0312218931: Dragonfire
0312218958: Dragons and Unicorns : A Natural History
0312218966: Kurdish Predicament in Iraq : A Political Analysis
0312218974: Religious Fundamentalisms and the Human Rights of Women
0312218982: Healing Cultures : Art and Religion As Curative Practices in the Caribbean and Its Diaspora
0312218990: Global Trends 2005 : An Owner's Manual for the Next Decade
0312219008: 21st Century Economics : Perspectives of Socioeconomics for a Changing World
0312219016: Contemporary Irish Literature : Transforming Tradition
0312219032: Azerbaijan : A Quest for Identity
0312219040: Communist Terror in Romania
0312219059: Core Executive in Britain
0312219067: Harold MacMillan : Aspects of a Political Life
0312219075: Soviet and Russian Press Coverage of the United States : Press, Politics and Identity in Transition
0312219083: Making of Harrod's Dynamics
0312219091: Chinese Perspectives on International Relations
0312219148: Containing Germany : Britain and the Arming of the Federal Republic
0312219156: Macmillan, Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis : Political, Military and Intelligence Aspects
0312219172: Rime of the Ancient Mariner
0312219180: Tempest
0312219199: Big Fellow, Long Fellow : A Joint Biography of Collins and de Valera
0312219210: Keys to Controversies : Stereotypes in Modern American Novels
0312219229: Between Sovereignty and Integration : German Foreign Policy and National Identity after 1989
0312219237: Atlantis : The Andes Solution: The Discovery of South America
0312219245: Age of Innocence : Irish Culture 1930-1960
0312219253: Resistance, Parody and Double Consciousness in African American Theatre, 1895-1910
0312219261: Classical Theories of International Relations
0312219288: Military Reforms of Nicholas I : The Origins of the Modern Russian Army
0312219296: PostColonial Middle Ages
0312219318: Sustainable Development in Central Asia
0312219326: Classical Liberalism : The Unvanquished Ideal
0312219334: Studies in Comparative Genocide
0312219342: Japan's Evolving Foreign Policy Doctrine : From Yoshida to Miyazawa
0312219350: Productivity and Growth in Chinese Agriculture
0312219369: Drama: An Introduction
0312219385: Social Movements in a Globalizing World
0312219393: Public Peace Process : Sustained Dialogue to Transform Racial and Ethnic Conflicts
0312219407: Marx and Nature : A Red and Green Perspective
0312219415: Economic Emergence of Women
0312219431: Gender Violence in Africa : African Women's Responses
0312219458: The Dramatic Genius of Verdi: Studies of Selected Operas, Volume 1
0312219466: Dramatic Genius of Verdi
0312219512: Beyond Sovereignty : Issues for a Global Agenda
0312219520: Who's Who 1999
0312219539: Divided Lives : The Untold Stories of Jewish-Christian Women in Nazi Germany
0312219547: Welfare Policy in Britain : The Road from 1945
0312219563: Dreams Die Hard : Three Men's Journey Through the '60s
0312219571: Drawings from Le Corbusier Archive
0312219598: Dreamgirl
0312219601: Dream of Reason
0312219628: Dreams Die Hard : Three Men's Journey Through the '60s
0312219636: Literature and the Philosophy of Intention
0312219644: China in Transition : Issues and Policies
0312219652: Leadership in Whitehall
0312219660: Auto/Biography and the Construction of Identity and Community in the Middle East
0312219679: Art, Culture and the Semiotics of Meaning : Culture's Changing Signs of Life in Poetry, Drama, Painting and Sculpture
0312219687: Dressing Right: A Guide for Men
0312219695: Dressing Right
0312219717: Understanding Ireland's Economic Growth
0312219733: Dropped Dead
0312219741: Politics of Cultural Policy in France
0312219768: Sexual Violence on the Jacobean Stage
0312219776: Drug Tales
0312219784: Israeli and Palestinian Identities in History and Literature
0312219792: Introduction to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English
0312219814: Introduction to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English
0312219822: Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affair : The Politics of Presidential Recovery
0312219830: Nuclear Terrorism : A Threat Assessment for the 21st Century
0312219857: Idea of Europe in Literature
0312219873: Fantasy Literature of England
0312219903: Women and Farming
0312219911: Economic Transition in Hungary and East Germany : Gradualism and Shock Therapy in Catch-Up Development
0312219938: Democratization in Russia under Gorbachev, 1985-91 : The Birth of a Voluntary Sector
0312219946: Global Confidence Building : New Tools for Troubled Regions
0312219954: Rethinking the Developmental State
0312219962: Women at Sea : Travel Writing and the Margins of Caribbean Discourse
0312219970: Development, Governance and the Environment in South Asia : A Focus on Bangladesh
0312219997: Philosophical and Theological Foundations of Ethics : An Introduction to Moral Theory and Its Relation to Religious Belief
0312220006: Philosophical and Theological Foundations of Ethics : An Introduction to Moral Theory and Its Relation to Religious Belief
0312220014: International Political Economy and Mass Communication in Chile : National Intellectuals and Transnational Hegemony
0312220022: Clinton Presidency : The First Term, 1992-96
0312220030: Theory of International Trade : An Alternative Approach
0312220049: Japan's Economic Involvement in Eastern Europe and Eurasia
0312220057: Decentralization and Transition in the Visegrad
