0273656570: First Steps in Bonds
0273656589: No Monkey Business : What Investors Need to Know and Why
0273656597: Negotiating Partnerships: Increase Profits and Reduce Risk
0273656600: BUSINESS MINDS
0273656619: The Company Culture Cookbook: How to Change the Way We Do Things Around Here
0273656635: Which MBA? : A Critical Guide to the World's Best MBAs
0273656643: Social Services Year Book 2002 : United Kingdom Reference Guide
0273656651: Firestarters: Igniting the New Entrepreneurial Organization
0273656678: Your MBA with Distinction : Developing a Systematic Approach to Success in Your Business Degree
0273656686: Handbook of Educational Leadership and Management
0273656694: Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions : Smart Answers to Whatever They Can Throw at You
0273656708: Beat Your Goals : How to Define, Develop and Achieve Your Goals
0273656716: Creative Business : The Making of Addictive Stories
0273656740: Why They Don't Buy: The Science of Selling Online
0273656791: Invest like a Pro: Using Equity Derivatives to Support Investment Strategies - without the Rocket Science
0273656805: Small Businesses Built to Last : A Practical Guide to Building a Sound, Financially Robust Enterprise
0273656848: Moving in: Buying and Selling Your House (FT)
0273656988: Managing Risk in Alternative Investment Strategies : Successful Investing in Hedge Funds and Managed Futures
0273656996: Euro and Britain : Implications of Moving into the EMU
0273657356: Managing Change in Organizations
0273657445: Marketing Research : An Applied Approach
0273657496: Financial Management for Non-Specialists
0273657593: Quantitative Approaches in Business Studies
0273657836: Financial Accounting: An Introduction
0273657887: Financial and Management Accounting : An Introduction
0273657917: Principles of Marketing
0273657984: Organisational Behaviour : Individuals, Groups and the Organisation
0273658042: Research Methods for Business Students
0273658549: Corporate Strategy
0273658581: Essentials of Marketing Communications
0273658646: Economics : Student Workbook and Reader
0273658832: Internet Marketing : Strategy, Implementation, and Practice
0273658980: Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics : The Challenge of Complexity
0273659030: The Pyramid Principle
0273659057: Viral Marketing
0273659065: Powerwriting : The Hidden Skills You Need to Transform Your Business Writing
0273659073: Funky Business : Talent Makes Capital Dance
0273659111: First Steps in Economic Indicators
0273659146: Maximizing Strategic Opportunities From Mobile Communications Technology (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273659170: Under the Radar: Starting Your Web Business Without Venture Capital (FT...
0273659219: Definitive Business Plan : The Fast-Track to Intelligent Business Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs
0273659227: Selling an Unquoted Company Successfully: How to Get the Highest Price and Avoid the Pitfalls (MBFI)
0273659235: Bullying
0273659243: Mastering Collateral Management and Documentation : A Practical Introduction
0273659251: Enlargement of the EU and the Treaty of Nice
0273659286: Competitive Intelligence
0273659294: Beermat Entrepreneur : Turn Your Good Idea into a Great Business
0273659316: How to Manage Your Boss : Developing the Perfect Working Relationship
0273659332: Pricing for Long-Term Profitability
0273659340: London Jobhunter's Guide 2002/3 : All the Information You Need to Get the Right Job with the Least Stress
0273659367: Uncommon Practice : People Who Deliver a Great Brand Experience
0273659456: Role Of The Executive Project Sponsor (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273659472: High-tech Turnaround: Restoring Value To Underperforming Technology Businesses (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273659626: Unique Now...or Never: The Brand is the Company Driver in the New Value Economy
0273659669: Operational Risk: Regulation, Analysis and Management
0273659774: Measuring the Competitive Fitness of Global Firms 2002
0273659782: Mastering Risk Modelling : A Practical Guide to Modelling Uncertainty with Excel
0273659839: Nokia
0273659847: FT ITB: Delivering Business Value from IT Projects (FT Briefings S.)
