0275922170: Canada and Collective Security. Odd Man Out. The Washington Papers, Volume 121
0275922189: Canada and Collective Security
0275922197: Military Assistance in Recent Wars
0275922200: Military Assistance in Recent Wars: The Dominance of the Superpowers
0275922219: The Central American Refugees.
0275922227: Division and Detente
0275922294: Writing for Your Peers
0275922316: Responding to America's Homeless. Public Policy Alternatives
0275922375: Planning environmental health programs
0275922391: Strategic War Termination
0275922472: World Hunger: A Neo-Malthusian Perspective
0275922502: Critical Issues, Developments and Trends in Professional Psychology
0275922537: Sexual Intimacy Between Therapists and Patients
0275922553: Insurance in the Soviet Union
0275922588: Reverse Licensing: International Technology Transfer to the United States
0275922596: Clandestine Radio Broadcasting: A Study of Revolutionary and Counterrevolutionary Electronic Communication
0275922626: Capital-Labor Relations in the U.S. Textile Industry
0275922634: Human Ethics in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology
0275922642: Human Values in Critical Care Medicine
0275922731: Accounting and Tax Aspects of Computer Software Manufacturers
0275922766: The Economic Principles of European Integration
0275922774: The Economic Principles of European Integration
0275922812: Occupational Stress and Organizational Effectiveness
0275922928: The Making of United States International Economic Policy: Principles, Problems, and Proposals for Reform
0275923037: Gandhi on War and Peace
0275923061: Northern Ireland : Living with the Crisis
0275923096: Slum and Squatter Settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa : Toward a Planning Strategy
0275923118: A Conceptual Approach to Management
0275923126: Nuclear Weapons, Policies, and the Test Ban Issue
0275923142: Subnational Politics in the 1980's: Organization, Reorganization and Economic Development
0275923150: Politics of Colombia
0275923169: Economic Activities of Business
0275923177: Organizational Change and the Third World : Designs for the Twenty-First Century
0275923185: Marketing Megaworks: The Top 150 Books and Articles
0275923193: Collaborative Health Care : A Family-Oriented Model
0275923215: From Potsdam to Poland: American Policy Toward Eastern Europe
0275923223: Crime, Fear, and the New York City Subways: The Role of Citizen Action
0275923231: Mothers of Sons: Towards an Understanding of Responsibility
0275923274: Monetary Policy and Rational Expectations
0275923282: The Structure of Police Organizations
0275923290: Work Stress : Health Care Systems in the Workplace
0275923320: Commercializing Sdi Technologies
0275923339: The Business of Public Relations
0275923363: Environmental Monitoring, Assessment and Management : The Agenda for Long-Term Research and Development
0275923398: Geochemical & Hydrologic Processes & The
0275923401: Subjective Side of Strategy Making
0275923428: Handbook of Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
0275923452: The Pshychosocial Development Of Puerto Rican Women
0275923479: Japanese Direct Manufacturing Investment in the United States
0275923487: Theories of Intergroup Relations: International Social Psychological Perspectives
0275923509: Challenges to Deterrence : Resources, Technology and Policy
0275923517: From Whistle Stop to Sound Bite : Four Decades of Politics and Television
0275923525: Neither Confirm nor Deny : The Nuclear Ships Dispute Between New Zealand and the United States
0275923533: Structural Change in an Urban Industrial Region
0275923541: Strategies for Joint Ventures in the People's Republic of China
0275923568: Issues in International Trade and Development Policy
0275923576: The Practice of Management Development
0275923592: Health and Fitness in the Workplace : Health Education in Business Organizations
0275923614: Managing Export Entry and Expansion : Concepts and Practice
0275923622: Housing Issues of the Nineties
0275923630: Not So Free to Choose
0275923649: The Symlog Practitioner: Applications of Small Group Research
0275923657: Clinical Marker hCG
0275923673: United States Service Industries Handbook
0275923681: The Ultimate Deterrent
0275923703: Gay and Lesbian Parents
0275923711: The Problem Isn't Age: Work and Older Americans
0275923738: Marx and Engels on the Trade Unions
0275923754: Financing Local Infrastructure in Non-metropolitan Areas
0275923762: Economic Feasibility of Recycling : A Case Study of Plastic Wastes
0275923800: Southern Africa: An American Enigma
0275923886: Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Disorders
0275923908: Work and Illness: The Cancer Patient
0275923916: Re-Biographing and Deviance: Psychotherapeutic Narrativism and the Midrash
0275923932: Ambassadors in Foreign Policy: Influence of Individuals on United States/Latin American Foreign Policy
0275923983: Transracial Adoptees and Their Families : A Study of Identity and Commitment
0275924017: First and Second Marriages Changing Issues in the Family
0275924033: Regional Planning: Introduction & Explanation
0275924068: Processes in Cutaneous Epidermal Differentiation: Proceedings of the United States-Japan Joint Seminar, 1985
0275924084: Toward a Chicano Social Science
0275924106: Ally Versus Ally: America, Europe, and the Siberian Pipeline Crisis
0275924149: Real Estate Market Analysis: Methods and Applications
0275924157: Hidden Aspects of Women's Work
0275924173: America's Changing Role in the World-System
0275924262: U.S. National Economic Policy, 1917-1985
0275924297: Private Means Public Ends
0275924300: Current Conceptions of Sex Roles and Sex Typing. Theory and Research
0275924319: Beyondism : Religion from Science
0275924335: Sex Differences in Political Participation: Processes of Change in Fourteen Nations
0275924343: Prospects for Change in Socialist Systems: Challenges and Responses
0275924386: Acute Myocardial Infarction
0275924408: Democracy: A Worldwide Survey
0275924440: Ethics in Health Services Management
