0306807750: Rebel : The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby
0306807769: Diana Vreeland
0306807777: Songwriters on Songwriting
0306807785: Century of Jazz
0306807793: Portrait of the Blues : America's Blues Musicians in Their Own Words
0306807807: Pink Floyd : Through the Eyes of the Band, Its Fans, Friends, and Foes
0306807815: Blackbird : The Life and Times of Paul McCartney
0306807823: No Direction Home : The Life and Music of Bob Dylan
0306807831: Stone Alone : The Story of a Rock 'N' Roll Band
0306807858: Strong Men Armed : The United States Marines vs. Japan
0306807866: Rommel : Battles and Campaigns
0306807874: Caesar : A History of the Art of War among the Romans...
0306807882: Jewel of Liberty : Abraham Lincoln's Re-Election and the End of Slavery
0306807890: Tears Before the Rain : An Oral History of the Fall of South Vietnam
0306807904: Frederick Douglass.
0306807912: Life of General Albert Sidney Johnston : Embracing His Services in the Armies of the United States, the Republic of Texas, and the Confederate States
0306807920: Fire This Time : The Watts Uprising and the 1960s
0306807939: Encyclopedia of the Third Reich
0306807947: Alfred Stieglitz : A Biography
0306807955: Life and Death of Andy Warhol : The Biography
0306807963: Edward R. Murrow : An American Original
0306807971: Delusion of Satan : The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials
0306807998: Briar Patch : The Trial of the Panther 21
0306808005: Illustrated History of Horror and Science-Fiction Films : The Classic Era, 1895-1967
0306808013: Inner Views : Filmmakers in Conversation
0306808021: Buster Keaton : Cut to the Chase
0306808048: Elia Kazan : A Life
0306808056: Kindness of Strangers : The Life of Tennessee Williams
0306808064: Grand Guignol : Theatre of Fear and Terror
0306808072: Da Capo Opera Manual
0306808080: Raging Bull : My Story
0306808099: Edmund Wilson Reader
0306808102: Here at the New Yorker
0306808110: Van Morrison : Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
0306808129: Rage to Survive : The Etta James Story
0306808137: Satchmo
0306808145: Black Music
0306808153: Keith Richards : The Biography
0306808161: Dance of the Infidels
0306808188: The Hendrix Experience
0306808196: Contemporary Composers on Contemporary Music
0306808218: Wicked City : Chicago from Kenna to Capone
0306808226: Lost Bird of Wounded Knee
0306808234: Francis Parkman Reader
0306808242: World Explorers and Discoverers
0306808250: Alvin Ailey : A Life in Dance
0306808269: Rodin : A Biography
0306808277: Cuba or the Pursuit of Freedom
0306808293: Negative Space : Manny Farber on the Movies
0306808307: Talking Animals and Other People : The Autobiography of a Legendary Animator
0306808315: Tramp : The Life of Charlie Chaplin
0306808323: Romantic Comedy in Hollywood : From Lubitsch to Sturges
0306808358: Present Past Past Present : A Personal Memoir
0306808366: Head to Toe : A Novel and up Against It: A Screenplay for the Beatles
0306808374: All His Jazz : The Life and Death of Bob Fosse
0306808382: Paris Diary and the New York Diary, 1951-1961
0306808390: Strange Ground : An Oral History of Americans in Vietnam, 1945-1975
0306808404: Complete Tales of Washington Irving
0306808412: Revolutionary War Memoirs of General Henry Lee
0306808420: Iron Coffins : A Personal Account of the German U-Boat Battles of World War II
0306808439: Turncoats, Traitors, and Heroes : Espionage in the American Revolution
0306808447: Tojo : The Last Banzai
0306808455: Bird's Eye View of Our Civil War
0306808463: Diary of Battle : The Personal Journals of Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, 1861-1865
0306808471: Gershwin : A Biography
0306808498: Milestones : The Music and Times of Miles Davis
0306808501: Celebrating Bird: the Triumph of Charlie Parker
0306808528: Doo-Dah! : Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture
0306808536: Reggae Island : Jamaican Music in the Digital Age
0306808544: Bowie : Loving the Alien
0306808552: Space Is the Place : The Lives and Times of Sun Ra
0306808579: R.E.M
0306808587: Making Tracks : The Rise of Blondie
0306808595: Armament and History : The Influence of Armament on History from the Dawn of Classical Warfare to the End of the Second World War
0306808609: Killing of Reinhard Heydrich : The Ss Butcher of Prague
0306808625: Patton Papers, 1885-1940
0306808633: Gustavus Adolphus
0306808641: My Rise and Fall
0306808668: Washing of the Spears : The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation
0306808676: Black Rebellion : Five Slave Revolts
0306808684: Encyclopedia of Women's History in America
0306808692: To the Bitter End : An Insider's Account of the Plot to Kill Hitler, 1933-1944
0306808706: Encyclopedia of Native American Biography : Six Hundred Life Stories of Important People from Powhatan to Wilma Mankiller
0306808714: Christopher Columbus and the Age of Exploration : An Encyclopedia
0306808722: Many Masks : A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright
0306808730: Adventures of Roberto Rossellini : His Life and Films
0306808749: How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime
0306808757: Pappy
