0275943615: Healing the Body Politic : Rediscovering Political Power
0275943631: Essential Microeconomics for Public Policy Analysis
0275943682: The End of the Empty Organism Neurobiology and the Sciences of Human Action
0275943690: Defense Policy in the North Atlantic Alliance : The Case of the Netherlands
0275943712: Decision and Interaction in Crisis
0275943720: Villages Astir
0275943739: Eclipse of Freedom : The World of Oppression
0275943755: Labor Arbitration in America
0275943763: Honest Government : An Ethics Guide for Public Service
0275943771: Age of Multimedia and Turbonews
0275943798: Psychology of Hope : An Antidote to the Suicidal Pathology of Western Civilization
0275943801: Teaching Group Dynamics : Process and Practices
0275943828: Dissenting Judicial Opinions : Foreshadows of Constitutional Law
0275943836: Dissenting Judicial Opinions : Foreshadows of Constitutional Law
0275943844: Women and Social Welfare : A Feminist Analysis
0275943852: Contemporary American Federalism : The Growth of National Power
0275943879: Seeking Common Ground
0275943909: Society's Impact on Television : How the Viewing Public Shapes Television Programming
0275943917: Business and Democracy in Spain
0275943933: How Political Parties Work : Perspectives from Within
0275943941: White House Speaks : Presidential Leadership as Persuasion
0275943968: Remote Control in the New Age of Television
0275944018: Gimme Shelter : A Social History of Homelessness in Contemporary America
0275944026: Hidden Force in Middle Eastern Society
0275944034: Statesman : By Sir Henry Taylor
0275944042: Invasion of the Salarymen : The Japanese Business Presence in America
0275944050: How Humans Relate : A New Interpersonal Theory
0275944069: Government and Politics of Postcommunist Europe
0275944077: Uses of Structure in Communication Studies
0275944085: Distancing : A Guide to Avoidance and Avoidant Personality Disorder
0275944093: Scouts and Raiders : The Navy's First Special Warfare Commandos
0275944107: Rabbis, Lawyers, Immigrants, and Thieves : Exploring Women's Roles
0275944115: Putting Health Care on the National Agenda
0275944131: International Business History : A Contextual and Case Approach
0275944158: American Political Prisoners : Prosecutions under the Espionage and Sedition Acts
0275944166: Analysis and History of Inflation
0275944174: Childhood Hand That Disturbs Projective Test : A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Drawing Test
0275944182: Leadership and the Bush Presidency : Prudence or Drift in an Era of Change?
0275944190: Cold War Analytical Structures and the Post Post-War World : A Critique of Deterrence Theory
0275944204: Organizational Power Politics : Tactics in Organizational Leadership
0275944212: Politics and Public Policy in Arizona
0275944220: Self-Regulation Theory : How Optimal Adjustment Maximizes Gain
0275944239: Educational Policy and National Character : Africa, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union
0275944247: Older Wards and Their Guardians
0275944255: Cycles of Inflation and Deflation : Money, Debt, and the 1990s
0275944263: Assessment in Higher Education : Politics, Pedagogy, and Portfolios
0275944271: Assessment in Higher Education : Politics, Pedagogy, and Portfolios
0275944298: In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer : Politics, Rhetoric, and Self-Defense
0275944328: Colleges and Universities in World War II
0275944336: Structural Adjustment : Retrospect and Prospect
0275944344: U.S. Intelligence: Evolution and Anatomy Second Edition (The Washington Papers)
0275944352: U.S. Intelligence Evolution and Anatomy
0275944360: Poverty Debate : Politics and the Poor in America
0275944379: American Political Trials: Revised, Expanded Edition
0275944387: Hoodwinking Hitler : The Normandy Deception
0275944395: Organization of African Unity after Thirty Years
0275944409: Last Years of the Soviet Empire : Snapshots from 1985-1991
0275944433: Sound-On-Film : Interviews with Creators of Film Sound
0275944441: Revolutionary Politics
0275944468: Modernization Theory and Economic Development : Discontent in the Developing World
0275944476: Secret Science : Federal Control of American Science and Technology
0275944484: Conversation of Journalism : Communication, Community, and News
0275944492: Japanese Policymaking - : The Politics Behind Politics, Informal Mechanisms and the Making of China Policy
0275944506: Paying the Social Debt : What White America Owes Black America
0275944514: Missile and Space Race
0275944522: Cognition, Creativity, and Behavior : Selected Essays
0275944530: Publish, Don't Perish : The Scholar's Guide to Academic Writing and Publishing
0275944557: The Making of United States International Ecomonic Policy: Principles, Problems, and Proposals for Reform
0275944565: The Making of United States International Economic Policy: Principles, Problems, and Proposals for Reform
0275944573: Persian Gulf after the Cold War
0275944581: Political Expression and Ethnicity : Statecraft and Mobilization in the Maori World
0275944603: Challenging the Civil Rights Establishment : Profiles of a New Black Vanguard
0275944611: Global Economic Mismatch : High Technology and Low Pay
0275944638: Our Nine Tribunes
0275944646: Latin America's Christian Democratic Parties : A Political Economy
0275944654: Naval Warfare in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1940-1945
0275944670: Decline of Intelligence in America : A Strategy for National Renewal
0275944689: Genes, Brains, and Politics
0275944700: Age of Giant Corporations : A Microeconomic History of American Business, 1914-1992
0275944727: United States and the Pacific Islands
0275944735: City Planning in America : Between Promise and Despair
0275944743: National Health Care : Law, Policy, Strategy
0275944751: Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families : Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment for Community Mental Health Promotion
0275944778: Global Environmental Change : Interactions of Science, Policy, and Politics in the United States
0275944786: Contemporary Economic Systems : A Regional and Country Approach
0275944794: Santiago Campaign of 1898 : A Soldier's View of the Spanish-American War
0275944808: Decline of the American Empire
0275944816: Race to the Moon : America's Duel with the Soviets
0275944824: Prohibition's Second Failure : The Quest for a Rational and Humane Drug Policy
0275944832: Place in Time
0275944840: Gorbachev, Reform, and the Brezhnev Doctrine : Soviet Policy Toward Eastern Europe, 1985-1990
0275944859: Varieties of Criminology : Readings from a Dynamic Discipline
0275944867: Women in the Criminal Justice System
