0312029209: Bad Man Is Easy to Find
0312029217: Going for the Cure
0312029225: Good Old-Fashioned Cakes
0312029233: Grandfather Medicine
0312029241: The green reapers
0312029268: Hatteras Blue
0312029276: Heart of the Continent
0312029284: Henry Ford
0312029292: Comeback Kids
0312029306: The Hunting of Mr. Gloves
0312029314: Hush, Money
0312029330: The Imperial Agent
0312029349: Jean Stafford: The Life of a Writer (Vermilion Books)
0312029357: Julia's Story
0312029365: Karin: A Novel
0312029373: Katherine Mansfield A Secret Life
0312029381: Kife
0312029411: Letting Blood
0312029438: Lexis : The Complete User's Guide
0312029446: Little Boxes of Bewilderment: Suspense Comedies
0312029454: Lodestar
0312029462: London Step by Step : The Definitive Guide to London's Streets and Sights
0312029489: Masques III
0312029497: Medicine Dog
0312029500: Mia Farrow: Flower Child, Madonna, Muse
0312029519: Run That Sucker at Six! : The Second Morgan Calabrese Collection
0312029527: Much Ado in Maggody
0312029535: Murder begins at home
0312029543: Murder at the Cat Show
0312029551: No Place to Cry (Bradshaw Trilogy, Vol 1)
0312029578: Notes on Living until We Say Goodbye
0312029586: Official Splatter Movie Guide
0312029594: On Being Gay : Thoughts on Family, Faith, and Love
0312029608: Silicon Dreams : Information, Man, and Machine
0312029616: Overheard at America's Lunch Counters
0312029624: Paint It Black: A J.D. Hawkins Mystery
0312029632: Pearls of Childhood
0312029640: Polo in the Rough
0312029659: If No News, Send Rumors
0312029667: The Princess and the Duchess
0312029675: Princess of Hanover: A Novel
0312029683: Provencal Tales
0312029691: Katwalk (Kat Colorado Mystery)
0312029705: The Queen's Head
0312029713: Remains to Be Seen
0312029721: Robert Taylor: The Man With the Perfect Face
0312029748: Rolling Stone Interviews : The 1980s
0312029756: America Personified : Portraits from History
0312029764: Hide and Seek
0312029772: Sailing Tips
0312029780: Seasons
0312029799: Shadowchase: A Novel of Murder
0312029802: Sigourney Weaver
0312029810: Single File : How to Live Happily Forever after with or Without Prince Charming
0312029829: South Street Confidential
0312029837: Spring Will Be Ours
0312029845: Spy in Chancery
0312029853: Spy Story
0312029861: The Spy Who Longed for Home
0312029888: Win the Food Fight : A Seven Week Victory Diet
0312029896: Tales of the Big Game Hunters,
0312029918: To Hear a Nightingale
0312029926: Twilight of the Dawn
0312029942: Under the Influence
0312029950: An Unfinished Tapestry
0312029969: Unknown hand
0312029977: You Never Believe Me
0312029985: A Very Particular Murder
0312029993: Vet in the Vestry
0312030002: The Waning of the West
0312030029: Wendel on the Rebound
0312030037: A Wicked Slice
0312030045: Woman's Estate
0312030053: Words' Worth : A Handbook on Writing and Selling Nonfiction
0312030061: Year's Best Fantasy
0312030088: Year's Best Science Fiction : Sixth Annual Collection
0312030096: Year's Best Science Fiction : 6th Annual Collection
0312030118: You'll Hear from Us
0312030134: Sheridan
0312030142: Christopher Caudwell: Towards a Dialectical Theory of Literature
0312030185: U. S. A. and the Middle East since World War II
0312030193: Keynesian Economic Policies : Proceedings of a Conference Held at the University of Paris I-Pantheon-Sorbonne
0312030207: Bear : The Storybook of the Film by Jean-Jacques Annaud
0312030215: Enter Second Murderer
0312030223: The living world
0312030231: Michael Caine's Moving Picture Show
0312030258: Special Kind of Nightmare
0312030266: Heart of Darkness
0312030274: Magic Carpets: 30 Easy-To-Make Rug Designs
0312030282: My First Murder
0312030304: New Etiquette : Real Manners for Real People in Real Situations
0312030452: America Personified Portraits From History
0312030614: Chorus Line and the Musicals of Michael Bennett
0312030630: Sociology of Gender : A Text-Reader
0312030649: Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs, and Other Threats to Your System : What They Are, How They Work, and How to Defend Your PC or Mainframe
0312030657: New Romanticism
0312030665: Philosophy and the Visual Arts : A Journal
0312030673: Denise Scott Brown : Urban Concepts and the Rise and Fall of Community Architecture
0312030711: Peace Movement in Israel, 1967-87
0312030738: Territory and State Power in Latin America: The Peruvian Case
0312030762: Hume
0312030770: Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers
0312030835: A Word of Ideas : Essential Readings for College Writers
0312030843: Resources for Teaching The Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312030908: John Donne: A Literary Life
0312030932: National Unification and Economic Development in Vietnam
0312030959: Work, Employment and Unemployment in the Soviet Union
0312030975: Chernobyl
0312030991: Labour's Decline and the Social Democrats' Fall
0312031025: Glory That Was Greece
0312031033: Splendour That Was Egypt
0312031068: The United Nations in the World Political Economy: Essays in Honour of Leon Gordenker (International political economy series)
0312031076: War, Literature and the Arts in Sixteenth-Century Europe
0312031084: Political Economy of Soviet Military Power
0312031106: Less Developed Countries and the World Trading System : A Challenge to the GATT
0312031114: The Technical Fix: Education, Computers and Industry
0312031157: America Since 1945
0312031165: America since Nineteen Forty-Five
0312031173: America since 1945
0312031181: Jews in contemporary East Germany : the children of Moses in the land of Marx
0312031203: American Public Policy: An Introduction
0312031211: American public policy: An introduction
0312031238: Italian Art Now
0312031246: The American Urban System A Geographical Perspective
0312031254: American Urban System: A Geographical Perspective
0312031289: American War Literature Nineteen Fourteen to Vietnam
0312031386: Among Friends: The Stories of Five Women
0312031394: Development Aid and Human Rights
0312031408: Twilight of Truth: Chamberlain Appeasement and the Manipulation of the Press
0312031416: Contemporary Vocabulary
0312031440: Minds, Brains, and Machines (Mind Matters)
0312031459: Art or Bunk?
