0029173809: Effects of Mass Communication
0029174252: Good Old Days : The Holocaust As Seen by Its Perpetrators and Bystanders
0029174309: Econometric Models as Guides for Decision Making
0029174317: Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the Hebrew Language
0029174414: Rethinking Psychiatry : From Cultural Category to Personal Experience
0029174422: Rethinking Psychiatry
0029174600: Culture and Behavior: Collected Essays.
0029174902: UNESCO Dictionary of the Social Sciences
0029174953: White House Daze : The Unmaking of Domestic Policy in the Bush Years
0029175410: Sexual Revolution in Russia : From the Age of the Czars to Today
0029175518: Eagle and Sword: The Federalists and the Creation of the Military Establishment in America, 1783-1802
0029175607: Professional Fence
0029175704: Footsteps into the Future
0029175801: Footsteps into the Future
0029175852: Generational Accounting : Knowing Who Pays and When, for What We Spend
0029175860: New Rules : How to Succeed in Today's Post-Corporate World
0029175968: Marketing Places : Attracting Investment, Industry and Tourism to Cities, States and Regions
0029176204: The Politics of Mass Society
0029176409: Origin of the American Revolution: 1759-1766.
0029176417: New Criterion Reader : The First 5 Years
0029176425: School Follies : The Miseducation of America's Teachers
0029176727: American Defense Annual 1993
0029176905: Stratification, Class, and Conflict
0029176913: Telecommuting
0029177103: Communication Games
0029177200: The Essence of Social Research: A Copernican Revolution
0029177502: The Soviet Paradigm
0029177707: Fedayeen. The Arab-Israeli Dilemma.
0029177758: Armchair Economist : Economics and Everyday Experience
0029177766: Armchair Economist : Economics and Everyday Experience
0029178207: Professional Fence
0029178304: Existential Social Work
0029178401: Revolution of Being : A Latin American View of the Future
0029178606: Political Life: Why People Get Involved in Politics.
0029178908: Public Therapy -
0029179009: Life Stress and Mental Health.
0029179106: Making It Together : A Survival Manual for Executive Families
0029179505: Dictionary of Politics
0029179602: International Encyclopedia of Statistics
0029179807: International Encyclopedia of Statistics. Vol 2
0029179904: Management Information Systems : A Handbook for Modern Managers
0029180007: General Managers
0029180104: Family Case Studies : A Sociological Perspective
0029180112: Divergent Realities
0029180309: Court of Reason
0029180406: Success and the Fear of Success in Women
0029180805: Right vs. Privilege : The Open Admissions Experiment at the City University of New York
0029180902: Handbook of Child Welfare : Context, Knowledge and Practice
0029181100: Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
0029181305: Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
0029181402: Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
0029181607: Supreme Court Economic Review Vol. 1 1982
0029181704: Renewing American Industry
0029181755: Handbook of Demographics for Marketing and Advertising : New Trends in the American Marketplace
0029182204: Renewing American Industry
0029182301: General Managers
0029182409: Defendant A Psychiatrist on Trial for Medical Malpractice
0029182506: Continuities in the Language of Social Research
0029182603: Strategic Marketing for Not-For-Profit Organizations
0029183308: Power and Influence/Beyond Formal Authority
0029183316: Leadership Factor
0029183405: Toward a More Natural Science : Biology and Human Affairs
0029183413: Politics of Inclusion
0029183502: Eagle and Sword : The Beginnings of the Military Establishment in America
0029183707: Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School
0029183804: Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School
0029183812: Reverse Marketing
0029183901: Swindling and Selling
0029184207: Love, Guilt and Reparation and Other Works, 1921-1945
0029184304: Psychoanalysis of Children
0029184401: Envy and Gratitude and Other Works, 1946-1963
0029184509: Narrative of a Child Analysis
0029184614: Social Marketing : Strategies for Changing Public Behavior
0029184630: Generational Accounting : Knowing Who Pays and When, for What We Spend
0029184649: White Gloves : How We Create Ourselves Through Memory
0029184657: Force for Change : How Leadership Differs from Management
0029184673: Corporate Culture and Performance
0029184703: Revenge of the Philistines : Art and Culture, 1972-1984
0029184800: Ceramic Masterpieces : Art, Structure and Technology
0029184851: Handbook of Child and Adolescent Treatment Manuals
0029184908: Tough Changes : Growing up on Your Own in America
0029185300: Drinking in America : A History
0029185505: Family Mediation Practice
0029185556: On Great Service : A Framework for Action
0029185807: The Passing of Traditional Society: Modernizing the Middle East
0029186013: Economic Value of Higher Education
0029186056: Thinking about Management
0029186064: Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy : Issues in Diagnosis and Treatment
0029186102: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029186307: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029186404: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029186757: Supplement to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029186781: Supplement to the Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029186803: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution vols 1 & 2
0029186900: Encyclopedia of American Constitution Volume 3&4
0029186951: Encyclopedia of the American Constitution
0029187109: Book of Musical Anecdotes/Hundreds of Classic and Little-Known Stories About the World's Greatest Composers and Performers
0029187303: Double Lives : Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West
0029187508: Establishment Clause
0029187605: Silent World of Doctor and Patient
0029187702: Manager as Negotiator : Bargaining for Cooperation and Competitive Gain
0029187907: Constitution : A History of Its Framing and Ratification
0029187915: Original Intent and the Framers' Constitution
0029188008: Professionals Out of Work
0029188105: Nearing the Crossroads: Contending Approaches to Contemporary American Foreign Policy
0029188407: Marketing Imagination
0029188504: Maxima and Minima
0029188814: Shame : The Exposed Self
0029188903: Emergence of Victorian Consciousness by Levine, George L.
