0312076096: Developments in American Politics
0312076142: Berlin : An Architectural History-An Architectural Design Profile
0312076177: Libel the Dead
0312076185: One Hundred One Great Ways to Keep Your Child Entertained : While You Get Something Else Done
0312076207: The Lies of Fair Ladies
0312076215: Berlin Breakout
0312076223: African Adventurers : A Return to the Silent Places
0312076231: Aggressor
0312076258: Little Grey Mice
0312076274: Love Space Demands : A Continuing Saga
0312076282: Anatomy of Error : Ancient Military Disasters and Their Lessons for Modern Strategists
0312076290: Angels in Arms
0312076339: Marilyn's Men : The Private Life of Marilyn Monroe
0312076347: Appetite for Destruction : The Days of Guns 'n Roses
0312076355: Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
0312076371: Murder in the Red Room
0312076398: My Season on the Brink : A Father's Seven Weeks As a Little League Manager
0312076401: Never Heave Your Bosom in a Front Hook Bra
0312076460: Atoll
0312076479: B-Four : A Novel
0312076487: Back to Corregidor : America Retakes the Rock
0312076495: Barbara Bush : A Biography
0312076533: Best Sex I Ever Had : Real People Recall Their Most Erotic Experiences
0312076541: Beyond Conflict : From Self-Help and Psychotherapy to the Peacemaking
0312076568: Bitter Recoil
0312076576: Black Fire
0312076606: Born to Run : The Life and Times of Nebraska Senator Robert Kerrey
0312076614: Bernard Shaw : A Critical View
0312076622: Boxed-In
0312076630: Brightness Falls from the Air
0312076649: Cat's Cradle
0312076657: The Bernard Shaw Companion Hardcover by Hardwick, Michael; Hardwick, Mollie
0312076665: Caught in the Shadows : A Mystery
0312076681: The Celtic Book of the Dead.
0312076703: Bernard Stern
0312076711: Circle : He Pledged to Serve with Duty and Honor. Instead He Fought Betrayal on A Ship Bound for Danger
0312076738: Coffin on Murder Street
0312076770: Coming War with Japan
0312076835: Cotswold Mistress
0312076886: Crown Princess : A Biography of Diana
0312076894: Cubans : Voices of Change
0312076924: Dancing under the Moon : Sex, Love, Death, and Nice Little Italian Restaurants in the Nation of Los Angeles
0312076932: Dancing with the Dead
0312076959: Deadly Reunion
0312076991: Death from the Ladies Tee : A Pete Hacker Mystery
0312077009: Bertie, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales: A Novel
0312077017: Death of a Prankster
0312077025: Death of Donna-May Dean
0312077033: Diaries 1920-1922
0312077041: Bertolt Brecht: Diaries, 1920-22
0312077068: The Deep Blue Sea
0312077084: Best for Winter: A Selection from Twenty-five Years of Winter's Tales
0312077092: The Best Medicine
0312077114: The Best of Alan Coren
0312077122: The best time
0312077130: Best of Everything
0312077149: The Best of Friends
0312077157: Devil's Card
0312077165: Best of James Herriot
0312077173: The Best of James Herriot- Favourite Memories of a Country Vet
0312077181: Best of James Herriot
0312077203: Bethany
0312077211: The Best of Modern Screen
0312077238: Diamond Revolution : The Forces That Are Transforming Baseball Today - and Tomorrow
0312077262: Dog Talk : Training Your Dog Through a Canine Point of View
0312077270: Betsey Brown
0312077289: Betsey Brown : A Novel
0312077300: Better Brochures, Catalogs and Mailing Pieces : A Practical Guide with 178 Rules for More Effective Sales Pieces That Cost Less
0312077319: Better Brochures, Catalogs and Mailing Pieces : A Practical Guide with 178 Rules for More Effective Sales Pieces That Cost Less
0312077327: Betty Grable, the Reluctant Movie Queen
0312077335: Doghouse
0312077343: Between Parents and Grandparents
0312077351: Between Two Worlds (Vol. 1)
0312077386: Drummer Was the First to Die
0312077394: Educational Renaissance : Our Schools at the Turn of the 21st Century
0312077432: Falling Woman
0312077440: False Profits
0312077475: Film Review, 1991-1992
0312077483: Final Shot
0312077491: Firedrake's Eye
0312077505: Night Butterfly
0312077513: Flower in the Desert
0312077521: Night G.A.A. Died
0312077548: Northwest Epic : The Building of the Alaska Highway
0312077556: Outnumbering the Dead
0312077564: O' New Jersey : Daytripping, Back Roads, Eateries, and Funky Attractions
0312077572: On Your Own Again : The Down-to-Earth Guide to Getting Through a Divorce Or Separation and Getting on with Your LIfe
0312077580: Frost the Fiddler
0312077599: One More Saturday Night : Reflections with the Grateful Dead, Dead Family and Dead Heads
0312077610: Geronimo!
