0275286843: The Investment Function of Canadian Financial Institutions
0275286851: Micro Aspects of Development.
0275286878: Children and the Urban Environment: A Learning Experience; Evaluation of the Wgbh-TV Educational Project.
0275286932: Coal Mine Health and Safety : The Case of West Virginia
0275286940: Aid and Development: a Handbook for Small Donors (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275287114: The Net Cost of Japanese Foreign Aid (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275287157: Military Rule In Africa, Dahomey, Ghana, Sierra Leone & Mali,
0275287173: American Labor and the Multinational Corporation (Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275287203: Housing the Poor
0275287254: Money and Finance in Contemporary Yugoslavia.
0275287289: Impact of Federal Legislation and Programs on Private Land in Urban and Metropolitan Development (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275287408: Soviet Asia: Bibliographies: A Compilation of Social Science and Humanities Sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic Nationalities.
0275287440: Perspectives on Poverty (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275287491: MIRV and the Arms Race: An Interpretation of Defense Strategy. Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government
0275287505: The European Approach to U.S. Markets: Product and Promotion Adaptation by European Multinational Corporations.
0275287718: Capital Accumulation and Technology Transfer A Comparative Analysis of Nigerian Manufacturing Industries
0275287777: New Strategies for Regional Cooperation: a Model for the Tri-State New York-New Jersey-Connecticut Area.
0275287793: The Uses of Communications in Decision-Making: A Comparative Study of Yugoslavia and the United States
0275287815: The politics of modernization in Eastern Europe;: Testing the Soviet model, (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275287831: Modernization in Romania since World War II
0275287858: Community Action for Social Change
0275287882: East European Perspectives on European Security and Cooperation
0275287912: Labor in the Transportation Industry (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275288056: Planning for the Lower East Side
0275288080: Politics and Crime
0275288129: Race Mixing in Public Schools (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275288145: Political Parties in Israel : The Evolution of Israeli Democracy
0275288161: Managing Low & Moderate Income Housing (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275288234: Busing: the Political and Judicial Process
0275288285: Training Japanese Managers
0275288315: Police-Community Action: a Program for Change in Police-Community Behavior Patterns (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275288382: New Directions in Employability: Reducing Barriers to Full Employment (Special Studies in U. S. Economic, Social and Political Issues)
0275288455: Evaluating School Busing: Case Study of Boston's Operation Exodus.
0275288463: International Control of Investment. The Dusseldorf Conference on Multinational Corporations
0275288471: Deprived Urban Youth
0275288579: Air quality management and land use planning legal, administrative, and...
0275288668: Women in Academia
0275288692: Work Or Welfare
0275288706: East-West Business Transactions
0275317102: The Hungry Future
0275321002: China Trade Prospects and U.S. Policy
0275322408: Switzerland, from Roman Times to the Present.
0275323005: Does Fidel Eat More Than Your Father? Conversations in Cuba.
0275323102: Investments: New Analytic Techniques
0275323501: Justice Denied: The Case for Reform of the Courts
0275323803: The Economics of the Stock Market
0275324605: A History of the People's Democracies: Eastern Europe Since Stalin.
0275327108: Sino-American Relations, 1949-71
0275327507: A History of Soviet Russia.
0275327809: The United States and the Industrial World: American Foreign Economic Policy in the 1970s
0275328007: A Short History of Denmark.
0275328104: Fifty Years of Foreign Affairs.
0275328902: Economics for Social Decisions: Elements of Cost-Benefit Analysis
0275329208: Israel: A Profile
0275329607: Man, State, and Society in the Contemporary Maghrib,
0275330206: China's Developmental Experience,
0275330605: First Rough Draft: A Journalist's Journal of Our Times
0275330702: The Internal Politics of China, 1949-1972.
0275331008: The Middle East: Nations, Superpowers, and Wars.
0275331709: Uri Geller, my story
0275331806: Modern History of Japan
0275331903: Finns and the Lapps: How They Live and Work
0275332306: African Image.
0275332802: Catalonia: A Profile
0275333205: Switzerland (Nations of the modern world)
0275333302: The Fall and Rise of Europe: A Political,Cultural History of 20th Century
0275333906: Wall Street Gang
0275334007: Modern Turkey,
0275334104: My Village, My Life : Portrait of an Indian Village
0275334503: The Modern History of Israel.
0275334708: The United States against the Third World;: Antinationalism and intervention
0275334805: The Idea of China: Myth and Theory in Geographic Thought
0275335100: India : A World in Transition
0275335402: By Bread Alone
0275335607: The bar mitzvah book
0275336301: No Left Turns
0275336603: The race concept
0275336700: Puerto Rico - A Profile
0275337200: Winchell, His Life and Times
0275337308: Policy-makers and critics: Conflicting theories of American foreign policy (Praeger university series)
0275337405: Moses, the man and his vision
0275337804: Zero Growth?
0275338002: Contemporary economics
0275338908: Group power: Lobbying and public policy
0275340007: Great Garbo
0275340600: American Testament
0275340708: Harriet Beecher Stowe
0275365905: Gothic Art in Bohemia
0275415406: A Concise History of Modern Sculpture
0275415503: Baroque & Rococo Art
0275416305: Roman Art and Architecture
0275419304: Ancient Arts of the Americas
0275420906: Art of the Romantic Era: Romanticism, Classicism Realism
0275423905: Three Centuries of American Art
0275424502: Rococo to Revolution: Major Trends in Eighteenth Century Painting
0275425606: Gothic Art
0275426807: The Golden Age Of Dutch Painting
0275427102: A History of Latin American Art and Architecture from Pre-Columbian Times to the Present.
