0263845850: Hard to Handle
0263845869: Virtually Perfect
0263845877: Bared
0263846288: Venetian's Mistress
0263846296: Bachelor Duke
0263846318: West of Heaven
0263846326: Mills And Boon Collection
0263846334: Officer and the Lady
0263846342: Rake's Revenge
0263846350: Ransom Bride
0263846369: Proposition
0263846377: Deadly Illusions
0263846423: His Virgin Lover
0263846474: Outback Desire
0263846520: Millionaires Mistress
0263846571: Bewitched by the Boss
0263847047: Her Celebrity Surgeon
0263847055: Coming Back for His Bride
0263847063: Perfect Father
0263847071: Nurse's Secret Son
0263847098: Pregnant GP
0263847101: Needed
0263847128: Surgeon's Engagement Wish
0263847136: Sheikh Surgeon
0263847144: Doctor's Courageous Bride
0263847152: Emergency Doctor's Proposal
0263847764: Sheikhs Innocent Bride
0263847772: Bought By The Greek Tycoon
0263847780: Counts Blackmail Bargain
0263847799: Italian Millionaire's Virgin Wife
0263847802: Ruthless Agreement
0263847810: Carides Pregnancy
0263847829: Princes Love-Child
0263847837: Mistress On Demand
0263847845: High-Society Wife
0263847853: Virgin's Seduction
0263847861: Traded to the Sheikh
0263847888: For Revenge. or Pleasure?
0263847896: Greek's Bridal Bargain
0263847918: Bought by a Billionaire
0263848728: Her Italian Boss's Agenda
0263848736: Bride Worth Waiting for
0263848744: Father in the Making
0263848752: Wedding Surprise
0263848787: Father by Choice
0263848795: Princess of Convenience
0263848809: Husband to Belong to
0263848817: Having the Boss's Babies
0263849449: Montana Legends
0263849457: Passionate Knights
0263849465: All I Want For Christmas
0263849511: Regency Scandal
0263849538: Precious Gifts
0263849546: Christmas Brides
0263849554: Prisoner Of Passion The Playboys Seducti
0263849767: Weaver's Daughter
0263849775: Family at Number Five
0263849805: Marcos Convenient Wife/Mistresses Secret
0263849813: Valentine Fantasies
0263849821: Valentine Love Affairs
0263850307: To Mum With Love
0263850366: Before Sunrise
0263850374: Bay at Midnight
0263850382: Lakeside Cottage
0263850390: 50 Harbour Street
0264645049: Still life: The story of a struggle with disablement
0264645251: Every man's book of superstitions;
0264645286: Tomorrow is too late. Taize, an experiment in Christian community
0264645294: John Groser: East London priest;
0264645375: Touching on Christian truth: The kingdom of God, the Christian Church and the world,
0264645464: I Believe - And Why
0264645693: The Wood, An Outline of Christianity
0264645715: Meditations on a Theme
0264645960: Peace in Ulster
0264645987: Let God arise
0264646010: Cold Comfort Confronted.
0264646029: The heart machine
0264646134: The church bizarre;: Light verse for heavy weather,
0264646185: The monk of Mount Athos: Staretz Silouan, 1866-1938
0264646207: Dynamic of Love : An Exploration Into Believing, Praying and Being Human
0264646215: The Local Radio Handbook
0264646266: A matter of eternity: Selections from the writings of Dorothy L. Sayers
0264646274: Soundings in Satanism
0264651537: The Hound of Heaven
0264655230: Portrait of Paul,
0264655257: Preaching at the parish communion by Ford, Douglas William Cleverley
0264655605: The Church and social order: social thought in the Church of England, 1918-1939
0264655699: The little star
0264655737: A gift of light: A collection of thoughts from Father Andrew;
0264655745: Preaching at the Parish Communion 3 On Saints' Days and Holy Days
0264660110: Rhodesian Black behind Bars
0264660161: Christ in Christian Tradition
0264660188: Christ in Christian Tradition (Volume 2): From the Council of Chalcedon (451) to Gregory the Great (590-604) Part 4: The Church of Alexandria with Nubia and Ethiopia After 451
0264660196: Social Context of Theology: A Methodological Enquiry
0264660277: Concise Dictionary of Religious Quotations
0264660404: Christianity revalued: a selection from articles which first appeared in The Times
0264660536: A Handbook of Parish Work
0264660579: Holy places of Christendom
0264660641: Christian hope
0264660684: Prayer of Jesus
0264660803: I Will Be There
0264660897: The Messengers: A Concise History of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
0264661230: Rome and Canterbury Through Four Centuries
0264661427: Evelyn Underhill, (1875-1941): An introduction to her life and writings
0264661486: Against nature and God : the history of women with clerical ordination an
0264661583: Coming
0264661710: Eccentric Gamblers
0264661729: Eccentric Soldiers
0264661737: Mowbrays Eccentric Series: Eccentric Doctors.
0264662008: Forgotten Dream
0264662326: Christian life-style
0264662512: We Believe
0264662520: Jesus the Christ
0264662555: Church, sacraments and ministry (Mowbrays library of theology)
0264662563: The Christian and other religion : the measure of Christ.
0264662660: Wife to the archbishop
0264662687: The message of the Bible
0264662849: Gospel Meditations
0264663012: Francis of Assisi
0264663020: The Messengers: A Concise History of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel.
