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0306389312: Handbook of Psychopharmacology. Volume 11: Stimulants.
0306389320: Handbook of Psychopharmacology, Vol. 12 : Drugs of Abuse
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0306390248: The Visual System. Neurophysiology, Biophysics, and Their Clinical Applications.
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0306390264: Pharmacological Control of Lipid Metabolism
0306390272: Drugs and Fetal Development
0306390299: Microenvironmental Aspects of Immunity
0306390302: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND THE THYROID GLAND Relation to Endemic Cretinism
0306390310: Immunity in Viral and Rickettsial Diseases
0306390329: Functional and Structural Proteins of the Nervous System, Vol. 32
0306390361: Receptors for Reproductive Hormones
0306390388: Human Hyperlipoproteinemias; Principles and Methods
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0306390612: Explorations in Aging.
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0306390671: Atherosclerosis Drug Discovery
0306390698: Transport Phenomena in the Nervous System
0306390728: Function and Metabolism of Phospholipids in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
0306390744: Iron and Copper Proteins
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0306390809: Comparative Endocrinology of Prolactin
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0306390841: Membrane toxicity: proceedings of the ninth annual Rochester International Conference on environmental Toxicity, held in Rochester, New York, May 24-26, ... in experimental medicine and biology)
0306390868: Alcohol Intoxication & Withdrawal Iiib
0306390922: THE ARTERY AND THE PROCESS OF ARTERIOSCLEROSIS Measurement and Modification
0306390949: Oxygen Transport to Tissue: Pharmacology, Mathematical Studies, and Neonatology.
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0306390965: Purine Metabolism in Man: Biochemistry and Pharmacology of Uric Acid Metabolism, Vol. 41B
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0306390981: Reticuloedothelial System in Health Disease: Immunologic and Pathogenic Aspects
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0306391066: Advances in Nuclear Physics. Volume 6
0306391082: Advances in Nuclear Physics. Volume 8
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0306392062: Progress in Mathematics Volume 6 Topology &
0306392089: Progress in Mathematics. Volume 10: Mathematical Analysis Translated from the Russian by J. S. Wood
0306392097: Progress in Mathematics Volume 9 Algebra &
0306392100: Progress in Mathematics. Volume 10: Mathematical Analysis Translated from the Russian by J. S. Wood
0306392119: Progress in Mathematics. Volume 11: Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Theoretical Cybernetics. Translated from the Russian by J. S. Wood
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0306392135: Progress in Mathematics. Volume 13 Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, and Theoretical Cybernetics. Translated from the Russian by J. S. Wood
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0306392526: Applied Mathematics
0306393069: Apps of Newer Techniques of Ana
0306393077: Methods in Radioimmunoassay, Toxicology, and Related Areas: papers
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0306396017: Advances in Human Genetics
0306396025: Advances in Human Genetics 3 Volumes
0306396033: Advances in Human Genetics 3
0306396041: Advances in Human Genetics
0306396068: Advances in Human Genetics
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0306396963: Race and Class
0306396971: Race & Class the Threat of Globalism
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0306398036: Biomembranes Volume 3 : Passive Permeability of Cell Membranes
0306398052: Biomembranes Volume 5
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0306398079: Biomembranes Volume 7
0306398915: Biomembranes, Volume 4A: Intestinal Absorption
0306398923: Intestinal Absorption
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0306400065: Manpower Planning and Organization Design
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0306400235: Gastrointestinal Hormones and Pathology of the Digestive System
0306400251: Structures : Or Why Things Don't Fall Down
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0306400294: Hypnosis at its bicentennial: Selected papers
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0306400359: Processing of Crystalline Ceramics
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0306400405: Application of Fracture Mechanics To Des
0306400502: Coherence in Spectroscopy & Modern Physics.
0306400510: Language Interpretation and Communication
0306400537: Human Interferon: production and clinical use
0306400545: Thermal Conductivity 15
0306400553: Invertebrate Models for Biomedical Research (Comparative Pathobiology).
