0297002082: Andy Warhol
0297002139: The juggernauts: the age of the big Corporation
0297002147: In the Footsteps of Jesus
0297002155: The Vainglorious War 1854-56
0297002198: Faith and revolt: Studies in the literary influence of the Oxford movement
0297002201: Religion and the Decline of Magic Studies in popular beliefs in sixteenth and seventeenth century England
0297002236: Ireland since the famine
0297002244: Respectable Radical. George Howell and Victorian working class politics
0297002252: The thoroughbred
0297002260: Flaubert the Master
0297002279: Israel among the Nations
0297002309: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
0297002317: ROMANESQUE ART
0297002325: Rich man, poor man
0297002368: Beyond the ivory tower: The frontiers of public and private science
0297002384: From Anarchism to Reformism A Study of the Political Activities of Paul Brousse 1870-90
0297002503: Nights Of Destiny (Harlequin Presents, No 1382)
0297002546: The appeal : A novel.
0297002570: The paradox of history: Stendhal, Tolstoy, Pasternak and others
0297002597: Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
0297002619: Social democracy (Revolutions of our time)
0297002643: American music since 1910; (Twentieth-century composers)
0297002678: Reason and energy: Studies in German literature
0297002708: Youth up in arms: a political and social world survey, 1955-1970
0297002716: Backs to the Wall
0297002724: Dossier 51, an Entertainment
0297002732: Economic Analysis of Labour
0297002740: A guide to Eastern literatures;
0297002759: The Early Victorians
0297002767: Mid-Victorian Britain 1851-1875
0297002775: Britain in the Nineteen Thirties
0297002783: THE EARLY VICTORIANS 1832-1851
0297002848: The Age of Mammals;
0297002856: Tradition and Revolution: German Literature and Society, 1830-1890
0297002864: The Acropolis
0297002899: Revolution: the theory and practice of a European idea, (Readings in politics and society)
0297002937: The U.K. economy;: A manual of applied economics;
0297002945: A social history of the Third Reich
0297002953: Nabokov Criticism, Reminiscences, Translations and Tributes
0297002961: Nabokov Criticsism, Reminiscences, Translations and Tributes
0297002988: five Men, Five Centuries: The Rise and Fall of Greek Freedom in Antiquity
0297002996: The Nineteenth-Century Foreign Office. An administrative history
0297003003: A Diplomatic History of the First World war
0297003046: The Player Kings.
0297003054: In the chair: Barrington-Ward of 'The Times', 1927-1948
0297003070: Life of Sharks.
0297003178: The English experience: a survey of English history from early to modern times
0297003194: Casanova in London,: And other essays
0297003208: Robert, Earl of Essex
0297003216: Brutal Takeover
0297003305: A Soldier Erect
0297003313: A very loving couple: A novel
0297003356: The Age of Illusion Manners and Morals 1750-1848
0297003364: Zee & Co: a novel
0297003372: White House Diary
0297003380: Love Child.
0297003399: A World of Windows
0297003402: The diaries of a cosmopolitan: Count Harry Kessler, 1918-1937;
0297003437: The Byzantine Commonwealth Eastern Europe 500-1453
0297003445: Goldsmiths & Silversmiths
0297003453: Bar-Kokhba; the Rediscovery of the Legendary Hero of the Last Jewish Revolt against Imperial Rome
0297003461: Memoirs of Hope Renewal 1958 62 Endeavor
0297003534: Essays in Honour of Lord Robbins
0297003550: Russian Police Trade Unionism. Experiment Or Provocation?
0297003585: Nationalism in Asia and Africa (OME)
0297003623: The Venus touch: poems
0297003631: St. Urbain's horseman: a novel
0297003658: Walking good: Travels to music in Romania and Hungary
0297003682: Only With a Bargepole.
0297003704: The Extension of Man: The History of Physics Before the Modern Age
0297003763: State as Entrepreneur
0297003879: Origins of Western Art Egypt Mesopotamia
0297003887: Roman Art
0297003895: Greek Art
0297003925: Trade and Dominion The European Overseas Empires in the Eighteenth Century
0297003976: Model Building Sociology
0297003992: Contemporary Europe: class, status and power
0297004026: Growth and Reform of English Local Government
0297004093: Who's Who in the Old Testament, Together with the Apocrypha
0297004107: Who's Who in the New Testament
0297004166: The Age of Religious Wars, 1559-1689
0297004182: The Age of Nationalism and Reform 1850 - 18990
0297004190: The end of the European Era, 1890 to the present (History of modern Europe)
0297004212: The Age of Religious Wars 1559-1689
0297004239: The Age Of Nationalism And Reform, 1850-1890.
0297004247: The end of the European Era, 1890 to the present (History of modern Europe)
0297004263: Silent Cities, Sacred Stones, Archaeological discovery in the Land of the Bible
0297004271: The Habsburgs
0297004301: Israel and the Holy Places of Christendom.
