0028724305: Big Bands
0028724402: Music, Society and Education
0028724607: Beethoven
0028724658: Union of Diversities
0028724755: Bach : The Mass in B Minor
0028724801: Arnold Schoenberg His Life, World and Work.
0028724909: Promoting Rock Concerts
0028725050: Bach : The Orgelbuchlein
0028725107: Jazz Dance : The Story of American Vernacular Dance
0028725115: Jazz Dance : The Story of American Vernacular Dance.
0028725204: Deep Song : The Dance Story of Martha Graham
0028725301: Musicology: A Practical Guide
0028725409: Musicology: A Practical Guide
0028725417: Way to Tin Pan Alley : American Popular Song, 1866-1920
0028725514: Nineteenth Century Piano Music
0028725808: Music of the Twentieth Century : Style and Structure
0028725913: Lennon Companion : Twenty-Five Years of Comment
0028725921: 1791, Mozart's Last Year
0028725956: The Lennon Companion 25 Years of Comment
0028726006: Worlds of Music : An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726014: WORLDS OF MUSIC
0028726022: Worlds of Music : An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726049: Worlds of Music : An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726057: Worlds of Music : An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726111: Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726138: Worlds of Music: An Introduction to the Music of the World's Peoples
0028726200: Schoenberg and His Circle : A Viennese Portrait
0028726251: OPENING NIGHT ON BROADWAY: A Critical Quotebook of the Golden Era of the Musical Theatre, Oklahoma! (1943) to Fiddler on the Roof (1964). Foreword By Carol Channing
0028726286: Opening Night on Broadway: A Critical Quotebook of the Golden Era of the Musical Theatre, Oklahoma!
0028726502: Ragtime: Its History, Composers, and Music
0028726650: Vivaldi
0028726804: Dance Photography of Carl Van Vechten
0028726855: Method Actors
0028726863: No Surprises, Please Vol. 1 : Movies in the Reagan Decade
0028726871: Method Actors
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0028726928: Sound Advice: The Musician's Guide to the Record Industry
0028726952: Billboard's Guide to Rock and Roll Reviews
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0028727053: Liszt (The Master Musicians Series)
0028727061: Liszt
0028727215: Teaching Music : Managing the Successful Music Program
0028727304: Fats Waller
0028727401: Ear-Training and Sight-Singing
0028727606: Applied Harmony Bk. I : Diatonic
0028727703: Applied Harmony Bk. II : Chromatic
0028727908: Keyboard Harmony
0028728408: Organ-Yehudi Menuhim Music Guides
0028728505: Organ (Yehudi Menuhin Music Guide)
0028728513: Brahms
0028728556: Haydn's Ingenious Jesting with Art : Contexts of Musical Wit and Humor
0028729005: Music in the Western World : A History in Documents
0028729102: Music in the Western World: A History in Documents
0028729110: Schubert : The Complete Song Texts
0028729145: Experiencing Music Technology : Software, Data and Hardware
0028729153: Experiencing Music Techology : Software, Data and Hardware
0028729307: Artistic Choral Singing
0028729528: Music of the Middle Ages : An Anthology for Performance and Study
0028729544: The Night and the Music: Rosemary Clooney, Barbara Cook, and Julie Wilson, Inside the World of Cabaret
0028729609: Contemporary Music Almanac : 1980-1981
0028729706: Contemporary Music Almanac: 1980-1981
0028729900: Getting Ahead in the Music Business
0028730003: Getting Ahead in the Music Business
0028730100: Basics of Music : Opus One
0028730127: Basics of Music : Opus 1
0028730208: Music of the Twentieth Century
0028730216: Hugo Wolf: Letters to Melanie Kochert
0028730305: Schirmer Guide to Schools of Music and Conservatories Throughout the World
0028730321: Music Therapy in the Treatment of Adults with Mental Disorders
0028730402: Music Since 1945
0028730607: Tristanissimo : The Authorized Biography of Heroic Tenor Lauritz Melchior
0028730704: Musical Growth and Development : Birth Through Six
0028730801: Dieterich Buxtehude
0028730909: The Music Makers: The English Musical Renaissance from Elgar to Britten.