0312031513: The Warsaw Pact and the Balkans: Moscow's Southern Flank
0312031580: Miata: Mazda Mx-5
0312031599: Deconstruction
0312031602: Forty under Forty : The New Generation in Britain
0312031610: Hegel, Heraclitus and Marx's Dialectic
0312031629: A Guide to the Financial Markets
0312031637: Guide to the Financial Markets
0312031645: Negotiating South Africa's Future
0312031661: Critical Thinking : A Guide to Interpreting Literary Texts
0312031688: A student's guide to history
0312031696: Extraordinary Groups
0312031718: Outlooks and Insights : A Reader for College Writers
0312031726: Trade Unions and Politics: A Comparative Introduction
0312031750: Rural Credit
0312031769: Ike Versus the Spenders : Eisenhower Economic Conservatism and the Liberal Response
0312031777: Evolution of British Disarmament Policy in the 1920s
0312031793: History of Africa
0312031815: European Community and the Challenge of the Future
0312031866: KENYA : The First Explorers
0312031874: Complete Avengers
0312031904: American Declarations of Love
0312031939: Behind the Uniform : Policing in Britain and America
0312031947: Ourselves in Southern Africa: An Anthology of Southern African Writing
0312031955: Rule of Law in a State of Emergency : The Paris Minimum Standards of Human Rights Norms in a State of Emergency
0312031963: Handbook for Teachers in Universities and Colleges : A Guide to Improving Teaching Methods
0312032005: Edith Wharton
0312032056: In the Name of the Volk : Political Justice in Hitler's Germany
0312032072: Logic : An Introduction
0312032080: Logic : An Introduction
0312032110: Ethics in the History of Western Philosophy
0312032129: Political Instability and American Foreign Policy
0312032137: Political Instability and American Foreign Policy
0312032153: Passages : A Writer's Guide
0312032161: Passages : A Writer's Guide
0312032188: One-Hour Kites
0312032218: Poetry and Narrative in Performance
0312032242: Labour's Path to Power : The New Revisionism
0312032277: Rasputin
0312032285: Last Great Game
0312032307: Graham Greene: A Revaluation : New Essays
0312032315: Perverted Consciousness : Sexuality and Sartre
0312032323: Happily Ever After?
0312032358: Statesman's Year-Book, 1989-1990
0312032366: The Peasant Soul of Japan
0312032374: Pity and Terror: Christianity and Tragedy
0312032382: European Community and the Challenge of the Future
0312032390: NATO Strategy and Nuclear Escalation
0312032412: Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction: Shorter Version
0312032420: Strangers and Friends : The Franco-German Security Relationship
0312032439: French Women Novelists: Defining a Female Style
0312032471: International Trade Policy: A Developing-Country Perspective
0312032501: European Factor Mobility : Trends and Consequences
0312032528: Introduction to Modern Political Theory
0312032536: Controlling Legal Addictions : Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Symposium of the Eugenics Society, London, 1988
0312032552: Analogy
0312032587: Handbook of Verification Procedures
0312032595: Bernadotte in Palestine, 1948: A Study in Contemporary Humanitarian Knight-Errantry
0312032609: Regular Economic Cycles : Money, Inflation, Regulation and Depressions
0312032617: Dismantling Truth: Reality In The Post-modern World (based On A Series Of Papers Presented At A Conference At The Ica And Related Materials)
0312032625: Managing Change in Excellent Banks
0312032633: Where the Domino Fell : America in Vietnam, 1945-1990
0312032668: Meeting Gorbachev's Challenge : How to Build down the NATO-Warsaw Pact Confrontation
0312032676: Meeting Gorbachev's Challenge : How to Build down the NATO-Warsaw Pact Confrontation
0312032684: Atlantic Relations : Beyond the Reagan Era
0312032692: Unpleasant Ways to Die
0312032714: Act of Rage
0312032722: Act One : An Autobiography
0312032749: After Big Game in Central Africa
0312032757: Hartman's game
0312032765: Alice Alone
0312032773: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, U.S.A. and Canada, 1990
0312032803: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, the South, 1990
0312032846: Analysis of Power : Core Elements and Structure
0312032854: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, the Middle Atlantic, 1990
0312032862: Another Time
0312032870: Argus Gambit
0312032889: Analytic Experience
0312032897: Arthritis : What Works
0312032919: Ash Ock: The Paratwa Saga, Book Two
0312032927: Bells of St. Mary
0312032935: Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction
0312032943: Big Game Hunting and Collecting in East Africa, 1903-1926
0312032951: Blood Line: An Inspector Faro Mystery
0312032978: Brighten the Corner Where You Are
0312032986: Broken Consort
0312032994: The Burning of the Rose
0312033001: Can My Bridesmaids Wear Black? : And 325 Other Most-Asked Etiquette Questions
0312033028: The Cheerio Killings
0312033036: Children of the Wind
0312033052: Clockwork
0312033060: Close-up on death
0312033087: Salman Rushdie and the Third World
0312033095: First Two Hundred Years of Monty Python
0312033109: Convoy East
0312033117: Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications
0312033125: Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications
0312033133: Copland Since 1943
0312033176: Daughter of Shanghai
0312033184: Dead Fix
