0312207360: Out of Body
0312207395: Reckless Homicide
0312207409: Red Tent : A Novel
0312207484: Tomahawk
0312207492: Used and Rare : Travels in the Book World
0312207573: Emma: Complete, Authoritative Text With Biographical, Historical, and Cultural Contexts, Critical History, and Essays from Contemporary Critical perspective
0312207611: Body Language
0312207646: Ourselves Among Others: Readings from Home and Abroad, by Verburg, 4th Edition
0312207654: Absent Friends
0312207662: Agatha Raisin and the Love from Hell
0312207670: Agatha Raisin and the Day the Floods Came
0312207689: Agatha Raisin and the Case of the Curious Curate
0312207697: Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House
0312207719: Candles for the Dead
0312207727: Skeleton in the Closet
0312207735: Depraved English
0312207743: Empty Mirror : Experiences in a Japanese Zen Monastery
0312207778: Audubon Guide to the National Wildlife Refuges : Southwest
0312207794: People's Pharmacy® Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies
0312207808: Faraday's Popcorn Factory
0312207816: UFO Headquarters : Investigations on Current Extraterrestrial Activity in Area 51
0312207859: Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho
0312207875: The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest
0312207891: The Compact Bedford Guide for College Writers/on Line With the Bedford Guide for College Writers
0312208030: At Home in the World : A Memoir
0312208049: How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time... and Have Her Beg for More!
0312208073: Closers : Great American Writers on the Art of Selling
0312208081: On-Line Investor : How to Find the Best Stocks Using Your Computer
0312208103: Show World
0312208200: A Writer's Guidebook/Patterns for College Writing (Seventh Edition)
0312208286: Palestine & the Arab Israeli 4ed
0312208294: What Did the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean?
0312208308: Exercises to Accompany a Writer's Reference
0312208332: Althorp : The Story of an English House
0312208448: Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing
0312208464: The Business Writer's Handbook
0312208472: Awfully Wedded : Tales of Disaster from the Big Day
0312208510: Rules for Writers Developmental Exercises: Developmental Exercises by Van Goor
0312208545: Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War : Selected Writings and Speeches
0312208588: Technology and the Future
0312208618: Contemporary Congress
0312208626: The Elements of Social Scientific Thinking
0312208634: Bitter Grounds : A Novel
0312208715: Four Mothers
0312208774: Black Swan : A Memoir
0312208782: Fort Larned Incident
0312208804: Biggie and the Meddlesome Mailman : A Mystery
0312208812: Volcano Cowboys : The Rocky Evolution of a Dangerous Science
0312208847: Cherokee Dragon
0312208855: Hunger and Thirst : A Novel
0312208863: County of Birches : Stories
0312208871: Dinosaur Days
0312208898: Ghost of a Chance : A Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mystery
0312208901: Great Boom, 1950-2000 : How a Generation of Americans Created the World's Most Prosperous Society
0312208928: Elementary, My Dear Groucho
0312208936: Hair : Public, Political, Extremely Personal
0312208944: He Who Dies
0312208979: Inherit the Truth : A Memoir of Survival and the Holocaust
0312208987: Intimate Companions
0312208995: Jenny Rose
0312209002: Deep Background
0312209010: Last City Room
0312209029: Murdering Ministers
0312209037: Problem of the Evil Editor : A Charles Dodgson/Arthur Conan Doyle Mystery
0312209045: Get Anyone to Do Anything and Never Feel Powerless Again : Psychological Secrets to Predict, Control and Influence Every Situation
0312209053: Red Hot Typewriter : The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald
0312209061: Requiem at the Refuge : A Sister Mary Helen Mystery
0312209088: Sea Trials
0312209096: Skeleton Key
0312209118: Are You As Smart As You Think? : 150 Original Mathematical, Logical, and Spatial-Visual Puzzles for All Levels of Puzzle Solvers
0312209126: Stone Quarry
0312209150: Ten Commandments
0312209177: Corporal Works of Murder : A Sister Mary Helen Mystery
0312209185: To Catch a Cat
0312209193: Green-Eyed Hurricane
0312209207: Risk Factor
0312209215: Dictionary of Philosophy
0312209223: A Dictionary of Philosophy
0312209231: Dictionary of Philosophy
0312209258: The Cat Next Door
0312209282: Last Seen in Massilia
0312209290: True Believers : A Gregor Demarkian Mystery
0312209304: Dictionary of Political Analysis
0312209320: My Grandfather's House : A Genealogy of Doubt and Faith
0312209339: How All This Started : A Novel
0312209355: War Against the Animals : A Novel
0312209363: Night Swimming Stories : Stories
0312209371: One Dead Drag Queen
0312209398: Valley of the Shadow
0312209401: Watch Your Mouth
0312209428: Women of Mystery : The Lives and Works of Notable Women Crime Novelists
0312209436: World in Us : Lesbian and Gay Poetry of the Next Wave
0312209444: What to Wear
0312209452: Glimpse of Nothingness : Experiences in an American Zen Community
0312209487: Hawks of Delamere
0312209495: How to Grow a Novel : The Most Common Mistakes Writers Make and How to Overcome Them
0312209517: Life Skills
0312209533: No Defense
0312209541: Poet Game : A Novel
0312209576: Singing of the Dead
0312209584: Science of Star Wars : An Astrophysicist's Independent Examination of Space Travel, Aliens, Planets, and Robots As Portrayed in the Star Wars Films and Books
0312209606: By Blood Possessed
0312209622: Year's Best Fantasy and Horror
0312209630: Year's Best Science Fiction : Twenty-Second Annual Collection
0312209649: Fathers : A Collection of Poems
0312209665: Glory Days : Stories
0312209673: Man or Mango?
