0306409461: Aging and Cognitive Processes
0306409488: Immune Mechanisms in Renal Disease
0306409496: Advances in Human Genetics (Advances in Human Genetics, 12)
0306409518: Nuclear Energy Synergetics : An Introduction to Conceptual Models of Integrated Nuclear Energy Systems
0306409526: Nonverbal Behavior and Social Psychology
0306409534: Nuclear Engineering For An Uncertain Future
0306409542: Contemporary Metabolism Volume 1.
0306409569: Neuronal Development
0306409577: Silane Coupling Agents
0306409585: Hyperthermia and Cancer
0306409593: Critical Reviews in Tropical Medicine. Volume 1
0306409607: Learning, Speech, and the Complex Effects of Punishment : Essays Honoring George J. Wischner
0306409615: Behavioral Pediatrics
0306409623: Old and New Questions in Physics, Cosmology, Philosophy, and Theoretical Biology : Essays in Honor of Wolfgang Yourgrau
0306409631: Paternalism, Conflict, and Coproduction : Learning from Citizen Action and Citizen Participation in Western Europe
0306409682: Biological Magnetic Resonance Volume 4
0306409690: Neurobiology of Cerebrospinal Fluid 2
0306409704: Reactive Intermediates
0306409712: Lifelines : Clinical Perspectives on Suicide
0306409720: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 2 : Experimental Neurochemistry
0306409739: Chemical Scythe : The Lessons of 2, 4, 5-T and Dioxin
0306409755: Handbook of Psychopharmacology Volume 15 New Tec
0306409763: Men in Transition : Theory and Therapy
0306409771: Nephrotoxic Mechanisms of Drugs and Environmental Toxins
0306409798: Reticuloendothelial System Vol. 4 : A Comprehensive Treatise: Immunopathology
0306409801: Cell Regulation By Intracellular Signal
0306409828: Structural Molecular Biology : Methods and Applications
0306409836: Genotoxic Effects of Airborne Agents
0306409844: Post-Harvest Physiology and Crop Preservation
0306409852: Artificial Particle Beams in Space Plasma, Vol B79 (NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series)
0306409879: Gas Chromatography of Organometallic Compounds
0306409887: Acoustical Imaging (Acoustical Imaging)
0306409909: This Is Reading
0306409917: Masters Theses in the Pure & Appli Volume 25
0306409925: This is Reading
0306409933: Work, Organizations, and Technological Change (Nato Conference Series. II, Systems Science ; V. 11)
0306409941: Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Volume 14 : Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Reactor Performance Parameters (Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology)
0306409968: Physics in Collision High Energy Ee Volume 1
0306409976: Air Pollution : Assessment Methodology and Modeling
0306409992: Electrochemistry in Industry : New Directions
0306410028: Unconventional Approaches to Fusion (Ettore Majorana International Science...
0306410036: Child Nurturance : Philosophy, Children, and the Family (Cognition and Language)
0306410044: Crystalline Electric Field Effects in f-Electron Magnetism
0306410060: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Mutagens (Basic Life Sciences, V. 20)
0306410079: Early Childhood Education : An International Perspective
0306410087: Advances in X-Ray Analysis: Volume 25
0306410095: Women and the World of Work
0306410109: Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields
0306410125: Mechanisms of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Ser., Vol. 146)
0306410141: Energy Storage, Compression, and Switching
0306410168: Cognitive Rehabilitation : Conceptualization and Intervention
0306410176: Biological Effects and Dosimetry of Nonionizing Radiation : Radiofrequency and Microwave Energies
0306410184: Somatic Cell Genetics.
0306410192: Structure and Development of the GreenlandScotland Ridge (NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series)
0306410206: Regulation of Phosphate and Mineral Metabolism
0306410214: Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics Vol. 5 : Surface Flaws, Statistics and Microcracking
0306410222: Fracture Mechanics of Ceramics Vol. 6 : Measurements, Transformations and High Temperature Fracture
0306410230: Cellular and Subcellular Localization in Plant Metabolism (Recent Advances in Phytochemistry Volume 16)
0306410249: Review of Progress in Quantitative Nonde
0306410257: Solution Behavior of Surfactants
0306410265: Solution Behavior of Surfactants
0306410281: Conditioning : Representation of Involved Neural Functions
0306410311: Thermal Expansion 7
0306410338: Polymer Applications of Renewable-Resource Materials
0306410346: Structure & Function Relationships in Bi
0306410354: Factors in Formation and Regression of the Atherosclerotic Plaque
0306410370: Urea Cycle Diseases (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Ser., Vol. 153)
0306410389: Structural Elements in Particle Physics
0306410397: In Vivo Immunology: Histophysiology of the Lymphoid System (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, V. 149)
0306410400: Techniques in Somatic Cell Genetics
0306410419: Sociogenesis of Language and Human Conduct
0306410427: Evolutionary Biology. Volume 15
0306410435: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology
0306410443: Phobic and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders : Theory, Research, and Practice
0306410451: Rural Psychology
0306410486: Handbook of Psychopharmacology Vol. 16 : Neuropeptides
0306410516: Neighborhood Networks for Humane Mental Health Care
0306410524: Biology of Alcoholism Vol. 6 : Pathogenesis of Alcoholism: Psychosocial Factors
0306410532: Biology of Alcoholism Vol. 7 : Pathogenesis of Alcoholism: Biological Factors
0306410540: Prostaglandins and the Kidney : Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology and Clinical Applications
0306410559: Hormones and Aggressive Behavior
0306410567: Colon : Structure and Function
0306410575: Autism in Adolescents and Adults
0306410583: Heat-Resistant Polymers : Technologically Useful Materials
0306410591: Physiology and Biochemistry of Plant-Pathogen Interactions
0306410605: Nutrition and Brain Development
0306410613: Macromolecular Sequences in Systematic and Evolutionary Biology
0306410621: Kidney and Body Fluids in Health and Disease
0306410648: Advances in Microbial Ecology
0306410656: Pathological Membranes
0306410664: Stress Reduction and Prevention
0306410672: Laser Processing and Analysis of Materials
0306410680: Handbook of Behavioral Neurobiology
0306410699: Children's Competence to Consent
0306410702: Tunneling Spectroscopy: Capabilities, Applications, and New Techniques
0306410710: Office Automation (Applications of Modern Technology in Business)
0306410729: New Interpretations of Ape and Human Ancestry
0306410737: Nuclear Fission Reactors
0306410745: Men Behind Bars: Sexual Exploitation in Prison
0306410753: Winning the Games Scientists Play
0306410796: Recent Advances in the Aerospace Sciences
0306410818: Impaired Physician
0306410826: Treatment Interventions In Human Sexuality
0306410834: Herpesviruses
0306410842: The Inconstant Gene
0306410869: Hydra
0306410877: Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pt. A : Structure and Mechanisms
0306410885: Advanced Organic Chemistry, Part B
0306410893: Psychophysiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract : Experimental and Clinical Applications
0306410923: Sphingolipid Biochemistry
0306410931: The Practitioner's Guide to Psychoactive Drugs (Topics in General Psychiatry)
0306410966: Handbook of Renal Therapeutics
0306410974: Atoms in Astrophysics
0306410982: Principles of Data Security
0306411008: Science of Hard Materials
0306411016: Fatigue : Environment and Temperature Effects
0306411024: Residual Stress and Stress Relaxation (Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference Proceedings)
0306411032: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Volume 27
0306411040: Advances in Cryogenic Eng Materials V28
0306411059: Physics of Ion-Ion and Electron-Ion Collisions.
