0312044194: September
0312044208: Seventeen Morton Street
0312044216: Shoes of the Fisherman
0312044232: Sister Hollywood
0312044240: Snake Oil
0312044259: Soviet Union, 2000
0312044267: Special Interests
0312044283: Sporting Life : The Duke and Jackie, Pee Wee, Razor Phil, Ali, Mushky Jackson and Me
0312044291: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football: The Modern Era, 1960-1990
0312044305: St. Lawrence Run
0312044313: Stones, Bones and Ancient Cities : Great Discoveries in Archaelogical and the Search for Human Origins
0312044348: Taboo Scarf and Other Tales
0312044372: Polo's Wild Card
0312044380: To Catch the Sun
0312044402: News of My Death Was Greatly Exaggerated: How I Survived the Texas Depression : My Financial Strategies for the '90s
0312044410: A Vow of Silence
0312044445: The Wench is Dead
0312044461: What Was Watergate?
0312044518: Year's Best Science Fiction : Seventh Annual Collection
0312044526: Year's Best Science Fiction : 7th Annual Collection
0312044550: Autumn Across America
0312044569: Journey into Summer
0312044577: North with the Spring
0312044585: Wandering Through Winter
0312044593: Clowns of God
0312044607: Shoes of the Fisherman
0312044615: Dick Tracy Casebook
0312044623: Dick Tracy Casebook : Favorite Adventures, 1931-1990
0312044631: How to Be Successfully Published
0312044658: Play Football the NFL Way
0312044666: Wild Justice
0312044674: September
0312044690: Frankenstein Mary Shelley
0312044704: Weimar : Why Did German Democracy Fail?
0312044739: Situation of the Story : Short Fiction in Contemporary Perspective
0312044755: Twentieth Century, 1900 to Present
0312044763: Nineteenth Century, 1798-1900
0312044771: Restoration and Eighteenth Century (Sixteen Sixty to Seventeen Ninety-Eight)
0312044798: Middle Ages (700-1550)
0312044852: Of Making Many Books
0312044860: Laos : Beyond the Revolution
0312044895: Chirac's France, 1986-1988 : Contemporary Issues in French Society
0312044909: Solidarity Congress, 1981 : The Great Debate
0312044925: Gorbachev's U. S. S. R.
0312044933: Federal Union: The Pioneers : A History of Federal Union
0312044968: Art of Contemporary English Culture
0312044976: Evolution of Economic Systems : Essays in Honor of Ota Sik
0312044984: Pakistan's Defence Policy, 1947 to 1958
0312044992: Neighbourhood Policy and Programmes : Past and Present
0312045018: Friedrich Engels: His Life And Thought
0312045069: International Finance and the Less Developed Countries
0312045107: Gorbachev and Perestroika
0312045123: Trade, Planning and Rural Development : Essays in Honour of Nurul Islam
0312045174: Motown Album : The Sound of Young America
0312045182: The Antonov Project
0312045190: German Art Now
0312045204: Any man can: The multiple orgasmic technique for every loving man
0312045212: New Architecture: The New Moderns and the Super Moderns
0312045220: Anything but the Truth
0312045239: Anything Can Happen
0312045247: Anything Can Happen
0312045263: Richard Meier
0312045271: English Politics in the Thirteenth Century
0312045298: Light at the End of the Tunnel : A Vietnam War Anthology
0312045301: Bedford Basics
0312045336: Human Rights : Realities and Possibilities: Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Yugoslavia and Hungary
0312045344: Altered Loves
0312045352: Friendly Tyrants : An American Dilemma
0312045360: End of the Cold War
0312045662: Moulin Rouge
0312045670: Freud : Knowing and Not Wanting to Know
0312045689: Counter-Revolution in France, 1787-1830
0312045697: Economics of the European Community
0312045727: Lords of the Air
0312045735: Over the Sea to Die
0312045743: Rules of the Game
0312045751: Chic Shopper's Guide to Paris
0312045778: Soul of a Cop : Rescues, Chases, Collars, Shoot-Outs, and Headlines from a Celebrated Career
0312045794: Sarah Cobb
0312045808: Brother Lowdown
0312045816: Splatterpunks
0312045824: Small Change : A Life of Tom Waits
0312045867: Uncle John's Third Bathroom Reader
0312045875: Route 66 Traveler's Guide and Roadside Companion
0312045883: Bat Chain Puller
0312045891: In Silence : Growing Up Hearing in a Deaf World
0312045980: Home Mountain
0312045999: Death Is a Two Stroke Penalty
0312046022: Sister Hood : A Sister Mary Teresa Mystery
0312046057: Never Leave Your Bosom in a Front-Hook Bra
0312046065: Boys Like Us
0312046073: Inherit the Skies
0312046103: Kathmandu : The Forbidden Valley
0312046111: Armenian Tragedy : An Eye-Witness Account of Human Conflict and Natural Disaster in Armenia and Azerbaijan
0312046138: Women and Disability : The Experience of Physical Disability among Women
0312046146: Statesman's Year-Book, 1990-1991
0312046162: Shakespeare : Out of Court: Dramatizations of Court Society
0312046197: Conversion of the Jews and Other Essays
0312046227: Warsaw Treaty Organization : A Political and Organizational Analysis
0312046251: America since Nineteen Forty-Five
0312046278: Enhancing European Security
0312046286: Enhancing European Security
0312046294: Myth of Japanese Uniqueness
0312046308: Thomas Pynchon: Allusive Parables of Power
0312046340: State of Social Control : A Sociological Study of Concepts of State and Social Control in The Making of Democracy
0312046359: Women's Health from Womb to Tomb