0297004336: Troubled Neighbours. Franco-British Relations in the Twentieth Century
0297004379: Art treasures of Eastern Europe.
0297004417: Tolstoy Lives in 12N B9
0297004425: MY BOLIVIAN AUNT
0297004476: Israelis
0297004484: A Siberian Encounter.
0297004514: The struggle against history
0297004522: Nijinsky
0297004530: The British in Egypt
0297004573: Vincenzo Bellini.
0297004581: Pile It High, Sell It Cheap: The Authorised Biography of Sir John Cohen, Founder of Tesco
0297004638: The Weir Group
0297004727: Birds of America
0297004778: The life & death of Mozart
0297004786: Twentieth Century Nationalism (Revolutions of Our Time S)
0297004794: The World of George Orwell;
0297004921: The Times history of our times
0297004972: Economics:a Critical Approach: A Critical Approach
0297006681: Saddle Up
0297022571: Drowned World
0297041061: Christmas at Oak Alley Plantation
0297165771: Pre-Columbian American religions, (History of religion) by
0297167472: Invitation To A Beheading
0297169688: THE LIFE OF FISHES
0297170015: Victoria R.I.
0297170406: The life of birds (The Weidenfeld and Nicolson natural history)
0297170414: The Life of Birds
0297170422: Life of Mammals Volume 1
0297170430: The Life of Mammals
0297170449: Life of Primates
0297170457: Mans Natural History
0297170635: The Ancient American Civilisations
0297170716: The Commonwealth Experience
0297173871: The Beginners
0297174703: DESPAIR.
0297174746: The savage mind (The nature of human society series)
0297175041: Erotic art of the East: The sexual theme in Oriental painting and sculpture (A world history of erotic art)
0297176013: The Age of Arthur: A History of the British Isles from 350 to 650
0297176021: Europe 1919-45
0297176056: Lawyers and the public interest: A study in restrictive practices
0297176137: Internationalism or Russification?: A Study in the Soviet Nationalities Problem
0297176277: The armies of the night: History as a novel: the novel as history
0297176307: The Nature of fascism: proceedings of a conference held by the Reading University Graduate School of Contemporary European Studies; (Reading Universit ... n contemporary Europe. Studies in fascism, 2)
0297176439: The man who held the Queen to ransom and sent Parliament packing: A novel
0297176463: Great Regiments
0297176498: Christmas
0297176528: The Tsars: Russian Autocrats, 1533-1917
0297176617: The modern history of China (Asia-Africa series of modern histories)
0297176625: The Middle East and the West (Weidenfeld goldbacks)
0297176633: The Worm of the Bud: The World of Victorian Sexuality,
0297176676: Dolls And Doll-makers
0297176684: Pottery and Porcelain 1700-1914
0297176730: A Place in the Country
0297176803: Mosby's memoirs,: And other stories by Bellow, Saul
0297176811: Revolutionary immortality: Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese cultural revolution
0297176943: Takeover Bid
0297176986: Summer Bird-Cage
0297176994: Walter Monckton: The Life of Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
0297177001: Hanoi
0297177052: Face of Another
0297177079: Peculiar People Inside World Jewry Today
0297177087: The Florentine enlightenment, 1400-50
0297177095: The Moment of Cubism and Other Essays
0297177117: Ireland and Anglo-American relations, 1899-1921
0297177125: The ecumenical movement in world affairs
0297177621: The Ancient Mediterranean
0297177648: The Zoology of Tropical Africa
0297177664: The Pantechnicon; a Novel
0297177702: Octopus: A Novel
0297177710: A Peace Policy for Europe
0297177729: Strictly Personal
0297177737: Mary Queen of Scots
0297177745: Tussy Is Me
0297177788: Coins And Archaeology
0297177818: Labour's international policy: The Labour Party in the 1930s
0297177834: The state in capitalist society
0297178083: Miami and the Siege of Chicago An Informal History of the American Political Conventions of 1968
0297178091: Furniture: 700-1700
0297178105: Gothic Europe
0297178148: The British in the Middle East (A Social history of the British overseas)
0297178156: On Borrowed Time: How World War II Began
0297178172: Waterfall
0297178202: Cabinet Makers and Furniture Designers
0297178229: Turning on
0297178245: Regional Economic Analysis in Britain and the Commonwealth A Bibliographic Guide
0297178296: Trade, Tariffs and Growth : Essays in International economics
0297178350: The year of the young rebels
0297178466: First World War Atlas
0297178504: Bandits
0297178512: Modern Finnish Sculpture
0297178520: Rembrandt Paintings
0297178547: Coins
0297178563: A degree of defiance: Students in England and Europe now
0297178571: Memoirs of a Conservative: J. C. C. Davidson's memoirs and papers, 1910-37
0297178601: The Roman Catholic Church (History of religion)
0297178628: The politics of foreign aid in India
0297178636: A History of the Holy Land
0297178660: The Czechoslovak Crisis, 1968
0297178679: The War Business The International Trade in Armaments
0297178784: The Israel-Arab reader: A documentary history of the Middle East conflict;
0297178792: Julius Caesar
0297178822: Journey into Romanesque
0297178865: My people: the story of the Jews,
0297178873: Counterfeit Nazi: The ambiguity of good;
0297179128: Regional economics: location theory, urban structure and regional change
0297179152: Holy places: Jewish, Christian and Muslim monuments in the Holy Land
0297179160: Industrial demand for water: a study of South East England.
