0275904652: Controlling Technology: Genetic Engineering and the Law
0275904679: Resolving Nationality Conflicts: The Role of Public Opinion Research
0275904725: Social Systems and Schizophrenia: Selected Papers
0275904733: Taxpayers, Taxes, and Government Spending
0275904792: Directed-Energy Weapons: A Juridical Analysis
0275904806: Uncertainty: Behavioral and Social Dimensions
0275904830: The Soviet Marriage Market: Mate-Selection in Russia and the USSR
0275904849: European Community and the Third World the Lom'e C: The Lomae Convention and Its Impact
0275904865: Feminism in American Politics: A Study of Ideological Influence (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275904873: Financing Development in Latin America
0275904954: The New Economic Nationalism (Praeger Special Studies)
0275904962: Group Psychotherapy: A Peer Focused Approach
0275904970: Disability: From Social Problem to Federal Program
0275904989: Worker Participation Success & Problems,
0275905012: Interest on Third-Party Accounts: A Desktop Primer
0275905020: Soviet Politics in the Brezhnev Era
0275905039: Managing Community Development in the New Federalism
0275905055: International Minerals Cartels and Embargoes
0275905101: Reentry Programs for Female Scientists
0275905128: University and Government in Mexico: Autonomy in an Authoritarian System (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275905136: Europe and Latin America and the Multinationals: Positive Sum Game for the Exchange of Raw Materials and Technology in the 1980's
0275905152: Prejudice and Tolerance In Ireland
0275905187: Financing the Metropolis
0275905209: Women and Language in Literature and Society
0275905217: Vectors of Disease Agents: Interactions with Plants, Animals, and Man
0275905233: Mediation of Environmental Disputes: A Sourcebook
0275905268: Marketing the Arts : Praeger Series in Public and Nonprofit Sector Marketing
0275905322: Contemporary Soviet Society Sociological Perspecti: Sociological Perspectives
0275905330: The Mass Media Election - How Americans Choose Their President
0275905373: Housing Form and Public Policy in the United States (Columbia Monographs on Architecture, Preservation, and Planning Series)
0275905381: Poverty and Malnutrition in Latin America: Early Childhood Intervention Programs
0275905438: When Nomads Settle (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275905446: Non Nuclear Conflicts in the Nuclear Age
0275905470: Trouble in Eden : A Comparison of the British and Swedish Economies
0275905500: Marketing in a Slow-Growth Economy
0275905535: American Presidential Elections Trust & the Rat: Trust and the Rational Voter (American Political Parties & Elections S.)
0275905551: Children of Heroin Addicts: An Assessment of Health, Learning, Behavioral, and Adjustment Problems (Praeger Studies in Issues and Research in Substance Abuse)
0275905578: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach to Counseling Psychology: Implications for Practice, Research, and Training
0275905586: Promotional Planning Process
0275905594: Management Succession - From the Owner-Founder to the Professional President
0275905608: Sanctions and Social Deviance: The Question of Deterrence
0275905616: Therapeutic Communities in Corrections
0275905624: Subsidies to Higher Education the Issues: The Issues (Praeger Studies in Grants Economics)
0275905659: Soviet and Chinese Aid to African Nations
0275905667: Health Economics and Development
0275905683: Moral Development and Politics
0275905705: Women in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
0275905721: Elites in the Middle East
0275905772: Concepts in Judgement and Decision Research: Definitions, Sources, Int
0275905780: The Crisis in Historical Materialism: Class, Politics, and Culture in Marxist Theory
0275905799: Organizational Behavior in Schools and School Districts
0275905829: Government Spending: Trends and Issues
0275905853: The American Constitutional System Under Strong and Weak Parties
0275905888: Old Values in a New Town
0275905942: Agreements of the People's Republic of China. A calendar of events, 1966-1980
0275905950: Consumers and Energy Conservation: International Perspectives on Research and Policy Options
0275905977: Uprooted of the Western Sahel Migrants' Quest for: Migrants' Quest for Cash in the Senegambia
0275905985: Environmental Assessment and Design: A New Tool for the Applied Behavioral Scientist
0275905993: Aging Sensory Systems and Perception
0275906000: World Trade Competition Western Countries and Thir: Western Countries and Third World Markets
0275906019: The Export Performance of the United States: Political, Strategic and Economic Implications
0275906027: The Copper Industry in Zambia: Foreign Mining Companies in a Developing Country
0275906035: U.S.-Chinese Trade Negotiations
0275906051: Chinese Welfare System, Nineteen Forty-Nine to Nineteen Seventy-Nine
0275906078: A Constitutional Convention: Threat or Challenge?
0275906086: A Paradigm for Management Enformation Systems
0275906094: A Perspective on Infantry.
0275906108: New Directions in Disarmament
0275906116: Systems of higher education in twelve countries a comparative view
0275906132: Dialogue With Erik Erikson
0275906140: Dialogue with Erich Fromm
0275906175: Dialogue With R.D. Laing
0275906213: West Germany and the European Community: Changing Interests and Competing Policy Objectives
0275906221: Nuclear Power Debate
0275906272: Multinational Company Instrument for World Growth: Instrument for World Growth
0275906280: The French Press: Class, State, and Ideology
0275906299: Dimensions: Aging, Culture, and Health
0275906329: The Political Economics of International Bank Lending.
0275906337: Whose School Is It, Anyway
0275906345: Environmental Decision Making in Rural Locales: The Pine Barrens
0275906353: Temporary Systems
0275906388: Organizational Behavior in Chinese Society
0275906396: The Political Role of the United Nations: Advancing the World Community
0275906426: The USSR and Africa: Foreign Policy Under Khrushchev
0275906434: Women and Men as Leaders: In Business, Educational, and Social Service Organizations
0275906442: Social Power: Social Psychological Models and Theories
0275906469: In the Small Screen
0275906485: Asia and U.S. Foreign Policy
0275906493: The Taiwan Experience, 1950-1980: Contemporary Republic of China
0275906515: International Occupational Safety and Health Resource Catalogue.