0306411067: Advances in Genetics, Development, and Evolution of Drosophila
0306411075: Physical Processes in Laser-Materials Interactions
0306411091: Calmodulin and Intracellular Ca Receptors
0306411113: Chemical Carcinogenesis
0306411121: Theory and Research in Learning Disabilities
0306411148: Behavioral Treatment of Disease
0306411156: Air Pollution Modeling & Application 2
0306411172: Psychosocial Theories of the Self
0306411180: Systems Analysis in Urban Policy Making
0306411210: Enzyme Engineering Volume 6.
0306411229: Methane : Fuel for the Future
0306411237: In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Environmental Agents:Current and Future Possibilities - Part A: Survey of Test Systems
0306411245: In Vitro Toxicity Testing of Environmental Agents:Current and Future Possibilities - Part B: Development of Risk Assessment Guidelines
0306411253: Surface Mobilities on Solid Materials
0306411261: Tutorials on Motion Perception
0306411288: Language and Language Acquisition
0306411296: Genetic Analysis of the X Chromosome : Studies of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Related Disorders (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Ser., Vol. 154)
0306411326: Cancer of the Prostate and Kidney
0306411342: Role of the Polymeric Matrix in the Processing and Structural Properties Composite Materials
0306411350: Genetic Toxicology : An Agricultural Perspective
0306411369: Manual of Physical Status and Performance in Childhood Vol. 1 : Physical Status
0306411377: Manual of Physical Status and Performance in Childhood Vol. 2 : Physical Performance
0306411385: Polymer Alloys III : Blends, Blocks, Grafts, and Interpenetrating Networks
0306411407: Trichinella and Trichinosis
0306411415: Thin Film Solar Cells
0306411423: Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions
0306411458: Handbook of Psychopharmacology
0306411466: Biological Responses in Cancer: Progress toward Potential Applications, Vol. 1
0306411474: Beneficial Effects of Endotoxins
0306411482: Mutagenicity, Carcinogenicity, and Teratogenicity of Industrial Pollutants
0306411490: Cognitive Therapy With Couples and Groups
0306411504: Physics of Actinide Compounds
0306411512: Mentally Disordered Offenders : Perspectives from Law and Social Science
0306411520: Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry Vol. 7 : Kinetics and Mechanisms of Electrode Processes
0306411539: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 3 : Metabolism in the Nervous System
0306411555: Flooding and Implosive Therapy : Direct Therapeutic Exposure in Clinical Practice
0306411563: Child Advocacy : Psychological Issues and Interventions
0306411571: Cell and Muscle Motility
0306411598: Legal Aspects of Geology
0306411601: Plant Cell Culture in Crop Improvement
0306411628: Particles and Fields 2
0306411636: Induced Mutagenesis : Molecular Mechanisms and Their Implications for Environmental Protection
0306411679: Kinins III
0306411695: Relativistic Effects in Atoms, Molecules, and Solids
0306411709: Human and Environmental Risks of Chlorinated Dioxins and Related Compounds
0306411717: Hazardous Waste Disposal (Nato - Challenges of Modern Society)
0306411733: Leukotrienes and Prostacyclin
0306411741: Linguistics and Literacy
0306411768: Child Nurturance : Studies of Development in Nonhuman Primates (Child Nurturance)
0306411814: Stability and Switching in Cellular Differentiation
0306411822: New Approaches In Eukaryotic DNA Replication
0306411830: Durable Resistance in Crops
0306411849: Organ and Species Specificity in Chemical Carcinogenesis
0306411857: Dialogues on the Psychology of Language and Thought: Conversations With Noam Chomsky, Charles Osgood, Jean Piaget, Ulric Neisser and Marcel Kinsbourn
0306411865: Collective Excitations in Solids
0306411881: Electron-Atom and Electron-Molecule Collisions
0306411903: Physicochemical Aspects of Polymer Surfaces
0306411938: Porphyrin Photosensitization
0306411954: Macroscopic Processes and Discharges
0306411962: Developmental Approaches to the Self
0306411970: Advances in Vertebrate Neuroethology
0306411997: Advanced Organic Chemistry, Pt. B : Reactions and Synthesis
0306412020: Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Volume 1: Genetics, Behavioral Treatment, Social Mediators and Prevention, Current Concepts in Diagnosis
0306412039: Adolescent Gynecology : A Guide for Clinicians
0306412047: Regulation of Gene Expression by Hormones
0306412063: Applications of Infrared, Raman, and Resonance Raman Spectroscopy in Biochemistry
0306412071: Theory of the Inhomogeneous Electron Gas
0306412098: Children's Emotions and Moods : Developmental Theory and Measurement
0306412101: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 4 : Enzymes in the Nervous System
0306412128: In Search of Equity : Health Needs and the Health Care System
0306412144: Consciousness and Self-Regulation : Advances in Research and Theory
0306412152: Legal Aspects of Geology
0306412187: Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems: 7 (Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems)
0306412195: Cryocoolers Pt. 2 : Applications
0306412209: Parallel Processing in the Visual System : The Classification of Retinal Ganglion Cells and Its Impact on the Neurobiology of Vision
0306412217: Medical and Social Aspects of Alcohol Abuse
0306412225: Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology
0306412233: Adaptability : The Significance of Variability from Molecule to Ecosystem
0306412241: Fundamentals of Digital Switching
0306412268: Justice and the Critique of Pure Psychology
0306412276: Cell and Muscle Motility, Volume 4
0306412284: Handbook of Family and Marital Therapy
0306412306: Making Work : Self-Created Jobs in Participatory Organizations
