0312059841: Vanderbilts and the Gilded Age : Architectural Aspirations, 1879-1901
0312059868: Venom
0312059892: Vollands
0312059906: The Walled Orchard (The Walled Orchard Series, Vol. 2)
0312059914: Atlas of Man
0312059922: Forgive Us Our Press Passes : The Memoirs of a Veteran Washington Reporter
0312059930: Atlas of Medieval Man
0312059949: Where Troy Once Stood; The Mystery of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey Revealed
0312059957: James Abbott McNeill Whistler
0312059965: Why Isn't Becky Twitchell Dead?
0312059973: Wilde West
0312059981: Wind-Up: A Peter Marklin Mystery
0312060009: Woman Alone
0312060017: Women Who Shop Too Much : Overcoming the Urge to Splurge
0312060025: Working on the Edge
0312060033: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
0312060041: Rembrandt's Monkey: And Other Tales from the Secret Lives of the Great Artists
0312060068: Attack the Lusitania!
0312060076: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312060084: The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighth Annual Collection (Year's Best Science Fiction)
0312060092: Year's Best Science Fiction : 8th Annual Collection
0312060114: Iran and the Arab World
0312060122: Deadline
0312060149: Can You Say a Few Words?
0312060157: Sleeping Beauties
0312060165: Stake
0312060173: Yeats and English Renaissance Literature
0312060238: Socialism Today? : The Changing Meaning of Socialism
0312060246: Scarlet Letter : A Case Study in Contemporary Criticism
0312060270: Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream
0312060289: Parties and Voters in France
0312060297: Assigning, Responding, Grading : A Guide to Evaluating Student Writing
0312060300: Attitude
0312060319: New Modern Aesthetic
0312060335: Western Doctrines on East-West Trade
0312060351: Germany and the European Community
0312060378: Early Medieval Europe 300-1000
0312060408: Christopher Isherwood (Modern Novelists Series)
0312060467: Documentation Models Reprinted from the Bedford Handbook
0312060483: Education and the Social Order, 1940-1990
0312060521: Peter Shaffer (Modern Dramatists)
0312060564: Aubrey Beardsley: Sixty Selected Drawings
0312060572: Ivy Compton-Burnett (Women Writers)
0312060580: Elizabeth Gaskell
0312060599: George Eliot (Women Writers)
0312060602: Virginia Woolf
0312060610: News Reporting and Writing
0312060653: Book Early for Murder
0312060688: Terrorism and Politics
0312060696: Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited
0312060718: Chinese Higher Education : A Decade of Reform and Development (1978-88)
0312060726: Between Heaven and Hell : The Myth of Siberia in Russian Culture
0312060742: Audrey Hepburn
0312060785: The South Pacific: Problems, Issues and Prospects
0312060807: Aunt Cora's Complete Cat Catalogue
0312060866: Towns in the Viking Age
0312060920: Church, Nation and State in Russia and Ukraine
0312060939: The Lingerie Book
0312061013: Writing Worth Reading: The Critical Process
0312061048: Margaret Drabble
0312061056: Defining Power
0312061064: Supreme Court in American Democracy
0312061072: Women Without Husbands : An Exploration of the Margins of Marriage
0312061080: Politics and Nationality in Contemporary Soviet Jewish Emigration, 1968-89
0312061099: D.H. Lawrence's Manuscripts
0312061110: D. H. Lawrence : Sexual Crisis
0312061137: Fabulous Fairisle : A Complete Guide to Traditional Patterns and Classic Styles
0312061145: After the Cold War : Europe's New Political Architecture
0312061153: Shining Path of Peru
0312061188: Australia in Peace and War
0312061218: Authority
0312061234: Authority and Participation in Industry
0312061242: Austrian Banking and Financial Policy : Creditanstalt at a Turning Point 1913-23
0312061269: Australian Cinema The First Eighty Years
0312061277: Deconstruction
0312061285: The Ultimate Weaponry
0312061293: Can't We Make Moral Judgements?
0312061307: Does God Exist?
0312061315: Computers and the Imagination
0312061331: Molecular Genetics in Medicine: Advances, Applications, and Ethical Implications : Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Annual Symposium of the Galton in
0312061382: Horn of Africa : From War to Peace
0312061404: The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini
0312061439: Shaping Postwar Europe : European Unity and Disunity, 1945-1957
0312061447: Post-Modernism on Trial
0312061498: Seeing the Newspaper
0312061501: Broadcast News Writing and Reporting
0312061528: Political Inheritance of Pakistan
0312061544: Ideology and Power in the Age of Lenin in Ruins
0312061552: Arab Nationalism : A Critical Enquiry
0312061560: Rise and Decline of the English Working Classes, 1918-1990 : A Social History
0312061579: Governing Crisis : Media, Money, and Marketing in American Elections
0312061587: Global Protectionism
0312061617: Language and Sexual Difference : Feminist Writing in France
0312061625: Language and Sexual Difference : Feminist Writing in France
0312061633: Capital Markets
0312061676: British Scientists and the Manhattan Project : The Los Alamos Years
0312061684: Eastern Europe in the Postwar World
0312061692: Eastern Europe in the Postwar World
0312061706: James Joyce : A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man
0312061722: Art Meets Science and Spirituality (Art and Design Profiles) Paperback by...
