0275934012: Political Campaign Communication
0275934020: Public Education: Who's in Charge?
0275934039: New Product Development and Marketing : A Practical Guide
0275934047: Conceptions of Fair Pay : Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Research
0275934055: Intergovernmental Commodity Organizations and the New International Economic Order
0275934063: Economics of Household Consumption
0275934071: Spying on America
0275934098: In Search of a Better Life
0275934101: Money Markets of Developing East Asia
0275934128: THE UNITED STATES AND LITHUANIA The Stimson Doctrine of Nonrecognition
0275934136: Playing the Game : The Presidential Rhetoric of Ronald Reagan
0275934144: Managing Socialism : From Old Cadres to New Professionals in Revolutionary Cuba
0275934152: To Serve and Collect : Chicago Politics and Police Corruption from the Lager Beer Riot to the Summerdale Scandal
0275934179: Nigerian Economy : A Macroeconometric and Input-Output Model
0275934187: Expanding the Frontiers : Superpower Intervention in the Cold War
0275934195: Politics of Nonformal Education in Latin America
0275934209: Menander and the Making of Comedy
0275934217: Supreme Court and the Mass Media : Selected Cases, Summaries, and Analyses
0275934225: Relationships and Well-Being over the Life Stages
0275934233: Navigating the Marital Journey : MAP: A Corporate Support Program for Couples
0275934241: Shadow World : Life Between the News Media and Reality
0275934276: Pattern Thinking
0275934284: Mexican politics the containment of conflict
0275934292: Mexican Politics: The Containment Of Conflict 2nd Ed. 90 Pb Praege
0275934306: Topics in Social Choice: Sophisticated Voting, Efficacy, and Proportional Representation
0275934314: Technology and Developing Economies: The Impact of Eastern European Versus Western Technology Transfer
0275934322: Public Management in the States : A Comparative Study of Administrative Performance and Politics
0275934330: Joint Ventures in the People's Republic of China : Can Capitalism and Communism Coexist?
0275934349: Let Freedom Ring
0275934357: Images of Older People in Western Art and Society
0275934365: China Statistical Abstract 1989 (Praeger Series in Political Communication (Hardcover))
0275934373: Clinical Ethics
0275934381: Television Access and Political Power : The Networks, the Presidency and The Loyal Opposition
0275934403: Beyond Stalingrad
0275934411: Balls & Strikes: The Money Game in Professional Baseball
0275934438: Soviet Union, the Communist Movement, and the World Prelude to the Cold War
0275934454: Speak No Evil : The Promotional Heritage of Nuclear Risk Communication
0275934462: Analyzing Qualitative Data : Log-Linear Analysis for Behavioral Research
0275934470: Hoosier Honor : Bob Knight and Academic Success at Indiana University
0275934489: Online Education : Perspectives on a New Environment
0275934497: Social Scientists, Policy, and the State
0275934500: Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt Divide Europe
0275934535: Arctic Leverage
0275934543: Sandy Patch
0275934551: Burma's Foreign Relations : Neutralism in Theory and Practice
0275934586: Superpowers and Nuclear Arms Control : Rhetoric and Reality
0275934594: Case for Legalizing Drugs
0275934608: State, Revolution, and Superpowers in Afghanistan
0275934616: Lieutenants : The Evolution of Political Style
0275934624: China and International Law: The Boundary Disputes - Hardcover
0275934659: Adolescents, Family, and Friends : Social Support after Parents Divorce or Remarriage
0275934667: Political Olympics : Moscow, Afghanistan and the 1980 U. S. Boycott
0275934675: Managing Communication Processes : From Planning to Crisis Response
0275934691: Culture and Ideology in Higher Education : Advancing a Critical Agenda
0275934705: Early Intervention in Transition : Current Perspectives on Programs for Handicapped Children
0275934713: Foreign Policy of the Republic of China on Taiwan
0275934721: Political Economy of Ethiopia
0275934748: Evaluating Police Management Development Programs
0275934756: Pluralism and Social Conflict : A Social Analysis of the Communist World
0275934764: Vigilantism and the State in Latin America : Essays on Extra-Legal Violence
0275934772: Women Directors : The Emergence of a New Cinema
0275934780: Molting Time for Antitrust : Market Realities, Economic Fallacies, and European Innovations
0275934802: Money & Democracy
0275934810: European Community and the United States : Economic Relations
0275934829: Gorbachev's New Thinking on Terrorism: (The Washington Papers)
0275934837: Gorbachev's New Thinking on Terrorism (The Washington Papers) - Paperback
0275934853: Corporate Corruption : The Abuse of Power
0275934888: Enacting the Presidency : Political Argument, Presidential Debates, and Presidential Character
0275934896: Enacting Political Culture : Rhetorical Transformations of Liberty Weekend 1986
0275934918: Building Expert Systems in Training and Education
0275934926: American National Interest: Virtue and Power in Foreign Policy
0275934934: Organizational Behavior in the Marine Corps : Three Interpretations
0275934942: State and Policy Outcomes in Latin America
0275934950: Social Dimensions of Health : The Israeli Experience
0275934985: Old Myths and New Realities in United States-Soviet Relations
0275934993: Organization Staffing and Work Adjustment
0275935027: United States Policies and the Latin American Economies
0275935035: Palestinian Identities and Preferences : Israel's and Jerusalem's Arabs
0275935043: Survival of the Black Family: The Institutional Impact of American Social Policy
0275935051: Peace Through Agreement: Replacing War With Non-Violent Dispute-Resolution Methods
0275935078: My Fellow Americans : Presidential Addresses That Shaped History