0312033192: The Dead Pull Hitter
0312033206: Deadline
0312033214: Death Arms
0312033222: Death of a Perfect Wife : A Hamish Macbeth Mystery
0312033230: Death on the Mississippi (A Lyon and Bea Wentworth Mystery)
0312033249: Decisive Factors in Twenty Great Battles of the World
0312033265: Diet to Die for
0312033273: Dreamspy
0312033281: Dying Voices
0312033303: Emergency! : Behind the Emergency Doors of a New York City Hospital
0312033311: Encouraging the Artist in Your Child : (Even If You Can't Draw)
0312033338: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1990 : The Continent
0312033346: Everybody Loves You
0312033354: Eye for an Eye
0312033362: Eyes in the Fire
0312033370: Far Forbidden Plains
0312033389: Fatal Charm
0312033397: The Film Yearbook 1990
0312033400: Shark Tank : Greed, Politics, and the Collapse of Finley, Kumble - America's Second-Largest Law Firm
0312033419: Finessing Clarissa
0312033427: Flight of Flamingo
0312033435: Forties Screen Style : A Celebration of High Pastiche in Hollywood
0312033443: Four Men Went to War: The Stories of Odell Dobson, American Air Gunner, George Paine, British Paratrooper, Helmut Steiner, German Panzer Driver, Ant
0312033451: Four on the Floor
0312033478: Frozen Assets
0312033486: Frozen Stare
0312033494: Full Cleveland
0312033508: Geronimo!
0312033516: Anathema Stone
0312033524: Get Me Ellis Rubin! : The Life, Times and Cases of a Maverick Lawyer
0312033532: Ghost Hunters: True Stories from the World's Most Famous Demonologists
0312033540: Green Leaves of Summer : The Second Season of Rosie Carr
0312033559: Have an Out-of-Body Experience in 30 Days : The Free Flight Program
0312033567: Anatomy of a Murder
0312033575: The Hills and the Valley
0312033583: The Himmler Equation
0312033591: History of the Mormons
0312033605: Anatomy of film
0312033613: Hollywood's Golden Year, 1939 : A 50th Anniversary Celebration
0312033621: Holy Treasure!
0312033648: How to Go to the Movies
0312033656: I Think I Can, I Know I Can! : Using Self-Talk to Help Raise Confident, Secure Kids
0312033664: In the Hornets' Nest : Charlotte and Its First Year in the N. B. A.
0312033680: Insider's Guide to the Colleges 1990
0312033699: Jem : Memoirs of an Ottoman Secret Agent
0312033702: Jeremiah Martin: A Revolutionary War Novel
0312033710: Just Say No : A Play about a Farce
0312033729: Kiet and the Golden Peacock
0312033737: Kitty : An Autobiography
0312033745: The Land of Our Dreams
0312033753: Let's Go: Britain and Ireland
0312033761: Let's Go: California and Hawaii, 1990
0312033788: Let's Go, 1990 : The Budget Guide to France
0312033796: Let's Go, 1990 : The Budget Guide to Greece
0312033818: Let's Go: Italy, 1990
0312033826: Let's Go, 1990 : The Budget Guide to Mexico
0312033834: Let's Go, 1990 : The Budget Guide to the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada, and Alaska
0312033842: Let's Go, 1990 : The Budget Guide to Spain, Portugal and Morocco
0312033850: Let's Go: USA, 1990
0312033869: Lily Tomlin : Woman of a Thousand Faces
0312033877: Lost Giants
0312033885: Love Lies Slain
0312033893: Lucid Dreams in 30 Days
0312033915: Maiden's End
0312033923: Make Sure You Do Not Have Breast Cancer
0312033931: The Man in the Moon
0312033958: Anatomy of Film
0312033966: The Man Who Wasn't There
0312033974: The Market Square Dog
0312033982: Mary and the Giant
0312034008: Miss Lizzie
0312034016: White Crow
0312034024: Modern Women
0312034032: Movie talk: Who said what about whom in the movies
0312034040: Murchisons
0312034059: Murder Has a Pretty Face
0312034067: Murder in the Rose Garden
0312034075: No Time to Wave Goodbye
0312034083: Anatomy of Horror the Masters of Occult Fiction
0312034091: The Noose of Time
0312034113: Perfect Crimes: My Favorite Mystery Stories
0312034121: Personal Dispatches : Writers Confront AIDS
0312034148: Razzle Dazzle : The Life and Work of Bob Fosse
0312034156: Reader, I Murdered Him: Original Crime Stories by Women
0312034164: Recovering Together : How to Help an Alcoholic Without Hurting Yourself
0312034172: The Refuge
0312034180: The Regiment
0312034199: Rhineland : The Battle to End the War
0312034202: The Ripper's Apprentice
0312034210: Risks
0312034237: Book of Rune Cards : Sacred Play for Self-Discovery
0312034245: Serpent's Mark
0312034253: Shakespeare the Man
0312034261: The Shaman Tree
0312034288: Skintight Shroud
0312034296: Song of Bernadette
0312034318: Sound of Wings : The Life of Amelia Earhart
0312034326: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Basketball
0312034334: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football, 1960-1989
0312034342: The Stone Hawk
0312034350: Stray Shot
0312034369: Sudden Fury : A True Story of Adoption and Murder
0312034377: Summer Visitors
0312034385: Ten Commando, 1942-1945
0312034393: That Nice Miss Smith
0312034407: The Tijuana Bible
0312034415: A Time for Dying
0312034423: Tincture of Death
0312034431: To Catch a Forger
0312034458: Tregaran
0312034466: Uncle John's Second Bathroom Reader
0312034474: Untold Decades : Seven Comedies of Gay Romance
0312034482: Unwritten Chronicles of Robert E. Lee
0312034490: Victoria Principal
0312034504: W. C. Fields : His Follies and Fortunes
0312034512: What to Do with the Kids on a Rainy Day : Or in a Car, or on a Train, or When They're Sick...
