0312001290: Heart of the Rose
0312001304: The home video maker's handbook
0312001312: The honeymoon
0312001320: How to Look It up Online : Get the Information Edge with Your Personal Computer
0312001339: How to Look It Up Online: Get the Information Edge with Your Personal Computer
0312001347: How to Love a Difficult Man
0312001355: The Man Who Stayed Below
0312001363: The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1987-1988
0312001371: Larry Hagman
0312001398: Let's Go
0312001401: Abacus
0312001428: Let's Go Paperback by Harvard Student Agencies
0312001436: Let's Go
0312001444: Let's Go
0312001452: Let's Go
0312001460: Let's Go : Greece-Including Cyprus, the Turkish Coast, and Istanbul
0312001479: Let's Go
0312001487: Let's Go : Spain, Portugal and Morocco 1987
0312001495: Let's Go: California and the Pacific Northwest, 1987
0312001509: Lighthouse : A Novel of Terror
0312001517: Linda Evans
0312001525: The Looks Men Love
0312001541: Missus
0312001568: Moonspender
0312001592: The Morning Gift
0312001606: Murder at Vassar
0312001614: Murdock for Hire
0312001622: My Lady Glamis
0312001630: Naked Villainy
0312001649: New Etiquette : An A-Z Guide to Today's Practical and Gracious Manners
0312001657: Night of Error
0312001673: Aboriginal Men of High Degree
0312001681: The Nightmare on Elm Street Companion: The Official Guide to America's Favorite Fiend
0312001703: Numberland : A Fable
0312001711: One Peaceful World
0312001738: Past Caring
0312001746: Phaedra : A Novel of Ancient Athens
0312001762: Printer's devil
0312001789: Publish and Be Killed
0312001797: Red Center
0312001800: The Red Men
0312001819: Rex Harrison: A Biography
0312001827: Ride the Lightning
0312001835: Silicon Spies
0312001843: Scarlett Greene
0312001851: Above and Beyond : 1941-1945
0312001878: Absolute Elizabeth
0312001886: Sideswipe
0312001894: Simone De Beauvoir
0312001908: Smart Moves: A Toby Peters Mystery (Thomas Dunne Book)
0312001916: A spy at the gate
0312001924: St. Peter's Finger
0312001932: The Standing Hills
0312001940: Teenager's Guide to Study, Travel, and Adventure Abroad, 1987-1988 : Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
0312001959: Timefall
0312001967: Tinplate
0312001975: Abstract Representation : An Architectural Design Profile
0312001983: Too Close to the Edge
0312001991: The Tyrant (Golden Chronicles, Book III)
0312002009: Academic Entrepreneurs : Developing University-Industry Relations
0312002017: Viva ! Zappa
0312002025: The White House Pantry Murder/an Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery
0312002033: Academic Murder
0312002041: The Whole Art Thing (A Joan Kahn Book)
0312002068: Wicked Godmother
0312002076: To Fly a Kite
0312002084: Berkeley's Doctrine of Notions : A Reconstruction Based on His Theory of Meaning
0312002092: Tennessee Williams
0312002106: Accelerated Development in Southern Africa.
0312002122: U. S. Policy and Regional Security in Central America
0312002130: Access to literature: Understanding fiction, drama, and poetry
0312002149: Instructors Manuel to Accompany Access To Literature.
0312002157: Feminist Criticism : Women as Contemporary Critics
0312002165: Feminist Criticism : Women as Contemporary Critics
0312002173: Yvonne: An Autobiography
0312002203: Making of the Twentieth-Century Novel: Lawrence, Joyce, Faulkner and Beyond
0312002211: U. S. Foreign Policy and European Security
0312002238: Accidental Grace
0312002270: Reel Murder
0312002297: Critical Dictionary of Educational Concepts : An Appraisal of Selected Ideas and Issues in Educational Theory and Practice
0312002300: Philosophy, Ideology, and Social Science: Essays in Negation and Affirmation
0312002327: Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists
0312002335: An account of a meeting with denizens of another world, 1871
0312002351: The Statesman's Year-Book: Statistical and Historical Annual of the States of the World for the Year 1987-1988 (Statesman's Year-Book)
0312002378: Arms Race in the Era of Star Wars : Studies in Disarmament and Conflicts
0312002394: Accumulation and Development: The Logic of Industrial Civilization.
