0300039123: State Supreme Courts in State and Nation
0300039131: Democracy, Italian style
0300039158: Francis Hayman
0300039166: The Florentine Camerata: Documentary Studies and Translations
0300039174: THE PROTESTANT ESTABLISHMENT Aristocracy and Caste in America
0300039182: Blue-Collar Marriage
0300039190: Early Education and Psychological Development
0300039212: Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450-1680: The Lands Below the Winds
0300039220: Liberty: A Better Husband : Single Women in America : The Generations of 1780...
0300039239: Legends of Hawaii
0300039247: Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto, 1941-1944
0300039255: Arms and the African: Military Influences on Africa's International Relations
0300039263: Adolescence and Developmental Breakdown
0300039271: Falasha Anthology
0300039298: Karaite Anthology: Excerpts from the Early Literature
0300039301: Representations of Revolution (1789-1820)
0300039328: Returning to Freud: Clinical Psychoanalysis in the School of Lacan by...
0300039336: Wayward Capitalists
0300039344: Georg Simmel: On Women, Sexuality, and Love
0300039352: Interpreting Lacan
0300039360: What Is Political Economy? : A Study of Social Theory and Underdevelopment
0300039379: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Workbook, Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
0300039387: French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Workbook, Part 2
0300039395: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Study Guide, Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
0300039409: French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture: Study Guide, Part 2
0300039417: Landscape As Photograph
0300039425: The Care of Patients: Perspectives and Practices
0300039441: The Struggle for Syria - A Study of Post-War Arab Politics 1945-1958
0300039468: Myth of the Modern a Study in British LI
0300039476: RETURNING TO TRADITION The Contemporary Revival of Orthodox Judaism
0300039492: Poisons of the Past
0300039506: Psychology of Love
0300039514: Prehistoric Britain
0300039522: Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection
0300039530: Francis Hayman
0300039549: Plato's Symposium
0300039557: The Food of China
0300039565: Style in Old English Poetry The Test of the Auxiliary
0300039603: The Mind of Man : Models of Human Understanding
0300039611: Baldwin and the Conservative Party: The Crisis of 1929-1931
0300039638: Male Homosexuality : A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective
0300039654: The Psychology of Women: Ongoing Debates
0300039662: Psychology of Women : Ongoing Debates
0300039689: Cities and People
0300039697: The Formation of Islamic Art
0300039700: The Struggle for Syria: A Study of Post-War Arab Politics, 1945-1958
0300039727: the Military and United States Indian Policy 1865-1903
0300039743: White Writing: On the Culture of Letters in South Africa
0300039751: Mourning, Gender, and Creativity in the Art of Herman Melville
0300039778: Stories of Sickness
0300039786: The Selected Correspondence of Karl A. Menninger, 1919-1945
0300039824: Logic and Politics: Hegel's Philosophy of Right
0300039832: Sitting In Judgement: The Sentencing Of White-collar Criminals (yale Studies On White Collar Crime)
0300039840: The Parental Leave Crisis : Toward a National Policy
0300039859: Unknown Oneill Unpublished Or Unfamiliar
0300039867: Rossetti and His Circle.
0300039875: The Arts of Persia
0300039883: The Elizabethan Hamlet
0300039891: Guarino Guarini and His Architecture
0300039905: STUDIOS OF PARIS The Capital of Art in the Late Nineteenth Century
0300039913: Apartheid's Rebels
0300039921: Apartheid's Rebels
0300039948: Long Cycles: Prosperity and War in the Modern Age
0300039956: Early Schooling National Debate;pb;1987
0300039964: The Parental Leave Crisis. Toward a National Policy
0300039972: Winslow Homer Watercolors
0300039999: Reclaiming a Conversation : The Ideal of Educated Woman
0300040016: The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr
0300040024: Developmental Theory and Clinical Process
0300040032: Grand Strategy for the West
0300040040: Doubt and Identity in Romantic Poetry
0300040059: No Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century : The War of the Words (No Man's Land - The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentie)
0300040067: Health and the Rise of Civilization
0300040075: Ritual, Politics, and Power
0300040083: Godless Jew: Freud, Atheism, and the Making of Psychoanalysis
0300040091: Freudians: A Comparative Perspective
0300040105: English Children and Their Magazines, 1751-1945 by Drotner, Kirsten
0300040121: Language and Truth
0300040148: The American census: A social history
0300040156: America Through Russian Eyes, 1874-1926
0300040164: War in International Society: A Study in International Sociology
0300040172: Rome and the African Church in the Time of Augustine
0300040180: From Jesus To Christ : The Origins Of The New Testament Images Of Jesus
0300040199: Sunday School: The Formation of an American Institution: 1790-1880 by Anne M...