0275944875: Women in the Criminal Justice System
0275944883: Economic Activity, Trade, and Industry in the U. S. - Japan - World Economy : A Macro Model Study of Economic Interactions
0275944891: In Search of Stability : Europe's Unfinished Revolution (Praeger European Defense and Strategic Studies Annual)
0275944905: Political Performers
0275944913: Psychological Reflections on Cinematic Terror : Jungian Archetypes in Horror Films
0275944921: Ambivalent Welcome : Print Media, Public Opinion and Immigration
0275944948: It Just Ain't Fair : The Ethics of Health Care for African Americans
0275944956: Managing Community Growth
0275944964: United Nations Industrial Development Organization : UNIDO and Problems of International Industrial Development
0275944972: Power & Peace
0275945006: Immigration and Its Impact on American Cities
0275945014: MANAGEMENT AND GENDER Issues and Attitudes
0275945022: Victims of Soviet Terror : The Story of the Memorial Movement
0275945030: Political Economy of Colonialism : The State and Industrialization in Puerto Rico
0275945049: Population Policy and Women's Rights : Transforming Reproductive Choice
0275945057: Oil, the Persian Gulf States, and the United States
0275945065: States and the Economy : Policymaking and Decentralization
0275945073: Invisible, Outlawed, and Untaxed : America's Underground Economy
0275945081: Meaning of International Experience for Schools
0275945111: A Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments
0275945146: Gatekeepers of Psychology : Evaluation of Peer Review by Case History
0275945154: Cultivating Consciousness : Enhancing Human Potential, Wellness, and Healing
0275945162: Guam's Trial of the Century
0275945170: Terrains of Resistance : Nonviolent Social Movements and the Contestation of Place in India
0275945189: Strategy of a Megamerger
0275945197: Cruise Missile Proliferation in the 1990s
0275945219: Suicide Charlie : A Vietnam War Story
0275945227: American Paradox : Censorship in a Nation of Free Speech
0275945235: Women's Lives and Public Policy
0275945243: Cross-Cultural Topics in Psychology
0275945251: Russian Contributions to Invertebrate Behavior
0275945278: Latino Family and the Politics of Transformation
0275945286: One Hundred Miles from Bagdad : With the French in Desert Storm
0275945294: Logic and Method of Macro Sociology : An Input-Output Approach to Organizational Networks
0275945308: Marxian Concept of Capital and the Soviet Experience : Essay in the Critique of Political Economy
0275945316: Russia and the NIS in the World Economy : East-West Investment, Financing and Trade
0275945324: Lost Battalion : Controversy and Casualties in the Battle of Hue
0275945359: Road from Rio : Sustainable Development and the Non-Governmental Movements in the Third World
0275945367: Prague Sprung
0275945375: Journalist's Moral Compass : Basic Principles
0275945383: Self-Studies : On the Psychology of Self and Identity
0275945391: Change in Eastern Europe
0275945405: Skip Bombing in Rabaul Harbor
0275945413: Contemporary Questions Surrounding the Constitutional Amending Process
0275945421: Forgotten Memories : A Journey Out of the Darkness of Sexual Abuse
0275945448: Coping+Plus : Dimensions of Disability
0275945456: Inside the Battle of the Bulge : A Private Comes of Age
0275945464: Hemingway Repossessed
0275945464112: Hemingway Repossessed ISBN:0275945464
0275945480: Foreign Investment and Political Conflict in Developing Countries
0275945499: Soviet Marxism-Leninism : The Decline of an Ideology
0275945510: Building Democracy in One-Party Systems : Theoretical Problems and Cross-Nation Experiences
0275945529: Mediation, Citizen Empowerment, and Transformational Politics
0275945537: Medical Risks : 1991 Compendium of Mortality and Morbidity
0275945545: Military Heretics : The Unorthodox in Policy and Strategy
0275945553: Looking Back on the Vietnam War : A 1990s Perspective on the Decisions, Combat, and Legacies
0275945561: Hungarian Foreign Policy : The Experience of a New Democracy
0275945588: Soviet Legacy
0275945596: 1992 Presidential Campaign : A Communication Perspective
0275945618: Abortion Politics in the United States and Canada : Studies in Public Opinion
0275945626: Iraq and the International Oil System : Why America Went to War in the Gulf
0275945669: Islam and Modernization : A Comparative Analysis of Pakistan, Egypt, and Turkey
0275945685: Darwinism Applied : The Evolutionary Path to Social Goals
0275945693: Electoral College and the Constitution : The Case for Preserving Federalism
0275945707: Population, Law and the Environment
0275945715: Visions for the 21st Century (Praeger Studies on the 21st Century)
0275945723: Visions for the 21st Century
0275945731: Commodity Chains and Global Capitalism
0275945758: Middle East Today
0275945766: Middle East Today
0275945774: When Businesses Cross International Borders : Strategic Alliances and Their Alternatives
0275945782: When Businesses Cross International Borders : Strategic Alliances and Their Alternatives
0275945790: Republikaner Party in Germany
0275945804: Republikaner Party in Germany
0275945820: Lieutenant General Karl Strecker
0275945839: New Global Oil Market : Understanding Energy Issues in the World Economy
0275945847: Sam Shepard and the American Theatre
0275945863: Rethinking White Collar Crime
0275945871: Labor Relations at the New York Daily News : Peripheral Bargaining and the 1990 Strike
0275945898: Children's Emergent Literacy : From Research to Practice
0275945928: Helping Young Children at Risk : A Psycho-Educational Approach
0275945936: Conceptualizing Sexual Harrassment as Discursive Practice
0275945952: Democracy in the Caribbean : Myths and Realities
0275945960: Electric Utility Mergers
0275945987: Conflict : Resolution and Ethnicity
0275945995: Telepower, Planning and Society : Crisis in Communication
0275946002: Economic Structure and Failure of Yugoslavia
0275946029: Community Reconstruction after Earthquake : Dialectical Sociology in Action
0275946037: Shooters : TV News Photographers and Their Work
0275946045: Marxism Today
0275946053: Recovery or Relapse in the Global Economy : Comparative Perspectives on Restructuring in Central America
0275946061: Preparing for Citizenship : Teaching Youth to Live Democratically
0275946088: Hormones, Sex and Society : The Science of Physicology
0275946118: Population Policy and Women's Rights : Transforming Reproductive Choice
0275946126: Black and White Racial Identity : Theory, Research, and Practice
0275946142: Marginalized Places and Populations
0275946150: Beyond Confrontation : Transforming the New World Order
0275946169: Real Options in Capital Investment : Models, Strategies and Applications
