0299167941: Body Talk: Rhetoric, Technology, Reproduction
0299168042: American Byron
0299168204: Gone Fishing
0299168301: Teaching German in Twentieth-Century America
0299168409: Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde.
0299168441: Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde
0299168506: Nuclear Muse
0299168549: Nuclear Muse
0299168603: In Times of Crisis : Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews
0299168646: In Times of Crisis : Essays on European Culture, Germans, and Jews
0299168700: Indian Mounds of Wisconsin
0299168743: Indian Mounds of Wisconsin
0299168808: Gift in Sixteenth-Century France
0299168840: Gift in Sixteenth-Century France
0299168905: Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave
0299169006: Beyond Affirmative Action: Reframing the Context of Higher Education
0299169049: Beyond Affirmative Action: Reframing the Context of Higher Education
0299169103: Emile De Antonio
0299169146: Emile De Antonio
0299169200: The Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences, and Reception, 1905-1920
0299169243: The Public Face of Modernism
0299169308: Moving Lessons
0299169340: Moving Lessons: Margaret H'Doubler and the Beginning of Dance in American Education
0299169405: Privileged Moments: Encounters with Writers
0299169448: Privileged Moments: Encounters with Writers
0299169502: A Poverty of Imagination: Bootstrap Capitalism, Sequel to Welfare Reform.
0299169545: A Poverty of Imagination: Bootstrap Capitalism, Sequel to Welfare Reform
0299169642: Small Creatures and Ordinary Places: Essays on Nature
0299169804: The Years of Bloom: James Joyce in Trieste, 1904-1920
0299169901: Secret Places: My Life in New York and New Guinea (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies)
0299170004: Vertical Margins
0299170047: Vertical Margins
0299170101: A Path Between Houses (Brittingham Prize in Poetry).
0299170144: A Path Between Houses
0299170209: Ejo
0299170241: Ejo: Poems, Rwanda, 1991-1994
0299170306: The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson
0299170349: The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson
0299170403: Antiquities of Wisconsin
0299170500: Dancing Desires
0299170543: Dancing Desires
0299170608: Parenthood in America : Undervalued, Underpaid, Under Siege
0299170640: Parenthood in America: Undervalued, Underpaid, Under Siege
0299170705: Loss Within Loss
0299170748: Loss Within Loss
0299170802: Wisconsins Natural Communities: How to Recognize Them, Where to Find Them
0299170845: Wisconsin's Natural Communities: How to Recognize Them, Where to Find Them
0299170942: You're Not From Around Here, Are You? : A Lesbian In Small-town America
0299171043: Catching Big Fish on Light Fly Tackle.
0299171108: Regional Fictions: Culture and Identity in Nineteenth-Century American Literature.
0299171140: Regional Fictions
0299171205: Grafting Helen: The Abduction of the Classical Past (Wisconsin Studies in Classics) - Hardcover
0299171248: Grafting Helen: The Abduction of the Classical Past
0299171302: Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels
0299171345: Studs, Tools, and the Family Jewels
0299171507: The Lunda-Ndembu: Style, Change, and Social Transformation in South Central Africa.
0299171604: Celibacy, Culture, and Society: The Anthropology of Sexual Abstinence - Hardcover
0299171647: Celibacy, Culture, and Society: The Anthropology of Sexual Abstinence
0299171701: Out of the Dead House
0299171744: Out of the dead House Nineteenth-Century Women Physicians and the Writing of Medicine
0299171809: Wisconsin's Weather and Climate
0299171841: Wisconsin's Weather and Climate
0299171906: Hearing the Measures
0299171949: Hearing the Measures: Shakespearean and Other Inflections.
0299172007: Personal Styles in Early Cycladic Sculpture.
0299172147: Fat Tire Wisconsin
0299172201: Diaries of Girls and Women
0299172244: Diaries Of Girls And Women: A Midwestern American Sampler
0299172341: Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook
0299172449: The Experimental College
0299172600: In Praise of Black Women, Volume 2: Heroines of the Slavery Era
0299172708: In Praise of Black Women, Volume 3: Modern African Women
0299172902: AIDS in French Culture : Social Ills, Literary Cures
0299173143: Dancing Many Drums
0299173240: Natural Landscaping: Designing with Native Plant Communities
0299173305: A Russian Psyche
0299173348: A Russian Psyche : The Poetic Mind of Marina TSvetaeva
0299173402: Everyday and Prophetic: The Poetry of Lowell, Ammons, Merrill and Rich
0299173542: Bike Lust
0299173607: Early American Cinema in Transition: Story, Style, and Filmmaking, 1907-1913 (Wisconsin Studies in Film, Kristin Thompson, Supervising Editor; David Bordwell and Vance Kepley, Jr., General Editors).
0299173747: So Ole Says to Lena: Folk Humor of the Upper Midwest
0299173801: Reimagining Textuality: Textual Studies in the Late Age of Print.
0299173844: Reimagining Textuality Textual Studies
0299173909: When Whites Riot: Writing Race and Violence in American and South African Culture
0299173941: When Whites Riot: Writing Race and Violence in American and South African Culture
0299174042: Student Body
0299174204: Landscape Nature and the Body Politic
0299174247: Landscape, Nature, and the Body Politic: From Britain's Renaissance
0299174301: Borderland:A Midwest Journal
0299174441: Wisconsin's Best Breweries and Brewpubs: Searching for the Perfect Pint
0299174506: Delimiting Anthropology Occasional Inqui
0299174603: Outbound Finding a Man Sailing an Ocean
0299174700: Keepers of the Wolves: The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin
0299174743: Keepers of the Wolves The Early Years of Wolf Recovery in Wisconsin
0299174808: Eighteenth-Century Contexts : Historical Inquiries in Honor of Phillip Harth
0299174905: A Duel of Giants:Bismarck, Napoleon III, and the Origins of the Franco-Prussian
0299174948: A Duel of Giants: Bismarck, Napoleon III, and the Origins of the Franco-Prussian War
0299175006: A Rescuer's Story
0299175103: Habeas Codfish: Reflections on Food and the Law Hardcover by Levenson, Barry
0299175243: The International Health Policy Program: An Internal Assessment.