0312061730: Middle Voice of Ecological Conscience : A Chiasmic Reading of Responsibility in the Neighbourhood of Levinas, Heidegger and Others
0312061749: Inner and Outer : Essays on a Philosophical Myth
0312061757: Back to Sociological Theory: The Construction of Social Orders
0312061803: World Security : Trends and Challenges at Century's End
0312061811: Alchemist : The Formula for Turning Your Life into Gold
0312061838: Literary Underground : Writers and the Totalitarian Experience, 1900-1950
0312061846: Beyond Capital : Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class
0312061854: Charity, Politics and the Third World
0312061900: American Public Policy : An Introduction
0312061919: Ahrends, Burton and Koralek : An Architectural Monograph
0312061927: Ahrends, Burton and Koralek : An Architectural Monograph
0312061935: Fair Trade Fraud
0312061978: Ukraine Under Perestroika
0312062044: Virginia Woolf : A Literary Life
0312062060: Antarctic Treaty System in World Politics
0312062087: Balance of Power : The System of International Relations, 1648-1815
0312062109: Towards a Socio-Liberal Theory of World Development
0312062117: Autopsy
0312062168: Western Trade Pressure on the Soviet Union : An Interdependence Perspective on Sanctions
0312062184: Shakespeare's Tragic Imagination
0312062192: Economic Reforms and Welfare Systems in the U.S.S.R., Poland and Hungary : Social Contract in Transformation
0312062206: Intervention at Abadan
0312062273: King's Favour : Three 18th Century Monarchs and the Favourites Who Ruled Them
0312062281: Victorian Doll House
0312062311: Taking Europe Seriously : The Rise of the EC
0312062346: House of Mirth
0312062354: Awakening : Complete, Authoritative Text with Biographical and Historical Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Five Contemporary Critical Perspectives
0312062362: Ten on Ten : Major Essayists on Recurring Themes
0312062389: Autumn heroes
0312062400: Ava Gardner
0312062427: Quest for National Office : Readings on Elections
0312062451: Politics in a Changing World With Infotrac
0312062478: Avalanche
0312062524: Aviator's Source Book
0312062540: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312062605: Awakening
0312062680: West and the World since 1945
0312062699: Supreme Court of the United States : An Introduction
0312062702: Investigative Reporting : Advanced Methods and Techniques
0312062729: Ain't Goin' to Glory
0312062737: Makers of World History
0312062745: Makers of World History
0312062753: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312062818: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The Middle Atlantic
0312062826: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The Midwest
0312062834: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : New England
0312062842: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The South
0312062869: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The West Coast
0312062877: Social History of the American Alligator : The Earth Trembles with His Thunder
0312062885: Social History of the American Alligator : The Earth Trembles with His Thunder
0312062893: And Now for Something Completely Trivial : The Monty Python Trivia and Quiz Book
0312062907: Anna
0312062915: Appointment in Jerusalem : A Search for the Historical Jesus
0312062923: Architecture : The Natural and the Man-Made
0312062931: Arena of Masculinity : Sports, Homosexuality, and the Meaning of Sex
0312062958: Axeman's Jazz
0312062966: Bagged
0312062974: Bahama Heat
0312063008: Awareness Games: Personal Growth Through Group Interaction
0312063016: Bat Chain Puller : Rock and Roll in the Age of Celebrity
0312063024: Beatrice Goes to Brighton
0312063032: Bells of Autumn
0312063040: Black Cocktail
0312063059: Bleeding Orange : Trouble and Triumph Deep in the Heart of Texas Football
0312063067: Blind Justice
0312063075: Relative Stranger
0312063083: Body and Soul
0312063091: Body in the Bouillon : A Faith Fairchild Mystery
0312063105: The Brocken
0312063113: Away With Them to Prison
0312063121: Brothers and Sisters : How They Shape Our Lives
0312063148: Came a Dead Cat
0312063156: Caribbean Connoisseur : An Insider's Guide to the Islands' Best Hotels, Resorts and Inns
0312063164: Chasing Away the Devil
0312063172: Child of the Light
0312063199: Command of the King
0312063202: Complete Homeopathy Handbook : Safe and Effective Ways to Treat Fevers, Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats, Childhood Ailments, Food Poisoning, Flu, and a Wide Range of Everyday Complaints
0312063237: How to Really Watch the Godfather
0312063245: Crosstown Traffic: Jimi Hendrix and The Rock n' Roll Revolution
0312063253: Crystal Globe : The Haves and Have-Nots of the New World Order
0312063261: Dancing on Tisha B'Av
0312063288: Dead End : City Limits: an Anthology of Urban Fear
0312063296: Dead in the Water
0312063318: Deadly Drought
0312063326: Deadstick
0312063334: The Dean It Was That Died
0312063342: Deep in the Heart of Texas : Confessions of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
0312063369: Deerslayer
0312063377: Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes : A Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration
0312063385: Dick Tracy's Fiendish Foes : A Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration
0312063407: Dominic
0312063415: Dude on Arrival : A Christmas Mystery
0312063423: Dumford Blood
0312063431: An Echo of Justice
0312063466: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : Great Britain and Ireland
0312063474: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The Continent
