0312228678: Leaders of Transition
0312228686: Peter Ackroyd : The Lucid and Labyrinthine Text
0312228694: Big Four British Banks : Organization, Strategy and the Future
0312228708: Election '99 South Africa : From Mandela to Mbeki
0312228716: Election '99 South Africa : From Mandela to Mbeki
0312228724: New Challenges for European Human Resource Management
0312228732: European Culture Since 1848 : From Modern to Postmodern and Beyond
0312228740: Ethical Issues in Contemporary Human Resource Management
0312228759: Repression and Accommodation in Post-Revolutionary States
0312228767: The Economic Development of Japan : A Quantitative Study
0312228775: Japan and Russia : The Tortuous Path to Normalization, 1949-1999
0312228783: America and the World, 1898-2025 : Achievements, Failures, Alternative Futures
0312228791: Satire and Romanticism
0312228805: Economic Development In Latin America
0312228813: Economic Development in Latin America
0312228821: Romantic Turbulence : Chaos, Ecology, and American Space
0312228848: Vietnamese Foreign Policy in Transition
0312228856: The Economic Development of the U. S. S. R.
0312228864: Henry James
0312228872: Henry James
0312228899: Virginia Woolf
0312228910: Virginia Woolf
0312228929: Exchange Rate Forecasting : Techniques and Applications
0312228937: Grantfinder : Arts and Humanities
0312228945: Grantfinder : Social Sciences
0312228953: Complete Guide to Postgraduate Funding : Science
0312228961: Grantfinder : Medicine
0312228988: Emerging Markets, Past and Present Experiences and Future Prospects
0312228996: New Regulation of the Financial Industry
0312229038: Liam O'Flaherty
0312229046: Liam O'Flaherty Vol. 2 : The Collected Stories
0312229054: Liam O'Flaherty Vol. 3 : The Collected Stories
0312229070: Who's Who 2000
0312229089: Global Anarchy in the Third Millennium? : Race, Place and Power at the End of the Modern Age
0312229097: Performing Women
0312229100: Reformation of the Dead : Death and Ritual in Early Modern Germany, 1450-1700
0312229119: Antimafia : Italy's Fight Against Organized Crime
0312229127: Transforming China
0312229135: European Responses to Globalization and Financial Market Integration
0312229143: Succession Politics in Indonesia : The 1998 Presidential Elections and the Fall of Suharto
0312229151: Multilateralism in Multinational Perspective : Viewpoints from Different Languages and Literatures
0312229178: Emergence and Impact of MNC Centres of Excellence : A Subsidiary Perspective
0312229194: Challenges for International Organizations in the 21st Century : Essays in Honor of Klaus Hufner
0312229208: Bring Down the Walls : Lebanon's Post-War Challenge
0312229216: Not in Sisterhood : Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Zona Gale and the Politics of Female Authorship
0312229224: Moonlight : Abraham Lincoln and the Almanac Trial
0312229240: Political Thought and German Reunification
0312229259: Institutions and Political Change in Russia
0312229275: Japanese Political Personality : Analyzing the Motivations and Culture of Freshman Diet Members
0312229291: Thackeray the Writer : From Pendennis to Denis Duval
0312229305: Yeats As Precursor : Readings in Irish, British and American Poetry
0312229313: France, NATO and the Limits of Independence, 1981-1997 : The Politics of Ambivalence
0312229372: Power and Conflict in the Age of Transparency
0312229380: Reforming the Reforms in Latin America : Macroeconomics, Trade, Finance
0312229399: European Communism Since 1989
0312229402: Mathematical Methods in Dynamic Economics
0312229410: Theories of Nationalism
0312229429: Theories of Nationalism
0312229437: Illusions of Immortality : A Psychology of Fame and Celebrity
0312229445: Management in Western Europe
0312229461: In the Arms of Africa : The Life of Colin M. Turnbull
0312229488: Development Issues in South Africa
0312229496: Euro-Asian World : A Period of Transition
0312229518: Crossroad of Arts, Crossroad of Cultures : Ecphrasis in Russian and French Poetry
0312229526: British Armour Theory and the Rise of the Panzer Arm : Revising the Revisionists
0312229534: Peace with Justice : A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements
0312229542: Politics of Hunger in India
0312229550: Demobilization in Sub-Saharan Africa : The Development and Security Impacts
0312229569: Economics of Reciprocity, Giving and Altruism
0312229577: Globalization and Its Discontents
0312229585: Margins in European Integration
0312229593: Unscom Saga : Chemical and Biological Weapons Non-Proliferation
0312229607: Representation and Community in Western Democracies
0312229623: Marshall Plan
0312229631: America in an Arab Mirror : Images of America in Arabic Travel Literature: an Anthology
0312229658: Cuba : Confronting the U. S. Embargo
0312229666: Women and Spiritual Equality in Christian Tradition
0312229674: Freedom in Chains : The Rise of the State and the Demise of the Citizen
0312229682: Discovery : The Quest for the Great South Land
0312229690: Eating the Flowers of Paradise : One Man's Journey Through Ethiopia and Yemen
0312229704: From David to Ingres : Early 19th-Century French Artists
0312229712: From Monet to Cezanne : Late 19th-Century French Artists
0312229720: From Rembrandt to Vermeer : 17-Century Dutch Artists
0312229739: New Labour and Thatcherism
0312229747: Knowledge Creation : A Source of Value
0312229755: From Renaissance to Impressionism : Styles and Movements in Western Art, 1400-1900