0306808765: American Silent Film
0306808773: Merce Cunningham
0306808781: Diaghilev's Ballets Russes
0306808803: Handbook of Classical Literature
0306808811: Conversations of Goethe
0306808838: Mississippi Blues Today
0306808846: Key Moments in Architecture: The Relationship Between Man, Buildings and Urban Growth As Seen in the Metropolis Through the Ages
0306808862: Patsy : The Life and Times of Patsy Cline
0306808870: East to the Dawn : The Life of Amelia Earhart
0306808889: Miss Rhythm
0306808897: Rough Magic : A Biography of Sylvia Plath
0306808900: Hemingway : A Biography
0306808919: Unsung Heroes of Rock 'N' Roll : The Birth of Rock in the Wild Years Before Elvis
0306808927: Celebrating Bird : The Triumph of Charlie Parker
0306808935: Talking Music : Conversations with John Cage, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson and 5 Generations of American Experimental Composers
0306808943: Judy
0306808951: Glass Onion : The Beatles in Their Own Words
0306808978: Clapton : Edge of Darkness
0306808986: Samuel Beckett : The Last Modernist
0306808994: Stardust Road and Sometimes I Wonder : The Autobiography of Hoagy Carmichael
0306809001: Steven Spielberg : A Biography
0306809028: Musings
0306809036: Country Music
0306809044: Skywalking
0306809052: Artist's Voice : Talks with Seventeen Modern Artists
0306809060: Stanley Kubrick
0306809079: Hard Rain : A Dylan Commentary
0306809087: Frederick the Great on the Art of War
0306809095: Red Victory : A History of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1921
0306809109: Naval War of 1812, or the History of the United States Navy During the Last War with Great Britain : To Which Is Appended an Acount of the Battle of New Orleans
0306809117: Challenge for the Pacific : The Bloody Six-Month Battle of Guadalcanal
0306809125: History of the Second World War
0306809133: George B. McClellan : The Young Napoleon
0306809141: Campaign of Chancellorsville
0306809168: Eichmann Interrogated : Transcripts from the Archives of the Israeli Police
0306809176: Cast of Friends
0306809184: Serious Business : The Art and Commerce of Animation in America from Betty Boop to Toy Story
0306809192: Blue Rhythms : Six Lives in Rhythm and Blues
0306809206: The Da Capo Book of Rock & Roll Writing
0306809214: Springsteen: Point Blank
0306809222: Chieftains : The Authorized Biography
0306809230: Da Capo Book of American Singing Groups : A History, 1940-1990
0306809249: Riding on a Blue Note : Jazz and American Pop
0306809257: Blue : The Murder of Jazz
0306809265: Real War : The Classic Reporting on the Vietnam War
0306809273: The Labyrinth: Memoirs of Walter Schellenberg, Hitler's Chief of Counterintelligence
0306809281: Germany's Underground : The Anti-Nazi Resistance
0306809303: Rasputin : The Saint Who Sinned
0306809311: Catholic Church and Nazi Germany
0306809338: Chopin in Paris : The Life and Times of the Romantic Composer
0306809346: Marlene Dietrich : Life and Legend
0306809354: Aretha Franklin : The Queen of Soul
0306809362: Inside Out : A Memoir of the Blacklist
0306809370: Remembering Bix : A Memoir of the Jazz Age
0306809389: Duel for France 1944 : The Men and Battles That Changed the Fate of Europe
0306809397: Beat Punks
0306809400: Shadow of the Winter Palace : Russia's Drift to Revolution, 1825-1917
0306809419: Allies : Pearl Harbor to D-Day
0306809427: Lone Star : A History of Texas and Texans
0306809435: Writing the Broadway Musical
0306809443: Conversations With Capote
0306809451: Castles Made of Sound : The Story of Gil Evans
0306809478: Hitler's Personal Security : Protecting the Fuhrer, 1921-1945
0306809486: Jazz Talking : Profiles, Interviews, and Other Riffs on Jazz Musicians
0306809494: Hitler's Spies : German Military Intelligence in World War II
0306809508: Cats of Any Color : Jazz Black and White
0306809516: Becoming Mae West
0306809532: Whore Just Like the Rest : The Music Writing of Richard Meltzer
0306809540: Magnificent Activist : The Writings of Thomas Wentworth Higginson (1823-1911)
0306809559: Originals : American Women Artists
0306809567: This Grim and Savage Game : The OSS and U. S. Covert Operations in World War II
0306809575: Complete Essays of Mark Twain
0306809583: Bunker
0306809591: Lady Day : The Many Faces of Billie Holiday
0306809605: Noel Coward Diaries
0306809613: Allies for Freedom and Blacks on John Brown
0306809621: GRAND ADMIRAL.
0306809648: Later Diaries of Ned Rorem : 1961-1972
0306809672: Maria Callas Remembered
0306809680: Dylan Companion
0306809699: Nick Tosches Reader
0306809702: Heavy Metal : A Cultural Sociology
0306809710: Whistler : A Biography
0306809737: Civil War Generalship : The Art of Command
0306809745: Crosby, Stills, and Nash : The Biography
0306809753: No Intermissions : The Life of Agnes de Mille
0306809761: Jacqueline Du Pre : A Biography
0306809788: Above the Line : Conversations about the Movies
0306809796: Rythm Oil
0306809818: Tina Modotti : Radical Photographer
0306809826: Listen to the Stories : Nat Hentoff on Jazz and Country Music
0306809834: Those Damned Rebels : The American Revolution as Seen Through British Eyes
0306809842: Playback
0306809850: Woody Allen : A Biography