0312063482: Ever Green - The Boston Celtics : A History in the Words of Their Players, Coaches, Fans and Foes, from 1946 to the Present
0312063490: Everybody Was Kung-Fu Dancing : Chronicles of the Lionized and the Notorious
0312063512: Family Money
0312063520: Father Orsini's Italian Kitchen
0312063539: Final Addiction
0312063547: Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys : An American Saga
0312063555: Flowers for the Dead
0312063571: Flowers in the Rain
0312063598: Future Shop : How New Technologies Will Change the Way We Shop and What We Buy
0312063601: Profiles in Gay and Lesbian Courage
0312063628: Graveyard Peaches : A California Memoir
0312063636: The Great California Game
0312063652: Guilty Party
0312063660: Happily Married in Spite of It All : A Book about Husbands
0312063679: Heads
0312063687: Hidden City : A Rick Decker Mystery
0312063695: Home to Roost
0312063709: Azor! (A Jeff Pride novel)
0312063725: Hour of the Knife
0312063733: How to Kill Your Girlfriend's Cat
0312063768: Baby Driver
0312063776: Last Innocent Hour
0312063784: The Insiders Guide To The Colleges 1992
0312063792: The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1992 (Insider's Guide to the Colleges)
0312063806: Iron Balance : The New Iron-Lite Health Plan That Restores Your Inner Vitality
0312063814: Island Girl
0312063822: James, the Connoisseur Cat
0312063830: Just Cause : The Real Story of America's High-Tech Invasion of Panama
0312063865: Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex
0312063873: The Lamps in the House
0312063881: Last Ballad
0312063903: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to California and Hawaii Including Reno, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Baja California
0312063911: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Europe Including United Germany, Morocco, and Turkey
0312063938: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Greece and Turkey Including Cyprus
0312063946: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Israel and Egypt Including Jordan and the West Bank
0312063954: Let's Go : Italy Including Tunisia and Malta
0312063962: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to London - Also Featuring Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford-upon-Avon, Canterbury, Bath, Windsor, and Stonehenge
0312063970: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Mexico Including Belize and Guatemala
0312063989: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to New York City Including Long Island, Atlantic City, and the Catskills
0312063997: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to the Pacific Northwest, Western Canada, and Alaska Including Alberta and British Columbia
0312064004: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Spain and Portugal Including Morocco with Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fez
0312064012: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to U. S. A.
0312064020: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
0312064047: Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb
0312064055: Baby Learning Through Baby Play : A Parent's Guide for the First Two Years
0312064071: Madlands
0312064098: THE MASKED MAN
0312064101: Mayhem in Parva
0312064136: Memory Enhancement in 30 Days : The Total Recall Program
0312064144: Men in Green Faces : A True-Life Novel of Vietnam by a Highly Decorated Navy SEAL
0312064160: Modigliani: The Pure Bohemian
0312064179: Month of the Freezing Moon : The Sand Creek Massacre, November 1864
0312064187: More Shapes Than One : A Book of Stories
0312064195: Moses the Kitten
0312064209: The Circle of Mynnia
0312064225: The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale
0312064241: Nappy Edges
0312064268: The Nine Giants
0312064276: Norway 1940
0312064284: Not since Carrie : Forty Years of Broadway Musical Flops
0312064292: Low Life on High Heels : The Holly Woodlawn Story
0312064306: One Place : A New Role for American Schools
0312064322: Origins of the Sacred : The Ecstasies of Love and War
0312064330: Otherwhere
0312064349: Our Father's House
0312064357: Out of the Studio
0312064365: What to Expect from College : A University President's Guide for Students and Parents
0312064373: Palm Springs Babylon : Sizzling Stories from the Desert Playground of the Stars
0312064381: Palm Springs Babylon : Sizzling Stories from the Desert Playground of the Stars
0312064403: Baby learning through Baby Play
0312064411: Pel and the Missing Persons
0312064438: President's Man : A Blackjack Endicott Novel
0312064446: Prince Phillip: His Secret Life
0312064470: Reasonable Doubts
0312064489: Baby to Parent, Parent to Baby
0312064497: Baby to Parent, Parent to Baby
0312064500: Reba : Country Music's Queen
0312064519: Red Sea, Dead Sea
0312064527: Right Brain Learning in 30 Days
0312064535: Rivers of Gold
0312064543: Roman Blood
0312064551: Roman Nights
0312064578: Baby sense: A practical and supportive guide to baby care
0312064586: Babysense
0312064594: Sands of Silence
0312064608: Sarah
0312064624: Set-Up : A Delilah West Mystery
0312064632: On Ships at Sea
0312064640: Sister Beneath the Sheet
0312064659: Women of the Silk
0312064667: Murder in Waiting by Richardson, Robert.
0312064675: Smash Cut
0312064691: Ransom
0312064705: Sorry Now?
0312064748: Sugarland
0312064764: Supertrains
0312064772: Sweet Heart
0312064780: Taste of Spain : Traditional Spanish Recipes and Their Origins
0312064799: Texas : From the Frontier to Spindletop
0312064802: U. S. One : America's Original Main Street
0312064810: Backfire is hostile!