0275429008: The Impressionists.
0275431002: The Late Renaissance and Mannerism
0275434303: History of Western Art
0275435105: The great American nude;: A history in art (American art & artists)
0275435709: Lyonel Feininger
0275436101: A Concise History of Bronzes.
0275437000: Painters' America:Rural and Urban Life, 1810-1910
0275437809: Kandinsky: The Language of the Eye.
0275438406: Tasteful Interlude
0275438708: Human concern, personal torment; the grotesque in American art
0275439003: American art since 1900 (Praeger world of art series)
0275443205: Steuben: seventy years of American glassmaking
0275449807: American Silver ; a history of Style, 1650-1900
0275453901: The Maya
0275457001: China Before the Han Dynasty
0275466108: The Riddle of the Pyramids
0275466205: The American Scene. American Painting of the 1930's.
0275466302: Sunshine Muse: Contemporary Art on the West Coast
0275466604: American Narrative Painting
0275466906: Five California Architects.
0275467104: Readings in American art, 1900-1975
0275467201: The ruins of time: Four and a half centuries of conquest and discovery among the Maya
0275467309: Druids
0275472000: Jasper Johns: Prints 1960-1970
0275475603: History of German Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture.
0275478505: Roy Lichtenstein.
0275478602: Contemporary Art, 1942-72: Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.
0275479102: The Aesthetics of Freud: A Study in Psychoanalysis and Art
0275484009: Highrise Building and Urban Design
0275487407: The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design
0275490505: Mexican Cities of the Gods: An Archaeological Guide.
0275491706: Equipotential Space: Freedom in Architecture
0275493202: Architecture versus Housing
0275493903: Shelter In Africa
0275495701: Archigram.
0275495906: Theatres: An Architectural and Cultural History.
0275496201: Expressionist Architecture
0275496600: ALVAR AALTO
0275496902: Windmills and Watermills
0275497402: Restored America
0275497704: The quest for man
0275498700: Late modern: The visual arts since 1945
0275499405: Humanizing the Classroom: Models of Teaching in Affective Education.
0275500004: Japanese culture: A short history
0275500101: Rivers in the City.
0275500403: City Life, 1865-1900. Views of Urban America.
0275502406: Roots of the Republic: A New Perspective on Early American Constitutionalism.
0275503305: Deviants and Deviance: An Introduction to the Study of Disvalued People and Behavior
0275503607: Decisions and revisions: Interpretations of twentieth-century American history
0275503704: Children of the Dark Ghetto: A Developmental Psychology
0275503801: Demystifying School: Writings and Experiences.
0275503909: Pasternak : Collected Prose
0275504905: Cold War America: From Hiroshima to Watergate
0275506800: The German dilemma: The relationship of state and democracy
0275508404: Gentleman Jimmy Walker, mayor of the jazz age
0275508706: The natural way to raise a healthy child
0275510204: The corrupt society: From ancient Greece to present-day America
0275510905: America in World Politics, Foreign Policy and Policy-Makers Since 1898
0275511103: Methodology and meanings;: Varieties of sociological inquiry (Viewpoints in sociology)
0275511901: Readings in Classroom Learning and Perception
0275512304: A history of American city government: the formation of traditions,: 1775-1870
0275513106: The Life and Times of Henry Viii.
0275514102: Sweetheart the Story of Mary Pickford
0275514404: Nitty gritty foodbook;: A compendium of basic foods for earthy people
0275514501: The Water Crisis
0275514900: Free to feel;: Finding your way through the new therapies
0275515400: The art of shellcraft
0275515605: Crime And Criminalization
0275516407: Animals of the Dark.
0275516504: The second-time single man's survival handbook
0275516601: Forensic Science 2ND Edition an Introduction To Scienti
0275516709: The way life was: a photographic treasury from the American past,
0275516806: Race and the News Media
0275518507: Learning Society
0275518701: Majesty That Was Islam the Islamic World
0275519309: What School Is for
0275519406: Sociological Theory: Uses and Unities
0275519503: Building Craft Equipment - an Illustrated Manual
0275519708: Gypsy on 18 wheels; a trucker's tale
0275520005: Mathematics and Logic: Retrospect and Prospects
0275520404: FLAWED VICTORY, A New Perspective on the Civil War
0275520900: Norms and Human Behavior
0275521001: Work and Workers: A Sociological Analysis.
0275521109: Gender and Sex in Society
0275521303: Notes of a feminist therapist
0275521907: The Confident Cook
0275522008: Woman's Work Book
0275522806: The Promise of Sociology
0275522903: Emerging social issues: A sociological perspective
0275523500: Beneath the mask: An introduction to theories of personality
0275525007: Prejudice, U.S.A.
0275525309: France in the age of Louis XIII and Richelieu
0275525503: Class, bureaucracy, and schools; the illusion of educational change in America
0275526003: Survival in Space,
0275526704: Scott's Last Voyage, through the Antarctic Camera of Herbert Ponting
0275527409: East Germany.
