0300049536: The Architecture of Medieval Britain: A Social History
0300049587: Architecture, Power, and National Identity
0300049595: Human Rights in Iraq: Middle East Watch
0300049609: The Poetry of Michelangelo: An Annotated Translation
0300049617: Mark Rothko: Subjects in Abstraction (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
0300049633: After the Revolution? Authority in a Good Society
0300049641: After the Revolution? Authority in a Good Society
0300049668: Holocaust Testimonies: The Ruins of Memory
0300049676: Armed Martial Arts of Japan: Swordsmanship and Archery
0300049706: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
0300049714: A History of Russian Literature
0300049722: Children`s Literature : Volume 19 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300049730: Children`s Literature : Volume 19 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300049749: Types of Shape
0300049757: The Planet Venus (The Planetary Exploration Series)
0300049765: Ecology, Economics, Ethics: The Broken Circle
0300049773: Judean Desert Monasteries in the Byzantine Period
0300049781: Wharram Percy: Deserted Medieval Village
0300049803: Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain
0300049811: The Nature of Politics.
0300049838: Rethinking Art History : Meditations on a Coy Science
0300049846: Mexican Americans: Leadership, Ideology, and Identity, 1930-1960
0300049854: The Multiplicity of Dreams: Memory, Imagination, and Consciousness
0300049862: The Emancipation of the Jews of Alsace: Acculturation and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century
0300049870: Economic Origins of Antisemitism
0300049900: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child : Volume 46 (The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Se)
0300049927: The Rise Of Richelieu.
0300049935: Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair
0300049943: Jacob Van Ruisdael & the Perception of L
0300049951: Benjamin Constant and the Post-Revolutionary Mind
0300049978: The Way Men Think: Intellect, Intimacy and the Erotic Imagination
0300049986: Gide: Homosexual Moralist
0300049994: Architectural Principles in the Age of Historicism
0300050003: Yale French Studies, Number 79 : Literature and the Ethical Question (Yale French Studies Series)
0300050011: The Hypnotic Brain: Hypnotherapy and Social Communication
0300050046: Father, Don`t You See I`m Burning? : Reflections on Sex, Narcissism, Symbolism, and Murder: From Everything to Nothing
0300050054: Women in Middle Eastern History: Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender
0300050062: Women in Middle Eastern history: Shifting boundaries in sex and gender
0300050070: Bears Dancing in the Northern Air
0300050089: Bears Dancing in the Northern Air (Yale Series of Younger Poets)
0300050097: Time for Telling Truth is Running Out : Conversations with Zhang Shenfu
0300050100: Performing Twentieth-Century Music: A Handbook for Conductors and Instrumentalists
0300050127: Great Hartford Circus Fire
0300050135: Cultural History of the French Revolution
0300050143: An Interpretation of Religion : Human Responses to the Transcendent
0300050178: CIA and American Democracy
0300050194: American Genre Painting: The Politics of Everyday Life
0300050208: White on Black : Images of Africa and Blacks in Western Popular Culture
0300050216: White Dreams Black Africa The Antislavery Expedition to the Niger
0300050224: The Mishnah : A New Translation
0300050232: Health and the Rise of Civilization
0300050240: Marx and Modern Fiction
0300050259: No Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century: Sexchanges
0300050267: Expressionism: Art and Idea
0300050283: Belonging to America: Equal Citizenship and the Constitution
0300050291: The House Of Si Abd Allah: The Oral History Of A Moroccan Family
0300050305: Ancients and the Moderns
0300050313: Civilization Before Greece and Rome
0300050321: Domestication of the Human Species
0300050348: Yale French Studies, Special Issue: Contexts : Style and Values in Medieval Art and Literature (Yale French Studies)
0300050356: Impressionism; art in the making.
0300050364: Impressionism : Art in the Making (National Gallery London Publications...
0300050372: The Family in Italy: From Antiquity to the Present
0300050380: These Sad But Glorious Days Dispatches
0300050399: A History of Modern Criticism, 1750-1950. Vol. 7. German, Russian, and East
0300050402: Writing in the New Nation
0300050410: RALPH EARL. The Face of the Young Republic.
0300050437: George Bellows and Urban America
0300050445: Change and Continuity in Seventeenth-Century England, Revised Edition
0300050488: Defending the Empire
0300050534: Imagining the Pacific : In the Wake of the Cook Voyages
0300050542: Children With a Star: Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe
0300050550: James Joyce's Ireland
0300050569: Global Warming & Biological Diversity.
0300050577: Inconvenient Fictions
0300050585: The Future of Banking (A Twentieth Century Fund Report)
0300050593: Regulating Covert Action: Practices, Contexts, and Policies of Covert Coercion Abroad in International and American Law
0300050607: Democratization of American Christianity
0300050615: Extended Deterrence and the Prevention of War
0300050623: Protocols of Reading
0300050666: Yale French Studies, 80: Baroque Topographies : Literature/History/Philosophy (Yale French Studies)
0300050674: The Psychoanalytic Vocation: Rank, Winnicott, and the Legacy of Freud
0300050682: Fauve Painting: The Making of Cultural Politics
0300050690: The Unresolved Question: The Anglo-Irish Settlement and Its Undoing 1912-72
0300050704: Giotto to Durer: Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery
0300050712: Restoration Church of England 1646-1689
0300050720: Made to Play House. Dolls and Commercialization of American Girlhood, 1830 - 1930.