0029189608: Grooving the Symbol
0029189802: Ethnic Patterns in American Cities
0029190207: Acts of Will : The Life and Work of Otto Rank
0029190215: Emotional Life of the Toddler
0029190509: Partnerships for Profit : Structuring and Managing Strategic Alliances
0029190800: Production of Desire : The Integration of Psychoanalysis into Marxist Theory
0029190908: Marketing Imagination
0029190916: Superior Supervision : The Ten Percent Solution
0029190959: Tell Them Who I Am : The Lives of Homeless Women
0029191033: Next American Nation : The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution
0029191157: World Within War : America's Combat Experience in World War II
0029191203: Intelligence of Democracy
0029191300: Public Opinion
0029191602: Beyond Belief
0029191610: Beyond Belief
0029191807: Marketing Imagination
0029191904: Military in America : From the Colonial Era to the Present
0029192102: Union Democracy : The Internal Politics of the International Typographical Union
0029192307: CONFIDENCE GAP, THE: BUSINESS, LABOR AND GOVERNMENT IN PUBLIC MIND (American Council on Education/MacMillan Series in Higher Edu)
0029192315: Immigrants and Their Church
0029192358: Denying the Holocaust : The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory
0029192404: Simulation Games : An Introduction for the Social Studies Teacher
0029192412: Illustrated History of the Cinema
0029192501: Dictionary of Pianists
0029192706: Caring and Curing : Historical Essays on Health, Medicine, and the Faith Traditions
0029192803: Missing Connection Between Business and Universities
0029193001: Art of Being an Executive
0029193109: Coping with Computers : A Manager's Guide to Controlling Information Processing
0029193230: Life's Little Miseries : Helping Your Child with the Disasters of Everyday Life
0029193419: Presidency and the Management of National Security
0029193435: Emotional Abuse
0029193451: Anatomy of Terrorism
0029193508: Principles of Clinical Psychiatry
0029193702: Explorations in general theory in social science: Essays in honor of Talcott Parsons. 2 Volumes
0029193818: Explorations in general theory in social science: Essays in honor of Talcott Parsons
0029194008: Seventeenth Century
0029194202: At the Pleasure of the Mayor
0029194407: Urban Studies
0029194415: One by One from the Inside Out : Essays and Reviews on Race and Responsibility in America
0029194423: Invisible Work Force : Transforming American Business with Outside and Home-Based Workers
0029194504: Types of International Society
0029194709: URBAN STUDIES An Introductory Reader
0029194806: High Middle Ages 1,000-1300
0029194903: Learning Disabilities : An Overflow of Theories, Approaches and Politics
0029195101: Principles of Clinical Psychiatry
0029195152: Counting on Kindness : An Exploration of Dependency
0029195160: Counting on Kindness : The Dilemmas of Dependency
0029195179: Taking Care of Aging Family Members : A Practical Guide
0029195187: Taking Care of Aging Family Members : A Practical Guide
0029195403: Area and Power
0029195551: Judas Iscariot and the Myth of Jewish Evil
0029195608: Taking Risks : The Management of Uncertainty
0029195616: Killing of Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich
0029195624: Encyclopedia of Rock
0029195632: Taking Risks : The Management of Uncertainty
0029195705: Origins of the Fifth Amendment
0029195802: Origins of the Fifth Amendment
0029196000: Web of Government
0029196213: Korea : The War Before Vietnam
0029196256: Lost Battle : Crete, 1941
0029196604: A Kipling Companion
0029196701: The Politics of Presidential Appointments
0029196809: Sex, crime, and the law
0029196906: Sex, Crime, and the Law
0029197104: Origins of Scientific Sociology
0029197201: Caesar's Coin : Religion and Politics in America
0029197309: American Founding : Essays on the Federalist Papers
0029197503: History of the Militia and the National Guard of the United States
0029197600: Embattled Courage : The Experience of Battle in the American Civil War
0029197619: Embattled Courage : The Experience of Combat in the American Civil War
0029197708: Perfect Murder : A Study in Detection
0029197813: Forecasting, Planning, and Strategies for the 21st Century
0029197821: Managing the Professional Service Firm
0029197856: Executive Economics : Ten Tools for Business Decision Makers
0029197902: Washington's Hidden Tragedy : The Failure to Make Government Work
0029197953: Soviet Tragedy : A History of Socialism in Russia, 1917-1991
0029198100: China at the Center : Three Hundred Years of Foreign Policy
0029198208: Learning from Clients : Interpersonal Helping As Viewed by Clients and Social Workers
0029198305: Promoting Competence in Clients : A New-Old Approach to Social Work Intervention
0029198607: Promoting Competence in Clients : A New-Old Approach to Social Work Practice
0029199107: Learning to Be; The Education of Human Potential
0029199700: Learning to be: the education of human potential
0029199905: The Fourth World an Indian Reality
0029200008: Community Psychology
0029200350: Primer on Decision Making : How Decisions Happen
0029200555: From Turmoil to Triumph : New Life after Mergers, Acquisitions, and Downsizing
0029200601: Western European Party Systems: Trends and Prospects
0029200709: African Politics and Society
0029200903: The Rise and Fall of the People's Century
0029201152: Rediscovering Institutions : The Organizational Basis of Politics
0029201209: Men in rebellion: Higher governmental leaders and the coming of the American Revolution
0029201357: Sherman : A Soldier's Passion for Order
0029202302: Book of World City Rankings
0029202507: Hopes and Ashes : The Birth of Modern Times, 1929-1939
0029202655: Armed With Cameras
0029202809: Managing Job Stress and Health
0029202906: A History of Japan.
