0275952819: Cult and Ritual Abuse : Its History, Anthropology, and Recent Discovery in Contemporary America
0275952827: Reincarnation and Biology : A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects
0275952835: Reincarnation and Biology : A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects Volume 1: Birthmarks
0275952843: Reincarnation and Biology Volume 2: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects
0275952916: Abortion Politics in the Federal Courts : Right Versus Right
0275952924: Foresight Principle : Cultural Recovery in the Twenty-First Century
0275952932: Foresight Principle : Cultural Recovery in the Twenty-First Century
0275952959: Paradox of Change : The Rise and Fall of Solidarity in Poland
0275952967: Reporting on Risks : The Practice and Ethics of Health and Safety Communication
0275952975: Auteur - Provocateur : The Films of Denys Arcand
0275952983: Reporting on Risks : The Practice and Ethics of Health and Safety Communication
0275952991: Dark Alchemy : The Films of Jan Svankmajer
0275953009: Sea Power in the Twenty-First Century : Projecting a Naval Revolution
0275953025: Key to the Bulge : The Battle for Losheimergraben
0275953033: Law Never Here : A Social History of African American Responses to Issues of Crime and Justice
0275953041: Curricular Integration of Ethics : Theory and Practice
0275953076: Sustainable Development in Third World Countries : Applied and Theoretical Perspectives
0275953084: Women and Sustainable Development in Africa
0275953092: Rural Cooperatives in Socialist Utopia : Thirty Years of Moshav Development in Israel
0275953106: Navies and Shipbuilding Industries : The Strained Symbiosis
0275953114: Effects of Law Enforcement Accreditation : Officer Selection, Promotion, and Education
0275953130: Responding to Defense Dependence
0275953149: Sustainers and Sustainability : Attitudes, Attributes, and Actions for Survival
0275953165: Statistical Models for the Social and Behavioral Sciences : Multiple Regression and Limited-Dependent Variable Models
0275953181: Shanghai's role in the economic development of China reform of foreign trade and investment
0275953203: Spectacle : Media and the Making of the O. J. Simpson Story
0275953211: Revolutionary States, Leaders and Foreign Relations : A Comparative Study of China, Cuba and Iran
0275953238: In a World of Their Own : Experiencing Unconsciousness
0275953246: Two Centuries of U.S. Foreign Policy
0275953254: Two Centuries of U.S. Foreign Policy
0275953262: Theory of Conceptual Intelligence : Thinking, Learning, Creativity, and Giftedness
0275953270: Social Networks of Older People : A Cross-National Analysis
0275953289: Biosociology : An Emerging Paradigm
0275953297: Rebuilding Therapy : Incorporating the Past for a More Effective Future
0275953300: After Authoritarianism: Democracy or Disorder?
0275953319: American Food Habits in Historical Perspective
0275953327: Queen of the 'B's : Ida Lupino Behind the Camera
0275953335: Print and Broadcast Journalism : A Critical Examination
0275953343: Dark Side of Liberalism : Elitism vs. Democracy
0275953351: Privacy and Its Invasion
0275953378: Russian Imperialism : Development and Crisis
0275953386: Working Wives and Dual-Earner Families
0275953394: Cultural Hegemony and African American Development
0275953408: Press in Times of Crisis
0275953416: Helping Teenagers into Adulthood : A Guide for the Next Generation
0275953424: Black and Right : The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America
0275953432: Successful Adoptive Families : A Longitudinal Study of Special Needs Adoption
0275953440: Decisive Force : The New American Way of War
0275953459: Fierce and Tender Men
0275953475: Economy of Bangladesh : Problems and Prospects
0275953483: Hope or Despair?
0275953491: Policymaking for Conservation in Latin America : National Parks, Reserves, and the Environment
0275953505: Civil-Military Relations in Post-Communist States : Central and Eastern Europe in Transition
0275953513: Advertising and Culture : Theoretical Perspectives
0275953521: Titanic Legacy
0275953556: Zero Fighter
0275953564: Impact of European Integration : Political, Sociological, and Economic Changes
0275953572: Images That Injure : Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media
0275953580: Mexico Faces the 21st Century
0275953599: Sex, Scams, and Street Life : The Sociology of New York City's Times Square
0275953602: Reducing Unemployment : A Case for Government Deregulation
0275953610: Peacekeeping : Outspoken Observations by a Field Officer
0275953629: Therapeutic Narrative
0275953637: Pershing and His Generals : Command and Staff in the AEF
0275953645: Everybody Is Sitting on the Curb : How and Why America's Heroes Disappeared
0275953653: The Triumph of the Soul: Cultural and Psychological Aspects of African-American Music
0275953661: Many Faces of Gay : Activists Who Are Changing the Nation
0275953688: Evaluating Public Sector Research and Development
0275953696: Portrait of an Appeaser : Robert Hadow, First Secretary in the British Foreign Office, 1931-1939
0275953718: Population Growth and Environmental Issues
0275953726: Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable
0275953734: Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable
0275953742: Headline Diplomacy : How News Coverage Affects Foreign Policy
0275953750: Headline Diplomacy : How News Coverage Affects Foreign Policy
0275953769: Rethinking Our Centralized Monetary System : The Case for a System of Local Currencies
0275953777: Network Exchange Theory
0275953785: Network Exchange Theory
0275953807: In Search of Security : A Socio-Psychological Portrait of Today's Germany
0275953815: Stepparenting : Issues in Theory, Research, and Practice
0275953823: Ethics and Statecraft : The Moral Dimension of International Affairs
0275953831: Science, Technology, and Ecopolitics in the U. S. S. R.