0300040202: The Works of Jonathan Edwards: Volume 8: Ethical Writings
0300040210: Environmentalism and the Future of Progressive Politics
0300040229: Germany, America, Europe: Forty Years of German Foreign Policy
0300040237: Violence and Crime in Cross-National Perspective
0300040245: Marxism and Democracy in Chile
0300040253: Venetian Narrative Painting in the Age of Carpaccio
0300040296: Michelangelo: A Psychoanalytic Study of His Life and Images
0300040318: Female Adolescence
0300040326: Slavery and Freedom on the Middle Ground : Maryland During the Nineteenth Century (Yale Historical Publications Series)
0300040334: Code Name Mary
0300040342: Nero
0300040369: Churchmen and Philosophers, from Jonathan Edwards to John Dewey
0300040377: The Psychoanalytic Dialogue
0300040385: Confessions of a Concierge
0300040407: Abraham in History and Tradition
0300040415: American Sociology : Worldly Rejections of Religion and Their Directions (Worldly Rejections of Religion & Their D Series)
0300040423: The People's Armies The Armees Revolutionnaires: Instrument of the Terror in the Departments April 1793 to Floreal Year II
0300040431: Coups & Army Rule in Africa
0300040458: Coups and Army Rule in Africa: Motivations and Constraints
0300040474: Everyday Life (Yale French Studies)
0300040482: A Class Divided: Then and Now
0300040490: Namesake
0300040512: The Tale of Kieu/a Bilingual Edition of Truyen Kieu
0300040520: Raphael
0300040539: The Children of Pride : Selected letters of the family of the Rev. Dr. Charles Colcock Jones from the years 1860-1868
0300040547: Journals of Thornton Wilder, 1939-1961
0300040555: Studies in American Political Development: An Annual (Studies in American Political Development)
0300040563: Studies in American Political Development (Studies in American Political Development)
0300040571: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child : Volume 42 (The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Se)
0300040598: Handbook of North American Birds Volume 4.
0300040601: Handbook of North American Birds / Diurnal Raptors, Part 2
0300040636: Ceramic Chronology from Tell Leilan
0300040644: Narcissism
0300040652: The Archaeology of Animals
0300040679: Robert Penn Warren and American Idealism
0300040695: Hesiod (Hermes Books)
0300040717: The Psychoanalyst in Psychiatry
0300040733: Joan Miro: A Retrospective
0300040768: The Secret Lives of Trebitsch Lincoln
0300040776: Aids and the Law: A Guide for the Public
0300040784: AIDS and the Law: a guide for the Public
0300040792: Administrative Law
0300040806: Evolution of Policy Behind Taiwans Devel
0300040830: A Country House Companion
0300040849: Evolution of Life Histories of Mammals
0300040857: Phylogeny and Classification of the Birds : A Study in Molecular Evolution
0300040865: The Renewal of Literature: Emersonian Reflections
0300040881: Lying-In
0300040911: Making of an American High School: The Credentials Market and the Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939
0300040938: Labor Pains: Modern Midwives and Home Birth
0300040946: An Inquiry into the Good
0300040954: Voltaire's Politics
0300040962: Voltaire's Politics
0300040970: The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations
0300040989: Flogging of Phinehas McIntosh
0300040997: Judicial Discretion
0300041004: The Druze
0300041039: Selected Poems and Related Prose
0300041047: CARDINAL DE LA ROCHEFOUCAULD: Leadership & Reform in the French Church
0300041055: Art of Captain Cook's Voyages : The Voyage of the Resolution and the Discovery 1776-1780
0300041136: Sarah Grimke
0300041144: The Idea of the Good in Platonic-Aristotelian Philosophy
0300041152: Lost in a Book
0300041179: The 'English Journey': Journal of a Visit to France and Britain in 1826
0300041187: Art of the First Fleet and Other Early Australian Drawings
0300041195: Canonisation of Daniel Defoe
0300041209: Myth of Ritual Murder
0300041217: Slavery and Society in Medieval Scandanavia
0300041225: Space and Spirit in Modern Japan
0300041233: Conservation Biology and the Black-Footed Ferret
0300041241: Early schooling: The national debate
0300041268: Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality
0300041276: Islam and revolution in the Middle East
0300041284: Jane Ellen Harrison the Mask & the Sel
0300041292: Development and Psychopathology: Studies in Psychoanalytic Psychiatry
0300041306: In the Image of God: A Psychoanalyst's View
0300041314: Darwin's Influence on Freud: A Tale of Two Sciences
0300041322: Tragic Drama and the Family: Psychoanalytic Studies from Aeschylus to Beckett
0300041330: Social Origins of Distress and Disease: Depression, Neurasthenia, and Pain in Modern China
0300041349: The Aesthetic Experience : An Anthropologist Looks at the Visual Arts...
0300041357: GADAMER'S HERMENEUTICS: A Reading of Truth and Method
0300041365: American Indians, Time, and the Law : Native Societies in a Modern Constitutional Democracy
0300041373: French in Action, Part I/Audio Cassettes
0300041381: French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Audio Cassettes Part 2
0300041438: Between Heaven And Charing Cross
0300041446: Golden Twenties
0300041454: George Grosz: A Biography
0300041470: Indian Survival on the California Frontier, by Hurtado
0300041489: Gerald L.K. Smith, Minister of Hate
0300041497: CIA and American Democracy
0300041500: To the Place of Trumpets.
0300041527: Staging O'Neill
0300041535: The Rise of Experimentation in American Psychology
0300041543: The Developer's Frontier: The Making of the Western New York Landscape
0300041551: A History of the Work of Redemption
0300041586: Medical Work in America: Essays on Health Care
0300041594: Evidence, Argument, and Persuasion in the Policy Process
0300041616: French in Action-Instructor's Guide PT.2
0300041659: A Court Divided: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Politics of Judicial Reform
0300041675: Extended Deterrence and the Prevention of War
0300041683: The Materialist Conception of History
0300041691: The Nature of Politics.
