0275970833: Refuting Peter Singer's Ethical Theory : The Importance of Human Dignity
0275970841: Violence against Women Act of 1994 : An Analysis of Intent and Perception
0275970868: Action Theory : A Primer for Applied Research in the Social Sciences
0275970876: Problem Solving Processes in Humans & Co
0275970892: Hitchcock and France : The Forging of an Auteur
0275970906: Future of Teledemocracy
0275970922: Caspian Pipeline Dilemma : Political Games and Economic Losses
0275970930: Campaign Craft
0275970949: Campaign Craft
0275970957: Understanding Society, Culture, and Television
0275970965: Capturing the Heart of Leadership
0275970973: When Baby Boom Women Retire:
0275970981: Beyond the Disease Model of Mental Disorders
0275971007: Psycho Therapy Theory Practice Modern &
0275971015: Harvesting Minds : How TV Commercials Control Kids
0275971023: African Visions
0275971031: Taking Their Political Place : Journalists and the Making of An Occupation
0275971058: Perspectives on Leadership : From the Science of Management to Its Spiritual Heart
0275971066: Clinton Scandals and the Politics of Image Restoration
0275971074: 2000 Presidential Campaign : A Communication Perspective
0275971082: Sharpening Conflict Management : Religious Leadership and the Double-Edged Sword
0275971104: Commanding Change : War Winning Strategies for Organizational Change
0275971112: Prudential Presidency : An Aristotelian Approach to Presidential Leadership
0275971120: Southern California and the World
0275971139: Stronger than Custom : West Point and the Admission of Women
0275971147: Eye of the Storm
0275971163: Conceptual Structure and Social Change : The Ideological Architecture of Democratization
0275971171: Necessary Relationship : The Development of Anglo-American Cooperation in Naval Intelligence
0275971198: Methods and Morals in the Life Sciences : A Guide for Analyzing and Writing Texts
0275971201: 2000 Presidential Campaign : A Communication Perspective
0275971228: Aging Prisoners : Crisis in American Corrections
0275971236: Aging Prisoners : Crisis in American Corrections
0275971244: Nazi Refugee Turned Gestapo Spy : The Life of Hans Wesemann, 1895-1971
0275971252: Unequal Partners in Peace and War: the Republic of Korea and the United States.
0275971279: African American Women and HIV/AIDS : Critical Responses
0275971287: African American Women and HIV/AIDS : Critical Responses
0275971295: Beyond Intifada : Narratives of Freedom Fighters in the Gaza Strip
0275971309: Literary Modernism and Photography
0275971317: History of Human Populations : Forms of Growth and Decline
0275971325: Politics & Progress American Society
0275971341: Locked Doors
0275971368: Hanging Figure : On Suspense and the Films of Alfred Hitchcock
0275971376: Biblical Religion and Family Values : A Problem in the Philosophy of Culture
0275971384: Hypnotic Leadership : Leaders, Followers and the Loss of Self
0275971392: Substance Use and Abuse : Sociological Perspectives
0275971406: Between Rome and Jerusalem : 300 Years of Roman-Judaean Relations
0275971414: The Hope Fulfilled; the Rise of Modern Israel.
0275971422: Referendum : The People Decide Public Policy
0275971430: Evolutionary Theory and Ethnic Conflict
0275971449: Psychology of Diplomacy
0275971724: Right Backed by Might
0275971732: Common Property Arrangements & Scarce Re
0275971740: President in the Family
0275971759: Images, Scandal and Communication Strategies of the Clinton Presidency
0275971767: Images, Scandal and Communication Strategies of the Clinton Presidency
0275971791: NATO after 2000 : Future of the Euro-Atlantic Alliance
0275971805: New Imperial Economy
0275971813: Media Literacy
0275971821: Cooperative Monitoring in the South China Sea
0275971848: Through a Glass Darkly : Looking at Conflict Prevention, Management and Termination
0275971856: Religion and Politics in the Nineteenth Century
0275971864: Season of Renewal : The Columbian Exposition and Victorian America
0275971872: Defying the Iranian Revolution: From a Minister to the Shah to a Leader of Resistance
0275971899: Vote Your Conscience : The Last Campaign of George McGovern
0275971902: Cold War Strategist
0275971910: History of Human Populations Vol. II : Migration, Urbanization, and Structural Change
0275971929: West European Immigration and Immigrant Policy in the New Century
0275971937: Knowledge and the Search for Understanding among Nations
0275971945: The Politics of South American Boundaries
0275971953: Glass Walls and Glass Ceilings : Women's Representation in State and Municipal Bureaucracies
0275971961: Pharmacracy : Medicine and Politics in America
0275971988: Liberation Theology in the Philippines : Faith in a Revolution
0275971996: Early Globalization and the Economic Development of the United States and Brazil
0275972046: Isonzo : The Forgotten Sacrifice of the Great War
0275972054: History of Ideas in American Psychology
0275972062: Pursuing the National Interest : Moments of Transition in Twentieth-Century American Foreign Policy
0275972070: Determining Our Environments : The Role of the Department of Energy Citizen Advisory Boards
0275972089: Conscience of the Campus : Case Studies in Moral Reasoning Among Today's College Students
0275972097: Presenting the Past : Anxious History and Ancient Future in Hindutva India
0275972119: Conscience of the Campus : Case Studies in Moral Reasoning Among Today's College Students
0275972127: Administrative Reform in Developing Nations
0275972135: Growth of Social Knowledge : Theory, Simulation, and Empirical Research in Group Processes
0275972143: Proclaiming Political Pluralism : Churches and Political Transitions in Africa
0275972178: From Garrison State to Nation State
0275972186: Money and Monetary Regimes : Struggle for Monetary Supremacy
0275972194: Evolutionary Neuroethology of Paul MacLean : Convergences and Frontiers
0275972208: Path to Collective Madness : A Study in Social Order and Political Pathology
0275972216: Path to Collective Madness : A Study in Social Order and Political Pathology
0275972224: One of Us
0275972232: Taylored Citizenship