0273659995: Official MBA Handbook 2002/2003: Listings & Text on the Accreditation Process from the Association of Mbas
0273661000: Corporate Transactions: Practical Ways to Increase Shareholder Value (Financial Times Executive Briefings)
0273661019: Due Diligence : Definitive Steps to Successful Business Combinations
0273661035: Definitive Guide to Managing the Numbers : The Executives Fast Track to Mastering Spreadsheets, Budgets, Forecasts and Investment Metrics
0273661043: City : Inside the Great Expectation Machine: Myth and Reality in Institutional Investment and the Stock Market
0273661078: Mastering the ACI Dealing Certificate : How to Prepare and Pass the Level 1 Examination
0273661086: Business Process Management: Strategic Integration in a Web-Enabled Environment: Strategic Integration in a Web-Enabled Environment
0273661094: Buying to Rent : The Key to Your Financial Freedom
0273661116: Corporate Religion
0273661531: Key Management Questions : Killer Questions for Every Business Situation
0273661558: Reputational Risk : How to Manage for Value Creation
0273661566: Developing A High-performance Workforce: Practical Strategies For Exploiting Knowledge In The Intelligent Enterprise (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273661574: Enterprise Information Security: Information Security for Non-Technical Decision Makers (Financial Times Executive Briefings)
0273661582: Minimizing Enterprise Risk
0273661612: Corporate Valuation : An Easy Guide to Measuring Value
0273661620: Disaster Recovery & Corporate Survival Strategies
0273661639: Everything You Need to Know at Work: A Complete Manual of Workplace Skills - Paperback
0273661647: Educational Leadership and the Community : Strategies for School Improvement Through Community Engagement
0273661655: Brilliant Selection Test Results : Tests You Might Have to Sit, and How to Prepare for Them
0273661663: How to Be a Complete & Utter Failure in Life, Work & Everything
0273661922: Mastering People Management
0273661930: Coaching Manual : The Definitive Guide to the Process, Principles and Skills of Personal Coaching
0273661949: Marketing and the Bottom Line
0273661957: Managing the Customer Experience : Turning Customers into Advocates
0273661965: Financial Geometry: Geometric Approach to Hedging and Risk Management
0273661981: Mastering Finance-Linked Swaps : A Definitive Guide to Principles, Practice and Precedents
0273662015: Key Management Models : The Management Tools and Practices That Will Improve Your Business
0273662023: High Impact Speeches : How to Create and Deliver Words That Move Minds
0273662031: Investor's Guide to Charting : Analysis for the Intelligent Investor
0273662198: Zurich Tax Handbook 2002-2003
0273662694: Design for Six Sigma : The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Profits
0273662708: Supply Chain Management: A Guide To Best Practice (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273662716: Rules of Work : A Definitive Code for Personal Success
0273662953: Mastering Foreign Exchange and Currency Options : A Practical Guide to the New Marketplace
0273662996: Grass Roots Management : How to Grow Initiative and Responsibility in All Your People
0273663003: Get What You Want at Work : Complete Personal Skills Guide for Career Advantage
0273663011: Should I Stay or Should I Go? : How to Make That Crucial Job Move Decision
0273663089: New Investor's Toolbox
0273663097: Financial Times Guide to Investing : A Definitive Introduction to Investment and the Financial Markets
0273663100: Shared Service Centres : Delivering Value from Effective Finance and Business Processes
0273663119: Which MBA? A Critical Guide to the World's Best MBAs (14th Edition)
0273663127: Financial Times Guide to Using and Interpreting Company Accounts
0273663151: Brilliant Job Hunter's Manual
0273663216: CHINA - The Race to Market: What China's transformation means for business, markets and the world order
0273663224: Real Delegation : How to Get People to Do Things for You-and Do Them Well
0273663232: How to Build a Great Team
0273663240: Managers Not MBA's
0273663259: Developing New Business Ideas : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating New Business Ideas Worth Backing
0273663283: Real Coaching and Feedback : How to Help People Improve Their Performance
0273663291: Real Influencing: How to Win Hearts & Minds to Achieve Goals (Real Management Series)
0273663305: Real Problem Solving
0273663321: Handbook of Health and Safety Practice
0273663348: Accounts Demystified : How to Understand Financial Accounting and Analysis
0273663364: How to Move Minds and Influence People : A Remarkable Way of Engaging and Persuading Others
0273663437: Responsibility Virus: How To Cure You & Your Company Of The Fear Of Failure - Paperback
0273663453: Key Management Ratios : Master the Management Metrics That Drive and Control Your Business
0273663518: Business Continuity Management: How To Protect Your Company From Danger (Management Briefings Executive Series)
0273663569: New Business Road Test : What Entrepreneurs and Executives Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan
0273663585: Creating Dynamic Organizations
0273663593: Personal Networking
0273663607: Brilliant Career Finder: How to Find the Right Career for You
0273663631: Analysing Companies and Valuing Shares : How to Make the Right Investment Decision
0273663658: Dictionary of Insurance
0273663801: Grass Roots Management
0273663836: Beermat Entrepreneur Live
0273663844: Grass Roots Management
0273663860: Marketing Judo Live
0273663879: Sir John Harvey-Jones
0273663895: The Manager's Guide to the Galaxy
0273663968: Smart Business Metrics: Measure What Really Counts and Manage What Makes the Difference
0273663976: Definitive Guide to Project Management : Every Executives Fast-Track to Delivering on Time and on Budget
0273673211: Management
0273673238: International Marketing : An SME Perspective
0273673564: Business Finance : Theory and Practice
0273673742: International Business
0273674005: Essentials of Marketing Research
0273674153: Selling and Sales Management
0273674307: Strategic Managing of Human Resources
0273675168: Official Mba Handbook 2003 2004
0273675184: Sold! : How to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You
0273675192: Small Business, Big Profits! : How to Increase the Profitability of Your Entrepreneurial Business
0273675206: Definitive Guide to Direct and Interactive Marketing : How to Select, Reach and Retain the Right Customers
0273675214: Smart Retail : How to Turn Your Store into a Sales Phenomenon
0273675222: Successful Candidate : How to Be the Person They Want to Hire
0273675249: Model Business Letters, E-Mails, and Other Business Documents
0273675281: Democratic Enterprise : Liberating Your Business with Freedom, Flexibility and Commitment
0273675400: Finance in a Nutshell, A No-Nonsense Companion to the Tools and Techniques of Business Finance
0273675435: I Don't Want Any More Cheese
0273675494: Executive Corporate Finance : The Business of Enhancing Shareholder Value
0273675508: Fast Track Formula : How to Accelerate Your Career
0273675516: Leadership Manual
0273675540: Sold!