0275906523: Sino-Soviet Relations Since Mao: The Chairman's Legacy
0275906566: Patterns in Industrial Buying Behavior.
0275906574: Soviet Influence in Eastern Europe
0275906590: Psychology's Second Century: Enduring Issues: Proceedings (Psychology's Second Century)
0275906604: Jewish Origins of the Psychoanalytic Movement.
0275906620: Economics of Soviet Regions
0275906647: Inflation and Unemployment In The Modern Society
0275906663: Temporal Man: The Meaning and Uses of Social Time
0275906671: Beyond the SALT II Failure
0275906698: Economic Development Programs for Cities, Counties, and Towns.
0275906701: Industrial Relations and Multinational Corporations in Europe.
0275906728: Research and Development Activity in U.S. Manufacturing.
0275906744: The International Monetary Economy and the Third World
0275906760: Work, Marriage and Motherhood: The Career Persistence of Female Physicians by
0275906795: Communication and Social Structure
0275906809: Managing One-Bank Holding Companies
0275906817: Handbook of Longitudinal Research (Handbook of Longitudinal Research)
0275906833: On the Nature of Threat: A Social Psychological Analysis
0275906841: Foreign Workers in Western Europe: An Emerging Political Force
0275906868: Business Power & Public Policy,
0275906876: Corporations in Crisis: Behavioral Observations for Bankruptcy Policy
0275906892: Paleobotany, Paleoecology, and Evolution: Vol. 2
0275906906: Paleobatony, Paleoecology, and Evolution: Vol. 1
0275906914: Paleobotany, Paleoecology, and Evolution: Set
0275906957: Handbook of Applied Sociology
0275906965: Career Patterns in Education: Women, Men, and Minorities in Public School Administration
0275906973: A Review of Nuclear Energy in the United States: Hidden Power.
0275906981: Genetic Engineering in the Plant Sciences
0275907058: The Study of Schooling: Field Based Methodologies in Educational Research and Evaluation
0275907074: Mexico-United States Relations (Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science)
0275907082: Eastern Europe and the Third World: East vs. South
0275907112: Ethnic Nationalities in the Soviet Union Sociologi: Sociological Perspectives on a Historical Problem
0275907120: Insecurity and Success in Organizational Life: Sources of Personal Motivation Among Leaders and Managers
0275907163: Ethnicity and U.S. Foreign Policy:
0275907198: Water Stress on Plants
0275907228: Value Judgement and Income Distribution (Praeger Studies in Grants Economics)
0275907236: Public Policy and College Management: Title III of the Higher Education Act
0275907244: Rural Malay Women in Tradition and Transition.
0275907260: Industrial Location Policy for Economic Revitalization. National & International Perspectives.
0275907279: Technology and International Affairs
0275907287: The Logic of Imperialism
0275907295: Studying Teaching and Learning: Trends in Soviet and American Research (Praeger Special Studies Series in Comparative Education)
0275907309: The Politics of Abortion: A Study of Community Conflict in Public Policy Making
0275907325: Choice Over Chance Economic & Energy Options Fo: Economic and Energy Options for the Future
0275907333: Impact of Marine Polution on Society
0275907341: Japanese Policy and East Asian Security.
0275907368: The Residential Circumstances of the Urban Poor in Developing Countries.
0275907376: Nicaragua in Revolution
0275907449: Moral Behavior in Chinese Society
0275907457: Shipping & Development Policy an Integrated Ass: An Integrated Assessment
0275907473: Prelinguistic Communication in Infancy
0275907503: Political Terrorism and Energy: The Threat and Response
0275907562: Debt and Development
0275907570: Asian Energy Problems
0275907589: Energy and American Values.
0275907600: The United States and World Energy Sources
0275907619: Women in the Work Force
0275907627: Exchange Rate Determination and Adjustment (Praeger Studies in International Monetary Economics and Finance)
0275907643: South Africa and the United States: The Erosion of an Influence Relationship (Studies of Influence in International Relations)
0275907651: Conservation of Water and Related Land Resources.
0275907678: International Radio Broadcasting
0275907708: Environmental Impact Review and Housing: Process Lessons from the Californian Experience
0275907740: The International Monetary System : Choices for the Future (Praeger Studies in International Monetary Economics and Finance)
0275907783: Export Policy : A Global Assessment
0275907791: Families in a Working World: The Impact of Organizations on Domestic Life (Praeger Studies on Changing Issues in the Family)
0275907805: Libya Since the Revolution - Aspects of Social and Political Development
0275907848: Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Praeger Studies in Select Basic Industries)
0275907856: Science Profession in the Third World
0275907864: Models of Learning, Memory, and Choice. Selected Papers
0275907880: America's Solar Potential: A National Consumer Study
0275907899: Host National Attitudes Toward Multinational Corporations
0275907902: NATO and the Atlantic Defense Perceptions and Illusions
0275907937: A Second Generation of Multivariate Analysis, Volume 2: Measurement and Evaluation
0275907953: Israel in the Begin Era
0275907961: Soviet Policy Toward the Middle East since 1970
0275907988: Nucleic Acid Sequences Handbook, Volume 1
0275908003: Risk Trends of U.S. Multinational and Domestic Firms.
0275908038: Becoming Israelis
0275908046: Latin American Laws and Institutions
0275908054: The Politics of Offshore Oil
0275908089: Self-Determination in the Middle East
0275908097: Revolution in Iran : The Politics of Countermobilization
0275908100: Social Interaction in Chinese Society
0275908135: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Third World: Agenda 1982
0275908143: The Work/Leisure Trade Off. Reduced Work Time for Managers and Professionals
0275908151: Gay Children Grown Up: Gender Culture and Gender Deviance
0275908186: Negev: Land, Water, and Life in a Desert Environment.