0312034520: Who Killed John Lennon?
0312034539: Women's House
0312034547: A World Too Wide
0312034555: Worry Bead Book
0312034571: Culture and the Media in the U.S.S.R. Today
0312034598: Theatre for the Young
0312034644: Radical Fictions and the Novels of Norman Mailer
0312034652: Anatomy of the Motor Car
0312034660: Bedford Guide to the Research Process
0312034687: Ourselves among Others : Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers
0312034695: Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312034717: Vic and Blood
0312034725: The Ransom of Black Stealth One
0312034733: My Time at Tiffany's
0312034741: Death Takes the Stage
0312034806: Easy Livin' Microwave Cooking for the Holidays
0312034814: Lillian Hellman : Her Legend and Her Legacy
0312034822: Mary McCarthy : A Life
0312034849: Strickland : A Romance
0312034857: Wellness Book of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
0312034865: Rolling Stone Interviews, 1967-1980
0312034881: Undue Influence
0312034911: Runes, An Introduction.
0312034946: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312034954: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312034962: Spectrum of Responsibility
0312034989: European Polyphony
0312035020: Criticism : Major Statements
0312035039: Writing From Sources
0312035047: Writing from Sources
0312035063: Structuring Paragraphs : A Guide to Effective Writing
0312035071: Social History of Western Civilization
0312035101: Viking Achievement : The Society and Culture of Early Medieval Scandinavia
0312035136: Sacred Places
0312035152: Interplay : Sentence Skills in Context
0312035187: Mission with UNIFIL : An African Soldier's Reflections
0312035209: Malevich: An Art & Design Profile
0312035217: Drawing Into Architecture 20TH Century A
0312035225: Spirit of Place : Nine Neo-Romantic Artists and Their Times
0312035241: D.H. Lawrence
0312035284: Malcolm Lowry Eighty Years On
0312035306: Japans Growing Power : Ends and Means
0312035349: France, 1914-18 : Public Opinion and the War Effort
0312035454: The Bedford guide for college writers: With readings and handbook
0312035462: Scarlet Letter
0312035470: Wuthering Heights
0312035500: Readings in Popular Culture
0312035527: International Business in Gorbachev's Soviet Union
0312035535: Structural Adjustment in Africa
0312035551: World Trade : Monetary Order and Latin America
0312035608: Man After Man
0312035624: What Economists Know : An Economic Policy Primer for the 1990s and Beyond
0312035632: Wheels of Eternity : A Comparative Study of William Blake and W. B. Yeats
0312035640: Ten Great English Novelists
0312035659: Edith Wharton
0312035667: New American Writing : Essays on American Literature Since 1970
0312035675: Films of Sean Connery
0312035713: William Faulkner : The Yoknapatawpha Fiction
0312035721: Dylan Thomas : Craft or Sullen Art
0312035748: The Future of American Foreign Policy
0312035799: Nature of Man in Early Stoic Philosophy
0312035802: Story of Unity Theatre
0312035810: Words' Worth : A Handbook on Writing and Selling Nonfiction
0312035829: Sin and Fear : The Emergence of a Western Guilt Culture 13th-18th Centuries
0312035837: Ancient Persian Designs in Needlepoint
0312035853: Bedford Reader
0312035861: Bedford Reader
0312035888: The Bedford handbook for writers
0312035896: The Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312035918: Desire and the Political Unconscious in American Literature : Eros and Ideology
0312035926: Hemingway's Art of Non-Fiction
0312035985: Science Fiction Roots and Branches : Contemporary Critical Approaches
0312036019: Makers of the western tradition: Portraits from history
0312036027: Desire and the Political Unconscious in American Literature : Eros and Ideology
0312036035: President As World Leader
0312036043: Reading, Responding, Writing
0312036078: Soviet Foreign Policy : New Dynamics, New Themes
0312036108: Great Power Relations in Argentina, Chile and Antarctica
0312036116: Political Economy of Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
0312036124: Political Economy of Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia
0312036132: And All Was Revealed: Ladies' Underwear, 1907-1980
0312036140: And in the Morning
0312036159: And Then They Die
0312036167: Britain and the Soviet Union, 1917-89
0312036175: And the lucky winner is--: A complete guide to winning sweepstakes and contests
0312036191: And Wretches Hang
0312036213: Bankers' and Public Authorities' Management of Risks : Proceedings of the Second International Banking Colloquium Held by the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de l'Universite de Lausanne
0312036221: The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction.