0275953858: Ukrainian Security Policy
0275953866: World Military Leaders : A Collective and Comparative Analysis
0275953874: U. S. - Russian Naval Cooperation
0275953882: Albert Gallatin's Vision of Democratic Stability : An Interpretive Profile
0275953890: Lebanon War
0275953904: Embattled Island : Palau's Struggle for Independence
0275953912: Beyond Confrontation : Transforming the New World Order
0275953920: Silent Subject : Reflections on the Unborn in American Culture
0275953939: Chinese Women Speak
0275953947: Chinese Women Speak
0275953955: Schools for an Information Age : Reconstructing Foundations for Learning and Teaching
0275953963: Schools for an Information Age : Reconstructing Foundations for Learning and Teaching
0275953971: Eagle in the Desert : Looking Back on the United States Involvement in the Persian Gulf War
0275954005: Enduring Western Civilization : The Construction of the Concept of Western Civilization and Its Others
0275954013: Stormtroop Tactics : Innovation in the German Army, 1914-1918
0275954021: Screening the Past : Film and the Representation of History
0275954048: Raiders of 1862
0275954056: Jerusalem in the Mind of the Western World, 1800-1948
0275954064: New North America : Cooperation and Enhanced Interdependence
0275954072: New North America : Cooperation and Enhanced Interdependence
0275954080: Commando! : The M/Z Unit's Secret War Against Japan
0275954099: Soledad Women : Wives of Prisoners Speak Out
0275954102: U. S. Immigration Policy and the Undocumented : Ambivalent Laws, Furtive Lives
0275954110: U. S. Immigration Law and the Undocumented : Ambivalent Laws, Furtive Lives
0275954129: Unscientific Psychology : A Cultural-Performatory Approach to Understanding Human Life
0275954145: Political Violence in Northern Ireland
0275954153: Telecommunications Strategy for Economic Development
0275954161: In the Field : Readings on the Field Research Experience
0275954188: Political Economy of Industrial Promotion : Indian, Brazilian, and Korean Electronics in Comparative Perspective 1969-1994
0275954196: Gorbachev's Reforms : De-Stalinization Through Demilitarization
0275954218: Post-Intellectualism and the Decline of Democracy : The Failure of Reason and Responsibility in the Twentieth Century
0275954226: Field Marshall Sir William Robertson : Chief of the Imperial General Staff in the Great War
0275954234: Latin America in the World Economy
0275954242: Small Is Powerful : The Future As if People Really Mattered
0275954250: Small Is Powerful : The Future As if People Really Mattered
0275954269: United States and Arab Nationalism : The Syrian Case
0275954285: Racism, Health, and Post-Industrialism : A Theory of African-American Health
0275954293: Mind of Black Africa
0275954307: Arab-Israeli Conflict and Conciliation : A Documentary History
0275954315: Putting America's House in Order : The Nation As a Family
0275954331: Foreign Policy Decision-Making: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Political Argumentation
0275954358: Cuban Missle Crises : The Struggle over Policy
0275954366: Children Learning to Read : A Guide for Parents and Teachers
0275954382: Fighting Words : The Politics of Hateful Speech
0275954390: Marketing Channel Management : People, Products, Programs and Markets
0275954404: Identity, Interest and Ideology : An Introduction to Politics
0275954412: Identity, Interest and Ideology : An Introduction to Politics
0275954420: Informed Dialogue
0275954439: Informed Dialogue
0275954447: Jimmy Carter As Peacemaker : A Post-Presidential Biography
0275954455: From the Berlin Museum to the Berlin Wall : Essays on the Cultural and Political History of Modern Germany
0275954463: Inside the Concentration Camps : Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler's Death Camps
0275954471: Inside the Concentration Camps : Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler's Death Camps
0275954498: World Opinion and the Emerging International Order
0275954501: FutureWork
0275954528: Puerto Rico : Culture, Politics, and Identity
0275954536: Toward a Caring Society: Ideas Into Action
0275954544: Sharing the Secrets : Open Source Intelligence and the War on Drugs
0275954552: Assault on the Left : The F. B. I. and the Sixties Antiwar Movement
0275954560: From Nazi Test Pilot to Hitler's Bunker : The Fantastic Flights of Hanna Reitsch
0275954579: Irish Television : The Political and Social Origins
0275954587: Campaign Craft
0275954595: Campaign Craft
0275954609: Alzheimer's Disease : A Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Management
0275954617: Anti-Gay Rights : Assessing Voter Initiatives
0275954633: Jewish Bridges : East to West
0275954641: Leninism
0275954668: Antimarket Economics : Blind Logic, Better Science, and the Diversity of Economic Competition
0275954676: United States and Cuba under Reagan and Shultz : A Foreign Service Officer Reports
0275954684: Brain, Mind and Behavior : A New Perspective on Human Nature
0275954692: Brief Collabortive Therapy : A Practical Guide for Practitioners
0275954706: OSS Agents in Hitler's Heartland : Destination Innsbruck
0275954714: Shadows of Realism : Dramaturgy and the Theories and Practices of Modernism
0275954722: Community Child Health: An Action Plan for Today - Paperback
0275954730: Next Cold War?