0029202914: Search for the Real Self
0029202922: Search for the Real Self
0029203155: Running as a Woman : Gender and Power in American Politics
0029203201: Many Sisters : Women in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
0029203309: Many sisters; women in cross-cultural perspective,
0029203708: Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
0029203805: Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School
0029203902: Child Behavior Problems: an Empirical Approach to Management
0029204003: Observing the Law: Field Methods in the Study of Crime and the Criminal Justice System
0029204100: Biology and Social Behavior
0029204305: World Federation of Cultures : An African Perspective
0029204402: Jungian Psychology in Perspective
0029204607: The Drinking Man
0029204801: Quality of the Environment
0029204852: Transition Equation : A Proven Strategy for Organizational Change
0029205107: Achieving Society
0029205271: Men Astutely Trained : A History of the Jesuits in the American Century
0029205298: Justice vs. Law : Courts and Politics in American Society
0029205301: Regional Economics
0029205336: Abortion Politics : Mutiny in the Ranks of the Right
0029205352: Quicksilver Capital : How the Rapid Movement of Wealth Has Changed the World
0029205603: Studies in Social Movements
0029205700: Learning and Social Behavior
0029206200: Identities and Interactions
0029206308: Identities and Interactions: An Examination of Human Associations in Everyday Life
0029206405: Social Psychology, a Sociological Approach
0029206502: Jungian Psychology in Perspective
0029206618: Battle Chronicles of the Civil War 6 volumes: I: 1861; II: 1862; III: 1863; IV: 1864; V: 1865; VI: Leaders / Index
0029206707: Value Imperative : Managing for Superior Shareholder Returns
0029206901: Handbook of Health, Health Care and the Health Professions
0029207002: Readings in Medical Sociology
0029207207: Medical Sociology
0029207509: Social Policy and Social Welfare
0029207908: New Democratic Theory
0029208106: Mao's China : A History of the People's Republic
0029208203: Mao's China: A History of the People's Republic
0029208300: From Advocacy to Allocation : The Evolving American Health Care System
0029208408: Guatemala : The Politics of Land Ownership
0029208505: Macro-Level Practice in the Human Services : An Introduction to Planning, Administration and Evaluation
0029208602: From Advocacy to Allocation : The Evolving American Health Care System
0029208807: Mao's China and After
0029208904: Beyond Entitlement : The Social Obligations of Citizenship
0029208955: Lesbian Family Life Cycle
0029209005: On the creation of a just world order (Preferred worlds for the 1990's)
0029209102: On the Creation of a Just World Order : Preferred Worlds for the 1990's
0029209307: Qualitative and Quantitative Social Research : Papers in Honor of Paul F. Lazarsfeld
0029209404: Night As Frontier : Colonizing the World after Dark
0029209706: Abraham Joshua Heschel : Exploring His Life and Thought
0029209862: Focused Interview : A Manual of Problems and Procedures
0029209900: Genesis of Faith : The Depth Psychology of Abraham Joshua Heschel
0029211204: Sociological Ambivalence and Other Essays
0029211301: Social Theory and Social Structure
0029211409: Social Work Practice
0029211506: On Theoretical Sociology : Five Essays, Old and New
0029211557: Making Sense of Social Studies
0029211603: Social Work Practice
0029211816: Fast Cycle Time : How to Align Purpose, Strategy, and Structure for Speed
0029212006: On War: Political Violence in the International System
0029212308: Politics, Planning and the Public Interest
0029212502: Political Parties
0029212650: Fit, Failure, and the Hall of Fame
0029212731: Pathways to Pleasure : The Consciousness and Chemistry of Optimal Living
0029212804: Managing Madness : The Case Against Civil Commitment
0029212855: Warm Hearts and Cold Cash : The Intimate Dynamics of Families and Money
0029212871: Vandal's Crown : How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World's Central Banks
0029212901: Domestic Revolutions : A Social History of Domestic Family Life
0029212952: Family Healing : Tales of Hope and Renewal from Family Therapy
0029213703: Education for the Disadvantaged
0029213711: Mintzberg on Management : Inside Our Strange World of Organizations
0029214106: Philosophy and technology: readings in the philosophical problems of technology.