0299175308: Horizon Note (The Brittingham Prize in Poetry, Ronald Wallace, General Editor).
0299175340: Horizon Note
0299175405: Borrowed Dress
0299175448: Borrowed Dress
0299175502: Arrow in the Dark: David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv Leadership, and Rescue Attempts During the Holocaust
0299175847: Purity in Print: Book Censorship in America from the Gilded Age to the Computer Age (Print Culture History in Modern America)
0299176002: An Aran Keening
0299176207: Surviving Madness: A Therapist's Own Story
0299176304: Creating Spaniards
0299176347: Creating Spaniards
0299176401: The Iconography of Sculptured Bases in the Archaic and Classical Periods
0299176509: The Autobiographical Documentary in America
0299176541: The Autobiographical Documentary in America (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography).
0299176606: Pragmatist Realism
0299176649: Pragmatist Realism
0299176703: Germany and Its Gypsies : A Post-Auschwitz Ordeal
0299176746: Germany and Its Gypsies: A Post-Auschwitz Ordeal
0299176800: Body Blows
0299176843: Body Blows
0299176908: Caribbean Autobiography
0299176940: Caribbean Autobiography: Cultural Identity and Self-Representation (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography)
0299177009: HIBISCUS ON THE LAKE Twentieth-Century Telugu Poetry from India
0299177041: Hibiscus on the Lake: Twentieth-Century Telugu Poetry from India
0299177106: Hellenistic Sculpture III: The Styles of ca. 100¿31 B. C. (Wisconsin Studies in Classics)
0299177203: Bard of Iceland: Jonas Hallgrimsson, Poet and Scientist
0299177300: Glenway Wescott Personally: A Biography
0299177408: Rescuing the Children: A Holocaust Memoir
0299177505: Living at the Edge : A Biography of D. H. Lawrence and Frieda Von Richthofen
0299177602: Ethics of Maimonides
0299177645: Ethics of Maimonides
0299177742: Complete Poetry of Catullus
0299177807: First, Do No Harm: Power, Oppression, and Violence in Healthcare Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences, Volume 1
0299177904: We Alone Will Rule : Native Andean Politics in the Age of Insurgency
0299177947: We Alone Will Rule
0299178005: Looking Back
0299178102: Fortress of My Youth
0299178307: Lake Michigan in Motion: Responses of an Inland Sea to Weather, Earth-Spin, and Human Activities.
0299178609: Republic of Egos
0299178641: Republic of Egos
0299178749: Lorenzo Da Ponte: The Life and Times of Mozart¿s Librettist
0299178803: Just Married: Gay Marriage and the Expansion of Human Rights (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies)
0299179001: The Fire Stays in Red: Poems
0299179044: The Fire Stays in Red
0299179141: Graven Images: a Journal of Culture, Law and the Sacred, Volume I, 1994.
0299179249: Graven Images: A Journal of culture, Law, and the Sacred: Volume 2, 1995 (Graven Images Series)
0299179303: Elizabeth Taylor
0299179400: A Castle in the Backyard
0299179508: Ladies and Gentlemen the Original Music of the Hebrew Alphabet and Weekend in Mustara
0299179605: Colonial Affairs: Bowles, Burroughs, and Chester Write Tangier
0299179648: Colonial Affairs - Bowles, Burroughs, and Chester Write Tangier
0299179702: The 23rd Psalm : A Holocaust Memoir
0299179842: Festa: Recipes and Recollections of Italian Holidays
0299179907: Bread & Oil
0299180107: Reinventing Dance in the 1960s : Everything Was Possible.
0299180204: Gut Feelings
0299180301: Minor Omissions
0299180344: Minor Omissions: Children in Latin American History and Society
0299180409: Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise
0299180506: Intimate Creativity: Partners in Love and Art - Hardcover
0299180549: Intimate Creativity: Partners in Love and Art
0299180743: Stories of an Imaginary Childhood
0299180808: Worship and Wilderness
0299180840: Worship and Wilderness: Culture, Religion, and Law in Public Lands Management
0299180905: Mice In the Freezer, Owls On the Porch : the Lives of Naturalists Frederick Frances Hamerstrom
0299181049: Reflections on Science by NAKAYA Ukichiro: An Advanced Japanese Reader (Technical Japanese Series)
0299181146: Apostles of Culture: The Public Librarian and American Society, 1876-1920 (Print Culture History in
0299181243: Mazel (Library of American Fiction)
0299181308: Imperial Screen : A Cultural History of Japanese Cinema in the Fifteen Years War of 1931-1945
0299181340: Imperial Screen: Japanese Film Culture in the Fifteen Years' War 1931-1945
0299181405: Gender Nonconformity, Race, and Sexuality
0299181448: Gender Nonconformity, Race, and Sexuality: Charting the Connections
0299181502: The Poetry of Asher Reich : Portrait of a Hebrew Poet
0299181545: The Poetry of Asher Reich: Portrait of a Hebrew Poet.
0299181642: A History of the French New Wave Cinema (Wisconsin Studies in Film)
0299181707: Towards a Rhetoric of Everyday Life: New Directions in Research on Writing, Text, and Discourse (Rhetoric of the Human Sciences).
