0308102894: How to Rig and Fish Natural Baits (An Outdoor Life Book)
0308102908: How to make your own lures and flies
0308102916: How to Rig and Fish Natural Baits
0308102924: How to Make Your Own Lures and Flies
0308102932: Four keys to Guatemala
0308102940: Richard & Elizabeth
0308102959: Foot Book
0308102967: For Spacious Skies
0308102975: Hidden Corners of the Mid-Atlantic States (Funk and Wagnall's Book Ser.)
0308102991: Farm Fever
0308103009: Counseling Techniques That Work: Applications to Individual and Group Counseling
0308103084: The Complete Book of Mopeds
0308103092: Funk & Wagnalls Standard College Dictionary
0308103149: Don't Move--Improve!: Hundreds of Ways to Make a Good House Better
0308103157: Don't move--improve!: Hundreds of ways to make a good house better
0308103165: Four Keys to Guatemala
0308103173: Broadway's Greatest Musicals
0308103181: Soccer Guide to Training and Coaching
0308103211: The Songwriter's Handbook
0308103238: Game Bird Hunting
0308103246: Hunting Dogs: An Outdoor Life Book
0308103254: Hunting dogs
0308103262: Hunting the Whitetail Deer
0308103270: Hunting the Whitetail Deer
0308103289: Small Game Hunting
0308103297: Small Game Hunting
0308103300: Funk and Wagnalls Guide to the World of Stamp Collecting: The Joys of Stamp Collecting for the Beginning and Advanced Philatelist
0308103327: Biotonics: Stamina through six-second exercises that really work
0308103335: Stop talking to your plants and listen
0308103343: Looking Out for Number One
0308103351: The Encyclopedia of U. S. Government Benefits
0308103432: The outdoor eye: A sportsman's guide : how to see, hear, interpret the signs of wilderness and wildlife
0308103440: Outdoor Eye
0308103467: Estate planning for everyone: The whole truth from planning to probate
0308103475: Recollections in Black and White
0308103513: Legacy
0308103521: Funk and Wagnall's Standard Desk Dictionary
0308124103: The Heritage of Musical Style
0308149440: Samulo & the Giant
0308184785: Ultimate Threshold Soviet SF
0308185803: Under the Moons of Mars, a History and Anthology of the Scientific Romance in the Munsey Magazines 1912-1920
0308186729: Lost Legends of the West
0308200055: Funk and Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary of the English Language
0308304519: Operation Overflight the U2 Spy Pilot Te
0308317769: Snoopy and His Sopwith Camel Edition
0308400062: New German Self-Taught
0308400070: New Italian Self-Taught by
0308400089: New Spanish Self-Taught
0308400119: Cassell's Beyond the Dictionary in French,
0308400216: Hoyt's New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations
0308400224: New Standard Bible Dictionary
0308400240: Funk and Wagnalls Standard Handbook of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Prepositions.
0308400364: Alphabet, the a Key to the History of Mankind
0308400445: A Complete Guide to Writing and Selling Non-Fiction
0308400461: The Greeting Card Writer's Handbook.
0308400542: Hoyt's New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations
0308400569: Current American Usage: How Americans Say It and Write It
0308400593: How To Make Better Speeches
0308400682: Way to Vocabulary Power and Culture
0308400720: Language Today: A Survey of Current Linguistic Thought.
0308400739: Funk and Wagnalls Modern Guide to Synonyms and Related Words; Lists of Antonyms, Copious Cross-References: A Complete and Legible Index
0308400747: Writing Fillers That Sell.
0308400798: 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary
0308400801: Modern Criminal Investigation
0308400879: Courtroom Testimony: A Policeman's Guide.
0308400909: Funk and Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend (Funk and Wagnall's Book Ser.)
0308441265: The Hanging Book
0308442318: LITERATURE VI The Oregon Curriculum: a Sequential Program in English
0308452380: Scotland Yard a Study of the Metropolita
0308455568: Beowulf Is My Name
0308458583: Eagle Has Landed
0308488490: Damn Everything But the Circus
0308500016: Children Are People How to Understand and Guide Your
0308500024: Etiquette
0308500040: Etiquette: In Society, in Business, in Politics, and at Home.
0308504364: Kidnaped Child :Creasey
0308505417: Bonded Dead
0308509161: Behind the Scenes Theater & Film Intervi
0308525442: A White House Diary.
0308531922: Fergus
0308532228: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee an Indian
0308538420: Trial
0308554701: Selections From Modern Abstract Alge 2ND Edition
0308566556: Philosophy of Religion
0308600045: King Jesus
0308600142: Guns, Sails & Empires: Technological Innovation & the Early Phases of European Expansion 1400-1700
0308600150: High Gothic the Classic Cathedrals of Chartres, Reims and Amiens
0308600169: Masters of Ancient Comedy Selections from Aristoph
0308600177: Natural History of Love
0308600258: History of France
0308600274: Massacre at Montsegur
0308600339: Crystal Spirit a Study of George Orwell
0308600355: Great River : The Rio Grande
0308600436: Conduct of War, 1789 to 1961
0308600495: The Lyric Age of Greece.
0308600592: Westviking the Ancient Norse in Greenland and North
0308600657: Write That Play.
0308600746: Pirandello's One-Act Plays.
0308600819: Albert Camus by De Luppe, Robert
0308626397: Who's Who in the Old Testament
0308699610: Catherine Marshalls Story Bible
0308700112: I Remember America
0308700279: The Seven Worlds of Peru.
0308700287: Your El Salvador Guide
0308700392: Greece Through the Ages
0308700414: I Remember America
0308700422: American Yesterday
0308700465: Museum of Early American Tools
0308700473: Our Vanishing Landscape
0308700481: Reverence for Wood
0308700597: The Cracker Barrel
0308700686: The Paradox of Maupassant.