0297179179: Wellington : The Years of the Sword.
0297179195: The French Revolution of 1870-1871 (Revolutions in the modern world)
0297179217: Superior Person: A Portrait of Curzon and his Circle in Late Victorian England
0297179284: Duel of Eagles
0297179306: Divine Comedy of Pavel Tchelitchew
0297179322: The art of flowers;
0297179349: Posters
0297179357: Ada: Or, Ardor a Family Chronicle
0297179365: An introduction to comparative government
0297179381: Charles II: The Man and the Statesman
0297179438: The High Tide of Pleasure: Seven English Rakes.
0297179446: Churchill, A Study In Failure 1900-1939
0297179462: What I'm Going to Do, I Think
0297179489: EXOTICS: Poems Of The Mediterranean And Middle East.
0297179500: Challenge and response: A programme for Europe;
0297179527: Fire on the Moon
0297179535: The day of the dolphin;
0297179543: Model railway engines (Pleasures and treasures)
0297179594: The Intercom Conspiracy.
0297179608: The Hand-Reared Boy.
0297179632: The complete paintings of Manet; (Classics of world art)
0297179640: Flowers in history by Coats, Peter
0297179659: The Princes
0297179667: Rocks and Minerals
0297179756: A Million Years of Man: the Story of Human Development As a Part of Nature.
0297179772: Morals and Merit: Study of Values and Social Controls in South Eastern Asian Societies
0297179837: Russia and Germany
0297179845: Jeremy Bentham (Weidenfeld goldbacks)
0297179896: Georg Lukacs: The Man, His Work and His Ideas
0297179918: English Party Politics
0297179934: English Party Politics 2 Volumes
0297179985: Modern capitalist planning: the French model
0297288768: Wine for the Super Beginner
0297607057: Sick And Tired
0297607065: Story of V : Opening Pandora's Box
0297607081: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory : The Life of Rosa Parks
0297607146: Last Diaries
0297607154: London
0297607170: Ups and Downs Diaries 1972-1975
0297607189: Essential Boswell
0297607219: Aouded Peace
0297607235: What Shape Is a Snowflake?
0297607243: Death by Fire : Sati, Dowry Death, and Female Infanticide in Modern India
0297607251: Information : The New Language of Science
0297607286: Shards of Memory : Woven Lives in Four Generations
0297607294: Elizabeth's London : Everyday Life in Elizabethan London
0297607308: Dirk Bogarde : The Authorised Biography
0297607316: War Diaries, 1939-1945
0297607324: In the Forest : A Novel
0297607332: Growing up with Lucy
0297607340: Edward Teller : The Real Dr Strangelove
0297607359: Back Fire : A Passion for Cars and Motoring
0297607375: Napoleon (Lives)
0297607383: In the Forest : A Novel
0297607413: What Evolution Is
0297607421: Small World : Uncovering Nature's Hidden Networks
0297607464: Drink and Dream Teahouse
0297607480: Character of Cats : The Origins, Intelligence, Behavior, and Stratagems of Felis Silvestris Catus
0297607499: In Syndication
0297607529: Cottage Book
0297607537: Nanda Devi : A Journey to the Last Sanctuary
0297607545: Richard Rorty
0297607553: Adventures of a Bed Salesman
0297607561: How to Dunk a Doughnut : The Science of Everyday Life
0297607588: Meaning of Things : Applying Philosophy to Life
0297607596: Lost City of the Incas
0297607618: Nutmeg
0297607626: Defying Hitler: A memoir
0297607642: Secret Dreams : The Biography of Michael Redgrave
0297607650: Powder Monkey
0297607677: Building Jerusalem : The Rise and Fall of the Victorian City
0297607707: Shadow of a Nation : The Changing Face of Britain
0297607715: The Cat Who Covered The World:The Adventures Of Henrietta And Her Foreign Correspondent
0297607723: Making of the English Bible
0297607758: New Humanists : Science at the Edge
0297607766: Churchill : A Life
0297607774: Charles Dickens
0297607847: Beryl Cook : The Bumper Edition
0297607855: Story of My Face
0297607863: What We All Want
0297607871: Blur
0297607898: Alice in Exile
0297607901: Riders of the Storm
0297607936: Dylan Thomas : A New Life
0297607944: I, the Divine : A Novel in First Chapters
0297607952: Travels With a Medieval Queen
0297607960: Red-rose Chain
0297607987: Memory Artists
0297643010: Three Roads to Quantum Gravity
0297643029: Three Roads to Quantum Gravity (Science Masters)
