0312146663: 97 Spain and Portugal
0312146671: 97 Switzerland and Austria
0312146698: 97 Washington, D. C.
0312146701: Letter of Mary
0312146728: Lost Fortune of the Tsars
0312146736: Making of a Country Lawyer : An Autobiography
0312146744: Mandarin Plaid
0312146760: Time of Murder at Mayerling
0312146779: Melissa
0312146787: Men, Makeup and Monsters : Hollywood's Masters of Illustion and FX
0312146795: Miami Beach Deco
0312146809: Stranger for Christmas
0312146817: The Morbid Kitchen
0312146825: Mountain Country Cooking
0312146833: Murder at the Baseball Hall of Fame
0312146841: Murder Benign
0312146868: Music Minus One
0312146884: Music, in a Foreign Language
0312146892: My Worst Date
0312146906: New Psychiatry
0312146914: Night Summons
0312146922: Nursery
0312146930: Of Course I'm for Monogamy
0312146949: Off Season
0312146957: Old Forest and Other Stories
0312146965: Sneezing after Sex Prevents Pregnancy : A New Collection of Old Wives' Tales
0312146981: Panic Hand
0312147007: Cohesive Force: Feud in the Mediterranean
0312147015: Persian Pickle Club
0312147023: Poems for Christmas
0312147031: Post Office
0312147058: The Prestige
0312147066: Prove the Nameless : An Owen Keane Mystery
0312147082: Psychic Warrior : Inside the CIA's Star Gate Program: The True Story of a Soldier's Espionage and Awakening
0312147090: Quaker Testimony
0312147104: Quantrill's War
0312147112: Queer Baby Names
0312147139: Rain Dance
0312147147: Raven's Widows
0312147155: Red Leaves
0312147163: Resurrection Man
0312147171: Cold Cash War
0312147198: River Beyond the World : A Novel
0312147201: Coleridge to Catch-22 Images of Society
0312147228: Collaboration of Nations
0312147244: Synergy Myth : And Other Ailments of Business Today
0312147252: A collapsible man
0312147260: Riviera Off-Season and On : Hotels, Restaurants, Activities, and values town by Town
0312147279: Same Place, Same Things : Stories
0312147287: Satan's Fire : A Medieval Mystery Featuring Hugh Corbett
0312147295: The Save Your Heart Wine Guide
0312147309: Schedule Two
0312147317: Shivers for Christmas
0312147325: Shock to the System : A Donald Strachey Mystery
0312147333: Shooting Sports for Women
0312147341: Shroud for the Archbishop
0312147368: Silver Chariot Killer
0312147376: Skinner's Round
0312147384: Sky Fisherman : A Novel
0312147392: Snitch
0312147406: So Dear to Wicked Men
0312147414: Songdogs
0312147422: Ethan Green Chronicles : His Still Unfabulous Life and Times
0312147430: Summer Will End
0312147449: Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu
0312147465: Tears of Things
0312147473: This Land Is Our Land : How to End the War on Private Property
0312147481: Trevarton Inheritance
0312147511: The Two-Headed Eagle: A Novel
0312147538: Unnatural Acts
0312147546: No Pain, No Strain
0312147554: Close Calls : New Lesbian Fiction
0312147562: A Vow of Poverty
0312147570: The Way She Looks Tonight: Five Women of Style
0312147589: What Turns Us on
0312147597: What We Know So Far
0312147600: Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy? : The Autobiography of Hollywood's Pioneer Child Star
0312147619: Where White Men Fear to Tread : The Autobiography of Russell Means
0312147627: Wigstock
0312147635: Wilderness Survival Handbook
0312147643: Will Power : Using Shakespeare's Insights to Transform Your Life
0312147651: Wind Water
0312147678: With William Burroughs
0312147686: With My Soul Amongst Lions
0312147694: Wizard of the Wind
0312147716: World of Rosamunde Pilcher
0312147724: Year of the Turtle
0312147732: You Said a Mouthful
0312147759: Zeena
0312147880: Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War : A Brief History with Documents and Essays
0312147953: Rice
0312147961: Rice
0312148046: Government Crisis Read White House 96
0312148119: Italia : The Art of Living Italian Style
0312148178: Duck and the Goat
0312148186: Mad Dogs & Scotsmen
0312148194: Mad Season : A Mystery
0312148208: Meditation : The First and Last Freedom
0312148216: Toad Triumphant
0312148224: Victoria and Albert
0312148232: Dumbing down Our Kids : Why American Children Feel Good about Themselves but Can't Read, Write, or Add
0312148240: Empire State Building : The Making of a Landmark
0312148259: Willows in Winter
0312148267: Wind in the Willows
0312148275: Exercises for the Everyday Writer: A Brief Reference
0312148283: National Security
0312148305: The Presence of Others
0312148321: WORLD POLITICS
0312148356: Poetry: An Introduction
0312148372: Rereading America: Cultural Contexts for Critical Thinking and Writing
0312148399: Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from Classical Times to the Present 2nd Edition
0312148410: James Herriot's Favorite Dog Stories
0312148445: Big Night : A Novel with Recipes
0312148461: The Compact Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312148496: Rules for Writers
0312148526: Mayflower Murder
0312148534: Rock Bottom : Dark Moments in Music Babylon
0312148542: Candide
0312148631: A World of Ideas, 5/e