0312036248: Seduction
0312036264: Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits from History
0312036272: Reading for a Purpose
0312036310: Crucial Era : The Great Depression and WWII, 1929-1945
0312036337: Mutual Friends: Charles Dickens and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital
0312036345: Tyranny of Change : America in the Progressive Era, 1890-1920
0312036353: Great War and the Search for a Modern Order : A History of the American People and Their Institutions
0312036361: And You Thought It Was All Over!
0312036418: Empire and Cold War : The Roots of U. S.-Third World Antagonism, 1945-47
0312036426: Regaining the High Ground : NATO's Stake in the New Talks on Conventional Forces in Europe
0312036434: Regaining the High Ground : NATO's Stake in the New Talks on Conventional Forces in Europe
0312036469: Reagan Presidency : An Incomplete Revolution?
0312036477: Andrew Lloyd Webber
0312036485: Ethics for Modern Life
0312036493: Andromeda: An original SF anthology
0312036507: Emily Dickinson's Readings of Men and Books: Sacred Soundings
0312036515: A Guide to writing sociology papers
0312036523: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312036531: Puzzles, Paradoxes and Problems
0312036558: Soviet Politics : Struggling with Change
0312036566: American Foreign Policy : Pattern and Process
0312036574: Reality, Knowledge and the Good Life
0312036590: Angel Face
0312036612: God : Relationships with and Without God
0312036639: Imported Pioneers : Westerners Who Helped Build Modern Japan
0312036647: Unconformities in Shakespeare's Tragedies
0312036663: Language of D.H. Lawrence
0312036698: Anglo-American Defence Relations, 1939-1980: the Special Relationship
0312036701: Anglo-American Defense Relations 1939-1984
0312036728: Practical Astrologer
0312036779: Spirit of Chinese Foreign Policy
0312036787: Aristotle's Theory of the State
0312036795: Technology Transfer in the Developing Countries
0312036825: Introduction to Ethics
0312036833: Coleridge's Career
0312036876: Portraits of American Women: From Settlement to the Present/Combined Volume
0312036884: International Science and Technology : Philosophy, Theory and Policy
0312036892: Advance, Retreat : Selected Short Stories
0312036906: My time in Hawaii; a Polynesian memoir.
0312036914: Quilter's Country Christmas
0312036930: Flamingo
0312036965: Interpersonal Communication : A Goals-Based Approach
0312036981: W. H. Hudson and the Elusive Paradise
0312037015: Socialism and Morality
0312037031: Novels of Rex Warner : An Introduction
0312037066: In Pursuit of Equality : Women, Public Policy, and the Federal Courts
0312037074: Future of Financial Systems and Services : Essays in Honour of Jack Revell
0312037082: Twentieth-Century Suspense : The Thriller Comes of Age
0312037120: Teaching with The Bedford guide for college writers, second edition, by X.J. Kennedy and Dorothy M. Kennedy
0312037139: Resources for Teaching: Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers-2nd Ed.
0312037147: Economic Issues Today : Alternative Approaches
0312037163: American Government : Readings on Continuity and Change
0312037198: Macroeconomic Issues Today : Alternative Approaches
0312037201: American Constitutional Law : Cases and Interpretation
0312037228: Anglo-French Clash in Lebanon and Syria, 1940-45
0312037236: Microeconomic Issues Today : Alternative Approaches
0312037260: Class, Power and Technology
0312037279: Genghis Khan : Conqueror of the World
0312037287: Criss Cross
0312037295: Icons
0312037333: Strategy in the Southern Oceans : A South American View
0312037368: Winters Tales, New Series 5 (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312037376: Buffalo Bills Official Trivia Book
0312037384: Gulf War : Regional and International Dimensions
0312037406: Anglo-Saxon Chronicles : The Courage of Kings, the Goodness of Saints and the Romance of English History
0312037414: Knit a Nursery Rhyme
0312037449: Walt Whitman : The Poem as Private History
0312037465: Preface to Public Administration : A Search for Themes and Direction
0312037473: World Security
0312037503: Reformation
0312037813: Animal Life
0312037821: Animal Hotel
0312037899: Baseballistics
0312037902: Adult Entertainment
0312037910: Angel of Death
0312037929: The Asking Price
0312037937: August Ice
0312037945: Ava's Men : The Private Life of Ava Gardner
0312037953: Bar Stories
0312037961: The Beneficiaries
0312037988: Body in the Belfry
0312037996: A Border Station
0312038003: Cambio Bay
0312038011: Cinnabar
0312038038: Confirm or Deny
0312038046: Contrary Investing for the '90s : How to Profit by Going Against the Crowd
0312038054: Counterfeiter: The Sotry of a Master Forger
0312038062: Barbara Walters: An Unauthorized Biography
0312038089: Deadly Safari
0312038097: Death for a Double
0312038100: Death in a Lonely Land : More Hunting, Fishing, and Shooting on Five Continents
0312038119: Death Notice: A Pete Brady Mystery
0312038127: Death Wore a Diadem
