0029048001: Words and Things
0029048109: Words and Things
0029048206: Social Psychology
0029048400: Psycholinguistics : Selected Papers
0029048508: Organized Complexity; Empirical Theories of Political Development
0029048605: Open Decision
0029048753: When Strangers Cooperate : Using Social Conventions to Govern Ourselves
0029048907: Social Origins of Depression : A Study of Psychiatric Disorder in Women
0029049008: Congress in Action: the Environmental Education Act
0029049105: The Origin of Negative Dialectics: Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin and the Frankfurt Institute
0029049156: Nature's Keepers : The New Science of Nature Management
0029049202: Critical Approach to Science and Philosophy
0029049210: Political Passages
0029049407: Contemporary Theories about the Family
0029049504: Contemporary Theories about the Family Vol. II : General Theories and Theoretical Orientations
0029049806: Food Policy : The Responsibility of the United States in the Life and Death Choices
0029049903: Top Executive Pay Package
0029050103: Teaching Science In The Elementary School
0029050308: Myths and Motifs in Literature
0029050618: Out of the Poverty Trap : A Conservative Strategy for Welfare Reform
0029050707: Origins of Modern Science
0029050758: Coming on Strong : Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Women's Sport
0029050901: Taking Care of Strangers : The Rule of Law in Doctor-Patient Relations
0029051002: Mission for Life: The story of the family of Adoniram Judson, the dramatic events of the first merican foreign mission, and the course of the evangelical religion in the nineteenth century
0029051304: The Minicomputer Simplified : An Executive's Guide to the Basics
0029051401: Russian Revolution
0029051509: Origin of Negative Dialectics : Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, and the Frankfurt Institute
0029051606: Clinical Treatment of Substance Abusers
0029051703: Food Policy
0029051711: Alumni Continuing Education
0029051800: State and Local Government: The Political Economy of Reform
0029051908: In the Presence of the Creator
0029052009: Man, Play, and Games
0029052351: You're Smarter Than They Make You Feel : How the Experts Intimidate Us and What We Can do About It
0029052505: Poor Pay More : Consumer Practices of Low Income Families
0029052602: Consumers in Trouble : Study of Debtors in Default
0029052718: The Atlas of the Middle East
0029052734: Human Resource Management Systems : Strategies, Tactics and Techniques
0029052904: Skinner Primer : Behind Freedom and Dignity
0029053013: Centennial History of the American Administrative State
0029053102: Skinner Primer:behind Freedom and Dignity
0029053250: Men of Respect : A Social History of the Sicilian Mafia
0029053706: Health and the Law : A Handbook for Health Professionals
0029053803: This Wild Abyss : The Story of the Men Who Made Modern Astronomy
0029053900: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Major Powers Politics of a Divided Subcontinent
0029054001: A Handbook of Music and Music Literature in Sets and Series
0029054109: Corporate Financial Reporting : Public or Private Control?
0029054206: India and China
0029054400: Cognitive Sociology: Language and Meaning in Social Interaction
0029054508: Cognitive sociology : language and meaning in social Interaction
0029054605: Contemporary Political Analysis
0029054710: New China's Population : The Definitive Guide to the Population of the People's Republic of China
0029054753: Living Stones : The History and Structure of Catholic Spiritual Life in the United States
0029054907: Education in the United States : An Interpretive History
0029055059: Simulated Test Marketing
0029055156: Revolutionizing Product Development : Quantum Leaps in Speed, Efficiency, and Quality
0029055172: Managing New Product and Process Development : Text Cases
0029055350: American Lives : Looking Back at the Children of the Great Depression
0029055504: Anomie and Deviant Behavior
0029055601: Anomie and Deviant Behavior: A Discussion and Critique.
0029055806: Slums and Community Development. Experiments in Self-Help
0029055903: Delinquency and Opportunity : A Theory of Delinquent Gangs
0029056004: Delinquency and Opportunity: A Theory of Delinquent Gangs,
0029056209: Mental Deficiency : The Changing Outlook
0029056608: This Wild Abyss : The Story of the Men Who Made Modern Astronomy
0029056705: Civil-Military Relations; Changing Concepts in the Seventies
0029056713: While Others Build : The Common Sense Approach to the Strategic Defense Initiative
0029057000: Politics of Arms Control: The Role and Effectiveness of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
0029057108: Corporate Crime
0029057302: Prohibition, the Lie of the Land by Cashman, Sean Dennis
0029057507: Atlas of Military Strategy
0029057604: Delinquent Boys
0029057809: Demographic Dynamics in America
0029057906: Malpractice: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
0029058007: Statistics Primer for Management
0029058104: Social Strategy and Corporate Structure
0029058201: To Raise an Army : The Draft Comes to Modern America
0029058309: Social Work and Mental Health
0029058406: Counseling Women : A Guide for Therapists
0029058503: Social Work and Mental Health
0029058708: Libel Law and the Press : Myth and Reality
0029058805: Corporate Crime
0029059003: Skinner Primer : Behind Freedom and Dignity
0029059100: Defendant : A Psychiatrist on Trial for Medical Malpractice