0312002408: Soviet-American Relations with Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan
0312002424: International Oil Industry : An Interdisciplinary Perspective
0312002459: The Accumulation of Capital
0312002475: Student Writers at Work and in the Company of Others : The Bedford Prizes
0312002483: Professional Writer : A Guide for Advanced Technical Writing
0312002513: Text Book : An Introduction to Literary Language
0312002521: Rhetoric in the Classical Tradition
0312002564: Text Book : An Introduction to Literary Language
0312002572: Legal Writing: The Strategy of Persuasion
0312002602: Ace of Diamonds
0312002629: The Responsible Reader
0312002645: St. Martin's Handbook
0312002661: Good Writing Guide
0312002696: Technical writing: Situations and strategies
0312002718: Introduction to technical writing: Process and practice
0312002726: Instructor's manual to accompany Introduction to technical writing: process and
0312002734: The Acquisition of Knowledge
0312002742: Rethinking Writing
0312002750: Writing that works: How to write effectively on the job
0312002777: Subject and Strategy: A Rhetoric Reader
0312002793: News reporting and writing
0312002807: Acquittal
0312002815: News Reporting and Writing,workbook,3rd ed,pb,88
0312002831: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312002858: Literature, the Human Experience
0312002866: Saint Martin's Guide to Writing (Teachers Manual)
0312002874: Focus : An ESL Grammar
0312002882: Focus : An ESL Grammar
0312002890: Effective writing: Choices and conventions
0312002912: Skills in Focus : Writing, Rewriting, Proofreading
0312002939: Read, Write, Revise : A Guide to Academic Writing
0312002947: Read, Write, Revise : A Guide to Academic Writing
0312002971: Academic Reading : A Content-Based Approach
0312002998: College Reading Skills and Strategies
0312003013: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0312003021: Twentieth Century America
0312003048: Making of the Modern World : Connected Histories, Divergent Paths (1500 to the Present)
0312003056: America firsthand: Readings in American history
0312003064: Readings in world civilizations
0312003072: Puzzles about Art : An Aesthetics Casebook
0312003080: Religions of the World
0312003099: Aesthetics : A Critical Anthology
0312003110: Society and Technological Change
0312003129: Racism and Sexism : An Integrated Study
0312003137: The elements of social scientific thinking
0312003196: The road to the White House : the politics of presidential elections
0312003234: Governing the American Republic : Economics, Law and Policies
0312003250: At Issue
0312003293: Practicing Public Management : A Casebook
0312003307: Public Administration : Social Change and Adaptive Management
0312003315: American Government: Continuity & Change
0312003366: Close Imaging : An Introduction to Literature
0312003374: Close Imaging : An Introduction to Literature
0312003412: The Bedford Guide for College Writers: With Readings & Handbook
0312003420: Critical Strategies for Academic Writing: Cases, Assignments, and Readings
0312003463: Contemporary Essay
0312003501: Action Approach
0312003544: Ourselves Among Others: Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers
0312003560: Student Writers at Work and in the Company of Others: The Bedford Prizes
0312003579: Rules for Writers: A Concise Handbook
0312003587: Instructional Resources To Accompany Rules For Writers: A Concise Handbook
0312003595: The Bedford Reader
0312003617: Elements of Argument
0312003633: The Bedford introduction to drama
0312003668: Jane Austen's England
0312003692: Utility of International Economic Sanctions
0312003714: Bertolt Brecht
0312003722: Edward Albee
0312003730: Danish Economy in the Twentieth Century
0312003749: Wage Restraint and the Control of Inflation : An International Survey
0312003765: Old English Roses in Needlework
0312003773: East Asian Conflict Zones : Prospects for Regional Stability and Deescalation
0312003781: Cognitive Psychology in Question
0312003803: Current issues and enduring questions: Methods and models of argument from Plato to the present
0312003811: Aspects of the Third Reich
0312003862: Chicago School : A Liberal Critique of Capitalism
0312003935: Actors: Ruled by Passion, Seduced by Fame
0312003978: Write for a Reason
0312003986: Write for a Reason
0312004001: Acts of Faith: A Journey to the Fringes of Jewish Identity
0312004036: Kids' London
0312004044: Nations and Governments: Comparative Politics in Regional Perspective
0312004052: Signal Was Spain : The British Aid Spain Movement, 1936-1939
0312004060: Mind, Language, Machine : Artificial Intelligence in the Poststructuralist Age
0312004079: Monetary Theory and Economic Institutions
0312004087: Alice to the Lighthouse
0312004109: The Future in America: A Search After Realities
0312004125: Philippines
0312004141: Chernobyl and Nuclear Power in the U. S. S. R.
0312004168: Structural Change, Economic Interdependence and World Development, Vol. 2 : Natural and Financial Resources for Development
0312004184: Sociometric Research : Data Analysis
0312004192: Sociometric Research
0312004249: Adam Smith
0312004265: Women in Western Political Philosophy : Kant to Nietzsche
0312004273: Address Unknown
0312004281: Documents in Communist Affairs, 1985
0312004303: Readings in world civilizations
0312004311: Social History of Western Civilization
0312004354: Reporter's Handbook : An Investigator's Guide to Documents and Techniques
0312004362: Soviet Union and International Politics
0312004370: Cold War or Detente in the Nineteen Eighties : The International Politics of American-Soviet Relations
0312004397: Artificial Intelligence : The Case Against
0312004400: Unequal Exchange and the Evolution of the World System : Reconsidering the Impact of Trade on North-South Relations
0312004427: Short History of the West Indies
0312004435: A Short History Of The West Indies
0312004443: Noel Coward
0312004486: Politics of United States Foreign Aid
0312004508: City Transport in Developed and Developing Countries
0312004516: The Museums of the Last Generation.
0312004524: Economic Development of the Pacific Basin : Growth Dynamics, Trade Relations and Emerging Cooperation
0312004532: Fantastic Paper Gliders
0312004559: Adminstrative Politics and Social Change
0312004575: Chernobyl and Nuclear Power in the U. S. S. R.
0312004583: New Industrial Economics : An Introduction to Modern Theories of the Firm
0312004605: Sex at Work : The Power and Paradox of Organization Sexuality
0312004648: Sdi and Industrial Technology Policy
0312004656: American International Oil Policy : Causal Factors and Effect
0312004664: Reform of Prisoners, 1830-1900
0312004672: Education and the U. S. Government
0312004737: Causes and Prevention of War
0312004745: Excellence in Banking
0312004788: Consumer Economics after Keynes : Theory and Evidence of the Consumption Function
0312004796: Genetic Engineering: Catastrophe or Utopia?