0275527603: Sea Survival
0275531805: Music, Mirror of the Arts.
0275534502: Keyboard Music.
0275534901: The Music of India
0275535304: The Trombone: The Instrument and Its Music.
0275535800: Gustav Mahler
0275535908: Music from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
0275536009: Music in the Modern Age.
0275536106: Take me home; the rise of country and western music
0275536203: Mind Models New Forms of Musical Experience
0275536807: La Scala
0275536904: I Hear America Singing! Great Folk Songs from the Revolution to Rock
0275537102: French music in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
0275537307: Electronic Music
0275537404: A history of ballet and dance in the western world
0275542602: The Grumman story
0275546403: The Sociology of Knowledge, a Reader.
0275550109: The Federal Aviation Administration.
0275550702: The Department of Justice
0275551407: The United States Navy
0275552802: The Peace Corps
0275553108: The Bureau of Land Management
0275553302: the Patent Office
0275553507: The Department of Agriculture
0275553701: The Bureau of the Census
0275553809: The Bureau of Reclamation
0275554201: The Library of Congress
0275554406: The Department of Labor
0275554503: The Department of H.E.W. (Health, Education and Welfare)
0275554600: The Atomic Energy Commission
0275555100: Educational Television; a Policy Critique and Guide for Developing Countries
0275555208: Resettling Retarded Adults in a Managed Community
0275555607: Socialism in the Third World
0275555801: Beyond dependency: The developing world speaks out (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275556107: The Portuguese revolution and the Armed Forces Movement (Praeger special.
0275556603: The Politics of Division, Partition, & Unification (Special Studies)
0275557707: The Exodus of Corporate Headquarters from New York City (Special Studies)
0275557804: Land Use and the Intermediate-Size City in Developing Countries: With Case Studies of Turkey, Brazil, and Malaysia
0275558002: Spain in the 70s. Economics, Social Structure, Foreign Policy.
0275558207: Media and the Law
0275558304: Development Without Dependence.
0275559602: The International Politics of Eastern Europe: Studies of the Institute on East Central Europe and the Research Institute on International Change, Columbia University
0275560201: Current issues in U.S. defense policy
0275560406: Prisoner Education Project NewGate and Other College Programs
0275560805: Industrial Invasion of Non Metropolitan America: a Quarter Century of...
0275561100: People Choose a President
0275561208: Politics of Housing in Older Urban Areas
0275561305: The World's Students in the United States: A Review and Evaluation of Research on Foreign Students (A volume in the Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues Series)
0275561402: Autonomy at Work
0275561704: Education and the mass media in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275562107: Environmental Misuse in the Soviet Union
0275562204: Housing Costs and Housing Needs
0275562301: Congress Against the President
0275562603: Saudi Arabia and Oil Diplomacy Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government
0275562700: Foreign Trade and U. S. Policy : The Case for Free International Trade
0275562808: Issues in criminal justice : planning and evaluation By
0275562905: Soviet Naval Influence: Domestic & Foreign Dimensions (Special Studies...
0275563103: Comprehensive Services to Rural Poor Families: An Evaluationi of the Arizona Job Colleges Program
0275563200: Nonstate nations in international politics: Comparative system analyses (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275563502: Treating the offender: Problems and issues (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275563707: Male trouble: A new focus on the prostate
0275563804: A Hundred Million Dollars a Day: Inside the World of Middle East Money
0275563901: A consumer's arsenal
0275564401: Nuclear Power Debate
0275564908: The Executive, Congress, and foreign policy Studies of the Nixon Administration
0275565009: National Control of Foreign Business Entry
0275565106: The U.S. and World Development: Agenda for Action, 1976 Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development
0275565203: Women and world development: With an annotated bibliography (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275565300: The White House Connection
0275565602: Victims, Crime, and Social Control
0275566102: The Asian Dollar Market (Praeger Special Studies)
0275566706: Women's inferior education: An economic analysis (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275567206: Academic Gamesmanship: Student=Oriented Change In Higher Education
0275567400: Financial Policies for the Multinational Company: The Management of Foreign Exchange
0275567508: Latin America's new internationalism: The end of hemispheric isolation (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275567702: Urbanization under Socialism : The Case of Czechslovakia (Special Studies)
0275567907: Technology Transfer and U.S. Foreign Policy
0275568105: The Arab Boycott of Israel : Economic Aggression and World Reaction
0275568202: The Computer and Africa: Applications, Problems, and Potential
0275568601: Crime and Suicide in the Nation's Capital, Toward Macro-Historical Perspectives
0275568709: Improving Productivity and the Quality of Work Life
0275568903: Social Scientists and Policy Making in the U. S. S. R. (Praeger Special Studies)
0275569004: Estimation of Soviet Defense Expenditure
0275569101: The Politics of Land-Use Law: Developers vs. Citizens Groups in the Courts
0275569306: Cleaning Up Europe's Waters: Economics, Management, and Policies
0275569705: The sociology of health care: Social, economic, and political perspectives
0275569802: The secret of Western domination
0275573508: Children's Rights: Toward the Liberation of the Child
0275574008: Housing Crisis U.S.A.
0275576108: Politics in the gilded age; a new perspective on reform
0275576205: Flesh of the Gods: The Ritual Use of Hallucinogens.
0275576604: Community Studies: An Introduction to the Sociology of the Local Community by
0275577201: Europe in the Twentieth Century
0275577406: The Borgias.
