0312089996: Book of Runes : A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle: The Viking Runes
0312090013: The Book of Runes
0312090021: The Book Of Runes.
0312090064: The Book of Samplers
0312090072: '60s and the End of Modern America
0312090080: International Story : An Anthology with Guidelines for Reading and Writing about Fiction
0312090099: Book of Scottish Verse
0312090102: China and the Origins of the Pacific War, 1931-1941
0312090137: A Book of Songs
0312090153: Open-Economy Macroeconomics
0312090161: Shakespeare in Performance: Castings and Metamorphoses
0312090218: First Men's Guide to Cleaning House
0312090234: Green of the Spring
0312090242: U. S. One : America's Original Main Street
0312090250: Winter's Tales: New Series, No 5 (International Anthology of Stories by New & Established Writ)
0312090269: Winter's Tales: New Series No 6
0312090560: Eyes of the Goat
0312090587: Fool's Gold
0312090595: Further Adventures
0312090609: Haunting of Lamb House
0312090617: Mummy's Tale : The Scientific and Medical Investigation of Natsef-Amun, Priest in the Temple of Karnak
0312090625: Night Game
0312090633: Martin Luther King, Jr. Companion : Quotations from the Speeches, Essays, and Books of Martin Luther King, Jr.
0312090641: Testimony
0312090668: Travesia Solitaria de Juan Cabrera
0312090730: Images of Schoolteachers in Twentieth-Century America : Paragons, Polarities, Complexities
0312090749: Education in Edge City : Cases for Reflection and Action
0312090773: Modern and Contemporary Drama
0312090811: Denmark and EC Membership Evaluated
0312090838: Wild Palms Reader
0312090854: Contested Values
0312090862: Eastern Europe Since 1945
0312090900: Planning Development with Women : Making a World of Difference
0312090919: Current Issues in Agricultural Economics
0312090935: Geoffrey Chaucer
0312090943: National Socialist Cultural Policy
0312090951: Soviet Zion : The Quest for a Russian Jewish Homeland
0312090978: German Expellees : Victims in War and Peace
0312090994: Unconformities in Shakespeare's Later Comedies
0312091028: Public Interest and Market Pressures : Problems Posed by Europe, 1992
0312091036: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
0312091044: State and Local Politics
0312091095: God, Truth and Reality : Essays in Honour of John Hick
0312091125: Foreign Investment in Central and Eastern Europe
0312091141: Souls of Black Folk
0312091184: Promises We Keep : Human Rights, the Helsinki Process and United States Foreign Policy
0312091214: Questions of Conduct : Sexual Harassment, Citizenship, Government
0312091222: Women's Studies in the 1990s : Doing Things Differently?
0312091230: Narrative and Desire in Russian Literature, 1822-1849 : The Feminine and the Masculine
0312091249: Israel: a Concise Political History.
0312091257: Battle of the Frogs and Fairford's Flies
0312091273: Machine That Would Go of Itself : The Constitution in American Culture
0312091281: Environment and Society : The Enduring Conflict
0312091303: Oscar, Cat-about-Town
0312091311: Blossom Comes Home
0312091338: New Politics of American Foreign Policy
0312091346: Senator : My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy
0312091397: Working with Words : A Concise Handbook
0312091419: Hundred Years' War
0312091427: Hundred Years War
0312091435: International Organizations : A Dictionary and Directory
0312091508: Japan's Military Renaissance?
0312091516: Role of Competition in Economic Transition
0312091524: Statutes of Liberty : The New York School of Poets
0312091567: Concise Guide to Writing
0312091591: Instructor's Manual To Accompany Broadcast News Writing and Reporting
0312091656: Studies on Economic Reforms and Development in the People's Republic of China
0312091982: The book of what and how: An illustrated catalogue of the products and inventions of the modern world
0312092040: Themes for Writers
0312092059: The Book of Whole Grains
0312092067: Writing Worth Reading : A Practical Guide
0312092148: Academic Writing : Exploring Processes and Strategies
0312092172: Themes for Writing
0312092180: Walden
0312092261: making connections
0312092296: Focus : Interactive Grammar for Students of ESL
0312092318: Focus : Interactive Grammar for Students of ESL
0312092369: Trade and the Poor : The Impact of International Trade on Developing Countries
0312092377: Slow Burn
0312092385: 1st Culprit: A Crime Writers' Association Annual (Culprit)
0312092393: 50 Best Cheesecakes in the World : The Winning Recipes from the Nationwide Love That Cheesecake Contest
0312092407: The Book of Whole Grains: The Grain-By-Grain Guide to Cooking, Growing and Grinding Whole Cereals, Nuts, Peas and Beans
0312092415: African Nature Notes and Reminiscences
0312092423: Agatha Raisin and the Vicious Vet
0312092431: Appearance of Evil
0312092458: Astronomers