0273675559: SOLD!
0273675605: Make Money, Be Happy
0273675826: How to Be Brilliant
0273675834: Service Strategy: Management Moves For Customer Results
0273675842: Financial Times Handbook of Management
0273676016: Relationship Marketing : Management of Customer Relationships
0273676202: Corporate Financial Accounting and Reporting
0273676253: The Economics of Business Strategy
0273676458: Integrated Marketing Communications
0273676601: Understanding Organisational Context : Inside and Outside Organisations
0273677284: Java: an Introduction to Computer Science and Programming with Pin Card
0273678000: Managing Careers
0273678094: Success in Your Project : A Guide to Student System Development Projects
0273678191: Retailing
0273678272: Business Environment
0273678396: Global Marketing
0273679066: Operations Management
0273679082: European Economic Integration
0273679112: Human Resource Management : A Contemporary Approach
0273679627: Accounting and Finance for Non-Specialists
0273679848: Economics Theory in Action
0273679996: European Union : Economics and Policies
0273681052: Manager's Manual
0273681109: The Seven CS of Coaching: A Definitive Practical Guide to the Process of Collaborative Coaching
0273681184: International Financial Reporting : A Comparative Approach
0273681273: Smart Luck : The Seven Other Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs
0273681559: Managerial Accounting for Business Decisions
0273681567: Research Methods in Business Studies : A Practical Guide
0273681575: Services marketing: Managing the Service Value Chain
0273681745: Introducing Human Resource Management
0273681761: Logistics and Supply Chain Management : Creating Value-Adding Networks
0273681818: Project Workout : A Toolkit for Reaping the Rewards from All Your Business Projects
0273681915: Marketing in Practice Case Studies DVD Volume 1
0273682008: Research Methods for Leisure and Tourism:A Practical Guide : A Practical Guide
0273682083: Understanding IT : A Manager's Guide
0273682202: Practical Strategy : Structured tools and Techniques
0273682229: Organizational Behaviour
0273682261: Strategic Entrepreneurship
0273682296: Marketing for Tourism
0273682598: Employment Relations Cp
0273682687: Business of Sport Management
0273682792: Business-to-business Marketing: Relationships, Systems And Communications
0273682830: Financial Markets and Institutions
0273682989: Knowledge Management: An Integral Approach
0273683063: Exchange Rates & International Finance
0273683276: Exploring Strategic Change
0273683349: Researching and Writing a Dissertation : For Business Students
0273683365: Managing Change : A Strategic Approach to Organisational Dynamics
0273683470: Management Consulting : Delivering an Effective Project
0273683551: Principles of Direct and Database Marketing
0273683675: Service Operations Management : Improving Service Delivery
0273683748: ECONOMETRICS
0273683780: E-Business and E-Commerce Management : Strategy, Implementation, and Practice
0273683985: Economics For Business
0273684108: Principles Of Auditing
0273684264: Operations And Process Management
0273684329: Applied Economics
0273684566: Principles of Marketing
0273684671: The MBA Handbook: Skills for Mastering Management
0273684760: E-marketing: Theory and Practice For The 21st Century
0273684825: Health and Safety Management : Principles and Best Practice
0273684965: Guide to Game Theory
0273685007: Marketing Communications
0273685201: Financial Accounting
0273685295: Marketing Across Cultures
0273685406: Financial Accounting & Reporting
0273685422: Logistics Management & Strategy
0273685600: Economics for Business: Blending Theory and Practice
0273685627: Understanding and Managing Customers
0273685694: Effective Organisational Communication : Perspectives, Principles and Practices
0273685783: Organisational Behaviour & Analysis: An Integrated Approach
0273685805: Project Management for Information Systems
0273685910: International Business
0273685988: Fundamentals of Financial Management
0273686097: Global Geopolitics
0273686232: Relationship Marketing
0273686348: International Marketing and Export Management
0273686356: Managing Information Systems: An Organisational Perspective
0273686437: Innovation Management And New Product Development, 3rd Edition
0273686550: Business Information Management CP
0273686631: Contemporary Human Resource Management : Text and Cases (2nd Edition)
0273686798: Marketing Planning: Principles into Practice
0273686887: International Marketing Strategy, by Bradley, 5th Edition
0273686992: Social Psychology
0273687069: Sports Sponsorship and Marketing Communications
0273687131: Human Resource Management
0273687263: Corporate Financial Management
0273687344: Exploring Corporate Strategy : Text and Cases
0273687395: Exploring Corporate Strategy
0273687476: Karaoke Capitalism
0273687530: Comparative International Accounting
0273687557: English Legal Systems
0273687646: CRIMINAL LAW
0273687689: Management : Concepts and Practices
0273687727: Marketing Communications : Engagement, Strategies and Applications
0273687859: Essentials Of Marketing
0273687867: Highly Effective Marketing Plan : A Proven, Practical, Planning Process for Companies of All Sizes
0273687891: Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers
0273687921: Business Information Systems
0273688006: Which MBA? : A Critical Guide to the World's Best Mbas
0273688014: Business of Tourism Management
0273688022: Industrial Organization : Competition, Strategy and Policy
0273688030: Effective Presentation : How to Create and Deliver a Winning Presentation
0273688057: From Acorns : How to Build Your Brilliant Business from Scratch
0273688103: The 18 Challenges of Leadership: A Practical, Structured Way to Develop Your Leadership Talent
0273688146: Business Information Systems: Technology, Development & Management for the E-business
0273688227: Accounting: An Introduction
0273688286: Education Year Book In The Uk: 2004/2005
0273688383: Persuasion : The Art of Influencing People
0273688405: Strategies for E-Business : Creating Value Through Electronic and Mobile Commerce
0273688472: Financial Accounting for Decision Makers
0273688510: Handbook of Corporate Finance : A Business Companion to Financial Markets, Decisions and Techniques
0273688545: Global Derivatives : A Strategic Risk Management Perspective
0273688618: Acquisition Essentials, Key ingredients for Success
0273688669: Mastering Financial Mathematics in Microsoft Excel : A Practical Guide for Business Calculations
0273688677: Management Accounting For Decision Makers
0273688707: Introduction to Accounting & Finance
0273688766: Management and Organisational Behaviour
0273688839: The Business Student's Handbook: Learning Skills for Study and Employment
0273688847: Marketing Payback : Is Your Marketing Profitable?