0312004818: Annotated Critical Bibliography of Henry James
0312004842: Faking It: Art and the Politics of Forgery
0312004850: Aristotle
0312004869: Specialized Agencies and the United Nations
0312004877: Liberation of Goa
0312004885: On the Right Lines? : The Limits of Technological Innovation
0312004915: Soviet Oil and Security Interests in the Barents Sea
0312004931: Comparative Public Policy : The Politics of Social Change in America, Europe and Japan
0312004966: The Making of Britain: The Age of Revolution
0312004974: Politics of International Economic Relations
0312004982: Nuclear Reader: Strategy Weapons War
0312004990: World Politics: Trend and Transformation
0312005032: American Government: A Brief Introduction
0312005059: Venture Capital in Britain, America and Japan
0312005083: Language : Introductory Readings
0312005105: Miss Fanshawe and the Great Dragon Adventure
0312005156: Adult-Child Conversation: Studies in Structure and Process
0312005164: Comparative Technology Choice in Development : The Indian and Japanese Cotton Textile Industries
0312005180: Default!
0312005202: Foreign Investment and Government Policy in the Third World
0312005210: Dandy and the Herald: Manners, Mind and Morals from Brummell to Durrell
0312005229: Democracy and Deterrence : The History and Future of Nuclear Strategy
0312005237: Democracy and Deterrence : The History and Future of Nuclear Strategy
0312005245: Non-Market Socialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0312005296: Financial Institutions and Markets in the South Pacific
0312005326: Why Reaganomics and Keynesian Economics Failed
0312005350: Defoe and Economics: The Fortunes of Roxana in the History of Interpretation...
0312005369: Financing Asia's Success : Comparative Financial Developments in Eight Asian Countries
0312005385: Unknown Thomas Hardy : Lesser Known Aspects of Hardy's Life and Career
0312005393: Banner of Battle : The Story of the Crimean War
0312005415: Political Economy of West Germany, 1945-1985 : An Introduction
0312005431: Social Trends in the Soviet Union from 1950
0312005458: Local Government in the Soviet Union : Problems of Implementation and Control
0312005474: Reading, responding, and writing: Short essays and stories for composition
0312005490: Gold Fields, A Centenary Portrait
0312005504: In-Laws and Outlaws; Kinship and Marriage in England
0312005512: International History of the Vietnam War : The Kennedy Strategy
0312005520: Withdrawal from Empire : A Military View
0312005539: Automobile Industry and Its Workers : Between Fordism and Flexibility
0312005555: Karl Mannheim: The Development of His Thought Philosophy, Sociology, and Social Ethics, With a Detailed Biography
0312005563: Year Our 1919 World Began
0312005571: Adam's Empire (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312005598: Also Georgiana
0312005628: Appetites
0312005636: Baby Todd and the Rattlesnake Stardivarius
0312005644: Bad August
0312005652: Mary McCarthy : A Life
0312005660: Black Ice
0312005679: Next, after Lucifer
0312005687: Blue-Ribbon Pickles and Preserves
0312005695: Blue-Ribbon Pies
0312005717: Business Writer's Handbook
0312005725: A Candidate for Murder (Ev Franklin Mystery)
0312005768: Chorus of Detectives
0312005776: Desert light
0312005784: Colditz : The Full Story
0312005792: Complete Book of Tarot : A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Become a Better Reader of the Cards
0312005806: Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes
0312005822: Confusion Reigns : A Quick-&-Easy Guide to the Most Easily Mixed-Up Words
0312005830: Control
0312005849: Cop-Out
0312005857: Counterfeit of Murder
0312005865: Just Before Daybreak
0312005873: Death of Man Tamer
0312005881: Debrett Goes to Hollywood
0312005903: Dreemz of the Night
0312005911: Empire : The Life and Times of William Paley
0312005938: The Executor
0312005962: Fatal Assignation
0312005970: Fate Accomplished
0312005989: Fetish
0312005997: The Frigate Pallada
0312006004: Gay spirit: Myth and meaning
0312006012: Goddess Letters : The Demeter-Persephone Myth Retold
0312006039: Halfhyde Goes to War
0312006055: Harlequin's Son
0312006063: Have a Love Affair with Your Husband : Before Someone Else Does
0312006098: Heavy Connections: A Novel of Deadly Revenge
0312006101: Infinite Number of Monkeys
0312006136: Master of Morholm
0312006144: Jenny and the Jaws of Life: Short Stories
0312006179: Kerouac : A Biography
0312006187: The maverick war: Chennault and the Flying Tigers
0312006195: Give All to Love
0312006209: Murder California Style : The Southern California Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America
0312006217: The movement of mountains
0312006225: Murder at the War : A Modern-Day Mystery with a Medieval Setting
0312006233: Murder on the Aisle
0312006268: The pact: My friendship with Isak Dinesen
0312006306: Advanced Sailing
0312006314: Advanced Sailing
0312006446: Adventure of State
0312006586: Adventurer in archaeology: The biography of Sir Mortimer Wheeler
0312006667: Penny Warner's party book
0312006675: Passionate politics: Essays, 1968-1986 : feminist theory in action
0312006691: Perry Mason TV Show Book
0312006705: Peter Capstick's Africa : A Return to the Long Grass
0312006713: Polo Solo
0312006721: Proper Woman
0312006748: Rake's Progress
0312006756: Rising
0312006764: The Rising of the Moon
0312006772: Rule Book : The Authoritative Up-to-Date Illustrated Guide to the Regulations, History and Object of All Major Sports
0312006780: Shanghai tango
0312006799: Shawnee Alley Fire : A Novel
0312006802: Silver Highways
0312006810: Slightly Foxed by My Theatrical Family
0312006829: Snow on the Wind
0312006837: Adventures of an Advertising Woman
0312006845: SOME SOUL TO KEEP.