0029214300: Philosophy and Technology : Readings in the Philosophical Problems of Technology
0029214408: Principles of World Politics
0029214653: Testing for Learning : How New Approaches to Evaluation Can Improve American Schools
0029214815: Selected Melanie Klein : The Essential Writings
0029214904: LIMITS OF CORPORATE POWER, THE (Studies of the Modern Corporation)
0029214955: Womanwords : A Dictionary of Words about Women
0029215005: Wolf by the Ears
0029215102: Social Psychology of Psychological Research
0029215218: Voice of Deliverance : The Language of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Its Sources
0029215501: The MacMillan Guide to Correspondence Study
0029215706: Semper Fidelis : The History of the U. S. Marine Corps
0029215803: For the Common Defense : A Military History of the United States 1607-1983
0029215811: For the Common Defense : A Military History of the United States of America, Revised and Expanded
0029215854: Calculations : Net Assessment and the Coming of World War II
0029215900: Semper Fidelis : The History of the U. S. Marine Corps
0029215919: Tatemae and Honne : Good Form and Real Intention in Japanese Business Culture
0029215951: Semper Fidelis : The History of the United States Marine Corps
0029215978: For the Common Defense : A Military History of the United States of America
0029216001: Identity and the Sacred: A Sketch for a New Social-Scientific Theory of Religion
0029216052: Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
0029216109: The Macmillan Guidet O Correspondence Study
0029216206: Under the Cloud : The Decades of Nuclear Testing
0029216303: Clinical Work With Children
0029216354: Evolution and Application of Clinical Theory : Perspective from Four Psychologists
0029216508: Guide to Schools and Departments of Religion and Seminaries in the U. S. and Canada
0029216516: Special Collections in College and University Libraries
0029216605: Regulating Society
0029216656: Children and Trauma : A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Heal
0029216664: Children and Trauma : A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Heal
0029216702: Ludwig Wittgenstein : The Duty of Genius
0029216729: Life of Bertrand Russell
0029216915: Cracking the Japanese Market
0029217008: Broken Earth
0029217105: Journey to the Forbidden China
0029217202: Broken Earth
0029217504: President Who Failed : Carter Out of Control
0029218004: Consent and Confidentiality in the Health Care of Children and Adolescents : A Legal Guide
0029219604: Introduction to Modern Economic Theory
0029219701: Supreme Court and Religion
0029219809: In Black and White
0029219914: Call to Civic Service
0029219922: Subversive Family
0029220009: Maximum Feasible Misunderstanding: Community Action in the War on Poverty
0029220106: Maximum Feasible Misunderstanding
0029220408: Lenin
0029220807: Group Psychotherapy
0029220904: Soviet Politics and Society in the 1970's
0029221102: Universe
0029221110: To the Golden Cities : Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L. A.
0029221307: Origins of the Civil Rights Movements : Black Communities Organizing for Change
0029221501: Corporate Networking : Building Channels of Communication
0029222001: Modernization and the Transformation of International Relations
0029222206: Behavior in Excess : An Examination of the Volitional Disorders
0029222346: Adam Smith in His Time and Ours : Designing the Decent Society
0029222702: Theories of the Universe : From Babylonian Myth to Modern Science
0029222907: Social Structure
0029223105: Social Work with Families : Theory and Practice
0029223156: Retreat from the Finland Station : Moral Odysseys in the Breakdown of Communism
0029223806: Voices of Social Education, Nineteen Thirty-Seven to Nineteen Eighty-Seven
0029223822: Handbook of Research on Teaching the English Language Arts
0029223857: Profiting from Innovation : The Report of the Three-Year Study from the National Academy of Engineering
0029224004: Educational Measurement
0029224012: Soviet Disunion : A History of the Nationalities Problem in the U. S. S. R.
0029224101: Strength for the Fight : A History of Black Americans in the Military
0029224209: Theory of Social Structure
0029224608: Nuclear Ethics
0029225108: Consortia and Interinstitutional Cooperation
0029225159: Cognition and Rationality in Negotiation
0029226309: Quality of Earnings : The Investor's Guide to How Much Money a Company Is Really Making
0029226805: Product Liability Mess
0029227003: Distribution Handbook
0029227402: New Approach to Continuing Education for Business and the Professions
0029227852: Presidential Elections : Contemporary Strategies of American Electoral Politics
0029227860: Presidential Elections : Contemporary Strategies of American Electoral Politics
0029227909: Thinking in Time : The Uses of History for Decision Makers
0029227917: Thinking in Time : The Uses of History for Decision Makers
0029227968: Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents : The Politics of Leadership from Roosevelt to Reagan
0029228301: Atlas of the U. S. : A Thematic and Comparative Approach
0029228808: Bribes
0029228905: Reaganomics : Meaning, Means and Ends
0029228956: Rocket and the Reich : Peenemunde and the Coming of the Ballistic Missile Era
0029229154: Somewhere in the Night : Film Noir and the American City
0029229200: Invention of the American Political Parties: A Study of Political Improvisation
0029229405: Entrepreneurship and the Outlook for America
0029230918: Nuclear Ethics
0029231000: American Economy, 1960-2000
0029231108: Law of Occupational Safety and Health
0029231213: Falling from Grace : The Experience of Downward Mobility in the American Middle Class
0029231302: Just and Painful Punishment : The Case for Corporal Punishment in Criminal Justice
0029231604: A Private Choice: Abortion in America in the Seventies
0029231612: Believer and the Powers That Are
0029232252: Twelve-Step Facilitation Handbook : A Systematic Approach to Early Recovery from Alcoholism and Addiction
0029232406: Poets on Poetry.
0029232457: Child Mental Health and the Law
0029232708: Perceptions and Representations
0029232805: Lawsuit Lottery : Only the Lawyers Win
0029232902: Introduction to Medical Psychology
0029233410: End of the Nation State : The Rise of Regional Economies
0029234050: Woman of Valor : Clara Barton and the Civil War
0029234204: Prisons : Houses of Darkness
0029234301: Prisons : houses of darkness
0029234506: Illustrated Who's Who of the Cinema
0029234700: Triad Power : The Coming Shape of Global Competition
0029234808: Holding on or Letting Go : Men and Career Change at Midlife
0029234905: Conspiracy So Immense : The World of Joe McCarthy
0029235006: Class Structure in the Social Consciousness.