0264663063: Byzantine theology: Historical trends and doctrinal themes
0264663195: Oxford
0264663268: Theology and Social Structure
0264663497: Meek and the Mighty
0264663527: Anglicanism
0264663608: Cambridge
0264663683: Solzhenitsyn's Religion
0264663780: Call to action (Popular Christian paperbacks)
0264663977: Men & Affairs
0264664027: First Chirstians; Pentecost and the Spread of Chirstianity
0264664272: All in Good Faith
0264664345: Miracles and magic: The miracles and spells of saints and witches
0264664469: A History Of White Magic.
0264664507: Church Flowers Month by Month
0264664531: Three Byzantine Saints: Contemporary Biographies of St. Daniel the Stylite, St. Theodore of Sykeon, and St. John the Almsgiver,
0264664663: Harold Laski
0264664671: Ultimate Questions
0264664914: A year book of Saints
0264664965: I Am A Jew
0264665201: Open the doors: The mission of the local church (Mowbray's popular Christian paperbacks)
0264665465: Fire in the Fireplace: Contemporary Charismatic Renewal,
0264665503: Jesus, Liberation and Love
0264665538: Preaching Through Saint Paul
0264665562: Every Man's Book of Saints
0264665600: The Practice of Prayer,
0264667336: Whole Family of God
0264667395: HARLOTS OF THE DESERT, A Study of Repentance in Early Monastic Sources
0264667409: Flowers in Church
0264667646: Pretty Boy Floyd
0264667719: Services for Special Occasions
0264668014: Preaching at the Parich Communion
0264668243: The future of the family
0264668324: More Preaching from the New Testament
0264668383: Year Book of Saints
0264668413: Church Embroidery
0264668642: G.W.H. Lampe: Christian, scholar, churchman : a memoir by friends
0264668863: The Church Overcomes: A Guided Tour Through the Book of Revelation
0264668944: Doctors Talking: A Guide to Current Medico-Moral Problems
0264668952: The Cross and the Bomb
0264669061: Odd Man Out: A Biography of Lord Soper of Kingsway,
0264669088: Dynamic of Love; An Exploration Into Believing Praying and Being Human
0264669134: ATHANASIUS.On the Incarnation.
0264669207: Priesthood and ministry: Ecumenical research
0264669231: Understanding the Psalms (Mowbray's Popular Christian Paperbacks)
0264669401: The Anglican Church Today and Tomorrow
0264669592: Preaching Through the Psalms
0264669606: A Short History of the Oxford Movement
0264669649: Modern Stained Glass in British Churches
0264669665: MORE READY TO HEAR (PB)
0264669681: Modern Art in English Churches
0264669754: The First Christmas What Really Happened?
0264669797: Christian Theology Today
0264669886: Prayer Principle
0264669908: And Your Deserts Shall Flower: Journal 1977-1979
0264669983: Anglican Tradition
0264670000: A Pilgrim's Way - A Personal Spiritual Anthology
0264670078: Listening to People of Hope
0264670353: Aspects of the Passion.
0264670477: Confession
0264670531: Christianity and War In a Nuclear Age
0264670787: Meditations on the Way of the Cross (Mowbray's Popular Christian Paperbacks)
0264670817: Preaching the Risen Christ
0264670825: Seven to Flee, Seven to Follow
0264670833: The Anglican Church Today : Catholics in Crisis
0264671015: Rediscovering the Middle Way the Anglican Church Today
0264671074: Christ Is Risen
0264671155: Evidence for the Love of God (Christian Evidence Series of Booklets)
0264671252: Evidence For The Holy Spirit
0264671333: The hazard of faith (Mowbray's Christian studies series)
0264671376: Never a Stranger, God's Otherness in the Light of the Gospel
0264671430: The Parish Church: Explorations in the Relationship between the Church and the World,
0264671570: Adult Believing: A Guide to the Christian Invitation of Adults
0264671619: Cantuar: The Archbishops in their Office.
0264671708: The Story of Taize
0264671732: Reckoning with Barth
0264671740: Preaching on Great Themes
0264671929: Preaching on the Holy Spirit
0264671953: Faith of Samuel Johnson
0264671961: Clergy Under Stress a Study of Homosex
0264672062: ENJOYING THE WORLD: The Rediscovery of Thomas Traherne
0264672097: Robert Runcie
0264672100: His Love Is a Fire
0264672143: Life From Within: Prayers by Brother Roger of Taize
0264672216: Working with God : Faith and Life at Work
0264672615: Christ in Christian Tradition: Volume 2, Part Two: The Church of Constantinople in the Sixth Century
0264672623: Preaching the Incarnate Christ (Mowbray Preaching Series)
0264672674: Adult Way to Faith
0264672682: Pillars of the Church
0264672747: Moore's Introduction to English Canon Law
0264672755: Yours Lord
0264672801: ABC for the PCC
0264672828: Preaching on the Crucifixion
0264672909: Listening With The Heart: Silence And Sharing Around The Word Of God
0264673026: Appointed for Growth : A Handbook of Ministry Development and Appraisal
0264673042: How to Think about the Earth
0264673050: Preaching on the Historical Jesus
0264673069: Art and the Beauty of God
0264673107: My Pilgrim Way
0264673204: New Strength, a New Song
0264673212: Ministry in the Countryside
0264673220: Poverty Close to Home
0264673239: Community Work
0264673255: What Is Catholicism? : An Anglican Responds to the Official Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church
0264673271: Faith in Doubt : Non-Realism and Christian Belief
0264673301: Restoring the Vision : The Gospel and Modern Culture
0264673344: Human Rites : Worship Resources for an Age of Change
0264673352: Woman at the Altar : The Ordination of Women in the Roman Catholic Church
0264673360: Birds of Paradise : Glimpses of Living Myth
0264673379: Just Spirituality in the World of Faiths
0264673387: Preaching on God's Justice
0264673409: Double Blessing : Clergy Marriage since the Ordination of Women As Priests
0264673417: Deadly Innocence : Feminism and the Mythology of Sin
0264673441: Spitting at Dragons : Towards a Feminist Theology of Sainthood
0264673468: Making the Difference
0264673530: Dark Victory : Through Depression to Hope
0264673549: Heart in Pilgrimage
0264673565: To Jerusalem Devotional Studies in Mysti
0264673573: Saving Belief: A Discussion of Essentials
0264673603: Crossing the Boundary : What Will Women Priests Mean?