0312046367: Economic Decision-Making in a Changing World
0312046375: Thomas Clarkson : A Biography
0312046383: Language of Political Leadership in Contemporary Britain
0312046405: Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, 1990
0312046448: A Proper Breakfast
0312046472: Approaches to Addictions
0312046510: Reconstructing Consensus : American Foreign Policy since the Vietnam War
0312046529: Expanding State : Class and Economy in Europe since 1945
0312046596: Escape from the Bastille : The Life and Legend of Latude
0312046618: Reconstructing American Literary and Historical Studies
0312046626: Political Violence and the Struggle in South Africa
0312046634: Technology Policy for Small Developing Countries
0312046650: Approaches to Archaeology
0312046677: Encouraging the Artist in Yourself : Even If It's Been a Long, Long Time
0312046685: Approaches to Democracy. Philosophy of Government at the Close of the Twentieth Century
0312046693: Aim for the Heart
0312046707: Facts and Phalluses : A Collection of Bizarre and Intriguing Truths, Legends, and Measurements
0312046731: BALMORAL NUDE, THE
0312046758: Yank
0312046766: April Rising
0312046774: In the Red
0312046790: Katapult
0312046812: Hometown Heroes
0312046820: Deep Disturbance
0312046847: Silhouettes
0312046863: Picking Up Gold and Silver: Stories by Rudyard Kipling
0312046936: Political Theory : Classic Writings, Contemporary Views
0312046952: Education Today
0312046960: Education Today: The Foundations of a Profession (Instructor's Resource Manual)
0312046987: Lives in Education : A Narrative of People and Ideas
0312047029: Arab Industrialization and Economic Integration
0312047037: Arab Gulf and the West
0312047045: Shakespeare : The Living Record
0312047053: Euratom and Nuclear Safeguards
0312047061: Austrian Politics and Society Today: In Defence of Austria
0312047088: Arab Manpower
0312047142: Majesty That Was Islam : The Islamic World, 661-1100
0312047169: Arab Nationalism : A Critical Inquiry
0312047185: Arab Petropolitics
0312047215: Archaeology in Central Europe : The First Five Hundred Years
0312047231: Writing from Sources
0312047258: Archeology in the Making.
0312047266: Britain in Decline : Economic Policy, Political Strategy and the British State
0312047282: Transposing Drama : Studies in Representation
0312047290: Little Karoo
0312047312: Towards a Peace Economy in the United States
0312047320: Performance Studies : The Interpretation of Aesthetic Texts
0312047363: Intelligence and Realism : A Materialist Critique of IQ
0312047371: Logical Foundations : Essays in Honour of D. J. O'Connor
0312047398: Politics and Personalities
0312047436: Theories of General Education : A Critical Approach
0312047444: Economics of Europe
0312047452: Sociology and Development : Theories, Policies and Practices
0312047479: Evolving Stages
0312047509: British Culture and Economic Decline
0312047517: Developments in French Politics
0312047525: Developments in French Politics
0312047584: Interpreting the Text : A Critical Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Literary Interpretation
0312047592: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
0312047622: Gary Snyder and the American Unconscious: Inhabiting the Ground
0312047649: Russian Nationalism : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
0312047657: Linking Reading Assessment to Instruction
0312047665: Capitalism and Individualism : Reframing the Argument for a Free Society
0312047673: Celtic Britain and Ireland, A. D. 200-800 : The Myth of the Dark Ages
0312047681: News Reporting and Writing
0312047703: Exploring Through Writing : A Process Approach to ESL Composition
0312047711: Archangel 006
0312047738: Jean Monnet : The Path to European Unity
0312047789: New Multilateralism in Japan's Foreign Policy
0312047800: Modern Capitalism and Islamic Ideology in Iran
0312047886: Economy of United Germany : Colossus at the Crossroads
0312047924: Stepmothering
0312048009: Marx's Capital and One Free World
0312048025: Quick and the Dead : Electronic Combat and Modern Warfare
0312048041: Mutual Security : A New Approach to Soviet-American Relations
0312048068: Baltic Independence and Russian Empire
0312048084: Imaginary Landscape
0312048092: Communicating with the World : U. S. Public Diplomacy Overseas
0312048106: The Last Modern: A Life of Herbert Read
0312048114: China under Deng Xiaoping : Political and Economic Reform
0312048122: The Architectural Interpretation of History
0312048130: Foundations of Defensive Defense
0312048149: SITE: Architecture as art
0312048157: Architecture in Progress
0312048165: The archives of Haven
0312048181: Architecture : Formal Approach
0312048211: Resources for Teaching Ourselves Among Others Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers Second Edition
0312048238: Ardabiola
0312048254: Maintenance of the Biosphere : Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Environmental Future (3rd ICEF)
0312048262: Secessionist Movements in Comparative Perspective
0312048270: Alliance Strategy and Navies : The Evolution and Scope of NATO's Maritime Dimension
0312048297: Writing That Works : Effective Communication in Business
0312048300: Are There Any More at Home Like You?