0312229763: From Expressionism to Post-Modernism
0312229771: Transcending the Economy
0312229798: Anti-Americanism in Russia : From Stalin to Putin
0312229801: Citizenship, Community and Democracy
0312229828: Indonesia : The Long Oppression
0312229836: Development of Modern Agriculture : British Farming since 1931
0312229844: Soviet Labour Ideology and the Collapse of the State
0312229860: Britain, Europe and EMU
0312229879: Social Creativity, Collective Subjectivity and Contemporary Modernity
0312229887: Ethnicity Kills? : The Politics of War, Peace and Ethnicity in Sub-Saharan Africa
0312229895: Art of Detective Fiction
0312229909: Imperial Policies and Perspectives Towards Georgia, 1760-1819
0312229917: Films of Martin Scorsese, 1963-77
0312229925: UK Today : Essential Facts in an Ever Changing World
0312229933: Scandinavia Profiled : Essential Facts on Society, Business, and Politics in Scandinavia
0312229941: Central Europe Profiled : Essential Facts on Society, Business, and Politics in Central Europe
0312229968: Southern Africa Profiled : Essential Facts on Society, Business, and Politics in South Africa
0312229976: Politics and Empire in Victorian Britain : A Reader
0312229984: Malory's 'morte D'Arthur' : Remaking Arthurian Tradition
0312229992: Racializing Class, Classifying Race
0312230001: Encarta Book of Quotations
0312230028: Transformations of Post-Communist States
0312230036: Textual Politics from Slavery to Postcolonialism : Race and Identification
0312230044: Textual Politics from Slavery to Postcolonialism : Race and Identification
0312230052: Super-Rich : The Unjust New World of Global Capitalism
0312230060: Spanish Economy in the New Europe
0312230095: Glorious Revolution
0312230109: Environment, Ethics and the Corporation
0312230117: Towards a Collaborative Environment Research Agenda : Challenges for Business and Society
0312230125: Narrative and Genre : Key Concepts in Media Studies
0312230133: Narrative and Genre : Key Concepts in Media Studies
0312230141: Classic Papers in Natural Resource Economics
0312230168: Welfare Capitalism in Southeast Asia
0312230176: Ideal of Equality
0312230184: Poverty from the Wealth of Nations
0312230192: Politics of Telecommunications in Mexico : Privatization and State-Labour Relations, 1982-95
0312230206: Treasury and Social Policy : The Contest for Control of Welfare Strategy
0312230222: Yeats, Coleridge and the Romantic Sage
0312230230: Globalization and the Politics of Resistance
0312230249: Politics of Sex and Other Essays : On Conservatism, Culture and Imagination
0312230257: Competitive Innovation Management : Techniques to Improve Innovation Performance
0312230265: Contemporary Developments and Issues in China's Economic Transition
0312230273: Demystifying Globalization
0312230281: Strategy and Partnership in Cities and Regions
0312230303: Economic development in South Asia
0312230311: Single European Currency in National Perspective : A Community in Crisis?
0312230338: Administering the Summit : Administration of the Core Executive in Developed Countries
0312230346: Privatization, Corporate Governance and the Emergence of Markets
0312230362: Shakespeare
0312230370: Shakespeare 1609 : Cymbeline and the Sonnets
0312230389: Shakespeare 1609 : Cymbeline and the Sonnets
0312230397: Shakespeare Reader : Sources and Criticism
0312230400: Shakespeare Reader : Sources and Criticism
0312230419: Constructing Socialism at the Grass-Roots : The Transformation of East Germany, 1945-1965
0312230427: Gothic Radicalism : Literature, Philosophy and Psychoanalysis in the Nineteenth Century
0312230435: Relocating Germanness
0312230443: Problem of Poetry in the Romantic Period
0312230451: Manipulating Hegemony : State Power, Labour and the Marshall Plan in Britain
0312230478: Freedom, Efficiency and Equality
0312230486: Financial Engineering
0312230494: Erin's Blood Royal
0312230516: Exploring European Frontiers
0312230524: Gestures of Conciliation
0312230532: Ethnic Challenges to the Modern Nation State
0312230540: European Development Cooperation and the Poor
0312230559: Foreign Direct Investment in Russia : A Strategy for Industrial Recovery
0312230567: Consumption, Globalization and Development
0312230575: European Security Architecture After the Cold War
0312230583: Bloody Sunday and the Rule of Law in Northern Ireland
0312230605: Short History of Asia : Stone Age to 2000 A. D.
0312230613: Churchill
0312230621: Churchill
0312230648: Britain's Winning Formula : Achieving World Leadership in Motorsports
0312230656: Economic Development in South Asia
0312230664: Psychology of Action
0312230672: Religion and International Relations
0312230680: Czechoslovakia : The Velvet Revolution and Beyond
0312230699: Dialogue and Deviance : Male-Male Desire in the Dialogue Genre (Plato to the Middle Ages, Plato to the Enlightenment, Plato to the Postmodern)
0312230702: Representing the New World : The English and French Uses of the Example of Spain
0312230710: United Nations and Business : A Partnership Recovered
0312230729: Home of the Blizzard : A True Story of Arctic Survival
0312230737: Arguing About Asylum
0312230745: Theories of International Relations : Transition vs. Persistence
0312230761: Switzerland : A Village History
0312230788: Elizabeth Bishop's World War II - Cold War View
0312230796: Crimea : The Great Crimean War, 1854-1856
0312230818: The Economic Development of the U.S.S.R.