0312148666: Tales from the Crypt : The Official Archives Including the Complete History of DC Comics and the Hit Television Series
0312149034: Free Falling and Other Student Essays
0312149107: Collecting English Watercolours
0312149123: The Springfield Reader
0312149131: Signs of Life in the USA
0312149166: The Transition to College Writing
0312149174: Making Sense
0312149204: Language Awareness
0312149360: Concise Guide, Chapter 3
0312149611: Work in Progress: A Guide to Writing and Revising
0312149735: Julie Hasler's Cross Stitch Projects : 65 Quick and Easy Projects for Home, Children and Special Occasions
0312149751: Collective Agriculture and Rural Development in Soviet Central Asia
0312149778: Student's Guide to History
0312149786: Prince
0312149794: writing Lives
0312149875: Point Counterpoint: Readings in American Government
0312149883: Environmental Politics
0312149891: State and Local Politics
0312149905: World Security Challenges for a New Century
0312149948: Southern Horrors
0312149956: Dred Scott V. Sandford
0312150024: THE ST. MARTIN'S GUIDE TO WRITING Fifth Edition (Uncorrected Proof)
0312150032: First Peoples
0312150040: Making Contact : Readings from Home and Abroad - Instructor's Edition
0312150059: Making Contact
0312150075: Brief Bedford Reader
0312150113: Story of Digby and Marie
0312150172: Organizational Communication
0312150237: Online!: A Reference Guide to Using Internet Sources
0312150253: Collector's History of Dolls
0312150261: Uncivil Wars
0312150288: Collector's History of Doll's Houses
0312150326: Elements of Argument
0312150334: elements Argument
0312150342: The Structure of Argument
0312150350: The Structure of Argument
0312150407: Springfield Reader
0312150415: Springfield Reader
0312150423: 100 Best Films to Rent You've Never Heard Of : Hidden Treasures, Neglected Classics, and Hits from By-Gone Eras
0312150431: 1988
0312150458: Accidental Shroud : An Inspector Mayo Mystery
0312150474: African-American Alphabet : A Celebration of African-American and West Indian Culture, Custom, Myth, and Symbol
0312150482: Alarming History of Famous and Difficult Patients : An Alarming History Maladies Malingerers
0312150490: All That Glitters : A Nick Polo Mystery
0312150512: Once a Dancer : An Autobiography
0312150520: American Aurora : A Democratic-Republican Returns: The Suppressed History of Our Nation's Beginnings and the Heroic Newspaper That Tried to Report It
0312150539: Angels of the Universe
0312150547: Another America : Native American Maps and the History of Our Land
0312150555: Archangel
0312150563: Are We Scaring Ourselves to Death? : How Pessismism, Paranoia, and a Misguided Media Are Leading Us Toward Disaster
0312150571: Asking Questions: An Inspector Ghote Mystery
0312150598: Bad Vibes
0312150601: Behind the Scenes at the Museum : A Novel
0312150628: Best Bargain Family Vacations, U. S. A. : More Than 250 High-Quality, Low-Cost Destinations: Resorts, Dude Ranches, National State Parks, Family Camps, Beaches, Historical Sites, Learning Vacations
0312150636: Best of Interzone
0312150644: Beyond the Beyond
0312150660: Blue Windows : A Christian Science Childhood
0312150679: Bob Dylan : The Recording Sessions, 1960-1994
0312150687: Book of Secrets
0312150695: Bottom Line Personal Book of Bests
0312150709: Boy Who Went Away
0312150717: Buchan Papers
0312150725: Bums No More
0312150741: COLONIALISM, 1870-1945: AN INTRODUCTION
0312150768: Celestial Dogs
0312150776: Chunk's Barfology
0312150784: Cleo
0312150792: Close Quarters : A Thames Valley Mystery
0312150806: Concrete Confidence
0312150814: Couple's Guide to the Best Erotic Videos
0312150830: Patterns for College Writing
0312150849: Colour of Magic
0312150865: Patterns for College Writing : Instructor's Edition
0312150873: Star colony
0312150881: Comfort of Cats
0312150903: Come Be My Love
0312150911: Comic Drama
0312150946: Creating Short Fiction : The Classic Guide to Writing Short Fiction
0312150954: Come Dawn, Come Dusk Fifty Years a Gamekeeper
0312150962: Columbia
0312150970: Embers of Death
0312150989: Comet Halley
0312150997: Come Spring
0312151004: Dead Game
0312151012: Coming from Behind
0312151020: Coming of Saska
0312151039: Dead Things
0312151047: COMECON, Trade and the West
0312151055: Death at the Table
0312151063: Death in Equality
0312151071: Death of an Angel : A Sister Mary Helen Mystery
0312151098: Dirge for a Doge
0312151101: Set-Up
0312151128: Discerning Traveler's Guide to the Mid-Atlantic States
0312151136: Dog Music : Poetry about Dogs
0312151144: Dreamhouse
0312151152: Duchess of Windsor
0312151160: Eden Renewed
0312151179: Electricity
0312151187: Emerald City : Stories
0312151209: Command at Sea - Great Fighting Admirals from Hawke to Nimitz
0312151217: Country Music Encyclopedia
0312151225: Everyday I Ching
0312151233: Face down in the Marrow-Bone Pie : An Elizabethan Mystery
0312151241: Falconer and the Face of God
0312151276: File Under: Jeopardy
0312151284: Finding Your Writer's Voice
0312151292: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Murder Case
