0312119585: Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312119615: Media & Culture Introduction: An Introduction to Mass Communication
0312119623: The Culture of Surveillance: Discipline and Social Control in the United States (Contemporary Social Issues (New York, N.Y.).)
0312119666: Rules for Writers
0312119674: Bedford Guide to the Research Process
0312119704: Captain Nash and the Wroth Inheritance
0312119712: Writing in the Sciences
0312119739: You Said It! : Listening/Speaking Strategies and Activities (You're Not Alone)
0312119771: Bedford Guide for College Writers Supplemental Excercises
0312119828: Now and Then : Reading and Writing about the American Immigrant Experience
0312119836: Now and Then Instructor's Manual : Reading and Writing about the American Immigrant Experience
0312119852: Sports in Contemporary Society
0312119879: Teaching With the Bedford Guide for College Writers (1: Practical Solutions)
0312119887: Teaching with The Bedford Guide for College Writers: Volume II- Background Readings
0312119895: Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312119941: Family Story
0312119968: Official Privilege
0312119976: On Gold Mountain
0312119992: The Seventh Scroll
0312120001: Topping from Below
0312120028: Death in Venice (Ed Ritter)
0312120036: Mistakes Social Scientists Make
0312120095: Margaret Fuller : Brief Biography
0312120109: July 1914 : A Brief Documentary History
0312120141: Energy and Economic Reform in the Former Soviet Union : Implications for Production, Consumption and Exports, and for the International Energy Markets
0312120168: New International History of the Spanish Civil War
0312120176: Unity of the Mind
0312120184: Economics of International Security : Essays in Honour of Jan Tinbergen
0312120192: Political Economy of Power : Hegemony and Economic Liberalism
0312120206: Masculinity in Crisis : Myths, Fantasies and Realities
0312120214: Masculinity in Crisis : Myths, Fantasies and Realities
0312120230: Postmodernism and Performance
0312120257: Edith Wharton
0312120265: Stage Right : Crisis and Recovery in British Contemporary Mainstream Theatre
0312120273: Communities and Caring : The Mixed Economy of Welfare
0312120281: Public Management and Administration : An Introduction
0312120311: Richard III
0312120346: China's Economic Reform
0312120370: Renovating the Vietnamese Communist Party : Nguyen van Linh and the Programme for Organizational Reform, 1987-91
0312120389: Money, Credit, and Asset Prices
0312120419: Foreign Investment in Contemporary Russia : Managing Capital Entry
0312120427: Making of Eastern Europe
0312120435: Madness of Kings : Personal Trauma and the Fate of Nations
0312120443: Economic Transformation in Russia
0312120451: Antony and Cleopatra
0312120478: Plays of W. B. Yeats : Yeats and the Dancer
0312120494: Jane Austen the Woman : Some Biographical Insights
0312120508: Genres and Genders of Surrealism
0312120516: Woolf and Lessing : Breaking the Mold
0312120524: Edmund Spenser : A Literary Life
0312120532: Thomas Hardy on Stage
0312120559: Advanced Materials Revolution and the Japanese System of Innovation
0312120591: Romania vs. the United States : Diplomacy of the Absurd, 1985-1989
0312120605: Baltic States
0312120656: North Pakistan : Karakorum Conquered
0312120664: Israel: A Concise Political History
0312120680: Populism and Feminism in Iran : Women's Struggle in a Male-Defined Revolutionary Movement
0312120699: Economics of Financial Reform in Developing Countries
0312120710: United Nations, 1990s
0312120729: Louis XII
0312120737: Women Soldiers : Images and Realities
0312120745: Women Soldiers : Images and Realities
0312120753: The Caribbean Family: Legitimacy in Maritinque
0312120761: St. Martin's Guide to Sources in Contemporary British History : The Individuals
0312120788: Timely Topics
0312120818: Postmodern Novel in Latin America : Politics, Culture and the Crisis of Truth
0312120834: Sustaining Earth : Response to the Environmental Threat
0312120842: Beyond Legitimation : Essays on the Problem of Religious Knowledge
0312120877: African Perspectives on Development
0312120885: Convergence or Divergence? : Britain and the Continent
0312120915: Theodore Roosevelt and the British Empire
0312120923: Alexandre Kojeve : The Roots of Postmodern Politics
0312120931: Poetry of Modernity : Anglo-American Encodings
0312120958: Revolutionary Horizons : Regional Foreign Policy in Post-Khomeini Iran
0312120966: Capital and Entrepreneurship in South-East Asia
0312120974: Macroeconomic Models and Controversies
0312120990: Poverty, Inequality and Rural Development
0312121024: Bush Presidency : Triumphs and Adversities
0312121040: International Economics
0312121059: Politics and Econonics of India's Foreign Policy
0312121075: Asia-Pacific Security : Less Uncertainty, New Opportunities
0312121083: Political Ideas and Concepts : An Introduction
0312121091: Health and Health Care in Britain
0312121105: The Caribbean Family - Legitimacy in Martinique
0312121148: D. H. Lawrence Chronology
0312121156: Culture and History in Eastern Europe
0312121164: Conflict and Chaos in Eastern Europe Vol. 1
0312121172: To Settle the Succession of the State : Literature and Politics, 1678-1750
0312121202: Dynamics of Change in Southern Africa
0312121210: Chemical and Biological Weapons : A Study of Proliferation
0312121237: Napoleon Bonaparte and the Legacy of the French Revolution
0312121245: Improbable Dangers
0312121253: Financial Decision-Making and Moral Responsibility
0312121288: South at the End of the Twentieth Century : Rethinking the Political Economy of Foreign Policy in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America
0312121318: Foreign Joint Ventures in Contemporary China
0312121334: Black Atlantic Writers of the Eighteenth Century : Living the New Exodus in England and the Americas
0312121342: United Nations : Towards the Fiftieth Anniversary
0312121350: From Adjustment to Development in Africa : Conflict, Controversy, Convergence, Consensus?