0312048319: Work in Progress : A Guide to Writing and Revising
0312048327: Literature : The Human Experience, Shorter with Essays
0312048335: Technical Writing : Situations and Strategies
0312048343: Patterns for College Writing : A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312048351: Short Story : Thirty Masterpieces
0312048378: Text Book : An Introduction to Literary Language
0312048386: Effective Writing : Choices and Conventions
0312048432: An Introduction to the Language of Literature
0312048440: Developments in British Politics 3.
0312048459: Hegelian Reflections on the Idea of Nuclear War
0312048475: Armenian Genocide : History, Politics, Ethics
0312048483: Heat : The Fire-Investigators and Their War on Arson and Murder
0312048491: Fragile Heritage
0312048513: The Devil Is Dead
0312048521: Sufi Fiddle
0312048548: Homeward Bound
0312048556: Legacy of Tregaran
0312048572: Arena of Capital
0312048580: Bahamas Blue : A Tiller Galloway Thriller
0312048629: Dancing on Tisha B'Av
0312048661: Late Candidate
0312048696: Planning for Murder
0312048718: Argentina Under Peron, 1973-76: The Nation's Experience With a Labour-Based Government
0312048734: Athletic Shoe
0312048769: Paris on the Eve: 1900-1914
0312048777: Speed Trap
0312048785: Miracle in Buffalo : How the Dream of Baseball Revived a City
0312048793: Winchester Reader
0312048807: Winchester Reader
0312048815: Postmodern Politics in Germany : The Politics of Resentment
0312048823: European Community
0312048831: Specialized Agencies and the United Nations : The System in Crisis
0312048858: Religion and Reason : An Anthology
0312048866: Development Theory : Critiques and Explorations
0312048920: U. S. - South Asian Relations
0312048939: Protectionism and International Banking
0312048947: Neo-Liberal Agriculture in Rural Chile
0312048955: Finland's Search for Security Through Defence, 1944-89
0312048963: General Approach to Macroeconomic Policy
0312048971: Nicholas the First and the Russian Intervention in Hungary
0312049005: arguments in history
0312049013: Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312049021: America Firsthand : From Settlement to Reconstruction
0312049048: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0312049056: Point-Counterpoint : Readings in American Government
0312049064: Cause and Prevention of War
0312049072: Readings in World Civilizations : The Great Traditions
0312049080: Readings in World Civilizations : The Development of the Modern World
0312049102: Elements of Argument
0312049110: Ariadne
0312049129: Ariadne
0312049145: Future of Amazonia : Destruction or Sustainable Development?
0312049153: Arie Selinger's Power Volleyball
0312049188: Aristotle on Equality and Justice : His Political Argument
0312049196: Ark
0312049218: Armageddon Script : Prophecy in Action
0312049234: Bernard Stern
0312049250: What Is Classicism
0312049269: Armed Forces and the Welfare Societies : Challenges in the 1980s
0312049285: The Aristocrats
0312049293: Restoration, 1660-1688 : British History in Perspective
0312049315: Audience for Moral Philosophy?
0312049366: St. Martin's Handbook
0312049374: Coaching Writers : Editors and Reporters Working Together
0312049404: Armenian File : The Myth of Innocence Exposed
0312049447: Armenia : The Survival of a Nation
0312049455: Arms Control and East-West Relations
0312049463: The Arms Race in the 1980's
0312049471: The arms race
0312049498: Army, James II and the Glorious Revolution
0312049501: Arms Race at a Time of Decision : Annals of Pugwash 1983
0312049579: After the Rainbow
0312049595: Hallie Lawrence Story
0312049609: Queens War
0312049617: Knaves Templar
0312049641: Encore Murder
0312049692: Building a Champion : On Football and the Making of the 49ers
0312049749: The House of Dolls
0312049765: Art after Midnight : The East Village Scene
0312049773: Leaf Boats
0312049781: Carolina Gold
0312049838: Golden Fleece
0312049846: The Art and Background of Old English Poetry
0312049854: Hot Place
0312049862: Quivering Tree
0312049870: Too Clever by Half: An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312049889: Who Killed Cock Robin?
0312049897: Price You Pay
0312049919: Flight of the Swan
0312049935: Beyond Acceptance
0312049951: Sleepwalker
0312049986: The Art of Anthony Trollope
0312049994: Sun in the Morning
0312050038: Avengers : Too Many Targets
0312050054: The Art of Being Beautiful at Any Age
0312050062: Finders Keepers
0312050097: Prescription for Murder
0312050151: Share Systems and Unemployment : A Theoretical Analysis
0312050178: Making of the Modern World : Connected Histories, Divergent Paths: 1500 to the Present
0312050186: Understanding Politics : Ideas, Institutions, and Issues
0312050194: Communist and Postcommunist Political Systems : An Introduction
0312050208: Communist and Postcommunist Political Systems : An Introduction
0312050216: Writer's Workbook : An Interactive Writing Text for ESL Students
0312050232: Religions of the World
0312050240: Developments in British Politics
0312050364: Mutual Security : A New Approach to Soviet-American Relations
0312050399: Philosopher on Dover Beach : Essays
0312050402: The Art Crisis
0312050410: Fourteen Ninety-Two
0312050429: Sisterhood Betrayed
0312050437: Talking Pictures Murder Case
0312050445: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : New England
0312050453: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : The South
0312050461: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : The West Coast
0312050488: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : The Middle Atlantic
0312050496: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : The Midwest, Rocky Mountains, and Southwest
0312050518: Anatomy of Error : Ancient Military Disasters and Their Lessons for Modern Strategists
0312050526: Animation : From Script to Screen
0312050534: Arena of Masculinity: Sports, Homosexuality, and the Meaning of Sex
0312050542: An axe to grind
0312050550: Babysense : A Practical and Supportive Guide to Baby Care
0312050569: Babysense : A Practical and Supportive Guide to Baby Care
0312050577: Brighten the Corner Where You Are
0312050585: Caesars Palace Book of Sports Betting
0312050593: Only the Lonely: Roy Orbison's Life and Legacy.