0312220065: Historical Reflection on Central Europe
0312220081: Gender and Colonialism : A Psychological Analysis of Oppression and Liberation
0312220103: Development Dilemma : Displacement in India
0312220111: Anxious Angels : A Retrospective View of Religious Existentialism
0312220138: Growth, Employment and Inflation : Essays in Honour of John Cornwall
0312220154: Drums Along the Khyber
0312220162: United Nations at the End of the 1990's
0312220170: United Nations at the End of the 1990's
0312220189: EEC Crisis of 1963 : Kennedy, MacMillan, de Gaulle and Andadenauer in Conflict
0312220197: The Drums of Time
0312220200: Austria in the First Cold War, 1945-55 : The Leverage of the Weak
0312220227: THE DRUMS OF WAR
0312220235: Hegel and the History of Political Philosophy
0312220243: Exchange Rates and the Firm : Strategies to Manage Exposure and the Impact of EMU
0312220251: South African Political Exile in the United Kingdom
0312220278: Poland in the Twentieth Century
0312220286: Ethnic Nationalism and State Power : The Rise of Irish Nationalism, Afrikaner Nationalism and Zionism
0312220294: Storm over the Caucasus : In the Wake of Independence
0312220308: Ireland and the French Enlightenment, 1700-1800
0312220316: Tempest : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312220324: Irish Migrants in Modern Britain, 1750-1922
0312220340: History of Britain 1885-1939
0312220367: Unemployment and Primary Commodity Prices : Theory and Evidence in a Global Perspective
0312220375: Changing Face of Maritime Power
0312220383: At the Borders of the Human : Beasts, Bodies and Natural Philosophy in the Early Modern Period
0312220391: Romanticism and Masculinity : Gender, Politics and Poetics in the Writings of Burke, Coleridge, Cobbett, Wordsworth De Quincy and Hazlitt
0312220405: EU Enlargement and Its Macroeconomic Effects in Eastern Europe : Currencies, Prices, Investment and Competitiveness
0312220421: DRY LANDS: Man and Plants
0312220448: Middle Powers and Commercial Diplomacy : British Influences at the Kennedy Trade Round
0312220456: Social Mobility in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century England
0312220480: Impact of New Labour
0312220510: Main Currents in Cumulative Causation : The Dynamics of Growth and Development
0312220529: Nationalisms Old and New
0312220537: Republican Theory in Political Thought : Virtuous or Virtual?
0312220545: Blake in the Nineties
0312220553: Global Security Beyond the Millennium
0312220561: Collaboration in the Holocaust : Crimes of the Local Police in Belorussia and Ukraine, 1941-44
0312220588: Social Policy and the Body : Transitions in Corporeal Discourse
0312220596: Female Tragic Hero in English Renaissance Drama
0312220618: Indian Voices of the Great War
0312220626: Security in a Post-Cold War World
0312220634: Church, the State and the Fenian Threat, 1861-75
0312220642: William Blake's Comic Vision
0312220650: Experience of Democratization in Eastern Europe
0312220669: Defending India
0312220677: Kurdish Diasporas : A Comparative Study of Kurdish Refugee Communities
0312220685: Decolonization Agonistics in Postcolonial Fiction
0312220693: Wallace Stevens : A Literary Life
0312220707: Shadowboxing
0312220715: Nature and Nationalism : Right-Wing Ecology and the Politics of Identity in Contemporary Germany
0312220723: Subregional Cooperation in the New Europe : Building Security, Prosperity and Solidarity from the Barents to the Black Sea
0312220731: Making Sense of Prostitution
0312220766: Hebrew Prophets : Visionaries of the Ancient World
0312220774: Gospel of St. John : The Story of the Son of God
0312220782: Great Sayings of Jesus : Proverbs, Parables and Prayers
0312220790: Song of Solomon : Love Poetry of the Spirit
0312220804: Altered Destinies : Making Life Better For School Children in Need
0312220812: I May Be Some Time : Ice and the English Imagination
0312220820: With Snow on Their Boots : The Tragic Odyssey of the Russian Expeditionary Force in France During World War I
0312220839: Biting the Dust : The Joys of Housework
0312220847: We Must Love One Another or Die : The Life and Legacies of Larry Kramer
0312220855: Duchess
0312220863: Who's Who in Shakespeare's England
0312220871: Twentieth-Century Welfare State
0312220898: Economics of Transition : From Socialist Economy to Market Economy
0312220901: Kingship and Government in Pre-Conquest England C.500-1066
0312220928: Democracy
0312220952: Russian Province after Communism : Enterprise, Continuity and Change
0312220960: Rural Women and Triple Exploitation in Korean Development
0312220979: Bureaucracy and the Alternatives in World Perspective
0312220987: Agencies in Foreign Aid : Comparing China, Sweden and the United States in Tanzania
0312221002: Charles Darwin : Interviews and Recollections
0312221010: Referendums and Democratic Government : Normative Theory and the Analysis of Institutions
0312221029: Politics of Genetic Resource Control
0312221037: New Testament Epistles : Early Christian Wisdom
0312221045: Genesis : The Book of Beginnings
0312221053: Sayings of the Wise
0312221061: Revelation : The Apocalypse of St. John
0312221088: Stories from the Old Testament
0312221096: Psalms : Ancient Poetry of the Spirit
0312221118: Transformation of the World Economy
0312221126: Transformation of the World Economy
0312221134: Wordsworth's Poems of Travel, 1819-42 : Such Sweet Wayfaring