0275972240: Genocide and Crisis in Central Africa : Conflict Roots, Mass Violence and Regional War
0275972275: Digital Diplomacy : U.S. Foreign Policy in the Information Age
0275972283: Digital Diplomacy : U.S. Foreign Policy in the Information Age
0275972291: Fratricidal Global Village : The Theory of Hypertrophic Group Formation
0275972305: Lessons and Non-Lessons of the Air and Missile Campaign in Kosovo
0275972313: Politics in a Museum
0275972321: Australia, the Recreational Society
0275972348: Transition to Democracy in Eastern Europe and Russia : Impact on Politics, Economy, and Culture
0275972356: Enduring the Revolution : Ding Ling and the Politics of Literature in Guomindang China
0275972364: Embracing the Lie : Ding Ling and the Politics of Literature in the People's Republic of China
0275972380: To Moscow, Not Mecca
0275972402: War in the Age of the Enlightenment, 1700-1789
0275972429: Murderous Paradise : German Nationalism and the Holocaust
0275972437: Dreams in Myth, Medicine, and Movies
0275972445: Black Demons : The Media's Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype
0275972488: Rethinking Administrative Theory : The Challenge of the New Century
0275972496: Dignity and Liberty : Constitutional Visions in Germany and the United States
0275972518: Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments
0275972526: Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments
0275972534: Adapting to Globalization
0275972542: Ramparts of Nations : Institutions and Immigration Policies in France and the United States
0275972550: Geopolitics of Security in the Americas : Hemispheric Denial from Monroe to Clinton
0275972569: Market Economies and Natural Law
0275972577: Political Culture of Judaism
0275972585: Democracy, Ethnic Diversity and Security in Post-Communist Europe
0275972593: Ideal Chinese Political Leader : A Historical and Cultural Perspective
0275972607: Irredentism : Ethnic Conflict and International Politics - Hardcover
0275972615: Disarming Iraq : Monitoring Power and Resistance
0275972623: Oil and Development in Venezuela During the 20th Century
0275972631: American Indians in American History, 1870-2001
0275972666: Military Brats and Other Global Nomads : Growing up in Organization Families
0275972682: All American Boys : Draft Dodgers in Canada from the Vietnam War
0275972690: German Question since 1919 : An Introduction with Key Documents
0275972704: National Days/National Ways : Historical, Political, and Religious Celebrations around the World
0275972712: Bound to Bond : Gender, Genre and the Hollywood Romantic Comedy
0275972720: Revitalizing the Institution of Marriage for the Twenty-First Century : An Agenda for Strengthening Marriage
0275972739: Revitalizing the Institution of Marriage for the Twenty-First Century : An Agenda for Strengthening Marriage
0275972763: American Adventurism Abroad : 30 Invasions, Interventions, and Regime Changes since World War II
0275972771: American Indians in American History, 1870-2001
0275972798: Security in a Changing World : Case Studies in U. S. National Security Management
0275972801: Security in a Changing World : Case Studies in U. S. National Security Management
0275972836: Human Journalist
0275972844: Eisenhower Court and Civil Liberties
0275972860: Changing Military Doctrine : Presidents and Military Power in Fifth Republic France, 1958-2000
0275972879: Izetbegovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina : Notes from Prison, 1983-1988
0275972887: Welfare in Ireland : Actors, Resources, and Strategies
0275972895: Best of Intentions : America's Campaign Against Strategic Weapons Proliferation
0275972909: Aquinas in the Courtroom : Lawyers, Judges and Judicial Conduct
0275972917: Stanley Kubrick : A Narrative and Stylistic Analysis
0275972933: Question of Self-Esteem : The United States and the Cold War Choices in France and Italy, 1944-1958
0275972941: Advances in Personal Construct Psychology : New Directions and Perspectives
0275972968: British Strategy and Politics during the Phony War : Before the Balloon Went Up
0275972976: United Nations and the Maintenance of International Security : A Challenge to Be Met
0275972984: America As a Military Power, 1775-1865 : From the American Revolution to the Civil War
0275972992: Race to the Front : The Materiel Foundations of Coalition Strategy in the Great War, 1914-1918
0275973018: Jazz Noir
0275973034: Shadow Realignment, Partisan Strength and Competition 1960 to 2000
0275973042: United Nations and the Maintenance of International Security : A Challenge to Be Met
0275973050: Capturing the Revolution
0275973069: Unity or Separation : Center-Periphery Relations in the Former Soviet Union
0275973077: Human Journalist
0275973085: India changes course; golden jubilee to millennium.
0275973093: Quest for Identity : From Minority Groups to Generation Xers
0275973107: Quest for Identity : From Minority Groups to Generation Xers
0275973123: Emerging Monoculture : Assimilation and the Model Minority
0275973131: Childrearing Values in the United States and China : A Comparison of Belief Systems and Social Structure
0275973158: Untying the Tongue
0275973166: American Approach to Foreign Affairs : An Uncertain Tradition
0275973174: Vision of American Law : Judging Law, Literature and the Stories We Tell
0275973182: Handbook on Women and Aging
0275973204: Critical Issues in Israeli Society
0275973212: Fragmentation of Policing in American Cities : Toward an Ecological Theory of Police-Citizen Relations
0275973220: Personal and Public Interests : Frieda B. Hennock and the Federal Communications Commission
0275973239: Criminal Justice Policy Making : Federal Roles and Processes
0275973247: Criminal Justice Policy Making : Federal Roles and Processes
0275973255: Masks and Mirrors : Generation X and the Chameleon Personality
0275973263: A Communist Front at Mid-Century
0275973271: National Civic Federation and the Making of a New Liberalism, 1900-1915
0275973298: Opening New Markets, 1765-1768 : The British Army, Illinois, and the Northwest
0275973301: Mexico, the End of the Revolution
0275973336: Mexico, the End of the Revolution.