0300050739: Justice Between Age Groups and Generations (Philosophy, Politics, and Society, Sixth Series)
0300050747: Workers' Party and Democratization in Brazil
0300050763: Manhood in the Making: Cultural Concepts of Masculinity
0300050798: FREUD'S On Narcissism: An Introduction
0300050828: Giotto to Durer: Early Renaissance Painting in the National Gallery
0300050836: Impressionism : Art, Leisure, and Parisian Society
0300050844: Jane Austen : Real and Imagined Worlds
0300050852: Freud's On narcissism--an introduction (Contemporary Freud) by
0300050909: Fallen Women, Problem Girls
0300050917: When Home Is No Haven: Child Placement Issues
0300050933: Ovid's Heroines: A Verse Translation of the Heroides
0300050941: Ovid`s Heroines : A Verse Translation of the Heroides
0300050968: Money, Time, and Politics
0300050984: Architecture and the After-Life
0300050992: Sir Philip Sidney Courtier Poet
0300051018: Virgil
0300051026: Virgil
0300051034: Fin-De-Siecle Culture of Adolescence
0300051042: Types of Christian Theology. Edited By George Hunsinger and William C. Placher
0300051050: Creating Chinese Ethnicity: Subei People in Shanghai, 1850-1980
0300051069: Trent, 1475 : Stories of a Ritual Murder Trial
0300051077: The Midrash on Proverbs (Yale Judaica Series, Vol. 27)
0300051085: Richard Parkes Bonington: 'On the Pleasures of Painting'
0300051093: In Defiance of Painting: Cubism, Futurism, and the Invention of Collage
0300051107: Musical Poetics
0300051115: The Music of Bela Bartok
0300051123: The Dialogue of Justice: Toward a Self-Reflective Society
0300051131: A New Hymnal for Colleges and Schools
0300051158: Syria Unmasked : The Suppression of Human Rights by the Asad Regime (Human Rights Watch Books)
0300051166: Feminism and Psychoanalytic Theory
0300051182: Birth Power : The Case for Surrogacy
0300051190: The Faces of Justice and State Authority : A Comparative Approach to the Legal Process
0300051204: Germany, America, Europe: Forty Years of German Foreign Policy
0300051212: Poisons of the Past
0300051220: Faith on Earth: An Inquiry into the Structure of Human Faith
0300051239: Making the Best of Schools : A Handbook for Parents, Teachers, and Policymakers
0300051255: Gandhi : Prisoner of Hope
0300051263: Philosophy in World Perspective : A Comparative Hermeneutic of the Major Theories
0300051271: Reading Freud: Explorations & Entertainments
0300051298: Conflicts Unending : The United States and Regional Disputes
0300051301: Rebellion and Repression in the Philippines
0300051328: Italy and Its Monarchy
0300051336: Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany : A Chronicle of Their Lives
0300051344: Explaining Religion: Criticism and Theory from Bodin to Freud
0300051352: A History of South Africa
0300051360: The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 10 : Volume 10: Sermons and Discourses, 1720-1723 (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series)
0300051379: Freedom of Association : A Study in Labor Law and Political Theory
0300051409: Everyday justice: Responsibility and the individual in Japan and the United States
0300051425: Speeches, Debates and Interviews: 1864-1880
0300051468: Secret Ritual and Manhood in Victorian America
0300051484: Disturbed Violent Offender
0300051492: Rembrandt: The Master And His Workshop
0300051506: Rembrandt:the Master And His Workshop
0300051514: REMBRANDT: THE MASTER & HIS WORKSHOP: Drawings & Etchings
0300051522: Rembrandt:the Master And His Workshop
0300051530: The Fabrication of Louis XIV
0300051549: Rembrandt: the Master & His Workshop
0300051557: Jews of Germany
0300051565: Ignatius of Loyola: the Psychology of a Saint
0300051573: Art & Empire: The Politics of Ethnicity in the United States Capitol, 1815-1860
0300051603: Wesleyan University, 1831-1910: Collegiate Enterprise in New England
0300051611: Democracy and Deliberation: New Directions for Democratic Reform
0300051638: Democracy and Deliberation: New Directions for Democratic Reform
0300051646: Institutional Realism : Social and Political Constraints on Rational Actors
0300051654: Karl Friedrich Schinkel : A Universal Man
0300051670: Circa 1492
0300051697: The Machiavellian Cosmos
0300051719: A History of South Africa
0300051735: Children`s Literature : Volume 20 (Children`s Literature Series) - Hardcover
0300051743: The Healer's Power
0300051751: INTERNATIONAL CONFLICT RESOLUTION The U. S. -USSR and Middle East Cases
0300051778: Tsuda Umeko and Women's Education in Japan
0300051786: Talking With Young Children About Adoption
0300051794: Rich Neighbor Policy
0300051816: The Tainos: Rise and Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus
0300051824: Wagner: Race and Revolution
0300051832: The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson
0300051840: North Oxford
0300051859: Town and Country
0300051891: Poetics of Translation: History, Theory, Practice
0300051905: Toulouse-Lautrec
0300051913: Rembrandt: The Master and His Workshop, Paintings
0300051948: Myth, Rhetoric, and the Voice of Authority: A Critique of Frazer, Eliot, Frye, and Campbell
0300051964: Toulouse-Lautrec
0300051972: Mark and Luke in Poststructuralist Perspectives
0300051980: The Spanish Frontier in North America
0300051999: Catullus.