0312121407: Politics of East-West Migration
0312121415: Gunboat Diplomacy 1919-1991
0312121423: James Boswell : Psychological Interpretations
0312121431: Reading Lives : Reconstructing Childhood, Books and Schools in Britain, 1870-1920
0312121466: Edith Wharton
0312121474: British Political Facts, 1900-1994
0312121490: Technology and Enterprise Development : Ghana under Structural Adjustment
0312121539: Democracy and Authoritarianism in Peru : Political Coalitions and Social Change
0312121555: England in Europe, 1066-1453
0312121563: Musical Women in England, 1870-1914 : Encroaching on All Man's Privileges
0312121598: Terrible Revenge : The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans
0312121601: Diplomacy of German Unification Vol. 1
0312121644: Kent's Aesthetic Theory
0312121660: Caring for Deprived Children : International Case Studies of Residential Setting
0312121687: Environment, Security and U. N. Reform
0312121695: Environment, Security and U. N. Reform
0312121709: Aesthetic Autobiography : From Life to Art in Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Anais Nin
0312121733: Role of Human Rights in Foreign Policy
0312121768: Mexico and the North American Free Trade Agreement : Who Will Benefit?
0312121792: Implementing a Human Development Strategy
0312121814: Theories of Technical Change and Investment : Riches and Rationality
0312121830: Language of Politics in Seventeenth-Century England
0312121849: Yeats Annual
0312121865: Global Competitiveness of the Asian Firm
0312121873: Greece and EC Membership Evaluated
0312121881: Thialand's Turn : Profile of a New Dragon
0312121938: Aging and the Care of Older People in Europe
0312121946: Statesman's Year-Book, 1994-1995
0312121954: Radical Right-Wing Populism in Western Europe
0312121962: Political Economy and the Changing Global Order
0312121970: Political Economy and the Changing Global Order
0312121989: Islamism and Secularism in North Africa
0312121997: Disintegration or Transformation? : The Crisis of the State in Advanced Industrial Societies
0312122004: Thomas Hardy in Our Time
0312122039: Recycling and the Politics of Urban Waste
0312122047: Recycling and the Politics of Urban Waste
0312122063: Milan Kundera and Feminism : Dangerous Intersections
0312122098: Informal City
0312122101: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
0312122128: Visions of the Future : Art Technology and Computing in the Twenty-First Century
0312122136: The Chronicles of London
0312122144: Silence in the Novels of Elie Wiesel
0312122160: Bretton Woods and Dumbarton Oaks : American Economic and Political Post-War Planning in the Summer of 1944
0312122179: Evolutionary Economics and Chaos
0312122187: Evolutionary Economics and Chaos Theory Vol. 1 : New Directions in Technology Studies
0312122195: Structure of the Japanese Economy : Changes in the Domestic and International Character
0312122209: Emotion and Spirit : Questioning the Claims of Psychoanalysis and Religion
0312122225: Grammar of Consciousness : An Exploration of Tacit Knowing
0312122233: Industrialization, Trade and Market Failures : The Role of Government Intervention in Brazil and South Korea
0312122241: Extreme Right in Europe and the USA
0312122268: FDR and the Holocaust
0312122276: Charlotte and Emily Bronte
0312122284: Birds of Passage : Five Englishwomen in Search of America
0312122292: Ireland Divided: The Roots of the Modern Irish Problem
0312122306: Ireland Divided : The Roots of the Modern Irish Problem
0312122314: Building Democracy? : The International Dimension of Democratisation in Eastern Europe
0312122322: Beyond Capitalism : Towards a New World Economics Order
0312122330: Thomas Hardy : His Career As a Novelist
0312122349: Sexual Economyths : Conceiving a Feminist Economics
0312122357: Sexual Economyths : Conceiving a Feminist Economics
0312122373: Managing in Britain and Germany
0312122403: Coping with Trouble : How Science Reacts to Political Disturbances of Research Conditions
0312122411: Acquisition, Adaptation and the Development of Technologies : Japan's Experience and its Lessons
0312122446: Edward Bellamy : Looking Backward, 2000-1887
0312122500: Carnival
0312122519: Rebuilding of Old Commonwealths : And Other Documents of Social Reform in the Progressive Era South
0312122527: Envisioning America
0312122551: Carousel
0312122578: Other People's Money and How the Bankers Use It
0312122586: Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Sea : The Role of the International Maritime Organisation in International Legislation
0312122608: Turn of the Screw
0312122616: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : A Case Study in Critical Controversy
0312122640: Politics of Change
0312122659: Carrion House
0312122675: Public Policy in Britain
0312122683: West European Communist Parties after the Revolutions of 1989
0312122705: Chirac's Challenge : Liberalization, Europeanization, and Malaise in France
0312122721: Family and Family Relationships, 1500-1900 : England, France, and the United States of America
0312122748: Monetary Policy and the Design of Financial Institutions in China, 1978-1990
0312122799: Future of the Non-Proliferation Treaty : The 1995 Extension and Review Conference
0312122802: Facets of the Conflict in Northern Ireland
0312122810: Visions of America since 1492
0312122837: Transformation of the English Novel Vol. 1
0312122896: Cartoonist's Bible
0312122918: Commercialisation of Accountancy : Flexible Accumulation and the Transformation of the Service Class
