0312015046: Quimby
0312015062: Rainbird's Revenge
0312015070: Rebel : The Life and Times of John Singleton Mosby
0312015089: Rockets' Red Glare
0312015097: Rum and Reggae : What's Hot and What's Not in the Caribbean
0312015100: The Shroud and the Grail: A Modern Quest for the True Grail
0312015119: Simply Scones : Quick and Easy Recipes for More Than 70 Delicious Scones and Spreads
0312015127: Site
0312015135: The slaying of Joseph Bowne Elwell
0312015143: Successful Sitcom Writing
0312015151: Taking Care of Mrs. Carroll
0312015178: Notes on Living Until We Say Goodbye: A Personal Guide
0312015186: Termination Interview
0312015194: Terrific Sex in Fearful Times
0312015208: Think Fast, Mr. Peters
0312015224: Three Rivers
0312015232: Tomorrow's Rainbow
0312015240: Treasures of Thrace
0312015259: Treble Exposure
0312015267: An Uncommon Sailor: A Portrait of Admiral Sir William Penn : English Naval Supremacy
0312015275: Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists
0312015283: The Unforgiving Minutes
0312015291: Forgive Our Digression
0312015305: Wall of Glass
0312015313: Whiff of Sulphur
0312015321: Air War-Vietnam
0312015348: Air Force One Is Haunted
0312015356: Winning the radar war: A memoir
0312015372: Winter's Tales: New Series, No 3
0312015380: Women and War
0312015399: Work, Study, Travel Abroad 1988-1989
0312015410: The Worried Widow
0312015429: Alexander Zinoviev As Writer and Thinker
0312015437: Britain and NATO's Northern Flank
0312015453: Ideology and Soviet Politics
0312015542: British and American Art - The Uneasy Dialectic
0312015550: Engineering and Architecture (Architectural Design Profile)
0312015569: Who's Who, 1988
0312015577: Imperialist Japan
0312015585: Second Wave : Japan's Global Assault on Financial Services
0312015607: Epidemic of Courage
0312015615: Beyond the Frozen Sea : Visions of Antarctica
0312015623: Michal Kalecki on Socialist Economy
0312015631: Watching Shakespeare: A Playgoers' Guide
0312015674: Jack's Book
0312015682: Later Victorian Britain, 1867-1900
0312015690: Star Signs
0312015720: Browning the Revisionary
0312015747: Effective Control of Currency Risks : A Practical, Comprehensive Guide
0312015763: Studies in Banking Theory, Financial History, and Vertical Control
0312015798: Political Economy of Soviet Defence Spending
0312015801: Ariadne's Thread : In Search of a Greener Future
0312015828: Soviet Communists in Power : A Study Moscow During the Civil War 1918-21
0312015836: Exchange Rates and the Open Economy
0312015852: Opera: A History
0312015860: Ariadne's Thread : The Search for New Modes of Thinking
0312015917: Knitting and design for mohair
0312015968: When Jim Crow Met John Bull : Black American Soldiers in World War II in Britain
0312015976: The Poetry of Seamus Heaney: All the Realms of Whisper
0312015984: Literature into History
0312015992: J. B. Priestley's Plays
0312016018: Focus : An ESL Grammar
0312016026: Grammar troublespots: An editing guide for ESL students
0312016034: Servant of the Shogun : Being the True Story of William Adams, Pilot and Samurai, First Englishman in Japan
0312016050: Britain and the Cinema in the Second World War
0312016069: Combat Motivation of the Polish Forces
0312016077: Alternative Saints : The Post-Reformation British People Commemorated by the Church of England
0312016085: The Arabian Nights in English Literature: Studies in the Reception of the The Thousand and One Nights into British Culture
0312016107: Air Transport Economics in the Supersonic Era
0312016115: Women's Attitudes Towards Work
0312016123: Human Rights : Theory and Measurement
0312016158: College Vocabulary : An Introduction
0312016166: The Hereditary Bondsman: Daniel O'Connell, 1775-1829.
0312016174: William Golding
0312016182: Evelyn Waugh
0312016190: Economic Exiles
0312016204: United States, Western Europe, and Military Intervention Overseas
0312016239: Legal Opposition Politics Under Authoritarian Rule in Brazil
0312016247: European Integration and the Iberian Economies
0312016255: Battered: The Abuse of Children
0312016263: Women in Russian Literature, 1780-1863
0312016298: Murgatroyd's Garden
0312016301: Who's Who in Bloomsbury
0312016638: President Ron's Appointment Book
0312016670: Perspectives on Literature and Society in Eastern and Western Europe
0312016727: The Collected Papers of Nevill Coghill, Shakesperian and Medievalist. Edited by Douglas Gray.
0312016751: Modern African Elite of South Africa
0312016786: Military and Government : From Macmillan to Heseltine
0312016824: China under Deng Xiaoping : Political and Economic Reform
0312016867: Japan's Trade Frictions : Realities or Misconceptions?
0312016891: Macroeconomic Policy And Economic Interdependence
0312016913: Japan's Agro-Food Sector : The Politics and Economics of Excess Protection
0312016956: Contemporary Irish Dramatists
0312016980: The Policy Impact of Universities in Developing Regions (Policy Studies Organization Series)
0312016999: What Is Post-Modernism?
