0312161530: AIDS : The Ethical, Legal, and Social Aspects
0312161565: Rethinking the European Union : Institutions, Interests and Identities
0312161573: Britain and the European Union : Dialogue of the Deaf
0312161581: Growth, Unemployment, Distribution, and Government : Essays on Current Economic Issues
0312161603: Housing Finance in Developing Countries
0312161611: Japan and European Periphery
0312161638: German Currency Union of 1990 : A Critical Assessment
0312161654: Gossip and Subversion in Nineteenth-Century Novel
0312161662: Public Finance in an Overlapping Generations Economy
0312161670: Hopkins Chronology
0312161689: Flying the Flag
0312161700: The Concise Herbal Encyclopedia
0312161727: Political Systems of the World
0312161735: Louis Xll
0312161743: High Road
0312161794: Local Democracy and Local Government
0312161808: Csce Security Regime Formation
0312161816: Belarus : From Soviet Rule to Nuclear Catastrophe
0312161824: Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice
0312161840: Shakespeare's Tragic Imagination
0312161867: France and the Origins of the Second World War
0312161875: Disability and the City : International Perspectives
0312161891: Western Hemisphere Trade Integration
0312161921: Baltic States
0312161956: After Liberalization : A Vision of Europe in the Global Economy of the Twenty-First Century
0312161964: Disintegration of the Soviet Union : A Study in the Rise and Triumph of Nationalism
0312161972: Rights of Women in Islam
0312161980: Steel Phoenix : The Fall and Rise of the American Steel Industry
0312161999: 21st Century Economics : Perspectives of Socioeconomics for a Changing World
0312162006: Brazil : The Once and Future Country
0312162022: Nuclear Weapons in a Transformed World : The Challenge of Virtual Nuclear Arsenals
0312162030: Transatlantic Relationship
0312162081: How to Save the Underclass
0312162103: Towns in Tudor and Stuart Britain
0312162138: Rescue of the Innocents : Endangered Children in Medieval Miracles
0312162146: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
0312162154: Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady
0312162189: Competition and Finance : A Reinterpretation of Financial and Monetary Economics
0312162200: Confessions of a Race Track Fiend: Or, How to Pick the Six, and My Other Secrets of Handicapping for the Weekend Horseplayer
0312162219: World Reshaped : Fifty Years after the War in Asia
0312162227: Confessions of Danny Slocum, Or, Gay Life in the Big City
0312162243: Studies in Globalization and Economic Transitions
0312162251: Financial Fragility, Debt and Economic Reforms
0312162308: Conflict in Central America : Approaches to Peace and Security
0312162316: The Conflict of Nationality in Modern Ireland (Documents of Modern History)
0312162332: Conflict, Politics and the Urban Scene
0312162340: New Realism
0312162367: Conflicts Between Labor and Environmentalism in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States
0312162383: The Confucius Enigma
0312162391: Can South and Southern Africa Become Globally Competitive Economies?
0312162405: Congress In The Seventies
0312162413: Capitalism from Above and Capitalism from Below
0312162421: Government and Politics of France
0312162448: Theories of International Relations
0312162456: Theories of International Relationship
0312162464: Who Was Who, 1991-1995 : A Companion to Who's Who - Containing the Biographies of Those Who Died During the Period 1991-1995
0312162472: Government and Politics of France
0312162499: To Be Young Was Very Heaven : Women in New York Before the First World War
0312162502: Xenophobia in United Germany : Generations, Modernization, and Ideology
0312162510: Mystics of Engelthal
0312162529: Incomplete Transition : Military Power and Democracy in Argentina
0312162537: Breaking the Cycle
0312162545: Hidden Hand : Middle East Fears of Conspiracy
0312162553: NGO's and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights : A Curious Grapevine
0312162561: Ishmael Reed and the Ends of Race
0312162596: Chaucer : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312162618: Conrad Companion
0312162626: New Security Challenges : The Adaptation of International Institutions: Reforming the UN, NATO, EU and CSCE since 1989
0312162634: Eurosceptical Reader
0312162642: Between Development and Destruction : An Enquiry into the Causes of Conflict in Post-Colonial States
0312162650: Channel Surfing : Race Talk and the Destruction of Today's Youth
0312162669: Democratization and Bureaucratic Neutrality : Experience from the Developed and Developing Countries
0312162677: Robert Louis Stevenson Chronology
0312162693: Consequences
0312162707: Revolution in Iran
0312162715: Churchill's Peacetime Ministry, 1951-5
0312162723: Conservation and Practical Morality : Challenges to Education and Reform
0312162766: Introduction to Shakespeare : The Dramatist in His Context
0312162782: Medieval Britain
0312162804: Globalization, Liberalization and Policy Change : A Political Economy of India's Communications Sector
0312162812: U. S., Norway and the Cold War 1954-1960
0312162820: Global Development Fifty Years After Bretton Woods
0312162839: Global Development Fifty Years After Bretton Woods
0312162855: Arab Nationalism : Between Islam and the Nation-State
0312162863: Arab Nationalism : Between Islam and the Nation-State
0312162871: Global Political Economy of Communication : Hegemony, Telecommunication and the Information Economy
0312162898: Courts, Counties and the Capital in the Later Middle Ages
0312162901: Enforcing Cooperation
0312162928: Howard's End : Case Studies
0312162944: Wicked Pack of Cards : The Origins of the Occult Tarot
0312162960: Ronald Ross : Malariologist and Polymath : A Biography
0312163274: Love Between Men in English Literature