0275924505: Modern Welfare States: Politics and Policies in Social Democratic Scandanavia - Hardcover
0275924513: Economic Processes and Political Conflicts: Contributions to Modern Political Economy
0275924564: The Foundations of Aesthetics, Art and Art Education
0275924602: Estranged Twins: Education and Society in the Two Germanies
0275924629: Intellectuals in Liberal Democracies: Political Influence and Social Involvement
0275924645: Elements of Newspaper Design
0275924653: Expressively Black : The Cultural Basis of Ethnic Identity
0275924718: Time and the Nervous System
0275924726: Managing Regulatory Reform The Reagan Strategy And Its Impact
0275924734: Management Auditing As a Regulatory Tool : The New York State Experience
0275924750: Meaning of Work in Israel : Its Nature and Consequences
0275924769: Quiet Evolution
0275924785: Democracy in Latin America Columbia & Ve
0275924793: How the War Was Remembered : Hollywood and Vietnam
0275924807: Life Change, Life Events, and Illness
0275924815: Managing Human Productivity. People Are Your Best Investment
0275924831: Trading Technology: Europe and Japan in the Middle East
0275924890: Leadership and Negotiation in the Middle East
0275924904: Europe in NATO, Deterrence, Defense, and Arms Control -
0275924912: Future of Health and Health Care Systems in the Industrialized Societies
0275924920: From Open Door to Dutch Door: Analysis of United States Immigration Policy Since 1820
0275924947: U.S.-China Trade: Problems and Prospects
0275924955: Accountability and the Business State
0275925056: The Brazilian Economy
0275925099: Understanding United States Government Growth
0275925145: Nonfinancial Economics : The Case for Shorter Hours of Work
0275925188: International Issues In Social Economy Studies In The United States And Greece
0275925218: Language, Meaning, and Culture : The Selected Papers of C. E. Osgood
0275925226: Soviet Politics from Brezhnev to Gorbachev
0275925234: Sexual Aspects of Cardiovascular Disease
0275925242: Asian Contributions to Psychology
0275925269: Psychoendocrinology of Human Sexual Behavior (Sexual Medicine)
0275925293: Empire and Emancipation: Power and Liberation on a World Scale
0275925315: Toward a Chicano Social Science
0275925331: Rape, Incest, and Sexual Harassment
0275925390: Regional Planning: Introduction and Explanation
0275925412: Gay and Lesbian Parents
0275925439: Karl Marx and Prophetic Politics
0275925447: Urban Transportation Planning in the United States : An Historical Overview
0275925463: Regionalism and Regional Devolution in Comparative Perspective
0275925471: Regionalization : Issues in Intensive Care for High Risk Newborns and their Families
0275925501: The Open Covenant
0275925528: Transient Criminality: A Model of Stress-Induced Crime
0275925536: Management and Industry in China
0275925587: Children and Death Vol. 9 : Perspectives from Birth Through Adolescence
0275925595: Alcohol and Sexuality
0275925617: Soviet Public Opinion and Ideology
0275925641: Jewish Agenda : Essay in Contemporary Jewish Life
0275925676: Regional Long Waves, Uneven Growth & the Cooperative Alternative
0275925706: Social Change And Women's Reproductive Health Care
0275925722: Public Utilities and the Poor: Rights and Responsibilities
0275925765: Recapturing Marxism: An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory
0275925803: Changing Fortunes: Industrial Sectors and Workers' Earnings
0275925838: The American Search For Mideast Peace
0275925846: Western Europe and the Crisis in U. S. - Soviet Relations
0275925862: History of Endocrine Surgery
0275925935: The Political Economy of Morocco: (Sais Studies On Africa)
0275925951: Legal Medicine Annual (Legal Medicine Series)
0275925978: Visions of Emancipation
0275925986: Fifteen Minute Hour: Applied Psychotherapy for the Primary Care Physician
0275925994: Women's Film and Female Experience, 1940-1950
0275926001: The Crisis of Mexican Labor
0275926028: Socialist Authority
0275926036: The Primetime Presidency of Ronald Reagan: The Era of the Television Presidency
0275926044: On Edge
0275926060: Cognition and Personal Structure : Computer Access and Analysis
0275926079: Absentee Entrepreneurship and the Dynamics of the Motor Vehicle Industry in Argentina
0275926087: The Trampled Grass : Tributary States and Self-Reliance in the Indian Ocean Zone of Peace (Contributions in political science)
0275926095: Educating Managers of Nonprofit Organizations
0275926109: Econometrics of Energy Demand
0275926133: Trends in World Social Development
0275926141: Struggle for Black Empowerment in New Yo
0275926168: Ally Versus Ally : America, Europe, and the Siberian Pipeline Crisis
0275926184: Troubles on the East Bank : Challenges to the Domestic Stability of Jordan (The
0275926206: Unmarried in Later Life
0275926214: Cast-off Youth : Policy and Training Methods from the Military Experience
0275926222: Supercomputers
0275926230: Discharge for Cause: Arbitral Enforcement Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement
0275926249: Rhythm and Resistance Explorations in the Political Uses of Popular Music
0275926257: European Security Beyond the Year 2000: Hardcover by Rudney, Robert S...
0275926281: From Open Door to Dutch Door
0275926303: Writing for Your Peers
0275926311: Beyond Public Education
0275926354: Karl Marx & Prophetic Politics
0275926389: Recapturing Marxism : An Appraisal of Recent Trends in Sociological Theory
0275926400: Non-Aligned, the Un, and the Superpowers
0275926419: Conservative Mythology and Public Policy in America
0275926427: Personal Sociology:
0275926435: Clergywomen and Their World Views: Calling for a New Age
0275926486: Neuropsychological Bases of God Beliefs
0275926494: Business of Public Relations
0275926516: Economic Management,Income Distribution, and Poverty in Jamaica
0275926524: Communicating for Survival
0275926532: Urban Shelter and Services. Public Policies and Management Approaches
0275926540: Contemporary Trends in World Terrorism
0275926559: Blacks in Southern Politics: Hardcover by Moreland, Laurence W.; Steed...
