0312104863: Ice Opinion
0312104871: A Killing in Moscow
0312104898: Knitting with Dog Hair : A Woof-to-Warp Guide to Making Scarves, Sweaters, Mittens and Much More
0312104901: Lemon Chicken Jones
0312104936: Stalin's Shadow: Inside the Family of One of the World's Greatest Tyrants
0312104944: Louisiana Blue : A Tiller Gallaway Underwater Thriller
0312104952: New Orleans Requiem
0312104960: Genius of Writers : A Treasury of Facts, Anecdotes and Comparisons
0312104979: The Man Who Turned into Himself
0312104987: A Rose for Every Month
0312104995: Mercy of a Rude Stream
0312105010: Mercy of a Rude Stream
0312105029: Mexico Is Forever
0312105037: Mick Jagger : Primitive Cool
0312105045: Modern Classic Short Novels of Science Fiction
0312105053: Mondo Elvis : A Collection of Fiction and Poetry about the King
0312105061: Murder Wears a Cowl
0312105096: New-Fangled, Old Fashioned Bread Puddings : Sixty Recipes for Delectable Sweet and Savory Puddings, Puffs, Stratas and Bread Souffles
0312105118: Nine Lives to Murder
0312105134: Backyard Tribe
0312105142: The Old House at Railes
0312105150: Orchid Eater
0312105185: British Prime Ministers in the Twentieth Century
0312105193: Otis : On the Occasion of His Foray into the Wilderness of Civilization
0312105207: Painted Lady
0312105215: Pas de Death
0312105223: Patricidal Bedside Companion
0312105231: Peckover Joins the Choir
0312105258: Platforms : A Microwaved Cultural Chronical of the 1970s
0312105266: Prophecy
0312105274: Punching Out
0312105282: Quench the Lamp
0312105290: Quotable Sex
0312105304: The Urban/Suburban Composter: The Complete Guide to Backyard, Balcony, and Apartment Composting
0312105312: Rediscovering Christianity : Searching for the Roots of Modern Democracy in Our Religious Past and Present
0312105320: Rice Book : The Definitive Book on the Magic of Rice, with Hundreds of Exotic Recipes from Around the World
0312105339: Royal Children
0312105347: A Sailor of Austria: A Novel
0312105363: British Social Democracy : A Study in Development and Decay
0312105371: Savage
0312105398: Seven Deadly Sins of Love : The Still Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green
0312105401: Elevator Music : A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy-Listening, and Other Moodsong
0312105428: Shadow on the Valley : A Civil War Thriller
0312105436: Shadow's Bliss
0312105444: Shadows Dancing: Japanese Espionage Against the West 1939-1945
0312105452: British Town Planning : The Formative Years
0312105460: Shadows on the Shore
0312105479: Shaman Sings
0312105487: Shattered Rhythms: A Lil Ritchie Mystery
0312105495: Shoot the Piper
0312105509: Smarter Charters
0312105517: Sports Encyclopedia : Baseball, 1994
0312105525: Storm Before Sunrise
0312105533: Strip Jack : An Inspector Rebus Novel
0312105541: Tarantula
0312105576: Thanks, Mom
0312105584: Thicker Than Water
0312105606: To School Through the Fields
0312105614: Totally Teabreads : Quick and Easy Recipes for More than 60 Delicious Quick Breads and Spreads
0312105649: Trick of the Light
0312105657: Tupolev Too Far
0312105665: Twice Buried
0312105673: Under a Hoodoo Moon : The Life of Dr. John the Night Tripper
0312105681: British Workers and the Independent Labour Party, 1888-1906
0312105738: A Vow of Obedience (Sister Joan Mystery)
0312105746: The Wandering Soul Murders
0312105754: Wild, High and Tight
0312105762: Winter Eyes
0312105770: Wizard
0312105789: Work, Study, Travel Abroad
0312105797: Wrong House
0312105800: Public Administration: The Profession and the Practice: A Case Study Approach, by Garvey
0312105819: Who's Who, 1994 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary
0312105827: Black Women's Writing
0312105835: Restructuring South Africa
0312105878: Michel Foucault : Subversions of the Subject
0312105886: Broadcasting and Detente
0312105894: The Broker
0312105908: Rebuilding of Old Commonwealths : Documents of Social Reform in the Progressive Era South
0312105916: Looking Backward : 2000-1887
0312105924: Broken Promises
0312105932: Road to the White House, 1996
0312105940: Broken Images
0312105959: National Security : Defense Policy for a New International Order
0312105967: Broker
0312105975: Bronze Age in Europe: An Introduction to the Prehistory of Europe C. 2000-700 Bc
0312106009: The Brooklyn Dodgers: An illustrated tribute
0312106025: Making Peace Read/Write/ThinkText on Global Community;pb;1995-Inst.ed
0312106033: Making Peace : A Reading, Writing, Thinking Text on Global Community
0312106041: Egon Ronay's Heineken Guide 1994: Pubs & Inns: The Best Pub Food and Accommodation in Great Britain and Ireland
0312106084: The Brotherhood of the Rose
0312106092: Egon Ronay's Cellnet Guide 1994: Hotels & Restaurants 3000 Establishments in Great Britain and Ireland
0312106106: Brothers in Blood
0312106114: Less Than Meets the Eye : An Aaron Asherfield Mystery
0312106122: River God
0312106165: Wild Palms : The Screenplay
0312106173: Sartre and the Media
0312106203: Comparing Cultures
0312106238: Women's Health from Womb to Tomb
0312106262: Explorations World Literature
0312106270: Urban Policy in Britain
0312106289: Shakespeare : The Jacobean Plays
0312106297: Dekker And Heywood
0312106300: Modern Japan : A Concise Survey
0312106319: Hatta Shuzo and Pure Anarchism in Interwar Japan
0312106327: Agriculture in the Uruguay Round
0312106343: Winter's Tales (Winter's Tales New Series)
0312106351: Contours of Power : An Introduction to Contemporary International Relations
0312106416: Economics in a Changing World Vol. 1 : System Transformation, Eastern and Western Assessments
0312106467: Political Economy of Foreign Policy in ECOWAS
0312106483: East Europe, Development and Public Policy
0312106491: Asian Development and Public Policy
0312106572: World's Most Famous Math Problem : The Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem and Other Mathematical Mysteries
0312106580: World Politics : Trend and Transformation
0312106599: Energy for Tomorrow's World : The Realities, the Real Options, and the Agenda for Achievement
0312106661: Bedford Guide to Teaching Writing in the Disciplines : An Instructor's Desk Reference
0312106718: Post-Socialist World Orders : Russia, China and the U. N. System
0312106726: Browser's Guide to Erotica
0312106742: Brush Fire Wars : Minor Campaigns of the British Army Since 1945
0312106750: Robert Browning
0312106769: Bruegel
0312106777: Brumaire
0312106785: Buckminster Fuller : An Autobiographical Monologue Scenario
0312106793: Buddha, Marx & God : Some Aspects of Religion in the Modern World : second edition!