0306412314: Biomedical Institutions, Biomedical Funding, and Public Policy
0306412330: Reoviridae
0306412349: Social Skills Assessment and Training with Children : An Empirically Based Handbook
0306412357: Mental Health Care and National Health Insurance : A Philosophy of and an Approach to Mental Health Care for the Future
0306412373: Challenge of Change : Perspectives on Family, Work, and Education
0306412381: Boreal Forest Adaptations
0306412403: Biochemical and Biological Markers of Neoplastic Transformations
0306412411: High-Latitude Space Plasma Physics
0306412438: Arterial Pollution
0306412446: Basic Biology of New Developments in Biotechnology
0306412462: Pest Resistance to Pesticides
0306412470: Acoustical Imaging. Vol. 12
0306412497: Physics in Collision High Energy Volume 2
0306412500: Adhesion Aspects of Polymeric Coatings
0306412519: Chemistry and Technology of Water-Soluble Polymers
0306412527: Genetics of the Immune Response
0306412535: Myocardial Injury
0306412543: Chemical Signals in Vertebrates
0306412551: Spatial Orientation : Theory, Research, and Application
0306412578: Supramolecular Structure and Function
0306412586: Nitrogen Fixation : The Chemical-Biochemical-Genetic Interface
0306412616: Thrombosis and Cardiovascular Diseases
0306412632: Integrated Optics. Physics and Applications. NATO ASI Series. Series B. Physics, Vol. 91
0306412640: Molecular Ions: Geometric and Electronic Structures (NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series B: Physics, Vol. 90)
0306412659: Drug Metabolite Isolation and Determination
0306412748: Use of Human Cells for the Evaluation of Risk from Physical and Chemical Agents
0306412756: Genetic Engineering in Eukaryotes. NATO ASI Series A: Life Sciences, Volume 61
0306412780: Heart Perfusion, Energetics, and Ischemia
0306412799: Psychosomatic Medicine : Theoretical, Clinical and Transcultural Aspects
0306412802: Photoimmunology
0306412810: Behavior and Arteriosclerosis
0306412845: Problems and Methods of Optimal Structural Design
0306412853: Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
0306412861: Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology
0306412888: Changing Families
0306412896: Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews (Photochemical and Photobiological Reviews)
0306412918: Cognitive Behavior Therapy with Children
0306412934: Biological Magnetic Resonance
0306412942: Reticuloendothelial System Vol. 5 : A Comprehensive Treatise: Cancer
0306412950: Behavioral Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Traumatically Brain Damaged
0306412969: Reliability Evaluation of Engineering Systems
0306412977: Thin Film Device Applications
0306412985: Cell Membranes : Methods and Reviews : Volume 1
0306413019: Contemporary Geriatric Medicine
0306413027: Pattern Recognition Approach to Data Interpretation
0306413043: Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology, Volume 9;
0306413078: Molten Salt Techniques
0306413086: Current Developments in Anthropological Genetics, Black Caribs Vol. 3 : A Case Study in Biocultural Adaptation
0306413094: Individual's Guide to Grants
0306413108: Neuroendocrinology of Aging
0306413116: Lactation : Physiology, Nutrition and Breast Feeding
0306413124: Biomass Energies : Resources, Links, Constraints
0306413159: Biofuture : Confronting the Genetic Era
0306413167: Excited States of Biopolymers
0306413175: All about Sex Therapy
0306413183: New Pathways for Organic Synthesis : Practical Applications of Transition Metals
0306413191: Jahn-Teller Effect and Vibronic Interactions in Modern Chemistry
0306413205: Psychoneuroendocrine Dysfunction
0306413213: Field, Thermionic, and Secondary Electron Emission Spectroscopy
0306413221: Surface and Colloid Science
0306413248: Dictionary of Ceramic Science and Engineering
0306413264: Many-Body Theory of Solids : An Introduction
0306413272: Annals of Theoretical Psychology (Annals of Theoretical Psychology)
0306413280: Prevention of Alcohol Abuse
0306413299: Freud and Modern Psychology Vol. 2 : The Emotional Basis of Human Behavior
0306413302: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, Volume 6
0306413310: Rational-Emotive Approaches to the Problems of Childhood
0306413329: Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion Vol. 1 : Plasma and Physics
0306413337: Molecular Biology of Development: Molecular Events and Problems of Regulation
0306413345: Adsorption and The Gibbs Surface Excess
0306413353: Adult t Cell Leukemia and Related Diseases (Gann Monograph on Cancer Research)
0306413361: Chemical Mutagens : Principles and Methods for Their Detection
0306413396: Current Ornithology, Volume 1
0306413418: Symmetries in Nuclear Structure
0306413442: Sourcebook of Titanium Alloy Superconductivity
0306413450: Field Theory in Elementary Particles
0306413469: Structure and Function of Plant Genomes
0306413477: Advances in Materials Characterization
0306413485: Gene Expression in Normal and Transformed Cells
0306413531: Genetic Engineering of Plants
0306413558: Advances in Laser Spectroscopy
0306413566: Atomic Physics of Highly Ionized Atoms
0306413574: Search for Charm, Beauty, and Truth at High Energies
0306413590: Pineal Gland and Its Endocrine Role
0306413612: Atomic Physics 8
0306413639: Purine Metabolism in Man IVA : Clinical and Therapeutic Aspects
0306413647: Purine Metabolism in Man IVB : Biochemical, Immunological, and Cancer Research
0306413698: Biomagnetism: An Interdisciplinary Approach NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series., Vol. 66
0306413701: Advances in X-Ray Analysis. Volume 26 (Proceedings of the 1982 Conference on the Applications of X-Ray Analysis, August 1-6, 1982, Denver).