0312064837: Back in Keith Country
0312064845: Uncle John's Fourth Bathroom Reader
0312064853: Underground Stream
0312064861: Vanderbilt Women : Dynasty of Wealth, Glamour, and Tragedy
0312064888: Voice Crying in the Wilderness : Notes from a Secret Journal
0312064896: Warrior Statesman : The Life of Moshe Dayan
0312064918: Wild Hunt
0312064926: Wild Nights
0312064934: Werewolf : A True Story of Demonic Possession
0312064942: Alexander Technique : A Complete Course in How to Hold and Use Your Body for Maximum Energy
0312064950: Zero at the Bone
0312064977: Statesman's Year-Book, 1991-1992
0312064985: Media and Foreign Policy
0312064993: Baltic Independence and Russian Empire
0312065000: Current Issues in Development Economics
0312065027: New Spirit in Architecture
0312065035: Workers in Third-World Industrialization
0312065043: Soviet Reforms and Beyond
0312065051: Beyond the Steady State
0312065094: Suez
0312065116: Basic Texts in International Relations : The Evolution of Ideas about International Society
0312065132: German Federalism Today
0312065159: Making Connections : An Interactive Approach to Academic Reading
0312065167: Bad Cats
0312065183: Grammar Troublespots : An Editing Guide for Students
0312065213: Postreform Congress
0312065221: Future of American Foreign Policy
0312065248: Bad Money: Big Business Disasters in the Age of a Credit Crisis
0312065256: Frankenstein
0312065302: Unholy Babylon
0312065310: Unholy Babylon
0312065329: Mythmaking and Metaphor in Black Women's Fiction
0312065337: Mythmaking and Metaphor in Black Women's Fiction
0312065353: Reducing Nuclear Arsenals
0312065396: Rhetoric in Popular Culture
0312065418: Subject and Strategy : A Rhetoric Reader
0312065426: Wallace Milroy's Malt Whisky Almanac: A Taster's Guide
0312065434: Cold War Legacy in Europe
0312065469: Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312065477: Compact Reader : Short Essays by Theme and Form
0312065485: Our Times 3
0312065493: Bedford Guide for College Writers : With Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
0312065507: Bedford Guide for College Writers : With Reader and Research Manual
0312065523: Ways of Reading : An Anthology for Writers
0312065531: Critical Strategies : For Academic Thinking and Writing
0312065558: Current Issues and Enduring Questions : A Guide to Critical Thinking and Argument, with Readings
0312065582: Security and the Csce Process
0312065590: Lords of the Scaffold : A History of the Executioner
0312065639: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1992 : The Rocky Mountains and Southwest
0312065647: Best of Pulphouse : The Hardback Magazine
0312065655: Today Is Another Tomorrow : The Epic Parody of Gone with the Wind
0312065663: Bahrain and the Gulf : Past Perspectives and Alternative Futures
0312065671: Market Square Dog
0312065698: Let's Go, 1992 : The Budget Guide to Washington, D. C. Including Arlington, Alexandria, and Annapolis
0312065701: Island Harp
0312065728: Green with Envy : A Nick Polo Mystery
0312065744: George Eliot (Marian Evans) : A Literary Life
0312065825: Choice Fulfilled : The Business of High Technology
0312065833: Society & Politics in the Caribbean
0312065841: Shelley's Italian Experience
0312065868: The Miracle That Was Macedonia
0312065876: The Balance of Military Power
0312065884: Balance of Power in East Asia
0312065892: Bald is Beautiful
0312065949: States vs. Markets : History, Geography, and the Development of the International Political Economy
0312066007: Evolution of U. N. Peacekeeping : Case Studies and Comparative Analysis
0312066015: Naval Arms Control : A Strategic Assessment
0312066023: Developments in Modern Historiography
0312066031: Open Skies, Arms Control, and Cooperative Security
0312066058: From Yalta to Berlin : The Cold War Struggle over Germany
0312066066: East-Central Europe and the U. S. S. R.
0312066074: Democracy, Security, and Development in India
0312066082: The Ballet Quiz Book
0312066090: Malcolm X : In Our Own Image
0312066147: Soviet Politics : Struggling with Change
0312066198: The ballot
0312066260: The Baltic Emerald
0312066287: Bannister's Chart
0312066309: Banking and Finance in the Arab Middle East
0312066317: Banking and Finance in West Germany
0312066333: Banners, Buttons, and Songs: A Pictorial Review and Capsule Almanac of America's Presidential Campaigns
0312066376: American Cold War Strategy : Interpreting NSC 68
0312066384: Barbra: A Biography of Barbra Streisand
0312066392: Bardot
0312066406: Barbed Wire
0312066414: Bare Nell
0312066422: Critical Strategies
0312066430: Ways of Reading : An Anthology for Writers
0312066465: our Times / 3 : Readings from Recent Periodicals: Instructor's Edition
0312066473: Our Times 3
0312066481: Teaching with the Bedford guide for college writers, 3rd edition, by X.J. Kennedy, Dorothy M. Kennedy, and Sylvia A. Holladay
0312066503: Barlow Comes to Judgement
0312066554: Bedford Introduction to Drama
0312066627: Working with Words : A Concise Handbook for Media Writers and Editors
0312066635: American Democracy
0312066643: Explorations in Basic Writing
0312066651: Gulliver's Travels
0312066716: Working with Words : A Concise Handbook for Media Writers and Editors
0312066856: Barlow exposed
0312067038: American Dream Cars 1946-1972/With New Pricing for 92 (American Dream Cars)
0312067054: Aspects of Modern Architecture Architec
0312067062: Sunday Times War in the Gulf
0312067070: Barque whisper
0312067100: Bartholomew Fair Murders
0312067119: Cruel Awakening