0312017014: Writing Research Papers
0312017022: Alabaster chambers
0312017030: Alan Alda : A Biography
0312017065: Alcohol and the Family
0312017073: The Album Cover Album
0312017081: Albany
0312017103: Alfred Hitchcock Presents: An Illustrated Guide to the Ten-Year Television Career of the Master of Suspense
0312017111: Alfred Hitchcock Presents : An Illustrated Guide to the Ten-Year Television Career of the Master of Suspense
0312017154: Algae.
0312017162: Alfred Hitchcock Murder Case/an Unauthorized Novel
0312017200: Discovery : An Inductive Approach to Writing
0312017227: Kanahena : A Cherokee Story
0312017235: Fire Came to the Earth People
0312017251: '60s
0312017286: Alice
0312017294: Anachronisms
0312017308: The Angel of Torremolinos: A Superintendent Bernal Novel
0312017316: As If after Sex
0312017332: Bad Guys
0312017340: Bellringer Street
0312017359: Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case: The American Agent Investigates Murder in the Dark Byways of London
0312017367: Best Horror Stories : From the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
0312017375: Blind Brag
0312017383: Blue Ribbon Cookies
0312017391: Blue Ribbon Cookies
0312017413: Bob Newhart
0312017421: Buried on Sunday
0312017448: Death takes the stage
0312017456: Actors: A Celebration
0312017464: Cherished Enemy
0312017472: Silent Knives
0312017480: Cold New Dawn
0312017499: Comeback : My Race for the America's Cup
0312017510: The Companion by Bermant, Chaim
0312017529: Consider Phlebas: A Science Fiction Novel
0312017537: Cormorant
0312017545: The Crown In Darkness.
0312017553: Curtain Going Up
0312017561: Deadly Climate
0312017588: Death on the Cards
0312017596: Design for Dying
0312017618: Eat Right, Be Right : The Late Research and Techniques to Preserve, Restore and Improve the Brain's Potential
0312017626: First Fig Tree
0312017642: Gangland
0312017650: Gay Spirit : Myth and Meaning
0312017669: Getting Married : A Guide for the Bride to Be
0312017685: Great Comic Book Artists
0312017693: Halfhyde on the Amazon
0312017707: Hammerhead
0312017715: Hands of Eddy Loyd
0312017723: Hey, Mac, Where Ya Been?: Living Memories of the U.S. Marines in the Korean War
0312017731: Honour and Obey
0312017758: How to Buy a Car : The Essential Guide for Buying a New Car or Used Car
0312017766: In the Groove : The Men Behind the Music
0312017774: Isak Dinesen-Karen Blixen : Essays on the Work and Life
0312017790: John Singer Sargent : His Portrait
0312017804: Johnnie Alone
0312017812: A Killing in the Real World
0312017820: Knitting with Cotton
0312017839: The Last Armenian
0312017847: Little Shop of Horrors Book
0312017863: London's Child
0312017871: Man Power: How to Win the Woman You Want
0312017898: Men of Subtle Craft: An Arnold Landon Novel
0312017901: Method Songwriting
0312017928: Mischief in Maggody
0312017936: Mists of Heaven
0312017952: Murder at the Blue Owl
0312017960: Fear of the Dark
0312017979: New Astrology : A Unique Synthesis of the World's Two Great Astrological Systems, the Chinese and Western
0312017987: Norma
0312017995: Old Saxon Blood
0312018002: On Being Gay
0312018010: One Last Waltz
0312018037: Opposite the Cross Keys
0312018045: Passionate Politics : Essays, 1968-1986
0312018053: Through the Green Valley
0312018061: Paupers' Paris : How to Spend More Time in Paris Without Spending More Francs
0312018088: Poor Boy
0312018096: A Pretty Place for a Murder
0312018118: Reasons to Believe
0312018126: The Right Moves
0312018134: The Samaritan
0312018142: Sea Story
0312018150: A Season for Death
0312018169: Seeds of Anger
0312018177: Politics and Media
0312018185: Shackles A Nameless Detective Mystery
0312018193: Shake Down the Stars
0312018207: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass ( Set of 2 Books )
0312018215: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
0312018223: Too Old for Summer Camp and Too Young to Retire
0312018258: Sir John Vanbrugh: A Biography
0312018266: Small Family with Rooster
0312018274: Napoleon III and His Carnival Empire
0312018282: The Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball
0312018290: A Stone of the Heart
0312018304: Ocean vu, jog to beach: A novel
0312018312: Sweet Songbird
0312018320: Tart, with a Silken Finish
0312018339: There Hangs the Knife
0312018347: Jump in the Waves: A Memoir
0312018355: Timelapse
0312018371: To Be a Fine Lady
0312018401: Two of a Kind : An English Rifle
0312018428: Uneaseful Death
0312018436: Valley of the Shadow
0312018444: Vargr-Moon
0312018452: Wild Justice
0312018460: Windsor Red
0312018479: Work and Play
0312018487: Writing Historical Fiction
0312018495: Writing Science Fiction
0312018509: The Year of the Monkey
0312018517: Years Best Fantasy 1ST Annual Collection
0312018525: Year's Best Fantasy
0312018533: Year's Best Science Fiction : Fifth Annual Collection
0312018541: Year's Best Science Fiction : Fifth Annual Collection
0312018576: Alienated affections: Being gay in America (Warner books)
0312018584: Alien Powers
0312018592: Aliens: 3 Novellas
0312018614: Western Civilization - A Concise History Vol. I : From Early Societies to the Reformation