0312230826: Feeling Your Pain : The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power During the Clinton-Gore Years
0312230834: Corporate Capitalism in Japan
0312230842: Fragmentation of Yugoslavia
0312230850: Origins of the Eisenhower Doctrine : The US, Britain and Nasser's Egypt, 1953-57
0312230869: Political Economy of Post-Soviet Russia
0312230877: Economic Liberalization, Democratization and Civil Society in the Developing World
0312230885: Economic Policy and Policy-Making under the Mitterand Presidency, 1981-1984
0312230893: Mechanisms of Power in the Soviet Union
0312230907: Understanding Global Environmental Politics : Domination, Accumulation, Resistance
0312230915: Re-Examining Sovereignty : From Classical Theory to the Global Age
0312230923: Short History of Sociological Thought
0312230931: Short History of Sociological Thought
0312230958: Housing Associations and Housing Policy : A Historical Perspective
0312230974: Women and the Rise of the Novel, 1405-1726
0312230982: Shattered Subjects : Trauma and Testimony in Women's Life-Writing
0312230990: Colonial Transformations : The Cultural Production of the New Atlantic World, 1580-1640
0312231016: Wallace Stevens' Poetics : The Neglected Rhetoric
0312231024: From Comrades to Citizens : The South African Civics Movement and the Transition to Democracy
0312231032: Andre Gorz and the Sartrean Legacy : Arguments for a Person-Centered Social Theory
0312231040: Regulation
0312231059: Women's Work in Britain and France : Practice, Theory and Policy
0312231067: Open States in the Global Economy : The Political Economy of Small-State Macroeconomic Management
0312231083: Migrants, Citizens and the State in Southern Africa
0312231091: World, Class, Britain : Political Economy, Political Theory and British Politics
0312231105: Technology Transfer and Industrial Change in Europe
0312231113: Lesson Forgotten
0312231121: Science Fiction, Critical Frontiers
0312231148: Churchill, Whitehall and the Soviet Union, 1940-45
0312231156: Corporate Strategies under Structural Adjustment in Argentina : Responses by Industrial Firms to a New Set of Uncertainties
0312231164: Paternalism and Politics : The Revival of Paternalism in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
0312231172: Jacques Lacan and the Question of Psycho-Analytic Training
0312231180: State and Identity Construction in International Relations
0312231199: Theories of European Integration
0312231202: Theories of European Integration
0312231210: Management of International Enterprises : A Socio-Political View
0312231229: From a Welfare State to a Welfare Society : The Changing Context of Social Policy in a Postmodern Era
0312231237: Britain and European Unity, 1945-1999
0312231245: Internationalization, Corporate Preferences and Commercial Policy in Japan
0312231261: Britain and the Occupation of Austria, 1943-45
0312231288: Global Finance and the Macroeconomy
0312231296: U. S. Economic Development Policies Towards the Pacific Rim : Successes and Failures of U. S. Aid
0312231318: Multinationals in Eastern Europe
0312231326: Minorities in European Cities : The Dynamics of Social Integration and Social Exclusion at the Neighbourhood Level
0312231334: Towards a Gendered Political Economy
0312231342: Britain, the Soviet Union and Russia
0312231350: Continuities in Poland's Permanent Transition
0312231369: Beyond Dracula : Bram Stoker's Fiction and Its Cultural Context
0312231377: Politics at the Edge
0312231385: Green Politics : Dictatorship or Democracy?
0312231393: Politics of Lying
0312231407: Angela Carter : Contemporary Critical Essays
0312231415: Foreign Direct Investment : Firm and Host Country Strategies
0312231423: Grants Register, 2001
0312231431: International Immigration Policy : Theoretical and Comparative Analysis
0312231458: Irish Parading Tradition : Following the Drum
0312231466: Keynesianism, Social Conflict and Political Economy
0312231474: Local Economies in Turmoil : The Effects of Deregulation and Globalization
0312231482: Shakespeare, Film, Fin de Siecle
0312231490: Betraying Our Selves : Forms of Self-Representation in Early Modern English Texts
0312231504: Privatizing the Police State
0312231512: Undermining of Austria-Hungary : The Battle for Hearts and Minds
0312231520: Byron : A Literary Life
0312231539: Writing in the Irish Republic : Literature, Culture, Politics 1949-1999
0312231547: French Defence Debate : Consensus and Continuity in the Mitterrand Era
0312231555: Chinese Occupational Welfare in Market Transition
0312231563: Cold War in the Desert : Britain, the United States and the Italian Colonies, 1945-52
0312231571: Gender, Violence and the Social Order
0312231598: Literature and Nationalism in Partitioned Poland, 1795-1918
0312231601: Learning and Work in the Risk Society
0312231628: Inside the Household
0312231636: Bernard Shaw Chronology
0312231644: Contemporary Irish Fiction : Themes, Tropes, Theories
0312231660: Social Inclusion
0312231679: Non-Military Security and Global Order : The Impact of Extremism, Violence and Chaos on National and International Security
0312231687: Russian-American Relations : Islamic and Turkic Dimensions in the Volga-Ural Basin
0312231695: Victorian Gothic : Literary and Cultural Manifestations in the Nineteenth-Century
0312231717: Dynamics of Democratization : Elites, Civil Society and the Transition Process
0312231725: Dynamics of Democratization : Elites, Civil Society and the Transition Process
0312231733: Renaissance Drama and Contemporary Literary Theory
0312231741: Renaissance Drama and Contemporary Literary Theory
0312231768: Governance, Politics and the State
0312231776: Governance, Politics and the State
0312231784: Women, Gender and Industrialisation in England 1700-1870