0312209681: Poet Game : A Novel
0312209703: Taming the Beast : Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars
0312209711: Women on the Verge : Lesbian Tales of Power and Play
0312209738: Everyday Ways to Raise Smart, Strong, Confident Girls : Successful Teens Tell Us What Works
0312209746: When Penguins Attack!
0312209797: Literature and Its Writers: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama
0312209819: Die again, Macready
0312209835: Sticks and Stones and Other Student Essays
0312209894: Dieppe, 1942 Echoes of Disaster
0312209983: Diet for a Strong Heart: Michio Kushi's Macrobiotic Dietary Guidelines for the Prevention of High Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and Stroke
0312210019: Reception and Poetics in Keats : My Ended Poet
0312210027: Power and Parenting : A Hermeneutic of the Human Condition
0312210051: New Migration in Europe : Social Constructions and Social Realities
0312210086: Political Dimension of Economic Growth : Proceedings of the IEA Conference, Held in San Jose, Costa Rica
0312210108: Developments in British Politics
0312210124: Media and the Military : From Crimea to Desert Strike
0312210132: Early Feminists : Radical Unitarians and the Emergence of the Women's Rights Movements, 1831-51
0312210159: Modern Presidency
0312210167: Changing Financial Landscapes in India and Indonesia : Sociological Aspects of Monetization and Market Integration
0312210175: Restructuring Telecommunication : A Study of Europe in a Global Context
0312210183: Transaction Management : Managing Complex Transactions and Sharing Distributed Databases
0312210191: Justice, the State and International Relations
0312210205: Shattered Subjects : Trauma and Testimony in Women's Life-Writing
0312210213: Saudi Arabia and the Politics of Dissent
0312210248: Europe : The Cold Divide
0312210264: Politics of Expertise in Latin America
0312210280: Stalin's Unwanted Child : The Soviet Union, the German Question and the Founding of GDR
0312210299: China's Trade Unions and Management
0312210302: From Civilian Power to Superpower? : The International Identity of the European Union
0312210310: Matthew Arnold : A Literary Life
0312210329: Henry Fielding : A Literary Life
0312210337: War and Welfare
0312210345: Ukrainian Political Economy : The First Ten Years
0312210361: Short History of Europe : From the Greeks and Romans to the Present Day
0312210396: Europe As an Idea and an Identity
0312210418: Development Economics and Policy : The Conference Volume to Celebrate the 85th Birthday of Professor Sir Hans Singer
0312210434: New International History of the Spanish Civil War
0312210450: State, Sovereigns and Society in Early Modern England : Essays in Honour of A. J. Slavin
0312210469: Paths to Genocide : Antisemitism in Western History
0312210493: Royal Mourning and Regency Culture : Elegies and Memorials of Princess Charlotte
0312210515: Beyond Un-Subcontracting : Task-Sharing with Regional Security Arrangements and Service Providing NGOS
0312210523: Japan's Top Management from the Inside
0312210531: Making Space for Science : Territorial Themes in the Shaping of Knowledge
0312210558: Dilemmas of Contemporary Religion
0312210566: Same Sex Love and Desire Among Women in the Middle Ages
0312210574: Women in the Medieval Islamic World
0312210582: Something for the Boys : Musical Theater and Gay Culture
0312210590: Early Women Dramatists, 1550-1800
0312210604: Negotiating Peace in El Salvador : Civil-Military Relations and the Conspiracy to End the War
0312210620: European People's Party : Origins and Development
0312210639: Enlargement of International Society : Culture vs. Anarchy and Greece's Entry into International Society
0312210647: Death in Venice and Other Tales
0312210671: Bedford Critical Companion to Joyce's Ulysses
0312210698: Plays of W.B. Yeats : Yeats and the Dancer
0312210744: Technological Systems and Development
0312210760: Institutional Change and the Political Transition in Hong Kong
0312210779: Dimensions of Television Violence
0312210787: On Thomas Hardy : Late Essays and Earlier
0312210795: British General Election, 1997
0312210809: Sunset over the Islands : The Caribbean in an Age of Global and Regional Challenges
0312210825: Mitterrand Years : Legacy and Evaluation
0312210833: Noblest Triumph : Property and Prosperity Through the Ages
0312210841: Of Cigarettes, High Heels and Other Interesting Things : An Introduction to Semiotics
0312210868: Romance of Italy and the English Political Imagination
0312210876: Din of Inequity
0312210884: Embodying Enlightenment : Knowing the Body in Eighteenth-Century Spanish Literature and Culture
0312210892: Governess : An Anthology
0312210906: Shutting down the Cold War : The Politics of Military Base Closure
0312210914: Korea and Its Futures : Unification and the Unfinished War
0312210922: Longing for the End : A History of Millennialism in Western Civilization
0312210949: Popular Religion in Sixteenth-Century England : Holding their Peace
0312210957: Kate Chopin, Edith Wharton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman : Studies in Short Fiction
0312210973: Rebels & Informers
0312210981: Dinosaurs in the Attic: An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History
0312211007: Social Transformation and the Family in Post-Communist Germany
0312211015: U. N. Secretary-General from the Cold War to the New Era : A Global Peace and Security Mandate?