0275935140: China Urban Statistics 1988
0275935167: Constructing the Child Viewer : A History of the American Discourse on Television and Children, 1950-1980
0275935175: Confucian Continuum : Educational Modernization in Taiwan
0275935183: Object Relations Theory and Religion
0275935191: Self-Management Strategies : Theory, Curriculum and Teaching Procedures
0275935205: Regional and Local Economic Analysis for Practitioners
0275935213: Advanced Newsgathering
0275935221: Advanced Newsgathering
0275935248: Pride, Prejudice, and Politics : Roosevelt Versus Recovery, 1933-1938
0275935256: Political Economy of Senegal under Structural Adjustment
0275935264: Contending Dramas : A Cognitive Approach to International Organization
0275935272: Electronic Services Networks : A Business and Public Policy Challenge
0275935299: Management of Animal Waste : Environmental Health Problems and Technological Solutions
0275935302: Cooperation and Conflict in Occupational Safety and Health : A Multination Study of the Automotive Industry
0275935310: Might of the Multinationals : The Rise and Fall of the Corporate Legend
0275935337: Casting Nets and Testing Specimens : Two Grand Methods of Psychology
0275935345: Transferring Juveniles to Criminal Courts
0275935353: Sandinista Communism and Rural Nicaragua
0275935361: Sandinista Communism and Rural Nicaragua
0275935388: Gorbachev's Economic Strategy in the third World
0275935396: Gorbachev's Economic Strategy in the Third World
0275935418: Political Pundits
0275935450: Political Pundits
0275935469: Take One : Television Directors on Directing
0275935493: Supreme Court and the Mass Media : Selected Cases, Summaries, and Analyses
0275935515: Ethical Dimensions of Political Communication
0275935531: Pursuit of Race and Gender Equity in American Academe
0275935558: Facilitating Training Groups : A Guide to Leadership and Verbal Intervention Skills
0275935566: Cold War and Defense
0275935574: Narrow Seas, Small Navies, and Fat Merchantmen
0275935582: Polity and Society : Philosophical Underpinnings of Social Science Paradigms
0275935590: Institutional Racism : The Case of Hawaii
0275935604: Vietnam War as History
0275935612: Vietnam, We've All Been There : Interviews with American Writers
0275935620: Vietnamese Response to French Intervention, 1862-1874
0275935639: Current Issues in Monetary Policy in the United States and Japan : The Predictability of Money Demand
0275935655: Reagan and the World
0275935663: Their Place on the Stage
0275935671: Wines in the Wilderness : Plays by African American Women from the Harlem Renaissance to the Present
0275935698: Decision-Making under Uncertainty : An Applied Statistics Approach
0275935701: Economic Consequences of State Lotteries
0275935744: Presidential Press Conferences
0275935760: Day the Holocaust Began : The Odyssey of Herschel Grynzpan
0275935779: Czechoslovakia : Anvil of the Cold War
0275935787: Cold War As Rhetoric : The Beginnings, 1945-1950
0275935795: Citizens, Political Communication and Interest Groups : Environmental Organizations in Canada and the United States
0275935809: Joseph E. Davies : Envoy to the Soviets
0275935817: New Approaches to Economic and Social Analyses of Discrimination
0275935825: At Risk of Homelessness : The Roles of Income and Rent
0275935833: Latin America in the Era of the Cuban Revolution
0275935841: Organization Transformation Theorists and Practitioners : Profiles and Themes
0275935868: Looking-Glass Self : An Examination of Self-Awareness
0275935876: Unleashing Our Unknown Selves : An Inquiry into the Future of Feminity and Masculinity
0275935884: Human Behavior in Today's World
0275935892: THE CATASTROPHE AHEAD AIDS and the Case for a New Public Policy
0275935906: Deadly Emotions : The Role of Anger, Hostility and Aggression in Health and Emotional Well-Being
0275935914: New Urban Infrastructure : Cities and Telecommunications
0275935922: Conflict Termination in Europe : Games Against War
0275935930: Marxism and Philosophy in the Twentieth Century : A Defense of Vulgar Marxism
0275935949: Public Diplomacy and International Politics : The Symbolic Constructs of Summits and International Radio News
0275935957: Mediated Politics in Two Cultures : Presidential Campaigning in the United States and France
0275935973: Money Supply Process : A Comparative Analysis
0275935981: Six O'Clock President : A Theory of Presidential Press Relations in the Age of Television
0275936007: Smokeless Tobacco in the Western World, 1550-1950
0275936015: Dragon and the Wild Goose : China and India, with New Epilogue
0275936023: The New Servants of Power : A Critique of the 1980s School Reform Movement (Contributions to the Study of Education, No 28)
0275936031: Homelessness in the United States - State Surveys
0275936058: Cautious Revolution : The European Community Arrives
0275936066: Memory Offended : The Auschwitz Convent Controversy
0275936074: Holding Fast-Pressing On : Religion in America in the 1980s
0275936082: Richard Wagner and Festival Theatre (Lives of Theatre) - Paperback
0275936090: Equilibration, Mind, and Brain
0275936120: Presidential Perspectives on Space Exploration : Guiding Metaphors from Eisenhower to Bush
0275936147: China in Transition : Communism, Capitalism, and Democracy
0275936155: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition : A Theoretical Intercomparison of Two Realms of Intellect
0275936163: Evaluation in Education : Foundations of Competency Assessment and Program Review
0275936171: Bridging Paradigms : Positive Development in Adulthood and Cognitive Aging
0275936198: How Rich Is Too Rich? : Income and Wealth in America
0275936201: U. S. Immigration Policy Reform in the 1980s : A Preliminary Assessment
0275936228: Televised Presidential Debates