0264673638: Preaching What We Believe
0264673646: Art and the Beauty of God: A Christian Understanding
0264673662: Dare We Speak of God in Public?
0264673670: One Faith?
0264673689: Journey into Truth
0264673700: Our Childhood's Pattern : Memoirs of Growing up Christian
0264673719: Down to Earth : New Vision for the Church
0264673751: Peace in Ireland : Two States, One People
0264673824: On the Receiving End : How People Experience What We Do in Church
0264673832: Atoms and Icons : A Discussion of the Relationship Between Science and Theology
0264673859: Visions and Longings: Medieval Women
0264673883: Why God?
0264673921: God and Reality : Essays on Christian Non-Realism
0264673948: Celebrating the Easter Mystery
0264674006: Pastoral Prayers : A Resource for Pastoral Occasions
0264674014: At All Times and in All Places : A Syllabus for Liturgical Formation in the Church of England
0264674022: Finding the Way Through John
0264674111: Handbook for Church Wardens
0264674162: Preaching on the Sayings of Jesus
0264674170: The Wonder of a Love (Taize)
0264674227: Celebration: A Story fo Joy and Suffering
0264674286: Anglican orders: Essays on the centenary of Apostolicae curae, 1896-1996
0264674308: Muskets and Altars
0264674324: Preaching for These People
0264674332: Beyond the Good Samaritan : Community Ministry and Mission
0264674359: Doubt : The Way of Growth
0264674383: The Times Best Sermons of 1996
0264674391: Living at the Edge : Sacrament and Solidarity in Leadership
0264674421: Times Book of Prayers
0264674456: Learning With the Sunday Gospels
0264674464: High King of Heaven: Aspects of Early English Spirituality
0264674480: Cantuar : The Archbishops in Their Office
0264674499: Cantuar : The Archbishops in Their Office
0264674510: Vision Bearers
0264674529: Trees of Life : The Prayer of Intercession and Its Cost
0264674537: Preaching from the Cathedrals : Sermons in Stone
0264674618: Mervyn Stockwood : A Lonely Life
0264674626: Muskets and Altars
0264674693: Common Lectionary : Solid Green Text Design
0264674804: Popular Carol Book : Music Edition, Words Edition
0264674812: Popular Carol Book : Music Edition, Words Edition
0264674863: Handbook for Churchwardens and Parochial Church Councilors
0264674898: Pastoral Nature of Theology : An Upholding Presence
0264674901: Pastoral Nature of Theology : An Upholding Presence
0264674944: Revised Common Lectionary: Personal Edition
0264674960: Learning with the Sunday Gospels
0264674987: Learning with the Sunday Gospels Worksheets : Take Home Sheets II: Trinity Sunday to Christ the King
0264675010: God for This World
0264675053: Understanding Worship
0264675096: God for This World
0264675282: Faith on the Way
0264675290: Learning to Love
0264675304: Anatomy of Survival
0264675312: Exploring Matthew's Gospel : A Guide to the Gospel Readings in the Revised Common Lectionary
0264675320: Devout Life : William Law's Understanding of Divine Love
0264675339: Who Is This?
0264771109: Carolina Blonde
0264854217: Driving Force
0264992695: Lysias
0265211891: Human Resource Strategy a Behavioral Per
0265355389: The Story of France As Told to Boys and Girls
0266080537: Aging In Western Societies
0266156339: Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil
0266320414: Who Comes to King's Mountain?
0266801501: The Bird with the Silver Bracelet : An Essay on BirdBanding
0268000034: The Americanist Heresy in Roman Catholicism 1895-1900
0268000050: Anguish and Joy of Christian Life
0268000069: An Anthology of Beowulf Criticism
0268000093: On Being and Essence
0268000190: A Biblical Introduction to the New Testament
0268000212: Bibliography of Hydrometry
0268000239: Bond of Marriage
0268000247: The Breton Lay: A Guide to Varieties
0268000255: Britain Views Our Industrial Relations
0268000301: Catholic Education in the Western World
0268000336: Catholicism, Nationalism, and Democracy in Argentina
0268000344: Challenges and Renewals: Selected Writings by Maritain, Jacques
0268000360: Chaucer Criticism the Canterbury Tales
0268000379: Chaucer Criticism; An Anthology: Troilus and Criseyde and the Minor Poems
0268000417: Christ in the Thought of Teilhard De Chardin
0268000433: Christian Existence in the New Testament
0268000476: Church and State
0268000492: Churchill and Ireland
0268000549: The Concept of Matter in Descartes and Leibniz
0268000557: Concept of Matter in Greek and Mediaeval Philosophy
0268000611: The Conservative Reformers: German-American Catholics and the Social Order.