0306413728: Quantum Metrology and Fundamental Physical Constants
0306413736: Surface Modification and Alloying by Laser, Ion, and Electron Beams.
0306413744: Coastal Oceanography
0306413760: Biomass Utilization
0306413779: Mobilization of Reserves in Germination
0306413787: Drug and Alcohol Use : Issues and Factors
0306413795: Interferon and Cancer
0306413809: Utilization of Mammalian Specific Locus Studies in Hazard Evaluation and Estimation of Genetic Risk
0306413817: Computer Models of Speech Using Fuzzy Algorithms
0306413825: Genetic Engineering : Principles and Methods
0306413833: Weapons of Tomorrow
0306413841: Physics at Lear With Low-Energy Cooled Antiprotons
0306413868: Biofeedback and Family Practice Medicine
0306413876: Modification of Polymers
0306413884: Advances in Superconductivity
0306413906: Advances in Fuzzy Sets, Possibility Theory and Applications
0306413914: Biological Response Modifiers in Human Oncology and Immunology
0306413922: Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Vol. 15
0306413930: Biology and Chemistry of Plant Trichomes
0306413949: Miquid Crystals & Ordered Fluids Proc
0306413957: Laser Interaction and Related Plasma Phenomena
0306413965: Reproductive and Developmental Toxicity of Metals
0306413973: Analysis of Actual Versus Perceived Risks
0306414007: Theoretical Psychology : The Meeting of East and West
0306414015: Issues in Psychotherapy Research
0306414023: Immunology of Clinical and Experimental Diabetes
0306414031: Clinical Perspectives on the Supervision of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
0306414058: Classification of Psychopathology : Neokraepelinian and Quantitative Approaches
0306414066: Sex Roles and Psychopathology
0306414082: Evolutionary Biology,Volume 16
0306414090: In Search of the Physical Basis of Life
0306414104: Symbiosis in Parent-Offspring Interactions
0306414112: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 6 : Receptors in the Nervous System
0306414120: Parvoviruses
0306414139: Victims of the Environment : Loss from Natural Hazards In the United States, 1970-1980
0306414155: Handbook of Psychopharmacology Vol. 18 : Drugs, Neurotransmitters and Behavior
0306414163: Death Penalty
0306414171: Treating Child-Abusive Families : Intervention Based on Skills-Training Principles
0306414201: Aging and Cell Function
0306414228: Reticuloendothelial System : A Comprehensive Treatise: Physiology
0306414252: Before It's Too Late : A Scientist's Case for Nuclear Energy
0306414260: Cities of the Mind : Images and Themes of the City in the Social Sciences
0306414279: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects
0306414287: Physician's Guide to Diving Medicine
0306414295: Elderly People and the Environment
0306414309: Molecular Biology of Mutagens and Carcinogens
0306414317: Advances in Human Genetics (Vol. 13)
0306414325: Plasma Chromatography
0306414333: Language and Cognition : Essays in Honor of Arthur J. Bronstein
0306414341: Critical Psychology : Interpretation of the Personal World
0306414384: Fuel Economy in Road Vehicles Powered by Spark Ignition Engines
0306414392: Membranes and Sensory Transduction
0306414406: Handbook of Neurochemistry, Vol. 7 : Structural Elements of the Nervous System
0306414414: Nuclear Energy : A Sensible Alternative
0306414430: Cell and Muscle Motility:Vol. 5:The Cytoskeleton (Cell and Muscle Motility)
0306414449: Women in Midlife
0306414457: Genotoxicology of N Nitroso Compounds
0306414465: Beyond the Dyad
0306414473: Management and Office Information Systems
0306414481: Experimental Methods in Electrochemistry
0306414503: Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems
0306414511: Enzymes of Biological Membranes Vol. 1 : Membrane Structure and Dynamics
0306414538: Enzymes of Biological Membranes Vol. 3 : Membrane Transport
0306414546: Enzymes of Biological Membranes Vol. 4 : Bioenergetics of Electron and Proton Transport
0306414570: Drug and Alcohol Abuse: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
0306414589: Advances in Microbial Ecology
0306414597: Sense of Injustice
0306414619: Structure-Property Relationships of Polymeric Solids
0306414635: Protein Conformation As an Immunological Signal
0306414643: Imagery, Vol. 3 : Theoretical and Clinical Applications
0306414651: Fundamental Processes in Energetic Atomic Collisions
0306414678: Hybridomas and Cellular Immortality
0306414694: Assessment and Programming for Young Children With Low-Incidence Handicaps
0306414716: Recent Progress in the Study and Therapy of Brain Edema
0306414732: Urologic Cancer
0306414740: Material Behavior Under High Stress and Ultrahigh Loading Rates
0306414759: Adaptive Control of Ill-Defined Systems
0306414767: Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biochemistry and Biology
0306414775: New Monomers and Polymers : Polymer Science and Technology
0306414783: Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers
0306414791: Genetic and Environmental Factors During the Growth Period
0306414805: Physical Methods on Biological Membranes and Their Model Systems
0306414813: Reorienting Health Services
0306414821: Hydrothermal Processes at Seafloor Spreading Centers
0306414848: Surfactants in Solution
0306414856: Surfactants in Solution, Volume 3.