0275936236: Psychological Operations and Political Warfare in Long-Term Strategic Planning
0275936244: Beyond Blue Economic Horizons : U. S. Trade Performance and International Competitiveness in the 1990s
0275936260: West European Allies, the Third World, and U. S. Foreign Policy : Post-Cold War Challenges
0275936279: In Defense of Garbage
0275936287: Hierarchy and Trust in Modern Mexico and Brazil
0275936295: Political Behavior and the Local Context
0275936309: Theory and Application of the Interest Rate
0275936325: Homelessness in the United States--Data and Issues
0275936333: Organization of American States
0275936341: Shining City on a Hill : Ronald Reagan's Economic Rhetoric, 1951-1989
0275936368: China Statistical Yearbook, 1989
0275936376: Government, Ethics and Managers : A Guide to Solving Ethical Dilemmas in the Public Sector
0275936384: Imagery in Teaching and Learning : An Autobiography of Research in Four World Views
0275936392: Stress Scripting : A Guide to Stress Management
0275936406: Teaching and Counseling Gifted and Talented Adolescents : An International Learning Style Perspective
0275936422: Sendero Luminoso and the Threat of Narcoterrorism
0275936430: Sendero Luminoso and the Threat of Narcoterrorism
0275936449: American Challenges : Business and Government in the World of the 1990s
0275936457: Switzerland and the European Common Market
0275936465: Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective
0275936473: Adolescents Worlds : Drug Use and Athletic Activity
0275936481: Creating an Economic Development Action Plan : A Guide for Development Professionals
0275936503: Avoiding the Cracks : A Guide to the Workers' Compensation System
0275936511: Renewing America's Progress : A Positive Solution to School Reform
0275936538: Concepts of Comparative Politics
0275936546: Civil Rights and the Social Programs of the 1960s
0275936554: Absentee American : Repatriates' Perspectives on America and Its Place in the Contemporary World
0275936562: Struggle for Tiananmen : Anatomy of the 1989 Mass Movement
0275936570: Declining Hegemon : The United States and European Defense, 1960-1990
0275936589: Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
0275936600: Odyssey of Korean Democracy
0275936619: Visions of Empire : Political Imagery in Contemporary American Film
0275936627: Visions of Empire : Political Imagery in Contemporary American Film
0275936635: Labor Productivity Control : New Approaches for Industrial Engineers and Managers
0275936643: Public Debt of the United States : An Historical Perspective, 1775-1990
0275936651: United States Overseas Basing
0275936678: Hitler Slept Late : And Other Blunders That Cost the Nazis the War
0275936686: Measuring and Improving Organizational Productivity : A Practical Guide
0275936694: World Debt and Stability
0275936708: Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
0275936716: Mirrored Lives : Aging Children and Elderly Parents
0275936724: Joe Appiah : The Life of an African Patriot
0275936732: Christopher Marlowe and the Renaissance of Tragedy
0275936740: Congress, Human Nature, and the Federal Debt : Essays on the Political Psychology of Deficit Spending
0275936767: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse in the Workplace : Managing Care and Costs Through Employee Assistance Programs
0275936775: Lone Wolf : The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke
0275936791: Schumpeter and the Political Economy of Change
0275936805: Managing Conflict in Organizations
0275936813: Affirmative Talk, Affirmative Action : A Comparative Study of the Politics of Affirmative Action
0275936821: U. S. Intervention in Lebanon, 1958 and 1982 : Presidential Decision Making
0275936848: Political Economy : A Comparative Economy
0275936856: Decline of Thrift in America
0275936864: For the Love of Teddi : The Story Behind Camp Good Days and Special Times
0275936872: For the Love of Teddi: The Story Behind Camp Good Days and Special Times
0275936880: Taxation in the People's Republic of China
0275936899: Continuity and Change in the Rhetoric of the Moral Majority
0275936902: Victims and Values
0275936910: Feminization of Poverty : Only in America?
0275936929: Listening To Africa
0275936937: World Without Tears : The Case of Charles Rothenberg
0275936953: Discrimination and Congressional Campaign Contributions
0275936961: Gorbachev's Retreat : The Third World
0275936988: Adult Development of Career Army Officers
0275936996: Machiavelli on Management
0275937011: Bending with the Winds : Kurt Waldheim and the United Nations
0275937046: Genesis of the State
0275937054: Why Some Children Succeed Despite the Odds
0275937070: American Pows of World War II
0275937089: Go Spy the Land
0275937097: Naval Officers under Hitler : The Story of Crew 34
0275937100: Military Force As an Instrument of U.S. Foreign Policy
0275937127: Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance : A Study of Structure and Strategy
0275937143: Effective Sanctions on South Africa : The Cutting Edge of Economic Intervention
0275937151: FDR and the Bonus Marchers, 1933-1935
0275937178: On Disarmament : The Role of Conventional Arms Control in National Security Strategy
0275937186: Canada and the Crisis in Central America
0275937194: Energy, the Environment, and Public Policy : Issues for the 1990s
0275937208: Marxist Perspectives on Imperialism
0275937216: Campfollowing : A History of the Military Wife
0275937224: Campfollowing : Adventures of the Military Wife
0275937232: Politics of Children's Survival
0275937267: On Disarmament : The Role of Conventional Arms Control in National Security Strategy
0275937305: CMEA in Crisis : Toward a New European Order?
0275937313: CMEA in Crisis : Toward a New European Order?