0297643045: Franco : A Concise Biography
0297643061: Facing the Extreme
0297643088: Japanese Experience
0297643096: Anna of All the Russias : The Life of Anna Akhmatova
0297643118: Breaking the Code : Westminster Dairies
0297643126: Voltaire's Coconuts, or, Anglomania in Europe
0297643150: Wagners
0297643169: Touching Peace
0297643177: Singing Neanderthal
0297643185: After the Ice
0297643193: Satyr
0297643215: Voltaires Coconuts Or Anglomania in Euro
0297643223: Quarrel of the Age : The Life and Times of William Hazlitt
0297643231: Balthus : A Biography
0297643304: Brief History of the Future : From Radio Days to Internet Years in a Lifetime
0297643320: Nor Shall My Sword
0297643339: Mrs Kennedy : The Missing History of the Kennedy Years
0297643347: Women in Purple : Rulers of Medieval Byzantium
0297643401: The Marching Season
0297643428: First Childhood
0297643436: Distant Prospect
0297643452: Riptide
0297643460: Mozart
0297643479: Mao
0297643525: Book of Chance : Your Guide to the Risks of Modern Living
0297643584: Code of Love
0297643592: Game with Sharpened Knives
0297643622: Gertrude and Alice
0297643649: Greta and Cecil
0297643657: A Monk and Two Peas: The Story of Gregor Mendel and the Discovery of Genetics
0297643681: Karluk : A Great Untold Story of Arctic Exploration
0297643703: Peoples and Empires (Universal History S.)
0297643711: Story of My Life
0297643738: Hitler and the Holocaust (Universal History S.)
0297643746: Dona Ines vs. Oblivion
0297643754: Pursuit of Oblivion : A Global History of Narcotics
0297643770: Shaman's Oak
0297643789: Alistair Cooke : The Biography
0297643800: Diaries of a Cosmopolitan, 1918-1937
0297643819: Nothing for Tears
0297643827: Against the Law
0297643835: Europe in the 20th Century
0297643851: Selkirk's Island
0297643894: Future of the Past
0297643916: Creatures : The Quest to Create Artificial Life
0297643932: Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536-1537
0297643940: First Poets
0297643959: World Restored : Metternich, Castlereagh and the Problems of Peace 1812-22
0297643967: Robert Browning : A Life after Death
0297643983: Vaughan Williams
0297643991: The Balkans.
0297644009: Rainmaker : A Newspaper Reborn
0297644017: Good Wagner Guide
0297644025: Diaries : Into Politics
0297644033: Bohemians
0297644041: James Joyce
0297644068: Falling Eagle : Decline of Barclays
0297644815: The Clematis Tree Double-Sided Poster
0297645145: Boat
0297645420: Waking Raphael
0297645447: Great Harry's Navy : How Henry VIII Gave England Seapower
0297645455: Beyond 9 to 5
0297645498: In the Garden of Memory : A Memoir
0297645501: Queen's Farewell
0297645528: Leviathan
0297645536: Death of Achilles
0297645552: Weighing the Soul Evolution of Science
0297645560: Beaton in the Sixties
0297645587: Last Road Race : The 1957 Pescara Grand Prix
0297645595: Mystery of Things
0297645609: Pompeii, the Living City
0297645617: Eagle in the Snow
0297645633: Rivers of Gold : The Rise of the Spanish Empire, from Columbus to Magellan
0297645684: Joan of Arc
0297645692: Marriage of Souls
0297645706: Marriage of Souls
0297645714: Maths Gene : Why Everyone Has It, but Most People Don't Use It
0297645722: Clematis Tree
0297645730: Act of Treachery
0297645749: The Stone of Heaven: The Secret History of Imperial Green Jade
0297645765: Wild Decembers
0297645781: Parrot's Theorem
0297645803: Fish, Blood and Bone
0297645862: Next Horizon
0297645870: Ageing Brain
0297645897: Fly An Experimental Life
0297645900: Great Philosphers
0297645919: Impossible Love
0297645935: Memory and Emotion
0297645943: And That's Not All
0297645978: Right Hand, Left Hand : The Origins of Asymmetry in Brains, Bodies, Atoms and Cultures
0297645994: Unexpurgated Beaton : The Cecil Beaton Diaries as He Wrote Them, 1970-1980
0297646001: Saddam Defiant : The Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Crisis of Global Security
0297646036: The Kill Artist
0297646044: Cricket Umpiring and Scoring
0297646079: Napoleon and Wellington : The Battle of Waterloo - and the Great Comanders Who Fought It
0297646095: A HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING PEOPLES. (Chartwell Edition).
