0312175140: The Critical Writings of Katherine Mansfield
0312175213: French Revolution : Class War or Culture Clash?
0312175221: Labour Productivity and Flexibility
0312175248: Dictionary of Contemporary American Artists
0312175256: Dynamics of European Security Cooperation, 1945-1991
0312175264: Chinese in Europe
0312175272: Criticism: The Major Statements
0312175302: God/Man/World Triangle : A Dialogue Between Science and Religion
0312175337: Critical Ethics : Text, Theory and Responsibility
0312175345: European Security
0312175361: International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Economic Environment
0312175388: Without Warning : Threat Assessment, Intelligence and Global Struggle
0312175396: Changing Ones : Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America
0312175426: From This Day Forward : Committment, Marriage and Family in Lesbian and Gay Relationships
0312175434: Altered Destinies : How Online Learning Is Changing our Schools and Colleges
0312175442: Deconstructing Images of the Turkish Woman
0312175450: French Wars of Religion : Selected Documents
0312175469: Technology, Innovation and Enterprise
0312175477: Issues in World Politics
0312175485: Issues in World Politics
0312175507: Six Renaissance Tragedies
0312175515: Resources of Realism : Prospect for 'Post-Analytic' Philosophy
0312175523: Self-Speaking in Medieval and Early Modern English Drama : Subjectivity, Discourse and the Stage
0312175558: Sustainable Agriculture in Central America
0312175566: Myth of Self-Esteem : Finding Happiness and Solving Problems in America
0312175590: Outline of the Dialectic of Capital
0312175604: Outline of the Dialectic of Capital
0312175620: India, Pakistan and the Kashmir Dispute : On Regional Conflict and Its Resolution
0312175639: Renaissance Man and His Children : Childbirth and Early Childhood in Florence, 1300-1600
0312175647: Globalization and the South
0312175663: Irresolute Princes : Kremlin Decision Making in Middle East Crises, 1967-1973
0312175671: Persian Gulf at the Millennium : Essays in Politics, Economy, Security, and Religion
0312175698: Contact Languages : Pidgins and Creoles
0312175728: Sociolinguistics : A Reader
0312175736: Sociolinguistics : A Reader
0312175752: English Syntax and Argumentation
0312175760: Ethnic Chinese As Southeast Asians
0312175795: Debt Burden and Its Consequences for Monetary Policy
0312175817: International Concerns of European Social Democrats
0312175833: Prostitution and the Victorians
0312175841: Age of Richard II
0312175868: Milton Chronology
0312175892: Twentieth-Century Literary Theory : A Reader
0312175914: Who's Who 1998 : An Annual Biographical Dictionary
0312175949: Rural Economy of Guanding, 1870-1937
0312175957: Russias Provinces : Authoritarian Transformation vs. Local Autonomy?
0312175965: Theory of Nationhood : A Platonic Symposium
0312175973: Policing Futures : The Police, Law Enforcement, and the Twenty-First Century
0312176015: Payment Systems in the Financial Markets
0312176023: Social Issues in Sport
0312176031: NATO and the Quest for Post-Cold War Security
0312176066: Existentialism, Feminism and Simone De Beauvoir
0312176090: Philosophies of Integration
0312176112: Politics of Threat : Minuteman Vulnerability in American National Security Policy
0312176120: Struggle for Constitutionalism in Poland
0312176139: After 1989 : Morals, Revolution and Civil Society
0312176147: Abuses of Punishment
0312176155: Latin America and the International Drug Trade
0312176163: Gender Autonomy in Western Europe : An Imprecise Revolution
0312176171: Abuses of Punishment
0312176198: Economic Policy in Switzerland
0312176201: Statistics Emerging Lab Market
0312176252: Ukraine Under Kuchma
0312176260: Angela Carter
0312176295: Political Realism of Reinhold Niebuhr : A Pragmatic Approach to the Just War
0312176309: Religion Without Transcendence?
0312176333: Prospects for Middle Eastern and North African Economies : From Boom to Bust and Back?