0308700937: The White Poppy: A History of Opium
0308700996: Return to Taos: a Sketchbook of Roadside Americana
0308701046: Beethoven: Biography of a Genius
0308701054: One Man Alone: Richard Nixon.
0308701070: The Wild, Wild West; For the Discriminating Reader: A Chilling Illustrated History Presenting the Facts About a Passel of Low-Down Mischievous persona
0308701089: The Open Look.
0308701127: Our Violent Society.
0308701224: The Lost Priority: What Happened to the Civil Rights Movement in America?
0308701402: How to Be Lazy, Healthy, and Fit
0308701437: The Search Within: The Inner Experiences of a Psychoanalyst.
0308701658: Sonnets
0308701798: Directors At Work, Interviews With American Film-Makers
0308701984: A World of Hearty Soups.
0308701992: A World of Nut Recipes
0308702069: Winemaking at Home
0308702107: Meals That Can Wait: A Cookbook for Commuters' Wives, Weekend Hostesses, and Other Dependents of the Undependable
0308702247: The Art of Marvell's Poetry.
0308702433: Workers' Paradise Lost
0308702719: The Day Kennedy Was Shot
0308702913: That Day in Budapest
0308703006: Attack on Terror: The FBI Against the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi.
0308703243: Christmas All Through the House; Easy-To-Make Decorations for Every Room in the House: Upstairs, Downstairs, and for the Outdoors, Too.
0308703278: Learning to Read Music
0308703294: Magic For Beginners.
0308703383: A Short Course in Navigation,
0308703391: Soccer: Guide to Training and Coaching.
0308703650: Puppets for Play Production.
0308703669: The Toy Collector
0308703707: How to Hunt American Small Game
0308703723: Man Against Cancer
0308703774: A First Book of Ceramics
0308703936: Dogs That Work for a Living.
0308703960: Early American Silver for the Cautious Collector
0308703987: 101 Ways to Go Boating for Under $1000.
0308704045: Camping by Backpack and Canoe
0308704142: Yoga for the Mind Treatise on Mental and Philosophic
0308704185: Hatha Yoga: Theory and Practice. by Ruchpaul, Eva,
0308800036: Bones and the Black Panther by Caryl,
0308800370: Horse Talk
0308800443: The Pueblo Indians.
0308800486: Ditto
0308800516: Lulu's Back in Town
0308800540: The Closed Circle
0308800737: Water Rat,
0308800761: Beginning by Leach
0308800877: Circle of Love by Nickerson,
0308800893: The Coriander
0308800958: Date With a Career
0308801385: Mystery Enters the Hospital by Turngren
0308801717: The Soup Stone: The Magic Of Familiar Things
0308802144: The Spanish Letters.
0308802187: Soccer, International Game.
0308802233: Egyptian Hieroglyphs: For Everyone
0308802322: Discovery by Chance: Science and the Unexpected.
0308802330: My Heart's in the Heather.
0308802381: Wonder of His World: Charles Willson Peale,
0308802578: A Herd of Deer
0308802594: Of Maps and Men.
0308802608: A Gathering of Ghosts
0308802640: Maximilian (Funk)
0308802667: Wings of Rhyme by Frankenberg, Lloyd
0308802713: We Take a Saturday Walk Vamos a Pasear El Sabado
0308900081: The Funk and Wagnalls Book of Parliamentary Procedure: A Guide to Democratic Practice in Meetings.
0308900146: Modern Greek in a Nutshell
0308900170: Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
0308900391: Arts of the Sailor
0308900405: Basic Fishing
0308900413: Secrets of Chinese Karate
0308900456: Short Stories.
0308900480: Word Origins and their Romantic Stories
0308900510: Psychical Research: Exploring the Supernatural
0308900774: The House You Want: How to Find It, How to Buy It
0308900782: One Thousand One House Plant Questions Answered
0308900804: Science Fiction for People Who Hate Science Fiction
0308900820: Your Puppy and How to Train Him
0308900855: Handbook of Indoor Games & Stunts
0308900863: How to Read Tarot Cards
0308900987: The Roman Years of Margaret Fuller: A Biography, by Deiss, Joseph Jay.
0308900995: ORIGAMI
0308901029: The guide to legal gambling
0308901053: Women Alone: A Practical Handbook for Widows and Divorcees by Taves, Isabella.
0308901088: Bridge for Women
0309001684: Toward Healthful Diets
0309012767: Geochronology of North America
0309015979: Principles of Plant and Animal Pest Control, Weed Control
0309016010: The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 - Geology, 1971
0309016045: The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 (Biology)
0309016053: The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964: Oceanography and Coastal Engineering
0309016088: The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 - Summary and Recommendations
0309016975: Principles of Plant and Animal Pest Control
0309017009: Eutrophication: Causes, consequences, correctives; proceedings of a symposium
0309017076: SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION: A Pressing National Problem and Recommendations for Its Solution.
0309017238: Remote sensing with special reference to agriculture and forestry
0309017289: Strategic Approach to Urban Research and Development: Social and Behavioral Science Considerations
0309017300: Invisible University:Postdoctoral Education in the United States
0309017343: Proximal femoral focal deficiency: a congenital anomaly;: A symposium held in...
0309017351: Effects of Chronic Exposure to Low Levels of Carbon Monoxide on Human Health, Behavior, and Performance
0309017378: Seismology : Responsibilities and Requirements of a Growing Science Part II: Problems and Prospects
0309017394: Engineering for the benefit of mankind;: A symposium held at the third autumn meeting of the National Academy of Engineering
0309017556: Scientific Exploration of the South Pacific
0309017572: Reform of medical education; the effect of student unrest (Fogarty International Center. Proceedings)
0309017602: Recommended Procedures for Measuring Productivity of Plankton Standing Stock and Related Ocean Properties
0309017610: Maternal Nutrition and the Course of Pregnancy
0309017637: Directory of Fire Research in the United States 1971 - 1973
0309017653: Early experience and visual information processing in perceptual and reading disorders: Proceedings of a conference held October 27-30, 1968, at Lake Mohonk, ... on Brain Sciences, National Research Council
0309017688: Engineering and Medicine; : a Symposium Sponsored.