0312231792: Early Modern Italy, 1550-1800 : Three Seasons in European History
0312231806: Early Modern Italy, 1550-1800 : Three Seasons in European History
0312231814: Business Information Technology Management
0312231830: Semantics
0312231849: European Union and Asean : Trade and Investment Issues
0312231857: Market-Driven Management : Strategic and Operational Marketing
0312231873: United Kingdom Governance
0312231881: Beyond Organizational Change
0312231903: Interpretations of the Two Germanies, 1945-1990
0312231911: Roman-Jewish Wars and Hebrew Cultural Nationalism
0312231938: Military, State and Society in Pakistan
0312231946: Political Culture in Post-Communist Russia
0312231954: Lessons from the Political Economy of Small Islands : The Resourcefulness of Jurisdiction
0312231962: Struggle for Constitutionalism in Poland
0312231970: Sanctions As Economic Statecraft : Theory and Practice
0312231989: Management of Peace Processes
0312231997: Identity Theory of Truth
0312232004: Francophilia in English Society, 1748-1815
0312232012: Stereotypes in Contemporary Anglo-German Relations
0312232020: Outside Modernism : In Pursuit of the English Novel, 1900-30
0312232039: Rhetorics of Welfare : Uncertainty, Choice and Voluntary Associations
0312232047: Riddle of the Modern World : Of Liberty, Wealth and Equality
0312232063: Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa : Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of the International Economic Association, Tunis
0312232071: Europe, China and the Two Sars : Towards a New Era
0312232101: International Perspectives on Gender and Democratisation
0312232136: Gendering Elites : Economic and Political Leadership in 27 Industrialized Societies
0312232144: Lord Hailey, the Colonial Office and the Politics of Race and Empire in the Seco : The Loss of White Prestige
0312232152: Nineteenth-Century Media and the Construction of Identities
0312232179: China's Economic Growth : The Impact on Regions, Migration and the Environment
0312232187: Intertemporal Macroeconomics Models, Money and Rational Choices
0312232195: Multiracial Identity
0312232209: 'This Double Voice' : Gendered Writing in Early Modern England
0312232217: Intervening in Africa : Superpower Peacemaking in a Troubled Continent
0312232225: The Economic Effects of Public Debt
0312232233: Reforming For Results in the U. N. System : A Study of UNOPS
0312232241: European Economies in Transition : In Search of a New Growth Path
0312232268: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning
0312232276: Entrepreneurial Economics
0312232284: From Austerity to Affluence : The Transformation of the Socio-Economic Structure of Western Europe and Japan
0312232292: Towards a Sustainable Economy : The Application of Ecological Premises into Long-Term Planning in Norway
0312232306: Currents in Contemporary French Intellectual Life
0312232322: Russian Civil War : Primary Sources
0312232330: At the Heart of the Union : Studies of the European Commission
0312232349: Kant and Kierkegaard on Religion
0312232357: Environmental Crisis : Understanding the Value of Nature
0312232373: Institutional Arrangements for Global Economic Integration
0312232381: God/Man/World Triangle : A Dialogue Between Science and Religion
0312232411: Music and the Celtic Otherworld
0312232438: Economic Emergence of Women
0312232446: Gender in Debate from the Early Middle Ages to the Renaissance
0312232454: Henry Fielding and the Narration of Providence : Divine Design and the Incursions of Evil
0312232462: Egypt During the Sadat Years
0312232497: Has Liberalism Failed Women? : Assuring Equal Representation in Europe and the United States
0312232500: Development, Crisis, and Class Struggle : Learning from Japan and East Asia
0312232519: All the Queen's Men : The World of Elizabeth I
0312232527: Dramatic Events : How to Run a Workshop for Theater, Education or Business
0312232535: India's Newspaper Revolution : Capitalism, Technology and the Indian Language Press, 1977-1999
0312232543: Oil and Gas in the Caucasus and Caspian : A History
0312232551: New Party Politics : From Jefferson and Hamilton to the Information Age
0312232578: Studies in Development Strategy and Systemic Transformation
0312232586: Political Economy of Drugs in the Caribbean
0312232594: Beyond Privatization : A Global Perspective
0312232608: Romanian Policy Towards Germany, 1936-40
0312232616: Britain and the Cold War
0312232624: Return to Europe : The Reintegration of Eastern Europe into the European Economy
0312232632: Democracy and International Relations : Critical Theories / Problematic Practices
0312232640: Changing Workplace Relations in the Chinese Economy
0312232667: Africa's Changing Markets for Health and Veterinary Services : The New Institutional Issues
0312232675: Africa's Changing Markets for Health and Veterinary Services : The New Insitutional Issues
0312232683: On Borders : Perspectives on International Migration in Southern Africa
0312232691: Stabilization and Growth in Latin America : A Critique and Reconstruction from Post-Keynesian and Structuralist Perspectives
0312232713: British Republic, 1649-1660
0312232721: British Republic, 1649-1660
0312232748: Crisis and Consensus in British Politics
0312232764: Sex, Gender, and Social Change in Britain since 1880
0312232772: Inside the Volcano : My Life with Malcolm Lowry
0312232780: Man Who Was Dorian Gray
0312232799: Internet Ethics
0312232802: Continental Divides : Revisioning American Literature
0312232810: Kafka's Travels
0312232829: Organisations
0312232837: Building the Innovative Organization : Management Systems That Encourage Innovation
0312232845: D. H. Lawrence : The Novels
0312232853: The Economics of The European Community.