0312211031: European Parliment's Role in Closer EU Integration
0312211066: Environment and Economic Development in South Asia
0312211074: Lost Fathers : The Politics of Fatherlessness
0312211104: Asia-Pacific Crossroads : Regime Creation and the Future of APEC
0312211112: Food and Feast Tudor England
0312211120: History of Northern Ireland, 1920-1996
0312211139: Sibling Love and Incest in Jane Austen's Fiction
0312211147: Europe's Economic Dilemma
0312211198: Diplomacy of Biological Disarmament : Vicissitudes of a Treaty in Force 1975-1985
0312211201: Bleak House : Charles Dickens
0312211228: The Diplomacy of Detente: The Kissinger Era
0312211236: Toni Morrison : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312211244: Scotland in the Nineteenth Century
0312211252: Home of the Blizzard : A True Story of Antarctic Survival
0312211287: Moral Issues in International Affairs : The Problems of European Integration
0312211309: Religion and Politics in German History
0312211317: Telling Tales : Medieval Narratives and the Folk Tradition
0312211325: Diplomacy of Isolation : South African Foreign Policy Making
0312211333: World War II in Europe : The Final Year
0312211341: New Politics of the Right
0312211368: Constructions of Widowhood and Virginity in the Middle Ages
0312211384: Diasporic Citizenship : Haitian Americans in Transnational America
0312211392: Indian Imagination : Critical Essays on Indian Writing in English
0312211414: Masters Repetition : Poetry, Culture and Work in Thomson, Wordsworth, Shelley and Emerson
0312211422: And the Mirror Cracked
0312211449: Values and Political Change in Postcommunist Europe
0312211465: Daphne du Maurier : Writing, Identity and the Gothic Imagination
0312211481: Asia-Pacific Crossroads : Regime Creation and the Future of APEC
0312211503: Conflict and War in the Middle East : From Interstate War to New Security
0312211511: Conflict and War in the Middle East : From Interstate War to New Security
0312211546: Resources, Industrialization and Exports in Latin America : The Primary Input Content of Sustained Exports of Manufactures from Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela
0312211554: Kant and the Law of Peace
0312211562: Smuggling Armageddon
0312211570: FDR and the U. S. Navy
0312211619: From Wodehouse to Wittgenstein
0312211627: Edgar Allan Poe Chronology
0312211651: Revolutionary I : Wordsworth and the Politics of Self-Presentation
0312211678: Refashioning Ben Jonson : Gender, Politics and the Jonsonian Canon
0312211708: Sociology and the World's Religions
0312211716: Necessity Anti-Semitism
0312211732: Auden and Isherwood : The Berlin Years
0312211740: Japan's Foreign Policy : From Economic Superpower to What Power?
0312211767: Stepmother Tongue : An Introduction to New Anglophone Fiction
0312211775: Stepmother Tongue : An Introduction to New Anglophone Fiction
0312211783: Comparative Perspectives on South Africa
0312211813: Re: Joyce : Text, Culture, Politics
0312211856: Local Responses to the English Reformation
0312211864: Female Genesis : Creativity, Self and Gender
0312211872: Female Genesis : Creativity, Self and Gender
0312211899: European Union and Developing Countries
0312211929: World Trading System : The Uruguay Round and Beyond
0312211937: Internal Labour Markets, Incentives and Employment
0312211945: New Patricians : An Essay on Values and Consciousness
0312211953: Future of European Welfare : A New Social Contract?
0312211961: Nuclear Arms Control
0312211988: Citizenship, Participation and Democracy : Changing Dynamics in Chile and Argentina
0312211996: George Bush and the Guardianship Presidency
0312212003: Media Communication : An Introduction to Theory and Process
0312212011: Media Communication : An Introduction to Theory and Process
0312212038: Image and Representation : Key Concepts in Media Studies
0312212046: Reading Mill : Studies in Political Theory
0312212054: Dilemmas in Defence Decision-Making : Constructing Canada's Role in NORAD, 1958-96
0312212062: Harry Hopkins
0312212070: Role of Migration in the History of the Eurasian Steppe : Sedentary Civilization vs. 'Barbarian' and Nomad
0312212089: Political Animals : Animal Protection Politics in Britain and the United States
0312212097: Humphrey Gibbs, Beleagured Governor : Southern Rhodesia, 1929-1969
0312212119: Slaving and Slavery in the Indian Ocean
0312212127: Money : A History
0312212143: Biting the Dust : The Joys of Housework
0312212151: Collision and Collusion : The Strange Case of Western Age to Eastern Europe, 1990-1997
0312212178: Women of Faith in Victorian Culture : Reassessing the Angel in the House
0312212186: Directing Technology : Policies for Promotion and Control
0312212194: From Tirpitz to Gorbachev : Power Politics in the Twentieth Century
0312212240: Dirt Rich : A Novel of Texas
0312212259: Dirt rich
0312212267: Thackeray the Writer : From Journalism to Vanity Fair
0312212275: Dirty Tricks
0312212283: East Germany's Economic Development since Unification : Domestic and Global Aspects
0312212291: Disappeared and the Mothers of the Plaza : The Story of the 11,000 Argentinians Who Vanished
0312212305: Robes and Honor : The Medieval World of Investiture
0312212313: European Political Facts, 1900-1996
0312212399: Gothic Horror : A Reader's Guide from Poe to King and Beyond
0312212402: Gandhi's Religion : A Homespun Shawl
0312212410: British Women Writers of World War II : Battlegrounds of Their Own
0312212429: Interdependence, Disequilibrium and Growth : Reflections on the Political Economy of North-South Relations at the Turn of the Century
0312212445: Max Weber, Democracy and Modernization
0312212461: Past Imperfect, Future Uncertain : The United Nations at Fifty
0312212488: Positive Feedback Economies
0312212518: Disease and the Novel, 1880-1960
0312212526: Disease and the Novel : 1880-1960
0312212534: Inside Bundesbank
0312212542: Invisible Industrialist
0312212550: Women's Representations of the Occupation in Post-'68 France
0312212569: The Disease of Government
0312212577: Shaping of Malaysia
0312212585: Gypsies and Other Itinerant Groups
0312212615: Introduction to International Money and Finance
0312212631: Disorderly Elements
0312212658: A Disorderly Girl
0312212666: Birth of Wuthering Heights : Emily Bronte at Work
0312212682: Vanbrugh and Farquhar
0312212690: Wilkie Collins
0312212704: Wilkie Collins
0312212712: Disparities In Economic Development Since the Industrial Revolution
0312212720: Shakespeare's Tragedies : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312212739: Shakespeare's Tragedies : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312212747: Reconciliation Through Truth : A Reckoning of Apartheid's Criminal Governance