0312006853: Spit in the Ocean
0312006861: The Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball
0312006888: Sting of the Bee
0312006896: Stone Murders
0312006918: The Taxi Book: The Complete Guide to Television's Most Lovable Cabbies
0312006926: Technique in Fiction
0312006934: There Must Be Some Mistake
0312006942: A Time for Heroes
0312006950: Topaz
0312006969: Traitors: The Anatomy of Treason
0312006977: Treasure in Roubles : A Mark Treasure Mystery
0312006985: What Should We Do about Davey?
0312006993: The Unholy
0312007000: Adventures of Homer Fink
0312007027: Dear Miss Demeanor : A Claire Malloy Mystery
0312007035: The Seizing of Yankee Green Mall
0312007043: Youthtrends : Capturing the One Hundred Sixty Billion Dollar Youth Market
0312007051: Champagne Music: The Lawrence Welk Show
0312007078: Suddenly and Gently : Visions of Elvis Through the Art of Betty Harper
0312007094: Year's Best Science Fiction: 4th Annual Collection (Year's Best Science Fiction
0312007108: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourth Annual Collection (Year's Best Science Fiction)
0312007132: A House for Today
0312007140: Painless Path to Proper English Usage
0312007175: The adventures of Long John Silver
0312007183: Head to Toe
0312007191: Juggernaut
0312007205: Desert Dies
0312007213: Last White Parliament
0312007248: Advertise for Treasure : A Mark Treasure Novel
0312007256: The Future of Land Warfare
0312007299: New Book of Runes : A Handbook for the the Use of an Ancient Oracle - The Viking Runes
0312007329: Blue-Ribbon Pies
0312007337: Blue-Ribbon Pickles and Preserves
0312007345: International Terrorism : Characteristics, Causes, Controls
0312007361: Technical Writing Essentials
0312007388: Public Opinion and the Palestine Question
0312007418: Elite-Mass Relations in Communist Systems
0312007426: Graham Greene's Childless Fathers
0312007434: Bennett Wells & Conrad
0312007477: Market-Based Public Policy
0312007485: Public Policy and Agricultural Technology : Adversity Despite Achievement
0312007493: Distributional Impacts of Public Policies
0312007523: Point-counterpoint: Readings in American government
0312007558: IMF and the Third-World Political Instability : Is There a Connection?
0312007566: Aerobatics
0312007604: Aerobatics Today
0312007612: Heart of Darkness
0312007647: Soviet Product Quality
0312007698: U. S. Defense Bases in the United Kingdom : A Matter for Joint Decision?
0312007728: National Broadcasting under Siege: A Comparative Study of Australia, Britain, Israel and West Germany
0312007736: Alfred Marshall : Progress and Politics
0312007752: Role of the Judiciary in Plural Societies
0312007760: My Very Own Puppy (Book Friends)
0312007779: Once upon a Time, I Used to Be Older (Book Friends)
0312007787: Playing in the Rain (Book Friends Ser.)