0312232861: D. H. Lawrence : The Novels
0312232888: Post-Colonial and African American Women's Writing : A Critical Introduction
0312232896: Army, Empire, and Politics in Meiji Japan : The Three Careers of General Katsura Taro
0312232918: Project Management : An International Perspective
0312232926: Germany from Reich to Republic, 1871-1918
0312232934: Germany from Reich to Republic, 1871-1918
0312232942: Howling near Heaven : Twyla Tharp and the Re-Invention of Modern Dance
0312232969: Humanitarian Conscience
0312232977: Founding Mothers and Others : Women Educational Leaders During the Progressive Era
0312232993: Venice Transfigured : The Myth of Venice in British Culture, 1660-1797
0312233000: Culture and Politics : A Reader
0312233019: Imagining the Holocaust
0312233027: States Versus Markets
0312233035: Korean War
0312233043: Korean War
0312233051: East Asian Development Model : Economic Growth, Institutional Failure and the Aftermath of the Crisis
0312233078: Global Strategies and Local Realities : The Auto Industry in Emerging Markets
0312233086: Gender and Policing : Comparative Perspectives
0312233094: Constructive Social Work : Towards a New Practice
0312233116: Shakespeare in Performance
0312233124: Shakespeare in Performance
0312233132: Labour in British Society, 1830-1914
0312233167: Economic Growth and Resources : Natural Resources
0312233183: Economic Growth & Resources : Problems Related to Japan (Vol. V)
0312233191: Political Economy of Globalization
0312233213: Political Economy of Globalization
0312233248: New Grove Wagner : The New Grove Composer Biographies
0312233256: New Grove Mozart
0312233264: New Grove Stravinsky
0312233272: Queering the Moderns : Poses/Portraits/Performances
0312233280: Social Theory and Social Change
0312233299: Social Theory and Social Change
0312233302: Adjustment and Beyond : The Reform Experience in South Asia--IEA Conference
0312233310: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for the 21st Century
0312233329: South African Truth Commission
0312233353: Tearing down the Streets : Adventures in Urban Anarchy
0312233361: Henry Fielding at Work
0312233388: Religions of the Silk Road : Overland Trade and Cultural Exchange from Antiquity to the Fifteenth Century
0312233396: Between Church and State : Religion and Public Education in a Multicultural America
0312233418: Climate Change and American Foreign Policy
0312233426: We Heal from Memory : Sexton, Lorde, Anzaldua, and the Poetry of Witness
0312233434: Actor Speaks : Voice and the Performer
0312233442: Friedrich Hayek : A Biography
0312233450: The Economics of Imperfect Competition
0312233469: Making Our High Schools Better : How Parents and Teachers Can Work Together
0312233477: Introduction to Global Financial Markets
0312233493: Incorporating Women : A History of Women and Business in the United States
0312233507: Weimar and the Rise of Hitler
0312233515: Weimar and the Rise of Hitler
0312233523: Eastern Europe and the Origins of the Second World War
0312233531: Eastern Europe and the Origins of the Second World War
0312233558: Policing and Conflict in Northern Ireland
0312233566: Women in British Politics, 1780-1860 : The Power of the Petticoat
0312233574: In China's Image : Chinese Self-Perception in Western Thought
0312233582: Small Developing Countries and Global Markets : Competing in the Big League
0312233590: Madness, Cannabis and Colonialism : The 'Native Only' Lunatic Asylums of British India, 1857-1900
0312233604: Sudan, Civil War and Terrorism, 1956-99
0312233612: Gender, Democracy and Inclusion in Northern Ireland
0312233639: Managing Knowledge
0312233647: Citizenship and Democracy in a Global Era
0312233655: Citizenship and Democracy in a Global Era
0312233663: Feminism and the Family : Politics and Society in the U. K. and the U. S. A.
0312233671: Feminism and the Family : Politics and Society in the U. K. and the U. S. A.
0312233698: Psychology of Nationalism
0312233701: History of Japan : From Stone Age to Superpower
0312233728: Making Plays : Interviews with Contemporary British Dramatists and Directors
0312233736: Rise of Modern Japan
0312233752: Habsburg Monarchy, C. 1765-1918 : From Enlightenment to Eclipse
0312233760: South Africa : A Modern History
0312233779: British Politics and European Elections 1999
0312233787: Eat My Words : Reading Women's Lives Through the Cookbooks They Wrote
0312233817: Key Concepts in Politics
0312233825: European Capital Markets
0312233833: Engaging Words
0312233841: Foreign Direct Investment in Transitional Economies : A Case Study of China and Poland
0312233868: Mayor of Casterbridge
0312233884: Crossing Boundaries : Postmodern Travel Literature
0312233892: Crime and Coercion : An Integrated Theory of Chronic Criminality
0312233906: Investment Appraisal : A Managerial Approach
0312233922: Interpreting Shakespeare on Screen
0312233930: Interpreting Shakespeare on Screen
0312233949: Paradigms of Social Change : Modernizaton, Development, Transformation, Evolution
0312233957: Economic Integration in Western Asia
0312233965: Why Angels Fall : A Journey Through Orthodox Europe from Byzantium to Kosovo
0312233973: Toni Morrison
0312233981: Investing for Middle America
0312234007: Remaking the Conquering Heroes : The Postwar American Occupation of Germany
0312234015: Creating a Democratic Civil Society in Eastern Germany : The Case of the Citizen Movements and Alliance 90
0312234023: Identifying Fictions of Toni Morrison : Modernist Authenticity and Postmodern Blackness
0312234031: Hegel Marx Connection
0312234058: Economic Mind : The Social Psychology of Economic Behavior
0312234066: Rediscovery of Wisdom : From Here to Antiquity in Quest of Sophia
0312234074: Beckett and Eros : Death of Humanism
0312234082: Europe and the Atlantic Relationship : Issues of Identity, Security and Power
0312234090: Welfare and Human Nature
0312234104: Peace Building in Northern Ireland, Israel and South Africa : Transition, Transformation and Reconciliation
0312234120: Romantic Paradox : Love, Violence and the Uses of Romance, 1760-1830
0312234139: George Eliot and Victorian Historiography
0312234147: Alcohol, Sex, and Gender in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe
0312234155: Economic Integration: The East African Experience by Hazlewood, Arthur
0312234163: Escape from Leviathan : Liberty, Welfare and Anarchy Reconciled
0312234171: Marxian Political Economy : Theory, History and Contemporary Relevance
0312234198: Thomas Hobbes and the Political Philosophy of Glory
0312234201: Global Crisis Makers : An End to Progress and Liberty?
0312234228: Economic issues today : alternative approaches
0312234244: Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches;
0312234252: Economic issues today: Alternative approaches
0312234260: Instructor's Manual to Accompany Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
0312234287: Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
0312234317: Economics of the Labor-Managed Enterprises
0312234333: Sisters and Rivals in British Women's Fiction, 1914-39
0312234341: Economics of Information Technology
0312234376: ECONOMICS AND MARXISM The Dynamics of the Marxian System
0312234384: The Economics of the Performing Arts by Throsby, C. D.