0306400561: Thermal Expansion 6
0306400588: Alcoholism : New Directions in Behavioral Research and Treatment
0306400618: Animal Learning
0306400642: Photosynthetic Carbon Assimilation
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0306400685: Mechanics of Sheet Metal Forming: Material Behavior and Deformation Analysis : Proceedings
0306400693: High-Pressure Science and Technology. Sixth AIRAPT Conference. Volume II: Applications and Mechanical Properties
0306400707: Hormones and Energy Metabolism
0306400723: Hadron Structure and Lepton-Hasdron Interactions : Cargese 1977 (NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series)
0306400731: Molecular Neurobiology of the Mammalian Brain
0306400758: Chromatin Structure and Function
0306400766: Chromatin Structure and Function
0306400820: Advances in Parapsychological Research Vol. 2 : Extrasensory Perception
0306400839: Sensory Mechanism of the Spinal Cord
0306400847: Pulverized Coal Combustion and Gasification : Theory and Applications for Continuous Flow Processes
0306400855: Biomedical Scientists and Public Policy
0306400863: Practical Approaches to Alcoholism Psychotherapy
0306400871: Principles and Procedures of Numerical Analysis
0306400898: Knowledge and Development Piaget and Education
0306400928: Environmental Design Evaluation
0306400936: Emotions in Personality and Psychopathology
0306400960: Neural Mechanisms of Behavior in the Pigeon
0306400987: Biological Regulation and Development Vol. 1 : Gene Expression
0306401002: The Receptors: A Comprehensive Treatise
0306401029: Mind/Body Integration : Essential Readings in Biofeedback
0306401037: Biomaterials : An Introduction
0306401045: The Heroin Stimulus : Implications for a Theory of Addiction
0306401053: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, V. 2
0306401118: Advances in Nuclear Physics. Volume 11
0306401126: Child and Its Family
0306401134: Subcellular Biochemistry Volume 6
0306401142: Government Contracts
0306401150: New Corporate Philanthropy : How Society and Business Can Profit
0306401169: Pancreatitis
0306401177: American Family
0306401185: Genetic disorders and the fetus: Diagnosis, prevention, and treatment
0306401193: Functional Analysis
0306401207: Beyond the Green Revolution : The Ecology and Politics of Global Agricultural Development
0306401215: Atom-Molecule Collision Theory (Physics of Atoms and Molecules)
0306401258: Biochemistry And Pharmacology Of Ethanol
0306401266: Methods in Membrane Biology
0306401282: Nutrition and Growth Vol. 2
0306401320: Nurtrition : Pre- and Postnatal Development
0306401339: Contemporary Endocrinology
0306401355: Complex Carbohydrates of Nervous Tissue
0306401363: Beryllium Science and Technology - Volume 2
0306401371: Comprehensive Virology Vol. 13 : Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary Structures
0306401401: Coordination Chemistry of Macrocyclic Compounds
0306401436: Cancer, stress, and death (Sloan-Kettering Institute cancer series)
0306401444: Mental Workload : Its Theory and Measurement
0306401452: Evoked Brain Potentials and Behavior
0306401460: Macromolecules in the Functioning Cell
0306401479: Dying, Death, and Grief : A Critically Annotated Bibliography and Source Book of Thanatology and Terminal Care
0306401487: Photopian Nuclear Physics
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0306401541: Genetic Engineering : Principles and Methods
0306401568: Parkinson's Disease II: Aging and Neuroendocrine Relationships.
0306401584: Function and structure of the immune system (Advances in experimental medicine and biology)
0306401592: Molecular Metals
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0306401614: Medical Imaging Techniques : A Comparison
0306401622: Fiber and Integrated Optics. NATO Advanced Study Institute Series B: Physics, Volume 41
0306401649: Evaluating the Impact of Nutrition and Health Programs
0306401665: Neutron Capture Gamma Ray Spectroscopy
0306401673: Fiber Optics: Advances in Research and Development
0306401681: Atlas and Manual of Plant Pathology
0306401703: Electrons in Disordered Metals and at Metallic Surface. Vol. 42. NATO ASI Series
0306401711: Acoustical Holography - Volume 1.
0306401738: Modulators Mediators & Specifiers in Bra
0306401746: Solution Chemistry of Surfactants
0306401762: Surface Contamination: Genesis, Detection, and Control V.I.
0306401770: Surface Contamination : Genesis, Detection and Control: Volume 2
0306401789: Pest Management Programs for Deciduous Tree Fruits and Nuts
0306401819: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management. Volume 1
0306401827: Steroid Hormone Receptor Systems.
0306401835: Quality Assurance in Ceramic Industries
0306401843: Working with the Impulsive Person
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0306401878: Marine Geology and Oceanography of the Pacific Managanese Nodule Province
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0306401959: Humoral Immunity in Neurological Diseases
0306401983: Recent Developments in Gravitation Cargese 1978
0306401991: Fundamental Research in Homogeneous Catalysis
0306402009: Family Therapy : An Interactional Approach
0306402017: Partial Hospitalization
0306402025: Magnesium Deficiency in the Pathogenesis of Disease : Early Roots of Cardiovascular, and Renal Abnormalities
0306402033: Nutrition : Metabolic and Clinical Applications
0306402068: Evaluation of Clinical Biofeedback.