0275908194: Developing the Economy of the People's Republic of China
0275908208: Soviet-Indian Relations: Issues and Influence (Studies of Influence in International Relations)
0275908216: Mental Health Interventions for the Aging
0275908259: Child Welfare in Israel
0275908267: Stress, Attitudes, & Decisions: Selected Papers
0275908283: Trends and Developments in Business Administration Programs.
0275908291: Guide to American Holy Land Studies, 1620-1948 : Political Relations and American Zionism, Vol 2 (Guide to America - Holy Land Studies, 1620-1948)
0275908305: American Left
0275908313: Downsizing Detroit: The Future of the U.S. Automobile Industry
0275908356: Information Technology and Psychology, Prospects for the Future, Vol. 3
0275908399: Environmental Mutagenesis, Carcinogenesis, and Plant Biology, Vol. 2
0275908410: Development in Rich and Poor Countries.
0275908429: Mid-Sized Firms
0275908445: Environmental Regulation: The Political Effects of Implementation
0275908461: Part-Time Faculty in American Higher Education
0275908496: Winning the Land-Use Game : A Guide for Developers and Citizen Protesters
0275908518: Chinese Medical Modernization : Comparative Policy Continuities, 1930-1980s
0275908526: Money in Economic Systems: (Praeger Studies in International Monetary Economics and Finance)
0275908542: The Political Economy of West Germany: Modell Deutschland
0275908550: Rural Social and Community Work in the U. S. and U. K. : A Cross-Cultural Perspective
0275908585: Middle East Foreign Policy: Issues and Processes
0275908607: Critical Issues, Developments, and Trends in Professional Psychology
0275908615: In the Eye of the Beholder : Contemporary Issues in Stereotyping
0275908631: Behavioral Systems,
0275908658: Aging Motor System
0275908674: The Persian Gulf and American Policy.
0275908712: The Soviet First Strike Threat
0275908739: Senior Settlers
0275908747: Life after work retirement, leisure, recreation, and the elderly
0275908763: Grand Corporate Strategy and Critical Functions : Interactive Effects of Organizational Dimensions
0275908828: Energy and the Western United States: Politics and Development
0275908836: Dilemmas of Welfare Policy : Why Work Strategies Haven't Worked
0275908917: Soviet Policy Toward Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan: The Dynamics of Influence (Studies of Influence in International Relations)
0275908933: Work and Equality in Soviet Society: The Division of Labor by Age, Gender, and Nationality
0275908992: Toward a Human Rights Framework
0275909018: Distant Relations
0275909026: Standing Commissions of the Supreme Soviet Effecti: Effective Co-Optation
0275909050: Comparative Financial Systems (Praeger Studies in International Monetary Economics and Finance)
0275909069: Electing a President : Information and Control (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275909077: Permitted Dissent in the U. S. S. R.: Novy Mir and the Soviet Regime
0275909093: Managing Public Enterprises
0275909115: Entrepreneurship and the New Firm
0275909123: Choice of Conscience: Vietnam Era Military and Draft Resisters in Canada
0275909131: Pakistan : Islam, Politics, and National Solidarity
0275909158: Us Strategic Interests in Southwest Asia
0275909166: Regulatory Policy and Practices: Regulating Better and Regulating Less
0275909182: Economics of Health Care (Praeger Studies in Grants Economics)
0275909204: Economics and Politics Within Socialist Systems : A Comparative and Developmental Approach
0275909212: Desert soil fauna.
0275909247: New Military Politics in Latin America
0275909271: The Government of Israel
0275909298: Yemenst, Traditionalism vs. Modernity
0275909301: The Subcontinent in World Politics: India, Its Neighbors, and the Great Powers
0275909328: Abscisic Acid.
0275909344: Israel, the Middle East, and U.S. Interests
0275909360: A global plan for employment a new Marshall Plan
0275909395: Local Government Finance in the Third World: A Case Study of the Philippines
0275909417: The Future of the Sunbelt: Managing Growth and Change
0275909433: Worker Militancy and Its Consequences
0275909484: On the Nature of Representation : A Case Study of James Gibson's Theory of Perception
0275909514: Investments in Technology: Corporate Strategies and Public Policy Alternatives
0275909530: Post Brezhnev Era
0275909557: Environment and Population/Problems of Adaptation: Problems of Adaptation : an Experimental Book Integrating Statements by 162 Contributors
0275909565: South Africa in Southern Africa the Intensifying: The Intensifying Vortex of Violence
0275909573: Women, Religion, & Development in the Third World
0275909603: Feminism and the New Right
0275909638: Biochemistry and Physiology of Gibberellins
0275909646: Biochemistry and Physiology of Gibberellins
0275909670: Export Promotion the Public and Private Sector Int: The Public and Private Sector Interaction
0275909689: Psychobiology of Cancer
0275909697: Women of steel; female blue-collar workers in the basic steel industry.
0275909719: Money and Finance in Yugoslavia: A Comparative Analysis
0275909743: Chosen Children: New Patterns of Adoptive Relationships
0275909778: The Comparative Politics of Birth Control: Determinants of Policy Variation and Change in the Developed Nations (Landmark Dissertations in Women's Studies Series)
0275909808: Future of the Postal Service
0275909840: Public Management Research in the United States.