0299181804: Summer Up North
0299181847: Summer Up North
0299181901: Imperial Sublime: A Russian Poetics of Empire
0299182045: Pushkin and the Genres of Madness
0299182142: The Poem in the Story
0299182347: On Jewish Learning (Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies)
0299182444: Prisoner without a Name, Cell without a Number (The Americas)
0299182509: Ripe
0299182541: Ripe (Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry)
0299182606: Acts of Contortion (The Brittingham Prize in Poetry)
0299182649: Acts of Contortion (The Brittingham Prize in Poetry Ser.)
0299182703: Writings on Ballet and Music
0299182746: Writings on Ballet and Music
0299182843: Theo : An Autobiography
0299182908: Islam, Sectarianism, and Politics in the Sudan Since the Mahdiyya
0299183106: Cracked Sidewalks and French Pastry: The Wit and Wisdom of Al McGuire
0299183203: Voices from the Federal Theatre
0299183246: Voices from the Federal Theatre
0299183300: Great Pages in History
0299183343: Great Pages in History from the Wisconsin State Journal : 1852-2002
0299183408: Virginia Woolf ' s women
0299183505: Gut Feelings: A Writer's Truths and Minute Inventions
0299183602: Witnessing the Disaster: Essays on Representation and the Holocaust.
0299183645: Witnessing the Disaster : Essays on Representing the Holocaust
0299183742: The Mind of the Trout: A Cognitive Ecology for Biologists and Anglers
0299183807: Fiddler's Tale, A: How Hollywood and Vivaldi Discovered Me
0299183904: Winter Love : Ezra Pound and H. D.
0299184005: Jews, Turks, and Other Strangers
0299184102: Pluralism at Yale: The Culture of Political Science in America.
0299184145: Pluralism At Yale the Culture of Politic
0299184242: Voices Made Flesh
0299184307: How I Became a Human Being: A Disabled Man's Quest for Independence (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography)
0299184404: Journeys Beyond the Pale: Yiddish Travel Writing in the Modern World.
0299184447: Journeys Beyond the Pale : Yiddish Travel Writing in the Modern World
0299184544: Sunday Rides on Two Wheels: Motorcycling in Southern Wisconsin
0299184641: Dane County Farmers' Market
0299184749: Iran
0299184803: Teaching the Practitioners of Care: New Pedagogies for the Health Professions (Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences).
0299184846: Teaching the Practitioners of Care: New Pedagogies for the Health Professions (Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences)
0299184900: Beijing: A Novel
0299185001: Return From Berlin: The Eye Of A Navigator
0299185109: How It Was Done in Paris: Russian Emigre Literature in the Context of French Modernism
0299185141: How It Was Done in Paris
0299185206: Friend of Kissinger
0299185303: The Army of Truth: Selected Poems By Henrik Wergeland
0299185443: A Childhood Under Hitler and Stalin: Memoirs of a Certified Jew
0299185540: Intermediate Technical Japanese, Volume 1: Readings and Grammatical Patterns (Technical Japanese Series)
0299185648: Intermediate Technical Japanese, Volume 2: Glossary (Technical Japanese Series)
0299185702: The Low End of Higher Things
0299185745: The Low End of Higher Things
0299185842: Show and Tell
0299186008: Schubert's Winterreise: A Winter Journey in Poetry, Image and Song.
0299186105: Yugoslavism : Histories of a Failed Idea, 1918-1992
0299186148: Yugoslavism : Histories of a Failed Idea, 1918-1992
0299186202: Shackleton:An Irishman in Antarctica.
0299186342: Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir
0299186547: Tieta (The Americas)
0299186601: The Eternal Paddy: Irish Identity and the British Press, 1798-1882 (History of Ireland and the Irish
0299186644: The Eternal Paddy: Irish Identity and the British Press, 1798-1882
0299186709: Sinn Fein: A Hundred Turbulent Years
0299186741: Sinn Fein A Hundred Turbulent Years
0299186849: Mercy Mercy Me
0299186946: Isaac Bashevis Singer a Life
0299187047: Sor Juana- s Love Poems
0299187101: New Directions in Irish-American History
0299187144: New Directions in Irish-American History
0299187241: Building Fiction How To Develop Plot &
0299187349: The Museum of Happiness: A Novel
0299187446: Brooklyn Boy
0299187543: Latin Moon in Manhattan
0299187640: My Night With Federico Garcia Lorca
0299187748: Twilight at the Equator
0299187845: Centaur in the Garden
0299187942: The Heretic
0299188043: Macedonian
0299188248: The Expansion of Elizabethan England
0299188302: They'll Have to Catch Me First: An Artist's Coming of Age In the Third Reich
0299188507: Intentionality and Transcendence
0299188604: Suspicion
0299188701: The End of Being Known
0299188809: Cop's Kid: A Milwaukee Memoir
0299188949: Best Breweries and Brewpubs of Illinois
0299189007: The Boom Economy: Or, Scenes from Clerical Life
0299189104: Oy Pioneer!: A Novel (Library of American Fiction)
0299189244: Tentative Transgressions: Homosexuality, AIDS, and the Theater in Brazil
0299189309: Business Confronts Terrorism: Risks and Responses
0299189406: Campaigns of Curiosity
0299189449: Campaigns of Curiosity: Journalistic Adventures of an American Girl in Late Victorian London
0299189503: Robert Ball and the Politics of Social Security
0299189546: Robert Ball and the Politics of Social Security
0299189600: Inextricably Bonded
0299189708: Excerpts from a Family Medical Dictionary
0299189805: COLLECTED MEMORIES Holocaust History and Postwar Testimony
0299189848: Collected Memories (George L. Mosse Series in European Culture and Intellectual History: Holocaust History and Postwar Testimony
0299189902: Discs of Splendor: The Relief Mirrors of the Etruscans
0299190048: Don Juan in the Village
0299190145: In Thrall
0299190242: Alexander Pushkin's Little Tragedies: The Poetics of Brevity (Publications of the Wisconsin Center f
0299190447: When Memory Comes (George L. Mosse Series in Modern European Cultural and Intel).