0312038135: Deficit Ending
0312038143: Diamond in the Buff
0312038186: Dieter's Pharmacy
0312038194: Dog in the Dark
0312038208: Animating Maria (School for Manners, Vol 5)
0312038216: Easy Livin' Low-Calorie Microwave Cooking : Fast, Easy, Great-Tasting Recipes That Will Turn Your Microwave into a Dieter's Best Friend
0312038259: Elizabeth Barrett Browning : The Life and Loves of a Poet
0312038267: Escape Factory
0312038275: The Estuary Pilgrim
0312038283: Fighting Words: The War Correspondents of World War Two
0312038291: Animated Architecture
0312038305: Shark Tank : Greed, Politics, and the Collapse of Finley Kumble, America's Second-Largest Law Firm
0312038313: The Fireman
0312038348: Fly by Night
0312038356: Four Steps to Death
0312038364: Gay and Lesbian Poetry in Our Time
0312038372: Woman's Own
0312038380: Goatsong: A Novel of Ancient Athens (Walled Orchard Series, Vol 1)
0312038399: Gone to Her Death
0312038402: Goodnight, Sweet Prince
0312038429: His father's son
0312038437: Houston in the Rearview Mirror
0312038445: Guilt on the Lily
0312038461: How to Write and Sell Your First Nonfiction Book
0312038488: In Full Possession
0312038518: It's Only Rock 'n Roll : My On-the-Road Adventures with the Rolling Stones
0312038526: Journey from Prague Street
0312038542: Kill the Messenger
0312038569: Last Surprise
0312038577: The Last Victory
0312038585: Like We Used to Be
0312038593: Living Legend of Saint Patrick
0312038615: Logic of the Heart
0312038623: Marilyn, Mon Amour
0312038631: The Merry Devils
0312038739: Annotated Bibliography of Health Economics
0312038755: Annual Obituary 1980
0312038763: Annual Obituary, 1981 (Annual Obituary)
0312038771: Annual Obituary 1982
0312038879: Simple Suburban Murder
0312038887: Report for Murder
0312038895: Necessity of Empty Places
0312038925: New Orleans Mourning
0312038933: Mom Meets Her Maker
0312038941: Mrs. Malory Investigates
0312038968: Murphy's Fault
0312038976: Nightlight
0312038984: My Dead Brother
0312038992: Northern Exposure
0312039018: On Life and Living
0312039026: Once a Bum, Always a Dodger : My Life in Baseball
0312039034: One Gallant Rush : Robert Gould Shaw and His Brave Black Regiment
0312039042: Outfoxed
0312039050: Painkiller
0312039069: Parents' Guide to Raising Twins
0312039077: Park Lane South, Queens
0312039085: The Peacock's Feather
0312039093: Peregrine Dream
0312039107: Playing God
0312039115: The Plot to Kill Wallis Simpson
0312039123: Princeton Plan : The Revolutionary Weight-Control Program That Puts Your Body's Good Fat to Work Burning Away Unwanted Fat Forever
0312039131: Private Knowledge
0312039158: The Problem of Evil
0312039166: ProfScam
0312039174: Pure Murder
0312039182: Rainy North Woods
0312039190: The Ravished Earth
0312039212: Reports from the Holocaust : The Making of an AIDS Activist
0312039220: Revelation
0312039239: Rites of Sacrifice
0312039247: Royalty Revealed
0312039255: Rudyard Kipling
0312039263: Sanibel Flats
0312039271: Saul Bellow
0312039301: Severed Soul
0312039328: Sherlock Holmes and the Mysterious Friend of Oscar Wilde
0312039336: Simple Suburban Murder
0312039344: Sisters: A Revealing Portrait of the World's Most Famous Diva
0312039352: Slay Your Own Dragons : How Women Can Overcome Self-Sabotage in Love and Work
0312039360: SOME DIE YOUNG
0312039379: Something to Hide
0312039387: Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball, 1990
0312039395: Star of the North
0312039409: Stone Veil
0312039417: Taking the Veil
0312039425: Teardown
0312039433: This Club Frowns on Murder
0312039441: To Killashea
0312039484: Vegetarian Handbook : Eating Right for Total Health
0312039492: Concerto
0312039506: Weapons : An International Encyclopedia from 5000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
0312039514: Weapons : An International Encyclopedia from 5000 B.C. to 2000 A.D.
0312039522: Who Farted Now?
0312039530: Who's Who in New Country Music
0312039549: Willie, the Life of W. Somerset Maugham
0312039557: Why isn't Becky Twitchell dead?.
0312039565: The Woman in the Cloak
0312039573: Women Who Shop Too Much : Overcoming the Urge to Splurge
0312039603: World Series
0312039611: Only the Lonely: Roy Orbison's Life and Legacy
0312039646: Fighter Kites: 29 Original Designs to Make and Fly
0312039654: All My Worldly Goods
0312039662: Family Affair
0312039670: Flying Start: A Fighter Pilot's War Years
0312039689: Ill-Bred Bride
0312039697: Naja : A Gallagher Novel
0312039700: Turn of the Dice
0312039727: Dieter's Pharmacy
0312039778: Cuisines of Asia : Nine Great Oriental Cuisines by Technique
0312039786: Reflections in a Jaundiced Eye
0312039794: Work, Study, Travel Abroad
0312039808: Work, Study, Travel Abroad, 1990-1991 : The Whole World Handbook
0312039816: Death Squad London
0312039824: Isle of Noises : Including Van Morrison, U2, and Sinead O'Connor
0312039832: New Art International
0312039840: Reconstruction-Deconstruction
0312039883: What Is Post-Modernism?