0312092466: B-Four
0312092474: Science on Trial
0312092490: Death of a Tycoon: An Insider's Account of the Rise and Fall of Robert Maxwell
0312092504: Birth of Marilyn (Monroe) Lost Photos of
0312092512: Silver Bullets : A Soldier's Story of How Coors Bombed in the Beer Wars
0312092539: Body's Memory
0312092547: Brotherly Love
0312092563: Burger Book : Dozens of Recipes for Juicy Burgers and Delicious Side Dishes
0312092571: Cancer Prevention Diet : Michio Kushi's Nutritional Blueprint for the Relief and Prevention of Disease
0312092598: Clark Gable : Portrait of a Misfit
0312092601: Complete Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner : An Indispendable, Money-Saving Workbook for Organizing Every Aspect of the Event - from Temple Services to Reception
0312092628: Corporate Coach
0312092636: Cotswold Moles : A Lady Jane Hildreth Mystery
0312092644: Covenant of the Poppies
0312092660: Daughter of Riches
0312092679: New Deal for Death
0312092687: Death by Education
0312092695: The Border
0312092709: Death of a Fantasy Life
0312092717: Death of a Martyr : The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz
0312092725: Discerning Traveler's Guide to Romantic Hideaways of the East Coast
0312092733: How to Divorce in New York : Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement Without Tears or Trial
0312092741: Divorce Lawyers : What Happens in America's Courts
0312092768: Dolphin Sunrise
0312092776: Down by the Sea
0312092784: Dracula : The Ultimate, Illustrated Edition of the World-Famous Vampire Play
0312092792: Dracula: The Ultimate, Illustrated Edition of the World-Famous Vampire Play
0312092806: Behind Eclaire's Doors : A Tale of Murder and Mayhem in New Orleans
0312092814: Emma Who Saved My Life
0312092822: End of the Empire
0312092830: Executive's Quotation Book
0312092849: Fatal Charm: The Life of Rex Harrison
0312092857: Film Review, 1993
0312092865: Film Review, 1993
0312092873: Firedrake's Eye
0312092881: Detective First Grade
0312092903: Force Majeure
0312092911: Born at Risk
0312092938: Fortune's Knave : The Making of William the Conqueror: a Novel
0312092954: French Affair
0312092962: Outrageous Betrayal : The Real Story of Werner Erhard, Est and the Forum
0312092970: Give a Dog a Name
0312092997: Born of Woman
0312093004: Safe Place to Die
0312093012: Gospel According to Casey : Casey Stengel's Inimitable, Instructional, Historical Baseball Book
0312093020: Great Reminder
0312093039: The Haldanes
0312093047: Heaven's Only Daughter
0312093055: Heir Apparent
0312093063: Hollywood Gangland : The Movies' Love Affair with the Mob
0312093071: Hour to Kill
0312093098: The Borzoi Control
0312093128: Immune Power
0312093136: Bosom of the Family
0312093144: The Impostor
0312093152: Instant Blues (The Play By Ear Series)
0312093160: James, the Fabulous Feline : Further Adventures of the Connoisseur Cat
0312093179: The Boston Red Sox: An illustrated tribute
0312093195: Justice for Some
0312093209: King of the Wa-Kikuyu : A True Story of Travel and Adventure in Africa
0312093217: L. A. Days, L. A. Nights : A Journey Through America's City of Dreams
0312093225: Lee Haney's Ultimate Bodybuilding Book : The 8-time Mr. Olympia's Revolutionary Program for Building Mass, Strength and Power
0312093233: Leopard Unleashed
0312093241: Boswell and Son
0312093276: Little Compendium on That Which Matters
0312093284: Long Live the Longhorns! : One Hundred Years of Texas Football
0312093292: Lost Keats : An Owen Keane Mystery
0312093306: Love and Rutabaga
0312093314: Male Sexual Machine : An Owner's Manual
0312093322: Man Who Understood Cats
0312093330: Bottom Line
0312093349: Marlene Dietrich Murder Case
0312093373: Menopause and Midlife Health
0312093381: The Morning Gift
0312093403: Lightning in the Blood
0312093411: Mr. Smithson's Bones
0312093438: Murder among Us
0312093446: Love and Murder
0312093462: Murder in a Mayonnaise Jar
0312093470: Mysterious Death of Meriwether Lewis
0312093489: Bagels for Tea
0312093497: The Book of Common Dread/a Novel of the Infernal
0312093500: Negrophobia : An Urban Parable
0312093519: Never Die in January
0312093535: Night G.A.A. Died
0312093543: Muse Is Always Half-Dressed in New Orleans : And Other Essays
0312093551: North Star Conspiracy
0312093578: Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course
0312093586: Otherwise
0312093594: Outdoor Survival Handbook : A Guide to the Resources and Material Available in the Wild and How to Use Them for Food, Shelter, Warmth, and Navigation
0312093608: Over the Earth I Come : The Great Sioux Uprising of 1862
0312093616: Paid and Loving Eyes
0312093632: Through the Green : The Mind and Art of a Professional Golfer
0312093640: Political Poison : A Paul Turner Mystery
0312093659: Portrait of a Racist : The Man Who Killed Medgar Evers?