0275909875: Regional Transit Authorities
0275909905: Organizing Women Office Workers
0275909913: The Dynamics of Change in Nato. A Burden Sharing Perspective
0275909956: A Renewable Resource Economy - Hardcover
0275909964: The Politics of Taxation: Revenue Without Representation
0275909980: U.S. Trade Problems in Steel: Japan, West Germany, and Italy
0275909999: Current Topics in Vector Research Vol 1 (Advances in Disease-Vector Research)
0275910008: Education and Social Change in the People's Republic of China (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275910016: The Soviet Union Through its Laws
0275910040: Tenants & the American Dream Ideology & the Tenant Movement
0275910083: RUSSIA'S UNDERGROUND PRESS: The Chronicle of Current Events;
0275910113: Winners and Losers in the East-West Trade: Behavioral Analysis of the U.S.-Soviet Detente (1970-1980)
0275910148: Business School in the Nineteen Eighties : Liberialism Versus Vocationalism
0275910164: PARADOX OF CONTROL Parole Supervision of Youthful Offenders
0275910172: Guide to American - Holy Land Studies, 1620-1948: Vol 3: Economic Relations and Philanthropy (Guide to America - Holy Land Studies, 1620-1948 Vol. 3)
0275910199: Crisis in Urban Public Finance
0275910210: Regulating the Intellectuals: Perspectives on Academic Freedom in the 1980s
0275910229: Uninformed Choice : The Failure of the New Presidential Nominating System (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275910318: The Pattern of Soviet Conduct in the Third World
0275910342: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Third World: Agenda 1983
0275910377: The Soviet Party-State: The Politics of Ideocratic Despotism
0275910385: Food Production and Public Policy in Developing Countries: Case Studies
0275910393: Monetarism, Theory and Policy (Praeger Studies in International Monetary Economics and Finance)
0275910407: Communications in Transition: Issues and Debates in Current Research
0275910415: Occupational Clinical Psychology
0275910423: Women on Film. The Critical Eye
0275910458: Marketing to Changing Consumer Markets: Environmental Scanning
0275910474: Leaves from Many Seasons
0275910482: The Losers: Gang Delinquency in an American Suburb
0275910490: Revolutionary Women
0275910504: Bias in Psychotherapy
0275910520: Homosexual Acts, Actors, and Identities
0275910601: Politics and Participation Under Communist Rule
0275910628: Fundamentals of Development Finance : A Practitioner's Guide
0275910644: Latin American Prospects for the 1980s
0275910660: Performance Requirements for Foreign Business: U.S. Management Response
0275910695: The Economics of Work Reorganization
0275910709: Business Firms and the Common Law: The Evolution of Efficient Rules
0275910725: Multinationals and Technology Transfer: The Canadian Experience
0275910741: Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interactions in Development
0275910768: Tillers: An Oral History of Family Farms in California
0275910776: Crisis Management in American Higher Education
0275910814: Social Cognition and Consumer Behaviour
0275910822: Psychology's Crisis of Disunity: Philosophy and Method for a Unified Science
0275910830: Shared Destiny: Near East Regional Development and Cooperation.
0275910849: Children's Counting Types : Philosophy, Theory and Application
0275910881: The Iran-Iraq War : Old Conflicts, New Weapons
0275910903: Working With the Elderly in Their Residences
0275910946: The Atlantic Alliance and Its Critics
0275910954: CREATING CHANGE IN SOCIAL SETTINGS Planned Program Development
0275910970: The Soviet Union and the Third World
0275910997: The Neutron Bomb Controversy: A Study in Alliance Politics
0275911004: Fish Biomechanics
0275911020: Brazil in Transition (Politics in Latin America)
0275911039: Methodological Issues in Chinese Studies
0275911047: Pathways to Prosperity: Choices for Success in the Information Age
0275911055: Japan and the Asian Development Bank
0275911071: State-Local Relations : A Partnership Approach
0275911101: Nomination Politics: Party Activists and Presidential Choice
0275911128: Changing Structure of the U.S. Economy
0275911136: The Literature of International Business Finance: A Bibliography of Selected Business and Academic Sources
0275911144: Child and the Day Care Setting: Qualitative Variations and Development
0275911152: Multinationals in a Changing Environment: A Study of Business-Government Relations in the Third World
0275911187: Municipal Productivity : A Comparison of Fourteen High-Quality-Service Cities
0275911217: Emergence of a New Lebanon: Fantasy or Reality
0275911233: Visions of Emancipation
0275911268: Union Power and New York
0275911276: Stress and Satisfaction on the Job: Work Meanings and Coping of Mid-Career Men
0275911284: Polish Politics Edge of the Abyss: Edge of the Abyss
0275911292: Venezuela (Politics in a Petroleum Republic)
0275911306: Inflation Accounting: Reporting of General and Specific Price Changes
0275911314: Parties and Democracy in Britain and America (American Political Parties & Elections S.)
0275911357: The Consumer Under Socialist Planning: The East German Case
0275911365: Cultures in Collision the Interaction of Canadian: The Interaction of Canadian and U.S. Television Broadcast Policies
0275911373: Attitudes and Behavior : An Annotated Bibliography
0275911438: Export Controls: Building Reasonable Commercial Ties with Political Adversaries
0275911446: Trade, Inflation & The Dollar,
0275911489: New Directions in Economic Policy,
0275911497: The OAU After Twenty Years (SAIS Studies on Africa)
0275911500: U.S. Wood-Based Industry : Industrial Organization and Performance
0275911519: The Social Progress of Nations
0275911551: Astrobusiness
0275911586: Critique and Anti-Critique
0275911594: Retirement: You're in Charge!
0275911608: With the Eyes of the Mind: An Empirical Analysis of Out of Body States
0275911624: Global Perspectives on Arms Control (Foreign Policy Issues)
0275911632: Black Colleges and Universities: Challenges for the Future
0275911640: Families and Change: Social Needs and Public Policies
0275911691: Greece and Yugoslavia an economic comparison
0275911705: Mind and Brain: Principles of Neuropsychology
0275911713: The Tripartite Relationship: Government, Foreign Investors, and Local Investors During Egypt's Economic Opening
0275911748: Security in Europe a Crisis of Confidence a Stud: A Crisis of Confidence : a Study of Military Security and the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe as a Political Instrument for Enhancing Confidence and Stability in Europe
0275911756: Effects of the Adoption of Woman Suffrage
0275911772: Latin America, Western Europe and the U.S.: Reevaluating the Atlantic Triangle
0275911799: Knowledge and Discretion in Government Regulation
0275911810: Qaddafi and the United States Since 1969
0275911888: The Latin American Community of Israel
0275911926: Life Change Events Research, 1966-1978: An annotated Bibliography of the Periodical Literature
0275911950: Critique of Marxist and Non-Marxist Thought
0275911969: Parties and Primaries: Nominating State Governors (American Political Parties and Elections)
0275911985: Economics of the Tobacco Industry
0275912000: Population and Survival: The Challenge in Five Countries.