0273693395: The Economics Of Money, Banking And Finance
0273693468: Strategy Bites Back : It Is Far More, and Less, Than You Ever Imagined
0273693581: Essentials of Marketing
0273693646: How to Lead : What You Actually Need to Do to Manage, Lead and Succeed
0273693697: Success: The Need to Succeed Is in Your Genes, the Way to Succeed Is in This Book
0273693743: Living Leadership: A Practical Guide for Ordinary Heroes
0273693786: Project Management and Project Network Techniques
0273693816: Financial Accounting & Reporting
0273693840: 90-Minute Manager : Business Lessons from the Sharp End of Management
0273693972: Tom Peters: Live In London: Highlights From The Leadership Seminar
0273694383: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
0273694391: Entrepreneur's Book of Checklists : 1000 Tips to Help You Start and Grow Your Business
0273694448: Zurich Tax Handbook 2004-05
0273694456: Simply Brilliant : The Competative Advantage of Common Sense
0273694472: Start Your Business Week by Week
0273694545: TAXATION
0273694782: Business Ethics and Values
0273694901: How People Work
0273694944: Essentials of Marketing Research
0273695010: Stephen Covey - Live in London
0273695169: Rules of Management
0273695304: Marketing Research : An Applied Approach, Updated
0273695312: Small Business Handbook
0273695363: Which Mba? : A Critical Guide to the World's Best MBAs
0273695460: Interpreting Company Reports And Accounts. NINTH -9TH EDITION
0273695614: Corporate Finance and Investment Cp
0273695797: Selling and Sales Management
0273695886: Zurich Investment and Savings Handbook 2004-05: Uk Edition
0273695983: Organizational Change
0273701673: Strategy Moves: 14 complete attack & defence strategies for competitiveadvantage
0273701738: Project Manager
0273701789: Corporate Strategy
0273701835: Sumantra Ghoshal on Management : A Force for Good
0273701843: Organisational Behaviour: Indivduals, Groups and Organisation
0273702106: Corporate Strategy
0273702114: Brilliant Cv: What Employers Want To See And How To Say It
0273702122: Get That Job!: Easy Steps to the Job You Want
0273702130: Brilliant Manager: What the Best Managers Know, Do and Say
0273702181: Virtuoso Teams : Lessons from Teams That Changed Their Worlds
0273702491: Financial Management for Decision Makers
0273702629: Business Finance
0273703285: Management and Cost Accounting
0273703552: How to Get the Best Graduate Job
0273703560: Brilliant Interview: What Employers Want to Hear You Say and How to Say It
0273703609: Financial Accounting
0273703641: Financial Accounting and Reporting
0273703862: Foundations of Marketing Communications
0273704311: Project Management
0273704540: Beermat Entrepreneur
0273704559: How to Do A Great Job and Go Home on Time
0273704575: Must-Win Battles: Creating the focus you need to achieve your key business goals
0273704877: Brilliant Answers to Tough Interview Questions: smart answers to whateve
0273704893: Michael Gerber-Live In The UK
0273704907: 3 Gurus
0273704915: How To Be Brilliant-Live Audio CD
0273705024: Mastering Executive Education: How to Combine Content With Context and Emotion. the Imd Guide.
0273705032: Financial Times Guide to Using the Financial Pages
0273705172: Economics Student Workbook
0273706004: Made in Britain
0273706020: Entrepreneur Next Door
0273706136: Smarter Pricing: How to Capture More Value from Your Market (Financial Times S.)
0273706276: Which MBA?