0312093667: Private Lives of Public Figures
0312093683: Rabin of Israel
0312093691: Ramones : An American Band
0312093705: Remembrance Day
0312093713: Rich Man's Blood
0312093721: The Rising Storm
0312093748: Roots of Evil (A Chief Inspector Morrissey Mystery)
0312093756: Rotary Club Murder Mystery
0312093764: Route 666 : On the Road to Nirvana
0312093772: Royal Marriages
0312093799: Scandal of Ulysses : The Sensational Life of a Twentieth Century Masterpiece
0312093802: Bowling For Everyone
0312093810: Seed of Doubt
0312093837: Shadows in Their Blood
0312093845: Shah and I : The Confidential Diary of Iran's Royal Court
0312093853: The Shingle Beach
0312093861: Ship's Clock
0312093888: Shrine of Murders
0312093918: Something Good for a Change : Essays on Peace Through Living
0312093934: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football
0312093942: Stardust to Planets : A Geological Tour of the Solar System
0312093950: Stolen Thunder
0312093969: Summer of Fear
0312093977: Supreme Court : A Paper Doll Book
0312093985: Surgery Book : Seventy-Five of the Most Common Operations Illustrated and Explained
0312093993: Sweetheart
0312094000: Switching the Odds
0312094019: Texas : From Spindletop Through World War II
0312094027: To Die Like a Gentleman
0312094035: The Boy Who Looked Like Shirley Temple
0312094043: War Breaker
0312094078: Unholy Trinity : The Vatican, the Nazis and Soviet Intelligence
0312094086: Vow of Sanctity : A Sister Joan Mystery
0312094094: The Walled Garden
0312094108: Way down Yonder in the Indian Nation : Writings from America's Heartland
0312094116: Cricket Explained
0312094124: What to Expect from College : A University President's Guide for Students and Parents
0312094132: Wiseguys in Love
0312094140: With Charity Toward None : A Fond Look at Misanthropy
0312094159: The Boyne water: The Battle of the Boyne, 1690
0312094167: Woman Possessed
0312094175: Women of Ashdon
0312094183: Working in Film : The Marketplace in the '90s
0312094191: The boys on the Rock
0312094205: Wyndham Case
0312094213: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312094221: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312094248: Year's Best Science Fiction : 10th Annual Collection
0312094256: You Can Die Trying: An Aaron Gunner Novel
0312094264: Who's Who, 1993 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary One Hundred and Forty-Fifth Year of Issue
0312094299: American Government: Readings on Continuity & Change
0312094337: Writers Presence
0312094345: Bracken
0312094388: The Compact Reader 4th: Short Essays By Theme and Form
0312094426: The Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312094434: Bedford Guide for College Writers 3ED
0312094442: Critical Strategies for Academic Thinking and Writing - Second Edition
0312094450: American Cold War Selections : Interpreting NSC 68
0312094507: The Brandenburg Hotel
0312094566: In Defense of Congress
0312094582: Author's Notes to Accompany, THE STRUCTURE OF ARGUMENT
0312094590: Structure of Argument
0312094620: Privatization in the Transition to a Market Economy
0312094639: Surefire Way to Better Spelling : A Revolutionary Strategy to Turn Poor Spellers into Pros
0312094647: Trout Reflections : A Natural History of the Trout and Its World
0312094655: Fifty Percent Off : A Novel of Love in the Age of Packaging
0312094663: Dazed and Confused
0312094671: From Freedom to Slavery : The Rebirth of Tyranny in America
0312094698: Iron and Your Heart : The Newly Discovered Health Risks of Excess Iron - and How You Can Beat Them
0312094701: Fiscal Issues in Adjustment in Developing Countries
0312094744: George Eliot
0312094752: Pakistan Chronicle
0312094787: Wall : A Day in the Life of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
0312094795: Wall : A Day in the Life of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
0312094825: Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948 : A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation
0312094833: War of the Austrian Succession
0312094876: U. S. and the Rise of East Asia, 1945-1990 : Dilemmas of the Postwar International Political Economy
0312094906: Bedford Reader : High School Reprint
0312094914: The Bedford Reader (Instructor's Edition)
0312094957: Cartographies : Contemporary American Essays
0312094965: Aging
0312094973: Land of Idols
0312095007: Jazz Musician
0312095015: Rock Musician
0312095023: Rock Musician
0312095031: Brave Kingdom
0312095104: Politics In A Changing World
0312095112: Breadstealers : The Fight Against the Corn Laws, 1838-1846
0312095147: Break Point
0312095155: Crisis of the American Republic : A History of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
0312095163: Personal Computers for Distance Education : The Study of an Educational Innovation
0312095171: The Breaker: The Novel Behind Breaker Morant
0312095198: The Stalin Phenomenon
0312095201: Breakfast with a Stranger
0312095228: The Breaking of the Image: A Sociology of Christian Theory and Practice by...
0312095236: Breaking out
0312095244: Father Orsini's Italian Kitchen
0312095252: The American Promise: A History of the United States (Includes 2 Workbooks)
0312095279: Breastfeeding and the Working Mother : The Complete Guide for Today's Nursing Mother
0312095295: George Eliot
0312095309: Cornerstones : An Anthology of African American Literature
0312095333: Gertrude Stein
0312095341: Economics of North American Free Trade
0312095368: Long Road to Freedom : The Advocate History of the Gay and Lesbian Movement
0312095376: Bride
0312095384: Bride
0312095392: Writer's Community
0312095406: Bride of Ae
0312095430: The Bride of Suleiman
0312095457: Jane Eyre
0312095473: With Good Reason
0312095481: Brides of Aberdar
0312095503: Bridge Fall Down
0312095511: The Bridge of Birds: A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was
0312095546: Bureaucratic Experience : A Critique of Life in the Modern Organization
0312095554: A Brief History of the United States since 1945
0312095600: Politics of American Government
0312095619: American Government; a Brief Introdction
0312095627: Sentence Basics
0312095643: Writer's Worlds
0312095651: Writers Worlds
0312095694: The Everyday Writer: A Brief Reference
0312095708: Presence of Others Readings for Critical
0312095732: The St. Martin's Manual to Writing in the Disciplines
0312095740: Language Awareness
0312095759: Common Ground Reading and Writing About America's Cultures
0312095767: INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL TO ACCOMPANY Common Ground , Reading and Writing About America's Cultures
0312095775: Post-Apartheid Southern Africa?
