
0253347270: Pursuing the American Dream
0253347505: Question of Textuality: Strategies of Reading in Contemporary American Criticism
0253347602: Quisling:the Career and Political Ideas of Vidkun Quisling, 1887-1945: The Career and Political Ideas of Vidkun Quisling, 1887-1945
0253347610: Quixotic Scriptures: Essays on the Textuality of Hispanic Literature
0253347696: Mother with Child : Transformation Through Children
0253347734: A radical life
0253347742: Railroads for Rent
0253347750: No Laughing Matter: An Analysis of Sexual Humor
0253347769: No Laughing Matter: An Analysis of Sexual Humor (No Laughing Matter)
0253347815: The Dieppe Raid : The Story of the Disastrous 1942 Expedition
0253347858: Radical Hermeneutics: Repetition, Deconstruction, and the Hermeneutic Project (Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy)
0253347874: Nomads and Crusaders, A. D. 1000-1368
0253347882: Radical People's Theatre
0253347904: Embryos, genes, and evolution: The developmental-genetic basis of evolutionary change
0253347947: Nationalism and Federalism in Yugoslavia, 1962-1991
0253347971: Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia : An Ethnography
0253348307: Rabelais and His World
0253348315: Aharon Appelfeld
0253348323: Arab in Israeli Literature
0253348331: Peirce's Philosophy of Religion (Peirce Studies)
0253348366: Read this only to yourself: The private writings of Midwestern women, 1880-1910
0253348404: Reader in Nineteenth-Century Historical Indo-European Linguistics
0253348439: Not Either an Experimental Doll : The Separate World of Three South African Women
0253348447: Petrarch's Remedies for Fortune Fair and Foul: A Modern English Translation of De Remediis Utriusque Fortune, with a Commentary
0253348498: Petrarch's Remedies for Fortune Fair and Foul : A Modern English Translation of De Remediis Utriusque Fortune, with a Commentary
0253348781: Readings in Medieval Rhetoric
0253348951: Simple Decency and Common Sense : The Southern Conference Movement, 1938-1963
0253349036: Harps and Harpists
0253349060: Films of Yvonne Rainer
0253349222: The French encounter with Africans : white response to blacks, 1530-1880.
0253349257: Education's Great Amnesia: Reconsidering the Humanities from Petrarch to Freud With a Curriculum for Today's Students
0253349419: Readings in Urban Transportation
0253349427: Remembering: A Phenomenological Study
0253349508: Realism and Allegory in the Early Fiction of Mao Tun
0253349524: Reclaiming Paradise
0253349532: Red Bread.
0253349605: Religion in Indiana
0253349729: THE SIOUX A Critical Bibliography
0253349745: Color, Sex, and Poetry : Three Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance
0253349877: Roland Barthes:A Biography
0253349907: Dear Comrade Editor: Readers' Letters to the Soviet Press under Perestroika
0253349915: Women's Health-Missing from U.S. Medicine
0253349923: Modernism in Russian Piano Music: Skriabin, Prokofiev, and Their Russian Contemporaries (Russian Music Studies)
0253349931: Social Dimensions of Soviet Industrialization
0253349958: Pandora and Occam : On the Limits of Language and Literature
0253349974: The Vietnamese Experience in America
0253349982: Modern Algeria: The Origins and Development of a Nation
0253349990: Living Laboratories
0253350018: Religious Language and the Problem of Religious Knowledge
0253350026: The Renaissance in Rome
0253350034: Remembered Future
0253350042: Possible Worlds, Artificial Intelligence, and Narrative Theory
0253350050: Representational Mind : A Study of Kant's Theory of Knowledge
0253350077: Gedatsu-kai & Religion in Contemporary J
0253350085: Resemblance and Identity : An Examination of the Problem of Universals
0253350107: Rhys, Stead, Lessing, and the politics of empathy.
0253350115: Rhetoric As Social Imagination
0253350123: Rise of Modern Mythology, 1680-1860
0253350131: Rights of passage: The past and future of the ERA
0253350166: Rise of Silas Lapham
0253350174: Roman Britain to Saxon England
0253350182: Roman Jakobson's Approach to Language: Phenomenological Structuralism
0253350190: The Revolutionary Mystique and Terrorism in Contemporary Italy
0253350204: Roman Satire
0253350212: French Jews, Turkish Jews: The Alliance Israelite Universelle and the Politics of Jewish Schooling in Turkey, 1860-1925
0253350220: Annie Adams Fields, The Spirit of Charles Street
0253350239: Romance and Chronicle: A Study of Malory's Prose Style
0253350247: Jewish Life in Germany
0253350255: Role Playing and Identity : The Limits of Theatre As Metaphor
0253350271: Kant's Philosophy of Religion Reconsidered
0253350301: Routine Complications
0253350328: English Indiana Memories of Main Street
0253350336: Russia and the Golden Horde: The Mongol Impact on Medieval Russian History
0253350344: Safety Second: The Nrc and America's Nuclear Power Plants
0253350352: The sacred marriage rite;: Aspects of faith, myth, and ritual in ancient Sumer
0253350360: Not in Heaven : Coherence and Complexity in Biblical Narrative
0253350379: Russia's Second Revolution : The February 1917 Uprising in Petrograd
0253350387: Sacrifice in Africa : A Structuralist Approach
0253350395: Jewish Learning in American Universities : The First Century
0253350409: The Sacred Marriage of a Hindu Goddess
0253350417: Sacred Survival - The Civil Religion of American Jews
0253350425: Writings. Vol. I. 1922-1934
0253350468: Love, Power, and Knowledge : Towards a Feminist Transformation of the Sciences
0253350506: St. Petersburg and Moscow: Tsarist and Soviet Foreign Policy, 1814-1974.
0253350514: St. Petersburg and Moscow:Tsarist and Soviet Foreign Policy, 1814-1974: Tsarist and Soviet Foreign Policy, 1814-1974
0253350549: Resources of Rationality : A Response to the Postmodern Challenge
0253350557: RAPE IN MARRIAGE
0253350565: Salvation and Suicide: An Interpretation of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown (Religion in North America)
0253350573: Semiotics of Visual Language
0253350603: Salmagundi Reader
0253350638: Delimitations
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