0312106815: Buddhist Revival in India
0312106823: Bubkis
0312106858: Lessons from the Hill : The Legislative Journey of an Education Program
0312106866: Buddies
0312106882: Tess of the Durbervilles: A Case Study in Contempoary Critiscm
0312106890: Magyar Women : Hungarian Women's Lives
0312106920: A Budget Guide to California and the Pacific Coast States
0312107374: Islam and the Post-Revolutionary State in Iran
0312107382: Economics in a Changing World Vol. 4 : Development Trade and the Environment
0312107390: Subversive Discourse : The Cultural Production of Late Victorian Feminist Novels
0312107404: Beyond Jennifer and Jason : The New Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby
0312107412: Virginia Woolf and Samuel Johnson
0312107439: Chaos in Wonderland : Visual Adventures in a Fractal World
0312107447: French Theories of Regulation and Concepts of the International Division of Labour
0312107463: Theo-Monistic Mysticism : A Hindu-Christian Comparison
0312107471: Beyond the Liberal Consensus : A Political History of the United States since 1965
0312107498: Dostoevsky and the Woman Question
0312107552: Budgetmaking : A Workbook of Public Budgeting Theory and Practice
0312107617: The Bug Wars
0312107676: The Build-A-Bed Book: A Guide to Building and Buying Beds and Accessories
0312107684: Build Your Brain Power : Exercises to Reverse Decline and Maximize Your Brain's Potential
0312107706: Building and Rational Architecture
0312107854: Bulgarian Economy in the Twentieth Century
0312107897: Ralph Nader Presents Practicing Democracy
0312107900: Charles De Gaulle
0312107927: Ethnic Cleansing
0312107935: Pemberley : Or Pride and Prejudice Continued
0312107951: Flood of '93
0312107978: Bullet for a Star
0312107986: Bully!
0312108001: Seeing the Newspaper
0312108028: French Revolution and Human Rights : A Brief Documentary History
0312108052: Bureaucratic Government USA
0312108060: Bureaucratic Government : U. S. A.
0312108087: Bureaucratic Culture : Citizens and Administrators in Israel
0312108117: Writing Nature
0312108125: The Applique Quilt
0312108133: Oroonoko Or the Royal Slave
0312108141: The Brief Bedford Reader
0312108192: The Book of Runes
0312108222: Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: Readings on Popular Culture for Writers.