0275926567: The Inter-American Dilemma
0275926575: Correlation of Forces: Four Decades of Soviet Military Development
0275926583: Mothers of Sons: Towards an Understanding of Responsibility.
0275926621: Defenders of the Faith : Religion and Politics from Pilgrim Fathers to Ronald Reagan
0275926656: Occult Nodal Metastasis in Solid Carcinomata.
0275926664: Satyajit Ray: A Study of His Films
0275926672: The Making of a Pariah State: The Adventurist Politics of Muammar Qaddafi
0275926680: Productivity and Value: The Political Economy of Measuring Progress
0275926699: International Banking and World Economic Growth: The Outlook for the Late 1980's
0275926702: Essays on the Yugoslav Economic Model
0275926710: Soviet Ideologies in the Period of Glasnost
0275926729: The Political Economy of Kenya: (SAIS Studies on Africa)
0275926737: Voter Mobilization and the Politics of Race: The South and Universal Suffrage, 1952-1984.
0275926753: Australian Movies and the American Dream
0275926761: Transplanting Religious Traditions
0275926788: Voice of the Universe : Building the Jodrell Bank Telescope
0275926796: Voice of the Universe: Building the Jodrell Bank Telescope
0275926818: Time Dimension : An Interdisciplinary Guide
0275926826: Public Relations Programming and Production
0275926834: Managing Conflict : An Interdisciplinary Approach
0275926842: Handbook of Task Analysis Procedures
0275926869: Design in Familiar Places. What Makes Home Environments Look Good
0275926885: Burnout In Blue : Managing the Police Marginal Performer
0275926907: Yemin Moshe: The Story of a Jerusalem Neighbourhood
0275926923: The Persistence of Patriarchy: Class, Gender, and Ideology in Twentieth Century Algeria
0275926958: American Cultural Pluralism and the Law
0275926966: American Cultural Pluralism and the Law
0275926974: Weight Control: A Guide for Counsellors and Therapists
0275926982: The Nature of Information
0275927016: Soviet Union Under Gorbachev
0275927024: The Soviet Union Under Gorbachev : Assessing the First Year
0275927032: The Constitution Under Pressure: A Time for Change
0275927040: Constitution Under Pressure a Time for Change,The
0275927059: Prisoners of Welfare : Liberating America's Poor from Unemployment and Low Wages
0275927083: Year by Year in the Rock Era
0275927091: Ethnic Phenomenon
0275927105: Ethics of Withdrawal of Life Support Systems: Case Studies in Decision Making in Intensive Care
0275927113: To Serve With Honor: A Treatise on Military Ethics and the Way of the Soldier
0275927121: Joe Dimaggio Baseballs Yankee Clipper
0275927148: Americas Musical Stage
0275927156: U.S.-Latin American Relations
0275927164: Foreign Capital and Technology in China
0275927172: Direct Foreign Investment: Costs and Benefits
0275927199: International Organizations : A Comparative Approach
0275927202: International Organizations
0275927229: The Caribbean After Grenada: Revolution, Conflict, and Democracy
0275927237: Captive Populations : Caring for the Young, the Sick, the Imprisoned, and the Elderly
0275927245: Women's Careers
0275927253: Unsportsmanlike Conduct
0275927261: Contemporary American Immigrants
0275927296: Romulo
0275927318: Strategies For Classroom Discipline
0275927326: Soviet Politics from Brezhnev to Gorbachev
0275927342: Older Offenders
0275927350: Instruction : Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
0275927369: Media-Visions: The Art and Industry of Mass Communication
0275927377: Mediavisions: The Art and Industry of Mass Communications.
0275927385: United States Naval Power in a Changing World:
0275927393: Enduring Values: Women in Popular Culture
0275927407: The Hispanic Experience in the United States: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
0275927423: Psychological Foundations of Economic Behavior
0275927458: Television Studies : Textual Analysis
0275927466: Making Television : Authorship and the Production Process
0275927474: Creating the Welfare State : The Political Economy of Twentieth-Century Reform
0275927490: Teaching Critical Thinking
0275927504: Frontiers of Medical Information Sciences
0275927512: Albert Ellis : Passionate Skeptic
0275927520: Dancing on a Volcano
0275927539: Psychology of Conflict and Combat
0275927547: A Modern Mephistopheles and Taming a Tartar
0275927555: Adult Development : Models and Methods in the Study of Adolescent and Adult Thought
0275927571: Lyrical Protest: Black Music's Struggle Against Discrimination
0275927601: Organizations and Ethical Individualism
0275927652: Early Adolescence And The Search For Self
0275927660: Yankee Red: Nonorthodox Marxism in Liberal America
0275927679: Decline of the Russian Peasant Household
0275927687: Decline of the Russian Peasant Household
0275927695: Czechoslovakia: Charter 77's Decade of Dissent (Washington Papers (Hardcover))
0275927709: Czechoslovakia, Charter 77's Decade of Dissent
0275927717: South Africa's Security Dilemmas
0275927725: South Africa's Security Dilemmas (Washington Papers (Paperback))
0275927733: North Africa Regional Tensions & STR
0275927741: North Africa : Regional Tensions and Strategic Concerns; Revised and Updated Edition
0275927768: Jailed for Peace: The History of American Draft Law Violators, 1658-1985
0275927776: Cross, the Flag, and the Bomb
0275927784: Ban the Bomb : A History of SANE, The Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy, 1957-1985
0275927792: Disease and Its Control : The Shaping of Modern Thought
0275927806: A Modern Mephistopheles and Taming a Tartar
0275927814: Ethics In Health Services Management
0275927822: World Socialism at the Crossroads: An Insider's View
0275927830: Show Trials
0275927849: Campaigns, Congress and the Courts : the amking of federal Campaign Finance Law
0275927857: The Social and Political Implications of the 1984
0275927865: Sport and Politics
0275927881: The Soviet Challenge in the 1990s
0275927911: Challenging le Gaulle : The O. A. S. and the Counter-Revolution in Algeria, 1954-1962
0275927938: Sunrise at Abadan : The British and Soviet Invasion of Iran, 1941