0306809869: Kind of Blue : The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece
0306809877: Rhythm-A-Ning : Jazz Tradition and Innovation
0306809885: Open Sky : Sonny Rollins and His World of Improvisation
0306809907: Friday Night Lights : A Town, A Team, And a Dream
0306809923: Ross and Tom
0306809931: Leaf and the Cloud : A Poem
0306809958: Long Life : Essays and Other Writings
0306809966: Death on the Cheap : The Lost B Movies of Film Noir
0306809974: Autobiography of Joseph Stalin : A Novel
0306809982: Empty Without You : The Intimate Letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok
0306809990: Da Capo Music Writing 2000 : The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, and More
0306810018: Cure for Gravity
0306810026: Rascal King : The Life and Times of James Michael Curley (1874-1958)
0306810034: Louisiana Music : A Journey from R&B to Zydeco, Jazz to Country, Blues to Gospel, Cajun Music to Swamp Pop to Carnival Music and Beyond
0306810042: Endangered Species : Writers Talk about Their Craft, Their Visions, Their Lives
0306810050: Sports Guy : In Search of Corkball, Warroad Hockey, Hooters Golf, Tiger Woods, and the Big, Big Game
0306810069: Isaac Stern : My First 79 Years
0306810077: Celtic Music : The Complete Guide
0306810085: Queen's Throat : Opera, Homosexuality, and the Mystery of Desire
0306810093: Master of Bebop : A Listener's Guide
0306810107: My Day : The Best of Eleanor Roosevelt's Acclaimed Newspaper Columns, 1936-1962
0306810115: Heisenberg's War : The Secret History of the German Bomb
0306810123: Last Madam : A Life in the New Orleans Underworld
0306810131: Satchmo : The Genius of Louis Armstrong
0306810158: World of Duke Ellington
0306810166: World of Swing : An Oral History of Big Band Jazz
0306810174: Love, Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life : The Films of Woody Allen
0306810182: Latin Beat : The Rhythms and Roots of Latin Music, from Bossa Nova to Salsa and Beyond
0306810190: Burt Lancaster : An American Life
0306810212: Thunder at Twilight: Vienna, 1913-1914
0306810220: Reelecting Lincoln : The Battle for the 1864 Presidency
0306810239: About Town : The New Yorker and the World It Made
0306810247: Weird Like Us : My Bohemian America
0306810255: Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece
0306810271: Buppies, B-Boys, Baps, and Bohos : Notes on Post-Soul Black Culture
0306810298: Zin : The History and Mystery of Zinfandel
0306810301: Notorious : The Life of Ingrid Bergman
0306810328: Lincoln : A Foreigner's Quest
0306810336: Jazz in the Bittersweet Blues of Life
0306810344: Da Capo Jazz and Blues Lover's Guide to the U. S, : With More Than 900 Hot Clubs, Cool Joints, Landmarks, and Legends from Boogie-Woogie to Bop and Beyond
0306810352: Pearl Harbor : Final Judgement
0306810360: Marching Orders : The Untold Story of World War II
0306810379: Loretta Lynn : Coal Miner's Daughter
0306810387: Madame Curie : A Biography
0306810395: Dark Side of the Screen : Film Noir
0306810409: Alamo and the Texas War for Independence
0306810417: History of Celibacy : Experiments Through the Ages
0306810425: Great Architecture of the World
0306810433: What a Time It Was
0306810441: Command Performance : An Actress in the Theater of Politics
0306810468: The Apocalypse Now Book
0306810476: Cute, Quaint, Hungry, and Romantic : The Aesthetics of Consumerism
0306810484: Dream of Spaceflight : Essays on the Near Edge of Infinity
0306810492: Fire from Heaven : The Rise of Pentecostal Spirituality and the Reshaping of Religion in the 21st Century
0306810506: Last Mogul : Lew Wasserman, Mca, and the Hidden History of Hollywood
0306810522: Hank Williams : Snapshots from the Lost Highway
0306810530: Brothers
0306810549: Can't You Hear Me Calling : The Life of Bill Monroe, Father of Bluegrass
0306810557: Jazz and Its Discontents : The Francis Davis Reader
0306810565: Like Young : Jazz, Pop, Youth, and Middle Age
0306810573: Marcel Duchamp in Perspective
0306810581: Professional : A Novel
0306810603: Rum Affair : A True Story of Botanical Fraud
0306810611: Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant
0306810638: History in Fragments
0306810646: The Erotomaniac: The Secret Life of Henry Spencer Ashbee
0306810654: Warriors of the Steppe : Military History of Central Asia, 500 B. C. to 1700 A. D.
0306810662: Da Capo Best Music Writing : The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, and More
0306810670: Kind of Blue : The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece
0306810697: Blood on the Sea
0306810700: Hannibal Crosses the Alps : The Enigma Re-Examined
0306810719: The Templars: The Dramatic History of the Knights Templar, the Most Powerful Military Order of the Crusades
0306810735: Leaf and the Cloud
0306810743: Secret Life of the Seine
0306810751: Abraham Lincoln : His Speeches and Writings
0306810778: Montcalm and Wolfe : The French and Indian War
0306810786: A Traveller in Italy
0306810794: Truly Wilde : The Unsettling Story of Dolly Wilde, Oscar's Niece
0306810816: In the Steps of the Master
0306810824: Crazy Rhythm : My Journey from Brooklyn, Jazz and Wall Street to Nixon's White House, Watergate and Beyond...