0312095813: Changing the Economic System in Russia
0312095821: World Saving, Prosperity and Growth
0312095848: Ireland Guide
0312095864: State and Society in Syria and Lebanon, 1919-1991
0312095902: A Brief History of the United States since 1945
0312095910: Learning and Technological Change
0312095937: Pearl Harbor Revisited
0312095945: Narrative and Representation in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens : A Tune Beyond Us, Yet Ourselves
0312095961: Mothers and Education, Inside Out? : Exploring Family-Education Policy and Experience
0312095988: World Faiths
0312096003: Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312096011: The Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312096127: Critical Essays
0312096186: Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
0312096224: Islam and Politics in Central Asia
0312096240: Labour Party since 1945
0312096267: Bright Blue
0312096275: Bright Young Things
0312096283: Brigie : A Life, Nineteen Sixty-Five to Nineteen Eighty-One
0312096305: Romantic Discourse and Political Modernity
0312096313: Contemporary British Theatre
0312096348: Decentralization of Collective Bargaining : An Analysis of Recent Experience in the U. K.
0312096356: Indebted Development : Strategic Bargaining and Economic Adjustment in the Third World
0312096410: The Great American Bologna Festival and other student essays
0312096429: Society and Technological Change
0312096437: Elements of Social Scientific Thinking
0312096453: Social History of Western Civilization : Readings from the Ancient World to the Seventeenth Century
0312096461: Social History of Western Civilization
0312096488: Readings in World Civilizations
0312096496: Palestine and the Arab
0312096518: Makers of World History
0312096526: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
0312096534: Controversies in International Relations Theory
0312096623: Language of Twentieth Century Poetry
0312096631: Shakespeare : The Elizabethan Plays
0312096658: Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : With Related Documents
0312096682: Kurds of Iraq : Tragedy and Hope
0312096690: The Complete Wolf: The Definitive Illustrated Guide to the Wolves of the World
0312096704: Envisioning America : English Plans for Colonization of North America, 1580-1640
0312096712: Economics of the Labour Market
0312096755: Working Women Don't Have Wives: Professional Success in the 1990s
0312096763: Short History of the Labour Party
0312096801: German Economy : Colossus at the Crossroads
0312096828: Last Sex
0312096860: Korea since 1850
0312096879: Singapore Changes Guard
0312096895: Wuthering Heights
0312096917: Science and Technology Today
0312096925: Science and Technology Today : Readings for Writers
0312096976: Evolution
0312096984: Legislative Strategy : Shaping Public Policy
0312096992: Congress Today
0312097018: Statesman's Year-Book, 1993-1994
0312097026: Cutting Hours
0312097034: In the Fog
0312097050: Pallas
0312097069: Thunder in the Dawn
0312097077: Conservative Imagination : From Edmund Burke to Tom Stoppard
0312097107: News Formula
0312097212: Public Economics and International Trade : Essays in Honour of Professor Hirofumi Shibata
0312097239: Migration : The Asian Experience
0312097247: Lebanon - Fire and Embers : A History of the Lebanese Civil War
0312097255: Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited
0312097263: Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers
0312097271: Making Literature Matter: An Anthology for Readers and Writers
0312097298: Evelina
0312097301: Britain After the Glorious Revolution: 1689-1714
0312097328: Kyle at 200 M. P. H. : A Sizzling Season in the Petty-NASCAR Dynasty
0312097336: Against All Odds
0312097352: All Souls
0312097379: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994-1995 : The Midwest
0312097387: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994-1995 : The Rocky Mountains and the Southwest
0312097395: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994-1995 : U. S. A. and Canada
0312097409: Annie Lennox
0312097417: Britain in Context
0312097425: Architecture : The Natural and the Man-Made
0312097433: Arthritis : What Exercises Work
0312097441: The Astors: 1763-1992: Landscape with Millionaires
0312097468: Atlas of Early Man : The Rise of Man Across the Globe, from 35,000 B. C. to A. D. 500 with over 1,000 Maps and Illustrations
0312097476: Britain in the Early Nineteenth Century
0312097484: Godson
0312097506: A Bleeding of Innocents
0312097514: Elizabeth Barrett Browning : Selected Poems
0312097522: Emily Dickinson : Selected Poems
0312097530: John Keats
0312097549: Walt Whitman
0312097557: Body in the Cast : A Faith Fairchild Mystery