0312163290: Sylvia Pankhurst
0312163304: Crime and Punishment in England, 1100-1990 : An Introductory History
0312163312: Crime and Punishment in England, 1100-1990 : An Introductory History
0312163339: Hard Looks : Masculinities, Spectatorship and Contemporary Consumption
0312163347: History of China : Prehistory to C. 1800
0312163355: New World Order in International Finance
0312163398: Current Developments in Economics
0312163401: Electing the French President : The 1995 Presidential Election
0312163428: Fragmentation of Yugoslavia : Nationalism in a Multinational State
0312163444: Chinese Business Groups : In Hong Kong and Political Changes 1900-1920s in South China
0312163479: Recent Evolution of Financial Systems
0312163509: Using Europe, Abusing the Europeans : Britain and European Integration, 1945-63
0312163517: Beyond Communitarianism : Citizenship, Politics and Education
0312163525: Central Banking in Developing Countries
0312163533: Confronting the Nazi Past
0312163541: Economic Integration Worldwide
0312163568: Pursued by Furies : A Life of Malcolm Lowry
0312163576: F. R. Leavis : A Life in Criticism
0312163584: Brave New Schools : Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks
0312163592: Crisis of the Italian State
0312163606: Khrushchev : A Political Life
0312163614: History of the United States
0312163622: History of the United States
0312163630: Telltale Hearts
0312163649: French Connections : Hemingway and Fitzgerald Abroad
0312163657: Francis Drake : Lives of a Hero
0312163665: Who's Who 1997 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary
0312163673: Gendered Practices in Working Life
0312163681: Gendered Practices in Working Life
0312163703: Peasants and Landlords in Later Medieval England
0312163711: Commerce of Everyday Life : Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator (Bedford Cultural Editions)
0312163738: Reading the West
0312163746: Life in the Iron Mills
0312163754: Tess of the D'urbervilles : Case Studies in Contemporary Critici
0312163762: Twentieth-Century Novel
0312163819: Schools and Students in Industrial Society : Japan and the West, 1870-1940
0312163827: Women's Magazines 1940-1960
0312163835: Between Politics and Reason : The Drug Legalization Debate
0312163843: Environmental Politics
0312163878: Margaret Fuller : A Brief Biography with Documents
0312163886: Models of Narrative : Theory and Practice
0312163894: Ireland in the Middle Ages
0312163908: Ireland in the Middle Ages
0312163916: Power in Tudor England
0312163940: British Empire and Commonwealth
0312163959: American Foreign Policy : Carter to Clinton
0312163967: Economics of Asymmetric Information
0312163975: Ethical Issues in HIV Vaccine Trials in Developing Nations
0312163983: Ethical Economics
0312163991: Aftermath of 'Real Existing Socialism' in Eastern Europe Vol. I : Between Western Europe and East Asia
0312164009: Africa in Chaos
0312164017: Immigration Policy and Foreign Workers in Japan
0312164025: Carnival Culture and the Soviet Modernist Novel
0312164041: Dress, Culture, and Commerce : The English Clothing Trade before the Factory, 1660-1800
0312164076: Internationalization Strategies
0312164092: Thomas Hardy in Our Time
0312164106: Council of Ministers
0312164114: Council of Ministers
0312164130: Women's Fiction of the Second World War : Gender, Power and Resistance
0312164149: Women's Fiction of the Second World War : Gender, Power and Resistance
0312164157: THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY 1918-1970
0312164165: Political Economy of Power : Hegemony and Economic Liberalism
0312164181: Conservative Politics in Western Europe.
0312164211: State and Civil Society in Pakistan : Politics of Authority, Ideology, and Ethnicity
0312164238: Future of Europe : Problems and Issues for the Twenty-First Century
0312164246: Conspicuous Consumption
0312164289: Non-Governmental Organizations and Health in Developing Countries
0312164319: Allies in Conflict : Anglo-American Strategic Negotiations, 1938-44
0312164335: A Conspiracy of Strangers
0312164343: Julia Kristeva : Readings of Exile and Estrangement
0312164351: Identities in International Relations
0312164378: Privatization of Social Policy : Occupational Welfare and the Welfare State in Comparative Perspective
0312164394: Constable on the Hill
0312164408: Thatcher's Diplomacy : The Revival of British Foreign Policy
0312164416: Constable Around the Village
0312164440: Teacher Education in America : Reform Agendas for the Twenty-First Century
0312164467: Iraq's Road to War
0312164475: Independent Slovenia : Origins, Movements, Prospects
0312164521: Central Asia : Its Strategic Importance and Future Prospects
0312164548: China and the Origins of the Pacific War, 1931-41
0312164556: North Korea and the Bomb : A Case Study in Nonproliferation
0312164564: Henry James and Masculinity : The Man at the Margins
0312164572: Improbable Dangers
0312164580: Postmodern Novel in Latin America : Politics, Culture, and the Crisis of Truth
0312164602: Rhymers' Club : Poets of the Tragic Generation
0312164688: Eisenhower, Kennedy, and the United States of Europe
0312164696: Populism and Feminism in Iran : Women's Struggle in a Male-Defined Revolutionary Movement
0312164718: Backbench Debate Within the Conservative Party and Its Influence on Foreign Policy, 1948-57
0312164742: Freedom and Experience : Self-Determination Without Illusions
0312164750: Real Voices : On Reading
0312164769: New Challenges for Political Philosophy
0312164785: Modern Irish Lives : A Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Biography
0312164793: Mark Twain
0312164807: Documents of European Union
0312164815: Gorbachev and His Revolution
0312164823: Gorbachev and His Revolution