0306402076: Patient
0306402084: Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Evaluation and Technique
0306402092: International Directory of Psychology : A Guide to People, Places, and Policies
0306402106: Exploring the unknown: Great mysteries reexamined
0306402114: Part A : Analytical and Continuum Mechanics
0306402122: Part B : Electromagnetism and Gravitation
0306402157: Drug and alcohol abuse: A clinical guide to diagnosis and treatment (Critical issues in psychiatry)
0306402165: Biomembranes 10
0306402173: Atomic Physics 6
0306402181: Social Behavior and Communication : Handbook of Behavioral Neurobiology
0306402211: The Lattice Dynamics and Statics of Alkali Halide Crystals
0306402238: Theory and Practice of Direct Methods in Crystallography
0306402262: Biofeedback and the Modification of Behavior
0306402270: Physical Chemistry of Fast Reactions Vol. 2 : Reaction Dynamics
0306402297: Becoming Female : Perspectives on Development
0306402300: Practical Mass Spectrometry a Contempora
0306402319: Newly Characterized Vertebrate Viruses (Comprehensive Virology, Vol 14)
0306402327: Social Cognition and the Acquisition of Self
0306402335: Research and Practice in Social Skills Training
0306402343: Attention and Cognitive Development
0306402351: Handbook of Marital Therapy : A Positive Approach to Helping Troubled Relationships
0306402378: Comparative Neurology of the Telencephalon
0306402386: Behavioral Approaches in Medicine: Application and Analysis
0306402394: Biomedical Ethics and the Law
0306402408: Advances in Microbial Ecology
0306402416: Biological Revolution: Applications of Cell Biology to Public Welfare
0306402424: Biomedical Ethics and the Law
0306402432: Biochemistry of Glycoproteins and Proteoglycans
0306402440: Psychotherapy Process
0306402459: Dynamic Optimization and Mathematical Economics
0306402467: Contemporary Hematology-Oncology (Vol. 1)
0306402483: Toward a New Definition of Health : Psychosocial Dimensions
0306402491: Clinical Psycholinguistics (Cognition and Language, 1)
0306402505: Coherence and Correlation in Atomic Collisions
0306402513: Interface Between the Psychodynamic and Behavioral Therapies
0306402521: Year 2000 and Mental Retardation
0306402556: Computers and Banking
0306402564: Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry - No. 13
0306402572: Immunology of Human Infection
0306402580: Immunology of Human Infection: Part II.
0306402599: Skeletal Growth of Aquatic Organisms: Biological Records of Environmental Change
0306402610: Principles of Metabolic Control in Mammalian Systems
0306402629: Virus-host interactions: Immunity to viruses (Comprehensive virology)
0306402637: Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology Volume 9: Self/Non-Self Discrimination
0306402645: Biological Magnetic Resonance Volume 2
0306402688: Men Who Rape
0306402718: Applied Hypnosis and Hyperempiria
0306402726: Ball Lightning and Bead Lightning
0306402750: Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry Vol. 1 : The Double Layer
0306402785: Structure and Function of the Circulation
0306402793: Speaking of Apes: A Critical Anthology of Two-Way Communication With Man
0306402807: Introduction to Analytical Electron Microscopy
0306402815: Common Problems in Low & Medium Energy N
0306402858: Macrophages and Lymphocytes, Nature, Functions, and Interaction
0306402874: Nutrition and the Adult : Macronutrients
0306402882: Human Nutrition
0306402912: Reticuloendothelial System 1 Morphology
0306402939: Nondestructive Evaluation of Semiconductor Materials and Devices.
0306402955: The Biosaline Concept. An Approach to the Utilization of Underexploited Resources. Environmental Science Research, Volume 14
0306402963: On the Path of Albert Einstein
0306402971: High-Energy Physics in the Einstein Centennial Year
0306402998: Site Characterization and Aggregation of Implanted Atoms in Materials
0306403005: Electron and Magnetization Densities in Molecules and Crystals
0306403013: New Phenomena in Lepton Hadron Physics
0306403056: Computer Vision and Sensor-Based Robots
0306403064: Developmental Neurobiology of Vision
0306403099: Effects of Acid Precipitation on Terrestrial Ecosystems (Ettore Majorana International Science Series: Life Sciences)
0306403110: Purine Metabolism in Man III : Biochemical, Immunological, & Cancer Research
0306403137: Light Scattering in Solids.
0306403145: Advances in Digital Image Processing. Theory, Application, Implementation
0306403153: Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology
0306403161: Synthesis & Analysis Methods for Safety
0306403196: Application of Short-Term Bioassays in the Fractionation and Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures (Environmental Science Research Ser., Vol. 15)
0306403226: Exotic Atoms '79: Fundamental Interactions and Structure of Matter (Ettore Majorana International Science Series : Physical Sciences, V. 4)
0306403242: Drug Dependence and Alcoholism, Vol. 2 : Social and Behavioral Issues
0306403293: Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons in the Aquatic Environment
0306403307: Masters Theses in the Pure & Appli Volume 23
0306403315: Linking Research to Crop Production
0306403323: Structure and Function of Gangliosides
0306403366: Sintering Processes (Materials Science Research Volume 13)
0306403374: Analysis of Social Skill
0306403390: Chemical Signals: Vertebrates and Aquatic Invertebrates
0306403404: Genome Organization and Expression in Plants
0306403412: Ordering in Strongly Fluctuating Condensed Matter Systems
0306403463: Polymer Alloys II: Blends, Blocks, Grafts and Interpenetrating Networks (Polymer Science and Technology, V. 11)
0306403471: The Rare Earths in Modern Science and Technology. Volume 2
0306403498: Biological Effects of Alcohol (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Ser.)