0312077629: Private Pleasures
0312077637: Past Regret
0312077653: Great Bread Every Time
0312077661: Pink Vodka Blues
0312077688: Pumpkin-Shell Wife
0312077696: Had We Never Loved : A Novel of Georgian England
0312077718: Hangman's Lane
0312077726: Harm's Way
0312077734: Beyond All Frontiers
0312077750: Question of Honor
0312077769: The Queen: A Revealing Look at the Private Life of Elizabeth II
0312077785: Beyond Capitalist Planning
0312077793: Beyond Cholesterol: Vitamin B-B6-S, Arteriosclerosis and Your Heart
0312077815: Lemmus II: Beyond the Outer Mirr
0312077823: Beyond the shining mountains
0312077831: Beyond Endurance
0312077858: Beyond Engineering : Essays and Other Attempts to Figure Without Equations
0312077866: Radio Waves : Life and Revolution on the FM Dial
0312077874: Horses of War
0312077890: How to Advertise : Expanded, Updated, and Completely Revised for the 90's
0312077912: Road to Zena : A Novel
0312077920: How to Buy a Car : The Essential Guide for Buying a New or Used Car, Updated and Revised for the 1990s
0312077939: Running Vixen
0312077947: How to Get Elected : An Anecdotal History of Mud-Slinging, Red-Baiting, Vote-Stealing, and Dirty Tricks in American Politics
0312077955: Scientific Basis of Astrology
0312077963: Biblical Semantic Logic
0312077971: Slacker
0312077998: The Sea Scape
0312078005: The Seeds of Murder
0312078013: The Ice House
0312078048: Sleight of Hand
0312078064: Slip of the Tong
0312078072: Smithsonian Snafu : A Mystery
0312078080: Inhumane Society
0312078099: Somebody's Dead in Snellville
0312078102: If at All Possible, Involve a Cow : The Book of College Pranks
0312078110: It's Only Love : A Novel
0312078161: Life Studies: A Thematic Reader-Fourth Edition
0312078277: Readings in World Civilization Vol. 2
0312078315: America Firsthand Volume 2
0312078323: Social Interaction: Reading in Sociology
0312078366: Sociology of Law
0312078374: Race, Class & Gender in the United States, an Integrated Study
0312078382: Something Good for a Change : Essays on Peace Through Living
0312078412: Spoken Word
0312078420: The Big Book of B Movies, Or, How Low Was My Budget
0312078439: The Big Book of B Movies
0312078447: Joyce's Dublin : A Walking Guide to Ulysses
0312078455: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football: The Modern Era, 1960-1991
0312078463: Big Money
0312078471: Squeezeplay
0312078498: BIG RED TRAIN RIDE.
0312078501: Kelly Park : A Novel
0312078528: Big Time
0312078544: Strictly Business : On Football and My Life with the 49ers
0312078552: Sudden Strangers : The Story of a Gay Son and His Father
0312078560: Ladies' Man : The Life and Trials of Marvin Mitchelson
0312078579: Lantern for the Dark
0312078587: Last Man to Die
0312078595: Last Virginia Gentleman
0312078609: Late Harvest
0312078617: Lawyer's Guide to Cheating, Stealing and Amassing Obscene Wealth
0312078625: Billiards
0312078633: Sweetheart
0312078641: Bindlestiff
0312078668: Bing Crosby
0312078676: Biography : Fiction, Fact and Form
0312078684: Biography: Fiction, Fact, and Form
0312078692: Biological Ideas in Politics
0312078706: 3rd down and Forever : Joe Don Looney and the Rise and Fall of an American Hero
0312078714: Biographical Dictionary of Irish Writers
0312078722: Three Pieces
0312078749: The Twelfth Man
0312078765: Twins, Triplets and More
0312078773: Unforgettable
0312078803: The Voyage of Christopher Columbus: Columbus' Own Journal of Discovery Newly Restored and Translated
0312078838: Whoever Fights Monsters : My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI
0312078846: Windover
0312078862: Wingspan Inside the Men's Movement
0312078870: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312078889: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312078897: Year's Best Science Fiction : Ninth Annual Collection
0312078900: Year's Best Science Fiction : Ninth Annual Collection
0312078919: Year's Best Science Fiction : Ninth Annual Collection
0312078927: Yvonne Goes to York
0312078951: Architecture-Space-Painting
0312078978: Ad Free Space Architecture :Hadid Woods
0312078986: Pop Art (Art and Design Profiles)
0312078994: Atomic Energy Commission under Nixon : Adjusting to Troubled Times
0312079044: Films of Nicolas Roeg : Myth and Mind
0312079052: The Nature of Buddhist Ethics
0312079125: Women and Leadership in Nineteenth-Century England
0312079133: Robertson on Economic Policy
0312079168: European Corporate Strategy
0312079176: United Kingdom and EC Membership Evaluated
0312079192: New Thinking in Soviet Politics
0312079206: Korean Armistice
0312079222: Shakespearean Tragedy : Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
0312079230: Shakespearean Tragedy : Lectures on Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, Macbeth
0312079257: Aggressor
0312079311: Paternoster Square and the New Classical Tradition
0312079338: Lessons from the Hill : The Legislative Journey of an Education Program
0312079346: Who Was Who 1991
0312079370: Philosophical and Theological Foundations of Ethics : An Introduction to Moral Theory and Its Relation to Religious Belief
0312079400: International Money and the Real World
0312079419: Information Systems Management: Opportunities and Risks
0312079443: Major Writers of Short Fiction : Stories and Commentaries
0312079486: The Portuguese Columbus : Secret Agent of King John II
0312079494: Battle of Naseby and the Fall of King Charles the First
0312079524: Thailand's Turn : Profile of a New Dragon
0312079532: Shiites : Ritual and Popular Piety in a Muslim Community
0312079567: Woman That I Am
0312079575: American Unbound : World War II and the Making of a Superpower
0312079605: Samuel Beckett
0312079648: Shining Path of Peru
0312079672: Thomas Hobbes : Political Ideas in Historical Context
0312079680: Henry James: The Contingencies of Style
0312079699: Post-Colonial English Drama : Commonwealth Drama since 1960
0312079702: Spectral Visions in Blake's Poetry
0312079729: Decoding Women's Magazines : From Mademoiselle to Ms.