0273706314: Move! : The Art of Action Photography
0273706373: Taxation
0273706535: End of the Road
0273706551: Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up
0273707019: Manager's Book of Checklists
0273707299: How To Be An Even Better Chair
0273707302: Pitch Yourself
0273707310: Key Management Ratios
0273707329: Start Up Busines in a Box
0273707973: Rules of Management
0274000156: Japanese Folk Plays
0275005801: World Monetary Disorder: National Policies vs. International Imperatives Praeger Special Studies in International Business, Finance, and Trade
0275009009: Multinational corporations and governments: Business-government relations in an international context (Praeger special studies in international business, finance, and trade)
0275009203: Factional and Coalition Politics in China: The Cultural Revolution and Its Aftermath
0275009408: Responses to population growth in India: Changes in social, political, and economic behavior (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275010503: Immigrant professionals in the United States: Discrimination in the scientific labor market (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275011801: The Politics of Natural Disaster: The Case of the Sahel Drought (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275011909: Television As a Social Force : New Approaches to TV Criticism (Special Studies)
0275012603: Evaluation of Policy-Related Rehabilitation Research
0275012808: China's Changing Role in the World Economy
0275013103: Accountability in Health Facilities
0275015106: The Pricing Of Crude Oil: Economic & Strategic Guidelines For An International Energy Policy,
0275015300: Dynamics of Electrical Energy Supply and Demand
0275018105: China's Petroleum Industry. Output Growth and Export Potential
0275022307: Urban nongrowth: City planning for people (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275026744: Trade Union Government and Collective Bargaining
0275038408: Paraprofessionals and Their Performance
0275047601: Managing the University: A Systems Approach.
0275048101: Black Home Ownership: A Sociological Case Study of Metropolitan Jacksonville
0275051307: The spell of time;: A tale of love in Jerusalem
0275051404: The exploiters
0275051501: Emily Stone
0275051706: The caves of Guernica: A novel
0275052001: Nation-State and Transnational Corporations in Conflict, with Special Reference to Latin America
0275052400: Implementation Of Soviet Economic Reforms-Political, Organizational, & Social Processes,
0275052508: Behavioral Science Techniques, an Annotated Bibliography for Health Professionals.
0275052605: The U.S. and world development: agenda for action, 1975
0275052907: Higher Education in Developing Nations: A Selected Bibliography, 1969-1974
0275053008: The United States and International Oil: A Report for the Federal Energy Administration on U. S. Firms and Government Policy
0275053601: The United States and militarism in Central America (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275053709: Drug Use and Abuse among U.S. Minorities
0275053806: Income Distribution Policies and Economic Growth in Semiindustrialized Countries: A Comparative Study of Iran, Mexico, Brazil, and South Korea
0275053903: The economic development of Panama: The impact of world inflation on an open economy (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275054004: China and Japan, emerging global powers
0275054101: Bicycle transit: Its planning and design (Praeger special studies, design/environmental planning series)
0275054209: International politics in East Asia since World War II (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275054306: Merchants as Promoters of Rural Development
0275054705: Environmental legislation: A sourcebook (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275055000: The Fate of the Atlantic Community
0275055604: International Labor and the Multinational Enterprise
0275055809: The Effectiveness of Correctional Treatment - A Survey of Treatment Evaluation Studies
0275056007: Science Policies of Industrial Nations
0275056104: INDUSTRIAL LOCATION DECISIONS (SIGNED) Detroit Compared with Atlanta and Chicago
0275056201: Personal and Social Consumption in Eastern Europe: Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and East Germany
0275056503: Crime and Delinquency: Dmensions of Deviance
0275056600: Economics and new towns: A comparative study of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275056708: Organizational survival in the performing arts, the making of the Seattle Opera (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275057208: Housing Market Performance in the United States
0275057607: The Scope of Bargaining in Public Employment (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275058204: Ethnicity and Suburban Local Politics
0275058409: Public Personnel Management, The Heritage Of Civil Service Reform,
0275058506: Trade Union Women a Study
0275058603: Urban problems and public policy choices (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275058808: International Regulation of Multinational Corporations (Special Studies)
0275058905: Seasons past
0275059006: Politicizing the Poor: The Legacy of the War on Poverty in a Mexican-American Community
0275059200: Soviet Policy Toward the Middle East Since 1970
0275059502: Wage and price controls: The U.S. experiment (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275059901: Mass Media in Black Africa : Philosophy and Control
0275061507: Manpower Substitution in the Hospital Industry: a Study of New York City Voluntary & Municipal Hospital Systems (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275061604: Planning & Managing the Economy of the City Policy Guidelines for the Metropolitan Mayor
0275063305: DECENTRALIZING CITY GOVERNMENT A Practical Study of a Radical Proposal for New York City
0275066509: Location Preferences, Migration, and Regional Growth: A Study of the South and Southwest United States
0275070301: Private Assumption of Public Responsibilities: The Role of American Business in Urban Manpower Programs
0275070808: Reform In Trade Union Discrimination In The Construction Industry, Operation Dig & Its Legacy,
0275071707: The Labor Market: An Information System
0275071804: The Economics of Residential Rehabilitation
0275073505: Foreign Affairs News and the Broadcast Journalist
0275073807: Education for rural development: Case studies for planners (Praeger special studies in international politics and government
0275074102: Worker militancy and its consequences, 1965-75: New directions in Western industrial relations (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275074803: The Property Tax and Alternative Local Taxes (Special Studies)
0275075303: The Public Administration Of Economic Development
0275083101: Nongrowth planning strategies;: The developing power of towns, cities, and regions (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275083802: Israel and Iran: Bilateral Relationships and Effect on the Indian Ocean Basin (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275085600: Labor Unions & Political Socialization: A Case Study Of Bolivian Workers,
0275086003: Managing Multinational Corporations.