0275937321: Commercial Bail Bonding : A Comparison of Common Law Alternatives
0275937348: Politics in Gaullist France : Coping with Chaos
0275937356: Modern Communications Law
0275937364: From Politics to Policy
0275937372: Soviet Nuclear Policy under Gorbachev : A Policy of Disarmament
0275937380: Vietnam Above the Treetops
0275937399: Cuban Politics : The Revolutionary Experiment
0275937402: Effective Reform in China
0275937410: Strategy after Deterrence
0275937437: Public Opinion, the Press and Public Policy
0275937453: Two Against Hitler
0275937488: Adoption, Race, and Identity : From Infancy Through Adolescence
0275937496: Ballistic Missiles in the Third World : Threat and Response
0275937518: Regional and Local Economic Analysis for Practitioners
0275937534: Medical Anthropology Contemporary Theory and Method
0275937569: Human Resource Professional : Tactics and Strategies for Career Success
0275937577: Entrepreneurship and Dynamic Capitalism : The Economics of Business Firm Formation and Growth
0275937585: News Verdicts, the Debates, and Presidential Campaigns
0275937593: Sino-Latin American Economic Relations
0275937607: Economic Development Programs for Cities, Counties and Towns
0275937615: Art of Getting Things Done : A Practical Guide to the Use of Power
0275937631: Marine and Coastal Law : Cases and Materials
0275937658: Out of Thin Air
0275937666: Harnessing Science for Environmental Regulation
0275937674: Greek Economy : Sources of Growth in the Postwar Era
0275937704: Winning the Peace : The Strategic Implication of Military Civic Action
0275937712: Press Freedom in Africa
0275937720: Reunification of China : Pro-Taiwan Relations in Flux
0275937739: Church, Society, and Hegemony : A Critical Sociology of Religion in Latin America
0275937747: Religion and Politics in Latin America : Liberation Theology and Christian Democracy
0275937755: Modern Organizations
0275937763: Self-Determination and the Social Education of Native Americans
0275937771: Political Economy of Discontinuous Development : Regional Disparities and Inter-Regional Conflict
0275937798: Palestinian Liberation Organization : From Armed Struggle to the Declaration of Independence
0275937801: Wrong Winner : The Coming Debacle in the Electoral College
0275937828: Practical Guide to Libel Law
0275937844: Structure of Portuguese Society
0275937852: Economic Benefits of Predicting Job Performance : Classification Efficiency
0275937895: Perspectives on Faculty Roles in Nursing Education
0275937909: Special-Needs Adoption : A Study of Intact Families
0275937917: From Middle Income to Poor : Downward Mobility among Displaced Steelworkers
0275937925: Legacy of Empire : Economic Decline and Class Polarization in the United States
0275937933: Eyes Toward Zion Vol. 3 : Western Societies and the Holy Land
0275937941: Sex and Love : Addiction, Treatment and Recovery
0275937968: Africa's Media Image
0275937976: Australia, New Zealand, and the United States : Internal Change and Alliance Relations in the Anzus States
0275937984: Ignorance Abroad: American Educational and Cultural Foreign Policy and the Office of Assistant Secretary of State
0275937992: African Emigres in the United States
0275938026: Future of NATO : Facing an Unreliable Enemy in an Uncertain Environment
0275938034: Sense and Nonsense About IQ
0275938042: Staffing the Contemporary Organization
0275938069: Political Economy of the Family Farm
0275938077: Philippine Higher Education : Toward the 21st Century
0275938085: Genetics of Human Mentality
0275938093: Male Homosexual Behavior and the Effects of AIDS Education
0275938107: Political Forces in Argentina
0275938115: Psychology of Human Control : A General Theory of Purposeful Behavior
0275938123: Tanzanian Economy : Income Distribution and Economic Growth
0275938131: Mandated Health Care : Issues and Strategies
0275938174: Contras, 1980-1989 : A Special Kind of Politics
0275938182: Contras, 1980-1989 : A Special Kind of Politics
0275938190: Feminism and Pornography
0275938204: Journalism for the Twenty-First Century : Online Information, Electronic Databases, and the News
0275938212: International Dimensions of the Western Sahara Conflict
0275938220: Right and Democracy in Latin America
0275938239: American Education and the Dynamics of Choice
0275938247: China's Strategic Demographic Initiative
0275938255: Economic Transformation of Eastern Europe : Views from Within
0275938263: Planning and Human Survival
0275938271: Foreign Aid and Economic Development in the Middle East : Egypt, Syria and Jordan
0275938298: Emerging Influentials in State Legislatures : Women, Blacks, and Hispanics
0275938301: Strategy and Security in the Caribbean
0275938328: Theories of Child Abuse and Neglect : Differential Perspectives, Summaries, and Evaluations
0275938336: French Navy in Indochina : Riverine and Coastal Forces, 1945-54
0275938344: Great Indian Mutiny
0275938352: State Offshore : Petroleum, Politics, and State Intervention on the British and Norwegian Continental Shelves
0275938360: Televote : Expanding Citizen Participation in the Quantum Age
0275938379: Unleashing Our Unknown Selves : An Inquiry into the Future of Feminity and Masculinity
0275938387: U. S. S. R.'s Emerging Multiparty System
0275938395: U. S. S. R.'s Emerging Multiparty System
0275938409: Postmodern Political Communication : The Fringe Challenges the Center
0275938417: Broadcasting Propaganda : International Radio Broadcasting and the Construction of Political Reality
0275938425: Rewriting the United States Constitution : An Examination of Proposals from Reconstruction to the Present
0275938441: Bushels of Rubles : Soviet Youth in Transition
0275938476: Ethics for Public Managers
0275938484: Memory Offended : The Auschwitz Convent Controversy
0275938492: Word Crazy : Broadway Lyricists from Cohan to Sondheim
0275938514: Information and Information Systems
0275938522: Multicultural Teaching in the University
0275938549: Political Stability in Federal Governments
0275938557: Genocide by Proxy : Cambodian Pawn on a Superpower Chessboard
0275938573: Power and Restraint : The Moral Dimension of Police Work
0275938581: Documentary History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0275938638: Cordial Concurrence : Orchestrating National Party Conventions in the Telepolitical Age
0275938646: Cordial Concurrence : Orchestrating National Party Conventions in the Telepolitical Age
0275938654: Managing with Integrity : Insights from America's CEOs
0275938662: International Fugitives : A New Role for the International Court of Justice