0312018622: Western Civilization - A Concise History Vol. II : From the Birth of Modern Science to the Present
0312018630: Question of Final Belief : John Hick's Pluralistic Theory of Salvation
0312018649: Basic Montessori : Learning Activities for Under-Fives
0312018657: Aliya: A Love Story
0312018665: Japan
0312018673: Japan from Shogun to Superstate
0312018681: Arms Across the Pacific : Security and Trade Issues Across the Pacific
0312018711: Economics of Public Debt : Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Stanford, California
0312018738: Perspectives on Pornography: Sexuality in Film and Literature
0312018762: Biotechnology Revolution : An International Perspective
0312018789: Contemporary linguistics: An introduction
0312018800: Presidential leadership: Politics and policy making
0312018819: In the Long Run We Are All Dead
0312018827: Why nations go to war
0312018843: Public Administration in America
0312018851: Technology and the future
0312018878: Current issues in public administration
0312018894: Soviet Theory of International Relations
0312018916: Soviet Theory of International Relations
0312018932: Preparing for Armageddon : A Critique of Western Strategy
0312018940: Best Horror Stories : From the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
0312018959: Straight on Till Morning
0312018991: Living the Spirit : A Gay American Indian Anthology
0312019009: Mayor of Castro Street : The Life and Times of Harvey Milk
0312019017: Tis the Season to Be Dying
0312019025: Indonesia: Paradise on the Equator.
0312019033: Sculpture Today
0312019041: David Hockney
0312019068: New Classicism
0312019076: Beyond Jennifer and Jason : An Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby
0312019084: Beyond Jennifer and Jason : An Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby
0312019092: Philip: The Man Behind the Monarchy
0312019114: Biographical Dictionary of Life Peers
0312019122: New British Drama in Performance on the London Stage, 1970-1985
0312019149: Virginia Woolf : The Frames of Art and Life
0312019254: All Things Bright And Beautiful
0312019262: Three Volume Boxed Set: All Creatures Great and Small; All Things Bright and Beautiful; All Things Wise and Wonderful
0312019270: Herriot
0312019491: St Martin's Handbook Annotated Instructors Ed
0312019505: State, Power, and Democracy
0312019513: Battle Book of Ypres : A Reference to Military Options in the Ypres Salient, 1914-18
0312019564: Izaak Walton's the Compleat Angler: The Art of Recreation
0312019602: All Creatures Great and Small
0312019610: Annotated Critical Bibliography of Augustan Literature
0312019645: Fielding and the Woman Question : Henry Fielding's Novels and Feminist Debate 1700-1750
0312019653: Theory of Income and Wealth Distribution
0312019661: All the King's Ladies
0312019688: Biographical Dictionary of Modern European Radicals and Socialists, 1780-1815
0312019696: Lloyd George and the Challenge of Labour : Post-War Coalition, 1918-1922
0312019718: America in the Modern World : The\Transcendence of United States Hegemony
0312019742: Concepts of Ideology
0312019750: European Armaments Market and Procurement Cooperation
0312019769: Women and the Military System
0312019777: All My Sins Remembered
0312019785: Women and the Military System
0312019823: Logic of Social Welfare : Conjectures and Formulations
0312019831: All on a Summers Day
0312019866: Managing World Debt
0312019912: Anatomy of Film
0312019947: Changes
0312019955: All souls : a family album
0312019963: Discontinuous Discourses in Modern Russian Literature
0312019971: Circulation : Defoe, Dickens and the Economics of the Novel
0312019998: Functions of English Grammar
0312020031: All the Girls
0312020066: All the Pretty People/#08124
0312020104: End of the American Century
0312020112: A World of Ideas
0312020120: Public Agenda : Issues in American Politics
0312020139: Inventing Reality : The Politics of News Media
0312020147: Classic Readings in American Politics
0312020228: Politics of War : A Study of the Rationality of Violence
0312020236: Marx on Classical Antiquity : Problems of Historical Methodology
0312020244: 20th-Century Literary Theory : A Reader
0312020252: Twentieth-Century Literary Theory : A Reader
0312020260: Cat Knits
0312020295: Classical Sensibility : In Contemporary Painting
0312020309: All Things Bright and Beautiful
0312020317: All Things Wise and Wonderful
0312020325: Celtic Tree Oracle
0312020341: Third-World Military Expenditure and Arms Production
0312020368: All-Time Baseball Teams Book
0312020384: Economics of Marx's Grundrisse : An Annotated Summary
0312020406: All Through the Night
0312020414: Politics of Imagination in Coleridge's Critical Thought
0312020430: All You Need Is Ears
0312020449: All You Need Is Ears
0312020473: Big Book of Kites
0312020481: Wicked women of the screen
0312020503: Writing Differences : Readings from the Seminar of Helene Cixous
0312020511: Writing Differences : Readings from the Seminar of Helene Cixous
0312020546: Barbara Pym
0312020554: Albert Camus
0312020562: Henry James (Modern Novelists)
0312020589: William Faulkner (Modern Novelists Ser.)