0300041705: ALLIES IN CRISIS (Meeting Global Challenges to Western Security)
0300041713: Milton and the Sense of Tradition
0300041721: Metaphoric Worlds: Conceptions of a Romantic Nature
0300041756: Deceptive Distinctions
0300041764: Lucy Sprague Mitchell
0300041772: Papers of Benjamin Franklin
0300041780: Mark Rothko - Subjects in Abstraction
0300041802: English Travellers Abroad, 1604-1667
0300041837: Sir George Beaumont: A Collector of Genius
0300041845: Crimes of Obedience: Towards a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility
0300041888: Japanese, The Spoken Language : Part 2 (Yale Language Series)
0300041896: Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part III
0300041918: Japanese: The Spoken Language, Part III
0300041934: Children`s Literature : Volume 16 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300041942: David Bomberg
0300041950: The Fellow Travellers: A Postscript to the Enlightenment
0300041977: Redefining Death
0300041993: Ganymede in the Renaissance
0300042019: Protestant Thought in the Nineteenth Century : Volume 2, 1870-1914 (Protestant Thought in the Nineteenth Century)
0300042027: A History of Modern Criticism, 1750-1950 (English Criticism, 1900-1950 Vol, 5)
0300042035: A History of Modern Criticism, 1750-1950 (American Criticism, 1900-1950)
0300042043: The Feminist Legacy of Karen Horney
0300042051: In Whose Interest
0300042078: Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages
0300042086: Northrop Frye on Shakespeare
0300042094: Biotechnology: The University-Industrial Complex
0300042108: Child Support in America: Practical Advice for Negotiating and Collecting a...
0300042116: William James : His Life and Thought
0300042124: The City as a Work of Art London Paris Vienna
0300042132: Paul Rand
0300042140: Common Decency : Domestic Policies after Reagan
0300042167: Birth Power: The Case for Surrogacy
0300042175: Spain and Its World 1500-1700 Selected Essays
0300042183: Count-Duke of Olivares: The Statesman in an Age of Decline
0300042213: Richard Redgrave : 1804-1888
0300042221: Etchings of Claude Lorrain
0300042248: Learning Irish: An Introductory Self-Tutor
0300042256: Romantic Interior
0300042264: Freud in Exile : Psychoanalysis and Its Vicissitudes
0300042272: Art and Accounting
0300042280: The Grounding of Modern Feminism
0300042299: Figuratively Speaking
0300042310: Mind and Imagination in Aristotle
0300042353: Preschool in Three Cultures: Japan, China, and the United States
0300042396: The Sissy Boy Syndrome and the Development of Homosexuality
0300042418: Romantic Fantasy and Science Fiction
0300042426: European Revolutions and the American Literary Renaissance
0300042434: Domestication of the Human Species
0300042450: The Yale Edition of the Shorter Poems of Edmund Spenser
0300042469: Mexican Americans: Leadership, ideology & identity, 1930-1960 (Yale Western Americana series)
0300042477: Battle Tactics of the Civil War
0300042485: An Interpretation of Religion : Human Responses to the Transcendent Hardcover
0300042507: At the Creation of a New Germany: From Adenauer to Brandt : An Ambassador's Account
0300042515: South Africa Inc: The Oppenheimer Empire
0300042523: The Founding of Yale: The Legend of the Forty Folios
0300042531: Xiang Lake: Nine Centuries of Chinese Life
0300042558: Mary Austin: Song of a Maverick
0300042566: Cultivating Gentlemen
0300042574: Borderland Origins of the American Subur
0300042582: John Smibert : Colonial America`s First Portrait Painter
0300042590: Antifascism in American Art
0300042604: Origins and Extinctions
0300042612: The formation of science in Japan: Building a research tradition
0300042620: Impressionism : Art, Leisure and Parisian Society
0300042639: Sugar Creek : Life on the Illinois Prairie
0300042647: The Madonna of 115th Street : Faith and Community in Italian Harlem
0300042655: Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750-1850
0300042663: American Security: Dilemmas for a Modern Democracy
0300042736: Phantom Proxies: Yale French Studies, #74 (Phantom Proxies)
0300042760: Policy, Power, and Order: The Persistence of Economic Problems in Capitalist States.
0300042779: Ts'ao Yin and the K'ang-Hsi Emperor: Bondservant and Master
0300042787: Ts'Ao Yin and the K'Ang-Hsi Emperor, Bondservant and Master
0300042795: Forecasting Political Events: The Future of Hong Kong by Bueno De Mesquita...
0300042809: Supplement to Japanese: The Spoken Language PT.1
0300042817: Japanese, The Spoken Language : Part 2, Supplement: Japanese Typescript (Yale Language Series)
0300042825: Japanese: The Spoken Language (Part 3)
0300042841: Robert Harley: Speaker, Secretary of State, and Premier Minister
0300042876: The Other Woman : Feminism and Femininity in the Work of Marguerite Duras
0300042884: Ethics and Regulation of Clinical Research
0300042892: James J. Gibson and the Psychology of Perception
0300042914: Politics of Public Management
0300042930: Melodious Guile : Fictive Pattern in Poetic Language
0300042957: Ovid
0300042965: Qian Mu & the World of Seven Mansions
0300042981: Courbet Reconsidered
0300043007: Felix Feneon: Aesthete and Anarchist in Fin-De-Siecle Paris
0300043015: Bradbury Thompson
0300043058: Richard Redgrave, 1804-1888
0300043066: Rhyme's Reason : A Guide to English Verse, New Enlarged Edition
0300043074: Rhyme's Reason A Guide to English Verse, New Enlarged Edition
0300043090: The Work of Antonio Sant`Elia : Retreat into the Future (Yale Publications in the History of Art) - Hardcover
0300043120: A Performer's Guide to the Keyboard Partitas of J.S. Bach
0300043139: Corruption and the Decline of Rome
0300043155: Faith on Earth: An Inquiry into the Structure of Human Faith
0300043163: Edging Women Out : Victorian Novelists, Publishers, and Social Change
0300043201: Book of God
0300043228: Belonging to America: Equal Citizenship and the Constitution
0300043236: The Politics of Tradition: Placing Women in French Literature (Yale French Studies)
0300043252: Teenage Pregnancy in Industrialized Countries
0300043260: Cross Currents, Number 10 : A Yearbook of Central European Culture (Cross Currents)
0300043309: The Multiplicity of Dreams
0300043317: Ancients and the Moderns
0300043325: Eradication Of Exotic Pests:Analysis With Case Histories
0300043333: The Indian Metropolis: A View Toward the West
0300043341: Giovanni Bellini.