0312221142: British Social Welfare in the Twentieth Century
0312221150: Introduction to Linguistics
0312221169: Introduction to Linguistics
0312221177: European Warfare, 1453-1815
0312221185: European Warfare, 1453-1815
0312221193: FDR and His Enemies
0312221207: Ducks, Geese and Swans
0312221215: Natural Instability of Markets : Expectations, Increasing Returns and the Collapse of Capitalism
0312221223: Policy Analysis of Child Labor : A Comparative Study
0312221231: Social History : Problems, Strategies and Methods
0312221258: Writing with an Accent : Contemporary Italian American Women Authors
0312221266: Dennis Potter
0312221274: Melodrama : The Cultural Emergence of a Genre
0312221282: Penitentiaries, Reformatories and Chain Gangs : Social Theory and the History of Punishment in Nineteenth-Century America
0312221290: Making War, Not Love : Gender and Sexuality in Russian Humor
0312221304: Young Medieval Women
0312221339: Poetics of Novels
0312221347: Crisis, Adjustment and Growth in Uganda
0312221355: Global Futures : Migration, Environment and Globalization
0312221371: Public Choice Analysis of Economic Policy
0312221428: Economic and Political Change in Tunisia
0312221436: Towards a European Islam : Migration, Minorities and Citzenship
0312221444: Body, Childhood and Society
0312221452: Mystery of Matter
0312221460: Contemporary China
0312221479: Contemporary China
0312221487: Myth of the Titanic
0312221495: Ibsen's Drama
0312221509: Angels Corpse
0312221517: Violence and Its Alternatives
0312221525: Interpretation As Pragmatics
0312221533: Interpretation As Pragmatics
0312221568: Practice of Reading : Interpreting the Novel
0312221576: Practice of Reading : Interpreting the Novel
0312221584: Dreyfus Affair : Honour and Politics in the Belle Epoque
0312221592: Dreyfus Affair : Honour and Politics in the Belle Epoque
0312221606: Social Costs of Transformation to A Market Economy in Post-Socialist Countries : The Case of Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary
0312221614: Russo-Japanese War in Cultural Perspective, 1904-05
0312221622: Merchants, Markets and Manufacture : The English Wool Textile Industry in the Eighteenth Century
0312221630: Political Theory : An Introduction
0312221649: Political Theory : An Introduction
0312221657: Understanding the European Union : A Concise Introduction
0312221665: Understanding the European Union : A Concise Introduction
0312221673: Crossing the Bridge : Comparative Essays on Medieval European and Heian Japanese Women Writers
0312221681: Darkest Italy : The Nation and Stereotypes of the Mezzogiorno, 1860-1900
0312221711: Marvell and Liberty
0312221738: Dukes of Britain
0312221746: Poverty of Nations
0312221754: In the Wake of the Balkan Myth : Questions of Identity and Modernity
0312221762: Trollope and the Magazines : Gendered Issues in Mid-Victorian Britain
0312221770: Gandhi's Dilemma : Nonviolent Principles and Nationalist Power
0312221789: Arab Shi'a : The Forgotten Muslims
0312221800: Human Rights : Universality in Practice
0312221819: Writing Rape, Writing Women in Early Modern England : Unbridled Speech
0312221835: Ambivalence in Hardy : A Study of his Attitude to Women
0312221843: Relating Intimacies : Power and Resistance
0312221851: U. S. Labour and Political Action, 1918-1924 : A Comparison of Independent Political Action in New York, Chicago and Seattle
0312221878: Migrants, Ethnic Minorities and the Labour Market : Integration and Exclusion in Europe
0312221886: United States and Europe in the Global Arena
0312221908: Dunkirk
0312221916: Uncertainty, International Money, Employment and Theory : The Collected Writings of Paul Davidson
0312221924: Dimensions of Japanese Society : Gender, Margins and Mainstream
0312221932: Death of Britain? : The UK's Constitutional Crisis
0312221940: Jean-Paul Sartre : Politics and Culture in Postwar France
0312221959: Central-Local Relations in Asia-Pacific : Convergence or Divergence?
0312221967: Celtic Christianity : Making Myths and Chasing Dreams
0312221975: Women's Writing of the Victorian Period 1837-1901 : An Anthology
0312221983: Women's Writing of the Victorian Period 1837-1901 : An Anthology
0312221991: Last Witnesses : Reflections on the Wartime Internment of Japanese Americans
0312222009: Slavophiles and Commissars
0312222017: Politics of the Independence of Kenya
0312222025: Inside the Citadel
0312222033: Mercenaries
0312222041: Juvenile Delinquency : The United States and the United Kingdom
0312222068: Between Resistance and Collaboration : Popular Protest in Northern France, 1940-45
0312222076: Europe and the Third World : From Colonisation to Decolonisation, C. 1500-1998
0312222084: Europe and the Third World : From Colonisation to Decolonisation, C. 1500-1998
0312222092: Gospel of St. John : The Story of the Son of God
0312222106: Hebrew Prophets : Visionaries of the Ancient World
0312222114: Great Sayings of Jesus : Proverbs, Parables and Prayers
0312222130: Second World War
0312222149: Second World War
0312222157: Cities in Transition : New Challenges, New Responsibilities
0312222165: Risk in the Modern Age
0312222173: Taxation in Britain Since 1660
0312222181: Soviet Legacy in Central Asia
0312222203: Islam and Feminisms : An Iranian Case-Study
0312222238: Spectral Readings : Towards a Gothic Geography
0312222246: New Politics of Financing the U. N.