0029235502: Agrarian Revolution : Social Movements and Export Agriculture in the Underdeveloped World
0029235804: Agrarian revolution: Social movements and export agriculture in the underdeveloped world
0029236002: The Korean Decision, June 24-30, 1950
0029236304: The Scientific Study of Political Leadership
0029236509: Media Power Politics
0029236606: Media, Power, Politics
0029236789: Democracy at War : America's Fight at Home and Abroad in World War II
0029236797: American High : The Years of Confidence, 1945-1960
0029236800: American High : The Years of Confidence, 1945-1960
0029236819: Racial Matters : The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972
0029236827: Racial Matters : The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972
0029236851: Nixon's Piano : Presidents and the Politics of Race from Washington to Clinton
0029236908: Finding Our Fathers : The Unfinished Business of Manhood
0029237408: Felix Frankfurter and His Times : The Reform Years
0029237602: Conspiracy So Immense
0029237904: Race and Culture
0029237912: Healing and Restoring : Health and Medicine in the World's Religious Tradition
0029238293: Altruistic Personality : Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe
0029238307: Altruistic Personality : Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe
0029238315: Public Catholicism
0029238374: John Wayne : American
0029238404: Critical History of Western Philosophy
0029238439: Guardians of the Gulf : A History of America's Expanding Role in the Persion Gulf, 1833-1992
0029238706: Teaching English in the Secondary School
0029239907: Action Theory and the Human Condition
0029240301: Essays in Sociological Theory
0029241006: Family, Socialization and Interaction Process
0029241901: Social System
0029242002: Sociological Theory and Modern Society
0029242401: Structure of Social Action
0029242509: Structure of Social Action
0029242606: The Structure of Social Action
0029243408: Structure and Process in Modern Societies
0029244501: Theories of Society
0029245508: Art of Decision Making : Issues and Cases in Higher Education
0029248000: Social Systems and the Evolution of Action Theory
0029248108: Educating the Majority : Women Challenge Tradition in Higher Education
0029248507: Social Structure and Personality
0029248701: New Achievers : Creating a Modern Work Ethic
0029248906: Perpetual Jeopardy : The Texas Gulf Sulphur Affair
0029249201: Pay : Employee Compensation and Incentive Plans
0029249309: Manager's Guide to Performance Appraisal
0029249503: Models of Influence in Psychotherapy
0029249708: Managing New Office Technology : An Organizational Strategy
0029249805: Inquisition
0029249813: Health and Optimism
0029249902: A Wordsworth Companion: Survey and Assessment
0029250005: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects
0029250307: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects: Volume 3
0029250412: Young Nietzsche : Becoming a Genius
0029250420: Young Nietzsche : Becoming a Genius
0029250501: Multinational Mission : Balancing Local Demands and Global Vision
0029250552: Clinical Supervision in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Vol. 1 : Principles, Models, Methods
0029250609: Secrecy and Power
0029250617: Secrecy and Power
0029250900: Competitive Advantage : Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance
0029250951: War and the Rise of the State : The Military Foundations of Modern Politics
0029251109: Sociology of Race Relations : Reflection and Reform
0029251303: Education and Inequality
0029251400: Education and Inequality
0029251702: Writing Sense : A Handbook of Composition
0029252105: International Theory and European Integration
0029252121: Outsmarting IQ : The Emerging Science of Learnable Intelligence
0029252156: Smart Schools : From Training Memories to Education Minds
0029252407: Moral Judgement of the Child
0029252628: Presidential Elections : Contemporary Strategies of American Electoral Politics
0029252709: Performance of American Government
0029252857: Power to Care : Clinical Practice Effectiveness with Overwhelmed Clients
0029253012: Not Without Honor : The History of American Anti-Communism
0029253403: Work and the family system a naturalistic study of working-class and lower-middle-class families
0029253411: Understanding Race, Ethnicity and Power : The Key to Efficacy on Clinical Practice
0029253500: Burnout : From Tedium to Personal Growth
0029253519: Career Burnout : Causes and Cures
0029253535: Career Burnout : Causes and Cures
0029253608: Competitive Strategy : Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors
0029253616: Competitive Advantage of Nations and Their Firms
0029253705: Taking a Sex History : Interviewing and Recording
0029253802: President, the Congress, and the Constitution : Power and Legitimacy in American Politics
0029254000: Conflict and Consensus : A Festchrift in Honor of Lewis A. Coser
0029254108: Cases in Competitive Strategy
0029254353: Narcissistic Family : Diagnosis and Treatment
0029254507: Americans Interpret Their Civil War
0029254515: Air Battle Central Europe
0029254604: John Foster Dulles : The Road to Power
0029254809: Blacks in the Industrial World : Issues for the Manager
0029254906: Philosophy of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
0029255104: International Communism in Latin America: A History of the Movement : 1917-1963
0029255201: Blacks in the Industrial World : Issues for the Manager
0029255309: Counterinsurgency Warfare
0029255600: Sense of the Sixties
0029255805: The Andaman Islanders
0029255902: The Major Shakespearean Tragedies: A Critical Bibliography
0029256003: Relevants
0029256151: Intelligent Enterprise : A Knowledge and Service Based Paradigm for Industry
0029256208: Structure and Function in Primitive Society
0029256305: Structure and Function in Primitive Society
0029256356: Child Prodigies and Exceptional Early Achievement
0029256402: Anti Semitism in America
0029256704: Old Folks at Home
0029257204: Creating Shareholder Value
0029257301: Living with Chronic Illness : Days of Patience and Passion