0028731107: Inside the Music Business : Music in Contemporary Life
0028731301: Enjoying Jazz
0028731409: Analog Electronic Music Techniques
0028731506: Music Teaching and Learning
0028731603: Basic Atonal Theory
0028731700: Common-Practice Harmony
0028731808: Free Composition
0028732006: How to Write a Music Manuscript : A Workbook in the Basics of Music Notation
0028732103: Simple Composition
0028732405: J. S. Bach's Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue : Critical Edition with Commentary
0028732502: Instrumentation - Orchestration
0028732758: Keyboard Music of J.S. Bach
0028732901: Soundings : Music in the Twentieth Century
0028733002: Performance Practices of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
0028733207: Shaping Time : Music, the Brain and Performance
0028733606: Physics of Dance
0028733703: American Music : A Panorama
0028733800: Who's Who in Mozart's Operas: From Alfonso to Zerlina
0028740009: Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech
0028740017: Sleep Thieves
0028740025: 1939 : The Lost World of the Fair
0028740068: Lesbians and Psychoanalysis : Revolutions in Theory and Practice
0028740076: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment in Social Work
0028740092: Churchill : The Unruly Giant
0028740106: True State of the Planet
0028740122: Woman of Valor : Clara Barton and the Civil War
0028740130: Over and over Again : Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
0028740149: Diseasing of America : How We Allowed Recovery Zealots and the Treatment Industry to Convince Us We Are out of Control
0028740173: Emotional Life of the Toddler
0028740181: Smart Schools : From Training Memories to Educating Minds
0028740211: Neoconservatism
0028740238: Arabists : The Romance of an American Elite
0028740270: Revolution at the Roots : Making Our Government Smaller, Better and Closer to Home
0028740343: Winner-Take-All Society : Why the Few at the Top Get So Much More Than the Rest of Us
0028740432: Seasons of War
0028740475: Grow to Be Great : Breaking the Downsizing Cycle
0028740483: MICROSOFT SECRETS : How the World's Most Powerful Software Company Creates Technology, Shapes Markets, and Manages People
0028740521: St. Petersburg : A Cultural History
0028740548: Democratic Governance
0028740572: Twilight Struggle : American Power and Nicaragua, 1977-1990
0028740580: New Strategists : Creating Leaders at All Levels
0028740599: People, Performance and Pay : Dynamic Compensation for Changing Organizations
0028740610: Love Between Equals : How Peer Marriage Really Works
0028740637: Sexual Homicide
0028740696: Running as a Woman : Gender and Power in American Politics
0028740742: Diffusion of Innovations
0028740769: Guaranteed Direct Marketing
0028740815: The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life
0028740858: Wet Mind : The New Cognitive Neuroscience
0028740866: Unfaithful Angels : How Social Work Has Abandoned Its Mission
0028740890: Business as a Calling: work and the examined life
0028740912: Leader's Companion
0028740947: On the Eve of the Millennium : The Future of Democracy Through an Age of Unreason
0028740971: The Patriot.
0028741048: In the Classroom
0028741056: The Case for Mars
0028741080: The Future and Its Enemies.