0275946177: Multinational Corporations in the North American Free Trade Association
0275946185: Political Logic of Privatization : Lessons from Great Britain and Poland
0275946193: Women Against Hitler : Christian Resistance in the Third Reich
0275946207: When Life Ends
0275946215: America and the Holy Land No. 4 : With Eyes Toward Zion
0275946223: Holy Blood : An Inside View of the Afghan War
0275946231: Campaigns and Conscience : The Ethics of Political Journalism
0275946258: Human Dignity and Contemporary Liberalism
0275946266: Socializing Instinct : Individual, Family and Social Bonds
0275946282: Defense Reform and Technology : Tactical Aircraft
0275946290: Bounty Hunters, Marshals and Sheriffs : Forward to the Past
0275946304: Roots of Mexican Labor Migration
0275946320: Problematic Communication : The Construction of Invisible Walls
0275946339: KGB
0275946355: Theories of Intergroup Relations : International Social Psychological Perspecctives
0275946363: Korean Economy at a Crossroad : Development Prospects, Liberlization, and South-North Economic Integration
0275946371: Writing and Psychology : Understanding Writing and Its Teaching from the Perspective of Composition Studies
0275946371112: Writing and Psychology: Understanding Writing and Its Teaching from the Perspective of Composition Studies ISBN:0275946371
0275946398: Franco-American Naval Relations, 1940-1945
0275946401: Elite Military Formations in War and Peace
0275946428: Powerlift - Getting to Desert Storm : Strategic Transportation and Strategy in the New World Order
0275946436: Gospels of Wealth : How the Rich Portray Their Lives
0275946444: Stepping Back : Nuclear Arms Control and the End of the Cold War
0275946452: Korean Economic Development : An Interpretive Model
0275946460: Devil's Anvil : The Assault on Peleliu
0275946479: China since the Cultural Revolution : From Totalitarianism to Authoritarianism
0275946487: Use of Research in Social Work Practice : A Case Example from School Social Work
0275946495: History of Federal Crime Control Initiatives, 1960-1993
0275946509: Empowerment in Dispute Mediation : A Critical Analysis of Communication
0275946517: Group Counseling for Elementary and Middle School Children
0275946525: Managing Organizational Change
0275946533: Managing Organizational Change
0275946541: Fiscal Equalization for State and Local Government Finance
0275946568: Retreat from Liberalism : Collectivists Versus Progressives in the New Deal Years
0275946576: Marching Through Chaos : The Descent of Armies in Theory and Practice
0275946584: Education in Urban Areas : Cross-National Dimensions
0275946592: City As a Human Environment
0275946606: Guide to Academic Writing
0275946614: Bolivarian Presidents
0275946630: Perspectives on Economic Development in Africa
0275946649: Privatization in Latin America : New Roles for the Public and Private Sectors
0275946657: Future of Religious Orders in the United States : Transformation and Commitment
0275946665: Environmental and Economic Dilemmas of Developing Countries
0275946673: Special Education in Latin America
0275946681: Culture-Centered Counseling and Interviewing Skills : A Practical Guide
0275946703: Organizing Societies for War : The Process and Consequences of Societal Militarization
0275946711: Public Administration in the Global Village
0275946738: On Artillery
0275946746: Death of Meaning
0275946754: North American Free Trade Agreement : Labor, Industry, and Government Perspectives
0275946762: West and Eastern Europe : Economic Statecraft and Political Change
0275946770: Wealth in Western Thought : The Case for and Against Riches
0275946789: Pitching the Presidency : How Presidents Depict the Office
0275946797: Ethics of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood : Brave New Families?
0275946800: In the Name of All That's Holy : A Theory of Clergy Malfeasance
0275946819: Adolescent Sex and Love Addicts
0275946827: Working Wives and Dual-Earner Families
0275946835: Fear of the Unknown
0275946843: Women - Men - Management
0275946851: Women - Men - Management
0275946878: Economic Theory of Growth and Development
0275946886: Living Witchcraft : A Contemporary American Coven
0275946894: Politics of Corruption in Contemporary China : An Analysis of Policy Outcomes
0275946908: Psychotherapy
0275946932: ANZUS States and Their Region : Regional Policies of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
0275946940: Napoleon Conquers Austria : The 1809 Campaign for Vienna
0275946967: Community Child Health : An Action Plan for Today
0275946983: Violent Couple
0275946991: Future of the Pacific Rim : Scenarios for Regional Cooperation
0275947009: Gender, Culture and Power : Toward a Feminist Postmodern Critical Theory
0275947017: War Powers : The President, the Congress, and the Question of War
0275947025: International Organizations : A Comparative Approach
0275947033: Costs of Economic Growth
0275947041: Poor People's Social Movement Organizations
0275947068: Restructuring the Baltic Economies : Disengaging Fifty Years of U. S. S. R.'s Economic Integration
0275947076: Eastern Europe in a Time of Change : Economic and Political Dimensions
0275947084: European Community, Eastern Europe and Russia : Economic and Political Changes
0275947092: Rhetoric in the War on Drugs : The Triumphs and Tragedies of Public Relations
0275947114: Nameless Persons : Legal Discrimination Against Non-Marital Children in the United States
0275947149: Candidate Images in Presidential Elections
0275947157: Road from Rio : Sustainable Development and the Nongovernmental Movement in the Third World
0275947165: Politics of Redistributing Urban Aid
0275947173: First Steps Toward Economic Independence : New States of the Postcommunist World
0275947203: Introduction to the Analysis of Variance
0275947211: Air Mobility : The Development of a Doctrine
0275947254: Autonomy in the Extreme Situation : Bruno Bettelheim, the Nazi Concentration Camps and the Mass Society
0275947262: Killing Ground on Okinawa : The Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill
0275947289: Polish Society
0275947297: Defense Industries in Latin American Countries : Argentina, Brazil, and Chile
0275947319: Legacy of Keynes and Friedman
0275947327: Central Banks
0275947335: Inheritance of Empire : Britain, India, and the Balance of Power in Asia, 1938-55
0275947343: West and Eastern Europe : Economic Statecraft and Political Change
0275947351: Women in Baseball : The Forgotten History
0275947378: Pakistani Economy : Economic Growth and Structural Reform
0275947386: Power of the Purse Strings : Do Congressional Budget Procedures Restrain?