0029257409: Jerusalem on Earth : People, Passions, and Politics in the Holy City
0029257506: Are Those Kids Yours? : American Families with Children Adopted from Other Countries
0029258006: The Origins of Peace
0029258103: Stalin's Russia
0029258219: Stalin's War Against the Jews
0029258502: History of American Labor
0029258707: Aggressive Child
0029258804: When We Deal with Children Selected Writings
0029258901: When We Deal with Children
0029259010: Complete Grants Sourcebook for Nursing and Health
0029259029: Catholic Intellectual Life in America
0029259401: Encyclopedia of Bioethics
0029259509: Children Who Hate: The Disorganization and Breakdown of Behavior Controls,
0029259606: Children Who Hate : The Disorganization and Breakdown of Behavior Controls
0029259657: Question of Character
0029260256: Life of the Parties : A History of American Political Parties
0029260302: Controls from Within : Techniques for the Treatment of the Aggressive Child
0029260604: Encyclopedia of Bioethics/4 Volumes in 2
0029261805: Encyclopedia of Bioethics (volume4)
0029261902: Premarital Sexual Standards in America; A Sociological Investigation of the Relative Social and Cultural Integration of American Sexual Standards
0029262305: Alzheimer's Disease
0029262607: Brain Failure : An Introduction to Current Concepts of Senility
0029262704: Class in American Society
0029262801: Folded Lies: Bribery, Crusades, and Reforms
0029263174: Handbook of Child and Adolescent Sexual Problems
0029263204: Psychological Needs and Political Behavior : A Theory of Personality and Political Efficacy
0029263409: Handbook of Political Socialization
0029263565: Child Prodigies & Exceptional Early Ac
0029263603: The Blue Parade
0029263700: Guide to Alzheimer's Disease : For Families, Spouses and Friends
0029263808: Dual-Career Marriage : Conflict and Treatment
0029263875: Democracy Against Itself : The Future of the Democratic Impulse
0029263905: Analysis of Cross-Classifications
0029264103: Exploring Social Space
0029264324: Cost Containment : The Ultimate Advantage
0029264502: Erik H. Erikson : The Power and Limits of a Vision
0029264901: Policy Making in the Federal Executive Branch
0029265304: Mental Health of the Poor
0029265401: American National Government and public policy
0029265452: Marketing to Generation X : Strategies for a New Era
0029265703: The securities markets;: Operations and issues
0029265711: Psychiatric Disorders in America : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial
0029265959: Logistics Handbook
0029266009: Rise of the Spanish American Republics: As Told in the Lives Of Their Liberators
0029266254: Quality Is Personal : A Foundation for Total Quality Management
0029266262: Quality Is Personal : A Foundation for Total Quality Management
0029266408: Papa Jack : Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes
0029266459: Continuous Process Improvement : Simplifying Work Flow Systems
0029266505: Diffusion of Innovations
0029266602: The Rendezvous: A Case Study of an After-Hours Club
0029266718: Diffusion of Innovations
0029266904: Economics and Education: Principles and Applications
0029267005: Communication Strategies for Family Planning
0029267102: Communication in Organizations
0029267307: Can business management save the cities?: The case of New York
0029267358: History of Communication Study
0029267501: Nature of Human Values
0029267609: Understanding Human Values : Individual and Societal
0029267706: Complete Collagraph : The Art and Technique of Printmaking from Collage Plates
0029267900: Outbreaks : The Sociology of Collective Behavior
0029268109: Electoral Behavior : A Comparative Handbook
0029268214: Lives on the Boundary : The Struggles and Achievements of America's Underprepared
0029268400: Managing Presidential Objectives
0029268451: Rethinking the Progressive Agenda : The Reform of the American Regulatory State
0029268605: Italian Americans : Troubled Roots
0029268702: Walled Kingdom : A History of China from Antiquity to the Present
0029268710: People's Republic of China : A Concise Political History
0029268729: People's Republic of China : A Concise Political History
0029268907: New Other Woman : Contemporary Single Women in Affairs with Married Men
0029268915: New Other Woman : Contemporary Single Women in Affairs with Married Men
0029269008: Papa Jack : Jack Johnson and the Era of White Hopes
0029269032: Entry Strategies for International Markets
0029269040: Entry Strategies for International Markets
0029269059: Rethinking AIDS : The Tragic Cost of Premature Consensus
0029269156: Rethinking the Progressive Agenda : The Reform of the American Regulatory State
0029269407: Anna O. : Fourteen Contemporary Reinterpretations
0029269504: The Intensive Group Experience
0029269709: Citizenship Between Elections
0029269806: International Politics and Foreign Policy
0029270006: Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy
0029270308: Analysis of International Politics
0029270405: World Politics
0029270502: In Search of Global Patterns
0029270553: Adoption Life Cycle : The Children and Their Families Through the Years
0029270804: Mass Culture: The Popular Arts in America
0029270901: Ethics and Values in Psychotherapy : A Guidebook
0029271053: Time to Hear, a Time to Help
0029271207: Communication Technology
0029271401: Bureaucratization of the World
0029271703: Erik H. Erikson : The Power and Limits of a Vision
0029271908: Historical Fundamentals and the Study of Religions
0029272009: New School : A History of the New School for Social Research
0029273005: Legislative Performance in the States : Explorations of Committee Behavior
0029273404: Calculated Kindness
0029273501: Social Integration of the Aged
0029273609: Modernization of China
0029273706: Complete Printmaker
0029273714: Complete Printmaker
0029273722: Complete Printmaker
0029273757: Escape to Shanghai
0029273803: Complete Screen Print and the Lithograph
0029273854: Virtues of the Family
0029273900: The Complete Relief Print: the Art and Technique of the Relief Print, Children.