0297646125: Fool of the Family : Life and Death
0297646133: James : A Life
0297646141: Assassins : A Radical Sect in Islam
0297646184: In the Shape of a Boar
0297646192: Jane Austen
0297646206: Virginia Woolf
0297646214: German Empire
0297646222: In Search of Zarathustra
0297646273: Simone Weil
0297646281: Leonardo da Vinci
0297646303: Andy Warhol
0297646311: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
0297646346: Mendel's Demon : Gene Justice and the Complexity of Life
0297646354: Boundless Horizons : The Autobiography of Chris Bonington
0297646362: Fish, Blood and Bone
0297646389: Catholic Church a Short History
0297646400: Unbalanced Mind
0297646435: July
0297646443: The Renaissance (Universal History)
0297646486: Mind the Gap : An Evolutionary View of Health and Inequality
0297646494: Life in Music
0297646508: Truth about Dogs : An Enquiry into the Ancestry, Social Conventions, Mental Habits and Moral Fibre of Canis Familiaris
0297646516: How the Universe Got Its Spots
0297646524: Dreaming of Strangers
0297646540: The Thief of Time
0297646559: Congress of Rough Riders
0297646567: Thief of Time
0297646583: Kill Your Darlings
0297646605: Peter Ustinov : The Gift of Laughter
0297646648: Leap of Faith : Memoirs of an Unexpected Life
0297646656: Mercator : The Man Who Mapped the Planet
0297646664: Francis Partridge Diaries, 1930-1972
0297646672: Pictures of You
0297646680: The Author of Himself: the Life of Marcel Reich-Ranicki
0297646699: Judgement of the Pharaoh
0297646702: Fragility of Goodness
0297646710: Matt's Old Masters
0297646729: South Africa : A Short History
0297646796: Blue Rondo
0297646818: Sweet Sunday
0297646826: Fearless on Everest
0297646850: City : A Short History
0297646869: Body Electric : An Anatomy of the New Bionic Senses
0297646885: Communism : A Brief History
0297646931: Boys' Crusade : The American Infantry in Northwestern Europe, 1944-1945
0297646966: Nazism and War
0297646974: Drink and Dream Teahouse
0297646982: Sequence : Inside the Race for the Human Genome
0297647008: In the Shape of a Boar
0297647016: Warrior Lovers : Erotic Fiction, Evolution and Female Sexuality
0297647024: Dante
0297647032: Story of Poetry
0297725254: Or Did I Dream a Dream the Story of Ruth
0297733869: Desert Bible
0297747266: Purpose in Power
0297747487: A Modern History of the Sudan: From the Funj Sultanate to the Present Day
0297747932: Andre Gide
0297748262: Charles XII of Sweden
0297748300: Campaigns of Napoleon
0297748505: Allied intervention in Russia 1917-1920
0297748602: The Politics of the European Communist States
0297748890: Hellenism and the rise of Rome, (The Weidenfeld & Nicolson universal history, 6)
0297760408: Flaubert: The Making of the Master
0297760424: The double helix: a personal account of the discovery of the structure of DNA,
0297760815: Industry and Empire: An Economic History of Britain Since 1750
0297760963: Art of Portugal 1500-1800
0297761129: The complete paintings of Michelangelo; (Classics of world art)
0297761420: The Complete Paintings of Giotto
0297761439: The complete paintings of Giorgione; (Classics of world art)
0297761447: Complete Paintings (Class. of Wld. Art S)
0297761455: The Complete Paintings of Durer
0297761501: The Complete Paintings of Vermeer
0297761544: An Introduction to National Income Analysis.
0297761552: To Forget Palermo
0297761617: The climax of Rome: The final achievements of the ancient world A.D. 161-337 (History of civilisation)
0297761765: The Greek Adventure: A Cultural and Historical Study of the Ancient Greeks by
0297761773: King, Queen, Knave: a novel
0297761803: The Victorian Debate:English Literature and Society 1832-1901: English Literature and Society 1832-1901
0297761870: The end of a mission;
0297761994: The Indians in Uganda (The Nature of human society series)
0297762060: Viceroyalties of the West: The Spanish Empire in Latin America
0297762087: The black room: A novel
0297762303: Oliver Goldsmith: A Georgian Study.
0297762869: Melinda: A novel;
0297762893: Road to War, 1967
0297762915: SOLDIER'S DIARY
0297763083: General Theory of Population
0297763113: Democracy and totalitarianism; (The Nature of human society series)
0297763121: The golden century: Europe 1598-1715 (History of civilization)
0297763148: Central Asia (The Weidenfeld and Nicolson universal history, 16)
0297763164: A cultural history of Russia
0297763180: Discovery of Grounded Theory: Strategies for Qualitative Research
0297763288: The Pope speaks: dialogues of Paul VI with Jean Guitton
0297763369: Princess Mathilde
0297763377: The Infinite Variety of Music
0297763385: The joy of music
0297763520: Grandeur and Illusion: French Literature and Society, 1600-1715
0297763768: Historic Motor Racing
0297763776: Sporting guns (Pleasures and treasures) by Akehurst, Richard
0297763806: Markets, Market Control and Marketing Reform: Selected Papers
0297763857: Modern Finnish Design
0297763911: The Seven Wonders of the World: Five thousand years of culture and history in the ancient world;
0297764012: The Second International 1889-1914
0297764020: Labouring Men
0297764055: Africa in History: Themes and Outlines
0297764128: The Indian Summer of Gabriel Murray
0297764136: One of our priests is missing: A novel
0297764144: With My Body
0297764152: The Chinese People's Liberation Army, (United States and China in world affairs series)
0297764160: The Game of Nations - The Amorality of Power Politics.