0028741129: Hypercompetitive Rivalries : Competing in Highly Dynamic Environments
0028741196: Trotsky
0028741226: VANDALS CROWN
0028741234: LENIN
0028745671: Schirmer Pronouncing Pocket Manual of Musical Terms
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0028796012: Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Volume 2 (E-M)
0028796020: Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Volume 3 (N-S)
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0028800303: Great Soviet Encyclopedia (Great Soviet Encyclopedia) Hardcover by Halsey
0028810007: Rogues' Gallery : America's Foes from George III to Saddam Hussein
0028810015: Pearl Harbor Papers : Inside the Japanese Plans
0028810023: From Pusan to Panmunjom
0028810031: Air Campaign : Planning for Combat
0028810074: Beyond the Wall : Memoirs of an East and West German Spy
0028810082: Tiger in the Barbed Wire : An American in Vietnam, 1952-1991
0028810090: Strategic Intelligence and Statecraft : Selected Essays
0028810120: One Hundred Missions North : A Fighter Pilot's Story of the Vietnam War
0028810147: Political Culture of Foreign Area and International Studies
0028810171: Assignment - Pentagon : The Insider's Guide to the Potomac Puzzle Palace
0028810198: Crusade
0028810228: Crossed Currents : Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook
0028810252: Silent Warfare : Understanding the World of Intelligence
0028810287: Defense for a New Era : Lessons of the Persian Gulf War
0028810295: Inventing the Future : How Science and Technology Transform Our World
0028810309: Yellow Ribbon: The Secret Journal of Bruce Laingen
0028810333: World Factbook, 1991-92
0028810341: U.S. Army in Transition II
0028810376: It Takes One to Tango
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0028810392: Battle for Panama : Inside Operation Just Cause
0028810414: Combating Air Terrorism
0028810430: George Bush : His World War II Years
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0028810465: Hollow Victory : A Contrary View of the Gulf War
0028810473: Dien Bien Phu : The Epic Battle America Forgot
0028810503: National Security Strategy of the United States, 1994-1995 : Engagement and Enlargement
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0028810589: Strike Eagle : Flying the F-15E in the Gulf War
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0028810627: International Military & Defense Encyclopedia, 2
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0028810686: Big Week : The Classic Story of the Crucial Air Battle of WWII
0028810694: Nuts! - The Battle of the Bulge : The Story and Photographs
0028810708: American Pilots in the RAF : The WWII Eagle Squadrons
0028810724: Security Studies for the 1990s
0028810732: Sampan Sailor : A Navy Man's Adventures in WWII China
0028810740: Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Home : Checklists Against Crime
0028810759: Worth It All : My War for Peace
0028810767: Pacific Partners : Canada and the United States
0028810791: Mole : The True Story of the First Russian Spy to Become an American Counterspy
0028810805: Gays
0028810813: Glory at a Gallop : Tales of the Confederate Cavalry
0028810821: Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Documents
0028810848: War in the Boats : My WWII Submarine Battles
0028810856: Fox in the Field : A WWII Novel of India
0028810864: Confederate Raider : Raphael Semmes of the Alabama
0028810872: Witness to Annihilation : Surviving the Holocaust - a Memoir
0028810880: Russian Security after the Cold War : Seven Views from Moscow
0028810899: Arms Unbound
0028810910: Women in Combat : Report to the President
0028810937: War Against Germany : Europe and Adjacent Areas
0028810945: Sharks over China: The 23rd Fighter Group in World War II
0028810953: Lightning : The 101st in the Gulf War
0028810961: Brassey's Encyclopedia of Military History and Biography
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0028810996: Circle of Fear : My Life As an Israeli and Iraqi Spy
0028811011: War Against Japan : Pictorial Record
0028811038: U. S. Army Field Manual 100-5 : Fighting Future Wars
0028811046: Court of Blue Shadows : A Novel
0028811054: One Of The Presidents' Men: Twenty Years With Eisenhower And Nixon
0028811062: Connecticut Yankee in the 8th Gurkha Rifles : A Burma Memoir
0028811070: Crime and the Sacking of America : The Roots of Chaos
0028811089: Brave Decisions : Moral Courage from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm
0028811100: Waiting for Winter to End : An Extraordinary Journey Through Soviet Central Asia
0028811119: Certain Victory : The U. S. Army in the Gulf War
0028811127: Crossed Currents : Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook
0028811135: This Kind of War : The Classic Korean War History
0028811143: BLOODY HILL The Civil War Battle of Wilson's Creek
0028811151: Spitfires, Thunderbolts, and Warm Beer : An American Fighter Pilot over Europe
0028811194: Damage Limitation or Crisis? : Russia and the Outside World
0028811208: Way It Was : Pearl Harbor - The Original Photographs
0028811216: Hitler's Prisoners : Seven Cell Mates Tell Their Stories
0028811224: U.S. Intelligence at the Crossroads: An Agenda for Reform
0028811232: Warthog : Flying the A-10 in the Gulf War
0028811240: Rain of Ruin: A Photographic History of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
0028811259: My Hitch in Hell
0028811275: Wake Island Pilot: A World War II Memoir
0028811291: B-17s over Berlin
0028811305: Where Your Money Goes : America's Entitlements - The 1994-95 Green Book
0028811321: Sky Blue
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0028811380: Taiwan in a Transformed Global Setting
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0028937066: Simple Weaving
0028949501: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
0028949528: The College Blue Book 24th Edition: Tabular Data
0028949609: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
0028949617: Degrees Offered by College and Subject: The College Blue Book 24th Edition
0028949625: Occupational Education
0028949706: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
0028949722: College Blue Book
0028949803: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
0028949900: Encyclopedia of Philosophy
0028950046: College Blue Book.