0275954749: America and Egypt: From Roosevelt to Eisenhower
0275954765: Should Psychology Be a Science? : Pros and Cons
0275954781: Through Students' Eyes : Combating Racism in United States Schools
0275954803: Tet Offensive
0275954811: Tet Offensive
0275954838: Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise : A Re-Examination Using Signaling Theory
0275954846: Desert Fox in Normandy : Rommel's Defense of Fortress Europe
0275954854: Why Hitler? : The Genesis of the Nazi Reich
0275954862: From Bad Policy to Chaos in Somalia : How an Economy Fell Apart
0275954870: Persistence and Change in the Protestant Establishment
0275954889: Politics of Minority Coaltions : Race, Ethnicity and Shared Uncertainties
0275954897: Politics of Minority Coalitions : Race, Ethnicity and Shared Uncertainties
0275954900: Camerone : The French Foreign Legion's Greatest Battle
0275954919: Human Factor Engineering and the Political Economy of African Development
0275954927: Listening to Radio, 1920-1950
0275954951: Philosophical Thinking in Educational Practice
0275954978: East-Central European Region : From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
0275954986: Police and Policing : Contemporary Issues
0275954994: Police and Policing : Contemporary Issues
0275955001: Franklin Roosevelt and the Origins of the Canadian-American Security Alliance, 1933-1945 : Necessary, but Not Necessary Enough
0275955028: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy : A Practical Guide to Its Use in Education
0275955036: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy : A Practical Guide to Its Use in Education
0275955044: Community Strategic Visioning Programs
0275955052: Wilsonian Impulse : U.S. Foreign Policy, the Alliance, and German Unification
0275955060: Schools, Violence, and Society
0275955079: Berlin in Focus
0275955087: Politics of Religious Apostasy : The Role of Apostates in the Transformation of Religious Movements
0275955095: Expressive Processes in Group Counseling
0275955109: Maximizing Your Health Insurance Benefits : A Consumer's Guide to New and Traditional Plans
0275955117: Crossing Lines : Research and Policy Networks for Developing Country Education
0275955125: Crashing the Old Boys' Network : The Tragedies and Triumphs of Girls and Women in Sports
0275955133: Shock Army of the British Empire : The Canadian Corps in the Last 100 Days of the Great War
0275955141: From Vietnam to El Salvador
0275955168: America in the Sixties--Right, Left and Center : A Documentary History
0275955176: Globalization and the New World Order : Promises, Problems and Prospects for Africa in the Twenty-First Century
0275955184: Transformation and Emerging Markets
0275955214: Fierce and Tender Men
0275955222: Shakespeare the Playwright : A Companion to the Complete Tragedies, Histories, Comedies, and Romances
0275955230: Staffing the Contemporary Organization
0275955249: Literacy in America : Historic Journey and Contemporary Solutions
0275955257: Work-Family Role-Choices for Women in Their 20s and 30s : From College Plans to Life Experience
0275955265: Elements of Military Strategy
0275955273: Elements of Military Strategy
0275955281: Culture, Transnationalism and Civil Society : Aga Khan Social Service Intiatives in Tanzania
0275955303: Homophobia : Description, Development and Dynamics of Gay Bashing
0275955311: Strategic Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
0275955338: Dynamics of American Ethnic, Religious, and Racial Group Life : An Interdisciplinary Overview
0275955346: When Memory Speaks : The Holocaust in Art
0275955362: Cost of Being Female
0275955397: Central Asia since Independence
0275955419: Geopolitical and Economic Changes in the Balkan Countries
0275955427: Black Intellectuals, Black Cognition and a Black Aesthetic
0275955443: Cultural Diversity, Educational Equity and the Transformation of Higher Education : Group Profiles as a Guide to Policy and Programming
0275955451: Assault on Equality
0275955494: Message Is the Medium : Online All the Time for Everyone
0275955508: Other Americans : Sexual Variance in the National Past
0275955516: Other Americans : Sexual Variance in the National Past
0275955524: Teaching Democracy by Being Democratic
0275955532: Teaching Democracy by Being Democratic
0275955559: America at War since 1945 : Politics and Diplomacy in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War
0275955567: Egyptian Economy : A Modeling Approach
0275955575: Evolving Jewish Identities in German Culture
0275955583: Killer among Us : Public Reactions to Serial Murder
0275955591: Baseball Economics : Current Research
0275955605: Multicultural Multimodal Multisystems Approach to Working with Culturally Different Families
0275955613: Alcohol Education : What We Must Do
0275955621: International Rights and Responsibilities for the Future
0275955648: Public Administration : Balancing Power and Accountability
0275955656: Public Administration : Balancing Power and Accountability
0275955664: Eastern Destiny : Russia in Asia and the North Pacific
0275955672: Decade That Shaped Television News
0275955680: Democrats under Siege in the Sunbelt Megastates : California, Florida, and Texas
0275955699: New Hampshire Primary and the American Electoral Process
0275955710: Clinical Anthropology : An Application of Anthropological Concepts Within Clinical Settings
0275955729: Clinical Anthropology : An Application of Anthropological Concepts Within Clinical Settings
0275955737: French Revolution in Russian Intellectual Life : 1865-1905
0275955745: Designing Privatization Strategies in Africa : Law, Economics and Practice
0275955753: War Stories : An Oral History of Life Behind Bars
0275955761: Organization Theories and Public Administration
0275955788: Health Communication : Lessons from Family Planning and Reproductive Health
0275955796: Therapeutic Narrative
0275955818: Disintegrating Europe : The Twilight of the European Construction
0275955826: Disintegrating Europe : The Twilight of the European Construction
0275955834: Economic Interdependence and Development in East Asia
0275955842: Universitas : The Social Restructuring of American Undergraduate Education
0275955850: Russian Foreign Policy after the Cold War
0275955869: Job
0275955877: Inside Political Campaigns : Theory and Practice
0275955885: Manipulation of the American Voter : Political Campaign Commercials
0275955893: Cleavages, Parties and Voters : Studies from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania
0275955907: Social Transformation and Private Education in China
0275955915: IRA Man : Talking with the Rebels
0275955923: Campaign Strategies and Message Design : A Practitioner's Guide from Start to Finish
0275955931: S/He Brain : Science, Sexual Politics, and the Myths of Feminism
0275955958: Creative Breakthroughs in Politics
0275955966: Political Economy of Turkey in the Post-Soviet Era : Going West and Looking East?