0029059305: Napoleon's Marshals
0029059402: Radical Management : Power-Politics and the Pursuit of Trust
0029059607: Health and the Law : A Handbook for Health Professionals
0029059704: Mental Deficiency
0029059801: Finite and Infinite Games : A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility
0029059909: Limits of Air Power : The American Bombing of North Vietnam
0029060400: Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought
0029060508: Remaking Japan : The American Occupation As New Deal
0029060605: Military Misfortunes : The Anatomy of Failure in War
0029060702: Supreme Command : Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime
0029061008: DEMOCRACY
0029063507: Music and Meaning
0029063558: Some Do Care : Contemporary Lives of Moral Commitment
0029063566: Some Do Care : Contemporary Lives of Moral Commitment
0029063604: Fair Science : Women in the Scientific Community
0029063906: Host of Tongues : Language Communities in the United States
0029064201: Fighting Fair
0029064309: Anthropology for the Eighties : Introductory Readings
0029064414: Anthropology for the Nineties : Introductory Readings
0029064600: All American Women : Lines That Divide, Ties That Bind
0029064708: Termination Handbook : A Book for Those on Both Sides of the Firing Line
0029064813: Liberal Conspiracy : The Congress for Cultural Freedom and the Struggle for the Mind of Postwar Europe
0029064902: Cities, Suburbs and States : Governing and Financing Urban America
0029065003: Host of Tongues : Language Communities in the United States
0029065305: Dictionary of Musical Quotations
0029065402: Atlas of the English Civil War
0029065550: School Power : Implications of an Intervention Project
0029065801: Training in Ambiguity : Learning Through Doing in a Mental Hospital
0029066409: Mastering Medicine : Professional Socialization in Medical School
0029066603: Living Witness : Art in the Concentration Camps and Ghettos
0029066700: Easter Hill Village : Some Social Implications of Design
0029066816: Measures for Clinical Practice : A Sourcebook
0029066824: Left-Hander Syndrome : The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness
0029066832: Intelligence of Dogs : Canine Consciousness and Capabilities
0029066859: Measures for Clinical Practice Vol. 1 : Couples, Families, and Children
0029066867: Measures for Clinical Practice Vol. 2 : Adults
0029066875: Structures of Social Life : The Four Elementary Forms of Human Relations
0029067006: Termination Handbook
0029067057: Juggling : The Unexpected Advantages of Balancing Career and Home for Women and Their Families
0029067103: Teaching in a Multicultural Society : Perspectives and Professional Strategies
0029067405: Modern Constitutional Law
0029067707: Men of Ideas
0029067901: Men of Ideas
0029068002: The Functions of Social Conflict.
0029068207: The Present of Things Future: Explorations of Time in Human Experience
0029068304: The Uses of Controversy in Sociology
0029068355: Fighting for Life : American Military Medicine in World War II
0029068509: The Modernization of Japan and Russia
0029068606: Soldiers and Civilians
0029068703: To Make a Difference: Teaching in the Inner City.
0029068908: To Make a Difference : Teaching in the Inner City
0029069106: Control of Urban Schools : Perspective on the Power of Educational Reformers
0029069114: Juggling : The Unexpected Advantages of Balancing Career and Home for Women and Their Families
0029069203: Congressmen and the Electorate: Elections for the U.S. House and the
0029069319: Confronting Child Abuse : Research for Effective Program Design
0029069327: Moral Child : Nurturing Children's Natural Moral Growth
0029069335: Moral Child : Nurturing Children's Natural Moral Growth
0029069351: Greater Expectations Overcoming the Culture of Indulgence in America's Homes and Schools
0029069378: Psychosomatic Delusion : Why the Mind Is Not the Source of All Our Ills
0029069386: Hypercompetition
0029069459: Staying Home Instead
0029069904: Number : The Language of Science
0029070007: When Men Revolt and Why
0029070201: Intimate Relations
0029070503: Dictionary of Angels : Including the Fallen Angels
0029070554: Broken Heartland : The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto
0029070805: An introduction to public administration, politics, policy, and bureaucracy
0029071100: Spatial Economic Theory,
0029072050: House of Cards : Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth
0029072107: Buyer Attitudes and Brand Choice Behavior
0029072115: Market Driven Strategy : Processes for Creating Value
0029072123: Freud, Dora and Vienna 1900
0029072603: The collective definition of deviance
0029073006: Tides among Nations
0029073200: Violence Against Wives
0029073308: Quality of Working Life : Cases and Commentary (Vol. 2).
0029073405: Quality of Working Life : Cases and Commentary
0029073502: Encyclopedia of American Forest and Conservation History
0029073707: Democracy and Education : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education
0029073804: Quality of Working Life
0029073901: The quality of working life
0029074002: People, Society and Mass Communications
0029074304: Social Work Practice with the Mentally Retarded
0029074312: Enriching Heredity : The Impact of the Environment on the Anatomy of the Brain
0029074355: Law in the Health and Human Services : A Guide for Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Related Professionals
0029074509: Instructor's Manual for Modes of Fiction.