0028950275: The College Blue Book: Tabular Data (College Blue Book) by...
0028950283: The College Blue Book 25th Edition: Degrees Offered By College and Subject
0028950291: Occupational Education (College Blue Book)
0028951433: College Blue Book)
0028951476: College Blue Book
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0028951603: social sciences
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0028957938: High School Mathematics
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0028957954: Research Ideas for the Classroom Middle Grade Mathematics : Middle School Mathematics
0028957962: High School Mathematics
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0028960807: Adolescent Experience
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0028970225: Assessment for Excellence
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0028970748: People in the News
0028970764: Higher Education Map for the Nineties
0028970772: Legal Thesaurus
0028970799: Legal Thesaurus
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0028971124: Encyclopedia of Earth Science
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0028971264: Encyclopedia of Religion
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0028971396: Encyclopedia of Religion
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0028973054: American Presidential Families
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0028973739: Religions of Antiquity
0028973747: Judaism : A People and Its History
0028973755: On Q
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0028974522: Career Information Center
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0028974751: Career Information Center
0028974778: Career Information Center
0028974786: Career Information Center
0028974794: Career Information Center
0028974816: Career Information Center
0028974824: Career Information Center
0028974832: Career Information Center
0028974840: Career Information Center
0028974859: Career Information Center
0028974867: Career Information Center
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0028974964: Encyclopedia of the American West
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0028975022: The Encyclopedia of the Third Reich
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0028975065: Encyclopedia of Sports Science
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0028975235: The 1990 Guide to the Evaluation of Education Expeeriences in the Armed Services -- 2 Army MOS's
0028981030: My First Book of Poems (Junior Elf Book, 6028)
0028981251: Bobby the Lonely Little Dog
0028981294: The Three Bears, Read Along With Me
0028981308: Move Over, Roger (Read Along With Me Book)
0028981316: The Story of Peter Rabbit (Read Along With Me Book)
0028981324: The little red hen (A Read along with me book)
0028981332: Henny Penny (A Read along with me book)
0028981340: Elsie's Clean Day (Read Along With Me Book)
0028981359: Happy Birthday, Roger
0028981367: The gingerbread boy (A Read along with me book)
0028981677: Stone Soup (Read Along with Me Book)
0028981685: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (Read Along with Me Book)
0028982371: Hare and the Tortoise
0028982398: The Brementown musicians (A Read along with me book)
0028982401: Story of Epaminondas
0028982428: The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Read Along with Me Book)
0028982495: Help for Mom
0028982509: Bread and jam (Big & easy)
0028982517: Cake for Jake
0028982525: Who Are You? (Learn to Read Book)
0028982533: I Can Jump
0028982541: Dinosaurs, A Learn to Read Book
0028982568: Sharks (Big & Easy)
0028982932: When You Were a Baby (My Baby Board Books)
0028982940: Baby's Games
0028987004: It's O.K. to Say No to Drugs!/Activity Book
0028987012: It's O.K. to Say No!/Coloring Book
0028987020: It's O.K. to Say No!/Activity Book
0028995007: The Real Mother Goose Piano Book
0028995015: The Aesop for Children
0028995058: My First Book about Jesus
0028995074: The Real Mother Goose
0029000408: Consumerism: Search for the Consumer Interest
0029000505: Consumeratism
0029000807: Consumerism.