0297764179: Art and Revolution
0297764187: The tragic queen: Marie Antoinette
0297764349: The hothouse society: An exploration of boarding-school life through the boys' and girls' own writings
0297764381: Venceremos!: The speeches and writings of Ernesto Che Guevara;
0297764543: Tradition and revolt in Latin America,: And other essays
0297764594: A history of the Jesuits
0297764616: Next Season
0297764624: The Story of the Human Hand
0297764691: Charco Harbour
0297764888: The New Politics - The Expanding Technology of Political Manipulation
0297764896: America's receding future: The collision of creed and reality
0297764918: The Square Egg
0297764934: The tanks of Tammuz
0297764942: Rise & Fall of the Man of Letters
0297764950: The last of the best: the aristocracy of Europe in the twentieth century
0297764969: Cardinal de Retz: the anatomy of a conspirator
0297764985: Economic History and the Historian, Collected Essays
0297765000: The social thought of Rousseau and Burke. A comparative study
0297765027: Conscious Brain
0297765094: To build the promised land
0297765108: Europe, the radical challenge.
0297765132: Inklings : Selected Stories
0297765140: Transparent things: A novel,
0297765159: Alex: The Life of Field Marshal Earl Alexander of Tunis
0297765175: Henry VII
0297765191: Sultan (The)
0297765221: The Austrian Example
0297765248: Europe since 1870;: An international history
0297765256: Or Did I Dream a Dream: The Story of Ruth Dayan
0297765264: Input-Output and Regional Economics
0297765280: Seven centuries of English cooking
0297765310: The Time Traveller: The Life of H. G. Wells
0297765329: The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe
0297765337: Power Play : The Tumultuous World of Middle East Oil, 1890-1973
0297765388: The Rothschilds: A Family of Fortune
0297765396: People of America
0297765426: The rise and fall of the matinée idol; past deities of stage and screen, their roles, their magic, and their worshippers
0297765442: Secrets of the great French restaurants: Nearly 400 recipes from famous restaurants starred in the Michelin Guide
0297765450: D.H. Lawrence: Novelist, Poet, Prophet.
0297765469: The rise of the welfare state: English social policy, 1601-1971; (Readings in politics and society)
0297765485: The Concept of a University
0297765493: Revolutionaries
0297765566: Cromwell : Our Chief of Men
0297765574: Sir Walter Ralegh
0297765663: Montezuma, Lord of the Aztecs
0297765698: Napoleon
0297765701: Evelyn Waugh and His World
0297765728: Who's who in Jewish history, after the period of the Old Testament
0297765744: Weimar; A Cultural History 1918-33
0297765760: Lorenzo the Magnificent
0297765779: A History of English Literature
0297765787: Life and Times of George V
0297765809: The siege of Krishnapur; by Farrell, J. G
0297765825: The Maccabees
0297765833: Behind The Door
0297765906: The One and Indivisible French Republic;
0297765930: A History of Jewish Costume
0297765949: The Waltz Emperors: The Life and Times and Music of the Strauss Family.
0297765965: It's Murder With Dover
0297765973: Nature in the round; a guide to environmental science by Calder, Nigel
0297766007: Who's Who in Classical Mythology
0297766023: The Alps
0297766198: Communists in Indonesia
0297766252: Rommel; (The Great commanders)
0297766260: The strenuous years, diaries 1948-55
0297766279: The Negev and Sinai - Weidenfeld Colour Guides to Israel
0297766287: Galilee and Golan
0297766317: Hosteling through the Holy Land
0297766333: Witness to History 1929-1969
0297766341: Central Questions of Philosophy
0297766384: I Come as a Thief
0297766406: Mirror, mirror;: A novel
0297766430: War in Medieval Society
0297766457: Portrait of a Marriage
0297766538: Exploits of a politician
0297766546: GAME COOKING
0297766562: The Juvenile Court in a Changing Society: Young Offenders in Israel
0297766589: Outline of international trade;: Commodity flows and division of production between countries (Reading economics)
0297766600: A Russian Beauty and Other Stories
0297766635: The Early Growth of the European Economy: Warriorsand Peasants from the Seventh to the Twelfth Century
0297766643: Wonder-Worker
0297766651: Captain Scott and the Antarctic tragedy (The Great explorers)
0297766678: ROBERT E. LEE; ROBERT E. LEE
0297766686: PITT THE YOUNGER
0297766724: From naturalism to expressionism;: German literature and society 1880-1918 (Literature and society)
0297766732: Olivier
0297766767: In Camera:Secret Justice in Rhodesia
0297766813: Class struggle and the industrial revolution;: Early industrial capitalism in three English towns
0297766821: Beyond Belief Haunting - Poltergeists - Possession - Clairvoyance - Precognition
0297766848: Louis XIV (Great Lives Ser. )
0297766856: Francis Drake