0312050607: Complete Guide to Role-Playing Games
0312050615: Bad Man Is Easy to Find
0312050623: Complete Laptop Computer Guide : How to Choose and Get the Most Out of Your Portable PC or Mac
0312050631: Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady
0312050658: Convoy of Fear
0312050666: Copland
0312050674: Da Nang Diary : A Forward Air Controller's Year of Combat over Vietnam
0312050682: Dead Wrong
0312050690: Deadly Beloved
0312050704: Dear Superlady of Sex : Men Talk about Their Hidden Desires, Secret Fears and Number One Sex Need
0312050712: Death of a Hussy : A Hamish Macbeth Mystery
0312050739: Detective and Mr. Dickens : A Secret Victorian Journal
0312050747: Diamond Eyes
0312050755: Art Deco
0312050763: Discovering Moscow : The Complete Companion Guide
0312050771: Easy Livin' Microwave Cooking For the Holidays
0312050798: The Enchanted Tarot
0312050828: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1991 : The Continent
0312050836: Ever Green : The Boston Celtics - a History in the Words of Their Players, Coahes, and Fans
0312050844: Falling Star
0312050852: Fathers
0312050860: Fetch Out No Shroud
0312050887: Food and Wine of Greece
0312050895: Football Encyclopedia
0312050909: The Fountain of Delight
0312050917: The Fourth Crow
0312050925: Fred Chappell Reader
0312050933: Fugitive City
0312050941: Furnished for Murder
0312050968: Gulf
0312050976: Haunts : A Novel
0312050984: Hollywood and the Supernatural
0312050992: Home Ground
0312051018: Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1991
0312051034: Inner Sex in Thirty Days
0312051042: Jimmy's Blues : Selected Poems
0312051050: Love Poems of John Keats : In Praise of Beauty
0312051069: Kiet and the Opium War
0312051077: Land God Made in Anger
0312051085: Let's Go, 1991 : Britain and Ireland
0312051093: Let's Go: California and Hawaii 1991
0312051115: Let's Go, 1991 : Europe
0312051131: Let's Go: Greece 1991
0312051158: Let's Go: Italy 1991
0312051166: Let's Go : London
0312051174: Let's Go: Mexico 1991
0312051182: Let's Go : New York
0312051204: Let's Go: Spain, Portugal and Morocco 1991
0312051212: Let's Go, 1991 : U. S. A.
0312051239: Looker
0312051247: Love Poems of Lord Byron : A Romantic's Passion
0312051255: Nothing Ever Happens to the Brave : The Story of Martha Gellhorn
0312051263: Mensa Murders
0312051271: Monkey Handlers
0312051298: Mount Sinai School of Medicine Complete Book of Nutrition
0312051301: Movie Talk: Who Said What About Whom in the Movies
0312051328: Murder, I Presume
0312051336: Mystical Experiences in 30 Days
0312051344: Malcolm Forbes : The Man Who Had Everything
0312051352: Napoleon and Josephine: A Love Story
0312051360: Night They Invented Champagne
0312051379: Oscar, Cat-about-Town
0312051387: Night Walker
0312051395: Other People's Houses
0312051409: Others
0312051417: Personal Dispatches : Writers Confront AIDS
0312051425: PMS Attacks and Other Inconveniences of Life
0312051433: Point Blank
0312051476: Reporters Handbook : An Investigators Guide to Documents and Techniques
0312051484: Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Albums of the 1980s
0312051492: Rough Cut
0312051506: Rune Play
0312051522: Sex
0312051530: Scandal Annual, 1991 : Who Got Caught Doing What in 1990
0312051549: The Serpent Amongst the Lilies
0312051557: Sex on the Screen : The '80s
0312051565: Silent Coup : The Removal of Richard Nixon
0312051581: Small Town Girls
0312051603: Sound of Wings : The Life of Amelia Earhart
0312051611: Sphere of Death
0312051638: Book of the British Rich
0312051646: Sweater Design in Plain English
0312051654: SWF Seeks Same
0312051662: Tales from the Planet Sylvia
0312051670: Tangled Up in Blue
0312051689: Technique in Fiction
0312051697: That Girl and Phil
0312051700: Timeless Towns and Haunted Places
0312051719: To Fly and Flight
0312051727: Trial Lawyers
0312051735: Trial of Jenny Sykes
0312051743: The Trip to Jerusalem
0312051751: The Very Last Gambado
0312051778: Walks in Hemingway's Paris : A Guide to Paris for the Literary Traveler
0312051794: Washington Deceased
0312051816: Art Deco Fashion : French Designers Nineteen Eight to Nineteen Twenty-Five
0312051824: Wise Child
0312051832: With Siberia Comes a Chill
0312051859: Very Worst of Truly Tasteless Jokes
0312051867: Your Own Way in Music
0312051883: Poultry in the pulpit : further revelations of the vet in the vestry
0312051905: You Can't Be Serious
0312051913: How We Live Now : Contemporary Multicultural Literature
0312051921: Legislative Strategy : Shaping Public Policy
0312051948: Grants Register, 1991-1993
0312051956: Road to the White House, 1992 : The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312051964: Henry Eighth and the Invasion of France
0312051980: English Civil War
0312052014: Splatterpunks
0312052022: Art Deco Posters and Graphics
0312052030: Before Reforms : Human Rights in the Warsaw Pact States, 1972-1988
0312052081: President as World Leader
0312052103: Sexual Division Revisited
0312052138: The London Encyclopedia.