0312222262: Empire and Order : The Concept of Empire, 800-1800
0312222270: Practising Identities : Power and Resistance
0312222289: Israel and Ishmael : Studies in Muslim-Jewish Relations
0312222297: Import Propensities of Industrialized Countries : Protectionism Revealed
0312222300: Learning Policy
0312222319: Transforming Politics : Power and Resistance
0312222327: Language and Society in Post-Communist Europe : Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995
0312222335: Religious Toleration
0312222343: H.G. Wells Chronology
0312222378: Nationalism and the Drive for Sovereignty in Tatarstan, 1988-92 : Origins and Development
0312222386: Foreign Capital in Developing Economies : Perspectives from the Theory of Economic Growth
0312222394: Doing Time : An Introduction to the Sociology of Imprisonment
0312222408: New Macedonian Question
0312222416: Building Policy Legitimacy in Japan
0312222424: New Agendas for Women
0312222432: American Dream in the Information Age
0312222467: Male Image : Representations of Masculinity in Postwar Poetry
0312222475: Romantic Communist : The Life and Work of Nazim Hikmet
0312222483: Illustrated History of the Housewife, 1650-1950
0312222491: Food Security and Nutrition : The Global Challenge
0312222505: From Chaos to Coersion : Detention and the Control of Tuberculosis
0312222513: Lethal Arrogance : Human Fallibility and Dangerous Technologies
0312222548: Canadian-Caribbean Relations in Transition
0312222556: Darkling I Listen
0312222564: Revolution and the European Experience, 1789-1914
0312222572: Britain's War in the Middle East
0312222599: Study of Modern China
0312222629: Superpowers in the Post-Cold War Era
0312222637: Globalization and the Dilemmas of the State in the South
0312222645: Restructuring the Malaysian Economy : Development and Human Resources
0312222653: Durkheim and the Law
0312222688: Dustin Hoffman, Hollywood's Anti-Hero
0312222696: William Blake and the Myths of Britain
0312222718: Shakespeare Without Class
0312222726: Reconsidering Drugs : Mapping Victorian and Modern Drug Discourses
0312222734: Politics of British Defence, 1979-98
0312222742: Staging Shakespeare at the New Globe
0312222750: C. G. Jung and Literary Theory : The Challenge from Fiction
0312222769: America's Solvable Problems
0312222777: Dynamics of Social Change in Latin America
0312222785: New Right in Chile, 1973-97
0312222793: Imagining Apocalypse : Studies in Cultural Crisis
0312222807: Duty elsewhere
0312222815: Discourse of Human Rights in China : Historical and Ideological Perspectives
0312222823: Beyond the Bottom Line : The Search for Dignity at Work
0312222831: Dwarf Rapes Nun, Flees in UFO
0312222858: Globalizing Concern for Women's Human Rights
0312222866: Dwell in Danger
0312222874: Beyond Colonialism and Nationalism in the Maghrib : History, Culture, and Politics
0312222882: Politics and Economics in Northeast Asia : Nationalism and Regionalism in Contention
0312222890: Dwellers All in Time and Space : A Memory of the 1940s
0312222912: Net Benefit : Guaranteed Electronic Markets: The Ultimate Potential of Online Trade
0312222939: Hong Kong the Super Paradox : Life after Return to China
0312222947: Ukraine and European Security
0312222963: Foundations of Democracy in the European Union : From the Genesis of Parliamentary Democracy to the European Parliament
0312222971: Current State of Macroeconomics : Leading Thinkers in Conversation
0312222998: Travel Knowledge : European Discoveries in the Early Modern Period
0312223005: Divisia Monetary Aggregates : Theory and Practice
0312223013: International Joint Ventures in China
0312223021: Romanticism on the Road
0312223056: Method Acting Reconsidered : Theory, Practice, Future
0312223064: Tropical Capitalism
0312223099: Method Acting Reconsidered : Theory, Practice, Future
0312223102: Last Trek - A New Beginning : The Autobiography
0312223110: Capitalism and Social Cohesion : Essays on Exclusion and Integration
0312223129: Demystifying Drugs : A Psychosocial Perspective
0312223137: Freedom and Security
0312223145: Poverty in World Politics
0312223153: Conservative Capitalism
0312223161: The Dynamics of Agricultural Change, the historical experience
0312223188: A. E. Housman : A Reassessment
0312223196: Portugal and Africa
0312223218: Food Security and Economic Reform : The Challenges Facing China's Grain Marketing System
0312223226: America's World Identity : The Politics of Exclusion
0312223234: Sylvia Plath : A Literary Life
0312223242: Contemporary Economic Theory : Radical Critiques of Neoliberalism
0312223250: Decolonisation and the British Empire, 1775-1997
0312223269: Medieval British Towns
0312223277: Culture and Power in England, 1585-1685
0312223285: Culture and Power in England, 1585-1685
0312223293: National Government, 1931-40
0312223307: The Dynamics of the Industrial Revolution
0312223315: Early Modern European Economy
0312223323: Early Modern European Economy
0312223331: European Industrial Policy and Competitiveness : Concepts and Instruments
0312223358: To Be Young Was Very Heaven : Women in New York Before the First World War
0312223366: Ethnic Cleansing
0312223374: Noblest Triumph : Property and Prosperity Through the Ages
0312223404: Alternative Strategies for Economic Development
0312223412: Iraq-Primus Inter Pariahs : A Crisis Chronology, 1997-98
0312223420: Health and Work
0312223439: Letters of Wilkie Collins, 1838-1865
0312223447: Letters of Wilkie Collins : 1866-1889
0312223463: Culture, Class and Gender in the Victorian Novel
0312223498: Wearing the Breeches : Gender on the Antebellum Stage
0312223501: Eloquent Virgins from Thecla to Joan of Arc
0312223528: Women's Lives into Print
0312223536: Age of Virtue : British Culture from the Restoration to Romanticism
0312223552: Moral Questions by Rush Rhees
0312223560: Reflections on Revolutions
0312223579: Russian Presidency : Society and Politics in the Second Russian Republic
0312223587: Britain Since 1789
0312223595: Britain Since 1789
0312223609: Holy Roman Empire 1495-1806
0312223617: Russian Revolution, 1900-1927
0312223625: Chinese Road to High Technology : A Study of Telecommunications Switching Technology in the Economic Transition
0312223633: State, Society and the Poor in Nineteenth-Century England
0312223641: Charlotte Bronte : The Novels
0312223668: Charlotte Bronte : The Novels
0312223676: Fisher of Men : A Life of John Fisher, 1469-1535
0312223684: Post-Communist Era : Change and Continuity in Eastern Europe
0312223692: Dynamics of Small Groups
0312223706: Global Transition : A General Theory of Economic Development
0312223714: International Business Organization : Subsidiary Management, Entry Strategies and Emerging Markets
0312223722: Search for the Northwest Passage
0312223730: Dynamics of Urban Development
0312223749: Post-Soeharto Indonesia : Renewal or Chaos?