0275577708: Great Documents In American Indian History
0275577805: The Road to Secession: A NEw Perspective on the Old South
0275578607: Europe in the Eighteenth Century: Aristocracy and the Bourgeois Challenge
0275579301: Clothing Liberation
0275579506: A Minority of Members: Women in the U.S. Congress.
0275579808: Woodstock Craftsman's Manual
0275582809: An Historical Geography of Western Europe Before 1800
0275583007: North America, Its Countries and Regions,
0275585506: Focus on South America.
0275623009: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
0275630803: Partners in Development: Report of the Commission on International Development
0275631206: Woodstock Craftsman's Manual 2
0275632903: Both Your Houses: The Truth About Congress.
0275633101: Nitty gritty foodbook;: A compendium of basic foods for earthy people
0275633500: Gypsy on 18 Wheels. A Trucker's Tale
0275634108: Between Two Fires, the Unheard Voices of Vietnam
0275635309: The New Humanism - Art In A Time of Change
0275635406: The contrasumers;: A citizen's guide to resource conservation
0275635503: Woman's Work Book
0275636100: Alvar Aalto by Aalto, Alvar; Fleig, Karl
0275636402: By Bread Alone
0275636704: Stargazer
0275638308: Consumer survival kit
0275639703: Conversations With Architects: Philip Johnson, Kevin Roche, Paul Rudolph, Bertrand Goldberg, Morris Lapidus, Louis Kahn, Charles Moore, Robert venturi.
0275642305: Riddle of the Pyramids
0275642909: Urban Politics and Public Policy: The City in Crisis
0275643204: Crime: Emerging Issues
0275643301: Humanizing the classroom: Models of teaching in affective education (Praeger university series)
0275643700: Japanese culture: A short history
0275644200: Congress Against the President
0275644707: Monetary Theory and Policy: Major Contributions to Contemporary Thought by.
0275644901: China and Southeast Asia: Peking's relations with revolutionary movements (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275645800: The Multinational Corporation and Social Change
0275645908: The Future of Public Broadcasting
0275646300: Living With Cancer: a Guide for the Patient, the Family and Friends
0275646408: Congress Reconsidered (Praeger University Series)
0275646602: Cities and urbanization (Viewpoints in sociology)
0275646904: Soviet and Chinese Influence in the Third World
0275647005: Introduction to African Politics
0275647404: Sociology of Art and Literature
0275647609: The Sustainable society: Implications for limited growth (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275648109: The Presidency reappraised
0275648206: The Politics of Environmental Concern
0275648605: The Changing Family Making Way for Tomorrow
0275648907: Changing China: Readings in the History of China from the Opium War to the Present
0275650006: The United States and World Development, Agenda 1977
0275701409: Art of China, Korea, and Japan
0275701506: A Concise History of Russian Art
0275701905: Early Medieval Art
0275702006: A CONCISE HISTORY OF ENGLISH PAINTING Praeger World of Art Series
0275704505: Pop Art
0275705005: Gothic Art From the Twelfth to Fifteenth Centuries
0275708101: Toulouse-Lautrec.
0275708209: A History of Western Art.
0275708802: Surrealist Art
0275709906: Towards a New Architecture,
0275710505: Theory and Design in the First Machine Age
0275711803: African Art: An Introduction ILLUSTRATED
0275715302: Ben Shahn.
0275715809: Total Art: Environments, Happenings, and Performance
0275716503: American Art Since 1900 (Praeger World of Art Series)
0275716600: Sunshine Muse
0275716708: Renoir: His life and work (Praeger world of art paperbacks)
0275716805: Van Gogh (Praeger world of art paperbacks)
0275717003: Cezanne (Praeger world of art paperbacks)
0275717100: Feininger Lyonel
0275717305: Concise History of Modern Painting
0275717607: Late modern: The visual arts since 1945
0275742806: Dreamers of Decadence: Symbolist Painters of the 1890S.
0275781402: American Architecture and Urbanism
0275782301: Meaning in Western Architecture
0275831108: The Soviet Economy: an Introduction
0275837505: Soviet-American Rivalry in the Middle East.
0275837807: The German Dictatorship: The Origins, Structure and Effects of National Socialism
0275841405: Abolitionism : A New Perspective
0275841502: Studying Politics
0275841901: Toward Humanistic Education: A Curriculum of Affect.
0275843904: A History of Soviet Russia.
0275846407: Blacks & the Military in American Histor
0275846806: Public Policymaking
0275847500: The Origins of the Second World War: American Foreign Policy and World Politics, 1917-1941
0275847608: Managing Political Conflict
0275848000: Children of the Dark Ghetto: A Developmental Psychology
0275848205: Cold war America;: From Hiroshima to Watergate
0275848302: Foundations of Teaching and Learning
0275849007: Readings in classroom learning and perception
0275849600: Cases in American politics (Praeger University series)
0275849708: Capitalism: The Moving Target
0275849805: Ancient American Civilizations
0275849902: Psychology's scientific endeavor (Praeger university series)
0275850102: The United States against the Third World;: Antinationalism and intervention
0275850307: Congress in change : evolution and reform
0275850404: Flawed Victory A New Perspective on the Civil War
0275850501: Work and workers: a sociological analysis (Viewpoints in sociology)
0275850609: Norms and human behavior (Viewpoints in sociology)
0275850706: Gender and Sex in Society
0275850803: India; a world in transition
0275850900: Emerging Social Issues: A Sociological Perspective
0275851001: Class, Bureaucracy, and Schools: The Illusion of Educational Change in America (Praeger University Series)
0275851206: Decisions & Revision: Interpretations of Twentieth-Century American History
0275851303: Methodology and Meanings Varieties of Soci
0275851400: China's civilization: A survey of its history, arts, and technology
0275851702: New patterns in American politics
0275851907: America in World Politics - Foreign Policy and Policy-Makers Since 1898.