0029001013: Managing Brand Equity : Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name
0029001102: Man Is the Measure : A Cordial Invitation to the Central Problems of Philosophy
0029001404: Man is the Measure: A Cordial Invitation to the Central Problems of Philosophy
0029001455: Managing with Dual Strategies : Mastering the Present, Preempting the Future
0029001501: Consumerism : Search for the Consumer Interest
0029001552: Sea Change : Pacific Asia As the New World Industrial Center
0029001617: Strange Case of Dr. Kappler : The Doctor Who Became a Killer
0029001676: Undue Process : A Story of How Political Differences Are Turned into Crimes
0029001706: The Political Socialization of Black Americans
0029001803: Research in Developmental Psychology : Concepts, Strategies, Methods
0029001900: America Arms for a New Century The Making of a Great Military Power
0029002001: The Uncertain Search for Environmental Quality
0029002109: Liberation and Its Limits : The Moral and Political Thought of Freud
0029002400: Reader's Guide to the Great Religions
0029002508: Men Versus Systems: Agriculture in the U. S. S. R., Poland, & Czechoslovakia
0029002702: Industrial Democracy Yugoslavia Style
0029003105: Handbook of Research on Teaching
0029003504: The World of Short Fiction: An International Collection
0029004101: Campaign Money: Reform and Reality in the States
0029004314: Encyclopedia of Educational Research
0029004403: Probation and Parole in America
0029004500: Encyclopedia of Educational Research
0029004608: Crime and Punishment : An Introduction to Criminology
0029004756: Crime of Vengeance
0029004802: Perspectives on Social Group Work Practice
0029004950: Greek Philosophy
0029005000: Greek Philosophy : Thales to Aristotle
0029005302: Partnership or Confrontation? Poor Lands and Rich
0029005507: Military and American Society
0029005701: Lawyers' arbitration letters, 1970-1979
0029005809: The Scholar Adventurers
0029005906: Dictionary of Business and Economics
0029006104: Readings from Left to Right
0029006600: Greek Philosophy
0029006805: Managing the Socially Responsible Corporation: The 1972-1973 Paul Garrett Lectures.
0029006902: Disadvantaged Consumer
0029007100: Urban Land Economics and Public Policy
0029007305: STRATEGIES FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL PERFORMANCE (Studies of the Modern Corporation)
0029007321: Going Negative : How Political Advertisements Shrink and Polarize the Electorate
0029007356: Journey Home
0029007658: Dangerous Edge : The Psychology of Excitement
0029007801: Determinants of Fertility in Advanced Societies
0029007909: Dictionary of Business and Economics
0029008204: Manager's Complete Guide to Financial Techniques
0029008301: Becoming American : An Ethnic History
0029008603: Genetic Counseling Casebook
0029009375: Free Press
0029009413: Community College Fact Book
0029009510: Fact Book on Women in Higher Education
0029009634: American Teachers : Histories of a Profession at Work
0029009650: Financing Higher Education in a Global Economy
0029009715: Just-In-Time Purchasing
0029009804: Becoming American : An Ethnic History
0029010357: Manager's Guide to Iso 9000
0029010527: Public Relations Writer's Handbook
0029010543: Crucible of Liberty : 200 Years of the Bill of Rights
0029010551: Crucible of Liberty : 200 Years of the Bill of Rights
0029010608: Latin America in the international political system