0312122934: Polish Foreign Policy Reconsidered : The Dilemmas of Independence
0312122942: American Higher Education : A History
0312122950: Suffering Mothers in Mid-Victorian Novels
0312122969: Cartoons from Punch
0312122977: Business and the Environment : Implications of the New Enviromentalism
0312122993: Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity
0312123000: Wittgenstein and Religion
0312123019: Twentieth Century Ireland : Nation and State
0312123027: Theorizing Satire : Essays in Literary Criticism
0312123035: '60s and the End of Modern America
0312123043: In Defense of Congress
0312123051: Contemporary Congress
0312123078: Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice : Jane Austen
0312123086: End of an Era? : Europe, 1945-1990s
0312123094: Cary Grant
0312123132: Henry James and the Real Thing : A Modern Reader's Guide
0312123191: Women of the Anti-Slavery Movement : The Weston Sisters
0312123221: Bolingbroke's Political Writings
0312123272: Dickens and Crime
0312123280: The Case of the Fragmented Woman
0312123299: Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948 : A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation
0312123302: The case against suicide
0312123310: Beyond Conflict : From Self-Help and Psychotherapy to Peacemaking
0312123329: A Case of Loyalties
0312123337: Lost Rights : The Destruction of American Liberty
0312123345: Case of the Ashanti Gold
0312123353: The Case of the Hook-Billed Kites
0312123388: Case File
0312123418: Rhymer's Club : Poets of the Tragic Generation
0312123426: American Laughter
0312123434: Cassady
0312123450: Man Behind the Iron Mask
0312123469: War for America Vol. 1 : The Fight for Independence, 1775-1783
0312123477: Women in Ancient Egypt
0312123493: Medieval Rome : A Portrait of the City and Its Life
0312123507: World Divided : Militarism and Development after the Cold War
0312123515: European Business Environment
0312123523: Cassy
0312123531: Cast a Long Shadow
0312123566: Middling Sort of People Vol. 1 : Culture, Society and Politics in England, 1550-1800
0312123574: William Shakespeare Vol. 1 : A Literary Life
0312123582: Casualties: Death in Viet Nam; Anguish and Survival in America
0312123590: E.M. Forster : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312123604: Six Contemporary Dramatists : Bennett, Potter, Gray, Brenton, Hare, Ayckbourn
0312123612: Multilateralism and Western Strategy
0312123620: Cataclysm
0312123639: The Catalogue of Fantastic Inventions
0312123647: Financial Reform in Central and Eastern Europe
0312123655: Khruschev : A Political Life
0312123663: United States and the European Union in the 1990s
0312123671: Jane Austen and Discourses of Feminism
0312123698: Brief History of Pollution
0312123701: Agricultural Reforms and Grain Production in Rural China
0312123736: Political and Idealogical Confrontations in 20th Century Europe : Essays in Honor of Milorad M. Drachkovitch
0312123744: Cold War Illusions : America, Europe and Soviet Power, 1969-1989
0312123752: Election Ninety-Four South Africa : The Campaigns, Results and Future Prospects
0312123779: Catch a Falling Clown (A Toby Peters Mystery)
0312123787: Foreign Direct Investment in a Changing Global Political Economy
0312123795: China in World History
0312123809: Foreign Policy of India and Her Neighbors
0312123817: Stalinism and Soviet Rail Transport, 1928-41
0312123833: Popularizing Classical Economics : Henry Brougham and William Ellis
0312123868: Pacific Banking, 1859-1959 : East Meets West
0312123876: American Drama
0312123884: American Poetry
0312123892: Transformation of the World Economy, 1980-93
0312123981: Monks, Spies and a Soldier of Fortune : The Japanese in Tibet
0312124007: Andean Cocaine Industry
0312124015: Balancing State Intervention
0312124031: Rights
0312124066: British Poetry, 1900-50
0312124082: Opening up Hungary to the World Market: External Constraints and Opportunities
0312124104: National Health Service? : The Restructuring of Health Care in Britain since 1979
0312124112: Merchant of Venice : Choice, Hazard and Consequences
0312124120: Passionate Lives
0312124139: Who's Who, 1995 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary
0312124155: New UN Peacekeeping : Building Peace in Lands of Conflict after the Cold War
0312124171: Edith Wharton Abroad : Selected Travel Writings, 1888-1920
0312124198: Indonesia in ASEAN : Foreign Policy and Regionalism
0312124236: Policing Europe : Co-Operation, Conflict and Control
0312124317: Managing for the Future : An Ecology of Tomorrow's Organization
0312124325: Structural Adjustment and Rural Labour Markets in Africa
0312124341: Women and the Religious Life in Pre-Modern Europe
0312124368: Human Reproductive Decisions
0312124376: Debt and Adjustment in the World Economy : Structural Asymmetries in North-South Interactions
0312124414: Airbus Industries : The Politics of an International Industrial Collaboration
0312124422: Catherine the Great (Kings and Queens)
0312124430: North Korea and the Bomb : A Case Study in Nonproliferation
0312124465: Catholics in Western Democracies : A Study in Political Behaviour
0312124481: Theories of Literature in the Twentieth Century : Structuralism, Marxism, Aesthetics of Reception, Semiotics
0312124511: Ben Johnson : A Literary Life
0312124538: Ritual and Experiment in Modern Poetry
0312124570: Gorbachev's Failure in Lithuania
0312124619: Frankenstein
0312124635: Popular Culture in England, c. 1500-1850
0312124643: Popular Culture in England, 1500-1850