0275927946: Ideological Control in Nonideological Organizations
0275927954: Small Island Economies: Structure and Performance in the English-Speaking Caribbean Since 1970
0275927962: Net-Energy Analysis and the Energy Requirements of Energy Systems
0275927970: Property, Power, and Public Choice : An Inquiry Into Law and Economics
0275927989: Micro-Electronics and Clothing : The Impact of Technical Change on a Global Industry
0275928020: Land Use Regulation
0275928039: Non-Traditional Agriculture and Economic Development
0275928047: Urban Illusions: New Approaches to Inner City Unemployment
0275928055: Politics in Central America : Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua
0275928063: Stalemate : Political Economic Origins of Supply-Side Policy
0275928071: Self-Employment for Low Income People
0275928128: War Memorials as Political Landscape: The American Experience and Beyond
0275928144: Promoting Democracy: Opportunities and Issues (Gethsemani Studies in Psychological and Religious Anthropolo)
0275928187: The Reproduction of Social Control: A Study of Prison Workers at San Quentin
0275928209: No Comment!: An Executive's Essential Guide to the News Media
0275928217: Client-Centered Therapy and the Person-Centered Approach : New Directions in Theory, Research, and Practice
0275928225: Crisis in Allende's Chile : New Perspectives
0275928233: The Political Economy of Venezuelan Oil:
0275928241: Interior Space: Design Concepts for Personal Needs
0275928268: Managing Organizational Change
0275928276: The Great American Crime Myth
0275928284: Property, Power, and Public Choice: An Inquiry into Law and Economics...
0275928292: Russian Democracy's Fatal Blunder
0275928314: The Insanity Defense
0275928330: Peace: Meanings, Politics, Strategies
0275928349: Peace Paperback by Forcey, Linda Rennie
0275928357: Parent-Child Interaction and Developmental Disabilities : Theory, Research, and Intervention
0275928365: Canadian-American Economic Relations: Conflict and Cooperation on a Continental Scale.
0275928403: The Political Economy of Romanian Socialism
0275928411: Soviet Submarine Operations in Swedish Waters: 1980-1986 (The Washington Papers).
0275928438: Theory and Practice of Third World Solidarity
0275928454: The Judaic State: A Study in Rabbinic Political Theory
0275928497: Oil and Development in Venezuela During the Twentieth Century
0275928500: American Psychology in the Quest for Nuclear Peace:
0275928519: Socioeconomic Aspects of Renewable Energy Technologies:
0275928527: Asbestos in the Schools A Guide for Schools Administrators, Teachers, and Parents
0275928543: The Emergence of the South Lebanon Security Belt : Major Saad Haddad and the Ties with Israel, 1975-1978
0275928551: The State, Bureaucracy, and Revolution in Modern Iran: Agrarian Reforms and Regime Politics
0275928578: Can We Teach Ethics?
0275928586: In the Business of Child Care
0275928594: The Medical Offset Effect and Public Health Policy: Mental Health Industry in Transition
0275928608: School and Society
0275928616: Nervous Laughter : Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology
0275928659: Foreign Trade Strategies, Employment, and Income Distribution in Brazil
0275928667: Microcomputer Applications in City Planning and Management
0275928675: Mexico's Economic Crisis
0275928683: West Germany: Internal Structures and External Relations Foreign Policy of the Federal Republic of Germany
0275928713: Public Relations Research
0275928764: Canada: The Strategic and Military Pawn
0275928780: Refugees : Extended Exile (The Washington Papers)
0275928799: Angola, Mozambique, and the West: (The Washington Papers)
0275928802: Angola, Mozambique, and the West (Washington Papers (Paperback))
0275928810: The Arab Gulf States: Steps Toward Political Participation (Media and Society Series)
0275928829: The Arab Gulf States: Steps Toward Political Participation
0275928837: Politics in Central America : Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua
0275928845: Games of Chicken: Four Decades of U.S. Nuclear Policy
0275928853: Dynamic Program Management : From Defense Experience to Commercial Application
0275928861: Antarctica and South American Geopolitics: Frozen Lebensraum
0275928888: Entrepreneurs of Profit and Pride: From Black-Appeal to Radio Soul
0275928918: The Employer's Guide to Child Care. Developing Programs for Working Parents. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
0275928934: Everything Is Changing
0275928942: Permissible Computing in Education: Values, Assumptions, and Needs
0275928950: Public Relations Writing
0275928969: Public Relations Writing
0275928977: Growth, Development, and the Service Economy in the Third World
0275928993: Toward Two Societies : The Changing Distributions of Income and Wealth in the U. S. since 1960
0275929019: Living with Difference : Families with Dwarf Children
0275929027: Insurgency Through Culture and Religion : The Islamic Revolution of Iran
0275929035: Insurance in Socialist East Europe:
0275929051: China's Political Reforms : An Interim Report
0275929078: U.S. National Economic Policy 1917-1985
0275929108: Hollywood Auteur : Francis Coppola
0275929116: Public Relations and Community : A Reconstructed Theory
0275929124: Casting Couch and Other Front Row Seats : Women in Films of the 1970s and 1980s
0275929132: Emotional Disturbance in Adopted Adolescents: Origins and Development
0275929159: Loyalists and Revolutionaries: Political Leaders Compared
0275929175: Qualitative Approaches to Evaluation in Education
0275929183: MacArthur and Sutherland : The Good Years
0275929191: Bitter Years : MacArthur and Sutherland
0275929205: South-South Trade : Trends, Issues, and Obstacles to Its Growth
0275929221: Biting the Hand That Feeds Them : Organizing Women on Welfare at the Grass Roots Level
0275929248: Military Personnel Measurement : Testing, Assignment, Evaluation
0275929264: Technology Transfer in the Developing World: The Case of the Chile Foundation.