0312067127: FDR and His Contemporaries : Foreign Perceptions of an American President
0312067135: War for America: The Fight for Independence, 1775-1783
0312067143: Basic Betting : The Microcomputer Edge
0312067151: Richard III and the Princess in the Tower
0312067178: Abstract Labour : A Critique
0312067186: North-South and South-South : Essays on International Economics
0312067216: Profits, Deficits and Instability
0312067305: Post Modern Triumphs in London
0312067313: Big-Wing Paper Gliders
0312067364: Short History of Sociological Thought
0312067372: Military Advisor to the Secretary-General : United Nations Peacekeeping and the Congo Crisis
0312067399: Sixteenth Century Europe : Expansion and Conflict
0312067402: Literature : The Human Experience, Shorter with Essays
0312067410: Rainmaker's Dog : International Folktales to Build Communicative Skills
0312067437: Nitty Gritty Grammar : Sentence Essentials for Writers
0312067461: Cases in Bioethics : Selections from the Hastings Center Report
0312067496: The Fundamentals of Sailing
0312067518: Politics of American Government
0312067526: European Community Economics,
0312067534: European Community Economics
0312067550: Basic Carpentry for Apartments
0312067569: Technical writing: Situations and strategies
0312067585: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312067593: American Government : A Brief Introduction
0312067607: Challenge of Problem Based Learning
0312067631: Hong Kong and the Asylum-Seekers from Vietnam
0312067666: Presidency in Mexican Politics
0312067674: Corporate Planning and Policy Planning in the Pacific
0312067682: Henry James
0312067690: Milton
0312067704: The Birth of Marilyn: The Lost Photographs of Norma Jean
0312067763: Questions of Communication
0312067771: Reflections on Philosophy : Introductory Essays
0312067801: Contemporary Linguistics: An Introduction
0312067828: Making Cultural Connections : Readings for Critical Analysis
0312067836: Berlin Tomorrow : International Architectural Visions
0312067860: World Power and World Money
0312067879: St Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing
0312067887: The Horizon Reader - Instructor's Guide
0312067917: Patterns for College Writing : A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312067933: Avant-Garde : Russian Architecture in the Twenties
0312067941: Hermeneutic Desire and Critical Rewriting : Narrative Interpretation in the Wake of Poststructuralism
0312067968: Sibling Love and Incest in Jane Austen's Fiction
0312067976: Latin American Debt
0312067992: Knowledge That Endures : Coleridge, German Philosophy and the Logic of Romantic Thought
0312068018: Reviewing Romanticism
0312068034: Development Perspectives for the 1990s
0312068050: From Medieval to Medievalism
0312068069: Communicative Ethics in Theory and Practice
0312068077: Economic Reform and Third World Socialism : A Political Economy of Food Policy in Transitional Societies
0312068093: Under Eastern Eyes : The West As Reflected in Recent Russian Emigre Writing
0312068107: Equilibrium and Dynamics
0312068115: Applications of Decision-Aiding Software
0312068123: South Africa : Crossing the Rubicon
0312068131: God, Eternity and the Nature of Time
0312068174: Who Was Who : A Cumulated Index, 1897-1990
0312068182: Who Was Who, 1981-1990
0312068263: Essays on Robertsonian Economics
0312068271: Aesthetics of Loss and Lessness
0312068301: Helmut Nicolai and Nazi Ideology
0312068344: Europeans on Europe : Transnational Visions of a New Continent
0312068379: Changing Threat Perceptions and Military Doctrines
0312068387: U. S. West European Relations During the Reagan Years : The Perspective of West European Publics
0312068409: Sylvia Pankhurst : Essays on an Artist, Feminist and Socialist
0312068417: Windscale, 1957 : Anatomy of a Nuclear Accident
0312068433: Value Pluralism and Ethical Choice
0312068468: Negotiating Difference : Cultural Case Studies for Composition
0312068476: Organizational Communication : Balancing Creativity and Constraint
0312068522: Faithful to the End
0312068565: Federal Republic of Germany and NATO : 40 Years After
0312068573: Politics of Style in the Fiction of Balzac, Beckett and Cortazar
0312068603: Basic Pottery for the Student
0312068611: Great Expatriate Writers
0312068638: Judaism And World Religion
0312068654: Macroeconomic Theories & Policies for TH
0312068670: Consumption and Class : Divisions and Change
0312068689: Empirical Problem of Female Social Class
0312068697: Poison at the Source : The Female Novel of Self-Development in the Early Twentieth-Century
0312068700: Contributions to Consumer Demand and Econometrics
0312068727: Families and Households: Divisions and Change
0312068743: Sociology and Liturgy : Re-Presentations of the Holy
0312068808: Reader in the Dickensian Mirrors : Some New Language
0312068824: Traditional Bargello : Stitches, Techniques, and Dozens of Pattern and Project Ideas
0312068832: Road to the White House, 1992 : The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312068867: Oman : Politics and Development
0312068891: Reshaping Europe in the Twenty-First Century
0312068905: Risk Portfolio Management and Capital Markets
0312068921: Nationalism and Empire : The Habsburg Monarchy and the Soviet Union
0312068948: Afterward
0312068956: Basic Pottery for the Student
0312068964: All the Dead Heroes
0312068972: And I Quote : The Definitive Collecton of Quotes, Sayings, and Jokes for the Contemporary Speechmaker
0312068980: And the Angels Sing