0029010802: Louis XIV and the Greatness of France
0029010810: Handbook of Research on Teacher Education
0029011027: Managing in Developing Countries
0029011051: Strategic Management in Developing Countries : Case Studies
0029011086: Voyages of the Heart
0029011108: New American Revolution
0029011302: Logical Positivism
0029011701: Values and the Future: The Impact of Technological Change on American Values
0029011906: Values and the Future
0029012104: Political Philosophy of Bakunin
0029012201: The pugnacious Presidents: White House warriors on parade
0029012228: First Strange Place : The Alchemy of Race and Sex in World War II Hawaii
0029012406: The Lusitania Disaster: An Episode in Modern Warfare and Diplomacy
0029012503: Methods of Social Resear
0029012600: Voices of America: The Nation's Story in Slogans, Sayings, and Songs
0029012708: Hitler vs. Roosevelt : The Undeclared Naval War
0029012783: Methods of Social Research
0029012791: Methods of Social Research
0029012805: Methods of Social Research
0029012813: Breaking the Mold : Women, Men, and Time in the New Corporate World
0029012902: Friend and Foe in the U. S. Senate
0029013003: Symlog : A Manual for the Case Study of Groups
0029013100: Symlog Case Study Kit : With Instructions for a Group Self-Study
0029013151: Sporting Gentlemen : Men's Tennis from the Age of Honor to the Cult of the Superstar
0029013208: Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia
0029013305: Presidential Saints and Sinners
0029013704: Campus and the Microcomputer Revolution : Practical Advise for Nontechnical Decision-Makers
0029013801: Gender and Stress
0029014204: We the People : An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity
0029014506: Methods of Social Research
0029014557: Germans : The Biography of an Obsession
0029014603: Buying Municipal Bonds
0029014700: Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead
0029014808: Dictionary of Business and Economics
0029014905: Guide to Programs in Nursing in Four-Year Colleges and Universities
0029015006: Bass and Stogdill's Handbook of Leadership
0029015014: Corporate Imagination
0029015103: Moral Basis of a Backward Society
0029015200: The Moral Basis of a Backward Society
0029015405: Roosevelt and De Gaulle : Allies in Conflict: A Personal Memoir
0029015812: Remembered Self : Emotion and Memory in Personality
0029015901: Political Influence
0029016908: Urban Government A Reader in Administration and Politics
0029017009: Moving Target : What Every Marketer Should Know about Women
0029017300: Automated Battlefield
0029017602: Jesse Owens : An American Life
0029017807: Jesse Owens : An American Life
0029017815: Stanny
0029017904: Treating Couples in Crisis : The Fundamentals and Practice of Marital Therapy
0029017912: Green-Eyed Marriage : Surviving Jealous Relationships
0029018005: Women Discover Orgasm
0029018102: Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations
0029018307: Deep Seabed Resources
0029018501: Detente and the Democratic Movement in the U. S. S. R
0029018617: Our Country : The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan
0029018625: Our Country : The Shaping of America from Roosevelt to Reagan
0029018706: Economic Foundations of Political Power
0029018900: The United Nations: Past, Present, and Future.
0029019001: The United Nations: Past, Present, and Future
0029019109: The International Law of Pollution.