0275973344: Mobile, 1865 : The Last Stand of the Confederacy
0275973352: Power the Presidency & the Preamble Inte
0275973360: Violent Heart : Understanding Aggressive Individuals
0275973379: Continuity, Commitment, and Survival
0275973387: This Is the Zodiac Speaking
0275973395: Girding for Battle
0275973409: Olivier Messiaen and the Tristan Myth
0275973417: For the Love of Teddi : The Story Behind Camp Good Days and Special Times The 2001 Edition
0275973425: Runaway Kids and Teenage Prostitution : America's Lost, Abandoned and Sexually Exploited Children
0275973433: Ambiguous Memory
0275973441: Party Politics in Post-Soviet Europe and the Baltics
0275973468: Technology and the Spirit
0275973484: Putting Defense Back into U.S. Defense Policy
0275973492: Growth Management for a Sustainable Future : Ecological Sustainability As the New Growth Management Focus for the 21st Century
0275973506: Reflections on Anger : Women and Men in a Changing Society
0275973514: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Modern Presidency: Seventy-Six Case Studies in Presidential Leadership
0275973522: Triumphs and Tragedies of the Modern Presidency: Seventy-Six Case Studies in Presidential Leadership
0275973530: Minority Protection in Post-Apartheid South Africa : Human Rights, Minority Rights, and Self-Determination
0275973549: American Soldiers Overseas : The Global Military Presence
0275973557: Community of Cinema : How Cinema and Spectacle Transformed the American Downtown
0275973565: They're Playing Our Songs : Women Talk about Feminist Rock Music
0275973573: Film, Faith, and Cultural Conflict : The Case of Martin Scorsese's the Last Temptation of Christ
0275973603: Guerillas and Generals
0275973611: The Lopsided Spread of Christianity : Toward an Understanding of the Diffusion of Religions
0275973638: Cinematic Rebirths of Frankenstein : Universal, Hammer and Beyond
0275973646: Confederates Against the Confederacy
0275973654: Politics of the Dispossessed : Superpowers and Developments in the Middle East
0275973662: A Great Russia: Russia and the Triple Entente, 1905 to 1914
0275973670: Peacekeeping Fiascoes of the 1990s : Causes, Solutions, and U. S. Interests
0275973689: Sexual Violence Policies Practices &
0275973700: Women in Transition : Between Socialism and Capitalism
0275973719: Burning Questions : America's Fight with Nature's Fire
0275973727: Integrating Psychology and Spirituality?
0275973735: The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century:
0275973743: Resurgence of Jewish Life in Germany
0275973751: Socioeconomic Democracy
0275973778: On the Fast Track : French Railway Modernization and the Origins of the TGV, 1944-1983
0275973786: When Reason Fails : Portraits of Armies at War: America, Britain, Israel and the Future
0275973794: History of Modern Wars of Attrition
0275973808: Transformation of the North Atlantic World, 1492-1763 : An Introduction
0275973816: Britain, America, and the Vietnam War
0275973832: Call to Arms : Propaganda, Public Opinion, and Newspapers in the Great War
0275973840: From Medieval Pilgrimage to Religious Tourism : The Social and Cultural Economics of Piety
0275973859: Magic of Prayer : An Introduction to the Psychology of Faith
0275973867: Independent Radicalism in Early Victorian Britain
0275973875: The Dead Volcano: The Background and Effects of Nuclear War Complacency
0275973883: Global Order and Global Disorder : Globalization and the Nation-State
0275973891: Wounded Profession : American Medicine Enters the Age of Managed Care
0275973905: Which Global Village?: Societies, Cultures, and Political-Economic Systems in a Euro-Atlantic Perspective
0275973913: Unfinished Business : Telecommunications Reform in Mexico
0275973921: Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, and the Torch Song Tradition
0275973948: Art and Experience
0275973956: Nested Political Coalitions
0275973964: Nested Political Coalitions
0275973972: Making of a Refugee : Children Adopting Refugee Identity in Cyprus
0275973980: Function of Newspapers in Society : A Global Perspective
0275973999: Nordic Art Music
0275974006: Sharpening Conflict Management : Religious Leadership and the Double-Edged Sword
0275974014: Trade Liberalization : Fears and Facts
0275974022: Trade Liberalization : Fears and Facts
0275974030: Press and the Modern Presidency : Myths and Mindsets from Kennedy to Election 2000
0275974049: Press and the Modern Presidency : Myths and Mindsets from Kennedy to Election 2000
0275974057: Sword of Damocles
0275974065: Hidden conflict; a documentary record of administrative policy in colonial Zimbabwe, 1950-1980.
0275974073: Deregulation and Development in Indonesia
0275974081: Divided We Stand : American Jews, Israel, and the Peace Process
0275974111: Rhetoric of Revolt : Ho Chi Minh's Discourse for Revolution
0275974138: Discovering the Welfare State in East Asia
0275974146: Youth Futures : Comparative Research and Transformative Visions
0275974154: Conservative Welfare State Systems in East Asia
0275974162: Insatiable is Not Sustainable
0275974170: People on the Move
0275974189: Historian's Wizard of Oz : Reading L. Frank Baum's Classic as a Political and Monetary Allegory
0275974197: Historian's Wizard of Oz : Reading L. Frank Baum's Classic as a Political and Monetary Allegory
0275974200: Death and Denial : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Lagacy of Ernest Becker
0275974219: Taiwan's application to GATT/WTO; significance of multilateralism for an unrecognized state.
0275974227: Passive-Aggression : A Guide for the Therapist, the Patient and the Victim
0275974235: Cyber-Threats, Information Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Protection : Defending the U. S. Homeland
0275974251: Strategic Threats and National Missile Defenses : Defending the U. S. Homeland
0275974278: Terrorism, Asymmetric Warfare, and Weapons of Mass Destruction : Defending the U. S. Homeland
0275974294: Political Culture of Judaism
0275974308: Beyond Pain : The Role of Pleasure and Culture in the Making of Foreign Affairs
0275974316: Beyond Pain : The Role of Pleasure and Culture in the Making of Foreign Affairs
0275974324: Scarce Goods : Justice, Fairness and Organ Transplantation
0275974332: Scarce Goods : Justice, Fairness and Organ Transplantation
0275974340: Mappers of Society : The Lives, Times, and Legacies of Great Sociologists
0275974359: Mappers of Society : The Lives, Times, and Legacies of Great Sociologists
0275974391: Jazz in Black and White : Race, Culture and Identity in the Jazz Community
0275974405: The Primary Decision: A Functional Analysis of Debates in Presidential Primaries (Notre Dame Conferences in Medieval Studies)
0275974413: John Basil Turchin and the Fight to Free the Slaves
0275974421: Black History and Black Identity : A Call for a New Historiography
0275974456: Idea of Propaganda : A Reconstruction
0275974464: A Tidal Wave of Encouragement : American Composers' Concerts in the Gilded Age
0275974472: Zones of Conflict in Africa
0275974480: Legalizing Marijuana
0275974499: Remnant Spirit : Conservative Reform in Mainline Protestantism
0275974502: Modernizing the Mind : Psychological Knowledge and the Remaking of Society
0275974510: Jung, Freud, and Hillman : Three Depth Psychologies in Context
0275974529: Ancient Religious Wisdom, Spirituality and Psychoanalysis
0275974537: Burnout Across Thirteen Cultures : Stress and Coping in Child and Youth Care Workers
0275974545: Contemporary Economic Issues in Developing Countries
0275974561: Korea under the American Military Government, 1945-1948
0275974588: Unraveling of Island Asia
0275974596: Bearing False Witness?