0312039891: Reconstruction Deconstruction: An Architectural Design Profile
0312039956: International Defence Collaboration
0312039972: Reflections on Money
0312039980: Russia's Retreat from Poland: From Permanent Revolution to Peaceful Coexistence
0312040024: Reasonable Care
0312040032: Soviet Statistics
0312040040: Images of Freud: Cultural Responses to Psychoanalysis
0312040059: Readings for Composition : A Writer's Anthology
0312040091: Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1700-1789
0312040105: Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1700-1789
0312040121: Seventeenth-Century Europe : State, Conflict and the Social Order in Europe, 1598-1700
0312040156: Origami Zoo : An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals
0312040164: No Roof but Heaven
0312040172: Spirit of Thomas G. Masaryk, 1850-1937 : An Anthology
0312040180: Teaching With The Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312040210: Alexander Pope : A Literary Life
0312040229: Domestic Determinants of Soviet Foreign Policy Towards South Asia and the Middle East
0312040288: Nietzsche and the Spirit of Tragedy
0312040296: Doctors and the State in the Soviet Union
0312040326: Crochet Workbook
0312040350: Commercial Observation Satellites and International Security
0312040377: Andre Gide
0312040385: D. H. Lawrence
0312040393: Muriel Spark
0312040407: Who's Who, 1990
0312040458: HIV and AIDS
0312040482: Prince Charles and the Architectural Debate
0312040490: Route 66 : The Mother Road
0312040504: Lets Take the Kids
0312040520: Competent Communication
0312040571: Competent Communication
0312040598: Elements of Argument
0312040628: Theory of Markets
0312040652: British Republic, 1649-1660
0312040709: Soviet-Third World Relations in a Capitalist World
0312040725: Cambridge and the Monetary Theory of Production
0312040733: Food Insecurity and the Social Division of Labour in Tanzania, 1919-1985
0312040741: Constitutional Confrontation in Hong Kong : Issues and Implications of the Basic Law
0312040768: Reform in the Soviet Union : Glasnost and the Future
0312040776: Rise of Modern Japan
0312040784: Rise of Modern Japan
0312040806: Poetry of Survival : Post-War Poets of Central and Eastern Europe
0312040857: Technology and the Tyranny of Export Controls
0312040865: Strategic Power : U.S.A. - U.S.S.R.
0312040873: Strategic Power: Usa/Ussr.
0312040903: Virginia Woolf
0312040946: Reding Resistance Value : Deconstructive Practice and the Politics of Literary Critical Encounters
0312040970: West and the Soviet Union : Politics and Policy
0312040989: West and the Soviet Union : Politics and Policy
0312041152: Transitions
0312041179: Editorial Eye
0312041195: Language Planning in the Soviet Union
0312041209: Hostile Action : The KGB and Secret Soviet Operations in Britain
0312041217: American Women Writers : Diverse Voices in Prose since 1845
0312041225: Land of Gods and Giants
0312041233: Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty
0312041241: Novelists in Their Youth
0312041268: Narses, Hammer of the Goths
0312041276: Report on the Loss of the S. S. Titanic : Official British Government Report
0312041284: Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury
0312041292: Feminist Theatre
0312041322: Human Resource Management in International Firms
0312041330: The Sampler Quilt Workbook
0312041411: Concepts of the Ultimate : Philosophical Perspectives on the Nature of the Divine
0312041454: Secret Sins
0312041462: Olivia and Jai
0312041470: Voice Crying in the Wilderness : Notes from a Secret Journal
0312041489: S Day
0312041497: Lingerie Fantasies
0312041772: Thinking about South Africa : Reason, Morality and Politics
0312041780: Capitalism in Crisis : An International Perspective on the 1930's
0312041799: Soviet Sea Power
0312041853: Anonymous Was a Woman
0312041861: Anonymous Was a Woman
0312041888: Europe's Global Links : The European Community and Inter-Regional Cooperation
0312041896: Soviet Strategy Interests in the North
0312041918: East-West Relations in the 1990s : The Naval Dimension
0312041926: His Father's Son
0312041934: France, the Cold War and the Western Alliance, 1944-1949 : French Foreign Policy and Post-War Europe
0312041942: General Principles of EEC Law and the Individual
0312041950: Another Cat Book
0312041977: Conflict : Practices in Management, Settlement and Resolution
0312041985: Another Street, Another Dance
0312041993: Horizon Reader
0312042027: Horizon Reader : Shorter Edition
0312042078: Drugs in Adolescent Worlds : Burnouts to Straights
0312042086: J. F. C. Fuller : Military Thinker
0312042094: Political Ideas of Leo Strauss
0312042116: French Communist Party and the Algerian War
0312042124: Decision-Aiding Software
0312042132: Contemporary American Writing
0312042159: 1910-1916 ANTARCTIC PHOTOGRAPHS
0312042167: Saigon Dreaming
0312042205: Feminist Fiction : Feminist Uses of Generic Fiction
0312042213: Antarctica Cookbook : A Novel
0312042256: Against Postmodernism : A Marxist Critique
0312042264: Uncertainity and Control : Future Soviet and American Strategy
0312042272: Anthology of Modern Swiss Literature
0312042299: South Korea and the Socialist Countries : The Politics of Trade
0312042302: Armenia : The Survival of a Nation
0312042329: East-West Trade and the Atlantic Alliance
0312042345: Arab Nationalism : A Critical Enquiry
0312042353: Anthony Eden.