0312052146: Western and Russian Historiography : Recent Views
0312052170: Medieval Queenship
0312052197: Inflation in Modern Economies
0312052200: Debates on the Future of Communism
0312052219: Japan and Education
0312052235: Postmodernism and Society
0312052243: Art Deco Style
0312052251: Europe Transformed
0312052278: Making Gifts in Counted Cross-Stitch
0312052286: Changing Politics of German Security
0312052294: Netherlands and EC Membership Evaluated
0312052308: Federal Republic of Germany and EC Membership Evaluated
0312052324: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory
0312052332: Democracy for the Few
0312052340: World Politics Trend and Transformation
0312052375: Parting Shot
0312052383: Reconstructing Consensus : American Foreign Policy since the Vietnam War
0312052405: Elections in Socialist States
0312052421: Vitamin C and Cancer
0312052448: Dickens Hero : Selfhood and Alienation in the Dickens World
0312052456: De-Escalation of Nuclear Crises
0312052464: American Dream Cars, 1946-1972
0312052480: The Bedford Reader
0312052502: Art Deco
0312052510: Art Deco Sculpture
0312052537: Writer's Reference
0312052545: A Writer's Reference
0312052561: How We Live Now
0312052596: Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing
0312052618: Life Studies : A Thematic Reader
0312052634: Our Times/2: Readings From Recent Periodicals
0312052677: Art in Society: Studies in Style, Culture, and Aesthetics
0312052685: Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex : What You Must Know to Be Sexually Literate
0312052693: Language of Drama
0312052715: Art, messianism, and crime: A study of antinomianism in modern literature and lives
0312052723: Short History of the Labour Party
0312052758: Jonathan Swift : A Literary Life
0312052782: Step-By-Step Patchwork: Complete Instructions for Dozens of Patchwork Techniques Including Seamed, Mosaic, Strip and String, Log Cabin, Crazy Quilt,
0312052820: Teenager's Guide to Study, `91-`92
0312052839: Austria-Hungary and the Coming of the First World War
0312052855: Art of Looking Younger
0312052863: Military-Technological Choices and Political Implications : Command and Control in Established NATO Posture and a Non-Provocative Defence
0312052871: Petrification and Progress : Communist Leaders in Eastern Europe, 1956-1988
0312052898: Lady : Lisa Lyon
0312052901: Lady : Lisa Lyon
0312052928: William Blake, His Life.
0312052944: Seduction
0312052952: Red Empire : The Forbidden History of the U. S. S. R.
0312052979: Hysterical Male : New Feminist Theory
0312052995: Winter's Tales (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312053029: Evolution of the International and Regional Monetary Systems
0312053045: New Paths to Full Employment : The Failure of Orthodox Economic Theory
0312053053: American Studies : Essays in Honour of Marcus Cunliffe
0312053096: Global Policy Studies : International Interaction Toward Improving Public Policy
0312053126: Literature and Imperialism
0312053142: Moral Issues and Multinational Corporations
0312053193: Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
0312053231: Management of Science : Proceedings of Section F (Economics) of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Sheffield, 1989
0312053258: Rural Reform and Peasant Income in China
0312053274: Ricardo and the Gold Standard
0312053282: U. S. - Japan Trade Friction : Its Impact on Security Cooperation in the Pacific Basin
0312053339: Money and Finance in the Economic Development of Taiwan
0312053355: Politics, Technology and Development : Decision-Making in the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry
0312053363: Fiction of Josef Skvorecky
0312053428: Policy Design and Price Reform in Developing Countries : Guidelines with Special Reference to Industry
0312053436: Comparative Health Policy and the New Right
0312053487: Islam in a World of Diverse Faiths
0312053517: Prospects for the European Monetary System
0312053541: How Western European Nuclear Policy Is Made
0312053630: Stable External Currency for Europe
0312053673: St. Martin's Handbook
0312053746: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle : Interviews and Recollections
0312053770: Admiral of Fear
0312053789: Art of Kissing
0312053797: Arthritis : What Works
0312053800: Astronomers
0312053819: Aunt Celia
0312053827: Belinda Goes to Bath
0312053835: Benjamin Franklin and a Case of Christmas Murder
0312053843: Beyond Jennifer and Jason : The New Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby
0312053851: Big Fish
0312053878: Blood on the Bayou
0312053886: Blue Bedroom
0312053894: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
0312053908: Art and Philosophy
0312053916: Art and Philosophy: Readings in Aesthetics
0312053924: Body in the Kelp
0312053932: Breach of Promise
0312053940: Break Writer's Block Now!