0312108249: Great Speckled Bird : Multicultural Politics and Education Policymaking
0312108362: Taming of the Shrew : Texts and Contexts
0312108508: The bureaucratic experience
0312108524: The Bureaucratic Experience
0312108532: The bureaucratic experience
0312108583: Burma : The Longest War, Nineteen Forty-One to Nineteen Forty-Five
0312108621: Burning Book
0312108680: Burial Deferred
0312108699: Burt Lancaster
0312108702: Burt Lancaster
0312108737: BURTON AND SPEKE
0312108745: Burton and Speke
0312108761: Burt Reynolds: An Unauthorized Biography
0312108796: Burton
0312108850: Bush Negro Art, An African Art in the Americas
0312108958: Business Behavior and Management Structure
0312109059: Business Issues Today : Alternative Perspectives
0312109083: Business Pricing and Inflation
0312109253: 2nd Culprit: An Annual of Crime Stories (Culprit)
0312109261: Fifty Best Retirement Communities in America
0312109288: K.D. Lang: All You Get Is Me
0312109296: An Ancient Hope
0312109326: Back in Society
0312109334: Backache : What Exercises Work
0312109342: Bad Chemistry
0312109350: Ballad of Gato Guerrero
0312109369: Benjamin Franklin and the Case of the Artful Murder
0312109377: Best Defense
0312109393: Bette Davis Murder Case
0312109407: Betty Page Confidential
0312109423: Black Mask Murders
0312109431: Blood Moon/Featuring Psychological Profile Investigator Robert Payne
0312109466: Lost Diaries of Frans Hals : A Novel
0312109474: Brotherly Love
0312109482: Business Writing : What Works, What Won't
0312109504: Charles: The Untold Story
0312109512: Charlie's Apprentice
0312109520: Chicken Little Was Right
0312109539: Coast : A Journey down the Atlantic Shore
0312109547: Concerto
0312109555: The Business Writer's Handbook
0312109563: The Confessional
0312109571: Coyote Wind
0312109601: Cutter
0312109628: Dark Wind : A True Account of Hurricane Gloria's Assault on Fire Island
0312109636: Dead Dog Blues
0312109644: A Deadly Schedule
0312109652: Death in Jerusalem
0312109660: Death Underfoot
0312109687: Digging Up Butch and Sundance
0312109695: The Dobie Paradox
0312109709: Royal Murder
0312109717: Ecoscam : The False Prophets of Ecological Apocalypse
0312109725: Eliza's Daughter
0312109733: Tracking the Vanishing Frogs : An Ecological Mystery
0312109741: Encyclopedia of the Occult and the Supernatural : A Rather Hard Look at the Terms, Persons, Definitions, and Language of the Psychic World from a Decidedly Skeptical--But Fair--Point of View
0312109776: Enslaved : A Mystery
0312109784: Eye of God
0312109792: The Faithful Lovers (Bridges Over Time, Book 4)
0312109806: Familiar Acts
0312109814: Fanfan
0312109822: File Under: Missing
0312109849: Fireballs
0312109857: Flesh and Blood : A Lt. Ben Tolliver Thriller
0312109865: Forbidden Objects
0312109873: Four Hands : A Novel
0312109881: From Freedom to Slavery : The Rebirth of Tyranny in America
0312109903: The Business Writer's Handbook
0312109938: The Business Writer's Handbook
0312109946: The business writer's handbook (Business Writer's Handbook)
0312109954: Hoot!
0312109962: The House of Eliott
0312109970: House of Hope
0312109989: But We Need the Eggs
0312109997: But We Need the Eggs : The Magic of Woody Allen
0312110006: How Did They Die?
0312110014: How to Write and Sell Your First Nonfiction Book
0312110022: I Would Have Loved Him If I Had Not Killed Him
0312110030: The Butler's Pantry Book - a Compendium of Household Secrets from the Victorian Age
0312110049: In the Shadow of the Nile
0312110073: Buttercups and daisy
0312110111: Where Dead Soldiers Walk : A Pletcher and Lambert Mystery
0312110138: Jukebox America : In Search of the Country's Greatest Juukebox
0312110146: June 6, 1994 : The Voices of D-Day
0312110154: Killing Words
0312110162: A Kind of Homecoming
0312110170: Ladybug, Ladybug
0312110189: Gone Quiet : A Marti MacAlister Mystery
0312110197: Late of This Parish
0312110200: Learn to Sail
0312110219: Little Learning Is a Dangerous Thing : Six Hundred Wise and Witty Observations for Students, Teachers and Other Survivors of Higher Education
0312110227: Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera
0312110235: Love Bytes
0312110243: Masterpieces of Fantasy and Wonder
0312110278: Mientras Espera
0312110286: Missing Person
0312110294: Mulch
0312110308: Death at Wentwater Court : A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery
0312110316: Murder in a Quiet Place
0312110324: Once upon a Crime : An Anthology of Historical Mysteries
0312110332: Naked Face : The Essential Guide to Reading Faces
0312110340: A Nest of Magpies
0312110359: Nice Steady Job
0312110367: No One Dies in Branson
0312110375: Patron Saint of Unmarried Women
0312110383: Old Ways in the New World
0312110391: The Oracle of the Bones Set
0312110405: Other Mrs. Kennedy
0312110413: On Call : The Lives of Three Doctors
0312110421: A Passion for Narrative: A Guide for Writing Fiction
0312110448: Political Poison : A Paul Turner Mystery
0312110456: Die Dreaming : An Owen Keane Mystery
0312110464: Pretty Boy : The Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd
0312110472: The Private Lives of Albert Einstein
0312110480: Punk Diary, 1970-1979
0312110499: Pursuit of Bliss
0312110502: Recovering from the Loss of a Loved One to AIDS : Help for Surviving Family, Friends and Lovers Who Grieve
0312110510: Edge of Honor
0312110529: Sacred Lips of the Bronx
0312110537: Sailor's Valentine
0312110545: Grief in a Sunny Climate
0312110553: Saudade
0312110561: Screaming Buddha
0312110588: Seeing the Newspaper
0312110596: Seventh Sacrament
0312110618: Shoedog
0312110626: Sidewalk Hilton
0312110634: Isobel
0312110642: Silent Angel
0312110650: War Against Children
0312110669: Skinner's Rules
0312110677: Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb
0312110693: Songs from the Mountain : The Four Directions to Spiritual Breakthrough
0312110707: Southern Cross
0312110715: Spare Change
0312110723: Sportsdykes : Stories from on and off the Field
0312110731: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football
0312110758: Strange and Bitter Crop
0312110766: Summer Poem
0312110774: Temporary Agency
0312110782: Threats & Menances
0312110790: Three Squirt Dog
0312110804: To the End of Her Days
0312110812: Trade-Off
0312110820: LA Travesia Solitaria De Juan Cabrera/Lonely Crossing of Juan Cabrera
0312110839: Tully
0312110855: By Design : Why There Are No Locks on the Bathroom Doors in the Hotel Louis XIV and Other Object Lessons
0312110863: Uncertain April
0312110871: Undignified Death
0312110898: Until Death
0312110901: Jordan : The Man, His Words, His Life
0312110928: A Vow of Penance (Sister Joan Mystery)
0312110936: War in Italy 1943-1945: A Brutal Story
0312110944: War Paint
0312110952: By-Elections in British Politics
0312110960: When the Clock Struck Zero: Science's Ultimate Limits
0312110979: Where Old Bones Lie
0312110987: While Angels Dance : The Life and Times of Jeston Nash
0312110995: Whoever Has the Heart
0312111002: Wycliffe and the Dunes Mystery
0312111010: By George
0312111029: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312111037: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312111045: Year's Best Science Fiction : 11th Annual Collection
0312111053: Year's Best Science Fiction : Eleventh Annual Collection
0312111061: Vegetarian No-Cholesterol Barbeque Cookbook
0312111126: Listen In
0312111142: By Our Beginnings (The Howarth Saga, Book 1)
0312111150: Silent Woman
0312111169: By Order of the President : Who Is Running the United States of America?