0275947394: Pluralism and Particularity in Relgious Belief
0275947408: Congressional Women
0275947416: Congressional Women
0275947424: Regulatory Economics of Title Insurance
0275947432: Nordic Nexus : A Lesson in Peaceful Security
0275947440: Psychology of Freedom and Dignity : The Last Train to Survival
0275947459: Trade and Economic Development in Small Open Economies : The Case of the Caribbean Countries
0275947467: Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Urban America : Status and Prospects for Politics and Activism
0275947475: Facing Tough Choices : Balancing Fiscal and Social Deficits
0275947483: Facing Tough Choices : Balancing Fiscal and Social Deficits
0275947491: Steel Wind : Colonel Georg Bruchm Uller and the Birth of Modern Artillery
0275947505: Steel Wind : Colonel George Bruchmuller and the Birth of Modern Artillery
0275947521: Citizen Espionage : Studies in Trust and Betrayal
0275947548: Surviving the Millennium : American Global Strategy, the Collapse of the Soviet Empire, and the Question of Peace
0275947556: Government and Agriculture in Zimbabwe
0275947580: Foreign Exchange Black Markets in Latin America
0275947599: International Education : Its History and Promise for Today
0275947602: Vatican Radio : Propagation by the Airwaves
0275947610: New Chapter in United States-Russian Relations Opportunities
0275947629: Multiculturalism and Learning Style : Teaching and Counseling Adolescents
0275947637: Soviet Marxism-Leninism: The Decline of an Ideology
0275947645: Dark Laughter : War in Song and Popular Culture
0275947653: Economic Surplus
0275947661: Southern State Party Organizations and Activists
0275947696: Changing the World
0275947718: Art Crime
0275947726: East Side - East End : Eastern European Jews in London and New York, 1870-1920
0275947734: I. A. M. : A Common Sense Guide to Coping with Anger
0275947742: Varieties of Criminology : Readings from a Dynamic Discipline
0275947750: Changing the World
0275947769: Emerging Worldwide Electronic University : Information Age Global Higher Education
0275947777: Jewish Intellectual History in the Middle Ages
0275947793: Why the United States Lacks a National Health Insurance Program
0275947807: Imposing Duties
0275947815: Imposing Duties : Government's Changing Approach to Compliance
0275947823: Water Quantity - Quality Management and Conflict Resolution : Institutions, Processes and Economic Analyses
0275947831: Coup : Tactics in the Seizure of Power
0275947858: Some Even Volunteered : The Wolfhounds Pacify Vietnam
0275947882: New Civil War : Government Competition for Economic Development
0275947890: History of Holistic Literacy : Five Major Educators
0275947904: Not by Schools Alone : Sharing Responsibility for America's Education Reform
0275947912: Japanese Foreign Policy in the Interwar Period
0275947920: On Air Defense
0275947955: Eisenhower vs. Montgomery : The Continuing Debate
0275947963: Social Pathology in Comparative Perspective : The Nature and Psychology of Civil Society
0275947971: Civil Military Operations in the New World
0275947998: Killing Game : International Law and the African Elephant
0275948005: School Testing : What Parents and Educators Need to Know
0275948013: Financial Repression and Economic Reform in China
0275948021: Fifth Star : High Command in an Era of Global War
0275948048: Trade, Industrialization and Integration in Twentieth Century Central America
0275948056: Vision for the College Placement Center : Systems, Paradigms, Processes, People
0275948064: Public Administration Illuminated and Inspired by the Arts
0275948072: Privatizing Transportation Systems
0275948080: Anti-Racism in U. S. History : The First Two Hundred Years
0275948099: Latino Family and the Politics of Transformation
0275948102: Essential of Amateur Sports Law
0275948129: Biomedical Policy and Mental Health
0275948137: Economics and National Strategy in the Information Age
0275948137112: Economics and National Strategy in the Information Age: Global Networks, Technology Policy, and Cooperative Competition ISBN:0275948137
0275948145: South African Managed Trade Policy : The Wasting of a Mineral Endowment
0275948153: Social Control of Technology in North Africa : Information in the Global Economy
0275948161: Women and Government
0275948188: Community As Method
0275948196: Management of Developing Economics in Transition : Choice of Methods and Techniques in Economic Reform
0275948218: Hope, Intolerance and Greed : A Reality Check for Teachers
0275948226: Outstanding School Administrators : Their Keys to Success
0275948242: Acting Lessons for Teachers : Using Performance Skills in the Classroom
0275948250: United States Foreign Policy in the Interwar Period, 1918-1941 : The Golden Age of American Diplomatic and Military Complacency
0275948269: Decline and Fall of the Supreme Court : Living Out the Nightmare of the Federalists
0275948277: Women Marines in the Korean War Era
0275948285: Dynamics of Russian Politics : A Short History
0275948293: Economic Development under Democratic Regimes : Neo-Liberalism in Latin America
0275948307: Media Literacy : Keys to Interpreting Media Messages
0275948315: Media Literacy : Keys to Interpreting Media Messages
0275948323: Black Politics and Black Political Behavior : A Linkage Analysis
0275948331: Leadership and the Culture of Trust
0275948358: Appalachia in an International Context : Cross-National Comparisons of Developing Regions
0275948366: Economic Record of Presidential Performance : From Truman to Bush
0275948374: Globalization of the Automobile Industry : The United States, Japan, and the Peoples' Republic of China
0275948382: Origins of Violence in Mexican Society
0275948390: Emotional Development, Theory and Applications : A Neo-Piagetian Perspective
0275948439: Bylines in Despair : Herbert Hoover, the Great Depression, and the U. S. News Media
0275948447: Energy in Latin America : Production, Consumption and Future Growth
0275948455: Social Trust : Toward a Cosmopolitan Society
0275948471: Presbyterians
0275948498: Challenges of Democratic Consolidation in Portugal : Political, Economic, and Military Issues, 1976-1991
0275948501: Shakespeare-Who Was He?