0306810832: Spanish Ulcer : A History of the Peninsular War
0306810840: Nat Hentoff Reader
0306810867: Dangerous Water : A Biography of the Boy Who Became Mark Twain
0306810875: Call Me Lucky : Bing Crosby's Own Story
0306810883: Faith in Time
0306810905: Foot Soldier : A Combat Infantryman's War in Europe
0306810921: Rum Affair : A True Story of Botanical Fraud
0306810964: A List : The National Society of Film Critics' 100 Essential Films
0306810972: First Time I Got Paid for It : Writers' Tales from the Hollywood Trenches
0306810980: Bram Stoker and the Man Who Was Dracula
0306810999: Conversations with the Dead : The Grateful Dead Interview Book
0306811006: Uncle Mame : The Life of Patrick Dennis
0306811014: Panzer Leader
0306811022: Method to Their Madness : The Story of the Actors Studio
0306811030: Love, Groucho : Letters from Groucho Marx to His Daughter Miriam
0306811049: Memoirs of a Mangy Lover
0306811057: In Search of England
0306811065: Lies : A Diary 1986-1999
0306811073: Good Morning Blues : An Authobiography of Count Basie
0306811081: Treat It Gentle : An Autobiography
0306811103: Unsinkable : The Full Story of RMS Titanic
0306811111: Tommy Dorsey : Livin' in a Great Big Way; A Biography
0306811146: Myself Among Others
0306811154: When We Were One : Stories of World War II
0306811162: Fleets of World War II
0306811170: Xenophon's March : Into the Lair of the Persian Lion
0306811189: Tempest at Ox Hill : The Battle of Chantilly
0306811197: Four Years with the Iron Brigade : The Civil War Journal of William Ray, Seventh Wisconsin Volunteers
0306811200: Tell Me Why : The Beatles: Album by Album, Song by Song, the Sixties and After
0306811219: Monte Cassino
0306811227: Ring of Fire : The Johnny Cash Reader
0306811235: Devil's Candy : The Anatomy of a Hollywood Fiasco
0306811243: Chasing Tiger : The Tiger Woods Reader
0306811278: Jazz in the Bittersweet Blues of Life
0306811286: Picture
0306811294: Mountain Men
0306811308: When Surface Was Depth : Death by Cappuccino and Other Reflections on Music and Culture in the 1990's
0306811316: Traveller in Rome
0306811324: In Search of London
0306811332: Secretariat : The Making of a Champion
0306811340: Musical Stages : An Autobiography
0306811359: Dazzler
0306811367: Billie Holiday
0306811405: Lost Subs
0306811413: Army of the Potomac : Birth of Command, November 1860 - September 1861
0306811448: Arabia The Gulf & The West
0306811456: Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg : Organization, Equipment, Ammunition, and Tactics
0306811464: Storming Little Round Top : The 15th Alabama and Their Fight for the High Ground, July 2, 1863
0306811472: Shanks
0306811480: Ghost Front : The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge
0306811499: Normandy Campaign : From D-Day to the Liberation of Paris
0306811502: Kursk : The German View
0306811510: Bloody Angle : Hancock's Assault on the Mule Shoe Salient, May 12 1864
0306811529: Crater : Burnside's Assault on the Confederate Trenches July 30 1864
0306811545: Man Behind the Guns : A Military Biography of General Henry J. Hunt, Commander of Artillery, Army of the Potamac
0306811553: Sultry Climates : Travel and Sex since the Grand Tour
0306811561: Odds : One Season, Three Gamblers, and the Death of Their Las Vegas
0306811588: London Monster : A Sanguinary Tale
0306811596: Delusion of Satan : The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials
0306811618: Privileged Son : Otis Chandler and the Rise and Fall of the L. A. Times Dynasty
0306811626: Of Long Memory : Mississippi and the Murder of Medgar Evers
0306811634: Great Jazz Day
0306811642: Afghanistan
0306811650: U. S. Special Forces : A Complete Guide to the World's Most Elite Fighting Force
0306811669: Da Capo Best Music Writing 2002 : The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, and More
0306811677: Bedford Boys
0306811685: Swords Against the Senate : The Rise of the Roman Army and the Fall of the Republic
0306811693: To Destroy a City
0306811707: This Day in North American Indian History : Events in the History of North America's Native Peoples
0306811715: Guilford Courthouse : Nathanael Greene's Victory in Defeat, March 15 1781
0306811723: McPherson's Ridge : The First Battle for the High Ground, July 1 1863
0306811731: Gray Cavalier : The Life and Wars of General H. F. Rooney Lee
0306811758: Brigades of Gettysburg
0306811766: Hank Williams : Snapshots from the Lost Highway
0306811774: Movie Love in the Fifties
0306811782: Horror in the East : Japan and the Atrocities of World War II
0306811790: History in Fragments
0306811804: Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere
0306811812: Survivors : Vietnam POWs Tell Their Stories
0306811820: The Dark Stuff: Selected Writings on Rock Music
0306811839: Serge Gainsbourg
0306811847: Yes, Yes Y'all : The Experience Music Project: Oral History of Hip-Hop's First Decade
0306811855: Gladiator
0306811863: Like Young : Jazz, Pop, Youth and Middle Age
0306811871: Dangerous Muse
0306811928: Afterglow : The Last Conversation with Pauline Kael
0306811944: Kings Mountain : The Defeat of the Loyalists October 7, 1780
0306811952: Great Sioux Uprising : Rebellion on the Plains, August-September 1862
0306811960: Lost over Laos : A True Story of Tragedy, Mystery, and Friendship
0306811979: Submarine Warfare in the Civil War
0306811995: S. T. P. : A Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones
0306812002: My Turf : Horses, Boxers, Blood Money, and the Sporting Life
0306812010: Black Panthers Speak
0306812029: Books of American Negro Spirituals
0306812037: Miracle at Kitty Hawk : The Letters of Wilbur and Orville Wright
0306812045: Naked City
0306812053: Great, Silly Grin : The British Satire Boom of The 1960s
0306812061: What Do We Know : Poems and Prose Poems
0306812088: When We Were One : Stories of World War II
0306812096: Jelly's Blues : The Life, Music, and Redemption of Jelly Roll Morton
0306812134: First Air Campaign : August 1914 - November 1918
0306812142: Arthur Miller : His Life and Work
0306812150: Wilderness Campaign : May 1864
0306812169: Hitler's Blitzkrieg Campaigns : The Invasion and Defense of Western Europe, 1939-1940