0275955974: From Watergate to Whitewater : The Public Integrity War
0275955982: Menace Multiculturalism : Trojan Horse in America
0275955990: Social Control in China : A Study of Chinese Work Units
0275956008: Global Meltdown : Immigration, Multiculturalism and National Breakdown in the New World Disorder
0275956016: Healing a Wounded World : Economics, Ecology and Health for a Sustainable Life
0275956024: Messages from the Underground : Transnational Radio in Resistance and in Solidarity
0275956032: Meaning of Mind : Language, Morality, and Neuroscience
0275956040: Market Dominance : How Firms Gain, Hold, or Lose It and the Impact on Economic Performance
0275956067: Accommodation -- or Just Good Teaching? : Strategies for Teaching College Students with Disabilities
0275956075: Transforming Privacy : A Transpersonal Philosophy of Rights
0275956083: Between Bargaining and Politics : An Introduction to European Labor Relations
0275956091: International Critical Perspectives on Homelessness
0275956105: Dialectics in the Arts
0275956113: Lost Cause : Bill Clinton's Campaign for National Health Insurance
0275956121: Organization of Political Parties in Southern Europe
0275956148: Interstate Relations : The Neglected Dimension of Federalism
0275956156: Interstate Relations : The Neglected Dimension of Federalism
0275956164: Higher Faculties
0275956172: Regional Economic Development in the European Union and North America
0275956180: Economic Dimensions of Gender Inequality
0275956199: Assault on Equality
0275956202: Strategic Heart : Using the New Science To Lead Growing Organizations
0275956210: Civil Rights and Race Relations in the Post Reagan-Bush Era
0275956229: General Unified Theory of Intelligence
0275956237: U. S. Chicanas and Latinas Within a Global Context : Women of Color at the Fourth World Women's Conference
0275956245: U. S. Chicanas and Latinas Within a Global Context : Women of Color at the Fourth World Women's Conference
0275956253: Religion, Mobilization and Social Action
0275956261: Economics of the Energy Industries
0275956288: Anticompetitive Practices in Japan : Their Impact on the Performance of Foreign Firms
0275956296: Life and Times of Soviet Socialism
0275956318: Gulf War and Mental Health : A Comprehensive Guide
0275956326: Immigration, Stress and Readjustment
0275956334: Industrial Control Over the Socialist Town : Benevolence or Exploitation?
0275956342: Media Ethics : A Philosophical Approach
0275956350: Symlog Field Theory : Organizational Consultation, Value Differences, Personality and Social Perception
0275956369: Transition to Democracy in Latin America : The Role of the Military
0275956377: I Will Wear No Chain! : A Social History of African American Males
0275956385: Neo-Nazis and German Unification
0275956393: Private Education in Modern China
0275956407: Religion vs. Television : Competitors in Cultural Context
0275956415: Middle Education in the Middle Kingdom : The Chinese Junior High School in Modern Taiwan
0275956423: Lesbian Family Relationships in American Society : The Making of an Ethnographic Film
0275956431: Women, Ethics and the Workplace
0275956458: Human Space : Personal Rights in a Threatening World
0275956466: Immigrant Physicians : Former Soviet Doctors in Israel, Canada and the United States
0275956482: Eastern Destiny : Russia in Asia and the North Pacific
0275956490: On the Front Line in the Cold War : An Ambassador Reports
0275956512: Sexual Orientation : Toward Biological Understanding
0275956520: New Arenas for Violence : Homicide in the American Workplace
0275956555: Intelligence, Political Inequality and Public Policy
0275956563: Brownfields : Cleaning and Reusing Contaminated Properties
0275956571: Procrastination and Blocking : A Novel, Practical Approach
0275956598: Levels of Socio-Economic Development Theory
0275956601: America at War Since 1945 : Politics and Diplomacy in Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf War
0275956628: Out-of-Wedlock Births : The United States in Comparative Perspective
0275956636: Restorying Our Lives : Personal Growth Through Autobiographical Reflection
0275956644: Postmodernism, Unraveling Racism and Democratic Institutions
0275956652: Out-of-Wedlock Births : The United States in Comparative Perspective
0275956660: Blacks and Jews on the Couch : Psychoanalytic Reflections on Black-Jewish Conflict
0275956679: Strategy in Vietnam : The Marines and Revolutionary Warfare in I Corps, 1965-1972
0275956687: Bachelors : The Psychology of Men Who Haven't Married
0275956709: Specialized Society : The Plight of the Individual in an Age of Individualism
0275956717: Bint Arab : Arab and Arab American Women in the United States
0275956725: Bint Arab : Arab and Arab American Women in the United States
0275956733: Scaling the Ivory Tower : Stories from Women in Business School Faculties
0275956741: Conversation of Journalism : Communication, Community and News
0275956768: Changing Visions
0275956776: Changing Visions
0275956784: Future Is Ours : Foreseeing, Managing and Creating the Future
0275956792: Future Is Ours : Foreseeing, Managing and Creating the Future
0275956806: Can Democracy Survive in Western Europe?
0275956814: 1996 Presidential Campaign : A Communication Perspective
0275956822: Chinese Students and Scholars in American Higher Education
0275956849: Cognitive Style and Classroom Learning
0275956857: Organizations and the Psychological Contract : Managing People at Work
0275956865: Ocean Apart : Explaining Three Decades of U. S.-Japanese Trade Frictions
0275956873: Privatization and Restructuring of Electricity Provision
0275956881: The Cost of Being Female
0275956903: In Contempt of Congress
0275956911: Chaotics : An Agenda for Business and Society in the 21st Century
0275956938: Commercial Banking in an Era of Deregulation
0275956946: Restructuring of Romania's Economy : A Paradigm of Flexibility and Adaptability
0275956954: Public Lands Management in the West : Citizens, Interest Groups, and Values
0275956962: Publishing in the Information Age
0275956970: Aging and the Family: Theory and Research
0275956989: Rocket Man
0275957004: Realization of Life Aspirations Through Vocational Careers
0275957012: Staying after School : At-Risk Students in a Compensatory Education Program
0275957020: Masochism : The Art of Power
0275957039: No Easy Walk to Freedom : Reconstruction and the Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment
0275957047: Forced to Choose
0275957055: United States in the Changing Global Economy : Policy Implications and Issues
0275957071: Chaos, Criminology and Social Justice : The New Orderly (Dis)Order
0275957098: Paying for Crime : The Policies and Possibilities of Crime Victim Reimbursement
0275957128: Budget Deficits and Debt : A Global Perspective
0275957136: Collapse of the Soviet Empire : A View from Riga
0275957144: Fighting Pattons
0275957152: Debating the Future of Philosophy : Habermas, Rorty and Kolakowski
0275957160: Prominent Sisters : Mary Lamb, Dorothy Wordsworth and Sarah Disraeli
0275957179: War and American Women : Heroism, Deeds and Controversy
0275957187: On Listening to Holocaust Survivors : Recounting and Life History
0275957195: Maginot Line : None Shall Pass
0275957217: Presidential Crisis Rhetoric and the Press in the Post-Cold War World