0029274001: Complete Intaglio Print
0029274109: The Complete New Techniques in Printmaking
0029274206: Image at the Top : The Crisis and Renaissance in American Corporate Leadership
0029274303: International Encyclopedia of Population
0029274605: International Encyclopedia of Population
0029274907: Damnation and Deviance: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Failure
0029275008: Corporate Strategy and Product Innovation
0029275105: Alcohol and Alcoholism
0029275202: Corporate Strategy and Product Innovation
0029275253: Green Crusade : Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism
0029275407: Alcohol Problems and Alcoholism
0029275415: Alcohol Problems and Alcoholism
0029275806: Family of Outcasts
0029275903: Detective Work
0029275954: Managing Business Transactions : Controlling the Cost of Coordinating, Communicating, and Decision Making
0029275962: Managing Business Transactions : Controlling the Cost of Coordinating, Communicating and Decision Making
0029276012: James Madison : The Founding Father
0029276209: AMERICAN TRIAL JUDGES. Their Work Styles and Performance.
0029276357: Feeding Frenzy : How Attack Journalism Has Transformed American Politics
0029276365: Feeding Frenzy : How Attack Journalism Has Transformed American Politics
0029276403: Sexism and the Law
0029276519: Out of Darkness : Exploring Satanism and Ritual Abuse
0029276608: Detective Work: A Study of Criminal Investigations
0029276705: The California Workers' Compensation Rehabilitation System
0029276802: How to Advertise Yourself: Five Basic Steps to Selling Your Appearance, Your Thoughts, Your Words, and Your Experience to Any Individual or Group
0029277205: Sex Roles, Life Styles and Childbearing : Changing Patterns in Marriage and the Family
0029277221: Doubter's Companion
0029277256: Voltaire's Bastards : The Dictatorship of Reason in the West
0029277264: Safe Travel Book
0029277302: Greek and Roman Philosophy after Aristotle
0029277507: American History and the Social Sciences,
0029277558: Working Leader : The Triumph of High Performance over Conventional Management Principles
0029278201: Political Criminal
0029278600: Work, Aging, and Social Change: Professionals and the One Life-One Career...
0029278708: Theories of the Mind.
0029278902: Charisma a Psychoanalytic Look at Mass Society
0029278929: Rising Stars and Fast Fades
0029278953: Adolescence
0029278961: Overwhelmed
0029279003: The Supreme Court and Congress Conflict and Interaction 1945-1968.
0029279011: Seven Deadly Sins
0029279100: Complete Book of Painting Techniques
0029279208: Educational Handicap, Public Policy, and Social History : A Broadened Perspective on Mental Retardation
0029279305: Work, Aging, and Social Change : Professionals and the One Life-One Career Imperative
0029279402: Economic Man
0029279410: Intermarriage : The Challenge of Living with Differences
0029279526: Megamistakes : Forecasting and the Myth of Rapid Technological Change
0029279534: Marketing Strategy : A Customer-Driven Approach
0029279569: Marketing Strategy
0029279917: Building a Chain of Customers : Linking Business Functions to Create the World Class Company
0029280001: Science, Scientists, and Public Policy
0029280109: Science, Scientists, and Public Policy.
0029280206: Diversification Through Acquisition : Strategies for Maximizing Economic Value
0029280400: Imaginary Witness : The Critical Theory of Herbert Marcuse
0029280451: Construction of Social Reality.
0029280508: Social Psychology: An Introduction
0029280907: Children's Group Therapy : Methods and Case Histories
0029281008: Psychology Misdirected
0029281059: Managing Imitation Strategies : How Later Entrants Seize Markets from Pioneers
0029281113: Passionate Mind : Bringing up a Creative and Intelligent Child
0029281202: Economic Pressures and the Future of the Arts
0029281350: Taking the Wheel : Women and the Coming of the Motor Age
0029281415: George Washington : The Making of an American Symbol
0029281504: The Behavior Therapies: Theories and Applications (Treatment approaches in the human services)
0029281601: Qualitative Sociology : A Method to the Madness
0029281709: Qualitative Sociology : A Method to the Madness
0029281806: New Directions in Political Socialization
0029282306: Judicial Decision-Making
0029282802: The Supreme Court and the Presidency
0029283159: Idea of Civil Society
0029283302: Athletic Revolution
0029283418: Iranian Triangle : The Untold Story of Israel's Role in the Iran-Contra Affair
0029283604: Ideology and Politics
0029283752: Inarticulate Society : Eloquence and Culture in America
0029283906: BASIC : An Introduction to Computer Programming Using the BASIC Language
0029284007: Venture Management: The Business of the Inventor, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Established Company (ISBN:0029284007)
0029284104: Management of the Multinationals : Policies, Operations, and Research
0029284201: Strategies for Helping Parents of Exceptional Children
0029284554: Helping Your Child Cope with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
0029285305: Poetry and its Conventions: An Anthology Examining Poetic Forms and Themes
0029285402: Human Perspectives: Introductory Readings in Sociology
0029285801: Wizard of the Four Winds : A Shaman's Story
0029285828: Coming Soviet Crash : Gorbachev's Desperate Search for Credit in Western Financial Markets
0029286107: China in Disintegration : The Republican Era in Chinese History, 1912-1949
0029286158: Rethinking Business to Business Marketing
0029286174: Future Belongs to Freedom