0312164831: Post-Marcos Politics : A Geographical and Statistical Analysis of the 1992 Presidential Election
0312164866: Pilgrimage for Peace : A Secretary General's Memoir
0312164874: Henry James : The Shorter Fiction, Reassessments
0312164890: H. G. Wells and the Culminating Ape : Biological Imperatives and Imaginative Obsessions
0312164904: Haiti and the United States : National Stereotypes and the Literary Imagination
0312164912: Hizb'Allah in Lebanon
0312164920: Equity and Development Across Nations : Political and Fiscal Realities
0312164939: Thomas Hobbes
0312164947: Thomas Hobbes
0312164955: Democracy in Asia
0312164963: Patterns of Order and Utopia
0312164971: Century of Organized Labor in France
0312164998: China Superpower Vol. 1 : Requisites for High Growth
0312165013: Colonial Migrants and Racism : Algerians in France, 1900-62
0312165021: Seamus Heaney
0312165048: History of the British Labour Party
0312165056: Andre Citroen : The Henry Ford of France
0312165064: Sir Henry Pottinger : The First Governor of Hong Kong
0312165072: Society of Pleasures : Interdisciplinary Readings in Pleasure and Power During the Reign of Louis XIV
0312165080: Reigns of Charles II and James VII and II
0312165099: Dual Restructuring : A Two-Way Route to Survival and Competitive Advantage
0312165102: Christian-Muslim Dialogue in the Twentieth Century
0312165110: John Locke
0312165129: John Locke
0312165153: Charles I
0312165161: Charles I
0312165188: Tariffs, Trade and European Integration, 1947-57 : From Study Group to Common Market
0312165196: Medieval Scotland : The Making of an Identity
0312165218: Terence Rattigan : A Biography
0312165226: Rivers of Discord : International Water Disputes in the Middle East
0312165234: Anais Nin : Literary Perspectives
0312165242: Anais Nin : Literary Perspectives
0312165269: Towards More Effective Monetary Policy
0312165285: Labour Party's Political Thought
0312165293: Labour Party's Political Thought
0312165307: The Constitution between friends: Congress, the President, and the law by...
0312165315: The Constitution Between Friends: Congress, the President, and the Law
0312165331: Unconventional Diplomacy
0312165358: Meredith and the Novel
0312165374: End of Imperial Russia, 1855-1917
0312165382: Retreat from New Jerusalem : British Politics, 1951-1964
0312165390: Outbreak of the First World War : 1914 in Perspective
0312165404: Scientific Revolution and the Origins of Modern Science
0312165420: Apocalypse in England : Revelation Unraveling, 1700-1834
0312165447: Authorship Ethics and the Reader : Blake, Dickens, Joyce
0312165455: Unknown Country : Death in Australia, Britain, and the USA
0312165463: Introduction to Comparative Philosophy
0312165471: Samuel Beckett's Artistic Theory and Practice : Criticism, Drama, and Early Fiction
0312165498: Hobbes and the Paradoxes of Political Origins
0312165501: Power in the Party : The Organization of Power and Central-Republican Relations in the Cpsu
0312165528: Relevance of Keynesian Economic Policies Today
0312165544: Family Fictions : Representations of the Family in 1980's Hollywood Cinema
0312165560: Once and Future Security Council
0312165579: Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
0312165587: Parallel Exchange Rates in Developing Countries
0312165617: Anti-Semitism : Myth and Hate from Antiquity to the Present
0312165633: Chinese Civilization in the Making, 1766-221 B. C.
0312165676: Six Contemporary Dramatists : Bennett, Potter, Gray, Brenton, Ayckbourn
0312165684: Quintet of Spies
0312165692: Social Shaping of Information Superhighways : European and American Roads to the Information Society
0312165714: Horace : Poetics and Politics
0312165730: English Sexualities, 1700-1800
0312165749: English Sexualities, 1700 to 1800
0312165765: Inventing and Resisting Britain : Cultural Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1985-1789
0312165773: Government and Community in the English Provinces
0312165781: European Center-Right at the End of the Twentieth Century
0312165838: English Civil War
0312165854: Thirty Years War : The Holy Roman Empire and Europe, 1618 to 1648
0312165862: Women and Art in South Africa
0312165870: Between Jihad and Salaam : Profiles in Islam
0312165889: Chamlong Srimuang and the New Thai Politics
0312165897: War for America's Natural Resources
0312165919: War for America's Natural Resources
0312165927: American Industrial Policy : Free or Managed Markets
0312165935: History of Labour Management in Japan
0312165943: Studies in Modern Jewish and Hindu Thought
0312165951: Comparative Democratization and Peaceful Change in Single-Party-Dominant Countries
0312165978: Islam in a World of Diverse Faiths
0312165994: Constructivist Architecture in the USSR
0312166028: Money : A History
0312166052: Chieftans
0312166060: Consumer Behavior and Environmental Quality
0312166079: Convoy of Fear
0312166087: Cooks Tour of Mexico
0312166117: Stop Domestic Violence
0312166168: How Nations Make Peace ( a)
0312166222: Background Readings for Instructors Using the Bedford Handbook
0312166230: Bedford Handbook
0312166257: The Consumer's Guide to Successful Surgery
0312166265: Supplemental Exercises for the Bedford Handbook
0312166273: A consumer's guide to the mortgage maze
0312166338: Contemporary Aesthetics
0312166354: Contemporary Architects
0312166370: Bedford Handbook for Writers
0312166435: Contemporary Artists
0312166516: Contemporary Australia
0312166559: Contemporary British Artists
0312166567: Literature: The Human Experience
0312166575: World Politics: Trend and Transformation
0312166605: Contemporary Dramatists
0312166613: Contemporary Dramatists
0312166648: Contemporary Dramatists
0312166672: The Contemporary Essay
0312166710: International Economics
0312166729: The Contemporary International Economy: A Reader