0312176341: Global Competition and Technology : Essays in the Creation and Application of Knowledge by Multinationals
0312176368: Contemporary Congress
0312176376: Why Nations Go to War
0312176392: Introduction to Modern European Literature
0312176406: A Critique of British Empiricism
0312176430: New Generic Technologies in Developing Countries
0312176457: Critiques of Confucius in Contemporary China
0312176465: Women and Empowerment : Illustrations from the Third World
0312176481: Cromwell File
0312176503: Crooked Flight
0312176511: George Eliot and Italy : Literary, Cultural and Political Influences from Dante to the Risorgimento
0312176538: Crooked Wood
0312176589: Population and Development : A Critical Introduction
0312176597: Oliver Cromwell : King in All but Name, 1653-1658
0312176600: Crosby, Stills and Nash : The Authorized Biography
0312176619: Democracy and Authoritarianism in Indonesia and Malaysia : The Rise of the Post-Colonial State
0312176627: Black '47 : Britain and the Famine Irish
0312176635: The Crosby Years
0312176643: Marxian Economics Vol. 1 : A Reappraisal - Essays on Volume III of Capital; Method, Value, and Money
0312176708: Cross Currents of American Architecture
0312176732: Terror in the French Revolution
0312176767: Cross-National Innovation in Social Policy : European Perspectives on the Evaluation of Action-Research
0312176775: End of the Age of Innocence : Edith Wharton and the First World War
0312176783: Power Competition in East Asia: From the Old Chinese World Order to the Post-Cold War Regional Multipolarity
0312176791: Women and the Religious Life in Premodern Europe
0312176805: Parting the Curtain : Propaganda, Culture, and the Cold War, 1945-1961
0312176813: Cross-Stitch Samplers
0312176821: Cross-Stitch Samplers
0312176848: Servants of the People
0312176856: Eminent Georgians : The Lives of King George V, Elizabeth Bowen, St. John Philby, and Lady Astor
0312176864: Crisis in the Academy : Rethinking Higher Education in America
0312176872: The crossword finisher
0312176880: Hidden Hand : Middle East Fears of Conspiracy
0312176899: Crossword Puzzles : How to Make Your Own
0312176902: Crossworder's List Book
0312176910: Andean Cocaine Industry
0312176929: Coming into Being
0312176937: Sensing Semiosis : Toward the Possibility of Complementary Cultural Logics
0312176945: Peirce and the Mark of the Gryphon
0312176953: Urban Government and the Rise of the French City : Five Muncipalities in the Nineteenth Century
0312176961: Politics of Religious Studies
0312176996: Rise of English Nationalism : A Cultural History, 1740-1830
0312177038: Regionalization and Labour Market Interdependence in East and Southeast Asia
0312177046: We Must Love One Another or Die : The Life and Legacies of Larry Kramer
0312177054: Bedside Seductions : Nursing and the Victorian Imagination, 1830-1880
0312177062: International Relations Theory and the Third World
0312177070: Woman, Your Hour Is Sounding : Continuity and Change in French Women's Great War Fiction, 1914-1919
0312177089: Globalization of Japan : Japanese Sakoku Mentality and U. S. Efforts to Open Japan from Commodore Matthew Perry to Defense Secretary William Perry
0312177097: Irish Women's Letters
0312177100: Crow and the Cat
0312177119: Ten Days That Shook the World
0312177127: Illustrated History of the Housewife, 1650-1950
0312177135: Peggy
0312177151: Financial Institutions and Social Transformations : International Studies of a Sector
0312177178: Crow Eaters
0312177186: Women of Illusion : A Circus Family's Story
0312177194: Wild Man : The Life and Times of Daniel Ellsberg
0312177208: Increasing Returns and Economic Analysis
0312177224: Ethical Frontiers of the State : An Essay in Political Philosophy
0312177232: Scapegoats and Social Actors : The Exclusion and Integration of Minorities in Western and Eastern Europe
0312177259: Despots, Democrats and the Determinants of International Conflict
0312177275: Craft of Religious Studies
0312177305: At the Centre of Whitehall : Advising the Prime Minister and Cabinet
0312177313: Trade Liberalization in Sri Lanka : Exports, Technology and Industrial Policy
0312177321: Reform of the Socialist System in Central and Eastern Europe
0312177348: Post-Communist States in the World Economy : Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies
0312177356: Technological Capabilities in Developing Countries : Industrial Biotechnology in Mexico
0312177364: Soviet Science under Control : The Struggle for Influence
0312177372: Crown Court
0312177402: Studies in Islamic Science and Polity
0312177429: Industry, Competitiveness and Technological Capabilities in Chile : A New Tiger from Latin America
0312177437: Japanese Interfirm Networks and Their Main Banks
0312177445: Contemporary Economic Issues : Labour, Food and Poverty
0312177488: Shakespearean Marriage
0312177518: African Economies in Transition : The Changing Role of the State
0312177526: African Economies in Transition : The Changing Role of the State
0312177534: Myriad-Minded Shakespeare : Essays on the Tragedies, Problem Comedies and Shakespeare the Man
0312177585: Class Warfare in the Information Age
0312177593: Contemporary Economic Issues : Macroeconomics and Finance: Proceedings of the 11th IEA Conference
0312177607: Contemporary Economic Issues : Trade, Payments and Debt
0312177615: Trade Unions and the Management of Industrial Conflict
0312177623: Youth, Crime, and Police Work
0312177631: Sustainable Rural Development
0312177658: Cruel in the Shadow
0312177666: McGuffey Readers : Selections from the 1879 Edition
0312177674: My Lai : A Brief History with Documents
0312177682: Declaring Rights : A Brief Documentary History
0312177690: Cruel victim
0312177704: Judith Sargent Murray : A Brief Biography with Documents
0312177712: Diary and Life of Samuel Sewall
0312177720: Andrew Jackson vs. Henry Clay : Democracy and Development in Antebellum America
0312177739: Crumpets and Scones : Indecently Delicious Tea-Time Fare Around the World
0312177747: Dennis Potter : Between Two Worlds - A Critical Reassessment