0275957225: Crisis Theory
0275957233: To Have and to Hold
0275957241: The Information Society and the Black Community - Hardcover
0275957268: Romantic Love and Sexual Behavior : Perspectives from the Social Sciences
0275957276: Travel Culture
0275957292: American Foreign Policy : Consensus at Home, Leadership Abroad
0275957306: Gay Male Christian Couples
0275957314: In the Golden Land
0275957322: America's Shame
0275957330: Kursk : Hitler's Gamble, 1943
0275957349: Art of Insurgency : American Military Policy and the Failure of Strategy in Southeast Asia
0275957357: Grand Disillusion : Francois Mitterrand and the French Left
0275957365: Mexican Right : The End of Revolutionary Reform, 1929-1940
0275957373: Managing Common Pool Groundwater Resources : An International Perspective
0275957381: Rhetorical Studies of National Political Debates, 1996
0275957403: All-Americans at War : The 82nd Division in the Great War, 1917-1918
0275957411: Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development
0275957438: Capturing the Heart of Leadership
0275957454: Women Behind the Camera : Conversations with Camerawomen
0275957462: Educational Reform and the Transformation of Southern Africa
0275957489: Garden of Democratic Delights
0275957497: International Politics and German History : The Past Informs the Present
0275957500: Latin American Societies in Transition
0275957519: Latin American Societies in Transition
0275957543: Beyond the Law of the Sea : New Directions for U. S. Oceans Policy
0275957551: Macrohistory and Macrohistorians : Perspectives on Individual, Social and Civilizational Change
0275957586: Modern/Postmodern : Off the Beaten Path of Antimodernism
0275957594: Opium Empire : Japanese Imperialism and Drug Trafficking in Asia, 1895-1945
0275957616: Imps of the Perverse : Gay Monsters in Film
0275957624: Skirmishes at the Edge of the Empire : The United States and International Terrorism
0275957632: Mapping the Cultural Space of Journalism : How Journalists Distinquish News from Entertainment
0275957640: From the Unthinkable to the Unavoidable
0275957659: By Angels Driven : The Films of Derek Jarman
0275957667: Paper or Plastic? : Energy, Environment, and Consumerism in Sweden and America
0275957691: Survival of the African American Family : The Institutional Impact of U. S. Social Policy
0275957705: Hate Speech, Sex Speech, Free Speech
0275957713: Olympic Marathon
0275957748: Viewers, Victims and Victors : The Impact of New Communications Technologies
0275957764: Cultural Contingencies : Behavior Analytic Perspectives on Cultural Practices
0275957772: Reflections on Anger : Women and Men in a Changing Society
0275957799: Survival of the African American Family : The Institutional Impact of U. S. Social Policy
0275957802: Democratization in Africa : The Theory and Dynamics of Political Transitions
0275957810: Public Journalism Movement in America : Evangelists in the Newsroom
0275957829: Political Communication in America
0275957837: Political Communication in America
0275957845: Envisioning Ecotopia : The U. S. Green Movement and the Politics of Radical Social Change
0275957853: Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments
0275957861: Literacy for the Twenty-First Century : Research, Policy, Practices and the National Adult Literacy Survey
0275957888: Concept of Indeterminism and Its Applications : Economics, Social Systems, Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and Aesthetics
0275957896: Why Race Matters
0275957918: Capacity Building in Developing Countries : Human and Environmental Dimensions
0275957926: Managing Economic Reforms in Post-Mao China
0275957934: Breaking the Phalanx
0275957942: Breaking the Phalanx
0275957950: Empire City : New York and Its People, 1624-1995
0275957977: Swings and Misses : Moribund Labor Relations in Professional Baseball
0275957985: Limits of Persuasion : Germany and the Yugoslav Crisis, 1991-1992
0275957993: Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery : With a New Introduction and Bibliography
0275958000: Poet of Civic Courage : The Films of Francesco Rosi
0275958019: A Call to Action: The Films of Ousmane Sembene
0275958027: Roman Catholics in America
0275958035: Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Governors of the English-Speaking Caribbean and Puerto Rico
0275958043: Case Studies in Diversity
0275958051: Envisioning the New Adam
0275958078: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel
0275958086: Plantation Society and Race Relations : The Origins of Inequality
0275958094: Puerto Rican Voices in English : Interviews with Writers
0275958108: Puerto Rican Voices in English : Interviews with Writers
0275958116: Korean Film : History, Resistance, and Democratic Imagination
0275958124: Photojournalism and Foreign Policy
0275958132: Privatization and Competition in Telecommunications
0275958140: Walking with a Shadow : Surviving Childhood Leukemia
0275958159: Promoting Third-World Development and Food Security
0275958167: Clinical and Practice Issues in Adoption : Bridging the Gap Between Adoptees Placed As Infants and As Older Children
0275958175: Darwinism, Dominance, and Democracy : The Biological Bases of Authoritarianism
0275958183: Through Students' Eyes
0275958191: McDonaldization Revisited : Critical Essays on Consumer Culture
0275958213: Kekionga! : The Worst Defeat in the History of the U.S. Army
0275958221: Eugenics : A Reassessment
0275958248: Zionism and the Arabs : An American Jewish Dilemma, 1898-1948
0275958256: Rethinking Feminist Identification : The Case for De Facto Feminism
0275958264: Human Rights and Choice in Poverty : Food Insecurity, Dependency and Human Rights-Based Development Aid for the Third World Rural Poor
0275958272: Sales Tax in the 21st Century
0275958280: China in the Information Age
0275958299: China in the Information Age
0275958302: Resisting Hostile Takeovers : The Case of Gillette
0275958310: Future of Ethnicity, Race and Nationality
0275958329: Nicholas II : The Life and Reign of Russia's Last Monarch
0275958353: Debating the State of Philosophy : Habermas, Rorty and Kolakowski
0275958388: Crisis in the Israeli Kibbutz : Meeting the Challenge of Changing Times
0275958396: Meanings of Love
0275958418: Clean for Gene : Eugene McCarthy's 1968 Presidential Campaign
0275958426: Evolution of School Disturbance in America : Colonial Times to Modern Day
0275958434: Friedman System
0275958442: African American Culture and Heritage in Higher Education Research and Practice
0275958469: Gay and Lesbian Couples : Voices from Lasting Relationships
0275958477: Gay and Lesbian Couples : Voices from Lasting Relationships
0275958485: Chinese Entrepreneurs in the Economic Development of China
0275958493: Universities and Communities : Remaking Professional and Interprofessional Education for the Next Century
0275958507: Twelve Step Programs
0275958515: Modeling Economic Inefficiency Caused by Public Transit Subsidies
0275958523: Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers
0275958531: Cognitive Science and the Symbolic Operations of Human and Artificial Intelligence : Theory and Research into the Intellective Processes
0275958558: Telecommunications Policy : Have Regulators Dialed the Wrong Number?