0029019303: Study of Policy Formation
0029019508: Complete Grants Sourcebook for Higher Education
0029019613: Private Acts, Social Consequences : AIDS and the Politics of Public Health
0029019621: Hole in Our Soul : The Loss of Beauty and Meaning in American Popular Music
0029019850: Negotiating Rationally
0029019869: Negotiating Rationally
0029020158: Me Nobody Knows : A Guide for Teen Survivors
0029020301: Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States
0029020409: Other Cultures
0029020506: Other Cultures : Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology
0029020603: Ethical Choice : A Case Study Approach
0029020905: Patterns and Processes : An Introduction to Anthropological Strategies for the Study of Sociocultural Change
0029021006: Eighteenth-Century Philosophy
0029021103: Dynamic Approaches to the Understanding and Treatment of Alcoholism. by Margaret H. Bean
0029021308: Revolution in Psychiatry
0029021405: Outsiders : Studies in the Sociology of Deviance
0029021502: Denial of Death
0029021707: Birth and Death of Meaning
0029021901: Birth and Death of Meaning
0029022002: Outsiders : Studies in the Sociology of Deviance
0029022304: The End of Ideology
0029022703: Algebraic and Arithmetic Structures: A Concrete Approach for Elementary School Teachers
0029022800: Angel in Armor
0029022908: Structure of Evil
0029023009: Escape from Evil
0029023106: Denial of Death
0029023300: Modern Introduction to the Family
0029023408: Escape from Evil
0029023505: Doing sociological research
0029023513: Thirteenth Man : A Reagan Cabinet Memoir
0029023521: Ancient Zionism : The Biblical Origins of the National Idea
0029023602: Human Resource Management : A General Manager's Perspective
0029023807: Denial of Death
0029023904: Managing Human Assets : The Groundbreaking Harvard Business School Program
0029024307: The How To Grants Manual: Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants
0029024315: How to Grants Manual : Successful Grant Seeking Techniques for Obtaining Private and Public Grants
0029024404: Human Resource Management
0029024501: Escape from Evil
0029024609: Tokugawa Religion : The Cultural Roots of Modern Japan
0029024706: Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States
0029024803: Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States
0029024900: Winning Local and State Elections
0029025001: Politics of Adoption
0029025109: Revolution in Psychiatry : The New Understanding of Man
0029025303: Winter in the Morning : A Young Girl's Life in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1939-1945
0029026350: Changing Your Management Style : How to Evaluate and Improve Your Own Performance
0029026407: Managing the Academic Enterprise : Case Studies for Deans and Provosts
0029026504: Managing the Academic Department
0029026601: Contemporary Issues in Higher Education : Self-Regulation and the Ethical Roles of the Academy
0029026709: Principles of Political Thought
0029026806: Between Public and Private : The Lost Boundaries of the Self
0029026903: Between Public and Private : The Lost Boundaries of the Self
0029027101: Turner and Beard: American Historical Writing Reconsidered
0029027306: Martin Neimoller
0029028701: Reader in Public Opinion and Communication.
0029028809: Responsibility Trap : A Blueprint for Treating the Alcoholic Family
0029029007: Managers and Work Reform : A Limited Engagement
0029029309: Far Glory : The Quest for Faith in an Age of Credulity
0029029600: Behavioral Approach to Historical Analysis
0029029805: America in the Sixties: an Intellectual History.
0029029902: Born for Liberty : A History of Women in America
0029030005: Female World
0029030110: Capital Ideas : The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street
0029030129: Capital Ideas : The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street
0029030609: Female World
0029030706: The Ferment of Realism: American Literature, 1884-1919.
0029030803: Economic Cost of Alcohol Abuse
0029030811: Recognizing Child Abuse : A Guide for the Concerned
0029030854: Saving Remnants : Feeling Jewish in America
0029030900: Born for Liberty : A History of Women in America
0029031001: Coming Out under Fire : The History of Gay Men and Women in World War Two
0029031206: Dialogues with Mothers
0029031303: Empty Fortress : Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self
0029031400: Empty Fortress : Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self
0029032008: Informed Heart : Autonomy in a Mass Age
0029032806: Love Is Not Enough : The Treatment of Emotionally Disturbed Children
0029034507: Truants from Life : The Rehabilitation of Emotionally Disturbed Children
0029034701: Economics and World Order from the 1970's to the 1990's
0029034809: Social Change and Prejudice : Including Dynamics of Prejudice
0029034906: American History : Retrospect and Prospect
0029035007: Part-Time Faculty Personnel Management Policies
0029035104: American History: Retrospect & Prospect
0029035120: Keepers of the Culture
0029035155: Russia Transformed : Breakthrough to Hope, August, 1991
0029035309: Comparative Modernization: A Reader (Perspectives on Modernization Series) by
0029035503: Hollywood Goes to War : How Politics, Profit and Propaganda Shaped World War II Movies
0029035600: Strategic Financial Planning : A Manager's Guide to Improving Profit Performance
0029035708: Financial Management and Inflation
0029035805: Psychology of Religion
0029035902: Causes of War
0029035910: Causes of War
0029035929: Causes of War
0029036100: Job Creation in America : How Our Smallest Companies Put the Most People to Work
0029036208: Intergroup Processes: A Micro-Macro Perspective
0029036305: Sociological Theory and Research : A Critical Appraisal
0029036402: BLACK CHILDREN/WHITE CHILDREN: Competence, Socialization, and Social Structure.