0312097565: Bohemian Heart
0312097581: The Book of Runes : A Handbook for the Use of an Anceint Oracle: The Viking Runes with Stones: 10th Anniversary Edition
0312097603: California Time
0312097638: Catilina's Riddle
0312097646: Britain and China, 1941-47: Imperial Momentum
0312097654: Britain and France in the Middle East and North Africa
0312097662: Charles Dickens' Christmas Ghost Stories
0312097670: Christmas Day Kitten
0312097689: Christmas Store
0312097697: Cleese Encounters : The Unauthorized Biography of Monty Python Veteran John Cleese
0312097700: Complete Wolf
0312097719: Conjuring
0312097727: Consider the Crows
0312097735: Contessa
0312097751: Cookies for Christmas : Fifty of the Best Cookie Recipes for Holiday Gift Giving, Decorating, and Eating
0312097778: Cracking Open a Coffin
0312097786: Daughters of Feminists/Young Women With Feminist Mothers Talk About Their Lives
0312097794: Day That Dusty Died
0312097808: The Dead Do Not Praise
0312097816: Dead on Your Feet
0312097824: Apothecary Rose
0312097832: Death of a Travelling Man
0312097840: Desperate Remedy : An Edwina Crusoe Medical Mystery
0312097859: Detectives
0312097875: Dorothy L. Sayers: Her Life and Soul
0312097883: Dream Life
0312097891: Dreaming Back
0312097905: Dubliners
0312097913: Dying Room
0312097921: Eclipse of the Heart
0312097956: Enchanted Ground
0312097964: Dallas Cowboys
0312097972: Environmental Economic Revolution : Reality, Prosperity, and the New Environmental Economics
0312097980: Eric Clapton : The Complete Recording Sessions, 1963-1992
0312097999: Escapade
0312098006: Britain and the Making of Europe
0312098014: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994 : Great Britain and Ireland
0312098022: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994 : The Continent
0312098030: Eviction by Death : A Victoria Bowering Mystery
0312098049: Extraordinary Friends
0312098057: The Fate of Hong Kong/the Coming of 1997 and What Lies Beyond
0312098065: Fiddlehead Cookbook : Recipes from Alaska's Most Celebrated Restaurant and Bakery
0312098073: File Under: Deceased
0312098081: Gay Issues in the Workplace
0312098103: The Italian Garden
0312098111: Place on the Water : An Angler's Reflections on Home
0312098138: Footsteps in the Blood (Charmian Daniels Mysteries (Hardcover))
0312098146: From Father to Son : Wisdom for the Next Generation
0312098154: Funny As a Dead Comic
0312098170: Glory Enough for All : The Battle of the Crater
0312098189: Britain and the Origins of the First World War
0312098197: Britain and the Origins of the First World War
0312098200: Golden Stone : The Untold Life and Tragic Death of Brian Jones
0312098219: Goldmine - London W. I.
0312098235: Growing Light
0312098243: Guilty Conscience
0312098251: How to Prevent Falls
0312098278: Hanged Man : A Joshua Croft Mystery
0312098286: I Ching or Book of Changes : A Guide to Life's Turning Points
0312098294: Idol Bones
0312098308: In the Presence of the Sun : Stories and Poems
0312098316: Insider's Guide to the Colleges
0312098332: The Intellectuals and the Masses: Pride and Prejudice Among the Literary Intelligentsia, 1880-1939
0312098367: Kickback
0312098375: Kids' Country Knits
0312098383: Ascension : John Coltrane and His Quest
0312098391: Labour of Love
0312098405: Lakers
0312098413: Land of Idols
0312098421: The Last Reunion
0312098448: Britain and Ireland 1994
0312098456: California and Hawaii, 1994
0312098464: Europe, 1994
0312098472: France, 1994
0312098480: Germany and Switzerland, 1994
0312098499: Greece and Turkey, 1994
0312098510: Italy, 1994
0312098529: London, 1994
0312098545: New York City, 1994
0312098553: Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, 1994
0312098561: Paris, 1994
0312098588: Spain and Portugal, 1994
0312098596: Thailand, 1994
0312098618: Washington, D. C., 1994
0312098626: Letters of a Love-Hungry Farmer
0312098634: Loose Cannon (John Raven Mystery)
0312098642: Mae West Murder Case
0312098650: The Magic of Champagne
0312098669: Man Who Invented Florida
0312098677: Man with My Name
0312098685: Mankiller : A Chief and Her People
0312098693: Voodoo Dreams
0312098715: Marshall's Marine Sourcebook
0312098731: The Mask of Zeus
0312098758: Murder Among Us/a Mitchell and Markby Village Whodunit
0312098766: Britain Since 1918 Second Edition
0312098774: Murder Confounded
0312098782: Murder in the East Room : An Eleanor Roosevelt Mystery
0312098790: My Soul to Take
0312098812: Nancy Drew Scrapbook : Sixty Years of America's Favorite Teenage Sleuth
0312098820: Nation of Victims : The Decay of the American Character
0312098839: Never Sleep with a Fat Man in July
0312098855: New York City Starwalks
0312098871: Night of the Cat