0306414864: Advances in Nuclear Science & Tech Volume 16
0306414910: Air Pollution Modeling & Application 3ed
0306414929: Urban Innovation Abroad : Problem Cities in Search of Solutions
0306414945: Short-Distance Phenomena in Nuclear Physics
0306414953: Childhood Cancer: Impact on the Family (NATO Advanced Study Institute Series) - Hardcover
0306414961: Molecular Aspects of Early Development
0306414996: Investigation of Membrane-Located Receptors
0306415003: Regulation of Target Cell Responsiveness
0306415054: Child Nurturing in the 1980's
0306415089: Neutrons in Biology
0306415097: Molecular Evolution and Protobiology
0306415100: Topics in Photomedicine
0306415119: Insect Neurochemistry and Neurophysiology
0306415127: Fundamental Reserach in Homogeneous Catalysis. Volume 4.
0306415143: Healing and Scarring of Atheroma
0306415151: Recent Advances in Immunology
0306415178: Coherence and Quantum Optics V
0306415208: Evolutionary Genetics of Fishes
0306415224: Protection of Human Research Subjects : A Practical Guide to Federal Laws and Regulations
0306415232: Marketing Health Behavior : Principles, Techniques, and Applications
0306415240: Advances in Nuclear Physics, Volume 14
0306415259: Aging and Recovery of Function in the Central Nervous System
0306415275: Flexible Assembly Systems
0306415291: Perspectives on Bias in Mental Testing
0306415305: Darwin, Marx and Freud : Their Influence on Moral Theory
0306415313: Electron-Molecule Collisions
0306415348: Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Volume 2: Learning and Social Models, Alcohol and the Liver, Aging and Alcoholism, Anthropology
0306415356: Contemporary Hematology - Oncology
0306415364: Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology Vol. 13 : Macrophage Action
0306415372: Single-Cell Mutation Monitoring Systems : Methodologies and Applications
0306415380: Experience of Science
0306415399: Giardia and Giardiasis : Biology, Pathogenesis and Epidemiology
0306415410: Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry Vol. 10 : Bioelectrochemistry
0306415429: Neighborhoods, People, and Community
0306415437: Principles and Practice of Gynecologic Laser Surgery
0306415453: Insect Ultrastructure
0306415461: Beam Weapons : The Next Arms Race
0306415488: Biomembranes Vol. 12 : Membrane Fluidity
0306415496: Molten Salt Techniques
0306415518: Research Advances in Alcohol and Drug Problems
0306415526: Mass Spectrometry in Environmental Sciences
0306415534: Nutrition and Cancer
0306415550: Beyond the Neighborhood Unit : Residential Environments and Public Policy
0306415569: Neural Mechanisms of Startle Behavior
0306415577: Real and Functional Analysis Pt. A : Real Analysis
0306415585: Real and Functional Analysis Pt. B : Functional Analysis
0306415593: Correlation Analysis of Chemical Data
0306415607: Size and Scaling in Primate Biology
0306415615: Critical Reviews in Tropical Medicine
0306415623: Isotope Shifts in Atomic Spectra
0306415631: Continuities and Discontinuities in Development
0306415658: Membrane Alterations in Cancer
0306415666: Theory and Research in Behavioral Pediatrics : Volume 2 (Theory and Research in Behavioral Pediatrics) - Hardcover
0306415674: Monoclonal Antibodies and Functional Cell Lines : Progress and Applications
0306415682: Mood Disorders : Toward a New Psychobiology
0306415690: Arts at a New Frontier : The National Endowment for the Arts
0306415704: Comprehensive Treatise of Electrochemistry
0306415712: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 1 : Elastic and Quasi-Elastic Phenomena
0306415720: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 2 : Fusion and Quasi-Fusion Phenomena
0306415739: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 3 : Compound Systems Phenomena
0306415747: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 4 : Extreme Nuclear States
0306415755: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 5 : High-Energy Atomic Physics
0306415763: Just in Case : A Passenger's Guide to Airplane Safety and Survival
0306415771: Inside Plea Bargaining : The Language of Negotiation
0306415798: Handbook of Neurochemistry Second Edition Volume 8: Neurochemical Systems
0306415801: Biological Effects and Health Implications of Radiofrequency Radiation
0306415828: Voluntary Nonprofit Enterprise Management
0306415844: Mammalian Cell Culture : The Use of Serum-Free Hormone-Supplemented Media
0306415860: Psychological Risks of Coronary Bypass Surgery
0306415879: Neural Transplants : Development and Function
0306415887: Infant Memory : Its Relation to Normal and Pathological Memory in Humans and Other Animals
0306415895: Open Tubular Column Gas Chromatography in Environmental Sciences
0306415909: Behavior of Marine Animals Vol. 5 : Shorebirds: Breeding, Behavior and Populations
0306415917: Behavior of Marine Animals Vol. 6 : Shorebirds: Migration and Foraging Behavior
0306415933: Behavioral Theories and Treatment of Anxiety
0306415941: Environmental Dispute Resolution
0306415968: Biology of Glycoproteins
0306415976: Heat Transfer in Medicine and Biology
0306415992: Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange
0306416018: Psychiatry, the State of the Art Vol. 1 : Clinical Psychopathology and Nomenclature and Classification
0306416026: Psychiatry, the State of the Art Vol. 2 : Biological Psychiatry, Higher Nervous Activity
0306416034: Psychiatry, the State of the Art Vol. 3 : Pharmacopsychiatry
0306416042: Psychiatry: The State of the Art Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine
0306416050: Psychiatry the State of the Art Volume 5
0306416069: Psychiatry, the State of the Art Vol. 6 : Drug Dependence and Alchoholism, Forensic, Psychiatry, Military Psychiatry
0306416077: Psychiatry, the State of the Art Vol. 7 : Epidemiology and Community Psychiatry
0306416085: History of Psychiatry, National Schools, Education, and Transcultural Psychiatry