0306812177: They Fight Like Devils : Stories from Lucknow During the Great Indian Mutiny, 1857-58
0306812185: Abraham Lincoln and Military Justice
0306812193: Vicksburg Campaign : April 1862 - July 1863
0306812207: Tonight at Noon : A Love Story
0306812215: Sultry Climates : Travel and Sex
0306812223: Desolate Angel : Jack Kerouac, the Beat Generation, and America
0306812231: Ghosts of the Abyss
0306812258: Ring of Fire : The Johnny Cash Reader
0306812266: Mountain Men : The Remarkable Climbers and Determined Eccentrics Who First Scaled the World's Most Famous Peaks
0306812274: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People : A Memoir
0306812282: Autumn Rhythm : Musings on Time, Tide, Aging, Dying, and Such Biz
0306812290: Faith in Time : The Life of Jimmy Scott
0306812304: Afterglow : A Last Conversation with Pauline Kael
0306812312: Simple Twist of Fate
0306812320: Guide to Civil War Philadelphia
0306812339: Afghanistan : A Military History from Alexander the Great to the Fall of the Taliban
0306812347: Culp's Hill : The Attack Against the Union Flank, July 2, 1863
0306812355: Cemetery Hill : The Struggle for the High Ground, July 1-3, 1863
0306812363: Da Capo Best Music Writing 2003
0306812371: Rebel Reefers : The Organization and Midshipmen of the Confederate States Naval Academy
0306812398: Fortress Third Reich : German Fortifications and Defense Systems in World War II
0306812401: Gettysburg July
0306812428: Generals of Gettysburg : The Leaders of America's Greatest Battle
0306812436: Mongols : A History
0306812444: Battle for Korea : A History of the Korean Conflict
0306812452: Tainted Goddesses
0306812460: That Body of Brave Men
0306812479: Panzer Operations
0306812509: My Turf : Horses, Boxers, Blood Money, and the Sporting Life
0306812517: Lost over Laos : A True Story of Tragedy, Mystery, and Friendship
0306812525: Army of the Potomac Vol. 2 : McClellan Takes Command, September 1861- February 1862
0306812533: Garcia : A Signpost to a New Space
0306812568: War North of Rome : June 1944 - May 1945
0306812576: Jackson's Valley Campaign : November 1861 - June 1862
0306812584: Philadelphia Campaign : June 1777 - July 1778
0306812592: Shiloh Campaign : March - April 1862
0306812606: Hitler's Army : Evolution and Structure of German Forces, 1933-1945
0306812614: Last Chance for Victory : Robert E. Lee and the Gettysburg Campaign
0306812622: Rage to Survive : The Etta James Story
0306812630: D. V.
0306812649: About Rothko
0306812657: Songwriters on Songwriting
0306812665: Thinking in Pictures : The Making of Matewan
0306812673: These Honored Dead : How the Story of Gettysburg Shaped American Memory
0306812681: Envy Of The Gods
0306812703: Lennon Companion
0306812711: Milk It : Collected Musings on the Alternative Music Explosion of the 90s
0306812738: Stealth Patrol : The Making of a Vietnam Ranger
0306812746: General John Buford : A Military Biography
0306812754: Signor Marconi's Magic Box : The Most Remarkable Invention of the 19th Century and the Amateur Inventor Whose Genius Sparked a Revolution
0306812770: 4 Way Street : The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Reader
0306812789: Keith Richards : The Biography
0306812797: Swords Against the Senate : The Rise of the Roman Army and the Fall of the Republic
0306812800: Masters of the Shoals : Tales of the Cape Fear Pilots Who Ran the Union Blockade
0306812819: Tropical Truth : A Story of Music and Revolution in Brazil
0306812827: Friday Night Lights : A Town, a Team, and a Dream
0306812835: Structures : Or Why Things Don't Fall Down
0306812843: All His Jazz : The Life and Death of Bob Fosse
0306812851: Capone : The Life and Times of Al Capone
0306812878: No Direction Home : The Life and Music of Bob Dylan
0306812886: Murder, Inc. : The Story of the Syndicate
0306812894: Spotsylvania Campaign : May 7-21, 1864
0306812916: With Courage and Delicacy : Civil War on the Peninsula: Women and the U. S. Sanitary Commission
0306812924: Impact : The History of Germany's V-Weapons in World War II
0306812932: Alexander
0306812940: Fortress America
0306812959: Back in the Day : My Life and Times with Tupac Shakur
0306812967: History of the Blues : The Roots, the Music, the People
0306812975: L. Frank Baum : Creator of Oz
0306812983: 900 Days : The Siege of Leningrad
0306812991: Rough Magic : A Biography of Sylvia Path
0306813017: Bullets over Hollywood : The Screen Gangster from the Silents to the Sopranos and Beyond
0306813033: Halfbreed : The Remarkable True Story of
0306813041: Longest Winter : The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of WWII's Most Decorated Platoon
0306813092: Land That Never Was : Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Most Audacious Fraud in History
0306813106: Labyrinths : Ancient Paths of Wisdom and Peace
0306813114: Black Prince and the Sea Devils : The Story of Prince Valerio Borghese and the Elite Units of the Decima MAS
0306813122: Joshua Chamberlain
0306813130: Volkswagen Military Vehicles of the Third Reich : An Illustrated History
0306813149: Life After Loss
0306813157: Raising a Self-Starter : Over 100 Tips for Parents and Teachers
0306813165: Raising Happy Kids : Over 100 Tips for Parents and Teachers
0306813181: U. S. Armed Forces Arsenal : A Guide to Modern Combat Warfare
0306813203: Halfbreed
0306813211: Toward Commitment
0306813238: My Life in the Irish Brigade
0306813246: Drug and Alcohol Abuse : The Authoritative Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors
0306813254: Target Switzerland : Swiss Armed Neutrality in World War Ii
0306813262: Boston Driver's Handbook : The Almost Post Big Dig Edition
0306813270: I Put a Spell on You : The Autobiography of Nina Simone
0306813289: Mysteries of the Snake Goddess : Art, Desire, and the Forging of History
0306813297: Battles of the Revolutionary War : 1775-1781
0306813300: Generalship of Alexander the Great
0306813319: Consider the Eel : A Natural and Gastronomic History
0306813327: Second Bull Run Campaign : July-August 1862
0306813351: Brother Ray : Ray Charles' Own Story
0306813386: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison : The Making of a Mastepiece
0306813394: Punk Rock Aerobics : 65 Killer Moves, 50 Punk Classics, and 25 Reasons to Get off Your Ass and Exercise