0312020600: Modernist Conjectures
0312020619: Baby Knits : 32 Original Designs for 0-3 Year Olds
0312020627: Art and Desire : A Study in the Aesthetics of Fiction
0312020651: Allegra Kent's Water Beauty Book
0312020678: Working With Words: a Concise Handbook for Media Writers and Editors
0312020686: Soviet Union Through French Eyes, 1945-85
0312020716: Australia : Take a Bow
0312020724: The Air Traveler's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Air Travel, Airplanes, and Airports
0312020732: The Screen Lovers
0312020783: Writing for College and Career
0312020813: Language Awareness
0312020821: Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism
0312020880: Marcel Proust
0312020899: Six Women Novelists
0312020902: H.G. Wells
0312020929: Focus on jazz
0312020937: Landscape in France
0312020945: Statesman's Year-Book, 1988-1989
0312020953: The Balance Between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development Vol. 2 : Sector Proportions
0312020961: International Institutions at Work
0312020996: Stages of Drama : Classical to Contemporary Masterpieces of the Theater
0312021003: allende's chile
0312021038: Kingsley Amis : An English Moralist
0312021070: Economy of Ghana: The First Twenty-Five Years since Independence
0312021097: Reading Critically, Writing Well
0312021119: Fields of writing: Readings across the disciplines
0312021127: Military Technology, Armaments Dynamics and Disarmament : ABC Weapons, Military Use of Nuclear Energy and of Outer Space and Implications for International Law
0312021135: Constitutional Heads and Political Crises: Commonwealth Episodes, 1945-85
0312021143: Nuclear War and Nuclear Peace
0312021151: Europe in the Western Alliance : Towards a European Defence Entity?
0312021178: U Thant in New York, 1961-1971
0312021186: The Grant's Register 1989-1991 (Grants Register)
0312021194: Torchon Lace Workbook : A Concise Lacemaking Course--the Basic Skills Fully Explained, with Prickings and Diagrams for 27 Finished Lace Products
0312021208: Weaver's Workbook
0312021216: Embroiderer's Workbook
0312021224: The Impact of the Six-Day War A Twenty-Year Assessment
0312021240: Case for a New Ecu
0312021267: American Alternative Theatre (Modern Dramatists)
0312021275: Jenny Kee Winter Knits
0312021283: Death Takes the Stage
0312021305: With good reason: An introduction to informal fallacies
0312021313: Criminal Behavior : Text and Readings in Criminology
0312021348: Rock Yearbook, 1989
0312021372: Almost Murder: An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312021380: Alphonse de Lamartine : A Political Biography
0312021399: Alphabet at Work
0312021402: The Film Yearbook, 1989
0312021410: Alphonse Mucha
0312021429: Alphonse Mucha
0312021437: Democratic Socialism in Britain and Sweden
0312021445: Alter Ego: A Hank and Biff Mystery
0312021461: Alternative Approaches to British Defence Policy
0312021488: Adversary
0312021496: African Adventures : Letters from Famous Big-Game Hunters
0312021518: African Game Trails : An Account of the African Wanderings of an American Hunter-Naturalist
0312021526: The AIDS Caregiver's Handbook
0312021534: Am I a Good Lover?
0312021542: Am I A Good Lover: The Answer Is in the Palm of Your Hand
0312021550: Amazons and Warrior Women : Varieties of Feminism in 17th Century Drama
0312021569: Amberstone
0312021577: Alfred Glossbrenner's Master Guide to Free Software for IBMs and Compatible Computers
0312021585: Alienated Affections
0312021593: All My Fortunes
0312021607: American Dreamers : The Story of Charmian and Jack London
0312021623: Animation : From Script to Screen
0312021631: Arabella and the Beast
0312021658: Big Game Hunting in Central Africa
0312021666: Black Book
0312021674: Blind Spring Rambler
0312021682: Blood Simple
0312021690: Blossom Comes Home
0312021712: The Body Politic
0312021720: Born to Please : Compliant Women - Controlling Men
0312021739: Bride of the Spear
0312021747: By Honour Bound
0312021755: Cajun Nights
0312021771: Chain Saw
0312021798: The Covenant
0312021801: Cover-Up Story
0312021828: The Dark Door
0312021836: The Day the Martians Came (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312021844: Dead Aim: A Chris Klick Mystery
0312021879: Never Quite Dead
0312021887: Death of an Outsider
0312021895: Death Trick: An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312021909: Dennis Hopper
0312021917: Desperate Gourmet
0312021925: America's Confrontation with Revolutionary Change in the Middle East, 1948-1983
0312021933: The Devil's Diary
0312021941: Dial m for Murdock: A Matt Murdock Mystery
0312021968: Drop-Off: A John Rodrigue Novel
0312021976: Dual Enigma
0312021984: The Necessity of Empty Places
0312021992: America's Security in the Nineteen Eighties
0312022018: EVERYBODY LOVES YOU Further Adventures in Gay Manhattan
0312022034: American Connection
0312022042: American Constitutional Law
0312022050: American democracy and world power
0312022069: American Constitutional Law
0312022077: The Far Side of the Hill
0312022085: Few Good Men
0312022093: Fiction Editor
0312022107: The Fine Art of Murder
0312022115: Flipping for It
0312022123: A Fox in the Night
0312022131: Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time : An Anthology
0312022158: The Gold gamble
0312022166: The Golden Galleon
0312022174: H. L. Mencken Murder Case
0312022182: Harvest of Death
0312022190: Hidden Side of the Moon
0312022204: How to Grow Old Disgracefully
0312022212: Death Warmed Over
0312022220: If You Don't Dance They Beat You
0312022239: Insiders Guide to the Colleges, 1989
0312022247: Jade Woman
0312022255: Jerry Falwell V Larry Flynt: The First Amendment on Trial
0312022263: Kezzy