0275912019: Guide to America - Holy Land Studies 1620-1948 Vol 4: Resource Material in...
0275912043: Islam
0275912078: U.S. National Health Policy: An Analysis of the Federal Role
0275912086: Commerce and the Spread of Pests and Disease Vectors
0275912094: Israeli Security Planning in the 1980s: Its Politics and Economics
0275912159: Client-Centered Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach : New Directions in Theory, Research and Practice
0275912167: Choosing an Electoral System
0275912183: City Women. Work, Jobs, Occupations, Careers. Volume 1: America
0275912191: The Martial Metropolis : U.S. Cities in War and Peace
0275912205: World Banking and Finance: Cooperation versus Conflict
0275912264: Federal Court Caseloads
0275912310: Presidential Popularity and the Economy.
0275912337: Environmental Consultation
0275912361: Steelworkers Rank & File the Political Economy O: The Political Economy of a Union Reform Movement
0275912396: Family Violence
0275912442: American Film and Society Since 1945
0275912450: Computers in the Doctor's Office.
0275912469: The Salaried Professional: How to Make the Most of Your Career
0275912531: Foundations of Psychology: Some Personal Views
0275912582: The Arab-Israeli Conflict: Perspectives
0275912590: Spain and the United States
0275912604: Hispanic Youth. Emerging Workers
0275912655: Service Industries and Economic Development
0275912663: Love, Marriage, and Friendship in the Soviet Union : Ideals and Practices
0275912671: Patron-Client State Relationships : Multilateral Crises in the Nuclear Age
0275912698: Quantitative Indicators in World Politics: Timely Assurance and Early Warning
0275912728: Competitors and Comrades
0275912736: Reconstructing the Federal Budget
0275912779: Electronic Media: A Guide to Trends in Broadcasting and Newer Technologies, 1920-83 (Praeger Special Studies)
0275912787: Determinants of Low Wages for Women Workers (Landmark Dissertations in Women's Studies)
0275912825: Universities and Women Faculty
0275912833: Class Struggle in Socialist Poland with Comparison: With Comparisons to Yugoslavia
0275912841: Turkey, the Politics of Authority, Democracy, and Development.
0275912868: Dilemma & the Computer Theory Research & Ap: Theory, Research, and Applications to Counseling Psychology
0275912876: Women in the World-System : The Impact on Status and Fertility
0275912892: America's Teacher Quality Problem Alternatives for: Alternatives for Reform
0275912914: Haiti: Political Failures, Cultural Successes (Politics in Latin America...
0275912922: U.S. Foreign Assistance : Investment or Folly?
0275912949: World Trade War
0275912957: The Political Economy of the Ivory Coast (SAIS Studies on Africa)
0275912973: International Space Law.
0275913007: Eye Care for Children: Guidelines
0275913015: Psychobiological Aspects of Allergic Disorders
0275913058: Silica, Silicosis and Cancer
0275913112: Yag Laser Bronchoscopy
0275913120: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid in the Regulation of Hormone Secretion (Endocrinology and Metabolism Series)
0275913139: Clinical Training and Health Care Costs: A Basic Curriculum for Medical Education
0275913155: The Psychology of Cosmetic Treatments
0275913163: Handbook of Critical Care Neurology and Neurosurgery
0275913198: Large Bowel Cancer: Clinical and Basic Science Research (Cancer Research Monographs Series), Vol. 3
0275913236: Clinical Trials in the Rheumatic Diseases
0275913244: Adapting to Life-Threatening Illness
0275913252: Small Comfort A History of the Minor Tranquilizers
0275913317: Genetics of Neurological Disorders
0275913341: Continuing Care For the Dying Patient, Family, and Staff. The Foundation ofThanatology Series 5
0275913368: Phenylpropanolamine
0275913384: Guide for Clinical Social Work in Health Care: New Biopsychosocial Approaches
0275913392: Centrifugal Analysers in Clinical Chemistry
0275913457: Controversies in Surgical Sepsis., Vol. 1
0275913465: Biocontrol of Medical and Veterinary Pests
0275913546: Transfer Across the Primate and Non Primate Placenta
0275913589: Resources for Health : Technology Assessment for Policy Making
0275913627: The Use and Abuse of Medicine
0275913678: Immunological Aspects of Mammalian Reproduction
0275913694: Environmental Epidemiology
0275913716: Psychosocial Factors Affecting Health
0275913740: Cryptorchidism and Related Anomalies.