0299190544: Body, Remember
0299190641: The Text Is Myself: Women's Life Writing and Catastrophe
0299190749: Liebe Hanya: Mary Wigman's Letters to Hanya Holm
0299190803: Spinoza's Modernity : Mendelssohn, Lessing, and Heine (Studies in German Jewish Cultural Hist).
0299190846: Spinoza's Modernity: Mendelssohn, Lessing, and Heine
0299190900: Wrestling With God and Men: Homosexuality and the Jewish Tradition
0299190943: Wrestling With God And Men: Homosexuality In The Jewish Tradition
0299191044: Reinventing Romantic Poetry Russian Wome
0299191141: Telling Moments : Autobiographical Lesbian Short Stories
0299191206: Harriet Tubman
0299191249: Harriet Tubman
0299191346: The Grammar Crammer How to Write Perfect Sentences
0299191443: Secrets to Writing Great Papers (Study Smart Series)
0299191540: Note-Taking Made Easy (Study Smart Series)
0299191648: Research Shortcuts
0299191745: Spelling Simplified
0299191842: Study Smarts: How to Learn More in Less Time (Study Smart Series)
0299192040: Vocabulary Builder
0299192105: Father and Son
0299192148: Father and Son
0299192245: Track Conditions a Memoir
0299192342: Impure Cultures University Biology At
0299192547: American Mischief (Wi Library Amer Fiction)
0299192644: Mail and Female
0299192709: Hasidism On The Margin: Reconciliation, Antinomianism, And Messianism In Izbica/ Radzin Hasidism
0299192741: Hasidism On The Margin: Reconciliation, Antinomianism, And Messianism In Izbica And Radzin Hasidism (Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translatio
0299192849: countering the counterculture - rereading postwar american dissent from jack kerouac to tomas rivera
0299192903: Cleopatra's Wedding Present: Travels through Syria.
0299193047: Nazi Culture
0299193101: Woodland Reflections
0299193241: Mr. Bluebird
0299193306: Inside a Class Action: The Holocaust and the Swiss Banks.
0299193446: Wild Man
0299193500: Up Society's Ass, Copper
0299193543: Up Society's Ass, Copper: Rereading Philip Roth
0299193640: Remote
0299193748: Queer in America: Sex, The Media, and the Closets of Power
0299193802: The Year We Studied Women (Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry)
0299193845: The Year We Studied Women
0299193942: Match Made in Hell, A: The Jewish Boy and the Polish Outlaw Who Defied the Nazis
0299194000: The Room Where I Was Born
0299194043: The Room Where I Was Born (The Brittingham Prize in Poetry)
0299194108: What History Tells: George L. Mosse and the Culture of Modern Europe (George L. Mosse Series in Modern European Cultural and Intellectual History)
0299194205: The Woman in Battle : The Civil War Narrative of Loreta Janeta Velazques, Cuban Woman and Confederate Soldier (Wisconsin Studies in Autobiography)
0299194345: Tramps Like Us
0299194442: Hugo Wolf
0299194507: Modes of Viewing in Hellenistic Poetry and Art (Wisconsin Studies in Classics)
0299194604: Poles, Jews, and the Politics of Nationality: The Bund and the Polish Socialist Party in Late Czarist Russia, 1892--1914.
0299194647: Poles Jews & the Politics of Nationali
0299194701: Significant Others
0299194841: Doubly Chosen: Jewish Identity, the Soviet Intelligentsia, and the Russian Orthodox Church
0299194906: Parachutes, Patriots and Partisans; the Special Operations Executive and Yugoslavia, 1941-1945.
0299194949: Parachutes, Patriots, and Partisans: The Special Operations Executive in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945
0299195007: No Ordinary Women: Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years 1900 -1923
0299195104: Festive Feasts Cookbook
0299195406: Limits to Interpretation: The Meanings of Anna Karenina
0299195503: Inferno : A Story of Terror and Survival in Chile
0299195546: The Inferno: A Story of Terror and Survival in Chile
0299195708: Blue Daughter of the Red Sea: A Memoir
0299195848: Wild Irish Women: Extraordinary Lives from History
0299195902: Stalin, the Russians, and Their War: 1941-1945
0299195945: Stalin, the Russians, and Their War: 1941-1945
0299196046: Joyce's Critics: Transitions in Reading and Culture
0299196100: Murder on the Reservation: American Indian Crime Fiction
0299196143: Murder on the Reservation: American Indian Crime Fiction Aims and Achievements
0299196208: Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power, and Po
0299196240: Goddesses and Monsters: Women, Myth, Power, and Popular Culture (Ray and Pat Browne Books (Paperback))
0299196305: Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture
0299196348: Mystery, Violence, and Popular Culture
0299196402: Man from Clear Lake
0299196607: Riot and Great Anger: Stage Censorship in Twentieth-Century Ireland
0299196747: World for Julius
0299196801: Passion to Preserve: Gay Men as Keepers of Culture
0299196844: A Passion to Preserve
0299196941: New York City Baseball : The Last Golden Age, 1947-1957
0299197042: It Happened on Broadway: An Oral History of the Great White Way
0299197107: The Mexico City Reader (Americas)
0299197204: Maverick Autobiographies: Women Writers and the American West, 1900-1936
0299197301: Transgression and Conformity: Cuban Writers and Artists After the revolution
0299197441: Conversations With the Capeman: The Untold Story of Salvador Agron
0299197549: Wonderlands: Good Gay Travel Writing
0299197603: Many Voices
0299197646: Many Voices
0299197700: Edmund Goulding's Dark Victory: Hollywood's Genius Bad Boy
0299197808: The Gendering of Men, 1600-1750: The English Phall