0029074614: Hindu Temple art of Orissa. vol. 1
0029074908: Teaching the Troubled Child
0029075009: Of War and War's Alarms Fiction and Politics in the Modern World
0029075211: Question of Pornography : Research Findings and Policy Implications
0029075300: American Social Order
0029075602: Rebel Leadership: Commitment and Charisma in the Revolutionary Process
0029075807: Myth, Oil and Politics : Introduction to the Political Economy of Petroleum
0029076080: Division of Labor in Society
0029076102: Major Legal Systems in the World Today : An Introduction to the Comparative Study of Law
0029076404: Sunday Morning : Aspects of Urban Ritual
0029076609: Toward a Society of Leisure
0029076706: Keyboard Musicianship
0029076900: Violence and Repression in Latin America : A Quantitative and Historical Analysis
0029077001: Music Reference and Research Materials : An Annotated Bibliography
0029077109: Myth, Oil and Politics : Introduction to the Political Economy of Petroleum
0029077206: Facts about Drug Abuse
0029077354: Government of Our Own
0029077400: Rumor of Revolt : The Great Negro Plot in Colonial New York
0029077613: Doing Business in Asia : The Complete Guide
0029077702: Encyclopedia of American Forest and Conservation Hsitory - Volume Two
0029078008: Systematics in Prehistory
0029078105: Violence Against Wives
0029078202: Guide To the Culture of Science Technology & M
0029078504: Division of Labor in Society
0029078601: Behavioral Statistics : Logic and Methods
0029078628: Behavioral Statistic
0029078709: Dictionary of Medieval Civilization
0029078814: Governing Prisons : A Comparative Study of Correctional Management
0029078822: Beyond Widowhood : From Bereavement to Emergence and Hope
0029078830: Governing Prisons : A Comparative Study of Correctional Management
0029078857: Homo Aestheticus : Where Art Comes From and Why
0029079209: Education and Sociology
0029079306: Rules of Sociological Method and Selected Texts on Sociology and Its Method
0029079365: Elementary Forms of the Religious Life
0029079373: Elementary Forms of the Religious Life
0029079403: Rules of Sociological Method
0029079500: Division of Labor in Society
0029079608: Division of Labor in Society
0029079705: Intercourse
0029079713: Intercourse
0029079802: Emile Durkheim : Contributions to L'Annee Sociologique
0029080207: Atlas of Central America and the Caribbean
0029080304: War Against the Jews, 1933-1945
0029080401: Health, Medicine and the Human Body
0029080606: Mind over Machine : The Power of Human Intuition and Expertise in the Era of the Computer
0029080614: Mind over Machine : The Power of Human Intuition and Expertise in the Era of the Computer
0029080657: Members of the Club : The Coming of Age of Executive Women
0029080703: Journalist's Handbook on Libel and Privacy
0029080800: Hitting Habit
0029080908: Love in the Promised Land
0029081009: Illiberal Education : The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus
0029081025: End of Racism : Principles for a Multicultural Society
0029082404: Zen Buddhism
0029082501: Zen Buddhism
0029082609: Zen Buddhism - A History : India and China
0029082706: Zen Buddhism, a History Indian and China, Volume I. Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture
0029082803: Neo-Pagans
0029083001: Social Psychology
0029083109: Social Psychology Im
0029083206: Moral Education : A Study in the Theory and Application of the Sociology of Education
0029084903: Rules of Sociological Method
0029085004: Rules of Sociological Method
0029085705: Sociology and Philosophy
0029085802: Sociology and Philosophy
0029086507: Suicide : A Study in Sociology
0029086604: Suicide : A Study in Sociology
0029086809: Legislation of Morality : Laws, Drugs and Moral Judgment
0029086817: Energy in the Executive
0029086833: Energy in the Executive
0029087007: Jefferson Davis : The Sphinx of the Confederacy
0029087104: History of the Southern Confederacy
0029087201: Urban Poverty in a Cross-Cultural Context
0029087406: Jefferson Davis : A Biography
0029087503: Chinese Civilization and Society
0029087600: Chinese Civilization and Society : A Sourcebook
0029087805: Confucianism : The Dynamics of Tradition
0029087902: Colleges of Choice : The Enabling Impact of the Community College
0029088100: National Income of Communist China.
0029088607: The Wonder of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind
0029088801: Judah P. Benjamin : The Jewish Confederate
0029089107: Like Lions They Fought : The Zulu War and the Last Black Empire in South Africa
0029089204: Mau Mau
0029089255: Sick Societies : Challenging the Myth of Primitive Harmony
0029089263: Fall of the Asante Empire : The Hundred-Year War for Africa's Gold Coast
0029092000: Modern Introduction to Philosophy
0029092507: Political Crisis of the Enterprise System
0029092604: International Business Philanthropy (Studies of the Modern Corporation)
0029092701: Global Corporations: The Emerging System of World Economic Power
0029092809: Man in the city of the future: a symposium of urban philosophers sponsored by Lions International, held at the University of Puerto Rice, 196-
0029093406: Encyclopedia of Psychoanalysis
0029093805: From Generation to Generation : Age Groups and Social Structure
0029093902: Revolution and the Transformation of Societies
0029094100: 1984-85 Fact Book on Higher Education
0029094305: How Real Is the Federal Deficit?
0029094402: Parenting Together : Men and Women Sharing the Care of Their Children
0029094704: Lease-Buy Decision : A Simplified Guide to Maximizing Financial and Tax Advantages in the 1980's
0029094801: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029095018: Swords Around a Throne : Napoleon's Grande Armee
0029095026: Adventures of Amos 'n' Andy : A Social History of an American Phenomenon
0029095034: Adventures of Amos 'n' Andy : A Social History of an American Phenomenon
0029095204: Intemperance: The Lost War Against Liquor
0029095409: Dark Symphony
0029095700: Organizational Planning and Control Systems.
0029095808: Active Society
0029095905: Active Society
0029096200: Comparative Analysis of Complex Organizations
0029096308: In Search of the Common Good : Utopian Experiments Past and Future
0029096405: In Search of the Common Good : Utopian Experiments Past and Future
0029096456: Steel Drug : Cocaine and Crack in Perspective
0029096502: A Comparative Analysis of Complex Organizations: On Power, Involvement, and Their Correlates
0029096618: The Last Chance : Nuclear Proliferation And Arms Control
0029096707: Guide to Theatre in America
0029097002: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029097207: Encyclopedia of Religion (Encyclopedia of Religion)
0029097304: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029097401: Encyclopedia of Religion (Encyclopedia of Religion)
0029097509: Encyclopedia of Religion (Encyclopedia of Religion)
0029097606: The sociology of law; a social-structural perspective.