0312177755: Final Years of British Hong Kong : The Discourse of Colonial Withdrawel
0312177763: Nationalism and Classicism : The Classical Body as National Symbol in Nineteenth Century England and France
0312177771: Crusade Against Drink in Victorian England
0312177798: History of British Isles
0312177801: The Crusoe Test
0312177852: Untangling the Web in Mass Communication on the Web
0312177860: Politics of American Government, Brief Edition
0312178026: Cry Guilty
0312178042: The Modern Presidency
0312178050: The Everyday Writer
0312178166: The Electronic Bedford Handbook: For Windows and Macintosh
0312178182: Film: An Introducation
0312178190: Crystal
0312178239: Crystal Dove
0312178344: Cuisine of France
0312178417: The Cuisines of Asia
0312178476: Cul-De-Sac
0312178484: Cult TV : A Viewer's Guide to the Shows America Can't Live Without
0312178522: American Public Policy: An Introduction
0312178654: Culture and Thought in the Transformation of the World
0312178751: The Bedford Handbook Fifth Edition
0312178794: Culture Club : When Cameras Go Crazy
0312178808: The Social Dimension of Western Civilization: Readings to the Seventeenth Century
0312178840: Culture Critique : Fernand Dumont and the New Quebec Sociology
0312178859: Culture Storm
0312178867: The Concise Guide to Writing
0312178948: Ways of Reading
0312179049: Online! 2nd Ed.,Spiral,98
0312179103: The Cupboard
0312179138: Understanding the Tarot : A Personal Teaching Guide
0312179146: Good Children
0312179154: Currency Convertibility : The Return to Sound Money
0312179189: Dialogue and Discovery - Writing and Reading across Disciplines -- Instructor's Edition
0312179200: Current Inflation
0312179243: Current Issues and Enduring Questions
0312179278: Current Issues in International Trade : Theory and Policy
0312179324: Current issues in public administration
0312179340: Current issues in public administration
0312179359: Current Issues in Public Administration: Third Edition
0312179367: Royal Russia : The Private Albums of the Russian Imperial Family
0312179375: Bob Marley
0312179383: Led Zeppelin
0312179391: Clash
0312179405: Tell Me Lies
0312179413: Kiss
0312179421: Facing the Extreme : One Woman's Tale of True Courage, Death-Defying Survival and Her Quest for the Summit
0312179448: Work in Progress: A Guide to Writing and Revising, 4th ed.
0312179456: Just Revenge : Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty
0312179499: Fields of Reading: Motives for Writing
0312179561: Current Literary Terms : A Concise Dictionary of Their Origin and Use
0312179618: Race, Class, and Gender: An Integrated Study: Fourth Edition
0312179626: Media Career Guide: Preparing for Jobs in the 21st Century
0312179707: Food & Wine Magazine's Official Wine Guide 1998
0312179723: Curse of the Fleers
0312179758: Tomahawk
0312179901: Customs & Faces. Photographs by Sir Benjamin Stone 1838-1914.
0312179952: Story of My Disappearance : A Novel
0312179979: Enlightenment
0312180063: Pocket Guide to Writing History
0312180098: O.J. the Last Word
0312180160: Seeing & Writing
0312180179: Seeing AND Writing
0312180187: Workbook for News Reporting and Writing 6th ed
0312180195: News Reporting and Writing
0312180209: Instructor's Manual to Accompany News Reporting and Writing, Sixth Edition
0312180217: Serpents of Harbledown : A Novel
0312180276: Between Politics and Reason: The Drug Legalization Debate
0312180284: The Culture of Surveillance: Discipline and Social Control in the United States
0312180306: In the Time of the Poisoned Queen
0312180322: 1988
0312180330: Way of Happening
0312180349: Star of India
0312180357: Alanis Morissette : A Biography
0312180365: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
0312180373: All Unwary
0312180381: Alligator Dance
0312180403: Animal in You : Discover Your Animal Type and Unlock the Secrets of Your Personality
0312180411: Applaud the Hollow Ghost
0312180438: At First I Hope for Rescue
0312180446: Girls' Night Out
0312180454: Attracting Terrific People : How to Find - and Keep - the People Who Bring Your Life Joy
0312180462: Audrey : Her Real Story
0312180489: Be Prepared
0312180497: Best American Movie Writing 1998
0312180500: Big Fellow : Michael Collins and the Irish Revolution
0312180519: Hush
0312180527: Bloodlines
0312180535: The cycles of heaven: Cosmic forces and what they are doing to you
0312180543: Blue Windows : A Christian Science Childhood
0312180551: The Cynic's Lexicon
0312180578: Cyprus, Nationalism and International Politics
0312180586: Book of Secrets
0312180594: Book of Prayers
0312180608: Czechoslovakia The Party and the People
0312180616: Boomer Babes : A Woman's Guide to the New Middle Ages
0312180624: Buster Midnight's Cafe
0312180632: Call Me
0312180640: Cheaters and Other Stories
0312180659: Cheating Death : The Promise and the Future Impact of Trying to Live Forever
0312180667: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
0312180675: Classic Rock Stories : The Stories Behind the Greatest Songs of All Time
0312180683: Closers : Great American Writers on the Art of Selling
0312180691: Company of Knaves
0312180705: Complete Book of Astrology
0312180713: Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
0312180721: Cracker : One Day a Lemming Will Fly
0312180748: Cythera
0312180756: Dance on Blood
0312180764: Dark City : The Lost World of Film Noir
0312180772: Dead As a Doornail : A Stan Kraychik Mystery
0312180780: Dead Girls, Dead Boys, Dead Things
0312180799: D'Aligres de la Riviere : Servants of the Bourbon State in the Seventeenth Century
0312180802: Death by Accident
0312180810: Des, the Complete Story
0312180829: Des, the Complete Story
0312180837: Death of a Saint Maker
0312180845: Devil's Hunt
0312180853: Taming the Beast : Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars
0312180861: Dewey Defeats Truman : A Novel
0312180896: Dr. Toy's Smart Play : How to Raise a Child with a High PQ (Play Quotient)
0312180918: Eleven Hours
0312180926: Face down upon an Herbal
0312180942: Firedrake's Eye
0312180950: D.H. Lawrence.