0268000638: Crisis of Creativity
0268000662: Cultural Factors in Inter-American Relations
0268000689: Curious Frame: Seven Poems in Text and Context
0268000700: Dante
0268000735: Dedication and Leadership
0268000778: Descent Into Darkness: The Destruction of the Roman Catholic Church in Russia 1917-1923
0268000832: Early Liturgy, to the Time of Gregory the Great
0268000859: Edmund Burke: A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful
0268000883: Empire By Treaty: Britain and the Middle East in the Twentieth Century
0268000921: Evidence for Our Faith
0268000948: Faith and Violence: Christian Teaching and Christian Practice.
0268000956: Family and Fertility.
0268000972: Father O'Hara of Notre Dame: The Cardinal-Archbishop of Philadelphia
0268001006: Five, In Search of Wisdom
0268001022: The Form Of Victorian Fiction
0268001030: Four Cardinal Virtues
0268001073: Freedom and Reform in Latin America.
0268001081: Galois Theory
0268001103: GERMAN PROTESTANTS FACE THE SOCIAL QUESTION: Volume I The Conservative Phase 1815-1871
0268001146: Greek Orthodox Church
0268001154: Group dynamics in the religious life
0268001189: A History of Vector Analysis
0268001219: Hugh of St. Victor
0268001227: Human Existence: Contradiction and Hope
0268001243: Modern Studies In Philosophy: Hume: A Collection Of Critical Essays
0268001278: Image of America : Our Literature from Puritanism to the Space Age
0268001308: Imparting the Christian message
0268001316: Individuation : A Study of the Depth Psychology of Carl Gustav Jung
0268001359: INFLUENTIALS IN TWO BORDER CITIES: A Study in Community Decision-Making.
0268001456: Italy After Fascism A Political History 1943-1965
0268001480: KANT A Collection of Critical Essays
0268001499: Kierkegaard the Difficulty of Being Christian
0268001510: La Raza: Forgotten Americans
0268001537: The Latter-Day Saints in the Modern World
0268001588: Liturgical Piety
0268001596: Liturgy and Architecture
0268001626: Lutherans and Roman Catholicism - The Changing Conflict: 1917-1963
0268001642: The Major Works of Peter Chaadaev.
0268001650: Making Of The Mexican Mind
0268001677: Man and Sin: A Theological View
0268001685: Man in Time
0268001758: Middle English Survey. Critical Essays
0268001782: The Millennium of Europe
0268001804: MIRROR FOR FOOLS
0268001812: The Modeling of Mind: Computers and Intelligence.
0268001820: Models and Analogies in Science
0268001839: Modern Theologians Christians and Jews
0268001901: Newman & Gladstone: The Vatican Decrees.
0268001952: Notre Dame's John Zahm.
0268001979: Of God and Man
0268002010: OUR LIFE IN CHRIST, VOL. 1: The Realization of Redemptive Incarnation (University of Notre Dame Theology Series).
0268002029: Patterns for Educational Growth
0268002037: The Pearl.
0268002045: Person and the Common Good
0268002061: Peru and the United States 1900-1962
0268002088: Philosophical fragments,: 1904 i.e. 1909-1914; and The philosopher and peace
0268002150: Present and Future Modern Aspects of New Testament Theology
0268002169: The Press And Vatican II
0268002177: Private Plans & Public Dangers
0268002274: Realization;: Anthropology of pastoral care (Liturgical studies) (Liturgical studies)
0268002282: Recognition a Study in the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
0268002290: Religion as an Occupation
0268002339: Rite & Man: Natural Sacredness and Christian Liturgy
0268002363: Russian European, A: Paul Miliukov in Russian Politics
0268002444: The Salvation of the Nation
0268002460: Scholasticism and Welfare Economics
0268002487: Sean O'FaolAin: A Critical Introduction.
0268002495: A Search for Stability United States Diplomacy Toward Nicaragua 1925-1933
0268002541: Shakespeare in His Time and Ours
0268002568: The Slavic Community on Strike Immigrant Labor in Pennsylvania Anthracite
0268002606: Soviet Policy Towards International Control of Atomic Energy
0268002649: Structures Of The Church
0268002665: A Student's Guide to Intellectual Work
0268002673: Study of Bible in Middle Ages
0268002746: A Theory of Formal Deducibility
0268002770: Time and Idea : The Theory of History in Giambattista Vico
0268002797: Tolkien & the Critics Essays on J R R
0268002827: Toward a contemporary Christianity
0268002835: Toward An Undivided Church
0268002843: Towards a Better Understanding of History
0268002886: The Use of Parables in Catechetics
0268002916: Values in America.
0268002932: Verbum : Word and Idea in Aquinas
0268002967: The Volunteer Army And Allied Intervention In South Russia 1914-1921
0268002983: What America Stands for (International Studies Ser. )
0268002991: Where I was born and raised.
0268003017: Wider Horizons of American History
0268003041: Worship: The Life of the Missions
0268003106: Orwell's Fiction
0268003114: Covenant and Creation
0268003130: Mind and Nature : A Study of the Naturalistic Philosophies of Cohen, Woodbridge and Sellars
0268003165: Man and Nature: Selected Essays by Giorgio Del Vecchio
0268003181: Fanaticism: A Psychological Analysis.
0268003203: Discovery in the Physical Sciences
0268003254: Discoveries in Poe
0268003262: Praepostini Cremonensis Tractatus De Officiis (Publications In Mediaeval Studies; The Mediaeval Institute University of Notre Dame #21)
0268003297: The Imagination's New Beginning
0268003343: La Raza: Forgotten Americans: Papers, in Memory of Charles De Young Elkus
0268003416: Overall Development of Chile, the.