0312212755: Reconciliation Through Truth : A Reckoning of Apartheid's Criminal Governance
0312212763: Institution and Economic Organization in the Advanced Economies : The Governance Perspective
0312212798: Medieval Women : A Social History of Women in England, 450-1500
0312212828: Women's Poetry in the Enlightenment : The Making of a Canon, 1730-1820
0312212836: Swiss Banking : An Analytical History
0312212844: Oil and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1948-1963
0312212860: Invention of Journalism
0312212879: Romantic Cult of Shakespeare : Literary Reception in Anthropological Perspective
0312212887: Sartre's Radicalism and Oakeshott's Conservatism
0312212895: Dreams and Destinies
0312212925: Korea's Growth and Industrial Transformation
0312212941: Republican Takeover of Congress
0312212976: Michel Foucault and the Games of Truth
0312212992: Reading Thomas Hardy
0312213018: Medieval Europeans : Studies in Ethnic Identity and National Perspectives in Medieval Europe
0312213026: Max Weber and the Culture of Anarchy
0312213034: German Melting-Pot : Multiculturality in Historical Perspective
0312213042: Crescent and the Cross : Muslim and Christian Approaches to War and Peace
0312213050: Aspects of Bloomsbury : Studies in Modern English Literary and Intellectual History
0312213077: British Decolonization, 1946-1997
0312213085: Salman Rushdie
0312213107: Struggle for Mastery in Germany, 1779-1850
0312213115: International Trade
0312213123: International Trade
0312213158: The Dissector
0312213166: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics in Buddhism
0312213174: Tropical Timber Trade Regime
0312213204: How Shall We Tell Each Other of the Poet? : The Life and Writing of Muriel Rukeyser
0312213212: Nuclear Mentalities?
0312213239: Distance Teaching Universities
0312213247: Modern Economic Systems and Their Transformation
0312213255: New South Africa : Prospects for Domestic and International Society
0312213263: Pax Democratica : A Strategy for the 21st Century
0312213271: Spies and Saboteurs
0312213328: Concise History of the Modern World : 1500 to Present
0312213336: Ravenous Identity : Eating and Eating Distress in the Life and Work of Virginia Woolf
0312213344: Wallace Stevens' Experimental Language
0312213352: Making Our High Schools Better : How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together
0312213379: Reclaiming Gender : Transgressive Identities in Modern Ireland
0312213387: New Politics of the Right
0312213395: Men of No Property : Irish Radicals and Popular Politics in the Late Eighteenth Century
0312213409: Distributional Conflicts in Environmental Resource Policy
0312213417: Monstrous Regiment of Women : Female Rulers in Early Modern Europe
0312213425: Distribution, Effective Demand, and International Economic Relations
0312213441: Postmodern Cartographies : The Geographical Imagination in Contemporary American Culture
0312213476: Elites and Leadership in Russian Politics : Selected Papers from the 5th World Congress of Central and East European Studies
0312213492: Transforming Peasants : Society, State and the Peasantry, 1861-1930: Selected Papers from the 5th World Congress of Central and East European Studies
0312213514: Rights of Women in Islam : An Authentic Approach
0312213522: Wars and Peace : The Future Americans Envisioned, 1861-1991
0312213530: Ethics of Nature in the Middle Ages : On Boccaccio's Poetaphysics
0312213549: Listening to Heloise : The Voice of a Twelfth-Century Woman
0312213557: For Her Good Estate : The Life of Elizabeth de Burgh
0312213565: Cult Fiction : Popular Reading and Pulp Theory
0312213581: District Nurse
0312213603: Institutions and Institutional Change in China : Premodernity and Modernization
0312213611: Cold War Politics in Postwar Germany
0312213638: Unspeakable Shaxxxspeares
0312213646: From Plymouth to Parliament : A Rhetorical History of Nancy Astor's 1919 Campaign
0312213654: Death Squads in Global Perspective
0312213662: Chaucer's Pardoner and Gender Theory : Bodies of Discourse
0312213670: Sharing the World : Sustainable Living and Global Equity in the Twenty-First Century
0312213689: Uzbekistan on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century
0312213697: Christopher Smart and the Enlightenment
0312213700: Jane Austen : The Novels
0312213719: Jane Austen : The Novels
0312213727: Shakespeare : The Tragedies
0312213735: Shakespeare : The Tragedies
0312213751: Virginia Woolf : The Novels
0312213778: Chaucer : The Canterbury Tales
0312213786: Diver's Tomb
0312213794: Meaning in English : An Introduction to Language Study
0312213808: Meaning in English : An Introduction to Language Study
0312213816: Issues in British Politics
0312213824: Issues in British Politics
0312213832: Sense of Form in Literature and Language
0312213840: Managing the Press : Origins of the Media Presidency, 1897-1933
0312213867: Australian-American Relations : Looking Towards the Next Century
0312213875: John Fowles
0312213883: New Historicism and Cultural Materialism
0312213891: New Historicism and Cultural Materialism
0312213913: Postmodern Narrative Theory
0312213921: Deconstruction - Derrida
0312213948: Youth, Popular Culture and Moral Panics : Penny Gaffs to Gangsta Rap, 1830-1996
0312213956: Youth, Popular Culture and Moral Panics : Penny Gaffs to Gangsta Rap, 1830-1996
0312213964: Crime, Policing and Punishment in England, 1750-1914
0312213972: Catholics in Britain and Ireland, 1558-1829
0312213980: Four Georgian and Pre-Revolutionary Plays : The Rivals, She Stoops to Conquer, the Marriage of Figaro, Emilia Galotti
0312213999: Four Georgian and Pre-Revolutionary Plays : The Rivals, She Stoops to Conquer, the Marriage of Figaro, Emilia Galotti
0312214014: Six Restoration and French Neoclassic Plays : Phedre, the Miser, Tartuffe, All for Love, the Country Wife, Love for Love
0312214030: Writing the Lives of Writers
0312214049: Out of Battle : The Poetry of the Great War
0312214057: Rediscovery of America : Transatlantic Crosscurrents in an Age of Revolution
0312214065: Outward Forms, Inner Springs
0312214081: Religions of the Silk Road : Overland Trade and Cultural Exchange
0312214103: Politics of Fishing
0312214111: Condition of England Question : Carlyle, Mill, Engels
0312214138: Elements of Semiotics
0312214146: New Frontiers in Middle East Security
0312214154: First World Hunger
0312214162: European Culture since 1848 : From Modern to Postmodern and Beyond
0312214170: Before the Deluge
0312214189: Waltzing in the Dark : African American Vaudeville and Race Politics in the Swing Era
0312214197: Celt and Roman : The Celts of Italy
0312214200: Divided Society: the Ethnic Experience in America.