0275948528: Witnessing for Sociology : Sociologists in Court
0275948552: American Cultural Pluralism and Law
0275948560: Arab Industrialization in Israel : Ethnic Entrepreneurship in the Periphery
0275948579: Imagery of Soviet Foreign Policy and the Collapse of the Russian Empire
0275948587: American Cultural Pluralism and Law
0275948595: Baptists
0275948609: O. S. S. Norwegian Special Operations Group in World War II
0275948617: Strategic Air Command
0275948625: U.S. Air Service in the Great War, 1917-1919
0275948633: Introduction to Airline Economics
0275948668: Government and Politics of Postcommunist Europe
0275948676: Six-Minute Fraternity : The Rise and Fall of NCAA Tournament Boxing, 1932-60
0275948684: Oldest Allies, Guarded Friends : The United States and France since 1940
0275948706: Separation and Its Discontents : Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism
0275948714: Moral Reasoning for Journalists : Cases and Commentary
0275948722: Moral Reasoning for Journalists : Cases and Commentary
0275948730: Violence and the Prevention of Violence
0275948749: The American Presidency: Second Edition
0275948757: The American Presidency
0275948757112: The American Presidency: Second Edition ISBN:0275948757
0275948765: Signals in the Air : Native Broadcasting in America
0275948773: Italian Foreign Policy in the Interwar Period, 1918-1940
0275948781: Jews in Germany, 1945-1993
0275948803: Too Much Liberty? : Perspectives on Freedom and the American Dream
0275948811: Acupuncture : A Viable Medical Alternative
0275948838: Political Campaign Communication
0275948846: Political Campaign Communication
0275948854: Demography of Africa
0275948862: African-American Youth
0275948870: Francois Mitterand : The Making of a Socialist Prince in Republican France
0275948889: On Understanding Intervention in Psychology and Education
0275948897: Politics of Culture
0275948900: Autonomy or Power? : The Franco-German Relationship and Europe's Strategic Choices, 1955 - 1995
0275948927: Witch Hunt in Wise County : The Persecution of Edith Maxwell
0275948935: Soviet Economy and the Red Army, 1930-1945
0275948951: Significance of the Human Factor in African Economic Development
0275948978: Guide to Quantitative History
0275948986: Navies and Global Defense : Theories and Strategy
0275949001: Bits, Bytes, and Big Brother
0275949028: Anatomy of a Public Policy : The Reform of Contemporary American Immigration Law
0275949036: Who Rules Japan? : The Inner Circles of Economic and Political Power
0275949044: AIDS Education : Reaching Diverse Populations
0275949052: Understanding Writer's Block : A Therapist's Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
0275949060: From Whaleboats to Amphibious Warfare : Lt. Gen. Howling Mad Smith and the U. S. Marine Corps
0275949079: How Writers Journey to Comfort and Fluency
0275949087: Learner-Centered Principalship
0275949095: Black Youths, Delinquency, and Juvenile Justice
0275949117: Perverse Incentives
0275949125: Nazi Justiz : Law of the Holocaust
0275949133: For the Defense of Themselves and the State
0275949141: Climbing the Hill
0275949168: Feminism and Nursing
0275949184: Constitutional Change in the United States : A Comparative Study of the Role of Constitutional Amendments, Judicial Interpretations, and Legislative and Executive Actions
0275949192: Molding the Good Citizen : The Politics of High School History Texts
0275949206: Facing West : Americans and the Opening of the Pacific
0275949214: Qualitative Research in Early Childhood Settings
0275949222: De Gaulle : Statesmanship, Grandeur and Modern Democracy
0275949230: Microcomputer Industry in Brazil : The Case of a Protected High Technology Industry
0275949249: Class Structure and Social Transformation
0275949257: Mogadishu! : Heroism and Tragedy
0275949265: Preventing Alcohol Abuse : Alcohol, Culture, and Control
0275949273: Psychotherapy for Mothers and Infants : Interventions for Dyads at Risk
0275949281: Images That Injure : Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media
0275949303: Research Methods and Communication in the Social Sciences
0275949311: Innovating in Community Mental Health : International Perspectives
0275949338: Perverse Incentives
0275949346: Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Urban America : Status and Prospects for Politics and Activism
0275949354: Economies of Exclusion : Underclass Poverty and Labor Market Change in Mexico
0275949362: Successor States and Cooperation Theory
0275949370: Blacks and Crime : A Function of Class
0275949389: Urban Environments in Emerging Economies
0275949397: On Air Defense
0275949400: African-American Youth
0275949427: Restructuring State and Local Services : Ideas, Proposals and Experiments
0275949435: Drug Treatment Behind Bars : Prison-Based Strategies for Change
0275949443: Dynamic Models of Conflict and Pacification : Dissenters, Officials and Peacemakers
0275949486: Sciences of Cognition : Theory and Research in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence
0275949508: Politics and Space : Image Making by NASA
0275949516: America Goes to School : Law, Reform, and Crisis in Public Education
0275949532: Understanding the Nature of Poverty in Urban America
0275949540: Principal Photography : Interviews with Feature Film Cinematographers
0275949559: Principal Photography : Interviews with Feature Film Cinematographers
0275949567: Psychological Anthropology
0275949575: Managing Community Growth
0275949591: Reclaiming Literature : A Teacher's Dilemma
0275949605: Developing Countries and Regional Economic Cooperation
0275949621: Governments as Interest Groups : Intergovernmental Lobbying and the Federal System