0312234392: The Economics of Long-Distance Transportation
0312234414: Economics of Peacemaking : Focus on the Egyptian-Israeli Situation
0312234473: Economic Policies of the Common Market
0312234481: Green Writing : Romanticism and Ecology
0312234511: Blake and Homosexuality
0312234538: Economic Policy in Theory and Practice
0312234546: British Television Drama
0312234554: Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
0312234562: Economic Issues Today : Alternative Approaches
0312234570: Elections and Democratization in Ukraine
0312234589: Labour Party : A Centenary History
0312234597: Making of Modern Switzerland, 1848-1998
0312234600: Philosophical and Ethical Problems in Mental Handicap
0312234619: Afterlife of Christina Rossetti
0312234627: Working Women and State Policies in Taiwan : A Study in Political Economy
0312234635: Global Political Economy and Post-1989 Change
0312234643: Democracy, Authoritarianism and Education : A Cross-National Empirical Survey
0312234651: Negotiating India in the Nineteenth-Century Media
0312234678: Caring Capitalism
0312234686: French Defence Policy into the Twenty-First Century
0312234694: New World Order : Contrasting Theories
0312234708: Towards a European Nationality : Citizenship, Immigration and Nationality Law in the EU
0312234724: Politics of Slave Trade Suppression in Britain and France, 1814-48 : Diplomacy, Morality and Economics
0312234740: Humour and Irony in Kierkegaard's Thought
0312234759: Enlightenment Geography : The Political Languages of British Geography, 1650-1850
0312234767: Organizing Bodies : Policy, Institutions and Work
0312234775: Ethnic and National Issues in Russian and East European History
0312234783: Political-Diplomatic Dimension, 1931-2000
0312234791: Visible Islam in Modern Turkey
0312234805: Imperial Russia : A Reference Handbook
0312234813: Middle East Between the Great Powers : Anglo-American Conflict and Cooperation, 1952-1957
0312234848: Idea of a United Europe : Political, Economic and Cultural Integration since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
0312234864: Social Welfare Development in East Asia
0312234872: Leon Trotsky and World War One : August 1914 - February 1917
0312234880: Immigrants, Schooling and Social Mobility : Does Culture Make a Difference?
0312234899: Russia and Europe : Conflict or Cooperation?
0312234902: New Woman in Fiction and Fact : Fin de Siecle Feminisms
0312234910: Women and the Women's Movement in Britain 1914-1999
0312234929: Gilded Age Construction of American Homophobia
0312234945: Realizing Human Rights : Moving from Inspiration to Impact
0312234953: Security and Identity in Europe : Exploring the New Agenda
0312234961: Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship and Capitalist Development in Southeast Asia
0312234988: Beyond Rights Talk and Culture Talk : Comparative Essays on the Politics of Rights and Culture
0312234996: Sociology : Issues and Debates
0312235003: Global Trends 2005 : An Owner's Manual for the Next Decade
0312235011: Fiction of the Past : The Sixties in American History
0312235038: Free Market Environmentalism
0312235046: Activists Speak Out
0312235054: Globalization of Japan : Japanese Sakoku Mentality and U. S. Efforts to Open Japan
0312235062: Deconstructing Images of 'The Turkish Woman'
0312235070: Managing the Press : Origins of the Media Presidency, 1897-1933
0312235089: Economic Relations Between East and West: Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economic Association at Dresden, Gdr (International Economic Association publications)
0312235097: Transforming Shakespeare : Contemporary Women's Re-Visions in Literature and Performance
0312235100: Secularisation in Western Europe, 1848-1914
0312235119: Secularisation of Western Europe, 1848-1914
0312235143: Economic Relationships among States : A Further Study in International Sociology
0312235151: Developments in British Politics
0312235178: New South Africa
0312235186: Britain and the H-Bomb
0312235194: Africa at the Millennium
0312235216: Cultural Politics in Latin America
0312235224: Feminisms and Women's Movements in Contemporary Europe
0312235232: Anglo-Greek Attitudes : Studies in History
0312235240: Legacy of Supranationalism
0312235283: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Joseph Conrad's Malay Fiction
0312235291: Hysterical Fictions
0312235305: Emotional Life and the Politics of Welfare
0312235313: Financial Turbulence and Capital Markets in Transition Countries
0312235348: Economic Summits and Western Decision-Making
0312235356: Contemporary Women's Poetry : Reading/Writing/Practice
0312235364: Achievement of Thomas Hardy
0312235380: Exploring Twins : Towards a Social Analysis of Twinship
0312235399: How Britain Works : From Ideology to Output Politics
0312235445: Rise of Democracy in Britain, 1830-1918
0312235496: Scottish Politics in the Twentieth Century
0312235526: Bank Mergers : Lessons for the Future
0312235534: Joyce and the G-Men : J. Edgar Hoover's Manipulation of Modernism
0312235542: Picturing the Primitive : Visual Culture, Ethnography, and Early German Cinema
0312235550: Economics of Take Off into Sustained Growth
0312235569: History of the Protection of Regional Cultural Minorities in Europe
0312235585: Germany and the Future of European Security
0312235593: Politics of Change : Globalization, Ideology and Critique
0312235615: Masculinity and Spirituality in Victorian Culture
0312235623: Power in the Global Era : Grounding Globalization
0312235658: Politics of the Arts in Britain
0312235666: Role of the Masses in the Collapse of the Gdr
0312235674: Gender and the Labour Market : Econometric Evidence of Obstacles to Achieving Gender Equality
0312235682: Burma : Political Economy under Military Rule
0312235690: Education and Training in a Knowledge Based Economy
0312235712: Beyond the Spanish State : Central Government, Domestic Actors and the EU
0312235720: Security in British Politics, 1945-99
0312235747: Serializing Fiction in the Victorian Press
0312235755: Eclipse of Keynesianism : The Political Economy of the Chicago Counter-Revolution
0312235763: Spain and the Process of European Integration, 1957-85
0312235771: European Union and British Democracy : Towards Convergence
0312235798: Managing the World Economy
0312235801: Fiscal Reform and Structural Change in Developing Countries
0312235844: Transforming British Government Vol. 1 : Changing Institutions
0312235852: Transforming British Government Vol. II : Changing Roles and Relationships