0312022271: Kill: or Be Killed : The Rambling Reminiscences of an Amateur Hunter
0312022298: Lady of No Man's Land
0312022301: Let's Go Series 1989: Britain and Ireland
0312022328: Let's Go: The Budget Guide to Europe, 1989
0312022344: The Let's Go Series 1989: Greece
0312022360: Let's Go, 1989 : The Budget Guide to Italy
0312022387: Let's Go Series 1989: Pacific Northwest, Canada, and Alaska
0312022395: Let's Go Series 1989: Spain, Portugal and Morocco
0312022409: American democracy and world power
0312022417: The Let's Go Series 1989: The USA
0312022433: The New Modernism: Deconstructionist Tendencies in Art (Art and Design Profile Series)
0312022441: Deconstruction : In Architecture and Urbanism
0312022468: Madensky Square
0312022476: Major League Murder (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312022484: The Man Who Looked Like Howard Cosell
0312022492: The Man Whom Women Loved: The Life of Bror Blixen
0312022506: Masterpieces of Fantasy and Enchantment
0312022514: Masterpieces of Mystery and Suspense
0312022522: Michigan Roll
0312022530: Missing from the Record
0312022549: Molly Dear : The Autobiography of an Android
0312022557: Morning-Glory Babies
0312022565: Mothers in the Fatherland
0312022573: Murder at Markham
0312022581: Murder Behind Locked Doors
0312022603: A Nice Murder for Mom
0312022611: Nightshade
0312022638: Nocturnes for the King of Naples
0312022646: Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book : The Complete Story of the Time Lord's Greatest Foes
0312022654: On the Other Hand A Liife Story
0312022662: Pepper Pike: A Milan Jacovich Mystery
0312022670: Polo's Ponies: A Nick Polo Mystery
0312022689: Priscilla, Elvis, and Me
0312022697: Prospect of Detachment
0312022700: Raising Arizona
0312022719: Really Cute Corpse
0312022727: Reprise
0312022735: Ridin' the Moon in Texas : Word Paintings
0312022743: Royal Style : An Intimate Look Inside the Palaces and Royal Houses of Britain's Royal Family
0312022751: Royal Style: An Intimate Look Inside the Palaces and Country Houses of Britain's Royal Family
0312022778: See Naples and Kill (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312022786: Serpentine Wall
0312022794: Several deaths later
0312022808: Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde
0312022816: Shoeblack and the Sovereign : Reflections on Morality and Foreign Policy
0312022824: Silence of the Lambs
0312022832: Small Felonies: Fifty Mystery Short Stories (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312022840: Snare
0312022859: Some Soul to Keep
0312022867: Spirit: Mind, body, and the will to existence
0312022875: Spirits of Cavern and Hearth
0312022883: Refining Felicity (School for Manners, Vol 1)
0312022891: The Sports Encyclopedia: The Modern Era, 1960 to the Present
0312022913: Stalking Horse
0312022921: Sudden Departures
0312022948: Sunday's Child
0312022956: Sword and the Dollar
0312022964: Teenager's Guide to Study, Travel, and Adventure Abroad, 1989-90
0312022972: That Near and Distant Place
0312022980: Those of My Blood
0312022999: A Time to Love
0312023006: Timeless Towns : And Haunted Places
0312023014: Lost World
0312023022: Tough Stuff
0312023030: Travelers' Guide to Latin American Customs and Manners
0312023049: Treason
0312023057: Trial Lawyers
0312023065: Two Way Cut
0312023073: Untold Decades: Seven Comedies of Gay Romance
0312023081: Veil of Ignorance : A Sister Mary Teresa Mystery
0312023111: The American Family in Social-Historical Perspective
0312023138: The American Family in Social-Historical Perspective
0312023154: A Victim Must Be Found
0312023162: We Have a Donor : The Bold New World of Organ Transplants
0312023170: White Gamma
0312023189: The Whyte Harte
0312023197: American Fool: The Roots and Improbable Rise of John Cougar Mellencamp
0312023200: Wintercombe
0312023219: Women of Vision
0312023227: Yoga for Pregnancy : Ninety-Two Safe, Gentle Stretches Appropriate for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
0312023235: Foxhunt (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312023243: Simone De Beauvoir
0312023251: Sylvia Plath : A Biography
0312023278: American Foreign Policy
0312023294: American Foreign Policy: Pattern and Process
0312023308: American Foreign Policy: Pattern and Process
0312023324: Idyllic Realism from Mary Russell Mitford to Hardy
0312023332: American foreign policy: Pattern and process
0312023367: Fiction of Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
0312023383: Medieval Ireland : The Enduring Tradition
0312023413: Developments in British Politics 2
0312023421: I, of All People: An Autobiography of Youth
0312023464: Modern and Post-Modern Mime
0312023480: Winter Knits
0312023502: AIDS Caregiver's Handbook
0312023529: Shakespeare and the Modern Dramatist
0312023537: Logic : An Introduction
0312023545: Murder Under the Mistletoe
0312023553: Woolly Bear Knits
0312023588: Literature : 150 Masterpieces
0312023618: The Exploding City
0312023650: Martin Luther King, Jr. : Apostle of Militant Nonviolence
0312023693: The Great Russian Fair: Nizhnii Novgorod, 1840-90
0312023707: American Conception of Neutrality after 1941
0312023715: Transformation of the English Novel, 1890-1930
0312023758: Artisans and Architects
0312023774: Balance Between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development Vol. 4 : Social Effects
0312023782: Balance Between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development
0312023790: The Big Game Hunters
0312023812: Arthur Miller
0312023847: Edina Ronay Knitwear Collection
0312023863: Budget Quartet
0312023898: Orthodox Heresy : The Rise of 'Magic' As Religion and Its Relation to Literature
0312023928: Personal Consumption in the U. S. S. R. and U. S. A.