0029097800: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029097908: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029098203: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029098408: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029098505: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029098807: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029098904: Encyclopedia of Religion
0029099005: Moral Dimension : Toward a New Economics
0029099013: Moral Dimension : Toward a New Economics
0029099110: Judah P. Benjamin : The Jewish Confederate
0029099129: Tidal Wave : How Women Changed America at Century's End
0029099307: The End of Kings: A History of Republics and Republicans
0029100208: Child Sexual Abuse : New Theory and Research
0029100305: Ethics
0029100607: A study of future worlds (Preferred worlds for the 1990's)
0029100658: Safe Blood : Purifying the Nation's Blood Supply in the Age of AIDS
0029100801: Study of Future Worlds
0029101107: Origins of the World War. (TWO VOLUME SET)
0029101204: Reading, Understanding and Writing About Short Stories
0029101301: Soviet Socialized Medicine
0029101603: Lemon Swamp and Other Places : A Carolina Memoir
0029101905: Cultural Atlas of Islam
0029102006: Values in Education and Society
0029102103: Sexually Victimized Children
0029102200: Accounting for Genocide : National Response and Jewish Victimization During the Holocaust
0029102308: Planned Behavior Change : Behavior Modification in Social Work
0029102405: Networks and Places
0029102502: Planned behavior change: Behavior modification in social work
0029102707: Psychoanalytic Vision : A Controversial Reappraisal of the Freudian Revolution
0029102758: We Must Take Charge! : Our Schools and Our Future
0029102766: We Must Take Charge! : Our Schools and Our Future
0029102804: Social Work with Abused and Neglected Children : A Manual of Interdisciplinary Practice
0029103118: Crime of Self-Defense : Bernhard Goetz and the Law on Trial
0029103126: Silent Brotherhood : Inside America's Racist Underground
0029103150: Unmasking : Married to a Rapist
0029103207: President and Congress
0029103215: Effective College President
0029103401: President and Congress
0029103428: Breath of Life : Feminism in the American Jewish Community
0029103452: Structures of Social Life : The Four Elementary Forms of Human Relations
0029103509: Civilized Wilderness : Backgrounds to American Literature, 1817-1860
0029103703: Women and the American Labor Movement : From Colonial Times to the Eve of World War I
0029103800: Women and the American Labor Movement : From the First Trade Unions to the Present
0029103908: Power Talk
0029104009: Sexually Victimized Children
0029104017: License to Rape : Sexual Abuse of Wives
0029104203: Congressional staffs: The invisible force in American lawmaking
0029104408: Healing of the Mind
0029104602: Doing Business in Washington: A Manager's Handbook of Governmental Relations
0029104807: Rural Social Work Practice
0029105404: Directory Of Campus-business Linkages : Education And Business Prospering Together
0029105501: Lemon Swamp and Other Places : A Carolina Memoir
0029105803: Black Bourgeoisie
0029105900: Uncloaking the CIA
0029106001: Guide to Campus Business Linkage Programs : Education and Business Prospering Together
0029106117: Patterns of Episcopal Leadership
0029106303: Labor Will Rule
0029106516: Business Information Desk Reference
0029106605: Human Sociobiology : A Holistic Approach
0029106702: Foundation of Political Science : Research, Methods and Scope
0029106818: Atlas Nazi Germany
0029106958: Justice and the Earth : Images for Our Planetary Survival
0029107202: Smoking for Two : Cigarettes and Pregnancy
0029107407: Educator's Desk Reference : A Sourcebook of Educational Information and Research
0029107504: Scientists and Journalists : Reporting Science As News
0029108004: In the Wake of the Goddesses : Women, Culture and the Biblical Transformation of Pagan Myth
0029108802: A Sociology of Sociology
0029109108: What Went Wrong? : The Creation and Collapse of the Black-Jewish Alliance
0029109205: Integrating the Organization : A Social Psychological Analysis
0029109302: For the Love of Life
0029109310: Working for the Japanese : Inside Mazda's American Auto Plant
0029109329: Working for the Japanese : Inside Mazda's American Auto Plant
0029109752: End of History and the Last Man
0029109760: Trust : The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity
0029109779: Strategy and Power in Russia, 1600-1914
0029109809: Short History of Chinese Philosophy
0029109906: Australia 2000! A Look at Alternative Futures
0029110009: Thinking Without Language
0029110106: Unplanned parenthood: The social consequences of teenage childbearing
0029110300: Unplanned Parenthood : The Social Consequences of Teenage Childbearing
0029110408: Reshaping Faculty Careers
0029110459: Managing Customer Value : Creating Quality and Service That Customers Can See
0029110505: Techniques of Treasury Debt Management
0029111706: Simsoc
0029111803: SIMSOC: Simulated society : coordinator's manual with complete materials
0029111900: African Proconsuls: European Governors in Africa
0029112028: Simsoc : Simulated Society
0029112109: Theories of History
0029112206: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
0029112400: Urban Villagers
0029112508: Urban Villagers
0029112516: Middle American Individualism : The Future of Liberal Democracy
0029112605: Catholic Challenge to the American Economy
0029112702: Catholic Challenge to the American Economy
0029113008: American Foreign Policy, Present to Past; A Narrative With Readings and Documents (Urgent Issues in American Society Series)
0029113105: American Foreign Policy, Present to Past : A Narrative with Readings and Documents (Urgent Issues in American Society Ser.)