0275852008: Political culture (Basic concepts in political science)
0275852202: Watergate and the American Political Process
0275852407: The Race Concept
0275852504: Puerto Rico: A Profile (Praeger University Series)
0275852806: America since World War II: Historical Interpretations
0275852903: Policy-Makers and Critics
0275853004: Latin American Politics: A Developmental Approach
0275853705: Group Power: Lobbying and Public Policy
0275854604: An Introduction to Chinese Politics
0275854701: Electronic Music
0275855007: Marriage and Other Alternatives
0275855104: New directions in community organization : from enabling to advocacy
0275855309: Analyzing Social Problems (Viewpoints in Sociology)
0275855406: Frontiers of behavior: Perspective and practice (Praeger University series)
0275855503: The system: The five branches of American Government (Praeger university series)
0275855600: The sociologist as detective: An introduction to research methods (Praeger University series)
0275855708: Understanding Social Problems
0275855902: Contemporary Economics
0275856100: The Navajo Blanket
0275856208: Concise History of Indian Art
0275856704: The U.S. and World Development: Agenda for Action, 1976
0275856909: Cost-Benefit Analysis
0275857107: Social auditing: Evaluating the impact of corporate programs (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275857409: Community and Regional Planning
0275857506: Public Law and Public Policy
0275881407: Expansion and Coexistence: Soviet Foreign Policy 1917-73
0275883906: In Search of Southeast Asia a modern history
0275884406: Focus on Southeast Asia
0275885402: We The Chinese: Voices from China
0275886301: Expansion & Coexistence: Soviet Foreign Policy, 1917 to 1973
0275887103: Perspectives on Psychology: Introductory Readings
0275887308: Painting in the Twentieth Century Volume One
0275887707: Through Japanese Eyes: Vol. 2 The Present
0275888002: Sociology: Introductory readings in mass, class, and bureaucracy (Praeger paperbound texts)
0275888401: The Energy crisis and U.S. foreign policy (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275888509: Southeast Asia under the new balance of power, (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275888606: Through Middle Eastern Eyes
0275888703: Mass communication research: major issues and future directions (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275889408: Managing Multinational Corporations
0275890104: The Minority report: An introduction to racial, ethnic, and gender relations
0275890201: The promise of sociology
0275890600: Games nations play: Analyzing international politics
0275891003: Understanding American Foreign Policy
0275891100: Film: An introduction
0275891208: Readings in American Art, 1900-1975
0275891305: Analyzing International Relations: A Multimethod Introduction
0275891402: Mass Media: Systems and Effects
0275891607: Social Science and Public Policy in U S
0275891704: Soviet policy toward the Middle East since 1970 (Praeger special studies in international politics and government)
0275891801: International financial markets: Development of the present system and future prospects (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275892107: Sociology full circle: Contemporary readings on society
0275892409: The politics of legislation: A congressional simulation
0275892603: A History of Soviet Russia
0275893006: Patterns of poverty in the Third World: A study of social and economic stratification (Praeger special studies in international economics and development)
0275893103: The U.S. and World Development: Agenda for Action, 1975
0275893200: The Criminal justice process: A reader
0275893405: The United States and International Oil: A Report for the Federal Energy Administration on U.S. Firms and Government Policy
0275893804: International Politics in East Asia Since World War II
0275893901: China and Japan : Emerging Global Powers
0275894207: Planning Alternative World Futures Values, Methods
0275894304: Freedom of the Press vs. Public Access
0275894401: Worker Militancy and Its Consequences, 1965-75 : New Directions in Western Industrial Relations
0275894606: Socialism in the Third World
0275894703: Development without Dependence
0275894800: The Constitution and the conduct of foreign policy: An inquiry by a panel of the American Society of International Law (Praeger special studies in U.S. economic, social, and political issues)
0275895009: The International politics of Eastern Europe: Studies of the Institute on East Central Europe and the Research Institute on International Change, Columbia ... in international politics and government)
0275895106: Foreign Trade and U.S. Policy
0275895203: Inside the system
0275895300: Media and the Law
0275895602: Full Employment Program for the 1970s
0275895904: Gentleman Jimmy Walker, Mayor of the Jazz Age.
0275896005: Building Craft Equipment: An Illustrated Manual
0275896102: A Consumer's Arsenal
0275896404: Political development in Eastern Europe (Praeger special studies in...
0275896501: Deviance and social control in Chinese society (Praeger special studies in...