0312069006: First Paragraphs : Inspired Openings for Writers and Readers
0312069014: Beyond Sarah and Sam : An Enlightened Guide to Jewish Baby Naming
0312069022: Beyond Charles and Diana : An Anglophile's Guide to Baby Naming
0312069030: Beyond Charles and Diana : An Anglophile's Guide to Baby Naming
0312069049: Beyond Sarah and Sam : An Enlightened Guide to Jewish Baby Naming
0312069057: Beyond Shannon and Sean : An Enlightened Guide to Irish Baby Naming
0312069065: Beyond Shannon and Sean : An Enlightened Guide to Irish Baby Naming
0312069073: Black Market
0312069081: Blanche on the Lam
0312069103: Before I Wake
0312069111: Body Count
0312069138: Boys Like Us
0312069146: Bread Machine Magic
0312069170: Bassington Murder, The
0312069197: Cabinet of Curiosities
0312069200: Cadaver : An Edwina Crusoe Medical Mystery
0312069219: Canadians
0312069227: Gospel According to Casey : Casey Stengel's Inimitable, Instructional, Historical Baseball Book
0312069235: A Change of Season
0312069243: Casting for Murder
0312069278: City of God
0312069286: Sexual Pleasures : What Women Really Want, What Women Really Need
0312069294: Cleared Hot : A Marine Combat Pilot's Vietnam Diary
0312069308: BASTARD, THE
0312069316: Clerical Errors
0312069324: The Rise of Mr. Warde
0312069340: Coffey Files
0312069359: You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard : Reach the First Brain to Communicate in Business and in Life
0312069367: Complete Blader
0312069375: Complete Home Landscape Designer : Save time and money, prevent costly mistakes, and create the landscape of your Dreams
0312069391: Coyote Bird
0312069405: The Croaking of the Raven
0312069448: Deadly Delusion/Pumpkin Shell
0312069456: Death and the Chapman
0312069464: Death As a Career Move
0312069472: Death by Misadventure
0312069480: Ba'th and the Creation of Modern Syria
0312069499: Death by the Light of the Moon
0312069502: Death of a Warrior Queen
0312069510: Death Off Stage
0312069529: Deborah Goes to Dover
0312069537: The Disappearance of Edwin Drood (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312069545: Don't Be Afraid Anymore
0312069553: Drowned Man's Key : A John Rodrigue Novel
0312069561: Dry and Thirsty Ground
0312069618: The Encyclopedia of Sexual Trivia
0312069626: End of Days : A Memoir of the Holocaust
0312069642: Escape into Light
0312069669: Elvis Reader : Texts and Sources on the King of Rock 'n' Roll
0312069677: Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs
0312069685: Famous DAR Murder Mystery
0312069693: Film Producer : An Industry Veteran Reveals What It Takes to Be a Producer in Today's Hollywood
0312069707: Firing Offense
0312069723: Battle of Bosworth
0312069731: First Men's Guide to Ironing : How You Can Survive the Decline and Virtual Dismemberment of Everything You Used to Depend On
0312069758: Flying Dutch (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312069766: Folly's Child
0312069782: Battlefield Earth
0312069812: New York Eats (More) : The Food Shopper's Guide to the Freshest Ingredients, the Best Take-Out and Baked Goods, and the Most Unusual Marketplaces in All of New York
0312069820: Ghostland
0312069839: A Glove Shop in Vienna & Other Stories
0312069847: Golf for Women : Easy-to-follow Instruction from Pro Golf's Leading Tournament Winner
0312069855: Good Food, Good Mood : How to Eat Right to Feel Right
0312069863: Governing Crisis : Media, Money, and Marketing in American Elections
0312069871: Green History of the World
0312069898: Griffin's Egg
0312069901: Hacker : A Deb Ralston Mystery
0312069936: Heat Islands
0312069944: Hell Hath No Fury
0312069952: Hollywood Rogues
0312069960: Homme Fatale
0312069979: In Camera
0312070012: In Stony Places
0312070020: Is Anybody There? (Thomas Dunne Book)
0312070039: Isvik (A Thomas Dunne Book)
0312070047: The Jacamar Nest
0312070055: Baudelaire, a Fire to Conquer Darkness
0312070063: Jersey Monkey
0312070071: Kalimantan
0312070098: Winter Widow
0312070101: The Killing Frost
0312070136: Last Mogul : The Unauthorized Biography of Jack Kent Cooke
0312070144: Last Rite of Hugo T.
0312070152: The Last Summer of Innocence
0312070160: Bayonets in the sun
0312070179: Learning Not to Be First : The Life of Christina Rossetti
0312070187: Faithfully Executed
0312070209: Love and Duty
0312070217: Be Not Afraid : Pope John Paul II Speaks Out on His Life, His Beliefs, and His Inspiring Vision for Humanity
0312070225: Mr. T's Be Somebody: Or Be Somebody's Fool
0312070233: Mr. T's Be Somebody
0312070268: Beach Boys : The Authorized Biography
0312070276: Love You to Death
0312070292: Loyalties
0312070306: Make Friends with Murder
0312070314: Male Sexual Machine : An Owner's Manual
0312070322: Medium Is Murder
0312070349: Mind Tryst
0312070357: Beaches and Coasts
0312070365: Group Therapy Experience
0312070373: Murder in Wartime : Untold Spy Story that Changed the Course of the Vietnam War
0312070381: The Beacon by Barrett, Susan
0312070403: Naked Hollywood: Money and power in the movies today
0312070411: Beastly Knits
0312070438: Nice Quiet Girl
0312070446: Noel Coward
0312070454: Noise Reduction : A Ten-Minute Meditation for Quieting the Mind
0312070470: Beasts and Babies
0312070489: Oh, What an Awful Thing to Say!
0312070497: Beasts go west
0312070519: Over the Earth I Come : The Great Sioux Uprising of 1862
0312070527: The beasts of my fields
0312070535: Dead Time : A Marti MacAlister Mystery
0312070543: Only Good Priest
0312070551: Beatrice and Sidney Webb : Fabian Socialists.