0312023944: Peace, Development and Security in the Caribbean
0312024002: Man Behind the Iron Mask
0312024010: The Enterprise of England: The Spanish Armada
0312024029: Philosophy of Leisure
0312024118: Kalecki's Relevance Today
0312024142: Structure of International Conflict
0312024177: Perspectives on Ecology : A Critical Essay
0312024185: Internationalization of Business
0312024193: Quest for le Carre
0312024215: American Literary Landscapes : The Fiction and the Fact
0312024258: First Person Singular
0312024282: Portraits of American Women Vol. I : From Settlement to the Civil War
0312024312: Portraits of American Women Vol. II
0312024320: Social Impact of the Chernobyl Disaster
0312024339: What Economists Know: An Economic Policy Primer for the 1990's and Beyond
0312024363: Instructor's manual for The St. Martin's workbook
0312024401: Myriad-Minded Shakespeare: Essays, Chiefly on the Tragedies and Problem Comedies
0312024428: Problems of Religious Pluralism
0312024444: Widows of Hiroshima : The Life Stories of Nineteen Peasant Wives
0312024452: Malcolm Lowry
0312024460: Gustave Flaubert
0312024479: State and Instability in the South
0312024487: Green Against Green : A History of the Irish Civil War
0312024495: Virginia Woolf : Dramatic Novelist
0312024509: American Government: A brief introduction
0312024517: Balance Between Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development Vol. 3 : Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress of the International Economic Association, Delhi, India: Manpower and Transfers
0312024525: Odd-Ball Knitting Book
0312024533: Japanese Architecture
0312024568: The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing by Robert Connors; Cheryl Glen
0312024622: A Sampler of Materials From the St. Martin's Handbook
0312024657: In Search of Detente : The Politics of East-West Relations since 1945
0312024673: Wars of the Roses
0312024681: Money, Credit and Prices in Keynesian Perspective
0312024703: Political Censorship of the Arts and the Press in 19th-Century Europe
0312024711: Shelley's Ambivalence
0312024738: Monetarism and the Demise of Keynesian Economics
0312024746: T. S. Eliot : A Virgilian Poet
0312024754: C. B. Macpherson : Dilemmas of Liberalism and Socialism
0312024770: Panic Encyclopedia
0312024789: The Irish question and British politics, 1868-1986 (British history in...
0312024797: Kwame Nkrumah: The Political Kingdom in the Third World
0312024800: Winter's Tales (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312024819: Soviet Strategy and Islam
0312024827: In Our Own Words : A Guide with Readings for Student Writers
0312024851: American Government: A brief introduction
0312024878: American government: A brief introduction
0312024894: American government: A brief introduction
0312024932: American Government : The Great Game of Politics
0312024967: American Government and Politics
0312024975: A Dictionary of Irish Biography
0312025033: R.H. Tawney
0312025068: When Singapore Fell : Evacuations and Escapes, 1941-42
0312025076: Women, Work and Achievement : The Endless Revolution
0312025084: Ireland's Terrorist Trauma : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
0312025092: Incomes Policies: Papers Prepared for a Conference of the International Economic Association
0312025106: From Hardy to Faulkner, Wessex to Yoknapatawpha
0312025114: Conventional Deterrence into the 1990s
0312025122: Constitutional Law : Cases in Context
0312025157: Soviet Regional Economic Policy : The East-West Debate over Pacific Siberian Development
0312025173: Cabinets in Western Europe
0312025181: Alternative Hardy
0312025203: American Literature: A Study and Research Guide
0312025211: Coffee and Democracy in Modern Costa Rica
0312025238: Army, State and Society in Italy, 1830-1915
0312025246: Children of the Sun : Understanding Japanese Behaviour in the Modern World
0312025319: Your Complete Wedding Planner
0312025327: Cameron's Commitment
0312025335: Abracadaver
0312025343: Cradle to Grave
0312025351: Last Horizons
0312025378: Always in My Mind
0312025386: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1989
0312025416: Anjelica Huston: The Lady and the Legacy
0312025424: Appointment in Vienna : An American Psychoanalyst Recalls Her Student Days in Pre-War Austria
0312025432: Art of Winning : The World's Leading Sailor Reveals Techniques for Motivation, Teamwork, and Success in Life
0312025440: Bar Stories
0312025459: Before the Story : Interviewing and Communication Skills for Journalists
0312025467: Black Gold
0312025475: Blood Doesn't Tell