0275913775: Diabetes Management in The'80s the Role of Home B: The Role of Home Blood Glucose Monitoring and New Insulin Delivery Systems
0275913813: Developmental Toxicology
0275913821: Immunoparasitology: Principles and Methods in Malaria and Schistosomiasis Research
0275913880: Language of Medicine : Its Evolution, Structure, and Dynamics
0275913899: Surgery in America from the Colonial Era to the Tw: From the Colonial Era to the Twentieth Century
0275913910: Tumors of the Head And Neck in Children: Clinicopathologic Perspectives
0275913988: Maxillofacial Trauma, an International Perspective
0275913996: Clinical Enzymology. (Methods in Laboratory Medicine)
0275914003: Mind and Immunity : Behavioral Immunology
0275914046: Models and Techniques in Medical Imaging Research
0275914054: Cellular Oncology : New Approaches in Biology, Diagnosis, and Treatment (Cancer Research Monographs)
0275914062: Concepts and Strategies in New Drug Development
0275914070: Cutaneous Infestations of Man and Animal
0275914097: Unwelcome Intruder
0275914135: Principles of Health Maintenance
0275914151: Basic Surgical Exercises Using Swine
0275914178: Clinical Pharmacokinetics
0275914194: Biology and Pathology of the Vessel Wall (Praeger Scientific)
0275914208: Gastric and Gastroduodenal Motility (Surgical Science Series)
0275914216: New Economic Health Care : Drugs Case Mix and Patients' Length of Stay
0275914224: Chronic Pain : The Psychotherapeutic Spectrum
0275914240: Working with the Family in Primary Care : A Systems Approach to Health and Illness
0275914259: Surgical judgment using decision sciences (Surgical Science Series Volume 3)
0275914267: Ultrastructure of Brain Tumors and Biopsies: A Diagnostic Atlas (Methods in Laboratory Medicine Series), Vol. 5
0275914275: Atlas of Extraocular Muscle Surgery.
0275914283: Sudden Cardiac Death in the Community.
0275914305: Child Health Care Communications the Johnson & Joh: The Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Round Table VIII
0275914364: Transplantation in the 1980s.
0275914399: Primary Care Research Encounter Records & the De: Encounter Records and the Denominator Problem
0275914429: International Research in Sexology Selected Papers: Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress (Sexual Medicine)
0275914445: Precursors of Gastric Cancer
0275914453: Cures by Psychotherapy: What Effects Change?
0275914488: Atlas Of Electroencephalography In The Dog And Cat
0275914518: Emerging Dimensions of Sexology : Selected Papers from the Proceedings of the Sixth World Congress of Sexology (Sexual Medicine)
0275914542: Physiologic Foundations of Perinatal Care
0275914585: Sociology of Mental Disorders
0275914623: Women in the Criminal Justice System
0275914631: Instructional Telecommunications: Principles and Applications
0275914658: On Infantry
0275914763: The Cycle of Violence: Assertive, Aggressive, and Abusive Family Interaction.
0275914771: Politics and Public Policy in Kenya and Tanzania
0275914836: Technology, Environment, and Human Values
0275914925: Women in the Criminal Justice System
0275914933: The Ethical Basis of Economic Freedom
0275915077: Understanding Television
0275915093: Independence of Nations
0275915182: Emerging Conceptual Frameworks in Family Analyses: With a New Introduction for the 1980's
0275915204: Between Money and Love: the Dialectics of Women's Home and Market Work
0275915271: Workspace: Creating Environments in Organizations
0275915379: Presidential Control of Foreign Policy: Management or Mishap (Washington Papers (Hardcover))
0275915417: Political and Social Thought in the Contemporary Middle East
0275915425: U.S. Policy Toward Japan and Korea: A Changing Influence Relationship.
0275915468: Mexican Politics : The Containment of Conflict (Politics in Latin America Ser.)
0275915476: Women and Work : A Psychological Perspective
0275915530: Saudi Arabian Modernization
0275915581: USSR and Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1980's
0275915638: Evolution of National Wildlife Law by Bean, Michael
0275915646: Living Poorly in America by
0275915743: America in the World A Guide to U.S. Foreign Policy
0275915751: U.S. Interests in Africa (The Washington Papers) - Paperback
0275915786: Looking Forword, Looking Back : A Decade of World Politics (The Washington Papers)
0275915794: The Politics of Economic Policy, France 1974-1982
0275915859: The Middle East Today
0275915948: Brazil in Transition
0275915964: Little People in America
0275915999: Politics and Public Policy in Kenya and Tanzania.
0275916030: American Political Theology : Historical Perspective and Theoretical Analysis
0275916081: Heritage : Civilization and the Jews: Source Reader
0275916111: Mexican Democracy
0275916154: Islam
0275916162: The American Role in Vietnam and East Asia: Between Two Revolutions
0275916235: Family Violence
0275916243: The United States and India
0275916278: Brazil: Politics in a Patrimonial Society Hardcover by Roett, Riordan
0275916286: Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable
0275916332: Arab-Israeli Conflict : Perspectives
0275916391: Political Communication in America
0275916421: Contemporary Issues in Political Theory
0275916448: Romania : 40 Years (1944-1984) (The Washington Papers)
0275916456: Multinational Institutions and the Third World
0275916480: Cuba : 25 Years of Revolution: 1959-1984
0275916499: China's Foreign Policy Toward the Third World. (The Washington Papers)
0275916510: Cognitive Counseling and Persons with Special Needs : Adapting Behavioral Approaches to the Social Context
0275916529: Soviet Politics: Russia After Brezhnev
0275916545: The Leadership Question: The Presidency and the American System
0275916561: Adolescent subcultures and delinquency
0275916626: The Soviet Union and Cuba: Interests and Influence
0275916669: SPAIN:STUDIES IN POLITICAL SECURITY. *(The Washington Papers #117)
0275916723: Police Leadership in America : Crisis and Opportunity
0275916758: Jump Cut : Hollywood and Counter-Cinema
0275916774: Russian Dilemma
0275916782: The Untapped Power of the Press: Explaining Government to the People
0275916839: Old Boys-New Women: The Politics of Sex Discrimination
0275916847: The New Manager's Guide to Success
0275916863: By Accident, Not Design: The Case for Comprehensive Injury Reparations
0275916871: Data Base Selection, Design, and Administration.
0275916901: Options for the future a comparative analysis of policy-oriented forecasts
0275916928: Advertising Strategy
0275916936: Business Management of General Consumer Magazines,
0275916944: Computer Applications in the Private Security Business
0275916952: Love Sex & Feminism a Philosophical Essay: A Philosophical Essay
0275916995: Michael Bakunin: Roots of Apocalypse
0275917002: Face the Future
0275917010: Business and Society in Japan: Fundamentals for Businessmen
0275917029: Beyond Industrialization: Ascendancy of the Global Service Economy
0275917053: Russia's Future the Communist Education of Soviet: The Communist Education of Soviet Youth
0275917096: Japanese Management
0275917126: Inflation Since 1945. Facts and Theories.