0299197840: GENDERING OF MEN, THE 1600-1750 - Volume 1 - The English Phallus
0299197905: Images of the Corpse: From the Renaissance to Cyberspace (A Ray and Pat Browne Book)
0299197948: Images of the Corpse: From the Renaissance to Cyberspace
0299198006: Legendary Ireland : a Journey Through Celtic Places and Myths
0299198146: Private Journals Of Edvard Munch
0299198340: Decapitated Chicken & Other Stories
0299198448: Net Results
0299198804: Wee Wild One: Stories of Belfast and Beyond
0299198901: Late Psalm
0299198944: Late Psalm
0299199002: Cultured Force
0299199207: Making Love
0299199304: Black Eye Escaping a Marriage Writing
0299199401: Reactor
0299199444: Reactor
0299199509: Spectral America
0299199541: Spectral America
0299199606: Nowhere in Africa: An Autobiographical Novel
0299199746: Mutiny and Rebellion in the Ottoman Empire
0299199800: Madison: A History of the Formative Years
0299199940: The Dark Sister
0299200000: Hideous Absinthe: A History of the Devil in a Bottle
0299200140: Naked in the Promised Land : A Memoir
0299200248: Ottoman Borderlands: Issues, Personalities and Pol
0299200442: Preso Sin Nombre, Celda Sin Numero (Americas)
0299200647: Level 7
0299200744: Brown Morning
0299200809: How to Make Dances in an Epidemic
0299200841: How to Make Dances in an Epidemic
0299200949: Palace of the People: The Crystal Palace at Sydenham 1854-1936
0299201007: Lying Together : My Russian Affair
0299201147: Cafe Wisconsin: A Guide to Wisconsin's Down-Home Cafes
0299201201: Antecedents To Modern Rwanda: The Nyiginya Kingdom
0299201244: Antecedents To Modern Rwanda: The Nyiginya Kingdom (Africa and the Diaspora: History, Politics, Culture)
0299201309: Tired of Weeping
0299201341: Tired of Weeping
0299201406: The Blind African Slave: Or Memoirs Of Boyrereau B
0299201449: The Blind African Slave: Or Memoirs Of Boyrereau Brinch, Nicknamed Jeffrey Brace (Wisconsin Studies
0299201503: In The Land Of Orpheus: Rural Livelihoods And Nature Conservation In Post-socialist Bulgaria
0299201600: Dancing Away an Anxious Mind: A Memoir About Overcoming Panic Disorder
0299201643: Dancing Away an Anxious Mind: A Memoir about Overcoming Panic Disorder.
0299201708: And the War Came
0299201805: Searching for Jane Austen
0299201902: Sailing to the Far Horizon: The Restless Journey and Tragic Sinking of a Tall Ship
0299202003: Sea of Faith
0299202046: Sea of Faith (Brittingham Prize for Poetry)
0299202208: Killer Cronicas: Bilingual Memories (Writing in Latinidad: Autobiographical Voices of U.S. Latinos/As)
0299202305: A Pan-american Life: Selected Poetry And Prose Of
0299202348: A Pan-American Life: Selected Poetry And Prose Of Muna Lee
0299202542: Fratricide in the Holy Land : A Psychoanalytic View of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0299202607: sail to great island
0299202704: Something I Said?: Innuendo And Out The Other
0299202801: Blood Libel the Damascus Affair of 1840
0299202909: Immortal River : The Upper Mississippi in Ancient and Modern Times
0299202941: Immortal River: The Upper Mississippi In Ancient And Modern Times
0299203042: POPULAR WITCHCRAFT: Straight from the Witch's Mouth - Second Edition
0299203107: Laud Humphreys : Prophet of Homosexuality and Sociology
0299203247: Jorie Graham: Essays On The Poetry (Contemporary North American Poetry)
0299203301: Yahweh versus Yahweh : Enigma of Jewish History
0299203409: Looking Backward And Looking Forward: Perspectives
0299203603: Murder in Hollywood : Solving a Silent Screen Mystery
0299203808: Jewish Radical Right
0299203905: Controversies In Science And Technology
0299203948: Controversies In Science And Technology
0299204006: Paracritical Hinge : Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews (Contemp North American Poetry)
0299204049: Paracritical Hinge: Essays, Talks, Notes, Interviews (Contemporary North American Poetry)
0299204103: The Bonjour Gene: A Novel (The Americas Series)
0299204243: Lords of the Ring: The Triumph and Tragedy of College Boxing's Greatest Team
0299204308: Giant: George Stevens, A Life On Film
0299204405: Kosova express; a journey in wartime.
0299204448: Kosova Express: A Journey In Wartime
0299204545: Tree of Life Volume 1 on the Brink of the PR
0299204642: The Making Of A Sage: A Study In Rabbinic Ethics
0299204707: Mohs Micrographic Surgery
0299204804: Tenement Saga
0299204847: Tenement Saga
0299204901: Surviving the Slaughter : The Ordeal of a Rwandan Refugee in Zaire
0299204944: Surviving The Slaughter The Ordeal Of A Rwandan Refugee In Zaire
0299205002: Walking Shadows: Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst, and Citizen Kane
0299205207: An Emotional Gauntlet: From Life in Peacetime America to the War in European Skies
0299205444: The Estate
0299205541: Fadeout
0299205649: Death Claims : A Dave Branstetter Mystery (Dave Brandstetter Mysteries (University of Wisconsin Press))
0299205746: A LETTER TO HARVEY MILK Short Stories
0299205843: Terrorism And Homeland Security
0299205908: San Juan: Ciudad Sonada (The Americas).
0299205940: San Juan: Ciudad Sonada
0299206041: It Happened In The Catskills: An Oral History In The Words Of Busboys, Bellhops, Guests, Proprietors, Comedians, Agents, And Others Who Lived It
0299206149: It Happened In Brooklyn: An Oral History Of Growing Up In The Borough In The 1940s, 1950s, And 1960s
0299206203: Isaac Bashevis Singer And The Lower East Side.