0312070578: Beau Barron's Lady
0312070586: Patently Murder
0312070594: Beaver to Fox
0312070608: Pen Men : Baseball's Greatest Bullpen Stories Told by the Men Who Brought the Game Relief
0312070624: Becoming a Writer
0312070640: User Deadly
0312070659: Poems of Love
0312070667: Becoming Logical
0312070675: Becoming Logical: An Introduction to Logic (Instructor's Manual)
0312070683: Becoming Logical
0312070691: Practical Demonkeeping
0312070705: Bed in Hell
0312070713: Pretty Boy : The Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd
0312070721: The Private World of Daphne Du Maurier
0312070748: Render Me My Song : African-American Women Writers from Slavery to the Present
0312070756: Rising Dog
0312070764: Road to the White House, 1992 : The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312070772: The Run of the Country
0312070780: Sail Like a Champion : Advanced Racing and Cruising Techniques
0312070799: A Season for Murder/a Mitchell and Markby Village Mystery
0312070810: Seeing the Elephant
0312070829: Seneca Falls Inheritance
0312070837: Divorce Lawyers
0312070853: Double Blind
0312070861: Swift Justice : Murder and Vengeance in a California Town
0312070896: St. Louis Cardinals : The Official 100th Anniversary History
0312070918: Sword and the Flame
0312070926: The Talinin Madonna
0312070934: Texas Capitol Murders
0312070942: This Royal Breed
0312070950: R.N.
0312070969: Till the Day Goes Down
0312070977: Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball Player
0312070985: Tony Gwynn's Total Baseball Player
0312070993: Trail to Buddha's Mirror
0312071000: Latin Moon in Manhattan
0312071019: Treasure by Post
0312071027: Trees : For Shelter and Shade, for Memory and Magic
0312071035: Turtle Island Alphabet : A Lexicon of Native American Symbols and Culture
0312071043: Ultimate Beatles Quiz Book
0312071078: Understanding Your Cat
0312071086: Understanding Your Dog
0312071094: Unholy Ground
0312071108: Third Man Out
0312071116: Unholy Trinity : The Vatican, the Nazis and Soviet Intelligence
0312071124: A Vow of Chastity (Sister Joan Mystery)
0312071132: Walks in Hemingway's Paris : A Guide to Paris for the Literary Traveler
0312071140: The Bedford guide to the research process
0312071159: Women and Risk : How to Master Your Fears and Do What You Never Thought You Could Do
0312071167: Weekend Quilt
0312071175: The BEDFORD READER
0312071183: Instructor's Manual to Accompany the Bedford Reader
0312071205: The Bedford Reader: Instructor's Manual to Accompany
0312071213: Weight of Light 1849-1890
0312071221: Winter's Tales (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312071248: With Charity Toward None : A Fond Look at Misanthropy
0312071256: Wolf Flow
0312071264: Bedside Tennis
0312071272: Women and Horses : Infidelity and Treachery in Both a Modern and an Ancient Tale of Foolish Lovers
0312071280: Work, Study, Travel Abroad, 1992-1993 : The Whole World Handbook
0312071299: Wycliffe and the Dead Flautist
0312071302: Possessed Individual : Technology and New French Theory
0312071310: The Bedside Thomas Hardy
0312071329: Nature of Fascism
0312071337: Shah and I : The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court, 1969-1977
0312071353: THE SOVIET MAFIA. Translated by John & Elizabeth Roberts
0312071396: Faithful to the End
0312071418: New Museology
0312071434: The Beatles
0312071450: New Museums
0312071469: Architectural Monographs No. 20: Foster Associates, Recent Works.
0312071477: Robert A. M. Stern: Selected Works (Architectural Monographs No 17) (Architectural Monographs)
0312071485: Venturi Scott Brown & Associates on Houses and Housing
0312071493: Frank Lloyd Wright: Archiectural Monographs, No. 18
0312071515: In the Service of Peace in the Middle East, 1967-1979
0312071523: Beecham stories : anecdotes, sayings and impressions of Sir Thomas Beecham
0312071531: Beethoven
0312071558: Before I Get Old : The Story of the Who
0312071590: Before the English Civil War: Essays on Early Stuart Politics and Government
0312071612: Beggarman's country
0312071620: American Revolution : Nationhood Achieved, 1763-1788
0312071639: H.G. Wells and Rebecca West
0312071647: The beggar's virtue
0312071698: Begin to live
0312071701: Practical demonkeeping: A comedy of horrors
0312071817: Beginning the World : A Former Nun's Memoir of Her Painful but Triumphant Journey
0312071841: Beginning Together: A Diary of Discovery for You and Your Baby
0312071876: Resistance and Reaction : University Politics in Post-Mao China
0312071884: Japanese Targeting : Successes, Failures, Lessons
0312071892: International Perspectives on the Falklands Conflict : A Matter of Life and Death
0312071906: The Beginnings to 1558
0312071914: Soviet Federalism : Nationalism and Economic Decentralisation
0312071922: Introduction to Political Science and Policy Research
0312071930: Jean-Paul Sartre (Modern Novelists)
0312071981: Appropriation of Shakespeare : Post-Renaissance Reconstructions of the Works and the Myth
0312072023: National Socialist Leadership and Total War, 1941-1945
0312072066: Thomas Mann
0312072074: Soviet Relations with India and Vietnam
0312072090: Legitimacy and the Military : The Yugoslav Crisis
0312072120: Development Strategy and the Economy of Sierra Leone
0312072279: Work in Progross: A Guide to Writing and Revising
0312072287: Work in Progress : A Guide to Writing and Revising
0312072325: Energy Politics
0312072341: Always Playing
0312072368: How to Talk Jewish
0312072376: Little Ways to Say I Love You
0312072384: Modern Classics of Science Fiction
0312072392: To School Through the Fields : A Country Childhood Remembered
0312072406: Historic Paper Planes (8 Classic Airplanes to Build and Fly, Each with Die-cut Parts and Full instructions)
0312072414: Celtic Book of the Dead : A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld
0312072430: Frank Lloyd Wright
0312072449: Venturi Scott Brown
0312072465: Robert Am Stern Selected Works
0312072473: Circle of Men : The Original Manual for Men's Support Groups
0312072481: Complete Guide to Sherlock Holmes
0312072538: Behaviorism and Schooling
0312072546: Celluoid Sisters : Women and Popular Cinema
0312072554: Revolutionary Feminism
0312072570: Intertextuality and Romance in Renaissance Drama : The Staging of Nostalgia
0312072600: Behind Russian Lines : An Afghan Journal
0312072619: JOSEPH CONRAD
0312072627: Magazine Feature Writing
0312072643: The Ruralists (An Art & Design Profile, No 23)
0312072651: Behind the Lines: The Private War Against Soviet Censorship
0312072694: Political Ideologies: an Introduction.