0312007795: The Day It Snowed (Book Friends)
0312007809: Sea of Glass
0312007833: Rare Sir William Davenant : Poet Laureate, Playwright, Civil War General, Restoration Theatre Manager
0312007841: The Riksdag: A History Of The Swedish Parliament
0312007868: Komsomol Participation in the Soviet First Five-Year Plan
0312007876: Opera, Ideology, and Film
0312007884: John Weever : A Biography of a Literary Associate of Shakespeare and Jonson, Together With a Photographic Facsimile of Weever's Epigrammes/1599
0312007892: Strategic Defense and the Future of the Arms Race : A Pugwash Symposium
0312007906: Strategic Defense and the Future of the Arms Race : A Pugwash Symposium
0312007914: Concept of an Islamic State : An Analysis of the Ideological Controversy in Pakistan
0312007957: Soviet Politics : Continuity and Contradiction
0312007973: Manliness and Morality
0312008295: Purity & Defilement in Gulliver's Travels
0312008333: Life after Postmodernism : Essays on Value and Culture
0312008341: Life after Postmodernism : Essays on Value and Culture
0312008368: The St. Martin's Workbook
0312008465: Rereading America: Cultural contexts for critical thinking and writing
0312008481: Secret Life of Paintings
0312008503: Auto Guide, 1987
0312008546: Royal Navy and the Slave Trade
0312008554: The Americanization Syndrome: A Quest for Conformity
0312008589: Poetic Drama
0312008597: Post-Modernism and Discontinuity
0312008600: The Poetry of Wallace Stevens
0312008619: Poetry of Wallace Stevens
0312008635: Bali : The Ultimate Island
0312008678: Calico Country Crafts
0312008686: Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper
0312008708: Political Change in Greece : Before and after the Colonels
0312008872: THE POWER OF THE BUG
0312008988: Complete Origami : An A-Z Facts and Folds, with Step-by-Step Instructions for over 100 Projects
0312009003: Comeback
0312009038: Soviet Union Under Gorbachev
0312009046: Soviet Antireligious Campaigns and Persecutions : A History of Soviet Atheism in Theory and Practice, and the Believer
0312009054: Soviet Antireligious Campaigns and Persecutions : A History of Soviet Atheism in Theory and Practice, and the Believer
0312009089: Welfare and Worker Participation : Eight Case Studies
0312009097: Financial Deregulation : A Comparative Study of Australia and the United Kingdom
0312009100: Aesthetics
0312009127: Short Narratives of E.M. Forster
0312009143: Yeats and Politics in the 1930s
0312009178: International Politics of Deterrence
0312009186: Army, Politics and Society in Germany, 1933-45 : Studies in the Army's Relation to Nazism
0312009216: Marxism and History
0312009224: Mississippi River
0312009232: Afghanistan
0312009240: Afghanistan: The Soviet War
0312009259: Quotations from President Ron
0312009283: Dictionary of Modern Political Ideologies
0312009291: Prophetic and the Political : Selected Speeches and Writings of S. Rajaratnam
0312009305: Afghans to knit & crochet
0312009313: Writer's World : Explorations Through Reading
0312009321: Writer's World : Explorations Through Reading
0312009348: Reading Philip Roth
0312009356: Industrial Policies and Structural Change
0312009364: Foreign Investment, Debt and Economic Growth in Latin America
0312009399: Aluminium Multinationals and the Bauxite Cartel
0312009429: On Modern Authority
0312009437: Power : A Philosophical Analysis
0312009445: Kautsky Karl
0312009461: Revolt and Revolution in Early Modern Europe : An Essay on the History of Political Violence
0312009496: Rise of Socialist Fiction, 1880-1914
0312009518: Africa Projected
0312009526: Women Reading Women's Writing
0312009534: Women & Politics in the U.S.S.R.: Consciousness Raising and Soviet Women's Groups
0312009542: Transnational Monopoly Capitalism
0312009550: Comparative Advantage and Growth: Trade & Development in Theory & Practice.
0312009577: Warfare and Welfare
0312009593: African Hunter
0312009615: Private Lives of Victorian Women : Autobiography in Nineteenth Century England
0312009623: Gender of Oppression : Men, Masculinity and the Critique of Marxism
0312009658: Counted-Thread Embroidery
0312009682: MY PETS
0312009690: African Safari : The Ultimate Guide to Photography, Wildlife and Adventure
0312009704: African Masks
0312009720: Europe since 1945 : A Concise History
0312009739: Sport in contemporary society: An anthology
0312009747: Deviant Behavior: A Text-Reader in the Sociology of Deviance
0312009755: The West and the world since 1945
0312009763: Criminal Elite
0312009771: Academic Writing : Techniques and Tasks
0312009798: Conrad and Religion
0312009801: African Metropolis
0312009828: Labour and Development in Rural Cuba
0312009844: Feminism and Linguistic Theory
0312009860: City Revolution : Causes and Consequences
0312009879: Economic Priorities for a Labour Government
0312009895: Stalin's War : A Radical New Theory of the Origins of the Second World War
0312009909: Field Guide to Impossible Men
0312009917: Adventuress
0312009925: Bonnie's Household Budget Book
0312009933: Alphabet Effect : The Impact of the Phonetic Alphabet on the Development of Western Civilization
0312009941: And the Band Played on
0312009968: Backstairs with Upstairs, downstairs
0312009976: The Basket Case (Father Dowling Mystery Series)
0312009984: Blackbird
0312009992: Blind Man's Bluff
0312010001: Bonny's Big Day
0312010028: Bound to Murder
0312010036: Briar Rose
0312010044: Brownstone Facade
0312010052: Buddies
0312010060: Build Your Brain Power
0312010079: Bushmasters : America's Jungle Warriors of World War II
0312010087: Cameron's Troop Lift
0312010117: Caresse
0312010133: Casualties
0312010141: Circles of Deceit
0312010168: The Country Gentleman
0312010176: Eyes of a Stranger
0312010184: Deadlines
0312010192: Dinner to Die For
0312010206: The Disenchanted Diva: A Rick and Rosie Mystery
0312010214: Down on the Farm
0312010222: Mercy Man
0312010230: Echo Vector
0312010249: Family Feeling
0312010265: The Film Yearbook
0312010273: You're the boss
0312010281: Crystal (Regency Jewel Series)
0312010303: The Forgotten Murders
0312010311: Gay Priest : An Inner Journey
0312010338: The God of Ecstasy: Sex-Roles and the Madness of Dionysos
0312010346: Hailing Sign
0312010354: Autumn Dead
0312010362: Hearts of Gold
0312010370: Hell-Bent for Election : A Joe Binney Mystery
0312010389: Take
0312010397: Homemade Love
0312010400: Hot Flashes
0312010419: Hot Henry
0312010427: House of the Blue Lights
0312010435: Turn Your Good Idea into a Profitable Home Video
0312010443: How to Write a Damn Good Novel
0312010451: I Am England
0312010478: Salmon : International Chef's Recipes
0312010486: Jane Fonda
0312010494: Jenny's Mountain
0312010516: Johnny Carson
0312010524: Joseph and the Old Man
0312010532: Juliet Effect
0312010540: Killing The Blues
0312010559: Knights of the Black Cross: Hitler's Panzerwaffe and Its Leaders
0312010567: Lapsing
0312010575: Last Safari
0312010583: Shell Seekers
0312010591: The Letter of the Law
0312010605: Life Class
0312010613: Lost Summer
0312010621: Love Alters Not
0312010648: Push, Meet Shove
0312010656: Martin's Magic Formula for Getting the Right Job: 1-5+10+15+20 = The Right Job
0312010664: Mercedes Nights
0312010672: Messy Jessie
0312010680: Michael Landon : A Biography
0312010699: Mothers Talking: Sharing the Secret
0312010702: The Net
0312010710: The NFL All-Pro Workout: A Complete Conditioning Program for People of All Ages, Shapes, and Fitness Levels from NFL Trainers, Coaches, and Players
0312010729: The night Tokyo burned
0312010737: Not Without My Daughter
0312010745: On Modern Marriage and Other Observations
0312010753: Oprah!