0312223757: Women in Britain Since 1900
0312223765: Emily Bronte : Wuthering Heights
0312223773: Emily Bronte : Wuthering Heights
0312223781: Dance in the Field : Theory, Methods and Issues in Dance Ethnography
0312223803: Associative Economy : Insights beyond the Welfare State and into Post-Capitalism
0312223838: European Democratization Since 1800 : Past and Present
0312223846: Still Acting Gay : Male Homosexuality in Modern Drama
0312223854: Enlightenment and Modernity
0312223862: Bangladesh, India and Pakistan : International Relations and Regional Tensions in South Asia
0312223870: Corruption and Development in Africa : Lessons from Country Case-Studies
0312223889: United States Interests and Policies in Africa : Transition to a New Era
0312223897: China and the People's Liberation Army : Great Power or Struggling Developing State
0312223900: From Social Democracy to Neoliberalism : The Consequences of Party Hegemony in Spain, 1982-1996
0312223919: German Writers of the Great War
0312223927: Banking in Transition : East Germany after Unification
0312223943: Election Observation and Democratization in Africa
0312223951: Imperialism, Decolonization and Africa : Studies Presented to John Hargreaves
0312223978: Representations of Gender from Prehistory to the Present
0312223986: Gender and Material Culture in Archaeological Perspective
0312223994: Gender and Material Culture in Historical Perspective
0312224028: Elusive Quest for European Security : From EDC to CFSP
0312224036: Reading Hardy's Landscapes
0312224044: Time-Bound Words : Semantic and Social Economies from Chaucer's England to Shakespeare's
0312224052: Ethnicity in Ghana : The Limits of Invention
0312224060: Peace, Power and Resistance in Cambodia : Global Governance and the Failure of International Conflict Resolution
0312224079: Marx@2000 : Late Marxist Perspectives
0312224087: Representations of Childhood Death
0312224117: Confucianism and Modernization : Industrialization and Democratization of the Confucian Regions
0312224125: Sustainability Challenge for Southern Africa
0312224133: School, Reform and Society in the New Russia
0312224141: Globalization and Its Critics : Perspectives from Political Economy
0312224168: On the Edge of Certainty : Philosophical Explorations
0312224176: Enemies of Hope : A Critique of Contemporary Pessimism
0312224184: Explicit Animal : A Defence of Human Consciousness
0312224192: Accommodation of Cultural Diversity : Case Studies
0312224206: Globalization, Europeanization and the End of Scandinavian Social Democracy?
0312224214: Harold Monro : Poet of the New Age
0312224230: Route to Modernism
0312224249: Philosophy of Religion in Nineteenth-Century England and Beyond
0312224257: Awaiting Apocalypse
0312224265: Agrarian Policies in Central America
0312224273: Adversity and Challenge in Life in the New Germany and in England
0312224281: From Nothing to Nothing : The Chinese Communist Movement and Hong Kong, 1921-1936
0312224303: Political History of Eighteenth-Century Scotland
0312224311: Alice Walker
0312224338: Ideology, Mobilization and the Nation : The Rise of Irish, Basque and Carlist Nationalist Movements in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
0312224346: How the Troubles Came to Northern Ireland
0312224354: Dyslexia: The Problems of Reading and Retardation
0312224362: Poverty and Social Assistance in Transition Countries
0312224370: Asian Energy Factor : Myths and Dilemmas of Energy, Security and the Pacific Future
0312224397: Dzerzhinsky Square
0312224400: Stealing Innocence : Youth, Corporate Power and the Politics of Culture
0312224427: Korean Crisis
0312224435: Masturbation : The History of a Great Terror
0312224443: Preventing the Clash of Civilizations : A Peace Strategy for the Twenty-First Century
0312224486: Islamic Finance : Theory and Practice
0312224494: Structure and Dissolution in English Writing, 1910-1920
0312224508: French Connections : Hemingway and Fitzgerald Abroad
0312224516: Women in the Medieval Islamic World
0312224524: E Type: End of an Era
0312224532: Eagle : The History of American Airlines
0312224540: Teacher Education in America : Reform Agendas for the Twenty-First Century
0312224559: Rescue of the Innocents : Endangered Children in Medieval Miracles
0312224567: Smuggling Armageddon
0312224583: Lithuania in European Politics : The Years of the First Republic, 1918-1940
0312224591: Revolutions and Revolutionary Waves
0312224605: Money and European Union
0312224621: On the Boundaries of American Evangelicalism : The Postwar Evangelical Coalition
0312224648: Early Medieval Spain: Unity in Diversity, 400-1000
0312224656: Early photography
0312224664: Chaucer and the Late Medieval World
0312224672: Earth and All It Holds
0312224699: East-West Economic Relations in the Changing Global Environment
0312224710: Lost Fathers : The Politics of Fatherlessness in America
0312224729: Korea and Its Futures : Unification and the Unfinished War
0312224737: East and West in the Energy Squeeze
0312224753: White Reign : Deploying Whiteness in America
0312224788: Beyond Postcolonial Theory
0312224796: Changing Ones : Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America
0312224818: Literary Theory from Plato to Barthes : An Introductory History
0312224826: Literary Theory from Plato to Barthes : An Introductory History
0312224834: On Directing
0312224842: British Society and Social Welfare : Towards a Sustainable Society
0312224850: Environment and Security : Discourses and Practices
0312224869: Eastern Front, 1941-45, German Troops and the Barbarisation of Warfare
0312224885: Social and Political Development in Post-Reform China
0312224893: Revival of Civil Society : Global and Comparative Perspectives
0312224907: Radicalism and Revolution in Britain, 1775-1848 : Essays in Honour of Malcolm I. Thomis
0312224915: Romanticism and Male Fantasy in Byron's Don Juan : A Marketable Vice
0312224923: Trajectories of Mysticism in Theory and Literature
0312224931: Dickens and Heredity : When Like Begets Like
0312224958: East-West Conflict : The Organization of International Relations in the Twentieth Century
0312224974: Conflict and Cooperation in Sino-British Business, 1860-1911 : The Impact of the Pro-British Commercial Network in Shanghai
0312224982: East-West-South
0312224990: East-West Trade and Finance in the World Economy
0312225008: East-West Trade and the Gatt System
0312225016: Fascism, Anti-Fascism and Britain in the 1940s
0312225040: Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy
0312225067: Pentecostalism in Brazil : Emotion of the Poor and Theological Romanticism
0312225075: Childhood, Memory and Autobiography in Holland : From the Golden Age to Romanticism
0312225083: Evelyn Waugh : A Literary Life
0312225091: Stories from the Old Testament
0312225105: Stories from the Old Testament : From King David to the Return from Exile
0312225121: Book of Job : Why Do the Innocent Suffer?