0275974618: Ethnic Times : Exploring Ethnonationalism in the Former Yugoslavia
0275974626: Race, Sex, And Suspicion
0275974634: The Rhetorical Presidency, Propaganda, and the Cold War, 1945-1955 (Praeger Series in Presidential Studies) - Hardcover
0275974650: Health Care Policy : Issues and Trends
0275974669: Contemporary Responses to the Holocaust
0275974677: Evolutionary Psychology and Violence : A Primer for Policymakers and Public Policy Advocates
0275974685: Hijacking and Hostages
0275974707: Tricolor and Crescent : France and the Islamic World
0275974715: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and the Politics of Human Relationships
0275974758: The Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective : Second Edition
0275974766: The Chinese Revolution in Historical Perspective
0275974774: Competing Western Strategies Against the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction : Comparing the United States to a Close Ally
0275974782: Backwater War : The Allied Campaign in Italy, 1943-1945
0275974790: Hanging of Old Brown : A Story of Slaves, Statesmen, and Redemption
0275974804: Stars in Our Eyes : The Star Phenomenon in the Contemporary Era
0275974812: Infernal Return : The Recurrence of the Primordial in Films of the Reaction Years, 1977-1983
0275974820: Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America
0275974839: American Shockwave
0275974855: Secondary Breadwinners : Israeli Women in the Labor Force
0275974863: Hidden from the Holocaust : Stories of Resilient Children Who Survived and Thrived
0275974871: Bitter Rehearsal
0275974898: Rereading Global Socialist Cultures after the Cold War : The Reassessment of a Tradition
0275974901: Socialist Cultures East and West : A Post-Cold War Reassessment
0275974928: Media and Neo-Populism : A Contemporary Comparative Analysis
0275974936: Reading Genesis Politically : An Introduction to Mosaic Political Philosophy
0275974944: Civil Rights Policymaking in the United
0275974952: Illusive Shadows : Justice, Media, and Socially Significant American Trials
0275974960: Rolling the Dice With State Initiatives
0275974979: When Public Housing was Paradise : Building Community in Chicago
0275974987: International Perspectives on Violence
0275974995: Small States in the Post-Cold War World
0275975002: Cinema and Life Development : Healing Lives and Training Therapists
0275975010: Life and Behavior of Living Organisms : A General Theory
0275975029: Development Projects for a New Millennium
0275975037: Development Projects for a New Millennium
0275975045: Failed Transition, Bleak Future? : War and Instability in Central Asia and the Caucasus
0275975053: Transition to Democratic Governance in Africa : The Continuing Struggle
0275975061: Political Liberalization and Democratization in Africa : Lessons from Country Experiences
0275975088: America's Banquet of Cultures : Harnessing Ethnicity, Race and Immigration in the Twenty-First Century
0275975096: Toward Humanity and Justice : The Writings of Kenneth B. Clark Scholar of the 1954 Brown V. Board of Education Decision
0275975118: Discharging Congress : Government by Commission
0275975126: Story of America First
0275975134: Parliamentary Politics of a County and Its Town : General Elections in Suffolk and Ipswich in the Eighteenth Century
0275975142: Britain and the Conflict in the Middle East, 1964-1967 : The Coming of the Six-Day War
0275975150: Practicing Sociology : Selected Fields
0275975169: Practicing Sociology
0275975177: Playing with Anger : Teaching Coping Skills to African American Boys through Athletics and Culture
0275975185: Over the Top : The Great War and Juvenile Literature in Britain
0275975193: Vegetarian America : A History
0275975207: Rosalind Krauss and American Philosophical Art Criticism : From Formalism to Beyond Postmodernism
0275975215: Technological Issues in Broadcast Education : Critical Challenges
0275975223: Italian Cinema and Modern European Literatures : 1945-2000
0275975231: Taking Liberties : Early American Women's Magazines and Their Readers
0275975258: Reasoning Processes in Humans and Computers : Theory and Research in Psychology and Artificial Intelligence
0275975266: Evolution of United States Budgeting
0275975274: What Happened to the Soviet Union? : How and Why American Sovietologists Were Caught by Surprise
0275975282: Policy Passages
0275975290: Policy Passages
0275975304: Case Studies in Sport Communication
0275975312: Case Studies in Sport Communication
0275975320: Ethnic Identity Groups and U. S. Foreign Policy
0275975339: Ethnic Identity Groups and U. S. Foreign Policy
0275975347: Shield of Dreams : Missle Defenses and Nuclear Strategy
0275975355: America's Japanese Hostages: The World War II Plan for a Japanese Free Latin America
0275975363: Least Dangerous Branch? : Consequences of Judicial Activism
0275975371: Least Dangerous Branch? : Consequences of Judicial Activism
0275975398: Open Conspiracy
0275975401: Transforming Communication : Technology, Sustainability, and Future Generations
0275975428: System in Black and White : Exploring the Connections Between Race, Crime and Justice
0275975444: And a Time for Hope : Americans in the Great Depression
0275975452: Identity in Transformation : Postmodernity, Postcommunism, and Globalization
0275975487: Divine Apology : The Discourse of Religious Image Restoration
0275975495: New Perspectives on Foreign Aid and Economic Development
0275975509: Civil Society by Design : Donors, NGOs, and the Intermestic Development Circle in Bangladesh
0275975533: Communal Utopias and the American Experience : Secular Communities, 1824-2000
0275975541: Communal Utopias and the American Experience Religious Communities 1732-2000
0275975568: Psychology of Orientation : Time Awareness Across Life Stages and in Dementia
0275975576: Handbook for Conducting Drug Abuse Research with Hispanic Populations
0275975584: Military Masculinities : Identity and the State
0275975592: Road Oft Traveled
0275975622: Racial Issues in Criminal Justice
0275975630: Selling AWACS to Saudi Arabia : The Reagan Administration and the Balancing of America's Competing Interests in the Midle East
0275975665: Rotten Foundations: The Conceptual Basis of the Marxist-Leninist Regimes of East Germany and Other Countries of the Soviet Bloc
0275975673: Depression
0275975703: Euthanasia of a Mission : African Church Autonomy in a Colonial Context
0275975738: Notable Speeches in Contemporary Presidential Campaigns
0275975746: Personal Motivation : A Model for Decision Making
0275975754: Of Fears and Foes : Security and Insecurity in an Evolving Global Political Economy
0275975762: The Art of the Feud: Reconceptualizing International Relations
0275975770: Tilt? : The Search for Media Bias
0275975789: Developing Media Literacy in Cyberspace : Pedagogy and Critical Learning for the Twenty-First Century Classroom