0312098898: Old Wives Tales : The Truth about Everday Myths
0312098901: Nun Plussed
0312098928: Death in a Far Country
0312098936: Pel and the Sepulchre Job
0312098944: The Poison Pool
0312098952: Poisoning the Angels
0312098960: Principal Cause of Death
0312098979: Private Knowledge
0312098995: Good Deeds : Over 150 Suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness to Brighten the Lives of Family, Friends and Complete Strangers
0312099010: Recycled
0312099029: Red Hot Chili Peppers
0312099037: Rotten : No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs
0312099045: Route 66 Postcards : Greetings from the Mother Road
0312099053: Britain's Developing Constitution
0312099061: Rush Limbaugh Story : Talent on Loan from God
0312099088: Saturday Treat
0312099096: Sculptress
0312099118: Shield of the Republic : The United States Navy in an Era of Cold War and Violent Peace 1945-1962
0312099126: Sir Philip's Folly
0312099134: Snowy
0312099142: Uninvited Daughter
0312099150: Southern Ladies and Gentlemen
0312099177: Scarlet Angel
0312099185: Hour of the Manatee
0312099193: Strange Are the Ways
0312099207: The Tenor's Son: My Days With Pavarotti
0312099215: Desmond's Guide to Perfect Entertaining
0312099223: Thicker Than Blood : An Alo Nudger Mystery
0312099231: To Die in Babylon
0312099258: Big Score
0312099266: Travels with Lizbeth : Three Years on the Road and on the Streets
0312099274: The Triumph of Bacchus
0312099282: Tunkashila : From the Birth of Turtle Island to the Blood of Wounded Knee
0312099290: Unconquered Country : Four Novellas
0312099304: Up the Agency: The Funny Business of Advertising
0312099312: Listener
0312099320: Vintage Polo
0312099339: Visions of the Children : The Apparitions of the Blessed Mother at Medjugorje
0312099347: Way down on the High Lonely : A Neal Carey Mystery
0312099355: Wedding Guest
0312099363: Weight of Light 1849-1890
0312099371: While the Music Lasts
0312099398: Without Reserve
0312099428: Wolves of Savernake
0312099436: Women of the Silk
0312099444: Women's Guide to Homeopathy
0312099452: World Beat
0312099460: Wycliffe and the Last Rites
0312099479: You Oughta Be Me : How to be a Lounge Singer and Live Like One
0312099495: You've Got to Be Believed to Be Heard : Reach the First Brain to Communicate in Business and in Life
0312099533: Emily Dickinson
0312099541: Power in Africa
0312099576: Multipolar Peace? : Great-Power Politics in the 21st Century
0312099592: Britain's Nuclear Arms Control Policy in the Context of Anglo-American Relations, 1957-68
0312099614: United States and Technology Policy
0312099622: Concise History of the Modern World : 1500 to the Present
0312099630: Independent Slovenia : Origins, Movements, Prospects
0312099657: France in the Sixteenth Century
0312099673: Ethics for Modern Life
0312099681: Point-Counterpoint
0312099703: Choices
0312099770: France and EC Membership Evaluated
0312099789: European Community and the Challenge of the Future
0312099797: Britain and European Unity, 1945-92
0312099800: Race and Racism in Britain
0312099851: Economic Reform and Agricultural Development
0312099878: Trade and Growth : Dilemmas in Trade Policy
0312099932: Germany and the Approach of War in 1914
0312099940: Money and Banking
0312099967: French Women's Writing : Recent Fiction
0312099975: You Tarzan: Masculinity, Movies and Men
0312099983: You Tarzan : Masculinity, Movies and Men
0312099991: Economic Decline and Nationalism in the Balkans
0312100000: Transition to Democracy in Poland
0312100027: Austria, 1994
0312100035: Ireland, 1992-93
0312100043: More Than Words : The Speeches of Mario Cuomo
0312100086: Wings of the Morning : The Flights of Orestes Lorenzo
0312100094: Vuelo Hacia el Amanecer : El Vuelo de Orestes Lorenzo
0312100116: The Slicing Edge of Death: Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?
0312100124: Woman That I Am
0312100132: Cinema : The First Hundred Years
0312100167: Lion of Judah
0312100213: Economic Development of China : A Comparison with the Japanese Experience
0312100248: Shiites : Ritual and Popular Piety in a Muslim Community
0312100256: British and American Women at Work : Do Equal Opportunities Policies Matter?
0312100353: British architecture
0312100361: British Architecture: 1984
0312100418: British Banking, 1960-85
0312100450: British Economic Fluctuations : Seventeen Ninety to Nineteen Thirty-Nine
0312100604: United Nations : How It Works and What It Does
0312100647: Pluralism and Inequality in Quebec
0312100655: Regional Integration and the Global Trading System
0312100663: A. J. P. Taylor : The Traitor Within the Gates
0312100671: Ideology and Cinematography in Hollywood, 1930-39
0312100698: Italian Economy : Heaven or Hell?