0306403501: Polymer Colloids II
0306403528: Molybdenum Chemistry of Biological Significance: proceedings
0306403536: POLLUTED RAIN
0306403544: Fibrous Composites in Structural Design
0306403552: Phonon Scattering in Condensed Matter
0306403579: Advances in Ephemeroptera Biology
0306403617: Psychology of Language and Thought : Essays on the Theory and History of Psycholinguistics
0306403625: Dynamical Systems and Evolution Equations: Theory and Applications (Mathematical Concepts and Methods in Science and Engineering, Volume 20)
0306403633: Synchrotron Radiation Research
0306403641: Chemical Mutagens. Principles and Methods for Their Detection, Volume 6
0306403668: Entomology
0306403676: Human Behavior and Environment
0306403684: Renal Handling of Phosphate
0306403692: Neurobiology Of Cerebrospinal Fluid
0306403714: Psychology of Language and Learning
0306403722: Immobilized Patient : Functional Pathology and Management
0306403730: Law in the Practice of Psychiatry : A Handbook for Clinicians
0306403749: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
0306403757: Women's Sexual Development : Explorations of Inner Space
0306403765: Uniqueness : The Human Pursuit of Difference
0306403838: The Pulmonary and Bronchial Circulations in Congenital Heart Disease
0306403854: Introduction to Applied Solid State Physics : Topics on the Applications of Semiconductors, Superconductors, and the Nonlinear Optical Properties of Solids
0306403862: Advances in Human Genetics, V. 10
0306403889: Genetics and the Law II
0306403897: Solid Electrolytes and Their Applications
0306403919: Electronic Interpretation of Organic Chemistry : A Problems-Oriented Text
0306403927: Applied Psycholinguistics and Mental Health (Applied Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders Series)
0306403935: Lipids in Evolution
0306403943: Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems : Alcohol and Drug Problems in Women (Vol. 5)
0306403951: Social Exchange : Advances in Theory and Research
0306403978: Principles of Quantum Mechanics
0306403986: Data Communications : An Introduction to Concepts and Design
0306403994: How to Obtain Abundant Clean Energy
0306404001: Food Additives and Hyperactive Children
0306404044: Introduction to Pseudodifferential and Fourier Integral Operators Vol. 2 : Fourier Integral Operators
0306404060: Handbook of Legumes of World Economic Importance
0306404087: Monoclonal Antibodies
0306404095: Infections of the Gastrointestinal Tract : Microbiology, Pathophysiology and Clinical Features
0306404117: Many-Particle Physics
0306404125: Ionic Liquids,
0306404133: Variational Methods in Electron-Atom Scattering Theory (Physics of atoms and molecules)
0306404168: Light - Its Interaction with Art and Antiquities : Its Interaction with Art and Antiquities
0306404184: Comprehensive Virology (Physics of Atoms and Molecules)
0306404206: Human Physical Growth and Maturation : Methodologies and Factors
0306404222: Coping and Health
0306404257: Transfer of Cell Constituents into Eukaryotic Cells. Ed by J.E. Celis. Proc of a NATO Adv Study Inst Held Sept 2-14, 1979
0306404273: Adhesion and Adsorption of Polymers: Volume 12A (Polymer Science and Technology Ser.)
0306404281: Adhesion and Adsorption of Polymers (Polymer Science and Technology, Volume 12B)
0306404362: Quantum Flavordynamics Quantum Chromodyn
0306404370: Photoreception and Sensory Transduction in Aneural Organisms
0306404397: Fjord Oceanography
0306404400: Physics & Chemistry of Liquid Crystal
0306404419: Atomic Masses & Fundamental Constants 6
0306404427: Enzyme Engineering Future Directions
0306404435: Crystalline Electric Field and Structural Effects in f-Electron Systems
0306404443: Field Theoretical Methods in Particle Physics. NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series. Vol. 55
0306404451: Vibrational Spectroscopy of Molecular Liquids and Solids. NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series Volume 56
0306404478: Genetic Engineering; Principles and Methods.