0312111177: Something to Kill For
0312111185: Lewis and Clark Expedition Vol. 1 : Selections from the Journals, Arranged by Topic
0312111193: Teddy Bear Kit
0312111258: Byron: The Italian Literary Influence.
0312111274: Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano
0312111282: Wife of Bath
0312111304: The Byron Women
0312111339: Anastasia : The Lost Princess
0312111347: High Times Greatest Hits : Twenty Years of Smoke in Your Face
0312111355: Byrons and Trevanions
0312111363: A Bundle from Britain
0312111371: Road Trip
0312111398: Shifting Landscape
0312111401: The Shortest Journey
0312111452: The Politics of American Government: State and Local Government Supplement
0312111487: Political American Government by Wayne
0312111517: Sovereignty and Goodness of God, Together With the Faithfulness of His Promises Displayed: Being a Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson and Related Documents
0312111525: Brown vs. Board of Education : A Brief History with Documents
0312111533: Your Choice Basic Writing Guide with Readings
0312111568: Castle
0312111592: Writing the World
0312111614: Writing the World
0312111649: St. Martin's Guide to Writing : Short
0312111665: Thinking and Writing about Literature
0312111673: France and the Dreyfus Affair : A Brief Documentary History
0312111681: Politics of American Government
0312111703: Story and Its Writer : An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312111738: Business Communication Instructor's Manual
0312111800: American Social Classes in the 1950s : Selections from Vance Packard's the Status Seekers
0312111827: Howards End (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)
0312111835: Firecracker Boys
0312111932: West and the World since 1945
0312111967: The American Promise: A History of the United States to 1877, Vol. 1
0312111975: The American Promise: A History of the United States
0312111983: Making the Most of the American Promise, Vol. 1, Study Guide;pb;1998
0312111991: Making the Most of the American Promise (American Promise)
0312112009: The Byzantines and Their World
0312112025: Nostradamus : Prophecies Fulfilled and Predictions for the Millenium and Beyond
0312112068: Frame work Culture, Sotrytelling, and College Writing
0312112076: The Confessions of Nat Turner : and Related Documents
0312112084: Byzantium : An Introduction
0312112130: Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay : Democracy and Development in Antebellum America
0312112165: New Directions
0312112173: New Directions : An Integrated Approach to Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking
0312112203: Political Ideas and Concepts: An Introduction
0312112238: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism) Mass
0312112246: Secret Sharer
0312112254: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Critical Controversies
0312112262: Environmental Predicament
0312112270: ABBA Gold
0312112297: Sociology of Health and Illness: Critical Perspectives
0312112300: The St. Martin's Guide to Writing.