0312079737: A Treasury of Contemporary and Classic Plays for Children
0312079753: Statesman's Year-Book
0312079788: External Imbalances and Policy Constraints in the Nineteen Nineties : Papers of the Fifteenth Annual Conference of the International Economics Study Group
0312079818: Treatment of Intangibles : A Banker's View
0312079869: Keynes and the Economic Policies of the 1980s (Central Issues in Contemporary Economic Theory and Policy)
0312079907: New Directions in Soviet Literature
0312079931: Ideology and System Change in the U. S. S. R. and East Europe
0312079958: Current Issues in Public Sector Economics
0312079966: Theory into Practice : A Reader in Modern Literary Criticism
0312079974: Theory into Practice : A Reader in Modern Literary Criticism
0312080328: Western Societies
0312080336: Sport in Contemporary Society : An Anthology
0312080344: Deviant Behavior : A Text Reader in the Sociology of Deviance
0312080352: Why Nations Go to War
0312080379: New Origami : Dozens of Projects Using the Newest Kinds of Origami
0312080387: Kids' Knits for Heads, Hands, and Toes : More Than 40 Delightful Patterns for Kids' Hats, Scarves, Mittens, Gloves, Berets, Slippers, Socks and More
0312080395: Liberal Party : Triumph and Disintegration, 1886-1929
0312080441: Silver Age in Russian Literature
0312080484: Politics of Economic Change in Postwar Japan and West Germany, Vol. 1: Macroeconomic Conditions and Policy Responses
0312080514: External Relations of the European Community : The International Response to 1992
0312080549: Welfare and the State : Who Benefits?
0312080565: Biopolitics, Political Psychology and International Politics
0312080573: Diplomacy of German Unification
0312080581: Africa Betrayed
0312080638: Shakespeare and the Dialectic of Certainty
0312080654: Hang gliding and soaring: A complete introduction to the newest way to fly
0312080670: Inside/out
0312080727: Making Cult Connections
0312080735: Dead
0312080743: Mortal Error
0312080778: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Understanding Politics Ideas, Institutions, and Issues
0312080808: American Democracy
0312080816: American Democracy
0312080824: Great Expectations
0312080832: Turn of the Screw
0312080840: Countercultures : A Sociological Analysis
0312080859: Bird Has No Wings : The Letters of Peter Schwiefert
0312080867: Dialogue and Discovery
0312080875: Into the Green
0312080891: Grants Register, 1993-1995
0312080905: Regional Great Powers in International Politics
0312080921: Post-Communist Transition : Emerging Pluralism in Hungary
0312080964: Development Policy
0312080980: Integrity of Intelligence : A Bill of Rights for the Information Age
0312081014: Exchange-Rate Regimes and Currency Unions
0312081049: Studies on the Theory of General Dynamic Economic Equilibrium
0312081073: Marking the City Boundaries : Art and Design Profile 25
0312081081: Pop Architecture: a Sophisticated Interpretation of Popular Culture?
0312081111: Lebbeus Woods: Anarchitecture Architecture Is a Political Act
0312081154: Age of Chivalry
0312081162: Women of Muriel Spark
0312081170: Leadership : Communication Skills for Organizations and Groups
0312081197: Explorations in World Literature : Readings to Enhance Academic Skills
0312081200: Bird Of Passage
0312081219: Evaluating Children's Writing : A Handbook of Communication Choices for Classroom Teachers
0312081227: Falling into Theory : Conflicting Views on Reading Literature
0312081235: Western Tradition
0312081243: Western Literature in a World Context : The Ancient World through the Renaissance
0312081251: Western Literature in a World Context Vol. 2 : The Enlightenment through the Present
0312081294: AIDS Caregiver's Handbook
0312081308: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993-1994 : New England
0312081316: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993-1994 : The South
0312081324: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993-1994 : The West Coast
0312081332: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993-1994 : U. S. A. and Canada
0312081359: Arms of Nemesis
0312081367: Ask Marilyn
0312081375: At Your Service : Memoirs of a Major Domo
0312081383: Baby Talk
0312081391: Baker's Dream : A Novel
0312081405: The Barleyfield
0312081413: If You Can't - Won't Stop Smoking : How to Reduce the Ill Effects of Tobacco
0312081421: Environmental Problems, Grassroots Solutions : The Politics of Grassroots Environmental Conflict
0312081448: Murder in the West Wing
0312081456: Bleeding Orange
0312081464: Body in the Cornflakes
0312081472: Birds of Sadness
0312081480: Body in the Vestibule
0312081499: Booked for a Hanging
0312081510: Buffalo Bills Official All-New Trivia Book II
0312081529: Cancellation by Death
0312081537: Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death
0312081561: China Silk
0312081618: Citizen Koch
0312081626: Cleese Encounters
0312081634: Clubbed to Death
0312081642: Computer Viruses, Worms, Data Diddlers, Killer Programs, and Other Threats to Your System : What They Are, How They Work, and How to Defend Your PC or Mainframe
0312081650: Mazes for the Mind
0312081669: Comrade Charlie
0312081685: Convoy Homeward
0312081693: Pursuit of Bliss
0312081707: Crime for Christmas
0312081715: Crisp Toasts
0312081723: The Birth Control Book
0312081731: Crystal Globe : The Haves and Have-nots of the New World Order
0312081758: Death Lives Next Door: The First Inspector Coffin Mystery
0312081774: Desert Sinner
0312081790: Dharma Lion : A Biography of Allen Ginsberg
0312081804: Diana in Private : The Princess Nobody Knows
0312081820: Dream Life
0312081839: Elizabeth I
0312081847: Triathletes
0312081855: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993 : Great Britain and Ireland
0312081863: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1993 : The Continent
0312081928: A Fatal Fleece: An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312081936: Fatal Opinions
0312081944: For the Love of a Child
0312081952: Foxglove
0312081960: Garden Club
0312081979: Geodesic Dreams : The Best Short Fiction of Gardner Dozois
0312081987: Girl with the Phony Name
0312081995: Good Rockin' Tonight : Sun Records and the Birth of Rock 'N' Roll
0312082002: Gorbachev, Yeltsin and the Last Days of the Soviet Empire
0312082029: Graveyard : The True Story of a Haunted New England Cemetery
0312082037: Greetings from the Modern World
0312082053: Habits of a Lifetime
0312082096: One, Two, What Did Daddy Do?