0312010761: Out of Body, Out of Mind
0312010788: Question of Principle
0312010796: Red Ice
0312010818: Rogers' Rules for Businesswomen: How to Start a Career and Move Up the Ladder
0312010826: Rock Yearbook, 1988
0312010834: Rooks Nest
0312010842: Royal Yankee
0312010850: After Everything
0312010869: Sally Field
0312010877: Screen Deco
0312010893: Secret of Annexe 3
0312010907: Sleeping Beauties
0312010915: Slickensides: A Derbyshire mystery
0312010923: No ceiling but heaven
0312010931: Kind of Healthy Grave
0312010958: Starkadder
0312010966: Straight on Till Morning
0312010974: Sunday's Child
0312010982: The Tallulah Bankhead Murder Case
0312010990: Titch
0312011008: A Trouble of Fools
0312011016: Underground Atlas : A Gazetteer of the World's Cave Regions
0312011024: Unquiet Grave
0312011032: Untimely Guest
0312011040: Dancin' Nekkid with the Angels
0312011059: Hidden Side of the Moon
0312011067: Booked for Death
0312011075: Vegetarian Handbook : Eating Right for Total Health
0312011083: Waking Dream
0312011091: Where Did Our Love Go?
0312011105: The White Audi
0312011113: The White Bus
0312011121: Whitewashed Tombs: A Novel of Suspense
0312011148: Writing a Thriller
0312011156: Writing Crime Fiction
0312011164: Yashimoto's last dive
0312011172: Hammer and Tongues: The Best of Women's Wit and Humor
0312011202: After Everything : Western Intellectual History Since 1945
0312011261: The Miniature Man
0312011296: The Hour of the Lily
0312011326: Guide to Financial Institutions
0312011369: Great Engineers
0312011393: Graham Ovenden
0312011407: Hassan Fathy
0312011415: Sex, Gender and Care Work (Research Highlights in Social Work, Vol 15) by...
0312011423: The Domestic Sources of American Foreign Policy: Insights and Evidence
0312011431: Reading to Write : A Practical Rhetoric
0312011466: The public agenda: Issues in American politics
0312011474: Social Interaction
0312011482: Marilyn Monroe: A Never-Ending Dream
0312011490: Copland : 1900 Through 1942
0312011504: Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys : An Inside Look at Who Does What in the Making of a Motion Picture
0312011512: Inside British Society : Continuity, Challenge and Change
0312011520: The Fierce Dispute: A Novel
0312011547: Lasting Spring
0312011563: The Russian crucifix: A Victorian mystery
0312011571: Camden Town Murder
0312011598: Immigration and Ethnic Conflict
0312011601: Swift and the Dialectical Tradition
0312011628: Zoology of the Future After Man
0312011636: After Man: A Zoology of the Future
0312011644: After Purple
0312011652: Computer Revolution in Education
0312011679: Sword and the Dollar : Imperialism, Revolution and the Arms Race
0312011687: Home Games
0312011695: Man Made the Town
0312011709: Agatite: A Novel
0312011725: Age, Generation and Time : Some Features of East African Age Organizations
0312011741: Origins of Flexible Response : NATO's Debate over Strategy in the 1960's
0312011784: Introduction to Strategic Studies : Military Technology and International Relations
0312011806: Newly Industrializing Countries and the Political Economy of South-South Relations
0312011814: Japanese Government Leadership and Management
0312011822: Man, Nature and Technology
0312011865: Elections in Britain : A Guide to Voters and Students
0312011873: Soviet Union and the Nordic Nuclear-Weapons-Free-Zone Proposal
0312011881: Out from Underdevelopment : Prospects for the Third World
0312011938: Collected Sonnets of Charles/Tennyson/Turner
0312011962: Economic Reform and Political Change in Eastern Europe : A Comparison of the Czechoslovak and Hungarian Experiences
0312011970: Allies in Apartheid
0312011997: Claude Simon and the Transgressions of Modern Art
0312012012: Opiate Addiction, Morality and Medicine : From Moral Illness to Pathological Disease
0312012020: Signifying Nothing: The Semiotics of Zero
0312012039: SIGNIFYING NOTHING The Semiotics of Zero
0312012055: War in Afghanistan
0312012063: Pierre Loti and the Oriental Woman
0312012128: Invasion: The Roman Invasion of Britain in the Year Ad 43 and the Events Leading to Their Occupation of the West Country
0312012136: Lambert Simnel and the Battle of Stoke
0312012152: Basic Montessori : Learning Activities for Under-Fives
0312012160: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0312012179: Racism and Sexism : An Integrated Study
0312012209: People, Politics and Community in the Later Middle Ages
0312012217: Controlling Social Welfare