0275949648: Pro-Choice & Anti-Abortion
0275949656: Facing West : Americans and the Opening of the Pacific
0275949664: Food and Agrarian Orders in the World Economy
0275949672: Integrating Knowledge and Practice : The Case of Social Work and Social Science
0275949680: Now the Men's Voices
0275949699: Humanism with a Human Face : Intimacy and the Enlightenment
0275949710: Public Relations Inquiry As Rhetorical Criticism : Case Studies of Corporate Discourse and Social Influence
0275949729: On Infantry
0275949737: America and the Persian Gulf : The Third Party Dimension in World Politics
0275949745: Researching Chicano Communities : Social-Historical, Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Space
0275949753: Anatomy of a Splitting Borderline : Description and Analysis of a Case History
0275949761: Gods Within the Machine : A History of the American Society of Newspaper Editors, 1923-1993
0275949796: Comedy of Democracy
0275949818: Regional Integration among the Asian Nations : A Computable General Equilibrium Model Study
0275949826: In Sight of Surrender : The U. S. Sanctions Campaign Against South Africa, 1946-1993
0275949834: Integrating Economic and Ecological Indicators : Practical Methods for Environmental Policy Analysis
0275949842: Understanding the Nature of Poverty in Urban America
0275949869: Turkey : The Challenge of a New Role
0275949877: American Skinheads
0275949885: Black Politics and Black Political Behavior : A Linkage Analysis
0275949893: Journalist's Guide to Public Opinion Polls
0275949907: J. Edgar Hoover and His G-Men
0275949923: Warriors' Words : A Consideration of Language and Leadership
0275949931: From the Margins to the Center : Contemporary Women and Political Communication
0275949958: Press, the Rosenbergs and the Cold War
0275949966: From Social Worker to Crime Fighter : Women in United States Municipal Policing
0275949982: Outbreak of the First World War : Strategic Planning, Crisis Decision Making, and Deterrence Failure
0275949990: Toward an American Sociology : Questioning the European Construct
0275950018: Post-1965 Immigration to the United States : Structural Determinants
0275950026: Sex, Scams, and Street Life : The Sociology of New York City's Times Square
0275950034: Times Square Hustler : Male Prostitution in New York City
0275950042: Black Male Deviance
0275950069: Clinton and Post-Cold War Defense
0275950077: Privatization in Developing Countries
0275950085: Monetary Reform in Former Socialist Economies
0275950093: Modernization Crisis
0275950107: Delusional Relationships : How They Are Formed, Why They Falter and Fail
0275950115: Integration of Psychological Principles in Policy Development
0275950123: Future European Model : Economic Internationalization and Cultural Decentralization
0275950131: Policework : The Need for a Noble Character
0275950158: Racial Attitudes in the 1990s : Continuity and Change
0275950166: Enhancing Learning in Training and Adult Education
0275950174: Modeling Economic Management and Policy Issues of Water in Irrigated Agriculture
0275950182: Strategy and Tactics of the Salvadoran FMLN Guerrillas : Last Battle of the Cold War, Blueprint for Future Conflicts
0275950190: On armor. (Military profession)
0275950204: On Armor
0275950212: Warnings from the Far South : Democracy vs. Dictatorship in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile
0275950220: Squandered Victory : The American First Army at St. Mihiel
0275950239: Changing Federal Role in U. S. Health Care Policy
0275950247: Changing Federal Role in U. S. Health Care Policy
0275950255: Eagle in the Desert : Looking Back on the United States Involvement in the Persian Gulf War
0275950263: Study of Organizations : Positions, Persons and Patterns
0275950298: Betrayal of Trust : Sex and Power in Professional Relationships
0275950301: The American Curriculum
0275950328: Silent Subject : Reflections on the Unborn in American Culture
0275950336: Paradigm Lost? : Transitions and the Search for a New World Order
0275950352: Beyond the Rising Sun : Nationalism in Contemporary Japan
0275950360: American School Reform : Progressive, Equity and Excellence Movements, 1883-1993
0275950379: Race Relations Within Western Expansion
0275950387: Court Reform and Judicial Leadership
0275950395: Making of Energy and Telecommunications Policy
0275950417: Who Will Lead? : Senior Leadership in the United States Army
0275950425: Drug Warriors and Their Prey
0275950433: Reinventing the Soviet Self : Media and Social Change in the Former Soviet Union
0275950441: Modern Welfare States : Scandinavian Politics and Policy in the Global Age
0275950468: U.S. Media and Yugoslavia, 1991-1995
0275950484: Jungian Reflections Within the Cinema
0275950492: Spying Without Spies : Origins of America's Secret Nuclear Surveillance System
0275950506: Great Policies : Strategic Innovations in Asia and the Pacific Basin
0275950514: American Culture in Europe : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
0275950522: United Nations and the Maintenance of International Security : A Challenge to Be Met
0275950530: United Nations and the Maintenance of International Security : A Challenge to Be Met
0275950549: Civil War Generalship : The Art of Command
0275950557: United States in the Pacific : Private Interests and Public Policies, 1784-1899
0275950565: No Price Too High : Victimless Crimes and the Ninth Amendment
0275950573: It Just Ain't Fair : The Ethics of Health Care for African Americans
0275950581: Modern Welfare States : Scandinavian Politics and Policy in the Global Age
0275950603: Does France Still Count?
0275950611: Does France Still Count?