0275975797: Spanish Film and the Postwar Novel : Reading and Watching Narrative Texts
0275975800: Political Culture and Voting Systems in the United States : An Examination of the 2000 Presidential Election
0275975827: Subotai the Valiant : Genghis Khan's Greatest General
0275975835: Separate and Cooperate, Cooperate and Separate
0275975843: Not All Twins Are Alike : Psychological Profiles of Twinship
0275975878: Arbitrary and Capricious : The Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the Death Penalty
0275975886: Humble Analysis
0275975894: Conscience of Capitalism : Business Social Responsibility to Communities
0275975908: ...And Well Tied Down : Chile's Press under Democracy
0275975916: Intown Living : A Different American Dream
0275975924: Policing Within the Law : A Case Study of the New York City Police Department
0275975932: Psychology Of Skill
0275975940: NATO for a New Century : Atlanticism and European Security
0275975959: Idea of Political Marketing
0275975967: Psychology of the Peacekeeper : Lessons from the Field
0275975975: Military Education : Past, Present, and Future
0275975983: Total War and the Law
0275975991: Avoiding Armageddon : Western Europe, the United States, and the Struggle for Nuclear Non-Proliferation, 1945-1970
0275976009: Landlords and Lodgers : Socio-Spatial Organization in an Accra Community
0275976017: On Different Tracks : Designing Railway Regulation in Britain and Germany
0275976025: Unequal Partners : French-German Relations, 1989-2000
0275976033: Unequal Partners : French-German Relations, 1989-2000
0275976041: Epic Voice
0275976068: Africa's First Peacekeeping Operation : The OAU in Chad, 1981-1982
0275976084: Islam in Europe : The New Social, Cultural, and Political Landscape
0275976092: Islam, Europe's Second Religion : The New Social, Cultural, and Political Landscape
0275976106: Christianity and Womanhood
0275976114: The Controversialist: An Intellectual Life of Goldwin Smith
0275976122: Security in a Changing World
0275976130: Episodes in the Rhetoric of Government-Indian Relations
0275976165: International Entertainment Law
0275976173: Regional Institutions and Governance in the European Union
0275976181: Monochrome Memories : Nostalgia and Style in 1990s America
0275976203: Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman : Mission and Power in American Foreign Policy
0275976211: Black Soldiers, White Wars
0275976238: Under the eagle's claw; exceptionalism in postwar U.S.-Greek relations.
0275976246: Self and Others
0275976254: Self and Others
0275976262: Therapeutic Relationship : Listening and Responding in a Multicultural World
0275976270: German Multiculturalism : Immigrant Integration and the Transformation of Citizenship
0275976289: Receding Shadow of the Prophet
0275976297: Receding Shadow of the Prophet
0275976327: Advancing Futures : Futures Studies in Higher Education
0275976335: Between the Lines : Banditti of the American Revolution
0275976343: British Perceptions of the Irish in the Famine Era, 1840-1860
0275976351: Soldiers, Statecraft, and History
0275976378: Choosing a Self
0275976386: Missed Opportunity: Gore, Incumbency, and Television in Election 2000
0275976394: America's Meltdown : The Lowest-Common-Denominator Society
0275976408: Between Stress and Hope
0275976416: Soldiers, Statecraft, and History
0275976424: Democracy and Excellence : Concord or Conflict?
0275976432: Immaculate Warfare
0275976440: Immaculate Warfare
0275976459: Terrorism and Peacekeeping : New Security Challenges
0275976467: Terrorism and Peacekeeping: New Security Challenges
0275976475: Taming the Sahara : Tunisia Shows a Way While Others Falter
0275976483: Collective Memory, National Identity and Ethnic Conflict : Greece, Bulgaria and the Macedonian Question
0275976491: Walls Around : The Plunder of Warsaw Jewry During World War II and Its Aftermath
0275976513: Decision Making & Juvenile Justice An
0275976521: Children in the Digital Age
0275976548: Counties as Service Delivery Agents : Changing Expectations and Roles
0275976602: Israeli Identity in Transition
0275976637: NATO and European Security : Alliance Politics from the End of the Cold War to the Age of Terrorism
0275976653: When Men Lost Faith in Reason : Reflections on War and Society in the Twentieth Century
0275976661: Migration : Immigration and Emigration in International Perspective
0275976718: Repression, Resistance, and Women in Afghanistan
0275976726: American Century? : In Retrospect and Prospect
0275976734: Financing Small Business in America
0275976742: Children of Victory : Young Specialists and the Evolution of Soviet Society
0275976750: Attachment Therapy on Trial : The Torture and Death of Candace Newmaker
0275976769: Anti-Genocide : Building an American Movement to Prevent Genocide
0275976777: Celluloid Heroes down Under : Australian Film, 1970-2000
0275976785: Parenting Experts : Their Advice, the Research, and Getting It Right
0275976793: Architecture and Power in Africa, hc, 2003
0275976807: Creativity, Cognition, and Knowledge
0275976815: Creativity, Cognition, and Knowledge
0275976823: Language Universals and Variation
0275976831: Language Universals and Variation
0275976866: Politics of Peace in Mozambique : Post-Conflict Democratization, 1992-2000
0275976874: Rise and Fall of American Public Schools : The Political Economy of Public Education in the 20th Century
0275976882: Democracy, Asian Values, and Hong Kong
0275976912: Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress : The Psychological Consequences of Killing
0275976920: Struggle for Modernity : Nationalism, Futurism, and Fascism
0275976939: Turning the World Upside Down : The War of American Independence and the Problem of Empire
0275976947: Making the World Like Us : Education, Cultural Expansion, and the American Century
0275976955: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam : Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife
0275976963: Peacekeeping in the Abyss : British and American Peacekeeping Doctrine and Practice after the Cold War
0275976998: New Season : Using Title IX to Reform College Sports
0275977005: Exit Polder Model? : Socioeconomic Changes in the Netherlands
0275977021: Dirty Dozen : Toxic Chemicals and the Earth's Future
0275977048: Europe Unites : The E. U.'s Eastern Enlargement
0275977056: Europe Unites : The EU's Eastern Enlargement
0275977064: America As a Military Power, 1775-1865 : From the American Revolution to the Civil War
0275977072: Global Gambits : Big Steel and the U. S. Quest for Manganese
0275977080: In the Adopted Land : Abused Immigrant Women and the Criminal Justice System
0275977099: War in the Twentieth Century
0275977102: Money for Ireland : Finance, Diplomacy, Politics and the First Dail Eireann Loans, 1919-1936
0275977110: Irreconcilable Differences?