0312166737: Contemporary Irish Art
0312166818: Instant Tarot Reader
0312166893: Business Writer's Handbook
0312166907: Handbook of Technical Writing
0312166915: The Business Writer's Handbook
0312166923: Handbook of Technical Writing
0312166958: Contemporary Moral Philosophy
0312167016: Full Circle
0312167024: Deadlier Than the Male
0312167059: A World of Ideas
0312167075: Jesuit Relations : Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America
0312167164: Reading Critical, Writing Well: A Reader and Guide
0312167296: Everyday Writer
0312167318: Contemporary Novelists
0312167326: The Bedford Guide for Writing Tutors, Second Edition
0312167393: Presidential Leadership: Politics and Policy Making
0312167423: Road to the White House 2000
0312167431: What's Next in Mass Communication: Readings on Media and Culture
0312167539: Gay Kama Sutra
0312167555: A Writer's Guidebook
0312167571: Mad Dog : Stories
0312167601: After
0312167628: Final Closing : An Eve Elliot Mystery
0312167636: Alarming History of Medicine : Amusing Anecdotes from Hippocrates to Heart Transplants
0312167644: America's Favorite Inns, B&Bs, & Small Hotels
0312167660: Contemporary Novelists - 3rd edition
0312167679: America's Favorite Inns, B&B's and Small Hotels : The South
0312167687: America's Favorite Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in the United States and Canada
0312167709: West Coast
0312167717: American Goliath
0312167725: Angel Tapes : A Blade Macken Mystery
0312167733: Angel's Cove
0312167741: Angus Wilson : A Biography
0312167768: Art of Dying
0312167776: As If : A Crime, a Trial, a Question of Childhood
0312167792: Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast Pillow Book
0312167806: Best Family Ski Vacations in North America
0312167814: Beyond Acceptance : Parents of Lesbians and Gays Talk about Their Experiences
0312167822: Biscotti and Other Low Fat Cookies : 65 Tempting Recipes for Biscotti, Meringues, and Other Low-Fat Delights
0312167830: Black and Blue
0312167857: Blue : The Murder of Jazz
0312167865: Contemporary Philosophical Logic
0312167873: Bluefin Blues : An Aristotle Soc Socarides Mystery
0312167881: Blues and Trouble : Twelve Stories
0312167903: Bombshells
0312167911: Contemporary Photographers
0312167938: Kebra Nagast : The Lost Bible of Rastafarian Wisdom and Faith from Ethiopia and Jamaica
0312167954: Bride Wore Red
0312167962: Chain of Fools
0312167970: As Though I Had Wings : The Lost Memoir
0312167989: Child's Night Dream : A Novel
0312167997: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard Murder Case
0312168004: Contemporary Poets of the English Language
0312168012: Cleveland Local
0312168020: Close Calls : New Lesbian Fiction
0312168039: Come and Knock on Our Door : A Hers and Hers and His Guide to Three's Company
0312168047: Coming Home to America
0312168063: Damsel in Distress : A Daisy Dalrymple Mystery
0312168071: Dance in Deep Water : A Mitch Mitchell Mystery
0312168098: Come-Ons, Comebacks and Kiss-Offs
0312168101: David Lean : A Biography
0312168128: Deadbeat
0312168136: Death in Good Company
0312168144: Climb : Tragic Ambitions on Everest
0312168152: Death's Autograph (Dido Hoare Mysteries)
0312168160: Decline and Fall of Soviet Empire : Forty Years That Shook the World, from Stalin to Yeltsin
0312168179: Difficulties of a Bridegroom
0312168187: Dog Eat Dog : A Novel
0312168195: Dog with the Chip in His Neck : Essays from NPR and Elsewhere
0312168209: Down for the Count : A Delilah West Novel
0312168217: Drowner
0312168225: Easy Peasy
0312168233: Englishman's Boy : A Novel
0312168241: Essential Guide to Psychiatric Drugs
0312168268: Continent
0312168276: Eva Peron
0312168284: Evans Above
0312168292: Except the Dying
0312168306: Execution, Texas, 1987
0312168314: Artist's Proof : A Mystery
0312168322: Facing the Music
0312168330: A Psalm for Falconer
0312168349: Farewell, I'm Bound to Leave You
0312168365: Contemporary Poets
0312168373: Contemporary Poets
0312168381: Fear Itself : The Origin, Nature and Reality of Our Most Primal Emotion
0312168403: First Cut : A Season in the Anatomy Lab
0312168438: Flowering Judas
0312168446: Four Dreamers and Emily
0312168454: Four Last Things
0312168462: Frank's World
0312168470: Contemporary vocabulary
0312168535: Gay Body : A Journey Through Shadow to Self
0312168543: Go Phish
0312168551: Gorilla Suit : My Adventures in Bodybuilding
0312168578: Contemporary Yemen : Politics and Historical Development
0312168586: Great Harry
0312168594: Great Rock 'n' Roll Joke Book
0312168616: Hawk Flies Above
0312168624: Heartbreak Hill : Anatomy of a Ryder Cup
0312168640: Holy Land
0312168659: Homecoming
0312168667: Hot Shot
0312168675: How Long Has This Been Going On
0312168683: I Hate the Dallas Cowboys
0312168691: I Will Survive
0312168705: Continuity and Change in European Society
0312168713: People Principle : A Revolutionary Redefinition of Leadership
0312168748: James Herriot's Animal Stories
0312168756: Jimmy Buffet : The Man from Margaritaville Revealed
0312168764: Just Play Dead
0312168772: Killing the Lawyers
0312168780: King of Comedy
0312168799: Last of Deeds and Love in History
0312168802: Australia
0312168810: Contributions to Islamic Economic Theory: A Study in Social Economics
0312168829: Austria and Switzerland
0312168837: Britain and Ireland
0312168845: Let's Go 98 California
0312168853: Central America
0312168861: Eastern Europe
0312168888: Europe
0312168896: France
0312168918: Greece and Turkey
0312168926: Let's Go 98 India & Nepal
0312168934: Ireland
0312168942: Israel and Egypt
0312168950: Italy
0312168969: Mexico
0312168977: Control in a Bureaucracy
0312168985: New York City
0312168993: New Zealand
0312169000: Let's Go Map Guide Paris
0312169019: Rome
0312169027: Southeast Asia
0312169035: U. S. A.