0312235860: Economic Effects of Trade Unions in Japan
0312235879: South African Agriculture at the Crossroads : An Empirical Analysis of Efficiency, Technology and Productivity
0312235887: Green Politics and the Culture of Consumerism
0312235895: Trust and Civil Society
0312235909: Economic Theory and the Developing Countries
0312235917: Origins of Left-Libertarianism
0312235925: Social Impact of the Asia Crisis
0312235933: Political Economy of Independent Ukraine
0312235941: Mozambique and the Construction of the New African State
0312235968: Sharing Security : The Political Economy of Burdensharing
0312235976: Marxism, the Millennium and Beyond
0312235984: Classic Serial on Television and Radio
0312235992: Global Capital, Human Needsand Social Policies
0312236018: Irish Protestant Churches in the Twentieth Century
0312236026: Women of the Press in Nineteenth-Century Britain
0312236042: Histories of the Future : Studies in Fact, Fantasy and Science Fiction
0312236069: NATO Enlargement During the Cold War : Strategy and System in the Western Alliance
0312236077: Speech, Media and Ethics, the Limits of Free Expression
0312236085: Gaining from Trade in Southern Africa : Complementary Policies to Underpin the SADC Free Trade Area
0312236107: Cultural Goods and the Limits of the Market : Beyond Commercial Modelling
0312236115: Social Divisions
0312236123: Social Divisions
0312236131: Making of the Modern English State, 1460-1660
0312236158: Contemporary Europe
0312236166: Contemporary Europe
0312236174: New Developments in Film Theory
0312236182: New Developments in Film Theory
0312236204: Justice
0312236212: Statesman's Yearbook 2001 : The Politics, Cultures, and Economies of the World
0312236220: Reinterpreting Revolution in Twentieth Century Europe
0312236239: Reinterpreting Revolution in Twentieth Century Europe
0312236247: Licensing, Censorship and Authorship in Early Modern England : Buggeswords
0312236263: Children, Family and the State : Decision-Making and Child Participation
0312236271: New Woman Fiction : Women Writing First-Wave Feminism
0312236298: Kurdish Conflict in Turkey : Obstacles and Chances for Peace and Democracy
0312236301: Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party Before the First World War : Agrarian Socialism and Modernization in Tsarist Russia, 1900-1914
0312236328: Globalization : A Critical Introduction
0312236336: Economic Progress
0312236344: Where China Meets Southeast Asia : Social and Cultural Change in the Border Region
0312236352: Fags, Hags and Queer Sisters : Gender Dissent and Heterosocial Bonds in Gay Culture
0312236379: Fags, Hags and Queer Sisters : Gender Dissent and Heterosocial Bonds in Gay Culture
0312236387: America and the World, 1898-2025 : Achievements, Failures, Alternative Futures
0312236409: Signs of War and Peace : Social Conflict and the Public Use of Symbol in Northern Ireland
0312236417: Pymalion Denied : Girodet, Balzac and the Myth of Pygmalion in Post-Revolutionary France
0312236425: Rethinking Indonesia : Postcolonial Theory, Authoritarianism and Identity
0312236468: Ken Burns's America
0312236476: From Battlefield to Boardroom : Winning Management Strategies for Today's Global Business
0312236484: Representing Rape in Medieval and Early Modern Literature
0312236492: Italian Colonialism
0312236549: Economics of Wage Controls
0312236557: The Economics of Invention: A Study of the Determinants of Inventive Activity
0312236565: Economics in action: An applications book
0312236581: Economic Thought of Karl Polanyi : Lives and Livelihood
0312236603: The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy
0312236638: Economics of Growth and Development
0312236654: Economics of Industrial Structure, Conduct, and Performance
0312236670: Economics of Nuclear Power Programmes in the United Kingdom
0312236689: The Economic Theory of the Working Class
0312236697: Economic Transition in Hunan and Southern China
0312236719: The Economics of Women and Work
0312236743: Economies of West Africa
0312236778: Economics of Choice Between Energy Sources
0312236786: Economics of North Sea Oil Taxation
0312236794: Economy and Democracy : Proceedings of the Section F (Economics) of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Norwich, 1984
0312236808: Economy and Society in Burgundy since 1950
0312236891: The Edible Indoor Garden, A Complete Guide To Growing Over 60 Vegetabales, Fruits And Herbs Indoors
0312236905: Edible Indoor Garden
0312236948: Editing Yeat's Poems
0312236964: Edmund Burke and the Practice of Political Writing
0312236999: Left-Libertarianism and Its Critics : The Contemporary Debate
0312237006: Heartbreakers : Women and Violence in Contemporary Culture and Literature
0312237014: Enlightenment
0312237022: Creating an American Culture : 1775-1800
0312237030: Spartacus and the Slave Wars : A Brief History with Documents
0312237049: Common Sense and Related Writings
0312237057: When Did Southern Segregation Begin?
0312237103: Dracula : Case Studies
0312237138: Bedford Companion to Shakespeare : An Introduction with Documents
0312237162: Managing Green Issues
0312237278: Education in Rural England 1800-1914.
0312237332: Social Policy in the European Union
0312237340: Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939
0312237359: Great Depression in Europe, 1929-1939
0312237391: The education of Jack Newfield
0312237421: Shakespeare, Feminism, and Gender
0312237537: Political Dynamics of School Choice : Negotiating Contested Terrain
0312237561: Educational Gerontology: International Perspectives
0312237588: Men's Work : Gender, Class and the Professionalization of Poetry, 1660-1784
0312237693: The French Road to European Monetary Union
0312237782: Tom Stoppard : A Life
0312237790: Becoming Dynamic
0312237995: A History of Ireland.
0312238045: Educational Policy : An International Survey
0312238096: Educational Systems for Disruptive Adolescents
0312238150: Korea in the Cross Currents
0312238169: Iran at the Crossroads
0312238177: Alliance Politics, Kosovo, and Nato's War
0312238223: Edvard Munch
0312238231: War
0312238258: Star in the East : Krishnamurti - The Invention of a Messiah
0312238266: Hobbits, Elves, and Wizards
0312238274: FDR and His Enemies
0312238282: Collision and Collusion : The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe
0312238290: Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands : Studies in African-American Homosexualities
0312238304: Boy King
0312238312: Coup Attempt in Washington?