0312151306: Drowning Pool : A Willow King Mystery
0312151314: Garden Plot
0312151322: Getting Off Clean
0312151330: Ghirlandaio's Daughter : A Detective Carlo Arbati Mystery
0312151349: Girljock
0312151357: GSH Phenomenon : Nature's Most Powerful Antioxidant and Healing Agent
0312151381: Harvest Moon
0312151403: Homeopathic Remedies for Stress
0312151411: The Honeymakers
0312151446: Howard Stern A to Z
0312151454: Hoydens and Mr. Dickens
0312151462: Hyde
0312151470: An Image to Die for
0312151489: Dead of Winter
0312151497: In Deep Midwinter
0312151500: In the Studio
0312151527: Introspective Engineer
0312151535: Irish Country Childhood : Memories of a Bygone Age
0312151586: Kiss Your Stockbroker Goodbye : A Guide to Independent Investing
0312151608: Let's Get Criminal
0312151616: Let's Go Map Guide : Chicago
0312151632: Let's Go Map Guide : Rome
0312151640: Little : A Novel
0312151659: Little Book of Irish Family Cooking
0312151667: Maia/Prometheus
0312151675: Commandos and Rangers of World War II
0312151683: Malarkey
0312151691: Life of Matthew Arnold
0312151705: Meatless Mexican Home Cooking
0312151713: Melissa Etheridge
0312151721: Michelangelo : A Biography
0312151748: Crimes of the Scene : A Mystery Novel Guide for the International Traveler
0312151756: Murder on the Flying Scotsman
0312151764: Mystery Roast
0312151772: Mythology of Dogs
0312151780: Naming the New World
0312151799: New Chinese Astrology
0312151802: No Lye : The African American Woman's Guide to Natural Hair Care
0312151810: Notches : A Gabriel Du Pre Mystery
0312151829: Blood Relations : A Novel of Suspense
0312151837: Online Investor
0312151845: Original Man : The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad
0312151853: Other Lives
0312151888: Pawn to Queen Four
0312151896: Phoenix of Prague
0312151918: Verses That Hurt : Pleasure and Pain from the Poemfone Poets
0312151926: Portraits of Love : Lesbians Writing about Couples
0312151934: Power to Get In : Using the Circle of Leverage System to Get in Anyone's Door Faster, More Effectively and with Less Expense
0312151942: Pretty in Pink : The Golden Age of Teenage Movies
0312151950: Prison Tattoos
0312151969: Privileged to Kill
0312151977: Putting Secrets : Weekend Golfer
0312151985: What Are We Fighting For? : Sex, Race, Class and the Futute of Feminism
0312151993: Reconstruction, The
0312152000: Renaissance Moon
0312152027: Romance
0312152035: Room 13
0312152043: Safe and Sound
0312152051: Sex Signs
0312152078: Simon Said
0312152086: Sleeping Partner
0312152094: Smell of Apples : A Novel
0312152124: Song of the Phoenix : Voices of Comfort and Healing from the Afterlife
0312152132: Baseball 1997
0312152159: Successful Free-Lancing : The Complete Guide to Establishing and Running Any Kind of Freelance Business
0312152175: Surfing the Himalayas
0312152183: Surgery Book
0312152191: Sylvan Path : A Journey Through America's Forests
0312152205: Tattoo
0312152213: Thanks, Dad
0312152221: Thanks, Mom
0312152248: To Bury the Dead
0312152264: To Your Health
0312152272: Tongue Fu! : How to Deflect, Disarm, and Difuse Any Verbal Conflict
0312152280: Too Soon Dead
0312152299: Whole Tooth : How to Find a Good Dentist, Keep Healthy Teeth, and Avoid the Incompetents, Quacks, and Frauds
0312152310: Touch of Mortality
0312152329: Toxic People
0312152337: Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made
0312152345: Twilight Warriors: Inside the World's Special Forces
0312152361: Family Skeletons
0312152396: Two Hearts Desire : Gay Couples on Their Love
0312152418: Vodka, Tears and Lenin's Angel : My Adventures in the Wild and Woolly Former Soviet Union
0312152426: Way down Yonder in the Indian Nation : Writings from America's Heartland
0312152442: Winterkill : A Novel
0312152450: Xxx: A Woman's Right to Pornography
0312152469: Your Bank Is Ripping You Off : How to Fight Back and Save a Fortune
0312152477: Blackwater
0312152485: Cocktail
0312152493: Current Issues in Public Administration
0312152507: America Now
0312152566: America Now
0312152574: Untangling the Web
0312152612: Planet Baywatch
0312152639: Our Times
0312152647: Commercial Distribution in Europe
0312152655: Clotel; Or, the President's Daughter
0312152663: Maggie
0312152671: Complete In-Line Skater
0312152698: Cases in Bioethics : Selections from the Hastings Center Report
0312152701: EDITORIAL EYE
0312152728: Ralph Nader's Practicing Democracy 1997
0312152736: The Road to the White House 1996: The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312152760: Successful College Writing: Skills, Strategies, Learning Styles
0312152779: Communism Since World War II
0312152787: Communist Political Systems : An Introduction
0312152795: Communist Political Systems : An Introduction
0312152809: Communist Reformation : Nationalism, Internationalism, and Change in the World Communist Movement
0312152817: Communist Ideology, Law and Crime : A Comparative View of the U. S. S. R. and Poland
0312152841: Arthritis Cure : The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, and May Even Cure Osteoarthritis