0300043368: Pissarro And Pontoise
0300043376: Science of Art Optical Themes in Western
0300043392: The Bolshevik Poster
0300043406: Learning Irish : An Introductory Self-Tutor
0300043414: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child : Volume 43 (The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Se)
0300043422: Italy and Its Monarchy
0300043449: The Voice of Liberal Learning: Michael Oakeshott on Education by Oakeshott...
0300043457: Communism and Collaboration: Simon Sabiani and Politics in Marseille, 1919-1944
0300043465: Heaven: A History
0300043473: On Defining Freud's Discourse
0300043503: Multiple Realities in Clinical Practice
0300043538: Explanation from Physics to Theology : An Essay in Rationality and Religion
0300043546: Followers of the Trail
0300043554: Jewish Preaching, 1200-1800 : An Anthology
0300043562: Marx and modern fiction
0300043570: Philosophy in World Perspective: A Comparative Hermeneutic of the Major Theories
0300043589: Courbet Reconsidered
0300043600: Command, Control, and the Common Defense
0300043619: Monet: Nature Into Art
0300043627: Ritual, Politics, and Power
0300043635: Leadership at the Fed
0300043643: Death, Dying, and the Biological Revolution: Our Last Quest for Responsibility
0300043651: Death, Dying, and the Biological Revolution: Our Last Quest for Responsibility
0300043686: Defending White-Collar Crime : A Portrait of Attorneys at Work
0300043694: Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy
0300043708: The Garden Of Eden: The Botanic Garden and the Re-Creation of Paradise
0300043716: Russia`s Rulers Under the Old Regime
0300043732: German Expressionism
0300043740: Selected Letters of Eugene O`Neill
0300043759: No Man's Land
0300043783: Magdalena and Balthasar : An Intimate Portrait of Life in 16th Century Europe Revealed in the Letters of a Nuremberg Husband and Wife
0300043791: Moneygripe's Apprentice
0300043805: Adults and Children in the Roman Empire
0300043813: Pleasures of the Belle Epoque: Entertainment and Festivity in Turn-Of-The-Century France
0300043821: The Muse Learns to Write: Reflections on Orality and Literacy from Antiquity to the Present
0300043848: Joining the Club: A History of Jews and Yale
0300043856: H.G. Wells: Desperately Mortal : A Biography
0300043864: After the Age of Suspicion: The French Novel Today
0300043899: Grimms' Bad Girls & Bold Boys: The Moral & Social Vision of the Tales
0300043902: Marxism and Revolution: Karl Kautsky and the Russian Marxists 1900-1924
0300043910: Michelangelo and His Drawings
0300043929: Roman Baroque Sculpture. The Industry Of Art
0300043937: Wordsworth and the Enlightenment: Nature, Man, and Society in the Experimental Poetry
0300043945: Biblical Hebrew
0300043953: Biblical Hebrew, First Edition (Audio Cassette) (Yale Language Series)
0300043961: Sexual Personae : Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson
0300043988: Doctor 117641: A Holocaust Memoir
0300043996: Understanding Peasant China: Case Studies in the Philosophy of Social Science
0300044038: Why People Obey the Law
0300044046: At the margins Presidential leadership of Congress
0300044054: Political Ambition: Who Decides to Run for Congress
0300044062: Rebellion and Repression in the Philippines
0300044089: Commander of the Armada: The Seventh Duke of Medina Sidonia
0300044097: Democracy and Its Critics
0300044100: Signals from the Hill: Congressional Oversight and the Challenge of Social Regulation
0300044119: Democracy Italian Style
0300044127: The Eagle and the Lion: The Tragedy of American-Iranian Relations
0300044135: Generous Corporation
0300044143: The Rise of American Air Power : The Creation of Armageddon
0300044151: Two Germanies Since 1945
0300044178: Feminism and Psychoanalytic Theory
0300044186: Middle Years: New Psychoanalytic Perspectives
0300044194: Tyndale`s New Testament
0300044208: Heidegger's Estrangements: Language, Truth, and Poetry in the Later Writings
0300044216: Children`s Literature : Volume 17 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300044224: Children`s Literature : Volume 17 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300044232: The Iranian Mujahedin
0300044240: Secret Ritual and Manhood in Victorian America
0300044259: Protestantism and Primogeniture in Early Modern Germany
0300044267: Cultural History of the French Revolution
0300044275: Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference
0300044283: Duke Ellington, Jazz Composer
0300044291: Behind the Lines: Gender and the Two World Wars
0300044305: Nietzsche's Teaching: an interpretation of Thus Spoke Zarathurstra.