0268003459: Mill: A Collection of Critical Essays. Modern Studies in Philosophy, editedby Amelie Rorty Volume 7
0268003467: The Indiana Third Congressional District A Political History
0268003475: An Interpretation of Edmund Spenser's Colin Clout
0268003513: Man and Salvation in Literature
0268003521: The Nature of Philosophical Inquiry,
0268003548: The Wit of Love. Donne, Carew, Crashaw, Marvell
0268003556: The Catholic University: A Modern Appraisal
0268003564: The Church and Social Change in Latin America
0268003572: A Latin American Economic Community History, Policies, and Problems
0268003610: Biological and medical aspects of contraception
0268003661: Method and Meaning in Jonson's Masques
0268003742: Natural Motivation in the Pauline Epistles
0268003785: Theologians of Our Time
0268003793: Faith and Fiction: Creative Process in Greene and Maurice by Stratford, Philip
0268003939: Baltic Literature
0268004013: The Cyprus Passion Cycle
0268004153: History of Western Philosophy
0268004161: A Century of Law at Notre Dame
0268004196: Spiders in the House and Workers in the Field.
0268004226: Human rights and the liberation of man in the Americas
0268004234: Timeless Problems in History
0268004242: Human Rights And The Liberation Of Man In The Americas
0268004250: Spirit of the Counter-Reformation
0268004269: European democracy between the wars
0268004315: Christ & Prometheus: A New Image of the Secular
0268004323: Jung, Gods, & Modern Man
0268004358: Social Stress and Chronic Illness: Mortality Patterns in Industrial Society
0268004366: Randomness, Statistics and Emergence
0268004404: Barrio Boy
0268004412: Barrio Boy
0268004420: Los Mojados: The Wetback Story
0268004439: Spiders in the House & Workers in the Field
0268004455: Los Mojados: The Wetback Story
0268004471: Ernst Cassirer:Scientific Knowledge and the Concept of Man
0268004498: Hispanismo, 1898 - 1936 Spanish Conservatives and Liberals and Their Relations With Spanish America
0268004501: Mexican Novel Comes of Age
0268004528: Atheism and Alienation
0268004536: Reason Revisited: The Philosophy of Karl Jaspers
0268004552: Developments in Mechanics. Vol. 6
0268004579: The Irish Judiciary
0268004587: Orwell's Fiction
0268004595: Poetry and Crisis in the Age of Chaucer.
0268004625: The Beginnings of Philosophy to Plotinus
0268004633: Philosophy From the Renaissance Volume 3
0268004668: Foreign Assistance, a View from the Private Sector
0268004676: Tables of Resolving Agents and Optical Resolutions
0268004684: Lectures on Partial Differential Equations of First Order
0268004706: The idea of peace in antiquity
0268004714: Anticlericalism: A Brief History
0268004722: Methodological Foundations of Relativistic Mechanics
0268004730: Uganda: A Case Study in African Political Development
0268004749: Toward a New Earth: Apocalypse in the American Novel
0268004757: Outside the Whale: George Orwell's Art and Politics.
0268004765: Uganda: A Case Study in African Political Development
0268004773: Tijuana:Urbanization in a Border Culture: Urbanization in a Border Culture
0268004781: Language, Truth and Meaning
0268004811: Conflict Resolution: Contributions of the Behavioral Sciences
0268004838: Mexican Novel Comes of Age
0268004854: America in Change: Reflections on the 60's and 70's
0268004900: Woman in Christian Tradition
0268004919: Communism today
0268004927: American transcendentalism;: An anthology of criticism,
0268004935: Communism Today
0268004943: American Transcendentalism; An Anthology of Criticism,
0268004951: Tijuana: urbanization in a border culture,
0268005001: Chicano revolt in a Texas town
0268005028: Chicano revolt in a Texas town
0268005036: Classical Greece and the Poetry of Chenier, Shelley, and Leopardi
0268005044: Three American moralists: Mailer, Bellow, Trilling
0268005052: Los Primeros Pobladores, Hispanic Americans of the Ute Frontier
0268005060: Modern Dogma and the Rhetoric of Assent
0268005079: Three American moralists: Mailer, Bellow, Trilling
0268005087: Philosophy from the Romantic Age to the Age of Positivism
0268005095: History of Western Philosophy: From the Age of Positivism to the Age of Analysis v. 5
0268005109: Integral Humanism; Temporal and Spiritual Problems of a New Christendom
0268005125: Religious Perspectives in Faulkners Fiction Yoknapatawpha and Beyond
0268005133: Toward a New Earth: Apocalypse in the American Novel
0268005141: Outside the Whale: George Orwell's Arts and Politics
0268005168: Integral Humanism: Temporal and Spiritual Problems of a New Christendom
0268005176: Aristotle:New Light on His Life and on Some of His Lost Works: New Light on His Life and on Some of His Lost Works...Volume I Only...Some Novel Interpretations of the Man and His Life
0268005184: Aristotle, New Light on His Life & Some of His Lost Works, Vol. 2: Observations on Some of Aristotle's Lost Works. Vol 2 Only
0268005192: On the Church of Christ
0268005206: On the side of truth;: George N. Shuster: an evaluation with readings
0268005222: Aristotle : New Light on His Life and on Some of His Lost Works 2 Volumes
0268005249: Images of Faith: An Exploration of the Ironic Imagination
0268005257: On the Church of Christ
0268005338: Beyond the New Morality
0268005346: Beyond the New Morality
0268005370: Images of Hope; Imagination As Healer of the Hopeless
0268005389: The New Corporatism: Social-Political Structures in the Iberian World
0268005397: The New Corporatism: Social-Political Structures in the Iberian World (International Studies of the Committee on International Rela)
0268005400: Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of God
0268005419: Diplomacy and Revolution : The Soviet Mission to Switzerland, 1918 (International Studies Ser.)