0312124651: Democracy and Development : Proceedings of the IEA Conference Held in Barcelona, Spain
0312124686: Economics in a Changing World Vol. 5 : Economic Growth and Capital and Labour Markets
0312124716: Catlin
0312124724: Thwarting of Laplace's Demon : Arguments Against the Mechanistic World-View
0312124740: Financial Stability in a Changing Environment
0312124791: History of France, 1460-1560 : The Emergence of a Nation-State
0312124805: History of France, 1460-1560 : The Emergence of a Nation-State
0312124821: Beyond Death : Theological and Philosphical Reflections on Life after Death
0312124848: Unemployment in Capitalist, Communist, and Post-Communist Economies
0312124856: Dance, Gender and Culture
0312124880: European Security and International Institutions after the Cold War
0312124899: British Policy Towards France, 1945-1951
0312124902: Government-NGO Relations in Asia : Prospects and Challenges for People-Centred Development
0312124961: Monetary Economics in Developing Countries
0312124988: Organizational Epistemology
0312125003: Puritans at Play : Leisure and Recreation in Early New England
0312125046: Henry James
0312125054: Jewish Liberal Politic Tsarist Russia, 1900-1914
0312125089: New Essays on Samuel Richardson
0312125119: Essential Readings in Economics
0312125127: Beyond Traditional Peacekeeping
0312125186: Black Atlantic Writers of the Eighteenth Century : Living the New Exodus in England and the Americas
0312125194: With Faith and Physics : The Life of a Tudor Gentlewoman, Lady Grace Mildmay, 1552-1620
0312125208: Telltale Hearts
0312125216: Baltic States : The Years of Independence: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, 1917-1940
0312125232: On the Margins : The Arab Population in the Israeli Economy
0312125259: Politics in Jamaica
0312125267: Politics in Jamaica
0312125275: International Power and International Communication
0312125283: Miracles and Pilgrims : Popular Beliefs in Medieval England
0312125291: Lyautey and the French Conquest of Morocco
0312125313: Korea : The Search for Sovereignty
0312125321: Causes and Prevention of War
0312125364: Women, Identity and Private Life, 1900-50
0312125380: Disaster and Development in the Horn of Africa
0312125399: Cavalier in White
0312125402: International Monetary Systems in Historical Perspective
0312125410: Rise, Corruption and Coming Fall of the House of Saud
0312125453: Out of Reach : The Poetry of Philip Larkin
0312125461: CAVALLI
0312125488: Transitions : New Australian Feminism
0312125496: Politics and Policy in the New Korean State : From Roh Tae-Woo to Kim Young-Sam
0312125518: Ascendant Organization : Combining Commitment and Control for Long-Term, Sustainable Business Success
0312125526: Governing the U. K. in the 1990s
0312125534: Public Services and Market Mechanisms
0312125542: Dictionary of the Middle East
0312125550: Dying Acts
0312125569: European Union Common Foreign Policy : From EPC to CFSP Joint Action and South Africa
0312125585: Eliot to Derrida : The Poverty of Interpretation
0312125593: From Eliot to Derrida : The Poverty of Interpretation
0312125607: Working Women Don't Have Wives : Professional Success in the 1990s
0312125615: War of the Austrian Succession
0312125631: Japan's Foreign Aid to Thailand and the Philippines
0312125666: Challenges Facing the United Nations : Building a Safer World
0312125682: Inventing Europe : Idea, Identity, Reality
0312125690: Inventing Europe : Idea, Identity, Reality
0312125747: Politics of Economic Reform in Zimbabwe : Continuity and Change in Development
0312125755: Challenges Facing the United Nations : Building a Safer World
0312125763: European House of Cards
0312125771: Poverty and the Transition to a Market Economy in Mongolia
0312125798: Environmental Economics : Conference Proceedings of the Confederation of European Economic Associations at Oxford, 1993
0312125801: Building Postwar Europe : National Decision-Makers and European Institutions, 1948-1963
0312125836: European Union Foreign Policy and Central America
0312125844: Montrose
0312125879: Qadhafi's Libya, 1969-1994
0312125887: France : From the Cold War to the New World Order
0312125909: McFarlane Legacy
0312125917: Politics, Society and Religion in the Later Middle Ages
0312125925: North of England in the Reign of Richard III
0312125968: Iris Murdoch
0312125976: Human Resource Management and Development
0312125984: History of Africa
0312125992: Fractal Horizons : The Future Uses of Fractals
0312126026: Future Health
0312126034: Soviet Union and the Origins of the Second World War : Russo-German Relations and the Road to War 1933-1941
0312126050: Role of Private Financial Wealth in a Portfolio Model : A Study of the Effects of Fiscal Deficits on the Real Exchange Rate
0312126069: Economic and Political Reform in Developing Countries
0312126077: Philosophical Interactions with Parapsychology : The Major Writings of H. H. Price on Parapsychology and Survival
0312126085: Macroeconomic Management
0312126093: John Bates Clark : The Making of a Neoclassical Economist
0312126107: State and Domestic Agricultural Markets in Nicaragua : From Interventionism to Neo-Liberalism
0312126115: Catalan Nationalism : Past and Present
0312126131: Celtic Britain and Ireland : Art and Society
0312126158: Soviet History, 1917-1953 : Essays in Honour of R. W. Davies
0312126166: Prime Minister, Cabinet, and Core Executive
0312126174: United Nations in the New World Order : The World Organization at Fifty