0300052006: Catullus (Hermes Books)
0300052022: War and Reason Domestic and International Imperatives
0300052030: Arendt, Camus, and Modern Rebellion
0300052049: The Private Journals of the Long Parliament, 2 June to 17 September 1642
0300052057: Re-Made in Japan : Everyday Life and Consumer Taste in a Changing Society
0300052065: Fair Start for Children
0300052073: Logic of Reflection German Philosophy In
0300052081: Greek Sculpture: An Exploration
0300052103: Johnson and Boswell in Scotland: A Journey to the Hebrides
0300052111: Tyndale`s Old Testament
0300052146: A Catalogue of Paintings in the Folger Shakespeare Library: As Imagination Bodies Forth
0300052154: Architecture and Nihilism : On the Philosophy of Modern Architecture
0300052162: Ariadne's Thread: Story Lines
0300052170: Circa 1492
0300052189: Handbook of Clinical Dietetics
0300052197: The World of the Swahili : An African Mercantile Civilization
0300052200: Who Lives? Who Dies? : Ethical Criteria in Patient Selection
0300052219: Ethnic Identity : The Transformation of White America
0300052227: Making a Difference : Psychology and the Construction of Gender
0300052235: Out of Place: Restoring Identity to the Regional Landscape
0300052243: Literary Criticism and the Gospels: The Theoretical Challenge
0300052251: Theoretical Perspectives on Sexual Difference
0300052278: Paul the Convert: The Apostolate and Apostasy of Saul the Pharisee
0300052286: Competence Considered
0300052294: Command, Control, and the Common Defense
0300052308: When a Baby Dies : Psychotherapy for Pregnancy and Newborn Loss
0300052316: Two Worlds of Judaism
0300052324: Air Pollutions Toll on Forests & Crops
0300052332: An Inquiry into the Good
0300052340: Justice and Modern Moral Philosophy
0300052367: Women and Sisters: The Antislavery Feminists in American Culture
0300052375: Peru Under Fire: Human Rights Since the Return to Democracy
0300052383: The Death of Literature
0300052405: American Tables and Looking Glasses in the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University; Essays by Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett and Gerald W.R. Ward; Photographs by Charles Uht.
0300052413: Science of Art
0300052448: Alfred Sisley
0300052456: Alfred Sisley
0300052472: Holocaust Testimonies : The Ruins of Memory
0300052480: Economic Origins of Antisemitism : Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period
0300052499: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child (Psychoanalytic Study of the Child)
0300052502: Ethics in the Sanctuary: Examining the Practices of Organized Religion
0300052510: Peasant Protest in Japan, 1590-1884
0300052529: Woman Making History :Mary Ritter Beard
0300052537: Administrative Law : Rethinking Judicial Control of Bureaucracy
0300052545: Women and the Work of Benevolence : Morality, Politics, and Calss in the Nineteenth-Century United States (Yale Historical Publications Series)
0300052553: Gender and Higher Education in the Progressive Era
0300052561: Sugarball: The American Game: The Dominican Dream
0300052588: Abe Fortas : A Biography
0300052596: Evidence, Argument, and Persuasion in the Policy Process
0300052618: The Generals of Saratoga : John Burgoyne and Horatio Gates
0300052626: Darwin's Influence on Freud: A Tale of Two Sciences
0300052634: Jewish Preaching, 1200-1800 : An Anthology (Judaica Ser.)
0300052650: Agents and Victims in South China: Accomplices in Rural Revolution
0300052669: Persephone`s Quest : Entheogens and the Origins of Religion
0300052677: The Iranian Mojahedin
0300052685: Fire from Heaven : Life in an English Town in the Seventeenth Century
0300052707: Yale French Studies, Number 82 : Part I, Post/Colonial Conditions: Exiles, Migrations, and Nomadisms (Yale French Studies Series)
0300052715: Rage, Power, and Aggression (The Role of Affect in Motivation, Develo)
0300052723: Last Chance High : How Girls and Boys Drop In and Out of Alternative Schools
0300052731: The Culture of Conflict : Interpretations and Interests in Comparative Perspective
0300052766: Still Alive: An Autobiographical Essay
0300052774: Reptile Journalism : The Official Polish-Language Press under the Nazis, 1939-1945
0300052782: Songs from the Gallows
0300052790: Strolls With Pushkin
0300052804: Eighteenth-Century Hermeneutics: Philosophy of Interpretation in England from Locke to Burke
0300052839: Understanding Religious Conversion
0300052847: London-World City: 1800-1840
0300052855: European Encounters With the New World: From Renaissance to Romanticism
0300052863: Prehistoric Art in Europe
0300052871: The Arts in Prehistoric Greece (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300052898: Greek Architecture (Pelican History of Art Ser.)
0300052901: Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture
0300052928: Roman Imperial Architecture (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300052936: Roman Art (Pelican History of Art)
0300052944: Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture : Fourth Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300052952: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
0300052960: Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture
0300052979: Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture, 800-1200
0300052987: Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture, 800-1200 : Fourth Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300052995: Painting in Europe 800 To 1200
0300053002: Sculpture in Britain: The Middle Ages
0300053010: Art and Architecture in Italy: 1250-1400
0300053029: Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400 {THIRD EDITION}
0300053037: Sculpture In Italy 1400-1500
0300053045: Painting in Italy 1500-1600
0300053061: ART AND ARCHITECTURE IN ITALY, 1600 TO 1750
0300053088: Art and Architecture in Italy: 1600-1750; The Yale University Press Pelican History.: The Yale University Press Pelican History.
0300053096: Sculpture in the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Spain : 1400-1500 (Pelican History of Art Ser.)
0300053118: Painting and Sculpture in Germany and the Netherlands 1500-1600 (The Yale University Press / Pelican History of Art)
0300053126: Dutch Art and Architecture: 1600-1800; The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art: The Yale University Press Pelican History of Art
0300053134: Art And Architecture In France, 1500-1700.
0300053142: Art and Architecture in France, 1500 to 1700
0300053177: Sculpture in Britain: 1530-1830
0300053185: Sculpture in Britain : 1530-1830, Second Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300053193: Painting in Britain, 1530-1790 (Pelican History of Art) by Waterhouse, Ellis
0300053207: Architecture: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0300053215: Painting and Sculpture in Europe : 1780-1880 (Pelican History of Art Ser.)
0300053223: The Pelican History of Art, Painting and Sculpture in Europe 1880-1940
0300053258: The Art and Architecture of Ancient America, Third Edition : The Mexican, Maya and Andean Peoples (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300053266: The Art and Architecture of Russia : Second Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300053274: The Art and Architecture of Russia (Pelican History of Art Ser.)