0312225180: The Ebb and Flow of Battle
0312225199: Statesman's Yearbook 2000 : The Politics, Cultures, and Economies of the World
0312225202: Grants Register, 2000
0312225210: Decision-Making in the European Union
0312225229: John Donne : The Poems
0312225237: John Donne : The Poems
0312225253: Global Labour Flexibility : Seeking Distributive Justice
0312225261: Religion and Hume's Legacy
0312225288: Media in Britain : Current Debates and Developments
0312225296: Decision-Making in the European Union
0312225318: Eighteenth-Century Writers in Their World
0312225326: Developments in the European Union
0312225334: Developments in the European Union
0312225342: Rethinking British Decline
0312225350: Political System of the European Union
0312225369: Political System of the European Union
0312225377: Globalization of Multinational Enterprise Activity and Economic Development
0312225385: Russia and the Middle East : Towards a New Foreign Policy
0312225393: Eighteenth-Century Europe
0312225407: Echalar and Murelaga : Opportunity and Rural Exodus in Two Spanish Basque Villages
0312225415: Working Class Culture, Women, and Britain, 1914-1921
0312225423: Using the Master's Tools : Resistance and the Literature of the African and South Asian Diasporas
0312225431: Culture and Politics : A Reader
0312225458: Living with the European Union : The Northern Ireland Experience
0312225466: Echoes of War
0312225474: Politics of Identity : Migrants and Minorities in Multicultural States
0312225482: Diplomacy Before the Russian Revolution : Britain, Russia and the Old Diplomacy, 1894-1917
0312225490: Long Gestation : Irish Nationalist Life 1891-1918
0312225512: Alchemy of Laughter : Comedy in English Fiction
0312225520: Echoes of Zero
0312225539: Joseph Conrad and the Imperial Romance
0312225547: Creating Environmental Policy in the European Union
0312225555: Britain's Imperial Administrators, 1858-1966
0312225563: Chinese Economy in the 1990s
0312225571: Edith Wharton's Social Register
0312225598: French Catholicism : Church, State and Society in a Changing Era
0312225601: Wordsworth's Classical Undersong : Education, Rhetoric and Poetic Truth
0312225628: Royalty of Negro Vaudeville
0312225636: No Fixed Abode
0312225644: Strategic and Critical Materials
0312225652: China in World History
0312225660: Rational Foundations of Economic Behavior : Proceedings of the IEA Conference Held in Turin, Italy
0312225679: Religion, Ethnicity and Social Change
0312225687: Subregionalism and World Order
0312225695: Evaluating Economic Liberalization : Case-Studies in Economic Development
0312225709: Ending War : The Force of Reason
0312225717: China's Trade Patterns and International Comparative Advantage : Studies in the Modern Chinese Economy
0312225725: Perceiving Animals : Humans and Beasts in Early Modern English Culture
0312225733: Impact of the Euro
0312225741: From Legislation to Integration? : Race Relations in Britain
0312225776: Economic and Political Impediments to Middle East Peace : Critical Questions and Alternative Scenarios
0312225784: Girl
0312225814: Global Focus : U. S. Foreign Policy at the Turn of the Millennium
0312225822: Thomas Hardy : Interviews and Recollections
0312225830: Star Trek
0312225849: Social Development and Public Policy : A Study of Some Successful Experiences
0312225865: Modernizing Financial Systems
0312225873: Regulating International Business : Beyond Liberalization
0312225881: Political Economy, Power and the Body : Global Perspectives
0312225903: Environmental Planning, Policies and Politics in Eastern and Southern Africa
0312225938: Politics and Society under the Bolsheviks : Selected Papers from the 5th World Congress of Central and East European Studies, Warsaw, 1995
0312225954: Rights of Nations : Nations and Nationalism in a Changing World
0312225962: Special Approach to Regional Guide
0312225970: International Marketing of Travel and Tourism : A Strategic Approach
0312225989: Radical Right in Interwar Estonia
0312225997: Russian Modernity : Politics, Knowledge, Practices
0312226004: Rethinking Globalizations : From Corporate Transnationalism to Local Interventions
0312226012: Russian Reading Revolution : Print Culture in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Eras
0312226039: Aegean Sea after the Cold War : Security and Law of the Sea Issues
0312226047: Investment and Risk in Africa
0312226055: Left and Israel : Party-Policy Change and Internal Democracy
0312226063: Transparency in Public Policy : Great Britain and the United States
0312226071: Race and Ethnicity in East Africa
0312226101: Ecology and Earth History
0312226128: Global Ethnopolis
0312226144: 1848 - A European Revolution? : International Ideas and National Memories of 1848
0312226152: Eldorado Or Fortress? Migration in Southern Europe
0312226160: Japan and the European Union
0312226179: Young Homeless People
0312226187: Politics of Ballistic Missile Nonproliferation
0312226195: Making Spaces : Citizenship and Difference in Schools
0312226209: Criminal Injustice : An Evaluation of the Criminal Justice Process in Britain
0312226217: Chinese Economy under Transition
0312226225: Understanding and Regulating the Market at A Time of Globalization : The Case of the Cement Industry
0312226233: Renewing Social and Economic Progress in Africa : Essays in Memory of Philip Ndegwa
0312226268: Performing O'Neill : Conversations with Actors and Directors
0312226276: Value Pluralism, Normative Theory and International Relations
0312226284: China and the Global Economy Since 1840
0312226292: Postmodern Insurgencies : Political Violence, Identity Formation and Peacemaking in Comparative Perspective
0312226306: Unemployment in Europe : Proceedings of a Conference Held by Confederation of European Economic Associations, Vienna, Austria
0312226314: Econometric Contributions to Public Policy
0312226322: Econometrics
0312226330: Politics of Hong Kong's Reversion to China
0312226349: Public Management in Britain
0312226357: Military History of Tsarist Russia
0312226365: Twentieth-Century American Women's Fiction
0312226373: Twentieth-Century American Women's Fiction
0312226381: Road to the White House, 2000 : The Politics of Presidential Elections
0312226403: Leadership in the Trenches : Officer-Man Relations, Morale and Discipline in the British Army in the Era of the First World War
0312226411: Life and Times of Sydney and Beatrice Webb
0312226438: Rereading Victorian Fiction
0312226446: Stalinism in Poland, 1944-1956 : Selected Papers from the Fifth World Congress of Central and East European Studies
0312226454: Economics of Agriculture
0312226462: Matheus Miller's Memoir : A Merchant's Life in the Seventeenth Century
0312226470: Linguistics Terms and Concepts
0312226489: Pressure Groups and British Politics
0312226497: Fundamentals in British Politics
0312226500: Fundamentals in British Politics
0312226519: Rolling Back the Market : Economic Dogma and Political Choice
0312226527: Rolling Back the Market : Economic Dogma and Political Choice
0312226535: Rising Middle Power?