0312042361: Anthony Eden at the Foreign Office, 1931-1938
0312042396: Western Civilization - A Concise History : From Early Societies to the Present
0312042418: In Her Own Write : Twentieth-Century Women's Fiction
0312042477: Reclaiming the High Ground, a Christian response to secularism
0312042485: China : Modernization in the Nineteen Eighties
0312042493: New American Dramatists, 1960-1990 (Modern Dramatists Series)
0312042566: Arguments and Arguing : The Products and Processes of Human Decision Making
0312042582: Vase for a Flower : Tales of an Antique Dealer
0312042590: Artemia
0312042604: At Ease with the Dead
0312042612: Authors' Lives : On Literary Biography and the Arts of Language
0312042639: Bad Neighbors
0312042647: Beauty Sleep
0312042655: Beloved Prison
0312042663: Bethlehem Road
0312042671: Beyond Reason : The True Story of a Shocking Double Murder, a Brilliant and Beautiful Virginia Socialite, and a Deadly Psychotic Obsession
0312042698: Bodies of Water
0312042728: Body and Its Dangers and Other Stories
0312042736: Body to Dye For : A Mystery
0312042744: Inhumane Society
0312042752: Caesar Clue: A Micah Dunn Mystery
0312042760: Marrying Harriet
0312042779: Catering to Nobody
0312042787: Championship Tactics : How Anyone Can Sail Faster, Smarter, and Win Races
0312042795: Cords of Vanity
0312042809: Chorus Line and the Musicals of Michael Bennett
0312042817: Clowns of God
0312042825: Coffin in the Museum of Crime
0312042833: Companion to Chian
0312042841: Conflict of Interests
0312042868: Courtship of Peggy Mccoy
0312042884: Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and the Post-War Rock 'N' Roll Revolution
0312042892: Cry in the City
0312042906: Cry of Shadows
0312042914: Curse the Darkness
0312042922: The Cut Throat
0312042930: David's Delicious Weight-Loss Program
0312042949: The Day the Thames Caught Fire
0312042957: By Reason of Insanity
0312042965: Death in Close-Up
0312042973: Death of an Innocent
0312042981: Death on Site
0312043007: Devils, for a Change
0312043031: Dissenter in the House of God
0312043058: Anthropology Through Science Fiction
0312043066: Dream of Kings
0312043074: Dreamer
0312043082: The Dying of the Light
0312043090: Elvis Costello - God's Comic : A Critical Companion to His Lyrics and Music
0312043104: Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock and Soul
0312043112: The English School of Murder
0312043120: Quality Tennis after 50 or 60
0312043139: Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs
0312043147: Evil at Root
0312043155: Fatal Diagnosis
0312043163: Flesh
0312043171: Normal Men/Desperate Women
0312043198: Ghost of the Sun
0312043201: Girl with Red Suspenders
0312043228: Angel, Archangel
0312043236: Halfhyde and the Admiral
0312043244: Hallelujah Flight
0312043252: He's Dead--She's Dead: Details at Eleven
0312043260: Heaven and Hell
0312043279: Herald of Joy
0312043287: High and Lonely Road
0312043295: Home Secretary Will See You Now
0312043309: I Can't Believe This Has No Sugar
0312043317: Purpose of Evasion
0312043325: In the Teeth of Adversity
0312043333: Inner Natures
0312043376: The Reluctant King: The Life and Reign of George Vi, 1895-1952
0312043384: Larkspur : A Mystery
0312043392: Lazarus
0312043430: Lump It or Leave It
0312043449: Making Good Blood
0312043457: Anthropology and Political Economy : Theoretical and Asian Perspectives
0312043473: Man to Man : When the Woman You Love Has Breast Cancer
0312043481: Martha Gellhorn : Her Life and Times
0312043503: Military Quotation Book
0312043511: Month of the Freezing Moon : The Sand Creek Massacre, November 1864
0312043538: Murder in State
0312043546: Murder in the Blue Room
0312043554: Murder in Charleston Manner
0312043562: Museums in New York
0312043570: Kiss of Death
0312043694: Antic Fables : Patterns of Evasion in Shakespeare's Comedies
0312043988: Not Long for This World
0312043996: Painless Path to Proper Punctuation
0312044003: Paper Chase
0312044038: Plainsong : A Fable for the Millennium
0312044054: Private Revenge
0312044062: How to Be Successfully Published
0312044070: A Question of Risk
0312044097: Rage
0312044119: Rain Delays
0312044127: Randy Travis
0312044135: Return of Mr. Campion
0312044143: Robbed Blind
0312044151: Secrets of the Royals
0312044178: Art and Science of Sails : A Guide to Modern Materials, Construction, Aerodynamics, Upkeep......
0312044186: The Environmental Wars: Reports from the Front Line
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