0300053282: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Egypt
0300053290: The Art and Architecture of the Indian Subcontinent
0300053304: Islamic Art and Architecture, 650-1250 (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300053312: The Art and Architecture of the Ancient Orient
0300053320: Art and Architecture of Japan.
0300053339: The Art and Architecture of Japan
0300053347: Art & Architecture of China
0300053355: French in Action Test Banks : Student Tests
0300053398: French in Action Test Banks : Teacher`s Edition and Student Test Banks
0300053401: The Transformation of American Politics : The New Washington and the Rise of Think Tanks
0300053452: Germany from Partition to Reunification
0300053479: Germany from Partition to Reunification : A Revised Edition of The Two Germanies Since 1945
0300053487: The Pictorial Arts of the West : 800-1200
0300053495: Severe Personality Disorders : Psychotherapeutic Strategies
0300053509: The Impressionist and the City: Pissarro's Series Paintings
0300053525: The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 11 : Volume 11: Typological Writings (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series)
0300053533: Young, Poor and Pregnant: The Psychology of Teenage Motherhood
0300053541: Disputed Questions in Theology and the Philosophy of Religion
0300053568: The Question of Being: A Reversal of Heidegger
0300053584: The Altarpiece in Renaissance Venice
0300053606: Wallace Stevens and Modern Art: From the Armory Show to Abstract Expressionism
0300053614: SPEAKING FOR VICE: Homosexuality in the Art of Charles Demuth, Marsden Hartley, and the First American Avant-Garde.
0300053622: The Economics of Child Support
0300053630: Power Without Responsibility: How Congress Abuses the People Through Delegation
0300053657: Fate Of Marxism In Russia
0300053665: Roman Baroque Sculpture: The Industry of Art
0300053673: Ars Sacra 800-1200 (Pelican History of Art)
0300053703: The Idea of Wilderness : From Prehistory to the Age of Ecology
0300053711: The Future of Banking (A Twentieth Century Fund Report)
0300053746: Juan Gris
0300053762: Religion and Power in Morocco
0300053770: Religion and Society in Frontier California
0300053789: Brutal Need : Lawyers and the Welfare Rights Movement, 1960-1973
0300053797: Merritt Parkway
0300053800: Woman of Ideas in French Art, 1830-1848
0300053819: Hadrian's Villa and Its Legacy
0300053827: Piranesi as Architect and Designer
0300053835: The texture of memory Holocaust memorials and meaning
0300053843: TRANS-ATLANTYK.
0300053851: Norms of Rhetorical Culture
0300053878: Hitler`s Professors : Second Edition
0300053894: Turner on the Thames : River Journeys in the Year 1805.
0300053967: Future of Liberal Revolution
0300053975: Yale French Studies, Number 83 : Part II, Post/Colonial Conditions: Exiles, Migrations, and Nomadisms (Yale French Studies Series)
0300053983: The Management of Conflict: Interpretations and Interests in Comparative Perspective
0300054009: Rodin
0300054017: Redesigning the American Lawn
0300054025: X-Plor Version 3.1
0300054033: Bird Anatomy II: The Surface Anatomy of Birds
0300054068: The Moral Economy of Labor: Aristotelian Themes in Economic Theory
0300054076: Women and Politics Worldwide
0300054084: Women and Politics Worldwide
0300054092: Taxation and Democracy : Swedish, British, and American Approaches to Financing the Modern State
0300054106: Catalogue of the Papers of James Boswell at Yale University
0300054114: The Fourth Discontinuity
0300054149: Tennessee Williams : Everyone Else Is an Audience
0300054157: Appropriating Shakespeare : Contemporary Critical Quarrels
0300054165: Phoenix and the Flame: Catalonia and the Counter Reformation
0300054173: War machine; the rationalisation of slaughter in the modern age.
0300054203: The Royal Palaces of Tudor England : Architecture and Court Life, 1460-1547
0300054211: Evolution of the Gospel
0300054238: Children`s Literature : Volume 21 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300054246: Children`s Literature : Volume 21 (Children`s Literature Series)
0300054254: Truth's Debt to Value
0300054262: American Civil Procedure: an Introduction.
0300054270: Catherine the Great : A Short History
0300054289: Chinese Village, Socialist State
0300054297: Echoes of Scripture in the Letters of Paul
0300054300: Literacy in the United States: Readers and Reading Since 1880
0300054319: Narratives of Human Evolution
0300054327: Down from the Mountaintop
0300054335: Blacks in the White Establishment? : A Study of Race and Class in America
0300054343: Experiencing Narrative Worlds : On the Psychological Activities of Reading
0300054351: Marihuana : The Forbidden Medicine
0300054378: On Freud's
0300054394: The Outer Circle: Women in the Scientific Community
0300054408: Defenders of the Race : Jewish Doctors and Race Science in Fin-de-Siecle Europe
0300054416: Nazi Mass Murder: A Documentary History of the Use of Poison Gas
0300054424: Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture
0300054432: Spectacular Body: Science, Method, and Meaning in the Work of Degas
0300054440: Tower Block
0300054459: Paris : An Architectural History
0300054467: The Impressionist and the City: Pissarro's Series Paintings
0300054475: Children with a Star : Jewish Youth in Nazi Europe
0300054483: Four Neotropical Rainforests
0300054491: Jane Austen : Real and Imagined Worlds
0300054513: A History of Modern Criticism
0300054521: Science As Writing
0300054548: Translating Freud
0300054556: Storied Lives: The Cultural Politics of Self-Understanding
0300054564: Confronting Drunk Driving : Social Policy for Saving Lives
0300054572: Hands of the saddlemaker (Yale series of younger poets)
0300054599: Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: A Portrayal of Its Musical Content, With Running Commentary on Performance and Literature As Well
0300054602: Proceedings in Parliament, 1626: Volume II: House of Commons
0300054610: Proceedings in Parliament, 1626: Volume III: House of Commons
0300054629: Goya in the Twilight of Enlightenment
0300054637: Mainie Jellett and the Modern Movement in Ireland.