0312169043: Washington, D. C.
0312169078: Little Boy Blue
0312169086: London Blood : Further Adventures of the American Agent Abroad: A Benjamin Franklin Mystery
0312169108: See No Evil
0312169116: Thirteenth Daughter of the Moon
0312169124: Make the Music Go Bang! : The Early L. A. Punk Scene
0312169132: Controlling Industrial Economies
0312169140: Making of a Country Lawyer : An Autobiography
0312169159: Vertigo : The Making of a Hitchcock Classic
0312169167: Man Who Stole the Mona Lisa
0312169175: Atlanta
0312169183: Chicago
0312169191: A Controlling Interest: A Novel
0312169205: Los Angeles
0312169213: New York City
0312169221: San Francisco
0312169248: Marcus : The Autobiography of Marcus Allen
0312169256: Mask of the Night
0312169264: Controlling Psychotropic Drugs
0312169272: Meditation : The First and Last Freedom
0312169280: Hostile Waters
0312169299: Canapes for the Kitties
0312169302: Mistletoe from Purple Sage
0312169310: Modern Classics of Fantasy
0312169337: First 280 Years of Monty Python
0312169345: Moor
0312169353: More Bread Machine Magic
0312169361: Embarrassment of Corpses
0312169388: Murder at Wittenham Park
0312169396: Murder in Macedon
0312169418: Conversation and Discourse
0312169426: Conversations with a Dancer
0312169434: Conversations With Menuhin
0312169442: Music Minus One
0312169450: Converts
0312169469: Music, in a Foreign Language
0312169477: My Brother's Gun : A Novel of Disposable Lives, Immediate Fame, and a Big Black Automatic
0312169485: The Convict
0312169493: Night Is Large : Collected Essays, 1938-1995
0312169507: Night Letters : A Journey Through Switzerland and Italy
0312169515: Of Course I'm for Monogamy
0312169523: COOKIES BY BESS
0312169531: Cookies By Bess
0312169558: Coop: The Life and Legend of Gary Cooper
0312169566: Cooperation and Human Values: A Study of Moral Reasoning
0312169574: Cooper's Creek
0312169582: Ordained : An Owen Keane Mystery
0312169590: Our Man in Belize : A Memoir
0312169604: Full Circle
0312169612: Parent Traps : Understanding and Overcoming the Pitfalls That All Parents Face
0312169620: COPLAND 1900 THROUGH 1942
0312169639: People of Kau
0312169647: Pfitz : A Novel
0312169655: Popcorn
0312169663: Copper gold
0312169671: Copper, Gold and Treasure : A Mark Treasure Novel
0312169698: Prayer to the Great Mystery : The Uncollected Writings and Photography of Edward S. Curtis
0312169701: Quaker Indictment : An Elizabeth Elliot Mystery
0312169728: Quantrill's War
0312169736: Rabindranath Tagore : An Anthology
0312169744: Raising Rover
0312169752: A Corner of Paradise
0312169760: Ransom for a Holiday
0312169787: Red Tent
0312169809: Requiem for Harlem : Mercy of a Rude Stream
0312169817: To the Last Breath : Three Women Fight for the Truth Behind a Child's Tragic Murder
0312169825: Rhodes
0312169833: Riddle of St. Leonard's : An Owen Archer Mystery
0312169841: Corporal Smithers, Deceased
0312169868: River Beyond the World : A Novel
0312169876: River of the West : A Chronicle of the Columbia
0312169892: River of Time : A Memoir of Vietnam
0312169906: Rogue's Wager
0312169914: Hit Me with Your Best Shot : How to Score a Knockout in All of Life's Arenas
0312169922: Rune Cards
0312169930: Russian Origami
0312169949: Same Place, Same Things : Stories
0312169957: Corporate Innovation : Marketing and Strategy
0312169965: Saturday Morning Fever : Growing up with Cartoon Culture
0312169973: Second Act
0312170009: Shadow of the King
0312170033: Corridors of Guilt
0312170041: Correlation of Forces : An Analysis of Marxist-Leninist Concepts
0312170068: Cosby
0312170092: Shallow Grave in Trinity County
0312170114: Corporations, Classes, and Capitalism
0312170122: Corridors of Death
0312170130: Costumes of the Western World
0312170149: The counsellor heart
0312170165: Corpus Delicti
0312170173: The Cotton Club
0312170181: Shark Out of Water : A John Putnam Thatcher Mystery
0312170203: Counter-Modernism in Current Critical Theory
0312170238: Shell Seekers
0312170246: Cosmic Impact
0312170254: Sleeping with the Crawfish : An Andy Broussard and Kit Franklyn Mystery
0312170262: Sick : A Cultural History of Snowboarding
0312170270: Countess
0312170289: Dower House
0312170300: Stalk and Kill : The Thrill and Danger of the Sniper Experience
0312170319: The Country Auction Weekend Book: From Maine to Maryland--A Guide to the Most Popular Country Auction Houses and Barns, Plus Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to See and Do--All You Need to Create a Perfect Country Auction Weekend
0312170335: Country Towns In Pre - Industrial England Themes in Urban History
0312170351: Country Decorating With Fabric Crafts
0312170378: The Countries of Community Europe
0312170386: Country House Cookery Book
0312170394: Sunlight on a Broken Column
0312170408: Tales from the Crypt : The Official Archives Including the Complete History of DC Comics and the Hit Television Series
0312170416: Coupling
0312170424: Teddy Bears : Twenty-Five Irresistible Designs for Knitted Bears
0312170432: Ten Minute Ecologist
0312170440: Courier
0312170459: Courtesans of the Italian Renaissance
0312170467: Tender Comrades
0312170475: Totally Cool Grandparenting : A Practical Handbook of Tips, Hints, and Activities for the Modern Grandparent
0312170483: Tournament of Murders : The Franklin's Tale of Mystery and Murder as He Goes on Pilgrimage from London to Canterbury
0312170491: Cousin Henrietta
0312170505: Toyotomi Blades : A Ken Tanaka Mystery
0312170513: Trials of Friendship
0312170548: On This Rockne