0306813408: Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright : The Bob Marley Reader
0306813416: Planet Simpson: How A Cartoon Masterpiece Defined a Generation
0306813424: Dark Side of the Moon : The Making of the Pink Floyd Masterpiece
0306813432: Metrosexual Guide to Style : A Handbook for the Modern Man
0306813467: Burn Unit : Saving Lives after the Flames
0306813475: Whores : An Oral Biography of Perry Farrell and Jane's Addiction
0306813483: Something in the Way She Moves : Dancing Women from Salome to Madonna
0306813491: Bill Graham Presents : My Life Inside Rock and Out
0306813505: Jelly's Blues : The Life, Music, and Redemption of Jelly Roll Morton
0306813513: American Music Is
0306813521: Myself Among Others
0306813548: Robert's Rules of Order in Brief : The Simple Outline of the Rules Most Often Needed at a Meeting, According to the Standard Authoritative Parliamentary Manual
0306813556: Bedford Boys : One American Town's Ultimate D-Day Sacrifice
0306813564: Blood and Champagne : The Life and Times of Robert Capa
0306813572: U. S. Special Warfare : The Elite Combat Skills of America's Modern Armed Forces
0306813580: Medieval Fortress : Castles, Forts, and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages
0306813599: Bug : The Strange Mutations of the World's Most Famous Automobile
0306813602: Thermopylae : The Battle for the West
0306813610: Alexander
0306813629: Hannibal
0306813637: Scipio Africanus : Greater Than Napoleon
0306813645: New World of Martin Cortes
0306813653: All Tomorrow's Parties : The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1970
0306813696: Hell Is upon Us : The Marianas Campaign, 1944
0306813718: Rolling Thunder Logbook
0306813742: Friday Night Lights
0306813750: Everybody's All-American
0306813769: Iron John : A Book about Men
0306813777: Arthur Miller : His Life and Work
0306813785: Signor Marconi's Magic Box
0306813793: New World Coming : The 1920S and the Making of Modern America
0306813807: Da Capo Best Music Writing 2004
0306813815: Autumn Rhythm : Musings on Time, Tide, Aging, Dying, and Such Biz
0306813823: These Honored Dead : How the Story of Gettysburg Shaped American Memory
0306813831: Custer and His Wolverines : The Michigan Cavalry Brigade, 1861-1865
0306813858: Stealth Patrol
0306813866: Last Valley
0306813890: White Devil : The True Story Behind the Last of the Mohicans
0306813904: Playback
0306813912: Battle of the Bulge : Hitler's Ardennes Offensive, 1944-1945
0306813920: Howard Hughes : The Untold Story
0306813939: Elliot Smith and the Big Nothing
0306813947: Lightning Man : The Accursed Life of Samuel F. B. Morse
0306813963: Hitler's Raid to Save Mussolini : The True Story of Hitler's Secret Mission to Rescue His Friend, Il Duce
0306813971: Runaway American Dream : Listening to Bruce Springsteen
0306813998: Hitler's Commander : Field Marshal Walther Model - Hitler's Favorite General
0306814013: 23 Days in July : Inside Lance Armstrong's Record-breaking Tour de France Victory
0306814021: E-Bomb : How America's New Directed Energy Weapons Will Change the Way Future Wars Will Be Fought
0306814048: Where Dreams Die Hard : A Small American Town and Its Six-Man Football Team
0306814072: Mayor of MacDougal Street : A Memoir of the Great Folk Scare
0306814080: Napoleon and the Hundred Days
0306814099: Panzer Operations : The Eastern Front Memoir of General Raus, 1941-1945
0306814102: Halfbreed : The Remarkable True Story of George Bent-- Caught Between the Worlds of the Indian and the White Man
0306814110: Land That Never Was : Sir Gregor MacGregor and the Most Audacious Fraud in History
0306814129: Long Life : Essays and Other Writings
0306814137: Simple Twist of Fate : Bob Dylan and the Making of Blood on the Tracks
0306814145: Hedonism Handbook : Mastering the Lost Arts of Leisure and Pleasure
0306814153: Left-Hand Turn Around the World : Chasing Mystery and Meaning of All Things Southpaw
0306814188: Last Best League
0306814196: Burn Unit : Saving Lives after the Flames
0306814218: New World of Martin Cortes
0306814226: Ten Days To D-Day: Citizens and soldiers on the Eve of the Invasion
0306814234: Fire in the Grove
0306814242: Fame Game : Unlocking the Secrets of Stardom
0306814250: Friday Night Lights : A Town, a Team, and a Dream
0306814277: PAPA HEMINGWAY
0306814285: Last of the Cold War Spies : The Life of Michael Straight--the Only American in Britain's Cambridge Spy Ring
0306814293: Bullets over Hollywood : The American Gangster Picture from the Silents to The Sopranos
0306814315: Brother Ray
0306814323: Stargazer : The Life and Times of the Telescope
0306814358: When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World : The Rise and Fall of Islam's Greatest Dynasty
0306814404: Longest Winter
0306814412: Stand Bear Is a Person : The True Story of a Native American's Quest for Justice
0306814420: Envy of the Gods : Alexander the Great's Ill-Fated Journey Across Asia
0306814439: The Last Valley. Dien Bien Phu and the French Defeat in Vietnam
0306814447: Are My Blinkers Showing? : Adventures in Filmmaking in the New Russia
0306814455: X-List : The National Society of Film Critics' Guide to the Movies that Turn Us On
0306814463: Da Capo Best Music Writing : The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, Country and More
0306814471: Elliot Smith and the Big Nothing
0306814498: First Idea
0306814501: Though the Heavens May Fall
0306814528: When I Was Puerto Rican: A Memoir
0306814536: Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison : The Making of a Masterpiece
0306814552: 23 Days in July : Inside the Tour de France and Lance Armstrong's Record-Breaking Victory
0306814595: Civil War Firearms
0306814609: The Bedford Boys
0306814730: White Devil: A True Story of War, Savagery and Vengeneance in Colonial America
0306814749: Anne Boleyn: A New Life of England's Tragic Queen
0306814773: All Yesterday's Parties: The Velvet Underground in Print, 1966-1971
0306814811: Forever Young : Photographs of Bob Dylan 1964
0306862530: Art of Written Forms the Theory & Practi
0306903873: Tippett The Composer And His Music
0306905523: Selected Studies in Marriage and the Family.