0275958566: Women's Sport and Spectacle : Gendered Television Coverage and the Olympic Games
0275958574: Dangerous Crossroads : Europe, Russia, and the Future of NATO
0275958582: Repositioning of U. S. Caribbean Relations in the New World Order
0275958590: U. S.-Caribbean Relations : Their Impact on Peoples and Culture
0275958604: Sects, Cults and Spiritual Communities : A Sociological Analysis
0275958612: Japanese Culture in Comparative Perspective
0275958620: Abused Men : The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence
0275958655: Religion and Technology : A Study in the Philosophy of Culture
0275958663: Producer's Broadway Journey
0275958671: American Newspaper Columnist
0275958698: Political Economy : A Comparative Approach
0275958728: Community Building : Values for a Sustainable Future
0275958736: FDR and the Modern Presidency : Leadership and Legacy
0275958744: Expenditures of Older Americans
0275958760: Against the Multicultural Agenda
0275958779: Against the Multicultural Agenda
0275958787: English As Lingua Franca : Double Talk in Global Persuasion
0275958795: Institutions and Reform in Africa : The Public Choice Perspective
0275958809: Leaders and Leadership
0275958817: Law, Power and Justice in England and Wales
0275958825: Chaotics
0275958833: Uprooted Women : Migrant Domestics in the Caribbean
0275958841: Constructive Thinking : The Key to Emotional Intelligence
0275958868: Gallows in the Grove : Civil Society in American Law
0275958876: Space, the Dormant Frontier : Changing the Paradigm for the 21st Century
0275958884: Legendary Pioneers of Black Radio
0275958892: Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming
0275958906: Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming
0275958914: American National Security and Economic Relations with Canada, 1945-1954
0275958922: Comunidad Latina in the United States : Strategies of Transformation
0275958930: Comunidad Latina in the United States : Strategies of Transformation
0275958949: British Logistics on the Western Front : 1914-1919
0275958957: Living Inside Prison Walls : Adjustment Behavior
0275958973: Courage to Become : The Virtues of Humanism
0275958981: British and American Naval Power : Politics and Policy, 1900-1936
0275959007: Brazil
0275959015: Biological Origins of Art
0275959023: World Economy at the Crossroads
0275959031: Sex Linkage of Intelligence : The X-Factor
0275959058: Great Experiments in American Economic Policy : From Kennedy to Reagan
0275959066: From Black to Biracial : Transforming Racial Identity among Americans
0275959074: Evolution of Love
0275959082: Justice for All? : Jews and Arabs in the Israeli Criminal Justice System
0275959090: Alternative to Appeasement : Sir Robert Vansittart and Alliance Diplomacy, 1934-1937
0275959104: Ultimate Objectives of Artificial Intelligence : Theoretical and Research Foundations, Philosophical and Psychological Implications
0275959112: Enhancing Learning in Training and Adult Education
0275959120: Chaos, Criminology and Social Justice : The New Orderly (Dis)Order
0275959139: Black Male Deviance
0275959147: U.S. Media and the Middle East
0275959155: Jazz Poetry : From the 1920s to the Present
0275959163: Managed Care : Made in America
0275959228: Healthy Aging, Healthy Treatment : The Impact of Telling Stories
0275959236: Exit Rommel : The Tunisian Campaign, 1942-1943
0275959244: Hardball Without an Umpire : The Sociology of Morality
0275959252: Flash Point : The American Mass Murderer
0275959260: Press and the Modern Presidency : Myths and Mindsets from Kennedy to Clinton
0275959279: Downstream and Upstream Ecologists : The People, Organizations and Ideas Behind the Movement
0275959295: Environmental Stress and African Americans : The Other Side of the Moon
0275959317: Revolution and the Millennium
0275959325: Stay the Course : European Unity and Atlantic Solidarity
0275959333: Stay the Course : European Unity and Atlantic Solidarity
0275959341: Negotiating NAFTA : A Mexican Envoy's Account
0275959368: Press on Trial
0275959384: Myth, Manifesto, Meltdown
0275959392: Youth Crisis : Growing up in the High-Risk Society
0275959406: African American Golfers During the Jim Crow Era
0275959422: Intervention
0275959430: Eisenhower, Somoza, and the Cold War in Nicaragua, 1953-1961
0275959449: United Nations at Work
0275959457: Logic of Black Urban Rebellions
0275959465: Feminization of Development Processes in Africa : Current and Future Perspectives
0275959473: United States and Arms Control : The Challenge of Leadership
0275959481: Domestic Constraints and the Breakdown of International Agreements
0275959503: Reading the Homeless
0275959511: 1996 Presidential Election in the South : Southern Party Systems in the 1990s
0275959554: Defeat of Japan
0275959562: Drug Hate and the Corruption of American Justice
0275959570: New Spirituality, Self and Belonging : How New Agers and Neo-Pagans Talk about Themselves
0275959600: Newspapers of Record in a Digital Age : From Hot Type to Hot Link
0275959619: Technology Transfer, Dependence and Self-Reliant Development in the Third World : The Pharmaceutical and Machine-Tool Industries in India
0275959627: Water Resource Management : A Comparative Perspective
0275959635: Images of Germany in the American Media
0275959643: Pro-Choice & Anti-Abortion
0275959651: Sounding the Classics : From Sophocles to Thomas Mann
0275959678: International Perspectives on the Human Factor in Economic Development
0275959686: Politics, Diplomacy and the Media : Gorbachev's Legacy in the West
0275959694: Gandhi, Mao, Mandela, and Gorbachev
0275959708: Tribal Basis of American Life : Racial, Religious and Ethnic Groups in Conflict
0275959716: Art in the Courtroom
0275959724: Insights from Film into Violence and Oppression : Shattered Dreams of the Good Life
0275959732: Darlan : Myth and Reality
0275959740: System in Black and White : Exploring the Connections Between Race, Crime and Justice
0275959759: Capital Markets, Growth, and Economic Policy in Latin America
0275959767: Addiction and Pregnancy
0275959775: Korean American Women : From Tradition to Modern Feminism
0275959783: Economics and Ethics : An Introduction to Theory, Institutions and Policy
0275959791: Economics and Ethics : An Introduction to Theory, Institutions and Policy
0275959805: Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America
0275959813: Struggle for Human Rights in Latin America
0275959821: Naval Expeditions : The French Return to Indochina, 1945-1946
0275959848: Race Discrimination in Public Higher Education : Interpreting Federal Civil Rights Enforcement, 1964-1996
0275959856: Democracy, Social Values and Public Policy
0275959872: Sharpened Edge Women of Color Resistance
0275959880: Evolution of National Wildlife Law
0275959899: Evolution of National Wildlife Law
0275959910: Send Guns and Money : Security Assistance and U. S. Foreign Policy
0275959929: Send Guns and Money : Security Assistance and U. S. Foreign Policy
0275959937: Cyberghetto or Cybertopia?