0306404508: Stress and Tension Control
0306404532: Bioelectrochemistry
0306404540: Genetic Engineering of Osmoregulation: Impact on Plant Productivity fo
0306404559: Computational Methods in Chemistry
0306404567: Imagery: Its Many Dimensions and Applications
0306404583: Fluidization
0306404591: The New Aspects of Subnuclear Physics
0306404605: AGING PHENOMENA Relationships Among Different Levels of Organization
0306404621: Quantum Dynamics of Molecules. The New Experimental Challenge to Theorists. NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series B: Physics, Volume 57
0306404648: Comparative Biology and Evolutionary Relationships of Tree Shrews (Advances in Primatology)
0306404656: Rheology
0306404664: Rheology: Fluids: 002
0306404672: Rheology: Applications, Vol. 3
0306404702: Lasers in Biology and Medicine
0306404710: Enzyme Engineering Volume 5.
0306404745: Physics & Contemporary Needs Volume 4
0306404753: Lymphocyte stimulation : differential sensitivity to radiation, biochemical, and immunological processes.
0306404761: Alcohol and Aldehyde Metabolizing Systems
0306404818: Current Trends in Histocompatibility : Volume 2
0306404826: Advances in Perinatal Medicine
0306404834: Wilhelm Wundt and the Making of a Scientific Psychology
0306404842: Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis for Nondestructive Evaluation
0306404869: Biological Regulation And Development Vol 2
0306404885: Comprehensive Virology, 16 Virus-Host Interactions
0306404907: Disordered Thinking and Communication in Children
0306404915: Trial Process
0306404923: Introduction to Communication Science and Systems
0306404931: Advances in Microbial Ecology Volume 4
0306404958: Belief in a Just World : A Fundamental Delusion
0306404966: Marihuana : The First Twelve Thousand Years
0306404974: The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia
0306404982: Rehabilitation of the Brain-Damaged Adult
0306404990: Uncommon Child
0306405008: Ion-Selective Electrodes in Analytical Chemistry
0306405016: Biochemistry of Nonheme Iron
0306405024: Advances in the Study of Communication and Affect: Assessment and Modification of Emotional Behavior.
0306405040: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering (Vol. 25)
0306405059: Mass Spectrometry of Priority Pollutants
0306405067: The Renal papilla & hypertension.
0306405075: Medical Aspects of Dietary Fiber (Topics in Gastroenterology Ser.)
0306405083: Nutrition and Diet Therapy in Gastrointestinal Disease
0306405091: Uprooting and Development
0306405105: Evolutionary Biology. Volume 13
0306405113: Perspectives in Ethology Vol. 4 : Advantages of Diversity
0306405121: Nerve and Muscle : Membranes, Cells and Systems
0306405148: Entomology
0306405156: Contemporary Theories and Systems in Psychology
0306405164: Excitable Cells in Tissue Culture
0306405172: Methods in Neurobiology
0306405180: Methods in Neurobiology
0306405199: Primordial Bond : Exploring Connections Between Man and Nature Through the Humanities and Sciences
0306405202: Metaphors of Consciousness
0306405210: Parent-Child Interaction : The Socialization Process Observed in Twin and Singleton Families
0306405229: Ethics Teaching in Higher Education
0306405253: Freud and Modern Psychology Vol. 1 : The Emotional Basis of Mental Illness
0306405296: The Interpretation of Ionic Conductivity in Liquids
0306405318: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering (Advances in Cryogenic Engineering)
0306405342: Reproductive Processes and Contraception
0306405350: From the Inside Out : A Self-Teaching and Laboratory Manual for Biofeedback
0306405369: Scrapbook of Complex Curve Theory
0306405385: Mental Health Law : Major Issues
0306405393: Interpenetrating Polymer Networks and Related Materials
0306405407: Energy for the Year 2000
0306405415: Symmetries in Science
0306405423: Circulatory & Developmental Aspects of B
0306405431: Air-Sea Interaction
0306405466: Anaerobic Bacteria Selected Topics
0306405482: Ultrafiltration Membranes and Applications. Polymer Science and Technology. Vol. 13
0306405490: Achievement Motivation : Recent Trends in Theory and Research
0306405520: DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in Eukaryotes (Basic Life Sciences)
0306405539: Challenge of Family Therapy a Dialogue
0306405547: Societal Risk Assessment : How Safe Is Safe Enough?
0306405571: Fuzzy Sets : Theory and Applications to Policy Analysis and Information Systems
0306405636: Chorionic Gonadotropin
0306405679: Mechanics of Nondestructive Testing
0306405709: Lipid Biochemistry of Fungi & Other Organisms
0306405717: Structural Analysis of Complex Aerial Photographs
0306405725: The Resource Potential in Phytochemistry. Recent Advances in Phytochemistry, Volume 14
0306405741: Environmental Physiology of Fishes
0306405768: Processing of Visible Language 2 by Kolers
0306405776: Radiationless Processes (NATO ASI Series B, Physical Sciences, Vol. 62)
0306405784: Polymer Blends. Processing, Morphology, and Properties.