0275977129: Bullet or the Bribe : Taking down Colombia's Cali Drug Cartel
0275977137: Write to Death : News Framing of the Right to Die Conflict, from Quinlan's Coma to Kevorkian's Conviction
0275977145: Trans-Pacific Relations : America, Europe, and Asia in the Twentieth Century
0275977153: Heroes or Traitors : The German Replacement Army, the July Plot, and Adolf Hitler
0275977161: Then Came Disaster : France and the United States, 1918-1940
0275977218: Irreconcilable Differences?
0275977226: Coalition Defection : The Dissolution of Arab Anti-Israeli Coalitions in War and Peace
0275977242: Beyond the Enlightenment : Lives and Thoughts of Social Theorists
0275977250: Beyond the Enlightenment : Lives and Thoughts of Social Theorists
0275977285: Sociocultural and Political Aspects of Abortion : Global Perspectives
0275977293: Political Support in a Frustrated America
0275977307: About Guilt and Innocence : The Origins, Development, and Future of Constitutional Criminal Procedure
0275977315: Party That Came Out of the Cold War
0275977331: Communism in History and Theory : Asia, Africa, and the Americas
0275977374: Meet the Candidate Videos : Analyzing Presidential Primary Campaign Videocassettes
0275977382: History of Organized Labor in Brazil
0275977420: History of Organized Labor in Argentina
0275977439: History of Organized Labor in the English-Speaking West Indies
0275977447: History of Organized Labor in Bolivia
0275977455: History of Organized Labor in Uruguay and Paraguay
0275977471: From Fetish to Subject : Race, Modernism, and Primitivism, 1919-1935
0275977498: Sky Static : The Space Debris Crisis
0275977501: Big Gamble
0275977544: Responses to Governance : Governing Corporations, Societies and the World
0275977552: Constructing the Stable State : Goals for Intervention and Peacebuilding
0275977560: Interstate Cooperation : Compacts and Administrative Agreements
0275977587: Press Bias and Politics : How The Media Frame Controversial Issues
0275977595: Press Bias and Politics : How the Media Frame Controversial Issues
0275977609: Casualty Issue in American Military Practice
0275977617: On Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Unions, and the Rule of Law
0275977625: A Reader for the Politically Incorrect
0275977633: A Reader for the Politically Incorrect
0275977641: Shaping American Military Capabilities after the Cold War
0275977668: Art and Essence
0275977684: All Work and No Play
0275977692: School Desegregation in the 21st Century
0275977714: Psychology of Terrorism
0275977722: From Megaphones to Microphones : Speeches of American Women, 1920-1960
0275977749: Memory Perceived : Recalling the Holocaust (Psychological Dimensions to War and
0275977757: John Jebb and the Eighteenth-Century Origins of British Radicalism
0275977765: Race, Hull-House, and the University of Chicago : A New Conscience Against Ancient Evils
0275977773: New Class Culture : How an Emergent Class Is Transforming America's Culture
0275977781: White Crow
0275977803: Compellence and the Strategic Culture of Imperial Japan : Implications for Coercive Diplomacy in the Twenty-First Century
0275977838: Twentieth-Century Cause Celebre : Sacco, Vanzetti, and the Press, 1920-1927
0275977846: Packs On! : Memoirs of the 10th Mountain Division
0275977854: Mass Media and Foreign Policy : Post-Cold War Crises in the Caribbean
0275977862: Dilemmas of State-Led Nation Building in Ukraine
0275977870: Politics of Southern Europe : Integration into the European Union
0275977889: Democratic Institution Performance : Research and Policy Perspectives
0275977897: Philosopher's Autobiography : A Qualitative Study
0275977900: Torn and Frayed : Congressional Norms and Party Switching in an Era of Reform
0275977919: Conflict in Asia : Korea, China-Taiwan, and India-Pakistan
0275977927: Gender, Song, and Sensibility
0275977935: Managing Community Growth
0275977943: Return to the Nep
0275977951: Dollar Decade : Mammon and the Machine in 1920s America
0275977978: Orthocratic State
0275977986: Military History of Ancient Israel
0275977994: Impact of Economic Anxiety in Postindustrial America
0275978001: Telework and Social Change : How Technology Is Reshaping the Boundaries Between Home and Work
0275978028: Achieving Sustainable Development : The Challenge of Governance Across Social Scales
0275978036: Military Persuasion in War and Policy : The Power of Soft
0275978044: Bipartisan Strategy : Selling the Marshall Plan
0275978052: U. S.-Japan Security Alliance : Why It Matters and How to Strengthen It
0275978060: U. S.-Japan Security Alliance : Why It Matters and How to Strengthen It
0275978079: Culture Meets Power
0275978087: Culture Meets Power
0275978095: Great Armies of Antiquity
0275978109: Social Construction of International News : We're Talking about Them, They're Talking about Us
0275978117: Elite MBA Programs at Public Universities : How a Dozen Innovative Schools are Redefining Business Education
0275978125: Adopting Maternity : White Women Who Adopt Transracially or Transnationally
0275978133: New Perspectives on Prehistoric Art
0275978141: Managing Community Growth : Second Edition - Paperback
0275978168: Hamilton Unbound : Finance and the Creation of the American Republic
0275978176: Blue Collar Bayou : Louisiana Cajuns in the New Economy of Ethnicity
0275978184: Essential Aquinas : Writings on Philosophy, Religion, and Society
0275978192: Vanguard of American Atomic Deterrence
0275978206: Criminal Belief Systems : An Integrated-Interactive Theory of Lifestyles
0275978214: Education of Minorities and Peace Education in Pluralistic Societies
0275978222: Deviant Mystique : Involvements, Realities, and Regulation
0275978230: John Dee : The Limits of the British Empire
0275978249: First among Friends : Interest Groups, the U. S. Supreme Court, and the Right to Privacy
0275978257: Separation, Assimilation, or Accommodation : Contrasting Ethnic Minority Policies
0275978273: Amici Curiae and Strategic Behavior in State Supreme Courts
0275978281: African Predicament and the American Experience : A Tale of Two Edens
0275978303: Political Economy of Energy in the Southern Cone
0275978311: Eternal Struggle
0275978346: Rumors, Lies, and Whispers : Classroom Crush or Career Catastrophe?