0312126182: Fanny Trollope
0312126204: World Bank and Non-Governmental Organizations : The Limits of Apolitical Development
0312126212: Malaise : Power, Problems, and Realpolitik
0312126220: Male Myths and Icons : Masculinity in Popular Culture
0312126239: Male Myths and Icons : Masculinity in Popular Culture
0312126247: Women, Identity and Private Life in Britain, 1900-50
0312126271: Social Shakespeare : Aspects of Shakespearean Dramaturgy and Contemporary Society
0312126328: Environmental Economics : Individual Incentives and Public Choices
0312126336: Environmental Economics : Individual Incentives and Public Choices
0312126344: Feminist Theatre and Theory
0312126360: Feminist Theatre and Theory
0312126387: Frontiers of Caribbean Literature in English
0312126395: Golden Age of Brazil, 1659-1750 : Growing Pains of a Colonial Society
0312126409: Richard the Third and the Princes in the Tower
0312126417: British Politics and European Elections, 1994
0312126433: Thomas Hardy
0312126441: Norman Mailer
0312126476: Lessons in Economic Policy for Eastern Europe from Latin America
0312126522: Decisions for War, 1914
0312126530: Cuba in the International System : Normalization and Integration
0312126557: Reconfiguring Modernism : Explorations in the Relationship Between Modern Art and Modern Literature
0312126565: Future of Energy Use
0312126581: International Macroeconomics
0312126603: Reconfiguring Modernism : Explorations in the Relationship Between Modern Art and Modern Literature
0312126611: Eminent Georgians : The Lives of King George V, Elizabeth Bowen, St. John Philby, and Nancy Astor
0312126646: Postcolonial Literatures : Achebe, Ngugi, Desai, Walcott
0312126654: Constraints on the Success of Structural Adjustment Programmes in Africa
0312126670: Crisis of the Italian State : From the Origins of the Cold War to the Fall of Berlusconi
0312126689: British Marxist Historians : An Introductory Analysis
0312126697: Brave New Schools : Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks
0312126727: U. K. Environmental Policy in the 1990s
0312126735: Transformative Politics : The Future of Socialism in Western Europe
0312126751: Japan's Alliance Politics and Defense Production
0312126778: Dictionary of Shakespeare's Sexual Puns and Their Significance
0312126786: Not Saussure : A Critique of Post-Saussurean Literary Theory
0312126816: Carter and Arms Sales : Implementing the Carter Administration's Arms Transfer Restraint Policy
0312126832: Competition and Cooperation in Japanese Labour Markets
0312126859: Pathology of the U. S. Economy : The Costs of a Low-Wage System
0312126883: Jane Austen the Woman : Some Biographical Insights
0312126891: Leo Strauss and the American Right
0312126905: State-Society Relations in Yugoslavia, 1945-1992
0312126913: Why Do Ruling Classes Fear History? : And Other Questions
0312126921: Melodrama : The Cultural Emergence of a Genre
0312126948: Economy of Turkey since Liberalization
0312126964: Economic Growth and Political Change in Asia
0312126972: Wars of the Roses
0312126980: Celtic Craftsmanship in Bronze
0312127006: Social Policy in the European Union
0312127014: East-Central Europe After the Cold War
0312127030: Concepts of Time
0312127057: The Celts: the People Who Came Out of the Darkness
0312127065: Mapping Reality
0312127073: Human Freedom and the Logic of Evil : Prolegomenon to a Christian Theology of Evil
0312127138: Leadership in Conflict : The Lessons of History
0312127162: Women and Terrorism
0312127170: Social Construction of Social Policy : Methodologies, Racism, Citizenship and the Environment
0312127189: Government and Politics of India
0312127197: Government and Politics of India
0312127200: Economics of Transition : From Socialist Economy to Market Economy
0312127219: Economics of Transition : From Socialist Economy to Market Economy
0312127227: Political Life in Medieval England
0312127235: International Tourism
0312127251: Failure of Economic Diplomacy
0312127278: Chartism and the Chartists in Manchester and Salford
0312127294: Love Between Equals : A Philosophical Study of Love and Sexual Relationships
0312127308: Arthur : King of the West
0312127316: Enterprise of England : The Spanish Armada
0312127332: British Marxist Historians
0312127340: Centered Riding
0312127359: Victorian Women Poets : Emily Bronte, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Christina Rossetti
0312127367: Social Reconstructions of the World Automobile Industry : Competition, Power, and Industrial Flexibility
0312127375: Social Reconstructions of the World Automobile Industry : Competition, Power, and Industrial Flexibility
0312127383: Central American Impasse
0312127391: Social Choice Re-Examined : Proceedings of the IEA Conference Held at Schoss Hernstein, Berndorf, near Vienna, Austria
0312127413: Social Choice Re-Examined
0312127456: From Empire to Anarchy : Post-Communist Foreign Policy and International Relations
0312127464: Philosophical Idealism
0312127472: Authority and Benevolence : Social Welfare in China
0312127480: pursued by furies
0312127499: Stateman's Year-Book, 1995-1996
0312127502: Introduction to Modern Political Theory
0312127510: Rise of Modern Japan : Political, Economic and Social Change since 1950
0312127553: Sin, Organized Charity, and the Poor Law in Victorian England
0312127596: Arab-Israeli Conflict
0312127618: Theory and Methods in Political Science
0312127626: Theory and Methods in Political Science
0312127634: Election 1994 South Africa : The Campaigns, Results and Future Prospects