0029113113: On Leadership
0029113121: On Leadership
0029113202: Inside the Soviet Writers' Union
0029113504: Chapters in My Life
0029113806: Managing Quality : The Strategic and Competitive Edge
0029114004: Bureaucratic Behavior In The Executive Branch: An Analysis of Organizational Change.
0029114306: Passionate Attachments : Thinking about Love
0029114314: Passionate Attachments
0029114403: Information Literacy : Revolution in the Library
0029115736: Jews of Spain : A History of the Sephardic Experience
0029115744: Jews of Spain : A History of the Sephardic Experience
0029115752: Commitment
0029115809: East of the Mountains of the Moon : Chimpanzee Society in the African Rain Forest
0029116007: White-Collar Crime : Offenses in Business, Politics, and Professions
0029116015: White-Collar Crime : Offenses in Business, Politics and the Professions
0029116023: Muse in the Machine : Computerizing the Poetry of Human Thought
0029116058: Breaking Destructive Patterns : Multiple Strategies for Treating Partner Abuse
0029116112: Kirkpatrick Mission
0029116201: Handbook on Continuing Higher Education
0029116600: Social Work Practice in Health Care : An Ecological View
0029116708: Katharine Gibbs Business Wordbook
0029116805: Katharine Gibbs Handbook of Business English
0029116902: Women and the Future: Changing Sex Roles in Modern America
0029117003: Women and the Future : Changing Sex Roles in Modern America
0029117011: History in the Schools : What Shall We Teach
0029117038: Agatha Christie : The Woman and Her Mysteries
0029117054: How We Know What Isn't So : The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life
0029117062: How We Know What Isn't So : The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life
0029117151: Road to Reform : The Future of Health Care in America
0029117208: Jews in a changing neighborhood: The study of Mattapan
0029117305: American Worker in the Twentieth Century
0029117402: The Troublesome Presence; American Democracy and the Negro
0029117607: Practice of Social Work in Public Welfare
0029117704: Beyond right and wrong;: A study in moral theory
0029117801: Defining Child Abuse
0029117909: Individual Change Through Small Groups
0029118115: Public Face of Architecture
0029118131: Beyond Infertility : The New Paths to Parenthood
0029118158: Forged in Battle : The Civil War Alliance of Black Soldiers and White Officers
0029118174: Partners in Command : The Relationships Between Leaders in the Civil War
0029118204: American Junior Colleges
0029118239: Rights Talk : The Impoverishment of Political Discourse
0029118255: Rights Talk : The Impoverishment of American Political Discourse
0029118301: Searching for Academic Excellence
0029118506: Interpretations of American History : Patterns and Perspectives
0029118603: American Society as a Social Problem.
0029118700: Munching On Existence
0029118719: Religious Jurisprudence in the Dharmasastra
0029118905: Interpretations of American History : Patterns and Perspectives
0029119006: The United States Congress
0029119154: Informing Statecraft : Intelligence for a New Century
0029119200: Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice
0029119308: Behavior in Public Places : Notes on the Social Organization of Gatherings
0029119405: Behavior in Public Places : Notes on the Social Organization of Gatherings
0029119502: Handbook of Stress : Theoretical and Clinical Aspects
0029119804: Psychosocial Dimensions of Cancer
0029120357: Handbook of Stress : Theoretical and Clinical Aspects
0029120365: Handbook of Stress : Theoretical and Clinical Aspects
0029120608: Treatment in Crisis Situations
0029120640: With Friends Like You
0029120705: Passing Through Transitions
0029120802: Passing Through Transitions : A Guide for Practitioners
0029121159: Save Your Business Book : A Survival Manual for Small Business Owners
0029121507: Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice
0029121809: In the Best Interests of the Child
0029121906: Beyond the Best Interests of the Child
0029122007: Beyond the Best Interests of the Child
0029122104: Before the Best Interests of the Child
0029122201: Before the Best Interests of the Child
0029122600: Crime, Law and Society
0029122708: Crime , Law and Society
0029122805: Family and the Law
0029122902: Beyond Best Interests of Children
0029123003: Beyond the best interests of the child
0029123208: Supplement to Criminal Law : Theory and Process
0029123607: Beyond the Best Interests of the Child
0029123704: Black Death : Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe
0029123801: In the Best Interests of the Child
0029123909: Before the Best Interests of the Child
0029123984: Romancing the Business Loan : Getting Your Banker to Say Yes in the 1990's
0029123992: Voice for the Mad : A Life of Dorothea Dix
0029124204: Religion Among The Primitives
0029124301: Liaison Psychiatry
0029124409: Regulating Death
0029124603: World Revolution and Family Patterns
0029124700: Leaders for a New Era : Strategies for Higher Education
0029124808: How to Manage a Turnaround : A Senior Manager's Blueprint for Turning an Ailing Business into a Winner
0029124824: Jews in the Japanese Mind : The History and Uses of a Cultural Sterotype
0029124832: Luck Business : The Devastating Consequences of America's Gambling Explosion
0029124859: Pitied but Not Entitled
0029124905: Female Fear
0029125006: Can Social Science Help Resolve National Problems? : Welfare, a Case in Point
0029125804: Unidimensional Scaling of Social Variables
0029126207: Drinks, Drugs, and Do-Gooders
0029126304: Black Death : Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe
0029126517: Strategic Cost Management : The New Tool for Competitive Advantage
0029126606: Standard Handbook of Business Communication
0029126614: Leverage of Sea Power : The Strategic Advantage of Navies in War
0029126630: Unequal Justice : The Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse
0029126703: Intellectuals and the State in Modern China
0029126800: American Business - a Two-Minute Warning : Ten Tough Issues Managers Must Face
0029126851: Interpretations of American History to 1877
0029126908: Interpretations of American History
0029126959: Mad Among Us : A History of the Care of America's Mentally Ill
0029127009: Interpretations of American History
0029127106: Interpretations of American History
0029127203: Interpretations of American History (Interpretations of American History; Patterns and Perspectives)
0029127300: Patterns of Industrial Bureaucracy
0029127351: On Tyranny
0029127408: Patterns of Industrial Bureaucracy : A Case Study of Modern Factory Administration
0029127505: Ethics and Values in Archaeology
0029127513: Teaching Your Child to Be Home Alone
0029127602: Handbook of Political Conflict: Theory and Research (The Free Press series on political behavior)
0029127807: Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy
0029128005: The Mexican-American People
0029128013: America 1941 : A Nation at the Crossroads
0029128102: Intellectuals and the State in Modern China : A Narrative History
0029128250: Children of a Certain Age
0029128307: Psychotic Patient : Medication and Psychotherapy
0029128706: Religion : A Secular Theory
0029128803: Religion : A Secular Theory
0029129109: From Jacksonian Democracy to the Gilded Age (From Jacksonian Democracy to the...