0306416093: Systems Analysis and Modeling in Defense : Developments, Trends, and Issues
0306416107: Oxygen Transport to Tissue--V
0306416115: Contractile Mechanisms in Muscle
0306416123: Introduction to Supersymmetry in Particle and Nuclear Physics
0306416174: Spin Excitations in Nuclei
0306416182: Targets for the Design of Antiviral Agents
0306416190: Eukaryotic Cell Cultures : Basics and Applications
0306416220: Laser Applications in Chemistry
0306416239: Human In-Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer
0306416247: Genetic Control of Environmental Pollutants
0306416298: Photoreceptors
0306416328: Biological Nitrogen Fixation : Ecology, Technology and Physiology
0306416344: Positron Scattering in Gases. NATO ASI Series B: Physics, Volume 107
0306416352: Viral Infections of Humans : Epidemiology and Control
0306416360: Advances in Data Base Theory Volume 2
0306416395: Trophoblast Research Vol. 1 : Fetal Nutrition, Metabolism and Immunology
0306416409: Abortion : Understanding Differences
0306416417: Polymers, Liquid Crystals and Low-Dimensional Solids
0306416425: Neurohypophysis
0306416433: Chloroplasts
0306416441: Advances in Information Systems Science
0306416468: Biology of Idiotypes
0306416476: Mossbauer Spectroscopy Applied to Inorganic Chemistry
0306416484: Handbook of Mental Illness in the Mentally Retarded
0306416506: Structure-Property Relationships in Polymers
0306416514: Evolutionary Biology (Evolutionary Biology)
0306416522: Issues and Reviews in Teratology (Vol. 2)
0306416549: Dopamine Receptor Agonists
0306416557: Emergency Psychiatry : Concepts, Methods, and Practices
0306416565: Electrode Processes and Electrochemical Engineering
0306416573: Gender Gap in Psychotherapy
0306416581: Resolving Development Disputes Through Negotiation
0306416611: Masters Theses in the Pure and Applied Sciences Accepted by Colleges and Universities of the United States and Canada
0306416638: Transfer Processes in Cohesive Sediment Systems
0306416662: Sintering and Heterogeneous Catalysis
0306416670: Local Destiny Approximations in Quantum Chemistry and Solid-State Physics
0306416689: Microcomputers and Laboratory Instrumentation
0306416700: Polyimides
0306416735: Polyimides
0306416751: Nondestructive Methods for Material Property Determination
0306416778: Emergent Process Methods for High-Technology Ceramics
0306416786: Review of Progress in Quantitative Nonde
0306416794: Individual Susceptibility to Genotoxic Agents in the Human Population
0306416816: Coping with Physical Illness Vol. 2 : New Perspectives
0306416824: Biochemistry of the Essential Ultratrace Elements
0306416840: Methods in Pharmacology Vol. 5 : Myocardial Biology
0306416867: Chloroplasts
0306416875: Seeds : Physiology of Development and Germination
0306416883: Crime Control : The Use and Misuse of Police Resources
0306416891: Biomaterials Science and Engineering
0306416905: Applied Superconductivity, Metallurgy and Physics of Titanium Alloys Vol. 1 : Fundamentals
0306416913: Applied Superconductivity, Metallurgy and Physics of Titanium Alloys Vol. 2 : Applications
0306416921: Annals of Theoretical Psychology
0306416964: Chemical Mutagens : Principles and Methods for Their Detection
0306416972: Psychological and Behavioral Assessment
0306416980: Viral Cytopathology
0306417006: Pathogens of Invertebrates : Application in Biological Control and Transmission Mechanisms
0306417030: Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
0306417049: ADVANCES IN CRYOGENIC ENGINEERING vol 30: MATERIALS (An International Cryogenic Materials Conference Publication)
0306417057: Bacterial Infections of Humans
0306417073: Ganglioside Structure, Function, And Biomedical Potential.
0306417081: Nutritional and Toxicological Aspects of Food Safety
0306417138: Percolation, Localization, and Superconductivity
0306417146: Biomembranes: Dynamics and Biology (Nato Asi Series : Advanced Science Institutes Series, Series a, Vol. 76)
0306417154: Physics of Submicron Structures
0306417162: Role of Cell Interactions in Early Neurogenesis
0306417170: Acoustical Imaging Volume 13
0306417189: Anticipated and Abnormal Plant Transients in Light Water Reactors
0306417197: Deformation of Ceramic Materials II
0306417219: Problems and Methods for Lithospheric Exploration
0306417227: Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology (Advances in Clinical Neuropsychology)
0306417235: Hepatitis B : The Virus, the Disease, and the Vaccine
0306417251: Low-Probability - High-Consequence Risk Analysis : Issues, Methods and Case Studies
0306417286: Polymer Processing and Properties
0306417294: Neurotransmitter Receptors : Mechanisms of Action and Regulation (Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology Ser., Vol. 175)
0306417308: Quantum Electrodynamics and Quantum Optics
0306417316: Phosphate and Mineral Metabolism
0306417367: Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Biological Systems
0306417375: Modern Cellular Automata : Theory and Applications
0306417391: Aging and Drug Therapy
0306417405: Tissue Culture of Epithelial Cells
0306417421: Surface and Interfacial Aspects of Biomedical Polymers Vol. 2 : Protein Adsorption
0306417448: Handbook of Neurochemistry Vol. 10 : Pathological Neurochemistry
0306417456: Rubber Processing and Production Organization
0306417472: Calcium in Biological Systems
0306417499: Measuring Reading Competence : A Theoretical-Prescriptive Approach
0306417502: Coal Combustion and Gasification
0306417510: Research Methods in Neurochemistry
0306417529: Advances in Human Genetics 14
0306417537: Race Against Time : Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis in the Second Half of Life
0306417588: From Research to Clinical Practice : The Implications of Social and Developmental Research for Psychotherapy
0306417596: Advances in Myocardiology
0306417618: Cell Membranes: Methods and Reviews, Volume 2