0275938670: Health Care Services in the Nineteen Nineties : A Consumer's Guide
0275938689: Forgotten Warriors
0275938697: China Statistical Abstract, 1990
0275938700: Relativistic Naturalism : A Cross-Cultural Approach to Human Science
0275938719: Wrong Winner : The Coming Debacle in the Electoral College
0275938727: Red Guards' Path to Violence : Political, Educational, and Psychological Factors
0275938735: Challenged Scientists
0275938743: Young Men in the Street : Help-Seeking Behavior of Young Male Prostitutes
0275938751: Reactions to Critical Life Events
0275938778: Class in Twentieth-Century American Sociology : An Analysis of Theories and Measurement Strategies
0275938808: Impact of Macro-Social Systems on Ethnic Minorities in the United States
0275938816: Vietnam-on-the Potomac
0275938824: Presidential Campaign Film : A Critical History
0275938840: Teachers Helping Teachers : Peer Observation and Assistance
0275938859: Disfigured Images
0275938867: Polish Economy : Legacies from the Past, Prospects for the Future
0275938891: Omens and Oracles
0275938905: Groups, Teams, and Social Interaction : Theories and Applications
0275938921: War for South Viet Nam : Nineteen Fifty-Four to Nineteen Seventy-Five
0275938948: Entrepot Capitalism : Foreign Investment and the American Dream in the Twentieth Century
0275938956: Matter of Interest : Reexamining Money, Debt, and Real Economic Growth
0275938964: Last Jew from Wengrow : The Memoirs of a Survivor of the Step-by-Step Genocide in Poland
0275938972: Evolution of the Future
0275938980: Odyssey of a U-Boat Commander : Recollections of Erich Topp
0275938999: Japanese Education
0275939006: Chagall to Kitaj : Jewish Experience in Twentieth Century Art
0275939014: History, Historians, and the Dynamics of Change
0275939022: History, Historians, and the Dynamics of Change
0275939030: Latin American Debt in the 1990s
0275939049: Political World of the Clergy
0275939057: Berlin Calling
0275939065: Challenge of Populism
0275939073: Productivity Measurement and Improvement : Organizational Case Studies
0275939081: Australian People and Animals in Today's Dreaming : The Role of Comparative Psychology in the Management of Natural Resources
0275939103: Labor Market Dynamics of Economic Restructuring : The United States and Germany in Transition
0275939111: Sense and Nonsense About IQ
0275939154: Strategic Nonviolent Conflict : The Dynamics of People Power in the Twentieth Century
0275939162: Strategic Nonviolent Conflict : The Dynamics of People Power in the Twentieth Century
0275939189: America and the Multinational Corporation : The History of a Troubled Partnership
0275939197: New Argentine Democracy : The Search for a Successful Formula
0275939200: Fundamentals of Petroleum Trading
0275939219: Christian Communities in Jerusalem and the West Bank since 1948 : An Historical, Social, and Political Study
0275939235: Cultural Hegemony and African American Development
0275939251: Law and Economic Development in the Third World
0275939278: Distant Neighbors in the Caribbean : The Dominican Republic and Jamaica in Comparative Perspective
0275939286: Dying & Death in Law & Medicine
0275939294: Combat Diary : Episodes from the History of the Twenty-Second Regiment, 1866-1905
0275939316: Turks of Central Asia
0275939324: Wages of Sin : America's Dilemma of Profit Against Humanity
0275939375: Economics of State and Local Government
0275939383: Palestinians Between Israel and Jordan : Squaring the Triangle
0275939405: Jupiter's Ghost : Next Generation Science Fiction
0275939421: Rural Community Economic Development
0275939448: Superpowers and the Syrian-Israeli Conflict : Beyond Crisis Management?
0275939456: Superpowers and the Syrian-Israeli Conflict : Beyond Crisis Management?
0275939464: Global Development
0275939480: Women's Movements in America : Their Successes, Disappointments, and Aspirations
0275939499: Women's Movements in America : Their Successes, Disappointments, and Aspirations
0275939510: Telecommunications and Rural Development : A Study of Private and Public Sector Innovation
0275939529: Money, Medicine, and Malpractice in American Society
0275939537: Foundations of Criminal Science Vol. 1 : The Development of Knowledge
0275939545: Foundations of Criminal Science Vol. 2 : The Use of Knowledge
0275939553: From Spear to Flintlock : A History of War in Europe and the Middle East to the French Revolution
0275939561: Inventing the Flat Earth : Columbus and Modern Historians
0275939588: Economic Benefits of Predicting Job Performance
0275939596: Economic Benefits of Predicting Job Performance : Classification Efficiency
0275939618: Unarmed Against Hitler : Civilian Resistance in Europe, 1939-1943
0275939634: Inequality : The Political Economy of Income Distribution
0275939642: Thinkwork : Working, Learning, and Managing in a Computer-Interactive Society
0275939650: Great Powers and Little Wars
0275939669: Analyzing Psychotheraphy : A Social Role Interpretation
0275939677: Campus As a Work of Art
0275939723: Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State : Volume Two; Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Foundations of Corasius' Systematic Methodology ... and Renaissance Foundations of Corasius')
0275939758: Modern Origins, Developments, and Perspectives Against the Background of Machiavellism Bk. 1 : Pre-Modern Machiavellism
0275939766: Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State : Volume Six American Traditions and Innovation with Contemporary Import and Foreground Book 1: Foundations (to Early 19th Century)
0275939790: Quetzal in Flight : Guatemalan Immigrant Families in the United States
0275939812: Tales of Terror : Television News and the Construction of the Terrorist Threat
0275939820: La Chicana and the Intersection of Race, Class, and Gender
0275939839: Attorney General's Lawyer : Inside the Meese Justice Department
0275939847: Psychoanalytic Theories of Affect
0275939855: Effective Psychotherapy for Patient and Therapist
0275939863: Education and Leadership for the Twenty-First Century : Japan, America, and Britain
0275939871: Low-Intensity Conflict in American History
0275939898: Reform and Market Democracy
0275939901: Doctors and Their Feelings : A Pharmacology of Medical Caring
0275939928: Children and Youth in Limbo
0275939936: Soviet Policy Toward Israel Under Gorbachev
0275939944: Soviet Policy Toward Israel Under Gorbachev
0275939952: Structure of Personal Characteristics
0275939987: Urban West : Managing Growth and Decline
0275939995: Delivering Health Care Comprehensively
0275940012: Tensions at the Border : Energy and Environmental Concerns in Canada and the United States