0300054645: THE PLANTERS OF THE ENGLISH LANDSCAPE GARDEN : Botany, Trees, and the Georgics
0300054653: Peasant Power In China: The Era Of Rural Reform, 1979-1989
0300054661: WHAT IS TO BE DONE? Proposals for the Soviet Transition to the Market
0300054688: What Is to Be Done? : Proposals for the Soviet Transition to the Market (Yale Fastback Series)
0300054696: The Making of an American High School: The Credentials Market and Central High School of Philadelphia, 1838-1939
0300054718: Origins and Extinctions
0300054726: Mental Imagery: On the Limits of Cognitive Science
0300054734: Observing the Erotic Imagination
0300054742: Presentations of Gender
0300054750: Sitting in Judgment: The Sentencing of White-Collar Criminals (Yale Studies on White-Collar Crime)
0300054769: The Mediating Self
0300054777: Understanding Peasant China : Case Studies in the Philosophy of Social Science
0300054785: American Iconology
0300054807: Watteau's Painted Conversations
0300054815: Charles Ives :
0300054823: The Imperial Middle : Why Americans Can't Think Straight about Class
0300054831: Beginnings of Cellular Life : Metabolism Recapitulates Biogenesis (Bio-Origins Series)
0300054874: Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry
0300054882: The Last Descendant of Aeneas : The Hapsburgs and the Mythic Image of the Emperor
0300054904: Drawing and the Blind : Pictures to Touch
0300054912: The Land Called Holy : Palestine in Christian History and Thought
0300054947: Jane Austen's Novels: The Art of Clarity
0300054955: Music of the Highest Class : Elitism and Populism in Antebellum Boston
0300054963: Opera in America : A Cultural History
0300054998: Legitimacy and History: Self-Government in American Constitutional Theory
0300055005: Collaboration in Belgium, Leon Degrelle and the Rexist Movement
0300055021: Knights of Malta
0300055048: Murder and Politics in Colonial Ghana
0300055056: AIDS Law Today : A New Guide for the Public
0300055064: Reign of Edward III: Crown and Political Society in England, 1327-1377
0300055072: Duke Ellington, Jazz Composer
0300055080: Affirmative Action and Justice : A Philosophical and Constitutional Inquiry
0300055099: The Poetry of Michelangelo: An Annotated Translation
0300055102: Psychoanalytic Theories of Development
0300055110: Politics of Medical Encounters : How Patients and Doctors Deal with Social Problems
0300055129: AIDS Law Today : A New Guide for the Public
0300055137: Modernity and Modernism : French Painting in the Nineteenth Century
0300055145: Modernity and Modernism : French Painting in the Nineteenth Century
0300055153: Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction : The Early Twentieth Century
0300055161: Primitivism, Cubism, Abstraction : The Early Twentieth Century
0300055188: Realism, Rationalism, Surrealism
0300055196: Realism, Rationalism, Surrealism Art Between the Wars
0300055218: Modernism in Dispute: Art Since the Forties. (Modern Art Practices and Debates).
0300055226: Modernism in Dispute : Art since the Forties
0300055250: On Freud's
0300055269: Constantin Brancusi
0300055277: Show Starts on the Sidewalk : an Architectural History of the Movie Theatre
0300055285: Music and Spectacle in Baroque Rome : Barberini Patronage under Urban VIII
0300055293: In Adamless Eden : The Community of Women Faculty at Wellesley
0300055307: American Politics in the Early Republic : The New Nation in Crisis
0300055315: Passage to Modernity : An Essay on the Hermeneutics of Nature and Culture
0300055323: Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son
0300055358: The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, Vol. 30 : Volume 30: July 1 through October 31, 1779 (The Papers of Benjamin Franklin Series)
0300055366: Encyclopedia of New York City
0300055374: World Changes in Divorce Patterns
0300055382: Portrait of India
0300055390: Mahatma Gandhi and His Apostles
0300055404: History and Its Images : Art and the Interpretation of the Past
0300055420: Marsigli's Europe, 1680-1730: The Life and Times of Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli, Soldier and Virtuoso
0300055439: Stone Crop (Yale Series of Younger Poets)
0300055447: Stone Crop (Yale Younger Poet Ser., No. 88)
0300055455: Mountains and Plains : The Ecology of Wyoming Landscapes
0300055463: A History of the Ecosystem Concept in Ecology : More than the Sum of the Parts
0300055471: A World Checklist of Birds
0300055498: A Supplement to Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World
0300055501: Family in Italy From Antiquity To the PR
0300055528: The Baltic Revolution
0300055536: Design, Form, and Chaos
0300055544: CHRISTIANITY AND CLASSICAL CULTURE: The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism
0300055552: Edouard Vuillard: Painter-Decorator, Patrons and Projects, 1892-1912
0300055560: The Materials of Sculpture
0300055579: Engendering Romance: Women Writers and the Hawthorne Tradition 1850-1990.