0312152892: Far from Home
0312152906: Knitting with Dog Hair : Better A Sweater from A Dog You Know and Love Than from A Sheep You'll Never Meet
0312152914: Makos
0312152922: Pied Piper of Death
0312152930: Snowboarding to Nirvana : A Novel
0312152949: We Are Gathered Here
0312152957: Community and Conflict in the Socialist Camp 1965-1972 : The Soviet Union, the GDR, and the German Problem
0312152965: Woman That I Am
0312152981: Community and Unity
0312153023: Community as a Social Ideal
0312153066: Compact Reader
0312153074: The Compact Reader : Instructor's Manual
0312153082: The Compact Reader
0312153104: High School Models for Writers
0312153112: Literature: Reading and Writing the Human Experience
0312153120: Companions on the Road
0312153147: Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing
0312153236: Company of Swans
0312153260: Company Spook
0312153287: Company Strategy and Organizational Design
0312153325: Mirror on America: Short Essays and Images from Popular Culture
0312153392: Critical Strategies
0312153414: Comparative Industrial Systems
0312153481: America Firsthand: Readings from Reconstruction to the Present
0312153511: Race, Class, and Gender in the United States
0312153538: Dorothy L. Sayers
0312153554: The Real Thing: Contemporary Documents in American Government (The St. Martin's Resource Library in Political Science)
0312153570: Comparative Policy Research
0312153597: Comparative Political Ideologies
0312153694: Murder of a Dead Man
0312153708: Let's Go Map Guide : New Orleans
0312153724: Big Ideas : An Introduction to Ideologies in American Politics (The St. Martin's Resource Library in Political Science)
0312153767: Oasis Supersonic Supernova
0312153775: George Cukor : A Biography of the Gentleman Director
0312153880: America Firsthand -
0312153910: Writing That Works: How to Write Effectively on the Job
0312153945: The Public Agenda
0312153953: Contemporary Congress
0312153961: Nations and Governments: Comparative Politics in Regional Perspective
0312153988: Shadow Play : The Murder of Robert F. Kennedy, the Trial of Sirhan Sirhan and the Failure of American Justice
0312153996: Anatomy Of Film
0312154054: On the Air! : Listening to Radio Talk
0312154070: Astronomy Before the Telescope
0312154089: Victors and Vanquished
0312154135: To Govern a Nation: Presidential Power and Politics
0312154143: Politics of American Government
0312154151: Little Voodoo Kit : Revenge Therapy for the Over-Stressed (incl. Doll)
0312154186: Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn : A Novel
0312154240: Shoot the Moon
0312154259: Miseries of Human Life
0312154275: Because I Wanted You
0312154291: Probable Tomorrows
0312154305: Memoirs of Cleopatra : A Novel
0312154321: Writing Changes Everything
0312154356: The Comparative Study of Political Parties
0312154380: The Secret (The Bedford Series in History and Culture)
0312154399: Trial of Mary Queen of Scots : A Brief History with Documents
0312154410: Writing Across the Media
0312154437: New Grove Book of Opera
0312154445: House of the Vestals : The Investigations of Gordianus the Finder
0312154453: Teaching
0312154461: Teaching Real Writing 2: Additional Resources
0312154488: Sckraight from the Ghetto
0312154526: Play's the Thing
0312154542: Delta Style : Eve Wasn't a Size 6 and Neither Am I
0312154577: Bedford Basics: A Workbook for Writers
0312154593: Research And Documentation In The Electronic Age sp,98
0312154631: The First Part of King Henry the Fourth: Texts and Contexts
0312154682: How 10 Percent of the People Get 90 Percent of the Pie : Get Your Share Using Subliminal Persuasion Techniques
0312154690: A/K/A
0312154712: Act of Love
0312154720: Artistic Way to Go : An Inspector Alvarez Novel
0312154739: Because I Wanted You
0312154747: Beyond the Wild Blue : A History of the U. S. Air Force, 1947-1997
0312154755: Comparative urbanization: Divergent paths in the twentieth century (The Making of the 20th century)
0312154763: Comparative Urbanization: Divergent Paths in the Twentieth Century
0312154771: Biggie and the Mangled Mortician
0312154798: Blue Poppy
0312154801: Blues for the Buffalo : A Luis Montez Mystery
0312154828: Book of Mosts
0312154836: Brandenburg : A Novel
0312154844: Comparisons
0312154852: Comparisons
0312154860: Breastfeeding and the Working Mother
0312154879: Brain Workout
0312154887: Buzzwords L. A. Fresh Speak
0312154895: Cab Called Reliable
0312154909: Captured by History : One Man's Vision of Our Tumultuous Century
0312154917: Carl Gustav Jung
0312154925: Cat Massage : A Whiskers to Tail Guide to Your Cat's Ultimate Petting Experience
0312154933: Chocolate Star
0312154941: Cliches : Over 1500 Phrases Explored and Explained
0312154968: Commonwealth Avenue
0312154976: Conquest
0312154984: Hitler's Angel
0312154992: Convoy East
0312155018: Competition and Regulation in Financial Markets
0312155026: Coping with Prednisone (And Other Cortisone Related Medicines) : It May Work Miracles, but How Do You Handle the Side Effects?