0275929272: Electric Power: An Industry at a Crossroads
0275929280: Abandonment of Delinquent Behavior
0275929299: U.S.-China Trade: Problems and Prospects.
0275929302: Japanese Stock Market : Pricing Systems and Accounting Information
0275929329: The Strategy of Soviet Imperialism - Expansion in Eurasia
0275929337: Openness in Adoption
0275929345: Urban State Universities: An Unfinished National Agenda
0275929353: Governments and Markets in Economic Development Strategies
0275929361: Enlightened Soldier Scharnhorst & the E
0275929388: Has Freedom a Future? (Convergence Ser.)
0275929396: Writing a Living Will : Using a Durable Power-of-Attorney
0275929418: Technology Management: Applications for Corporate Markets and Military Missions
0275929434: Dia-Logo Therapy : Psychonarration and the Pardes
0275929442: Advances in Plant Nutrition
0275929469: Ideological Budgeting: The Influence of Political Philosophy on Public Policy
0275929477: Writing for the Computer Screen
0275929485: Healing Their Wounds : Psychotherapy with Holocaust Survivors and Their Families
0275929493: Export Marketing Handbook:
0275929507: Equity Market Development in Developing Countries
0275929531: Sexual Intimacy Between Therapists and Patients
0275929558: U.S.-Mexican Economic Relations
0275929566: Federal Lab Technology Transfer: Issues and Policies
0275929574: Creative Democracy: Systematic Conflict Resolution and Policymaking in a World of High Science and Technology
0275929604: Oil and Labor in the Middle East : Saudi Arabia and the Oil Boom
0275929612: Rexford G. Tugwell
0275929620: Women Directors : The Emergence of a New Cinema
0275929647: United States International Competitiveness: Evolution or Revolution
0275929655: Psychological Profiles of Conjoined Twins : Heredity, Environment, and Identity
0275929663: Professional Responsibilities in Protecting Children : A Public Health Approach to Child Sexual Abuse
0275929671: Industrial Research & Development In Israel: Patterns And Portents
0275929698: International Capital Movement and the Developing World : The Case of Taiwan
0275929728: Elections and Voters in Israel
0275929736: Women and Social Welfare : A Feminist Analysis
0275929744: South Africa : In Transition to What? (The Washington Papers)
0275929752: South Africa : In Transition to What? (The Washington Papers)
0275929787: Bank and the Bureau
0275929795: Population Growth and Socioeconomic Progress in Le
0275929809: Phases of Burnout
0275929817: Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable
0275929825: Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable
0275929833: Minority Group Threat, Crime, and Policing
0275929841: Pride Against Prejudice
0275929868: Serial Murder : An Elusive Phenomenon
0275929876: Nuclear Strategizing: Deterrence and Reality
0275929892: Guyana Politics In a Plantation Society
0275929906: Managing Public Lands in the Public Interest: (Environmental Regeneration)
0275929914: Public Interest in the Use of Private Lands
0275929922: The politics of external influence in the Dominican Republic
0275929930: FELONY PROBATION Problems and Prospects
0275929957: Foundations of Developmental Education
0275929965: Coping with the Latin American Debt:
0275929973: Fires All Around the Horizon : The U. N.'s Uphill Battle to Preserve the Peace
0275929981: Fires All Around the Horizon: The Un's Uphil Battle to Preserve the Peace
0275930009: Politics of Foreign Aid
0275930033: Crime in Biological, Social and Moral Contexts
0275930041: Violence in Dating Relationships
0275930068: Comprehensive Auditing in Canada
0275930076: Policy Studies
0275930084: Farming for Fuel
0275930092: Islamic Criminal Law and Procedure : An Introduction
0275930106: A Guide to the Mind
0275930122: Personal Coping : Theory, Research, and Application
0275930130: New Iraq : The Gulf War and the Implications for U. S. Policy
0275930149: New Iraq : The Gulf War and the Implications for U. S. Policy
0275930157: POLITICAL ECONOMY OF ECONOMIC POLICY The Quest for Human Betterment
0275930173: Lethal Frontiers a Soviet View of Nucle
0275930181: Culture and International Relations
0275930238: Black male entrepreneurs and adult development.
0275930254: Greece & Turkey
0275930262: White Collar Working Class : From Structure to Politics
0275930270: Political Parties in the Southern States : Party Activists in Partisan Coalitions
0275930289: Freedom of Expression in the American Military: A Communication Modeling Analysis
0275930297: The Murkin Conspiracy An Investigation into the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
0275930319: Culture Acquisition
0275930327: High Technology and International Competitiveness
0275930335: Health Care, Technology, and the Competitive Environment
0275930386: Binah : Studies in Jewish Thought
0275930394: Population Policy : Contemporary Issues
0275930424: Country Lawyers
0275930432: Taking Liberties
0275930459: A Rope of Sand: The AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, 1955-1967
0275930467: Treaty Conflict and Political Contradiction: The Dialectic of Duplicity
0275930475: Introduction to Labor Arbitration
0275930483: Cross-Cultural Research in Human Development : A Life-Span Perspective
0275930491: Central America: Democracy, Development, and Change
0275930505: Soviet Aims in Central America: The Case of Nicaragua
0275930513: Radio Warfare: OSS and CIA Subversive Propaganda.