0300055587: Literature at War, 1914-1940
0300055595: Superintending the Poor
0300055609: Armageddon Revisited: A World War I Journal
0300055625: China Learns English
0300055633: The Women`s Awakening in Egypt : Culture, Society, and the Press
0300055641: Judith Leyster: A Dutch Master and Her World
0300055668: Frederic Remington & Turn-Of-The-Century America
0300055714: Intervention
0300055730: Readings in Biblical Hebrew: An Intermediate Textbook
0300055749: Irish Country Furniture, 1700-1950
0300055757: From Carnac to Callanish: The Prehistoric Stone Rows and Avenues of Britain, Ireland and Brittany
0300055765: Georgia O`Keeffe : American and Modern Hardcover by Eldredge, Charles
0300055803: The Formation of Science in Japan : Building a Research Tradition
0300055811: Georgia O'Keeffe : American and Modern
0300055838: Women and Gender in Islam : Historical Roots of a Modern Debate
0300055846: Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400
0300055854: Art and Architecture in Italy 1250-1400
0300055862: Painting in Italy 1500-1600
0300055870: Painting in Italy, 1500 to 1600
0300055897: Naturalist in Florida : A Celebration of Eden
0300055935: Fundamentalism and Gender, Eighteen Seventy-Five to the Present
0300055943: Recasting Conservatism : Michael Oakeshott, Leo Strauss, and Conservative Political Thought's Response to Postmodernism
0300055951: Life on the Russian Country Estate : A Social and Cultural History Hardcover...
0300055978: Adolescence and Youth in Early Modern England
0300056001: Human Rights Watch World Report 1993: An Annual Review of Developments and the Bush.
0300056125: Guatemala: Getting Away With Murder
0300056206: Since the Revolution Human Rights in Rom
0300056249: Restricted Subjects Freedom of Expression in the United Kingdom
0300056303: The Common but Less Frequent Loon and Other Essays
0300056311: No Man's Land: the Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century. Volu me 3: Letters From the Front.
0300056338: Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives: A Proficiency-Oriented Approach (Teacher's Manual)
0300056346: Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives: A Proficiency-Oriented Approach : Student Book (Yale Language Series) - Paperback
0300056354: Levantine Arabic for Non-Natives: A Proficiency-Oriented Approach : Audiotapes (Yale Language Series) - Audio Cassette (Audio Book)
0300056362: Women in the American Theatre : Actresses and Audiences, 1790-1870
0300056370: An American Seafarer in the Age of Sail : The Erotic Diaries of Philip C. Van Buskirk, 1851-1870
0300056389: Manufacturing Apartheid
0300056397: Kimono: Fashioning Culture
0300056400: The Origins of Christian Morality: The First Two Centuries
0300056435: Religion, Politics and the Moral Life
0300056443: Morality and Politics in Modern Europe: The Harvard Lectures
0300056451: When Toys Come Alive : Narratives of Animation, Metamorphosis, and Development
0300056478: KANDINSKY AND OLD RUSSIA: The Artist As Ethnographer and Shaman.
0300056494: Painting and Sculpture in Europe, 1880-1940 : 6th Edition
0300056508: A La Rencontre De Philippe: An Interactive Video Program for the Macintosh Computers (Yale Language)
0300056524: The Journals of James Boswell: 1762-1795
0300056532: Picking Up the Pieces : Two Accounts of a Psychoanalytic Journey
0300056540: Coming Attractions: The Making of an X-Rated Video
0300056559: Faust: A Tragedy in Modern Translation
0300056567: Faust : A Tragedy
0300056575: Rereading
0300056583: The Shaping of America Vol. 2 : A Geographical Perspective on 500 Years of American History: Continental America, 1800-1867
0300056591: The Logic of Congressional Action
0300056605: The English-Only Question : An Official Language for Americans?
0300056613: Opera and Its Symbols
0300056621: The Nature of Work: Sociological Perspectives
0300056648: The Changing Atmosphere : A Global Challenge
0300056656: The Lessons of History
0300056664: Grand Strategies in War and Peace
0300056672: Inquiry and Change
0300056680: Thomas More : The Search for the Inner Man
0300056699: Domination & Arts of Resistance
0300056710: Cowboys of the Americas (Yale Western Americana Series)
0300056729: Interpreting the Constitution : The Supreme Court and the Process of Adjudication (Yale Contemporary Law Series)
0300056753: Nietzsche and Modern Times
0300056761: The Lenses of Gender : Transforming the Debate on Sexual Inequality
0300056796: Voices from the Ming-Qing Cataclysm
0300056826: Mother-Infant Bonding : A Scientific Fiction
0300056834: When Illness Strikes the Leader : The Dilemma of the Captive King
0300056842: The Boy Will Come to Nothing! : Freud`s Ego Ideal and Freud as Ego Ideal
0300056850: Head Start and Beyond: A National Plan for Extended Childhood Intervention
0300056877: Kant & Political Philosophy: The Contemporary Legacy
0300056885: The Personal Rule of Charles I
0300056893: Medieval Illuminators and Their Methods of Work
0300056931: A la rencontre de Philippe : Student Activities Workbook (Yale Language Series)
0300056958: A la rencontre de Philippe : An interactive video program for the Macintosh (Yale Language Series)
0300056966: The Tainos: Rise & Decline of the People Who Greeted Columbus, Reissue Edition
0300056974: Women in Middle Eastern History: Shifting Boundaries in Sex and Gender.
0300056990: Symposium
0300057008: Toward Managed Peace The National Security Interests of the United States, 1759 to the Present
0300057016: Beyond Representation: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, 8Th-14th Century (Princeton Monographs in Art and Archaeology, No 48)
0300057024: Politics by Other Means: Higher Education and Group Thinking
0300057032: Piero della Francesca
0300057040: A BITTER TRUTH: Avant-Garde Art & the Great War
0300057059: Out of the Shadows
0300057075: On Leiris
0300057083: The Psychoanalytic Theory of Greek Tragedy
0300057091: What Johnny Shouldn`t Read : Textbook Censorship in America
0300057105: Halo in the Sky: Observations on Anality and Defense
0300057164: Burdens of Proof in Modern Discourse
0300057172: The Politics of Pregnancy: Adolescent Sexuality and Public Policy
0300057180: Wagner in Performance
0300057199: LOUIS XVI
0300057202: Romanesque Wall Painting in Central France
0300057210: American Century : The Rise and Decline of the United States as a World Power
0300057229: Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts
0300057237: The Censored War : American Visual Experience During World War Two
0300057245: The Writings of Koda Aya, A Japanese Literary Daughter (Studies of the East Asian Institute)
0300057253: The Idea of the University : A Reexamination
0300057261: Inside Campaign Finance : Myths and Realities
0300057288: Goodbye, Great Britain: The 1976 Imf Crisis
0300057296: Kathe Kollwitz
0300057318: Discovered Lands, Invented Pasts
0300057326: Picturing a Nation: Art and Social Change in Nineteenth-Century America
0300057342: Fra Angelico at San Marco.