0312238320: Something for the Boys : Musical Theater and Gay Culture
0312238339: Royal Survivor : The Life of Charles II
0312238347: Longing for the End : A History of Millennialism in Western Civilization
0312238363: Security in the Persian Gulf : Origins, Obstacles and the Search for Consensus
0312238371: Narrative Innovation and Cultural Rewriting in the Cold War Era and After
0312238398: Irish Novel at the End of the Twentieth Century : Gender, Bodies, and Power
0312238401: Lost in the American City : Dickens, James, and Kafka
0312238428: Nature Yearbook of Science and Technology 2001
0312238436: Jordanian Exceptionalism : A Comparative Analysis of State-Religion Relationships in Egypt, Iran, Jordan, and Syria
0312238495: Democracy and the Information Society in Europe
0312238525: Post-Colonial States of South Asia : Democracy, Development and Identity
0312238541: Islamic Interpretations of Christianity
0312238592: Greenspan's Taming of the Wave : Or the Golden Age Revisited
0312238614: Dimensions of Black Conservatism in the United States
0312238622: Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke : Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation
0312238630: Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke : Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation
0312238657: American Love Lyric after Auschwitz and Hiroshima
0312238665: Rebels, Pretenders and Imposters
0312238681: Queer Burroughs
0312238746: Korean Security Dynamics in Transition
0312238754: Home Matters : Longing and Belonging, Nostalgia and Mourning in Women's Fiction
0312238789: Gendered Modernities : Ethnographic Perspectives
0312238797: Twenty-First Century World Order and the Asia Pacific : Value Change, Exigencies and Power Realignment
0312238800: Succession in Saudi Arabia
0312238819: Spy Novels of John le Carre : Balancing Ethics and Politics
0312238827: Saudi Arabia and the Politics of Dissent
0312238835: War and Welfare
0312238843: Weasels and Wisemen : Ethics and Ethnicity in the Work of David Mamet
0312238851: How Shall We Tell Each Other of the Poet? : The Life and Writing of Muriel Rukeyser
0312238878: Craft of Religious Studies
0312238886: Politics of Religious Studies
0312238894: Execution of Major Andre
0312238908: Lockout : Dublin 1913
0312238916: How Communities Build Stonger Schools : Stories, Strategies, and Promising Practices for Educating Every Child
0312238924: Made by the USA
0312238932: African Military History and Politics : Ideological Coups and Incursions, 1900-Present
0312238940: Japan's Reluctant Realism : Foreign Policy Challenges in an Era of Uncertain Power
0312238959: Europe at the Polls : The European Elections of 1999
0312238967: Who's Who 2001
0312238975: Sacred Language, Ordinary People : Dilemmas of Culture and Politics in Egypt
0312238983: Sacred Language, Ordinary People : Dilemmas of Culture and Politics in Egypt
0312239009: Contemporary Canadian Women's Fiction : Refiguring Identities
0312239017: Limits of Law, Prerogatives of Power : Interventionism after Kosovo
0312239025: Lynching in the Heartland
0312239041: History of Hope : When Americans Have Dared to Dream of a Better Future
0312239068: Globalizing the Community College : Strategies for Change in the 21st Century
0312239076: The Edwardian Novelists
0312239092: Edwardian Bloomsbury Vol. 2 : The Early Literary History of the Bloomsbury Group
0312239106: Winning in Asia, Japanese Style
0312239114: Winning in Asia, U. S. Style : Market and Nonmarket Strategies for Success
0312239122: Edwardian Woman
0312239130: Winning in Asia, European Style : Market and Nonmarket Strategies for Success
0312239149: Japanese Political History since the Meiji Renovation 1868-2000
0312239157: Japanese Political History since the Meiji Renovation 1868-2000
0312239165: Sounding Indigenous
0312239173: New International Relations : Theory and Practice
0312239203: Japanese Foreign Policy in Asia and the Pacific : Domestic Interests, American Pressure and Regional Integration
0312239211: Truth Stranger Than Fiction : Race, Realism and the U. S. Literary Marketplace
0312239238: Queer Burroughs
0312239246: Sappho Companion
0312239254: Targets of Hatred : Anti-Abortion Terrorism
0312239262: Selling Out : The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market
0312239289: Death and the Statesman : The Culture and Psychology of U. S. Leaders During War
0312239297: Samuel Pepys : A Life
0312239319: John Ashbery and American Poetry
0312239327: Stealing Innocence : Corporate Culture's War on Children
0312239335: Chasing the Mountain of Light : Across India on the Trail of the Koh-I-Noor Diamond
0312239351: Banking Reform in India and China
0312239378: Writing the Voice of Pleasure : Heterosexuality without Women
0312239386: Female Playwrights and Eighteenth-Century Comedy : Negotiating Marriage on the London Stage
0312239394: Fronteras No Mas : Toward Social Justice at the U. S.-Mexico Border
0312239416: Lost Love Letters of Heloise and Abelard : Perceptions of Dialogue in Twelfth-Century France
0312239424: Why Peacekeeping Fails
0312239459: After the Rescue : Jewish Identity and Community in Contemporary Denmark
0312239467: Stone Speaker
0312239475: Solitude and Its Ambiguities in Modernist Fiction
0312239483: Broadway Boogie Woogie : Damon Runyon and the Making of New York City Culture
0312239491: Northern Ireland Peace Process: Ending the Troubles? : The Full Inside Story
0312239505: Security in the Persian Gulf : Origins,Obstacles and the Search for Consensus
0312239513: Sing for Your Supper : The Broadway Musical in the 1930s
0312239521: Open a New Window : The Broadway Musical in the 1960s
0312239548: Happiest Corpse I've Ever Seen : The Last Twenty-Five Years of the Broadway Musical
0312239556: Harold Bloom's Shakespeare
0312239564: Arab Shi'a : The Forgotten Muslims
0312239572: Martyrs of Columbine : Faith and the Politics of Tragedy
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