0300044364: The Body and the French Revolution: Sex, Class and Political Culture
0300044372: Developmental Breakdown and Psychoanalytic Treatment in Adolescence : Clinical Studies
0300044380: New Approaches to Mental Health from Birth to Adolescence
0300044402: Civilization before Greece and Rome
0300044410: Three Medieval Views of Women : La Contenance des Fames, Le Bien des Fames, Le Blasme des Fames
0300044429: Three Medieval Views of Women: LA Contenance Des Fames, Le Bien Des Fames, Le Blasme Des Fames
0300044437: Sara Coleridge A Victorian Daughter Her Life and Essays
0300044445: Joyce and The Law of The Father
0300044453: The History and Sociology of Genocide: Analyses and Case Studies
0300044461: The History and Sociology of Genocide : Analyses and Case Studies
0300044488: The Demise of Nuclear Energy?: Lessons for Democratic Control of Technology (Yale Fastback)
0300044496: The Demise of Nuclear Energy?: Lessons for Democratic Control of Technology
0300044518: Rasselas
0300044526: ON FREUD'S Analysis Terminable and Interminable
0300044534: America's Rome II Catholics & Contemporary Rome
0300044542: Cubism and Its Enemies: Modern Movements and Reaction in French Art
0300044550: The Psychology of Women: Ongoing Debates
0300044577: The Art of Photography, 1839 - 1989
0300044585: Blanco White : Self-banished Spaniard
0300044615: Reframing Abstract Expressionism Subject
0300044623: Rethinking Art History - Meditations on a Coy Science
0300044658: Agents and Victims in South China: Accomplices in Rural Revolution
0300044674: Septimius Severus, The African Emperor
0300044682: Out of the Woods (Yale Series of Younger Poets)
0300044690: Out of the Woods
0300044704: The Democratization of American Christianity
0300044712: Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul
0300044739: Recalled to Life
0300044747: Pregnancy, Contraception, and Family Planning Services in Industrialized Countries: A Study Sponsored by the Alan Guttmacher Institute
0300044771: The Design of Life
0300044798: Handmade in America: Conversations with Fourteen Craftsmasters
0300044801: Inside Nazi Germany
0300044828: E. Sylvia Pankhurst : Portrait of a Radical
0300044844: Gwen John
0300044852: Hawk's Nest Incident
0300044860: Studies in American Political Development : An Annual, Volume 3 (Studies in American Political Development)
0300044879: Studies in American Political Development : An Annual, Volume 3 (Studies in American Political Development)
0300044887: Dialogues of Plato
0300044895: Soviet Power and the Third World
0300044909: Saadia Gaon : The Book of Beliefs and Opinions (Yale Judaica Series)
0300044917: Mental Imagery, On the Limits of Cognitive Science
0300044925: The National Security Constitution : Sharing Power after the Iran-Contra Affair (Yale Fastback Series)
0300044933: The National Security Constitution : Sharing Power after the Iran-Contra Affair
0300044941: The Last Days of Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles from the Vilna Ghetto and the Camps 1939-1944
0300044968: Pigeons on the Granite Memories of a Yale Librarian
0300044976: The Nonprofit Sector: A Research Handbook
0300044984: Closed Borders : The Contemporary Assault on Freedom of Movement (Twentieth Century Fund Report)
0300044992: THE COUNT-DUKE OF OLIVARES: The Statesman in an Age of Decline
0300045018: American Silhouettes: Rhetorical Identities of the Founders
0300045026: Made in America,pb,87
0300045034: On Reading Ruskin
0300045042: Migrations in Prehistory: Inferring Population Movement from Cultural Remains
0300045050: Music With Words: A Composer's View
0300045069: Melainie Klein and Critical Social Theory : An Account of Politics, Art, and Reason Based on Her Psychoanalytic Theory
0300045077: Dionysius I: War-Lord of Sicily
0300045085: Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist, Scientist, Inventor
0300045093: Leonardo on Painting
0300045107: Out of Place : Restoring Identity to the Regional Landscape
0300045123: Migration and Mythmaking in Anglo-Saxon England.
0300045131: Protocols on Reading
0300045158: Women and Sisters: The Antislavery Feminists in American Culture
0300045174: Platonic Piety: Philosophy and Ritual in Fourth-Century Athens.
0300045182: Justice & Modern Moral Philosophy
0300045190: Four Theories of Rape
0300045204: Nature of Work Sociological Perspectives,HC,90
0300045212: Ecology and History : The Greening of the West since 1880
0300045220: SOUL MURDER The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation
0300045255: Literary Criticism and the Gospels: The Theoretical Challenge
0300045271: Paul the Convert: The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee
0300045298: Cowboys of the Americas (Yale Western Americana Series)
0300045328: French Images from the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1830
0300045336: The Disturbed Violent Offender
0300045344: The Action to the Word : Structure and Style in Shakespearean Tragedy
0300045360: Ear Training for Twentieth-Century Music
0300045379: Ear Training for Twentieth-Century Music
0300045395: Autour De Racine: Studies in Intertextuality (Yale French Studies)
0300045409: Yale French Studies, Number 77 : Reading the Archive: On Texts and Institutions (Yale French Studies Series)
0300045425: Leonardo on Painting: An Anthology of Writings
0300045433: Models of Thought, Vol. 2
0300045441: Bicameral Politics
0300045476: Ethics in the Sanctuary: Examining the Practices of Organized Religion
0300045484: Munch and Photography
0300045492: Walvis Bay: Decolonization & International Law
0300045506: Gender and Higher Education in the Progressive Era
0300045514: Michelet, Historian: Rebirth and Romanticism in Nineteenth-Century France
0300045522: War & Society in Colonial Connecticut
0300045530: Resistance in Postcolonial African Fiction
0300045549: Modernism and the Decorative Arts in France : Art Nouveau to Le Corbusier (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
0300045557: Conflicts Unending: The United States and Regional Disputes
0300045565: Art in Latin America
0300045573: Surviving Trauma
0300045581: Psychoanalysis
0300045603: The Myth of the Modern: A Study in British Literature and Criticism After 1850
0300045611: Art in Latin America
0300045638: Leonardo da Vinci : Exhibition Catalogue
0300045654: Leibniz & Arnauld: A Commentary on Their Correspondence
0300045662: Structure of Love
0300045670: Competence Considered
0300045697: Air Pollution's Toll on Forests
0300045727: The Judaeo-Christian Tradition : Second Edition
0300045735: Horace
0300045751: When A Baby Dies.