0312155034: Cowards
0312155042: Cross-Check
0312155069: Crossing the Jordan
0312155077: Cry of the Leopard
0312155085: Dark Eros : Black Erotic Writings
0312155093: Death in a Dry Season
0312155107: Deadly Drug Interactions : The People's Pharmacy Guide
0312155115: Dear Ernest and Julio
0312155123: Death in Victory : A Harry Starbranch Mystery
0312155131: Death Will Have Your Eyes
0312155158: Diary of Mattie Spenser
0312155166: Divinity of Sex
0312155182: Eakins' Mistress : A Jamie Ramsgill Mystery
0312155190: Edith Wharton Murders : A Nick Hoffman Mystery
0312155204: Sid : Saint Vicious
0312155212: Kiss This : Punk in the Present Tense
0312155220: End the Struggle and Dance with Life : How to Build Yourself up When the World Gets You Down
0312155239: Enemy of God : A Novel of Arthur
0312155247: Essential Heart Book for Women
0312155255: Events Leading to My Death
0312155263: Eye of the Agency
0312155271: Fatherhood
0312155298: Fire on Earth : Doomsday, Dinosaurs and Humankind
0312155301: Fix Your Credit Workbook : A Step-by-Step Guide to a Lifetime of Great Credit
0312155328: From Bondage Vol. III : Mercy of a Rude Stream
0312155336: Further Lane : A Novel
0312155344: Get Back : The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles' Let It Be Disaster
0312155352: Girl's Guide to Taking over the World : Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution
0312155360: Government Gay
0312155379: Gravity
0312155387: Great Adventure : How the Mounties Conquered the West
0312155395: Guevara, Also Known As Che
0312155417: Half Past Nun : A Sister Mary Teresa Mystery
0312155425: Hardwired
0312155433: For Shame : The Loss of Common Decency in American Culture
0312155441: Hemlock and After
0312155468: Hermits
0312155476: House Arrest
0312155484: How Far from Austerlitz : Napoleon 1805-1815
0312155492: Be a Great Divorced Dad
0312155506: Human Croquet
0312155514: I Cant Believe This Has No Sugar Cookbook
0312155522: I Have Lived in the Monster : A Report from the Abyss
0312155530: In a Fathers Place
0312155549: Instant Analysis : How to Get the Truth in 5 Minutes or Less in Any Conversation or Situation
0312155557: Into the Vortex
0312155565: The Jade Peony: A Novel by Choy, Wayson
0312155573: Jewish Lover
0312155581: Judgment
0312155603: King of Children
0312155611: Kiss and Tell
0312155638: Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms : The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to be Rumoured about Around New York
0312155646: Late in Season
0312155654: Lazarus Hotel
0312155662: Let Like Cure Like
0312155670: Let's Go Map Guide : Berlin
0312155697: Let's Take the Kids To Hudson Valley : Great Places to Go with Children in New York's Hudson Valley
0312155700: Life's Too Short : Pull the Plug on Self-Defeating Behavior and Turn on the Power of Self-Esteem
0312155719: Long Rain : A Novel
0312155727: Lost Coast
0312155735: The Lover of the Grave
0312155743: Mafia Manager : A Guide to the Corporate Machiavelli
0312155808: Making the Alphabet Dance
0312155816: Man Made of Words : Essays, Stories, Passages
0312155824: Codes of Betrayal
0312155832: Marker
0312155840: On the Vineyard
0312155859: Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles : A Novel
0312155867: Mason's Retreat
0312155875: Memphis Beat
0312155883: Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot
0312155891: If I'd Only Listened to Mom : Hundreds of Household Remedies
0312155905: Motel Nirvana: Dreaming of the New Age in the American Desert
0312155913: Mother Nature
0312155921: Morning Glory Mother
0312155948: Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter
0312155956: Murder and Sullivan : A Joan Spencer Mystery
0312155964: Murder at Midnight
0312155972: Murder in a Cathedral
0312155980: Murder in the Smokehouse
0312155999: Murder! Murder! Burning Bright
0312156014: New Book of Whole Grains
0312156022: New Etiquette : Real Manners for Real People in Real Situations--an A-to-Z Guide
0312156030: New Leaf
0312156049: New Lieutenant
0312156057: New York Eats (More)
0312156065: Fair Maid of Bohemia : A Novel
0312156073: Night of the Panther
0312156081: Night over Day over Night
0312156111: Nights of Ice : True Stories of Disaster and Survival on Alaska's High Seas
0312156146: No Human Involved
0312156154: No Time for an Everyday Woman
0312156162: Now That I'm Out What Do I Do
0312156170: Classic Turkish Cooking
0312156189: Origami in Action
0312156197: Origami in King Arthur's Court : An Adventure in Folding
0312156200: Out of Body
0312156219: Pagan Kennedys Living
0312156227: Pandaemonium
0312156235: Paragons
0312156243: Pilots Die Faster
0312156251: Pleasure Principle
0312156278: Power of Logical Thinking
0312156286: Publish and Perish : Three Tales of Tenure and Terror
0312156294: Quotable Liberal
0312156308: Complete Book of Furniture Restoration
0312156316: Reach of Rome
0312156324: Rebel Hearts : Journeys Within the IRA's Soul
0312156332: Complete Book of Tapestry Weaving
0312156340: The Complete Book of Tarot
0312156359: Complete Book of Traditional Aran Knitting
0312156367: Red Queen
0312156375: Red Shoes
0312156383: Complete Book of Traditional Scandinavian Knitting
0312156391: Resurrected Holmes
0312156405: Riches of France
0312156413: Riverview Murders
0312156421: Robak's Witch : A Dan Robak Mystery
0312156448: Rust on the Razor : A Tom and Scott Mystery
0312156456: Complete Concordance to Shakespeare
0312156464: Sailing in a Spoonful of Water
0312156472: Schliemann of Troy
0312156480: Secret War Against the Jews : How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People
0312156499: Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream : A Novel
0312156502: Seven Stars
0312156510: All Emergencies, Ring Super
0312156529: Shaky Ground
0312156537: She Took My Arm As If She Loved Me : A Novel
0312156545: Sheer Chance
0312156553: Shoot
0312156561: Signs of Life
0312156588: Siren's Lullaby
0312156596: Social Disease
0312156618: Spiced to Death : A Culinary Mystery
0312156626: Sports Encyclopedia : Pro Football
0312156634: Squeaky
0312156642: Starlight Barking
0312156650: Suffer Little Children : A Sister Fidelma Mystery
0312156669: Summer House
0312156677: Sunflower Girl
0312156685: Super Vixens Dymaxion Lounge
0312156693: Sweepers
0312156707: Sweet Maria's Italian Cookie Tray : A Cookbook
0312156715: This Game's the Best! : So Why Don't They Quit Screwing with It?