0312025483: Blood Royal
0312025491: The blue nature
0312025505: Booster
0312025521: The Butterfly Chair
0312025548: A Carrot for the Donkey
0312025556: American Literature : A Study and Research Guide
0312025564: Cartomancer
0312025572: Children of the Siege
0312025580: Chipped
0312025599: Civilized Engineer
0312025602: The Climbing Tree
0312025610: Coffin on the Water
0312025629: Cotswold Manners
0312025637: Crime Scene at O Street
0312025645: Death Beyond the Nile
0312025653: Death in a Distant Land
0312025661: Last Billable Hour
0312025688: Death's Bright Angel
0312025696: Death's Head Berlin
0312025726: Empire : William S. Paley and the Making of CBS
0312025734: Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock and Soul
0312025742: Farewell Horizontal
0312025750: Fernande
0312025769: Final thesis: A Nick Toland mystery
0312025777: Perfecting Fiona (School for Manners, 2nd)
0312025785: Floral Companion
0312025793: Gene Hackman
0312025807: The Good Provider
0312025815: Economic Time Bomb : How You Can Profit from the Emerging Crises
0312025823: Hawthorne Heritage
0312025831: Heart of Red Iron
0312025858: Hot on Hawaii : The Definitive Guide to the Aloha State
0312025866: In Distant Waters
0312025874: In golf we trust: A golfing miscellany
0312025882: In the Deep Woods
0312025890: In the Name of the Law
0312025904: American Literature the Makers and the Making: 001
0312025912: Isabella Rossellini: Quiet Renegade
0312025920: Jekyll, Alias Hyde (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312025939: Kathleen : A Dublin Saga
0312025947: Ki
0312025955: The Killing Game
0312025963: A killing in real estate
0312025971: Kindred Spirits
0312025998: LIFE ON THE LINE Stories of Vietnam Air Combat
0312026005: Literary London
0312026013: Lochandar
0312026021: Love Alone
0312026048: Man in the Green Chevy
0312026056: Man to Man: When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer
0312026072: Mark the Music
0312026080: Maya Stone Murders
0312026099: Miracles Do Happen
0312026102: Misha! : The Mikhail Baryshnikov Story
0312026110: Mondo Popeye
0312026137: Mother Murders
0312026145: Mother's Story
0312026153: Murder at the Old Vicarage
0312026161: The Mushroom-Picker
0312026188: My Sister Clare
0312026196: Underboss : The Rise and Fall of a Mafia Family
0312026218: Nice Little Beach Town
0312026226: Fear No More: A Psychotherapist's Guide for Overcoming Your Anxieties and Phobias
0312026234: Notorious Woman
0312026242: Obey the moon
0312026269: Palu
0312026277: Paul Newman
0312026285: Pel and the Picture of Innocence
0312026293: Peterbilt To Laredo
0312026307: The Player of Games
0312026315: Post Mortem : New Tales of Ghostly Horror
0312026323: Power Failure: Why Women Said No to Top Management Positions - Six Inside Stories to Help Others Say Yes
0312026331: The Problem of Virtue
0312026366: Robert Altman : Jumping Off the Cliff
0312026374: The Salamander Chill
0312026382: Salty Waters
0312026404: Simple Suburban Murder
0312026412: Small Tales of a Town
0312026420: Smart House
0312026439: Snake Tattoo
0312026447: The Sports Encyclopedia
0312026455: Stilled Life
0312026463: Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye
0312026471: Supernova! : The Exploding Star of 1987
0312026498: Sweethearts of Sixties TV
0312026501: Tangled Up in Blue
0312026536: The third life
0312026544: Threatening Eye
0312026552: Tides of Sligo
0312026560: The Timeless Moment
0312026587: Tom Jones: The Boy from Nowhere
0312026595: Toothache Tree
0312026617: Toxin
0312026625: Treasure in Oxford
0312026633: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader
0312026668: Valley of the Shadow
0312026676: The Van: A Tale of Terror
0312026684: Walk in the Wood
0312026692: Who's Afraid of Beowulf?
0312026706: The Williamsburg Forgeries
0312026714: The Wire
0312026722: Woodwitch
0312026730: Working with Words : A Concise Handbook for Media Writers and Editors
0312026749: A Worm Turns
0312026757: International Finance And Trade in A Polycentric World
0312026781: Who's Who, 1989
0312026803: T. G. Masaryk (1850-1937): Thinker and Critic, Vol. 2
0312026854: Art in the Age of Pluralism
0312026862: Edmund Burke: His Life and Opinions
0312026870: Anatomy of English : An Introduction to the Structure of Standard American English
0312026927: Dramatic Dickens
0312027001: The Quade Inheritance
0312027028: Syphilis, Puritanism and Witch Hunts
0312027044: World Faiths
0312027060: Contexts : A Thematic Reader
0312027095: Contemporary Architecture: An Architectural Design Profile
0312027109: British Art Now
0312027117: What Is Deconstruction?