0275978354: Korean War Order of Battle : United States, United Nations, and Communist Ground, Naval, and Air Forces, 1950-1953
0275978362: The Essential Daughter: Changing Expectations for Girls at Home, 1797 to the Present
0275978370: Elizabethan Lawyer's Possession by the Devil
0275978389: United Nations and Iraq : Defanging the Viper
0275978397: United Nations and Iraq : Defanging the Viper
0275978400: Ark of the Broken Covenant : Legal Protection of the World's Biodiversity Hotspots
0275978419: Applied Anthropology : Domains of Application
0275978435: Processual Archaeology : Exploring Analytical Strategies, Frames of Reference, and Culture Process
0275978451: Images That Injure : Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media
0275978478: How Safe Are Our Skies?
0275978486: Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels
0275978508: Holocaust Film Sourcebook : Two Volumes
0275978516: America's Oil Wars
0275978524: Reviewing Delegation : An Analysis of the Congressional Reauthorization Process
0275978532: American Transportation Policy
0275978540: Race, Radicalism, Religion, and Restriction
0275978559: Psychology of Peace : An Introduction
0275978567: Psychology of Peace : An Introduction
0275978575: Falling Terrorism and Rising Conflicts : The Afghan Contribution to Polarization and Confrontation in West and South Asia
0275978583: Shah and the Ayatollah : Iranian Mythology and Islamic Revolution
0275978591: Red Scare, Politics, and the Federal Communications Commission, 1941-1960
0275978613: Protest and Survive : Underground GI Newspapers During the Vietnam War
0275978621: Halting the Sexual Predators among Us : Preventing Attack, Rape, and Lust Homicide
0275978648: Literacy in America : Historic Journey and Contemporary Solutions
0275978656: Psychology of Terrorism : A Public Understanding
0275978664: Psychology of Terrorism : Clinical Aspects and Responses
0275978672: Psychology of Terrorism : Theoretical Understandings and Perspectives
0275978680: Psychology of Terrorism : Programs and Practices in Response and Prevention
0275978699: Risk, Culture, and Health Inequality : Shifting Perceptions of Danger and Blame
0275978702: Grim Fairy Tales : The Rhetorical Construction of American Welfare Policy
0275978729: Science And Medicine In Dialogue
0275978737: Immigrants, Welfare Reform, and the Poverty of Policy
0275978745: Capital of Europe : Architecture and Urban Planning for the European Union
0275978753: Evolutionary Psychology of Sleep and Dreams
0275978761: From Adversaries to Partners?
0275978788: Origins of Conflict in Afghanistan
0275978796: Frankenfood Myth
0275978818: Nigerian Foreign Policy under Military Rule, 1966-1999
0275978826: Remaking China's Public Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century
0275978834: Leveraging for Success in United Nations Peace Operations
0275978842: Changing Attitudes Toward Economic Reform During the Yeltsin Era
0275978850: Call to Be Whole : The Fundamentals of Health Care Reform
0275978869: Social Ethics : Sociology and the Future of Society
0275978885: Defeat in Detail : The Ottoman Army in the Balkans, 1912-1913
0275978893: Profiles from Prison
0275978915: The Lost World of Italian American Radicalism: Politics, Labor, and Culture (Italian and Italian Ame
0275978923: The Lost World of Italian-American Radicalism (Italian and Italian American Studies)
0275978958: Faith, Humor, and Paradox
0275978990: Becoming Human : New Perspectives on the Inhuman Condition
0275979024: Broken Crescent : The Threat of Militant Islamic Fundamentalism
0275979032: Parenting Journey : From Conception Through the Teen Years
0275979040: Perspectives on 9/11
0275979059: Bechuanaland Pioneers and Gunners
0275979075: Introducing Aesthetics
0275979083: Introducing Aesthetics
0275979091: Russia's Abandoned Children : An Intimate Understanding
0275979105: Endangering Development : Politics, Projects, and Environment in Burkina Faso
0275979113: Critical Consciousness : A Study of Morality in Global, Historical Context
0275979121: Origins and Growth of the Global Economy : From the Fifteenth Century Onward
0275979148: Micro Radio and the FCC : Media Activism and the Struggle over Broadcast Policy
0275979156: Richard Nixon, Watergate, And The Press
0275979164: Globalization With A Human Face
0275979172: Globalization
0275979180: Organ Donation And Transplantation
0275979199: Regression a Universal Experience
0275979202: Creating Cultural Motifs Against Terrorism : Empowering Acceptance of Our Uniqueness
0275979210: Reframing the Agenda : The Impact of NGO and Middle Power Cooperation in International Security Policy
0275979229: Just Meritocracy : IQ, Class Mobility, and American Social Policy
0275979237: Civil-Military Relations, Nation-Building, and National Identity : Comparative Perspectives
0275979245: Anglo-American Shipbuilding In World War II
0275979253: Women in Belfast : How Violence Shapes Identity
0275979261: Checking Executive Power : Presidential Impeachment in Comparative Perspective
0275979288: Rich Country, Poor Country : The Multinational as Change Agent
0275979318: Tormented President : Calvin Coolidge, Death, and Clinical Depression
0275979326: Progressive Era's Health Reform Movement
0275979334: Parmenides of Elea : A Verse Translation with Interpretative Essays and Commentary to the Text
0275979350: Harvesting Freedom : African American Agrarianism in Civil War Era South Carolina
0275979377: On the Fiery March : Mussolini Prepares for War