0312214219: Sisters in Literature
0312214227: Longrun Dynamics
0312214235: Challenge of East-West Migration for Poland
0312214243: Bankruptcy of Economics : Ecology, Economics and the Sustainability of the Earth
0312214251: Reformation in English Towns, 1500-1640
0312214278: Louis XIV
0312214286: Louis XIV
0312214294: Tourist Third Cabin : Steamship Travel in the Interwar Years
0312214308: South Africa in Transition : New Theoretical Perspectives
0312214316: Division in British Medicine
0312214324: Islam and Feminisms : An Iranian Case-Study
0312214332: Iranian Islam : The Concept of the Individual
0312214340: Political Economy of Economic Policies
0312214367: Britain's Withdrawal from East of Suez
0312214375: Alcohol and Drugs, Delinquency and Crime : Looking Back to the Future
0312214383: Chaucer and His English Contemporaries : Prologue and Tale in the Canterbury Tales
0312214391: Chaucer and His English Contemporaries : Prologue and Tale in the Canterbury Tales
0312214405: International Strategic Management and Government Policy
0312214413: Freedom in Chains : The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen
0312214421: Joan of Arc : Her Story
0312214448: Channel Surfing : Race Talk and the Destruction of Today's Youth
0312214456: Brazil : The Once and Future Country
0312214464: Ulster Question Since 1945
0312214472: Shakespeare on Film : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312214480: Shakespeare on Film : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312214499: Selling Out : The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market
0312214502: Of Cigarettes, High Heels and Other Interesting Things : An Introduction to Semiotics
0312214510: Agricultural Markets from Theory to Practice : Field Experience in Developing Countries
0312214529: Writing London : The Trace of the Urban Text from Blake to Dickens
0312214537: Turning Point : An End to the Growth Paradigm
0312214545: Anglo-American Relations in the Twentieth Century
0312214561: Royal Navy and Nazi Germany, 1933-1939 : A Study in Appeasement and the Origins of the Second World War
0312214588: State and Institution Building in Ukraine
0312214596: Muslim Women of the British Punjab : From Seclusion to Politics
0312214626: Caribbean Political Economy at the Crossroads : NAFTA and Regional Developmentalism
0312214634: Explaining Euro-Paralysis
0312214642: Trade and Fiscal Adjustment in Africa
0312214650: George Orwell : A Biography
0312214669: Turn of the Screw and What Maisie Knew : Henry James
0312214677: Progressive Army : U.S. Army Command and Administration, 1870-1914
0312214685: Human Rights in the Emerging Global Order : A New Sovereignty?
0312214715: Multinational Corporate Evolution and Subsidiary Development
0312214723: Transforming Shakespeare : Contemporary Women's Re-Visions in Literature and Performance
0312214731: Do nothin' till you hear from me
0312214766: Dr. Crypton and His Problems: Mind Benders from Science Digest
0312214774: Dr. Crypton and His Problems
0312214782: Doctor and the Damned
0312214790: Dr. Ebenezer's book and liquor store
0312214804: Doctor Who: The Unfolding Text
0312214812: Dr. Morrison's Heart-Saver Program: A Natural, Scientifically Tested Plan for the Prevention of Arteriosclerosis, Heart Attack, and Stroke
0312214820: Spy Novels of John Le Carre : Balancing Ethics and Politics
0312214839: Writing in Between : Modernity and Psychosocial Dilemma in the Novels of Joseph Conrad
0312214847: Key to the Sacred Pattern : The Untold Story of Rennes-Le-Chateau
0312214863: Doctor Love
0312214871: Report on the Loss of the SS Titanic
0312214898: The Doctor's Overnight Beauty Program
0312214928: Doctrines of the Great Educators
0312214944: Financial Reform in Developing Countries
0312214952: Democratic Consolidation in East-Central Europe
0312214960: Economics of Poverty, Inequality and Wealth Accumulation in Mexico
0312214979: From Peasant to Petersburger
0312214987: Ben Jonson's Theatrical Republics
0312214995: Bacchus in Romantic England : Writers and Drink, 1780-1830
0312215010: Organizing God's Work : Challenges for Churches and Synagogues
0312215029: Foreign Political Engagement : Remaking States in the Post-Cold War World
0312215037: South Africa's Future : From Crisis to Prosperity
0312215045: Food Supplies and the Japanese Occupation in South-East Asia
0312215053: Competition Policy in the European Union
0312215061: Contemporary Economic Issues : Regional Experience and System Reform
0312215088: Cultural Theory and the Problem of Modernity
0312215096: Cultural Theory and the Problem of Modernity
0312215118: Machiavellian Legacy : Essays in Italian Political Thought
0312215126: Break-Up of Communism in East Germany and Eastern Europe
0312215134: Violence and Its Alternatives
0312215142: Women's Fiction Between the Wars : Mothers, Daughters and Writing
0312215150: Women's Fiction Between the Wars : Mothers, Daughters and Writing
0312215169: Reader in Population and Development
0312215177: Population and Develop Reader
0312215193: Scourging of Iraq : Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice
0312215207: Saudi File : People, Power, Politics
0312215215: Unipolarity and the Middle East
0312215223: Islam in Russia : The Four Seasons
0312215258: Documents of European Economic History: Process of Industrialization, 1750-1870
0312215266: Baltic States in World Politics
0312215274: Baltic States in World Politics
0312215282: East Asia by the Year 2000 and Beyond : Shaping Factors - A Study for the European Commission
0312215312: Single European Currency in National Perspective : A Community in Crisis?