0312053959: Brooklyn : Where to Go, What to Do, How to Get There
0312053975: Art in Crime Writing: Essays on Detective Fiction
0312053983: Lieberman's Folly
0312053991: Cast of Smiles
0312054009: Children of the Wind
0312054017: Choreography and Style for Ice Skaters
0312054025: Flash of Diamonds
0312054033: Combat Recon
0312054068: Contrary Investing for the Nineties : How to Profit by Going Against the Crowd
0312054076: Cool Breeze on the Underground
0312054084: Daphne Dead and Done for
0312054092: Date with a Dead Doctor
0312054106: Days of My Life
0312054114: Death of a Partner
0312054122: Deathwatch '39
0312054130: Deeds of Trust
0312054149: Directrix
0312054157: Dirty Weekend
0312054165: The Art of Advertising
0312054173: Dog That Drove Home, the Snake Eating Mouse and Other Exotic Tales of the Animal Kingdom
0312054181: The art of Bob Dylan: Song & dance man
0312054211: The Dreaming Damozel
0312054254: Art of Sailing
0312054262: Eighth Rank
0312054270: Faith, Hope and Homicide
0312054289: Fatal Fortune
0312054297: Fate of Princes
0312054300: Forever Yours : Letters of Love
0312054319: Fire and Forget
0312054327: The Fires of Summer (The Bradshaw Trilogy, Vol. 2)
0312054335: Fires of the Past : Thirteen Contemporary Fantasies about Hometowns
0312054343: Too Many Questions
0312054351: Funnelweb
0312054378: Getting Mine
0312054386: Glass Cockpit
0312054394: Good Rockin' Tonight : Sun Records and the Birth of Rock and Roll
0312054408: Grace Kelly's Men
0312054416: Make Sure You Do Not Have Breast Cancer
0312054424: Heartshot
0312054432: Henry Fielding
0312054440: How to Go to the Movies
0312054459: How to Talk Jewish
0312054467: Immigrant Saint : The Life of Mother Cabrini
0312054475: Indy : Seventy-Five Years of Auto Racing's Greatest Spectacle
0312054483: Innocent Woman
0312054491: Jack Nicholson : An Unauthorized Biography
0312054513: Joey Dee Gets Wise : A Novel of Little Italy
0312054521: Just Say No : A Play about a Farce
0312054548: Visions of Infamy : The Untold Story of How Journalist Hector C. Bywater Devised the Plans That Led to Pearl Harbor
0312054556: Krishnamurti: His Life and Death
0312054580: The Last Farewell: A Novel
0312054599: Last Gambit
0312054610: Lingerie Book
0312054629: Light in Summer
0312054637: Lion Hunting in Somaliland
0312054645: Lively Form of Death
0312054653: Madness in Maggody
0312054661: Lovers and Sinners
0312054696: Miami Heat
0312054718: Mistinguett Legend
0312054734: Moscow Magician
0312054742: Mugged by Mr. Badwrench : An Insider's Guide to Getting Your Car Repaired
0312054750: Murder Movie
0312054769: Murder on Peachtree Street
0312054815: Was Mozart Poisoned?: Medical Investigations into the Lives of the Great Composers
0312054823: Night Remembers
0312054831: The Articulate Body
0312054858: Old Enchantment
0312054866: Only Good Priest
0312054874: Open and Shut
0312054882: Our Wish to Kill : The Murder in All Our Hearts
0312054890: Paratwa
0312054904: Park Plaza
0312054912: Pel and the Party Spirit
0312054920: Piano Man
0312054939: Quench the Lamp
0312054947: Playgroup Handbook : The Complete, Practical Guide to Organizing a Home Playgroup
0312054963: Prospect of Detachment
0312054998: Ragged World
0312055005: Rain Delays : An Anecdotal History of Baseball under One Umbrella
0312055013: Rap! : Portraits and Lyrics of a Generation of Black Rockers
0312055021: Razzle Dazzle : The Life and Work of Bob Fosse
0312055048: Rigor Mortis
0312055056: Robert Altman : Jumping Off the Cliff
0312055064: Say It With Poison
0312055072: Artist's Daughter
0312055080: School Book : Everything Parents Should Know about Their Child's Education
0312055099: Scotch on the Rocks
0312055102: Secret Agenda
0312055129: Artists in Their Own Words
0312055137: Artists in Their Own Words
0312055145: Shakespeare on Love
0312055188: Some Far Elusive Dawn
0312055196: Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball, 1991
0312055218: Talking Heads : Television's Political Talk Shows and Star Pundits
0312055226: Threnody for Two
0312055234: Traveler's Guide to Middle Eastern and North African Customs and Manners
0312055242: Triads
0312055250: Trust and Treason
0312055269: Unanswered Cries : A True Story of Friends
0312055277: First Class Murder
0312055285: Tygers of Wrath
0312055293: Vet on the Wild Side: Further Adventures of a Wildlife Vet
0312055315: Video Vengeance
0312055323: Villiger
0312055331: Walk on the Water
0312055358: Where the Domino Fell : America in Vietnam, 1945-1990
0312055366: Whose Dog Are You?