0275900037: Marketing and Economic Development
0275900215: Widows and Dependent Wives: From Social Problem to Federal Program
0275900258: Knowledge of Language : Its Nature, Origin, and Use
0275900274: Managing Conflicts in Organizations
0275900282: Interpreting the Third World: Politics, Economics, and Social Issues
0275900290: Brigadista: Harvest and War in Nicaragua
0275900304: Administrative Discretion and Public Policy Implementation
0275900312: Elections and Ethnicity in French Martinique: A Paradox in Paradise
0275900320: Direct Electric Utility Competition: The Natural Monopoly Myth
0275900347: Congress and the Separation of Powers.
0275900355: Politics, Projects, and People: Institutional Development in Haiti
0275900363: United States Coal Goes Abroad: A Social Action Perspective in Interorganizational Networks
0275900371: Male Homosexuality in Four Societies : Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines, and the United States
0275900401: Social Engineering in Family Matters.
0275900436: The 1984 Presidential Election in the South: Patterns of Southern Party Politics
0275900444: Physical Exercise, Nutrition and Stress.
0275900460: China Question
0275900479: Manage It: Exploiting Information Systems for Effective Management
0275900487: Childhood Lymphoblastic Leukemia
0275900495: Instructional Telecommunications: Principles and Applications
0275900509: Determinants and Consequences of Trade Restrictions in the United States Economy
0275900525: Bibliography of Foreign Students and International Study: An Overview and Bibliography (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275900533: Illusions Of Power: A History Of The Washington Public Power Supply System (wppss)
0275900541: Power of Public Relations
0275900568: One World, One Future: New International Strategies for Development
0275900576: President and Foreign Affair Evaluation, Performa: Evaluation, Performance, and Power
0275900614: Laws of Rape (Landmark Dissertations in Women's Studies Series)
0275900622: Wood as Fuel: Energy for Developing Countries
0275900630: Transnational Corporations and Underdevelopment.
0275900649: Jobs and Gender
0275900665: Political Risks in International Business : New Directions for Research, Management and Public Policy
0275900673: Sellers and Servants: Working Women in Lima, Peru
0275900681: Corporate Policy, Values and Social Responsibility
0275900711: Human Motivation and the Dynamic Calculus
0275900738: Socialists and the Ballot Box
0275900762: Economics of the Caribbean Basin
0275900770: International Trade and Lending
0275900800: Managing Workforce Reduction: An International Survey
0275900835: The Federal Reserve: An Intentional Mystery
0275900916: Whistleblowing: Managing Dissent in the Workplace
0275900940: Interactive Career Development: Integrating Employer and Employee Goals
0275900967: Shoplifting : The Antishoplifting Guidebook
0275900975: Management Information Systems and Organizational Behavior
0275901009: Barter in the World Economy
0275901041: Transnational Banks, and the Dynamics of Peruvian Foreign Debt and Inflation.
0275901076: Progress or Catastrophe
0275901114: Professionals in Organizations: Debunking a Myth
0275901122: Lebanon: The Politics of Revolving Doors (The Washington Papers)
0275901130: Security & Dentente: Conflicting Priorities in German Foreign Policy
0275901149: Cuba: Twenty-Five Years of Revolution, 1959-1984
0275901157: Multinational Distribution: Channel, Tax and Legal Strategies
0275901165: Ancient Affections Ethnic Groups & Foreign Polic: Ethnic Groups and Foreign Policy
0275901173: China's Independent Foreign Policy
0275901181: Ending Hunger: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
0275901238: Rhythms in Politics and Economics (International Studies Association Series)
0275901254: The U.S. and Multilateral Resource Management: Marine Minerals, Food and Energy
0275901262: Psychology Research Public Policy & Practice T: Toward a Productive Partnership (Houston Symposium Series)
0275901270: World Trade Issues : Regime, Structure and Policy
0275901289: Human Resources Management Handbook : Principles and Practice of Employee Assistance Programs
0275901297: Congress, The Presidency and the Taiwan Relations Act
0275901300: Financial System and the Coordination of Economic Activity
0275901327: Roots of Success
0275901343: Interdisciplinary Team Practice: Issues and Trends
0275901351: Insurance Markets: Information Problems and Regulation
0275901378: Debt Trap: Rethinking the Logic of Development
0275901386: Religion and the Presidential Election.: (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275901394: United States Anti Apartheid Movement Local Activi: Local Activism in Global Politics
0275901424: Local Economic Development: A Guide to Practice
0275901459: Regulatory Reform: New Vision or Old Curse?
0275901475: Europe at the Crossroads.
0275901483: Soviet Politics Russia After Brezhnev: Russia After Brezhnev
0275901491: Participation in Organizational Change: The TVA Experiment
0275901521: Reconstructing Marxian Economics: Marx Based Upon a Sraffian Commodity Theory of Value
0275901556: International Personnel Policies and Practices
0275901572: Adult-Child Interaction and the Promise of Language Acquisition
0275901580: Women's Worlds: From the New Scholarship
0275901602: Women in the History of Political Thought : Ancient Greece to Machiavelli
0275901610: Adolescent Subcultures and Delinquency:
0275901645: Subsidizing Inefficiency: A Study of State Aid and Local Government Productivity
0275901653: Handbook of Social Science Methods Vol. 3 : Quantitive Methods, Focused Survey Research and Causal Modeling
0275901661: Population Control in China: Theory and Applications
0275901688: Women, Foreign Assistance, and Advocacy Administration (Women and Politics)
0275901726: Coping with Adolescent Refugees the Mariel Boatlif: The Mariel Boatlift
0275901734: Aging: Issues and Policies for the 1980s
0275901750: Public Policymaking in the American States.