0312012233: ANZUS in Crisis : Alliance Management in International Affairs
0312012241: The Practice of Writing
0312012276: Models for writers: Short essays for composition
0312012306: Age of Ideologies : A History of Political Thought in the Twentieth Century
0312012314: Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312012330: Eight Modern Essayists
0312012349: Eight Modern Essayists
0312012357: The Age of Illusions: The Political Economy of Britain, 1968-1982
0312012365: Counted-thread embroidery
0312012373: The Road To the White House: The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312012381: Before the Story : Interviewing and Communication Skills for Journalists
0312012403: Economics, Growth & Sutainable Environments
0312012446: Economic Choice under Uncertainty : A Perspective Theory Approach
0312012454: First Nazi Town
0312012462: Mad Women in Romantic Writing
0312012497: States and the Global System: Politics, Law, and Organization
0312012519: Politics And Social Change In Modern Britain: Essays Presented To A. F. Thompson
0312012535: Traditional Victorian White Work
0312012543: Land Fit for Heroin? : Drug Policies, Prevention and Practice
0312012551: Life studies: A thematic reader
0312012578: Writing Worth Reading: A Practical Guide With Handbook
0312012586: Writing Worth Reading : A Practical Guide with Handbook
0312012594: Reading Together : A Reading and Activities Text for Students of English As a Second Language
0312012608: Age of Peel
0312012632: Trade Routes to Sustained Economic Growth
0312012640: Origins of the Cold War in Comparative Perspective : American, British and Canadian Relations with the Soviet Union, 1941-48
0312012659: Anti-Parliamentary Communism: The Movement for Workers' Councils in Britain, 1917-45
0312012683: Literature, the Human Experience
0312012691: Literature : The Human Experience, The Teacher's Manual
0312012705: Eagle
0312012713: Ulster Presbyterianism : The Historical Perpective
0312012756: Charles Dickens' Childhood
0312012764: How English Works : A Grammar Handbook with Readings
0312012772: How English Works : A Grammar Handbook with Readings
0312012780: Cases in bioethics: Selections from the Hastings Center report
0312012799: Knitting and Design for Mohair
0312012810: Soviet Architecture
0312012829: Architecture of Democracy
0312012837: Post-Avant-Garde - Painting in the Eighties
0312012861: Writing that works: How to write effectively on the job
0312012888: Technical Writing Essentials
0312012918: Soviet Studies on the Church and the Believer's Response to Atheism
0312012926: Soviet Studies on the Church and the Believer's Response to Atheism
0312012969: Garden City Utopia : A Critical Biography of Ebenezer Howard
0312012977: Cardinal Consalvi, 1757-1824
0312012985: Rise and Fall of the Labour Left
0312013000: Citizen of the World: Essays on Thomas Paine
0312013019: Understanding Industrial Relations in Modern Japan
0312013027: Oil and Power : Political Dynamics in the Middle East
0312013035: Society and Government in France Under Richelieu and Mazarin, 1624-61
0312013043: Loyal to King Billy : A Portrait of the Ulster Protestants
0312013051: Television and Social Control
0312013094: The Responsible Reader (Instructor's edition manual included) Paperback by...
0312013108: Good writing: A guide and sourcebook for writing across the curriculum
0312013116: An Introduction to Literary Language (Instructors Edition)
0312013124: Hassan Fathy
0312013132: American Democracy Study Guide 2nd Ed.
0312013167: American democracy
0312013175: Elements of Argument
0312013183: America in the World, 1962-1987 : A Strategic and Political Reader
0312013213: Peace, Defence and Economic Analysis
0312013248: The Market Economy: From Micro to Mesoeconomics
0312013256: Interzone, the 2nd Anthology: New Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing
0312013264: Exercises to accompany Rules for writers: A concise handbook
0312013272: Religions of Asia
0312013299: The Troubled Face of Biography
0312013310: Moral Experiment in Jacobean Drama.
0312013329: Politics the Japanese Way
0312013337: Lloyd's: A view of the room : change and disclosure
0312013345: Body Invaders: Panic Sex in America
0312013361: Death of an Alaskan Princess
0312013388: Byron and Tragedy
0312013396: Visionary Closure in the Modern Novel.
0312013418: Development States in East Asia
0312013426: John Updike (Modern Novelists Ser.)