0307000001: Power Rangers
0307000400: Welcome To Ltl Golden Bkland/l (Da Capo Paperback)
0307000419: Poky Little Puppy's Special Day
0307000427: Shy Little kitten's Secret Place
0307000435: No Place for Me Saggy Baggy Elephant
0307000443: Tootle and Kathy Caboose: A special treasure (Little Golden Book land)
0307000478: Tawny Scrawny Lion Saves the Day
0307000699: Walt Disney Pictures Presents: The Prince and the Pauper (Little Golden Book)
0307000702: Walt Disney's The Rescuers (Little Golden Book)
0307000737: THE WIZARD OF OZ
0307000745: Bugs Bunny, Pioneer (A Little Goldent Book)
0307000761: Wild Animal Babies
0307000796: A house for a mouse (A Little golden book)
0307000818: Minnie's slumber party (A Little golden book)
0307000826: Walt Disney Pictures presents The rescuers downunder (A Little golden book)
0307000834: The cleanup (A Little golden book)
0307000966: Happy birthday, Babs! (Tiny toon adventures)
0307000974: Lost in the fun house (Tiny toon adventures)
0307000982: Alvin's daydreams (Alvin and the chipmunks)
0307001008: Walt Disney's Cowboy Mickey (Little golden books)
0307001040: Peter Pan
0307001059: Little Mermaid (Little Golden Book)
0307001067: Little Mermaid : The Whole Story
0307001091: Monsters' Picnic
0307001105: Garfield, the Cat Show
0307001113: Licensed Charaters LGB III
0307001121: Disney's talespin ghost ship (A Little golden book)
0307001148: Bugs Bunny Pirate
0307001156: The adventures of Buster Hood (Tiny toon adventures)
0307001164: 101 Dalmatians
0307001199: Disney's Darkwing Duck
0307001202: Put on a Happy Face!
0307001210: Boo-O-S on First
0307001229: Barbie : The Big Splash
0307001237: Disney's Goof Troop
0307001245: Aladdin
0307001253: Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad
0307001261: Big Bird Visits Navajo Country
0307001288: Oscar's New Neighbor
0307001296: Tweety and Sylvester in Birds of a feather (A Little golden book)
0307001318: Kermit, Save the Swamp! (Little Golden Book)
0307001334: Elves and the Shoemaker
0307001342: Little Red Riding Hood
0307001350: Velveteen Rabbit
0307001369: Richard Scarry's Best Little Word Book Ever!
0307001377: This Is My Family
0307001385: Whispering Rabbit
0307001393: Pierrot's ABC Garden (A Little Golden Book)
0307001407: Pocketful of Nonsense (Little Golden Book)
0307001415: A Child's Year (Little Golden Book)
0307001423: Doctor Dan the Bandage Man
0307001431: Sailor Dog
0307001458: Shy Little Kitten
0307001466: I Can Fly
0307001474: My Puppy (Little Golden Book)
0307001482: Frosty the Snowman
0307001490: Twelve Days of Christmas
0307001504: Cat That Climbed the Christmas Tree
0307002004: Kitty on the Farm
0307002020: GB Generic ABC's/Words LGBs (Little Golden Book)
0307002039: Bunnies Counting Book
0307002047: Silly Sisters
0307002055: My First Book Of Sounds
0307002063: The Big Elephant (Little Golden Book) Hardcover by Kathryn Jackson; Byron...
0307002071: Rapunzel : Classic Fable
0307002098: There are Tyrannosaurs Trying on Pants in My Bedroom (Little Golden Book)
0307002101: My Little Golden Book of Cars
0307002128: Blue Barry bear counts from 1 to 20 (A Little golden book)
0307002144: Batter up!
0307002179: The colorful mouse: A story about colors (A Little golden book)
0307003000: The Pied Piper (Little Golden Book)
0307003019: Time for Bed
0307003027: Buster Cat Goes Out
0307003043: Oh, Little Rabbit!
0307003051: Helping/Manners LGBs (Little Golden Book)
0307003086: Tickety-Tock What Time Is It (A Little Golden Book)
0307003094: Flying Dinosaurs
0307003116: Bible Stories
0307003124: Puss in Boots
0307003256: Inspector Gadget in Africa.