0312156723: Tiger Woods : The Making of a Champion
0312156731: Time to Check Out : A Stan Kraychik Mystery
0312156758: Tommy Makem's Secret Ireland
0312156766: Tomorrows Tide
0312156774: Tribes of Palos Verdes
0312156782: Triumph of Love and Other Paintings
0312156790: Truth Can Get You Killed
0312156804: The Complete Drawings of Hieronymus Bosch
0312156812: Two Gun Cohen
0312156820: Used and Rare : Travels in the Book World
0312156839: User's Guide to the Millennium : Essays and Reviews
0312156847: Wall Street Joke Book
0312156855: Warning Shot
0312156863: Way Home Is Longer
0312156871: What Mommy Said : An Arlene Flynn Mystery
0312156928: Why Does My Dog Drink Out of the Toilet
0312156936: Wild Designs
0312156944: Willful Neglect
0312156960: Winter King : A Novel of Arthur
0312156979: Woman Angler
0312156987: The Workhouse Girl
0312156995: Wrigleyville : The Miraculous History of New York's Most Beloved Baseball Team
0312157002: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312157010: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312157029: Year's Best Science Fiction : Twenty-Second Annual Collection
0312157037: Year's Best Science Fiction : Fourteenth Annual Collection
0312157061: Twenty Years at Hull House, by Addams
0312157088: Wannabe : A Would-Be Player's Misadventures in Hollywood
0312157118: Communist Manifesto : With Related Documents
0312157142: Life Studies: An Analytic Reader
0312157150: The Complete Drawings of Hieronymus Bosch
0312157169: Complete Fish Cookbook
0312157177: Who Are We?
0312157185: Complete Handbook of Personal Computer Communications : Everything You Need to Know to Go Online with the World
0312157282: Discussing The American Promise
0312157363: Complete Guide to Ethnic New York
0312157460: Complete Guide to Riding Other People's Horses
0312157487: Let's Go 98 Alaska & the Pacific Northwest
0312157495: Spain and Portugal
0312157509: The Complete Guide To The Soviet Union
0312157517: Complete Guide to the Soviet Union
0312157525: London
0312157533: Complete Guide to the Soviet Revolution
0312157568: Exercise Workbook to accompany Editorial Eye
0312157584: With Good Reason : An Introduction to Informal Fallacies
0312157606: The complete handbook of personal computer communications: Everything you need to go online with the world
0312157614: Ethics for Modern Life
0312157657: The complete health care advisor
0312157665: The Complete Health Care Advisor: How to Get the Best and Pay the Least by...
0312157711: Notebook Dividers to Accompany Real Writing Bedford/St.Martin's New
0312157770: National Portrait Gallery Complete Illustrated Catalogue
0312157878: The South In The History Of The Nation
0312157886: Worlds of History
0312157894: Worlds of History: A Comparative Reader : To 1550 (Worlds of History)
0312157916: Birds of Prey
0312157940: Understanding Disability : From Theory to Practice
0312157967: Government and Politics of Spain
0312157975: Industrial Policy in Britain
0312157983: Religion and Society in England, 1850-1914
0312158017: Culture of English Puritanism, 1560-1700
0312158025: France, 1934-1970
0312158033: Understanding Disability : From Theory to Practice
0312158041: Government and Politics of Spain
0312158068: Popular Radicalism in Nineteenth-Century Britain
0312158076: Birth of Absolutism : A History of France, 1598-1661
0312158084: France, 1934-1970
0312158092: Cointegration for the Applied Economist
0312158114: Francis Drake : The Lives of a Hero
0312158122: Medieval Ireland : The Enduring Tradition
0312158149: W. B. YEATS Man and Poet
0312158181: Politics of Problem-Solving in Postwar Democracies : Institutionalizing Conflict and Consensus
0312158203: British Writers and the Media in the 1930s : Mobilizing the Medium
0312158211: China's Minority Cultures : Identities and Integration since 1912
0312158238: Economy of Ireland : Policy and Performance of a Small European Country
0312158246: Paris, Pretoria and the African Continent : The International Relations of States and Societies in Transition
0312158262: Authoritarian Populism in Malaysia
0312158270: Class, Power, and Agrarian Change : Land and Labour in Rural West Java
0312158289: Global System : Politics, Economics and Culture
0312158297: Global System : Politics, Economics and Culture
0312158319: Urban Health in Developed Countries
0312158335: The Complete Oil Painter
0312158343: Coming into Being
0312158351: Jane Austen's Business : Her World and Her Profession
0312158378: Philosophy and Theological Discourse
0312158394: Complete Puzzler
0312158408: American President's Cabinet : From Kennedy to Bush
0312158416: Mitteleuropa and German Politics : 1848 to the Present
0312158424: Edith Wharton's Travel Writings : The Making of a Connoisseur
0312158432: Sudden Shakespeare : The Shaping of Shakespeare's Creative Thought
0312158459: Growth, Trade, and Endogenous Technology : A Study of OECD Manufacturing