0275917142: HERITAGE & DESTINY
0275917177: Word Processing: First Step to the Office of the Future?
0275917185: Arms Deal : The Selling of the F-16
0275917207: The Three Worlds of Bali
0275917223: America's Other Voice:The Story of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty
0275917231: Marketing Financial Services
0275917274: Dominant Women Submissive Men: an Exploration in Erotic Dominance and Submission.
0275917304: The Technological Woman : Interfacing with Tomorrow
0275917312: ACTRESSES AND SUFFRAGISTS; Women in the American Theatre 1890-1920
0275917320: Offshore Haven Banks, Trusts and Companies : The Business of Crime in the Euromarket
0275917339: The Vietnam Veteran: A History of Neglect
0275917347: America's Future: Transition to the 21st Century
0275917355: The tsar's lieutenant: The Soviet marshal
0275917363: Representing America Experiences of U.S. Diplomats at the UN
0275917371: Contending with Kennan toward a philosophy of American power
0275917398: The Firm Bond : Linking Meaning and Mission in Business and Religion
0275917428: Corporate Tragedies : Product Tampering, Sabotage and Other Catastrophes
0275917452: Business Management of General Consumer Magazines.
0275917460: Beyond The Green Line: Israeli Settlements West of the Jordan
0275917525: Women Shaping Art: Profiles of
0275917533: Women's Film and Female Experience
0275917541: The Competition
0275917584: Paper Prophets : A Social Critique of Accounting
0275917592: Chinese Reflections : Americans Teaching in the Peoples' Republic
0275917606: Motherhood and Mourning : Perinatal Death
0275917614: Knowledge of Language : Its Nature, Origins and Use
0275917622: Financing Your Film : A Guide for Independent Filmmakers and Producers
0275917665: Nicaragua in Revolution
0275917738: Development by People : Citizen Construction of a Just World
0275917754: THE AMERICAN LEFT: Failures & Fortunes,
0275917789: Badge and the Bullet : Police Use of Deadly Force
0275917819: Sixties Papers
0275917835: The double-edged helix genetic engineering in the real world
0275917886: Television Myth and the American Mind
0275917908: Emerging Cosmology
0275917924: Creation and Evolution
0275917940: American Film and Society Since 1945
0275917991: Science and Moral Priority: Merging Mind, Brain, and Human Values
0275918009: Roots to Power : A Manual for Grassroots Organizing
0275918076: Television and the Red Menace: The Video Road to Vietnam
0275918092: Ending Hunger: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
0275918106: Women/Men/Management
0275918114: A Future That Will Work: Competitiveness AND Compassion
0275918157: Venezuela: The Democratic Experience
0275918181: The Political economy of Nigeria
0275920011: The International Businesswoman: A Guide to Success in the Global Marketplace
0275920038: Japanese School
0275920046: Trinidad and Tobago : Democracy and Development in the Caribbean
0275920054: Taxation in the Soviet Union
0275920062: Japanese-U. S. Business Negotiations : A Cross-Cultural Study
0275920089: The Supreme Court and the First Amendment
0275920097: The Medicare System of Prospective Payment. Implications for Medical Education and Practice
0275920100: Economists in International Agencies : An Exploratory Study
0275920119: Persistent Patterns and Emergent Structures in a Waning Century (New Dimensions in International Studies)
0275920127: The Obedience Experiments: A Case Study of Controversy in Social Science
0275920135: Class, State, and Democracy in Jamaica
0275920151: The New Republic: A Voice of Modern Liberalism
0275920178: Urban Neighborhoods
0275920186: Regional Emigration and Remittances in Developing Countries
0275920194: Positive Approaches to Living With End Stage Renal Disease: Psychosocial and Thanatologic Aspects
0275920208: Puerto Rican Poverty and Migration: We Just Had to Try Elsewhere
0275920216: Soviet Images of Dissidents and Nonconformists
0275920240: The Monetary Approach to International Adjustment: Revised Edition
0275920259: Passbook Number F. 47927: Women and Mau Mau in Kenya.
0275920313: Renal Complications of Neoplasia
0275920321: Development Banking in Mexico. The Case of the Nacional Financiera, S.A.
0275920348: Municipal Ownership in the Electric Utility Industry
0275920399: Beyond Public Education
0275920402: Diplomat in Chief: The President at the Summit
0275920410: Service-Led Growth : The Role of the Service Sector in World Development
0275920437: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in the Workplace : Employee Assistance Programs
0275920445: Swiss Way of Welfare
0275920488: Latin American Views of United States Policy: Politics of Latin America (Politics in Latin America S.)
0275920518: The Practice of Newspaper Management - Hardcover
0275920526: Star Wars The Strategic Defense Initiative Debates in Congress
0275920534: Japanese School : Lessons for Industrial America
0275920542: Meditations on Modern Political Thought
0275920550: Meditations on Modern Political Thought
0275920569: Labor-Management Cooperation in a Public Service Industry
0275920593: The Discovery of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Lessons in the Practice of Political Medicine,
0275920615: Organization Development in the Mining Industry theory and practice.
0275920631: Equal Pay for Comparable Worth: The Working Woman's Issue of the Eighties.