0306405806: Optical Fiber Transmission Systems
0306405814: Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Implantation
0306405830: Research Methods in Neurochemistry
0306405849: Telecommunications Switching
0306405857: Biological Rhythms
0306405865: Psychonephrology 1
0306405873: Laser-Induced Chemical Processes
0306405881: Surface Chemistry of Froth Flotation
0306405911: Opioid Dependence
0306405938: Neuroanatomical Tract-Tracing Methods
0306405946: Reactive Intermediates
0306405954: Data Base Administration
0306405970: Anodic Protection : Theory and Practice in the Prevention of Corrosion
0306405989: Lasers : Theory and Applications
0306406004: Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction:Physiology and Behavior
0306406012: Handbook of Political Behavior
0306406020: Handbook of Political Behavior
0306406039: Handbook of Political Behavior
0306406047: Handbook of Political Behavior
0306406055: Handbook of Political Behavior
0306406071: Grant Budgeting and Finance : Getting the Most Out of Your Grant Dollar
0306406101: Intersensory Perception and Sensory Integration
0306406128: Biological Magnetic Resonance Volume 3
0306406136: Motor Coordination
0306406152: Error-Correction Coding for Digital Communications
0306406160: Surface and Colloid Science
0306406179: Handbook of Behavior Modification With the Mentally Retarded
0306406187: Utilization of Classroom Peers As Behavior Change Agents
0306406195: Adult Development : A New Dimension in Psychodynamic Theory and Practice
0306406209: Structure and Function of the Circulation
0306406233: Primary Productivity in the Sea
0306406241: Bottom-Interacting Ocean Acoustics
0306406276: Developments in Biophysical Research
0306406284: Characterization of Crystal Growth Defects by X-Ray Methods
0306406292: Advances in Data Base Theory. Vol. 1
0306406306: Management of Insect Pests with Semiochemicals: Concepts and Practice.
0306406314: Energy Policy Planning
0306406322: Biomedical and Dental Applications of Polymers (Polymer Science Technology : Volume 14)
0306406349: Applied Operations Research in Fishing
0306406365: Diet and Resistance to Disease
0306406373: Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology : Volume 13 (Advances in Nuclear Science & Technology)
0306406411: Ruminant Immune System
0306406438: INTELLIGENCE AND LEARNING: Volume 14, NATO Conference Series III, Human Factors.
0306406454: Prostaglandin System
0306406470: Recent Developments in Condensed Matter Physics
0306406489: Recent Developments in Condensed Matter. Vol.3
0306406500: Atomic Physics 7
0306406519: Advances in Metal Processing
0306406527: Current Issues in Quantum Logic
0306406535: Ocean Dumping of Industrial Wastes Proc
0306406543: Exafs Spectroscopy: Techniques and Applications
0306406578: Chemical Applications of Atomic and Molecular Electrostatic Potentials : Reactivity, Structure, Scattering, and Energetics of Organic, Inorganic, and Biological Systems
0306406586: Short-Term Psychotherapy and Brief Treatment Techniques : An Annotated Bibliography, 1920-1980
0306406594: Molecular Electro-Optics. Electro-Optic Properties of Macromolecules and Colloids in Solution. NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series. Vol. 64
0306406608: Coping with Crisis and Handicap
0306406616: Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology Volume 8
0306406624: Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews
0306406632: Biomass Conversion Processes for Energy and Fuels
0306406659: Stability and Change : Innovation in an Educational Context
0306406691: Structural Materials in Nuclear Power Systems
0306406705: Energy:The Conservation Revolution (Modern Perspectives in Energy) Hardcover...
0306406721: Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems
0306406748: Neuropsychiatric Features of Medical Disorders
0306406756: Justice Motive in Social Behavior : Adapting to Times of Scarcity and Change
0306406764: Viral Infections of Humans : Epidemiology and Control
0306406772: Nature and Treatment of the Stress Response : A Practical Guide for Clinicians
0306406802: Future Perspectives in Behavior Therapy
0306406810: Foundations of Cognitive Therapy : Theoretical Methods and Practical Applications
0306406829: Introduction to Integrated Pest Management
0306406845: Density Matrix Theory and applications
0306406853: Early Experience and Human Development
0306406888: Advances in Human Genetics (Advances in Human Genetics, 11)
0306406896: Mental Retardation and Sterilization
0306406918: Modern Fluorescence Spectroscopy (Vol. 4) (Modern Analytical Chemistry Ser.)
0306406926: Metamorphosis, a Problem in Developmental Biology
0306406934: Applications of Functional Analysis in Engineering
0306406950: Aging and Cell Structure: Volume 1.