0029286204: Israeli Democracy: The Middle of the Journey
0029286301: Chromatic Harmony
0029286506: China in Disintegration : The Republican Era in Chinese History, 1912-1949
0029286514: Markets and Majorities : The Political Economy of Public Policy
0029286603: Graying of Working America
0029286654: From Paralysis to Fatigue : A History of Psychosomatic Illness in the Modern Era
0029286662: From the Mind into the Body : The Cultural Origins of Psychosomatic Symptoms
0029286670: From Paralysis to Fatigue : A History of Psychosomatic Illness in the Modern Era
0029286905: Psychology and Human Reproduction
0029287200: Graying of Working America
0029287316: Policing Domestic Violence
0029287405: Operations Research
0029287510: Social Science Quotations : Supplement to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences
0029287804: The worker in post-industrial capitalism;: Liberal and radical responses,
0029288304: Conflict and the Web of Group Affiliations
0029288401: Conflict and the Web of Group Affiliations
0029288703: Managing Professional People : Understanding Creative Performance
0029288800: Strained Alliance : Peking, P'yongyang, Moscow and the Politics of the Korean Civil War
0029288908: The Problems of the Philosophy of History : An Epistemological Essay
0029289009: Weak States in a World of Powers
0029289033: Playing for Their Lives : Helping Troubled Children Through Play Therapy
0029289203: Sociology of Georg Simmel
0029289351: Company They Keep : Life Inside the U. S. Army Special Forces
0029289386: Wanting Another Child : How to Cope with Secondary Infertility
0029289602: Correlates of War I : Research Origins and Rationale
0029289718: Administrative Behavior: A Study of Decision-Making Processes in Administrative
0029289807: Preindustrial City Past and Present
0029290007: Administrative Behavior
0029290104: Correlates of War II : Testing Some Balance-of-Power Models
0029290201: Clinical Guide to Child Psychiatry
0029290309: Necessary Lessons : Decline and Renewal in American Schools
0029290406: Science and Human Behavior
0029290503: Schooling in America : Scapegoat and Salvation
0029291003: Japanese Manufacturing Techniques : Nine Hidden Lessons in Simplicity
0029291100: Born to Die? : Deciding the Fate of Critically Ill Newborns
0029291127: Money Meltdown
0029291208: Atlas of American Women
0029291321: Mexican Americans : The Ambivalent Minority
0029291518: Disorder and Decline : Crime and the Spiral of Decay in American Neighborhoods
0029291534: Above the Law : Police and the Excessive Use of Force
0029291704: Liberal : Adolf A. Berle and the Vision of an American Era
0029291801: 1949, the First Israelis
0029292204: No-Nonsense Management : A General Manager's Primer
0029292409: How to Measure Managerial Performance
0029292506: Never Satisfied : A Cultural History of Diets, Fantasies and Fat
0029292603: Miriam's Tambourine
0029292700: World Class Manufacturing : The Lessons of Simplicity Applied
0029292808: Sexual Desire : A Moral Philosophy of the Erotic
0029292905: Turnaround Manager's Handbook
0029293006: Minimal Brain Dysfunctions : Diagnosis and Treatment
0029293103: New Blue Line : Police Innovation in Six American Cities
0029293111: New Blue Line : Police Innovation in Six American Cities
0029293405: World Class Manufacturing Casebook : Implementing JITand TQC
0029293502: World Class Manufacturing Casebook : Implementing JIT and TQC
0029293901: Theory of Collective Behavior
0029294002: Theory of Collective Behavior
0029294401: Crime on Campus : Legal Issues and Campus Administration
0029294606: Religion, Politics, and Social Change in the Third World; A Sourcebook.
0029294908: Religion, Politics and Social Change in the Third World
0029295106: Francis Preston Blair : A Biography
0029295157: Advertising Kit : A Complete Guide for Small Businesses
0029295203: Auctions : The Social Construction of Value
0029295300: Auctions : The Social Construction of Value
0029295408: Getting It to the Bottom Line : Management by Incremental Gains
0029295513: Idea Brokers : Think Tanks and the Rise of the New Policy Elite
0029295556: Idea Brokers : Think Tanks and the Rise of the New Policy Elite
0029295602: Search for National Integration in Africa
0029297559: Vision, Values and Courage : Leadership for Quality Management
0029297702: For a New Russia : The Mayor of St. Petersburg's Own Story of the Struggle for Justice and Democracy
0029297907: Foreign Policy Decision Making
0029298601: Museums and Universities : New Paths for Continuing Education
0029298652: Abortionist
0029298709: Management of Corporate Capital
0029299500: Metropolitan Chicago: An Economic Analysis
0029300401: Halakhic Mind : An Essay on Jewish Tradition and Modern Thought
0029301157: U. S. Economy Demystified : The Meaning of U. S. Business Statistics and What They Portend about the Future
0029301165: U. S. Economy Demystified : The Meaning of U. S. Business Statistics and What They Portend about the Future
0029302706: Social and Cultural Mobility
0029302854: Underwriting Democracy : Encouraging Free Enterprise and Democratic Reform among the Soviets and in Eastern Europe
0029303001: Foundations of linguistics,
0029303303: Inside American Education : The Decline, the Deception, the Dogmas
0029303559: Unfaithful Angels : How Social Work Has Abandoned Its Mission
0029303605: Eagle Against the Sun : The American War with Japan
0029303702: Advice and Support : The Early Years of U. S. Army in Vietnam, 1941-1960
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