0312112335: Alaska Gray
0312112378: Fifty Percent Off : A Novel about Love in the Age of Packaging
0312112386: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns : The West Coast
0312112394: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1995 : U. S. A. and Canada
0312112408: C.P. Snow
0312112416: Anna Akhmatova : Poet and Prophet
0312112424: C. P. Trevelyan, 1870-1958, portrait of a radical
0312112459: Cancer Prevention Diet
0312112467: Best from Fantasy, Science Fiction : A Forty-Fifth Anniversary Anthology
0312112483: Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
0312112491: Blood Sympathy
0312112505: Selected Poems
0312112513: Caribbean Connoisseur
0312112521: Charisma
0312112548: China Trade
0312112556: Covert Culture Sourcebook 2.0
0312112564: Dancing on Snowflakes
0312112572: Lives of Danielle Steel
0312112580: Daughter of Shanghai
0312112599: Good Daughter
0312112602: Death Takes Time
0312112610: Deception and Desire
0312112629: Depeche Mode : Some Great Reward
0312112637: Dharma Lion : A Biography of Allen Ginsberg
0312112645: Dolphins
0312112653: Earth Apples : The Poetry of Edward Abbey
0312112661: Earth Apples : The Poetry of Edward Abbey
0312112688: Echo of Death
0312112718: Fall River Dreams : A Team's Search for a Town's Soul
0312112726: Fearmakers : The Screen's Directorial Masters of Suspense and Terror
0312112734: Fellini: The Biography
0312112742: Films of Stephen King
0312112750: Final Refuge : A Novel of Eco-Terrorism
0312112769: Gaffers, Grips and Best Boys : From Producer-Director to Gaffer and Computer Special Effects Creator, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Who Does What in the Making of a Motion Picture
0312112777: The Gamester
0312112793: Gay Militants : How Gay Liberation Began in America, 1969-1971
0312112807: Glory Enough for All
0312112815: The Bluebell Pool
0312112823: Heaven Stone
0312112831: Cardinal Offense
0312112866: Hyperactive Child Book : Treating, Educating and Living with an ADHD Child - Strategies That Really Work, from an Award-Winning Team of Experts
0312112874: If You Ask Me : The Collected Columns of America's Most Beloved and Irresponsible Critic
0312112890: In a Gilded Cage : American Heiresses Who Married British Aristocrats
0312112904: In at the Deep End
0312112912: Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1995
0312112920: Inspector Proby's Christmas
0312112947: Jennie
0312112955: Dressed to Kill
0312112963: Land O'Goshen
0312112971: Leni Riefenstahl : A Memoir
0312112998: Let's Go, Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, 1995 : Covering Washington, Oregon and Western Canada
0312113005: Let's Go, Austria and Switzerland, 1995
0312113013: Let's Go, Germany, 1995 : Including Liechtenstein and Eastern Germany
0312113021: Let's Go, Ireland, 1995 : Including London Stop-Over Section
0312113048: Let's Go, Italy, 1995 : Including Tunisia
0312113064: Let's Go, London, 1995 : Including Cambridge, Oxford, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bath, Cantebury, Stonehenge and Other Daytrips
0312113072: Let's Go, Thailand, 1995 : Plus Gateway Cities Tokyo and Hong Kong, Including Penisular Malaysia
0312113080: Let's Go U. S. A. and Canada, 1995 : Including Expanded Coverage of National Parks
0312113099: Let's Go, Washington D. C. : Including Arlington, Alexandria, Baltimore, Annapolis and Historic Virginia
0312113102: Liliane
0312113110: The Cable Car Murder
0312113129: The Cable Car Murder
0312113137: Listener
0312113145: Menopause and Midlife Health
0312113153: Ming : A Novel of 17th Century China
0312113161: Mislaid Magic
0312113188: Cable Television and the Future of Broadcasting
0312113196: Monster Squad
0312113218: Mystery for Christmas
0312113234: New Orleans Saints
0312113242: Noblesse Oblige
0312113250: Pittsburgh Steelers
0312113269: Plucking the Apple
0312113285: Cadenza for Caruso : An Operatic Mystery
0312113307: The Ravens of Blackwater
0312113315: Sensational Music Club Mystery
0312113323: Sepia Siren Killer
0312113331: Caen Anvil Of Victory
0312113358: Shakespeare
0312113366: Sister's Keeper
0312113374: Swimming the Channel
0312113382: Jack's Book
0312113390: Thin Air
0312113412: Thirteen Mountain
0312113420: James Herriot's Cat Stories
0312113439: Blanche Knott's Treasury of Tastelessness
0312113447: Tune in Tomorrow
0312113455: Tunkashila : From the Birth of Turtle Island to the Blood of Wounded Knee
0312113463: Two Sisters
0312113471: Kerouac : A Biography
0312113498: What's Wrong with America
0312113501: How to Help Children Through Parent's Serious Illness
0312113528: Writers of the Purple Sage
0312113536: You're Okay, It's Just a Bruise
0312113544: Willows in Winter
0312113552: Wink a Hopeful Eye
0312113560: Lana's Men : The Life and Loves of Lana Turner
0312113579: New Grove Dictionary of Jazz
0312113587: World Within World
0312113595: Typical American Town
0312113609: Ulysses : A Novel
0312113617: Unplowed Sky
0312113625: Forty Whacks
0312113633: Vertigo Park : And Other Tall Tales
0312113668: Toxic Psychiatry
0312113676: Poisoned Ivy : Power Politics and the Decline of Harvard Law School
0312113684: Treasure Island
0312113692: Confusion Is Next
0312113706: Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course
0312113714: Olympia
0312113722: Stigmata : A Medieval Phenomenon in a Modern Age
0312113749: Regarding Roderer
0312113757: A Cage of Ice.
0312113765: Rhythm and the Blues
0312113773: Scold's Bridle
0312113781: Seasons in Hell : Understanding Bosnia's War
0312113811: Passage
0312113838: Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming
0312113846: More Marilyn : Some Like It Bright!