0312170556: Cousin Once Removed
0312170572: Cousins
0312170580: War Woman : A Novel of the Real People
0312170599: Warp
0312170610: Way of the Warrior : Business Tactics and Techniques from History's Twelve Greatest Generals
0312170629: We're Having a Kitten! : From the Big Decision Through the Crucial First Year
0312170637: We're Having a Puppy! : From the Big Decision Through the Crucial First Year
0312170645: Wings of Fire
0312170653: Witch of the Palo Duro
0312170661: With Friends Like These
0312170696: You're So Beautiful
0312170718: Life Studies: An Analytic Reader
0312170734: A Cracking of Spines
0312170750: Cradle Song
0312170807: Craftsmen and CAbinet-makers of Classic English Furniture
0312170858: Easy Writer: A Pocket Guide
0312170866: Questions of Communication: A Practical Introduction to Theory
0312170874: Technical Communication: Situations and Strategies
0312170882: Everything's an Argument
0312170912: Staging the Nation: Plays...1787-1909
0312170939: Nostradamus Encyclopedia
0312170947: Online! : Internet Guide for Students and Writers
0312170955: Fantastic Folds
0312170998: Crashing
0312171013: Mass Politics
0312171021: Fat Blocker
0312171048: Angel Doll
0312171056: Men Are from Cyberspace : The Single Woman's Guide to Flirting, Dating, and Finding Love
0312171064: Grace and Favor
0312171080: How to Advertise
0312171099: I Make My Own Rules
0312171102: I Make My Own Rules
0312171188: My Brother Joseph : The Church and Human Sexuality
0312171196: No Bull : The Unauthorized Biography of Dennis Rodman
0312171218: Riddle of Alabaster Royal
0312171234: Year of the Cat
0312171285: Creating a Successful Restaurant: An Expert's Fact-Filled Handbook for Anyone Going into (Or Even Thinking About Going Into the Restaurant Business)
0312171374: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing
0312171382: The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing
0312171390: Resources For Teaching The Bedford Introduction to Literature
0312171404: The Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing
0312171528: Left Right And Center
0312171536: Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
0312171544: Current Issues and Enduring Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking and Argument, With Readings
0312171552: The Bedford Guide for College Writers With Reader and Research Manual
0312171560: The Bedford Guide for College Writers: With Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
0312171587: The Story and Its Writer
0312171595: Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312171617: A Writer's Reference
0312171625: Creature comforts
0312171633: Creature Comforts
0312171641: The Story and Its Writer: An Introduction to Short Fiction
0312171749: Black Diamond : An Anneke Haagen Mystery
0312171765: Desperate Highways
0312171773: Distant Hero
0312171803: Madam Secretary : A Biography of Madeleine Albright
0312171811: Radio Red Killer
0312171838: Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast Pillow Book
0312171846: Reading the Global Past Selected Historical Documents Prehistory to 1500 (volume1)
0312171854: The Credibility of Divine Existence the Collected Papers of Norman Kemp Smith
0312171900: Mapping the Global Past : Historical Geography Workbook, Volume One: Prehistory to 1500
0312171919: Mapping the American Promise : Historical Geography Workbook, Volume I
0312171927: Reading the Global Past Selected Historical Documents 1500 to the Present (volume2)
0312171943: Night of Many Dreams
0312171951: Land Girls : A Spirited Novel of Love and Friendship
0312172001: Paradise Road
0312172044: Crime upon Crime
0312172052: Crime Without Passion
0312172079: The Everyday Writer: Canadian Edition
0312172095: The Criminal Elite: The Sociology of White-Collar Crime
0312172117: Criminal Behavior: Readings in Criminology
0312172125: Criminal behavior: Readings in criminology
0312172141: Crimson Falcon
0312172168: A Writer's Reference (Internet Edition)
0312172214: Victorian Families in Fact and Fiction
0312172230: Soviet Union and the PLO
0312172249: Contemporary British Theatre
0312172257: Through the Dark Labyrinth : A Biography of Lawrence Durrell
0312172273: Why Do Ruling Classes Fear History? and Other Questions
0312172281: Measured Lies : The Bell Curve Examined
0312172303: Renaissance
0312172338: Virginia Woolf and the Essay
0312172354: Transition in the Baltic States : Micro-Level Studies
0312172362: Christian Coalition
0312172370: Digital Delirium
0312172397: Life of Metrical and Free Verse in Twentieth-Century Poetry
0312172400: Vietnam and the World : Marxist-Leninist Doctrine and the Changes in International Relations, 1975-93
0312172419: Housing Policy and Practice in China
0312172435: Myth and Memory in the Mediterranean : Remembering Fascism's Empire
0312172443: Nationalism and Desire in Early Historical Fiction
0312172478: Reflections in the Mirror of Religion
0312172486: Common Security and Strategic Reform : A Critical Analysis
0312172508: British Poetry from the 1950s to the 1990s : Politics and Art
0312172524: Reluctant Superpower : United States' Policy in Bosnia, 1991-1995
0312172532: Politics of Democratization in Hong Kong
0312172540: Instability and Conflict in the Middle East : People, Petroleum and Security Threats
0312172591: Women in New Religions : In Search of Community, Sexuality and Spiritual Power
0312172605: Women in New Religions : In Search of Community, Sexuality, and Spiritual Power
0312172656: Kurds and the Future of Turkey
0312172664: Education, Globalization, and the Nation State