0312082118: How to Play Bass Guitar
0312082126: How to Play Drums
0312082142: How to Play Keyboards
0312082185: How to Write and Give a Speech : A Practical Guide
0312082193: Betrayal: The Untold Story of the Kurt Waldheim Investigation and Cover-Up
0312082207: Hurrell Hollywood
0312082223: In the Presence of the Sun : Stories and Poems
0312082231: Independent Feature Film Production : A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution
0312082266: Iron Glove
0312082282: James, the Connoisseur Cat
0312082290: Kaddish in Dublin
0312082312: Lady Fortescue Steps Out
0312082320: The Lazarus Tree
0312082339: Let's Go : Britain and Ireland: Including Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
0312082347: Let's Go : California and Hawaii: Including Reno, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Baja California
0312082355: Let's Go : Europe: Thirty-Five Countries in All, Including Expanded Coverage of Eastern Europe
0312082363: Bitter Finish
0312082371: Let's Go : France: Including Andorra and Monaco
0312082398: Let's Go : Greece and Turkey: Including Cyprus, Crete, and the Greek Islands
0312082401: Let's Go : Israel and Egypt: Including Jordan and the West Bank
0312082428: Let's Go : London: Including Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Portsmouth, and Canterbury
0312082436: Let's Go : Mexico: Including Costa Rica, Belize, and Guatemala
0312082444: Bittersweet
0312082452: Let's Go : New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island Including Long Island, Atlantic City, Princeton, and New Haven
0312082460: Let's Go : Paris: Including Five Walking Tours
0312082479: Let's Go : Spain and Portugal: Including Morocco
0312082495: Let's Go : The Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska; Including Alberta, British Columbia, and Prince William Sound
0312082509: Bizarre Books.
0312082517: Let's Go : U. S. A. Including Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and the Maritime Provinces
0312082525: Let's Go : Washington, D. C.: Including Arlington, Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis, and Historic Virginia
0312082533: Black Advancement in the South African Economy
0312082541: Lingerie Fantasies
0312082568: Warren Commission Report
0312082576: Warren Commission Report : Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy
0312082584: Lovers' Tarot
0312082592: Mad Courtesan
0312082606: Black American writers: Bibliographical essays
0312082614: Man of Blood
0312082622: Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles : A Novel
0312082630: Metaphysics of Sex
0312082649: Mom among the Liars
0312082657: More Shapes Than One : A Book of Stories
0312082665: Murder at Drury Lane
0312082681: My Sister's Keeper
0312082703: Nimby Factor
0312082711: No Mardi Gras for the Dead
0312082738: Not since Carrie : Forty Years of Broadway Musical Flops
0312082746: Obligations of the Bone
0312082762: Ota Benga : The Pygmy in the Zoo
0312082770: Out of the Studio
0312082789: People's Car Book : The Car Book for People Who Don't Trust Mechanics, Car Salesmen, or Car Manufacturers
0312082797: Bah, Humbug! : Quotes, Verses, and Stories for the Spiritual Heirs of Ebenezer Scrooge
0312082800: Preposterous Papa : A Hilarious and Affectionate Portrait by His Son
0312082819: Profiles in Gay and Lesbian Courage
0312082827: Proud Villeins
0312082835: Return Trip Ticket (Thomas Dunne Book)
0312082843: River of the Sun
0312082851: Route 66 : The Mother Road
0312082886: The Scandal of Ulysses,
0312082908: Seven Kinds of Death
0312082916: Seventh Bullet : A Holmes and Watson American Adventure
0312082924: Shadow Players
0312082932: Skin Deep
0312082940: Skylark
0312082959: Black American Writers: Bibliographic Essays V002
0312082967: A Slip of the Tong
0312082975: Nation of Victims : The Decay of the American Character
0312082983: The Black Angels: A History of the Waffen-Ss
0312082991: Sorry Now?