0300057350: Boswell's London Journal
0300057369: Utopian Feminism : Women`s Movements in Fin-de-Siecle Vienna
0300057377: Britons
0300057385: Hanging the Head: Portraiture and Social Formation In Eighteenth-Century England
0300057393: Renaissance Print, 1471-1550
0300057407: intuition and construction - the foundation of normative theory
0300057415: Painting for Money
0300057423: Schnitzler, Hofmannsthal, and the Austrian Theatre
0300057431: An Historian in the Twentieth Century : Chapters in Intellectual Autobiography
0300057458: Arguing Revolution: The Intellectual Left in Postwar France
0300057466: Manual of Ornithology
0300057474: Imagining Paris: Exile, Writing, and American Identity
0300057482: Child Witnesses : Fragile Voices in the American Legal System
0300057490: World Forests for the Future : Their Use and Conservation
0300057504: Constructing Chicago
0300057512: Ecology, Economics, Ethics : The Broken Circle
0300057520: The Tragedy of Cambodian History: Politics, War, and Revolution Since 1945
0300057539: The Way Men Think : Intellect, Intimacy, and the Erotic Imagination
0300057547: American Genre Painting the Politics Of
0300057563: Freud's Moses: Judaism Terminable and Interminable
0300057571: The Anfal Campaign in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Destruction of Koreme
0300057598: European Community Decision Making Models, Applications, and Comparisons
0300057601: Law's Promise, Law's Expression
0300057628: Representations of Motherhood
0300057636: Health and Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
0300057695: Fur- und Wider-Spruche : Ein integriertes Text-Buch fur Colleges und Universitaten (Yale Language Series)
0300057709: Legal and Administrative Texts from the Reign of Nabonidus Yale Oriental Series: Babylonian Texts, Volume XIX
0300057717: Learn to Write Chinese Characters (Yale Language Series)
0300057725: Transitory Gardens, Uprooted Lives
0300057733: Toil and Plenty: Images of the Agricultural Landscape in England 1780-1890
0300057768: Clouds : Biography of a Country House
0300057776: Bayreuth : a History of the Wagner Festival.
0300057784: Passion for Wings
0300057806: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child : Volume 48 (The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child Se)
0300057814: El Salvador'S Decade Of Terror
0300057822: Four Theories of Rape in American Society: A State-Level Analysis
0300057830: Healer's Power
0300057849: Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Religion: Transference and Transcendence
0300057857: America`s Family Support Programs : Perspectives and Prospects
0300057865: Syria Unmasked: The Suppression of Human Rights by the Asad Regime
0300057873: Lost in Familiar Places : Creating New Connections Between the Individual & Society
0300057881: Architectural Principles in the Age of Historicism
0300057903: Tobacco and Shamanism in South America
0300057911: School Choice: The Struggle for the Soul of American Education
0300057938: An American Imperative: Accelerating Minority Educational Advancement
0300057946: A New World of Words : Redefining Early American Literature
0300057954: Empire of Dreams
0300057970: Memoirs of a Warsaw Ghetto Fighter : The Past Within Me
0300057989: The Contingency of Theory : Pragmatism, Expressivism, and Deconstruction
0300057997: The Past in French History
0300058020: The African Colonial State in Comparative Perspective
0300058039: The General Correspondence of James Boswell: 1766-1767 (General Correspondence of James Boswell, 1766-1769 Vol. I)
0300058047: Inside Hitler's Greece: The Experience of Occupation, 1941-44
0300058063: Until the Cure : Caring for Women with HIV
0300058098: A Christmas Garland
0300058136: Flesh and the Ideal - Winckelmann and the origins of art history
0300058144: The Image of Antiquity
0300058152: The Essential Paul Ramsey: A Collection
0300058160: Memories of Resistance: Women's Voices from the Spanish Civil War
0300058179: Caring for Creation
0300058195: African Zion: The Sacred Art of Ethiopia
0300058209: Richard Owen. Victorian Naturalist.
0300058217: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture : The Capretz Method: Textbook
0300058225: French in Action: The Capretz Method Workbook, Part 1
0300058233: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture : The Capretz Method Workbook, Part 2
0300058241: French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Second Edition: Instructors Guide (Yale Language)
0300058276: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Second Edition: Study Guide, Part 1 (Yale Language Series)
0300058284: French in Action : A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, Second Edition: Study Guide, Part 2 (Yale Language Series)
0300058292: French in Action
0300058306: French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture
0300058314: Claudius
0300058322: Painting in Britain 1530 to 1790.
0300058330: Painting in Britain : 1530-1790, Fifth Edition (The Yale University Press Pelican Histor)
0300058349: Idea of the University : A Reexamination
0300058357: Until the Cure : Caring for Women with HIV
0300058365: Yale French Studies, Number 84 : Boundaries: Writing and Drawing (Yale French Studies Series)
0300058373: Degas Landscapes
0300058381: Cross Currents: A Yearbook of Central Euroepean Culture
0300058403: Empathy and the Practice of Medicine : Beyond the Pill and the Scalpel
0300058411: The Age of the Baroque in Portugal
0300058438: A Christmas Carol : A Facsimile Edition of the Autograph Manuscript in the...