0297766864: Canaris
0297766880: Man in motion: The psychology of travel
0297766902: NELSON
0297766929: Pavilions of the heart;: The four walls of love
0297766961: Peter & Paul Altarpiece & Fredrich Pache
0297766988: Great Lives Charles Darwin
0297767011: The House of David
0297767046: The history of British steel
0297767097: Napoleon
0297767119: The army of the Caesars
0297767127: Windsor Castle in the History of the Nation
0297767143: The Age of Absolutism 1648-1775
0297767151: Age of Expansion, 1848-1917
0297767208: Outline of International Finance:Exchange Rates and Payments between Countries
0297767224: SHELLEY The pursuit
0297767232: Last Man at Arlington
0297767267: Augustan Vision
0297767313: The Dogs Bark -- Public People and Private Places
0297767348: The Onion Field
0297767372: The Pallisers
0297767410: Simon Forman: Sex and Society in Shakespeare's Age
0297767437: Life of Mammals 2vol
0297767526: Human Engineering the Body Re Examined
0297767534: Willy Brandt; portrait of a statesman
0297767542: The Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft
0297767550: Hitler
0297767585: Work and play;: Ideas and experience of work and leisure
0297767593: Edwardian album: A photographic excursion into a lost age of innocence
0297767607: The Life and Times of William and Mary: King and Queens of England Series. General Editor Antonia Fraser
0297767631: The cure;: A novel
0297767666: Marie Antoinette
0297767704: Frederick the Great
0297767747: Alfred the Great
0297767755: King James VI of Scotland, I of England
0297767801: Big Business
0297767828: TREVAYNE
0297767836: Invergordon Mutineer
0297767852: Codebreakers
0297767879: Edward VIII by Donaldson, Frances Lonsdale
0297767968: Memoirs of a City Radical
0297767984: Crime and compromise: Janos Kadar and the politics of Hungary since revolution
0297767992: The Hitler File: A Social History of Germany and the Nazis 1918-45
0297768018: Galileo
0297768107: Reich Marshal
0297768115: Space Opera
0297768123: The sexual code: The social behaviour of animals and men
0297768131: The revolutions of 1848 (Revolutions in the modern world)
0297768158: engels, manchester, and the working class
0297768166: Goodies File
0297768182: Verdi by Wechsberg, Joseph
0297768212: My struggle
0297768220: Change and Continuity in 17th Century England
0297768263: The common millionaire
0297768271: The Return of Moriarty
0297768328: The Ultra secret
0297768344: The Walled Garden The Saga of Jewish Family Life and Tradition
0297768352: Polly Wants a Zebra; The Memoirs of Michael Aspel
0297768360: Bridge, The
0297768387: The socialist idea: A reappraisal
0297768409: The modern history of Israel by Lucas, Noah
0297768476: Spy/Counterspy
0297768484: Doctor Frigo
0297768492: Public Finance in Theory and Practice
0297768522: Firuz of Isfahan
0297768530: The magic image : the genius of photography from 1839 to the present day
0297768557: Hers
0297768565: Moscow still life
0297768573: Seduction and Betrayal
0297768603: The Robespierre serial
0297768719: The Golden Age Of Persia: The Arabs In The East.
0297768727: MARCO POLO
0297768735: Nelson.
0297768751: CRY OF THE HALIDON.
0297768824: Hell's Cartographers. Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers
0297768840: W. H. Auden: A tribute
0297768867: Keir Hardie: Radical and socialist (Radical men, movements, and ideas)
0297768891: Look at the harlequins!
0297768999: An Introduction to Positive Economics
0297769006: The form of language
0297769014: The Road West
0297769030: THE LATER CECILS.
0297769057: Ferdinand and Isabella
0297769065: Leonardo da Vinci (Great lives)
0297769073: Snowbound
0297769081: A History of World Communism
0297769111: The lives of the kings and queens of England
0297769162: Japan, divided politics in a growth economy (Modern governments)
0297769219: The Imperial Republic: The United States and the World 1945-1973
0297769227: Twelve Ceasars
0297769235: A People That Dwells Alone: Speeches and Writings of Yaacov Herzog
0297769243: The blade of Castlemayne
0297769251: War of Atonement
0297769286: THE BONAPARTES
0297769324: Trees Around Us
0297769340: George Stephenson: a Biographical Study of the Father of Railways
0297769359: The Viking Saga.
0297769367: Gilbert and Sullivan, Lost Chords and Discords
0297769375: The Privilege of His Company
0297769383: The Genius of Thomas Hardy
0297769391: Oxford In The History Of The Nation
0297769421: The Semonov Impulse
0297769464: Education in the Modern World
0297769499: The Contemporary Lithographic Workshop Around The World
0297769618: The Package Included Murder
0297769634: Fives Wild
0297769677: I give you my word
0297769715: THE TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM with the History of the Temple Mount.