0275086801: Management of Transportation Carriers
0275086909: Development in rich and poor countries;: A general theory with statistical analyses (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275087301: The Political Realities of Urban Planning
0275087700: China and the Great Powers : Relations with the U. S., the Soviet Union and Japan
0275087808: Carrascolendas : Bilingual Education Through Television
0275088200: U S & the Developing World Agenda for Ac
0275089304: The Soviet energy balance: natural gas, other fossil fuels, and alternative power sources (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275089800: Impact of Legalized Gambling
0275090000: The Saudi Arabian Economy
0275090604: China's African Policy: A Study of Tanzania.
0275090701: The logic of Maoism;: Critiques and explication (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275091104: Neutralization of Southeasts Asia.
0275091902: Communist politics in North Korea
0275092100: Desegregating America's colleges;: A nationwide survey of Black students, 1972-73 (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275092402: Ocean Space Rights: Developing U.S. Policy
0275093204: Mass communication research: major issues and future directions (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275093301: Technology in Comecon
0275093409: Supercity, Hometown U.S.A.: Prospects for Two-Tier Government
0275094200: The Welfare Family and Mass Administrative Justice
0275094804: International Terrorism
0275094901: Soviet industrial import priorities: With marketing considerations for exporting to the USSR (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275095800: Problem tenants in public housing : who, where, and why are they?
0275096408: Soviet and Chinese influence in the Third World (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275096602: Police: perspectives, problems, prospects, (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275096807: The Urban Labor Market: Institutions, Information, Linkages
0275097005: Education and development reconsidered;: The Bellagio Conference papers (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275097102: The status of Bolivian agriculture (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275097803: Expropriation of U.S. Investments in Cuba, Mexico, and Chile
0275097900: Economic Effects of Scale Increases in the Steel Industry
0275098206: Hotel Security Management
0275098303: Prison without Walls
0275098400: Soviet West Interplay Between Nationalit
0275098907: Privacy, security, and computers: Guidelines for municipal and other public information systems (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275099105: The Organization of African Unity after ten years: Comparative perspectives (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275099709: Integration of Human Services: The State and Municipal Levels
0275101207: The death of Stalin
0275101908: New patterns in American politics
0275105105: The New Class: An Analysis of the Communist System by -Ilas, Milovan
0275144100: Southeast Asia Today--And Tomorrow: A Political Analysis
0275146901: Modern India,
0275155706: The Modern History of China.
0275177904: vietnam
0275180301: The Democratic Experience: Past and Prospects.
0275183009: Community Control and the Urban School
0275184102: Man, State, And Society In Contemporary Southeast Asia.
0275184609: Seeds of Change: The Green Revolution and Development in the 1970's
0275186806: The Nuclear Years: The Arms Race and Arms Control, 1945-70
0275188701: Alexander the Great
0275190005: The German Dictatorship
0275190404: Klondike '70: The Alaskan Oil Boom.
0275190706: Imperialism
0275192903: Representation
0275194302: Generations: A Collage on Youthcult.
0275195007: Comparing Political Systems
0275195406: Money and Secrecy: A Citizen's Guide to Reforming State and Federal Practices.
0275195503: The Long March To Power A History Of The Chinese Communist Party 1921-1972
0275195902: The Government and Politics of West Germany
0275196003: Government and Politics in the Twentieth Century
0275196100: The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler
0275196607: Lyndon
0275196704: Clemente!
0275196909: Public Policy-Making
0275197204: A documentary history of the Italian Americans,
0275197700: A Matter of People
0275197808: Seven Long Times
0275197905: Rosa Luxemburg, a Reappraisal
0275198200: My Son the Jock
0275198502: Rebel! a Biography of Tom Paine
0275198804: JIMI - An Intimate Biography of Jimi Hendrix
0275199002: Indira: A biography of Prime Minister Gandhi
0275199207: Blaze Star My Life As Told To Huey Perry
0275199401: Voices for life;: Reflections on the human condition,
0275199606: The story of Josh
0275199800: Babe Ruth; His Life and Legend
0275199908: World of Flo Ziegfeld
0275200809: The West Point Atlas of American Wars
0275220001: A Seal Called Andre
0275220109: Consumer Survival Kit
0275220206: Makin Tracks the Story of the Transconti
0275220303: City of independence: Views of Philadelphia before 1800
0275220400: Kitchen Antiques
0275220907: Plants as Therapy
0275221407: Wildlife Paradises
0275222101: An introduction to sociology: Mass, class, and bureaucracy
0275223000: Thirteen Colonies Cookbook
0275223604: Juvenile delinquency (Viewpoints in sociology)
0275224902: Ship Models in Miniature
0275225208: Ty Cobb
0275225305: The Eden Express
0275225704: The lords of baseball
0275225801: Amazing World of Animals
0275226204: Making money in commodities
0275226301: The winter birds : birds of the Arctic
0275226506: The Peoples of the Sun: The Civilizations of Pre-Columbian America
0275226808: The Italians: How They Live & Work
0275227103: Inside The System
0275227502: Power and Equity: An Introduction to Social Stratification
0275228703: Male and Female Graduate Students: The Question of Equal Opportunity
0275229106: The Booze Battle
0275229203: The death of Venice
0275229408: The Bellamy saga: A novel
0275229505: Concise History of Indian Art
0275229602: Stalin as military commander
0275229904: Future of International Economic Organizations
0275230201: The Multinational Corporation and Social Change
0275230406: Reagan, the political chameleon
0275230708: The New Zealanders: How they live and work by Johnston, R. J
0275231003: The Fertility of Working Women: a Synthesis of International Research
0275231100: International Accounting and Financial Reporting
0275231402: Welfare policy making and city politics (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275231607: Labor Supply for Lower-Level Occupations
0275231909: Playthings Past (Praeg)
0275232107: Children's Television: An Analysis of Programming and Advertising
0275232204: Dependent Industrialization in Latin America: The Automotive Industry in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico
0275232409: Technology Transfer to East Europe - U.S. Corporate Experience.