0306406985: Masters Theses in the Pure & Appli Volume 24
0306406993: Applied Probability
0306407019: Cancer: A Comprehensive Treatise, Etiology: Chemical and Physical Carcinogenesis
0306407035: Cell and Muscle Motility
0306407043: Schizophrenia
0306407051: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
0306407078: The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control
0306407086: Advances in Nuclear Physics, Volume 12
0306407116: Extended Linear Chain Compounds. Volume 1
0306407124: Extended Linear Chain Compounds: 2
0306407140: Advances in Information Systems Science, Volume 8
0306407175: Fatal Remedies : The Ironies of Social Intervention
0306407183: The Land Use Policy Debate in the United States (Environment, Development, and Public Policy Ser.: Public Policy and Social Services)
0306407191: Impotence: Physiological, Psychological, and Surgical Diagnosis and Treatment (Perspectives in Sexuality: Behavior, Research, and Therapy)
0306407205: Nonequilibrium Superconductivity, Phonons, and Kapitza Boundaries
0306407213: Techniques and Concepts of High-Energy Physics
0306407221: Optical Bistability 1
0306407256: Acoustical Imaging
0306407264: Surfaces and Interfaces in Ceramics and CeramicMetal Systems (NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series)
0306407272: Cardiovascular System Dynamics: Models and Measurements
0306407280: Nuclear Structure
0306407299: Genetic Engineering : Principles and Methods
0306407302: Genetic Engineering of Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation and Conservation of
0306407310: Preparation Of Nuclear Targets For Particle Accelerators
0306407329: Energy Demand and Efficient Use
0306407345: Advances in X-Ray Analysis
0306407353: Solution of the Inverse Problem in Geoph
0306407361: Ceramics for High-Performance Applications III: Reliability.
0306407388: Neutron-Transmutation-Doped Silicon
0306407434: Controlled Release of Pesticides and Pharmaceuticals
0306407442: Human Detection and Diagnosis of System Failures (Nato Conference Series. III, Human Factors, V. 15)
0306407450: Anthropometry and Biomechanics: Theory and Applications
0306407477: Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions
0306407485: Imagery, Vol. 2 : Concepts, Results, and Applications
0306407507: Superconductor Materials Science : Metallurgy, Fabrication, and Applications
0306407515: Structure and Function of the Circulation
0306407523: Trends in the Biology of Fermentations for Fuels and Chemicals. Basic Life Sciences Volume 18
0306407531: Molecular Biology, Pathogenicity, and Ecology of Bacterial Plasmids
0306407558: Potential Energy Surfaces and Dynamics Calculations for Chemical Reactions and Molecular Energy Transfer
0306407590: Cholesterol Autoxidation
0306407604: Neurosecretion : Molecules, Cells, Systems
0306407612: Thinking about Development
0306407639: Advances in Perinatal Medicine
0306407663: Fear of Fear: A Survey of Terrorist Operations and Controls in Open Societies
0306407671: Advances in Microbial Ecology
0306407698: Resistance : Psychodynamic and Behavioral Approaches
0306407728: Geothermal Energy Development : Problems & Prospects in the Imperial Valley of California
0306407736: Human Behavior and Environment. Advances in Theory and Research. Volume 5. Transportation and Behavior
0306407744: Clinical Behavior Therapy with Children
0306407752: Evolutionary Biology
0306407760: Psychological and Behavioral Aspects of Physical Disability : A Manual for Health Practitioners
0306407779: International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy
0306407787: Mitochondria
0306407795: Finite Simple Groups
0306407809: Future Worlds
0306407817: Principles of Microsurgical Techniques in Infertility
0306407833: Fertilization and Embryonic Development In Vitro
0306407841: The Biophysical Approach to Excitable Systems: A Volume in Honor of Kenneth S. Cole on His 80th Birthday.
0306407868: Advances in Nutritional Research
0306407876: Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Collisions
0306407884: Computer Network Architectures and Protocols
0306407906: Ethics in Hard Times
0306407922: Handbook of Scales for Research in Crime and Delinquency
0306407930: Women's Sexual Experience : Explorations of the Dark Continent
0306407949: Alcoholism and Clinical Psychiatry
0306407957: Conserving America's Neighborhoods
0306407965: Roots of Ethics
0306407973: Radioecological Techniques
0306407981: Cell and Muscle Motility
0306408023: Biological Reactive I
0306408031: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management
0306408058: Conductive Polymers
0306408074: Atomic and Molecular Collision Theory. (NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics, Voume 71)
0306408104: Cholinergic Mechanisms : Phylogenetic Aspects, Central and Peripheral Synapses, and Clinical Significance (Advances in Behavioral Biology Ser., Vol. 25)
0306408112: Investigation of Brain Function
0306408120: Adhesion in Cellulosic and Wood-Based Composites
0306408139: Feeding & Survival Strategies of Estuari
0306408147: Active Defense Mechanisms in Plants. NATO ASI Series A: Life Sciences, Volume 37
0306408171: Adhesion Problems in the Recycling of Concrete.