0300045778: Psychoanalytic terms and concepts
0300045786: Psychoanalytic Theories of Development
0300045794: Horace
0300045824: The Rococo Interior. Decoration and Social Spaces in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris.
0300045859: Kafka's Relatives
0300045875: No Mans Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century : The War of the Words
0300045883: The Desert Is No Lady: Southwestern Landscapes in Womens Writing and Art
0300045891: Psychology of Love
0300045905: State Supreme Courts in State and Nation
0300045913: John Dryden and His World
0300045921: Failure of the Word
0300045948: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
0300045956: Gandhi: Prisoner of Hope
0300045964: Marble Queens and Captives: Women in Nineteenth-Century American Sculpture
0300045972: Chinese Spirit Road
0300045980: Lao Peasants Under Socialism
0300045999: The Faces of Injustice
0300046006: Long Days Journey Into Night
0300046014: Long Day's Journey into Night
0300046022: Chinese Society in the Eighteenth Century
0300046030: The Gospel of Gentility: American Women Missionaries in Turn-Of-The-Century China
0300046049: Islam and Revolution in the Middle East
0300046057: The Poor in the Middle Ages : An Essay in Social History
0300046073: American Poetry
0300046081: A Godless Jew : Atheism, and the Making of Psychoanalysis
0300046103: Electric Language: A Philosophical Study of Word Processing
0300046111: Tuscans and Their Families: A Study of the Florentine Catasto of 1427
0300046138: Habermas and the Dialectic of Reason
0300046154: The Social Meaning of Modern Biology: From Social Darwinism to Sociobiology
0300046162: A New Orpheus: Essays On Kurt Weill
0300046170: Papers on Psychoanalysis
0300046189: Woman in the Crested Kimono : The Life of Shibue Io and Her Family Drawn from Mori Ogai`s `Shibue Chusai`
0300046197: Origins of Sex : Three Billion Years of Genetic Recombination (Bio-Origins Series)
0300046200: Art and Psyche : A Study in Psychoanalysis and Aesthetics
0300046219: Partner and I: Molly Dewson, Feminism, and New Deal Politics
0300046227: Spirit in Ashes
0300046251: The Yale Journal of Criticism: Interpretation in the Humanities
0300046278: W.B. Yeats and the Idea of a Theatre: The Early Abbey Theatre in Theory and Practice
0300046286: Counterpoint: Fundamentals of Music Making
0300046324: Esthetic Recognition of Ancient Amerindian Art
0300046332: World Elsewhere
0300046340: Edmund Blunden: A Biography
0300046359: The English Town: A History of Urban Life
0300046367: Tradition of Indian Architecture
0300046375: Wolfe Tone: Prophet of Irish Independence
0300046383: Counterpoint : Fundamentals of Music Making
0300046391: Congress, Keystone of the Washington Establishment
0300046405: Congress : Keystone of the Washington Establishment, Revised Edition
0300046456: Children's Literature - Annual of the Modern Language Association Division on Children's Literature and the Children's Literature Association - Volume 18
0300046464: Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity
0300046472: Modern Hebrew-English Dictionary - Yale Language Series
0300046480: Modern Hebrew-English Dictionary (Yale Language Series)
0300046502: Making the Best of Schools : A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Policymakers
0300046510: Making the Best of Schools A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Policymakers
0300046529: Oak Spring Sylva: A Selection of the Rare Books on Trees in the Oak Spring Garden Library
0300046537: Caligula: The Corruption of Power
0300046545: Tai Chen on Mencius : Explorations in Words and Meaning
0300046553: Chinese Village, Socialist State.
0300046588: Neither East Nor West: Iran, the Soviet Union, and the United States.
0300046596: Monet in the 90s: The Series Paintings
0300046618: Italy and Its Monarchy
0300046626: Encounters
0300046634: The Golden Twenties
0300046642: The Lives and Times of Ebenezer Scrooge.
0300046650: Judicial Review and the Law of the Constitution
0300046677: David Hume and the Problem of Reason: Recovering the Human Sciences
0300046685: Army Surveillance in America, 1775-1980
0300046693: Abe Fortas : A Biography
0300046707: Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany : A Chronicle of Their Lives
0300046715: The Idea of Progress in Eighteenth Century Britain
0300046723: The Frederick Douglass Papers: Series One : Speeches, Debates, and Interviews, 1864-1880
0300046731: Papers of Benjamin Franklin Volume 28
0300046766: SPANISH IMPERIALISM AND THE POLITICAL IMAGINATION Studies in European and Spanish-American Social and Political Theory 1513-1830
0300046782: Studies in American Political (Studies in American Political Development)
0300046790: Studies in American Political Development: An Annual (Studies in American Political Development)
0300046804: Who Lives? Who Dies?: Ethical Criteria in Patient Selection
0300046812: Reading Freud : Explorations and Entertainments
0300046820: Proceedings in Parliament 1626 : Volume 1, House of Lords (Proceedings in Parliament)
0300046839: Whitman and Tradition : The Poet in His Century
0300046855: Roofed Theaters of Classical Antiquity - Hardcover
0300046863: The Political Philosophy of Michael Oakeshott
0300046944: Deceptive Distinctions
0300046960: Piety and Patronage in Renaissance Venice: Bellini, Titian, and The Franciscans
0300046979: The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan (Yale Judaica Series)
0300046987: The Light of Early Italian Painting
0300046995: Kabbalah : New Perspectives
0300047002: Crusades : A Short History
0300047010: Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts
0300047029: An English - Hausa Dictionary
0300047037: Vilna on the Seine: Jewish Intellectuals in France Since 1968
0300047045: Women & the Work of Benevolence Morality, Politics & Class in the 19th. Century United States
0300047053: Domination and the Arts of Resistance
0300047061: Masomo Ya Kisasa
0300047088: Sumatran Politics and Poetics
0300047096: The American Census : A Social History
0300047134: Opera and Its Symbols
0300047142: A Baedeker of Decadence: Charting a Literary Fashion, 1884-1927
0300047150: Making a Difference: Psychology and the Construction of Gender
0300047169: Modernist Garden in France.