0312113854: More Than Words
0312113862: Total Nutrition : The Only Guide You'll Ever Need - from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
0312113870: Murder Most Fowl
0312113889: Murder Will Out
0312113897: Long Walk up the Water Slide
0312113900: Cain's daughters
0312113919: Love Songs of Phoenix Bay
0312113927: Man with Many Names
0312113935: Mankiller : A Chief and Her People
0312113943: Maxwell Street Blues
0312113951: Let's Go, Mexico, 1995 : Including Expanded Coverage of Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica
0312113978: Let's Go, Spain and Portugal : Including Morocco and the Balearic Islands
0312113986: Let's Go, Paris, 1995 : Including Versailles, Chartres and Euro Disneyland
0312113994: Let's Go, Rome, 1995 : Including Vatican City, Ancient Rome and Daytrips to Tivoli, Ostia Antica, Cerveteri, Pontine Islands, Orvieto, Herculaneum and Pompeii
0312114001: Let's Go, Britain and Ireland, 1995
0312114028: Let's Go, Eastern Europe, 1995
0312114036: Let's Go, Europe, 1995 : With Expanded Coverage of Eastern Europe Including Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States
0312114044: Let's Go, France, 1995 : Including Andorra
0312114052: Keeper of the House
0312114060: West of Yesterday
0312114079: Kolymsky Heights
0312114087: Labour of Love
0312114095: Lady Chapel
0312114109: Calculus Made Easy
0312114117: In Still and Stormy Waters
0312114125: Calculus of Murder
0312114133: In the Dead of Winter
0312114141: Indian Creek Chronicles : A Winter Alone in the Wilderness
0312114168: Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 1995
0312114184: Hosanna Shout
0312114192: Reports from the Holocaust : The Making of an AIDS Activist
0312114206: California Writers: Jack London, John Steinbeck, the Tough Guys
0312114214: How to Live With the Difficult Man You Love
0312114230: A Going Concern
0312114249: Call Back Yesterday
0312114257: Call Collect, Ask for Birdman
0312114265: First Directorate
0312114273: Call Home the Heart
0312114281: Green Mosaic
0312114303: Callander Square
0312114311: Call to Arms
0312114338: Grizzly : A Mystery
0312114346: Iced
0312114362: For the Glory
0312114370: Frobisher's Savage
0312114389: Funny as a Dead Relative
0312114397: Time for the Death of a King
0312114400: English Heritage from the Air
0312114427: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1995 : Great Britain and Ireland
0312114435: Cameron and the Kaiserhof
0312114443: Cameron Comes Through
0312114451: Camera Techniques in Archaeology
0312114478: Europe's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns, 1995 : The Continent
0312114486: Cameron in the Gap
0312114494: Existential Pleasures of Engineering
0312114508: Cameron's Chase
0312114516: Down Among the Dead Men
0312114524: Cameron's Raid
0312114532: Murder at the Museum of Natural History
0312114540: The Myth of Repressed Memory: False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse
0312114559: Street
0312114567: Dunwoody Pond : Reflections on the High Plains Wetlands and Cultivations of Naturalists
0312114575: Dead on Your Feet
0312114591: Camille Pissarro: A Biography
0312114613: Death by Election
0312114621: Mask for a Diva
0312114648: Christmas in Wales
0312114656: Finding Your Writer's Voice
0312114664: A Coffin for Charley
0312114672: Fiction Editor, the Novel and the Novelist : A Book for Writers, Teachers, Publishers, Editors and Anyone Else Devoted to Fictoin
0312114680: John Donne : Selected Poems
0312114699: Campaigns Against Western Defense : NATO's Adversaries and Critics
0312114702: Body in the Basement
0312114710: Bob and Rod
0312114729: Buried in Quilts
0312114745: Backfire
0312114753: Banjo Boy
0312114761: Baudelaire
0312114788: Beggar's Choice
0312114796: Zero Proof : Two Hundred Nonalcoholic Drinks from America's Most Famous Bars and Restaurants
0312114818: Newhouse : All the Glitter, Power and Glory in America's Richest Media Empire and the Secretive Man Behind It
0312114826: All You Need Is Ears : The Inside Personal Story of the Genius Who Created the Beatles
0312114834: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns : New England
0312114842: America's Wonderful Little Hotels and Inns : The South
0312114850: Victorian Village
0312114869: Talking Back to Prozac
0312114915: Heart of Darkness
0312114931: Pocket Guide for Writing History
0312114958: Notes from the Promised Land
0312114974: Confronting Southern Poverty in the Great Depression : The Report on Economic Conditions of the South with Related Documents
0312114990: Urban Enclaves : Identity and Place in America
0312115016: In Our Own Words : A Guide with Readings for Student Writers
0312115040: Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences
0312115059: Current Issues and Enduring Questions : A Guide to Critical Thinking and Arguement, with Readings
0312115067: JUDITH SARGENT MURRAY A Brief Biography with Documents
0312115083: Writers Workbook : An Interactive Writing Text for ESL Students
0312115113: Reading the Lives of Others : A Sequence for Writers
0312115156: Can Cities Survive? The Fiscal Plight of American Cities
0312115199: Technical Communication : Situations and Strategies
0312115202: Literature: The Human Experience, Shorter Sixth Edition With Essays
0312115253: Reading Critically, Writing Well
0312115288: Subject and Strategy
0312115296: Subject And Strategy
0312115326: Soccer Fundamentals
0312115334: Unequal Marriage
0312115342: Heart of Justice
0312115369: Writing from the Body : For Writers, Artists, and Dreamers Who Long to Free Their Voice
0312115377: Lake Effect
0312115490: Atlas of Medieval Man
0312115512: Pilgrims
0312115520: Vietnam War in American Stories, Songs, and Poems
0312115547: Assassin in the Greenwood
0312115555: Let's Go, Greece and Turkey, 1995 : Including Cyprus, the Greek Islands and Cappadocia
0312115563: Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing
0312115571: Bedford Guide College Writing with Readings
0312115598: Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
0312115601: The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literary Terms
0312115636: Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312115644: Ways of Reading : An Anthology for Writers
0312115652: Compact Reader
0312115660: Italian Fascism, 1919-1945
0312115695: The Rape of the Lock (Bedford Cultural Editions)
0312115709: Kiana's Bodysculpting