0309017696: High-Temperature Oxidation-Resistant Coatings: Coatings for Protection from Oxidation of Superalloys, Refractory Metals, and Graphite
0309017718: Present and future civil uses of underwater sound
0309018226: Highway Research Record Number 323: Landslides 1 Report; Slope Protection and Stability 3 Reports; Embankment Design and Stability 5 Reports
0309018307: Ideas and Actions : A History of the Highway Research Board 1920-1970
0309018404: Highway Research Record Number 337: Theory of Pavement Design: 9 Reports
0309018501: Immunoglobulins: Biologic aspects and clinical uses
0309018536: Methods for Examining Poultry Biologics and for Identifying and Quantifying Avian Pathogens
0309018544: Animal Models for Biomedical Research III
0309018552: WASTES MANAGEMENT CONCEPTS FOR THE COASTAL ZONE Requirements for Research and Investigation
0309018560: Digest of Literature on Dielectrics: Volume 33, 1969
0309018579: Land use and wildlife resources
0309018587: Gnotobiotes: Standards and Guidelines for the Breeding, Care, and Management of Laboratory Animals.
0309018595: Evaluating the Safety of Food Chemicals
0309018609: Scientific, Technical, and Related Societies of the United States. Ninth Edition
0309018617: Nutrient Requirements of Poultry
0309018625: Defining the Laboratory Animal.
0309018668: Biochronometry
0309018692: Guide to Environmental Research on Animals
0309018714: Jamaica Bay And Kennedy Airport A Multidisciplinary Environmental Study Vol. 1 Conclusions Vol. 2. Report
0309018722: Priorities for space research, 1971-1980;: Report of a Study on Space Science and Earth Observations Priorities conducted
0309018730: The Geriatric Amputee:Principles of Management: Principles of Management
0309018838: Strategies for the Evaluation of Alterna
0309018900: Effect of Weldments on the Fatigue Stren
0309019028: Junkyard valuation: salvage industry appraisal principles applicable to highway beautification.
0309019125: Atmospheric Sciences and Man's Needs : Priorities for the Future
0309019168: Butrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle
0309019184: Animal Models for Biomedical Research IV
0309019192: Atlas of Nutritional Data on United States and Canadian Feeds
0309019206: Digest of Literature on Dielectric Volume 34
0309019222: Fluorides (Its Biologic effects of atmospheric pollutants)
0309019265: Selenium in Nutrition
0309019303: Food Colors
0309019311: Atomic & Molecular Physics
0309019338: Laboratory Animal Medical Subject Headings
0309019354: New Horizons for Veterinary Medicine.
0309019362: Toward Fulfillment of a National Ocean Commitment
0309019389: Libraries and Information Technology : A System Challenge
0309019400: The quality of rural living proceedings of a workshop by
0309019419: Lead: Airborn Lead in Perspective (Its Biologic effects of atmospheric pollutants)
0309019427: Communication for change with the rural disadvantaged: a Workshop
0309019435: Engineering for Resolution of the Energy Environment Dilemma
0309019443: Fundamentals of Amorphous Semiconductors: Report
0309019451: Pest Control Strategies for the Future
0309019478: Human Factors in Long-Duration Spaceflight
0309019486: Soils of the humid tropics
0309019494: Food chemicals codex
0309019524: Urban Commodity Flow
0309019729: Structural Design of Asphalt Concrete Pavement Systems : Special Report 126
0309019893: Number 374 Soil:Compaction, Classification, and Laterites: Compaction, Classification, and Laterites
0309020018: Protection of Highway Utility
0309020069: Divergencies in right-of-way valuations.
0309020255: Freedom of choice in housing: opportunities and constraints
0309020263: America's uncounted people;: Report
0309020271: Particulate polycyclic organic matter (Its Biologic effects of atmospheric pollutants)
0309020301: Genetic Vulnerability of Major Crops
0309020336: Directory of Fire Research in the United States 1969-1971
0309020344: Beneficial Modifications of the Marine Environment
0309020360: Product Quality, Performance and Cost
0309020379: Physics in Perspective Volume 1
0309020387: Accumulation of Nitrate
0309020395: Promotion of the Development and Use of the Subsystem Concept of Building Construction.
0309020409: Materials and processes for electron devices
0309020425: Segregation in residential areas;: Papers on racial and socioeconomic factors in choice of housing
0309020433: Nutrient Requirements of Dogs
0309020441: Urban growth and land development the land conversion process; report By
0309020468: Degradation of Synthetic Organic Molecules in the Biosphere:Natural, Pesticidal, and Various Other Man-Made Compounds
0309020484: Environmental Quality and Social Behavior: Strategies for Research; Report on a.
0309020492: Digest of Literature on Dielectric Volume 35
0309020794: Pavement Technology; 15 Reports Prepared for the 51st Annual Meeting
0309020964: Pavement Evaluation Using Road Meters : Special Report 133
0309021006: Physics in Perspective: Vol. 2 2 parts
0309021030: Visual search; symposium conducted at the spring meeting, 1970, Committee on Vision, Division of Behavioral Sciences, National Research Council
0309021049: A strategy for evaluating health services
0309021081: Yield of Electronic Materials and Devices
0309021111: Appraisal of Halogenated Fire Extinguishing Agents
0309021138: Radionuclides in Foods. A Report of the Food Production Committee, Food and Nutrition Board.