0299206246: Isaac Bashevis Singer And The Lower East Side.
0299206343: Two Tales: Betrothed and Edo and Enam
0299206440: A Guest for the Night: A Novel
0299206548: Breweries Of Wisconsin
0299206742: Letters Of Mina Harker
0299206947: Ballad of Another Time : A Novel (THE AMERICAS)
0299207048: In The Heart Of The Seas
0299207145: Ottoman Bosnia: A History In Peril
0299207242: The Star Of Redemption (Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies)
0299207307: Warsaw Uprising of 1944
0299207404: A Symposion of Praise; Horace Returns To Lyric in IV.
0299207501: Women medievalists and the academy.
0299207706: Envisioning Brazil: A Guide To Brazilian Studies In The United States
0299207803: Alligators May Be Present
0299208001: Proletpen : America's Rebel Yiddish Poets
0299208109: German Officer's Boy
0299208206: Beyond Method: Philosophical Conversations In Healthcare Research And Scholarship (Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences)
0299208249: Beyond Method: Philosophical Conversations In Healthcare Research And Scholarship (Interpretive Studies in Healthcare and the Human Sciences)
0299208303: Rituals and Patterns in Children's Lives (Ray and Pat Browne Book)
0299208400: Religion In Ancient Etruria (Wisconsin Studies in Classics)
0299208443: Religion in Ancient Etruria
0299208540: Barnstorm: Contemporary Wisconsin Fiction
0299208648: Things No Longer There : A Memoir of Losing Sight and Finding Vision Paperback
0299208702: Realism And Naturalism
0299208745: Realism And Naturalism
0299208907: The Elsewhere: On Belonging At A Near Distance
0299209008: The Art Of Truth-telling About Authoritarian Rule
0299209040: The Art Of Truth-telling About Authoritarian Rule
0299209105: Fred In Love
0299209245: Tree of Life, The: A Trilogy of Life in the Lodz Ghetto
0299209407: African Tales
0299209504: Satire And The Threat Of Speech: Horace?s Satires, Book 1 (Wisconsin Studies in Classics)
0299209601: Imagining Lives - Autobiographical Fiction of Yiddish Writers
0299209709: Dissecting Stephen King: From the Gothic to Literary Naturalism.
0299209903: Hot Popsicles (The University of Wisconsin Press Poetry Series)
0299209946: Hot Popsicles (Uw Press Poetry Series)
0299210006: King Of The Cowboys, Queen Of The West: Roy Rogers And Dale Evans (A Ray and Pat Browne Book)
0299210243: Stakeknife
0299210308: Same Age As The State
0299210502: Invasive Plants of the Upper Midwest
0299210545: Invasive Plants Of The Upper Midwest: An Illustrated Guide To Their Identification And Control
0299210804: Nightmare's Fairy Tale: A Young Refugee's Home Fronts, 1938-1948
0299210901: Ford Madox Ford And The Regiment Of Women: Violet Hunt, Jean Rhys, Stella Bowen, Janice Biala
0299211002: Recollecting Freud
0299211347: Voices Of History 1941-1945
0299211444: Like a Deer Chased by Dogs: The Life of Chief Oshkosh
0299211509: Kings in Their Castles: Photographs of Queer Men at Home
0299211703: Jewish Scholarship And Culture In Nineteenth-century Germany: Between History And Faith (Studies in German Jewish Cultural History and Literature)
0299211800: Old World Colony; Cork and South Munster, 1630-1830.
0299212106: Engaging Modernity
0299212300: Collected Poems : With Notes Toward the Memoirs
0299212343: The Collected Poems and Notes Toward the Memoirs of Djuna Barnes
0299212602: Jagged with Love (Brittingham Price For Peotry)
0299212645: Jagged with Love (Brittingham Prize for Poetry)
0299212742: Kaiso!
0299212807: Giovannas 86 Circles & Other Stories
0299213005: Hearing : by Jael (Library of American Fiction)
0299213102: Prostitutes And Courtesans In The Ancient World
0299213145: Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World
0299213307: The New Political Sociology of Science: Institutions, Networks, and Power
0299213404: Setting the Lawn on Fire
0299213501: Lowering the Bar
0299213609: Nachituti's Gift
0299213641: Nachituti's Gift: Economy, Society, and Environment in Central Afric
0299213706: Critics Against Culture : Anthropological Observers of Mass Society
0299213900: Thousand Pieces of Paradise: Landscape and Property In the Kickapoo Valley
0299214001: Funny
0299214044: Funny (Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry)
0299214109: Historical Evidence and Argument
0299214206: Secret of M. Dulong: A Memoir
0299214303: Mr. Brecher's Fiasco
0299214400: Jewish Writing & the Deep Places of the Imagination
0299214508: Mind of Her Own, A: Helen Connor Laird and Family, 1888-1982
0299214605: This Tender Place : The Story of a Wetland Year
0299214745: They Change the Subject
0299214842: The Author's Handbook
0299215105: This is Not the Tropics
0299215202: Star Lake Saloon And Housekeeping Cottages
0299215504: Bible War in Ireland : The Second Reformation And the Polarization of Protestant-catholic Relations, 1800-1840
0299215601: Hill among a Thousand
0299215709: Entering Mentoring : A Seminar to Train a New Generation of Scientists
0299215806: Physics Demonstrations: A Sourcebook for Teachers of Physics
0299216608: Cosmopolitanism & Solidarity: Studies In Ethnoracial, Religious, & Professional Affiliation In the United States
0299260208: Kant's Principle of Personality
0299512371: Desert and river in Nubia : geomorphology and prehistoric environments at the Aswan reservoir
0299805719: The University of Wisconsin : A History, 1848-1925 (Vol. 1 and II)