0312115725: What to Name Your African-American Baby
0312115733: Rise and Fall of Popular Music
0312115768: Bums No More! : The Championship Season of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers
0312115857: Canada: A Guide to the Peaceable Kingdom
0312115938: Understanding Politics
0312115946: Dred Scott V. Sandford
0312115962: A Pocket Style Manual
0312115970: Commerce of Everyday Life : Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator
0312115989: Companion to James Joyce's Ulysses
0312116012: Reading Together : A Reading/Activities Text
0312116047: Concise Guide to Writing
0312116098: Why Nations Go To War
0312116128: Technology and the Future
0312116144: Summer Doctor
0312116152: Governing Crisis : Media, Money, and Marketing in American Elections
0312116160: American Public Policy
0312116209: Canada: A Story of Challenge
0312116276: Makers of World History
0312116349: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312116403: St Martin's Guide to Writing
0312116799: Justice Is Served
0312116810: Japanese Discovery of America
0312116829: Doing Business in China : The Last Great Market
0312116837: Doing Business in China : The Last Great Market
0312116950: Southern Horrors and Other Writings : The Anti-Lynching Campaign of Ida B. Wells, 1892-1900
0312116969: Henry IV
0312116977: Henry IV
0312116985: Poetry : An Introduction
0312117000: How the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York (Bedford Series in History and Culture (Paper))
0312117019: Our Times
0312117051: Our Times
0312117078: Ways of Reading : An Anthology for Writers
0312117159: Freedom of Speech in the Marketplace Of
0312117183: Workbook for News Reporting and Writing
0312117272: St. Martin's Pocket Guide to Research and Documenting Sources
0312117299: St Martins Source Book Writing Tutors
0312117337: Osho Zen Tarot : The Transcendental Game of Zen
0312117345: World Politics
0312117361: 3rd Culprit: An Annual of Crime Stories (Culprit)
0312117388: Agatha Raisin and the Walkers of Dembley
0312117396: An Air That Kills
0312117418: Andy Griffith Show Book : From Miracle Salve to Kerosene Cucumbers, the Complete Guide to One of Television's Best-Loved Shows
0312117426: Angel City
0312117434: Apprentice to the Sea
0312117442: Art of Kissing
0312117450: Talking Drums : An African-American Quote Collection
0312117469: Audrey : Her Real Story
0312117477: Last Word on First Names : The Definitive Guide to the Best and Worst in Baby Names by America's Leading Experts
0312117485: Last Word on First Names : The Definite Guide to the Best and Worst in Baby Names
0312117493: Banishment
0312117507: Bank Robbers
0312117515: Bay of Sorrows
0312117523: Bent Grasses/an Inspector Jacko Jackson Mystery
0312117531: Birddog Tape
0312117558: Blood Autumn
0312117590: China Today : How Population Control, Human Rights, Government Repression, Hong Kong, and Democratic Reform Affect Life in China...& Will Shape World Events into the New Century
0312117612: Cleo
0312117620: Concrete Pillow
0312117639: Country Days
0312117647: Created Equal : Why Gay Rights Matter to America
0312117655: The Cross Bearer: An Arnold Landon Mystery
0312117663: Dangerous Games
0312117671: Dark Provenance/a Mystery
0312117698: Dark
0312117701: Daughters of Feminists : Young Women with Feminist Mothers Talk about Their Lives
0312117728: Death in the Family (Charmian Daniels Mysteries)
0312117736: Death of a Merry Widow
0312117744: Death Throes
0312117752: The Destroying of Harry Blyne
0312117760: Primal Love : Reclaiming Love with Passion
0312117779: Diving Rock on the Hudson : Mercy of a Rude Stream
0312117787: Dog Talk : Training Your Dog Through a Canine Point of View
0312117795: Dubliners
0312117809: Eclipse of the Heart
0312117817: Egon Ronay's Cellnet Guide 1995: Hotels & Restaurants (Egon Ronay's Guide United Kingdom Hotels and Restaurants)
0312117825: Madonnica : The Woman and the Icon from A to Z
0312117833: Extraordinary Friends
0312117841: Falconer's Crusade
0312117868: Feast of Fools
0312117876: A Fine Place for Death
0312117884: Flight from Fifth Avenue
0312117892: Florence King Reader
0312117906: Forbidden Objects
0312117914: Frank's World : The Odyssey of a Fleshy Lump
0312117922: Franny, Queen of Provincetown
0312117930: Freedom's Banner
0312117957: Fresh from a Vegetarian Kitchen : 450 Delicious Recipes and 75 Minutes for Everyday Festive and Ethnic Vegetarian Meals--All Low in Fat and Free of Cholesterol,Eggs and Dairy
0312117965: Fruit Cocktail Diaries
0312117973: Game Is Afoot : Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes
0312117981: Gay Issues in the Workplace
0312118031: Blithedale Romance
0312118058: Critical Strategies for Academy Thinking
0312118090: Costa
0312118104: Cowan
0312118112: An Easy Day for a Lady -- A Nell Bray Mystery
0312118120: Edge of the City
0312118139: Samurai's Garden
0312118147: Generation X : Tales for an Accelerated Culture
0312118155: Girl with the Botticelli Eyes
0312118163: Grapefruit
0312118171: Canaris Legacy
0312118198: Hardy
0312118201: How to Prepare Your Mind, Your Emotions and Yourself for a Successful Outcome
0312118228: High-School Student's Guide to Study, Travel and Adventure Abroad
0312118236: Holy Innocents
0312118244: Holy Terror
0312118252: Hook or Crook
0312118260: How Do I Love Thee?/a Treasury of Wise and Witty Observations on the Magic and Mysteries of Love
0312118279: How to Argue and Win Every Time
0312118287: Humphrey Bogart Murder Case
0312118295: Icewater Mansions
0312118317: Immune Power : A Comprehensive Healing Program for HIV
0312118325: Indonesian Regional Cooking
0312118333: The cancer connection: And what we can do about it
0312118341: Jasmine Nights
0312118368: Joy with Honey : More Than 200 Delicious Recipes That Make the Most of Nature's Own Sweetener
0312118376: The Cancer-Prevention Diet: Michio Kushi's Nutritional Blueprint for the Prevention and Relief of Disease
0312118384: Cancer Prevention Diet
0312118392: Canis the warrior
0312118406: K-Pax
0312118414: Keith : Standing in the Shadows
0312118422: Key to Everything : Classic Lesbian Love Poems
0312118430: Kill the Hundredth Monkey
0312118449: The Killing Floor
0312118457: Kink
0312118473: Love Stories
0312118503: Cannonball Canyon
0312118511: Martin Luther King, Jr. Companion : Quotations from the Speeches, Essays and Books of Martin Luther King, Jr.