0312226543: Shock of the Real
0312226551: Causes and Impact of the Asian Financial Crisis
0312226578: Vision and Rhetoric in Shakespeare : Looking through Language
0312226586: Bureaucrats and Leadership
0312226594: Rural Development in Central America : Markets, Livelihoods and Local Governance
0312226608: Regionalism among Developing Countries
0312226616: Fertility, Mortality and Migration in Subsaharan Africa : The Case of Ovamboland in North Namibia, 1925-90
0312226624: European Union and Britain : Debating the Challenges Ahead:Reflections on the 1998 British Presidency of the European Union
0312226632: English Travel Writing from Pilgrimages to Postcolonial Explorations
0312226640: Economic Integration : Limits and Prospects
0312226659: Sustainable Economic Development in South China
0312226667: Contemporary Women's Fiction and the Fantastic
0312226675: Representing Lives : Women and Auto/Biography
0312226683: Widening World of Children's Literature
0312226691: New Larkins for Old : Critical Essays
0312226705: Norstad Cold-War NATO Supreme Commander
0312226713: Romantic Dynamics : The Poetics of Physicality
0312226721: Literature and the Renewal of the Public Sphere
0312226748: Marxist Literary and Cultural Theories
0312226756: Feminism, the State and Social Policy
0312226764: Jansenism : Catholic Resistance to Authority from the Reformation
0312226772: Monetary Standards in the Periphery
0312226780: Economic Analysis of Government and Related Theories
0312226799: Rethinking Victorian Culture
0312226810: The Economic Analysis of Producers' Cooperatives
0312226829: Economic Analysis of Regulated Markets
0312226837: National Perspectives on the New Regionalism in the North
0312226845: Economic Analysis of Trade Unions
0312226853: Unspeakable Shaxxxspeares
0312226861: Meat Business : Devouring a Hungry Planet
0312226888: Political Parties in American Society
0312226896: Rise and Fall of the Media Establishment
0312226926: After Atheism
0312226934: Cold War in the High Himalayas : The USA, China and South Asia in the 1950s
0312226942: Contemporary Kazaks : Cultural and Social Perspectives
0312226950: Referring to God
0312226969: Three Lives
0312226977: New Economics of Sustainable Development
0312226985: Why Peacekeeping Fails : A Comparative Assessment of Angola
0312226993: Florence Nightingale
0312227000: Environmental Democracy
0312227019: Jude the Obscure : Thomas Hardy
0312227027: Shakespeare : The Comedies
0312227035: Shakespeare : The Comedies
0312227043: Recovering Religious Concepts : Closing Epistemic Divides
0312227051: Death and the Afterlife
0312227078: Japanese Foreign Policy Today
0312227086: Andre Gide's Politics : Rebellion and Ambivalence
0312227094: Trevor Huddleston
0312227108: Changing Ireland
0312227116: George Eliot and Intoxication : Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England
0312227124: Auden and Isherwood : The Berlin Years
0312227132: Shakespeare : The Histories
0312227140: World Today 2000 : Essential Facts in an Ever Changing World
0312227167: Romantic Dialogues : Anglo-American Continuities, 1776-1862
0312227175: Foreign Intervention and Regime Change in Cambodia : Towards Democracy
0312227191: Layers of Time : A History of Ethiopia
0312227205: Cyprus - Ethnic Conflict and International Politics : From Independence to the Threshold of the European Union
0312227213: Motherhood and Mothering in Anglo-Saxon England
0312227221: How to Study Linguistics
0312227248: Italy Profiled
0312227256: China Profiled
0312227264: Germany Profiled : Essential Facts on Society, Business, and Politics in Germany
0312227280: Irish Act of Union
0312227299: On Liberty : Jewish Philosophical Perspectives
0312227302: Joan of Arc : Her Story
0312227310: Passionate Sisterhood
0312227329: Midnight Dreary : The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe
0312227337: From Psychiatric Patient to Citizen : Overcoming Discrimination and Social Exclusion
0312227353: Romanticism and the Vocation of Childhood
0312227361: Creating Community with Food and Drink in Merovingian Gaul
0312227388: Gladstone
0312227396: Introduction to the Canterbury Tales : Fiction, Writing, Context
0312227418: Contemporary Japan
0312227426: Contemporary Japan
0312227434: Louis XIV and Absolutism
0312227442: Jesuit Relations : Natives and Missionaries in Seventeenth-Century North America
0312227450: Urban Policy and Politics in Britain
0312227469: Ms-Directing Shakespeare : Women Direct Shakespeare
0312227477: Passive Nihilism : Cultural Historiography and the Rhetorics of Scholarship
0312227485: Kant and the Ends of Aesthetics
0312227493: Politics of Romantic Poetry : In Search of the Pure Commonwealth
0312227515: Technological Change in Agriculture : Locking in to Genetic Uniformity
0312227523: History of Northern Ireland
0312227531: Popular Music and Youth Culture : Music, Identity and Place
0312227558: Non-Democratic Regimes
0312227582: Clotel or the President's Daughter
0312227604: Hard Times
0312227612: Benito Cereno
0312227620: Frankenstein