0312072732: Joseph Conrad : Betrayal and Identity
0312072767: Being an Actor
0312072783: Political Risk Analysis Around the North Atlantic
0312072791: Religion in Public Life
0312072805: Being Indian in Hueyapan: A Study of Forced Identity in Contemporary Mexico.
0312073011: Heart of Darkness
0312073151: Being Indian in Hueyapan : A Study of Forced Identity in Contemporary Mexico
0312073380: International Terrorism: Characteristics, Causes, Controls
0312073518: The Politics of International Economic Relations
0312073682: America Since 1945: Fifth Edition
0312073763: Makers of the Western Tradition: Portraits From History: Volume I
0312073771: The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312073828: BEDFORD BASICS, a Workbook for Writers
0312073887: The Scarlet Letter
0312073941: Belchamber Scandal
0312073968: Five Hundred Days : Transition to the Market
0312073976: New Baby Knits : More Than 30 Patterns for 0-3 Year Olds
0312074107: Politics in a Changing World With Infotrac
0312074123: Makers Of World History Volume 1 (1)
0312074204: Belfast: Approach to Crisis. A Study of Belfast Politics 1613-1970.
0312074220: Bedford Guide to the Research Process Edition
0312074239: The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking
0312074247: Belfast in the Thirties
0312074271: Belgrave Square: A Novel of Society
0312074557: Bella figura
0312074735: Belmullet
0312074816: British Critical Tradition
0312074832: Fire in the John : The Manly Man in the Age of Sissification
0312074867: Paris Step by Step : The Definitive Guide to the Streets and Sights of Paris
0312074875: Barcelona Step by Step : The Definitive Guide to Barcelona's Streets and Sights
0312074913: Women and Risk
0312074964: Towards a Post-Apartheid Future : Political and Economic Relations in Southern Africa
0312074972: Presidential Leadership : Politics and Policy Making
0312074980: Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312075065: Modern Presidency
0312075138: Who's Who in 1992
0312075154: Equal Value and Comparable Worth in the U. K. and the U. S. A.
0312075170: Ben Retallick
0312075235: Women of the Century : Thirty Modern Short Stories
0312075243: Latin American Writers : Thirty Stories
0312075294: Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312075308: Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312075316: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass : An American Slave, Written by Himself
0312075367: American Foreign Policy: Pattern and Process
0312075375: Encounters with Japan
0312075383: Women in Ancient Egypt
0312075391: Modern Pluralism: Just Exactly What Is Going On? (Architectural Design, Volume 62, No. 1-2
0312075413: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312075456: Radical Reform in Soviet Defense Policy : Selected Papers from the Fourth World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies, Harrogate, 1990
0312075464: Brodsky Through the Eyes of His Contemporaries
0312075626: Economic Interdependence in Southern Africa: From Conflict to Cooperation?
0312075642: Post-Communist Eastern Europe
0312075669: Tristram Shandy
0312075677: Middlemarch
0312075693: Post-Soviet Economy : Soviet and Western Perspectives
0312075707: Thomas Hardy : His Life and Friends
0312075723: William Blake: His Life
0312075731: Death at the Parasite Cafe : Social Science (Fictions) and the Postmodern
0312075766: Bergerac
0312075812: Baltic : A Regional Future?
0312075847: Rights of Women in Islam
0312075863: Common Ground : Reading and Writing about America's Cultures
0312075871: Nine Short Novels by American Women
0312075901: Men of No Property : Irish Radicals and Popular Politics in the Late Eighteenth Century
0312075928: Labour and the Failure of Reform in China (Studies on the Chinese Economy)
0312075960: William Carlos Williams and Transcendentalism
0312075979: Albert Camus : Philosopher and Litterateur
0312075987: Saul Bellow
0312075995: Political Economics of North American Free Trade
0312076037: African Politics and Society
0312076088: Agriculture Trade, Protectionism and the Problems of Development : A Legal Perspective
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