0312172672: Spectacular Confessions : Autobiography, Performative Activism and the Site of Suffrage, 1905-1938
0312172680: Rapid Growth and Relative Decline : Modelling Macroeconomic Dynamics with Hysteresis
0312172702: Policy-Making for Russian Industry
0312172737: Anarchist Rabbi : The Life and Teachings of Rudolf Rocker
0312172745: Middle East in Global Change : The Politics and Economics of Interdependence Versus Fragmentation
0312172761: TV Drama in Transition : Forms, Values, and Cultural Change
0312172788: What Happpened Where? : A Guide to Places and Events in Twentieth-Century History
0312172796: First World, Third World
0312172826: Introduction to the Study of Sexuality
0312172834: Globalization, Democratization and Multilateralism
0312172842: Politics of Ethnic Consciousness
0312172850: Material Culture in Europe and China, 1400-1800 : The Rise of Consumerism
0312172885: Representing Interests in the European Union
0312172893: Aesthetic Autobiography : From Life to Art in Marcel Proust, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Anais Nin
0312172915: Political Parties in the European Union
0312172923: Political Parties in the European Union
0312172958: Energy Policy in the European Union
0312172966: Cold War Illusions : America, Europe and Soviet Power, 1969-1989
0312172974: Eleanor of Castile : Queen and Society in Thirteenth Century England
0312172982: Medieval Queenship
0312172990: International Relations Theory and the Third World
0312173008: Rogue Regimes : Terrorism and Proliferation
0312173016: Money and European Union
0312173024: Soldier-Citizen : The Politics of the Polish Army after Communism
0312173032: Imagining the Holocaust
0312173059: Economics of Household Behavior
0312173067: Economic Laws of Scientific Research
0312173083: William Pitt and the French Revolution, 1785-1795
0312173091: Collison Course : America and Asia in the Past and in the Future
0312173105: Laos' Dilemmas and Options : The Challenge of Economic Transition in the 1990s
0312173113: Comparative Sociology and Social Theory : Beyond the Three Worlds
0312173121: Comparative Sociology and Social Theory : Beyond the Three Worlds
0312173148: Crisis in the East European Economy : The Spread of the Polish Disease
0312173180: War : A Matter of Principles
0312173202: Imperialism Revisited : Political and Economic Relations Between Britain and China, 1950-54
0312173229: Revolutions and Revolutionary Waves
0312173237: Limits of Economic Reform in El Salvador
0312173245: Malign Masters Gentile Heidegger Lukacs Wittgenstein : Philosophy and Politics in the Twentieth Century
0312173253: Crisis in European Defense
0312173261: Enemies of Hope : A Critique of Contemporary Pessimism
0312173318: Rhetoric of Affirmative Resistance : Dissonant Identities from Carroll to Derrida
0312173334: Raymond Williams Now
0312173342: Tradition of Female Transvestism in Early Modern Europe
0312173369: Free Speech in the Good War
0312173377: Understanding International Relations
0312173385: Understand International Relationship
0312173393: Developments in West European Politics
0312173407: Developments in West European Politics
0312173415: Household Welfare Central Asia
0312173423: On the Boundaries of American Evangelicalism : The Postwar Evangelical Coalition
0312173466: Stakeholder Capitalism
0312173482: Philip Larkin
0312173490: Philip Larkin
0312173504: Personal Landscapes : British Poets in Egypt During the Second World War
0312173512: Imperial and Soviet Russia : Power, Priviledge and the Challenge of Modernity
0312173520: Imperial and Soviet Russia : Power, Priviledge and the Challenge of Modernity
0312173539: Girl
0312173547: No Place for Borders : The HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Development in Asia and the Pacific
0312173555: Few Thousand Words about Love
0312173563: With Snow on their Boots : The Tragic Odyssey of the Russian Expeditionary Force in France During World War I
0312173571: Europe : The Impossible Status Quo
0312173601: Crisis in Finance: Crown, Financiers and Society in Seventeeth-Century France
0312173628: Joining Europe's Monetary Club
0312173636: Resistance, Parody and Double Consciousness in African American Theater, 1895-1910
0312173644: Democratization in Southeast and East Asia
0312173652: Spectre of Babeuf
0312173679: Politics of Hong Kong's Reversion to China
0312173687: Economic Adjustments in New Democracies : Lessons from Southern Europe
0312173695: Russian Business Relationships in the Wake of Reform
0312173709: Diplomacy and Ideology in Japanese-Korean Relations : From the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century
0312173725: Soviet History in the Yeltsin Era
0312173733: Don't Do It : A Dictionary of the Forbidden
0312173741: Behind Closed Doors in White South Africa : Incest Survivors Tell Their Stories
0312173768: Parapsychology : A Concise History
0312173776: Franz Kafka
0312173792: Child in Question
0312173806: Daghestan : Tradition and Survival
0312173814: Caspian : Politics, Energy, Security
0312173830: Indonesia and the 'Third Wave of Democratization' : The Indonesian Pro-Democracy Movement in a Changing World
0312173857: Origins of the Pacific War and the Importance of 'Magic'
0312173873: Bukharans : A Dynastic, Diplomatic, and Commercial History, 1550-1702
0312173881: Lollardy and the Gentry in the Later Middle Ages
0312173903: Vietnam : Dawn of a New Market
0312173938: Common Agricultural Policy
0312173946: Japanese Politics Today : Beyond Karaoke Democracy?