0307003264: Jungle Book
0307003272: Little Golden Book: Rainbow Brite and the Brook Meadow Deer
0307003299: Ronald McDonald and the Tale of the Talking Plant
0307003337: Puppy on the Farm (Little Golden Book)
0307004511: Frosty the Snowman
0307004562: I Can't Wait until Christmas
0307004589: Christmas Tree That Grew
0307004600: Walt Disney's Donald Duck's Christmas tree (A Little golden book)
0307004627: Nutcracker
0307006441: Beauty and the Beast
0307006468: Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
0307006514: Buster Bunny and the best friends ever (Tiny toon adventures)
0307009122: Betty Crockers Good & Easy Cookbook
0307010007: Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse heads for the sky (Little golden books)
0307010015: Mickey Mouse Those Were the Days
0307010082: Up in the Attic
0307010104: Winnie-the-Pooh: The Honey Tree
0307010252: Walt Disney's Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door
0307010260: Snoopy #1
0307010279: Walt Disney's Lady
0307010287: Three Little Pigs
0307010295: Big Bird's Red Book
0307010309: Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree
0307010333: Eloise Wilkin's Mother Goose
0307010368: Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0307010376: Walt Disney's Mickey and the beanstalk
0307010406: Dumbo
0307010449: Walt Disney's Toad Flies High: With Characters from the Walt Disney Motion Picture the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Adapted from the Wind in t (Little Golden Book)
0307010554: Uncle Remus A Little Golden Book
0307010562: Hide and Seek
0307010570: Disneys Sport Goofy & the Racing Robot
0307010600: Favorite Nursery Tales, Ginerbread Man and Golden Goose (Little Golden Book)
0307010619: Bambi
0307010708: Garfield and the space cat (A Little golden book)
0307010856: Monster at the End of This Book
0307010864: Muppet Babies
0307010880: Day Snuffy Had Sniffle
0307010945: I Think That It is Wonderful: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets (Little Golden Book)
0307010953: Puppy love: Featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets
0307011089: Hot Wheels Big Color and Activity Book
0307011100: Let's Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown! A Book about the Seasons
0307011127: The Night Before Christmas
0307011135: Sesame Street Christmas in the Country
0307011143: Frosty
0307011186: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
0307011194: BISKITTS IN DOUBLE TROUBLE, THE, Little Golden Book
0307011208: Where's Woodstock
0307011216: Christmas Toys
0307011224: Merry Christmas
0307011267: Dinosaurs Activity
0307011283: Sesame Street
0307011291: Bedtime Big Book
0307011313: Count's Color
0307011321: Color
0307011348: Mickey Mouse Big Color
0307011372: Disney Babies Nursery Rhymes
0307011380: Walt Disney's Pinocchio (A Big Coloring Book)
0307011399: Disney Fairy Tales Big
0307011917: Snow White
0307011941: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
0307011976: Paddington Bear Color
0307011992: Easy Mazes Big Color Book (Coloring Book)
0307012034: My Animal Big Color Book
0307012042: Poky Little Puppy Coloring Book
0307012107: Halloween
0307012123: My Animal Friends
0307012182: Jewel Secrets (Coloring Book)
0307012190: G.I. Joe Big Color
0307012247: Dumbo Coloring Book
0307012263: Tiny Toons
0307012298: Batman Big Color/Activity Book
0307012360: Happy Spring
0307012387: Lgb Land Xmas Big Clr/ACT
0307012395: Disney's Christmas Book (Coloring Book)
0307012425: Precious Moments (Coloring Book)
0307012670: Freedom Flyers Big Color Book
0307012697: Eurekas Castle Big Clr/Act Bk
0307012778: Bunny Express Easter Big Clr
0307014207: Let's Go
0307014371: Reading Fun
0307014460: Fun With Money
0307014614: ABC BOOK OF WORDS
0307014630: MOTHER GOOSE.
0307014797: Lion King Paint with Water Book
0307014886: Jurassic Park
0307014940: Huckleberry Hound Merrigold Ck
0307015017: Shadow on the Ice
0307015025: Barbie: Paper Doll Golden Book
0307015033: Drag Strip Danger
0307015041: Lassie: Lost in the Snow.
0307015068: Quints Paperdoll
0307015076: Spirit Town
0307015106: The Accident: The Waltons, #6
0307015165: The Waltons: The bird dog
0307015238: Tropical Barbie (A Punch & Play Book)
0307015270: Meg and the Disappearing Diamonds.
0307015297: Meg and the Treasure Nobody Saw
0307015300: Meg and the Ghost of Hidden Springs
0307015319: The Family Name (A whitman Novel For Girls)
0307015378: Barbie Superstar
0307015394: The Waltons: Up she rises!
0307015432: Teddy Bear Family Paperdoll (A Punch & Play Book)
0307015440: Maxie Paper Dolls
0307015459: Gypsy and Nimblefoot
0307015505: Barbie
0307015548: Divers Down
0307015564: Precious Moments
0307015572: Sesame Street Great Monster
0307015734: Garfield Paint N Marker
0307015769: Waltons the Puzzle
0307015807: The Waltons The Treasures
0307015823: Mickey Mouse and Friends Paint `N' Marker Book
0307015831: TEE-BO the TALKING DOG on the Trail of the PERSNICKET PROWLER
0307015955: Miscalculated Risk (A Kim Aldrich Mystery)
0307015971: Bugs Bunny
0307015998: THE WALTONS The Penny Sale
0307016056: Little Women
0307016080: Heidi grows up
0307016137: Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. Eleven Bizarre Stories.
0307016277: Seven Great Detective Stories
0307016315: Tales to Tremble By
0307016358: The Call of the Wild
0307016773: Universal Monster Pt & Marker
0307016838: Batman Paint 'n Marker Book
0307016854: Precious Moments
0307016889: Prom Queen
0307016900: Barbie
0307016919: Bride and Groom
0307016927: Minnie 'n Me Deluxe Paper Doll
0307016935: Miss America Deluxe Paper Doll
0307016951: Barbie #1 (A Punch & Play Book)
0307016978: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
0307016986: Jim Henson's Muppet Babies: Baby Miss Piggy
0307016994: Ballerina Dlx Doll Bk
0307017028: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Paint with Water
0307017079: Garfield
0307017419: Toys
0307017478: Little Mermaid
0307017524: LGB Land Paint with Water
0307017850: Barbie Paint with Water
0307017885: Bugs Bunny
0307017893: Walt Disney's Fairy Tales: Paint with Water (A Golden Book)
0307018075: Police Academy Pt W/Water
0307018237: Ghostbusters Paint W/Water Bk
0307018245: Alvin & Chipmunks Paint W/Wtr
0307018563: Lively Little Rabbit
0307019020: Bugs Bunny
0307019128: Flintstones
0307019136: Hercules and the Monster
0307019152: Pagemaster (Paint and Marker Book)
0307019209: Lion King Paint & Marker Book
0307019217: Disney's Pocahontas Paint 'N' Marker Book
0307019810: Handbook of United States Coins, With Premium List - 1981 38th Edition
0307019829: Handbook of United Stated Coins
0307019837: Handbook of United States Coins (Handbook of United States Coins: The Official Blue Book (Paper))
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