0275950638: Shadow of Suribachi : Raising the Flags on Iwo Jima
0275950646: Law and Business of the Entertainment Industries
0275950662: Privatization and Capital Market Development : Strategies to Promote Economic Growth
0275950670: Contemporary Portraits of Japanese Women
0275950689: Model Development Plan : New Strategies and Perspectives
0275950697: State-Local Relations
0275950719: Historical Perspectives on the Education of Black Children
0275950727: Women in Electoral Politics : Lessons from Norway
0275950735: Moral Education for Americans
0275950743: General Matthew B. Ridgway
0275950751: Lasting Marriages : Men and Women Growing Together
0275950794: African-German Experience : Critical Essays
0275950808: Mazzini
0275950816: Privatizing Education and Educational Choice : Concepts, Plans and Experiences
0275950832: U. S.-Latin American Relations
0275950840: U. S.-Latin American Relations
0275950859: Scaling the Ivory Tower : Stories from Women in Business School Faculties
0275950867: South Africa : Twelve Perspectives on the Transition
0275950875: South Africa : Twelve Perspectives on the Transition
0275950883: Future of the Pacific Rim : Scenarios for Regional Cooperation
0275950891: Creative Compartments : A Design for Future Organization
0275950905: Creative Compartments : A Design of Future Organization
0275950913: Groupware in the 21st Century
0275950921: Groupware in the 21st Century
0275950948: Gospels of Wealth : How the Rich Portray Their Lives
0275950956: Cultural Diversity in the Workplace : Issues and Strategies
0275950964: Preparing for Citizenship
0275950972: Public Opinion, the Press, and Public Policy
0275950999: Social Psychology of Prejudice
0275951006: Molding the Good Citizen : The Politics of High School History Texts
0275951014: Enemy Reviewed : German Literature Through British Eyes Between Two World Wars
0275951022: Pacific War : Japan vs. the Allies
0275951049: Operation Moonlight Sonata : The German Raid on Coventry
0275951065: Spanish-American War at Sea : Naval Action in the Atlantic
0275951073: Counseling and Psychotherapy of Religious Clients : A Developmental Approach
0275951081: Women in Electoral Politics Lessons From
0275951103: Clinton Presidency : Images, Issues, and Communication Strategies
0275951111: Vision of American Law : Judging Law, Literature and the Stories We Tell
0275951138: Lesser Terror : Soviet State Security, 1939-1953
0275951146: Cautious Revolution : The European Union Arrives
0275951154: Financing China Trade and Investment
0275951170: The African Aesthetic : Keeper of the Traditions
0275951189: NAFTA : What Comes Next?
0275951197: NAFTA : What Comes Next?
0275951200: Feminism and Nursing
0275951219: Securing the Covenant : The United States - Israel Relations after the Cold War
0275951227: New World Order?
0275951235: New Social Contract : America's Journey from a Welfare State to a Police State
0275951243: United States and the Struggle for Southeast Asia, 1945-1975
0275951251: Dead-Beat Dads : A National Child Support Scandal
0275951278: Afrocentrism and World Politics : Towards a New Paradigm
0275951286: Future of Islam in the Middle East : Fundamentalism in Egypt, Algeria and Saudi Arabia
0275951308: Politics of Conscience : A Biography of Margaret Chase Smith
0275951316: Popular Justice and Community Regeneration : Pathways of Indigenous Reform
0275951324: Privatization in Central and Eastern Europe : Perspectives and Approaches
0275951332: The Watchful Eye : American Justice in the Age of the Television Trial
0275951340: Economic Development and Women in the World Community
0275951359: Russian Concept of Work : Suffering, Drama, and Tradition in Pre and Post Revolutionary Russia
0275951367: Power in Transition: The Rise of Guatemala's Industrial Oligarchy, 1871-1994
0275951375: Divide and Rule : The Partition of Africa, 1880-1914
0275951383: Divide and Rule : The Partition of Africa, 1880-1914
0275951391: Exile and Destruction : The Fate of Austrian Jews, 1938-1945
0275951405: Chaos Theory in Psychology
0275951413: Religion and Resistance Politics in South Africa
0275951421: Subsaharan Africa in the 1990s : Challenges to Democracy and Development
0275951448: Unmasking Japan Today : The Impact of Traditional Values on Modern Japanese Society
0275951456: Gun Control : Threat to Liberty or Defense Against Anarchy?
0275951464: Lessons of Israel's Great Inflation
0275951472: Korea at the Turning Point : Innovation-Based Strategies for Development
0275951502: Public Relations Inquiry as Rhetorical Criticism : Case Studies of Corporate Discourse and Social Influence
0275951510: Qualitative Research in Early Childhood Settings
0275951529: Coping with Uncertainty : Insights from the New Sciences of Chaos, Self-Organization and Complexity
0275951537: Journalist's Moral Compass
0275951545: Enduring Western Civilization : The Construction of the Concept of Western Civilization
0275951553: Transportation Infostructures : The Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems
0275951561: Transportation Infostructures : The Development of Intelligent Transportation Systems
0275951588: Healthcare Infostructures : The Development of Information-Based In
0275951596: Globalization of Capitalism in Third World Countries
0275951596111: The Globalization of Capitalism in Third World Countries ISBN:0275951596
0275951618: Candidate Images in Presidential Elections
0275951626: Study of Organizations : Positions, Persons and Patterns
0275951634: Putting Health Care on the National Agenda
0275951642: Putting Health Care on the National Agenda
0275951650: Rivers of Blood : A Comparative Study of Government Massacres
0275951669: Governing Through Turbulence : Leadership and Change in the Late Twentieth Century
0275951677: Governing through Turbulence : Leadership and Change in the Late Twentieth Century
0275951685: New Horizons in Natural Gas Deregulation
0275951693: Comparative Empirical Analysis of Cultural Values and Perceptions of Political Economy Issues
0275951707: Nonlethal Weapons : War Without Death
0275951715: Children and Addiction
0275951723: Applied Statistics for Marine Affairs Professionals.