0312083009: Black Ashes
0312083017: Black Camelot
0312083025: Black Book
0312083033: Black Cockade : Paul Gallant's Louisburg Command
0312083041: Special Delivery : A Case for Nick Polo
0312083068: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Basketball
0312083076: Black dawn
0312083084: Station Break
0312083106: A Black Fox Running
0312083114: Suez
0312083122: Summer Stalk
0312083130: Black Genesis
0312083149: Super-Endurance Paper Planes
0312083157: Texas Cheerleaders : The Spirit of America
0312083165: Art of Mingling : Easy, Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room
0312083173: Best of Pulphouse : The Hardback Magazine
0312083181: Black Gold
0312083203: Thief Taker
0312083211: Thor
0312083238: Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream
0312083246: To Kill a Clown
0312083270: Trail of Murder
0312083297: Unwillingly to Vegas
0312083319: Venerable Bead : A Deadly Serious Novel
0312083327: Visions of Infamy : The Untold Story of How Journalist Hector C. Bywater Devised the Plans That Led to Pearl Harbor
0312083335: Walking Dead Man
0312083343: Well-Done Roasts : Witty Insults, Quips and Wisecracks Perfect for Every Imaginable Occasion
0312083378: Willie: The Life of W. Somerset Maugham
0312083386: Winter Eyes
0312083394: Witness of Bones
0312083408: Blackbird Singing
0312083416: Woman Scorned
0312083424: Your Own Way in Music
0312083432: Computers and the Imagination
0312083440: Fair Trade Fraud
0312083491: Age of McCarthyism : A Brief History with Documents
0312083505: World Turned Upside Down : Indian Voices from Early America
0312083513: Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism : A Brief Biography with Documents
0312083521: New How to Advertise
0312083548: Blake's Innocence and Experience Retraced
0312083572: Raymond Williams : Politics, Education, Letters
0312083610: Grammar Through Stories
0312083629: Blaming Technology: The Irrational Search for Scapegoats
0312083637: Blaming Technology : The Irrational Search for Scapegoats
0312083645: Blayde R.I.P.
0312083653: Blaze Of Glory The Fight For New Orleans 1814-1815
0312083661: Blaze of Glory
0312083696: Resources for Teaching Major Writers of Short Fiction
0312083726: South-South Trade and Development : Industrialization in the Late Twentieth Century
0312083742: British Politics and the Labour Question, 1868-1990
0312083769: Feminism and Linguistic Theory
0312083777: United Nations in the 1990s
0312083785: Many Faces of National Security in the Arab World
0312083793: Bless me, father
0312083807: A Pocket Style Manual
0312083815: Text and Voice : Essays, 1981-1991
0312083858: Voices and Visions : An Integrated Approach to Reading and Writing
0312083866: Welfare State in Britain Since 1945
0312083882: Blind Bend
0312083890: Environmental Politics
0312083904: Radical Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe
0312083912: Middleton and Tourneur
0312083920: Sheridan and Goldsmith
0312083939: Intersectoral Resource Flows and China's Economic Development
0312083955: Blood and Orchids
0312083971: China's Exports Since 1979 (Studies on the Chinese Economy)
0312083998: Of Bridles and Burnings
0312084013: Stalinism in Ukraine in the 1940s
0312084056: Conflict and War in the Middle East, 1967-91: Regional Dynamic and the...
0312084080: Literature : The Human Experience
0312084099: Literature of Human Experience Paperback by Abcarian, Richard
0312084102: Language Awareness
0312084110: Language Awareness.
0312084129: At Issue
0312084137: Current Issues in Public Administration
0312084145: World Faiths
0312084188: International Political Economy
0312084196: Classic Readings in American Politics, by Nivola, 3rd Edition
0312084218: Power of Eloquence and English Renaissance Literature
0312084226: Suez
0312084242: Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility
0312084277: Political Science : A Comparative Introduction
0312084285: Sociology of Health and Illness : Critical Perspectives
0312084293: Guide to Writing Sociology Papers
0312084307: Extraordinary Groups
0312084315: Where the Domino Fell
0312084323: Student's Guide to History
0312084331: Makers of Western Tradition
0312084358: Blood and Water
0312084366: Europe since 1945 : A Concise History
0312084374: U. S. in the 20th Century : America since 1945
0312084404: Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists
0312084412: Blood Games
0312084420: India, Pakistan and the Kashmir Dispute : On Regional Conflict and Its Resolution
0312084439: Economics of Secession
0312084447: Plunkitt of Tammany Hall
0312084455: Blood Knot
0312084463: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : With Related Documents
0312084471: Blood Oath
0312084498: The Blood on My Sleeve
0312084501: Blood of the Czars
0312084528: Blood on the Snow: A Novel
0312084552: Witness for the Defense
0312084617: Blood sisters: An examination of conscience
0312084625: Blood Sisters : An Examination of Conscience
0312084641: Bloodbath
0312084676: European Community : Structure and Process
0312084722: Women and World War I : The Written Response
0312084757: Family Relationships
0312084765: Politics of International Economic Relations
0312084773: Future of American Foreign Policy
0312084781: Philosophy : Contemporary Perspectives on Perennial Issues
0312084803: Writer's Presence : A Pool of Essays
0312084811: Visions of the Future : Art, Technology and Computing in the Twenty-First Century
0312084838: Bloodrose House
0312084862: Every Living Thing
0312084897: Bloody Book of the Law
0312084978: AIDS Caregiver's Handbook
0312084986: All Creatures Great and Small
0312084994: Dragons and Unicorns : A Natural History
0312085001: Electric Gypsy : Jimi Hendrix
0312085036: How to Play Keyboards (How-to-Play Series)
0312085044: How to Write and Give a Speech : A Practical Guide
0312085052: Bloody Marvellous by Rathbone, Julian