0312127642: Globalization, Communications and Caribbean Identity
0312127650: Engendering History : Caribbean Women in Historical Perspective
0312127669: Engendering History : Caribbean Women in Historical Perspective
0312127677: Me Jane : Masculinity, Movies, and Women
0312127685: Me Jane : Masculinity, Movies, and Women
0312127693: European Union : Structure and Process
0312127707: Petrushka and the Dancer
0312127715: World Population Projections for the 21st Century
0312127723: American Studies in Germany : European Contexts and Intercultural Relations
0312127731: Asian Industrialization and Africa : Studies in Policy Alternatives to Structural Adjustment
0312127766: Living Faiths in South Africa
0312127804: Evolution of Social Insurance
0312127820: A Certain Blindness
0312127839: Certain Blindness
0312127855: Chain Reaction
0312127871: Chains of Gold
0312127898: Higher Education in Vietnam : Change and Response
0312127901: Greening Environmental Policy : The Politics of a Sustainable Future
0312127928: Greening Environmental Policy : The Politics of a Sustainable Future
0312127936: Place Called Home : 20 Writing Women Remember
0312127944: Urban Enclaves: Identity and Place in America (Contemporary Social Issues)
0312127952: Jane Eyre
0312127960: Evelina
0312127979: Great Expectations
0312127995: Rape of the Lock
0312128010: Lewis and Clark Expedition : Selections from the Journals, Arranged by Topics
0312128053: Challenge of Labour : Shaping British Society, 1850-1930
0312128088: Talking Back to Civilization : Indian Voices in the Progressive Era
0312128118: Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka : A Brief History with Documents
0312128134: Democracy in America
0312128169: Muller vs. Oregon : A Brief History with Documents
0312128177: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
0312128193: United Nations Peacekeeping after the Suez War : UNEF 1 - The Swedish Involvement
0312128207: George Orwell : A Literary Life
0312128223: Cuba : From Conquistador to Castro
0312128231: Latin America's Insertion in the World economy : Towards Systemic Competitiveness in Small Economies
0312128258: Parliaments and Parties : The European Parliament in the Political Life of Europe
0312128274: Champagne Music: The Lawrence Welk Show
0312128282: Security Problems and Policies in the Post-Cold War Caribbean
0312128312: Comparative Welfare Systems : The Scandinavian Model in a Period of Change
0312128320: Productive Performance in Chinese Enterprises : An Empirical Study
0312128339: Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa : The Case of Botswana
0312128355: Southeast Asia in the New World Order
0312128371: Popular Religion in Germany and Central Europe, 1400-1800
0312128398: Regional Development : The USSR and After
0312128460: Champion Cats of the World
0312128479: Economic Laws of Scientific Research
0312128495: Western Responses to Human Rights Abuses in Cambodia, 1975-80
0312128517: Chandlertown : The Los Angeles of Philip Marlowe
0312128525: Finance and Technological Change : Theory and Evidence
0312128533: Introduction to Modern European Philosophy
0312128584: Change and the Study on International Relations
0312128592: Development Success in Asia Pacific : An Exercise in Normative-Pragmatic Balance
0312128606: Roots of African-American Identity : Memory and History in Free Antebellum Communities
0312128622: Changing Industrial Map of Europe
0312128649: Language Use : A Philosophical Investigation into the Basic Notions of Pragmatics
0312128657: Newton's Sleep
0312128665: Change and Continuity in the Middle East : Conflict Resolution and Prospects for Peace
0312128673: Classical Liberalism : The Unvanquished Ideal
0312128703: Children in the International Political Economy
0312128711: Democratizing Oriental Despotism : China from 4 May 1919 to 4 June 1989 and Taiwan from 28 February 1947 to 28 June 1990
0312128738: Science, Politics, and the Pharmaceutical Industry
0312128746: Working-Class Self-Help in Nineteenth Century England : Responses to Industrialisation
0312128770: Adapting to Capitalism : Working Women in the English Economy, 1700-1850
0312128797: Why Did the Socialist System Collapse in Central and East European Countries? : The Case of Poland, the Former Czechoslovakia and Hungary
0312128800: Change Without War
0312128819: Allyn Young : The Peripatetic Economist
0312128908: Lost Jews : The Struggle for Identity Today
0312128916: Margaret Atwood
0312128924: Reign of Henry VIII : Politics, Policy, and Piety
0312128932: Political Leadership in Liberal Democracies
0312128959: On the Existence and Relevance of God
0312129009: Reign of Henry VIII : Politics, Policy, and Piety
0312129017: Facing the Technological Challenge
0312129033: Dylan Thomas : His Life and Work
0312129041: Revolutionary Feminism
0312129068: PLO and Israel : From Armed Conflict to Political Solutions, 1964-1994
0312129076: Warp of Ulster's Past : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Irish Linen Industry
0312129084: Francois Mitterrand : The Last French President
0312129122: Transcaucasian Boundaries
0312129149: Nuclear Command and Control in NATO
0312129173: Women and Work in Eighteenth-Century Edinburgh
0312129181: Crisis Prevention, Confidence Building, and Reconciliation in South Asia
0312129238: Ethnic Minorities in the Modern Nation State
0312129254: Andre Malraux : A Reassessment
0312129262: European Drug Policies and Enforcement
0312129270: Russia : A Return to Imperalism?