0312180977: Flying Leap : Stories
0312180985: Fog Heart
0312180993: Wisdom from the Kitchen : From Mother to Daughter
0312181000: Future of War : Power, Technology and American World Dominance in the Twenty-First Century
0312181019: Gardening from the Ground Up
0312181027: Gay Man's Guide to Heterosexuality
0312181043: Girls in High Heeled Shoes
0312181051: Glory Days
0312181078: Hail Babylon : In Search of the American City at the End of the Millennium
0312181086: Harlot's Moon
0312181094: Heart Turned East
0312181108: I Capture the Castle
0312181116: Got Your Back : Protecting Tupac in the World of Gangsta Rap
0312181124: In a Land of Plenty
0312181132: In the Blue Light of African Dreams
0312181140: In the Deep Midwinter : A Novel
0312181159: In the Shadow of the Arch
0312181175: Independent Feature Film Production : A Complete Guide from Concept Through Distribution
0312181183: Irish Rebel : John Devoy and America's Fight for Ireland's Freedom
0312181191: Jack London : A Life
0312181213: Last Valentine
0312181221: Florence
0312181248: New York City
0312181256: Paris
0312181264: Let's Have a Party
0312181272: Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers : 1937-1943: From Novelist to Playwright
0312181280: Libation by Death
0312181299: Loteria
0312181310: Major Washington
0312181329: Nelson Mandela
0312181337: Marilyn Manson
0312181345: Maximizing the Arthritis Cure : A Step-by-Step Program to Faster, Stronger Healing During Any Stage of the Cure
0312181353: Maze of Murders
0312181361: Murder Take Two
0312181388: My Worst Date
0312181396: Mythology of Dogs : Canine Legend
0312181418: Native Time : A Historical Time Line of Native America
0312181426: Necessary Hunger : A Novel
0312181434: Next Step in the Dance : A Novel
0312181442: Next Week Will Be Better
0312181450: Nietzsche in Turin
0312181469: Nixoncarver
0312181477: O'New Jersey : Daytripping, Backroads, Eateries and Funky Attractions
0312181485: Occupation. The Ordeal of France 1940-1944
0312181493: Oh Snap! : The Rap Photographyof Ricky Powell
0312181507: One Day Closer to Death
0312181515: One-Dish Vegetarian : 100 Recipes for Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals
0312181523: Oops!
0312181531: Original Man : The Life and Times of Elijah Muhammad
0312181566: Price of Failure
0312181574: Primrose Convention
0312181582: Prolonged Exposure
0312181590: Prostate Cancer : Overcoming Denial with Action: A Guide to Screening, Treatment and Healing
0312181604: Purveyor of Enchantment
0312181612: Quest for Graham Greene
0312181620: Ramar the Rabbit with Rainbow Wings
0312181639: Redneck Guide to Raising Children
0312181647: Reconstruction
0312181663: Red Hot Blues
0312181671: Daddy
0312181698: Rover's Tales
0312181701: Sand Dollars : Hot Bodies, Cool Cash, and Cold-Blooded Murder
0312181728: Scientific Romance
0312181736: Second Coming Attractions
0312181744: Sex Squad
0312181752: Shanghai Murders
0312181760: Dakota Days
0312181779: Dakota Days
0312181787: Silent Witness
0312181795: Snowboarding to Nirvana
0312181809: So Far Gone : A Novel
0312181817: Song for Summer
0312181825: Sponsorship Guide for 12-Step Programs
0312181833: Baseball 1998
0312181868: Stone Dead
0312181876: Strong for Potatoes : A Novel
0312181884: Swimming Pool Sunday
0312181892: Taboo Scarf
0312181930: Texas Music
0312181949: Theatre for Young Audiences : 20 Great Plays for Children
0312181957: This Land This Love
0312181965: Thrones, Dominations
0312181973: Whose Bar/Bat Mitzvah Is This, Anyway?
0312182007: The Dagda's Harp
0312182015: Unicorn's Blood
0312182023: Venice Adriana
0312182031: Victoria's Daughters
0312182058: Vow of Adoration : A Sister Joan Mystery
0312182066: Waiting for the Healer : A Novel
0312182074: Dancing Druids
0312182082: What Do I Do Now?
0312182090: Dancing on Skates
0312182104: Damaris
0312182112: The Dancing Bear
0312182120: Dance of Sycamore Street
0312182139: What Your Cat Is Trying to Tell You : A Head-to-Tail Guide to Your Cat's Symptoms and their Solutions
0312182147: What Your Dog Is Trying to Tell You : A Head-to-Tail Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms and Their Solutions
0312182155: Daneclere
0312182163: Daneclere
0312182171: The Dangers of New Weapon Systems
0312182201: Dancing with Mermaids
0312182228: Who Knew Raising Kids in New York Could Be This Easy? : From Playgrounds to Preschools, Strollers to Sneakers, Eateries to Excursions - Everything a Manhattan Parent Needs to Know
0312182236: Neoclassical Architecture in Copenhagen and Athens
0312182244: With Honor and Purpose : A Scorching First-Hand Account from the Front Lines of Crime
0312182252: Dark and Distant Shore
0312182260: Wives of Frankie Ferraro
0312182287: Once in, Never Out
0312182295: Woman's Decision : Breast Care, Treatment and Reconstruction
0312182309: Woman's Guide to Cigar Smoking
0312182317: Dark Company : The Ten Greatest Ghost Stories
0312182333: Dark Banquet : A Feast of Ghost Stories
0312182341: World of Rosamunde Pilcher
0312182368: You Still Ghetto : You Know You're Still Ghetto If...