0312158467: Comparing Government Activity
0312158491: The Complete Short Stories of Raffles the Amateur Cracksman
0312158513: Venezuela
0312158521: When Allies Differ : Anglo-American Relations During the Suez and Falklands Crises
0312158548: Friends in Need : Burden Sharing in the Gulf War
0312158564: France in the Sixteenth Century
0312158602: Democracy, Sovereignty and the European Community
0312158629: The complete travel guide to Cuba
0312158637: Complete Travel Guide to Cuba
0312158653: Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore
0312158696: Language of Old and Middle English Poetry
0312158718: Contemporary Irish Literature : Transforming Tradition
0312158742: Indigenous Peoples and Democracy in Latin America
0312158750: Computer Technology and Employment
0312158777: Students and the Cold War
0312158785: Jewish Identity and Civil Processes
0312158793: Anthony Trollope and His Contemporaries : A Study in the Theory and Convention of the Mid-Victorian Novel
0312158807: Eisenhower's New-Look National Security Policy, 1953-1961
0312158831: Chamberlain, Germany, and Japan
0312158874: Philippine Economy : East Asia's Stray Cat
0312158912: Hungary and the Victor Powers, 1945-1950
0312158920: Zhou Enlai and the Foundations of Chinese Foreign Policy
0312158939: Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe
0312158947: News Revolution : Political and Economic Decisions about Global Information
0312158955: Concise Historical Atlas of Eastern Europe
0312158963: Seeing Double
0312158971: Encyclopedia of Fantasy
0312158998: Tug of War : Today's Global Currency Crisis
0312159005: Tug of War : Why You Should Care about the Global Currency Crisis
0312159013: Heart of Darkness
0312159072: Conan Doyle, a Biographical Solution
0312159080: Conscience and Power : An Examination of Dirty Hands and Political Leadership
0312159102: Small Island, Big Politics : The Tonbs and Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf
0312159110: Women and Spirtual Equality in Christian Tradition
0312159129: Community Care for Older People : A Comparative Perspective
0312159137: Early Parties and Politics in Britain, 1688-1832
0312159145: Direction of Literary Theory : Generations of Meaning
0312159153: Direction of Literary Theory : Generations of Meaning
0312159161: European Monetary Union
0312159188: Concept of Class : An Historical Introduction
0312159196: Concept of Class : An Historical Introduction
0312159234: Carter Administration and Vietnam
0312159242: Two Lands on One Soil : Ulster Politics Before Home Rule
0312159269: Property Relations, Incentives, and Welfare : Proceedings of a Conference Held in Barcelona, Spain
0312159307: Regional Science : Perspectives for the Future
0312159323: State, Class and Underdevelopment in Nigeria and Early Meiji Japan
0312159331: Eclipse of Eternity : A Sociology of the Afterlife
0312159358: Stability in the Financial System
0312159366: Religion and Social Justice
0312159374: Europe United? : The European Union and the Retreat from Federalism
0312159382: Europe United? : The European Union and the Retreat from Federalism
0312159404: Marxism, Mysticism and Modern Theory
0312159439: Public Opinion in Postcommunist Russia
0312159447: Constructing the New Consumer Society
0312159455: Thomas Hardy : A Literary Life
0312159463: Police, Public Order and the State : Policing in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, the USA, Israel, South Africa and China
0312159471: Alternative Perspectives in Third-World Development : The Case of Malaysia
0312159501: Anthony Crosland : The Mixed Economy
0312159528: Power and Privatization : Choice and Competition in the Remaking of British Democracy
0312159544: Ethical Dimensions of Global Change
0312159552: Democratic Royalism
0312159617: International System Between Integration and Neo-Protectionism
0312159641: Westminster and Europe : The Impact of the European Union on the Westminster Parliament
0312159714: Ethnic Conflicts and the Nation-State
0312159722: Shakespeare and the Nature of Women
0312159730: Shakespeare and the Nature of Women
0312159757: Oil Privatization, Public Choice and International Forces
0312159773: Japan's Foreign Policy in the 1990's : From Economic Superpower to What Power?
0312159838: Aldous Huxley and the Mysticism of Science
0312159854: Foreign Investment in Russia and the Other Soviet Succesor States
0312159870: Regionalism and World Order
0312159889: Regionalism and World Order
0312159900: European Portugal : The Difficult Road to Sustainable Democracy
0312159919: Question of Namibia
0312159935: Contemporary British Poetry and Postmodernism : Dialogue and Estrangement
0312159943: Distributional Conflict and Inflation
0312159951: The Concept of a Person and Other Essays.
0312159978: Explorations in Economic Liberalism
0312160003: Greater France : A History of French Overseas Expansion
0312160038: Dismantling the Mexican State?