0275232700: Association System of the European Community
0275232808: Municipal Development Programs in Latin America: An Intercountry Evaluation
0275232905: Public Policy toward Disability
0275233006: Canada-United States Relations
0275233103: Pluralism in a democratic society (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275233405: The French : How They Live and Work
0275233804: The economic transformation of Spain and Portugal
0275233901: Higher Education and Social Change: Promising Experiments in Developing Countries. Volume 2: Case Studies
0275234002: The Sports encyclopedia
0275234401: Cities and Urbanization (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Politi)
0275234703: Social Impact of Revenue Sharing
0275234908: North Korea's foreign relations The politics of accommodation, 1945-75
0275235009: Urban Governance & Minorities
0275235106: The Sports Encyclopedia
0275235203: The Apocalypse of Our Time, and Other Writings
0275235408: The Roger Caras Dog Book
0275235505: Current Research in Comparative Communism An Analysis and Bibliographic Guide to the Soviet System
0275235807: Criminal recidivism in New York City: An evaluation of the impact of rehabilitation and diversion services (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275236005: Political Development in Eastern Europe (Special Studies)
0275236307: New Methods in Social Science Research: Policy Sciences and Futures Research
0275236404: Perspectives on U.S. Energy Policy. A Critique of Regulation. American Enterprise Institute Perspectives--III
0275236706: The commercial future of Hong Kong
0275236900: Community and Regional Planning
0275237109: The Economics of Nuclear and Coal Power
0275237206: Legislative Review of Government Programs. Tools for Accountability
0275237303: Economic and Policy Problems in Satellite Communications
0275237400: Soviet-Asian relations in the 1970s and beyond: An interperceptional study (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275237508: Instructional Technology in Developing Countries: Decision Making Processes in Education
0275237605: Glossary of the Environment. With French and German Equivalents. (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275237702: World Food Prospects and Agricultural Potential
0275237907: Political Culture in Israel : Cleavage and Integration Among Israeli Jews
0275238008: Financing Foreign Trade in Eastern Europe: Problems of Bilateralism and Currency Inconvertibility
0275238202: Chrysler U.K.: A Corporation in Transition
0275238504: The Energy Crisis & The Environment, An International Perspective,
0275238709: Foreign policy making in the Middle East: Domestic influences on policy in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, and Syria (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275238903: Sustainable Society: Implications for Limited Growth
0275239101: Oil and Regional Development: Examples from Algeria and Tunisia (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275239500: Regional growth and decline in the United States: The rise of the Sunbelt and the decline of the Northeast
0275239608: Occupational Choices and Training Needs. Prosepcts for the 1980s
0275239802: The Case for the Multinational Corporation
0275240002: Southern newcomers to northern cities : work and social adjustment in Cleveland.
0275240207: The Mass Media: Aspen Institute Guide to Communication Industry Trends
0275240304: The Sociologist As Detective: An Introduction to Research Methods.
0275240401: Nationality Group Survival in Multi-Ethnic States: Shifting Support Patterns in the Soviet Baltic Region.
0275241300: American Foreign Policy Since World War II
0275241408: The Presidency reappraised
0275241505: The politics of environmental concern
0275241602: Introduction to African Politics
0275241807: Racial Discrimination and Military Justice (Special Studies)
0275241904: Environmental Modeling and Decision Making. The United States Experience
0275242005: How Americans Use Time: a Social-Psychological Analysis of Everyday Behavior
0275242307: Possible Trouble: An Analysis of Social Problems
0275242706: Reform in Corrections: Problems and Issues
0275242900: Hydrogen Energy Economy: A Realistic Appraisal of Prospects and Impacts
0275243001: Poverty in Israel: Economic Realities and the Promise of Social Justice
0275243400: Arms control and European security: A guide to East-West negotiations (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275243907: Design of Social Welfare,
0275244407: The United States and World Development, Agenda 1977
0275244504: College as a training ground for jobs (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275244709: Water Pollution Control
0275245004: Political Risks in International Business: Investment Behavior of Multinational Corporations
0275245403: Legislative Reform and Public Policy
0275250504: Mohammed: Prophet of Religion of Islam by Pike, Diane K.
0275250709: Untouchable: The Autobiography of an Indian Outcaste.