0312085060: In the Presence of the Sun : Stories and Poems
0312085079: Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1993
0312085087: Bloody Mary
0312085109: Bloody Murdock : A Matt Murdock Mystery
0312085117: Isabella of Castile : The First Renaissance Queen
0312085125: James Herriot's Treasury for Children : Warm and Joyful Tales by the Author of All Creatures Great and Small
0312085133: Bloody Scandal
0312085141: Roman Shadows
0312085168: The Bloomingdale's Eat Healthy Diet
0312085176: Bloomsbury Aesthetics and the Novels of Forster and Woolf
0312085184: Waking Up in America
0312085192: Washington Redskins
0312085214: Blossom of Erda
0312085249: France-Germany, 1983-1993 : The Struggle to Cooperate
0312085273: The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories
0312085303: Political Culture in Germany
0312085354: World of Ideas : Essential Readings for College Writers
0312085362: World of Ideas
0312085370: Poems, Poets, Poetry
0312085397: Lorca, Poet and Playwright : Essays in Honour of J. M. Aguirre
0312085419: King Lear
0312085494: Contemporary Painting Art & Design PR
0312085524: Shaping Identity in Eastern Europe and Russia : Soviet and Polish Accounts of Ukrainian History, 1914-1991
0312085532: Making of Eastern Europe
0312085559: School and Society in Tsarist and Soviet Russia : Selected Papers from the Fourth World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies, Harrogate, 1990
0312085575: Trade Policies Towards Developing Countries
0312085613: The Trivial Sublime : Theology and American Poetics
0312085621: Dialogical Theatre : Dramatizations of the Conquest of Mexico and the Question of the Other
0312085648: Early Warning and Conflict Resolution
0312085656: Ethnicity and Conflict in a Post-Communist World : The Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and China
0312085680: EC and the United States
0312085699: Social and Economic Modernization in Eastern Germany : From Honecker to Kohl
0312085702: Unification Process in Germany : From Dictatorship to Democracy
0312085710: European Community Integration
0312085745: Global Interests in the Arab Gulf
0312085761: Brut
0312085788: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
0312085842: World Security : Challenges for a New Century
0312085850: Jefferson Vs. Hamilton
0312085869: Muller vs. Oregon
0312085958: Government and Politics of France
0312085966: Idiots, Madmen and Other Prisoners in Dickens
0312085982: Jonathan Swift, Gulliver's Travels
0312086024: Jane Austen : A Guide Through the Critical Maze
0312086059: History of Vanity
0312086075: Elizabethan Underworld
0312086083: Jean Monnet : The Path to European Unity
0312086091: British Abroad : The Grand Tour in the Eighteenth Century
0312086113: Conflict and Community in Southern England : Essays in the Social History of Rural and Urban Labour from Medieval to Modern Times
0312086121: Critical Thinking Reading and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument
0312086172: Benjamin and William Franklin : Father and Son, Patriot and Loyalist
0312086180: Writing Research Papers
0312086202: Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature : Reading, Thinking, and Writing
0312086210: Agrarian Origins of Commerce and Industry : A Study of Peasant Marketing to Indonesia
0312086296: Inventing Reality : The Politics of News Media
0312086334: Encyclopedia of the British Press, 1422-1992
0312086342: Conjuring
0312086350: Metallica : The Frayed Ends of Metal
0312086369: Brief Bedford Reader
0312086377: Bedford Reader
0312086385: Editor's Notes to accompnay---Elements of Argument a Text And Reader
0312086393: Elements of Argument
0312086407: Elements of Argument
0312086474: Wordsworth
0312086482: Russian Pluralism : Now Irreversible?
0312086547: Puzzle Palaces and Foggy Bottom : U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy-Making in the 1990's
0312086555: Play of Power Hardcover by Eisenstein
0312086571: Criminal Elite : The Sociology of White Collar Crime
0312086598: Explorations in Basic Writing: Instructor's Edition
0312086601: Fields of Writing : Readings Across the Disciplines
0312086644: Henry the Eighth and the English Reformation
0312086687: Translating Religious Texts : Translation, Transgression and Interpretation
0312086709: Economic Development in the Context of China: Policy Issues and Analysis
0312086733: Community Policing : Comparative Perspectives and Prospects
0312086741: Modern Social Theory : From Parsons to Habermas
0312086776: Ourselves among Others : Cross-Cultural Readings for Writers
0312086792: Ourselves among others: Cross-cultural readings for writers
0312086814: Bedford Basics : A Workbook for Writers
0312086822: Defining Power : Influence and Force in the Contemporary International System
0312086830: Ethics and Airpower in World War II : The British Bombing of German Cities
0312086849: Distant Thunder : Third World Conflict and the New International Order
0312086865: Supreme Court in American Democracy
0312086903: Peter Pran of Ellerbe Becket : Recent Works
0312086911: History of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia
0312086938: Understanding Thomas Jefferson : Studies in Economics, Law, and Philosophy
0312086946: Act of Faith : A Thomas and Sandrine Curry Mystery
0312086954: Life (Before and) after Monty Python : The Solo Flights of the Flying Circus
0312086962: American Eagle : The Ascent of Bob Crandall and American Airlines
0312086970: Apache Autumn : A Novel of the Apache Nation
0312086989: Ecoscam : The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse
0312086997: Ask Me No Questions
0312087004: Coast : A Journey down the Atlantic Shore from Maine to Florida
0312087012: Balkan Ghosts
0312087020: Banana Lover's Cookbook
0312087039: Laserdisc Film Guide
0312087047: Best Bargain Family Vacations in the U. S. A.