0029129206: From Progressivism to the Cold War (From Progressivism to the Cold War)
0029129303: Sociology of Organizations : Basic Studies
0029129753: When Parents Kidnap : The Families Behind the Headlines
0029130204: Ideas in America : Source Readings in the Intellectual History of the United States
0029130301: The Ideology of Fascism: The Rationale of Totalitarianism
0029130409: Mental Institutions in America: Social Policy to 1875
0029130603: Sociology of Organizations : Basic Studies
0029131359: Teaching Your Child to Be Home Alone
0029131405: Organizations and Their Managing.
0029131456: The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of South America
0029131693: Tyranny of the Majority : Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy
0029131715: American Hour : A Time of Reckoning and the Once and Future Role of Faith
0029131723: Tyranny of the Majority : Fundamental Fairness in Representative Democracy
0029131731: American Hour
0029131804: The Sociology of Organizations Basic Studies
0029131901: The Literature of American Jews
0029132207: Hawthorne, Melville, Stephen Crane : A Critical Bibliography
0029132304: The Heroic Ideal in American Literature
0029132509: Urban Development in Central Europe
0029132606: Urban Development in Alpine and Scandinavian Countries
0029132703: Urban Development in Southern Europe : Spain and Portugal
0029132908: Wound in the Heart : America & the Spani
0029133009: Urban Development in Western Europe : France and Belgium
0029133106: Urban Development in Western Europe : The Netherlands and Great Britain
0029133203: International History of City Development: Urban Development in East-Central.
0029133300: Urban Development in Eastern Europe : Bulgaria, Romania, and U. S. S. R.
0029133505: Counseling and Therapy for Children
0029133602: A Nation of Nations: Ethnic Literature in America.
0029134609: Hadassah Magazine Jewish Parent Book
0029134706: This People's Navy : The Making of American Sea Power
0029134714: This People's Navy : The Making of American Sea Power
0029134900: When I was your age STOP
0029135400: The Causes of Suicide
0029135702: Divorce Reform : Changing Legal and Social Perspectives
0029136407: Modern Stylists : Writers on the Art of Writing
0029136709: Heredity and Environment
0029137004: Education, Economy and Society: A Reader in the Sociology of Education
0029137055: Apprenticeship for Adulthood : Preparing Youth for the Future
0029137063: Charting the Corporate Mind : Graphic Solutions to Business Conflicts
0029137101: Twentieth Century Criticism : The Major Statements
0029137403: Consumer Choice Behavior
0029137500: An invitation to critical sociology: Involvement, criticism, exploration
0029137519: Other Greeks : The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilization
0029137608: Arab Strategies and Israel's Response
0029137802: Arab Strategies and Israel's Response
0029138000: Cultures of the Pacific
0029138108: Cultures of the Pacific
0029138205: Preservation of Client Rights : A Handbook for Practitioners Providing Therapeutic, Educational and Rehabilitative Services
0029138302: Financial Revolution
0029138418: Handbook of Small Group Research
0029138612: Reinventing the Factory : Productivity Breakthroughs in Manufacturing Today
0029138620: Reinventing the Factory II : Managing the World Class Factory
0029138639: Reinventing the Warehouse : World Class Distribution Logistics
0029138647: Reinventing the Business
0029138655: Death of an American Jewish Community : A Tragedy of Good Intentions
0029138663: Death of an American Jewish Community : A Tragedy of Good Intentions
0029139309: Emotional Blocks to Learning; A Study of the Reasons for Failure in School.
0029140404: Endless War : Fifty Years of Struggle in Vietnam
0029140552: When Growing up Hurts Too Much : A Parent's Guide to Knowing When and How to Choose a Therapist for Your Teenager
0029140803: Widening Gulf
0029140900: The WIDENING GULF
0029140919: Service Management Course : Cases and Readings
0029140927: Service Management Course
0029141001: Family-Centered Social Work Practice
0029141109: A Coleridge Companion
0029141400: Living Covenant : The Innovative Spirit in Traditional Judaism
0029141605: Black Theater, U.S.A.