0306417626: Practical Approaches to Alcoholism Psychotherapy
0306417642: Chronic Renal Disease : Causes, Complications and Treatment
0306417650: Semiotic Sphere
0306417669: Viruses : Catalogue, Characterization and Classification
0306417677: Semiotic Praxis : Studies in Pertinence and in the Means of Expression and Communication
0306417685: Reproduction
0306417693: Physics and Chemistry of III-V Compound Semiconductor Interfaces
0306417707: Remarriage : A Family Affair
0306417723: Learning to Cooperate, Cooperating to Learn
0306417731: Children and Arson : America's Middle Class Nightmare
0306417758: Infant Crying : Theoretical and Research Perspectives
0306417766: Contemporary Topics in Molecular Volume 10
0306417774: Racial and Cultural Minorities : An Analysis of Prejudice and Discrimination
0306417782: Herpesviruses
0306417790: Alternating Copolymers
0306417804: Current Ornithology, Volume 2
0306417812: Diabetic Pancreas
0306417820: Modeling and Analysis of Computer Communications Networks
0306417847: Leader : Psychohistorical Essays
0306417855: Cell & Muscle Motility Volume 6
0306417863: Treatise on Heavy-Ion Science Vol. 6 : Astrophysics, Chemistry and Condensed Matter
0306417871: Treatise on Heavy Ion Science Vol. 7 : Instrumentation and Techniques
0306417898: Progress in Medical Radiation Physics
0306417901: Dynamic Light Scattering : Applications of Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
0306417928: The Reticuloendothelial System: A Comprehensive Treatise : Pharmacology (Reticuloendothelial System)
0306417936: Herpesviruses : Immunobiology and Prophylaxis of Human Herpesvirus Infections
0306417944: Behavioral Decision Making
0306417952: Gender Factory : The Apportionment of Work in American Households
0306417960: Foundations of Business Information Systems
0306417979: Cerebral Energy Metabolism and Metabolic Encephalopathy
0306417987: Physics of Thin Films
0306417995: Electroanalytical Methods in Chemical and Environmental Analysis
0306418029: Polymer Blends. Processing, Morphology, and Properties. Vol. II
0306418037: Methods and Materials in Microelectronic Technology
0306418053: Electrochemical Cell Design
0306418088: Basal Ganglia Structure & Function
0306418096: Drug Determination in Therapeutic and Forensic Contexts
0306418142: Polymeric Liquid Crystals : Polymer Science and Technology
0306418150: Stress and Tension Control
0306418169: Peptide Hormones, Biomembranes, and Cell Growth
0306418185: Quantitative Assessment in Arms Control : Mathematical Modeling and Simulation in the Analysis of Arms Control Problems
0306418193: Seabird Energetics
0306418207: Mutation, Cancer, and Malformation
0306418215: Condensed Matter Research Using Neutrons
0306418223: Aging and Technological Advances NATO Conference Series, Vol. 24
0306418231: Multiple Sclerosis : Present and Future
0306418258: Thermal Expansion 8
0306418266: Energy Transfer Processes in Condensed Matter
0306418282: Smoking and the Lung
0306418304: Dynamics of Biochemical Systems (Nato ASI Series, Series A: Life Sciences, Volume 81)
0306418312: Receptor-Mediated Targeting of Drugs
0306418339: Nonequilibrium Cooperative Phenomena in Physics and Related Fields
0306418347: Moment Formation in Solids
0306418355: Central Cholinergic Mechanism and Adaptive Dysfunctions
0306418363: Gene Expression and Cell-Cell Interactions in the Developing Nervous System
0306418371: Molecular Characterization of Composite Interfaces
0306418398: Innovations in Materials Processing
0306418401: Advances in Perinatal Medicine
0306418428: Somatosensory Mechanisms
0306418436: Molecular Basis of Insulin Action
0306418452: Principles of Medical Therapy in Pregnancy
0306418460: Perpectives in Ethology Volume 6 Mechanisms
0306418479: Atomic Inner-Shell Physics
0306418487: Epilepsy and the Corpus Callosum
0306418495: Substance Abuse and Psychopathology
0306418509: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
0306418525: Recent Developments in Alcoholism, Volume 3: High-Risk Studies, Prostaglandins and Leukotrienes, Cardiovascular Effects, Cerebral Function in Social Drinkers
0306418533: Endocytosis
0306418541: Autoionization
0306418576: Platelet Membrane Glycoproteins
0306418584: Cognition and Psychotherapy
0306418592: Communication Problems in Autism
0306418614: Structural Optimization Vol. 1 : Optimality Criteria
0306418622: Structural Optimization Vol. 2 : Mathematical Programming
0306418649: Advances in Nuclear Physics: 15 (Advances in Nuclear Physics)
0306418673: Architecture of Systems Problem Solving
0306418681: Fathering Behaviors : The Dynamics of the Man-Child Bond
0306418703: Ring-Chain Tautomerism
0306418711: Diagnosis and Treatment of Erectile Disturbances : A Guide for Clinicians
0306418738: Determinants of Substance Abuse
0306418746: Custody of Children : A Behavioral Assessment Model
0306418754: Handbook of Clinical Behavior Therapy with Adults
0306418762: International Handbook of Behavior Modification and Therapy : Student Edition
0306418770: Advances in Microbial Ecology: 8 (Advances in Microbial Ecology)
0306418789: Structure Determination by X-Ray Crystallography
0306418797: Biological Responses in Cancer:Progress Toward Potential Applications, Vol. 3: Immunomodulation by Anticancer Drugs (Biological Responses in Cancer)
0306418800: Hydrometallurgical Process Fundamentals
0306418819: Nature of the SCEs
0306418827: Genetic Toxicology and Human Studies
0306418835: Gene Manipulation in Plant Improvement
0306418843: Gossypol : A Potential Contraceptive for Men
0306418851: Chemical Mossbauer Spectroscopy
0306418878: Oxygen Transport to Tissue Six
0306418908: Health Psychology
0306418916: Metal-Containing Polymeric Systems
0306418924: Computers and Control in Clinical Medicine
0306418932: Ergonomic Data for Equipment Design : Proceedings of the NATO ARI held in Munich, FRG, March 22-26, 1982 (Nato Conference Series III, Vol 25: Human Factors) - Hardcover