0309021146: Alternative Sources of Protein for Animal Production
0309021154: Permafrost: North American contribution to the Second International Conference
0309021162: Effect of Processing on the Nutritional
0309021170: Toxicants Occurring in Natural Foods Second Edition
0309021189: The nature of physics and The subfields of physics by
0309021197: Infant Death:an Analysis by Maternal Risk and Health Care
0309021200: Transportation and the Prospects for Improved Efficiency
0309021219: Weather & Climate Modification
0309021243: Control of Rabies
0309021383: Physics 50 Years Later
0309021391: Comprehensive Management of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Hemophilia
0309021448: Space optics;: Proceedings of the ninth international congress of the International Commission for Optics (ico IX)
0309021456: Assessment of medical care for children (Its Contrasts in health status) by...
0309021464: Critical evaluation of chemical and physical structural information,: Proceedings of a conference,
0309021472: Orientations in Geochemistry
0309021529: Environmental considerations in planning, design, and construction.
0309021545: Environmental Degradation by De-Icing Chemicals and Effective Countermeasures
0309021553: Soil Classification; 7 Reports Prepared for the 52nd Annual Meeting
0309021588: Highway Research Record Number 429: Soils: Loess, Suction, and Frost Actio-- 7 Reports
0309021596: Utilization of Waste Materials and Upgrading of Low-Quality Aggregates; 4 Reports, Prepared for the 52nd Annual Meeting
0309021618: Soil Mechanics:Design: 6 Reports, Prepared for the 52nd Annual Meeting
0309021626: Relations between Geometric Design and Operations: 8 Reports Prepared for the 52nd Annual Meeting
0309021812: Citizen participation in transportation planning (Highway Research Board. Special report 142)
0309022142: Revenue sharing and the planning process: shifting the locus of responsibil ity
0309022150: Productive Agriculture & a Quality Environment
0309022169: Recommended Dietary Allowances
0309022177: Chromium (Its Medical and biologic effects of environmental pollutants)
0309022185: Vanadium (Medical and biologic effects of environmental pollutants)
0309022207: Materials Science and Engineering: MATERIALS and MAN'S NEEDS.
0309022223: How Safe is Safe? : The Design of Policy on Drugs and Food Additives
0309022258: Numerical models of ocean circulation: Proceedings of a symposium held at Durham, New Hampshire, October 17-20, 1972
0309022312: Advances in Rock Mechanics
0309022347: Improvement of protein nutriture
0309022355: Advanced Concepts and Techniques in the Study of Snow and Ice Resources.
0309022371: U.S. Energy Prospects
0309022398: Biographical Memoirs Volume 45
0309022401: Biographical Memoirs
0309022428: In search of population policy;: Views from the developing world
0309022452: Biographical Memoirs
0309022460: Advances in Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the Third Congress of the International Society for Rock Mechanics 1974 Volume II Part A
0309022479: National Materials Policy
0309022487: Principles for evaluating chemicals in the environment: A report of the Committee for the Working Conference on Principles of Protocols for Evaluating ... ttee on Toxicology, National Research Council
0309022495: Ethics of health care: Papers of the Conference on Health Care and Changing Values, November 27-29, 1973
0309022967: Behavioral Demand Modeling and Valuation of Travel Time: Proceedings of a Conference Held July 8-13, 1973, in South Berwick, Maine
0309023106: Agricultural Production Efficiency
0309023114: Petroleum in the marine environment
0309023122: Nutrients and Toxic Substances in Water for Livestock and Poultry
0309023130: Phototherapy in the Newborn : An Overview
0309023149: Nickel. Medical and Biological Effects of Environmental Pollutants
0309023165: Digest of Literature on Dielectric Volume 36
0309023173: Productivity of World Ecosystems
0309023238: Understanding Climatic Change
0309023254: Assessing Potential Ocean Pollutants: A Report of the Study Panel on Assessing Potential Ocean Pollutants to the Ocean Affairs Board, Commission on Natural Resources, National Research Council
0309023297: Science Development: An Evaluation Study
0309023300: Controls on Health Care: Papers of the Conference on Regulation in the Health Industry, January 7-9, 1974
0309023424: Effect of Genetic Variance on Nutritional Requirements of Animals
0309023432: Mineral Resources and the Environment.
0309023459: Prevention of microbial and parasitic hazards associated with processed foods: A guide for the food processor
0309023467: Environmental impact of stratospheric flight: Biological and climatic effects of aircraft emissions in the stratosphere
0309023475: Experiments and Research with Humans: Values in Conflict
0309023483: Plant Studies in the People's Republic of China: A Trip Report of the American Plant Studies Delegation Submitted to the Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China
0309023491: Biographical Memoirs
0309023831: Research Needs for Evaluating Urban Public Transportation
0309024005: Interim Storage of Solidified High-level
0309024013: Decision Making for Regulating Chemicals in the Environment
0309024048: Earthquake prediction and public policy
0309024056: Mining in the Outer Continental Shelf and in the Deep Ocean
0309024072: Sweeteners: Issues and Uncertainties (Academy forum Fourth of a Series)
0309024110: Corn/Soybeans Pest Control: The Report of the Corn/Soybeans Study Team, Study on Problems of Pest Control, Environmental Studies Board, National Research Council. Pest Control: An Assessment of Present and Alternative Technologies, Vol. 2
0309024137: Forest Pest Control
0309024145: Pest Control and Public Health: The Report of the Public Health Study Team, Study on Problems of Pest Control, Environmental Studies Board, National Research Council. Pest Control: An Assessment of Present and Alternative Technologies, Vol. 5
0309024153: Technology of Fortification of Foods: Proceedings of a Workshop
0309024188: Long-Term Worldwide Effects of Multiple Nuclear-Weapons Detonations
0309024218: Genetic Improvement Of Seed Proteins.