0312182376: You're Out and You're Ugly Too : Confessions of an Umpire with an Attitude
0312182384: Exceptional Individual
0312182392: Digital Soldiers
0312182406: Mapping The Global Past 1500 To Present , Vol 2, Historical Geography
0312182422: Mapping the American Promise : Historical Geography Workbook, Volume II (American Promise Map)
0312182538: The Social Dimension of Western Civilization: Readings from the Sixteenth Century to the Present (Social Dimension of Western Civics)
0312182546: Untangling the Web: St Martin's Guide to Language & Culture on the Internet
0312182570: The dark pasture
0312182619: How Did American Slavery Begin?
0312182627: What Did the Constitution Mean to Early Americans?
0312182678: Subjects/Strategies: A Writer's Reader
0312182708: The Dark Side of the Sun
0312182716: Warrior : The Legend of Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen
0312182732: Che Guevara
0312182740: Vatch's Southeast Asian Cookbook
0312182759: Dark Star
0312182813: Darling Daughters
0312182937: Big Fellow
0312182945: 15 Biggest Lies in Politics
0312182953: 253 : The Print Remix
0312182961: 4,000 Days : My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison
0312182996: Affectionate Men : A Photographic History of a Century of Male Couples
0312183003: Data Analysis and the Social Sciences
0312183011: Radio On : A Listener's Diary
0312183038: Thunder Horse
0312183046: Toad Triumphant
0312183054: Dating In Archaeology
0312183097: Does the Frontier Experience Make America Exceptional?
0312183100: Spartacus and Slave Wars : A Brief History with Documents
0312183119: Human Sexes
0312183127: Fresh Flowers
0312183135: Apple Blossom Time
0312183143: Dried Flowers
0312183232: Writing from Sources
0312183348: The Business Writers Companion
0312183356: Technical Writer's Companion
0312183410: Daughter's Geography
0312183429: A daughter's geography by Shange, Ntozake
0312183437: A Daughter's Geography
0312183445: The daughters of the house
0312183453: Full Monty Handbook : How to Undress for Success
0312183569: Three Lives (Bedford Cultural Editions)
0312183593: Dave Maynard's Soups, Stews, and Casseroles
0312183607: Dave Maynard's Soups, Stews, and Casseroles
0312183623: Hastened to the Grave : The Gypsy Murder Investigation
0312183631: The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume C: Since 1789 (Making of the West, Peoples and Cultures)
0312183658: The Making of the West : Peoples and Cultures, Volume A: To 1500
0312183666: David at Olivet.
0312183674: David at Olivet
0312183682: Making of the West
0312183690: The Making of the West: Peoples and Cultures: Volume I: To 1740
0312183704: The Making of the West Peoples and Cultures
0312183720: David Garrick A Biography
0312183798: David Livingstone: The Dark Interior
0312183844: Sources of The Making of West : Volume II: Since 1340
0312183852: Davie
0312183860: Sources of The Making of West : Volume I: To 1740
0312183879: Making of the West,Intructor's Resource Manual Peoples Vol I
0312183887: INSTRUCTOR'S RESOURCE MANUAL FOR THE MAKING OF THE WEST Peoples and Cultures; Since 1560
0312183895: Peoples & Cultures Study Guide (Peoples & Cultures Study Guide)
0312183933: Dawn of the dead
0312183941: Dawn of the Dead
0312183976: The Making of the West, Peoples and Cultures Study Guide, Vol I: To 1740
0312183992: Jobs Rated Almanac
0312184034: The Day God laughed: Sayings, fables, and entertainments of the Jewish sages
0312184069: Day Gravity Was Turned Off In Topeka: And Other Short-Lived Phenomena Of Modern Life
0312184107: The Day the Laughter Stopped
0312184204: Day of the Peppercorn Kill
0312184239: Diana, Princess of Wales : A Tribute in Photographs
0312184255: History of Torture
0312184298: Ireland Anthology
0312184301: How English Works: A Grammar Handbook with Readings
0312184441: Path of the Warrior : Consult the Oracle for Everyday Guidance on Your Life Journey
0312184492: Understanding Politics: Ideas, Institutions, and Issues
0312184506: American Constitutional Law, Volume II: Bill of Rights
0312184514: American Constitutional Law, Volume I: Structure of Government
0312184522: The American Promise : A History of the United States
0312184530: The American Promise: A History of the United States/With Historical Geography Workbook (American Promise Map Workbook)
0312184549: The American Promise: A History of the United States/With Workbooks (American Promotional Combination Mapworkbook & 2)
0312184565: American Promise (American Promise)
0312184573: Day They Kidnapped Queen Victoria
0312184603: Global Past
0312184646: Global Past + Reading the Global Past Volume 1 & Volume 2
0312184662: Literature and Its Writers: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0312184670: Let's Go Map Guide : Washington DC
0312184697: Let's Go Map Guide : San Francisco
0312184786: Rules for Writers
0312184832: Days of Power, Nights of Fear
0312184859: Days of Thunder
0312184875: The Dead Butler Caper