0312173954: Crisis in the West : American Leadership and the Global Balance
0312173962: Crises of the European Regions
0312173970: Crisis in Western Security
0312173989: Japanese Politics Today : Beyond Karaoke Democracy?
0312174012: Crisis in Soviet Agriculture
0312174020: Modernity and War
0312174039: Civil Rights Movement
0312174047: Civil Rights Movement
0312174071: Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire
0312174101: Comparative Housing Policy
0312174136: At the Heart of the Union : Studies of the European Commission
0312174160: Welfare Capitalism in Taiwan : State, Economy, and Social Policy
0312174179: Evelyn Waugh Chronology
0312174187: Critical Decision Making : A New Theory of Social Choice
0312174195: Securing South Africa's Democracy : Defense, Development, and Security in Transition
0312174225: Burma
0312174233: Looted Democracy : The Philippines after the Bases
0312174268: Beyond Postcolonial Theory
0312174276: Dickens and New Historicism
0312174284: Titanic Voices
0312174314: Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England
0312174322: Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England
0312174330: Puritanism and Revolution : Studies in Interpretation of the English Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
0312174349: Puritanism and Revolution : Studies in Interpretation of the English Revolution of the Seventeenth Century
0312174357: Dictionary of the Middle East
0312174365: History of the British Isles
0312174373: States Yearbook, `97-`98
0312174381: Erotics of Passage : Pleasure, Politics, and Form in the Later Work of Marguerite Duras
0312174403: Sumner Welles : FDR's Global Strategist A Biography By
0312174438: Place Called Home : Twenty Writing Women Remember
0312174446: Making of Eastern Europe : From Prehistory to Postcommunism
0312174454: Making of Eastern Europe : From Prehistory to Postcommunism
0312174470: Sex, Nation and Dissent in Irish Writing
0312174489: World Who Is Who and Does What in Environment and Conservation
0312174500: Dilemmas of Democracy and Political Parties in Sectarian Societies : The Case of the PSP in Lebanon
0312174519: Modern and Post-Modern Mime
0312174527: Out of Reach : The Poetry of Philip Larkin
0312174535: Dance in the City
0312174543: Dance in the City
0312174586: Economic Theories and Their Relational Structures : A Model-Theoretic Characterization
0312174616: Dengs Generation : Young Intellectuals in 1980s China
0312174624: Genealogy and Fiction in Hardy : Family Lineage and Narrative Lines
0312174640: Role of NGOs under Authoritarian Political Systems
0312174683: Politics, Sociology, and Economics of Education : Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives
0312174721: External Finance and Adjustment : Success and Failure in the Developing World
0312174748: Surviving Globalism : The Social and Environmental Challenges
0312174764: Guide to French Literature : Early Modern to Postmodernism
0312174772: Noam Chomsky : On Power, Knowledge and Human Nature
0312174802: Russian Academicians and the Revolution : Combining Professionalism and Politics
0312174810: William Blake and the Daughters of Albion
0312174829: Wage Differentials : An International Comparison
0312174837: Constitutional Engineering in Brazil : The Politics of Federalism and Decentralization
0312174845: Democracy : The Challenges Ahead
0312174853: Beyond Virtue : Integrity and Morality
0312174861: Estates on the Edge : The Social Consequences of Mass Housing in Northern Europe
0312174888: Critical Path
0312174896: Critical Path
0312174918: Critical Path
0312174977: Exchange Rate Policy in Europe
0312174985: NATO, Britain, France, and the FRG : Nuclear Strategies and Forces for Europe, 1949-2000
0312174993: Culture, Kinship and Genes
0312175000: Critical Survey of Sociolinguistics : Theory and Application
0312175035: D. H. Lawrence : The Thinker As Poet
0312175043: Shakespearean Continuities : Essays in Honor of E. A. J. Honigman
0312175086: Crititcal Thinking and Education
0312175116: Since at Least Plato and Other Postmodern Myths
0312175124: Origins of the Angolan Civil War : Foreign Intervention and Domestic Political Conflict
0312175132: Subsidy Regulation and State Transformation in North America, the GATT and the EU
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