0309024382: Herbal Pharmacology in the People's Republic of China. a Trip Report of the American Herbal Parmacology Delegation
0309024412: Vapor-phase organic pollutants: Volatile hydrocarbons and oxidation products (Medical and biologic effects of environmental pollutants)
0309024420: Neotropical Primates: Field Studies and Conservation
0309024447: Urea and Other Nonprotein Nitrogen Compounds in Animal Nutrition
0309024498: Biographical Memoirs (volume XLIX)
0309024625: Airport landside capacity: Proceedings of a conference held in Tampa, Florida, April 28-May 2, 1975, and sponsored by the Transportation Systems Center Research Board, National Research Council
0309024692: Paratransit: Proceedings of a Conference Held November 9-12, 1975
0309025028: Minority Group Participation in Graduate
0309025036: Selenium. Medical and Biologic Effects of Environmental Pollutants
0309025044: Generation of Basaltic Magma
0309025133: Density Standards for Field Compaction
0309025184: National Academy of Sciences : The First Hundred Years, 1863-1963
0309025192: Chlorine and Hydrogen Chloride (Atmospheric and Water Pollutants : Impact on Environmental Quality&Health)
0309025214: Physiological and Toxicological Aspects of Combustion Products
0309025222: Climate & food: Climatic fluctuation and U.S. agricultural production : a report of the Committee on Climate and Weather Fluctuations and Agricultural ... Natural Resources, National Research Council
0309025230: Solid State Physics in the People's Republic of China
0309025249: Surveying crime
0309025273: Predicting Earthquakes. A Scientific and Technical Evaluation -- with Implications for Society
0309025303: Criteria for Energy Storage R & D
0309025311: Ozone and Other Photochemical Oxidants
0309025338: Toward a National Policy for Children and Families
0309025346: State of the Nation's Air Transportation System
0309025354: The shallow land burial of low-level radioactively contaminated solid waste
0309025362: Copper (Its Medical and biologic effects of environmental pollutants)
0309025370: Rapid Inexpensive Tests for Determining Fracture Toughness
0309025451: Energy effects, efficiencies, and prospects for various modes of transportation (Synthesis of highway practice)
0309025486: Geochemistry and the Environment
0309025494: Biographical Memoirs
0309026016: Biogenic Amines and Related Compounds
0309026024: Appropriate Technologies for Developing Countries.
0309026032: The future of animals, cells, models, and systems in research, development...
0309026040: Arsenic : Medical and Biological Effects of Environmental Pollutants
0309026059: Folic Acid
0309026067: Materials of construction for shipboard waste incinerators: Report of the Committee on Materials of Construction for Shipboard Incinerators.
0309026075: Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits
0309026105: Controlling the Supply of Hospital Beds : A Policy Statement
0309026113: Assessing Quality in Health Care : An Ev
0309026121: Trends and Opportunities in Seismology
0309026156: Nitrogen Oxides Medical & Biological Eff
0309026172: Research and Development in the Environmental Protection Agency: A Report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from the Environmental Research
0309026199: Drinking Water and Health
0309026202: Paleoanthropology in the People's Republic of China
0309026210: Laboratory animal management: Wild birds
0309026253: Climate, Climatic Change, and Water Supply
0309026261: The Atmospheric Sciences: Problems And Applications
0309026288: World Food and Nutrition Study, The Potential Contributions of Research
0309026296: Estuaries, Geophysics, and the Environment
0309026318: Carbon Monoxide: Medical & Biological Effects of Environmental Pollutants (Its Medical and biologic effects of environmental pollutants)
0309026326: Implications of Environmental Regulations for Energy Production and Consumption
0309026334: Upper Atmosphere and Magnetosphere
0309026342: Manpower for Environmental Pollution Control
0309026350: Understanding Crime
0309026369: Energy and Climate
0309026393: Environmental monitoring: A report to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Analytical studies for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
0309026407: Platinum Group Metals. Subcommittee on Platinum Group Metals. Medical and Biologic Effects of Environmental Pollutants
0309026415: Research with Recombinant DNA. An Academy Forum March 7-9, 1977
0309026423: Human Vitamin B6 Requirements
0309026490: Deterrence and Incapacitation: Estimating the Effects of Criminal Sanctions on
0309027284: Coal as an energy resource: Conflict and consensus (Academy forum)
0309027292: Laboratory Indices of Nutritional Status in Pregnancy
0309027314: Materials and Process Specifications and Standards
0309027322: Knowledge and Policy: The Uncertain Connection
0309027330: Multimedium Management of Municipal Sludge.
0309027357: The Tropospheric Transport of Pollutants and Other Substances to the Oceans
0309027373: Contingency Plans for Chromium Utilization
0309027381: A century of doctorates: Data analyses of growth and change : U.S. PhD's--their numbers, origins, characteristics, and the institutions from which they ... Human Resources, National Research Council
0309027403: Aquaculture in the United States: Constraints and Opportunities: A Report of the Committee on Aquaculture, Board on Agriculture and Renewable Resources, Commission on Natural Resources, National Research Council.
0309027446: Conservation of Germplasm Resources
0309027470: Federal Investment in Knowledge of Social Problems.
0309027497: Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle
0309027586: Priority Programming and Project Selection,pb,1978
0309027616: Technology, Trade, and the U.S. Economy
0309027632: Chloroform, Carbon Tetrachloride, and Other Halomethanes: An Environmental Assessment
0309027683: Technological Innovation and Forces for Change in the Mineral Industry
0309027691: Plant and Animal Products in the U.S. Food System : Proceedings of a Symposium on Complementary Roles of Plant and Animal Products in the U.S. Food System
0309027810: Energy modeling for an uncertain future: The report of the Modeling Resource Group, Synthesis Panel of the Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy ... energy systems : Supporting paper)
0309027829: Problems of U.S. Uranium Resources and Supply to the Year 2010
0309027845: The Potential for Increasing Production of Natural Gas from Existing Fields in the Near Term
0309027853: Nitrates an Environmental Assessment
0309027896: A program of studies on the socioeconomic effects of earthquake predictions.