0312184921: Dead Easy for Dover
0312184956: Dead Eye
0312184964: Dead Ground
0312184972: A Dead Giveaway
0312184980: Dead Heat
0312184999: Dead Knock
0312185006: Dead-Nettle
0312185014: Dead Man's Thoughts
0312185081: Dead woman, and other haunting experiences
0312185111: Dead of Jericho
0312185154: THE DEAD OF WINTER
0312185162: Why Nations Go To War (7th edition)
0312185197: Dead on Cue
0312185219: Act of Valour
0312185227: Act of Violence
0312185235: Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of Death
0312185251: Deadfall
0312185278: Greetings from the Grave
0312185286: Are You Nuts? : A Tom and Scott Mystery
0312185294: Deadly Green
0312185308: UFO Headquarters : Investigations on Current Extraterrestrial Activity in Area 51
0312185316: Deadly Petard
0312185324: Articles of Faith
0312185332: Dealer's Wheels
0312185359: Dealing in Votes
0312185367: Audubon Quartet
0312185375: Berlin : A Portrait of Its history, Politics, Architecture and Society
0312185405: Blood Money
0312185413: Lady Gold
0312185421: Dear Sammy: Letters from Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas
0312185448: Dear Sister
0312185456: Burning Bright
0312185464: Dearest enemy
0312185472: By Any Other Name
0312185480: Calculus Made Easy
0312185499: Death Ceremony
0312185502: Death, Disease, and Famine in Pre-Industrial England
0312185510: Canaletto and the Case of the Westminster Bridge
0312185529: Carringtons of Helston
0312185537: Problem of the Missing Miss
0312185545: Charlotte's Friends
0312185561: Deathhunter
0312185588: Corpus Corpus
0312185596: Courtesans and Fishcakes : The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
0312185618: Cutter's Run
0312185626: Dancing with God
0312185634: Change of Course
0312185642: Deadville
0312185650: Contrary Blues : An Owen Allison Mystery
0312185669: Death of Distinction
0312185677: America's Cup : The History of Sailing's Greatest Competition in the Twentieth Century
0312185685: Doctor Digs a Grave
0312185693: Double Coffin
0312185707: Garden Club Mystery
0312185715: Gilded Lily
0312185723: Elvis Presley Life in Music
0312185731: Elvis Hank and Me
0312185758: Excalibur
0312185766: Excruciating History of Dentistry : Toothsome Tales and Oral Oddities from Babylon to Braces
0312185774: Faithful unto Death
0312185782: Faraday's Popcorn Factory
0312185790: Gin Lane
0312185804: Federal Fag : An Alex Reynolds Mystery
0312185812: Fighting Fire
0312185839: Fortunes of War
0312185847: Maybe It Should Have Been a Three Iron : My Years As Caddie for the World's 438th Best Golfer
0312185863: Four to Score : A Stephanie Plum Novel
0312185871: Go Close Against the Enemy
0312185898: Going Home Again
0312185901: Grave Victory
0312185928: Death and the pregnant virgin
0312185936: Hemingway's Chair
0312185944: River Home : An Angler's Explorations
0312185952: Reeling in Russia
0312185960: House by the Side of the Road
0312185979: In Childs Eye
0312185987: Invitation to a Funeral : A Tale of Restoration Intrigue
0312185995: John Stanislaus Joyce : The Voluminous Life and Genius of James Joyce's Father
0312186010: King's English : A Guide to Modern Usage
0312186029: Kinsgley Amis
0312186037: A Death for a Doctor
0312186045: Death at Deepwood Grange
0312186053: Death Before Dishonor
0312186061: Death en Voyage
0312186088: The death-cap dancers
0312186096: Death-Cap Dancers
0312186118: Death in Kenya
0312186126: Death in Camera
0312186134: Death in the Long Grass
0312186142: Death in Cyprus
0312186150: Death in the Dark Continent
0312186169: Death in the Round
0312186177: Death in Kashmir
0312186185: Death in the Silent Places
0312186193: Death in the ricefields: An eyewitness account of Vietnam's three wars, 1945-1979
0312186215: Death in Berlin
0312186223: Death in the Andamans
0312186231: Death in Zanzibar
0312186258: Last Patrician : Bobby Kennedy and the End of the American Aristocracy
0312186266: Likeness in Stone
0312186274: Mama Drama : Making Your Peace With the One Woman Who Can Push Your Buttons, Make You Cry and Drive You Crazy
0312186282: Mango Opera
0312186290: Masquerade
0312186304: Mentor's Spirit : Life Lessons on Leadership and the Art of Encouragement
0312186312: Mother of the Bride
0312186320: Murder on Fifth Avenue
0312186339: Mythology of Cats
0312186347: Never Be Lied to Again : How to Get the Truth in 5 Minutes or Less in Any Conversation or Situation
0312186355: Death of a Daimyo
0312186371: Death of a Gossip
0312186401: Death of a Hit Man
0312186428: Only Flesh and Bones : An Em Hansen Mystery
0312186436: Opium : A History
0312186452: Out of Love
0312186487: The Death of Abbe Didier
0312186509: Philosophical Programmer
0312186517: The Death of a King
0312186525: Portrait
0312186533: Praise Him
0312186541: Mind Reader
0312186568: Rage of Innocents
0312186584: Red Hat
0312186592: Restoration London : From Poverty to Pets, from Medicine to Magic, from Slang to Sex, from Wallpaper to Women's Rights