0312118538: Mondo Marilyn : A Collection of Stories and Poems about Marilyn
0312118546: Monsieur De Brillancourt : A Novel
0312118554: Cannon's Law
0312118562: Cannon's Law
0312118570: Moondog
0312118589: More Weekend Quilts : Nineteen Classic Quilts to Make with Shortcuts and Quick Techniques
0312118597: Mountains Touched With Fire
0312118600: Visit to Highbury/Another View of Emma
0312118619: Murder at Saint Adelaide's
0312118627: My Gun Has Bullets
0312118635: Name of Love : Great Gay Love Poems
0312118643: Never Doubt I Love
0312118651: The Capablanca opening
0312118678: Nurse Dawes Is Dead
0312118694: Greenwich Village (Including the East Village and Soho) : Daytripping, Backroads, Eateries and Funky Adventures
0312118708: On a Blanket with My Baby
0312118716: On the Other Hand, Death
0312118724: One Barber's Story : From Sicily to America
0312118732: Outside the Rules
0312118740: Passage
0312118759: Point of Darkness : A Sam Dean Mystery
0312118767: Poisoned Apple : How American Schools' Reliance on the Bell Curve Creates Frustration
0312118775: Polmena Cove
0312118783: Queen, The: Royality and Reality
0312118791: Rabbi, Rabbi
0312118805: Rethinking Life and Death : The Collapse of Our Traditional Ethics
0312118813: Ripe for Revenge/a Detective Chief Inspector Roper Mystery
0312118821: Tell Mrs. Poole I'm Sorry
0312118848: Salem Street
0312118856: Samurai Selling
0312118864: Sex
0312118872: Shadows on a Wall
0312118880: Shattered Rhythms: A Lil Ritchie Mystery
0312118899: A Shoulder to Die on
0312118902: Shutout
0312118910: Singing Teacher
0312118929: Skinner's Festival
0312118937: Sleaze Merchants : Adventures in Exploitation Filmmaking
0312118945: Sniper: The Skills, the Weapons, and the Experiences
0312118953: Soldier Boy
0312118961: Specimen Song
0312118988: Spy's Honour
0312118996: Things That Matter : An Anthology of Women's Spiritual Poetry
0312119003: The Capetian Kings of France
0312119011: Toy Knits : More Than 30 Irresistible and Easy-to-Knit Patterns
0312119038: Through the Narrow Gate : A Memoir of Spiritual Discovery
0312119046: Tight Shot
0312119054: To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love : The Spiritual Dimension of Entrepreneuring
0312119062: To Kill the Past
0312119070: To Play the Fool
0312119089: Tools of Screenwriting : A Writer's Guide to the Craft and the Elements of a Screenplay
0312119097: Travellers' Guide to African Customs and Manners
0312119100: Unnatural
0312119119: Up the Agency : The Funny Business of Advertising
0312119127: Venus Throw : A Mystery of Ancient Rome
0312119135: The View from the Summerhouse
0312119143: Where the Willows Weep
0312119151: Will : The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy
0312119178: Willie Nelson Lyrics, 1957-1994
0312119186: Frank Zappa : The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play
0312119224: Exercises to Accompany A Writer's Reference
0312119240: Gospel : A Novel
0312119259: I Killed Hemingway
0312119267: Leni Riefenstahl : A Memoir
0312119275: Capital Goods Production in the Third World : An Economic Study of Technology Acquisition
0312119283: Little Follies : The Personal History, Adventure, Experiences and Observations of Peter Leroy (So Far)
0312119291: Mercy of a Rude Stream : A Star Shines over Mt. Morris Park
0312119305: Palace Thief : Stories
0312119313: Voodoo Dreams
0312119321: Where Do You Stop? : The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences, and Observations of Peter Leroy
0312119364: Selected Poems
0312119372: William Blake : Selected Poems
0312119402: Rules of the Game
0312119410: Deviant Behavior: A Text-Reader in the Sociology of Deviance
0312119429: Inventors of Ideas: An Introduction to Western Political Philosophy
0312119488: Captain Carrot's Book of Good Health
0312119496: Captain Fantom: Being an Account of Sundry Adventures in the Life of Carlo Fantom, Soldier of Misfortune, Hard Man and Ravisher
0312119526: Captain Nash and the Honour of England
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