0275940039: Strategic Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
0275940047: New Immigrants and Democratic Society : Minority Integration in Western Democracies
0275940055: Cambodia, Pol Pot, and the United States : The Faustian Pact
0275940063: Why's of Social Policy
0275940071: Human Dimension of Depression : A Practical Guide to Diagnosis, Understanding, and Treatment
0275940098: Continuing Medical Education : A Primer
0275940101: Continuing Medical Education : A Primer
0275940128: Crime and the American Press
0275940136: Red Vienna and the Golden Age of Psychology, 1918-1938
0275940144: Families and Mental Retardation : New Directions in Professional Practice
0275940152: U. S. S. R. and the World Economy : Challenges for the Global Integration of Soviet Markets under Perestroika
0275940160: Perspectives and Issues in International Political Economy
0275940179: Role of Religious Organizations in Social Movements
0275940187: Families and Mental Illness : New Directions in Professional Practice
0275940195: Political Conflict in Southern Europe : Regulation, Regression and Morphogenesis
0275940209: Terrorism : Roots, Impact, Responses
0275940217: Decentralization in Latin America : An Evaluation
0275940225: Responsible Judge
0275940241: Adolescent Group Therapy : A Social Competency Model
0275940284: Open Institutions : The Hope for Democracy
0275940292: Colonial Education for Africans : George Stark's Policy in Zimbabwe
0275940306: By Design : Interviews with Film Production Designers
0275940314: By Design : Interviews with Film Production Designers
0275940322: Our Vision and Values : Women Shaping the 21st Century
0275940330: News Shapers
0275940349: Sieges : A Comparative Study
0275940357: Political Change on Taiwan : A Study of Ruling Party Adaptability
0275940365: Space Law : Development and Scope
0275940373: Target Hitler : The Plots to Kill Adolf Hitler
0275940381: Perestroika : A Comparative Perspective
0275940403: Waging the Battle Against Drunk Driving : Issues, Countermeasures, and Effectiveness
0275940411: Tragedy of Evolution
0275940438: Collective Bargaining in State and Local Government
0275940446: Cognitive Science and Concepts of Mind : Toward a General Theory of Human and Artificial Intelligence
0275940454: Learning for Life
0275940462: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Child Abuse and Neglect
0275940470: On Artillery
0275940489: Film in Contemporary China : Critical Debates, 1979-1989
0275940497: Next Three Futures : Paradigms of Things to Come
0275940500: Nervous Laughter : Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology
0275940519: Management Skills Builder : Self-Directed Learning Strategies for Career Development
0275940527: China at the Brink : The Political Economy of Reform and Retrenchment in the Post-Mao Era
0275940535: Sales Taxation : Critical Issues in Policy and Administration
0275940543: Art in Other Places : Artists at Work in America's Community and Social Institutions
0275940551: Under the Shadow of Weimar : Democracy, Law and Racial Incitement in Six Countries
0275940578: Politics of Transformation : Local Activism in the Peace and Environmental Movements
0275940594: Arms Limitation and Disarmament : Restraints on War, 1899-1939
0275940608: Low-Aptitude Men in the Military : Who Profits, Who Pays?
0275940616: Iron Triangles and Revolving Doors : Cases in U. S. Foreign Economic Policymaking
0275940624: Time and Tide Wait for No Man : The Changing European Geopolitical Landscape
0275940640: Transitions : Handbook of Managed Care for Inpatient to Outpatient Treatment
0275940659: Education's Role in the Socioeconomic Development of Malta
0275940667: Cost Containment for Higher Education : Strategies for Public Policy and Institutional Administration
0275940675: Last Kamikaze : The Story of Admiral Matome Ugaki
0275940691: Hirohito : The Emperor and the Man
0275940705: Communication Patterns in the Presidential Primaries : A Twentieth-Century Perspective
0275940713: Videostyle in Presidential Campaigns : Style and Content of Televised Political Advertising
0275940721: Military History and the Military Profession
0275940756: Serving the Urban Poor
0275940772: Ballistic Missiles in Modern Conflict
0275940780: Regression, Stress, and Readjustment in Aging : A Structured, Bio-Psychosocial Perspective on Coping and Professional Support
0275940802: Education, Policy and Social Change : Experiences from Latin America
0275940810: Overcoming Childhood Misfortune : Children Who Beat the Odds
0275940829: Contemporary Apocalyptic Rhetoric
0275940837: Rhetoric of the People : The German Greens and the New Politics
0275940845: Rural Process-Pattern Relationships
0275940853: Urban Management : Policies and Innovations in Developing Countries
0275940861: India's Pro-Arab Policy : A Study in Continuity
0275940896: Socialism : Crisis and Renewal
0275940918: Political Economy of Brazilian Oil
0275940926: Latinos and Political Coalitions : Political Empowerment for the 1990s
0275940934: Unfinished Road : Jewish Survivors of Latvia Look Back
0275940942: Black Students and School Failure : Policies, Practices, and Prescriptions
0275940950: Life and Story : Autobiographies for a Narrative Psychology
0275940969: Disenchanted Island : Puerto Rico and the United States in the Twentieth Century
0275940977: Law in Literature: Legal Themes in Short Stories
0275940985: Assessment and Treatment of Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
0275940993: Latin America in the Era of the Cuban Revolution
0275941000: Future of Biological Weapons
0275941019: Future of Biological Weapons
0275941027: Invisible Victims
0275941035: Racetrack Betting : The Professor's Guide to Strategies
0275941043: Death and Afterlife : Perspectives of World Religions
0275941051: Intrigue and War in Southwest Asia : The Struggle for Supremacy from Central Asia to Iraq
0275941078: Systems Approach to Quality Improvement
0275941086: Sociology of Shoplifting : Boosters and Snitches Today
0275941094: Force and Diplomacy in the Future
0275941108: ABC Presidents : Conversations and Correspondence with the Presidents of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile
0275941116: Odor Sensation and Memory
0275941124: President As Party Leader
0275941132: Economics of Household Consumption
0275941140: Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries
0275941159: Accounting Services, the International Economy, and Third World Development
0275941167: Naval Strategy East of Suez : The Role of Djibouti