0312186606: Sappho
0312186614: Shanghai Murders
0312186630: Shoot in Cleveland
0312186649: Healing Mind
0312186665: Sour Grapes
0312186673: Stalking of Sheilah Quinn
0312186681: Stately Pursuits
0312186703: Subtle Serpent : A Celtic Mystery
0312186738: Time and Trouble
0312186754: Arrow's Flight : A Novel
0312186770: Veiled Antiquity
0312186789: West of Paradise
0312186797: What Men Don't Want Women to Know : The Secrets, the Lies, the Unspoken Truth
0312186800: Wicked Games
0312186827: And Both Shall Row
0312186835: Without Prejudice
0312186843: Show World
0312186851: Crowded Heart
0312186878: Doctor Stories
0312186886: Human Croquet : A Novel
0312186894: Leaving Small's Hotel
0312186916: In a Glass House
0312186924: Jade Peony
0312186932: Koolaids
0312186940: Lifeguard : Stories
0312186959: Lost Tribe
0312186967: Publish and Perish : Three Tales of Tenure and Terror
0312186975: Sailing in a Spoonful of Water
0312186983: Death Fuse
0312187009: Where She Has Gone
0312187017: American Aurora : A Democratic-Republican Returns - The Suppressed History of Our Nation's Beginnings and the Heroic Newspaper That Tried to Report It
0312187025: Another America
0312187068: Bloody Mary
0312187076: Chocolate Cookies
0312187084: Constantinople
0312187092: Country Music Book of List
0312187106: Diary of Mattie Spenser
0312187114: Dining by Rail : The History and the Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine
0312187130: Sid
0312187149: Enemy of God : A Novel of Arthur
0312187157: Essential Guide to Mental Health : The most comprehensive guide to the new pschiatry for popular family use
0312187203: Getting Off Clean
0312187211: Government Gay
0312187238: History of Christianity
0312187246: How Far from Austerlitz? : Napoleon 1805-1815
0312187254: Death of the Red King.
0312187262: How to Write It, Sell It : Everything a Screenwriter Needs to Know about Hollywood
0312187270: Husband Hunting Made Easy : And Other Miracles for the Modern Gay Man
0312187289: Insider's Guide to the Colleges : Students on Campus Tell You What You Really Want to Know
0312187335: The Lady Mechanic's Total Car Care for the Clueless : A Manual for Car Owners
0312187343: Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms : The Chronicle of One of the Strangest Stories Ever to be Rumoured about Around New York
0312187351: Lebanese Cuisine : More Than 250 Authentic Recipes from the Most Elegant Middle Eastern Cuisine
0312187386: Death of a supertanker
0312187408: All on Fire
0312187416: Live Nude Girls : The Top 100 Strip Clubs in North America
0312187424: Man Made of Words : Essays, Stories, Passages
0312187432: Mehndi : The Timeless Art of Henna Painting
0312187440: The Death of a Woman
0312187459: Memoirs of Cleopatra : A Novel
0312187467: Michelangelo : A Biography
0312187475: Mistress Anne
0312187483: Mondo Macabro
0312187491: Nixon Man : A Novel
0312187505: Once a Dancer : An Autobiography
0312187513: The Death of Ruth
0312187521: Pandaemonium
0312187548: Praise
0312187556: Route 66 Souvenirs
0312187564: Sex Signs : Every Woman's Astrological and Psychological Guide to Love, Men, Sex, Anger and Personal Power
0312187572: Shy Guy's Guide to Dating
0312187580: Simplifying Life As a Senior Citizen
0312187599: Voices from the Afterlife
0312187637: Through the Woods
0312187645: Tales from the Prom
0312187653: Truth Can Get You Killed : A Paul Turner Mystery
0312187661: Twice Born : Memoirs of an Adopted Daughter
0312187688: Used and Rare : Travels in the Book World
0312187750: While Waiting
0312187769: Wing Chun Kung Fu : Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health
0312187777: Running and Walking for Women over 40
0312187785: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312187793: Year's Best Science Fiction : Fifteenth Annual Collection
0312187947: Everyday Writer,Brief Reference, Spiral Bound;1999
0312187955: Death of a Heavenly Twin
0312188013: Death of a Renaissance man
0312188056: Death Stalk
0312188226: Way of Zen
0312188234: Women's Kama Sutra
0312188307: Death of a Wedding Guest
0312188412: Chicken and Other Birds...
0312188420: Pasta
0312188439: Fish and Shellfish
0312188498: The New St. Martin's Handbook : Instructor's Notes
0312188501: St. Martin's Sourcebook for Writing Tutors
0312188528: Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Practical Guide
0312188625: Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking, Writing
0312188684: Death for a Dancer : A Robert Forsythe Mystery
0312188692: Death in the Devil's Acre
0312188706: Death in Irish Town : A Novel of Suspense
0312188714: Death of the Party
0312188722: Death Scene
0312188765: Death Trick: A Mystery
0312188781: Death under the Lilacs
0312188803: Death and variations
0312188811: Death Wishes
0312188900: The debate on the English Revolution
0312188935: Deborah.
0312188951: Deborah Kerr
0312189273: The New st Martin's Handbook
0312189303: Who Were the Progressives?