0029036518: Approaches to the study of social structure
0029036607: Inequality and Heterogeneity : A Primitive Theory of Social Structure
0029036704: American Occupational Structure
0029036801: Son and Father : Before and Beyond the Oedipus Complex
0029037018: Alcohol and the Addictive Brain : New Hope for Alcoholics from Biogenetic Research
0029037107: Complete Guide to Investment Opportunities
0029037158: Sexual Assault on Campus : The Problem and the Solution
0029037204: Managing Marketing : Text Cases and Reading
0029037301: Managing Marketing Test Cases and Readings
0029037409: Palmerston
0029037506: Collector's Guide to Antiquarian Bookstores
0029037557: Cost of Talent : How Executives and Professionals Are Paid and How It Affects America
0029037603: Corporate Strategic Analysis
0029037611: Tempting of America : The Political Seduction of the Law
0029038804: When Battered Women Kill
0029038812: When Battered Women Kill
0029038901: Doctor and His Patient: A Sociological Interpretation
0029040701: Husbands and Wives : The Dynamics of Married Living
0029041503: The Family
0029041600: Tears of the White Man : Compassion As Contempt
0029041805: Marriage
0029042003: Marketing Edge : Making Strategies Work
0029042100: American Community, Technical, and Junior Colleges : A Guide
0029042607: Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
0029042704: Concentration, Mergers and Public Policy
0029042909: Presidential Promises and Performance
0029043204: On Adolescence : A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
0029043301: On Adolescence : A Psychoanalytic Interpretation
0029043409: Inside Corporate Innovation : Strategy, Structure and Managerial Skills
0029043417: Inside Corporate Innovation : Strategy, Structure and Managerial Skills
0029043506: Toward a Political Sociology of Science
0029043700: International Relations New Approaches
0029043905: Premises for Propaganda: The United States Information Agency's Operating Assumptions in the Cold War
0029044006: Economic Areas of the United States
0029044103: Understanding Foreign Policy Decisions : The Chinese Case
0029044200: Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors
0029044308: PIMS Principle : Linking Strategy to Performance
0029044405: Community Politics A Behavioral Approach
0029044553: Antitrust Paradox : A Policy at War with Itself
0029044561: Antitrust Paradox : A Policy at War with Itself
0029044707: Issues in Global Politics
0029044758: CommonWealth : A Return to Citizen Politics
0029044901: Race, Language and Culture
0029045002: Mind of Primitive Man
0029045010: Quarry Closing in on the Missing Link
0029045053: How Culture Works
0029045207: Infancy and Early Childhood
0029045509: Game Theory and Politics
0029045703: Primer on Social Dynamics
0029045908: Paradoxes in Politics : An Introduction to the Nonobvious in Political Science
0029046106: Strategy of Decision : Policy Evaluation as a Social Process
0029046203: Changing Human Service Organizations : Politics and Practice
0029046300: Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben
0029046505: The Self-Guiding Society
0029046556: Real Anita Hill : The Untold Story
0029046564: Real Anita Hill : The Untold Story
0029046602: Beyond the Bottom Line
0029046807: Dialectic of World Politics
0029047005: Population of the United States : Historical Trends and Future Projections
0029047102: Political Development and Change
0029047218: Way of the Wasp : How It Made America, and How It Can Save It, So to Speak
0029047226: Way of the Wasp : How It Made America and How It Can Save It, So to Speak
0029047404: Design for Decision
0029047609: Putting the Corporate Board to Work
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