0312100701: Social Trends in Contemporary Russia : A Statistical Source-Book
0312100736: China's Economics Reforms : The Costs and Benefits of Incrementalism
0312100744: Privatization Processes in Eastern Europe : Theoretical Foundations and Empirical Results
0312100752: Bedford Companion to Shakespeare : An Introduction with Documents
0312100760: Germany and the Approach of War in 1914
0312100779: Bedford Handbook : Guide for Writing Tutors
0312100817: Cultural Contexts for Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man : A Bedford Documentary Companion
0312100825: Thinking and Writing About Philosophy
0312100876: Developments in British Politics 4
0312100884: Developments in British Politics 4
0312100892: British Economists and the Empire, 1860-1914
0312100914: Cross-Border Entry in European Retail Financial Services : Determinants, Regulation and the Impact on Competition
0312100922: End of the Third World
0312100965: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1994-1995 : The Middle Atlantic
0312101007: Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition
0312101015: Morphology
0312101023: Phonology
0312101066: Critical Tradition
0312101074: Work in Progress
0312101090: Work in Progress
0312101104: Outlooks and Insights : A Reader for College Writers
0312101112: Outlook and Insight
0312101139: Patterns for College Writing : A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312101147: Patterns for College Writing
0312101171: Passages : A Writer's Guide
0312101198: Passages
0312101201: Models for Writers : Short Essays for Composition
0312101228: Models for Writing Paperback by Alfred F. Rosa
0312101252: Eight Modern Essayists
0312101287: Contemporary Vocabulary
0312101325: Writing from Sources
0312101341: Writing from Sources
0312101376: Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312101384: Contemporary Essay
0312101392: Rereading America : Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing
0312101406: Research workbook for The Bedford Handbook for Writers, Fourth Edition
0312101414: Developmental Exercises to Accompany a Writers Reference
0312101422: Writers Reference: Exercises
0312101430: A Writer's Reference
0312101449: Women's Rights Emerges within the Anti-Slavery Movement, 1830-1870
0312101457: Utopia
0312101481: Tattoo: The Exotic Art of Skin Decoration
0312101538: Reporters Handbook
0312101546: Mexican Politics : The Dynamics of Change
0312101554: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312101589: Changes : Readings for ESL Writers
0312101597: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312101600: Research Methods in the Social Sciences/Study Guide
0312101619: Research Methods in the Social Sciences
0312101627: America Firsthand : From Settlement to Reconstruction
0312101635: America Firsthand : From Settlement to Reconstruction
0312101686: Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times : Foreign Dominion to Statehood: the Fifteenth Century to the Twentieth Century
0312101694: Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times : The Dynasty Periods: from Antiquity to the Fourteenth Century
0312101708: Battle of the Frogs and Fairford's Flies
0312101716: Iraq's Road to War
0312101759: Market Forces and World Development
0312101821: Economics in a Changing World : Proceedings of the Tenth World Congress of the International Economic Association, Moscow
0312101864: Trade, Aid and Development : Essays in Honor of Hans Linnemann
0312101872: Politics of Shakespeare
0312101902: Swiss Democracy : Possible Solutions to Conflict in Multicultural Societies
0312101910: Fab British Rock'n'Roll Invasion of 1964
0312101953: Equal Value and Comparable Worth in the U. K. and the U. S. A.
0312101996: Our Times : Readings from Recent Periodicals
0312102003: Left, Right and Center : Voices from Across the Political Spectrum
0312102011: Women's Magazines 1940-1960
0312102054: Archaeology of the British Isles : With a Gazeteer of Sites in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland
0312102062: Government and Politics of the United States
0312102070: Government and Politics of the United States
0312102097: Iraq : From Sumer to Saddam
0312102119: Influence and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century English Poetry
0312102127: St. Martin's Handbook
0312102135: The Electronic St. Martin's Handbook 5.0: For Windows and Macintosh
0312102178: Assigning, Responding, Evaluation
0312102216: Metaphysical Rebellion in the Works of Emily Bronte : A Reinterpretation
0312102232: Guidelines
0312102259: Changes
0312102267: A World of Ideas
0312102275: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312102313: Makers of the Western Tradition Vol.2.
0312102364: A Guide to Writing Sociology Papers (Third Edition)
0312102380: Environmental Politics
0312102399: Modern Presidency
0312102410: Future of American Foreign Policy
0312102445: Twentieth-Century Novel
0312102461: From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima : The Second World War in Asia and the Pacific, 1941-1945
0312102488: Archaeology of the British Isles : With a Gazeteer of Sites in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland
0312102542: Forest and Land Management in China since the Seventeenth Century
0312102569: The British General Election of 1983
0312102577: International Trade : Regional and Global Issues
0312102585: Humanitarianism and the Emperor's Japan, 1877-1977
0312102593: Allies at War : The Soviet, American and British Experience, 1939-1945
0312102607: American Constitutional Law
0312102615: American Constitutional Law
0312102658: World Security : Challenges for a New Century
0312102666: Environment and Society : The Enduring Conflict
0312102674: Politics of American Foreign Policy
0312102682: Puzzle Palaces and Foggy Bottom : U. S. Foreign and Defense Policy Making in the 1990s
0312102712: States vs. Markets
0312102720: Rights and the Common Good : The Communitarian Perspective
0312102747: World Faiths
0312102755: Africans in the Americas : A History of the Black Diaspora
0312102801: Muckraking : Three Landmark Articles
0312102836: Benjamin and William Franklin : Father and Son, Patriot and Loyalist
0312102844: Gulliver's Travels : Complete Authoritative Text with Biographical and Historical Contexts, Critical History and Essays from Five Contemporary Critical Perspectives
0312102852: America Now : Short Readings from Recent Periodicals
0312102968: Videography : Video Media as Art and Culture
0312103026: Robert Louis Stevenson
0312103034: St. Martin's Guide to Sources in Contemporary British History
0312103069: China since 1978 : Reform, Modernization and 'Socialism with Chinese Characteristics'
0312103077: Inventing America: Readings in Identity and Culture
0312103093: British Influence on the Birth of American Literature
0312103107: Inventing America
0312103123: Practice of Writing
0312103131: Practice of Writing
0312103158: Domestic Sources of American Foreign Policy : Insights and Evidence
0312103166: Great Guano Rush : Entrepreneurs and American Overseas Expansion
0312103174: Vaclav Havel : The Authorized Biography
0312103204: Battle of Bosworth
0312103212: Battle of Naseby and the Fall of King Charles the First
0312103239: Margaret of York : Duchess of Burgundy, 1446-1503
0312103247: Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury
0312103263: Culloden and the '45
0312103298: Tailhook Report : The Official Inquiry into the Events of Tailhook '91
0312103301: Global Past:Prehistory to 1500: Volume One
0312103328: The Global Past : Cheryl A. Riggs, Lanny B. Fields, Russell J. Barber (Hardcover, 1997)
0312103344: Frame Work : Culture, Storytelling, and College Writing
0312103360: America Now: Short Readings from Recent Periodicals-Instructor's Edition
0312103387: Life Studies : An Analytic Reader
0312103395: Life Studies
0312103409: The Story & Its Writer
0312103417: Rereading America
0312103492: St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing
0312103506: Africa : A Continent Revealed
0312103514: Lost Rights : The Destruction of American Liberty
0312103522: Theodore Roosevelt : An American Mind: A Selection of His Writings
0312103530: Mazes for the Mind
0312103549: Racialization of America
0312103557: Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (Modern Linguistics Series)
0312103565: Morphology
0312103573: Phonology (Modern Linguistics Series)
0312103581: Making of the Tudor Dynasty
0312103638: Church, State, and Society, 1760-1850
0312103662: Industrial Revolution
0312103697: American Military in the Twenty-First Century
0312103700: Central Asia : Its Strategic Importance and Future Prospects
0312103727: St. Martin's Guide to Writing : Shorter Version
0312103735: Guerrilla Wars of Central America : Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala
0312103751: Frame Work: Culture, Storytelling, and College Writing
0312103786: Writing That Works
0312103808: Is the Economic Cycle Still Alive?