0268005427: La Causa Politica: A Chicano Politics Reader
0268005435: La Causa Politica: A Chicano Politics Reader
0268005451: History of the Mexican-American People
0268005478: Beleaguered Tower
0268005486: Exercises in Religious Understanding
0268005494: Exercises in Religious Understanding
0268005516: Ockham's Theory of Terms, Part I of the Summa Logicae
0268005575: Art and Scholasticism and the Frontiers of Poetry
0268005583: Aristotle: a Collection of Critical Essays.
0268005591: Descartes: A Collection Of Critical Essays.
0268005605: Hume a Collection of Critical Essays
0268005613: Kant : A Collection of Critical Essays
0268005621: Locke and Berkeley: A Collection of Critical Essays
0268005648: Understanding World Politics
0268005664: Woman In Christian Tradition
0268005672: Beyond the new theism: a philosophy of religion.
0268005699: Communal Families in the Balkans : The Zadruga
0268005702: Structural Fabulation-an Essay on Fiction of the Future
0268005710: Structural Fabulation: An Essay on Fiction of the Future
0268005753: Anglo-Saxon Poetry
0268005761: Anglo-Saxon Poetry
0268005788: Aspects of Religious Propaganda in Judaism and Early Christianity. University of Notre Dame Center for the Study of Judaism and Christianity in Antiquity, No. 2
0268005796: Aquinas
0268005834: Anamnesis
0268005842: Alternative directions in economic policy
0268005850: Alternative Directions in Economic Policy
0268005877: Against the Self-Images of the Age: Essays on Ideology and Philosophy
0268005885: Aquinas: God & Action
0268005893: Varieties of Interpretation
0268005907: Accounting Procedures for Institutions
0268005931: Apologetics and the Eclipse of Mystery
0268005958: Against Fate (Loyola Lecture Series in Political Analysis)
0268005966: The Autonomy of Religious Belief : A Critical Inquiry
0268005974: New Tales from Aesop (For Reading Aloud)
0268005982: The Aesthetics of Fantasy Literature and Art.
0268005990: Awakening American Education to the World: The Role of Archibald Cary Coolidge, 1866-1928
0268006008: The Aesthetics of Fantasy Literature & Art
0268006016: Autonomy of Religious Belief
0268006032: American Catholic Social Ethics : Twentieth Century Approaches
0268006059: Action
0268006075: Against Fate: An Essay on Personal Dignity (Loyola University Series in Political Analysis)
0268006091: American Catholic Social Ethics Twenti
0268006113: After Virtue: a Study in Moral Theory.
0268006148: Academic Bonding and Social Concern: The Society of Christian Ethics, 1959-1983
0268006156: An Ascent to Joy: Transforming Deadness of Spirit
0268006172: Aquinas on Being and Essence: A Translation and Interpretation
0268006199: Art & Prudence: Studies in the Thought of Jacques Maritain
0268006202: Art and Prudence. Studies in the Thought of Jacques Maritain.
0268006229: Authentic Witnesses
0268006237: Authentic Witnesses: Approaches to Medieval Texts and Manuscripts (Publicat ions in Medieval Studies, Vol 17)
0268006245: The Achievement of John Henry Newman
0268006261: After Principles
0268006296: Action into Nature : An Essay on the Meaning of Technology (Loyola Lecture Series in Political Analysis)
0268006318: The Achievement of John Henry Newman
0268006326: Ad Litteram: Authoritative Texts and Their Medieval Readers (Notre Dame Conferences in Medieval Studies, No. 3)
0268006334: America Against Itself: Moral Vision and the Public Order by Neuhaus, Richard
0268006342: American Catholic Higher Education: Essential Documents, 1967-1990
0268006350: American Catholic Higher Education: Essential Documents, 1967-1990
0268006369: Ace of Freedoms : Thomas Merton's Christ
0268006377: Ace Of Freedoms
0268006385: Against the Nations War & Survival I
0268006393: The American Catholic Experience: A History from Colonial Times to the Present
0268006423: After Macintyre: Critical Perspectives on the Work of Alasdair Macintyre
0268006431: After MacIntyre: Critical Perspectives on the Work of Alasdair
0268006458: Augustine and the Limits of Politics
0268006466: ACID
0268006474: Acid, Stories
0268006504: Athenian Democracy: Modern Mythmakers and Ancient Theorists (Frank M. Covey, Jr., Loyola Lectures in Political Analysis)
0268006520: American Political History : Essays on the State of the Discipline
0268006547: Augustine and the Bible
0268006555: Augustine and the Bible
0268006563: The Brownson-Hecker Correspondence
0268006598: Body and Mind
0268006628: AFTER VIRTUE
0268006636: Beyond the New Morality
0268006644: Bright Book of Life: American Novelists and Storytellers from Hemingway to Mailer
0268006652: Beyond the New Morality
0268006660: BRIEF LIVES
0268006679: A Blessing of Years
0268006687: Building Neighborhood Organizations
0268006695: Building Neighborhood Organizations
0268006709: Berkeley
0268006717: Berkeley
0268006725: Body and Mind
0268006733: Body and Mind
0268006741: A Blessing of Years
0268006768: Between Russia and the West
0268006776: Big Noise from Notre Dame: A History of the Collegiate Jazz Festival
0268006784: Beyond the New Morality
0268006792: Beyond the New Morality
0268006806: Beyond Individualism: Toward a Retrieval of Moral Discourse in America
0268006814: Beyond Individualism: Toward a Retrieval of Moral Discourse in America
0268006822: Boundaries Dimly Perceived Law, Religion, Education, and the Common Good.