0309027934: Continental margins: Geological and geophysical research needs and problems
0309027950: Geochemistry and the Environment : Distribution of Trace Elements Related to the Occurrence of Certain Cancers, Cardiovascular Diseases, and Urolithiasis (Vol. III) (Geochemistry and the Environment Ser.)
0309027985: Continuing Quest
0309028027: Light Rail Transit: Planning and Technology
0309028043: Landslides: Analysis and Control (Special report - Transportation Research Board, National Research Council ; 176)
0309028604: 1976 Annual Report: Conference on Electrial Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena
0309028620: Sulfur Oxides
0309028639: Controlled Nuclear Fusion: Current Research and Potential Progress. The Report of the Fusion Assessment Resource Group
0309028701: Nutrient Requirements of Swine (Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals Ser.)
0309028728: Continental Scientific Drilling Program
0309028744: Geothermal resources and technology in the United States: The report of the Geothermal Resource Group, Supply and Delivery Panel of the Committee on Nuclear ... energy systems : Supporting paper)
0309028760: Interactions of Mycotoxins in Animal Production
0309028817: Sleeping Pills, Insomnia, and Medical Practice: Report of a Study 98P (Publication IOM ; 79-04)
0309028825: Job Evaluation: An Analytic Review : Interim Report to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission : Staff Paper Prepared for the Committee on Occupa
0309028841: Geochemistry of Water In Relation to Cardiovascular Disease
0309028884: Biographical Memoirs
0309028892: Memorial Tributes : National Academy of Engineering
0309028957: The Rehabilitation of Criminal Offenders: Problems and Prospects
0309028965: Naval Hydrodynamics 12TH Symp 1979 Bound
0309028973: Redistribution of accessory elements in mining and mineral processing: A report
0309028981: Measurement and Interpretation of Productivity
0309029023: Joint Related Stress in PCC Pavement
0309029058: Acceptance Criteria for Electroslag Weldments in Bridges (National Cooperative Highway Research Program Reports, No. 201)
0309029252: CETA, assessment of public service employment programs
0309029287: Continental Tectonics
0309029309: Studies in the management of social R&D : selected policy areas By
0309029317: Drinking Water and Health
0309029325: Drinking Water and Health
0309029368: U.S. Energy Supply Prospects to 2010. Study of Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems.
0309029376: Earthquake Engineering and Hazards Reduction in China
0309029392: Alternative Energy Demand Futures to 2010
0309029414: Recommended Dietary Allowances
0309029422: Surface Mining of Non-Coal Minerals: A Study of Mineral Mining from the Perspective of the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 : A Rep
0309029457: Conversion of Tropical Moist Forests: A Report Prepared for the Committee on Research Priorities in Tropical Biology of the National Research Council
0309029465: Regulating Pesticides
0309029473: Protection Against Depletion of Stratospheric Ozone by Chlorofluorocarbons
0309030218: Lead in the Human Environment
0309030226: Mineral Tolerance of Domestic Animals
0309030277: Design of Sedimentation Basins
0309030293: Guidelines for Recycling Pavement Materi
0309030358: Controlling Airborne Particles
0309030366: A Review of the Swedish KBS-II Plan for Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel
0309030382: Long-Range Environmental Outlook
0309030439: Research Priorities in Tropical Biology
0309030455: Energy Choices in a Democratic Society (Study of Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems Ser.)
0309030498: Fertility and Mortality Changes in Honduras, 1950-1974
0309030811: Forecasting the impact of legislation on courts
0309030846: Outer Continental Shelf Frontier Technology
0309030854: Health Planning in the United States : Issues in Guideline Development
0309030889: Alternative fuels for maritime use by National Research Council (U.S.)
0309030900: Food Chemicals Codex With First and Second Supplements
0309030919: Improving Aircraft Safety
0309030927: Animal Agriculture in China
0309030951: Effects on Populations of Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation
0309030986: Energy and the Fate of Ecosystems
0309030994: Biographical Memoirs (volume 52)
0309031257: Urban Pest Management: A Report
0309031273: Nutritional Energetics of Domestic Animals and Glossary of Energy Terms
0309031281: Prudent Practices for Handling Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories
0309031354: Assessing Changing Food Consumption Patterns
0309031389: Educational technology in engineering
0309031400: Surface Mining: Soil, Coal, and Society
0309031419: Age Misreporting and Age-Selective Underenumeration: Sources, Patterns, an
0309031427: Testing for Effects of Chemicals on Ecosystems
0309031451: Health Planning in the United States: Selected Policy Issues
0309031494: Alcohol and Public Policy
0309031788: New Directions in the Rehabilitation of Criminal Offenders
0309031818: Effect Of Environment On Nutrient Requirements Of Domestic Animals
0309031842: Aging and the Geochemical Environment
0309031850: Nutrient Requirements of Goats
0309031885: Indoor Pollutants.
0309031907: Federal Research on the Biological and Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation
0309031931: Mineral Resources: Genetic Understanding for Practical Applicatio
0309031966: Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions: Toward a Better Understanding of the Ecological Consequences of Fossil Fuel Combustion. by the Comm on Atmosphere &
0309031982: Drinking Water and Health
0309032288: Ability testing: Uses, consequences, and controversies
0309032296: Ability Testing: Uses, Consequences, and Controversies, Part II
0309032318: Science for Non-Specialists: The College Years
0309032334: Collecting Data for the Estimation of Fertility and Mortality Committee on
0309032342: Prudent Practices for Disposal of Chemicals from Laboratories
0309032350: Ecological Aspects of Development in the Humid Tropics
0309032377: Diesel Cars. Benefits, Risks, and Public Policy. Impacts of Diesel Powered Light Duty Vehicles
0309032407: Ability Testing of Handicapped People: Dilemma for Government, Science, and the
0309032415: Making Policies for Children: a Study of the Federal Process
0309032423: Critical Issues for National Urban Policy: A Reconnaissance and Agenda for Further Study
0309032474: Placing Children in Special Education: a Strategy for Equity
0309032482: Causes and Effects of Stratospheric Ozone Reduction : An Update
0309032490: Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 1980's
0309032768: Byssinosis: Clinical and Research Issues
0309032776: Alternatives to the Current Use of Nitrite in Foods: Part 2 of a 2-Part Study.