0306408198: Inner-Shell and X-Ray Physics of Atoms and Solids
0306408252: Phase Transitions
0306408287: Scattering Techniques Applied to Supramolecular and Nonequilibrium Systems (Nato Science Series: B:)
0306408317: Hormones & Cancer
0306408376: Individual and the Group : Boundaries and Interrelations
0306408384: Individual and the Group : Boundaries and Interrelations
0306408392: Taurine in Nutrition and Neurology. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Volume 139
0306408406: Neuroendocrine Regulation and Altered Behavior
0306408414: Behavioral Medicine
0306408457: Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry No. 14
0306408465: Woman Patient Vol. 2 : Concepts of Femininity and the Life Cycle
0306408473: Control, Identification, and Input Optimization
0306408481: Special Education Law, a Guide for Parents, Advocates and Educators
0306408503: Community Mental Health and Behavioral-Ecology : A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Practice
0306408511: Theory and Research in Behavioral Pediatrics
0306408538: Membranes & Transport
0306408546: MEMBRANES AND TRANSPORT 2 Volumes With 1,367 PAGES
0306408570: Biodegradation of Pesticides
0306408589: Nutrition Policy Implementation : Issues and Experience
0306408597: Woman Patient Vol. 3 : Aggressions, Adaptations, and Psychotherapy
0306408600: Who Speaks for the Child? : The Problems of Proxy Consent
0306408627: Principles of Lasers
0306408635: Physics of Microfabrication
0306408643: Cell Analysis
0306408651: Hormonally Active Brain Peptides: Structure and Function (Biochemical endocrinology)
0306408694: Life after Stress
0306408708: Adverse Effects of Foods
0306408716: Dust Explosions
0306408724: Human Body Temperature
0306408732: Grant Proposals That Succeeded
0306408740: Limbic System
0306408759: Extraordinary Disorders of Human Behavior
0306408775: Advances in Myocardiology
0306408783: Endorphins and Opiate Antagonists in Psychiatric Research : Clinical Implications
0306408791: Effective Psychotherapy for Low-Income and Minority Patients
0306408813: Particulate Carbon : Formation During Combustion
0306408848: Risk-Benefit Analysis in Water Resources Planning and Management
0306408864: Chromosome Damage and Repair
0306408872: Biochemistry and function of phagocytes (Advances in experimental medicine and biology Volume 141)
0306408880: Marine Slides and Other Mass Movements
0306408899: Technological Imperative in Medicine
0306408902: Short-Term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures II
0306408929: Biosaline Research
0306408937: Protein Biosynthesis in Eukarotes
0306408945: Nonmetallic Materials and Composites at Low Temperatures 2
0306408953: A Century of Chemical Engineering
0306408961: Nonlinear Phenomena at Phase Transitions and Instabilities.
0306408988: Perspectives in Running Water Ecology
0306408996: Atomic and Nuclear Methods in Fossil Energy
0306409003: Clinical Psychology and Medicine
0306409038: Encyclopedia of Chemical Electrode Potentials
0306409046: Fourier, Hadamard, and Hilbert Transforms in Chemistry
0306409054: Physics and Contemporary Needs
0306409062: Mucus in Health and Disease, II (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, V. 144)
0306409070: Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering
0306409097: Role of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation in Marine Ecosystems
0306409100: Cellular Biology of the Lung
0306409127: Genetic Engineering of Microorganisms for Chemicals. Basic Life Sciences, Volume 19
0306409135: Drug User : Personality Issues, Factors, and Theories
0306409143: Primate Brain Evolution: Methods and Concepts
0306409186: Particulate Carbon : Atmospheric Life Cycle
0306409194: The Rare Earths in Modern Science and Technology. Volume 3
0306409208: Human Subjects Research : A Handbook for Institutional Review Boards
0306409216: Intimacy
0306409224: Herpesviruses
0306409232: Insect Ultrastructure
0306409240: Science of Photomedicine
0306409259: Biological Regulation and Development: Hormone Action
0306409267: Dietary Fiber in Health and Disease (GWUMC Department of Biochemistry annual...
0306409275: Expression of Knowledge : Neurobehavioral Transformation into Action
0306409283: The Reticuloendothelial System. A comprehensive treatise. Volume 3 Phylogeny and Ontogeny
0306409321: Handbook of Clinical Health Psychology
0306409348: Professional Psychologist's Handbook
0306409356: Treatment Issues and Innovations in Mental Retardation
0306409364: Marital Therapy : A Combined Psychodynamic-Behavioral Approach
0306409380: Handbook of Child Psychopathology
0306409402: Clinical Case Studies in the Behavioral Treatment of Alcoholism
0306409410: Extended Linear Chain Compounds, Vol. 3
0306409437: Contemporary Topics in Analytical & Clinical Chemistry, Volume 4,
0306409445: Advances in Parapsychological Research
0306409453: Self-Control and Self-Modification of Emotional Behavior
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