0275930521: Politics of the Caribbean Basin Sugar Trade
0275930548: High Performance and Human Costs: A Public-Sector Model of Organizational Development
0275930556: Progress in Modern Psychology : The Legacy of American Functionalism
0275930564: Making America Competitive: Policies for a Global Future
0275930572: Third World at the Crossroads
0275930599: Corporate Nonunion Complaint Procedures and Systems: A Strategic Human Resources Management Analysis
0275930610: The Structure and Dynamics of United States Government Policy Making: Case of Strategic Minerals
0275930629: Strategic Minerals: the Geopolitical Problems for the United States.
0275930637: Political Opposition in Post-Confucian Society
0275930645: Captive Continent : The Stockholm Syndrome in European-Soviet Relations
0275930653: Litigation, Courts, And Women Workers
0275930696: Accounting in the Soviet Union
0275930718: The Constitutional Bases of Political and Social Change in the United States
0275930726: The U.S. Economy in Crisis: Adjusting to the New Realities
0275930734: For Reasons of Poverty : A Critical Analysis of the Public Child Welfare System in the United States
0275930742: States and Companies: Political Risks in the International Oil Industry
0275930750: Multinationals, the State, and the Management of Economic Nationalism : The Case of Trinidad
0275930769: Paradise Regained: Memoir of a Rebel
0275930777: Paradise Regained
0275930785: Defense Technology
0275930793: Gatekeepers
0275930807: From Trust to Tragedy : The Political Memoirs of Frederick Nolting, Kennedy's Ambassador to Diem's Vietnam
0275930815: History of the South Atlantic Conflict : The War for the Malvinas
0275930823: U.S.-Soviet Cooperation : A New Future
0275930831: Synthetic Fuel Technology Development in the United States : A Retrospective Assessment
0275930858: Business Cycles : The Nature and Causes of Economic Fluctuations
0275930866: Police and Policing : Contemporary Readings
0275930874: Police and Policing : Contemporary Readings
0275930882: The First Amendment: the Challenge of New Technology
0275930890: Religion and Political Behavior in the United States
0275930912: Persuasive Encounters
0275930920: Persuasive Encounters
0275930939: Political Communication in America (Praeger Series in Political Communication)
0275930947: Political Communication in America (Praeger Series in Political Communication)
0275930955: Pacific Cooperation and Development
0275930963: International Psychotherapy: Theories, Research, and Cross-Cultural Implications
0275930971: The Emerging Religion of Science
0275931005: Democracy and Equality
0275931013: Made in Italy : Small-Scale Industrialization and Its Consequences
0275931021: Professional Practice Development
0275931048: Energy-Economy Link : New Strategies for the Asia-Pacific Region
0275931056: Dancing on a Volcano : The Latin American Drug Trade
0275931072: Exceptional Entrepreneurial Women : Strategies for Success
0275931080: Successful Corporate Turnarounds : A Guide for Board Members, Financial Managers, Financial Institutions, and Other Creditors
0275931099: Monetary Reform and Cooperation Theory
0275931110: Mental Health of Ethnic Minorities
0275931129: Usia
0275931137: Dominican Sugar Plantations : Production and Foreign Labor Integration
0275931153: Panzer Commander : The Memoirs of Colonel Hans Von Luck
0275931161: Welsh Nationalism in the Twentieth Century: The Ethnic Option and the Modern State
0275931218: Pacific Way : Regional Cooperation in the South Pacific
0275931226: Economics of State and Local Government
0275931242: Soviet Regional Elite Mobility After Khrushchev
0275931269: Institutional Search : A Practical Guide to Executive Recruitment in Nonprofit Organizations
0275931293: Introduction to Airline Economics
0275931307: Glasnost, Perestroika and the Socialist Community
0275931323: State Water Policies
0275931331: The Crash Put Simply
0275931358: Soviet Non-Capitalist Development : The Case of Nasser's Egypt
0275931366: The Cyrano Fleet : France & Its Navy, 1940 - 42
0275931374: Marshall Plan for the 1990s : An International Roundtable on World Economic Development
0275931382: Richard Durham's Destination Freedom: Scripts From Radio's Black Legacy, 1948-50 (Media and Society Series)
0275931390: American Military Leaders
0275931404: Terrorism and the State: A Critique of Domination Through Fear by
0275931412: Stars, Stripes, and Italian Tricolor : The U. S. and Italy (1946-1989)
0275931420: Working Part-Time : Risks and Opportunities
0275931455: 1988 Presidential Election in the South : Continuity Amidst Change in Southern Party Politics
0275931463: Moving Picture Feast: The Filmgoer's Hemingway
0275931471: Computer Assisted Writing Instruction in Journalism and Professional Education
0275931528: New Soviet Elite
0275931536: Arms Control and European Security
0275931560: Television Myth and the American Mind
0275931579: Television Myth and the American Mind
0275931595: Lifestyle Market Segmentation
0275931609: Planning : Universal Process
0275931617: Saving the Savings and Loan : The American Thrift Industry and the Texas Experience, 1950-1988
0275931625: War for South Viet Nam : Nineteen Fifty-Four to Nineteen Seventy-Five
0275931633: China's Economic Opening to the Outside World : The Politics of Empowerment
0275931641: Federal equal employment opportunity policy and numerical goals and timetables. An impact assessment.