0275959953: Nature of Sexual Desire
0275959988: Internationalization of Television in China
0275960005: International Relations and the Third Debate : Postmodernism and Its Critics
0275960021: Creating Public Policy
0275960048: International Management of the Environment: Pollution Control in North America
0275960064: Women, Power and Kinship Politics : Female Power in Post-War Philippines
0275960072: Popular Politics : Renewing Democracy in a Sustainable World
0275960102: Learning from Conflict : Studies in Counterinsurgency and Low Intensity Warfare
0275960110: Judicial Protection of Human Rights
0275960129: Justice Between Generations : The Growing Power of the Elderly in America
0275960137: Public Voice in a Democracy at Risk
0275960145: Rationality Gone Awry? : Decision Making Inconsistent with Economic and Financial Theory
0275960153: Bastard Keynesianism : The Evolution of Economic Thinking and Policy-Making since World War II
0275960161: Courage to Become : The Virtues of Humanism
0275960188: Reelpolitik : Political Ideologies in 30s and 40s Films
0275960196: Reelpolitik : Political Ideologies in 30's and 40's Films
0275960218: Regional Security and the Future of Central Asia : The Competition of Iran, Turkey and Russia
0275960226: Portrait of the American Jewish Community
0275960234: New Populist Reader
0275960242: New Populist Reader
0275960250: Illusions of Control
0275960269: Where We Live, Work and Play : The Environmental Justice Movement and the Struggle for a New Environmentalism
0275960277: Fighting for the First Amendment : Stanton of CBS vs. Congress and the Nixon White House
0275960285: Improving the Quality of Life : A Holistic Scientific Strategy
0275960293: Collective Choice Processes : A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Foreign Policy Decision-Making
0275960307: Last Defenders of the Laager : Ian D. Smith and F. W. De Klerk
0275960315: Cognitive Science and the Mind-Body Problem : From Philosphy to Psychology to Artificial Intelligence to Imaging of the Brain
0275960323: Science, Theology and Consciousness : The Search for Unity
0275960331: Nurturing Success
0275960358: Networks of Meaning
0275960366: Agent of Challenge and Defiance : The Films of Ken Loach
0275960374: Racial Attitudes in the 1990s : Continuity and Change
0275960382: Piece As a Whole : Studies in Holistic Musical Analysis
0275960390: Women and Soap Operas : A Cultural Feminist Perspective
0275960439: What If They Gave a Crisis and Nobody Came?
0275960447: Souls, Bodies, Spirits : The Drive to Abolish Abortion Since 1973
0275960455: International Studies in the Next Millennium : Meeting the Challenge of Globalization
0275960471: On-Site Inspection in Theory and Practice : A Primer on Modern Arms Control Regimes
0275960498: Alcoholic Thinking : Language, Culture and Belief in Alcoholics Anonymous
0275960501: Growing up with Legends : A Literary Memoir
0275960528: Effectiveness of U. N. Human Rights Institutions
0275960544: Black Anxiety, White Guilt and the Politics of Status Frustration
0275960552: Language Alive in the Classroom
0275960560: Language Alive in the Classroom
0275960579: Understanding Society, Culture and Television
0275960587: Psychology, Education, Gods, and Humanity
0275960595: NATO Looks East
0275960609: Abortion : Statutes, Policies and Public Attitudes the World Over
0275960617: Abortion : Statutes, Policies and Public Attitudes the World Over
0275960625: Sustainable Global Communities in the Information Age : Visions from Futures Studies
0275960633: Sustainable Global Communities in the Information Age : Visions from Futures Studies
0275960641: From Depression to War : American Society in Transition, 1939
0275960668: Practical Approaches to Individualizing Staff Development for Adults
0275960676: Interest Groups and Judicial Federalism : Organizational Litigation in State Judiciaries
0275960684: Integration of the European Union and Domestic Political Issues
0275960692: Race and Ethnic Relations in the First Person
0275960706: When Baby Boom Women Retire
0275960714: Politics and Politicians in American Film
0275960722: Alfred Adler, the Forgotten Prophet : A Vision for the 21st Century
0275960730: Missing Majority
0275960765: Race for Theory and the Biophobia Hypothesis
0275960773: With Her in Ourland : Sequel to Herland
0275960781: Religion in a Changing World : Comparative Studies in Sociology
0275960803: China's Reforms and Reformers
0275960811: Profits, Taxes, and the State
0275960838: Foul Demons, Come Out! : The Rhetoric of Twentieth-Century American Faith Healing
0275960846: Smith's Friends
0275960862: Dynamics of Economic and Political Relations Between Africa and Foreign Powers : A Study in International Relations
0275960870: Rise of Multipartyism and Democracy in the Context of Global Change : The Case of Africa
0275960889: From Pure Visibility to Virtual Reality in an Age of Estrangement
0275960897: Policy Development in Sport Management
0275960900: Comprehensive Planning for the 21st Century : General Theory and Principles
0275960919: Women, Ethics and the Workplace
0275960927: Sword of Justice
0275960935: Social Workers Speak Out on the HIV/AIDS Crisis : Voices from and to African-American Communities
0275960943: Social Workers Speak Out on the HIV/AIDS Crisis: Voices from and to African American Communities
0275960951: Voting Rites : The Devolution of American Politics
0275960978: Redefining Security : Population Movements and National Security