0312160062: Kurdish Struggle, 1920-1994
0312160070: Concept of Reality
0312160143: Equity, Efficiency and Growth : The Future of the Welfare State
0312160151: Consciousness, Literature, and Theater : Theory and Beyond
0312160178: Challenging the Orthodoxies
0312160186: China in the 1980's : Centre-Province Relations in a Reforming Socialist State
0312160194: Media Science Before the Great War
0312160208: World Reshaped : Fifty Years after the War in Europe
0312160224: Trade, Environment, and Sustainable Development
0312160240: Sexualizing the Social : Power and Organization of Sexuality
0312160259: Sexualizing the Social : Power and Organization of Sexuality
0312160267: Holy Sparks : Social Theory, Education, and Religion
0312160283: Coleridge, Keats and Shelley : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312160291: Formation of the First German Nation-State, 1800-1871
0312160313: Germany in the Age of Kaiser Wilhelm II
0312160348: Conceptions of Liberty in Political Philosophy
0312160356: Peasants, Merchants and Markets
0312160402: Politics and Society in Scotland
0312160429: British Problem, C. 1534-1707 : State Formation in the Atlantic Archipelago
0312160445: Concepts and Techniques in Urban Analysis
0312160453: Selected Letters of George Meredith
0312160461: Addictive Behaviour : Molecules to Mankind: Perspectives on the Nature of Addiction
0312160488: German Question and Other German Questions
0312160526: Iraq : From Sumer to Saddam
0312160550: Complete Short Stories
0312160569: Korea's Economic Miracle : The Crucial Role of Japan
0312160577: Eve's Renegades
0312160585: Diplomacy and Crisis Management in the Balkans : A U. S. Foreign Policy Perspective
0312160607: Democracy, Socialization, and Conflicting Loyalties in East and West : Cross-National and Comparative Perspectives
0312160615: Paris and the Anarchists : Aesthetes and Subversives at the Fin-de-Siecle
0312160623: Time Falling Bodies Take to Light : Mythology, Sexuality, and the Origins of Culture
0312160631: History of the British Isles
0312160658: Concepts in Climatology;
0312160682: Information Superhighway : Strategic Alliances in Telecommunications and Multimedia
0312160690: Mental Health Policy in Britain
0312160704: Willa Cather in Context : Progress, Race, Empire
0312160712: Willa Cather in Context : Progress, Race, Empire
0312160739: Britain in the 1970s : The Troubled Economy
0312160755: U. N. Peacekeeping, American Policy, and the Uncivil Wars of the 1990s
0312160763: Sociological Reasoning : Towards a Past-Modern Sociology
0312160771: Sociological Reasoning : Towards a Past-Modern Sociology
0312160798: Situating Sartre in Twentieth-Century Thought and Culture
0312160801: Parting the Curtain : Propaganda, Culture, and the Cold War
0312160836: Sexual Cultures
0312160844: Sexual Cultures
0312160852: Karl Marx and Intellect Origins
0312160860: Weasels and Wisemen : Ethics and Ethnicity in the Work of David Mamet
0312160879: Islamism and Secularism in North Africa
0312160895: Croslands Future : Opportunity and Outcome
0312160909: Dangerous Talk and Strange Behavior : Women and Popular Resistance to the Reforms of Henry VIII
0312160925: Disraeli and Victorian Conservatism
0312160941: Joseph Conrad
0312160968: Prisons 2000 : An International Perspective on the Current State and Future of Imprisonment
0312160984: R.S. Thomas : Conceding an Absence : Images of God Explored
0312160992: Human Lives : Critical Essays on Consequentialist Bioethics
0312161018: Health Policy Reform, National Variations and Globalization
0312161034: Weapons Without a Cause : The Politics of Weapons Acquisition in the United States
0312161042: International Society after the Cold War : Anarchy and Order Reconsidered
0312161069: Irish Question and British Politics, 1868-1996
0312161077: First World Hunger : Food Security and Welfare Politics
0312161115: Intergovernmental Relations and Economic Management in China
0312161123: Undermining of the Sandinista Revolution
0312161158: One Money for Europe? : The Economics and Politics of EMU
0312161174: From Versailles to Maastricht : International Organization in the Twentieth Century
0312161182: United Nations in the New World Order : The World Organization at Fifty
0312161190: Rise Corrupt and Coming Fall of the House of Saud
0312161204: Edith Wharton Abroad : Selected Travel Writings, 1888-1920
0312161220: Concepts of Urban Design
0312161239: Statesman's Year-Book, 1996-1997
0312161247: Puritans at Play : Leisure and Recreation in Colonial New England
0312161255: History of Slovakia : The Struggle for Survival
0312161263: History of Conservative Politics, 1900-1996
0312161271: Advocacy in the Classroom
0312161301: Robert Kennedy : The Final Years
0312161352: The Concise Herbal Encyclopedia
0312161360: Imperial Experience : From Carlyle to Forster
0312161379: Peace, War and European Powers
0312161387: Peace, War and European Powers
0312161395: Victorian Social-Problem Novel
0312161417: Eclipse of Great Britain : The United States and British Imperial Decline, 1895-1956
0312161425: Persia and the Gulf : Retrospect and Prospect
0312161441: Politics and Islam in Contemporary Sudan
0312161484: Germany and Europe in the Nineties
0312161492: Reaction and Renewal in South Africa
0312161506: Margins of European Law
0312161514: John Kenneth Galbraith
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