0275920682: Managerial and Technical Motivation : Assessing Needs for Achievement, Power and Affiliation
0275920712: Conflict and Crisis in Rural America
0275920720: Toward a New Understanding of Literacy
0275920739: Africans : A Reader
0275920747: Africans, by Levine, Study Guide
0275920771: Corporate Planning : A Systems View
0275920801: The Adolescent Dilemma: International Perspectives on the Family Planning Rights of Minors
0275920828: The Cloistered Virtue: Freedom of Speech and the Administration of Justice in the Western World
0275920836: Black Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
0275920844: The Latin American Military Institution (Politics in Latin America)
0275920852: The Minimum Wage in the Restaurant Industry
0275920879: Studies in International Macroeconomics
0275920895: Educational Policies in Crisis: Japanese and American Perspectives (Praeger Special Studies in Comparative Education)
0275920909: With Eyes Toward Zion: Themes and Sources in the Archives of the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, and Israel
0275920917: Future Computer and Information Systems: The Uses of the Next Generation Computer and Information Systems
0275920925: Diabetes and Pregnancy : Teratology, Toxicity and Treatment
0275920933: Strategies for classroom discipline
0275920941: Universities and State Governments: A Study in Policy Analysis
0275920968: Motivation, Thought, and Action
0275920976: Japanese Multinationals in the United States : Case Studies
0275920984: City Women in America : Work, Jobs, Occupation, Careers.
0275920992: In Search Of New Organizational Paradigms
0275921018: Revitalizing the U.S. Economy
0275921026: Continuing medical education a primer
0275921034: Narrative Psychology : The Storied Nature of Human Conduct
0275921042: Production, Distribution, and Growth in Transitional Economies (Praeger Series in Political Economy)
0275921050: Managerial Ideology and the Social Control of Deviance in Organizations
0275921069: Adult Development
0275921107: The Social Dimensions of AIDS : Method and Theory
0275921115: Overseas Acquisitions and Mergers
0275921123: Assessment and Treatment of the Elderly Neuropsychiatric Patient. Advances in Neurogerontology Volume 4
0275921131: Policy and Methods in German and American Antitrust Law : A Comparative Study
0275921158: Petroleum and Structural Change in a Developing Country: The Case of Nigeria
0275921166: The Left Academy: Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses, Volume Three.
0275921174: The Left Academy : Marxist Scholarship on American Campuses (Volume Three)
0275921190: Financial, Commercial, and Mortgage Mathematics and Their Applications
0275921204: Urban Policy Problems. Federal Policy and Institutional Change
0275921212: Contextualism and Understanding in Behavioral Science: Implicatoins for Research and Theory
0275921247: The steel crisis; the economics and politics of a declining industry.
0275921255: Making of Spanish Democracy
0275921263: The Motorization of American Cities
0275921298: Hepatic Transplantation
0275921301: Human Productivity Enhancement: Training and Human Factors in Systems Design Volume 1
0275921328: Participatory Democracy, hc, 1986
0275921344: Puerto Rican Woman
0275921352: Oil, Turmoil, and Islam in the Middle East
0275921360: Nurturing Advanced Technology Enterprises : Emerging Issues in State and Local Economic Development Policy
0275921379: Nationalism and Modernity: A Mediterranean Perspective,
0275921395: The Struggle for Equality Urban Women Workers in Prestate Israeli Society
0275921417: Turkey and the United States: The Arms Embargo Period
0275921425: Japan's Market: The Distribution System
0275921441: The Roots of State Intervention in the Brazilian Economy
0275921468: Emerging Powers. Defense and Security in the Third World
0275921476: Organizational Transformation : Approaches, Strategies, and Theories
0275921484: Examination of Basic Weaknesses of Income as the Major Federal Tax Base...
0275921492: The Kondratieff Waves
0275921514: Reaching for the High Frontier
0275921522: The Gulf Cooperation Council policies, problems, and prospects
0275921530: The Pastoral Role in Caring for the Dying and Bereaved: Pragmatic and Ecumenical (The Foundation of Thanatology Series)
0275921557: Revolutionary Grenada : A Study in Political Economy
0275921565: State-Owned Enterprises in High Technology Industries - Studies in India and Brazil
0275921573: Bacterial Vaccines
0275921581: The Future of Electrical Energy: A Regional Perspective of an Industry in Transition
0275921603: Nuclear Winter, Deterrence and the Prevention of Nuclear War
0275921611: Sink or Swim
0275921638: Human Productivity Enhancement: Organizations, Personnel, and Decision Making, Volume 2
0275921654: International Regulation of Transnationa
0275921662: Superpowers and Revolution
0275921697: Internationalization of Capital
0275921700: Electrical Stimulation : Its Role in Growth, Repair and Remodeling of the Musculoskeletal System
0275921719: Sexual Exploitation of Patients by Health Professionals
0275921735: Inside Doctoring : Stages and Outcomes in the Professional Development of Physicians
0275921751: Presidential Communication: Description and Analysis
0275921778: Marketing Management Technology as a Social Process
0275921786: Images of the Disabled-Disabling Images
0275921794: Consumer Behavior and Energy Policy
0275921816: Economic Development in the Caribbean
0275921832: The Caribbean Exodus
0275921840: Pregnancy for Older Women : Assessing the Medical Risks
0275921859: The Constitutional System: The Group Character of the Elected Institutions
0275921867: International Security and Arms Control
0275921883: Intervention on Trial: The New York War Crimes Tribunal on Central America and the Caribbean
0275921891: Intervention on Trial: The New York War Crimes Tribunal on Central America and the Caribbean
0275921905: Israel Faces the Future
0275921913: Character Development in Schools and Beyond
0275921921: Self-Congruity: Toward a Theory of Personality and Cybernetics
0275921956: The Management of Change: Administrative Logistics and Actions
0275922006: Managing Water Resources. Environmental Regeneration Series
0275922049: Mutual Gains
0275922103: Policy Makers and Critics : Conflicting Theories of American Foreign Policy; Second Edition
0275922138: Language Competence: Implications for National Security
0275922146: Language Competence : Implications for National Security (119) (The Washington Papers, No. 119)
0275922154: Arab States and the Palestine Question
0275922162: The Arab States and the Palestine Question : Between Ideology and Self-Interest (The Washington Papers)
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