0312129297: Measured Lies : The Bell Curve Examined
0312129300: United Nations Peacekeeper of American Policies and Uncivilizations
0312129319: Dictionary of the First World War
0312129327: Best Words, Best Order : Essays on Poetry
0312129335: City on the Seine
0312129343: Medieval Women: A Social History of Women in England 450-1500
0312129351: Contemporary British Conservatism
0312129386: End of the Age of Innocence : Edith Wharton and the First World War
0312129394: Racialisation of British Policing
0312129408: British Population in the Twentieth Century
0312129416: China Since 1911
0312129424: China since 1911
0312129432: Rise of the Rustbelt : Revitalizing Older Industrial Regions
0312129459: American Higher Education : A History
0312129467: History of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe and Russia
0312129475: Women and Political Insurgency
0312129483: Music in the Third Reich
0312129491: Who's Who 1996 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary
0312129513: The Changing Face of Western Communism
0312129521: Adenauer and Kennedy : A Study in German-American Relations, 1961-1963
0312129556: Hacking the Future : Stories for the Flesh-Eating 90s
0312129564: Sex at Work : The Power and Paradox of Organization Sexuality
0312129572: Sex at Work : The Power and Paradox of Organization Sexuality
0312129580: Singapore : The Global City-State
0312129599: Singapore : The Global City-State
0312129602: British Military Planning for the Defence of Germany, 1945-50
0312129610: George Bush and the Guardianship Presidency
0312129637: Integration of the European Economy : 1850-1913
0312129653: Changing partners
0312129661: Japan and the New World Order : Global Investments, Trade, and Finance
0312129688: Changing Pitches
0312129734: Regaining Marxism
0312129742: International Monetary and Financial System : Developing-Country Perspectives
0312129777: Chapters of Experience: Studies in 20th Century American Autobiography
0312129807: Confronting State, Capital and Patriarchy : Women Organising in the Process of Industrialization
0312129815: Regional Science in Developing Countries
0312129831: Asset Prices and the Real Economy
0312129866: Anglo-American Approaches to International Security, 1955-1960
0312129874: Challenges to Turkey : The New Role of Turkey in International Politics since the Dissolution of the Soviet Union
0312129904: Gender, Family and Society
0312129912: Gender, Family and Society
0312129920: Accidentally, on Purpose : The Making of a Personal Injury Underworld in America
0312130066: Charge of Cowardice
0312130104: Charles Bronson
0312130147: Charles Dickens, Resurrectionist
0312130228: Alone with the Dead
0312130236: And When Did You Last See Your Father
0312130244: Another Dead Teenager
0312130252: Arthritis, What Exercises Work : Breakthrough Relief for the Rest of Your Life, Even after Drugs and Surgery Have Failed
0312130260: Belonging
0312130279: Bird Artist : A Novel
0312130287: Bird in a Cage
0312130295: Blackburn : A Novel
0312130309: Blood Posse
0312130317: Bootleg: The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry
0312130325: Born Guilty
0312130333: Bowman's Line
0312130341: Breach of Trust
0312130376: Case of the Constant Caller
0312130384: Case of the Dead Winner : A Father Dowling Mystery for Young Adults
0312130392: Cataracts : The Complete Guide from Diagnosis to Recovery, for Patients and Families
0312130406: Chili! : Sixty Soul-Satisfying Recipes for America's Favorite Dish
0312130414: Commonsense MBA
0312130422: Creative Excuses for Every Occasion : Old Standards, Innovative Evasions, and Blaming the Dog
0312130430: Cuckoo: A Caz Flood Mystery
0312130449: Daniel Day-Lewis: The Fire Within
0312130457: Dead Girls
0312130465: Death and Deconstruction
0312130473: Death Au Gratin (Inspector Gautier)
0312130481: Death in Still Waters : A Chesapeake Bay Mystery
0312130503: Diary of a Survivor : 19 Years in Castro's Prisons
0312130511: The Difference
0312130538: Done Wrong
0312130546: Dostoevsky's Last Night : A Novel
0312130562: Down by the River Where the Dead Men Go
0312130570: Ed Gein--Psycho!
0312130589: Edge of the City
0312130597: Egon Ronay's Guide 1995 Paris: Restaurants, Brasseries, Bistros and Hotels (Egon Ronay's Guide: Paris)
0312130600: Egon Ronay's Guide, 1995 : Ireland
0312130619: Egon Ronay's Guide 1995: Europe : Eastern & Western Europe's Best Hotels & Restaurants (Egon Ronay's Guide: Europe)
0312130627: Jimi Hendrix : Electric Gypsy
0312130635: Elevator Music : A Surreal History of Muzak, Easy Listening and Other Moodsong
0312130643: Emotional Arithmetic
0312130651: Charlie and the Ice Man
0312130678: Charlton Heston : A Biography
0312130686: Escapade
0312130694: Everything and More
0312130716: Fasting and Eating - for Health : A Medical Doctor's Program for Conquering Disease
0312130732: Fence Jumpers
0312130740: Fixed in His Folly : A Malachy Foley Mystery
0312130759: Flush of Shadows : Five Short Novels
0312130767: Charmed Death
0312130775: Foolproof
0312130783: For I Have Sinned
0312130791: Four Hands : A Novel
0312130805: Fury of the Northmen : Saints, Shrines and Sea-Raiders in the Viking Age, A. D. 793-878
0312130813: Girls in the Back of the Class
0312130821: Glint
0312130848: Grand Night for Murder
0312130856: Heart Smart
0312130864: Holocaust Poetry
0312130872: How Therapists Diagnose : Seeing Through the Psychiatric Eye
0312130880: How to Fall Out of Love...& Land on Your Feet
0312130899: I've Forgotten Everything I Learned in School! : A Refresher Course to Help You Reclaim Your Education
0312130902: Chartism and the Chartists
0312130910: If Only You Would Listen : How to Stop Blaming His or Her Gener and Start Communicating with the One You Love
0312130937: In Good Faith : The Inside Story of Prudential-Bache's Multi-Billion-Dollar Scandal that Defrauded Thousands of Investors and Fractured the Rock
0312130945: In Harm's Way
0312130953: Injury Time
0312130961: Intrigue
0312131003: Kamikaze L'Amour
0312131011: 101 Activities for Siblings Who Squabble
0312131038: Kill or Cure : An Edwina Crusoe Medical Mystery
0312131046: Kyle at 200 MPH
0312131054: Labyrinths and Number Mazes
0312131062: Ladies of the Vale
0312131070: Last Castrato
0312131089: Last Lieutenant
0312131097: Last of the Free: An Inspirational Story of Three Young Lions Restored to the Wild and the
0312131100: Laughing Place : A Novel
0312131119: Lebanese Cuisine : More than 250 Authentic Recipes from the Most Elegant Middle Eastern Cuisine
0312131127: Literary Companion to Rome : Including Ten Walking Tours
0312131135: Literary Companion to Venice
0312131143: Long Road to Freedom : The Advocate History of the Gay and Lesbian Movement
0312131151: Longest Winter : A Novel
0312131178: Lost Diaries of Frans Hals : A Novel
0312131186: Lost Fortune of the Tsars
0312131194: Man Who Turned into Himself : A Novel
0312131208: Margin
0312131216: Mariah Carey : Her Story
0312131224: Matricide at St. Martha's
0312131232: Maxwell's House
0312131240: Merchant of Death
0312131267: Mothers
0312131275: Mr. Donaghue Investigates
0312131283: Murder in the Executive Mansion
0312131291: Native Time : An Historical Timeline of Native America
0312131305: Never Let a Stranger in Your House
0312131313: New York Giants Trivia Book : Over 300 Trivia Questions and Answers about Giants Football, Past and Present--A Challenge to Every Giants Fan
0312131321: Nice People
0312131348: Chase Royal
0312131356: Oil Man
0312131372: Painted Leaves
0312131380: Paris Edge
0312131402: Memoir of the Bookie's Son
0312131410: Passover
0312131429: Patron Saint of Unmarried Women
0312131437: The Penny Wedding
0312131445: Chasing the Guild Shadow
0312131453: Piece of Justice
0312131461: Powder River : A Jeston Nash Adventure
0312131488: Problem People at Work : The Essential Survival Guide to Dealing with Bosses, Co-Workers, Employees, and Outside Clients
0312131496: Psychotronic Video Guide to Film
0312131518: The Queen of the Tambourine
0312131526: Queer Kind of Love : A Pharoah Love Mystery
0312131534: Quick Chocolate Fixes : 75 Fast and Easy Recipes for People Who Want Chocolate - In a Hurry!