0312013442: Women Novelists Today
0312013450: War and Conscience in the Nuclear Age
0312013469: Samuel Johnson
0312013477: Future of the Soviet Empire
0312013485: Future of the Soviet Empire
0312013493: Klaus Fuchs: The Man Who Stole the Atom Bomb
0312013507: Astrology Kit
0312013515: The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football
0312013523: Linda Goodman's Star Signs - The Secret Codes of the Universe : A Practical Guide for the New Age
0312013558: Disney Book of Knitting
0312013574: D. H. Lawrence and the Phallic Imagination : Essays on Sexual Identity and Feminist Misreading
0312013582: Vietnam : Peasant Land, Peasant Revolution
0312013590: A Good Weekend for Murder
0312013604: Rise and Fall of the Rural Communist Party, 1927-1939
0312013612: Energy Demand : Prospects and Trends
0312013620: Labour and Unions in Asia and Africa : Contemporary Issues
0312013639: Anti-Jacobins 1798-1800
0312013647: THE BEDFORD READER: Third Edition
0312013655: The Age of the Vikings.
0312013728: Right to Remain Silent
0312013736: Murder at the Palace
0312013744: Gray Victory
0312013752: Call from L.A.
0312013809: Body Invaders : Panic Sex in America
0312013817: Elvis in Art
0312013825: Afterwords : Novelists on Their Novels
0312013833: Fire in the Crucible
0312013841: Alice to Nowhere
0312013868: America's Wonderful Little Hotels & Inns, 1988
0312013884: Ageing in Modern Society: Contemporary Approaches
0312013892: Better Mousetraps : Mystery Stories
0312013906: The Black Chamber
0312013914: The Black Star Murders
0312013922: Blindsight
0312013930: Blue Dragon
0312013957: Butterfly
0312013965: A California conspiracy
0312013973: Can Somebody Shout Amen? : Inside the Tents and Tabernacles of American Revivalists
0312013981: Cat and mouse
0312014015: Ages of Britain
0312014031: Code to Keep
0312014058: Convoy North
0312014066: A Cool Killing
0312014074: Country Girl: The Life of Sissy Spacek
0312014082: Cowtown
0312014104: Aging the Individual and Society
0312014112: Crazy Time
0312014120: Crocheting in Plain English : Easy-to-Follow Lessons in Patterns, Sensible Solutions to Nagging Problems, the Only Book Any Crocheter Will Ever Need
0312014139: Dance on a Sinking Ship
0312014147: Daughters
0312014155: Dead Men Don't Give Seminars
0312014163: The Deadly Ackee
0312014171: Death for a Dietitian
0312014198: Destroying Angel
0312014201: Die-Cast
0312014228: Divided Treasure
0312014236: The Doll Hospital
0312014244: Barking Dogs
0312014252: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1988
0312014260: Expecting Someone Taller
0312014279: Family Man
0312014287: Female Member : Being a Compendium of Facts, Figures, Foibles, and Ancedotes about the Loving Organ
0312014295: Fiddler's Ferry
0312014309: Focus
0312014317: The Four Hoods and Great Dog
0312014325: Friends, Russians, and Countrymen
0312014333: The Frightened Wife
0312014341: Goldfish Bowl
0312014368: Goliath
0312014376: Quilts across America: The making of the great American quilt banner
0312014384: Guilty Knowledge
0312014392: Red Gunship
0312014406: Haunted : One Family's Nightmare
0312014414: Heroes also die
0312014422: Hit Man Cometh
0312014430: The Hollywood Murder Casebook
0312014449: Hundred Scoops of Ice Cream
0312014457: Agrarian Reform in Contemporary Developing Countries
0312014465: Incident at Parga
0312014473: The Injudicious Judge
0312014481: Inside Iran: Life Under Khomeini's Regime
0312014503: Trial of Ivan the Terrible : State of Israel vs. John Demjanjuk
0312014511: Jane Austen Her Life
0312014538: Keeping the Spark Alive : Preventing Burnout in Love and Marriage
0312014546: Kimono for a Corpse
0312014554: Let's Go: Europe 1988
0312014562: Let's Go: France 1988
0312014570: Let's Go: Greece 1988
0312014589: Let's Go: Israel and Egypt 1988
0312014597: Let's Go: Italy 1988
0312014619: Let's Go: Mexico 1988
0312014627: Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska, 1988
0312014635: Let's Go: Spain, Portugal and Morocco 1988
0312014643: Let\'s Go: USA 1988
0312014678: Let's Go: Britain and Ireland 1988
0312014686: The Africa Letters
0312014694: Liberace
0312014708: Agricultural Geography
0312014716: The Linda Gray Story
0312014724: Love Alone
0312014732: Magnolia Gardens
0312014740: Agriculture and International Relations
0312014759: Monarchy: Behind the Scenes with the Royal Family
0312014767: Mother's Boys
0312014775: Murder at San Simeon
0312014783: Toy Soldiers
0312014791: Murder at the Gardner: A Novel of Suspense
0312014805: Murder at the PTA Luncheon
0312014813: Aid and Arms to the Third World : The Distribution and Impact of U. S. Official Transfers
0312014821: Murder in Yiddish
0312014848: NEON MIRAGE
0312014856: Not Enough Horses
0312014864: Paradise of Death: An Ev Franklin Mystery
0312014872: Pay Off
0312014880: Do Not Go Gentle
0312014899: Perry Ellis/a Biography
0312014902: Plays Children Love
0312014910: polo, anyone?
0312014929: Aid and Influence : The Case of Bangladesh
0312014937: Pork City
0312014945: Portal
0312014961: Privates
0312014988: AIDS Epidemic
0312014996: AIDS Epidemic
0312015011: Pulse Points
0312015038: Queenmagic, kingmagic
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