0299805727: The University of Wisconsin. A History 1848-1925 in Two Volumes
0299808955: Classics in Translation, Volume I : Greek Literature (Greek Literature)
0299808963: Classics in Translation
0299809250: History of the Byzantine Empire
0299809269: History of the Byzantine Empire, 324-1453 (volume2)
0299815021: D. H. Lawrence: A Composite Biography. Volume Two, 1919-1925
0299950344: Agrarian Reform in Latin America: An Annotated Bibliography (Land Economics Monographs)
0299950409: Buying a Better Environment: Cost-Effective Regulation Through Permit Trading
0299950441: Buying A Better Environment: Cost-effective Regulation through Permit Trading
0299970051: Indian Miniature Painting
0299970078: Canadian landscape painting, 1670-1930;: The artist and the land by Hubbard, R
0299970094: German Studies in the United States: Assessment and Outlook (Monatshefte Occasional Volume, No. 1)
0299970108: German Studies in the United States: Assessment and Outlook
0299970132: Around the shores of Lake Superior: A guide to historic sites : including a color tour map showing Lake Superior's historic sites
0299970140: From Kafka and Dada to Brecht and Beyond
0299970159: Built in Milwaukee: An Architectural View of the City
0299970167: Imperial Germany (Monatshefte Occasional, Vol 3)
0299970175: Blacks and German Culture: Essays
0299970191: Our Faust
0299970205: Africans in Bondage
0299970213: Nietzsche: Literature and Values
0299970221: Teaching German in America Progomena to a History
0299970558: Indian Miniature Painting
0299970647: Cardiac Cuisine
0299970663: From Ode To Anthem Problems of Lyric P
0299970671: From the Greeks to the Greens: Images of the Simple Life (Monatshefte Occasional, Vol 9)
0299970728: Coping With the Past Germany and Austria After 1945
0299970736: Laughter Unlimited: Essays on Humor, Satire, and the Comic (Monatsheft Occasional Volumes, No 11)
0299970744: 1914-1939: German Reflections of the Two World Wars (Monatshefte Occasional Series)
0299970760: Re-Reading Wagner (Monatshefte Occasional Volumes)
0299970779: Kanji-Flash / Basic Technical Japanese
0299970795: Wisconsin Directory of International Institutions Paperback by Niesen, Karen
0299970809: High and Low Cultures: German Attempts at Mediation (Monatshefte Occasional Volumes)
0299970817: A Farm Economist in Washington 1919-1925
0300000014: On Painting, Revised edition
0300000022: Becoming : Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality (The Terry Lectures Series)
0300000049: The Colonial Background of the American Revolution : Four Essays in American Colonial History, Revised Edition
0300000138: Chinese Civilization and Bureaucracy: Variations on a Theme
0300000162: The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson : Selected Essays from the Rambler, Adventurer, and Idler (The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel )
0300000170: The Heavenly City of the Eighteenth Century Philos
0300000200: The First Writing Book
0300000219: Shakespeare: a Biographical Handbook
0300000243: The Negro Novel in America
0300000286: William Faulkner
0300000308: Poems of Alexander Pope
0300000316: Daily Life in Ancient Rome; The People and the City at the Height of the Empire,: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire
0300000332: Nature of the Judicial Process
0300000340: Essay on Man
0300000359: The Logic of the Humanities.
0300000367: Myth of the State
0300000375: The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, Volume 1: Language
0300000383: The Philosophy Od Symbolic Forms: Vol. II: Mythical Thought
0300000391: Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: The Phenomenology of Knowledge
0300000405: Manual of Japanese Writing - Book 3
0300000464: The American Mind : An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1880s
0300000472: Science and Common Sense.
0300000502: Political Oppositions in Western Democracies
0300000510: Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City
0300000545: The Breaking of the Day
0300000553: BEGINNING CHINESE: Revised Edition
0300000561: Advanced Chinese
0300000588: Beginning Chinese Reader Part I
0300000596: Beginning Chinese Reader, Part II
0300000618: Character Text for Beginning Chinese
0300000626: Character Text for Intermediate Chinese
0300000634: Character Text for Advanced Chinese
0300000642: Intermediate Chinese
0300000650: Intermediate Chinese Reader No. One
0300000669: Intermediate Chinese Reader No. Two
0300000693: A Common Faith
0300000707: Mankind Evolving: The Evolution of the Human Species (Silliman Memorial Lectures Series)
0300000766: Man Adapting
0300000790: The Framing of the Constitution of the united States
0300000804: The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, Vol. 1
0300000820: The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787 Vol. 3
0300000847: Speak Mandarin: A Beginning Text in Spoken Chinese (Yale Language Series) (Yale Language Series)
0300000855: Speak Mandarin
0300000898: Psychoanalysis and Religion
0300000979: God and Philosophy
0300000995: The Insanity Defense
0300001002: The Lower Depths and Other Plays
0300001045: Far Eastern Policy of the United States
0300001061: Modern French Theatre Form Giraudoux To Genet
0300001088: Wordsworth's Poetry 1787-1814
0300001134: Village in Vietnam
0300001223: The Victorian Frame of Mind, 1830-1870.