0275951731: Contemporary Portraits of Japanese Women
0275951758: Creating the Dropout : An Institutional and Social History of School Failure
0275951766: Restructuring Education : Innovations and Evaluations of Alternative Systems
0275951774: Earth Cancer : Ethics, Economics, and Biospheric Responsibility
0275951782: Little Platoons : Local Governments in Modern History
0275951790: Human Intellect and Cognitive Science : Towards a General Unified Theory of Intelligence
0275951804: Love, Light and a Dream
0275951812: Good Neighborhoods : A Study of In-Town and Suburban Residential Environments
0275951820: Politics, Media, and Modern Democracy : An International Study of Innovations in Electoral Campaigning and Their Consequences
0275951839: Politics, Media, and Modern Democracy : An International Study of Innovations in Electoral Campaigning and Their Consequences
0275951847: Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Rastus: Blacks in Advertising, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
0275951855: American Labor in the Era of World War II
0275951863: Times Square Hustler : Male Prostitution in New York City
0275951871: Future European Model : Economic Internationalization and Cultural Decentralization
0275951898: Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
0275951928: Diplomacy in the Former Soviet Republics
0275951936: America's National Pastime : A Study of Race and Merit in Professional Baseball
0275951944: Age of Automation : Technical Genius, Social Dilemma
0275951952: Asylum : A Moral Dilemma
0275951960: Asylum : A Moral Dilemma
0275951979: Moral Education for Americans
0275951987: Toward a Caring Society : Ideas into Action
0275951995: For Our Daughters : How Outstanding Women Worldwide Have Balanced Home and Career
0275952002: Curriculum Strategies : Social Skills Intervention for Young African-American Males
0275952029: Problems and Prospects in European Education
0275952037: Harvesting Minds : How TV Commercials Control Kids
0275952045: American Welfare System : Origins, Structure, and Effects
0275952053: Human Diversity and the Culture Wars : A Philosophical Perspective on Contemporary Cultural Conflict
0275952061: Communication Consultants in Political Campaigns : Ballot Box Warriors
0275952088: Black Women in the New World Order
0275952096: I Just Lost Myself : Psychological Abuse of Women in Marriage
0275952118: Meaning of Relationship in Interpersonal Communication
0275952126: Privatization and Foreign Investments in Eastern Europe
0275952134: Jerusalem Recovered : Victorian Intellectuals and the Birth of Modern Zionism
0275952142: Man for All Connections : Raoul Wallenberg and the Hungarian State Apparatus, 1944-1945
0275952150: Economy Without Walls
0275952169: Judicial Self-Interest : Federal Judges and Court Administration
0275952177: Nazi Rocketeers : Dreams of Space and Crimes of War
0275952185: Chaco War
0275952193: Researching Chicano Communities : Social-Historical, Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Space
0275952223: Sultanate of Oman : A Twentieth Century History
0275952231: When Soldiers Quit
0275952258: Perspectives on the Politics of Abortion
0275952266: Disenchanted Island : Puerto Rico and the United States in the Twentieth Century
0275952274: Disenchanted Island : Puerto Rico and the United States in the Twentieth Century
0275952282: Puerto Rico : Culture, Politics, and Identity
0275952290: The Decline of Intelligence in America
0275952304: Zhukov at the Oder
0275952312: In Search of Security : A Socio-Psychological Portrait of Today's Germany
0275952320: Power & Peace
0275952339: Vitality and Renewal : A Manager's Guide for the 21st Century
0275952347: Vitality and Renewal : A Manager's Guide for the 21st Century
0275952355: State-Local Relations
0275952363: Pacific Turning Point : The Solomons Campaign, 1942-1943
0275952371: Guide to Quantitative History
0275952398: New Social Contract : America's Journey from a Welfare State to a Police State
0275952401: Ukraine's Economic Reform
0275952428: Integration and Stabilization
0275952436: We're People First : The Social and Emotional Lives of Individuals with Mental Retardation
0275952444: Using Cognitive Approaches with the Seriously Mentally Ill : Dialogue Across the Barrier
0275952452: Psychology and the developing world
0275952460: Achieving Performance Excellence in University Administration : A Team Approach to Organizational Change and Employee Development
0275952479: School Administration : Persistent Dilemmas in Preparation and Practice
0275952487: Linking Europe : Transport Policies and Politics in the European Union
0275952495: Sex-Gender Outsiders, Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression : Can They Say That about Me?
0275952509: Inner Voice for Public Administration
0275952517: Mexican Politics : The Containment of Conflict
0275952525: Mexican Politics : The Containment of Conflict
0275952533: Economic Security and High Technology Competition in an Age of Transition : The Case of the Semiconductor Industry
0275952541: Can Democracy Fly in Space? : The Challenge of Revitalizing the U. S. Space Program
0275952576: Media at War : Radio's Challenge to the Newspapers, 1924-1939
0275952584: Politics of Strategic Aircraft Modernization
0275952592: With Arrow, Sword and Spear : A History of Warfare in the Ancient World
0275952606: Mind of Black Africa
0275952614: Managing Command and Control in the Persian Gulf War
0275952622: Environmental Law and Policy in the European Union and the United States
0275952649: American Academia and the Survival of Marxist Idea
0275952657: Medical Anthropology : Contemporary Theory and Method
0275952665: Voices in the Purple Haze : Underground Radio and the '60s
0275952673: Building Self-Esteem in At-Risk Youth : Peer Group Programs and Individual Success Stories
0275952681: Italian Police and the Rise of Fascism : A Case Study of the Province of Bologna, 1897-1925
0275952703: Strategies of Transformation Toward a Muticultural Society
0275952711: Strategies of Transformation Toward a Multicultural Society : Fulfilling the Story of Democracy
0275952738: Politics of International Humanitarian Aid Operations
0275952746: Politics and Public Policy in Arizona
0275952754: Multicultural Teaching in the University
0275952762: From Exclusion to Inclusion : The Long Struggle for African American Political Power
0275952770: Nazi Occupation of Crete, 1941-1945
0275952789: Presidents of Central America, Mexico, Cuba, and Hispaniola : Conversations and Correspondence
0275952797: The End of the Future
0275952800: End of the Future : The Waning of the High-Tech World
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