0275252108: The Black Americans, Revised and Abridged Version of the Negro Pilgrimage in America
0275252302: India Yesterday and Today.
0275253104: The French Impressionists and Their Century.
0275253503: Tracking Fossil Man: An Adventure in Evolution
0275254402: A People's Hero: Rizal of the Philippines
0275254607: We the Russians: Voices from Russia.
0275254704: We The Vietnamese: Voices From Vietnam
0275254801: The Age of the Rococo.
0275255107: Supershopper: A Guide to Spending and Saving
0275255409: The Greeks: How They Live and Work
0275255506: Railroads: An International History.
0275255603: We the Japanese: Voices from Japan.
0275255700: Exploring the Unknown: Mysteries in American Archaeology
0275255905: Voices from India
0275256200: Brothers and Sisters All over This Land: America's First Communes.
0275256502: Argentines: How They Live and Work
0275256707: The Pacifists
0275257002: The Australians: How They Live & Work
0275257207: Russians How They Live and Work
0275257304: Fascism.
0275257401: The Woman Thing
0275257509: Young Animators and Their Discoveries
0275257606: Mr. Noah and the Second Flood
0275257908: Dawn Horse to Derby Winner: The Evolution of the Horse.
0275258106: Living and Dying
0275258203: Healing the Mind; Eight Views of Human Nature
0275258602: Latin America: Yesterday and Today
0275258904: Slave Trade
0275259005: Men in the Air
0275259404: The West Germans: How They Live and Work. by Peck, Reginald
0275259501: The Norwegians: How They Live and Work
0275260100: The Mexicans: how they live and work
0275260208: The Egyptians: How they live and work
0275260402: Israelis How They Live and Work: How They Live and Work (How They Live and Work
0275280551: The nuclear years: the arms race and arms control, 1945-70
0275280748: International Manual on Collective Bargaining for Public Employees (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275280764: Visionary Cities: The Arcology of Paolo Soleri
0275280918: The Medicine show: Consumers Union's practical guide to some everyday health problems and health products
0275281213: Modernization and Diversity in Soviet Education: With Special Reference to Nationality Groups.
0275281531: The Church as a Political Factor in Latin America
0275281566: The Economy of Mauritania.
0275281574: Global Politics of Nuclear Energy
0275281647: Economic Development in Ceylon.
0275281922: Planning for Urban Growth: British Perspectives on the Planning Process.
0275282066: Chilean Response to Foreign Investment.
0275282074: The College and Community Development: a Socioeconomic Analysis for Urban and Regional Growth (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275282082: The Manager and Economic Reform in Hungary.
0275282112: The Soviet Legal System and Arms Inspection: a Case Study in Policy Implementation (Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275282236: West German Balance of Payments Policy: the Prelude to European Monetary Integration.
0275282244: The European Community in the 1970'S (Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275282295: The Military-Industrial Firm, A Practical Theory & Model,
0275282457: International Transfer of Technology to India.
0275282635: Aid to Africa: A Policy Outline for the 1970s
0275282686: Yugoslavia's Foreign Trade: a Study of State Trade Discrimination.
0275282694: The Role of the Military Professional in U.S. Foreign Policy.
0275282724: The Enigma of Economic Growth: a Case Study of Israel (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275282732: The Japanese Steel Industry, w/an Analysis of The U.S. Steel Import Problem
0275282767: Technical Transformation of Agriculture in Communist China.
0275282821: Chronic Inflation in Latin America
0275282929: Oder Neisse Boundary and Poland's Modernization: The Socioeconomic and Political Impact (Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275282937: The Military and Political Power in China in the 1970'S: Organization, Leadership, Political Strategy (Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275286088: The Third World and the Rich Countries : Prospects for the Year 2000 (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275286142: Assisting Developing Countries: Problems of Debts, Burden-Sharing, Jobs, and Trade.
0275286169: Industrial Democracy and the Worker-Owned Firm: A Study of Twenty-One Plywood Companies in the Pacific Northwest.
0275286193: Black Students at White Colleges
0275286231: Non-Formal Education: an Annotated International Bibliography (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275286258: The Structure of the Soviet Economy. Analysis and Reconstruction of the 1966 Input-Output Table.
0275286282: World Population Crisis: The United States Response.
0275286320: Eastern Europe in the 1970s. Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government
0275286339: The Postwar Rearmament of Japanese Maritime Forces, 1945-71
0275286347: Cable Television U.S.A. An Analysis of Goverment Policy
0275286371: A Cost-Effectiveness Study of Clinical Methods of Birth Control: With Special Reference to Puerto Rico (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275286428: East and West Germany: A Comparative Economic Analysis
0275286436: Surveillance and Espionage in a Free Society: A Report by the Planning Group on Intelligence and Security to the Policy Council of the Democratic nati
0275286460: Financial Analysis and the New Community Development Process by...
0275286525: Domestic Taxation and Foreign Trade: the United States-European Border Tax Dispute (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275286533: A Socioeconomic Profile of South Africa.
0275286681: Economics of Airborne Emissions.
0275286789: Community Growth and Water Resources Policy.
0275286819: Foreign Investment and Regional Development: the Theory and Practice of Investment Incentives, With a Case Study of Belgium (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275286835: Industrial Development: a Practical Handbook for Planning and Implementing Development Programs.
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