0312189354: Decade of Printmaking
0312189699: International Political Economy
0312189710: America the Unusual
0312189842: Decade, the 1940s
0312189850: Decade: The 1950's
0312189869: Decade: The 1940's
0312189877: Decade the 1950's
0312189982: Decatur Road
0312190131: Decision Making in Soviet Politics
0312190166: Decisions
0312190220: Decoding the Human Message
0312190271: Passion for Golf
0312190298: Arthritis Cure : The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, and May Even Cure Osteoarthritis
0312190301: Cab Called Reliable : A Novel
0312190328: Wild Designs
0312190336: Year's Best Science Fiction : Twenty-Second Annual Collection
0312190344: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312190379: Death of a Princess
0312190441: Patterns for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader and Guide
0312190492: A Delicate Balance: An Introduction to American Government
0312190603: Anti-Aging for Dogs
0312190638: What Did the Declaration Declare?
0312190700: Excalibur, Enemy of God, the Winter King : Novels of Arthur
0312190859: Selected Poems : Oscar Wilde
0312190867: Oscar Wilde : The Fisherman and His Soul and Other Fairy Tales
0312190875: Bite-Size Twain : Wit and Wisdom from the Literary Legend
0312190883: Electric Language : Understanding the Message
0312190921: Deep and Crisp and Even
0312190948: Politics of American Government
0312190980: Defense and Consensus : The Domestic Aspects of Western Security
0312191030: Defense Economics
0312191081: All the Way : A Biography of Frank Sinatra, 1915-1998
0312191103: Defense of Western Europe
0312191146: Defending Arabia
0312191154: Defense, Technology and International Integration
0312191189: Emma Who Saved My Life
0312191219: Defy the Devil
0312191278: De Gaulle
0312191367: Deirdre and Desire
0312191448: Double
0312191510: Portfolio Keeping : A Guide for Students
0312191626: Research in Mass Communication : A Practical Guide.
0312191685: Bleeding Hearts
0312191758: Pink Floyd : In the Flesh, the Complete Performance History
0312191766: The American Short Story and Its Writer : An Anthology
0312191790: Oracle of the Goddess : Revelations, Reflections and Rites of Passage from the Great Goddess to You
0312191804: Deja Vu : American Political Problems in Historical Perspective
0312191812: Dead in the Water
0312191820: America Now: Short Readings from Recent Periodicals
0312191839: Deja-vu
0312191847: Exploring America Now
0312191855: Deliverence at los Banos : The Dramatic True Story of Survival and Triumph in a Japanese Internment Camp
0312191863: America Now
0312191871: Demand, Equilibrium and Trade : Essays in Honor of Ivor F. Pearce
0312191901: Complete Outdoors Encyclopedia
0312191928: ROMEO+JULIET
0312191936: Research and Documentation in the Electronic Age
0312191944: Demeter Flower
0312191952: Demeter Flower
0312191960: Exercises to Accompany a Writers Reference
0312191987: Interpersonal Communication: A Goals-Based Approach
0312191995: The American Promise: A History of the United States
0312192037: Linda Goodman's Star Signs
0312192045: Passion for Cheese : More than 130 Innovative Ways to Cook with Cheese
0312192061: The American Promise: A History of the United States to 1877: Compact Edition
0312192118: The West in the History of the Nation: A Reader Since 1865
0312192150: Democracy
0312192169: Darkness Falls : An American Story
0312192177: Mr. White's Confession
0312192207: Democracy East and West : A Philosophical Overview
0312192258: Bill Gates 99 : A Paper Doll Book
0312192339: Incident at Twenty Mile
0312192347: Babe and Friends
0312192355: Basic Training : A Fundamental Guide to Fitness for Men
0312192363: Best of James Herriot
0312192371: Beyond the Horizon : The Lockheed Story
0312192398: Biological Exuberance : Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity
0312192401: Bite-Size Lincoln
0312192428: Blind Items : A Novel
0312192436: Body Language
0312192444: Bread on Arrival
0312192452: Incendiary Designs : A Jack Caleb and John Thinnes Mystery
0312192460: Champion
0312192479: Christmas with Rosamunde Pilcher
0312192487: Cold Day in Paradise
0312192495: Cold in Earth
0312192517: Dead Room Farce : A Mystery Featuring Charles Paris
0312192525: Concubine's Tattoo
0312192533: Criminal Appeal
0312192541: Crossroad Blues
0312192568: Death Takes up a Collection : A Sister Mary Helen Mystery
0312192576: Devil to Pay
0312192584: Defense of Masochism
0312192592: Bitter Feast
0312192606: Do You Want to Know a Secret?
0312192614: Dok Suni : Recipes from My Mother's Korean Kitchen
0312192622: Earthly Joys
0312192630: Ellen and the Barber : Three Love Stories of the Thirties
0312192649: End of the World
0312192665: Gift of Sanctuary
0312192673: Give Me Liberty : Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century
0312192681: Erotic Confessions : Real People Talk about Putting the Spark Back in Their Sex
0312192711: Glove Puppet
0312192738: Golden Afternoon
0312192746: Golden Rule
0312192754: Good Old Stuff
0312192762: Greeks and Greek Civilization
0312192770: Hairstons : An American Family in Black and White
0312192789: Hanging Garden
0312192800: Harvest of Bones
0312192819: Herbal Rituals
0312192827: Hidden Jesus : A New Life
0312192835: Hoare and the Portsmouth Atrocities
0312192843: Outrageous : The Photographs
0312192878: Hyperactivity Hoax : How to Stop Drugging Your Child and Find Real Medical Help
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