0297769723: Suitors to the Queen
0297769731: The Goddaughter
0297769758: The Churchills
0297769766: Moses: Man in the wilderness
0297769782: Charles I: A biography
0297769790: Realms of Gold
0297769812: The road to 1984
0297769839: Laurence Olivier
0297769847: Colette A Taste for Life
0297769855: Idle passion: Chess and the dance of death
0297769863: Byron's Greece
0297769898: Keep Smiling Through
0297769901: Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein
0297769928: The age of capital, 1848-1875 (History of civilisation)
0297769952: My Life
0297769987: The Witch Stone
0297770004: Leonardo: The artist and the non-artist
0297770012: The Forever War
0297770020: Money is Love.
0297770039: The Mote in God's Eye
0297770047: The Best of E.E. Doc Smith
0297770063: Total eclipse (Science fiction)
0297770098: Britain in the Nineteen Twenties
0297770179: My darling Pussy: The letters of Lloyd George and Frances Stevenson, 1913-41
0297770209: Collapse of Stout Party. Victorian wit and humor.
0297770225: You Only Live Once
0297770233: Tyrants Destroyed and Other Stories.
0297770284: Inflation - The Price of Prosperity
0297770292: Emperor Julian
0297770314: Last Emperor
0297770322: Muhammad Ali
0297770330: Revenge Of Moriarty
0297770349: On Eagles' Wings
0297770365: The Spy Who Sat and Waited
0297770373: Who's Who in Children's Books: A Treasury of the Familiar Characters of Childhood.
0297770403: Travelling horseman
0297770470: On next to nothing: A guide to survival today
0297770500: DESIGNERS, THE
0297770551: The Black Prince
0297770578: The Bourlotas Fortune
0297770586: The Gotland Deal
0297770616: Canning, Politician and Statesman
0297770640: THE BELVEDERE
0297770675: Sir Robert Walpole
0297770713: The smell of hay
0297770721: Bismarck
0297770748: English Fox Hunting: A History
0297770764: Destination America
0297770799: The grey goose of Arnhem
0297770810: Montgomery of Alamein
0297770829: Saint Paul
0297770837: Thirteen Against the Bank
0297770845: War Lords: Military Commanders of the Twentieth Century.
0297770853: Who's Who in Twentieth-Century Literature
0297770861: The Alchemists
0297770888: Jutland 1916
0297770926: Jewish Life in Art and Tradition
0297770934: Julian Grenfell, His Life and the Times of His Death, 1888-1915
0297770950: Life after Death
0297770993: Protestant Duke
0297771000: Stanley Baldwin (British Prime Ministers)
0297771019: VINEGAR PUSS
0297771035: The Choirboys
0297771086: Galactic Empires: Volume One
0297771108: Mother Ireland.
0297771116: The Devil's Footsteps
0297771140: Concorde
0297771159: Archaeological Sites of Britain
0297771175: The Hanged Man
0297771248: Cesare Borgia, his life and times
0297771256: The Empire is Marching - A Study of the Military Effort of the British Empire 1800-1945
0297771264: Diaries of Evelyn Waugh
0297771302: The early Greeks (History of civilisation)
0297771310: Introduction To the Sources of European Economi
0297771345: Jesus
0297771361: Peoples of the Sun: The Civilizations of Pre-Columbian America
0297771388: Who's Who in Military History
0297771442: The Return of the Great Britain
0297771450: Of Generals and Gardens The Autobiography of Peter Coats
0297771477: House of Tudor
0297771507: Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone
0297771515: the world of defoe
0297771523: Last Days of Imperial Russia
0297771531: Dark Quartet: the story of the Brontes
0297771566: Unity Mitford: A quest
0297771574: Domestic Life in England
0297771582: Player Queens
0297771590: Dickens of London
0297771612: Crossover
0297771639: The Gaslight Boy
0297771647: Karluk
0297771655: THE CELTS
0297771744: Tall Ships
0297771779: Malraux Life and Work
0297771787: The Winthrop Covenant
0297771809: Essential Talmud
0297771817: Catherine the Great
0297771825: Story of My Life
0297771841: Guerrilla: A historical and critical study
0297771914: The naked investor
0297771922: Oil Sheikhs
0297771957: Dream Towns of Europe
0297771965: Illustrated Story of Crime
0297771981: Greatest Thinkers: The Thirty Minds That Shaped Our Civilization
0297772015: The money spinner: Monte Carlo casino
0297772058: The Main chance
0297772074: Man through the ages
0297772082: The Abyss
0297772090: Montrose: For Covenant and King
0297772104: Russian Revolution
0297772244: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
0297772260: The Savage: A History Of Misunderstanding
0297772287: World of the Public School
0297772295: Neville Chamberlain
0297772325: Hit Team
0297772392: The Challengers: British and commonwealth Adventure Since 1945
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