0275960986: Fertility Policy in Israel : The Politics of Religion, Gender and Nation
0275960994: American Approach to Foreign Affairs : An Uncertain Tradition
0275961001: Cracks in the Consensus : Debating the Democracy Agenda in U. S. Foreign Policy
0275961028: Seasons of Learning : Talks to Graduates on Life after College
0275961036: g Factor : The Science of Mental Ability
0275961044: McDonaldization Revisited : Critical Essays on Consumer Culture
0275961052: Research Conversations and Narrative : A Critical Hermeneutic Orientation in Participatory Inquiry
0275961060: Queer Poetics : Five Modernist Women Writers
0275961079: Presidential Frontiers : Underexplored Issues in White House Politics
0275961087: Challenge of NATO Expansion
0275961095: Reconciling Free Trade, Fair Trade and Interdependence : The Rhetoric of Presidential Economic Leadership
0275961109: Gendered Terrain of Disaster : Through Women's Eyes
0275961117: Gendering of American Politics : Founding Mothers, Founding Fathers and Political Patriarchy
0275961125: Gendering of American Politics : Founding Mothers, Founding Fathers and Political Patriarchy
0275961141: Unification of Social Work
0275961176: Modernization, Globalization, and Confucianism in Chinese Societies
0275961192: Last Modernist : The Films of Theo Angelopoulos
0275961206: Ethics, the Heart of Leadership
0275961214: Salsa : A Taste of Hispanic Culture
0275961222: Politically Speaking
0275961230: Life with Chronic Illness : Social and Psychological Dimensions
0275961249: Meaning of Culture : Moving the Postmodern Critique Forward
0275961257: Urban Planning in a Multicultural Society
0275961265: Domestic Violence : Facts and Fallacies
0275961273: Sports in the Lives of Children and Adolescents : Success on the Field and in Life
0275961281: Drug Addiction : The Problem, Treatment Services Development and Management
0275961303: Evolution of Educational Theory in the United States
0275961311: Beyond Marginality : Constructing a Self in the Twilight of Western Culture
0275961338: Character and Community Development : A School Planning and Teacher Training Handbook
0275961346: Character and Community Development : A School Planning and Teacher Training Handbook
0275961354: Growth Management for a Sustainable Future : Ecological Sustainability as the New Growth Management Focus for the 21st Century
0275961362: Modern Tunisia : A Democratic Apprenticeship
0275961370: Mekong River and the Struggle for Indochina : Water, War, and Peace
0275961389: History, Psychology and Pedagogy of Geographic Literacy
0275961397: Knowledge and Ignorance : Essays on Lights and Shadows
0275961400: Modern Organizations
0275961419: Enemy with a Thousand Faces : The Tradition of the Other in Western Political Thought and History
0275961427: Economic Crisis and Political Change in North America
0275961435: Four Phases of Society : Where Are We Going in the 21st Century?
0275961443: Oman : Political Development in a Changing World
0275961451: Political Change in Eastern Europe Since 1989 : Prospects for Liberal Democracy and Market Economies
0275961478: Marriages in Russia : Couples During the Economic Transition
0275961486: Maoism in the Developed World
0275961494: International Maoism in the Developing World, hc, 1999
0275961508: Last Choice : Preemptive Suicide in Advanced Age
0275961516: From Politics Past to Politics Future : An Integrated Analysis of Current and Emergent Paradigms
0275961524: 1996 Presidential Campaign : A Communication Perspective
0275961532: Public-Private Partnerships for Local Economic Development
0275961540: Chicana Adolescents : Bitches, 'Ho's and Schoolgirls
0275961559: Humor and Wellness in Clinical Intervention
0275961567: Delights, Desires and Dilemmas : Essays on Women and the Media
0275961583: Military Planning and the Origins of the Second World War in Europe
0275961591: Authoring Books and Materials for Students, Academics and Professionals
0275961605: Authoring Books and Materials for Students, Academics and Professionals
0275961621: Montgomery and Colossal Cracks : The 21st Army Group in Northwest Europe, 1944-1945
0275961648: Electronic Whistle-Stops : The Impact of the Internet on American Politics
0275961656: Bosnia and the New Collective Security
0275961680: Personal Motivation : A Model for Decision Making
0275961702: Looking Back at the June 1967 War
0275961710: Money, Systems and Growth : A New Economic Order?
0275961729: Human Rights and International Political Economy in Third World Nations : Multinational Corporations, Foreign Aid and Repression
0275961737: Peace Operations and Intrastate Conflict : The Sword or the Olive Branch?
0275961745: Pollution Markets in a Green Country Town
0275961753: Army Relations with Congress : Thick Armor, Dull Sword, Slow Horse
0275961761: Army Relations with Congress : Thick Armor, Dull Sword, Slow Horse
0275961796: Language and Thought in Humans and Computers : Theory and Research in Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Science
0275961818: Comprehensive Planning for the 21st Century : General Theory and Principles
0275961826: Reagan Presidency and the Politics of Race : In Pursuit of Colorblind Justice and Limited Government
0275961834: Language, Elites, and the State
0275961842: Negotiation of Cultural Identity
0275961850: Sex and Self-Respect : The Quest for Personal Fulfillment
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