0312027125: Hollywood Continental
0312027141: Northern Ireland Assembly
0312027168: The Hound and the Hawk: The Art of Medieval Hunting
0312027176: United States and the World Court, 1920-1935
0312027184: Attack at Night
0312027192: Running to Paradise
0312027222: Arthur: The King in the West
0312027230: The United States and Iran, 1946-51: the Diplomacy of Neglect
0312027249: Foundations of the Chinese Planned Economy : A Documentary Survey, 1953-65
0312027265: Acton
0312027273: Macaulay (Historians on historians)
0312027281: Gibbon: Making History (Historians on Historians)
0312027311: Introduction to Ethics
0312027346: Classic Paper Planes
0312027648: Foundations of the Chinese Planned Economy : A Documentary Survey, 1953-65
0312027664: British Counter-Culture, 1966-1973 : A Study of the Underground Press
0312027680: Unknowledge and Choice in Economics: Proceedings of a Conference in Honour of G.L.S. Shackle
0312027699: Africa in World Politics
0312027729: State, Industrial Relations and the Labour Movement in Latin America
0312027761: International Trade
0312027788: An Illustrated Guide to London, 1800
0312027826: Study Guide to Accompany LIPSITZ'S American Democracy
0312027893: Isherwood's Fiction : The Self and Technique
0312027958: Fiction of Joseph Heller : Against the Grain
0312027966: Survey of European Nuclear Policy, 1985-87
0312027990: Privatization and Educational Choice
0312028016: Deceptive Lure of Detente
0312028075: Subject and strategy: A rhetoric reader
0312028091: Imaginary Landscape
0312028105: Australia since the coming of man
0312028113: Soviet Propaganda Network : A Directory of Organizations Serving Soviet Foreign Policy
0312028164: Soviet Doctrine of Limited Sovereignty from Lenin to Gorbachev
0312028180: Revolutionary Struggle in the Philippines
0312028199: Gulf and International Security
0312028202: The Two German States and European Security
0312028210: French Caesarism from Napolean I to Charles De Gaulle
0312028237: Image of Women in Contemporary Soviet Fiction : Selected Short Stories from the U. S. S. R.
0312028245: The Image of Women in Contemporary Soviet Fiction: Selected Short Stories from the USSR
0312028253: Political Economy of International Air Safety
0312028296: Defence of White Power : South African Foreign Policy under Pressure
0312028377: Imitation and Innovation
0312028423: Language of Irish Literature
0312028431: Evolution of Nuclear Strategy
0312028458: Privatization and Educational Choice
0312028482: Getting to Know Cuba
0312028490: The Bedford introduction to literature
0312028504: The compact reader: Subjects, styles, and strategies
0312028512: Current Issues and Enduring Questions: Methods and Models of Argument
0312028520: Victorian Peasant
0312028539: Literary Daughters
0312028547: Namier: Historians on Historians
0312028555: Herodotus (Historians on Historians)
0312028571: Andy Warhol : The Factory Years, 1964-1967
0312028598: AIDS The HIV Myth
0312028601: American Renaissance
0312028628: The Angels' Share
0312028636: Aretha Franklin : The Queen of Soul
0312028644: Badger Game by Bowen, Michael
0312028652: The Bandersnatch
0312028660: Beloved Prison : A Journey into the Unknown Self
0312028679: The Benny Hill Story
0312028687: Betrayal: The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939
0312028695: Bette Midler
0312028717: Beyond the Horizon
0312028725: Billionaire Boys Club : Rich Kids, Money and Murder
0312028733: Blitz!
0312028741: Blood Rights
0312028776: THE BOOK OF THE DEAD
0312028784: Boys and Their Baby
0312028792: Brainfade
0312028806: Brass Eagle
0312028814: The Bridge (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312028822: Cabin Pressure
0312028830: Armand Hammer
0312028849: American Moment : American Poetry in the Mid-Century
0312028857: The Chosen One
0312028865: Coffin Underground
0312028873: A Compelling Case
0312028881: American Notes
0312028903: American Opinion & the Irish Question 1910 1923
0312028911: American Political Parties
0312028938: Daddy's Girl
0312028954: American Political Thought
0312028962: Dale Carnegie : The Man Who Influenced Millions
0312028970: Dark Star
0312028989: Dartwood's Daughters
0312028997: Dead Clever: An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312029004: Dead Men Don't Marry
0312029012: Death for a Dreamer
0312029020: Death in Verona
0312029039: Diane Keaton
0312029047: Disney Book of Knitting
0312029063: Don Baylor
0312029071: Dreams and Waking Visions: A Journal
0312029098: Dry White Tear
0312029101: Easy Livin' Microwave Cooking
0312029128: Enlightening Delilah (School for Manners, Vol 3)
0312029136: Eva's Story: A Survivor's Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank
0312029144: Exhumation of a Murder : The Life and Trial of Major Armstrong
0312029152: Final Dictation: A Medical Mystery
0312029160: Fire Horse
0312029179: Fortieth Birthday Body : A Suburban Mystery
0312029187: Foul Deeds
0312029195: Freefall
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