0268006830: Born of the Poor: The Latin American Church Since Medellin
0268006849: Beyond Reaganomics: A further inquiry into the poverty of economics
0268006857: Born of the Poor: The Latin American Church Since Medellin (Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies)
0268006865: Beyond Reaganomics: A Further Inquiry into the Poverty of Economics
0268006873: Belief in History: Innovative Approaches to European and American Religion.
0268006881: Beyond Aztlan: Ethnic Autonomy in Comparative Perspective, by Barrera
0268006903: The Book of Nature
0268006938: The Bible in the Latin West (The Medieval Book, Vol 1)
0268006954: Brief Introduction to the Study of Theology
0268006962: Explorations in Metaphysics: Being-God-Person
0268006970: Explorations in Metaphysics: Being, God, Person, by Clarke
0268006989: Body, Soul, and Bioethics
0268007004: The Book and the Body
0268007012: Bible in Greek Christian Antiquity
0268007020: Bible
0268007039: Born of Common Hungers: Benedectine Women in Search of Connections
0268007047: Born of Common Hungers: Benedectine Women in Search of Connections
0268007063: The Concept of Matter.
0268007098: Contemporary Chicano theatre
0268007101: Contemporary Chicano Theatre
0268007128: Christ and Apollo: The Dimensions of the Literary Imagination
0268007136: Cultures In Conflict: An Essay in the Philosophy of the Humanities
0268007144: The compromising of the Constitution: (early departures)
0268007160: Catholic Moral Theology in Dialogue
0268007179: Catholic Moral Theology in Dialogue
0268007195: Christians at prayer (Liturgical studies)
0268007209: Cosmopolitan Ideal in Enlightenment Thought, Its Form and Function in the Ideas of Franklin, Hume, and Voltaire, 1694-1790
0268007217: Collected Poems, 1953-1977
0268007225: Catholic Revivalism: The American Experience, 1830-1900
0268007233: Catalogue of the Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts of the University of Notre Dame.
0268007241: Cultures in Conflict: An Essay in the Philosophy of the Humanities
0268007268: The City of the Gods: A Study in Myth and Mortality
0268007276: The Canonization of the Synagogue Service
0268007284: Chaucerian Problems & Perspectives
0268007292: Catholic Revivalism
0268007306: China and Christianity: Historical and future encounters
0268007314: CHURCH AND CAMPUS Legal Issues in Religiously Affiliated Higher Education
0268007322: Church and Campus: Legal Issues in Religiously Affiliated Higher Education
0268007330: A Community of Character Toward a Constructive Christian Social Ethic
0268007349: Church and politics: From theology to a case history of Zimbabwe
0268007357: A Community of Character
0268007365: Church and Politics : From Theology to a Case History of Zimbabwe
0268007373: Choosing Well
0268007381: Corporation Sole: Cardinal Mundelein and Chicago Catholicism
0268007403: Christian Moral Reasoning : An Analytic Guide
0268007411: Christian Moral Reasoning: An Analytic Guide
0268007438: An Inquiry Into the Poverty of Economics
0268007454: Collected poems, 1970-1983
0268007462: The Church of the Poor Devil: Reflections on a Riverboat Voyage and a Spiritual Journey
0268007470: Critical Concerns in Moral Theology
0268007489: The Chicano Experience : An Alternative Perspective
0268007497: The Chicano Experience. An Alternative Perspective.
0268007500: Capitalism and Democracy: Schumpeter Revisited
0268007519: Capitalism and Democracy: Schumpeter Revisited
0268007535: Church and Culture Since Vatican II
0268007543: Corporations and the Common Good
0268007578: Civil Religion & Political Theology (Boston University Studies in Philosophy & Religion)
0268007586: Christian Morality : Biblical Foundations
0268007594: CHRISTIAN MORALITY (Biblical Foundations.)
0268007608: Critical Encounters : Between Philosophy and Politics
0268007616: Corporations and the Common Good
0268007624: Criticism Without Boundaries
0268007632: A Catalogue of Thomists, 1270-1900
0268007640: Construction and Constraint: The Shaping of Scientific Rationality
0268007659: Construction and Constraint. The Shaping of Scientific Rationality.