0312087055: Blackburn : A Novel
0312087071: Body in Belmont Harbor
0312087098: Book Early for Murder
0312087101: Book of Kisses : A Definitive Collection of the Most Passionate, Romantic, Outlandish, and Wonderful Quotations on the Intimate Art of Kissing
0312087128: Boston Red Sox Trivia Book
0312087144: Broken Star
0312087152: Business Writer's Handbook
0312087160: The Button Man
0312087179: A Blue Evening Gone
0312087187: Bluegate Fields/#08533
0312087195: Blue rock range
0312087209: Blue Rock Range
0312087225: Boast
0312087233: Body Alive!: Towards an Education in Movement
0312087241: Bob Hope by Thompson, Charles
0312087268: Can't We Make Moral Judgements?
0312087276: Bob Marley : Soul Rebel-Natural Mystic
0312087284: Captain Monsoon
0312087292: Giant Steps
0312087306: Bob Mathias : The Life of the Olympic Champion
0312087314: Bobby : Breakthrough of an Autistic Child
0312087322: Cataracts
0312087330: Bodypower
0312087349: Bodypower
0312087357: Bodysculpture
0312087365: Cincinnati Reds Trivia Book
0312087373: Bodach the Badger
0312087381: Bogie and Me
0312087403: Bogey's Baby
0312087446: Clean Sweep
0312087454: The Bohemian Connection: A Mystery
0312087462: Cleveland Connection
0312087470: Cold in the Earth: A Mitchell and Markby Village Mystery
0312087489: Boldness Be My Friend
0312087497: Chappaquiddick : The Real Story
0312087519: Southern Woman
0312087527: D.H. Lawrence
0312087535: Date With a Plummeting Publisher
0312087543: Dead Beat
0312087551: Dead Before Morning
0312087578: Dead Set : A Charmian Daniels Mystery (Charmian Daniels Mysteries (Hardcover))
0312087586: Bomber!
0312087594: All for Money
0312087608: Bomber' Harris and the Strategic Bombing Offensive, 1939-1945
0312087616: Death of a Glutton
0312087624: Death for a Dodo
0312087632: Bond of Honour
0312087640: Deathics : A Margaret Binton Mystery
0312087659: Living with Dickens
0312087667: Dick Van Dyke Show Book
0312087675: The bondswoman
0312087683: Dining by Rail : The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine
0312087691: Bones
0312087705: Vanishing Act
0312087713: Single European Market : Prospects for Economic Integration
0312087721: Bones of contention: An enquiry into East-West relations
0312087748: England's Dreaming : Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock and Beyond
0312087764: Fergie Confidential: The Real Story
0312087772: Final Appointment
0312087780: Fire When Ready, Gridley! : Great Naval Stories from Manila Bay to Vietnam
0312087799: First Love, Last Love
0312087802: Bonner Deception
0312087837: Food and Wine of Greece : More Than 250 Classic and Modern Dishes from the Mainland and Islands
0312087845: Fox-Red Hills
0312087861: Frame Grabber
0312087888: Garth Brooks, Platinum Cowboy
0312087896: Bonnie's Household budget book: The essential workbook for getting control of your money
0312087918: Bonnie's Household Organizer: The Essential Guide for Getting Control of Your Home
0312087950: Bonnie's Household Organizer : The Essential Guide for Getting Control of Your Home
0312087969: Ultimate Training : Gary's Null's Complete Guide to Eating Right, Exercise, and Living Longer
0312087977: Glenallen
0312087985: God's Politician: Pope John Paul II, the Catholic Church, and the New World Order
0312087993: Going Places : The High School Student's Guide to Study, Travel, and Adventure Abroad, 1993-1994 Edition
0312088000: Golden Destiny
0312088019: Good Old-Fashioned Cookies : More Than Eighty Classic Cookie Recipes--Updated for Today's Bakers
0312088027: Gospel : A Novel
0312088035: The Book Book
0312088043: Grave Talent
0312088051: Gypsy at Almack's
0312088078: Hell of a War
0312088094: Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year
0312088108: Honey, I'm Home! : Sitcoms: Selling the American Dream
0312088124: Hostile Intent
0312088132: Landing Your First Job Out of College : The Ultimate Job-Hunting Handbook
0312088140: The Chocolate Book
0312088159: Hyperactive Child Book
0312088167: I Killed Hemingway
0312088175: If Wishes Were Horses
0312088183: In the Presence of Enemies
0312088205: The Book of Coffee & Tea: A Guide to the Appreciation of Fine Coffees, Teas, and Herbal Beverages
0312088213: Book of Coffee and Tea
0312088221: Book of Coffee and Tea
0312088272: Irish Troubles : A Generation of Violence, 1967-1992
0312088280: Jimmy Stewart: A Life in Film
0312088299: Journey to the Vanished City : The Search for a Lost Tribe of Israel
0312088302: Kalifornia : A Novel
0312088310: The Book of Crochet : From Beginner to Expert The Best Crochet Book for You
0312088337: Kill the Butler
0312088345: The Last Resort: A Novel
0312088353: Latin Moon in Manhattan
0312088361: Lieberman's Choice
0312088388: Longest Road
0312088396: Dodgers Trivia Book
0312088418: Love You to Death
0312088426: Man Bites Town : Notes of a Man Who Doesn't Take Notes
0312088434: Martin Luther King, Jr. : Apostle of Militant Nonviolence
0312088442: Men of War: Great Naval Leaders of World War II
0312088450: Midnight's Lair
0312088469: Miss Tonks Turns to Crime
0312088477: Modern Classics of Science Fiction
0312088485: Mondo Barbie
0312088493: More Weekend Quilts
0312088507: Mother's Day
0312088515: Motown Underground
0312088523: Mrs. Mallory And The Festival Murder
0312088566: Murder by the Numbers
0312088574: Murder Be Hanged
0312088582: My Name Is Polly Winter
0312088590: New Chinese Astrology
0312088604: Summerhill School
0312088612: Next Victim
0312088620: Nick's Trip
0312088639: Night Child
0312088647: Noble Path
0312088655: Noble Rot
0312088663: On Death's Bloody Trail: Murder and the Art of Forensic Science
0312088671: On Ships at Sea
0312088698: Paradise Junction
0312088701: Honky Tonk Angel : The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline
0312088728: Pel and the Promised Land
0312088736: Pen Men : Baseball's Greatest Bullpen Stories Told by the Men Who Brought the Game Relief
0312088752: Plymouth Cloak
0312088760: The Prince of Darkness by Doherty, P. C.