0312215320: European Economies since the Second World War
0312215339: China : Dilemmas in Change and Continuity
0312215347: Blank Fictions : Consumerism, Culture and the Contemporary American Novel
0312215355: Blank Fictions : Consumerism, Culture and the Contemporary American Novel
0312215363: Women's Poetry, Late Romantic to Late Victorian : Gender and Genre, 1830-1900
0312215371: Economic Reform in Vietnam
0312215398: Innovation in Multilateralism
0312215428: Public Choice Theory and Local Government
0312215436: Land and Labour Relations in South-West Bangladesh : Resources, Power and Conflict
0312215444: British Establishment Perspectives on France, 1936-1940
0312215452: Inventing International Society : A History of the English School
0312215460: Culture in World Politics
0312215479: Love and the Novel
0312215495: Future Multilateralism
0312215509: Saudi Arabia : The Shape of a Client Feudalism
0312215517: Youth in Society : The Construction and Deconstruction of Youth in East and West Europe
0312215525: Japan Versus China in the Industrial Race
0312215533: Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity
0312215541: Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery
0312215568: China and India : Economic Performance and Business Strategies of the Firms of the Mid-1990's
0312215576: Political Economy of a Social Europe : Understanding Labour Market in the European Union
0312215584: 1798 : The Year of the Lyrical Ballads
0312215592: Nietzsche's Futures
0312215606: Documents Of European Economic History Vol. 2 Industrial Power And National Rivalry 1870-1914
0312215614: Politics and Government in the Visegrad Countries : Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia
0312215622: Global Capital Flows : Should They be Regulated?
0312215630: Globalism and the New Regionalism
0312215657: Economy of Obligation : The Culture of Credit and Social Relations in Early Modern England
0312215665: Russian Transformation : Political, Sociological and Psychological Aspects
0312215673: News from the End of the Earth : A Portrait of Chile
0312215703: How the Chinese Economy Works : A Multiregional Overview
0312215711: Individualism and World Politics
0312215746: Abortion Law and Politics Today
0312215754: New Perspectives on International Functionalism
0312215762: Tackling Inequality
0312215770: Tackling Unemployment
0312215789: Managerial Capitalism in Retrospective
0312215797: Coleridge and the Psychology of Romanticism : Feeling and Thought
0312215800: Contemporary Debates in Islam
0312215819: Dante's Modern Afterlife : Reception and Response from Blake to Heaney
0312215827: Making of EU Foreign Policy : The Case of Eastern Europe
0312215835: Race Relations in Britain Since 1945
0312215851: Mimesis, Genres and Post-Colonial Discourse
0312215886: Statesman's Yearbook, 1998-1999 : The Essential Political and Economic Guide to All the Countries of the World
0312215894: Grants Register, 1999
0312215908: Idol Temples and Crafty Priests
0312215916: Against Odds : Reflections on the Experiences of the British Army, 1914-45
0312215924: Innovation in Diplomatic Practice
0312215932: Civil War in Lebanon, 1975-92
0312215940: Industrial Crisis and the Open Economy : Politics, Global Trade and the Textile Industry in the Advanced Economics
0312215959: Documents Of European Economic History. Vol. 3 The End Of The Old Europe 1914-1939
0312215967: Early Romantics : Perspectives in British Poetry from Pope to Wordsworth
0312215983: Diaries of Samuel Bamford
0312215991: Southeast-Asian Affairs, 1998
0312216009: Mediterranean Society : A Challenge for Islam, Judaism and Christianity
0312216017: Future of North-South Relations : Towards Sustainable Economic and Social Development
0312216025: Towards a More Coherent Global Economic Order
0312216033: Shaping Actors, Shaping Factors in Russia's Future
0312216041: Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard : Perceptions of Dialogue in Twelfth-Century France
0312216068: Pakistan : A Modern History
0312216076: Triad of Another Kind : The United States, China and Japan
0312216084: Dancing with Bigotry : Beyond the Politics of Tolerance
0312216092: Laughter, Jestbooks and Society in the Spanish Netherlands
0312216114: Theatre Praxis
0312216122: Transition from Communism to Capitalism
0312216130: The dog crisis
0312216149: Scottish Electorate : The 1997 General Election and Beyond
0312216157: Doing Drugs
0312216165: Ethical Marxism and Its Radical Critics
0312216173: Doing Life : The Extraordinary Saga of America's Jailhouse Lawyer
0312216203: Cuba : Confronting the U. S. Embargo
0312216238: The Dollar-Mark Axis : On Currency Power
0312216246: Education in Britain, 1750-1914
0312216254: Dolls' houses (Architectural design profile)
0312216262: Twentieth-Century Spain : Politics and Society in Spain, 1898-1998
0312216270: Domestication of Women
0312216297: Twentieth-Century Spain : Politics and Society in Spain, 1898-1998
0312216319: Society and Cultural Forms in 19th Century England
0312216327: John Stuart Mill
0312216335: Welfare State in Britain Since 1945
0312216343: British History, 1660-1832 : National Identity and Local Culture
0312216351: World Order for a New Millennium