0312131550: Roaring Boy
0312131569: Rockefeller Women
0312131577: Rogue's Isles
0312131585: Romans/Their Lives and Times
0312131593: The Romantic Movement: Sex, Shopping and the Novel
0312131615: Rotten Apples
0312131623: Route 66 Traveler's Guide and Roadside Companion
0312131631: Rulers of Darkness
0312131658: Sacred Lips of the Bronx
0312131666: Secret Years
0312131674: Cheating : Deception in Love and War, Games and Sports, Religion and Magic, Business and Con Games, Politics and Espionage, Art and Science
0312131682: Shadows from the Fire
0312131690: Shell Game : A True Story of Banking, Spies, Lies, Politics - And the Arming of Saddam Hussein
0312131704: Cher
0312131712: Silent Angel
0312131720: Sleek Bodies
0312131739: Someone Special
0312131755: Cheshire Cat's Eye
0312131763: Chessboard Queen
0312131771: Chessboard Queen
0312131798: Chicago Houses
0312131801: Spencer Christian's Geography Book
0312131828: Chikara!
0312131836: Spencer Christian's Geography Book
0312131860: Sports Encyclopedia on Pro Football
0312131879: Sportsdykes : Stories from on and off the Field
0312131887: Stardust to Planets : A Geological Tour of the Universe
0312131895: Sting in the Tail (John Cunningham)
0312131909: Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu
0312131917: Taste for Burning
0312131925: That's Blaxploitation! : Roots of the Baadasssss 'Tude (Rated X by an All-Whyte Jury)
0312131933: Turkey Tracks
0312131941: TV Land : A Guide to America's Television Shrines, Sets and Sites
0312131968: Ultimate Lunchbox Book : The Best Recipes and Ideas from the Pack-a-Lively Lunchbox Contest
0312131976: Under a Hoodoo Moon : The Life of the Night Tripper
0312131984: Unsafe Keeping
0312131992: Until the End of Time
0312132018: Villain of the Earth
0312132026: Violet Quill Reader : The Emergence of Gay Writing after Stonewall
0312132034: Virgin Knows
0312132042: Voices from Silence
0312132069: A Vow of Devotion (Sister Joan, No 6)
0312132077: Waking up Just in Time
0312132085: Walking West
0312132093: Waterloo Diamonds
0312132107: Welcome to the Jungle : The Why Behind Ggeneration X
0312132115: What a Piece of Work I Am
0312132123: When Do the Good Things Start?
0312132131: Whispering/a Novel
0312132158: Why Do We Fall in Love?: The Psychology of Choosing a Partner
0312132166: Wild Justice
0312132174: Winter Garden Mystery
0312132182: Without Trace
0312132190: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror : Eighth Annual Collection
0312132204: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312132212: Year's Best Science Fiction : 12th Annual Collection
0312132220: Year's Best Science Fiction : Twelfth Annual Collection
0312132271: 101 Uses for a Dead Angel
0312132301: Child Learning Through Child Play: Learning Activities for Two and Three Year Olds
0312132352: Children and Television
0312132360: Children of the Light
0312132379: Children in Adult Prisons : An International Perspective
0312132387: Children of Prosperity : Thirteen Modern American Communes
0312132395: The Children of Prosperity: Thirteen Modern American Communes
0312132417: Dolphins
0312132425: The Children's Game : A Novel of Espionage
0312132433: People's Guide to Deadly Drug Interactions : How to Protect Yourself from Life-Threatening Drug-Drug, Drug-Food, Drug-Vitamin Combinations
0312132468: Child's Eye View
0312132476: Fritz Lang : The Nature of the Beast
0312132484: King of Comedy : The Life and Art of Jerry Lewis
0312132492: James Dean : The Biography
0312132557: China : Politics and Government
0312132603: Computer-Assisted Reporting
0312132638: Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature Reading Thinking and Writing
0312132646: Resources for Teaching the Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature Instruction Manual
0312132697: China and the Arms Trade
0312132735: The Compact Reader: Short Essays By Method and Theme, Fifth Edition
0312132751: Making the Most of the Global Past : Volume One: Prehistory to 1500 (Global Past)
0312132832: Bridges to Academic Writing
0312132891: Handbook of Technical Writing
0312132905: Wilding of America
0312132913: Beginning Bioethics : A Text with Integrated Readings
0312132921: The Yellow Wallpaper (Bedford Cultural Editions)
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