0312055374: Witness for the Defense : The Accused, the Eyewitness and the Expert Who Puts Memory on Trial
0312055382: Winning Is an Attitude : A Season in the Life of John Chaney and the Temple Owls
0312055390: A Woman's Own Mystery
0312055404: Word Watcher's Handbook : A Deletionary of the Most Abused and Misused Words
0312055412: Word Watcher's Handbook
0312055420: Writing Crime Fiction
0312055439: State of the Art : Issues in Contemporary Mass Communication
0312055447: Hamlet
0312055455: Public Therapy Buses, Information Specialty Bums, Solar Cook-a-Mats and Other Visions of the 21st Century
0312055463: Table Decoration
0312055528: How To Talk Jewish
0312055560: End of the East German Economy : From Honecker to Reunification
0312055579: Edith Wharton's Prisoners of Shame
0312055595: United States, Italy and NATO, 1947-52
0312055625: James Sterling Michael Wilford
0312055633: Art and the Tectonic
0312055641: Tomas Taveira : Architectural Works and Designs
0312055684: Frontiers of Citizenship
0312055692: U. K. Monetary Policy : The Challenge for the 1990s
0312055714: Anthony Powell
0312055722: Arthur Wing Pinero and Henry Arthur Jones
0312055773: D. H. Lawrence's Literary Inheritors
0312055781: School Book : Everything Parents Should Know about Their Child's Education
0312055870: Instructor's resource manual for The St. Martin's guide to writing, third edition and The St. Martin's guide to writing, short third edition
0312055900: The Great American Bologna Festival and other student essays: A celebration of
0312055919: Supplemental exercises for The Bedford handbook for writers, third edition
0312055935: Philippines in Crisis : Development and Security in the Aquino Era, 1986-92
0312055943: As a Favor
0312055978: Statesman's Year-Book World Gazetteer
0312055994: The Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312056001: as a Woman
0312056036: Make-Believe Media : The Politics of Entertainment
0312056079: Second Crusade and the Cistercians
0312056095: Thought of Mikhail Bakhtin : From Word to Culture
0312056109: The Asherwood Protegee
0312056125: Issues in Contemporary Judaism
0312056133: By Way of Deception : The Making and Unmaking of a Mossad Officer
0312056354: Asian Nationalism in the Twentieth Century
0312056435: Asian Perspectives on International Security
0312056516: South Africa: My Vision of the Future
0312056524: Proletarians and Politics : Socialism, Protest and the Working Class in Germany Before the First World War
0312056532: Ask the Cards a Question
0312056605: The asking price
0312056613: Preparing for the CLAST with: The Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312056621: Preparing for TASP
0312056648: Society and Technological Change
0312056656: Social Interaction : Readings in Sociology
0312056664: Elements of Social Scientific Thinking
0312056672: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
0312056699: Ethics, American Foreign Policy and the Third World
0312056737: Postreform Congress
0312056745: Our Times 2: Readings from Recent Periodicals
0312056753: Challenge of Free Trade : Report to the Eminent Persons Group on World Trade
0312056761: Information, Social Relations and the Economics of High Technology
0312056842: Profit and Enterprise : The Political Economy of Profit
0312056850: The Scientific Lady: A Social History of Women's Scientific Interests, 1520-1918
0312056877: Aspects of Illness
0312056885: The St. Martin's Pocket Guide to Library Research and Documenting Sources
0312056990: Ceremony of Innocence. Tears, Power and Protest
0312057008: Creativity and Constraint in the British Film Industry
0312057024: Sustaining Earth
0312057059: Aspects of Literary Stylistics
0312057075: Art, Modernity and Faith : Towards a Theology of Art
0312057113: Macroeconomics for Developing Countries
0312057164: Essential Origami : How to Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy Bases
0312057172: Background readings for instructors using the Bedford handbook for writers, third edition
0312057229: Aspects of Lolita.
0312057261: Aspects of the Third Reich
0312057288: Aspen Incident
0312057334: Handbook of Technical Writing
0312057342: Business Writer's Handbook
0312057350: Economic Crisis and Reform in the Balkans : Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Yugoslavia Facing the 1990s
0312057385: Image of the Actor : Verbal and Visual Representation in the Age of Garrick and Kemble
0312057466: Poland into the 1990s
0312057539: Religions of Asia
0312057725: Story of Silk
0312057741: Idea of the Miraculous : The Challenge to Science and Religion
0312057776: Computers in Third-World Schools
0312057784: The British and Irish Novel Since 1960.
0312057792: Versions of Heroism in Modern American Drama: Redefinitions by Miller, O'Neill, and Anderson
0312057822: Japanese Industrial Targeting : The Neomercantilist Path to Economic Superpower
0312057830: Astaire, the Man, the Dancer
0312057873: Hidden Hardy : A Re-evaluation of Thomas Hardy's Prose Fiction
0312057903: A Critical Introduction to the Poems of Thomas Hardy
0312057911: Colette
0312057946: Jane Austen
0312057954: Weimar and the Rise of Hitler (Making of the 20th Century)
0312057970: Who's Who, 1991
0312057989: Portraits of American Women
0312058012: Fragile Coalition : Scientists, Activists and AIDS
0312058020: Structuring International Economic Cooperation
0312058047: Iraq and the Triangle of Forces
0312058063: Astrology
0312058071: Mental Health, Race and Culture
0312058098: Reading Critically, Writing Well
0312058128: Americans Are Coming!