0300058446: Challengers, Competition, and Reelection: Comparing Senate and House Elections
0300058454: Hsiung's Diagnostic Virology : As Illustrated by Light and Electron Microscopy
0300058470: Japan Among the Powers, 1890-1990
0300058489: Dan Friedman
0300058500: Thomas Cole: Landscape Into History
0300058527: Giordano Bruno and the Philosophy of the Ass
0300058535: The Aftermath of Defeat
0300058543: AHLAN Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic etc
0300058578: Ahlan Wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners (Instructor's Handbook)
0300058594: Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Album)(w/10 Audio CDs)
0300058624: Degas Landscapes
0300058632: Goya
0300058640: Goya: Truth and Fantasy the Small Paintings
0300058659: Confronting Drunk Driving : Social Policy for Saving Lives
0300058667: Culture and Anarchy Set : Landmarks in the History of Education
0300058675: Culture and Anarchy Set : Landmarks in the History of Education
0300058705: Life In The English Country House.
0300058713: Integrating Services for Children and Families : Understanding the Past to Shape the Future
0300058756: Children's Literature: Annual of the Modern Language Association Division on Children's Literature and the Children's Literature Association
0300058764: Privatopia
0300058772: Inheritance in Public Policy
0300058780: Understanding Health Care Reform (Yale Fastback Series)
0300058799: Understanding Health Care Reform
0300058810: Blondes in Venetian Paintings, the Nine-Banded Armadillo, and Other Essays in Biochemistry
0300058829: Narrative and Freedom : The Shadows of Time
0300058837: The Specter of Dido : Spenser and Virgilian Epic
0300058845: Mazzini
0300058861: ARCHITECTURE IN BRITAIN: 1530 TO 1830. (The PELICAN History of Art).
0300058888: Art and Architecture of Islam, 1250-1800
0300058896: The Tyranny of Taste: The Politics of Architecture and Design in Britain 1550-1960
0300058918: Expression of the Passions
0300058926: The Origins of the Cold War in Europe : International Perspectives
0300058934: Rosso in Italy
0300058942: Art and Commerce in the Dutch Golden Age
0300058950: Popular Culture of Modern Art
0300058969: Classical Architecture in Britain
0300058977: The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Vol. 12 : Volume 12: Ecclesiastical Writings (The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series)
0300058985: The Future of Liberal Revolution
0300058993: The Laws of War: Constraints on Warfare in the Western World
0300059000: Mozart and His Circle : A Biographical Dictionary
0300059019: Mourning into Joy : Music, Raphael, and Saint Cecilia
0300059027: What to Listen for in Jazz
0300059035: Sisters of the Brush
0300059043: The Tory View of Landscape
0300059051: Oscar Wilde : A Long and Lovely Suicide
0300059078: Tamoxifen and Breast Cancer
0300059086: 100 Years on the Road: The Traveling Salesman in American Culture
0300059094: Alongshore
0300059124: Florence Kelley and the Nation's Work: The Rise of Women's Political Culture, 1830-1900
0300059132: Jews for Sale? : Nazi-Jewish Negotiations, 1939-1945
0300059140: Pathologies of Rational Choice Theory: A Critique of Applications in Political Science
0300059159: African Zion : The Sacred Art of Ethiopia
0300059167: Atget`s Seven Albums (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
0300059175: Spanish Frontier in North America
0300059183: Empathy and the Practice of Medicine
0300059191: Archaeology of Ancient Israel
0300059205: Politics by Other Means: Higher Education and Group Thinking
0300059221: War and Reason : Domestic and International Imperatives
0300059248: Bisexuality in the Ancient World
0300059256: Britons
0300059264: Jane Austen's Novels: The Age of Clarity
0300059272: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
0300059302: Global Warming and Biological Diversity
0300059310: When Home Is No Haven : Child Placement Issues
0300059329: Inside Campaign Finance : Myths and Realities
0300059337: The Shaker Experience In America : A History Of The United Society Of Believers
0300059345: History of Russian Literature
0300059353: Perseus 2.0: Interactive Sources and Studies on Ancient Greece : User`s Guide for Macintosh computers
0300059396: Perseus 2.0: Interactive Sources and Studies on Ancient Greece (Mac Edition)
0300059418: Japanese, The Spoken Language : Part 1, A Question and Answer Supplement (Yale Language Series)
0300059426: The Hypnotic Brain : Hypnotherapy and Social Communication
0300059434: The Fabrication of Louis XIV
0300059442: Anthropology and Photography,1860-1920
0300059450: Types of Christian Theology
0300059469: Crimes of the Middle Classes White Colla
0300059477: Anthology of Modern Chinese Poetry
0300059493: History and Its Images : Art and the Interpretation of the Past
0300059507: European Encounters With The New World
0300059515: Children's Interests/Mothers' Rights : The Shaping of America`s Child Care Policy
0300059523: Who Are the People of God? Early Christian Models of Community.
0300059531: Our Own Snug Fireside : Images of the New England Home, 1760-1860
0300059558: Gender, Crime, and Punishment
0300059566: Karen Horney : A Psychoanalyst's Search for Self-Understanding
0300059574: Transference Neurosis and Psychoanalytic Experience: Perspectives on Contemporary Clinical Practice
0300059582: Group Psychology and Political Theory
0300059590: Remembrance and Reconciliation: Encounters Between Young Jews and Germans
0300059604: A Woman's Unconscious Use of Her Body
0300059639: Fragmentation of Afghanistan
0300059655: Medicine's Dilemmas : Infinite Needs vs. Finite Resources
0300059663: 1920 Diary
0300059671: Hemingway's Genders: Rereading the Hemingway Text
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