0275979385: Defining Russian Federalism
0275979393: Bonds and Bondholders : British Investors and Mexico's Foreign Debt, 1824-1888
0275979415: Racist Murder of Stephen Lawrence : Media Performance and Public Transformation
0275979423: Half-Hearted Reform : Electoral Institutions and the Struggle for Democracy in Indonesia
0275979431: Resilience : Learning from People with Disabilites and the Turning Points in Their Lives
0275979466: In Bitterness and in Tears : Andrew Jackson's Destruction of the Creeks and Seminoles
0275979474: Voyages of Discovery
0275979490: Introduction to Tchaikovsky's Operas
0275979512: Into the Mouths of Babes : An Anthology of Children's Abolitionist Literature
0275979520: Terrorism's War With America
0275979547: Communism in History and Theory 3 volumes
0275979563: Media Violence and Children
0275979571: Critical Response to Kamau Brathwaite
0275979598: Chinese Cinema During the Era of Reform : The Ingenuity of the System
0275979636: Globalization and Society : Processes of Differentiation Examined
0275979644: Naked Clone : How Cloning Bans Threaten Our Personal Rights
0275979652: Campaign Continues : How Political Consultants and Campaign Tactics Affect Public Policy
0275979679: Movies and the Reagan Presidency : The Success Ethic in the 1980s Movies
0275979687: Wehrmacht Generals, West German Society, and the Debate on Rearmament, 1949-1959
0275979709: Psychological Issues in Adoption : Research and Practice
0275979717: Deepening Democracy : Global Governance and Political Reform in Latin America
0275979768: Teenagers and Community Service : A Guide to the Issues
0275979792: Children, Health, and Learning : A Guide to the Issues
0275979806: Secret Middle Ages : Discovering the Real Medieval World
0275979814: Dickens's England : Life in Victorian Times
0275979822: New Worlds
0275979830: Psychology of Ethnic and Cultural Conflict
0275979849: Resilience for Today : Gaining Strength from Adversity
0275979857: Madness and Perversion of Yukio Mishima
0275979865: Paradox of Loss : Toward a Relational Theory of Grief
0275979873: Violence in Schools : Issues, Consequences, and Expressions
0275979903: Cultural Myth of Masculinity
0275979938: Martyrdom : The Psychology, Theology, and Politics of Self-Sacrifice
0275979946: Our Runaway and Homeless Youth : A Guide to Understanding
0275979962: Uncommon Americans
0275979970: Saudi Arabia Enters the Twenty-First Century
0275979989: Saudi Arabia Enters the Twenty-First Century
0275979997: Gentlemen of the Raj : The Indian Army Officer Corps, 1817-1949
0275980006: Pity in Fin-de-Siecle French Culture : Liberte, Egalite, Pitie
0275980014: Times of Heroism, Times of Terror : American Presidents and the Cold War
0275980022: Proslavery Foreign Policy : Haitian-American Relations During the Early Republic
0275980030: Phoenix from the Ashes : The Indian Army in the Burma Campaign
0275980049: Katharine Dexter McCormick : Pioneer for Women's Rights
0275980057: For Race and Country
0275980065: NATO United, NATO Divided : The Evolution of an Alliance
0275980073: John F. Kennedy and Israel
0275980103: Politics of the International Pricing of Prescription Drugs
0275980111: Breaking the China-Taiwan Impasse
0275980146: Jihad for Jerusalem
0275980162: Beginnings of the Cold War Arms Race
0275980189: Fashioning the More Ethical Representative
0275980197: World and How We Describe It : Rhetorics of Reality, Representation, Simulation
0275980200: Africa at the Crossroads : Between Regionalism and Globalization
0275980219: Political Economy of the Internet in Asia and the Pacific : Digital Divides, Economic Competitiveness, and Security Challenges
0275980227: Breaking the China-Taiwan Impasse
0275980235: Federalism, Subnational Constitutions, and Minority Rights
0275980243: Federalism, Subnational Constitutions, and Minority Rights
0275980251: Political Theory And International Affairs
0275980278: Traveling Companions : Feminism, Teaching, and Action Research
0275980294: Education and Public Choice
0275980308: Political Theory And International Affairs
0275980316: Doing Business in the New China : A Handbook and Guide
0275980324: International Sports Economics Comparisons
0275980332: Economics of College Sports
0275980340: Techniques of Inner Leadership
0275980359: Business in Risk : Jardine Matheson and the Hong Kong Trading Industry
0275980367: Recapturing the Growth Track : Correcting Leaders' Disempowering Behaviors
0275980375: Defining the Really Great Boss
0275980391: Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility : Why Giants Fall
0275980405: Entrepreneurship in Latin America : Perspectives on Education and Innovation
0275980413: U. S. Manufacturing : The Engine for Growth in a Global Economy
0275980421: Employee Assistance Programs
0275980448: Media Representations of September 11
0275980464: Return : Holocaust Survivors and Dutch Anti-semitism
0275980480: Strange Felicity : Eudora Welty's Subtexts on Fiction and Society
0275980499: Rediscovering Magical Realism in the Americas
0275980502: Upon Further Review : Sports in American Literature
0275980510: Islamic Roots and Resurgence in Turkey : Understanding and Explaining the Muslim Resurgence
0275980529: Deadly Cults : The Crimes of True Believers
0275980537: Fantastic Literature : A Critical Reader
0275980545: Action Speaks Louder : Violence, Spectacle, and the American Action Movie
0275980553: Forging America
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