0275941175: Romanian and East German Policies in the Third World
0275941183: Native Son Presidential Candidate : The Carter Vote in Georgia
0275941191: Media Blight and the Dehumanizing of America
0275941205: Persian Gulf Crisis : Power in the Post-Cold War World
0275941213: Brazil
0275941221: Brazil
0275941248: Palestine and the Egyptian National Identity
0275941256: State Taxation of Business : Issues and Policy Options
0275941264: Pluralism by Design : Environmental Policy and the American Regulatory State
0275941272: Litigating Morality : American Legal Thought and Its English Roots
0275941280: Foundations of Criminal Science
0275941299: Europe in Turmoil
0275941302: Taiwan and the Geopolitics of the Asian-American Dilemma
0275941310: Women Marines : The World War II Era
0275941329: Hitler's Mind : A Plunge into Madness
0275941337: Criminal Justice in England and the United States
0275941345: Socialism Revised and Modernized : The Case for Pragmatic Market Socialism
0275941353: Labor in the Puerto Rican Economy : Postwar Development and Stagnation
0275941361: Friedrich Nietzsche : His Life and Thought
0275941388: Political Dissent and Opposition in Poland : The Workers' Defense Committee KOR
0275941396: Soviet Administrative Elite
0275941418: General Smedley Darlington Butler : The Letters of a Leatherneck, 1898-1931
0275941426: Framework for Cognitive Economics
0275941434: Indeterministic Economics
0275941442: Romania : The Entangled Revolution
0275941450: Romania : The Entangled Revolution
0275941469: Peru : The Evolution of a Crisis
0275941477: Soviet Media in Transition : Structural and Economic Alternatives
0275941485: Margaret Thatcher : In Victory and Downfall, 1987 and 1990
0275941493: Guerrilla in Striped Pants: A U.S. Diplomat Joins the Italian Resistance
0275941507: High-Tech Campaigns : Computer Technology in Political Communication
0275941515: Political Ideology and Class Formation : A Study of the Middle Class
0275941531: Citizen Shakespeare : A Social and Political Portrait
0275941558: Electronic Magazines : Soft News Programs on Network Television
0275941566: Teaching Mass Communication : A Guide to Better Instruction
0275941574: Europe in Transition
0275941582: Crisis in the Arabian Gulf : An Independent Iraqi View
0275941590: Rehabilitation of Virtue : Foundations of Moral Education
0275941604: Arms over Diplomacy : Reflections on the Persian Gulf War
0275941612: Silver Threads : Twenty-Five Years of Parapsychology Research
0275941620: Risky Sexual Behaviors among African-Americans
0275941647: United States Technology Export Control : An Assessment
0275941655: Perpetuating Patriotic Perceptions : The Cognitive Function of the Cold War
0275941663: Politics and the Courts : Toward a General Theory of Public Law
0275941671: Power, Ideology, and the War on Drugs : Nothing Succeeds Like Failure
0275941698: Myths of Educational Choice
0275941701: Western European Integration : Implications for U. S. Policy and Strategy
0275941728: Private Choices, Social Costs, and Public Policy : An Economic Analysis of Public Health Issues
0275941736: Monastery : A Study of Freedom, Love, and Community
0275941744: Political Conflict, Political Development, and Public Policy
0275941752: Yugoslavia in the Age of Democracy
0275941760: Modern Presidency and Crisis Rhetoric
0275941787: Honest Government : An Ethics Guide for Public Service
0275941795: Social Bonds and Teen Pregnancy
0275941809: Diversity in Psychotherapy : The Politics of Race, Ethnicity and Gender
0275941817: Peru : The Evolution of a Crisis
0275941825: Social Dimension of 1992 : Europe Faces a New EC
0275941833: Political Mischief : Smear, Sabotage, and Reform in U. S. Elections
0275941841: Envelopes of Sound : The Art of Oral History
0275941868: Community Service : Encounter with Strangers
0275941876: Talking Politics : Choosing the President in the Television Age
0275941884: Alexander T. Stewart: The Forgotten Merchant Prince
0275941892: Salem Witch Crisis
0275941914: Military and the Media : Why the Press Cannot Be Trusted to Cover a War
0275941930: Cross and the Cinema : The Legion of Decency and the National Catholic Office for Motion Pictures, 1933-1970
0275941957: American Military Ethic : A Meditation
0275941965: Community Prevention Trials for Alcohol Problems : Methodological Issues
0275941973: Congressional Intent
0275941981: Information Technology and Management Control : An Agency Theory Perspective
0275942007: Labor and Economic Growth in Five Asian Countries
0275942015: British Labour Party and Defense
0275942023: British Labour Party and Defense
0275942031: Coast Watching in the Solomon Islands : The Bougainville Reports, December 1941-July 1943
0275942058: Public Finance in Small Open Economies : The Caribbean Experience
0275942066: The New American Community: A Response to the European and Asian Economic Challenge.
0275942074: Outside Looking In : An African Perspective on American Pluralistic Society
0275942090: Challenge of Structural Adjustment in the Commonwealth Caribbean
0275942104: Commissions, Reports, Reforms, and Educational Policy
0275942112: Norway and the European Community : The Political Economy of Integration
0275942120: Sword and the Cross : Reflections on Command and Conscience
0275942139: Debt Reduction and Development : The Case of Mexico
0275942147: Rhetorical Uses of the Authorizing Figure : Fidel Castro and Jose Marti
0275942155: Watchful Eye : American Justice in the Age of the Television Trial
0275942163: Our Right to Drugs
0275942171: Manpower Policies and Development in the Persian Gulf Region
0275942198: Estimating Capital and Operating Costs in Urban Transportation Planning
0275942201: Women Prisoners : A Forgotten Population
0275942236: Government Commission Communication
0275942244: Modernizing Foreign Assistance : Resource Management As an Instrument of Foreign Policy
0275942279: Plans for Peace : Negotiation and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0275942295: Gay Catholics down under : The Journeys in Sexuality and Spirituality of Gay Men in Australia and New Zealand
0275942309: Changing Health and Changing Culture : The Yemenite Jews in Israel
0275942317: First Sea Lords : From Fisher to Mountbatten
0275942325: Media and the Persian Gulf War
0275942333: ABCs of Stress : A Submarine Psychologist's Perspective
0275942341: Theories of Love Development, Maintenance, and Dissolution : Octagonal Cycle and Differential Perspectives
0275942368: Choosing the Right Stuff : The Psychological Selection of Astronauts and Cosmonauts
0275942376: Environmental Politics : Public Costs, Private Rewards