0306418975: Analytical Laser Spectroscopy. NATO ASI Series. Advanced Science Institutes Series. 119
0306418983: Chaotic Behavior in Quantum Systems : Theory and Applications
0306418991: Lipid Metabolism and Its Pathology
0306419009: Understanding Learning Disabilities : International and Multidisciplinary Views
0306419017: Plasmids in Bacteria
0306419025: Genetic Consequences of Nucleotide Pool Imbalance
0306419033: Computer-Based Automation
0306419041: Electroweak Effects at High Energies
0306419068: Testicular Cancer & Other Tumors of The
0306419076: Physical Properties of Amorphous Materials
0306419084: Air Pollution Modeling & Its Applicati
0306419114: Estuarine Management and Quality Assessment
0306419122: Electronic Structure, Dynamics and Quantum Structural Properties of Condensed Matter
0306419149: Drugs Affecting Lipid Metabolism VIII
0306419157: Laser Photobiology and Photomedicine
0306419165: Foundations of Logic and Linguistics
0306419211: Water and Ions in Biological Systems
0306419238: Biological Effects and Dosimetry of Static and Elf Electromagnetic Fields
0306419246: Risk Analysis in the Private Sector
0306419254: Quarks, Leptons, and Beyond
0306419270: Review of Progress in Quantitative Vol4a
0306419297: Behavioral Epidemiology and Disease Prevention
0306419300: Primary Photo-Processes in Biology and Medicine
0306419319: Urolithiasis and Related Clinical Research
0306419327: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
0306419335: Wheat Growth and Modeling
0306419378: Solid Modeling by Computers. From Theory to Applications
0306419386: Electrochemical Synthesis of Inorganic Compounds : A Bibliography
0306419394: Advances in X-Ray Analysis
0306419408: Future of Piagetian Theory : The Neo-Piagetians
0306419416: Bacterial Adhesion : Mechanisms and Physiological Significance
0306419424: Cell Culture in the Neurosciences
0306419432: Mass Murder : America's Growing Menace
0306419440: Bacteria in Nature Vol. 1 : Bacterial Activities in Perspective
0306419459: American Experience with Alcohol : Contrasting Cultural Perspectives
0306419467: Early Identification of Children at Risk
0306419475: Amorphous Solids and the Liquid State
0306419491: Model Neural Networks and Behavior
0306419505: Frantz Fanon and the Psychology of Oppression
0306419513: Developmental Biology Vol. 1 : Prenatal Growth
0306419521: Postnatal Growth Vol. 2 : Neurobiology
0306419548: Critical Issues in American Psychiatry and the Law
0306419556: Contemporary Topics in Immunobiology : Immune Complexes and Human Cancer
0306419564: Proteinuria
0306419572: Computational Methods for the Determination of Formation Constants
0306419580: Plant Viruses Vol. 1 : Polyhedral Virions with Tripartite Genomes
0306419602: Mechanisms of Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions. Volume 3
0306419610: Introduction to the Linear Theories and Methods of Electrostatic Waves in Plasmas
0306419629: Methodological and Statistical Advances in the Study of Individual Differences
0306419637: Advances in Clinical Child Psychology, Volume 8
0306419645: Metropolitan Desegregation
0306419653: Multiple-Criteria Decision Making : Concepts, Techniques, and Extensions
0306419661: Vietnam Veterans : The Road to Recovery
0306419688: Applying the Humanities
0306419696: Here the People Rule : Selected Essays
0306419718: Clinical Applications of Rational-Emotive Therapy
0306419726: Annals of Theoretical PsychologyVolume 3 (Annals of Theoretical Psychology) - Hardcover
0306419734: Office Automation : A User-Driven Method
0306419742: Chemistry of Coal Conversion
0306419750: Aphasia and Brain Organization
0306419769: Home Environments
0306419777: Designing Optimal Strategies for Mineral Exploration
0306419807: Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, and Lipoxins
0306419823: Human Hybridomas and Monoclonal Antibodies
0306419831: Genetics and the Law
0306419858: Patient
0306419866: Neuropsychology of Individual Differences
0306419874: Immunology of Rheumatic Diseases
0306419890: Handbook of Behavioral Group Therapy
0306419904: Lipids : Chemistry, Biochemistry and Nutrition
0306419912: Neurotransmitter Actions in the Vertebrate Nervous System
0306419920: Wave Dynamics and Radio Probing of the Ocean Surface
0306419947: Representation and Responsibility : Exploring Legislative Ethics
0306419955: Biofeedback and Sports Science
0306419963: Hybridoma Technology in the Biosciences and Medicine
0306419998: Organic Syntheses by Oxidation with Metal Compounds
0306420015: Controlled Hypotension in Neuroanaesthesia
0306420023: Fundamental Interactions in Low-Energy Systems
0306420031: Assessment of Risk from Low-Level Exposure to Radiation and Chemicals
0306420058: Advances in Hemostasis and Thrombosis
0306420066: Chemically Mediated Interactions Between Plants and Other Organisms
0306420074: Psychophysiology of Cardiovascular Control : Models, Methods, and Data
0306420090: Mechanisms of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity
0306420104: Basic and Applied Mutagenesis : With Special Reference to Agricultural Chemicals in Developing Countries
0306420112: Liver, Nutrition, and Bile Acids
0306420120: Supersymmetry
0306420139: Supercomputer Applications
0306420147: Immunobiology of Proteins and Peptides III
0306420155: Short-Term Bioassays in the Analysis of Complex Environmental Mixtures, Pt. 4
0306420163: AIDS-Associated Syndromes
0306420171: Recent Advances in Biological Membrane Studies : Structure and Biogenesis, Oxidation and Energetics
0306420201: Fungal Dimorphism : With Emphasis on Fungi Pathogenic for Humans
0306420228: Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behavior
0306420236: Victimization in Schools
0306420244: Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry
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