0312227647: Era of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945 : A Brief History with Documents
0312227655: Anti-Fascism in Britain
0312227663: Theology and Contemporary Critical Theory
0312227671: On Screen Rivals : Cinema and Television in the United States and Britian
0312227698: Looted : The Philippines after the Bases
0312227701: Wars and Peace
0312227728: National Perspectives on the New Regionalism in the South
0312227736: New Regionalism and the Future of Security and Development
0312227744: Warriors and Peasants : The Don Cossacks in Late Imperial Russia
0312227760: Emancipation and Poverty
0312227779: Postwar Rapprochement of Malaya and Japan, 1945-61 : The Roles of Britain and Japan in South-East Asia
0312227787: Power Sector Reform in Subsaharan Africa
0312227795: Parliamentary Democracy : Democratization, Destabilization, Reconsolidation 1789-1999
0312227809: International Law and the Resolution of Central and East European Transboundary
0312227817: Comparing Postcolonial Literatures
0312227825: Conrad and Masculinity
0312227833: Body Narratives
0312227841: Confronting Sukarno : British, American, Australian and New Zealand Diplomacy in the Malaysian-Indonesian Confrontation, 1961-5
0312227868: Social Democratic Dilemma
0312227876: Ireland
0312227884: Flight From Fifth Avenue
0312227914: Virginia Woolf's Essays : Sketching the Past
0312227922: British Foreign Policy, 1955-64 : Contracting Options
0312227930: Why Europe? Problems of Culture and Identity Vol. 1 : Political and Historical Dimensions
0312227949: Why Europe? Problems of Culture and Identity Vol. 2 : Media, Film, Gender, Youth and Education
0312227957: Congo-Zaire Experience, 1960-98:
0312227965: Organized Business and the New Global Order
0312227973: Economics of Crime
0312227981: The economics of crime
0312228015: Media at War
0312228031: New Politics of British Local Governance
0312228058: Globalization of Chinese Business Firms
0312228066: Economic development: An introduction
0312228074: Literary Feminisms
0312228082: Literary Feminisms
0312228090: Ahab's Trade : The Saga of South Sea Whaling
0312228104: Poetry of Nizami Ganjavi : Knowledge, Love and Rhetoric
0312228112: Deferrals of Domain
0312228120: Globalization, Gender, and Religion
0312228139: Chasing the Mountain of Light : Across India on the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond
0312228147: France-Germany in the Twenty-First Century
0312228155: East of West : Cross-Cultural Performance and the Staging of Difference
0312228163: What Does the Internment of Japanese Americans Mean?
0312228171: Victors and Vanquished : Spanish and Nahua Views of the Conquest of Mexico
0312228198: Women's Rights Emerges Within the Anti-Slavery Movement, 1830-1870 : A Brief History with Documents
0312228201: Economic Development for Africa South of the Sahara
0312228228: Kuwait and a New Concept of International Politics
0312228244: United Nations and International Politics
0312228252: United Nations and International Politics
0312228260: What Constitutes a Good Society?
0312228279: Mongolian Nomadic Society : A Reconstruction of the 'Medieval' History of Mongolia
0312228287: Cultural Construction of Politics in Asia
0312228295: Model of Tatarstan : Under President Mintimer Shaimiev
0312228309: Animalizing Imagination : Totemism, Textuality and Ecocriticism
0312228317: Post-Colonial Detective
0312228325: Mary Shelley : A Literary Life
0312228333: Effect of Science on the Second World War
0312228341: Memory and History in George Eliot : Transfiguring the Past
0312228368: John Addington Symonds : Culture and the Demon Desire
0312228376: Reigning Cats and Dogs : A History of Pets at Court Since the Renaissance
0312228384: Ethnic Conflict in India : A Case-Study of Punjab
0312228392: Virginia Woolf : Public and Private Negotiations
0312228406: Japan and China
0312228414: Management and Organizations in the Chinese Context
0312228422: Shareholder Value Management in Banks
0312228430: Conditions of Democracy in Europe, 1919-39 : Systemic Case-Studies
0312228449: Metamorphosis of Ovid : From Chaucer to Ted Hughes
0312228457: Open Issues in European Central Banking
0312228465: Policing Urban Poverty
0312228473: Japan's Quest for A Permanent Security Council Seat : A Matter of Pride or Justice?
0312228503: Appeasing Hitler : The Diplomacy of Sir Nevile Henderson, 1937-39
0312228511: Ideologies of Breast Cancer : Feminist Perspectives
0312228538: Logic of Charity : Amsterdam, 1800-1850
0312228562: Learning to Love
0312228570: Learning to Love
0312228589: Britain and the Cold War, 1945-1991
0312228597: Hedley Bull on International Society
0312228600: Materializing Bakhtin : The Bakhtin Circle and Social Theory
0312228619: Duchess of Malfi
0312228627: British Economy Since 1945 : Engaging with the Debate
0312228635: Towards the Control of Oil Resources in the Caspian Region
0312228643: Force More Powerful
0312228651: Russian Women and Their Organizations : Gender, Discrimination and Grassroots Women's Organizations, 1991-96
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