0309032784: Behavioral and Social Science Research: A National Resource, Part 1
0309032792: Health and behavior: Frontiers of research in the biobehavioral sciences (IOM publication)
0309032806: Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer
0309032822: Families That Work
0309032830: Impacts of Emerging Agricultural Trends on Fish and Wildlife Habitat
0309032849: Solar Variability, Weather, and Climate
0309032857: Carbon Dioxide and Climate: A Second Assessment
0309032865: Toxic Shock Syndrome, pb 1982
0309032873: Biographical Memoirs
0309032962: Hospital Patient Feeding Systems
0309032970: Behavioral and Social Science Research: A National Resource (Part Two)
0309032989: Toward Safer Underground Coal Mines
0309033276: Alternative Dietary Practices and Nutritional Abuses in Pregnancy: Proceedings of a Workshop
0309033322: Scientific Communication and National Security
0309033349: Astronomy and Astrophysics for the Nineteen Eighties : Reports of the Astronomy Survey Committee
0309033357: Challenges to Astronomy and Astrophysics : Working Documents of the Astronomy Survey Committee
0309033365: Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States
0309033403: Assessment of Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Biological Sciences
0309033438: Procedures and Standards for a Multipurpose Cadastre
0309033454: Identifying and Estimating the Genetic Impact of Chemical Mutagens
0309033462: Nursing and Nursing Education : Public Policies and Private Actions
0309033470: Research on Sentencing: The Search for Reform
0309033489: Children of Working Parents : Experiences and Outcomes
0309033497: Risk Assessment in the Federal Government : Managing the Process
0309033756: Selenium In Nutrition
0309033764: American Families and the Economy. The High Cost of Living
0309033772: New Health Care for Profit: Doctors and Hospitals in a Changing Environment
0309033780: Fundamental Research on Estuaries: The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Approach
0309033799: International Competition in Advanced Technology : Decisions for America
0309033802: Strengthening the Government-University Partnership in Science
0309033810: Drinking Water and Health
0309033837: Research on Sentencing: The Search for Reform
0309033853: DIET,NUTRITION and CANCER-
0309033861: Alcohol Fuels
0309033888: Video Displays, Work, and Vision
0309033896: Acid Deposition: Atmospheric Processes in Eastern North America
0309033934: Explosive Volcanism: Inception, Evolution, and Hazards
0309033942: The Competitive Status of the U.S. Machine Tool Industry
0309033950: Competitive Status of the U.S. Fibers, Textiles, and Apparel Complex (Photocopy)
0309033969: Competitive Status of the U. S. Pharmaceutical Industry
0309033977: Competitive Status of the U.S. Electronics Industry
0309033985: The Competitive Status of the U.S. Steel Industry
0309033993: Competitive Status of the U. S. Civil Aviation Manufacturing Industry
0309034256: Changing Climate
0309034264: Rethinking Urban Policy
0309034272: Advanced Nuclear Systems for Portable Power in Space.
0309034299: Women's Work, Men's Work : Sex Segregation on the Job
0309034310: Drilling Discharges in the Marine Enviro
0309034337: Toxicity Testing : Strategies to Determine Needs and Priorities
0309034345: Genetic Engineering of Plants : Agricultural Research Opportunities and Policy Concerns
0309034353: Permafrost
0309034361: Cancer today: Origins, prevention, and treatment
0309034388: Bereavement
0309034396: Perspectives on Urban Infrastructure
0309034418: Groundwater contamination (Studies in geophysics)
0309034426: Diffusion of Biomass Energy Technologies in Developing Countries.
0309034442: Social and Economic Aspects of Radioactive Waste Disposal : Considerations for Institutional Management
0309034450: Sex Segregation in the Workplace: Trends, Explanations, Remedies
0309034477: Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle
0309034493: Alcohol in America : Taking Action to Prevent Abuse
0309034779: Improving Energy Demand Analysis
0309034787: Development During Middle Childhood: The Years from Six to Twelve
0309034809: Rapid Population Change in China, 1952-1982 (Report / Committee on Population and Demography)
0309034817: Global Tropospheric Chemistry : A Plan for Action
0309034825: Memorial Tributes : National Academy of Engineering
0309034833: Office Workstations in the Home
0309034841: Disposal of Industrial and Domestic Wastes : Land and Sea Alternatives
0309034876: Scientific and Technological Cooperation among Industrialized Countries: The Role of the United States
0309034892: Cutting Edge Technologies
0309034914: Nuclear Arms Control : Background and Issues
0309034922: Managing Microcomputers in Large Organizations
0309034973: An Evaluation of the Role of Microbiological Criteria for Foods and Food Ingredients
0309034981: Reducing Hazardous Waste Generation : An Evaluation and a Call for Action
0309035279: Disposal of Chemical Munitions and Agents.
0309035287: Effects on the Atmosphere of a Major Nuclear Exchange
0309035295: Information Technologies and Social Transformation (Series on Technology and Social Priorities)
0309035309: Preventing Low Birthweight
0309035325: Safety of Dams : Flood and Earthquake Criteria
0309035341: Comparable Worth : New Directions for Research
0309035368: Indicators of Precollege Education in Science and Mathematics: A Preliminary Review.