0275931668: Work and Rewards : Redefining Our Work-Life Reality
0275931676: Homelessness Amid Affluence: Structure and Paradox in the American Political Economy
0275931684: Soviet Union and Arms Control
0275931692: God, Germany, and Britain in the Great War: A Study in Clerical Nationalism
0275931714: From Alms to Liberation: The Catholic Church, the Theologians, Poverty, and Politics
0275931730: Theory and Research in Conflict Management
0275931749: Coping with Cultural and Racial Diversity in Urban America
0275931765: Social Control in the People's Republic of China
0275931773: Women-Owned Businesses
0275931781: Japan Thrice-Opened: An Analysis of Relations Between Japan and the United States
0275931811: Hostile Takeovers : Issues in Public and Corporate Policy
0275931838: Brazil's National Alcohol Program
0275931846: Women's Rights and the Law
0275931854: Women's rights and the law
0275931862: Changing the Guard in Brussels: An Insider's View of the EC Presidency (The Washington Papers)
0275931870: Changing the Guard in Brussels : An Insider's View of the EC Presidency (The Washington Papers)
0275931889: Model Welfare States : Politics and Policies in Social Democratic Scandanavia
0275931897: Culture and AIDS
0275931919: Energy Illusion and Economic Stability : Quantum Causality
0275931927: Energy Shocks and the World Economy
0275931935: Self-Esteem Therapy
0275931943: Thirty-Second Politics : Political Advertising in the Eighties
0275931951: Thirty-Second Politics : Political Advertising in the Eighties
0275931978: American Religious and Biblical Spectaculars
0275931986: Evolution of Regional Economies
0275931994: William Howard Taft: Collected Editorials, 1917-1921
0275932001: Genesis and Gender
0275932028: Land Reform in Latin America : The Dominican Case
0275932036: Systems Approach to Problem Solving
0275932044: Political and Socioeconomic Transformation of Turkey
0275932060: U. S. - Latin American Relations
0275932079: U.S. Latin American Relations
0275932095: Scenarios of Change
0275932109: Self-Realization, Success, and Adjustment:
0275932117: Defeat of Che Guevara : Military Response to Guerrilla Challenge in Bolivia
0275932125: Soviet Union and the Asia-Pacific Region : New Prospects
0275932133: Economic Adjustment Policies for Small Nations : Theory and Experience in the English-Speaking Caribbean
0275932141: China Statistical Abstract 1988 (Washington Papers (Hardcover))
0275932168: Asian Way To Peace a Story of Regional C
0275932176: Heartbreak Ridge: Korea 1951
0275932184: Israel's Quest for Security
0275932192: Planting the grassroots structuring citizen participation
0275932206: Women of Azua : Work and Family in the Rural Dominican Republic
0275932214: Africa and the Challenge of Development : Acquiescence and Dependency Versus Freedom and Development
0275932222: Modernization in East Asia : Political, Economic, and Social Perspectives
0275932230: Classical Approach to Occupational Wage Rates
0275932249: North from Mexico: The Spanish-Speaking People of the United States
0275932257: Alien Winds the Reeducation of Americas
0275932265: Rhetorical Studies of National Political Debates, 1960-1988
0275932273: Transformation and Struggle : Cuba Faces the 1990s
0275932281: Transformation and Struggle : Cuba Faces the 1990s
0275932303: Dream and Culture : An Anthropological Study of the Western Intellectual Tradition
0275932311: History of Care
0275932338: Advance Directives in Medicine
0275932346: Mountain High, White Avalanche: Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama (The Washington Pa
0275932354: Mountain High, Whit Avalanche: Cocaine and Power in the Andean States and Panama
0275932362: The Dreadful Fury: Advanced Military Technology and the Atlantic Alliance
0275932370: The Dreadful Fury: Advanced Military Technology and the Atlantic Alliance (Washington Papers (Paperback))
0275932389: European Socialism and the Conflict in Central America (The Washington Papers)
0275932397: European Socialism and the Conflict in Central America Forword by Simon Serfaty
0275932400: Confidence- and Security-Building Measures in Europe: The Stolkholm Conference
0275932419: Volunteerism and World Development: Pathway to a New World
0275932435: Journalism State of the Art
0275932443: Journalism: State of the Art
0275932451: Listening for a President
0275932486: Torture: The Role of Ideology in the French-Algerian War
0275932494: On Systemic Balance : Flexibility and Stability in Social, Economic and Environmental Systems
0275932508: Impediments to U. S. - Arab Economic Relations : Progress in the Midst of Crisis
0275932516: World Trade and Payments Cycles : The Advance and Retreat of the Postwar Order
0275932524: Dimensions of State Mental Health Policy
0275932532: Who Cares? : Theory, Research and Educational Implications of the Ethic of Care
0275932559: Myths and Realities of Foreign Investment in Poor Countries : The Modern Leviathan in the Third World
0275932567: The Economics of Political Violence: The Effect of Political Instability on Economic Growth
0275932583: Combined Action Platoons : The U. S. Marines Other War in Vietnam
0275932591: Berlin: From Symbol of Confrontation to Keystone of Stability
0275932605: Steel Ships, Iron Crosses and Refugees : The Germany Navy in the Baltic, 1939-1945
0275932613: Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin: A Centenary Appraisal
0275932621: Social Stratification and Socioeconomic Inequality Vol. 1 : A Comparative Biosocial Analysis
0275932648: Scientific Development and Higher Education: The Case of Newly Industrializing Nations
0275932656: You Just Fight for Your Life
0275932664: Man Cannot Speak for Her
0275932672: Man Cannot Speak for Her (V2)
0275932699: Man Cannot Speak for Her (V1)
0275932702: Chinese Patterns of Behavior : A Sourcebook of Psychological and Psychiatric Studies
0275932710: Stress Management in Work Settings
0275932729: Film Directors on Directing
0275932737: China Social Statistics 1986: (China Statistics Series)
0275932745: Grants for Nonprofit Organizations : A Guide to Funding and Grant-Writing
0275932753: The Supply of Concepts
0275932761: The Profession of Local Government Management: Management Expertise and the American Community
0275932788: Coming to Terms with Vietnam : The Case for Normalizing Relations with Hanoi
0275932818: Communication Tomorrow : New Audiences, New Technologies, New Media
0275932826: Without Locks and Bars
0275932834: Visionary Capitalism : Financial Markets and the American Dream in the Twentieth Century
0275932842: International and European Monetary Systems
0275932850: Levels of Socio-Economic Development Theory
0275932869: Levels of Socio-Economic Development Theory
0275932877: Intercountry Adoption
0275932885: Carlos Pellegrini and the Crisis of the Argentine Elites, 1880-1916
0275932893: Economic Policy : An Agenda for the Nineties
0275932907: The Human Face of Japan's Leadership. Twelve Portraits.