0312088779: Purgatory
0312088787: Quiet Murder (G.D.H. Pringle Mystery Series)
0312088795: Recycled
0312088809: The Book of Genesis
0312088825: Bernard of Hollywood's Marilyn
0312088833: The Run of the Country
0312088841: Ruthless Yeomen
0312088868: Sandman Sleep
0312088876: A Secret Dying
0312088884: Ryer Avenue Story
0312088892: Nightmare Point
0312088914: Snatch Crop
0312088922: Hank Williams, the Complete Lyrics
0312088930: Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball, 1993
0312088949: St. Louis Cardinals
0312088957: Station Break
0312088965: Stravinsky : Glimpses of a Life
0312088973: Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera
0312088981: The Book of Genesis
0312089007: Sweet Death Come Softly
0312089015: Swift Justice : Murder and Vengeance in a California Town
0312089023: The Book of Granville: Reflections of a Stock Market Prophet
0312089066: Third Man Out
0312089074: The Book of Healthy Foods
0312089082: The Book of Healthy Foods
0312089090: Thirteenth Apostle
0312089120: Tortillas! : 75 Quick and Easy Ways to Turn Simple Tortillas into Healthy Snacks and Mealtime Feasts
0312089139: Treason's Gift
0312089147: Twilight
0312089155: Too Cool
0312089163: Twisted Justice
0312089171: An Uncommon Murder
0312089198: Village
0312089201: The White Rose Murders: Being the First Journal of Sir Roger Shallot Concerning Certain Wicked
0312089228: Winter's Tales: New Series : 8 (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312089236: Wolf Girls at Vassar : Lesbian and Gay Experiences, 1930-1990
0312089244: Working on the Edge
0312089260: Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
0312089279: Ye Gods! a Thomas Dunne Book
0312089287: Yuppie Scum
0312089295: The Book of Insults, Ancient and Modern: An Amiable History of Insult, Invective, Imprecation and Incivility (Literary, Political and Historical)
0312089309: Atlantic Charter
0312089317: Victorian Farm House
0312089341: Ethnic Dimension in American History
0312089368: The Love of Cats: An Illustrated Anthology About Cats and Their Companions
0312089384: Tragedy and Philosophy
0312089392: Cocaine and Crack : Supply and Use
0312089414: Business Writing Handbook
0312089422: Book of Knitting
0312089449: Muckraking : Three Landmark Articles
0312089457: Sherlock Holmes : The Major Stories with Contemporary Critical Essays
0312089465: Elementary Statistical Reasoning
0312089473: Voices for Change : South Africa's Other Whites
0312089503: Reflections on Philosophy, Introductory Essays
0312089538: Technology and the Fututre
0312089546: Family Relationships
0312089562: The book of losers: An irrestible litany of failure through the ages
0312089597: AMERICAN PUBLIC POLICY An Introduction - 4th Edition
0312089643: Origins of U. S. Nuclear Strategy, 1945-1953
0312089651: Let's Go : Rome, 1993, Including the Vatican City and Day Trips to Lazio, Tivoli Gardens, Ostia
0312089678: Cities in the 1990s
0312089686: Rights and the Common Good : The Communitarian Perspective
0312089694: Delicate Balance
0312089708: Public Administration in America
0312089716: Critical Questions : Invention, Creativity, and the Criticism of Discourse and Media
0312089724: Legal Writing : The Strategy of Persuasion
0312089732: The Book of Furniture Making
0312089740: American Diplomats in the Netherlands, 1815-50
0312089767: Building the New Europe
0312089783: Book of Marmalade
0312089791: Keynes and the Role of the State : The Tenth Keynes Seminar Held at the University of Kent at Canterbury, 1991
0312089856: Book of Perks
0312089872: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
0312089880: Ending the Chinese Civil War : Power, Commerce, and Conciliation Between Beijing and Taipei
0312089902: patrick white
0312089910: American Power, the New World Order, and the Japanese Challenge
0312089945: United States and the European Community in the 1990s
0312089961: Planning and Market in Soviet and East European Thought, 1960's-1992
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