0275901769: China's Southern Strategy: Encirclement and Counterencirclement
0275901777: Nicaragua the First Five Years: The First Five Years
0275901785: West German Politics in the Mid-Eighties: Crisis and Continuity
0275901793: Sino-American Economic Exchanges
0275901807: Selectivity in Information Systems
0275901815: Grassroots Development in Latin America and the Caribbean: Oral Histories of Social Change
0275901831: The Second Nuclear Era
0275901858: Chaos in the Courthouse: The Inner Workings of the Urban Criminal Courts
0275901866: Success with Educational Software
0275901882: Education and Intergroup Relations: An International Perspective (Praeger Special Studies Series in Comparative Education Series)
0275901904: City Women: Work, Jobs, Occupations, Careers: Volume 2: Chicago
0275901939: The Housing outlook, 1980-1990
0275901955: Real Stuff
0275901963: Sex Roles and Social Patterns
0275901971: The World Economy Since the War: The Politics of Uneven Development
0275902005: Glycoconjugates
0275902056: POLICE LEADERSHIP IN AMERICA Crisis and Opportunity
0275902110: Technology Venturing: American Innovation and Risk-Taking
0275902145: Labor Movements and Labor Thought: Spain, France, Germany and the United States
0275902153: Economic Nationalism and Stability
0275902188: Human Resource Policy Analysis: Organizational Applications
0275902218: International Technology Transfer: Concepts, Measures, and Comparisons
0275902226: Women in the Resistance
0275902269: Take-Off Companies
0275902285: Jump Cut: Hollywood Politics and Counter- Cinema
0275902293: Information Systems and Public Management.
0275902315: Chinese Foreign Policy: Developments After Mao
0275902323: The Significance of the Women's Movement to Marketing A Life Style Analysis
0275902358: Forgotten Legions : German Army Infantry Policy, 1918-1941
0275902366: Managing Corporate Health Care Expenses: A Primer for Executives
0275902374: Untapped Power of the Press : Explaining Government to the People
0275902382: Becoming an Industrialized Nation: ROC's Development on Taiwan.
0275902439: Academic Gamesmanship: Student-Oriented Change in Higher Education (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275902447: Non-State Nations in International Politics: Comparative System Analyses
0275902471: The Kuwait Fund and the Political Economy of Arab Regional Development (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
0275902528: Regulation of Direct Broadcasting from Satellites: The U.N. Involvement
0275902536: Export Marketing Management
0275902544: Monetary Relations and World Development (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Devel)
0275902552: Yugoslavia after Tito
0275902579: Women's Rights and The Law: The Impact of the ERA on State Laws (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275902587: World Food Prospects and Agricultural Potential
0275902595: Arms Control and European Security: A Guide to East-West Negotiations (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275902633: Political Culture in Israel: Cleavage and Integration among Israeli Jews (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275902641: The Aged in the Community: Managing Senility and Deviance (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275902676: Oil Company Divestiture and the Press, Economic vs Journalistic Perceptions.
0275902692: Environmental Management in Local Government
0275902706: The Four-Day Workweek: Blue Collar Adjustment to a Nonconventional Arrangement of Work and Leisure Time (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues.)
0275902714: Soviet Naval Influence
0275902773: The Law of the Sea: Issues in Ocean Resource Management (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275902781: PROSPECTS FOR GROWTH Changing Expectations for the future
0275902838: Soviet Nationality Policies and Practices
0275902854: The Presidential Debates: Media, Electoral, and Policy Perspectives
0275902870: Romanian Foreign Policy since 1965: The Political and Military Limits of Autonomy
0275902889: World Index of Economic Forecasts
0275902897: Human Resources and African Development
0275902919: Perspectives on Improving Education Project Talent: Project Talent's Young Adults Look Back
0275902927: The New and the Old Criminology
0275902951: Financing and Risk in Developing Countries: Based on the Proceedings of a Symposium on Developing Countries' Debt, Sponso by the Export-Import Bank of the United States in April, 1977
0275902978: Objective Mental Measurement: Individual and Program Evaluation Using the Rash Model
0275903001: Computers and Local Government: Volume 2 (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275903044: Revenue Patterns in U S Cities & Suburbs a Comp: A Comparative Analysis
0275903052: Inflation and Unemployment in France: A Quantitative Analysis Translated by Marian Reeds
0275903079: Multinational Corporations: The ECISM Guide to Information Services
0275903087: Problems of the Carless. (Praeger Special Studies in U.S. Economic, Social, and Political Issues)
0275903176: Japanese Business : A Research Guide with Annotated Bibliography (Praeger Pacific-Basin Series in Business and Economics)
0275903184: Academic Power: Patterns of Authority in Seven National Systems of Higher Education (Praeger Special
0275903192: Strategies of International Mass Retailers. (169p)
0275903206: The Military in Contemporary Soviet Politics: An Institutional Analysis (Praeger Special Studies in International Politics and Government)
0275903214: Nonverbal Aspects of Psychotherapy.