0029141656: Managing Acquisitions : Creating Value Through Corporate Renewal
0029142008: Societal Growth
0029142113: Dynamic Manufacturing : Creating the Learning Organization
0029142202: Handbook of Strategic Expertise : Over 450 Key Concepts Defined, Illustrated, and Evaluated for the Strategist
0029142601: Adolescents and Their Families : Paths of Ego Development
0029142903: Down to Earth Sociology : Introductory Readings
0029143004: Introduction to Sociology
0029143209: Fascism
0029143403: Aspects of Scientific Explanation
0029143950: LSD : Still with Us after All These Years
0029144302: Introduction to Sociology
0029144418: Whitehall
0029144515: Down to Earth Sociology : Introductory Readings
0029144558: Im Toa Down Earth Sociology 6t
0029144566: Down to Earth Sociology
0029144604: History of Korea
0029144728: Marriage and family in a changing society
0029144752: Marriage and Family in a Changing Society
0029144760: Marriage and Family in a Changing Society
0029144809: Urbanman: The Psychology of Urban Survival.
0029145104: Between God and Man : An Interpretation of Judaism
0029145805: Marriage and the Family in a Changing Society
0029146003: Bringing the War Home the American Soldi
0029146100: History of Korea
0029146208: Down to earth sociology: Introductory readings
0029146305: Urbanman : The Psychology of Urban Survival
0029146402: World of the Yeshiva
0029146518: Down to Earth Sociology : Introductory Readings
0029146526: Down to Earth Sociology : Introductory Readings
0029146607: Down to Earth Sociology
0029146658: Down to Earth Sociology : Introductory Readings
0029146739: Bell Curve : Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life
0029146747: Down to Earth Socilogy
0029146755: Service Breakthroughs : Changing the Rules of the Game
0029146801: Manager's Bible : How to Resolve One Hundred Twenty-Seven Classic Management Dilemmas
0029147107: Rights and Goods : Justifying Social Action
0029147409: Principles of Survey Analysis
0029147603: Security Council
0029147654: Mortal Engines : The Science of Performance and the Dehumanization of Sport
0029147700: More Than a Trial : The Struggle over Captain Dreyfus
0029147808: Twenties : American Writing in the Postwar Decade
0029147905: Hospitalized Adolescent
0029147956: Steel in the 21st Century : Competition Forges a New World Order
0029148006: Free Press, Free People: The Best Cause
0029148103: Supervising in the Human Services : The Politics of Practice
0029148200: Leadership Dynamics
0029148308: Leadership Dynamics : A Practical Guide to Effective Relationships
0029148510: Acts of War : A Novel of Police Terror
0029148707: Marriage and Family in a Changing Society
0029149002: Taking Care : Supporting Older People and Their Families
0029149010: Taking Care of Your Aging Family Members : A Practical Guide
0029149703: C. Wright Mills : An American Utopian
0029149908: A Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences
0029150108: C. Wright Mills : An American Utopian
0029150205: Acts of War
0029150302: War by Other Means : Soviet Power, West German Resistance and the Battle of the Euromissiles
0029150604: Out of Earth Civilization
0029152208: Theories of Economic Growth
0029152607: Introductory Readings in Aesthetics
0029152917: Competing Against Time : How Time-Based Competition Is Reshaping Global Markets
0029152933: Under Running Laughter
0029152941: Thinking about Our Kids : An Agenda for American Education
0029153204: Communication Satellites : Their History and Future
0029153301: Income and Ideology: An Analysis of the American Political Formula
0029153352: Orwell's Revenge
0029153514: Overlord : Pete Quesada and the Triumph of Tactical Air Power in World War II
0029153603: Search for Structure : A Report on American Youth Today
0029153700: Issei : The World of the First Generation Japanese Immigrants, 1885-1924
0029153808: Madness in the Streets : How Psychiatry and the Law Abandoned the Mentally Ill
0029153816: Madness in the Streets : How Psychiatry and the Law Abandoned the Mentally Ill
0029154502: Architecture in the Hanukkah Lamp Architectural Forms Paperback by
0029154901: The Slums: Challenge and Response
0029155010: Before the Shooting Begins
0029155207: Enrollment Problem : Proven Management Techniques
0029155703: Israel Museum Guide
0029156009: Social Services for the Elderly
0029156653: Age of Hirohito : In Search of Modern Japan
0029156807: Political Socialization : A Study in the Psychology of Political Behavior
0029157005: Readings in Reference Group Theory and Research
0029157501: Simulation and Gaming in Social Science
0029157706: Survey Design and Analysis
0029158109: Ecological Economic Analysis for Regional Development
0029158508: Patients, Physicians, and Illness : A Sourcebook in Behavioral Science and Health
0029159202: Values and the Active Community
0029159407: Corporate Power and Social Responsibility
0029159504: CORPORATE POWER AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (Studies of the Modern Corporation)
0029159709: Age of Industrialism in America
0029159806: Multinational Oil : A Study in Industrial Dynamics
0029159903: Multinational Oil : A Study in Industrial Dynamics
0029160006: Bribery and Extortion in World Business
0029160014: Refighting the Last War
0029160022: Dictionary of Legal Quotations
0029160030: Touched with Fire : Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
0029160057: Handbook for Treatment of Attachment Problems in Children : An Historical Compendium of Pitching, Pitchers, and Pitches
0029160154: Shattered Assumptions : Towards a New Psychology of Trauma
0029160200: Reader in Public Opinion and Mass Communication