0312058136: And Did Murder Him
0312058144: Appetite for Destruction : The Days of Guns 'n Roses
0312058152: Every Picture Tells a Story
0312058160: At Your Age You're Having a What?
0312058179: Avenging Angel
0312058187: False Faces
0312058195: Baltimore Blues
0312058209: Battle of the Bismarck Sea
0312058217: Becket Factor
0312058225: Beginning
0312058233: Blood Marks
0312058241: Body and Its Dangers and Other Stories
0312058276: Brides
0312058284: Dance of Seven Veals
0312058292: Called Home
0312058306: Can You Say a Few Words? : How to Prepare and Deliver Award Presentations, Dedications, Eulogies and Prayers, Introductions, Retirements and Farewells, Acceptance Speeches, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary Toasts, and More
0312058314: As We Forgive
0312058322: Catalyst
0312058349: Clouds of Magellan
0312058357: Coffin and The Paper Man
0312058365: Coming War with Japan
0312058373: Complete Guide to the Soviet Union
0312058381: Complete Guide to the Soviet Union
0312058403: Cruellest Month
0312058438: Dark and Alien Rose
0312058446: The Darkness of Corn
0312058462: Twenty-Acre Plot
0312058470: Dear Family
0312058489: Death for a Dancing Doll
0312058497: Death in Uptown : A Paul Whelan Mystery
0312058500: Fielder's Choice
0312058519: Death of a Snob : A Hamish Macbeth Mystery
0312058527: Death of Donna-May Dean
0312058535: Death Qualified
0312058543: Deep Kill
0312058551: Deep Shaker
0312058578: Discerning Traveler's Guide to the Middle Atlantic States
0312058586: The Drift to War 1922-1939
0312058594: Easy Money
0312058608: Edina Ronay Knitwear Collection
0312058616: Electric Gypsy : Jimi Hendrix
0312058624: Fifty-Five Best Brownies in the World
0312058632: Fifty-Plus Traveler's Guidebook
0312058640: Foot Reflexology : A Visual Guide for Self-Treatment
0312058667: Gaia : The Growth of an Idea
0312058675: Gardening Letters to My Daughter
0312058683: The Golden Duck
0312058691: Sudden Strangers
0312058705: Guide to New York Law Firms
0312058748: If Not on Earth, Then in Heaven
0312058756: An Illegal Solution
0312058764: The Image of Our Lord
0312058772: Incursion : From America's Chokehold on the NVA Lifelines to the Sacking of the Cambodian Sanctuaries
0312058780: Isabella of Castile : The First Renaissance Queen
0312058799: At Issue: Politics In The World Arena
0312058802: At Issue
0312058829: At Issue
0312058837: At Issue
0312058845: Jane Fairfax
0312058853: Joyce's Dublin : A Walking Guide to Ulysses
0312058888: Last Seen Wearing
0312058896: Leading Lady
0312058918: Let Us Prey
0312058926: Love Space Demands : A Continuing Saga
0312058934: Luxus
0312058942: Make-Believe Media : Politics of Film and Television
0312058950: Masterclass
0312058969: Messiter's Dream
0312058977: MIND TRYST
0312058985: Mom Doth Murder Sleep
0312058993: Mr. Mojo Risin' : Jim Morrison: The Last Holy Fool
0312059000: Mr. Mojo Risin' : Jim Morrison: The Last Holy Fool
0312059019: The Native Air
0312059027: Never Were Such Times
0312059043: At the Going Down of the Sun
0312059345: No Duress
0312059361: Off with the Old
0312059388: One More Saturday Night : Reflections with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family, and Dead Heads
0312059396: One Side Laughing : Stories Unlike Other Stories
0312059426: Our Little Secret
0312059434: Pacific Beat
0312059442: Paradise Mislaid : Life, Death and the Biological Predicament of Being Biological
0312059450: Penelope Goes to Portsmouth
0312059469: Atlantis and the Seven Stars
0312059477: Play Football the NFL Way : Position by Position Techniques and Drills for Offense and Special Teams
0312059507: Atlas of African History
0312059515: Loud Adios
0312059523: Radio Waves: Life and Revolution on the Fm Dial
0312059531: Raw Data
0312059558: Revealing Angel
0312059566: Roll over and Play Dead
0312059574: Atlas of Archaeology
0312059590: Safe at Home (A Kate Henry Mystery)
0312059612: Shadow of a Doubt
0312059639: Sisters: A Revealing Portrait of the World's Most Famous Diva
0312059647: The Sky Lords
0312059655: Soul of Betty Fairchild
0312059663: Southern Secrets
0312059671: The Sports Encyclopedia: Pro Football
0312059698: The Straw Tower
0312059701: Summer of the Flamingoes
0312059728: Texas Cheerleaders : A Rhapsody in Pom-Poms
0312059736: That Sweet and Savage Land
0312059752: Toxic Psychiatry
0312059760: Lerza's Lives
0312059779: Tiger Lilies
0312059787: Time's Fool
0312059817: Under the Hammer : The Adventures of an Auctioneer
0312059825: Unforgettable
0312059833: Unwritten Chronicles of Robert E. Lee
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