0268007667: Critique of the New Natural Law Theory. Revisions: A Series of Books on Ethics
0268007675: Comedy of Redemption
0268007683: Community and Alienation: Essays on Process Thought and Public Life
0268007691: The Creed As Symbol
0268007705: The Controversy Over Capitalism
0268007713: The Creed As Symbol
0268007721: Character and the Christian Life
0268007748: Critical Encounters Between Philosophy and Politics
0268007756: Critique of the New Natural Law Theory
0268007764: Christian Philosophy (Revisions)
0268007780: Christian Theism and the Problems of Philosophy (Library of Religious Philosophy, Vol. 5)
0268007799: Celebrating Peace (Boston University Studies in Philosophy and Religion)
0268007802: Carnivals, Rogues, and Heroes: An Interpretation of the Brazilian Dilemma
0268007810: Christian Theism and the Problems of Philosophy
0268007837: Church And Culture
0268007845: The Changing Face of Jewish and Christian Worship in North America (Two Liturgical Traditions Ser., Vol. 2)
0268007853: Changing Face of Jewish & Christian Wors
0268007861: Comedy of Redemption
0268007888: The Challenge of Pluralism: Education, Politics, and Values
0268007896: Chronicles of Notre Dame Du Lac
0268007934: Consciousness and Transcendence
0268007942: Carnivals, Rogues, and Heroes
0268007950: Critical Theory, Cultural Politics, and Latin American Narrative
0268007969: Culture and Commitment: The Challenges of Today's University
0268007977: Catholic Social Thought & The New World Order
0268007985: Catholic Social Thought AND the New World Order: Building on One Hundred Years
0268007993: Can Virtue Be Taught? (Boston University Studies in Philosophy and Religion, Vol. 14)
0268008000: Cattle Lords and Clansmen: The Social Structure of Early Ireland
0268008019: Christian Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas
0268008027: The Community of the Renewed Covenant: The Notre Dame Symposium on the Dead Sea
0268008035: Challenge and Promise of a Catholic University
0268008043: The Changing Face of Friendship
0268008051: Church Teaching Authority: Historical and Theological Studies
0268008078: Can Virtue Be Taught?
0268008086: Can These Bones Live?
0268008094: Church as Polis: From Political Theology to Theological Politics as Exemplified by Jurgen Moltmann and Stanley Hauerwas
0268008108: The Church As Polis: From Political Theology to Theological Politics As...
0268008116: Catherine McAuley and the tradition of mercy
0268008124: Chaos and Complexity: Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action
0268008132: Causality in Crisis?: Statistical Methods and the Search for Causal Knowledge in the Social Sciences (Studies in Science and the Humanities from the Reilly ... for Science, Technology, and Values, Vol 4)
0268008140: Choosing to Feel
0268008159: Christology from Within: Spirituality and the Incarnation in Hans Urs Von Balthasar
0268008167: The Community of the Renewed Covenant: The Notre Dame Symposium on the Dead Sea Scrolls (Christianit
0268008175: Christians Among the Virtues: Theological Conversations With Ancient and Modern Ethics
0268008183: Controlling Our Destinies: Historical, Philosophical, Ethical, and Theological Perspectives on the Human Genome Project
0268008191: Christians Among the Virtues: Theological Conversations With Ancient and Modern Ethics
0268008213: Catholic Church and Democracy in Chile and Peru
0268008221: The Challenge of Global Stewardship: Roman Catholic Responses
0268008248: Causality in Crisis: Statistical Methods and the Search for Causal Knowledge in the Social Sciences (Studies in Science and the Humanities from the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, V - Paperback
0268008264: Can a Good Christian Be a Good Lawyer?
0268008272: Charting Your Course
0268008299: Challenging the State: Churches As Political Actors in South Africa, 1980-1994 (A Title from the Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies)
0268008302: The Christian Polemic Against the Jews in the Middle Ages
0268008329: Crazy John and the Bishop, and Other Essays on Irish Culture (Critical...
0268008337: Calling Elections: the History of Horse-Race Journalism.
0268008345: Contemplation in a World of Action
0268008353: Celebrating Elie Wiesel: Stories, Essays, Reflections
0268008361: Christ Among the Medieval Dominicans
0268008388: Counterpoints
0268008396: Changing Lives through Literature
0268008418: Directions in economic development
0268008426: The Death of Al-Hallaj
0268008434: Death of Al Hallaj: A Dramatic Narrative
0268008442: Doing the Truth: The Quest for Moral Theology
0268008450: Doing the Truth: The Quest for Moral Theology
0268008477: The Demands of Justice.
0268008485: The Demands of Justice
0268008493: Death in the Forest The story of the Katyn Forest Massacre
0268008515: False Profits: The Decline of Industrial Creativity
0268008523: Dissentient Voice : The Ward-Phillips Lectures for 1980 with some Related Pieces
0268008531: Directions In Catholic Social Ethics
0268008566: Debt and Development in Latin America
0268008620: Development and External Debt in Latin America
0268008639: Development and External Debt in Latin America
0268008647: The Development Democracy and the Art of Trespassing: Essays in Honour of Albert O.Hirschman
0268008663: De Gratia: Faustus of Riez's Treatise on Grace and It's Place in the History of Theology (Christianity and Judaism in Antiquity, Vol 4)
0268008671: The Dynamics of Inflation: An Analysis of the Relations Between Inflation, Public Sector Financial Fragility, Expectations, and Profit Margins
0268008698: A Defense of Galileo the Mathamatician from Florence.
0268008701: Discours de la Methode (Discourse on the Method) : A Bilingual Edition with an Interpretive Essay
0268008728: Demanding Democracy
0268008736: Demanding Democracy
0268008744: de Doctrina Christiana: A Classic of Western Culture
0268008779: Discovering the Possible: The Surprising World of Albert O. Hirschman
0268008787: Dialectic and Narrative in Aquinas. An Interpretation of the Summa contra gentiles
0268008809: Discovery of Kepler's Law: The Interaction of Science Philosophy and Religion
0268008817: A Dialogue on Natural Philosophy: Translation of the New Latin Critical Text
0268008833: A Distinct Voice: Medieval Studies in Honor of Leonard E. Boyle, O. P.
0268008841: DURABLE GOODS: A Covenantal Ethic for Management and Employees
0268008868: The Degrees of Knowledge (The Collected Works of Jacques Maritain)
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