0312216378: Horse of Karbala : Muslim Devotional Life in India
0312216386: Frontiers in Question : Eurasian Borderlands, 700-1700
0312216394: Sir Robert Peel
0312216408: John Donne
0312216416: Technology Policy in the European Union
0312216424: Wittgenstein, Frazer and Religion
0312216432: Love : Its Forms, Dimensions and Paradoxes
0312216440: Quangos, Accountability and Reform : The Politics of Quasi-Government
0312216459: Culture Politics in the 1790s : Literature, Radicalism and the Public Sphere
0312216467: Dickens, Europe and the New Worlds
0312216475: Concept of Universal Religion in Modern Hindu Thought
0312216483: Regime and Society in 20th Century Russia
0312216491: Judging War Criminals
0312216505: Crisis of 1898
0312216513: Environmental Futures
0312216521: Democratization in Taiwan : Implications for China
0312216556: Prisons, Peace and Terrorism : Penal Policy in the Reduction of Political Violence in Northern Ireland, Italy and the Spanish Basque Country, 1968-1997
0312216572: Architectonics of Semiosis
0312216580: Change and Development in the Gulf
0312216599: Women, Globalization and Fragmentation in Developing Countries
0312216602: White Noise : An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture
0312216610: White Noise : An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture
0312216645: Nostalgia and Recollection in Victorian Culture
0312216688: Dominoes
0312216718: Redefining the Third World
0312216734: Sacred and Secular Canon in Romanticism : Preserving the Sacred Truths
0312216742: Ukraine : Perestroika to Independence
0312216750: Ukraine : Perestroika to Independence
0312216769: Organising Feminisms : The Micropolitics of the Academy
0312216777: Don Pedro's captain
0312216785: Organising Feminisms : The Micropolitics of the Academy
0312216793: Crime, Punishment and the Drinking Offender
0312216823: D.H. Lawrence in Italy and England
0312216858: Politics of Sexual Morality in Ireland, 1922-1995
0312216866: Global Trade and European Workers
0312216874: Jean Rhys
0312216882: Public Management and Administration : An Introduction
0312216890: Merchant of Venice : William Shakespeare
0312216904: Eastern Europe since 1945
0312216912: Art, Design and Visual Culture : An Introduction
0312216920: Art, Design and Visual Culture : An Introduction
0312216939: Vietnam War
0312216947: German Revolution of 1848-49
0312216955: German Revolution of 1848-49
0312216963: Democracy and Apartheid : Political Theory, Comparative Politics and the Modern South African State
0312216971: Redrawing the Map of Europe
0312216998: Japanese Foreign Policy : The Emerging Logic of Multilateralism
0312217013: Coleridge's Writings
0312217021: Regional Dimension in European Public Policy : Convergence or Divergence?
0312217056: Undermining of the Sandinista Revolution
0312217064: England and Europe in the Sixteenth Century
0312217072: Lloyd George
0312217080: Causes of the English Civil War
0312217099: Reading Alcoholisms
0312217102: Breast Cancer: Society Shapes an Epidemic : The Social Construction of an Illness
0312217129: Woman's Way : The Forgotten History of Women Spiritual Directors
0312217137: Understanding Scholastic Thought with Foucault
0312217145: Rising Sun over Borneo
0312217153: People and Their Planet : Searching for Balance
0312217161: Entrepreneurship in Nineteenth-Century Brazil : The Formation of a Business Environment
0312217188: Internal Migration in Contemporary China
0312217196: Varieties of Victorianism : The Uses of a Past
0312217218: Shakespeare's Cross-Cultural Encounters
0312217226: Politics of Racism in France
0312217234: Capital Account Regimes and the Developing Countries
0312217242: Refugees, Citizenship and Social Policy in Europe
0312217250: Foreign Direct Investment in Three Regions of the South at the End of the Twentieth Century
0312217269: Iris Murdoch : The Retrospective Fiction
0312217277: Schooling in the New Russia : Innovation and Change, 1984-95
0312217285: Cross-Border Cooperation in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland
0312217293: Chinese Capitalism, 1522-1840
0312217315: Whitebread Protestants : Food and Religion in American Culture
0312217323: Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century
0312217331: Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century
0312217366: Balkans : From Constantinople to Communism
0312217374: Center-Periphery Conflict in Post-Soviet Russia
0312217390: Ghosts : Deconstruction, Psychoanalysis, History
0312217420: Reconstituting Social Criticism : Political Morality in an Age of Scepticism
0312217439: Making Party Democracy in Greece
0312217447: Scramble for the Balkans
0312217455: Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones
0312217463: Authority and Welfare in China : Modern Debates in Historical Perspective
0312217471: Education in Early Modern England
0312217501: Dante and the Knot of Body and Soul
0312217528: Occult in Early Modern Europe : A Documentary History
0312217536: Occult in Early Modern Europe
0312217552: Internet Strategies : A Corporate Guide to Exploiting the Internet
0312217560: Discovery : The Quest for the Great South Land
0312217579: No Surrender! No Retreat!