0300047177: Studies in Chinese Buddhism
0300047185: The Land That Became Israel: Studies in Historical Geography
0300047193: AIDS and the Health Care System (Yale Fastback Series)
0300047207: AIDS and the Health Care System (Yale Fastback Series)
0300047215: The AIDS Benefits Handbook : Everything you need to know to get Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Housing... (Yale Fastback Series)
0300047223: Four Neotropical Rainforests
0300047231: Freud and the Problem of God : Enlarged Edition (The Terry Lectures Series)
0300047266: Two Worlds of Judaism
0300047274: The First Latin American Debt Crisis: The City of London and the 1822-25 Loan Bubble
0300047282: The lessons of history
0300047290: Halfway to Revolution : Investigation and Crisis in the Work of Henry Adams, William James, and Gertrude Stein
0300047304: Painted Love: Prostitution in French Art of the Impressionist Era
0300047312: The Painting and Politics of George Caleb Bingham
0300047320: Hermit With Landscape
0300047339: Hermit with Landscape (Yale Series of Younger Poets)
0300047347: Claudius
0300047355: Slavery As Salvation
0300047363: The AIDS Benefits Handbook : Everything you need to know to get Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps, Housing... (Yale Fastback Series)
0300047371: Ethnic Identity: The Transformation of White America
0300047398: The Food of China
0300047401: The Architect and the American Country House, 1890-1940
0300047428: The Gods Made Flesh: Metamorphosis and the Pursuit of Paganism
0300047436: Venetian Narrative Painting in the Age of Carpaccio
0300047444: Spouse, Parent, Worker : On Gender and Multiple Roles
0300047452: Male Homosexuality A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Perspective
0300047460: Myth of Ritual Murder
0300047479: Art and Politics of the Second Empire: The Universal Expositions of 1855 and 1867
0300047487: Guarino Guarini and His Architecture
0300047495: The Studios of Paris
0300047509: Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce, 1450-1680 : Volume One: The Lands below
0300047517: Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: Sculptor of the Second Empire
0300047525: Articulate Flesh Male Homo-Eroticism and Modern Poetry
0300047533: The Voice of Liberal Learning: Michael Oakeshott on Education
0300047541: Challenge of Art to Psychology
0300047568: Learning Together
0300047576: American Country House
0300047584: Mon Cher Papa Franklin and the Ladies of Paris
0300047592: Sculpture of Jacopo Sansovino
0300047606: The Golden Age of painting in Spain.
0300047614: The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy
0300047622: English Vernacular Furniture, 1750-1900
0300047649: Drawings of Daumier and Millet
0300047657: The Italian Renaissance Garden
0300047665: Cut with the Kitchen Knife: The Weimar Photomontages of Hannah Hoch.
0300047673: Art and Political Expression in Early China
0300047681: The Archaeology of Ancient Israel
0300047703: Equus: The Horse in the Roman World
0300047711: Psychology, Science, and History: An Introduction to Historiometry
0300047738: Dean Acheson: The Cold War Years, 1953-71
0300047746: We Will Wait: Wives of French Prisoners of War, 1940-1945
0300047754: Versions of History from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
0300047762: Versions of History from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
0300047770: Growing Up in Boston's Gilded Age: The Journal of Alice Stone Blackwell, 1872-1874
0300047789: The Generals of Saratoga: John Burgoyne & Horatio Gates
0300047797: Cicero, The Senior Statesman
0300047800: Japanese Voter
0300047819: Affirmative Action and Justice : A Philosophical and Constitutional Inquiry
0300047827: Chaucerian Belief: The Poetics of Reverence and Delight
0300047835: The Death of Literature
0300047843: Thomas More: The Search For the Inner Man
0300047851: Philosophical Hermeneutics and Literary Theory
0300047886: Blacks in the White Establishment? : A Study of Race and Class in America
0300047908: Sophia, Regent of Russia, 1657-1704
0300047924: Juan Goytisolo: The Case for Chaos
0300047932: Pleasure Beyond the Pleasure Principle (The Role of Affect in Motivation, Develo)
0300047940: Inquiry and Change
0300047967: Michelangelo & His Drawings
0300047975: The Golden Twenties: Art and Literature in the Weimar Republic
0300047983: Indian Survival on the California Frontier (Yale Western Americana Series)
0300047991: Corruption and the Decline of Rome
0300048009: Mon Cher Papa Franklin and the Ladies of Paris
0300048033: The Design of Rabelais's Pantagruel
0300048041: Yeats and the Poetry of Death : Elegy, Self-Elegy and the Sublime
0300048068: Miasmas and Disease
0300048076: Plato's Dialectical Ethics: Phenomenological Interpretations Relating to the Philebus
0300048092: In the Cause of True Education: Henry Barnard and Nineteenth-Century School Reform
0300048106: The Druze
0300048122: Preschool in Three Cultures : Japan, China and the United States
0300048130: crimes of Obedience: Toward a Social Psychology of Authority and Responsibility
0300048149: Sunday School: The Formation of an American Institution, 1790-1880
0300048157: A History of South Africa
0300048165: CONCEPTS OF SYMBIOGENESIS A Historical and Critical Study of the Research of Russian Botanists
0300048181: Japanese: Written Language (Pt 1,V1:Katakana)
0300048211: Japanese the Written Language Workbook I
0300048238: Thoreau's Morning Work: Memory and Perception in a Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, the Journal, and Walden
0300048254: Woman Making History
0300048262: Environmentalism and the Future of Progressive Politics
0300048270: Exile in Mid-Qing China
0300048289: Why Children Reject School : Views from Seven Countries (The Child in His Family Series)
0300048300: Difference and Subjectivity : Dialogue and Personal Identity
0300048319: Divorce Reform at the Crossroads
0300048343: The Logic of Congressional Action
0300048351: Divided We Govern : Party Control, Lawmaking, and Investigations, 1946-1990
0300048378: Divided We Govern : Party Control, Lawmaking, and Investigations, 1946-1990
0300048386: American Intellectuals and African Nationalists 1955-1970
0300048408: Arts and Warfare in the Renaissance
0300048432: Yale French Studies, Number 78 : On Bataille
0300048440: Bisexuality in the Ancient World
0300048459: Catherine the Great a short history
0300048475: The Art of Poetry
0300048483: Constructing Chicago
0300048491: Jesus, the Servant-Messiah
0300048505: Battle for Batangas a Philippine Provinc
0300048513: The Idea of Wilderness from Prehistory to the Age of Ecology
0300048521: The English-only question: An official language for Americans?