0309035384: Models for Biomedical Research: A New Perspective
0309035392: Engineering Education and Practice in the United States: Foundations of Our...
0309035406: Biographical Memoirs, Volume 55
0309035414: Technological Frontiers and Foreign Relations
0309035422: New Directions for Biosciences Research in Agriculture
0309035430: America's Aging: Health in an Older Society (America's aging)
0309035449: Vaccine Supply and Innovation
0309035457: Injury in America: A Continuing Public Health Problem
0309035465: Evaluation of Cyclamate (artficial sweetner) for Carcinogenicity.
0309035473: Physics through the 1990's: Nuclear Physics
0309035481: Plasmas and Fluids
0309035686: Shallow Foundations for Highway Structur
0309035759: Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
0309035767: Elementary-Particle Physics
0309035775: Condensed-Matter Physics
0309035783: Physics Through the 1990's: An Overview
0309035791: Gravitation, Cosmology and Cosmic-Ray Physics
0309035805: Scientific Interfaces and Technological Applications (Physics through the 1990s)
0309035813: Overview
0309035848: Education for the Manufacturing World of the Future
0309035872: Nutrition Education in U.S. Medical Schools
0309035880: Behavioral and Social Science : Fifty Years of Discovery
0309035910: Urban Policy in a Changing Federal System
0309035929: Engineering in Society (Engineering Education and Practice in the United States)
0309035937: Continuing Education of Engineers
0309035945: Opportunities in chemistry
0309035988: New Engineering Research Centers: Purposes, Goals, and Expectations
0309036267: Bicentennial Census: New Directions for Methodology in 1990
0309036275: Pesticide Resistances: Strategies and Tactics for Management
0309036305: The Positive Sum Strategy: Harnessing technology for Economic Growth
0309036313: Biotechnology
0309036348: Nutrient Adequacy : Assessment Using Food Consumption Surveys
0309036356: What is America Eating?
0309036364: The Medical Implications of Nuclear War. Institute of Medicine National Academy of Sciences
0309036372: Productive Roles in an Older Society
0309036380: Active Tectonics : Impact on Society
0309036399: Engineering Infrastructure Diagramming and Modeling
0309036402: Antarctic Treaty System : An Assessment
0309036410: Population Growth and Economic Development : Policy Questions
0309036437: For-Profit Enterprise in Health Care by
0309036445: Hazards : Technology and Fairness
0309036453: Ecological Knowledge and Environmental Problem Solving : Concepts and Case Studies
0309036461: Improving the Quality of Care in Nursing Homes
0309036755: Soil Conservation: Assessing the National Resources Inventory (Soil Conservation)
0309036763: Pesticides and Groundwater Quality: Issues and Problems in 4 States
0309036771: Electricity in Economic Growth
0309036798: New Vaccine Development - Establishing Priorities Vol. 2 : Diseases of Importance in Developing Countries
0309036801: Earth's Electrical Environment
0309036828: Nutrient Requirements of Cats (Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals) (photocopy)
0309036852: Ground Water Quality Protection: State and Local Strategies
0309036860: Drought Management and Its Impact on Public Water Systems: Report on a...
0309036879: Drinking Water and Health
0309036887: Computer Chips and Paper Clips
0309036917: Toward a New Era in U.S. Manufacturing: The Need for a National Vision
0309036933: Biographical Memoirs
0309036976: Advancing Materials Research
0309036984: Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing
0309036992: Confronting AIDS : Directions for Public Health, Health Care, and Research
0309037263: Air Pollution, the Automobile, and Public Health
0309037271: Computer Chips and Paper Clips: Technology and Women's Employment : Case Studies and Policy Perspectives (Computer Chips and Paper Clips)
0309037298: Biographical Memoirs
0309037301: Environmental Tobacco Smoke: Measuring Exposures and Assessing Health Effects
0309037352: New Horizons in Electrochemical Science and Technology
0309037360: Technology and Global Industry: Companies and Nations in the World Economy (Series on Technology and Social Priorities)
0309037379: Pain and Disability: Clinical, Behavioral, and Public Policy Perspectives
0309037387: Balancing the National Interest : U. S. National Security Export Controls and Global Economic Competition
0309037395: Biodiversity
0309037409: Improving Indicators of the Quality of Science and Mathematics Education in Grades 1-12
0309037417: Drinking Water and Health, Vol. 7 : Disinfectants and Disinfectant By-Products
0309037425: Opportunities in Chemistry : Today and Tomorrow
0309037441: Technology and Employment: Innovation and Growth in the U.S. Economy
0309037468: Regulating Pesticides in Food: The Delaney Paradox
0309037476: Directions in Engineering Research : An Assessment of Opportunities and Needs
0309037484: Aging in Today's Environment
0309037492: Behavioral and Social Sciences : Achievements and Opportunities
0309037751: Drinking Water and Health, Vol. 8 : Pharmacokinetics in Risk Assessment
0309037778: Mono Basin Ecosystem
0309037786: Complex Mixtures : Methods for In Vivo Toxicity Testing
0309037794: Nutrient Requirements of Swine (Nutrient requirements of domestic animals)
0309037808: Social and Built Environment in an Older Society
0309037816: Responding to Changes in Sea Level : Engineering Implications
0309037832: Biodiversity
0309037859: Education and Learning to Think
0309037867: Cities and Their Vital Systems
0309037875: Enhancing Human Performance: Issues, Theories, and Techniques
0309037883: Fisheries Technologies for Developing Countries
0309037891: Health Risks of Radon and Other Internally Deposited Alpha-Emitters : BEIR IV
0309037905: Hazardous Waste Site Management : Water Quality Issues
0309037913: Estimating Probabilities of Extreme Floods : Methods and Recommended Research
0309037921: ENHANCING HUMAN PERFORMANCE: Issues, Theories, and Techniques.
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