0029160308: Touched with Fire : Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
0029161509: Guerrilla and Terrorist Organizations
0029161606: Decision Making : A Psychological Analysis of Conflict, Choice, and Commitment
0029161614: Crucial Decisions : Leadership in Policymaking and Crisis Management
0029161800: Professional Soldier : A Social and Political Portrait
0029161908: Decision Making : A Psychological Analysis of Conflict, Choice and Commitment
0029161959: Animal Rights Crusade : The Growth of a Moral Protest
0029163005: Higher Education Research and Public Policy
0029163609: American Espionage: From Secret Service to CIA
0029163803: Illustrated Dictionary & Concordance of the Bible
0029164001: Ethnic Dilemma in Social Services
0029164052: Subversive Laughter : The Liberating Power of Comedy
0029164206: Dictionary of Finance
0029164214: A Political Dictionary of the State of Israel
0029164222: Political Dictionary of the Arab World
0029164303: Bias in Mental Testing
0029164400: Straight Talk about Mental Tests
0029164605: Straight Talk about Mental Tests
0029164702: Pandaemonium : The Coming of the Machine As Seen by Contemporary Observers, 1660-1886
0029164907: History of Religions : Retrospect and Prospect
0029164915: Groupware
0029165105: Dictionary of Human Geography
0029165202: Self-Study Processes
0029165318: Transforming Paris
0029165407: Reconstruction 1865-1877
0029165504: Contemporary American Thought
0029165555: Relevance Regained : From Top-Down Control to Bottom-Up Empowerment
0029165717: Contagion of Courage : The Untold Story of the People Who Brought Marcos Down
0029165806: The American economy;: An historical introduction to the problems of the 1970's (Urgent issues in American society series)
0029166004: Doing Field Research
0029166101: Doing Field Research
0029166217: Impasses of Divorce : The Dynamics and Resolution of Family Conflict
0029166306: Paths to the Ancient Past
0029166357: Civil War Command and Strategy
0029166500: Triumph of Conservatism : A Reinterpretation of American History, 1900-1916
0029166624: When Ads Work
0029166705: Bad Blood
0029166756: Bad Blood
0029166764: Bad Blood
0029166802: Private World of Congress
0029166810: Juran on Planning for Quality
0029166829: Juran on Leadership for Quality : The New Steps for Planning Quality into Goods and Service
0029166837: Juran on Quality by Design : The New Steps for Planning Quality into Goods and Services
0029166845: Quality Wars : The Triumphs and Defeats of American Business
0029166918: Blame and Punishment
0029166926: Is Korea the Next Japan? : Understanding the Structure, Strategy and Tactics of America's Next Competitor
0029167000: All the President's Kin
0029167205: Aggressive Adolescent : A Clinical Perspective
0029167302: Parenting in an Unresponsive Society
0029167507: Towards Professionalism in International Theory: Macrosystem Analysis
0029167604: Radical Career Change: Life Beyond Work
0029167701: Students, Values and Politics : A Cross-Cultural Comparison
0029167809: Achievement and Women
0029167906: Alienation and Identification
0029168007: Revolutionary Law and Order
0029168252: Pericles of Athens and the Birth of Democracy
0029168503: Elements of Conducting
0029168600: Mentally Retarded Citizen and the Law
0029168902: Justice, Human Nature, and Political Obligation
0029169011: Growing up with Divorce : Helping Your Child Avoid Immediate and Later Emotional Problems
0029169100: Japan, America, and the Future World Order
0029169151: Strengthening High-Risk Families : A Handbook for Practitioners
0029169402: Isolation or Interdependence?
0029169518: Manager's Complete Guide to Speech Writing
0029169801: Essays on Value and Distribution
0029169909: Behavioral Revolution and Communist Studies
0029169917: Challenge of Organizational Change : How Companies Experience It and Leaders Guide It
0029170109: Silent World of Doctor and Patient
0029170303: Shaping the American Educational State, 1900 to the Present
0029170400: Shaping the American Educational State, 1900 to the Present
0029170451: Strategic Brand Management : New Approaches to Creating and Evaluating Brand Equity
0029170605: MAN CONTROLLED
0029170656: First Amendment
0029170702: The Naval Aristocracy
0029170710: Toward a More Natural Science : Biology and Human Affairs
0029170737: Hungry Soul : Eating and the Perfecting of Our Nature
0029170907: Handbook of Major Soviet Nationalities
0029171105: Growth of the American Revolution: 1766-1775
0029171601: Strategy for Daily Living
0029171709: Transcultural Psychiatry
0029171806: Transcultural Psychiatry
0029171903: Preludes to Growth : An Experiential Approach
0029172004: Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry and Law
0029172217: Turning Professors into Teachers : A New Approach to Faculty Development and Student Learning
0029172306: Many Faces of Communism
0029172314: Surviving Poor
0029172403: The Drug Epidemic
0029172454: Zaibatsu America : How Japanese Firms Are Colonizing Vital U. S. Industries
0029172470: Understanding Schizophrenia : A Guide to the New Research on Causes and Treatment
0029172608: Curanderismo: Mexican-American Folk Psychiatry
0029172810: Self-Study Processes : A Guide for Postsecondary and Similar Service-Oriented Institutions and Programs
0029173019: First Air War, 1914-1918
0029173027: American Catholic Women : A Historical Exploration
0029173078: Hidden Cities : The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilizations
0029173213: Palestinians
0029173302: Short History of Keyboard Music
0029173604: Introduction to Western Music
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