0275932923: Being Urban : A Sociology of City Life
0275932931: Who Made You?
0275932958: Liberal Arts in a Time of Crisis
0275932966: The Levels of Analysis Paradigm: A Model for Individual and Systemic Therapy
0275932974: Handbook of Developmental Education
0275932982: Omnicide : The Nuclear Dilemma
0275932990: Methodological Approaches to the Study of Career
0275933008: Middle East Studies : International Perspectives on the State of the Art
0275933016: Statistical Analysis for Public and Non-Profit Managers
0275933024: Qaddafi, Terrorism, and the Origins of the U. S. Attack on Libya
0275933040: International Crisis and Domestic Politics : Major Political Conflicts in the 1980s
0275933059: A Winter of Discontent : The Nuclear Freeze and American Politics
0275933067: A Winter of Discontent Paperback by Meyer, David S.
0275933091: Economics of Welfare : A Contemporary Analysis
0275933105: Introduction to Quantum Politics
0275933148: Space Enterprise : Beyond NASA
0275933164: Trade Wars Against America
0275933180: Uses of Television in American Higher Education
0275933199: In the Field : Readings on the Field Research Experience
0275933202: Gimme Shelter : A Social History of Homelessness in Contemporary America
0275933210: Splitting the Middle Political Alienation, Acquiescence, and Activism Among America's Middle Layers
0275933229: Gale of Creative Destruction : The Coming Economic Boom, 1992-2020
0275933237: Strategic Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations: Thinking and Acting Strategically on Public Concerns
0275933253: Labor Force Policies for Regional Economic Development : The Role of Employment and Training Programs
0275933261: American Film and Society Since 1945
0275933288: Stormtroop Tactics
0275933296: International Businesswoman of the 1990's : A Guide to Success in the Global Marketplace
0275933326: The Cost of Doing Business: Legal and Regulatory Issues in the United States and Abroad
0275933334: The O.S.S. in Italy 1942-1945
0275933342: Political Economy of Ethnic Discrimination and Affirmative Action : A Comparative Perspective
0275933350: American Interests, American Purpose : Moral Reasoning and U. S. Foreign Policy (139) (The Washington Papers, No. 139)
0275933369: American Interests, American Purpose : Moral Reasoning and U.S. Foreign Pol
0275933377: Pragmatic Entente : Israeli-Iranian Relations, 1948-1988
0275933385: Changing and Learning in the Lives of Physicians
0275933393: Redefining Excellence : The Financial Performance of America's Best Run Companies
0275933407: Gorbachevs Military Policy in the Third
0275933415: Gorbachev's Military Policy in the Third World
0275933423: China Trade & Price Statistics 1988
0275933431: Science Fiction from China
0275933458: Gunboat Diplomacy and the Bomb: Nuclear Proliferation and the U.S. Navy - Hardcover
0275933466: China Rural Statistics 1988: (China Statistics Series)
0275933474: Unfounded Fears: Myths and Realities of a Constitutional Convention (Contributions in Legal Studies)
0275933482: Women's Life Cycle and Economic Insecurity
0275933504: Population and Community in Rural America
0275933512: Human Face of Japan's Leadership: Twelve Portraits
0275933520: Albert Bandura
0275933539: Violence in Dating Relationships : Emerging Social Issues
0275933555: Japanese Criminal Justice
0275933563: Competing Realities : Issues in Mental Health Advocacy
0275933598: International Organizations, Constitutional Law, and Human Rights
0275933601: U. S. Man-Made Fiber Industry : Its Structure and Organization Since 1948
0275933628: Social and Legal Status of Women : A Global Perspective
0275933652: United States and North Africa : A Cognitive Approach to Foreign Policy
0275933660: Economic Development Programs for Cities, Counties and Towns
0275933679: International Intervention in the Greek Civil War: The United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans, 1947-1952
0275933687: Jose Marti and the Emigre Colony in Key West: Leadership and State Formation
0275933717: Curricular Landscapes, Democratic Vistas : Transformative Leadership in Higher Education
0275933725: Political Economy of Mexican Oil
0275933733: Institutional Sustainability in Agriculture and Rural Development : A Global Perspective
0275933741: Privatization and Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa
0275933768: Labor Market Adjustments to Structural Change and Technological Progress
0275933784: Selected Takes : Film Editors on Editing
0275933792: Treating Teenage Drug Abuse in a Day Care Setting
0275933806: Oil Market in the 1980s : A Decade of Decline
0275933814: Public Sector Management
0275933849: Political Forces in Argentina
0275933857: Modeling the Economic Performance of Yugoslavia
0275933865: Professional Education in the United States : Experiential Learning, Issues, and Prospects
0275933873: How Public Organizations Work : Learning from Experience
0275933881: Economic Consequences of the Vietnam War
0275933903: Meanings of the Medium
0275933911: How Public Organizations Work : Learning from Experience
0275933938: Developmental Issues in Small Island Economies
0275933946: Within These Walls
0275933954: Selected Takes : Film Editors on Editing
0275933962: United States Magistrates in the Federal Courts: Subordinate Judges
0275933970: International Monetary Fund and Economic Stabilization : The Argentine Case
0275933989: Swedish Farmers' Movement and Government Agricultural Policy
0275933997: Telecommunications Policy and Economic Development : The New State Role
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