0275942384: Environmental Politics : Public Costs, Private Rewards
0275942392: Canada - United States Relationship : The Politics of Energy and Environmental Coordination
0275942406: United States Electoral Systems : Their Impact on Women and Minorities
0275942414: Social Psychology of Prejudice
0275942430: Media Coverage and Political Terrorists : A Quantitative Analysis
0275942449: I. A. M. : A Common Sense Guide to Coping with Anger
0275942457: AIDS and Intravenous Drug Use : The Influence of Morality, Politics, Social Science, and Race in the Making of a Tragedy
0275942465: Christian Missionizing and Social Transformation: A History of Conflict and Change in Eastern Zaire
0275942481: Demography and Retirement : The Twenty-First Century
0275942503: Philip the Second of Macedon : A Life from the Ancient Sources
0275942511: Day the War Began
0275942546: From Stagnation to Catastroika : Commentaries on the Soviet Economy, 1983-1991
0275942554: From Stagnation to Catastroika: Commentaries On the Soviet Economy, 1983-1991
0275942562: Linchpin : French-German Relations, 1950-1990
0275942570: Linchpin : French-German Relations, 1950-1990
0275942589: World Metal Markets : The United States Strategic Stockpile and Global Market Influence
0275942597: Art of War in the Age of Peace : U. S. Military Posture for the Post-Cold War World
0275942600: Assessing Experience in Psychotherapy
0275942627: Psychological Aspects of Modernity
0275942635: Modern Guerrilla Insurgency
0275942643: Teacher Supervision That Works : A Guide for University Supervisors
0275942678: Historically Black Colleges and Universities : Their Place in American Higher Education
0275942694: Heights of Courage : A Tank Leader's War on the Golan
0275942708: Education in Post-Mao China
0275942716: Stress : The Nature and History of Engineered Grief
0275942724: How Do We Get the Graduates We Want
0275942740: Pride and Prejudice : School Desegregation and Urban Renewal in Norfolk, 1950-1959
0275942759: Power and Television in Latin America
0275942767: Rise and Fall of Leftist Radicalism in America
0275942791: Chinese Arms Transfers : Purposes, Patterns, and Prospects in the New World Order
0275942805: The Constitutional Amending Process in American Political Thought
0275942813: Workers at Risk : The Failed Promise of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
0275942821: Ethnic Dimension in International Relations
0275942848: Origins and Development of Federal Crime Control Policy
0275942856: Statesman : By Sir Henry Taylor
0275942864: Politics and Philosophy of Political Correctness
0275942872: Managing Modern Capitalism
0275942880: United Germany : The Past, Politics, Prospects
0275942899: Urban Economy and Regional Trade Liberalization
0275942910: Children in Chaos : How Israel and the United States Attempt to Integrate At-Risk Youth
0275942929: Iran after Khomeini
0275942937: Iran after Khomeini (The Washington Papers)
0275942945: Sexually Disturbed
0275942953: Staying Human in the Organization
0275942961: Aesthetics, Mind, and Nature
0275942988: Economics of Violence in Latin America : A Theory of Political Competition
0275942996: Shoreham and the Rise and Fall of the Nuclear Power Industry
0275943003: Question of Privacy in Public Policy : An Analysis of the Reagan-Bush Era
0275943011: HIV Infection and Intravenous Drug Use
0275943038: Media and Public Policy
0275943046: Power of Presidential Ideologies
0275943054: Performance, Culture and Identity
0275943062: America's Musical Pulse : Popular Music in Twentieth-Century Society
0275943070: Psychology of Adolescent Satanism : A Guide for Parents, Counselors, Clergy, and Teachers
0275943089: Assessment and Evaluation of Developmental Learning : Qualitative Individual Assessment and Evaluation Models
0275943097: War Heroes : Stories of Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients
0275943100: Taxation of Business Property : Is Uniformity Still a Valid Norm?
0275943119: Ethics in Public Administration : A Philosophical Approach
0275943151: Rural Health Care : Innovation in a Changing Environment
0275943178: Social Theories of Risk
0275943194: Strategic Bombing of Germany, 1940-1945
0275943208: Nationalism and the Breakup of an Empire : Russia and Its Periphery
0275943216: Public Authorities and Public Policy : The Business of Government
0275943224: Management of Hazardous Agents : Industrial and Regulatory Approaches
0275943232: Management of Hazardous Agents : Social, Political, and Policy Aspects
0275943240: Saddam Hussein's Gulf Wars
0275943259: Trade Union Growth and Decline : An International Study
0275943267: Ghana : In Search of Stability, 1957-1992
0275943275: Ideology in U.S. Foreign Policy
0275943291: To the Point : The United States Military Academy, 1802-1902
0275943313: Demythologizing an Elite : American Presidents in Empirical, Comparative, and Historical Perspective
0275943321: Secret Trial of Imre Nagy
0275943348: United States and Somoza, 1933-1956 : A Revisionist Look
0275943356: Monetary Policy and Politics : Rules vs. Discretion
0275943364: People and the Mob
0275943372: American Merchant Ships on the Yangtze
0275943380: Social Work and Transplantation of Human Organs
0275943399: Rhetorical Studies of National Political Debates, 1960-1992
0275943402: Rhetorical Studies of National Political Debates, 1960-1992
0275943429: International Organizations : A Comparative Approach
0275943437: Their World, Our World : Reflections on Childhood
0275943453: Political Stability and Democracy in Mexico : The Perfect Dictatorship?
0275943461: Competition in the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry : An Economic Policy Analysis
0275943488: Comparative Public Management : Putting U. S. Public Policy and Implementation in Context
0275943518: Economic Reform in Poland and Czechoslovakia : Lessons in Systemic Transformation
0275943526: Improving Human Rights
0275943534: General Chennault's Secret Weapon : The B-24 in China - Selected and Edited from the Diary and Notes of Elmer E. Haynes
0275943542: Women's Decision-Making : Common Themes . . . Irish Voices
0275943550: American Skinheads
0275943569: Aging in Place with Dignity : International Solutions Relating to the Low-Income and Frail Elderly
0275943577: Our New National Security Strategy : America Promises to Come Back
0275943585: Voice of the Other : Language As Illusion in the Formation of the Self
0275943593: Sexual Salvation : Affirming Women's Sexual Rights and Pleasures
0275943607: National Debt Conclusion : Establishing the Debt Repayment Plan
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