0312217587: Search for Modernity : Chinese Intellectuals and Cultural Discourse in the Post-Mao Era
0312217595: German Lands and Eastern Europe : Essays on the History of Their Social, Cultural and Political Relations
0312217617: No End to Alliance : The United States and Western Europe: Past, Present and Future
0312217641: Henry James and Homo-Erotic Desire
0312217668: State Security and Regime Security : President Syngman Rhee and the Insecurity Dilemma in South Korea, 1953-60
0312217684: Labour Worldwide in the Era of Globalization : Alternative Union Models in the New World Order
0312217714: Regional Integration and Trade Liberalization in Subsaharan Africa : Regional Case-Studies
0312217722: Regional Integration and Trade Liberalization in Subsaharan Africa : Synthesis and Review
0312217730: Acquisition of Technological Capability in Small Firms in Developing Countries
0312217757: Emerson's Sublime Science
0312217773: States of Confinement : Policing, Detention and Prisons
0312217781: International Negotiation : Actors, Structure/Process, Values
0312217803: Women Workers in the Soviet Interwar Economy : From 'Protection' to 'Equality'
0312217811: Between Jihad and Salaam : Profiles in Islam
0312217838: Leo Strauss and the American Right
0312217846: Doo-Wop Sing-Along Songbook : The Classic Rock and Roll Songs You Always Wanted to Sing
0312217854: Doo-Wop Sing-Along Songbook.
0312217862: Rogue Regimes : Terrorism and Proliferation
0312217870: Africa in Chaos : A Comparative History
0312217889: Few Thousand Words about Love
0312217897: Positioning Women in Malaysia : Class and Gender in an Industrializing State
0312217900: Irish Language in Northern Ireland
0312217919: Dorothy Parker Murder Case
0312217927: Titanic Voices
0312217935: Medieval Britain : The Age of Chivalry
0312217943: Eating the Flowers of Paradise : One Man's Journey Through Ethiopia and Yemen
0312217951: Browning Chronology : Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
0312217986: Globalization and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific
0312217994: Nationalism and Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union : A Basic Contradiction?
0312218001: Technological Response to Import Liberalization in Subsaharan Africa
0312218028: Conversion of Military R and D
0312218036: Passion of Dennis Potter : International Collected Essays
0312218044: Rumor about the Jews : Reflections on Antisemitism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
0312218052: Dostoevsky and the Age of Intensity
0312218079: Double
0312218087: Transcultural Experiments
0312218109: Michel Tournier and the Metaphor of Fiction
0312218117: Thing of the Past? : Child Labour in Britain in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
0312218133: France and the Dreyfus Affair : A Documentary History
0312218141: Double Jeopardy
0312218168: Candide
0312218176: Twenty Years at Hull-House
0312218192: America Views the Holocaust, 1933-1945
0312218206: How Did American Slavery Begin?
0312218214: What Did the Constitution Mean to Early Americans?
0312218230: Double Standard Feminist Critique
0312218249: Maggie
0312218257: Poverty and Exclusion in A Global World
0312218265: French Colonial Empire and the Popular Front : Hope and Disillusion
0312218273: Women and the Rise of the Novel, 1405-1726
0312218281: Dracula
0312218303: Modernism in Art, Design and Architecture
0312218311: Double Take
0312218338: Planetary Bargain : Corporate Social Responsibility Comes of Age
0312218346: Joseph Brodsky : The Art of a Poem
0312218354: Politics of Nationhood : Sovereignty, Britishness, and Conservative Politics
0312218362: Roots of African-American Identity : Memory and History in Antebellum Free Communities
0312218370: Ethnicity and Nationalism in Africa : Constructivist Reflections and Contemporary Politics
0312218389: Earthist Challenge to Economism : A Theological Critique of the World Bank
0312218397: Major Premiership : Politics and Policies under John Major, 1990-97
0312218400: Down among Women
0312218419: Vietnam, Jews and the Middle East : Unintended Consequences
0312218427: Labouring to Learn : Towards a Political Economy of Plantations, People and Education in Sri Lanka
0312218435: Comparative Political Economy of East and South Asia : A Critique of Development Policy and Management
0312218443: Identity in Northern Ireland : Communities, Politics and Change
0312218451: Global Export of Capital from Great Britain, 1865-1914 : A Statistical Survey
0312218478: Women and Political Change : Perspectives from East-Central Europe
0312218486: Britain and the Mastricht Negotiations
0312218494: The Down Comforter
0312218508: Languages of Addiction
0312218516: Europe in the World : The Persistence of Power Politics
0312218524: Toleration, Identity and Difference
0312218532: Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain, 1866-1928
0312218540: How Sanctions Work : Lessons from South Africa
0312218559: The Down East Murders
0312218567: How Sanctions Work : Lessons from South Africa
0312218591: Paradise Lost
0312218613: Caribbean Women Writers
0312218621: Down for the Count
0312218648: Economic Integration in NAFTA and the EU : Deficient Institutionality
0312218656: Poetics/Politics : Radical Aesthetics for the Classroom
0312218664: Poetics/Politics : Radical Aesthetics for the Classroom
0312218672: Inside Out, Outside In : Essays in Comparative History
0312218699: Down the Garden Path: A Pastoral Mystery
0312218729: Politics of Jane Austen
0312218737: Road to European Monetary Union
0312218745: Political Theory and Ecological Values
0312218753: Down the Rabbit Hole
0312218761: Political Theory and Ecological Values
0312218788: Down-to-earth beauty: A lavish guide to natural cosmetics, scents, potpourris, love charms, and potions
0312218796: European Political Thought 1600-1700
0312218826: Consuming Cultures : Power and Resistance
0312218834: State, Civil Society and Apartheid in South Africa : An Examination of Dutch Reformed Church-State Relations
0312218842: Passion for Books
0312218850: Early Medieval Europe 300-1000
0312218869: Early Medieval Europe 300-1000
0312218877: Gender and Power in the Workplace
0312218885: Transparent Market : Management Challenges in the Electronic Age
0312218893: Society, Work and Welfare in Europe
0312218907: Genocide and the Global Village
0312218915: Western Views of Islam in Medieval and Early Modern Europe : Perception of Other
0312218923: The dragon (The Atlan series)
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