0300048548: Feminist Companion to Literature in English
0300048556: Down from the Mountaintop
0300048572: Booms and Recessions in a Noisy Economy
0300048580: Heaven : A History
0300048599: Vampires, Burial and Death : Folklore and Reality
0300048602: Cardinal Richelieu : Power and the Pursuit of Wealth
0300048610: Radiance from the Waters Ideals of Feminine Beauty in Mende Art
0300048629: White Writing: On the Culture of Letters in South Africa
0300048637: Spain and Its World, 1500-1700: Selected Essays
0300048645: From Jesus to Christ
0300048653: Book of God
0300048661: Borderland: Origins of the American Suburb, 1820-1939
0300048688: Handbook of Russian Literature
0300048718: Gabriele d'Annunzio: The Dark Flame
0300048726: The Late-Ming Poet Ch'en Tzu-lung: crises of love and loyalism.
0300048734: Sugarball : The American Game, the Dominican Dream
0300048750: Reign of Edward III: Crown and Political Society in England, 1327-1377
0300048769: BEOWULF : A LIKENESS.
0300048793: The AIDS Disaster, The Failure of Organizations in New York and the Nation
0300048807: AIDS Disaster
0300048815: Interpreting the Constitution : The Supreme Court and the Process of Adjudication (Yale Contemporary Law Series)
0300048955: Arguing With Lacan
0300048971: At the Origins of Modern Atheism
0300048998: At the Margins : Presidential Leadership of Congress
0300049013: Political Ambition : Who Decides to Run for Congress
0300049048: Melodious Guile: Fictive Pattern in Poetic Language
0300049064: Lost in a Book
0300049072: Pacific Visions California Scientists and the Environment, 1850-1915
0300049080: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child : Volume 45 (The Psychoanalytic Study of
0300049099: Giorgio Vasari
0300049102: Black Christians & White Missionaries
0300049110: Blood Relations : Menstruation and the Origins of Culture
0300049145: Radical Islam: Medieval Theology and Modern Politics
0300049153: Radical Islam : Medieval Theology and Modern Politics, Enlarged Edition
0300049161: Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Religion: Transference and Transcendence
0300049188: Medieval Architecture, Medieval Learning: Builders and Masters in the Age of Romanesque and Gothic
0300049196: The Tragedy of Cambodian History : Politics, War, and Revolution since 1945
0300049218: FREUD'S MOSES: Judaism Terminable and Interminable
0300049234: The Life and Thought of Friedrich Engels: A Reinterpretation
0300049242: Archaeology of the Dreamtime : The Story of Prehistoric Australia and Its People
0300049250: Types of Shape, New, Expanded Edition
0300049269: Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape
0300049277: Architecture and the Text
0300049285: Childhood Dialogues and the Lifting of Repression : Character Structure and Psychoanalytic Technique
0300049307: Selected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family Volume 3 The Belfield Farm Years, 1810-1820,The
0300049315: Eugene Delacroix: Prints, Politics and Satire 1814-1822
0300049323: The Infection of Thomas De Quincey: The Psychopathology of Imperialism
0300049331: MASTER OF THE LOTUS GARDEN: The Life and Art of Bada Shanren (1626-1705)
0300049358: Villas of Le Corbusier, 1920-1930
0300049366: An Oak Spring Pomona : A Selection of the Rare Books on Fruit in the Oak Spring Garden Library
0300049374: Russia's Rulers Under the Old Regime
0300049382: Democracy and Its Critics
0300049390: El Salvador's Decade of Terror
0300049404: Narratives of Human Evolution
0300049412: Jews in the American Academy, 1900-1940: The Dynamics of Intellectual...
0300049420: Women & Gender in Islam Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
0300049439: On Justice
0300049447: Grand Strategies in War and Peace
0300049463: Literacy in the United States : Readers and Reading Since 1880
0300049471: Lost in Familiar Places: Creating New Connections Between the Individual and Society
0300049498: The Politics of Medical Encounters: How Patients and Doctors Deal With Social Problems
0300049501: The Man Who Was Mark Twain: Images and Ideologies
0300049528: Crimes of the Middle Classes : White-Collar Offenders in the Federal Courts (Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime Serie)
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