0275903222: European Labor and Multinationals
0275903273: New Public Policy for Neighborhood Preservation
0275903281: Oil Revenues and Accelerated Growth: Absorptive Capacity in Iraq
0275903311: New Conventional Weapons and East-West Security
0275903346: The Origins of the Number Concept
0275903354: The Development of Job Design Theories and Techniques (Praeger Spcial Studies)
0275903362: Principles of Learning and Memory
0275903370: Women in the U.S. Labor Force
0275903389: Foreign Investment and Development in Egypt.
0275903397: Financial Industrial Investment
0275903400: Trade Union Mergers and Labor Conglomerates.
0275903427: Policy Alternatives For A New International Economic Order-An Economic Analysis,
0275903451: Motor Carrier Rate Structures: The Need for Basic Revision (Praeger Special Studies in Transportation and Logistics)
0275903478: Government Control and Multinational Strategic Management
0275903486: Multi-Party Britain (Praeger Special Studies/Praeger Scientific)
0275903494: Oil And Development In The Middle East
0275903508: Geothermal Energy & Regional Development
0275903516: The Future of the Inter-American System
0275903524: Aggression and Behavior Change: Biological and Social Processes
0275903532: The Role of U.S. Agriculture in Foreign Policy
0275903540: One Money for Europe
0275903559: Oil Prices and Trade Deficits
0275903575: Corporate Strategy and Functional Management: A Praeger Special Study
0275903583: Zaire: The Political Economy of Underdevelopment
0275903591: Telecommunications Policy and the Citizen: Public Interest Perspectives on the Communications Act Rewrite
0275903605: Trade Problems Between Japan and Western Europe
0275903621: Politics, Cultures and Communications: European vs. American Approaches to Communications Policy Making
0275903648: Inflation Under Cost Pass-Along Management
0275903664: Constructing Policy Dialogues with Social Scien: Dialogues with Social Scientists in the National Political Arena
0275903672: Trade, Taxes, and Transnationals. International Economic Decision Making in Congress.
0275903680: Program Evaluation in the Public Sector
0275903699: Soviet Strategic Initiatives: Challenge and Response
0275903702: Public Works, Government Spending, and Job Creation: The Job Opportunities Program
0275903729: World Military Order: The Impact of Military Technology on the
0275903737: Organization in Vision
0275903753: International Nuclear Proliferation: Multilateral Diplomacy and Regional Aspects
0275903788: International Labor Migration in Europe
0275903796: Reform and Regulation in Long-Term Care
0275903818: Soviet Urban Management: With Comparisons to the United States
0275903834: After Plastic Surgery : Adaptation and Adjustment - Hardcover
0275903842: Systems Analysis in Health Care
0275903869: Mexican Oil and Natural Gas: Political, Strategic, and Economic Implications
0275903885: Executives Under Pressure
0275903893: Japan's Role in Soviet Economic Growth
0275903907: Managerial Innovation in the Metropolitan Hospital.
0275903923: United States and World Development: Agenda
0275903966: The Restless Caribbean: Changing Patterns in International Relations
0275903974: Energy Development in the Western United States Im: Impact on Rural Areas
0275903990: Children's Perceptions of Gender and Work Roles.
0275904008: Successful Business Policies
0275904032: Privacy, Law, and Public Policy
0275904040: Development of Urban Systems in Africa
0275904067: Caribbean Dependence on the United States Economy
0275904075: Transfer Pricing and Multinational Corporations: An Overview of Concepts, Mechanisms and Regulations.
0275904083: Brain and Personality (Praeger Special Studies)
0275904105: Mobilizing Technology for World Development
0275904113: Organisational Structure and the Care of the Mentally Retarded
0275904121: Money and Banking in Latin America.
0275904148: The Suburban Environment and Women
0275904156: Consumer Food Selection and Nutrition Information
0275904172: Social Control and Deviance in Cuba.
0275904180: Electronic Democracy: Televisions Impact on the American Political Pro
0275904202: Lifestyles and Consumer Behavior of Older Americans.
0275904210: Fading Partnership, America and Europe After Thirty Years
0275904229: Project Planning For Developing Economies,
0275904237: Adaptation and Education in Japan (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275904245: World Population Policies
0275904288: Police Selection and Evaluation: Issues and Techniques (Praeger Special Studies)
0275904296: Transfer Pricing Practices in the United States and Japan (Praeger Special Studies)
0275904318: The Origins and Rise of Ethology
0275904326: Middle East Industrialisation: A Study of Saudi and Iranian Downstream Investments
0275904334: Learning Tomorrows
0275904342: Social Services by Government Contract a Policy an: A Policy Analysis (Praeger Special Studies in Social Welfare)
0275904369: Government in the Classroom: Dollars and Power in Education
0275904377: Value Change in Chinese Society (Special Studies)
0275904407: The Managerial Process in Human Service Agencies.
0275904415: International Conflicts and Collective Security, 1946-1977
0275904458: City Planning Politics.
0275904466: Publishing in the Third World: Trend Report and Bibliography (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275904490: Agricultural Development in Africa : Issues of Public Policy
0275904512: THE ENTREPRENEUR AS CULTURE HERO Preadaptations in Nigerian Economic Development
0275904520: Progress and Survival: An Essay on the Future of Mankind
0275904547: Flexible Life Scheduling: Breaking the Education-Work-Retirement Lockstep
0275904555: Cognition, Convention, and Communication
0275904598: The Goverance of Energy: Problems, Prospects and Underlying Issues
0275904601: American Labor in a Changing World Economy
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