0300001274: Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture : An Intermediary Chinese Textbook (Yale Language Series)
0300001282: Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture : Exercise Book (Yale Language Series)
0300001290: The Higher Learning in America
0300001320: Psychology of C G Jung
0300001347: Way to Wisdom : An Introduction to Philosophy
0300001355: Beginning Japanese : Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
0300001363: BEGINNING JAPANESE Part 2
0300001371: Psychology and Religion
0300001398: Volpone
0300001401: An Introduction to the Study of Southwestern Archaeology (Yale Western Americana Paperbounds Serie)
0300001444: The Shape of Time : Remarks on the History of Things
0300001452: African Bourgeoisie Race, Class, and Politics in South Africa by Kuper, Leo
0300001460: Modern Economic Growth Rate Structure and Spread
0300001479: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
0300001630: Education at the Crossroads (The Terry Lectures Series)
0300001649: Paradise Within Studies in Vaughan Traherne and Milton
0300001657: The Poetry of Meditation
0300001711: The Problem of God : Yesterday and Today (The St. Thomas More Lectures Series)
0300001762: Long Day's Journey into Night
0300001770: More Stately Mansions
0300001789: Touch of the Poet and More Stately Mansions
0300001797: Thomas More's Prayer Book: A Facsimile Reproduction of the Annotated Pages
0300001827: Millhands and Preachers: A Study of Gastonia
0300001843: Lincoln and His Party in the Secession Crisis
0300001886: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law, Revised edition (The Storrs Lectures Series)
0300001932: The Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character
0300002211: Arms and Influence (The Henry L. Stimson Lectures Series)
0300002270: Sun Chief; the Autobiograpphy of a Hopi Indian
0300002297: The meaning of evolution, a study of the history of life and of its significance for man
0300002300: Making of the Middle Ages
0300002319: Reason and God Encounters of Philosophy with Religion
0300002343: Ethics and Language
0300002386: Utopia
0300002394: Two Early Tudor Lives the Life & Death O
0300002416: Courage to Be
0300002432: National Economic Policy
0300002459: Last Days of the Sioux Nation
0300002475: History of Russia
0300002505: Ben Johnson: Bartholomew Fair (Ben Jonson Series: No. 2)
0300002556: Concepts of Criticism: Essays
0300002564: Child Training and Personality : A Cross Cultural Study
0300002602: Beginning Cebuano (Linguistic Series)
0300002637: World Politics in the General Assembly
0300002645: Becoming: Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality
0300002688: The Colonial Background of the American Revolution
0300002696: The Colonial Period in American History, The Settlements Volume 1
0300002718: The Colonial Period of American History. Volume One. The Settlements
0300002734: The Colonial Period Of American History (The Settlements, Vol. 2) -
0300002742: Folklore of Capitalism
0300002750: Harvey Cushing Selected Papers on Neurosurgery
0300002777: Psatoral Poetry and An Essay on Criticism
0300002807: The Modern Confessional Novel
0300002823: Neurospora Bibliography and Index
0300002947: The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson : Volume 2, The Idler and The Adventurer
0300002971: The heavenly city of the eighteenth-century philosophers by Becker, Carl Lotus
0300003021: Shakespeare a Biographical Handbook
0300003110: Bibliografia Mihai Eminescu (1866-1970). Volumul I. Opera.
0300003137: Bibliography of American Literature Volume 4 (four) Nathaniel Hawthorne to Joseph Holt Ingraham
0300003153: Yankee Stepfather, General O. O. Howard and the Freedmen
0300003161: The Negro Novel in America
0300003226: Midrash on Psalms (Judaica Series, No. 13)
0300003234: Mixed Court Egypt
0300003277: The Hidden God Studies in Hemingway, Faulkner, Yeats, Eliot, and Warren.
0300003285: Tragic Themes in Western Literature
0300003307: Steel Decisions and the National Economy.
0300003366: The Jesuits and the Indian Wars of the Northwest.
0300003412: Fate, Logic, and Time
0300003439: Images of Authority
0300003447: DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT ROME: The People and the City at the Height of the Empire
0300003463: The Nature Of The Judicial Process
0300003498: AN ESSAY ON MAN, an Introduction to a Philosophy of Human Culture
0300003501: The Logic of the Humanities
0300003536: The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms Volume 1: Language, Volume 2: Mythical Thought, Volume 3: The Phenomenology of Knowledge
0300003544: The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: vol. 2 Mythical Thought
0300003552: Philosophy of Symbolic Forms
0300003560: The Problem of Knowledge: Philosophy, Science, and History Since Hegel
0300003587: A Manuel of Japanese Writing. (In Three Volumes)
0300003668: Sweden: The Middle Way
0300003714: Socialist Parties in Postwar Japan
0300003730: the Emergence of Philosophy of Religion
0300003757: King Leopold, England, and the Upper nile, 1899-1909
0300003765: Legends of Hawaii
0300003773: The American Mind : An Interpretation of American Thought and Character Since the 1800s
0300003803: Science and Common Sense
0300003811: Metaphysics, Reference, and Language
0300003838: Beginning Burmese
0300003854: Greek Political Reaction to American and NATO Influences
0300003897: Poems on Affairs of State Vol. 4 : Augustan Satirical Verse, 1660-1714
0300003927: Chichester Towers
0300003943: Political Oppositions in Western Democracies
0300004052: Beginning Chinese. Revised Edition.
0300004060: Advanced Chinese
0300004257: A Common Faith
0300004273: Mankind Evolving; The Evolution of the Human Species.
0300004281: Frustrations and Aggression,
0300004370: Man Adapting
0300004419: A Diplomant Looks Back
0300004451: The Framing of the Constitution of the United States
0300004524: Stephen Vincent Benet
0300004532: Speak Mandarin
0300004540: Speak Mandarin: Workbook
0300004559: Speak Mandarin: A Beginning Text in Spoken Chinese, Student's Handbook
0300004680: Psychoanalysis and Religion
0300004729: The Morality of Law
0300004753: The Code of Maimonides: Book Three: The Book of Seasons
0300004826: Hymnal for Colleges and Schools
0300004974: The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan (Judaica Series: No. 10)
0300005083: Three Modern Satirists: Waugh, Orwell and Huxley
0300005156: The Far Eastern Policy of the United States
0300005164: Farming and Democracy
0300005199: The New-York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America 1564-1860
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