0312103824: Politics, Peoples and Government
0312103832: Africa, Development and Public Policy
0312103840: Judaism and Other Faiths
0312103859: Talking Back to Civilization : Indian Voices from the Progressive Era Culture
0312103867: William Lloyd Garrison and the Fight Against Slavery : Selections from the Liberator
0312103875: Grants Register, 1995-1997
0312103883: From Community to College
0312103913: Writing Nature
0312103948: Victorian Biography : Intellectuals and the Ordering of Discourse
0312103999: Contemporary Congress
0312104006: Africa Betrayed
0312104014: Evolution of U. N. Peacekeeping : Case Studies and Comparative Analysis
0312104022: Thailand and Japan's Southern Advance, 1940-1945
0312104030: History of Slovakia : The Struggle for Survival
0312104057: Henry James and Masculinity : The Man at the Margins
0312104073: Controversies in Public Policy
0312104081: Fifty Best Oatmeal Cookies in the World : The Recipes That Won the Nationwide Ah! Oatmeal Cookies Contest
0312104111: Alarming History of Medicine : Amusing Anecdotes from Hippocrates to Heart Transplants
0312104138: Lovers' Guide : The Art of Better Lovemaking
0312104146: Tennyson
0312104154: All Desires Known
0312104170: Riptide
0312104197: Barking Dogs
0312104200: A Beautiful Death
0312104219: Bedlam : Greed, Profiteering and Fraud in a Mental Health System Gone Crazy
0312104227: British Policy Towards the Soviet Union During the Second World War
0312104235: Beekeeper's Apprentice : A Novel
0312104243: Behold, a Mystery!
0312104251: Bessie Blue Killer : A Hobart Lindsey - Marvia Plum Mystery
0312104278: Bill and Al's Excellent Adventure
0312104294: Blood of an Aries (A Zodiac Mystery)
0312104316: Bloodeagle: An Arnold Landon Mystery
0312104324: Bluestocking
0312104332: Boys on the Rock
0312104340: Breach of Immunity
0312104359: Bridled Groom : A Mystery
0312104367: Surviving Death
0312104375: Family Games
0312104383: Charmed Circle
0312104405: Chrysanthemums and Thorns
0312104413: Daughter of the Storm
0312104421: Vintage Year for Dying
0312104448: Colonel Sandhurst to the Rescue
0312104456: Critters : Adventures in Wildest Suburbia
0312104464: The Curse of the Cockers
0312104472: Dancing in the Dark
0312104480: Dead Moon on the Rise
0312104499: Dead to Rights
0312104502: Death Among the Dons
0312104510: Death and the Epicure
0312104529: Death on 66 : A Taggart Roper Mystery
0312104537: Death Prone
0312104545: Road by the River : The Illuminating Classic for Women in Search of Self and Spirit
0312104553: Adios, Hollywood : My Story by Dick, Dog of Oaxaca As Told to Rose Leiman Goldemberg
0312104561: Dinosaurs in the Attic : An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History
0312104588: Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa
0312104596: End of an Altruist
0312104618: Fall-Down Artist
0312104626: The Feather and the Stone
0312104642: Friends of the Family
0312104669: British political facts, 1900-1979
0312104677: British Political Facts, 1900-1985
0312104685: Game Is Afoot : Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes
0312104693: The Glittering Strand
0312104715: Good Will Toward Men : Women Talk Candidly about the Balance of Power Between the Sexes
0312104758: Hippie in the Wall
0312104766: How Therapists Diagnose : Seeing Through the Psychiatric Eye
0312104774: How to Play Saxophone
0312104782: How to Write a Damn Good Novel II : Advanced Techniques for Dramatic Storytelling
0312104790: I Can't Believe You Said That!
0312104812: I Hate Madonna Handbook
0312104820: Inside Gilligan's Island : A Three-Hour Tour Through the Making of a Television Classic
0312104839: Island Apart
0312104855: Junior Golf Book : An Instructional for Beginning Players, Ages 8-18
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